IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080218 ?
00:35.50winkillerthere's a 49 druid that looks like Durn
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01:12.49ThraeThraeBot --> WowLuaircBot, so autocomplete isn't confused anymore.
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01:29.07winkillerthat names sucks
01:31.45Dottedare so lazy to not make legs for him
01:31.52|Pixel|ah ah ah
02:02.33KirkburnHow do you access PTR copies on an EU account?
02:02.49KirkburnI just logged into the account pages, but it's been redesigned and no sign of char copies
02:04.27Kirkburnnevermind, found it by copying the US path
02:07.50Kirkburn|Pixel|, any reason why PTR copies don't appear to be linked from the EU account pages?
02:11.09Kirkburnpcj, lol
02:15.29KirkburnDotted, how about 174.12
02:15.56Dottedwewt link
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02:17.56Dottedfound em
02:18.13Dottedthx for the heads up
02:26.48KirkburnDotted, my pleasure
02:27.22Dotteddamn you Kirkburn you woke me up again :P
02:27.33DuTempeteThrae, why on earth rename your bot, anyway?
02:27.47DuTempetemaybe you should turn off alerts when you go to sleep, Dotted :P
02:28.01KirkburnNight Dotted
02:28.19DottedDuTempete if i had i wouldnt have known new drivers where out :P
02:28.24Dottednn now
02:28.39DuTempeteplease tell me you don't wake up to install drivers...
02:29.34Dottedno im not gonna install them yet
02:29.45Dottedbut i have downloaded them atleast
02:29.50DuTempeteyou would've known in the morning, then...
02:30.04Dottedvery doubtful
02:30.31Dottedsince this chan was the active window i wouldnt have known if i had been highlighted
02:30.48Dottednow leave me alone :P
02:30.55DuTempeteyou would have known about the drivers, though
02:31.11DuTempeteI haven't pinged you. You could have gone to sleep and I would have only been talking to myself. :P
02:35.56mwjhi all
02:36.28mwji'm looking for some feedback - i've created a wow related site - looking to see what you think
02:36.51mwjis this an appropriate place to get some feedback?
02:37.33KirkburnLink it and we'll see
02:38.58mwjit's a place for people to create journals (or blogs) for their characters
02:39.16mwjwill include guides at a later date and reviews of addons
02:39.22mwjeverything will be free
02:40.04KirkburnLooks quite interesting
02:40.48mwjcool, thanks - glad to hear that
02:41.25mwji have not really found a site dedicated to character journals
02:41.52mwjthought it would be interesting to read some of the stories that people post
02:42.10KirkburnDef something to advertise to the RP community
02:42.22mwjyeah, just have to figure out how to do that now
02:42.28KirkburnFeel free to add it to the [[fansites]] listings btw
02:42.37mwjoh, thanks - i'll do that
02:42.39KirkburnI would try going to their forums
02:42.50KirkburnSome are probably listed on that page too
02:43.07mwjexcellent - i'll check those out as well - i've been struggling with where to advertise
02:45.21mwjwhat i do not want to do is copy sites that already exist - so, i've been debating on whether to have forums on the site
02:51.11DuTempeteI would still include forums.  You want to have a method of keeping your communigty cohesive, mwj.
02:54.33mwjtrue - i just know that there are so many forums out there with good information - hate to "reinvent the wheel"
02:55.29mwjif i had forums, then i would include sections for leveling tips, profession leveling tips and economy discussions (for legal gold generating ideas)
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02:58.16mwjpossibly PVP strategy, but i'd have to get help with that
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03:40.11ruprechtstupid question possibly:  is there a section on wowwiki for "things we'd like to see"?  i.e. suggestions to Blizz for new content?
03:44.44montaggKind of hard to curate that list. I could say I want player housing with a golden toilet, and although it would be a VERY good idea, it might not represent the whole player base.
03:45.49ruprechtsure, but it's a trigger for Blizz's product development team to think about it.  they can always say "crap idea, next agenda item" and move on
03:46.36montaggruprecht: Right, but that's more what the suggestion forum is for. Bad ideas sink, good ideas float (sort of). Whereas, on WoWWiki, all ideas (good and bad) would sit, and probably get very little attn from Blizzard.
03:54.40ruprechtah ok, I wasn't aware of the suggestion forum.  that makes more sense. cheers!
04:08.09Vesitinman blackheart is kickin my butt.
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05:13.50Vesitindoes anyone ever kill the voids on vorpil?
05:17.20[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: PTR 2.4 - Selis Fireheart and Vexallus Videos -
05:51.37LukianVesitin, if your group dps is low, that's your only option
05:52.00LukianI usually find a group that can kill him before the 2nd teleport, or just after.
06:27.25Vesitinzomg longest SLabs ever
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07:27.30Lukiandoes +weapon damage benefit bear?
07:28.18Sky2042hey Kirkburn, we have the non-wikia brazilian portugese wiki listed somehwere, don't we?
07:33.12KirkburnOn [[Wikis]] I would have though
07:33.26KirkburnIf not, try the language template
07:34.06Sky2042uh... i just 404d to wowwiki... wtf?
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08:10.11VesitinCurses! I just got cross-faction rick rolled
08:11.41Vesitinthere is a guild on my server that is always doing world PVP -- usually 10-on-1 with at least a 20 level difference
08:11.46Vesitinand they made a wow rick roll video on youtube.
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08:56.39LukianIs there a slash command for raid leader?
08:57.07Sky2042Lukian: ?
08:57.21Sky2042no, don't think so.
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09:45.45Xianoidhello all
09:46.44Sky2042Xianoid: hellllloooooooo!
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10:51.28Sky2042Kirkburn|afk: who misspelled "misspell"?
10:51.49Kirkburn|afkironic, eh :)
10:51.54Kirkburn|afkDunno who did it :P
10:52.07Sky2042one of the few words that i /always/ double check.
10:54.03Kirkburn|afkhuh, disagree with these edits -
10:54.11Sky2042i also
10:55.22Sky2042good faith edits though.
10:55.33Kirkburn|afkoh yeah, his faction edits were top notch
10:56.03Sky2042except where he did the same thing xD
10:57.04Kirkburn|afkFinally got around to installing the AVT tool
10:57.32Sky2042i don't like that it's basically a live version of mikk's bot.
10:57.39Sky2042i'd rather be able to see all edits made
10:57.43Sky2042but oh well.
10:57.51Kirkburn|afkMikk's bot?
10:58.02Kirkburn|afkThere is an "all recent changes" option
10:58.19Sky2042yes. i'm pretty sure it still filters away the patrollers group.
10:58.26Kirkburn|afkAnd obviously, there's the whole updating every 30 seconds thing
10:58.30Sky2042and admins / staff / bureaus.
10:59.19Kirkburn|afkMikk's bot? Yeah
10:59.47Sky2042no. AVT also does that, even with "All" set
10:59.53Sky2042I /think/
11:01.03Kirkburn|afkCan take a look
11:02.24Kirkburn|afkWatching the full list to see who comes up
11:03.59Kirkburn|afkYeah, it seems to have ignored you
11:04.10Sky2042i haven't edited yet o_o
11:04.25Sky2042should be in now or so.
11:08.01Kirkburn|afkYou're not there
11:08.06Kirkburn|afkI assume it ignored admins
11:08.25Kirkburn|afkEveryone else should be on it though
11:08.53Sky2042not if it hasn't changed its behavior from awhile ago.
11:09.09Sky2042ignores all patrollers. but can't answer that now :/
11:16.58Kirkburn|afkIt ignores patrollers? Don't really see that as a problem, but kd3 would know if he added that ...
11:18.44Sky2042kd3 just jacked the code from WP :P
11:20.39Kirkburn|afkI know, so how would it know the patrollers group?
11:21.21Sky2042i dunno!
11:21.27Sky2042the same way it knows the admin group?
11:21.43Sky2042special:listusers probably can be accessed in raw form
11:22.22Kirkburn|afkPatrollers is a group specifically made for wowwiki
11:23.23Kirkburn|afkI don't see patrollers on the wikipedia list :P
11:23.31Kirkburn|afkvlad made it for us a long while back
11:23.48Sky2042well, i guess it's synonymous with the rollback group now :P
11:24.06Sky2042where did that come from, btw?
11:25.07Kirkburn|afkThe rollback thing?
11:25.15Sky2042ooo... Kosovo declared independance
11:25.19Kirkburn|afkAsk and ye shall receive :)
11:25.26Sky2042Kirkburn|afk: no. where did the idea that patrollers need rollback come from?
11:25.41Kirkburn|afkNot so much in that case though, given what Serbia and Russia think
11:26.11Kirkburn|afkIt had been requested by more than one person
11:26.37Kirkburn|afkThe whole idea of the patroller group is to combat vandalism anyway, the same purpose as the rollback button
11:26.53Kirkburn|afkIt's fairly widely given out on Wikipedia
11:27.04Kirkburn|afkMaybe not quite like candy, but not far off
11:27.49Sky2042they only just began allowing non-sysops access to it like, 1 or 2 months ago
11:28.41Dottedfigures Kirkburn|afk
11:28.55Dottedneither 173.90 or 174.12 works
11:30.13Kirkburn|afkThey are beta
11:30.30Kirkburn|afkAnd if you don't download the INF to allow it to work on your PC, won't install either
11:30.31Dottedhowcome the only driver that works for me is a beta :P?
11:30.47Dottedits not a laptop
11:31.00Dottedthey install fine
11:31.11Kirkburn|afkYeah, some are even more restrictive than just laptops
11:31.37Dottedits not a dell or whatever either
11:31.47Dottedassembled it myself
11:31.58Kirkburn|afkSky2042, I saw the discussions about it - I guess the main opinion was "we can't really justify /not/ giving it to trusted members"
11:32.28Dottedbut as i said, they install fine i just get 100 fps in 3dmark01 rather than the 400 i get using 167.26
11:32.36Kirkburn|afkDotted, yes, you have a lovely epeen, however ... they are still beta drivers, If the ones you had work, just wait for the next final release
11:32.40Sky2042Kirkburn|afk: oh, i don't disagree with any of it. i just think it's awfully quick for us to switch also :p
11:33.05Kirkburn|afkWhy? Everyone that's got it, we know :)
11:33.28Dotteddamnit Kirkburn|afk i have tried 2 final releases after 167.26 and they dont work either - and whats epeen got to do with anything?
11:33.30Sky2042oh, true.
11:33.45Dottedyou sound like an nvidia support guy :P
11:33.59Kirkburn|afkDotted, heh, well I meant you didn't need to tell me who built it. It's restricted by card.
11:34.26Dottedonly if its OEM i'd imagine
11:34.58Kirkburn|afkDunno why your FPS are getting trashed so much, v odd
11:35.04Dottedby saying i assembled it myself i mean that its a retail card so restrictions dont apply to me
11:35.29Dottedits because the driver thinks the card doesnt get enough power
11:35.34Dottedand clocks itself down
11:36.19Dottedbut i got a 1kW psu with 35 amps on the +12V rail so thats not the issue, its a driver - and it makes me so freakin pissed
11:41.00Kirkburn|afkNo, I know that, it's the driver
11:41.20Sky2042holy. fucking. crap
11:41.33Kirkburn|afkThe restrictions by card I refer to are those listed in that driver's .inf file. That lists the exact cards it can install for.
11:41.57Kirkburn|afkSome drivers are for a specific card, or series.
11:42.08Kirkburn|afkSky2042, ?
11:43.05Sky2042one of zeal's defense of his item catting template was that if i wanted to get rid of them, all it was was {{subst:}}
11:43.14Sky2042freaking bull.
11:43.16Kirkburn|afkI thought 174.12 was restricted to the 9xxx series, but I think I misread something
11:43.49Kirkburn|afkWouldn't that subst the template, not the resulting categories?
11:44.29Sky2042oh yes. it substs the template
11:44.53Kirkburn|afkCouldn't the tooltip do the cats, or has that come up previously?
11:45.32Sky2042aye, the tooltip could do the cats, its just that no-one implemented them for him. but i'm not sure i want to.
11:45.40Sky2042with tooltip transcluded so many places...
11:46.04Kirkburn|afkYeah the transclusions are the main problem
11:46.06Sky2042end up breaking the wiki every time we edited it.
11:47.01Sky2042{{item}} was a stupid idea.
11:47.02[NewsBot]Sky2042 meant:
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12:58.21Dotted[@Kirkburn|afk]: I thought 174.12 was restricted to the 9xxx series, but I think I misread something <- well it didnt complain, well other than the usual you-arent-installing-whql-crap, about being installed on a 8800GT
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13:32.25Kirkburn|afkWoWWiki on 1.12 ..... iiiinteresting.
13:42.49KalrothBurn moth.. err, nevermind.
13:43.19*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
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14:05.53KirkburnI gots WoWWiki on 1.12 to play with, need suggestions on what to test though
14:09.01*** join/#wowwiki krag0th|Mac (
14:09.14KalrothI'd suggest with the differences from 1.11, but that one is too obvious, so I wont.
14:11.27KalrothDoes 1.12 have the marquee tag?
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14:19.10LukianKirkburn, ban plz ^
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14:37.03[NewsBot]EU: realms online. realms offline.
14:37.21[NewsBot]EU: realms online. realms offline.
14:40.46KalrothYou broke it!
14:41.07Dottedtakes 20 secs for it to do a dns lookup for some odd reason
14:41.12[NewsBot]EU: realms online. realms offline.
14:41.24Dottedalso the VB script broke itself
14:42.21pcj!rs us
14:42.33Dotteddisabled it
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14:53.19[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Season 4 preview, 2.4 Notes update -
14:55.11[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Breakfast Topic: Can gear be too ugly? -
15:03.11[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: A dragon graveyard -
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15:07.40[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Blizzard Schedule @ 2008 GDC San Francisco -
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15:08.45[NewsBot]GamePolitics: New Game Tracks Plight of Immigrants in U.S. -
15:08.57[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Child Advocates See Wii Controller as Violence Training -
15:09.17[NewsBot]GamePolitics: British Bank Blocks Blizzard Bucks -
15:17.38[NewsBot]World of Raids: Getting ready for Patch 2.3 -> (Teza)</author> <pubDate>Mon, 05 Nov 2007 07:32:32 GMT...
15:35.51pcjpatch 2.3?
15:36.12PhotoJim2.4 I assume.
15:36.22pcjthat URL's messed up
15:36.36PhotoJimunless there's a new 2.3 patch, but that would just be a minor bug fix I assume.
15:37.07PhotoJimI found a bug in Darkshore last night.  there was a rabid thistle bear that was stuck against a tree.  if you got close it could injure me, but I couldn't injure it at all.
15:41.32equiraptorYeah, I've seen that before, PhotoJim.
15:41.50equiraptorIn Darkshore quite a bit, but sometimes in other areas, too.
15:41.56PhotoJimit was slightly annoying, but running away obviously cured the problem.
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15:42.35equiraptor"Many years ago, man invented color, which is a wonderful invention"
15:43.12PhotoJimthere was a guy on a photo forum that convinced a bunch of people that Kodak invented colour in about 1920.  before that, the world was actually in black and white.  these young 'uns these days are gullible.  :)
15:43.36equiraptorThe bit I quoted is a song lyric.
15:43.46PhotoJimI hadn't heard that one before.
15:43.55equiraptorFrom a type of music I never expected to like, but I'm loving a lot by this particular artist.
15:44.09equiraptorThe artist is "The Pinker Tones". The track is "Many Years Ago"
15:44.18PhotoJimalthough I know Paul Simon's "Kodachrome" well.  And I have a Nikon camera (nine actually) and some Kodachrome in the chest freezer.
15:44.24PhotoJimHmm.  The Pinker Tones.  Completely new to me.
15:44.37equiraptor <-- that's the "title" track from their most recent CD (2006)
15:44.58equiraptori'm really fond of Karma Hunters and Sonido Total as well. Both should be easy to find on youtube - Outstanding has put them up.
15:45.26PhotoJimYou have eclectic musical tastes.
15:46.04equiraptorI try to like what I like and not like what I don't like, without much worry about genre, etc. :)
15:46.13equiraptorI was introduced to the group by a video game, of all things.
15:46.16PhotoJimreally, that is how it should be.
15:46.22PhotoJimthat's a curious way to learn about an artist.
15:46.50equiraptorIt is. The video game is Forza Motorsport 2.
15:47.08equiraptorMy boyfriend and I enjoyed the music with it so much, we looked up the songs.
15:47.40PhotoJimAnd now you're a happy fan.
15:47.44PhotoJimSo all is good.
15:47.47equiraptorYup. :)
15:48.01Dottedpcj is because the WoR RSS feed contains months old news, so if it says 2.2 or 2.3 it isnt really an error by WoR, but rather [NewsBot]
15:49.32equiraptorThe Pinker Tones really has an amazing array of sounds, just within the one artist.
15:50.28PhotoJimI have that Pinker Tones video up now.
15:51.17equiraptorI've been listening to the 30 second snippits on the iTunes store.
15:52.04PhotoJimI'm old-fashioned.  I buy all my music on real CDs.  I hate compression artifacts. :)  (but I do make MP3s out of them.  they are convenient at times; I just want the option of avoiding them.)
15:52.20PhotoJimThis song is somewhat catchy.
15:52.46equiraptor*nod* I can understand that.
15:53.44equiraptorOn most of the stuff I listen to, I don't notice artifacts in the ACC used by iTunes.
15:53.52PhotoJimsame thing about me that leads me to shoot 4-by-5-inch film at times and not doing digital :)
15:54.08PhotoJimyou don't really notice it usually, unless you compare uncompressed to compressed back-to-back.
15:54.19PhotoJimif the compression is mild enough it should be subtle.
15:54.35equiraptorI hate using point-and-shoot cameras, but I'm not all that picky about resolution.
15:54.40PhotoJimI listen to satellite radio for convenience.  lots of artifacts, but the variety makes it worthwhile.  but the first few minutes I listen to it, I can hear the compression.
15:55.03PhotoJimyesterday I actually used four 1950s-60s Soviet cameras that I have.  tres fun.
15:55.19equiraptorOh, I can totally notice the compression on the HD feed from the satellite (TV).
15:55.22equiraptorOh, sweet. :)
15:56.06equiraptorIt's really disappointing to me that the "off air" HD signal (free) is better than the satellite feed.
15:56.22PhotoJimthat is a little sad.  at least you have an off-air feed.  none here yet.
15:56.38PhotoJim my favourite of my Soviet cameras.
15:56.50*** join/#wowwiki fakezeta (
15:56.59PhotoJim and my second-favourite.
15:57.15equiraptorI learned to shoot on a K1000.
15:57.22PhotoJimheh.  a lot of people did.
15:57.26PhotoJimgood beginner's camera.
15:57.33equiraptorNow we have a D80, but I don't like the one lense we have for it.
15:57.40PhotoJimI used one a ton in grade 9.  that was the school's camera.  and I didn't get my first SLR until later that year.
15:57.40equiraptorHaven't made the boyfriend buy better lenses yet.
15:57.49PhotoJimwhat don't you like about the lens?
15:58.47equiraptorIt's just a lense that tries to do too much.
15:59.03equiraptorThere's distortions at the extreme wide angle, which I end up wanting to use quite a bit.
15:59.18PhotoJimsounds like you are the type that would enjoy a fixed focal length lens.
15:59.52equiraptorI am the type who would love to spend a lot of money I don't have and find someone to carry around all my stuff for me.
16:00.09PhotoJimwell, come run away with me.  I have tons of lenses.  and an exotic Canadian accent.
16:00.14PhotoJimMy wife and your boyfriend need not know.
16:00.37equiraptorHaha, worksforme!
16:01.03PhotoJimI have a 17-35/2.8 zoom that I like a lot.  low distortion.  nice and fast, good for low light.  big, but not massive.
16:01.13PhotoJimcost me a grand though.  it's a serious hobby.
16:01.31PhotoJimon film it's really wide.  on digital it's reasonably wide but not as wide.
16:01.51equiraptor <-- my shamefully ignorant ramblig about the camera, etc.
16:02.00*** join/#wowwiki Dekster (
16:02.11equiraptorAd sheesh.
16:02.12PhotoJimooh, it's very pink.
16:02.15PhotoJimsunglasses please!
16:02.21equiraptornot pink. NOT PINK.
16:02.24PhotoJimYes.  True.  it is lavender.
16:02.28equiraptorSory, I know, they're close. but I HATE pink.
16:02.36PhotoJimYou are quite right.  It's purplish.
16:02.50equiraptor*nod* I love purple, and especially the orchid I used heavily there.
16:03.21equiraptorI don't know how I can love that and hate pink, but I do. :)
16:03.21PhotoJimmy favourite hue of purple is a really deep, almost bluey pu rple.
16:03.25equiraptorAh, I'm not as fond of the bluey ones.
16:03.25PhotoJimthe human mind is a peculiar thing. :)
16:03.30equiraptorThat it is.
16:03.37PhotoJimmy favourite colour overall is forest green.
16:03.45PhotoJimbut I like a slightly cyany blue too.
16:03.46equiraptorThat's one of my favorite colors to wear.
16:03.58equiraptorI love what it does with my skin and hair tones.
16:04.06*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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16:04.12equiraptorWhile a cyany blue does good things with my eyes, but I don't like it as much. :/
16:04.15PhotoJimwhat colour is your hair?
16:04.26*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
16:04.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj_2] by ChanServ
16:05.50equiraptor Not the best pic, but definitely shows my hair. :)
16:06.07*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
16:06.10PhotoJimoh, very long.  nice pic.
16:06.15PhotoJimsort of a chestnut brown.
16:06.18pcjvery nice long hair
16:06.38equiraptorThanks. :)
16:06.57equiraptorI'm hoping to get my hair to thigh-length, in time.
16:07.11PhotoJimdo you wear it down like that most of the time?  or do you wear it different ways?
16:07.11[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Officers' Quarters: The /gquit -- an officer's guide -
16:08.06equiraptorIt's nearly always up in what a friend called a "librarian bun"
16:08.21PhotoJimoh yeah, we were talking about that the other day.  wisps. :)
16:09.35equiraptor That might give an idea.
16:09.59equiraptorExcept it's longer now than it was then, so the bun's bigger. And somehow, the ends stick out less.
16:10.37equiraptorWow. I haven't worn a watch in forever.
16:10.44PhotoJimyes, I can see the bun being rather necessary in a convertible. :)
16:11.08PhotoJimI wear a watch almost every day.  I find it less bother to use than digging out my phone. :)
16:11.15equiraptorWe do a lot of convertible driving...
16:11.21PhotoJimI have an itch to get one.
16:11.25PhotoJimbut the season for them here is short.
16:11.28equiraptorI spend so much of my time in front of a computer now...
16:11.43equiraptorHad my RA not been bugging me, the top would have been down on my drive to work today.
16:11.58equiraptorrheumatoid arthritis
16:12.07PhotoJimoh.  you're young for that.  juvenile version I assume?
16:12.21PhotoJimthat sounds insulting almost. :)
16:12.26equiraptorhaha :)
16:12.43PhotoJimI actually thought when you were mentioning the K1000 that you might be older than you appear to be.
16:12.57PhotoJimI was thinking you were in your 30s, but I'm guessing now you're in your 20s.
16:13.01equiraptorThey said no, they said they were going to call it the full adult form, because of how many joints are affected and the severity of onset.
16:13.09PhotoJimhmm.  very annoying.
16:13.11equiraptorI am in my 20s. I'm 25.
16:13.20equiraptorI was diagnosed with the RA at 16.
16:13.20PhotoJimI'm 40.  Alas.
16:14.04PhotoJimI have a friend about your age who has arthritis too, but I think hers is juvenile.  fairly serious, though.
16:14.45Fisker-knight rider fails already
16:14.48equiraptorIt's a nasty thing to have to handle.
16:15.05Fisker-They're not supposed to know it's a supercar
16:15.11Fisker-but one of them knows it anyways
16:15.14PhotoJimno arthritis here.  migraines are my thing.  started getting them at about 17.  but they are far more manageable than arthritis.
16:15.20Fisker-that's just poor directing
16:15.24PhotoJimFisker: I actually remember when the original series premiered.  How sad is that?
16:15.26equiraptorBut there are worse cards to be dealt in this world. My life is pretty good.
16:15.35PhotoJimequiraptor: you're right.  perspective is everything.
16:15.56equiraptorThe only reason I don't have money for the lenses I want is because I'm spending it on my car.
16:15.59equiraptorSo my life can't be too bad. :)
16:16.03PhotoJimapparently not :)
16:16.11PhotoJimand you are 25.  most people at age 25 have some financial issues.
16:16.12PhotoJimI certainly did.
16:16.14Fisker-i've seen the original series too
16:16.17PhotoJimstill do, just not as severe. :)
16:16.37PhotoJimwhen you have to say things like "I can't afford a high-def TV - I'm still paying for my month in Europe.", things are alright.
16:16.47equiraptorYes, exactly.
16:17.15equiraptorAnd, my RA isn't that bad, overall. It's just flaring right now.
16:17.41equiraptorI won a local racing "championship" in my car in 2007. So I'm obviously physically ok most of the time.
16:17.55PhotoJim:) very cool.
16:18.18PhotoJimI'm not a racer... but I do appreciate cars.  and I have never owned a car that had an automatic transmission.  (I've owned four.)
16:18.25equiraptorYou beat me there.
16:18.48equiraptorI've owned or "owned" two automatics. Out of.... 5
16:19.00PhotoJimmy Protege got totalled off last summer (I still miss that car) and we got an '07 Accord EX-L.  I insisted on another stick.  What a nice car to drive.
16:19.11PhotoJimWell, that's still well above the average.  only 17% of North American cars have a stick.
16:19.14PhotoJimand you're at 60%. :)
16:19.32equiraptorI learned to drive on a manual Camry that's 1 year younger than me.
16:19.46PhotoJimbetween you and me, seven of the twelve manual cars are accounted for. :)
16:19.57PhotoJimI learned to drive on a '79 Cordoba.
16:19.58equiraptorI currently own an '06 MX-5 and a '94 MX-5 that I'm trying to give to my mother.
16:20.28PhotoJimI've been tempted to get an early-'90s Miata.  somethi8ng affordable that would still be fun.
16:20.47*** join/#wowwiki Joachim (
16:20.52equiraptorA good friend / the guy who sold me the '06 / my mechanic / my racing instructor (that guy has a lot of roles in my life...) now has a manual Mini S.
16:21.00equiraptorThe mini is AMAZING.
16:21.03PhotoJimvery cool.
16:21.08PhotoJimI've seen many, but never been inside one.
16:21.13*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
16:21.18YellowMF*invades* :o
16:21.18equiraptorIt's so unassuming. It just looks like a little box car.
16:21.24equiraptorIt's FWD.
16:21.28equiraptorIt drifts.
16:21.33PhotoJimsmall cars weigh little.  they don't need a lot of horsepower to get going.
16:21.46equiraptorOh, yeah. But that's not what amazed me. :-P
16:21.52PhotoJimwhat did?
16:22.14equiraptorThe total and complete lack of understeer combined with the car's ability to react to throttle input like a RWD car would.
16:22.23PhotoJimthat's interesting.
16:22.28PhotoJimand you're right, uncommon.
16:22.34equiraptorIt's amazing. The only time I'm reminded it's FWD is when I stomp on the gas pedal and get torque steer.
16:22.39*** join/#wowwiki Ose_ (
16:22.57PhotoJimI haven't driven a RWD in forever.
16:23.07equiraptorBut if you're taking a corner at the edge? Lift up a bit on the throttle to turn harder. On a bit harder for a softer turn.
16:23.17PhotoJimFWD is so much more practical here in the winter, although I'm coming around to thinking a RWD with a set of Nokian Hakkas would be more than ok.
16:23.18equiraptor*Just* like my Miatas. Exactly like them.
16:23.45PhotoJimsounds like when you get rich, a Mini is in your future :)
16:23.47equiraptorI've known a lot of people in the north who drive Miatas year round. As long as the snow isn't high enough to cause clearance issues, they say they do fine.
16:23.52equiraptorAh, when I am rich....
16:24.13equiraptorMy '06 will become a dedicated CSP racer (CSP is the class). Like still street legal, but not a "daily driver" anymore.
16:24.17PhotoJimI don't think I'd drive the Miata year-round.  we have a perfectly good '92 Corolla that would make a great winter car.  it is boring, boring, boring to drive, but it is in mechanically excellent shape.
16:24.31equiraptorI'll also have a street legal ariel atom that I'll use on the street on nice days and track.
16:24.44equiraptorAnd a Mini would be the "it's a crappy day" street car.
16:24.50PhotoJimI put some firmer struts into it and it handles a lot better than it ever did.
16:24.58PhotoJimI've never heard of an Ariel Atom.
16:25.02equiraptorPotentially and alternate autocross car, if the CSP Miata is out for a bit.
16:25.07PhotoJimthat's more than a "crappy day" car. :)
16:25.17equiraptorIt's essentially an open wheel track car.
16:25.31equiraptorIt's from the UK.
16:25.46equiraptorCSP stands for C Street Prepared. It's an autocross class for slightly modified cars.
16:25.50Ose_~seen foxbot
16:25.54infobotfoxbot <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 2d 18h 38m 44s ago, saying: 'There are currently 0 queued operations.'.
16:26.02PhotoJimyou're way above my head in things automotive. ;)
16:26.24equiraptorYou're way above my head in things photographic. :)
16:26.29equiraptorOr, something like that.
16:26.37PhotoJimPoint taken. :)
16:27.00PhotoJimAlright.  You fondle your '96 MX-5.  I'll fondle my Bronica SQ-A with 120 back, prism finder and 50/3.5 PS. :)
16:27.23equiraptorI don't fondle it. I take it out, grab it by the... *cough* and yank it around. :-P
16:27.52equiraptorI go through rear tires fast. *innocent look*
16:27.58*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
16:27.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
16:28.20PhotoJimI do that too, bot to my 35mm gear :)
16:28.29PhotoJimI'm nice to my car :)
16:28.47[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Jack Thompson, Seeking Killer’s Video Game History, Threatens NIU with Lawsuit -
16:29.17equiraptorI'm hard on my cars. Very, very hard on my cars. And I give them the best of maintenance. And they thrive.
16:29.23equiraptorWell, ok, the automatic camry didn't.
16:29.29equiraptorNeither did the automatic sable.
16:29.38equiraptorBut the MX-5s thrive with that kind of treatment.
16:29.57PhotoJimif they're well maintained, they'll be fine.  I agree.
16:30.25PhotoJimthe Camry is a bit of a surprise, but the Sable, well, babying it probably wouldn't have made it thrive either. :)
16:30.30equiraptor*nod* The newer one will be switching to a synthetic diff fluid before the next track day. It's currently running racing brake fluid.
16:30.34equiraptorYup. Yup.
16:30.53equiraptorThe manual Camrys have dealth with my treatment just fine. It's the automatic transmission that can't take it.
16:31.01PhotoJimToyotas are often boring, but they are built to last.  (engine sludge problems on recent models notwithstanding)
16:31.11[NewsBot]WoW Insider: BigRedKitty: Ask not what your raid can do for you -
16:31.18equiraptorThat they are.
16:31.46equiraptorThe automatic trannies can't handle my shifting demands, though. None of the automatic transmission cars I've driven could.
16:31.53equiraptorOh, I did snap a rear sway bar on one of the Camrys once.
16:31.55PhotoJimthat's why I like Hondas and Mazdas.  They are built to be fun to drive.  Moreso the Mazda, but the Accord is more fun to drive than the 6, even if the 3 kicks the Civic's *cough*.
16:32.17PhotoJimanyone who knows what they are doing should have a stick anyway, except for drag racing.
16:32.21PhotoJimYes, those cars go like stink.
16:32.37equiraptorI know two people who bought them. One is disappointed....
16:32.46PhotoJimhow so?
16:32.57equiraptorHe wanted an Elise, but couldn't afford it at the time, and his wife wanted him to get something with a backseat.
16:33.16PhotoJimI am my own child.  The back seat is for friends, not rug rats. :)
16:33.17equiraptorHe's happy with it for what it is, but he has a better paying job now. I'm hoping he'll be able to convince his wife that one car with a backseat is enough.
16:33.37equiraptorYeah, they have no kids. And we (their friends) all love our cars too much to pile into one!
16:34.26equiraptorWe once went somewhere in 3 cars, even though we could have fit in 1. An MR2 Spyder, ///M3, and a 3 series (the 3 series was a loaner while the ///M Roadster was worked on)
16:34.40PhotoJima 3 series is not that horrid.
16:34.45equiraptorI don't understand why Brian wanted us to bring the 3 series.
16:34.57equiraptorWell, yeah, but we all could have fit in the ///M3!
16:35.20equiraptorI wanted a ride in the Spyder, which I'd never been in at the time. And Jack couldn't not drive the M3.
16:35.36PhotoJimI understand that thinking.
16:35.45PhotoJimthis is what consumes me to take seven cameras with me when I go somewhere.
16:35.52PhotoJim"But I might want to use a rangefinder..."
16:35.58PhotoJimSame mentality I think. :)
16:36.07equiraptorSince then, the Spyder owner bought a Z4, the M3 owner bought a Z4M, and the M Roadster owner bought a 911.
16:36.53equiraptorOnly one of the three new cars has seen a track. Though that should increase to 2 come March.
16:37.47PhotoJimwhat servers do you play WoW on btw?
16:37.58equiraptorMostly Whisperwind.
16:38.19equiraptorMy boyfriend and I are trying a PvP Horde experiment on Kalecgos, with friends.
16:38.38equiraptorYes, we both rolled blood elves. Yes, we're horrible Alliance coming over to Horde on BEs. Yes, we are the spawn of the devil.
16:38.50PhotoJimmy main and primary alt are on Gnomeregan (Alliance).  I have an Alliance alt on Thaurissan (Oceanic PvP... I was curious if it would perform ok - it does), and a Horde on The Scryers (RP PvE).
16:39.05equiraptordo you enjoy the RP?
16:39.07PhotoJimoh, that sounds quite fun.
16:39.16PhotoJimhonestly, I haven't found that people do much RPing.  I was a little disappointed.
16:39.26PhotoJimbut I'm only at about fourth level.  I need to give it more of a try.
16:39.38equiraptorI hear the RP doesn't really start until at least level 20.
16:39.46PhotoJimthat could well be.
16:39.47equiraptorThe "idiots" and "n00bs" give up by then, apparently.
16:39.49PhotoJimget rid of the n00bs.
16:40.11equiraptoralmost-jynx. :-P
16:40.15equiraptorMaybe we should run away together...
16:40.38equiraptorYou can photo my racing? :D
16:40.53PhotoJimI'll be your official photographer, if you'll let me drive your MX-5 occasionally :)
16:40.59PhotoJimI promise to be no harder on her than you are.
16:41.35equiraptorI'm thinking about letting one of the guys at the shop co-drive him (Vikra is a he, I think - the '06. Mika, the '94, is a she)
16:41.46PhotoJimI stand corrected.
16:41.53PhotoJimI always feminize my cars.  Can't explain why.
16:42.09equiraptorHe drove... something. I forget which... and said it handled well. The owner wants him to think it handles better than mine.
16:42.28PhotoJimAhh.  A comparison.
16:42.36equiraptor*nod* Mika took a long time to tell me. She's definiely a tough girl.
16:42.54equiraptorVikra, however, has a growling voice and a tough attitude. That deep voice just has to be male.
16:42.58equiraptor(aftermarket exhaust)
16:43.16PhotoJimMy cars thus far are nameless.  Cameras too.  Computers are named though.
16:43.24PhotoJimVikra is a good name.
16:43.28equiraptorComputers seem to beg for nmes. At least OSes do.
16:43.47equiraptorThe name exposes my excessive nerdery. His full name is Vikra'kan.
16:43.59PhotoJimI'm a big fan of nerdery.
16:44.00equiraptorAs best as I can tell, that's esssentiall "Green Jewel" in Minbari.
16:44.26equiraptorA race from Babylon 5
16:44.32equiraptorSci fi. :)
16:45.00PhotoJimI need to watch that series.
16:45.33PhotoJimI was an Amiga geek, and the first season was done on the Amiga.
16:45.47equiraptorIt's a great show. It starts slow, but if you can make it to the third episode of season 2, I predict you will be hooked.
16:45.52equiraptorOh, cool!
16:46.16PhotoJimMy first computer was a Commodore 64, in 1984.
16:46.30PhotoJimn00b, but ky00t n00b
16:46.36equiraptorAh! Nugget (my beau) beats you! His first was in '79.
16:46.38equiraptorAn atari, though.
16:46.50PhotoJimwell, I was poor. :)
16:47.05equiraptorHe was 9 years old.
16:47.09PhotoJim'79 is early to have a computer though.
16:47.36PhotoJimthe Atari was a better home choice in '79 than the Commodore was.
16:47.43equiraptorDad's a lawyer, though. And from my understanding, was already doing well.
16:47.45PhotoJimthe VIC-20 didn't come out until '80.
16:47.58PhotoJimcool.  the legal profession is an interesting one.
16:48.11equiraptorIt is, and his father is an interesting man.
16:48.27equiraptorSpecializes in intellectual property, especially as it relates to the internet.
16:48.43PhotoJimmy father-in-law was the engineer that deployed the first fibre-optic telephone network in North America.  he didn't get rich, but that's still pretty cool.
16:48.49PhotoJimintellectual property is very interesting.
16:49.01equiraptorThat's definitely very cool.
16:49.28PhotoJimand that network later, with upgrades, became the first broadband network available to consumers in North America, so he really started something cool.
16:49.34PhotoJimI use their biggest competitor.  I have no shame. ;)
16:49.36equiraptorOh! has a bugeye sprite!
16:49.48PhotoJimbugeye sprite?
16:50.25equiraptorYeah. A specific generation of Austin Healey Sprite is called the bugeye
16:51.36PhotoJimaptly named.
16:51.39PhotoJimvery interesting looking.
16:52.30equiraptorVery much a classic british roadster.
16:52.38equiraptorIt makes a Miata look monstrously huge.
16:52.57*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
16:53.11PhotoJimindeed.  different animals. :)
16:53.33equiraptorAnd yet the British roadster is the inspiration for the Miata. :)
16:53.42PhotoJimhard to see it. :)
16:54.09equiraptorThe elan is the inspiration for the exterior styling, the MGB for the interior styling.
16:54.44PhotoJimthat, I can see now.
16:54.47PhotoJimit is Miata-esque.
16:55.09equiraptorMazda bought two Elans while designing the Miata.
16:56.01equiraptorThe original goal that spawned the Miata was "LWS" - light weight sportscar. When Mazda headquarters selected the front engined RWD layout presented by the California design team, it morphed to a modern incarnation of the classic british roadster.
16:56.41PhotoJimthat explains why the release of British racing green as a colour was so fitting.
16:56.49PhotoJimI'd better get going.  I still haven't showered. :)
16:56.53PhotoJimI wasn't planning to stay so long :)
16:56.56equiraptorAnd that's what the original 1.6L MX-5s are. Take a british car guy, put him in an MX-5, and he'll start wondering why there's not a puddle of oil under it.
16:57.10PhotoJim:) because it's a British sports car, built right.
16:57.13equiraptorIt was great talking with you. :)
16:57.16PhotoJimby non-British people :)
16:57.17equiraptorExactly! :D
16:57.22PhotoJimit was equally great talking to you :)
16:57.28PhotoJimtalk again soon.
16:57.35PhotoJimbye :)
17:00.28*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
17:00.48*** join/#wowwiki kadrahil (
17:06.00*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
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17:17.43*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
17:18.41*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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17:21.31*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
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17:21.42*** join/#wowwiki ggilbert (
17:31.25Ose|Laptoptoo... quiet...
17:31.41Osegeif chit-chat pl0xx
17:34.30Oselaptop battery died :(
17:42.47*** join/#wowwiki Ose|Laptop_ (
17:44.49kd3du; I've actually been pondering how to add the [patrolled] link, but I dunno how to generate the key that the wiki uses to authorize it.
17:45.09kd3it's easy enough to detect if someone's in the patrollers group, ~1-2 lines. same way it detects ops
17:45.28kd3er, mark as patrolled
17:45.42pcjto what
17:45.58[NewsBot]kd3 meant:
17:46.04Osein soviet russia, links patrol you!
17:46.54pcjOK, so basically the link the wiki generates is<pagetitle>&action=markpatrolled&rcid=<revisionid>
17:47.07pcjso are you having a problem finding the revision ID kd3
17:47.41Ose[[WoWWiki_talk:Warcraft_pump]]: archive please
17:49.02[NewsBot]Ose meant:
17:49.12Osegood boy newsbot
17:49.17*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
17:49.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
17:51.09pcjkd3 if it's the current revision it's in wgCurRevisionId otherwise you have to get it from the URL
17:54.31kd3bah. just wish the RSS feed had that info, looks like I may have to make some ajax calls to get it
17:57.13*** join/#wowwiki Vesitin (
18:00.21pcjwell kd3 since revision IDs seem to be sequential, if you gave AVT a starting point revision ID and it could keep track of all the updates it could keep up with the revision ID
18:00.33pcjbut that seems prone to errors
18:01.05pcjand yeah there isn't anything in the RSS feed by which you can obtain the revision ID without editing the PHP code for the RSS generator itself
18:05.52*** join/#wowwiki ecs (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
18:07.14[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Rookie: Lowbie instance guide -
18:13.54*** join/#wowwiki Kryptonica_ (
18:14.03Kryptonica_Hey ppl
18:14.21Kryptonica_Do you know how much it is for transferring 2 chars from one server to another?
18:16.19kd325 USD. something similar in europe
18:16.28*** join/#wowwiki [NNUser] (
18:16.33*** join/#wowwiki elaaa (
18:16.44pcjkd3, if the MediaWiki API were actually working, you could do something like convert pubDate into a suitable timestamp and something like;prop=revisions&amp;titles=Server:Area%2052%20US&amp;rvlimit=5&amp;rvstart=2008021818181122&rvend=2008021818181122 would work
18:16.46*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Work (n=lopen@
18:18.09*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
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18:22.14*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikia/
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18:23.40*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
18:23.49pcjhi keolah :)
18:30.21*** join/#wowwiki Lethain (
18:35.23foxlitpcj: the mediawiki API works.
18:35.36pcjwhy doesn't that link work then foxlit
18:35.51pcjand why don't the example links work
18:36.44foxlitBecause it and they fail.
18:37.27pcjOK, show me a link which does what I intended then
18:40.30foxlitI'm busy looking for the clip of Tristran saying "TOOOOORMENT!"
18:40.53pcjthe mediawiki API is obviously borked then
18:59.11pcjthat fails too
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19:03.38*** join/#wowwiki Corgan (
19:07.39[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: World of Warcraft: Beyond the Dark Portal - Front Cover -
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19:23.11*** join/#wowwiki ripper_ (
19:23.34ripper_hi, where can I find an item database in sql/xml format?
19:28.24*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
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19:32.20*** join/#wowwiki Taurmindo (
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20:00.25*** join/#wowwiki Miyari (
20:07.15[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Forum post of the day: Welfare Epics -
20:08.10*** join/#wowwiki AndyB (n=brap3@
20:10.08*** join/#wowwiki Furl (
20:14.14AndyB!al EU Bloodfeather Causality
20:15.53equiraptor(well, ok, I got back over an hour ago, but I wanted to try to stir up some conversation in channel, and wasn't sure what else to say)
20:17.53FurlSo I'll talk about templates.
20:17.59FurlYes, good ole fashion templates.
20:18.24equiraptorTemplates for what?
20:22.25*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
20:29.47myke54142equiraptor: i suspect "her" is going to stir up more conversation than "mechanic"
20:30.09*** join/#wowwiki Jake_ (
20:30.20equiraptormyke54142: Have we not been through that already?
20:30.22equiraptorLike, twice?
20:30.34myke54142i musta lost count
20:31.32*** part/#wowwiki Drago (
20:32.26*** join/#wowwiki Logestic (
20:32.59LogesticHello. :)
20:33.40LogesticI'm new to WoW. Just thought I'd pop on IRC and say hello. :)
20:33.51equiraptorWell... uh... Hello there!
20:34.10equiraptorI've been playing WoW since March 13th, 2005. I think 2005, at least.
20:34.33LogesticHeh. I am a retired Guild Wars player.
20:34.47equiraptorHow new are you? Few weeks, few months? Level 20? 30? 2? :)
20:34.48LogesticI've lost all my drive to even open the GW client. So I figured I'd try WoW
20:35.04LogesticTry...I just bought the game/expansion.
20:35.07equiraptorhaha :)
20:35.16equiraptorFresh meat! *chomp*
20:35.25equiraptorWait, what am I doing? I'm not undead...
20:35.36LogesticHah, read that.
20:35.45LogesticStupid enter key.
20:35.54Logesticright next to the " it is.
20:36.08equiraptorMy enter key is right next to my -.
20:37.16LogesticYeah, I've been trying to be a good n00b, so I was reading the newbie guide.
20:37.18equiraptorHave you thought about was classes you want to play?
20:37.29LogesticI was "thinking" Logestic.
20:37.32LogesticErr... LOL
20:37.35LogesticBrain farrt.
20:37.44LogesticNo way.
20:37.56LogesticAs a former GW player, I heard the stories....
20:38.12LogesticThere is no. F--king. Way. I'll play a loladin.
20:38.25equiraptorCan't stand the thing.
20:38.27LogesticI was thinkin' Mage.
20:38.36equiraptorAh, nice. What race?
20:38.58LogesticI don't know, was thinking blood elf, but heard they're totally whored out.
20:39.15[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Arena Season 4: Brutal Gladiator -
20:39.20equiraptorI just had a blood elf reach 21, and the BE starting areas are truly great.
20:39.37equiraptorYou could, of course, bring over an Undead or Troll mage.
20:39.44equiraptorUndead would be easier.
20:39.57myke54142troll is just as easy actually
20:40.00LogesticThis silly Burning Crusade download is taking forever.
20:40.14equiraptorMeh, troll's like, 5 minutes "harder".
20:40.46myke54142tauren may actually be hard
20:40.47equiraptorEach race has a starting area (trolls and orcs share one, as dwarfs and gnomes do).
20:41.10LogesticI knew that.
20:41.14equiraptorThe blood elf starting area (especially the levels 10-20 area) are from Burning Crusade instead of the original game.
20:41.34equiraptorBlizzard learned a lot between launch and TBC, and TBC areas are much "better" than original areas.
20:41.38LogesticActually, I just bought the retail version, I had used a trial version. :P
20:41.45equiraptorA richer  experience.
20:41.59LogesticBut my trial was like.. dead for 2 weeks.
20:42.29LogesticBut.. me in my infinite wisdom, kept the client installed on my off-board hard drive incase I ever did this.
20:43.30equiraptorYou can go to another race's starting area annd do their starting quests. So if you worry that BE is overplayed, but want to play a mage and like the BE starting zones, you could make a troll or undead mage and just take it over to the BE area.
20:43.33LogesticI still don't know... I want to be a mage, and that's as far as I got.
20:43.46equiraptorSome of the quests are occasionally race-dependant, so I might get to level 5 or 10 before going over.
20:44.03equiraptorAnd that might be more of a challenge for your "first" character, but... meh, whatever.
20:44.09LogesticWell.. I'd really like to play with someone when I start. :P
20:44.16equiraptorYou can have so many characters in this game, and getting to 20 takes so little time...
20:44.30equiraptorAaaah, I forget about that aspect.
20:44.30LogesticAlways helps to have a mentor there, :)
20:44.32equiraptorI'm a soloer.
20:44.51equiraptorI tried raiding. Didn't like waiting around on other people. so I solo level. And I enjoy it.
20:45.06myke54142yeah but once you hit 70 you can't level anymore
20:45.17LogesticThats what they want you to think.
20:45.19equiraptorSure you can. It just requires another character.
20:45.27equiraptorUntil the next expansion.
20:45.41myke54142but there's only so many things you can do before you're redoing quests
20:45.55myke54142and by the time you hit 70 you've seen almost all of the map and most of the isntances
20:45.57Logesticso, I herd about this "Night Elf Mohawk"
20:46.07equiraptorActually, I haven't seen most of the instances.
20:46.12equiraptorLike I said, I'm a soloer.
20:46.31LogesticYou kill wild boars to level 70?
20:46.51equiraptorI don't mind doing the quests again. I find different ways to do them. I increase my efficiency, or do something else "different". It just being a different class makes it at least a bit different.
20:46.56equiraptorLogestic: Effectively, yeah. :-P
20:47.20LogesticC'mere Bacon with legs. GET in mah belly.
20:47.34myke54142actually that wild boars thing from south park wouldn't really work
20:47.38equiraptorTo 70, to 65, to 61, to 54, 50, 50, 50, 48, 33, 30, 24, 23....
20:47.47equiraptorEr, I have a lot of characters. :)
20:47.47LogesticI also read that mages are often called upon to make water/food. Does it get annoying?
20:48.02equiraptorYou do have to change mobs. You need to kill mobs closer to your own level.
20:48.32equiraptorI can't speak to that. It hasn't annoyed any of my mages, but my highest level mage is 50. It tends to be most annoying for max-level characters.
20:48.34myke54142not really, you do that at the beginning of the dungeon run
20:48.45myke54142just part of the prepwork
20:50.15LogesticOf course, you could just make it really easy and macro the whole damned process...
20:50.45myke54142i haven't used macros yet
20:51.19myke54142they don't really let you fully automate the game
20:51.44myke54142i don't think conjuring food and water is really very hard anyway
20:51.49LogesticBut they do let you bing a certain set of actions to an easy command?
20:52.44*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (n=Sky2042@wikimedia/Izno)
20:52.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
20:52.44myke54142the last run i did, the mage conjured a table of manna bisquits
20:52.48Ose|Laptopseen foxlit
20:52.51myke54142and everyone could just go to the table and grab however many they wanted
20:52.58LogesticThat's awesome. XD
20:53.04Ose|Laptop~seen foxbot
20:53.18infobotfoxbot <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 2d 23h 6m 8s ago, saying: 'There are currently 0 queued operations.'.
20:53.18Ose|Laptopi mean
20:53.18myke54142so once you have that it's really not hard at all, one click
20:53.22LogesticI wish you could just use whatever skill to conjure a table onto an enemy.
20:54.00myke54142hmm yeah if you play a magical legislator
20:54.09myke54142"your motion is tabled, vile beast!"
20:54.27Logestic:o I have to pick a realm don't I... :(
20:54.43myke54142yeah that's a problem
20:54.58LogesticI have a friend whom plays this game, but I don't know what realm he plays on...
20:55.01myke54142and whichever one you pick, it won't be the one your friend is on when you find out next week that he's into wow too
20:56.09LogesticYay, 512mb of the 1.18GB.
20:56.17LogesticStupid BC.
20:57.02foxlitSky2042: yes, you can.
20:57.12Sky2042foxlit: heh.
20:57.26Sky2042what options other than peasants are there? =]
20:57.29foxlitI'm not going to tell you what you can, though
21:03.15[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Phoenix Hatchling caught on video -
21:12.59Ose|Laptopme want
21:15.26*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
21:15.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
21:15.38Ose!editcount Ose
21:15.54FoxbotOse made 690 edits, of which 539 were minor and 240 were commented.
21:16.19Ose!trcount Userbox
21:16.20FoxbotUserbox has been transcluded in 0 pages.
21:16.25pcj!editcount Jiyambi
21:16.33pcj!trcount Template:Userbox
21:16.39FoxbotTemplate:Userbox has been transcluded in 807 pages.
21:17.13Ose!trcount User IRC
21:17.47Ose!trcount Template:User IRC
21:17.59foxlitDon't be lazy, now
21:18.17Oseoooooh... shiny...
21:19.58Fisker-firefox :(
21:20.11Ose|Laptopfirefox  :)
21:20.53Ose|Laptop{{User Firefox}} is teh win
21:20.53[NewsBot]Ose|Laptop meant:
21:21.06*** join/#wowwiki Logestic (
21:21.15equiraptorSee comments. I <3 my Mac.
21:21.21equiraptorEven if it *does* break... "Hey, Apple, FIX IT!"
21:22.29equiraptorNothing's perfect, but it's nice to have just one company to point at when things go wrong and say, "Hey, I don't care what part's broken. It's all yours, so fix it."
21:23.54equiraptorEasy, there, easy boy.
21:23.57equiraptorOne of the torrents?
21:24.05LogesticIt's only at 52% after 2 hours. :(
21:24.31equiraptorIt's using the blizzard download client, right?
21:24.39equiraptorHave you tried disabling P2P?
21:24.45LogesticWould that help?
21:24.46equiraptorAnd/or forwarding ports on your firewall?
21:24.57equiraptorIt might. It might trigger a direct http download.
21:25.34LogesticIt's say 3+ hours to go.
21:25.40LogesticFor just under 500MB
21:26.29equiraptorForwarding ports will make the connections easier to establish, which will let you download faster. There should be a how-to for it (of sorts) on Blizzard's site.
21:27.38LogesticI found the how-to in the support section, just a second.
21:29.48LogesticOhh.. It just went down to 2 hours. :)
21:30.10*** join/#wowwiki Paradox_ (
21:30.34DeksterLogestic: Didn't you say you had WoW running on an External Drive? or was that without the Expansion?
21:30.54LogesticYes, I have the original wow client on my offboard hardrive.
21:31.05LogesticI am currently downloading the BC expansion.
21:31.46DeksterOK, I just wanted to make sure you weren't re-downloading instead of filecopying.
21:32.28DeksterI downloaded twice before I figured out I could just copy the whole directory from an updated install.
21:35.12[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Mania premieres Warcraft Mounts, a database for mounties -
21:35.44Fisker-btw Corgan
22:07.07LogesticAlmost 800MB downloaded.
22:07.22LogesticIt's soooo slow. And I even opened up the ports and everything.
22:09.39LogesticIt says 77 minutes left. :D
22:09.48*** join/#wowwiki Corgan| (
22:10.21LogesticI'm going to lay down for a bit, hopefully when I get up it will be all better, and downloaded.
22:17.59*** join/#wowwiki Miyari (
22:22.32*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
22:29.39Dottedhaha noone is giving congrats cards to Fisker-
22:30.24Sandwichman2448The Fiskerdin? Why?
22:32.41Sandwichman2448What did he do?
22:35.16Sandwichman2448He is spamming talk pages with fan art.
22:44.15Dottedthats what they said in King of Queens
22:44.35Fisker-whatcha talking about foo?
22:46.13Fisker-or i destroy you
22:48.27*** join/#wowwiki acemo (
22:50.09*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
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22:50.58Dottedpcj is the users still mixed up?
22:51.06[NewsBot]New stats available for #wowwiki (at Dotted's request)! See the #wowwiki stats:
22:52.50pcjyah they are dotted
22:53.10acemoim having some trouble with this addon am trying to fix.. this is the error am getting, this is the command im trying to use, what am i doing wrong?
22:53.39pcjtry #wowi-lounge acemo
22:54.10Sky2042Dotted: you still need to combine some of the names =[
22:54.23Dottedseems so
22:54.45Dottedthought the problem was that the logs had been blown to pieces, but merging them didnt help ;(
22:55.26Dottedok what nicks are the sinners?
22:56.04*** part/#wowwiki acemo (
22:56.11Sky2042Volus, Voluspaa, Voluspa
22:56.33Sky2042Kaydeethree, kd3
22:56.51Sky2042The @ needs to be removed from Zeal and given a +
22:57.16Sky2042Bagginsww, Bagginsw
22:57.27Sky2042and Bagginswww
22:58.07Sky2042those are the only obvious...
22:59.22Sky2042and there's something wrong on the #3 page, with the kicked option...
23:01.46Sandwichman2448Nice mounts.
23:02.49*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:02.53*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
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23:03.42Dottedwell that didnt work at all
23:04.19Sky2042Aye +(
23:07.36*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:07.40*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
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23:08.17Dottedfuck it
23:10.15Sky2042holy freaking crap i'm going to kill fandyllic
23:10.23*** join/#wowwiki Liothen (n=liothen@
23:14.28Sky2042why does he persist in making work for everyone else?!?!?!
23:16.34Sandwichman2448What he do?
23:20.47foxlitreaction is unjustified
23:22.15*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:22.17*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
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23:22.36[NewsBot]Dotted has updated the stats for #wowwiki! See the #wowwiki stats:
23:23.04Gourrawinkiller: valley of whatever? :P
23:23.29winkillercan't remember that stuff :P
23:23.34Sky2042foxlit: ?
23:23.38Gourratsk tsk
23:23.40winkilleralways mix em up :)
23:23.52Gourrait's wisdom you foo :P
23:23.53foxlit"kill" "using wrong case in section titles"
23:23.55Gourraanyway, gnight
23:24.09Gourraand archi on 23%! woo
23:24.29*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
23:25.07Sky2042he's putting them in the wrong order too foxlit -_-
23:26.12Sky2042sounds good. when do I start?
23:27.32[NewsBot]infobot meant:
23:27.33[NewsBot]infobot meant:
23:27.35[NewsBot]COMBO BREAKER
23:28.14pcjinfobot, forget infiniteloop
23:28.14infobotpcj: i forgot infiniteloop
23:28.40pcjlol sky
23:28.44pcjfandy is a moron huh
23:28.56foxlit~literal infobot meant:
23:29.02Sky2042pcj: i freaking asked him to stop once
23:29.08Sky2042pcj: then he continues
23:29.11Sky2042and then kd3 notices
23:29.14Sky2042holy freaking crap
23:30.12*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:30.15*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
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23:31.41[NewsBot]New stats available for #wowwiki (at Dotted's request)! See the #wowwiki stats:
23:31.58foxlitHm, all those !wwstats
23:32.07foxlitBet Dotted is trying to cover up his unfortunate choice of quotes
23:32.25Dottedtrying to fix the nicks
23:34.08foxlitOppose; link to proper calculators instead
23:35.08pcjyeah idc too much
23:36.22[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Shattered Sun Offensive phase 3: Sun's Reach Harbor -
23:36.33pcjsky, HARD POKE, lol
23:37.25*** join/#wowwiki YairNet (
23:38.09*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:38.11*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:38.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
23:38.14YairNetfuck me in my ass
23:38.25Dotteddie in a fire
23:38.28[NewsBot]Dotted has updated the stats for #wowwiki! See the #wowwiki stats:
23:38.50kd3bib; could you put a big note, perhaps with <blink> tags that the badge vendor isn't active yet?
23:40.41Sky2042how do kickban?
23:41.11LogesticYay, it's almost finished downloading!~
23:41.42kd3your client can usually do it by right-clicking on the name of the person you wish to kick
23:42.04Sky2042kicking is easy
23:42.18foxlit/mode +b mask
23:42.23*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
23:42.26foxlitYou don't have a /ban?
23:42.42Sky2042dunno. i don't suppose you want me to try it out on you, eh?
23:42.52kd3got linked in /2. it's valid
23:42.53DottedLAST TRY
23:42.55foxlitThink I can clear it
23:42.56*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:42.59*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:42.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
23:43.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+b Sky2042!*@*] by foxlit
23:43.05foxlitSee, works
23:43.17[NewsBot]mIRCStats for #wowwiki updated by Dotted! Check out the stats at
23:43.29*** mode/#wowwiki [-b Sky2042!*@*] by kd3
23:43.51Sky2042did that really ban me?...
23:44.19foxlitBans don't kick people out of channels, though
23:44.30foxlitSo if you're still in here, you can stay
23:44.58foxlitHence kickbans -- kicking people from the channel and preventing them from rejoining
23:45.35Sky2042or both one after another?
23:45.54*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:45.56*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:45.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
23:46.18[NewsBot]mIRCStats for #wowwiki updated by Dotted! See the #wowwiki stats:
23:46.28Dottedhey hey
23:46.31Dottedthat worked
23:46.36Dottednow any more nick?
23:46.42Bibiyou're just an attentionwhore
23:46.56Bibioh, and I blame you for cp_badlands suckage
23:47.12Dottedofficial maps are all suckage except hydro
23:47.16Sky2042Dotted: AFKDuTempete
23:48.01Sky2042and probably "Volven" is probably "Volus"
23:48.05Sky2042but i'm not sure about that.
23:48.30Sky2042I wonder what the formula for that curve is.
23:50.39[NewsBot]just read the logs, and volven is most likely volus
23:52.29Sky2042ty much Dotted. how long i've been asking for that xD
23:53.41*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:53.43*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:53.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
23:54.00[NewsBot]mIRCStats for #wowwiki updated by Dotted! See the #wowwiki stats:
23:54.37Dotteddamn you pcj
23:55.09Sky2042now there's a "WoWTempete"
23:55.49[NewsBot]oh woops, had it check ???DuTempete rather than ???Tempete :P
23:55.51*** join/#wowwiki Corgan| (
23:56.14Sky2042wildcard ftl
23:56.39[NewsBot]Channels stats:
23:56.53*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:56.55*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:56.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
23:57.16[NewsBot]Dotted has updated the stats for #wowwiki! Check out the stats at
23:58.36Dottedok how about now, fisker's missing + is fixed
23:59.07Dottedand Kirkburn just lost 5k lines
23:59.11Sky2042baggins didn't switch with KB did he?...

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