IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080204

00:05.50KeolahStartling revelation of the moment: Boars make good pets.
00:22.16Gourrawhy doesn't |type= in npcbox work properly?
00:22.36Gourrathe help article says it will show the type in brackets after |race=, but for me it's after the level
00:22.55GourraI have to use |creature= to make it work
00:24.43[NewsBot]foxlit meant:
00:25.18Gourraah, right. was watching at {{mobbox}}
00:27.00foxlitIt doesn't actually handle type
00:27.17foxlit|{{#if:{{{rare|}}}{{{elite|}}}|type={{{rare|}}} {{{elite|}}}}}
00:27.18[NewsBot]foxlit meant:}
00:27.32foxlitpass |rare=Rare or |elite=Elite if you want those to appear next to creature level :)
00:28.47Gourrahmm I don't see |rare=Rare in the mob help article..
00:29.50Kaso|rare=Rare or |elite=Elite ? that seems like an odd design choice
00:30.32Kasowhynot something like unittype=Rare unittype=Elite ?
00:30.47foxlitbecause |unittype=Rare Elite is also a viable option
00:30.55foxlitMaybe because the person writing didn't know any better
00:31.04foxlitGourra: what did you actually want, exactly? :)
00:31.39GourraI just wondered why my {{npcbox}} was broken, it was because I was looking at {{mobbox}} :P
00:31.40[NewsBot]Gourra meant:}}_was_broken,_it_was_because_I_was_looking_at_Template:mobbox
00:31.46Gourrano I didn't.
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00:33.12Kasonice bug
00:34.17foxlitGrr, this bugs me
00:34.30foxlitSomething is appending junk output to the end of php scripts :(
00:34.39foxlit(evil link: ; treat carefully)
00:35.20Gourrawhat's wrong with it?
00:35.35foxlitscript language=javascript>document.write(unescape('%3c%73%63%72%69 ...
00:35.57foxlitI've seen it before, but I can't figure out what's appending it :(
00:37.50[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Spiritual Guidance: Level 1 to 5 on your new Priest -
00:38.44KasoYou need a guide for the first five levels?
00:38.53Kaso1)Get quest
00:38.56Kaso2)kill stuff
00:39.00Kaso3)Hand in quest
00:39.04Kaso4)Level 5!
00:39.15Olisonseriously, 1-5 leveling guide
00:39.24Olisonwhats wrong with this site
00:39.43Kasothey ran out of stuff to write about 2 years ago
00:40.54Gourrafoxlit: have you tried any forum?
00:41.11Gourraall I find on google is that it prevents junk mail and ads
00:41.13foxlitGourra: yes, no.
00:41.29Kaso Woohoo, ski sunday!
00:42.22foxlitah, hah
00:42.31foxlitI still have them blackholed through hosts from the last time
00:49.34pcjare there any epic meta gems
00:51.25KasoOur survey says:
00:52.39pcjWell played
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01:20.24foxlitThere we go, nuked it from orbit.
01:28.20KasoThe bug planet? or something less useful
02:12.51Kirkburn ... wow
02:14.44Kasowhats with the badly aligned patches of white behind the text as if it's be written over
02:19.26kd3it's translated from korean
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02:20.16Raigehi guys
02:21.25Raigeis it ok to ask about private wow servers on this channel?
02:22.03Raigejust wondering
02:22.25kd3"We are an official fan site, obey the ToU!"
02:22.33KirkburnUm, and ignore my quote :P
02:22.49*** part/#wowwiki Raige (
02:22.52Kasoi do wonder about the context of that
02:23.47KirkburnI'm sure it was perfectly reasonable at the tim
02:24.15KirkburnYay for rocking boats :)
02:24.38KirkburnThe BB-->Ratchet boat rocks, you have a dirty mind
02:26.04KirkburnWhee, Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe at 32 :P
02:26.12Sky2042_Kirkburn: you're... weird.
02:26.16KirkburnWell, almost at 31, but I levelled getting it
02:27.06KasoYou're leveling another warlock?
02:29.14Sky2042_gad, i hate onett. sigh.
02:30.52Sky2042_they're bringing back onett for ssbb
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03:32.24KirkburnSky2042_, ^
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04:27.28Sky2042_oh shit.
04:27.31Sky2042_skeet skeet skeet
04:27.45Fisker-you know that i'll destroy you Sky2042_
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05:58.01pcjwb dutempete
05:58.09DuTempetety pcj
05:58.13DuTempeteand Sky2042_
05:58.30DuTempeteI slept through the last half of the game :P
05:59.09DuTempeteI wasn't really there for the game though.  Had a "lovely" chat with my little sister when she showed up...
05:59.57DuTempeteDid you guys watch it?
06:00.09Sky2042I missed most of it. I went to swim practice at quarter to 2. went and cut my foot open (not a big cut), and got 6 stitches put in me :/
06:00.20Sky2042(game started at 3:17 pst)
06:00.40Sky2042so, i didn't get home till about 6. about the end of the 3rd.
06:01.09KeolahYou slept through Outland?
06:01.20pcjsuper bowl
06:01.33KeolahHow much HP does that heal?
06:01.49pcjany recent dreams about wow?
06:02.03KeolahI was dreaming I was mining "Tera Silver Deposit" which summoned hostile elementals when I mined it.
06:02.49Sky2042Keolah: might want to think about getting your head checked by someone qualified >.>
06:03.36KeolahI had better not mention that to anyone that works for Blizzard, lest they get any ideas.
06:03.36Sky2042(and for a moment, thought you were Kirkburn, though I know he's asleep)
06:04.50Sky2042(just got that...)
06:06.45DuTempetewow, sounds like an exciting evening Sky2042
06:07.02Sky2042oh yes. quite.
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06:07.53DuTempetehowdy Mike-N-Go
06:08.08Mike-N-GoDuTempete: Greetings.
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06:11.54[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Blizzplanet News Roundup Jan 23 - Feb 03 -
06:12.00[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Blizzard Job Openings 2-01-08 -
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08:40.24KalrothI'm world wide, baby
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08:51.57[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Warcraft 3 Patch 1.21b No-CD Patch This Week -
08:58.16Fisker-about time though
08:58.47Fisker-Copy protections arel ame
08:59.08Fisker-Would be awesome if SC2 didn't need a CD/DVD atleast for
08:59.14Fisker-out of the box of course
09:03.09Kalrothuh, just visit gamecopyworld :p
09:09.49Fisker-borderline illegal retard
09:09.52Fisker-probably bannable
09:11.51KalrothNo it's not illegal
09:12.01KalrothAnyone who says so is a retard
09:16.23Fisker-Kalroth i said borderline
09:16.37Fisker-in any case it is most likely against any EULA or ToS
09:16.43Fisker-and then
09:16.45Fisker-BOOM HEADSHOT
09:16.48Fisker-account b&
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10:24.01[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Wowhead update, comics, 2.4 compilation -
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12:51.06infobotYou are probably looking for
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13:02.36[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Breakfast Topic: What do you like best about your class? -
13:09.32Dottedhi Fisker-
13:09.42Dottedpirate bay is getting censored
13:13.20Fisker-på et eller andet tidspunkt må vi lave et statskup
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13:17.19Kirkburnugh, watching a video about an automatic shotgun. Sickening.
13:18.13Fisker-Kirkburn though
13:18.21Fisker-i need to invest in that shotgun :o
13:18.28Fisker-we have to save our country
13:19.19DottedKirkburn how about Denmark is turning into the new China. Even more sickening
13:19.46AdysWhat'd be a good ftp client for linux?
13:21.05Fisker-trolling = win
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13:21.18KirkburnI will never understand how people get interested in things that kill people. So ... civilised.
13:21.32AdysKirkburn:  the AA12?
13:21.50Adysits sick
13:21.56Adysseen it yday
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13:22.47Kalroth"Recoilless Auto Shotgun Fires 300 Rounds Per Minute, No Cleaning or Lube Required"
13:22.54KalrothNo cleaning or lube, eh?
13:22.56Fisker-just like your mother :D
13:23.08KalrothI wonder when they're going to make frenchies that good!
13:23.35AdysWhen france will stop having 98% of the lube market share
13:23.39DottedKirkburn i wanna see
13:23.44Fisker-Dotted lad os ddos'e statens servere
13:23.50Fisker-eller får arbejde derinde og ligge dem ned
13:23.55Dottedselvf Fisker-
13:24.02Dottedgo id+e
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13:25.23Fisker-go fåck yourself Adys
13:26.42Kirkburnlol, someone's justifications for this is: "without the rifle we would still all be ruled by kings and priests. Learn some history. Seriously, do you think the people of what is now the USA would ever have been able to wage an effective war against England with archers and knights?"
13:27.02KirkburnSomehow I think it's the US, not England, that's rules by priests these days ...
13:27.12Kalrothns :)
13:27.19Fisker-so Dotted
13:27.24Fisker-what's your predictions?
13:27.28Fisker-I guess they'll lose the case
13:29.12Dottedwhat case?
13:29.22Dottedi think they'll win
13:29.45Fisker-You underestimate the power of corporate greed and state corruption
13:29.45KalrothTPB will win in either case. If they win, they win. If they lose, they're martyrs.
13:30.45Fisker-i doubt much will happen in the case they lose
13:30.58Fisker-people will be upset, and then that'll be the end of that
13:31.37Fisker-Looking at the case so far i can say pretty certainly that a pretty high level of corruption or incompetence have already been achieved
13:31.48KalrothThe day their servers got confiscated, 4 new mirrors popped up instantly. If they lose the lawsuit then even more will pop up.
13:32.11Fisker- <-haha @ 3. kommentar Dotted :P
13:32.20Fisker-Kalroth that's not the point
13:32.30Fisker-If they lose it, it's a loss for freedom itself
13:32.56Fisker-And that will only be regained by reclaiming it
13:33.08Dottedfreedom in denmark has already been lost today
13:33.10KalrothNaw, it's just a minor setback. :)
13:33.20Fisker-I doubt any of us is in the militia business
13:33.57KalrothThere's a business in militia? :)
13:34.05Fisker-of course
13:35.25Fisker-It also came to our attention that it's now possible to buy the documents, from the police!, in the current investigation about The Pirate Bay. But only on paper. And it's not 4000 pages, it 4620 pages. And they cost 6050 SEK for all of them (about 1000 USD). Our view of it? Why not just make a PDF, make a torrent of the PDF and seed it.
13:35.27Fisker-Comedy gold
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14:04.04Fisker-btw Dotted
14:04.25Dottedbe quick about it
14:04.30Dottedim watching anime
14:04.32Fisker-thepiratebay should get in the opendns business :O
14:04.51[NewsBot]GamePolitics: MIT’s Henry Jenkins: Why the Chinese Fear Game Addiction More than Game Violence -
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15:03.03[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: The Deeprun deception -
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15:11.11Gourra'ello Tyyyy1
15:11.47Adyswow thats got to be humiliating
15:12.13Gourrahaha, indeed
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15:16.04Gourrabut meh..that would kill the competition of search engines
15:16.44Gourrabah I've forgot the command
15:16.45Adystheres competition?
15:16.47AdysyoU're kidding
15:16.51Adysneeds a slash at the end
15:17.04Adyseveryone uses google
15:17.11*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
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15:17.25Adysthe ones using yahoo or live search are either forced to, or just have their head in their ass so much their hate google
15:17.37Adysand if you tell me other search engines exist ill laugh
15:17.56Adysstill exists?
15:18.07Adysi thought dinosaurs ate the company
15:18.23Fisker-Why not hate google?
15:18.29Gourrayup it exists
15:18.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!*@*] by Adys
15:18.36Fisker-They've basically become what they've always criticised
15:18.41Gourraand it can search for mp3's!
15:18.52Fisker-They basically are what Microsoft were years ago
15:19.01Adysand not really fisker
15:19.01Fisker-They're the ones being anti-competitive now
15:19.06Fisker-and yes really
15:19.15Adysif you too didnt have your head up your ass you'd accept some facts
15:19.40Adysgo fucking read up on both companies before saying shit like that honestly
15:19.48Fisker-i suggest you do the same
15:19.58Adysi did that a while ago thanks
15:20.12Fisker-they called the addition of the opensearch(or whatever it's called) in IE7 for anti-competitive
15:20.31Fisker-even though it actually enables IE users to use google as their standard search engine
15:20.35Fisker-which it didn't do before
15:20.42Adysgo ahead and link where they did
15:20.53Fisker-Google buys out technology just like Microsoft did back in the day
15:21.17Adysyeah because its totally absurd for a company to buy another
15:21.30Adysgoogle still invents alot of technologies by themself
15:21.36Adysunlike ms for that matter
15:21.36Fisker-so does Microsoft
15:21.45Adyswhat did ms do?
15:21.46*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
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15:21.52Fisker-I'm not saying what Google is doing is wrong
15:22.05Fisker-But that's what other people is saying, not realizing that Google is doing the exact same thing
15:22.10KirkburnAhem, Google has a near monopoly on search
15:22.16AdysNo kirk
15:22.32Adystheres difference between monopoly and near-full use
15:22.37Adysno one forces you to use google
15:22.49Adysin a monopoly, you're forced to use or to have something
15:22.54Adyslike in windows, you're forced to have IE
15:22.59Fisker-Microsoft didn't have a monopoly
15:23.05Fisker-and you're not forced to use IE
15:23.10Adysyou used to be
15:23.13Fisker-you're forced to have Google as well by your logic
15:23.24Adysyou're not because they faced patents
15:23.33Adysand you still are forced to have ie
15:23.43Fisker-and the same with google
15:23.45Adys(you can uninstall it sure, if you give it a good week)
15:23.50Fisker-You can't get internet without google
15:24.07AdysWhere did you read that? that is not true
15:24.21Adysthe fact google technologies are awesome dont mean you have to use them
15:24.35Adysgoogle maps is a "monopoly" because theres no alternative
15:24.40Adysnot because they are buying the competition
15:24.51Fisker-and the same is still true for Internet Explorer
15:24.51Adysthats an example between others
15:24.57Fisker-And there are alternatives to google maps btw
15:25.05Adysdecent alternatives.
15:25.26AdysAnd Im sorry but when other browsers started being popular, MS made it harder to switch
15:25.42Adysyeah, i said DECENT alternatives
15:25.44*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
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15:25.56Fisker-that's not what the link is about
15:26.08Adysgive me a min then
15:26.10Kirkburn(sorry, trying to sort something out)
15:26.24Fisker-That's the link where Google tells the DoJ that IE7 is anti-competitive because they had msn in the search provider
15:26.34Fisker-All in all it's a bunch of bull
15:26.59Fisker-People are trying to diss Microsoft because they bundle their products, but anyone else gets off the hook without problems
15:27.20Adysthey said ms is anticompetitive because the plan was not being able to switch search providers
15:27.28Fisker-it is
15:27.36Adysthe plan was not to
15:27.40Adysi know it is
15:27.59Adyswhether a google hater or a ms lover twitches the word in the articles i couldnt care more, whats true stays true, ms IS anticompetitive thats nothing new
15:28.02Fisker-When that statement was made Google was in the default list of search providers
15:28.15Fisker-Google is just as much anticompetitive as microsoft is
15:28.39Adysboy you got it bad.
15:28.56[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Error reading source feed. -;action=.xml;board=2.0;sa=news;
15:29.05Adysoh shut up
15:29.05Fisker-Infact i don't remember any beta where IE7 didn't have that opensearch(or whatever it's called) engine
15:29.13sacarascmonotheistic religions are anticompetitive because they only have 1 god
15:29.46Adysfisker, the news itself is not accurate
15:30.14Fisker-Yeah the NY Times are obviously working with Microsoft to bring down google!11
15:30.37Adysgoogle did whine about microsoft wanting to integrate an engine in ie that didnt let you switch search providers without going tremendously into the settings
15:31.02Fisker-That's the one they always had
15:31.05Fisker-you know before IE7
15:31.07Adysthis never happened because ms had a moment of brightness in the end, and the story started being known.
15:31.08Fisker-so that doesn't make sense
15:31.42AdysBefore IE7 you could perfectly change the search provider in preferences
15:31.47Adysalmost same as firefox for that matter
15:31.56Fisker-no you couldn't
15:32.02AdysThen how did I.
15:32.03Fisker-You could search, or not at all
15:32.07Fisker-Registry hack
15:32.14AdysI never touched the reg :/
15:32.18KirkburnUh, yeah, you could change the search provider in XP
15:32.25Fisker-then you had something else to do with it
15:33.10AdysJust keep loving microsoft if you want, they're going to need it quite alot in the coming months. cba to argue over it
15:33.43KirkburnI think it's more than MS gets a rough deal as opposed to certain companies
15:33.48Fisker-Funny how Google wants you to run a registry hack if you could change it in the preferences
15:34.25Fisker-it was never possible to change search providers pre-7.0
15:34.27Fisker-That's a fact
15:34.31Adysdude how old is this article
15:34.31Fisker-Google confirms it
15:34.36Adysnetscape 4 is not new
15:34.47KirkburnI could have sworn there was an easier way to change providers previous to IE7
15:35.27*** join/#wowwiki Xinhuan (i=xinhuan@WoWUIDev/WoWAce/xinhuan)
15:35.36Adysyes because this is before xp
15:35.48Fisker-the operating system shouldn't matter
15:35.51KirkburnIf Google tries to get a slice of Yahoo action (which there's rumours of), someone will have to eat their words :P
15:35.52Adys"For Windows: Download this file to make Google the default search engine for Internet Explorer versions 4.0 - 6.0."
15:36.15KirkburnI did say rumours of :P
15:36.19Fisker-i'm guessing it's that
15:37.16Fisker-In any case IE7 was a step forward in a more open and competitive market, not a step backwards from IE6, and it was never intended to be like that either
15:37.25KirkburnFisker-, indeed, that's the one
15:37.27Fisker-Atleast not with the post-Vista alpha's
15:37.44Fisker-I don't remember if the Vista IE 6.5 had open search
15:38.14KirkburnWait, Vista IE6.5?
15:38.40Adysbeta shit
15:38.41Fisker-it was 6.5 in the old alpha/beta builds
15:38.57KirkburnHardly relevant though
15:39.00Adysi dont give beta credits for stuff, be it good or bad
15:39.57KirkburnThe reason IE7 came set to default to Live Search was because it had to be set to something, and having a forced options screen on first load is icky (besides the whole, who gets to be shown thing)
15:40.28Adysits MS's problem to make something default or not
15:40.38Adysnot gonna complain about them wanting to make money over it
15:41.00KirkburnI think it points you to the Add Search Providers place though which doesn't give live search prominence
15:41.02Adysnow, forcing into one single option or company is monopolistic
15:42.08KirkburnWhich is why since XP SP2 you can change all that stuff
15:42.17Dottedyou can :o?
15:42.33KirkburnDefault Programs, Dotted
15:42.42Dottedah that onr
15:43.05Adyswhich doesnt really mean IE doesnt get added back as default once in a while
15:43.20Fisker-That was SP1 :P
15:43.43Fisker-And IE doesn't automatically go back once in a while
15:43.48Adyssure it does
15:43.53Adysgo try it by yourself
15:44.02DottedIE just needs to be removeable
15:44.11Adyschange the path of a default browser in the registery
15:44.14KirkburnI do recall programs do like to ask "make me your default"
15:44.16AdysIE is back as default
15:44.36Dottednow why use the regDB?
15:44.48Adysbecause its faster than reinstalling something
15:44.52Fisker-So when you're messing with the computers in way you shouldn't you get unexpected results
15:44.53Adysyou can try with that too
15:45.01Adysdont be fucking dumb fisker
15:45.14Adysas soon as the status of a current default app is changed
15:45.22Adysits back on MS default
15:45.23Fisker-Basically what you're saying is you uninstalled the program, didn't install it correctly and blamed Microsoft for trying to be USER FRIENDLY and fix the problem
15:45.40Adysno fisker
15:45.44Adysget some brains or shut up
15:45.51KirkburnFisker-, indeed, SP1, good spot
15:45.57Dotted[16:43:45] [@Adys]: get some brains or shut up
15:45.58Dotted[16:43:46] [+Fisker-]: yes
15:46.09Adysas soon as the STATUS of an app is changed
15:46.11Adysit goes back on IE
15:46.15Adysyou can try reinstalling
15:46.22Adysadding something from the installer
15:46.26Adysremoving something from the installer
15:46.34Adysuninstalling and installing again
15:46.43Adyswhatever you do, windows forgets entirely about the app
15:46.46Adysand resets on default
15:46.49Adyswhich happens to be IE
15:46.49Fisker-of course
15:46.52Adysits VERY sensitive
15:46.54Fisker-why should it remember an app you have removed?
15:46.56KirkburnUninstalling/reinstalling should certainly reset it
15:47.02Adysyes kirk
15:47.10Adysbut adding something through the installer no
15:47.21Adystheres other ways to trigger it
15:47.22KirkburnAltering the program, not so much, but that's more likely a technical thing
15:47.31Adysthere was an article about it
15:47.34Adyslet me try and find it
15:48.14Fisker-Good thing i happen to have a firesux install
15:49.02Adysyou happen to just hate anything that goes against your beloved company
15:49.02KirkburnAnyway, that's not so much forcing a program on people, but ensuring that the ability is not lost. Say, for example, there was an FF install that didn't allow internet access - how should Windows know if you altered you install to that type?
15:49.10Fisker-actually not Adys
15:49.18Fisker-I like Opera, but too much bloat in my opinion
15:49.30KirkburnOr that you /didn't/ alter it to that type. Thus, resetting it to a working default makes sense.
15:49.48AdysKirkburn:  what i meant about using registery hacks is proving at which point the reset trigger is sensitive
15:50.00Adysitll find any and every occasion to reset to default
15:50.05Adyseven if the program still exists
15:50.14Adysits not going to bother to do any sanity check
15:50.28KirkburnWell, programming sanity checks is hardly easy
15:50.37Fisker-what a shock!
15:50.44Dottedi must say to windblowz defense that is have never ever changed my default browser back to IE
15:50.47Fisker-I just added the dom inspector and the user shit to firefox
15:50.51Adysdoes default.path exist
15:50.54Adysif no, reset
15:50.55Fisker-and it kept it's default browser status!
15:50.57Adysif yes, die
15:51.03KirkburnYou want Windows to check if Fx can connect to the net in all capacities next time you change a registry line?
15:51.05Fisker-i'm shocked and appalled
15:51.17Adysdotted: It has done so only once here
15:51.25Adysbecause i never actually reinstalled firefox
15:51.28Adysthe one time it did
15:51.38Adyswas when i installed minefield over firefox, to have two installations
15:51.46Adyswhich just proves the point that its oversensitive
15:51.47Kirkburn(Windows should obviously ask when resetting though)
15:51.57AdysKirkburn:  No
15:52.03Fisker-i had a problem where i had removed thunderbird and it would keep thunderbird as the default app
15:52.04AdysI just want windows to verify if the application exists
15:52.16Fisker-even after resetting it in access & defaults
15:52.23Fisker-but it was fixed after i reinstalled :P
15:53.12*** join/#wowwiki arskeh (
16:02.28KirkburnAdys, again, "Say, for example, there was an FF install that didn't allow internet access - how should Windows know if you altered you install to that type?"
16:02.58Adyshow can a ff install not allow internet access specifically
16:03.40Adyspretty much everyone can build a browser that doesnt allow internet access
16:03.47Adysand make windows think its a browser
16:03.59Adysits not windows job to check if the app can do its job properly
16:04.09Adysotherwise windows wouldnt let ie6 connect right ? :D
16:04.21Fisker-I think his point is what if a program had maliciously changed these settings?
16:04.49AdysNot window's job to reset back to IE
16:05.28Adysits an antivirus's job to catch the malicious program
16:05.44Adysmicrosoft antivirus live premium 2008 edition if you want
16:05.48Adysbut not windows' job
16:05.55Adysand certainly not to reset it to IE
16:06.59[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Officers' Quarters: A moral dilemma -
16:07.25Kirkburn"microsoft antivirus live premium 2008 edition" ... it's called Windows Live OneCare actually
16:08.14Adysi was just kidding about the name
16:08.27KirkburnI know, but exaggeration isn't a good way to debate
16:08.55Adyssorry kirk but after seeing you debate I am not taking that up :)
16:09.01KirkburnMy theoretical idea was partly what Fisker- said, and partly that programs can do different things
16:09.33Fisker-That's also incorrect btw
16:09.35KirkburnSo what if you think I exaggerated with Zeal, it doesn't make the point elss valid
16:09.50Adysyou overreact kirk
16:09.55Fisker-In a best-case scenario you shouldn't need external software to secure your software
16:09.56Adysnothing else wrong
16:10.03AdysFisker-:  Sure
16:10.07Fisker-but you need that, Linux, Windows but not mac, since everyone hates mac
16:10.14KirkburnHah, you think I overreact, that makes me smile
16:10.25KirkburnI act as the diplomat most of the time, y'know
16:10.49Adysi was talking about this specifically
16:10.53Adysbut forget it
16:11.07AdysFisker-: I agree, in the best case you wouldnt need external software
16:11.21Adysbut the fact is, the job is not to reset the settings back to default
16:11.27Adysits to catch the malicious program
16:11.31Adystotally different
16:11.31KirkburnOverreacting here? I'm just saying that it's better to be realistic with what you say
16:12.03AdysForget it kirk please
16:12.33KirkburnPerhaps a better example ... say you installed program x, which does email and internet, then you alter the install to do only internet.
16:13.04KirkburnSomehow Windows has to know that
16:13.12Adysthats the program's job
16:13.14*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
16:13.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
16:13.14KirkburnBut if it's not told, it has to reset
16:13.23AdysWindows' expectations are:
16:13.27KirkburnAdys, this is true
16:13.32Adys"Who are you?"
16:13.34*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
16:13.34*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj_2] by ChanServ
16:13.36Adys"What are you here for?"
16:14.02AdysSo if a program does both mail and browser, it has to identify itself as a mail app and a browser
16:14.03Kirkburn"Do you have a pass?"
16:14.13Kirkburn"Why aren't you wearing nice shoes?"
16:14.26Kirkburn(my version of security checks)
16:14.34*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
16:14.34*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
16:14.38AdysHI KALROTH
16:14.45Kalrothhay baby
16:14.55AdysANSWER BITCH
16:15.07KalrothThey're in the closet.
16:15.17KalrothI don't want to make them unpretty by using them.
16:15.30KirkburnAdys, I do agree. This all assumes the programmers do it right, which may not occur :P (and again, wouldn't have to be mail/internet, could be more specific)
16:15.47AdysKind of true
16:15.51AdysBut ..
16:16.06AdysYou can for example make any browser identified as a mail app
16:16.10Adysits just more complicated
16:16.27Adysbut its what i did for a while since i use gmail as my mail app
16:16.33Adysi wanted ff to be my default mail client
16:18.06KirkburnAnyway, my personal view is that MS isn't as bad as it's made out to be, and Google isn't as angelic - but not that MS is angelic, or Google is the devil :P
16:18.43KirkburnIf the MS/Yahoo deal only involved search, Google would absolutely have to accept it
16:18.48KalrothKirkburn: How Zen!
16:19.07AdysId be worried if i knew yahoo and ms were to merge
16:19.22AdysFlickr future pics would have to say goodbye to CC license.
16:19.53KirkburnWhy? Do you think MS is incapable of respecting people's wishes?
16:20.46KirkburnIn what possible way would an MS takeover affect the license of images :/
16:20.46AdysNot about people's wishes
16:20.47Adysits about their own interests
16:20.53KirkburnAnd destroying the principles of Flickr would be in their interests?
16:21.00KirkburnI find that farfetched
16:21.15*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
16:21.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
16:21.33AdysNot about destroying the principles of Flickr, but knowing MS yes i wouldnt hope Flickr future pics to be CC
16:21.48Kirkburn"Knowing MS" ... they've done this before?
16:22.03KasoMicrosoft? flickr? whats this?
16:22.13Adysflickr is owned by yahoo
16:22.20Kirkburn"<Adys> Flickr future pics would have to say goodbye to CC license."
16:22.27Adysif yahoo was to accept the deal flickr would be owned by ms
16:22.29KasoAh, right
16:22.33KirkburnI find that idea farfetched
16:22.36KasoMS wouldnt do that
16:23.16Kasoif they changed the licencing to some sorta "we own your pictures" licence, the site would die over night
16:23.20KirkburnMS isn't against sharing, it just doesn't believe that open source is the answer to everything
16:23.33Adyskaso: if they did that over night, too
16:23.35KirkburnI dislike referring to MS as a single entity anyway
16:23.47Adysbut i doubt it'd happen in a big announcement heh
16:24.11KirkburnSee, now we're just entering the territory of "MS is evil", without much justification
16:24.25Kasothey wouldnt annouce it, but in our modern world of digg and slashdot, if anything like that happened i'd be everywhere quick
16:24.55KirkburnOf course they would announce it
16:25.16KirkburnYou can't not announce such a change
16:25.30Adysaye they'd definitely have to announce it somewhere
16:25.41KirkburnI also fail to see why CC licensing is against MS principles
16:25.51Adysprinciples? interests you mean
16:26.11KirkburnIt's in Yahoo's interests too, but are you complaining about them?
16:26.24KirkburnWhy is MS different?
16:26.27AdysNo because Im not worried about yahoo more than that
16:26.33Adysgot alot more respect for yahoo :p
16:26.40KirkburnThis is pretty obvious
16:27.55AdysKirkburn:  and if you ask why i got so few respect for ms just read up on ballmer
16:28.17Adyshe sums up my view of the company quite well :p
16:28.20KirkburnWho is one guy out of the many many many many people who run and are employed by Microsoft
16:28.29*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
16:28.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:28.39Adyshes the one running it nowadays
16:29.17Adysgates is like an old guy in a wheel chair letting others do the job (and i understand that :P)
16:29.22KirkburnJust like Mr Bush is responsible for everything that happens in the US
16:29.44*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
16:29.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
16:29.48AdysWho made the 45 billion dollars bid?
16:30.03KirkburnOh, right, Ballmer did everything himself
16:30.16AdysKirkburn: Yeah
16:30.18AdysMore or less
16:30.52KirkburnSo perhaps, you can focus your dislike on him, not the rest of Microsoft
16:31.15AdysI do
16:31.32KirkburnI don't particularly like the idea of the merger myself, but Google acting all high and mighty about it is a bit rich
16:31.37AdysExcept that ms is ran by him and if ms buys something its in his hands what they bought is
16:32.00AdysDid you read
16:32.17KirkburnTried, router is being an ass
16:32.31AdysIll mirror it for you, sec.
16:32.34KirkburnAh, got it now
16:32.56KirkburnYeah, saw that recently - that would be worse in some ways
16:33.08KirkburnWould give Google even more search dominance
16:33.16Adyshonestly it wouldnt
16:33.24Adysitd give google more mail dominance
16:33.43Adysmore social dominance (image, flickr google image integration)
16:33.45KirkburnHow would it not?
16:34.00Adysno one uses yahoo search
16:34.06KirkburnGoogle image = Picasa
16:34.14Adysyes i know thanks :P
16:34.21*** join/#wowwiki Iudicia (
16:34.22Adysthey'd integrate flickr to google image
16:34.28Adysand prob merge picasa and flickr in some way
16:34.43foxlitbecause merging google video and youtube worked so well
16:35.12AdysGoogle vid was not old enough to be worth merging completely
16:35.25KirkburnMore people use Yahoo than Live Search
16:35.47Adyswell yes
16:35.48KirkburnNov 2007 - Google 66%, Yahoo 22%, MS 7.1%
16:35.52Adysbut not yahoo search
16:36.07Adysstatistics suck
16:36.09KirkburnAccording to Hitwise, by searches
16:36.21Adysmail and search are in the same bucket
16:36.24KirkburnThey sure do, when they disprove your point
16:36.35Adysand alot of people use ymail
16:36.47KirkburnAs I said, a Google/Yahoo search alliance would be much worse than an MS/Yahoo alliance
16:37.13Adyssomething is sure, i wouldnt fear for the future of yahoo if it was in google's hands.
16:37.33KirkburnFear for the future of it? How do you mean?
16:37.51KirkburnLoss of name? Employees? goodwill?
16:38.00Adysyahoo services*
16:38.12Adysi dont know of anything google bought which they didnt make better
16:38.29Adyspicasa is the "worst" they did and it was still alot better than before
16:42.41Adys is amazing
16:47.39*** join/#wowwiki hombre (n=jorge@
16:47.55DottedLa Linea > *
16:48.38*** mode/#wowwiki [-b #wowwiki!*@*] by Adys
16:48.47*** mode/#wowwiki [-b *!*@*] by Adys
16:49.21*** mode/#wowwiki [-b *!n=ILOVEWOW@71.128.253.*] by Adys
16:49.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!n=ILOVEWOW@*] by Adys
16:50.10Adysi remember that dotted
16:50.28Dottedevery european should
16:50.40Dottedor else they arent a european
16:52.26sacarascdoes anyone know when the dire maul arena thing happens? what times
16:52.47sacarasci thought it was every 6 hours
16:52.55Dottedsomeone wants an orb of deception :P?
16:53.01Adys12-28h timer
16:53.07sacarascDotted: maybe
16:53.26sacarascnothing else to do than sit around there anyway
16:55.24Dottedyou could watch La Linea
16:56.10sacarasci could also stab myself in the face, but sitting outside an arena waiting for random mobs to spawn seems preferable
17:00.28*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
17:01.18*** join/#wowwiki Eladrien (
17:01.37Eladrienare we allowed to ask questions directly in the channel?
17:01.45KirkburnOf course
17:01.59Eladrienok I somehow manged to get rid of the y and x axis thing beside the mini map
17:02.02Eladrienany idea how to get it back?
17:02.13Adysinterface options
17:02.24Adysits somewhere there i dont remember where precisely
17:02.32Adysits something with minimap in the name
17:03.13[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Moviewatch: Shpongle music video -
17:03.27Eladrienrotae minimap is the only minimap option in there and it doesn't bring it back
17:03.37Adysyes its that
17:03.47Adyswell what do you mean then?
17:03.50KirkburnWhat x and y axis thing?
17:04.28KirkburnIf yes, sounds like an addon
17:05.54Eladrienoh thats an add on... I used to have it and then it dissapeared...
17:06.09Eladrienthe thing that tells you like 53, 39 and then you walk until you get there and there is somethign there lol
17:06.15EladrienI'm still kind of a WoW noob
17:06.31*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
17:06.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
17:06.58Adysoff to bed, nite
17:07.07AdysKirkburn:  give the poor guy an addon with coords :P
17:07.28Eladrienlol thanks
17:07.49KirkburnSqueenix, simpleMinimap, lots more
17:08.01Eladrienwhich one would you recommend
17:08.01KirkburnAn addon channel like #wowi-lounge may give you more help
17:08.08Eladrienleast buggy
17:08.08Adyssimpleminimap is good
17:08.10KirkburnHmm, of those two, I've used both - not much to choose
17:08.31DottedsimpleMinimap, Squeenix, BasicMinimap (although this isnt released anywahere)
17:08.41Fisker-i liek where that documentary is going Adys
17:09.00Dottedi preffer Squeenix tbh dunno why
17:10.07Eladriencool thanks...
17:10.10EladrienI found squeenix
17:10.30KirkburnDotted, cause it's furrier?
17:10.31Kasoi think this is the cutest music video ever
17:10.48Eladriendo they just install or is it copy paste somehwere?
17:11.25Eladrienand spike jonze music videos are always good
17:11.47Dottednah because Tekkub made it (lol ninja highlight)
17:11.57KirkburnDotted, uh, yeah, that was my point
17:12.22Dottedso Tekkie is a furbie?
17:12.26KasoI think the bear is cuter than the kitten, the bear is awesome
17:12.27KirkburnEladrien, copy paste ... sites likes should have walkthroughs
17:14.11DottedWTB Quad Core Quater Pounder Burger
17:15.38DottedLol ninja advertisement: #newsspam
17:16.03KirkburnOooh, the Beeb's version of Web 2.0 -
17:16.30Kasoweb 2.0; where no corner is left un-rounded
17:17.40Dottedi'm just gonna wait for web 3.9
17:17.47Dottednot 4
17:17.56Dottedsince thats gonna be a big change
17:18.22*** join/#wowwiki A2 (
17:18.48Fisker-web2.0 :(
17:19.10Kasoits not really 2.0 in the technical sense, seeing as there isnt any user interaction
17:19.16Fisker-actually not that bad
17:27.29*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (n=kd3@
17:27.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
17:27.52KirkburnYeah, I hope the BBC News site gets redone similarly soon
17:28.25KirkburnFar too thin atm
17:29.37KirkburnBtw, Kaso, heard about the murder trial that's going on behind closed doors in the UK?
17:30.13KirkburnThe first ever closed door trial in the UK, and even the newspapers aren't allowed to speculate why
17:30.34*** join/#wowwiki dragonbeez (
17:30.46KasoReally? no i hadnt heard of that, havent had a chance to read the news in the past few days
17:31.09Kasoit must be someone (in)famous if its behind closed doors
17:31.30winkilleryay, backup for 4GB of old WoW Screenies
17:31.37KalrothKirkburn: Terrorists, no?
17:31.38winkiller*batch convert to JPG*
17:31.54KirkburnNope, sec, looking for the link
17:33.13*** join/#wowwiki dcramer_ (
17:34.47Kalroth"the Home Secretary herself has issued what is called a gagging order, a Public Interest Immunity Certificate to ensure that the trial is held behind closed doors and that no details of what may be said can appear in the public domain."
17:35.05KalrothWall of teeext
17:36.19KirkburnIt's odd to say the least
17:36.22*** join/#wowwiki BlunderBuss (
17:36.55Kalroth"A further order was made under the Contempt of Court Act 1981 prohibiting the press from any speculation as to the reasons for parts of the trial being held in private."
17:37.00KalrothGo free speech!
17:37.43KasoFree speech isnt always the best thing, as long as those measures limiting it are carfully policed
17:37.48KirkburnAssuming it is MI6 or MI5 related, I think there has to be a certain amount of privacy
17:38.23KirkburnSay an operative needed to testify, it would reveal their cover
17:38.30Kalrothfree speech is always the best thing
17:41.28KasoI think i most cases free speech is definitely good, however i think its naive to say there are no possible situations where free speech is negatively impacts socitiy
17:42.20Kasoit feels as if it'd be more substantial than just reaveling one agent's cover for this order to be used, Kirkburn
17:42.27Kasobut clearly it is something spying related
17:42.31KirkburnOh yeah, agreed
17:43.00KirkburnRemind's me of that phrase: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it
17:43.20kd3whee, and I'm reminded why I'm paying extra each month to have a separate connection to the net
17:44.25KasoHow is the network set up in your apartment?
17:44.49Fisker-hail kd3
17:46.53*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete_ (
17:47.42pcjhi dutempete :)
17:47.54DuTempete_hi pcj ;)
17:48.47kd3we've got a giant 16-port switch that's connected to the apartment complex's uplink, right next to it is the coax splitter. the cable modem is plugged in before it hits the cable splitter and some of the wires that were plugged into the CM are plugged into the 4-port router
17:50.14Fisker-hubs = win
17:50.26Kasohubs ^_-
17:50.46kd3s/into the CM/into the switch/
17:51.36KasoSo you got a home router serving 16 clients, that'll cause some problems
17:51.40Fisker- <-massive fail
17:51.48Fisker-someone tell him why he is a faggot
17:54.12Kirkburnhoi, language Fisker-
17:54.26Fisker-i can't help it
17:54.28Lethainhehe what a nub :D
17:54.32Fisker-I'm using Microsoft W0rd IRC Client
17:54.33KirkburnWell, please try
17:54.41Fisker-and it autosuggested faggot :(
17:54.52KirkburnFisker-, don't push it
17:55.25Fisker-Someone write a constructive post explaining in 12 points how he is wrong then :)
17:55.25kd3nah. the cable modem only sees ~4 at a time. cbeech has got some commercial cisco software handling the rest of the apartment
17:55.49kd3s/a time/a time (or 1 from behind the NAT)/
17:55.50Adyshe edited it
17:57.30*** join/#wowwiki Schnoobby (
17:59.03Fisker-i saw a shaman cast a teleport spell
18:00.14Fisker-ah lol
18:00.15*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
18:00.21Fisker-Teleport: Black Temple
18:02.53Kasocould've been astral recal also
18:02.58Kasocheaty hax fast hs
18:03.15Schnoobbywe don't cheat^^
18:03.54kd3astral recall?
18:04.33Kasoastral recall is a spell that has no reason to exist
18:04.49Gourraremove mage self portals plx
18:05.03Gourras/self portals/teleport/
18:05.28Kasothey'd still just use portals to teleport themselves
18:05.30Schnoobbyremove blink from mages
18:05.41Schnoobbyalso has no reason to exist
18:05.48Gourraremove ghost wolf, mounts, travel form, Teleport: Moonglade, etc etc
18:05.48Kasoi know mages who just use portals anyway cos they're too lazy to carry two reagents
18:06.22Schnoobbyin that case you can remove almost every spell
18:06.26Kasoblink has plenty reason to exist, teleport moonglade is pretty useless anyway so ill let it live, travel forms can go i think
18:06.44Schnoobbywhy should blink exist and the others not?
18:06.45Gourrago variety?
18:07.00Gourraomg I know let's make every class look like the same
18:07.08Kasoblink isnt a speed increasing spell, its a combat spell
18:07.22Schnoobby@Gourra: yeah^^
18:07.37Kasoit's purpose is so you can get away from melee, i'd be ok with blink being made in-combat-only
18:08.07Schnoobbythen give shamans some sort of shadowstep and i'm happy^^
18:08.23Gourragive priest some kind of vanish
18:08.35Gourrafade -> vanish tbh
18:08.36Schnoobbythen you can remove astral recall if you want
18:08.50Gourrait's fine L2P
18:09.11Schnoobbybuff pvp shamans ftw:)
18:09.16[NewsBot]MMO Champion: 2.4 Under Development page and more details -
18:09.20Schnoobbythey suck against each other class
18:09.25Gourraomgomg 2.4
18:09.36KasoI'd be happy with fade just being a un-target spell, doesnt need to be a full vanish
18:09.38Schnoobbylet's forget 2.4 ok?
18:09.58*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
18:10.09Schnoobbyearth shield on 30 sec CD? rofl
18:10.17Gourra"New teleportation portal to the Caverns of Time accessible through reputation with Keepers of Time" yess
18:10.27Kirkburnoh flibble ... rep!?
18:10.49Kirkburnkd3, time for you to have some fun? :P
18:10.52Schnoobbywhat else^^
18:11.17Gourra"Some PvP rewards now obtainable through PvE content" fail
18:11.24Schnoobbywow isn't about farming rep, isn't it? :D
18:11.36*** join/#wowwiki kd3|lagged (n=kd3@
18:11.46Gourranooooo it's about.. fish
18:11.59Gourra{{User Fish}}
18:12.00[NewsBot]Gourra meant:
18:12.09Gourraaww boo
18:12.13Gourrawhere's that template..
18:12.36Gourra{{User IsFish}}
18:12.37[NewsBot]Gourra meant:
18:13.00Schnoobbyi'm off, gotta get something to drink, have all my exams finished today :D
18:13.07[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Partial Patch 2.4 Patch Notes -
18:13.32Fisker-COME ON
18:13.37Fisker-they gotta be kidding us
18:13.53Gourrawith what?
18:14.06Fisker-they're buffing balinda, moving the horde entrance further back
18:14.32Fisker-that's so bullshit
18:19.04Gourra"The additional health we recently added to Balinda and General Vanndar Stormpike will no longer be needed with these improvements"
18:19.10[NewsBot]World of Raids: Surge of 2.4 info part 2 -
18:24.18KirkburnFisker-, are you perchance a hordie?
18:25.15Fisker-why no, i'm an alliance :P
18:25.25kd3|laggedahahaha. what a joke. after the flood we got on friday, that's all they post?
18:25.32Kirkburnlies, all lies
18:26.01Fisker-it doesn't change much in my opinion
18:26.12Kirkburn@ Fisker-, kd3 :P
18:26.27Fisker-fact is that the horde base is pitiful compared to the alliance base
18:26.41Fisker-we have better terrain options as horde vs. alliance
18:26.49Fisker-but obviously none of this works out in favor of the horde
18:27.09Fisker-so making it harder is just insanity
18:27.19KirkburnObviously o_O
18:30.51Fisker-in your butt
18:31.06pcjur just mad because ur a belf
18:31.21Fisker-i'm merely repaying the favour
18:34.21*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
18:37.24*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
18:38.53*** join/#wowwiki dragonbeez (
18:39.01KirkburnI miss TOR :(
18:40.21KalrothThe anonymous network? :)
18:40.34KirkburnNo, the techie :P
18:42.04*** part/#wowwiki dragonbeez (
18:42.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+o DuTempete] by ChanServ
18:43.15KirkburnWho keeps giving my girlfriend +o? :O
18:43.32*** mode/#wowwiki [-o Kirkburn] by Adys
18:43.33pcj/cs access #wowwiki list
18:43.57KirkburnCause though I love it, I'm not keen on people thinking there's favoritism going on
18:44.10Adysok kirkburn, let me fix that
18:44.21KirkburnAdys, you're so predictable
18:44.22pcjop everyone imo
18:44.29AdysWell what. :(
18:44.33KirkburnHe's going to try deopping me, I bet :P
18:44.40Fisker-well you could always break up with her
18:44.46KirkburnNot happening :)
18:44.59DuTempeteI've been trying to get de-opped for weeks, now.
18:45.07DuTempeteEvery time I de-op myself, he redoes it.
18:45.18*** mode/#wowwiki [-o DuTempete] by DuTempete
18:45.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!*@*] by Adys
18:45.19*** kick/#wowwiki [DuTempete!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (Adys)
18:45.32*** mode/#wowwiki [-b *!*@*] by Adys
18:45.32DuTempete_still here :P
18:46.01pcjflawless victory
18:46.07*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
18:46.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+o DuTempete] by ChanServ
18:46.13Adysnot really, since *!*@* was affecting the clone too
18:46.19Adysthe ban would have been for both
18:46.24Adysand the clone wouldnt have been able to talk
18:46.29pcjunless she used a proxy
18:46.37Adysyour mum uses a proxy
18:46.42KirkburnWell, er ... how was she talking?
18:46.43DuTempete_in my pants
18:46.49Adys[19:45:34] * Adys removes ban on *!*@*
18:46.53KalrothKirkburn: So that's how it's like? Shag with Kirkburn and you get ops?! At least I know how Adys earned his now.
18:47.02KirkburnHmm, I don't believe you :P
18:47.03AdysKalroth:  its the other way around
18:47.09AdysKirkburn:  Do try :P
18:47.10DuTempeteomg, seriously Adys
18:47.15KirkburnShag with ops and you get Kirkburn?
18:47.43*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
18:47.54DuTempeteI really don't want to get harassed about this.  Please remove my op.
18:48.03KalrothDuTempete: I was just kidding. :)
18:48.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+oooo DuTempete DuTempete DuTempete DuTempete] by Adys
18:48.52KirkburnI think you forgot a name :O
18:49.09KalrothOperator means nothing but what the word says, people that put a status symbol into it are just being silly.
18:49.23*** kick/#wowwiki [Kalroth!n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys] by Adys (you cant do that)
18:49.27*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
18:49.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
18:49.32KalrothI don't need to!
18:49.38KalrothI'm well hung, so I don't have to make up for it.
18:49.38AdysYou got shags?
18:49.49KalrothNow you frenchies on the other hand ..
18:50.10KirkburnIt is supposed to be: admins are op, bot owners and popular website runners are voiced
18:50.21*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Lukian] by ChanServ
18:50.57KalrothI wasn't aware of that, sorry. If there's a ruleset for it, then it's pretty simple.
18:51.09Kirkburn*someone* has been bending the rules, and it wasn't me :O
18:51.19KalrothKirkburn: isn't wowwiki a popular website though?!
18:51.21DuTempeteIt was always the ruleset I was aware of. :P
18:51.24AdysIve been bending alot more than the rules
18:51.34KirkburnIn your pants?
18:51.40pcjI bent a paper clip once
18:52.08DuTempeteTechnically, though, it was supposed to only be editors who deserved recognition for their work on the wiki that even got voice, such as high edit counts.  I should even be voiced, honestly.
18:52.20foxlithigh epeen counts?
18:52.20pcjYeah, srsly
18:52.21KalrothDuTempete: Shouldn't*
18:52.26DuTempeteI bend time.
18:52.30DuTempeteyes, *shouldn't
18:52.32KalrothI bend Adys.
18:52.46pcj*Adys bends
18:52.53Fisker-Kirkburn wanna be boyfriends for admin then?
18:52.54Adysyes, *kirkburn
18:53.02Kalrothpcj and Kirkburn are sitting in a*
18:53.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
18:53.31AdysKirkburn has a big car*
18:53.36KalrothUh oh, I can feel the pain incoming.
18:54.13KalrothWhenever Kirkburn ops himself it's to kick ass or chew bubblegum and he's all out of scotch.
18:54.40Adysyou're doing it wrong
18:54.47*** mode/#wowwiki [+v krag0th|Mac] by Adys
18:54.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3|lagged] by Adys
19:02.37*** join/#wowwiki dragonbeez (
19:03.25*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
19:06.23*** join/#wowwiki PanSola (
19:06.55KirkburnDotted, is it possible for you to show a couple of feeds on #wikia-gaming?
19:07.05*** part/#wowwiki BlunderBuss (
19:07.27KirkburnWell, why did you stop?
19:07.38KirkburnChannel doesn't work the same as #wikia :P
19:07.41Dottedi was told ti
19:08.33Dottedelse i wouldnt have removed it
19:08.34KirkburnWell, I would only suggest doing gamepolitics atm
19:09.01Kirkburn#wikia I can understand, but #wikia-gaming is a whole different kettle of fish
19:09.09Dottedstill i was told ti
19:12.05[NewsBot]maybe it was because of my [[wikilink]]'ifier
19:12.20[NewsBot]dont have logs of it, it seems
19:12.44KirkburnCan that be turned off?
19:13.30[NewsBot]im just guessing, but sure i can do that
19:29.30Kirkburnomg, wiki that uses text blink
19:29.33KirkburnMUST KILL
19:31.57*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
19:33.03*** mode/#wowwiki [-b *!*i=da@*] by Adys
19:33.10[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: BattleChat Part 2 -
19:33.15*** mode/#wowwiki [-bbb *!n=ILOVEWOW@* *!i=*@likes.blazin.*.am *!n=*] by Adys
19:33.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!n=ILOVEWOW@*] by Adys
19:33.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!i=*@likes.blazin.*.am] by Adys
19:34.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!n=*] by Adys
19:35.13[NewsBot]WoW Insider: AV improvements slated for 2.4 -
19:35.35Fisker-failinsider is faaaaaaaaaaail
19:48.35*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
20:03.14kd3|laggedoh wow.
20:06.04*** join/#wowwiki peters-tx (
20:08.42LukianNew Heroic badge rewards
20:08.45Lukianoh god.
20:08.54LukianGlad I haven't spent any on my paladin yet
20:08.59Lukianwtb feral druid shoulders.
20:11.33*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
20:14.07Lukianyeah moar :o
20:14.39LukianSome PvP rewards now obtainable through PvE content
20:14.41Lukianrofl, wut?
20:14.54Adystotally new
20:14.56Lukianor is that related to the badges?
20:14.58pcjThey always have been...
20:15.08pcjBut tanks can't get good pve gear through pvp :(
20:15.25Lukiandruid tanks can! :D
20:15.55kd3|laggedit's the lev70 blues that got removed when arena s1 was added to the honor vendors
20:15.55kd3|laggedit's in the PvP section too with more info
20:16.42kd3|laggeder, "Items". Players will now be able to purchase level 70 Superior quality PvP items from reputation vendors.[4] (Reputation vendors in Outland.)
20:17.50LukianReputation? hell yeah!
20:18.11LukianI only have a few reps left to max on my druid
20:18.41Lukian"Superior" ?
20:18.46LukianIsn't that blue?
20:18.56LukianThat doesn't sound too good :p
20:20.41kd3|laggedthe lv70 honor gear was blue until s1 replaced it...
20:21.17*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
20:21.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
20:21.32*** join/#wowwiki calaveraDeluxe (
20:21.49Lukianwhich items are ye talking about, I'm curious
20:31.19*** join/#wowwiki dcramer_ (
20:35.58ralfWORKI think I have zero outland factions to get rep with
20:36.32*** join/#wowwiki Taurmindo (
20:36.37ralfWORKLukian: could be like the PVP capes/trinkets they introduced last patch
20:39.14[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Under Development page updated -
20:43.35ralfWORK[NewsBot]: slow poke
20:46.02*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (
20:46.02*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
20:53.07[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: CVG - Wrath of the Lich King: Part One - Knowing the Lore -
20:53.13[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Starcraft II Q&A - Batch 28 -
20:57.52Kirkburnlolwut, this wiki has their contents set up to look like the category list
20:58.32KirkburnThis is work, so no :)
20:58.49KirkburnOh, now you've said it three time, I must obey
20:59.04KirkburnRuined it now
21:00.48LukianFisker- kisses Delicious Cave Mould!
21:01.14Lukianso it is :o
21:01.24DuTempetepcj, leave the poor brits alone
21:01.36pcjitem names don't translate well
21:01.40pcjor at all
21:01.49Fisker-i'm sick in my sickness
21:03.14[NewsBot]WoW Insider: The Legendary Sisterhood shakes up Sentinels -
21:03.24*** join/#wowwiki Ose (
21:06.00*** join/#wowwiki Mathias (
21:06.28*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
21:06.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
21:07.11Sky2042It's good to be a tenor.
21:09.50DuTempeteYou like having tiny balls?
21:10.03Fisker-no u
21:11.35KirkburnBass ftw
21:11.51Fisker-bass indeed
21:11.54KirkburnLeaving choir as a soprano and going back as a bass is always fun :P
21:12.20Dottedbtw Kirkburn
21:12.24KirkburnAll those testosterone injections, yes Fisker- I know how your mind works
21:12.31DuTempeteI like basses, too :P
21:12.52KirkburnHey, wanna be my girlfriend?
21:12.52pcjTrout imo
21:13.30DuTempeteHrmm... I heard you already have a girlfriend, Kirkburn
21:14.09KirkburnOoh, true ... I hope she's not reading this
21:14.20KirkburnAdys, you missed the 5 seconds
21:14.39AdysNo, I protected you from the evil, low joke
21:15.01AdysIm writing a fucking article about google, ms and yahoo
21:15.16KirkburnI bet I'll love it
21:15.16Adysbecause dumbf*cks cant think over their own balls.
21:15.33KirkburnCause we had such a productive conversation earlier Mr. MS hater :P
21:15.45AdysYeah you googlebitch
21:15.58KirkburnUm, I think you got mised up there
21:16.09KirkburnYou're the Googlebitch, silly
21:16.14AdysIm in your memes googling your bitches
21:16.30KirkburnHow are they?
21:17.07KirkburnI want to know how my bitches are :(
21:17.14DuTempeteI'm good.
21:18.22KirkburnNow for dinner :)
21:18.37AdysBADUM ZING
21:19.06Adysoh kirkburn
21:19.32*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_ (
21:19.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_] by ChanServ
21:20.55KirkburnThe image of Bill as a Borg really set's it off, don't you think
21:24.46Sky2042Kirkburn: eh?
21:29.03Oseso... how do you count how many edits you have? is there some fancy way, or do I just have to count how many hundred pages I have?
21:29.22Sky2042well, foxlit has a bot that'll do it, but otherwise, have fun
21:30.13Fisker-it's not that hard
21:30.23*** join/#wowwiki Furl (
21:30.28Fisker-you can just count the number of pages and show 500 edits per page
21:31.40Osehmm... theres two of them... so that means I have  500 edits or more..?
21:32.55Ose99,9% is propably something starting with [[User:Ose]] :P
21:42.17*** join/#wowwiki dcramer_ (
22:03.20foxlitHm, I need a quote for next release :/
22:03.59Sky2042foxlit: of?
22:04.14foxlittypically anything in wow
22:05.44*** join/#wowwiki Lethain (
22:07.19[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Zami's Official WoW forum dictionary -
22:14.30Sky2042well, fuck.
22:15.33foxlitcloverfield has a wiki!
22:15.43Sky2042you haven't seen it?
22:17.01foxlitSounds like a reatively small topic, though
22:23.41*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
22:23.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
22:27.39*** join/#wowwiki khangg (
22:35.55KirkburnShockingly, exists
22:36.33Kirkburn34 articles so far, seems a reasonable amount atm
22:43.17*** part/#wowwiki Furl (
22:48.35*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
22:48.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
22:49.23kadrahilso i keep running out of mana every 2-3 mobs on my shadow priest. any suggestions? ;/
22:49.26kadrahilat 59
22:49.59KirkburnStop sucking :)
22:50.05*** join/#wowwiki PhotoJim (
22:50.06KirkburnDon't you have a drain mana spell?
22:50.15Sky2042get +mana ability
22:53.06Kalrothhrm, can wikia do vhosts?
22:54.26Kalrotheg is a subdomain and is a vhost
22:54.44Kalrothand if so, can I get above vhost?!
22:56.03kadrahilmaybe i'm spamming pw:s too much
22:56.25*** join/#wowwiki [NNUser] (
22:59.24*** join/#wowwiki PoW (
23:01.32*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
23:03.20[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Insider Show Episode 23: Mojo and other popular loot -
23:08.43KirkburnKalroth, hmmm
23:09.01KalrothNo need to answer second question if first is a no!
23:09.30KirkburnAlt languages are in the form
23:09.45KalrothIs there an alt language for a? :P
23:10.10KalrothI could settle with really!
23:11.11Kirkburnlol, they'll all be two characters
23:13.07*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
23:14.25*** join/#wowwiki [NNUser] (
23:15.04*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
23:34.31*** join/#wowwiki [NNUser] (
23:35.20[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Fandral Staghelm kill simulator -
23:39.30LukianWhat's the chances of live maint tonight?
23:40.15KirkburnIf a non-live one hasn't been announced - pretty high?
23:40.43LukianStill the realm transfers notice
23:47.29*** join/#wowwiki Wulf4 (
23:53.47*** join/#wowwiki bleeter_ (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
23:53.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+v bleeter_] by ChanServ
23:57.33*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (
23:57.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ

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