IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080207

00:01.05Kirkburnyay fixes
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00:18.07WoWTempeteyay Kirkburn !
00:18.20KirkburnYou're cute :)
00:19.47WoWTempetenuh uh, you're cute
00:21.36Dottedyou are both un-cute
00:22.10WoWTempeteyou're cute, too, Dotted, but not as cute as Kirkburn
00:22.27Dottedme > Capt. Kirk
00:22.47Dottedalso when does daily quests reset?
00:23.34WoWTempetemidnight PST I believe
00:24.24DottedEU region
00:25.15WoWTempetefuck if I know
00:25.22WoWTempetewe don't play on EU :P
00:26.42pcjfuck EU
00:26.46pcjfuck it right in the ear
00:27.14pcjbut it's probably midnight CET
00:28.46WoWTempetewhat region is that?
00:29.51DottedCopenhagen / Paris / Berlin
00:30.32Dottedbut if its midnight, im gonna get my netherdrake now
00:31.03Dottedisnt midnight
00:31.21Kirkburnlol @ you
00:31.40Dottedwhen does dailies reset?
00:33.27Lukianserver time
00:33.49Dottedok thx
00:33.59Dottedgonna farm some eggs then
00:38.37Dottedfirst egg, number 10 "today"
00:47.42Dottednumer 2
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01:16.05foxlit{{User Editcount}}, adopt one today!
01:16.05[NewsBot]foxlit meant:
01:16.30foxlit(and foxbot keeps it up to date, hah!)
01:18.12kd3whee, I'm over 9000
01:19.31foxlit4367 > 9000 :)
01:20.23kd3it was over 9000 a second ago... guess I can thank slow response time from the bot
01:20.50foxlitI chose a template default value for no particular reason
01:21.14kd3what's that hash paramter to the template?
01:21.59foxlitCounting edits is a long and painful process, so I'd rather avoid doing that too often
01:22.36foxlitWhat it does instead is incremented edits - store a count up to a specific contribution, only scroll as far back as that count when asked to refresh
01:23.06kd3ah, neat
01:23.19foxlitincremented edits = incremented counts
01:24.23foxlitThe hash is there to verify integrity of the saved data
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01:30.03foxlitShould probably think of a better text
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01:53.06zachalinkhi, wondering if this is the best place to ask this: why doesn't my WoW dvd have setup.exe in it?
01:55.23kd3open up the AutoRun.ini file and run the program it points to
01:56.34zachalinkya, there's just installer tomes.mpq
01:56.42zachalink6 of them
01:56.52zachalinkalso a folder for os x
01:56.55ecstasiait doesn't have an autorun file?
01:57.09zachalinkyet... it installed on windows... =
01:57.28kd3are you trying to install on a mac or in windows?
01:58.02zachalinklinux. unsupported I know, I'm not asking for support in that category, I got it covered. just the necessary files aren't showing up in the dvd
01:58.25kd3make sure you're mounting the DVD as an iso9660 and not the mac version
01:58.47kd3if you've got it installed on windows, just move the World of Warcraft folder to ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/World\ of\ Warcraft
01:58.53kd3<-- linux user
01:59.06zachalinkI lost my windows disc to start with. =(
01:59.15kd3I'm assuming you're on ubuntu, that's why you're seeing the OSX-visible portion of the iso
01:59.35zachalinkgusty, to be exact
01:59.45zachalinkor gutsy, w/e it is
01:59.52kd3the automounter picks the wrong partition by default. google "ubuntu cd mount" for instructions on mounting the windows partition of the CD
02:00.06zachalinkand how's that going for ya?
02:00.22kd3works just fine. I've been using rh/fedora since the rh 9 days
02:00.34zachalinkI"ll do that google search. thanks
02:00.57kd3no prob. need to put that on the wiki if it isn't already there. that's a rather annoying edge case
02:01.37zachalinkonly disadvantage to installing it again: the hour long patches. =(
02:07.40kd3oh, zach; direct link:
02:13.17zachalinkI don't understand... I did this command:  sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro,unhide /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom0/ and nothing happened. =|
02:14.04kd3you need to umount the disc before you can remount it. `sudo umount /dev/cdrom` should umount it for you
02:14.42zachalinkDevice is busy...
02:15.44kd3close any open nautilus windows/terminals that are pointed at the DVD
02:16.18zachalinkshe worked! =D
02:16.55zachalinkthank you so much. ^_^
02:18.26kd3no prob. glad to help get another linux player back to his wow addiction
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02:21.21zachalinkya, didn't play in 2 days, lol
02:22.00zachalinkso what server do you play on?
02:22.07kd3Medivh US
02:22.18zachalinkoh. I play on terenas. ^_^
02:25.29zachalinkwell later, thanks again for the help. =)
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03:29.15zachalinkkd3, what was that unmount command again? I'm installing expansion now, lol
03:29.30kd3it's on the wiki:
03:29.38kd3look in the "Can't see the Installer?" section
03:30.02zachalinkooo, when was that added? =)
03:30.18kd3shortly after I made that comment about adding it to the wiki earlier today
03:32.32zachalinkwait, I don't see that "Can't see the installer?" section
03:34.18zachalinkthat didn't take me there, lol
03:34.28kd3shift-reload the page.
03:34.35kd3the command is  sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro,unhide /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom0/
03:35.12zachalinkwell I know that, but how do I do the unmount command?
03:35.21kd3sudo umount /dev/cdrom
03:35.26zachalinkk, thx
03:36.20zachalinkbai. =D
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03:40.58zachalinkOne last issue: I could never seem to get my microphone to work for WoW, and the output came out of my speakers. =|
03:41.11zachalinkLike a loud echo that made me go near-deaf.
03:41.39kd3'fraid I can't help you there. I don't have a mic. there should be some vent info on the wiki, otherwise check out the when it comes back up from maintenance
03:42.19zachalinkalright, guess I'll try vent. it works on wine right?
03:42.40kd3vent installs and works just fine. that's all I use
03:44.11zachalinkcool, thanks, bai again. =D
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04:19.42zachalinkI did that sound fix... yet I still get stuttering sound... what seems to be the dealio?
04:21.34zachalinkeh? =(
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04:39.07Lukianhow do i cancel a buff in a macro?
04:41.32ecstasiayou don't?
04:52.22pcjif not, /script CancelPlayerBuff("Blessing of Protection");
04:53.33pcjcancelaura seems to work tho
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05:15.02Fisker- <-lol
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06:30.27AngelHmm.... hello?
06:30.42AngelAh! Hey.
06:31.20AngelI found a rather strange error on the wiki, and wanted to know where to post it ^^
06:31.53Sky2042Well, here. Or at [[WW:VP]]
06:31.58[NewsBot]Sky2042 meant:
06:32.11AngelAh, I thought so. Shall post there when I get in from work.
06:32.38AngelI'm new to the game and was looking at the best way to level blacksmithing
06:32.54AngelAnd this page wasn't quite what I wanted :P
06:33.07Sky2042How so?
06:33.18AngelLoad it up and one quick look will tell you.
06:33.29Sky2042I did.
06:33.40AngelShows alchemy info for me.
06:33.40Sky2042It looks normal to me.
06:33.50Sky2042well... ok, touche.
06:34.06Angeldon't worry, I'm not trying to catch anyone out ^^;
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06:35.07Sky2042ah, Angel. The original author was going to work on it, but never did
06:35.16AngelAhh... okay.
06:35.16Sky2042he pulled the information directly from Alchemy's equivalent.
06:35.42AngelI understand.
06:36.00AngelWell not too hard to do myself, I'll mess with some spreadsheets when I get home.
06:36.37AngelSite has been excellent so far :D Very helpful for learning the ropes.
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06:37.11Sky2042That's good to hear. :)
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07:10.16Niatg'morning mates! :)
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08:37.37Sky2042oh boy!
08:53.24Sky2042pcj: if there's a line break between <div and class>, will that break anything?
08:57.34Sky2042well, this should be interesting.
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09:04.09Sky2042so, right when east coast gets up. gotcha.
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10:52.59Gourrawhat in the world has happened to {{npcbox}} and {{mobbbox}}?
10:53.08Gourra"faction = combat" is broken
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12:53.12Fisker-i see you vandalized under one of your devious aliases
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13:16.57Gourrawho messed up {{npcbox}}?
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14:14.19pcjeww some idiot screwed up npcbox
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14:30.03Dottedwhy does armory have to crash my browsers?
14:30.56Fisker-because the armory sucks
14:31.02Dottedi know
14:31.42Dottedthis time Fx didnt crash only explorer
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14:32.47|Pixel|because there's a bug in firefox and explorer
14:32.54|Pixel|into the xml/xsl transformers
14:33.00|Pixel|and our devs managed to hit this bug
14:33.12|Pixel|how many times do I need to repeat this one ?
14:33.32Dottedi've never heard you say it :(
14:34.03|Pixel|put it somewhere on the wili, I don't know :P
14:34.30Fisker-thought it was a bug from your side
14:36.03|Pixel|it's more or less a problem from our side
14:36.08|Pixel|but which triggers a big in FF
14:36.23|Pixel|do you have notions of XML/XSLT ? :)
14:36.49foxlitme or Fisker-?
14:37.01Fisker-not me
14:37.04|Pixel|you, since you ask for the bug
14:37.06Fisker-well i know xml a bit
14:37.09Fisker-but not xslt
14:37.21|Pixel|okay, lemme try to summerize it a bit
14:37.23Fisker-only thing i know about that it is info used for rendering
14:37.28foxlitXML stores data, XSLT is supposed to describe a transformation of data contained within XML to something more presentable
14:37.31|Pixel|XSLT is transformation of an XML into "something else"
14:37.53|Pixel|which uses an "XSL" file (which is a xml file actually, describing the transformation to operate)
14:38.09|Pixel|the common XML/XSLT that we do is transforming an XML file into an HTML one
14:38.24|Pixel|we could also transform an XML into an SVG for example
14:38.38|Pixel|with the XML containing plotting data
14:38.54|Pixel|and the XSL creating the nice svg file with arrows and graphs, etc
14:39.08|Pixel|now, armory "redifines" more or less the concept of XSLT
14:39.19|Pixel|because most of the people doing XML/XSLT are only using a few transformations
14:39.28|Pixel|here, the armory can starts with this:
14:40.33|Pixel|(dang, ff crashed trying to fetch one xml file -.-)
14:41.04|Pixel|<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="/layout/guild-info.xsl"?><page globalSearch="1" lang="en_gb" requestUrl="/guild-info.xml">
14:41.18|Pixel|[few members in it...]
14:41.24|Pixel|into this:
14:41.59|Pixel|so the XSLT in operation here is really heavy and complex, and requires a huge lot of sub-XML and sub-XSL files
14:42.08|Pixel|for example, the guild page features the guild tabard
14:42.23|Pixel|which is a sub-XML file, transformed independantely:
14:42.58|Pixel|which means that when you load a "simple" xml file from armory, the XSLT will ask for around 15 sub-XML and XSL files
14:43.07|Pixel|now that's where the bug lies:
14:43.21|Pixel|sometime, armory is overloaded, and will timeout when beeing queried
14:43.32|Pixel|you can see that pretty easily on lots of occasions
14:44.02|Pixel|now, the XSLT processor of firefox is glumpsy, and will freezes when trying to load a sub-XML file which just timeouts
14:44.05|Pixel|that's it.
14:44.23Dottedand IE?
14:44.34|Pixel|the bug is slightly different
14:44.44|Pixel|but also involves XSLT
14:45.03|Pixel|that's why I always tell to people the following:
14:45.11|Pixel|if you don't wanna crash your firefox while browsing armory
14:45.20|Pixel|just install the "User Agent Switcher" Firefox addon
14:45.25*** join/#wowwiki Quelyn (
14:45.26|Pixel|then switch for "Opera"
14:45.41|Pixel|this way, armory will say "hey, this browser has no XML/XSLT"
14:45.50|Pixel|and will do the transformation server-side
14:46.02|Pixel|this way, no transformation client side
14:46.12|Pixel|thus, no way of freezing your lovely firefox
14:46.27Dottedbut the stylesheet will be for opera and will look gay on FF
14:46.47foxlitOr you could file a bug against firefox
14:46.49foxlitSubmit a patch
14:46.54foxlitAnd use the nightly build :)
14:47.06|Pixel|foxlit: our devs here are a bit too shy
14:47.11|Pixel|and don't really want to file a bug
14:47.24|Pixel|even though they managed to reproduce it in a test-case environment
14:47.34|Pixel|Dotted: not really
14:47.36|Pixel|just test it
14:47.42|Pixel|you'll see, it's still usable
14:47.56Dottedi remember using it (by your recommendation) because armory was slow as hell - while it went faster since you got raw html i got white boxes occastionally
14:48.15|Pixel|my recommendation was about the freezes
14:48.19foxlitI wonder, though
14:48.35foxlitFirefox addons can intercept and rewrite requests, right?
14:49.27foxlitMight be cleaner to write something to aggressively cache armory XSL
14:49.40|Pixel|XSLs are fine
14:49.44|Pixel|XMLs are not
14:49.51|Pixel|XSL files are served by apache
14:49.55|Pixel|there's no way they can timeout
14:50.09|Pixel|XML files are served by tomcat; they are the one timeouting occasionally
14:50.24Dottedewww java no wonder then :P
14:50.32|Pixel|and of course, the XML files contain the data :)
14:50.39|Pixel|so, they "need" to by dynamic
14:50.40foxlitdon't bash java (tm)
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15:16.26Fisker-Dotted fix: just use opera instead of FireFail
15:17.05Dottedif it wasnt bloated, and didnt have a UI made of fail sure
15:17.16Fisker-you can customize the ui
15:20.42Gourraso someone changed that npcbox use icon images instead of icon templates
15:28.47sacaraschmmm, when WotLK comes out, will AD rep be worth something again?
15:29.44*** join/#wowwiki dJe781 (
15:33.55KirkburnWhat is it with people and changing the Races page :/
15:35.22Fisker-admit it
15:35.24Fisker-it's you
15:35.49GourraI was about to ask the same thing
15:35.56KirkburnPeople keep changing Stormwind human to Human :/
15:36.03Gourraand the latest edit is..I don't know, unnecessary?
15:36.38KirkburnGourra, links should almost always show where they go to
15:36.51Kirkburni.e. a link that says Human should go to the Human page
15:37.16KirkburnWhich is an entirely different page to Stormwind human, which is the race we actually play in WoW, whether or not WoW labels them that way
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15:39.20*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
15:49.20Gourrabtw Kirkburn, why isn't Races locked? isn't not like much is suspective to change
15:49.49KirkburnPages shouldn't be protected unless absolutely required :)
15:50.07Gourra<Kirkburn> What is it with people and changing the Races page :/ <- no?
15:50.36Dottedthat doesnt make it alright to lock it
15:51.51KirkburnGourra, only if it was sustained vandalism, not misguided corrections :)
15:55.48KirkburnThere's a fair few other pages on the wiki needing unlocking, but they were only recorded on a list if their status was changed since the last upgrade
15:55.53KirkburnWhich is few of them :(
15:59.47*** join/#wowwiki xstasi (
16:06.55[NewsBot]WoW Insider: How to stop Vashj and Kael from destroying your guild -
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16:29.32Kirkburn*sigh* 994 health, 2998 mana
16:29.42KirkburnJust not fair :(
16:30.46pcji broke 20k health yesterday
16:35.00KirkburnI'm level 35 though
16:35.08KirkburnAnd not a warrior :P
16:35.43Zarathustrashm, did you guys know there is a tribute stone in Hillsbrad Foothills for Anthony Ray Stark? :o
16:36.06KirkburnIt's for a Blizz employee
16:36.22ZarathustrasI was trying to take a horde lvl 28 but he kept backing away from me :(
16:36.45ZarathustrasYea, after 2 and a half years of playing, now I found out about it :p
16:37.14pcji'm not a warrior either kirkburn
16:37.38ZarathustrasAnyone from Sargeras on here by any chance?
16:43.17*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
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16:47.43Gourraspeaking of tributes:
16:50.17winkillerany macro wizard here?
16:50.52Gourradepends what you mean with "macro wizard"
16:50.53winkiller/focus [button:1] <br> /clearfocus [button:2]
16:51.00winkillerdoes that work? :P
16:51.52pcjhtml entities don't work in wow script
16:52.10winkillerno shit
16:52.15GourraI think he just meant that to show as line break
16:52.16winkillerjust didn't want to spam the channel
16:52.58GourraI don't know but you could try
16:53.49GourraI'll log to wow and check
16:54.33winkillerit's not the only one, I can try myself :P
16:57.42winkillercool, it works
16:57.46winkillerdidn't think I could do it
16:59.56*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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17:03.12winkiller#showtooltip Polymorph - /cast [target=focus,exists,button:2] Polymorph - /cast Polymorph
17:05.29pcjno, hyphens don't work either
17:09.00Kirkburnoh, wow, blue world drop, perfect for a warlock :D
17:09.18KirkburnYay 1.1k hp, 3k mana :)
17:09.23*** join/#wowwiki khangg (
17:13.22Kirkburn :)
17:15.49pcjzZzTempete, caching problem with moving mouse around too fast should be fixed :P
17:19.13KasoKirkburn,  every time i see items like that it reminds me how bad the (old)old-world item design was, from the start there should have been a magical-power style statiin the main attributes
17:31.20Gourraoh great, explorer.exe make other apps freeze
17:31.46ltcolumbothat's because explorer is IE
17:31.54ltcolumbothat's your file browser
17:32.11Gourrano shit
17:32.21ltcolumboIE is shit
17:32.29Kasoexplorer isnt quite IE, but it is your OS shell.
17:32.39Gourra^ that yes
17:32.42Gourraand it's annoying
17:34.08Kirkburnltcolumbo, what OS?
17:34.10ltcolumboa legacy of Microsoft trying to avoid removing IE because of the anti-trust lawsuit
17:34.32KirkburnIt's always been called explorer :/
17:34.40Gourraby the way what's the thing at the bottom called? I can't get it back after executing explorer.exe
17:34.53Gourra(after 3-4 times)
17:34.53KirkburnInternet Explorer is called such because it's explorer for the internet, not the other way around
17:34.58[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Upper Deck announces WoW minis game -
17:35.07ltcolumbointernet exploder
17:36.02KirkburnGourra, go to the task manager
17:36.13KirkburnAnd then go to run, type explorer.exe
17:36.27Gourrayup, and it lists in the Processes tab
17:36.27ltcolumboIn a desperate attempt to try and kill Netscape, Microsoft "integrated" its browser into its OS (well, not really, but that's what they claim in order to get the US DOJ off their back). What this meant for Microsoft was that they got to keep their monopoly for a little bit longer, but it had much more dire consequences for consumers. It meant that consumers were now stuck with a very buggy browser and file system viewer because Internet Explorer was s
17:36.31KirkburnRun might be under File-->Run
17:37.01Kirkburnltcolumbo, that sounds like such an inbiased source
17:37.04Gourraoh great, I had to launch two explorer.exe, then execute one, for it to work
17:37.35ltcolumboMicrosoft replaced the standard Explorer (the file system viewer) with IE which left users nowhere to hide from the bugs.
17:38.04Kirkburnoh noes, bugs? In software?! Surely not!
17:38.19GourraI see, it's from
17:38.33ltcolumboit's talking about the initial release of the shitty IE
17:38.42ltcolumboit sucked ass then, and it sucks ass now
17:38.54Kirkburn"hide from the bugs", what, in explorer? Which, I'm sure, it says was also buggy.
17:39.09ltcolumbothey did replace explorer with IE
17:39.36KirkburnNo, I meant "which left users nowhere to hide from the bugs" ... is a silly phrase
17:39.55ltcolumbothat's the entire article
17:40.01KirkburnIt's like saying upgrading to XP from Win 98 didn't allow them to escape from the XP bugs :/
17:40.14foxlitwindows explorer had bugs?
17:40.16ltcolumbothat will put it in proper context
17:40.33KirkburnI'm not going to read articles from a site called "microsuck"
17:40.57ltcolumboit's under Bundling of inferior products section
17:41.31ltcolumboit does suck
17:41.34KirkburnMuch like I won't read articles from "applesux" or "zomgmozillaistehcrap"
17:41.34ltcolumbobut anyway
17:41.46foxlitThat entire section is moronic.
17:41.47ltcolumboI would
17:41.55ltcolumboI don't avoid things because of the name
17:42.00ltcolumbothen I wouldn't have proper perspective
17:42.21winkillerKirkburn: but.. but.. xp had bugs!
17:42.22KirkburnI like unbiased sources, personally
17:42.38ltcolumboI've very biased
17:42.47ltcolumbobut that comes from years of experience
17:43.08KirkburnWe all have years of experience, don't be silly :P
17:43.33KirkburnGourra, going back to your problem - I'm surprised you had to run it twice
17:43.45ltcolumboI lived through the Stacker lawsuits
17:43.45winkillerno, it happens
17:43.48KasoInternet explorer is partially intergrated with explorer, however it is no means explorer = IE, and it is by no means unremovable, in europe microsoft has to provide the option of the "N" packages with IE and Media play stripped out
17:43.57winkillersometimes you even have to explicitly kill explorer
17:44.04ltcolumboit mearly "hides" IE
17:44.04winkillerbefore rerunning it 1/2x
17:44.11ltcolumboit can't be removed
17:44.22foxlitYour issue with that is...
17:44.27winkillerYOU NO TAKE BROWSER
17:44.28Kirkburnwinkiller, I think he did that
17:44.43winkilleryeeah, it scrolled oto fast
17:44.47winkillercouldn'z folloe
17:44.48foxlitYou can use whatever you want to browse the web or your file system
17:45.04*** join/#wowwiki PanSola (
17:45.18ltcolumboyeah, but joe average doesn't know that
17:45.43ltcolumboand that makes up 90% of people who use windows
17:46.12foxlit"The buggy browser wouldn't have been too terrible since most people were still smart enough to use Netscape anyway,"
17:46.13winkillerand who cares?
17:46.14Gourraalso 55% of all statistics are made up on the spot
17:46.19KirkburnIt would be a good idea if in the next Windows there was direct links to alternative browsers
17:46.23winkillerlol Gourra
17:46.36foxlitCoherency is overrated!
17:46.42winkilleralternatives are overrated
17:47.04winkillerI had to boot windows on my laptop after some months because gnome wouldn't display my pdf correctly
17:47.04Gourraall hail microsoft
17:47.21ltcolumboI don't like their business model
17:47.25winkilleri love it
17:47.26KirkburnIE7 as a browser is pretty good, y'know. And more secure in several ways than Fx (and others) in Vista due to its use of the sandbox mode
17:47.29Gourrasometimes I like to believe that 1984 was made by bill gates
17:47.33Kirkburn(which I'm really hoping Fx uses soon)
17:47.40winkiller"feel free to ninja our copies, we sell enough anyway"
17:47.44winkillera damn fine business model
17:47.52Fisker-Fx is cheap copy of IE7
17:48.06KirkburnShaddup Fisker- :)
17:48.07ltcolumbothey have the money to do that shit
17:48.15winkillerthe ui designer for IE7 should be shot
17:48.19foxlitFisker-: And Linux is infringing on microsoft IP!
17:48.22winkillerand drowned. and several other things
17:48.29twsXWhy would you compare two crappy browsers?
17:48.32foxlitIt's not a bad interface :P
17:48.32winkillerfoxlit: not only MS, also Sun! and .. stuff
17:48.33Fisker-funny since firefox manages to copy most of their layout every time
17:48.34twsXAnd try to find out which one is worse?
17:48.35Fisker-also winkiller
17:48.39winkillershut up twsX ;OP
17:48.40Gourrashot, drowned, molested, raped by gnomes..
17:48.46ltcolumbofirefox didn't copy shit
17:48.48Fisker-Did you see the pre-beta shots of IE7 those that came with vista?
17:48.51Fisker-sure it idd
17:48.52winkillerstill the old Opera zealot? :D
17:48.56ltcolumbomicrosoft did
17:49.06twsXor opera on windose, obviously
17:49.08winkillerI don't like Konq
17:49.21Fisker-The Browser bar was implemented in IE before it was in Fx for example
17:49.38winkillerwhat "browser bar"?
17:49.39Fisker-browser bar = information bar
17:49.42Fisker-or whatever it's called in Fx
17:49.53Gourrashall we go on how those "tools" (or w/e it's called) that came with Vista is a ripoff from MacOS X widgets?
17:49.54winkillerwell, ofc Firefix came after IE
17:49.54twsXI actually poured Coke over a guy wearing a Firefox Shirt once.
17:50.02winkillercaptain obvious strikes again
17:50.21ltcolumbowindows ripped off MacOS, hell none of microsofts ideas are their own
17:50.21Fisker-you fail
17:50.21KirkburnAmazingly, perhaps a browser wars discussion isn't all that fun
17:50.35*** join/#wowwiki Bodhi (
17:50.36Gourra"My browser is better than your browser!"
17:50.36winkillerlet's take vi vs. emacs
17:50.37foxlitHey, who let Kirkburn in here!
17:50.37Fisker-Firefox (whatever it's name might have been) was around back when IE had the information bar
17:50.57winkillernetscape also had an information bar
17:50.58ltcolumboDos wasn't even microsofts own creation
17:51.06winkillerno clue if IE 2 had one
17:51.08winkilleror mosaic
17:51.09twsXIt actually emerged out of the MZ projects before it went by that name, if i recall correctly.
17:51.10Fisker-What's your points btw
17:51.16Fisker-Does that invalidate my point?
17:51.16winkillerbut every windows app has one.. soo what? :D
17:51.17Fisker-No of course not
17:51.18Gourrawhat's your point?
17:51.32Fisker-You claim Firefox didn't copy anything from IE, but it was the other way around
17:51.41ltcolumbobullshit lol
17:51.46Fisker-Whatever Microsoft may have copied from anyone else is irrelevant
17:51.50winkillerusing known standards isn't copy :P
17:52.02winkillerhow the hell can you bring up a statusbar
17:52.03Fisker-Oh, browser appearance is a standard now?
17:52.05Gourraarguing with Fisker- is like talking to a wall
17:52.08ltcolumbowhen IE7 came out I laughed my ass off
17:52.13ltcolumboit was a cheap clone of Firefox
17:52.18Fisker-Thought that was only stuff like HTML rendering, CSS rendering and stuff they call "Standards"
17:52.28winkillerui design has standards
17:52.35winkilleri.e. what the user expects
17:52.41winkillersince windows 3.1
17:52.55Fisker-The information bar was something new
17:52.57ltcolumbooh god, don't remind me of 3.1
17:52.59Fisker-so a user wouldn't expect it
17:53.08winkiller*sigh* whateber
17:53.11Fisker-When IE7 came out Firefox had already done a lot of releases
17:53.18Fisker-It was the same with IE6
17:53.32Fisker-while retail-wise the information bar appeared later with IE, it was copied from IE while it was in the beta stages
17:53.50winkillerI insist that Netscape already had a bar
17:53.56winkillernetscape 3
17:54.00winkillerin 1995
17:54.08Fisker-Point being?
17:54.11ltcolumbothis is hilarious
17:54.13winkillerNO CLUE
17:54.19winkilleryou don't make sense at all
17:54.23winkillerwhy should I? :)
17:54.31Fisker-i do make sense
17:54.37Fisker-it's actually pretty easy to understand
17:54.46Fisker-atleast it must be since you can respond and understand what i'm writing
17:54.48ltcolumbomaybe we should all take the same drugs so we are on the same level
17:54.56Fisker-though if you couldn't that wouldn't be saying much
17:54.58ltcolumbogive me the coolaid
17:55.10ltcolumboI want to believe
17:55.52Fisker-all i need now is for you refer Firefox as "FF"
17:56.03Fisker-and the masterwork is compelte
17:56.22ltcolumboI'm going back to work, psychobabel excluded
17:56.22winkillerI used to be call it Fb
17:56.30winkillerbut then the name got changed :(
17:56.51Kasopssh, real old school people call it Phoenix!
17:58.10winkilleroh, right
18:00.01KasoAlso on the theme of "x copied y" recently microsoft, mozilla, opera and konq people have been meeting to develop more standard look-and-feel across browsers to aid users, for example the Green/Red address bar indicating security status is one of these features thats beeing looked at from a cross browser perspective
18:00.26winkiller"Mozilla prefers it be abbreviated as Fx or fx"
18:00.30winkillerI never ever heard that
18:00.50Fisker-Cool Kaso :o
18:01.18winkilleroh, that's why they changed the color I guess
18:01.35winkillerF[f|x] had yellow, latest has blue
18:02.01KasoInfo there, plus links to blogs by opera and mozzila about the same thing
18:02.26winkillernice. not needed imho, but maybe I'm not the intended target audience: P
18:03.09Fisker-fucking shit
18:03.14Fisker-i hate wooden tables
18:03.21Fisker-just got a big chunk of wood under my nail
18:03.35Kasodon't claw at the table any more?
18:04.07winkillerpoor Fisker. I still like the fact that you can indeed anything not human
18:04.10winkillerthat gives me hope
18:04.17winkiller*can indeed hate*
18:05.03Fisker-my nail scooped up a bit of loosen wood
18:05.14Fisker-it's not 100% wood of course
18:05.19Fisker-it grinded down or something
18:05.21Fisker-whatever it's called
18:06.58[NewsBot]WoW Insider: All hands on deck for combat log changes -
18:08.06KasoFiberboard, chipboard, MDF ?
18:08.20Fisker-yeah probably fiber
18:08.28Fisker-slowinsider is sloooooooooooow
18:08.41kd3slowinsider is slow
18:08.48*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
18:10.15Fisker-slowkd3 is kd3333333333333333
18:19.59Gourraany coders who can change {{Npcbox}} back to use faction icon instead of faction image?
18:20.29winkillerlemme see
18:20.42pcjwhy gourra
18:20.45winkillerwhat do you mean exactly?
18:21.09Gourrasee the npcbox
18:21.12winkillerwikia spotlight: digimoj
18:21.30pcjAh, I'll fix it
18:22.06pcjThere, should be fixed now
18:22.10Fisker-anyone know anything about that?
18:22.13winkillersomeone made faction=combat
18:22.15winkillerno wodner...
18:22.50Gourrathat's against the rules?
18:23.52Gourrafaction=combat is used on many places
18:24.09winkillerfor me it's horde|neutral|ally
18:24.14winkillercombat makes no sense
18:24.18Gourrabecause it would indicate a fightable mob
18:24.19pcjOK, both pages are now fixed gourra
18:24.29[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 16787 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 4hrs 39mins 47secs.
18:24.29kd3because you talk to neutral npcs, you kill combat-aligned mobs
18:24.29Gourragreat, thanks
18:24.42Gourra^ that
18:24.58winkillernvm then, but still makes no sense for me :)
18:25.14winkillerdamn, too few people for Lurker :(
18:25.19winkiller37% yesterday
18:26.20Gourrawinkiller: did you get the gems?
18:26.47winkillercouldn't log yet
18:26.55winkillerwas busy and now done AV daily on warr
18:26.57winkillerthanks :)
18:27.00winkillerI'm sure I got em
18:27.12Gourraazgalor down last night woo
18:27.16Gourrabut I wasn't there :(
18:27.19Gourradamn birthdays
18:27.36winkilleryours? :P
18:29.41KirkburnI'm feeling slightly happier now that I know McCain is almost certainly going to be the GOP candidate :)
18:29.59KirkburnRepublican party
18:30.07*** join/#wowwiki dylanm_ (
18:30.08pcjbut why do you care kirkburn, you're not american
18:30.14winkillerscrew america, until yesterday I thought it was obama vs clinton and nione else
18:30.39Kirkburnwinkiller, I still don't *want* McCain, but he's better than the other republicans :P
18:30.42*** join/#wowwiki dylanm_ (
18:30.48pcjall the candidates suck
18:30.54KirkburnAt least McCain realises waterboarding is torture
18:30.59*** part/#wowwiki dylanm_ (
18:31.02winkillerJohn McClane > John McCain
18:31.14winkillerwe got a fries brand here named McCain
18:31.17winkillerthese rock
18:31.41Kirkburnmmm, McCain oven chips :)
18:32.08Kirkburnpcj, I care because it has a huge impact on the world, duh :P
18:33.25winkillergief Schwarzenegger? :P
18:34.54pcjlol naturalized citizen
18:38.51*** join/#wowwiki Drool (
18:42.23RieszHah even
18:44.34winkillerlol, warrior named "Msn"
18:44.41*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
18:44.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
18:47.42RieszHate lazy naming XD
18:54.29Gourrahow about Áràgórń then...
18:54.53Gourraseems like every italian on Hakkar EU know english from the LotR films
18:55.03Dotted[@Kirkburn]: pcj, I care because it has a huge impact on the world, duh :P <- well if they get another republican that wont be true anylonger in the future :P
19:00.27twsX(19:27:49) (+pcj) all the candidates suck <- ?
19:00.57twsXHow can you say that, most of the democratic candidates were very good. :p
19:01.08pcj...not really
19:01.39twsXWell, who would you have?
19:02.04pcjNone of those candidates
19:02.29twsXSo, you only hate everyon einvolved and have no positive feelings towards anyone? :)
19:06.02foxlitArchimonde's enrage mechanic is silly
19:06.54foxlitHaving a horde of undead overrun the nightelves and wipe your raid in 10 minutes would've been so much cooler
19:07.47*** join/#wowwiki Taurmindo (
19:10.55[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Totem Talk: Let's Raid -
19:34.55[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW on an Eee PC, in ten (not so) simple steps -
19:37.29*** join/#wowwiki roxutee- (
19:40.14*** join/#wowwiki ltcolumbo (
19:49.14*** join/#wowwiki A2 (
19:55.00*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
19:57.01*** join/#wowwiki Corgan| (
20:02.09*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
20:02.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
20:03.58*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
20:05.42DottedKirkburn you imba fail #newsspam!
20:06.55[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Theoretical Engineering: postulations and prognostications pertaining to prostheses -
20:08.56Dottedyou werent in there, and you went through the trouble advertising for it - not a very good role model you are! You should be ashamed of yourself!
20:09.48Dottedi've proabably lost several customers thanks to you now :(
20:10.25*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikia/
20:10.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse] by ChanServ
20:11.06*** mode/#wowwiki [-o sannse] by sannse
20:14.43*** join/#wowwiki Taishi (
20:15.24TaishiErm, can someone help me? about a year ago I was able to access Ghostlands as an Alliance at level 20, now I find its limited to 45+?
20:15.39TaishiIs this true or am I trying the wrong entrance? is there another way?
20:15.53KirkburnI've not heard of that limit
20:16.00KirkburnHow are you trying to access it?
20:16.12pcjyou got to the ghostlands at level 20 through EPL?
20:16.15TaishiJust trying to walk through the portal after the bridge
20:16.22pcjholy hell
20:16.35TaishiBecause I want a Lynx
20:16.37Kirkburnpcj, I've done a level 1 race to LHC before :P
20:16.43TaishiI've made it through EPL
20:16.45ZarathustrasHunters and their adventures!
20:16.48KirkburnAlthough, actually, I was running the race :)
20:16.51TaishiI want to pass into Ghost lands but can't?
20:16.53Kirkburn*organising it
20:17.02KirkburnTaishi, odd
20:17.11TaishiJust answer me please
20:17.13ZarathustrasSee if someone could summon you to there
20:17.17TaishiDoes anyone here know or not?
20:17.23TaishiI'm already there!!!!
20:17.31KirkburnNo, to the other side :P
20:17.31TaishiI'm not asking how to bloody get there! >_>
20:17.41KirkburnOf the portal
20:17.44ltcolumboI've never seen Alliance in Ghostlands
20:17.51TaishiI didn't know people could summon after the portal..
20:17.59Kirkburnltcolumbo, er ... Zul'Aman?
20:18.00TaishiWell I did make it through before
20:18.07TaishiI even got a Lynx from there
20:18.26KirkburnTaishi, yeah, I'm surprised - I don't recall there being an announced change
20:18.27pcjwell...if you can't do can't do it
20:18.30KirkburnIt may have been added with ZA
20:18.34pcjNot much point in us telling you can
20:18.37TaishiI was helping a friend while doing a new toon and I get not allowed under 45 but I'm not even sure if its the right entrance
20:18.38*** join/#wowwiki dcramer_ (
20:18.51pcjThere's only one entrance for alliance
20:19.01ltcolumboI've made two characters there
20:19.08TaishiWhich is North west top yes?
20:19.18TaishiOf EPL
20:19.27KirkburnTaishi, um, that's an instance
20:19.27pcjErr, north middle
20:19.35KirkburnYou're at Stratholme >_<
20:19.37pcjDon't go into stratholme noob
20:19.38TaishiSo it IS The wrong one?
20:19.41KirkburnYeah, sorry
20:19.47KirkburnShould've noticed when you said bridge :)
20:19.50TaishiSo where is the entrance?
20:19.58TaishiYeah, I wondered WTF that was for lol
20:20.00KirkburnThe one you want is further south and further east
20:20.07TaishiI was like "I don't recall this.."
20:20.11KirkburnNot too far north of LHC
20:20.24TaishiIt was hard getting to that instance lol ._.;
20:20.26pcjErr, kirkburn, it's all the way north of EPL
20:20.36TaishiThanks anyways guys, I was upset incase I coldn't do it
20:20.43Kirkburnpcj, the portal to Ghostlands
20:20.47KirkburnTaishi, wait a sec
20:20.48pcjYes, north side of EPL
20:21.05Kirkburnpcj, you're right
20:21.09KirkburnSee on there
20:21.14pcjOf course I am
20:21.19KirkburnThe road at the top, on the right
20:21.39Kirkburnpcj, sorry, had the map skewed clockwise in my mind :)
20:21.52TaishiOhhh yeah....
20:21.58TaishiMan I feel stupid now lol
20:22.05TaishiI couldn't 100% remember
20:22.06KirkburnWell done on reaching Strat though :P
20:22.09TaishiAnyways, thanks
20:22.13TaishiHaha thanks
20:22.16KirkburnPleasure :)
20:22.20TaishiTrust me, it was hard
20:22.22TaishiVERY hard
20:22.31TaishiI had to be persistant to get to that instant
20:22.37TaishiAT least now I know about it though haha
20:22.42TaishiThanks a bunch
20:25.01*** join/#wowwiki Arrowmaster (
20:33.16KirkburnGreat category intro "This category lists the following weapons", followed by the category. Yay self-fulfilling category!
20:33.53foxlit"This category contains all categories that do not contain themselves"
20:35.59*** join/#wowwiki Taishi (
20:36.07TaishiArgh.. friend had to go to bed
20:36.14TaishiBut I got another question if ya don't mind
20:36.31infobotDon't Ask To Ask. Just ASK
20:36.39TaishiYou mentioned about someone being able to summon to where I wish to go? how does one gain that ability?
20:36.56pcjwarlocks can do it
20:37.02TaishiAt what level?
20:37.06TaishiWhat do they require?
20:37.10equiraptor18, I believe, and it takes a soul shard
20:37.20equiraptorThey have to make the soul shard when they kill something.
20:37.20TaishiI see..
20:37.21Kirkburnequiraptor speaks :O
20:37.37equiraptorSo though it doesn't cost them money, it does cost them time. So tips or returned favors for friends are good.
20:37.49equiraptorIt also takes two other people, and all must be in the same group (IIRC)
20:37.50pcjlevel 20 actually
20:37.57equiraptorYes, Kirkburn. I don't know why, though. :)
20:38.04equiraptorpcj: Darn, my memory was faulty.
20:38.47TaishiOk that helps :)
20:38.55[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn: Skirmish -
20:39.02pcjhi dutempete :)
20:40.57DuTempetemorning :)
20:41.17pcji fixed your bug btw
20:41.34DuTempeteoh good
20:41.48DuTempeteglad to hear it :)
20:42.02KirkburnSomeone, go break it! :P
20:42.11DottedKirkburn ok link
20:42.32TaishiCorrect me if I missunderstood but a soul shard can be gained from ANY mob?
20:42.46Dottedthats green level or higher
20:43.04TaishiAnyone know the level ragne for Ghostlands? lol
20:43.15Dotted10-20 or something like that
20:43.35TaishiSweet, so a level 20 Warlock should be able to retrieve a soul shard from that zone
20:44.06TaishiSo.. if I find the right crazy Warlock, or make one myself, I can teleport someone into that zone providing I had 2 other crazy nuts with me
20:44.08Dottedand higher yes
20:44.11TaishiOr can they be any level?
20:44.30TaishiThe 2 you need for ritual, can they be like level over 50?
20:44.38Dottedany level
20:44.43TaishiCus I donno that many players as crazy as me to do that journy lol
20:44.57Dottedwhat journy?
20:45.12TaishiRun through EPL to Ghostlands
20:45.15TaishiAt level 20
20:45.29Dottedpfff thats nothing
20:45.41TaishiDude, you die at least 6 times
20:45.45TaishiAnyone normal would go mad
20:45.51TaishiIt gives me head ache sometiems
20:45.57Taishi**sometimes >_<
20:46.31Taishiimo Plaguelands is NOT nothing for that level, its suicide
20:46.41TaishiAnd I know that from experiance
20:46.46Dottedswimming from darkshore to azshara
20:46.49Dottedis more fun
20:46.50Taishibrb, mum's left her phone upstairs >_>
20:47.04TaishiErm.. thats what I had to do dude
20:47.07TaishiAnd I did it
20:47.10TaishiSo whoopy doo
20:48.44Dottedyou knowm Taishi
20:48.52Dottedhow long have you beeen playing?
20:49.13TaishiOk back
20:49.57TaishiHow long doesn't matter, the fact that I did it does
20:50.07TaishiI don't bloody care if you played it 1 year or 3 years more than me
20:50.23Dottednothing to do with what i was about to ask >_>
20:50.31TaishiOh and I'd -love- to see you make it through to the level 45 instance with less than 6 deaths
20:50.34TaishiAt level 10
20:50.39TaishiCus I made it to there to, at that level
20:50.43TaishiI just did it a minute ago
20:50.50TaishiTook me alot of deaths but I didn't care
20:51.04TaishiThe fact that I'm more willing than most is all that matters
20:51.04Dottedor rather i should be asking, do you remember the PTR contest blizzard had once where you could get a spot in the BC closed beta?
20:51.16*** join/#wowwiki Droolio (
20:51.40TaishiNaw, I wasn't around during the time it went into beta
20:51.58Dottedin that contest
20:52.16Dottedthere was 2, 1 leveling from 1-50 in the shortest amount of time
20:52.29Dottedand another with level 19 pvp
20:52.36DottedWSG to be exact
20:52.42Dottedgetting as much honor as possible
20:52.59Dottedi was on the honor contest server
20:53.10Dottedmax level was 19 - you couldnt get any higher
20:53.35Dottedso what i did was to explorere all of Eastern Kingdoms and get all flight paths
20:53.36TaishiHeh, that would remind me of Guild Wars
20:53.56Dottedi would have done Kalimdor aswell but contest ended before i could
20:55.11Dottedman STV was a bitch
20:55.22TaishiI donno what your main point is since I covered ALOT of the eastern side too before I quited on my hunter
20:55.34Dottedat level 19 :P?
20:55.41TaishiAround 20 yeah
20:55.48Dottedwell my point is
20:55.52TaishiAfter doing EPL I dared to face anythign
20:56.10Dottedthe epl / ghostland walk isnt that impressive compared to some of the things i've done =P
20:56.13TaishiWhen you die so many times it becomes no big deal and somewhat laughable
20:56.57TaishiWell yeah, so we could say we're both dare devils and went on parelless insane adventures :P
20:57.24TaishiI went to Ghostlands first time round to get my pet, then I decided to take a tour since I as there anyways, my journy took me all over t he east contentant
20:57.47TaishiI went to the dwarves, the humans and even some harbour on the west side I never knew of south east
20:58.07Taishi*west continent
20:58.19TaishiThere's a harbour that'll take ya to it
20:58.32TaishiNever knew about it til i went on that little tour
20:59.14TaishiYeah, I think so
20:59.28TaishiThe name is definitely familiar
20:59.32TaishiIts been a while
20:59.50Dottedsome good stuff hapening there before we had the shitty BGs ruining world pvp :(
21:00.13TaishiYeah, kind of the reason why I quit
21:00.33TaishiAnd I got sick of getting ganked by high levels
21:01.00Dottedi remember my first guild (was also in the open beta of clissic wow), we raided horde towns 1 time a week
21:01.01TaishiIf I'm not mistaken, 2 days I gave a perfect example of what happened to me when I confronted a blood elf hunter same level as me
21:01.05Dotteddamn i mss that
21:01.22TaishiHeh, fun
21:01.46TaishiWell now days you can't even have a respectful match against the horde
21:01.49Dottedthe most fun was because the horde actually repsonded
21:02.15Dottednoone cares much if someone raids a town
21:02.19TaishiWell, if you want me to repeat what I stated a couple of days ago? I think you weren't in chat at the time
21:02.38Dotteddont think i was no
21:02.55[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Purists rejoice! -
21:03.12TaishiThis blood elf in question ran back to the safety of the camp where they had griffons or whatever they fly on their side, and called in a high level to kill me
21:03.25TaishiInstead of trying to face me one on one
21:03.44KirkburnDon't you just love photos of kids with a gun pointed at the camera? It's so ... impressive.
21:04.14KirkburnJust things I come across that annoy me :)
21:04.38DottedTaishi :D
21:04.47Dottedwho wouldnt do that?
21:05.09Taishi@ Kirburn's post
21:05.23TaishiTalk about trying to steal every gaming industry they can think of >_>
21:06.27TaishiAnd as for Dotted's comment, any respectable player with some dignaty wouldn't
21:06.32TaishiI would just face em 1 on 1
21:06.45TaishiNot be petty and run for a high level to do the job
21:06.48TaishiThats pathetic
21:07.20TaishiFFS as my druid I faced players 10 levels or higher than me
21:07.30TaishiAnd I didn't have all that uber epic gear crap to brag about and save my hide
21:07.50TaishiI just was persistant and rufeless
21:08.59TaishiSorry but I think anyone who plays on PvP games needs to learn to face the danger, not run away to hide behind some high level's skirt
21:09.22TaishiIf it were any game such as ShadowBane, a high level would have killed the player for being such a coward
21:10.06pcjwho are you talking to
21:10.15TaishiAnyone who cares to listen I guess
21:10.24TaishiAnd mainly Dotted since he was talking to me
21:11.26*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:11.35Dottedblizzard more or less forced that mentallity upon the players
21:11.51TaishiNo, they forced it on themselves
21:12.04Dottedblizzard did
21:12.04TaishiBlizzard didn't play any role in "Run to mummy" act
21:12.24TaishiSince when did they advise us to run to someone of a higher level to gank soemone who's even match to us?
21:12.33Dottedby discoureging (sp?) world pvp its all carebear show nowunless its 3 vs 1
21:12.52Taishilol carebear
21:13.06TaishiErm whats sp mean btw?
21:13.22TaishiAnd I don't recall Blizzard discouraging PvP
21:13.27kd3as in "I'm unsure of the spelling of this word"
21:13.33TaishiAnd if they did, players clearly didn't take note of it
21:13.43DottedTaishi world pvp where is it?
21:13.56Dottedno those objectives in outland doesnt count
21:14.01TaishiOr in most palces where PvP is optional
21:14.07Dottedim talking epic scale town raids baby
21:14.14TaishiDude, when I played I was PKed in Darkshore
21:14.31Dottedganing isnt world pvp
21:14.31TaishiI donno what its like now but it wasn't that easy back then to avoid it
21:14.55TaishiI don't get what you're saying tbh
21:15.03Dottedbut with DHK's and BGs was intreduced world pvp got killed
21:15.06TaishiAnd no, I don't class ganking as PvP since its an unfair fight
21:16.02DottedTaishi imaging Hillsbrad Foothills with 100 alliance defending southshore with a horde of hordes attacking
21:16.16Dottedthat we had once
21:16.17*** join/#wowwiki nq2h (
21:16.20Dottedsure it lagged
21:16.28Dottedbut it was fun regardless
21:16.39TaishiBut dude, THAT is PvP
21:16.46TaishiNot going out in the world picking off lowbies
21:16.47Dottedbut it got killed
21:16.48*** part/#wowwiki nq2h (
21:16.57Dottedthats what im saying
21:17.04Dottedyou dont see it
21:17.13kd3it got killed becuase it was crashing servers and preventing anyone else from getting quests done
21:17.34Dottedit was still fun however :P
21:17.39kd3oh, of course
21:17.43kd3I rather enjoyed SS/TM
21:18.00Dottedif i ever invent a time maschine
21:18.01TaishiI really don't see what you were saying to start with actually has anything to do with it
21:18.09TaishiFrom what I could tell you were talking about open PK
21:18.10Dottedguess what im gonna do
21:18.15TaishiBeing able to kill anyone anywhere
21:18.17TaishiOr most places
21:19.00TaishiBig waging wars I call PvP, ganking lowbies for fun isn't, its just sad
21:19.20TaishiThats what my arguement was to begin with and still is, and I'm pretty sure it still goes on
21:19.24Dottedmy opinion too
21:19.40Dottedbut ganking is still a small part of it
21:20.09TaishiI know that
21:20.35TaishiBut I was saying right from the start that ganking lowbies is pathetic and anyone who turns tail and runs to a high level to gank someone cus they are even level are pathetic
21:20.39Dottedi corsped camped a lowbie today actually
21:20.43TaishiAnd that high level ought to be ashamed
21:20.55TaishiThen I say the same for you
21:20.59TaishiThats nothing to be proud of
21:21.09Dottedwell he killed my quest giver
21:21.20KirkburnWhilst playing on DuTempete's server, I am constantly reminded why I rolled PvE
21:21.21Dottedso he needed to be diciplined
21:21.35DottedPvE is for fags Kirkburn
21:21.36TaishiAnd you don't think camping his grave is OTT?
21:21.37DuTempeteDo you have a lot of issues?
21:21.43Dottedergo you must be a woman
21:21.53KirkburnDuTempete, I like to explore :(
21:22.01DuTempeteYeah, that'll do it :P
21:22.01KirkburnDotted, language, please
21:22.05TaishiThere's nothing wrong with PvE
21:22.21DuTempeteI learned a long time ago to stick to the quiet places whilst leveling
21:22.23pcjlol @ kirkburn when you told zeal to fuck off
21:22.25DottedTaishi well i dint exatly wait for him to return, but when i spotted him i killed him
21:22.33Kirkburnpcj, there's a big difference
21:22.35TaishiAs a matter of fact I turn to FFXI many times just to enjoy it and get away from the lametards who think ganking is all good sport
21:22.36KirkburnA BIG difference
21:22.43DottedKirkburn explorer i win, but only on pvp servers
21:22.51pcjyeah, yours was a lot worse
21:22.53TaishiITs as bad as those sick people who fight defenseless people iRL
21:23.01TaishiIts not funny, its sick and stupid
21:23.08DuTempetepcj, knock it off.
21:23.20Dottedpcj gief details
21:23.35Dottedalways good to have dirt on admins :P
21:23.46DuTempeteWhy are you insistent on always laying into Kirk about that, pcj?
21:24.02DottedDuTempete because he has @
21:24.07Dottedas i said
21:24.16Dotteddirt on admins == win
21:24.30TaishiErm.. call me blind but I see a + not a @
21:24.37pcjWell, he's the one who said to watch language
21:24.38DottedKirkburn has @
21:24.52TaishiOh right, I think I get what ya saying now lol
21:24.53DuTempeteSo, he oopses once, and now he's never going to be able to make up for it?
21:25.01Dottedyes DuTempete
21:25.10DuTempeteThat's bullshit.
21:25.12Dottedthats the life of an opper
21:25.26Dottedthats just how it goes
21:25.32TaishiUh oh.. this doesn't look good
21:25.36DuTempeteNo, that's the life of someone who has people who are jealous of him.
21:26.05DuTempeteGetting op doesn't take away someone's humanity.  Fandy would have op, were he to come in here.  Adys has op.
21:26.13Dottedim an opper of multiple channels and if i did the same thing, i wouldnt be surprised if someone said "hey you"
21:26.14DuTempeteDo you expect either of them not to tell someone to fuck off?
21:26.32DuTempeteYeah, a time or two.  But not on and on and on.
21:26.53DuTempeteMaybe it's a littl emore surprising to folks because it's Kirk, but for chrissakes, you need to get over it.
21:26.58Dottedwellt thats a matter of opinion :P
21:27.08TaishiErm, I know I'm new here and should mind my own business, but if thats true, Du has a point
21:27.42DuTempeteWhich is a matter of opinion?
21:27.48DuTempeteand if what is true, Taishi?
21:28.03TaishiIf its true that he keeps getting on Kirb's case
21:28.09TaishiThen I think you have a point
21:28.11Dottedsome of us likes to be kids still despite our age DuTempete :P
21:28.26DuTempeteI think he reminds him of it at least once a day.
21:28.40DuTempeteAnd this was what, a week? two weeks ago?
21:28.59TaishiI see
21:29.07DuTempeteYeah, well maybe you need to grow up, too.  Or at least take my telling you to behave better like a man.
21:29.11TaishiWell like I said, if its true then I'd be with you on that opinion
21:30.08DuTempeteKirkburn shouldn't have to deal with that just because he's the op least expected.
21:30.09Dottedi think of it as comically relief
21:30.27TaishiHell, I've seen ops or admins fight in simular manner, imo its not exactly about "Its how their life is" cus its not
21:30.48Taishi1 gets stuck up and/or jealous of the other then it just never ends for them both
21:31.54infobotYou are probably looking for
21:32.27TaishiMan I got such a head ache ._.
21:32.34DuTempetesorry :(
21:32.48TaishiEh, its not exactly your fault Du
21:33.08TaishiThat effort to get my friend into Ghotlands already gave me one
21:33.12DuTempeteI still feel bad for you :P
21:33.26TaishiI logged off the game to take a break but yeah, this kind of isn't helping
21:33.57TaishiI couldn't believe he had to log out before I was able to realise we took the wrong path
21:34.18TaishiI think I might just leave my hunter where she is and take him tomorrow if he doesn't try to TP out before I see him again
21:34.42TaishiI'd do a warlock to make life easier but I personally don't wanna be a warlock lol
21:34.46DuTempeteheh... I still haven't been there.
21:34.49TaishiSo to me its a little bit of a waste of time
21:34.57DuTempeteawww warlocks are fun :)
21:34.57[NewsBot]WoW Insider: New WotLK bestiary entry and screenshots posted -
21:35.06TaishiSo is druid and hunter :P
21:35.27DuTempeteI had issues with the druid
21:35.32DuTempetetoo many options
21:35.34TaishiI love it personally
21:35.41TaishiI think it depends on what you do with it
21:35.43winkillertoo many optione?
21:35.49TaishiSince its a class that can go 3 ways in a way
21:35.58DuTempeteand I liked each playstyle, so felt rather divided whilst playing it.
21:36.08Dottedhmm im gonna need me some popcorn reading through last weeks logs
21:36.09winkillerferal all the way :D
21:36.16TaishiI mean you can be an uber healer/caster mage type, an uber fighter killer or a tank
21:36.29TaishiIf you think of trying all 3 you probably would gimp it
21:36.35TaishiCus there's just not enough points to do it
21:36.35DuTempetebasically you can play every class role in the game :P
21:36.39*** join/#wowwiki Miyari (
21:37.01TaishiThats why druid imo is fun
21:37.05TaishiSo many options to choose
21:37.08TaishiSo many paths to take
21:37.23TaishiI gues I like it cus it was like my Red Mage in FFXI
21:37.29TaishiThat has simular playstyle
21:37.35TaishiSpell caster, melee dealer etc
21:37.42DuTempeteheh... I tried FFXI once...
21:37.51DuTempeteThat UI made me want to cut myself.
21:37.54DuTempeteI couldn't play.
21:38.00TaishiIts good but players spoil it, just like WoW really :P
21:38.06TaishiBut in a way, worse
21:38.09TaishiCus you have to party
21:38.17TaishiYou can't just say "Fuck you, I'm going solo"
21:38.22TaishiParden my french
21:38.26pcjomfg language
21:38.34Dottedbrb crabbing some popcorn
21:38.46DuTempeteit's ok, we don't mind swearing too badly, as long as it isn't crazy :P
21:38.52TaishiSprry [ck bit ypi lomda deserved that
21:39.00Taishioops lmao
21:39.21TaishiI clicked scroll up by accident and typoed bad
21:39.35Taishi* Sorry pcj but you kinda deserved that
21:39.59*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
21:40.02*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
21:40.08DuTempeteWe do mind things like "fag" or "n------" if you get my point
21:40.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
21:40.20DottedOMFG DuTempete
21:40.26TaishiYeah, I think homophobic comments needs to be left outside
21:40.42DuTempetehence why dotted was told to watch his mount
21:40.47TaishiAnd erm, not sure what the n word was but I'd have a guess
21:40.51[NewsBot]New stats available for #wowwiki (at pcj's request)! See the #wowwiki stats:
21:40.56Taishilol mount
21:41.13DottedTaishi nosepicker
21:41.24Dottednot what you thought it was =P
21:41.24TaishiExcuse me?
21:41.31Dottedthe n word
21:41.40Taishilol O_o
21:41.50TaishiYou're funny Dotted
21:41.54TaishiWeird, but funny :P
21:41.59DuTempetehe's danish...
21:42.05DuTempetethat's funny enough right there
21:42.08Dottedyes people ear me
21:42.12Dotted*eat >_>
21:42.24TaishiI was about to say Danish pasties are nice
21:42.31DuTempetedanish pasties?!
21:42.41DuTempeteI couldn't imagine wearing those.
21:42.43Dottedthats why americans are so phat :P
21:42.45DuTempeteThat would be gross.
21:42.49TaishiIts food dude
21:42.59DuTempeteyou mean pastries?
21:43.02TaishiAnd FYI I'm not American
21:43.07DuTempeteyou are?
21:43.09TaishiNo.. pasties
21:43.22DuTempetein which case saying pasties is ok
21:43.23Dottednot another brit
21:43.30TaishiWTF do you class as a pasty where you're from? lol
21:43.55DuTempetehrmm... I would say pastry :P  But lemme do a little research :P  I could ask Kirkburn, too.
21:44.09TaishiActually I was wondering why you said eww to start with
21:44.21TaishiSo whatever you thought to start with I'd prefer to know :P
21:44.42TaishiYou said something about wearing them? O_o lol
21:44.47DuTempeteIs this what you're talking about?
21:44.52DuTempete(look at the disambig)
21:45.21TaishiYep, thats he one
21:45.33DuTempetelook at the disambig for what I was thinking of :P
21:45.50Dottedok im off to get that popcorn - brb
21:46.01DuTempetepcj was probably thinking the same thing :P
21:46.12TaishiWhere would that be? lol
21:46.25DuTempetedon't lie.  You were, weren't you?
21:46.30TaishiI don't get what you mean I don't think
21:47.19TaishiOMFG LMAO
21:47.33TaishiWell.. I never knew that XD
21:47.55TaishiI know some words that America have vs British is funny but that one takes the biscuit
21:48.04DuTempeteHowever, your idea of a pasty, vs my idea of a Danish is a little different, too
21:48.19DuTempeteI think of fruit filled pastries, or cheese.
21:48.41TaishiErm, our danish are normally mixed
21:48.45TaishiLike meat and veg
21:48.54TaishiNever really came across any fruit ones
21:49.09MiyariI am hungry. :(
21:49.15TaishiAlthough I do recall someone at a pasty shop suggesting the idea
21:49.20TaishiYeah, its making me want one now lol
21:49.24MiyariAll this talk of pasties and pastries I don't care what is in it but I want one.
21:49.27TaishiDamn wish it wasn't so late here
21:49.44DuTempetemeh... it's only 9:49 :P
21:49.54DuTempeteought to be something open, still?
21:50.02TaishiDude, find a bakery store store thats open at this hour and I'll even buy you one :
21:50.02DuTempeteOr do you live in a quiet neighbourhood?
21:50.14Taishi* :P
21:50.36DuTempetewell, maybe a bakery might not be open.
21:50.41TaishiEspecially one ready that sells ready cooked homemade (or whichever you wanna call it)
21:50.52TaishiAkka they make it and bake it on the terrace
21:51.05DuTempeteon the terrace? really?
21:51.23TaishiOMG please don't say you have a different word for that too?
21:51.39DuTempeteyou don't mean premises(sp)?
21:51.41TaishiWhere the building is at basically >_>
21:51.47TaishiOn the premises
21:51.49DottedOMG NOSEPICKER!
21:51.51TaishiThey do that here
21:52.06TaishiHell we even have pizza parla that do that
21:52.11DuTempeteTerrace is usually a patio or outcropping that is outdoors :P
21:52.20TaishiProbably seplled parlar wrong but anyway
21:52.31TaishiEh, terrace to us means premises
21:52.44Taishilol definetly not that spelling here dude
21:52.47DuTempeteThat's not one I've heard from Kirkburn, yet :P
21:52.53TaishiI think its possibly parler or something
21:53.01TaishiI donno without checking
21:53.05TaishiI'm not an ace speller
21:53.20TaishiOh hang on
21:53.29TaishiI know how to check and prove even how its spelled here :P
21:53.53DuTempeteWell, I'm a fair shot at British spellings, but there are some homynyms that have special spellings that I'm not good atm.
21:53.56PhotoJim"it" :)
21:54.10DuTempeteShush, PhotoJim, Canadians don't count.
21:54.18PhotoJimSure we do.  1, 2, 3, 4...
21:54.36PhotoJimParlor/parlour btw, American/British.
21:54.57*** kick/#wowwiki [PhotoJim!] by DuTempete (har har)
21:55.21DuTempeteThat'll show him.
21:55.26TaishiOh damn it..
21:55.29*** join/#wowwiki PhotoJim (
21:55.32*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
21:55.32PhotoJimPlay nicely :)
21:55.42TaishiI can't prove it cus the company I thought of is called "Prima Pizza" lol
21:55.48DuTempeteSure, when you stop being a smart-ass :P
21:55.51TaishiI'm sure I knew one with that word in its name
21:56.04TaishiWho, me? O_o
21:56.04DuTempetebut yes, PhotoJim, I was thinking of parlor/parlour
21:56.10DuTempeteno, PhotoJim
21:56.12Sandwichman2448kd3 what do you mean? I could spam the talk page, but I will ask here.
21:56.13PhotoJimDuTempete: the only thing separating you from me is ops you know ;)
21:56.27kd3we don't follow the same rules that wikipedia does
21:56.29winkillerJim is a girl?
21:56.34DuTempeteoh?  what makes you say that?
21:56.40kd3yes, we're an encyclopedia, but we're not going to have a list of profanity for no good reason
21:56.41TaishiI almost forgot why we were e ven talking about this lmao
21:56.48Sandwichman2448I see.
21:56.48PhotoJimDuTempete: you have signs of a razor wit.  I can see it.
21:56.55DuTempeteI dunno, winkiller, are you a girl, PhotoJim ?
21:57.04PhotoJimNo, I'm not a girl.  Sex isn't all that important on irc.
21:57.12winkilleroh it is
21:57.16DuTempeteYou're in the wrong channel if you think that.
21:57.20DuTempeteTopic ^^
21:57.21Sandwichman2448Well, that you for clearing that up.
21:57.24TaishiDepends on what sexc you mean anad what channel lmao
21:57.28MiyariWait I'm a girl, DuTempete.
21:57.28Taishi*sex -c
21:57.36MiyariThat means the only thing separating US is the Op!
21:57.55PhotoJimMaybe I should have lied and said I was a girl.  Sniff.
21:58.04DuTempeteand a country border...
21:58.05TaishiOp seperates t he US? :P lol j/k
21:58.08Dottedwouldnt that technically be cheating? or did i misss something :P?
21:58.18*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
21:58.24winkilleroy, Miyari
21:58.31Miyarioy, me :(
21:58.43TaishiOk thats disturbing
21:58.47winkillerPhotoJim: see, I'd never do that otherwise. It makes a difference
21:58.56Corganoh god it's Miyari
21:59.02winkillerdamn jan'alai
21:59.10MiyariWut level do I get execute! :)
21:59.10DuTempeteNot ifyou don't tell Kirkburn, Dotted.
21:59.15winkiller2 rogues, 1 dps warr, bear and tankadin - less aoe
21:59.17Corganlol miyari
21:59.17MiyariWhat if I tell Kirkburn!
21:59.22PhotoJimwinkiller: duly noted :)
21:59.31DuTempeteThen it's still not cheating.  Then it would be an invitation :P
21:59.36MiyariDon't try to use that on me!
21:59.36Dottedseems like i dont have to DuTempete since you highlighted him :P
21:59.53TaishiErm.. get bear to change to caster, cast thorns, change back to bear, tank vala, AoE :P lol
22:00.04DuTempetelol Dotted he isn't online :P
22:00.10DuTempeteHe's dusting his laptop off atm. :P
22:00.11winkilleramount of melee, adds rape us
22:00.29Dottedso what you really are saying DuTempete is that you are sort of like a wiki, where everyone can....
22:00.57PhotoJimIt's official.  #wowwiki is out of control.
22:01.01*** kick/#wowwiki [Dotted!] by DuTempete (not funny)
22:01.05Taishilol my bad
22:01.06*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
22:01.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
22:01.10MiyariHelp Corgan, I hit Battle Shout and PallyPower came up!
22:01.29Dottedi take it im a vandal then and got blocked - DuTempete?
22:01.56DuTempeteDotted, if I'm a wiki, then I'm a girls and Kirkburn only wiki. :P
22:02.11TaishiI think I might level a druid and wait til tomorrow to see if any warlock shows up that I could drag along for the crazy ride lol
22:02.12Gourrathen it means we're all girls
22:02.23DuTempeteand Kirkburn is the lead admin
22:02.42Dotteddamn, im screwed then DuTempete :(
22:02.49DuTempeteNo, you aren't.
22:02.50TaishiI should get a whole party of hunters to get the lynx and start a fad lmao
22:02.53*** part/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikia/
22:03.03PhotoJimDuTempete: are you and Kirkburn a set?
22:03.09DuTempetePhotoJim, yes :P
22:03.30MiyariNot if I can steal you away :(
22:03.38DuTempeteAre you going to try, Miyari ?
22:03.46MiyariTry? Hon, I shall succeed.
22:03.58MiyariThen we can set up Kirkburn with Skosiris.
22:04.01MiyariPROBLEM SOLVED.
22:04.05PhotoJimThis sounds complex.
22:04.11winkillerand no one thinks of poor Corgan
22:04.14*** join/#wowwiki dJe781`Aw (
22:04.18DuTempeteWhy can't you just sahre me with Kirkburn?
22:04.18MiyariCorgan's got his monkey.
22:04.27winkilleranother monkey?
22:04.40DuTempeteCorgan does Zimbabwe?
22:05.17TaishiI swear, people who make these emails really need to be a bit more less obvious and more original
22:05.33DuTempeteWhat about your pasties?
22:05.49TaishiI got invited to some random site called that is apparently filled with unheard of games
22:05.58TaishiThen in the second email it asks me to "please forward it"
22:06.06TaishiAnd it was emailed to over 30 odd emails
22:06.13TaishiAs IF I'd fall for tat
22:06.58Dottedbut i called you a wiki DuTempete, surely Kirkburn wont approve of my existence then :(
22:06.59[NewsBot]WoW Insider: World of WarCrafts: Buzzard Bite Wraps -
22:07.13DuTempeteyou missed the pun :P
22:07.20DuTempeteNot my fault your English sucks.
22:07.37TaishiOh and its apparently some dumb bitch I haven't heard from in years
22:07.45TaishiI just recognised her email address
22:08.16TaishiProbably some fake site or virus >_>
22:08.24PhotoJimoh sure. it's okay if she puns. not ok if I pun. ;)
22:08.42*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
22:08.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
22:08.47Dottedhey Kirkburn
22:08.51TaishiWho puns?
22:08.52DottedDuTempete is a wiki
22:08.55Gourraey Kirkburn
22:09.11PhotoJimdo we need to found #dutempetewiki now?
22:09.23DuTempetebut you're the lead admin, Kirkburn :P
22:09.34KirkburnNatch ;)
22:09.44TaishiPhoto, don't tempt em lol
22:09.52*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
22:09.52*** mode/#wowwiki [+v cladhaire] by ChanServ
22:10.02Dottedi dont think you understand the type of wiki she is Kirkburn
22:10.24PhotoJimShe's the kind of wiki that requires a copious vocabulary and exceptional language skills.
22:10.34DuTempeteI make one comment about cybering Miyari , and this is what happens.
22:10.41Dotteddid i break my roll already DuTempete :(?
22:10.42DuTempeteDamn skippy, PhotoJim
22:13.15PhotoJimooh.  she hugged a Canadian.  This needs to be documented!
22:13.42GourraI blame canadaaaa
22:13.49DuTempeteActually, I hug Canadian's all the time.  My best friend is from Canadia :P
22:13.58DuTempeteThen there's Miyari and Skosiris...
22:14.35PhotoJimEverything is our fault.  We have our fingers in everything, you know.
22:15.05PhotoJimOh, I thought you typed "bug".
22:15.09PhotoJimHug... that's different.
22:15.11GourraI don't want to know where your fingers have been
22:15.23PhotoJimAlright.  We are only responsible for some things.  Like insulin.  and Mike Vander Jagt.
22:15.39KeolahIt baffles me as to how morons get "stuck" at level 30 and can't figure out how to get any higher...
22:15.52KeolahIt also baffles me how my friends found a guild full of such morons that they won't stop complaining about htem. ;p
22:16.23winkillerwoo, jana'lai down
22:16.23PhotoJimI have to admit that I've not gotten to 30 yet (only been playing a few weeks), but it doesn't strike me that it would be all that difficult to find some quests to work on somewhere.
22:16.28Gourragrats winkiller
22:16.54winkiller2nd time, hopefully we get hex lord this week
22:17.18KeolahThere's _no_ shortage of quests at level 30.. or for that matter, anywhere from 1 to 50-ish, and even then you can get from 50 to 60 with no problem even avoiding the plaguelands ;p
22:17.29*** kick/#wowwiki [Kirkburn!] by DuTempete (DuTempete)
22:17.42KeolahWith the requirements decreased, I've got chars in Outland who never set foot in th Plaguelands ;p
22:17.47*** join/#wowwiki bleeter_ (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
22:17.47*** mode/#wowwiki [+v bleeter_] by ChanServ
22:17.56DuTempeteSadly, that had a valid purpose. :P
22:17.56Keolah(My bf finds the place depressing and doesn't want to quest there if he can help it)
22:18.13DuTempeteI'm not fond of th eplaguelands either, Keolah.
22:18.14winkillerSTV is depressing also
22:18.17winkillerand Dustwallow
22:18.20PhotoJimHmm.  I'll have to check it out and see what I think.
22:18.22winkillerand especially barrens
22:18.22DuTempeteI *hate* winkiller
22:18.24KeolahMy highest level char is now 67, who, I've gotten over my chronic altitis long enough to try to get to 70 ;p
22:18.36DuTempeteerr I meant STV!
22:18.40PhotoJimaltitis.  I've already fallen victim to that :)
22:18.43DuTempeteesp on a pvp server it's horrid
22:18.59GourraI leveled my first (and only) hunter on a pvp server
22:19.03PhotoJimBarrens is depressing, I admit that.  I've been there.
22:19.09KeolahYeah, I don't play pvp, and have only ever gotten killed by another player due to, uh, snake trap;p
22:19.11DuTempetepsh, hunter's do really well in pvp
22:19.23GourraI haven't said that DuTempete :)
22:19.23PhotoJimI have an occasional alt on a pvp server.  fun to play occasionally.
22:19.23KeolahThe Barrens is a positively lush and scenic place compared to Eastern Plaguelands.
22:19.26*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
22:19.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
22:19.38TecnoBratDuTempete, do it again!
22:19.44Gourrawell it was fine before BC, farming furbolgs
22:19.46DuTempetedo what again TecnoBrat ?
22:19.53TecnoBrat<-- DuTempete has kicked Kirkburn from #wowwiki (DuTempete)
22:19.58Gourrabut I had to server transfer because I was getting ganked by rogues all the time
22:20.06Kirkburnlulz, I got disconnected TecnoBrat :P
22:20.08DuTempeteI only did that to help Kirkburn get logged back in :P
22:20.14Gourramhm :P
22:20.29TecnoBratunfortunately that doesn't really change anything :P
22:20.31PhotoJimso she claims :)
22:20.45KeolahRogues are annoying on pve too, yeesh. It's _quite_ irritating to be fighting past some mobs to get to a vein or a named guy you got a quest to kill, only to get there and find a rogue has snuck past and gotten here first ;p
22:21.14GourraI've never experienced that, fortunately
22:21.14KeolahOkay, so more irritating is fighting past some mobs to get to a vein, and then while you're mining it, a level 70 on a flying mount swoops down and just starts mining it ... while you're still trying to mine it.
22:21.24Taishi|AFKOk I'm back but I think I might go back to do some more leveling
22:21.30KeolahI was like, wtf, screw you, that was _my_ adamantite!
22:21.34TaishiIts be nice talking to you guys
22:21.41Gourrabai Taishi
22:21.46TaishiMy name is registered?
22:22.10TaishiHmm, not to me or not my usual password O_o
22:22.16PhotoJimUh oh.
22:22.22GourraOh uh.
22:22.23TaishiI changed it back to Taishi and NS told me its registered
22:22.32TaishiDidnn't state that when I logged in though
22:22.35TaishiThats kinda odd
22:22.52TaishiSomeone stolez my namezes!
22:23.03TaishiOh well
22:23.15TaishiWell, toodles for now anyway
22:23.22PhotoJimciao Taishi.
22:23.38PhotoJimGood incentive to register your nicks here :)
22:23.55KeolahNot when somebody else registered it a year ago, heh.
22:24.41PhotoJimGood incentive to use nicknames with no vowels, like Xbkpclln
22:25.00PhotoJimHeh, my next alt should have one of those impossible-to-pronounce Welsh names.
22:25.36KeolahWhat, like, Llwmwnydd or something? :p
22:25.47equiraptorYou'd never be told you were doing something wrong in voice chat...
22:26.23PhotoJimYes, that's a good example.
22:26.31PhotoJimPeople mispronounce names on voice chat anyway.
22:26.44PhotoJim"Artelia" is "Artela".  "Cadmon" is "Cadnon".
22:27.18Gourraand people sometime pronounce "Ioladin" as "Loladin"..I don't get it.
22:27.18KeolahMy bf pronounces Sepulcher "seh-PULCH-er"... heh.
22:27.21equiraptorI'm just bored and pretending I'm funny. :-P
22:27.27PhotoJimBesides, the riff raff WoWers would leave you alone if they couldn't say your name ;)
22:27.30GourraKeolah: I do that too. :/
22:27.32KeolahI only even know the word due to studying Edgar Allan Poe in high school English class... :S
22:27.34PhotoJimthat's a common spelling.
22:27.43KeolahBut it should be SEH-pul-kur!
22:27.44PhotoJimYou use SEH-pul-ker?
22:27.51KeolahIndeed ;p
22:27.55KirkburnKeolah, exactly
22:28.08PhotoJimmaybe you need a new bf :)
22:28.21Gourrawell, I'm not native to english, and never heard of the word before WoW
22:28.27PhotoJimNext time he says it wrong, just say "Nevermore!"
22:28.38PhotoJimGourra: It's not an everyday word; don't worry.
22:29.01Keolahyes, its a word you'll only care about when reading old Gothic literature or playing a Forsaken on WoW ;p
22:29.06Gourrayou're too late, I've already cut my wrists. ;_;
22:29.11Keolahor raiding the Forsaken, if that's your thing :P
22:29.28Kirkburn"Sepulchre", btw
22:29.34GourraHorde for life
22:29.44PhotoJimMy lowest alt is a Horde.
22:29.51KirkburnThat's the altenative spelling
22:30.00Gourra..but occasionally my dwarf hunter when I'm bored of horde
22:30.43KeolahI tend to go back and forth. I've got 60+ chars on both sides, heh.
22:30.55PhotoJimThat's a lot of characters.
22:30.58PhotoJimI only have four so far.
22:31.04KeolahLevel 60, not 60 characters :P
22:31.08PhotoJimOh. :)
22:31.11PhotoJimThat makes more sense.
22:31.13GourraI read as level 60 too :P
22:31.24KeolahI only have 22 chars total :p
22:31.31KeolahMost of them below level 20, heh.
22:31.34Gourramy highest alliance chars would be 65, 36, 17 and 12
22:31.39PhotoJimMy highest is 22nd.  I can only play 2-3 times a week or so.
22:32.13GourraI got 5 level 60+ chars, soon 6
22:32.26Gourraloads of deleted alts though :P
22:32.28PhotoJimI'm a ways away from having a 60.
22:32.36GourraI've been around a whiel.
22:32.38KeolahIt doesn't take too long to level up once you get going.
22:33.23PhotoJimI only started at Christmas.
22:33.24KeolahMy level 60-ish chars might only have 7-8 days of actual playing time, including time spent fishing, farming, whatnot.
22:33.33PhotoJimThat's not very much.
22:34.14KeolahYeah, since they lowered the requirements to get to level 60, it goes by pretty fast.
22:34.32PhotoJimYes, that was fortuitous timing.
22:34.43*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
22:35.46PhotoJimI'll get there.  Just not tomorrow.
22:37.31PhotoJimhow long have you played?
22:37.37KeolahI want to be level 70... So i can fly!
22:37.51KeolahEh, since around, August?
22:38.01KeolahMy bf got me a subscription for my birthday :D
22:38.24PhotoJimnice of him :)
22:38.25KeolahWhich was in August.. so it must have been August, logically!
22:38.31PhotoJimYes.  August.
22:38.36PhotoJimWe have August in Canada too.
22:38.38PhotoJimIt's in ... August.
22:38.50PhotoJimIt's also my birth month.
22:38.53KeolahIn Oregon we have two seasons, rain and August.
22:39.32KirkburnKeolah, what's August like? "Extra rain"?
22:39.35PhotoJimIn Saskatchewan we have two seasons, winter and construction season.
22:39.50PhotoJimI was going to say it didn't rain when I was there, but that was in an August.
22:40.16KeolahGenerally, it doesn't rain in August, it just gets hot and makes everyone go "OH MY GOD ITS HOT AND I DON"T HAVE AC!"
22:40.56KeolahSo they put out "extreme weather advisories" when it gets to like 95 F ;p
22:41.13PhotoJimWe whine like that too, because the little heat we do get can be oppressive, but not a lot of people get air conditioning for the dozen or two days a year that you need it here.
22:41.14KeolahBah. I NEED MORE THORIUM!
22:41.30PhotoJim95 would be about 35
22:41.36PhotoJim98.6 is 37.1
22:41.48KeolahI can convert F to C in my sleep.
22:41.59PhotoJimI can't do it precisely but I can do it closely enough.
22:42.15KeolahSeriously, I once had this dream where it was really hot, and I said "Man, it's hot, it must be a hundred degrees out here" then I saw a thermometer in the dream and it said 38 degrees.
22:42.55GourraI've never just bothered to memorize the formula
22:43.18PhotoJimC = (F-32) * 5/9
22:43.26GourraI know.
22:43.36KeolahPersonally, I think Celcius makes far more sense, but I live in a backwards country ;)
22:43.42PhotoJimKeolah:  that's an odd dream. :)
22:43.55PhotoJimI prefer metric, but living in Canada would do that.
22:44.21Gourrasweden. \o/
22:45.09KeolahI don't feel like farming thorium at the moment. I hate raising blacksmithing.
22:45.17PhotoJimI have Finnish winter tires.  That's as close to Sweden as I can get. :)
22:45.52Keolah(Especially when the place I've had the best luck getting it is Eastern Plaguelands, and even just going there to farm thorium makes me depressed ;p)
22:45.53*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete_ (
22:46.25KeolahI like Nagrand. It's quite scenic.
22:46.52Gourrait reminds me of Mulgore. that's what makes it so great
22:46.56KeolahNagrand is also an excellent reason to get an epic mount :P
22:47.01Gourraso much change from the depressing terokkar forest
22:47.05PhotoJimI'm 18 levels away from having a mount :)
22:48.32KeolahWe were leveling in Nagrand the other day, and my bf said "I think we control Halaa at the moment" and I replied "Alliance has controlled Halaa since we got into Nagrand. In fact, Alliance has controlled every single pvp objective in Outland ever since we got out here."
22:48.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+o DuTempete] by ChanServ
22:49.32pcjwb dutempete
22:49.57DuTempetety pcj... odd loss of connection to the intarwebz.  Had to reset my modem and router
22:50.25KeolahHalaa was always so quiet and peaceful...
22:50.53PhotoJimMy router used to do that.  I turned it into a boring WiFi access point and built a Linux-based router that's rock steady now.
22:52.57*** join/#wowwiki Lethain (
22:54.23PhotoJimalright, I must be off.  bbl.
23:00.08*** part/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
23:00.42*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
23:00.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
23:08.16Dottedhmm does a Half-tauren exist in wow lore?
23:10.18pcjwhat's the other half
23:10.23pcjwouldn't that be bestiality
23:11.53*** join/#wowwiki fargol (
23:11.54DuTempeteDotted, wouldn't that then just be 1/4 cow?
23:12.28Dottedso tauren is already a half race :o?
23:17.57Gourrawhat creature must've mated with the cows then?
23:18.25Gourrahave they been around that long?
23:21.34foxlitmurloc-cows are biding their time
23:21.40foxlitHidden underwater, controlling the naga
23:22.09foxlituntil one day, due to global azerothian warming (damn that lich king on the icecaps, necromancy is exothermic!), the sea levels rise and flood ironforge
23:22.17foxlitThen the murloc-cows will take over the world.
23:22.53foxlitAnd if any of that comes up on quotes, I'm sure things would be pretty weird :/
23:23.33Gourraya know, I could make "Murloc-cow" on the wiki, but then admins with no sense of humor would {{sd}} it
23:24.00Gourraand if they had sense of humor they would remove it anyway :P
23:24.04foxlit ?
23:24.08DuTempeteThose would be Fandy and Baggins
23:24.16foxlitStart it in userspace, anyway
23:25.19KirkburnWe have a {{silly}} template, but it's gotta be very good, or very well known :)
23:25.36pcjOr Kirkburn's user page
23:25.38DuTempeteBut it ought to be put waaaaaaaay on the bottom of the page :P
23:25.39Kirkburn[[Tauren rogue]] :P
23:25.39[NewsBot]Kirkburn meant:
23:25.42DuTempeteThere ya go :P
23:25.45foxlitI dislike the silly template
23:25.50foxlitIt's such a bloody spoiler
23:25.56pcjI dislike the fanfic template
23:26.01Kirkburnfoxlit, do you find it .... silly?
23:26.03foxlitand someone retagged [[Introducing the Tinfoil Hat]] with it
23:26.07Dottedhmm since when have winterfall furbolgs been buffed with firewater?
23:26.18DuTempetehow is that one silly?
23:26.26DuTempeteThat was a Blizz April Fools joke...
23:26.44kd3doted; always?
23:26.50foxlit(and people tagged my lovely adaptation of that with {{wikify}}
23:26.51KirkburnDotted, uh ...
23:26.54DuTempeteWe're being quite serious on the wiki about how silly Blizzard is
23:26.57foxlitTHOSE INFIDELS!
23:27.04kd3it's just visible now that buffs are shown by default
23:27.07Dottedwell it havent shown before in the UI that is
23:27.28Dottedits many years ago i used standard UI :/
23:27.46foxlitI wrote an addon
23:28.35DottedWTB Detect Loot spell
23:28.36foxlitAmong other things, it transforms [Tinfoil hat] into an actual [Tinfoil Hat] link
23:28.53foxlittooltip and everything
23:30.51foxlitcould I finally get a PS3?
23:31.24foxlitBut they're awesome
23:31.39foxlitwith the possible exception of Fable; PS3 is the only console with appealing games
23:32.40Dottedyou arent into FPS' then
23:33.17KeolahI like my games heavy on story and not so much on running around shooting things.
23:33.35foxlitI play FPSes on a PC
23:33.54foxlitSeems far more appealing
23:33.57KeolahOf course, the FPS's these days tend to have far more story than they used to...
23:33.59Dottedwell the console is the work of the devil
23:34.05KeolahOf course, _any_ story would be more than they used to.
23:39.18*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
23:40.23Dotted::: Now playing: ::: MONORAL - kiri :::
23:54.51pcjkd3 / kirkburn: shouldn't the undocumented changes at the bottom of be split off like on other patch pages
23:56.05KirkburnHmm, it's not that long
23:57.45Dottedwhos the hardest hitting creature in wow?
23:58.06Dottedthat accessible solo
23:58.10kd3I got crit by gruul for 41k last night, that's my highest
23:58.20kd3uh, solo? one of the world raid bosses, I guess
23:58.44Dottedwell i got stealth :p
23:58.56[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WTS: 5v5, decent rating, misspelled name -

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