IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080215

00:00.01Gourravalentine's day sucks.
00:00.14Bagginswwyes it does
00:00.28Gourrathank god for e-cards
00:00.35Adysits barely celebrated in france
00:00.46Adyswell, alot less than in most other countries
00:01.00Dottedthat comes as no surprise :P
00:01.07Adysfuck you dotted
00:01.25Dottedi didnt mean it in a bad way
00:01.27Adyswe dont celebrate it because it stinks of ecommerce pretext :P
00:02.16Dotteddanish culture is getting americanized and it sickens me
00:02.39Dottedif anything it should be japanized :P
00:02.49Adystheres culture in denmark?
00:02.51Adysshit, kalroth left
00:03.00Adysnot funny anymore
00:03.02*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Bibi] by Adys
00:03.18Bagginswwamericanized? Isn't the proper term westernized, :p
00:03.19Dotteddevoiced bibi is always funny
00:03.51Dottedeurope is part of the west, so westernizing the west would be make no sense what so ever
00:03.54Gourraso denmark should be denmarkized?
00:04.11[NewsBot]WoW Insider: About the Bloggers: Elizabeth Wachowski -
00:04.26DottedNah, it just shouldnt be americanized
00:04.34Dottedand some others too
00:04.39Bagginswwexcept america has been inized by every nation that's ever set up busineses or people moved in here
00:04.42Dottedbut no need to mention those here
00:04.42Bagginswwit assimilates everything
00:05.06Adysi bet liz got paid to write that article
00:05.07Bagginswwalot of asian influence in technology in US
00:05.08Adysfucking hell
00:05.23AdysTwice a week, our writers will tell you more about themselves, and let you get to know them and the characters they play a little better. Click here to read more About the Bloggers.
00:05.27Dottedyeah, but lets hope for another republican president in the US to futher crappyfizing the amercan economy ;D
00:05.39Dottedthen we wont be americanized anymore :P
00:06.16Bagginswwmelting pottyized
00:06.31Dotted"You are new Revered with Wintersaber Trainers."
00:06.45Bagginswwephasis on "potty"
00:06.45kadrahilAdys: WTS Blood Elf bandit mask plz.
00:07.12kadrahil"I really like leveling, especially questing. I also enjoy leveling professions."
00:07.17kadrahilthose are like.. my two least favorite things
00:07.34BagginswwI like questing ok, but I hate leveling
00:08.00kadrahiloutlands IS a lot easier the second time through though
00:08.23Dottedobvious fact is obvious
00:08.38Adysoutland you ass
00:08.47Dottedand tit
00:08.54Adysho ho pun
00:11.17Bagginswwso are all wretched green glowing now, rather than blue? or is there a variety for the patchy glowy things?
00:13.57Adysoff to bed, gn
00:17.48Dottedlol @ Tuskarr model
00:19.27KirkburnBagginsww, ^
00:20.24Bagginswwya kirkburn?
00:20.41KirkburnLook up a line
00:20.44Bagginswwtrying rto load it
00:21.08KirkburnWe already had a picture of them anyway :P
00:21.11Bagginswwheh heh
00:21.17Gourratheslim: "what the hell is that? and what does it have to do with wow?"
00:21.35Bagginswware they a new model or based on something else
00:22.25Dottedthey are in the PTR files
00:22.34Gourrasays so at least
00:22.47Gourrasorry thought that was a question
00:23.05BagginswwI meant is it a reskin model, like Wretched, :p
00:23.44Bagginswwwatch out for edits by Xavius I notice he rarely knows what he's talking about
00:23.52Bagginswwand basicaly only edits material about
00:23.55BagginswwXavius :p
00:24.16KirkburnDunno if it's dwarf based
00:24.24MiyariHey, I have a question about reputation gains from TBC instances?
00:24.31GourraI gotta check the /dance animation on that
00:24.32KirkburnBut it's not a world first :P
00:24.39infobotata is, like, Analogue Terminal Adapter which provides an FXS and/or FXO and ethernet, see
00:24.40MiyariJust trying to figure out what information on WoWWiki is accurate pertaining to such?
00:24.49DottedFAIL INFOBOT
00:25.15Miyari vs
00:26.17MiyariThe KoT page reports a static reputation gain for both Normal and Heroic modes while the Durnholde Keep page reports significantly boosted reputation gains; any idea which one is correct?
00:27.06Dottedpresumeably the latter
00:27.30Dottedbut dunno
00:27.41Dottednever ever done a heroic
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00:41.45KirkburnBagginsww, bets on who the giant bear is?
00:41.46Bagginswwwell take care everyone
00:42.00KirkburnCan't leave now :P
00:42.35Bagginswwno idea
00:43.07Bagginswwwould be neat of ursoc or ursol has finally reformed
00:43.41Bagginswwconsidering the idea that its unlikely that one can kill an Eternal permanetly
00:43.59AdysBagginsww: go to mana tombs
00:44.01KirkburnCould be that we have a quest line to aid the other to reform
00:44.06Adysthe manticron cube is definitely there
00:44.18Adysits errrr
00:44.22KirkburnWhat on earth is it?
00:44.22Adysone of the quest objects
00:44.25Adysfor an escort
00:44.30Adysits a cube that does strange stuff
00:44.30Bagginswwwell, and there was the strange bit in the rpg about the oracle tree
00:44.33KirkburnOh, I think I know which you mean
00:44.35Adyslike a rubiks cube
00:44.45KirkburnDoes lots of spinny stuff
00:44.52Dottedwtf is adys tsalking about?
00:44.56KirkburnYeah did that dungeon once
00:45.03Adyslore stuff you cant understand you're dumb
00:45.08Adysim off to bed for real this time gn
00:45.17KirkburnNot even lore, just gameplay :P
00:45.19KirkburnNight Adys
00:45.23KirkburnAnd night Bagginsww
00:45.25BagginswwThe Oracle Glade is the site of an ancient and mysterious tree shaped liked a bear with an eagle flying from its back. This bizarre tree emerged without warning, and the Cenarion Circle studies it for clues. The circle believes that when the tree reaches the appropriate state of evolution, it may divulge information regarding the origin of the second World Tree from which it grew.LoM 21
00:45.34Dotted[01:43:41] [@Adys]: Bagginsww: go to mana tombs <- heh missed that
00:45.52Bagginswwwhat if its a manifestation of ursoc or ursol, ;)
00:46.19KirkburnYeah, I'm thinking either raid boss (eww) or quest giver to help the other reform
00:46.59Bagginswwthey should expand the darnassian storyline somehow :p
00:47.14Bagginswwwe need to learn more about the corruption
00:47.20Dottedgief revamped darnassus already
00:47.52Dotted~wtf gief
00:48.03Kirkburn"give" >_>
00:48.14Bagginswwmake it look like the movie version :)
00:48.19Bagginswwinsteade of a stump
00:49.19KirkburnBagginsww, seen the grizzly hills movie?
00:49.27Bagginswwno time right now
00:49.29Kirkburn(I thought you were going?)
00:49.35Bagginswwjust about to
00:49.37KirkburnIt's got a huuuuge stump in that :P
00:49.53KirkburnPossibly Grizzlemaw
00:50.24KirkburnIt's on the WotLK site anyway
00:50.39Kirkburnbrb, and gn Bagginsww
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00:53.30Bagginswwhmm one last comment
00:53.37Bagginswwundead drakkari trolls
00:54.34BagginswwI wonder if the bad outcome hinted at in a certain rpg adventure in Lands of Mystery, played out...
00:55.04Bagginswwhint of it there
00:56.00Bagginswwnot sure if I put down any of the characters or events from the adventure in another topic or not
00:56.42Bagginswwbut ya these scourge trolls were created by experiments by a Lich and another drakkari who wanted to take overthe drakkari empire
00:57.25Bagginswwone of the mentioned outcomes was that he may have poisoned the trolls and converted them to undead
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00:59.04KirkburnBagginsww, ooh, funky
01:00.23*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
01:00.53Bagginswwit would make Zul'Drak more interesting if it was taken over by the undead, rather than being Zul'Farrak 3.0, :p
01:01.05Bagginswwor is that 4.0 :p
01:01.56Bagginswwlet's see Zul'Farrak first, then we had ZG,and then Z'A, :p
01:02.08Bagginswwso ya it would make Trollsville 4.0 :p
01:02.38Bagginswwreally not the most innovative of dungeon ideas :p
01:03.19Bagginswwhonestly I think they should have made Z'A partially exploreably outside of a raid, and made the raid inside of the zone
01:03.43Bagginswwmade it, its own zone like they are doing with Quel'Danas
01:05.25Bagginswwsigh i can't believe it no has yet updated the Zul'Aman article
01:05.34Bagginswwwith its subzone names if it has them :p
01:05.47Kirkburnguh trolls
01:05.56KirkburnNew model ... pleeeeeeeeease
01:06.19KirkburnThey better not reuse the undead troll one we have now
01:06.26pcjwe need an instance where we fight tauren
01:06.39KirkburnMr Smite! :P
01:06.47pcjlots of tauren
01:06.48Bagginswwok apparently there are no subregions in Zul'aman
01:07.09KirkburnThere are some taureny instances, but nothing with a lot, yeah
01:07.27KirkburnWell, the taunka could substitute there
01:07.50AFKTempete<insert dog smiley> Kirkburn !
01:08.03Kirkburn<insert kitteh smiley> AFKTempete!
01:08.11[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Lore concerns in the 2.4 raids -
01:08.18Bagginswwlet's see we have seen plenty of human instances
01:08.30Bagginswwthere is a gnome instance if you count leper gnomes
01:08.38KirkburnGnomes ... Gnomeregan, Dwarfs ... BRD, Humans ... Deadmins, NE?
01:08.48pcjno goblin instances
01:08.50Bagginswwnight elves, wailing caverns
01:08.54KirkburnDraenei has one, but it's not much
01:08.59Bagginswwgoblins are almost everywhere
01:09.08pcjnot in instances
01:09.14Bagginswwdraenei are in alot of instances
01:09.21Bagginswwin outland :p
01:09.22KirkburnNot as an instance theme though
01:09.32Bagginswwevil ones in Auchidon :p
01:09.40KirkburnYeah, but apart from that one
01:09.45ZetaSCdraenei are in a lot of Azeroth instances... when draenei players go in :P
01:09.52Bagginswwhumans, scarlet monisery, :p
01:10.19Bagginswwgoblins are in BRS
01:10.22KirkburnOrcs ... duh, BE ... TK, Undead ... hmm?
01:10.33pcjud strat, scholo
01:10.36pcjsort of
01:10.41KirkburnNot an instance theme though, Bagginsww
01:10.42pcjif you consider scourge undead
01:10.51myke54142draenei are shipwrecked on azeroth so they wouldn't have their own instances
01:11.00Bagginswwalthough goblins aren't a playable race either
01:11.02Kirkburnpcj, yeah, fair enough
01:11.21Kirkburnwell, that's all of them that are playable
01:11.34KirkburnAny unplayable (sentient) races we're missing?
01:11.35Bagginswwand there isn't a ironforge dwarf themed dungeon
01:12.21BagginswwOne wonders if they could toss in someguardian ironforge dwarfs in old ironforge instance, ;)
01:12.38Kirkburn(looking thru the races list now)
01:13.03KirkburnIt's surprisingly few really
01:13.26KirkburnNot really much of a BFD theme though
01:13.34pcjBFD is pretty weak anyway
01:13.46BagginswwBFD had everything, :p
01:13.48KirkburnConfusing as hell, and such low ceilings :(
01:14.01Bagginswwblack fathom deeps, :p
01:14.10KirkburnTreants! :P
01:14.11Bagginswwthe cult was made up of many races
01:14.54KirkburnWell, stuff we have to look forward to: furbolgs (probably), vrykul, undead trolls, nerubians, magnataur (probably)
01:14.55Bagginswwmauradon was only partially centaur themed
01:15.14ZetaSCWhat about demons?
01:15.19Bagginswwevil tuskarr
01:15.32Bagginswwdemon themed dungeons, been there done that
01:15.38KirkburnZetaSC, Sunwell kinda covers that too
01:15.54KirkburnSee where you're coming from though
01:16.07KirkburnThere's instances with demons in, but not a "demonic" instance
01:16.13ZetaSCi mean, there are some demons around, but no real all demon themed instance
01:16.15Bagginswwa specific demon dungeon like say a demon homeworld would be cool
01:16.24Kirkburnmmmm, tasty
01:16.31Bagginswwwe still need those portals opened
01:16.39KirkburnMurlocs! Murloc dungeon ftw :P
01:16.46KirkburnCan you imagine what that would sound like ...
01:16.55Bagginswwat least murlocs get their own areas in some dungeons
01:16.56KirkburnNo-one would reach the end with their sound turned on
01:17.13*** join/#wowwiki equiraptor (
01:17.39KirkburnOh, yeah, I was going to say ... dragons. Other than BWL, they're not that busy killing us.
01:17.44BagginswwI'd laugh if murlocs became a faction in a great seas expansion :p
01:18.02Bagginsww"save us land walkers from the evil naga"
01:18.12KirkburnBoth horde and alliance saying ... "no, no, YOU have them"
01:18.40KirkburnHow about a race of mechanicals? :P
01:18.42Bagginswwof course as soon as you help them, you end up freezing the deep mother :p
01:19.00Bagginswwsome evil old god :p
01:19.50KirkburnPoor sporelings are underused too
01:20.30pcjsporeggar just needs an FP and it'd be worth it
01:21.02Bagginswwlike oh the say the
01:21.07[NewsBot]Bagginsww meant:
01:21.39BagginswwI want them to add in Deathwing's island
01:21.46Bagginswwin outland
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01:38.05[NewsBot]MMO Champion: 2.4 Patch - New PTR Build -
01:44.40dcramerhey quick survey
01:45.01dcramerignoring the fact that popular this month etc aren't there
01:45.54dcramerill go add the missing columns too
01:45.58dcramerbut basically, do you like the image version better
01:46.13Dottedthey are equally bad :P
01:46.57dcramerdie in fire
01:47.00dcramershow me a better one
01:52.35KirkburnWhee -
01:52.47Kirkburn(watch past the credits too)
01:56.17dcramerk has last update column + total votes + mouseover effect
01:56.37MiyariSim City Societies was :(
01:56.45dcrameri 2nd that
01:56.45MiyariZero Punctuation is very :)
01:59.40dcrameryou guys think those are "up and coming" ? :P
02:01.48Dotted"Japanese Manga School" :D:D:D:D:D:D
02:03.55KasoKirkburn i saw the best quote ever about that;
02:04.02KasoHappydogska: "Yeah right. Like the Heavy ever notices the Medic's deaths. "
02:06.59kadrahilhe only has one?
02:07.06Dottedwoohoo Moonlightning
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02:15.11BagginswwHmm, so once patch is released do we update the main kael page, to Wretched, or do we give him the multirace treatment?
02:21.00*** join/#wowwiki breser (
02:21.34KirkburnBagginsww, are you coming or going? :P
02:21.45KirkburnI'd leave him for the moment
02:21.47BagginswwI'm done with what I had to do :p
02:21.57BagginswwYa leaving him was my plan
02:22.02Bagginswwuntil release of the patch
02:23.16Bagginsww me thinks it needs a speculation section ;)
02:23.56Bagginswwpointing to bear oracle tree hints, as well as the new info about a bear god ;)
02:24.52Bagginswwthere has been one thing that bugged me about that page
02:25.24Bagginswwsince it covers two characters there is no easy way to give character boxes
02:25.38Bagginswwbut splitting the info isn't really feasible
02:25.39KirkburnArticle needs sections too :)
02:25.45Bagginswwas they are kind of tied together at the hip
02:25.48Bagginswwand sections too
02:25.56KirkburnDon't really see a problem with a single infobox
02:26.08Bagginswwhow to specifiy their individual classes?
02:26.18Bagginswwand any other individual information?
02:26.27KirkburnSplit them onto two lines
02:27.02KirkburnAnd maybe do Ursoc: blah <br/> Ursol: blah
02:27.49Kirkburnlol, just reading that article and it's pretty much confirmation that it's one of the two
02:28.03Kirkburnmebbe one got corrupted and is in an instance :P
02:28.37Kirkburnsrsly got to be a new bear model though - a bear that can shut it's damn mouth
02:29.24Bagginswwheh heh
02:30.25Bagginswwbtw there are now two official pics of malorne
02:31.05Bagginswwthere is a low quality image of him in the distance of a scene in the special edition of Sunwell trilogy.
02:33.05[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: World of Warcraft# 3 Comic Book Sold Out -
02:35.05[NewsBot]World of Raids: Patch 2.4: New PTR Build -
02:36.33KirkburnThere's stuff *removed* from the notes? Weird ...
02:37.22Miyari(removed) - The ability to chat-link player spells and talents.
02:37.29MiyariLike they didn't see abuse of that coming from a mile away.
02:37.43KirkburnWell, the notes are removed, but is the ability?
02:38.07KirkburnSome of the other stuff is just bug fixes ... being reverted
03:00.11[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Blizzard announces a 3v3 arena tournament -
03:01.17KasoNotice: Wowhead has a penis as it's logo now
03:01.19KasoThat is all
03:01.25MiyariHate u. :(
03:01.56KasoSurely whoever made that logo must have noticed the resemblance
03:02.25MiyariIf you're a pervy-perv-pervinston!
03:04.57KirkburnThat's Kaso alright
03:05.50Kirkburnlulz that doesn't work
03:06.07KirkburnKaso, go kick your IT department
03:06.24Kasoi know
03:06.29Kasoit contiunally pisses me off
03:06.46Kasomaybe i should just hack into our DNS server myself and manually add the entry
03:06.50Kaso* for www.
03:07.09KirkburnWhat I find fun is that Bristol Uni is so lazy, we took too :P
03:07.56Kirkburn(as well as
03:07.58Kasothe funny thing is lancs isnt even a proper truncation of lancaster, its missing the "a"
03:08.53KirkburnIf I ever visit Lancaster, I'll be sure to enquire after the pervy-perv-pervinston
03:09.09KasoHaha, i like that name
03:09.26KasoYou're more than welcome to gimme a shout if you're in town
03:09.57kd3weird. there's a direct IF -> IQD fight path, but not the reverse
03:10.21KirkburnOddly, when Miyari said that, I was browsing a page on Conservapedia called "Sexual purity"
03:10.36KirkburnIQD, eh ... that's annoying to remember
03:10.43Kasoah conservapedia, the never ending fountain of comedy
03:11.01KirkburnThere's a #rationalwiki channel on here, I'm tyring to make them advertise it more :)
03:14.56Dotteda rational wiki? is that even possible?
03:16.20Kasoare you saying that wikis are inherently irrational?
03:17.09PanSolaOne can create a wiki about rational numbers
03:17.12PanSolaoutlaw pi etc
03:17.17PanSolaand you'll get a rational wiki
03:17.19PanSolait's very possible
03:17.58Dottedi wanna see it before i believe it :P
03:18.02PanSolamaybe not on Wikia though (a request on rational numbers will probably be rejected)
03:18.24PanSolabut most of the other wikifarms don't give a damn about how messed up your topic is
03:18.32PanSolaor if there are 10 better wikis already covering your topic
03:18.48PanSolaso out there, a rational wiki is very possible
03:18.55Dottedi wanna see it before i believe it :P
03:19.10Dottedobvious troll is obvious
03:19.20*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
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03:19.40Dottedwewt [Twill Vest]
03:20.21Sky2042Hey, you know, you can look quite good in twill.
03:20.37Dottedi have full set
03:21.16Dottedthey should have made a funny with twill
03:22.47*** join/#wowwiki Daworm (n=Daworm@wikia/Daworm)
03:23.05Dottedobvious wikia guy is obvious
03:24.04KirkburnI've just not asked for my cloak yet
03:24.18KirkburnAnd people with a wikia cloak may only be contributers
03:24.31Sky2042I got a wikimedia cloak. rar
03:24.32Dottedi was talking about Daworm
03:24.40KirkburnDotted, ya, so was I
03:24.44DottedI dont care about you anymore Kirkburn
03:25.03Dottedevil statement is evil
03:26.06Dottedwatch some anime instead of that disney crap
03:27.11Dottedoh yeah btw
03:27.41Dotted crazy dance is crazy
03:28.21Dottedcrazy aussies
03:29.41Dottedfor those that care its called [[w:Melbourne Shuffle]]
03:29.49Dotted[[w:Melbourne Shuffle]]
03:29.50[NewsBot]Dotted meant:
03:30.06Dotteddoh late for me
03:30.14Dotted[[wikipedia:Melbourne Shuffle]]
03:30.14[NewsBot]Dotted meant:
03:30.25Dottedgod fuckin damnit
03:32.03Kirkburnyes, Australia is an odd country :P
03:32.26Dottedthe dance is awesome however
03:32.39Dottedfats the music :P
03:33.47Kirkburnyeah ... but ... so does a head and an oven ...
03:34.08Dottedhead fits an oven?
03:34.31KirkburnApparently that's an idiom then
03:34.42Kirkburn"If someone told you to put your head in an oven, would you?"
03:34.59Dotteddepends on the reward
03:35.05Kirkburn(said to a child who does what anyone tells them to without thinking)
03:35.37KasoHmm, thats interesting, our secondary dns server is running a completely different software/hardware configuration
03:35.38Dotted21% into revered with wintersabers
03:35.52KasoUsually you'd just assume i'd be a duplicate in both respects
03:38.08*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
03:47.19pcjwhere is badge vendor on PTR
03:50.32Dottedhe dioeded
03:53.34pcjwhy didn't they just put the new stuff on the second floor...
03:59.43Kasohmm, CP's article on Alan Turing is surprisingly tame
04:00.31Kasoit'd have thought the contradiction between "Did more to stop the nazis than almost anyone else" and "gay" would cause more issue
04:02.00KasoA previous edit did have "Alan Turing was a British mathematician considered to be the founder of modern computer science and cryptography, despite the fact that he was revealed to be a homosexual."
04:02.09KasoI was hoping for more stuff like that in the final article
04:02.50Dottedlkol despite :P
04:03.34KirkburnWho here actually thinks the tuskarr addition was actually a mistake?
04:04.05Kirkburn(tradition forces me to repeat the word actually again. actually.)
04:04.33KirkburnJust like adding a folder called "expansion02" was a "mistake" >_>
04:05.16KirkburnI think it's a kind of "we haven't forgotten about the expansion" note from Blizz
04:05.48Dotted16086 revered with timbermaw :D
04:05.59Dottedwell that would be odd
04:06.04Dottedif that was the case
04:06.09Kirkburnwow, that's quite fast
04:06.25Kirkburnwhy odd?
04:06.31Dottedwhats fast?
04:06.40Kirkburn<Dotted> 21% into revered with wintersabers
04:07.13Dottedwell its not like we need new stuff to feed our hungry minds
04:07.26Dottedteleport hax
04:07.31Dottedor rather
04:07.43Dotted[[Wintersaber Trainers]]
04:07.43[NewsBot]Dotted meant:
04:09.29Dottedbtw kirk tag that page with outdated info
04:09.50Dottedsince some of that doesnt really apply after BC and patch 2.3
04:10.19KirkburnWhat method are you using?
04:10.23KirkburnAnd what's out of date?
04:11.08Dottedwell skibbing the Rampaging Giants quest is stupid, assuming level 70 and you have epic mount
04:11.48Dottedmy method
04:13.13DottedGet Rampaging Giants and Winterfall Intrution quests. Go to winterfall kill the furbolgs and the leader just for the rep. Then kill the giants to the south. Go back. Repeat
04:13.39KirkburnOh yeah, well, I kinda see what you mean
04:13.39Dottedshould get the mount tommorow
04:13.46KirkburnNothign desperate though
04:13.55KirkburnI want Audiosurf
04:14.07Dottedhas it been unlocked yet?
04:14.19Fisker-it's not even friday
04:14.37Dottedoh ye not in americaland
04:15.02Kirkburnwhoops, the TF2 stats are getting mixed up
04:15.16KirkburnOn a 10 min game I apparently stayed alive for almost 30 mins
04:15.39KirkburnFrom the forums: "My clanmate healed 78 points as a soldier!"
04:15.48Kirkburn"i built 1 building as a sniper"
04:16.05KirkburnPyro: You got more headshots that round than your previous best
04:16.26Dottedi must say tho when i started doing the quest again recently (i began before BC was out). I was most pleasently surprised that they've bumped the rep a whole lot. But at the same time quite sad because the elitist facter have gone away now
04:16.43Dottedit as easy to get as the netherwing mount
04:17.23Dotteduh second blue drop for me today
04:17.30DottedIdol of the Moon
04:17.35Dottedfirst was Doombringer
04:17.54*** join/#wowwiki Strykar (i=wakka@
04:18.38Dottedomg some britsh soap on TV :(
04:19.38KirkburnDotted, which? Coronoation Street? Eastenders?
04:19.40Dottedit called
04:19.48KirkburnAh, lol
04:19.55KirkburnFarmers ahoy
04:20.11[NewsBot]WoW Insider: PTR Notes: Nethers now BoE -
04:20.15KirkburnDotted, yeah, I've still not done that stuff >_>
04:21.53Fisker-i hate you Dotted
04:22.02Dottedoh man the acting is awful
04:22.23Dottedluv fisker-
04:23.20KirkburnAudiosurf comes with more than just the Orange Box OST
04:23.39KirkburnIt comes with the full soundtrack of HL, HL2, Ep1, Ep2, TF2, and Portal.
04:23.52KirkburnIn MP3 format (though currently encrypted)
04:24.12Fisker-which would be very hard to extract from the CGF's
04:24.37KirkburnThey're in plain MP3 format, just encrypted
04:24.52KirkburnWhen the game is released, they'll be unencrypted
04:25.10Fisker-blizzard made resilience count on mana drains as well
04:25.27KirkburnThey increased the power of mana drain though
04:25.30Fisker-"Oh yay now i won't be leeched in 10 seconds, but in 11 lolol"
04:25.55KirkburnRank 6 of mana drain now does 300 instead of 200
04:26.12Fisker-so instead i'll be drained in 7 seconds instead of 10
04:26.14Fisker-thanks blizz!
04:26.16KirkburnYup :P
04:26.32KirkburnOh, like mana drain is a big PvP tactic anyway
04:27.05Dotted26.7% now kikie
04:27.19Kirkburn50% more, 27% less :P
04:27.42Fisker-it's not a tactic
04:27.47KirkburnDotted, wait, what?
04:27.58Dottedwintersabers you tard
04:27.59Fisker-and warlock's mana drain isn't even remotely as retarded as mana burn
04:28.04Fisker-mana drain can atleast be dispelled
04:28.04KirkburnDotted, oh :)
04:28.38KirkburnDispelled? Mana drain is a channelled spell
04:29.03Fisker-you really should play moar
04:29.09Fisker-mana drain is a channelled spell
04:29.13Fisker-but it's a debuff as well
04:29.18Fisker-dispel the debuff the channeling ends
04:29.24KirkburnI don't PvP - didn't know you could dispel that
04:30.03KirkburnYou can't choose what you dispel though, right?
04:30.31Kirkburn(if a lock is mana draining you, there's a fair bet he's DoTing you too)
04:31.03KirkburnUnless it's a stun drain, I guess
04:36.19Dotted::: Now playing: ::: Naruto - Re:member :::
04:37.05kd3[XMMS2] Takashi Utsunomiya - Katamari Dancing (4:50)
04:37.21Dotted::: Now playing: ::: Naruto - Re:member :::
04:37.27Dotted::: Now playing: ::: Yoko Kanno/Origa/Shanti Snyder - Inner Universe :::
04:37.30Dottedme > you
04:37.38kd3inner universe, whee
04:38.03Dottedawesome music
04:43.15Dotted::: Now playing: ::: KOKIA - Tatta Hitotsu no Omoi :::
04:43.37DottedKokia is win srsly
04:44.18kd3oh, that's from gsg2. I just can't get into that. rather enjoyed season 1 but went bleh and stopped watching about 5 minutes into the first ep of s2
04:44.36Dotteds2 is shit, yeah
04:44.50Dottedcrap animation, crappy new voice actors
04:44.56Dottedcrappy *
04:45.07Dottedexcept intro song
04:45.19KirkburnSorry, but ELO is better
04:45.45kd3the electric light orchestra?
04:46.09Dotteddont have any
04:46.12Dottedso dunno
04:46.28*** join/#wowwiki Cairen1 (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
04:46.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairen1] by ChanServ
04:48.20*** join/#wowwiki Miyari (
04:48.25Dotted::: Now playing: ::: L'Arc~en~Ciel - DAYBREAK'S BELL :::
04:52.12[NewsBot]WoW Insider: PTR Notes: Miscellaneous changes -
04:53.40Dotted::: Now playing: ::: MONORAL - kiri :::
04:53.50kd3don't recognize that one
04:54.01DottedErgo Proxy OP
04:54.05Dottedmade of win
04:54.18kd3oh, yah, I remember now. taht was pretty good
04:54.29kd3the ED caught me off-guard the first time I heard it
04:54.38Dottedhah ye
04:57.27Dotted::: Now playing: ::: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Mikuru Legend of Love :::
04:59.31kd3[XMMS2] Aya Hirayama - Sayonara Rolling Star (5:04)
05:01.04Dotted::: Now playing: ::: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni - Higurashi no Naku Koro ni :::
05:03.38Dottedlooking forward to the 3rd season
05:13.05[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: WoW PTR 2.4 - Patch Update -
05:14.09Sky2042_afkratatouille was awesome
05:15.54Sky2042_afkWATU WOTE
05:15.56Sky2042_afkVYU BE VYO TE!
05:20.58DottedMoomie on television \o/
05:46.43montaggSayoonara Rolling Star?
05:46.43montaggIs that Katamari?
05:55.49*** join/#wowwiki ThraeBot (
05:55.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+v ThraeBot] by ChanServ
05:59.03kd3from the "beautiful katamari" soundtrack
06:00.46Dottedsilly americans, another shooting
06:00.55Dottedand with those words, ill go to bed
06:18.02*** join/#wowwiki kadrahil (
06:43.05*** join/#wowwiki Fisker-- (n=blah2@
06:43.13Fisker--i'm perfect
06:43.48Fisker--you can't
06:46.16Sky2042_afkpcj: that's how he does it.
06:46.26Sky2042_afk~~~~~ is bugged so as to show up as EST rather than UTC
06:46.27infobot...but ~~~~ is already something else...
06:46.48Sky2042_afk(as in, 5 tildes.)
06:47.09Sky2042_afkhis sig consists of him signing with 3 tildes than another 5
07:13.11Kirkburn|sleepSky2042_afk, remember that reallifeforum thing I linked yesterday?
07:13.57Kirkburn|sleepIt was a practical joke :P
07:14.02Kirkburn|sleepGoddamn, he left
07:21.55Fisker--hai Dotted
07:24.33*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
07:24.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
07:51.27*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Home (
08:31.51*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
08:31.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
08:43.28*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn_ (
08:43.46*** join/#wowwiki Cairen2 (
08:45.28*** join/#wowwiki p30n (
08:45.31*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
08:45.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
08:45.36p30ni found this channel ive been looking for
08:47.55p30nsoo, wazup? :O
08:52.33*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus13th (
08:53.41KalrothShhhh, we're slacking.
08:54.22p30nwell this is me slacking at the office :)
08:54.39p30nand im rly bored and unmotivated to work
08:58.13KalrothWell duh, it's friday!
08:59.12p30nbut i got a bunch of papers, and they need to be reviewed and moved to another pile :(
08:59.31p30nshould be done last tuesday
09:09.17*** join/#wowwiki Telrin (
09:41.20Kirkburn_This is the most incredibly awesome clip ever -
09:41.29*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikia/
09:41.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse] by ChanServ
09:41.41*** mode/#wowwiki [-o sannse] by sannse
09:57.53*** join/#wowwiki Srosh_ (
09:58.30*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth_ (
10:07.39*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
10:07.39*** join/#wowwiki dJe781`Aw ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
10:07.39*** join/#wowwiki twsXoff ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
10:07.39*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by
10:13.54*** join/#wowwiki Major_Small (
10:19.07*** join/#wowwiki Gourra (
10:20.01Gourraafter testing I've come to the conclusion that the Tuskarr model is unique.
10:26.54*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (
10:32.25Kirkburn_Gourra, awesome
10:32.44*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
10:33.07[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Magister's Terrace - Upper Observatory Grounds -
11:20.46*** join/#wowwiki Guardix (i=martin_j@
11:34.38*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
11:34.38*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
11:34.55*** join/#wowwiki Gourra (
11:36.20Gourraanyone else who went "huh?" at the mage s3 4-piece change?
11:37.03foxlitNo; Blizzard clearly invented time travel
11:37.53Gourra- Most humanoids NPCs have gained the ability to swim."
11:38.00Gourraright.. NPCs in PvP?
11:38.47Gourrain what swimming area?
11:40.35foxlittowns, lakes, swamps, stuff
11:49.54Fisker-haha fox
11:56.33*** join/#wowwiki Bodhi (
12:21.34*** join/#wowwiki elaa (
12:49.20*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
12:53.06*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
12:53.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
13:07.35*** join/#wowwiki Gourra (
13:08.12[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Breakfast Topic: Hacked -
13:18.12[NewsBot]GamePolitics: New Mexico Video Game Tax Faces Uphill Legal Battle, Says Conservative -
13:18.21[NewsBot]GamePolitics: ESRB’s Vance Meets with PA Legislative Task Force Today -
13:18.30[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Game Reporter Dean Takahashi Leaving San Jose Mercury-News -
13:42.03*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
13:54.58*** join/#wowwiki arskeh (
13:55.16*** join/#wowwiki Obelix (
14:00.46*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus51th (
14:04.12[NewsBot]WoW Insider: PTR Notes: Class set changes -
14:21.01*** join/#wowwiki ivus (
14:21.19ivushey guys, i need good talent builds for rogue grinding-leveling, any links?
14:21.43ivusalliance it is
14:21.57ivusits more the talent that i need help with tho
14:23.01ivusshould i go for this at lvl 25
14:24.10p30ndoes it rly matter at that lvl ?
14:24.40p30nu can dps with a rogue easily even if u bang ur head againt the keyboard while respeccing
14:24.46sacaraschell, with my shaman levelling all the way to 70, i stuck with greens/blues from quests most of the time
14:25.07p30ni tend to have the same problem
14:25.14ivusthats not the point p30n
14:25.37p30nbut i keep forgetting to upgrade my equip, when i hit 50 with my shammy i had still some pre-20 Q rewards on me :S
14:25.48ivusi assume you play warlock, lol
14:25.53p30nivus: im sorry i would help u if i could but i have never played a rogue
14:26.02p30nivus: i play shaman, paladin and warlock
14:27.09sacarasci played a rogue... all the way to level 9
14:27.34p30nwell if that counts i also played a rogue :p
14:27.45p30nthink i hit 16 before i quit it
14:27.56p30ni seem to dislike melee overall
14:31.42ivusi couldnt stand melee
14:31.51ivusbut it just makes me throw up on cloths now
14:32.06ivusbeginning with diablo mage
14:36.54ivusp30n did you get any better dps with paladin at 2.3.3?
14:38.12[NewsBot]GamePolitics: 1up Details Game Biz Campaign Contributions -
14:42.02*** join/#wowwiki Gourra (
14:47.19Dotted[[Rogue builds]]
14:47.20[NewsBot]Dotted meant:
14:54.30*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
14:59.46*** join/#wowwiki jimmyJacket (
15:02.13p30nivus: im a lol healer
15:02.16p30nso i dunno
15:02.23p30ni tank and heal with my pala
15:08.12[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: I heart Tyrande -
15:15.46*** join/#wowwiki ivus_ (
15:17.55*** join/#wowwiki Srosh_ (
15:47.05*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
15:47.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
16:04.12[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Blizz announces arena tourney with grand prize -
16:22.44*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
16:22.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
16:27.39*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
16:27.39*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
16:45.36*** join/#wowwiki vircuser (
16:48.25*** part/#wowwiki vircuser (
17:01.12*** join/#wowwiki Brizingr (
17:03.34*** join/#wowwiki Mart (
17:08.00*** part/#wowwiki Brizingr (
17:08.12[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Moviewatch: Azerothian Super Villains 5 commentary -
17:08.55ObelixWhat else is the requirement for an image beside .tga?
17:13.49*** join/#wowwiki Taurmindo (
17:24.47*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
17:24.47*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
17:24.57*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
17:24.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj_2] by ChanServ
17:27.59*** join/#wowwiki ivus__ (
17:28.15*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
17:28.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj_2] by ChanServ
17:34.49Dottednow if it just looked less gay :P
17:37.51|Pixel|if you wanna help designing graphics, you're welcome :P
17:39.01Dottedno wai
17:40.38|Pixel|so don't do critisims ;)
17:41.01Dottedyou know it would be a problem for me to help the french :P
17:41.10|Pixel|no I don't
17:41.20Dottedyou should
17:41.42*** mode/#wowwiki [-v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:42.05*** part/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:42.05*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:42.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:42.09*** mode/#wowwiki [-v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:42.14*** part/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:42.14*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:42.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:42.15*** mode/#wowwiki [-v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:42.17*** part/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:42.17*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:42.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:42.18*** mode/#wowwiki [-v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:42.21*** part/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:42.23*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:42.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:42.24*** mode/#wowwiki [-v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:42.27*** part/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:42.29*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:42.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:42.30*** mode/#wowwiki [-v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:42.35*** part/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:42.37*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:42.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:42.39*** mode/#wowwiki [-v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:42.41*** part/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:42.43*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
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17:42.47*** part/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:42.49*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
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17:43.27*** part/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:43.27*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:43.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:43.44Dotted!blacklist #wowwiki
17:43.45*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
17:45.31pcjoh nos newsbot is gone whatever shall we do
17:47.00*** part/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:47.00*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:47.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:47.28Dottednot good enough :P
17:48.08*** mode/#wowwiki [-v Dotted] by Adys
17:48.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!i=*] by Adys
17:48.57Adysgl hf
17:48.59*** part/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:49.16Adyshes a bit quick
17:49.23*** mode/#wowwiki [-b *!i=*] by Adys
17:49.41*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:49.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:49.46Adystook your time
17:49.54*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
17:49.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
17:50.14Dottedjthe client only retries every 15 seconds
17:50.19Adys!blacklist #dotted
17:50.26Adysqq :(
17:50.40Dottednot like you are in the channel
17:50.50AdysIm in 26 chans
17:50.50foxlitGhost Dotted first :)
17:50.55Adyson freenode tru
17:50.55Dottedyou know !blacklist #wowhead would be more fun
17:51.10Dottedfox you need my hostmask first
17:51.33foxlitDoesn't matter
17:51.44foxlitIf I can Ghost you, I can steal your hostmask
17:51.55Dottedeh no you cant
17:52.11Adysfoxlit you only can if the hostmask is assigned to the nick
17:52.14Adyssuch as a cloak is not a cloak
17:52.25Dottedand mine is not a cloak
17:52.32Adysslow typer
17:52.47Dottedbut io play wow
17:53.02Dottedso not focused on the irc chan
17:53.13AdysDigg: Study says playing WoW makes people slower hence dumber
17:53.29foxlitlink :)
17:53.37Dottedquite possible, wow is a slow game
17:53.39*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
17:53.39*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
17:56.21*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
17:56.43Dottedfoxlit whats the deal with the fc parameter for {{User Editcount}}?
17:57.22foxlitIt sees you when you're sleeping
17:57.26foxlitIt knows when you're awake
17:57.39Dotteduhm k
18:01.01*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
18:04.12[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Getting what you paid for: Should the endgame be accessible to casuals? -
18:05.53foxlit"Hardcore players are frustrated with [removal of Hyjal and BT attunements]"
18:06.02foxlitYeah. sure.
18:06.10foxlitWhatever you say, Mr. Insiderman!
18:08.57Dottedlets see how i get modded :P
18:13.29*** join/#wowwiki dcramer (
18:17.06Dottedomg tard insiders comment system is retardation itself
18:20.10Dotted"@1, do you have some advice on how to write a better article, or are you simply posting quite possible (sic) the most useless comment ever written?"
18:21.42LukianDotted, agreed, the comment system is so annoying
18:22.01Lukianhalf the time I bother posting a comment, I don't bother verifying it by checking my email
18:31.02*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
18:33.58Dotted"This is quite possible the most useless article ever written." didnt get modded down
18:34.06Dotted"I'm not a raider no." did however
18:34.29Dottedratardation insider is retarded
18:36.13[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WotLK gets crabby -
18:38.13[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Jack Thompson Sees Violent Video Game Link in NIU Campus Shooting -
18:38.27Dottedcomes as no surprise
18:41.53*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
18:41.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
18:47.32*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
18:47.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
19:02.34*** join/#wowwiki Aliesky (
19:04.05*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
19:05.49*** part/#wowwiki Aliesky (
19:05.58*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikia/
19:05.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse] by ChanServ
19:08.13[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Insider Trader: The rhyme and reason of crafting -
19:09.28Fisker-hai Dotted
19:09.55Dottedi made a comment on tard insider
19:10.42Fisker-i read
19:12.40*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
19:13.18ObelixI've made a addon for wow. When I log on the button is in the centre of screen but is movable with the right mouse button. When I visit the bank of auction for exampel the fram is repositioned at the center again. How do I stop this for happening and also how to save it position for the next time I logging in?
19:13.44Dottedwrong channel
19:14.06*** join/#wowwiki Kuryaki (n=david@
19:14.08Obelixoh? what is the right one?
19:14.23Dotted#wowi-lounge or #wowace
19:14.30Obelixk, thx
19:15.15*** join/#wowwiki Lukian (n=wizard@
19:27.03*** join/#wowwiki Droolio (
19:33.13*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
19:33.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
19:45.51Adys"A good argument is immortal. Something to be dug up time and time again over the years. What if the first two people who ever played chess said 'Well, white won, no point doing this ever again, eh?'"
19:47.05Dottedim too busy with grinding to get it
19:52.29Dottedoh man
19:52.37Dottedi thought i got imba blue drop
19:52.44Dottedbut was only two of warlords :(
19:53.03Adyswhat the fuck
19:53.41Dottedlong name is long
19:54.04AdysJump to: navigation, search
19:54.05AdysThis category contains Wikipedia articles incorporating text from public domain works of the United States Government.
19:54.11AdysTHNX CAPN
19:57.14*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
19:57.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
19:57.36KalrothHay ther french lover!
19:57.52Adysthis is for you sweetdanish
19:58.35AdysI give it to you
19:58.41KalrothOh thanks
19:58.50KalrothYou can have then!
19:59.00Adysi dont deal with shtml
19:59.04Adysyou should know better
19:59.32Adyshowever I wouldnt mind your
19:59.42Adysi like the background
20:01.49*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus13th (
20:02.31Fisker-this was a triumph btw
20:04.13[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Ready Check: Super (raid) size me! -
20:15.46*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
20:27.15*** join/#wowwiki kadrahil (
20:27.24foxlitI wonder
20:27.48Fisker-haha foxlit
20:27.50Fisker-i has copies
20:27.52Fisker-you hasn't
20:28.04foxlitYou're wrong, but nevermind
20:28.48Fisker-you hurt my feelings
20:29.06Fisker-took like a day or something for my last 3 copies to get over
20:32.20*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
20:32.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
20:32.28foxlitMine were done in ~6 hours
20:42.21Dottedomg audiosurf doesnt scale well
20:42.42Dottedif the song is just alittle fast its impossible
20:44.13[NewsBot]WoW Insider: PTR Notes: Resto set changed again -
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20:45.40Gourra!editcount Gourra
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20:48.04Gourraeither I have very many contributions, or Foxbot is really slow
20:48.31foxlitapproach that situation logically
20:49.08Gourrafoxbot isn't working?
20:50.49Gourrastill counting then
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21:24.13[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Tigole talks attunement -
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21:36.09Dottedolololol foxlit
21:36.15Dotted"Thottbot is a better place for you dotter."
21:36.25Dottedtard insider just got more tarded
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22:04.13[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Phat Loot Phriday: The Decapitator -
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22:08.27DottedYou used to have the worldwide best score for: half-life 2 song 3 by valve
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22:48.49Bagginswwfancy ;)
23:08.13[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Insider Show live tomorrow afternoon on WoW Radio -
23:14.57KeolahYou know you've been fishing too long when you switch from getting sunscales to nightfins.
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