IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080112

00:00.58Gourrahooray, it's 1am, honor update lag
00:01.43Bagginswwgourra any chance you could add a subheading above magister's referencing the fact that the other two are part of the area better known as the "Sunwell"?
00:02.09Bagginswwalso a section just under Sunwell Isle with a link to Sunwell Grove
00:02.21Bagginswwon that
00:03.26*** join/#wowwiki Atroso (n=Atroso@
00:03.44Gourralike the peons say in warcraft 3: "I'll try!"
00:04.07AtrosoIRC...such a long time since ive used this...
00:04.24Atrosowhats the register usernme line?
00:06.57GourraI got a 'blocked' message
00:07.12Gourra"Autoblocked because your IP address has been recently used by "Tehbuttcheeksfairy". The reason given for Tehbuttcheeksfairy's block is: "WoWWiki:Violations""
00:07.27AtrosoLittle siblings?
00:07.39Gourranope he's out
00:07.55AtrosoYes but he could have used it recently
00:08.26Gourrarecently as in..?
00:08.43Gourrait strange though, it says "your block has been set to expire: $6."
00:08.50Atrosolooking at the message id say since the last time you logged in
00:08.53foxlitnever, buddy!
00:09.21Gourraokay that's odd, it doesn't say I'm blocked anymore
00:09.54Gourrarefresh and poof, not blocked
00:12.03foxlitI'll block you if it makes you happy? :)
00:12.21Bagginswwnasty relatives to goblins that attack wowwiki
00:26.12Atrosoone cant be killed...
00:26.24pcjbecause if there were an NPCbox for you, it would be "killable"
00:26.46Atrosoor "dead"
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00:31.37AtrosoIs it possible to run WoW on inboard motherboard graphics (64mb)?
00:31.52pcjPossible, yeah
00:33.06Atrosoreduce settings to lowest...hwo bad will it be fps and lag wise?
00:33.58pcjdepends on other factors in your computer
00:34.25Atroso2gb ram 2.66ghz dual core, asus p5kpl motherboard
00:34.33*** join/#wowwiki Machewman (
00:34.41pcjyou should be fine
00:34.52Atrosoi can put up with a weeks worth of fine...
00:35.32Atrosountil i get an 8600gt
00:40.13GourraBagginsww, can't get to make it
00:40.54GourraI mean, the best I can make is but the talk page and IRC says different things
00:40.56Bagginswwpoint of note Sunwell Isle is the island, Sunwell grove is a location on the island
00:41.00Gourraor I intepret it wrong
00:41.09BagginswwSunwell is a location within Sunwell
00:41.22Bagginswwand magisters terrace, and sunwell plateau are located within the Sunwell
00:41.47Gourracan't that just be said on those articles?
00:43.00foxlitYou mean the next tier of raiding is literally inside a well?
00:43.35foxlitSee new and exciting places, they said
00:43.50foxlitSlay new and challenging bosses, they said.
00:43.58foxlitAnd they send you down a well... meh, I'd rather be fishing!
00:46.22Gourraif I get it correct, sunwell is the location of the instances, which is surrounded by the sunwell grove, which is a part of sunwell isle
00:46.36BagginswwSunwell is the name of the area foxlit
00:47.02Bagginswwand goura ya the grove is an area aorund the Sunwell area
00:47.14foxlitI liked my well joke better than your island/grove/well that's not a well structure :)
00:47.14Bagginswwand magisters and plateau are inside the area
00:47.54Gourraso something like this
00:49.28foxlitDo people hate the jobqueue or something? Could've fixed that with another change and made /Dev talk redirect to proper talk meanwhile :)
00:49.28Bagginswwwell make sunwell grove just on grey
00:49.33Bagginswwits not that important
00:49.36Bagginswwthink of it as a subzone
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00:50.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
00:51.24Bagginswwya Let's replace the current one with that, it might be a little wide, but someone else can go back and tweak it further ;)
00:52.36*** part/#wowwiki Machewman (
00:52.46Gourraevery time I try and go to the Edit page of that template I get a block message, wth?
00:53.01Bagginswwits that bug
00:53.02Bagginswwgoing around
00:53.28Gourrathe used Tehbuttcheeksfairy is one dirty bugger
00:56.59Gourrasomeone need to change this:
00:57.10foxlitWait a sec
00:57.19foxlitThe wiki blocked a SQUID SERVER?!
00:58.44BagginswwI bet we are being hacked, ;)
00:58.50Gourraoh snap
01:03.15FoxbotThere are currently 86 queued operations.
01:07.40pcjugh freaking un-ban the squid server
01:09.17*** join/#wowwiki Jack_Phoenix (n=Ashley@wikia/Jack-Phoenix)
01:09.43Jack_Phoenixoh hai thar
01:10.00pcjhi :)
01:10.18pcjthere seems to be a problem with people getting randomly auto-blocked on wowwiki :(
01:11.05Jack_Phoenixya, foxlit told me about that on #wikia...the staff are poking each other about this...
01:11.09Jack_Phoenixbut for the time being,
01:11.12Jack_PhoenixI blame TOR.
01:11.16Jack_Phoenix<meme/> :>
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01:32.47pcj!editcount pcj
01:35.11Gourra!editcount Gourra
01:35.38FoxbotGourra made 1875 edits, of which 645 were minor and 559 were commented.
01:35.49pcj!editcount pcj
01:35.50FoxbotBut I'm already counting the edits of pcj!
01:35.56sacarasc!editcount sacarasc
01:35.58Foxbotsacarasc made 4 edits, of which 1 were minor and 2 were commented.
01:36.21Foxbotpcj made 24014 edits, of which 21829 were minor and 13109 were commented.
01:36.23FoxbotI don't know who you are, pcj
01:37.00Gourradid someone ban the squid server again?
01:37.24Gourraor didn't it get unbanned
01:42.45*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
01:44.46*** join/#wowwiki cooljake (
01:45.28cooljakeI'm blocked from editing, can an admin help?
01:46.12cooljakesays my ip address is which of course is not possible
01:48.15Gryphentry now
01:48.46cooljakecool, works now, thanks
01:56.56kd3oh wow. they're finally giving the "report as afk" function some teeth
02:09.10Bagginsww1 hour until dinner, and I hope it doesn't put me into a fitful night like last night...
02:09.44BagginswwI suffer from some kind of stomach issues, not sure what. perhaps acid reflux, I pray to god not an ulcer...
02:10.18Bagginswwand if I eat past 5, it usually doesn't digest in time, and in the middle of the night I get hit with a bile attack
02:10.46Bagginswwgenerally start having to run to the restroom to in order to purge myself :p
02:10.59Bagginswwnot intetionally, it juts happens :p
02:11.22Bagginswwgoing to get it checked out a ssoon as possible
02:11.30Bagginswwhave an appointment next week
02:11.51Bagginswwbut the problem is now that I live on campus I was forced to buy the meal mplan
02:12.06Bagginswwand its the type if you don't eat you, lose money and its non transferible
02:12.08GourraI'm surprised nobody saw this
02:12.19Bagginswwand dinner starts at 5
02:12.24Gourradamn, that sucks Bagginsww
02:12.26Bagginswwso if I don't go I waste money...
02:12.34Bagginswwbut last night I had the worst attack evah
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02:12.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
02:13.16Bagginswwstarted out as pains, set me on the pot, with bowell issues., and then lead to vomiting... after which I felt better :p
02:13.32Bagginswwtrying to not to be too detailed here, to avoid grossing people out
02:13.52Gourrathank you
02:14.10Bagginswwso ya I hope I don't get killed before I get checked out, and get pass to get reimbursment on the meal plan
02:14.32Bagginswwso I can go back to eating before 4
02:15.07Bagginswwand hopefuly get medicine or whatever else I need to help with it, :p
02:17.37Bagginsww gg
02:18.07*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (
02:18.39kd3wth. did he get unbanned again?
02:19.10BagginswwHe was on a 3 month last I remember right?
02:24.49foxlit08:22, 2 September 2007 Baggins (Talk | contribs | block) blocked "Zarnks (contribs)" (account creation disabled) with an expiry time of 2 months (Intimidating behaviour/harassment) (Unblock)
02:25.20*** join/#wowwiki Perkis (
02:26.05*** part/#wowwiki Perkis (
02:32.03Sky2042_afkpcj: lol!
02:32.17Sky2042_afkkd3: he wasn't permabanned
02:39.33Bagginswwwell he hasn't reached 20 bans yet
02:39.36Bagginswwor 20 violations
02:39.44Bagginswwhowever the policy is currently worded
02:39.53Bagginswwnot sure warnings count as "violations"?
02:40.01Sky2042be patient with him.
02:40.20Bagginswwbe patient as in be kind to him, or be patient he'll get his day soon enough?
02:41.23Sky2042attacked because i ipblocked
02:41.28Sky2042has someone talked to wikia about that?
02:42.06foxlitJust tell people to try their edit again
02:42.11foxlitIt'll go through eventually
02:42.15Bagginswwanycase if the current comic story arc is showing the bad side of the Horde, the next arc should be the opposite, ;), the bad side of the Alliance.
02:42.29foxlitUnless their issue is actually different
02:44.18foxlitAsk them what the IP on the blocked message is, really
02:45.18foxlitOr at least to compare it with their actual IP
02:45.25Sky2042foxlit: see
02:45.34Sky2042they were prolly unblocked with gryphon's unblock.
02:45.52foxlitYes, we talked to wikia about that, it's a bug
02:46.09foxlitSeems wiki forgot it was being cached
02:46.19foxlitSo it blocked one of the servers relaying the user request
02:46.22Bagginswwis wide spread, one word or two?
02:46.35Bagginswwwidespread, or wide spread
02:46.37foxlitBagginsww: I believe that depends on the context
02:46.54Bagginswwit is currently unclear how widespread the practice is among their society
02:47.04Bagginswwk, thanks
02:47.09Sky2042prolly can use either
02:47.10Bagginswwthought it looked wrong previously
02:47.38Bagginswwits a bit different han say "spread wide"
02:47.43Sky2042nope, just widespread
02:48.08foxlitWhich one you get relayed through is more or less random (at least if you're Foxbot), so I suppose they should be able to get around it by retrying
02:48.42foxlitSky should probably update his user page :P
02:51.54Sky2042foxlit: whos?
02:52.14foxlit"Goodbye. Need a wikibreak. Will be gone for an indeterminate amount of time."
02:52.26Sky20423 days mirite?
02:52.36foxlitAnd we need a {{User WoW Relapse Phase}}
02:53.05foxlitFor people who've not quite managed to quit!
02:53.12Sky2042i haven't touched WoW since last September
02:53.20Sky2042no, not last
02:53.24Sky2042a year and a half ago.
02:53.32Sky2042I'm just a wowwiki addict, is all. >.>
02:53.52foxlithm... suuuure... :)
02:54.26Sky2042truly. Account ended 11 months ago, and I wasn't using it at the time either way.
02:54.41foxlitWe believe you!
02:54.45foxlit(Besides, I need sleep)
02:54.50Sky2042I'd give you the account name and pw, but that could be bad for me.
02:55.28foxlitRandom trivia: Foxbot's password is significantly harder than mine :/
02:55.40foxlitKind of silly, really
02:59.03KeolahToday's entertainment: "exploring" low level dungeons with a level 61 pally. ;p
02:59.31*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
02:59.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
02:59.37KeolahBecause it's funny.
03:00.29Sky2042Keolah: "exploring"? you mean "gather up all the mobs at once and just consecrate + retribution to death"? :P
03:01.03KeolahSupposedly, I'm helping my bf with the level 20 pally weapon quest.
03:01.38KeolahWe couldn't find the kor gem though and got sidetracked in Blackfathom Deeps ;p
03:02.24KeolahThat is, we wandered off and killed everything.
03:02.34KeolahOr at least, I killed everything and tried to keep him alive :P
03:03.02KeolahSo then after I beat the crap out of Aku'mai, I went, "Oh, is that it?"
03:04.44KeolahAnd we still didn't find the stupid gem. ;p
03:26.02*** join/#wowwiki johnnyd2 (n=NEWSGUY1@
03:30.43Sky2042I FEEL GOOD
03:30.43Sky2042I KNEW THAT I WOULD NOW
03:31.03Sky2042and owned, little man!
03:33.51pcjsomeone just got laid :O
03:36.16Sky2042pcj: sorry about blocking you. :P anyway, no. :P
03:36.56*** join/#wowwiki snafoo (n=snafoo@unaffiliated/snafoo)
03:38.03pcjit's not your fault, it's wikia
03:38.51Sky2042oh, I know.
03:47.30*** join/#wowwiki anko (
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04:03.28Sky2042deletion spree!
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04:32.39kd3bah at having to RMA a drive 2 months after buying it
04:33.47solocommandthat sucks
04:34.02*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (
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05:11.22Sky2042me want
05:13.43*** join/#wowwiki anko (
06:11.05Sky2042so, in other words, IE6.0 sucks ass
06:33.05*** join/#wowwiki Strife (
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06:55.28KirkTempete|afkSky, poke
06:56.31KirkTempete|afkReason why I reverted it: who agreed, it's non-standard, and you should deal with the length problem first
07:12.16KirkTempete|afkSky2042: proper poke :P
07:26.12*** join/#wowwiki Bodhi (
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08:23.12Sky2042KirkTempete|afk: mmm?
08:23.27Sky2042KirkTempete|afk: ah.
08:23.46*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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08:23.58Sky2042KirkTempete|afk: I agree getting rid of it entirely, but choosing to break the site over a consistency issue? oh yeah. makes sense.
08:24.28Sky2042s/agree getting rid of it/agree with getting rid of them
08:24.33Sky2042s/agree getting rid of it/agree with getting rid of them/
08:24.47KirkTempete|afkNo choosing to amend for something that should be fixed another way is better
08:24.50Sky2042you suck infobot
08:25.26KirkTempete|afk*way is also silly
08:25.29Sky2042better to amend it for temp's sake. you'll have a revolt if you choose to make pages look bad deliberately.
08:25.46Sky2042and, it's a guideline.
08:25.52Sky2042no need for proposals to edit those ;)
08:26.53Sky2042and why are you up at 2:30 in the morning?...
08:29.43KirkTempete|afkwhy are YOU up at 2:30 in the morning?
08:30.03*** part/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
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08:30.46*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
08:30.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
08:32.19KirkTempete|afkWell, I just don't think it's a good idea to tell people to do something in a guidelines that'll soon be changed
08:32.52KirkTempete|afkHave it as a flagged temporary exception at least
08:33.13KirkTempete|afkAnd now, I'm off to watch a film :)
08:33.50Sky2042KirkTempete|afk: no-one will follow the guidelines if they disagree with them
08:34.07Sky2042who would honestly say that the long ones should be on the left?
08:34.27KirkTempete|afk"Have it as a flagged temporary exception"
08:35.17KirkTempete|afkFix the templates primarily :) And now ... buh-bye!
09:38.46*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
09:43.21Zeallo all
09:47.34*** join/#wowwiki Xion (n=Xion@
10:01.40sacaraschi Zeal!
10:04.16Zealhm... EMI threatining to leave the RIAA.
10:06.48*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
10:06.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
10:09.57ZealMcDonalds' UK CEO says video games are to blame for child obesity.
10:12.32KirkTempete|afkZeal, in lieu of Fisker- ..... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD!
10:12.48KirkTempete|afkAnd good morning
10:12.50Zealposted today apparently
10:13.01KirkTempete|afkThe EMI thing
10:13.12KirkTempete|afkI'm off to bed :)
10:13.15Zealnn :p
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12:38.04Zealalways the most dead time : /
12:41.48sacarasccharging to 110 joules
12:42.28*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
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13:33.57AdysWhy isnt fully protected?
13:35.04*** join/#wowwiki Bodhi (
13:37.50Zealbecause ww gets boring, so it gives us soemthing to do by reverting vandalism :p
13:39.04*** join/#wowwiki Machewman (
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16:11.17[NewsBot]pcj has updated the stats for #wowwiki! See the #wowwiki stats:
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17:19.57FoxbotThere are currently 73 queued operations.
17:29.58FoxbotWoWWiki: 52645 articles (1289 in jobqueue) edited 1248616 times by 160936 users.
17:30.36pcj!trcount Template:External links
17:30.38FoxbotTemplate:External links has been transcluded in 159 pages.
17:31.03foxlit"BLOCKED Axlslashduff 1 year (unblocked approx Jan 2, 2010)"
17:31.14pcjthat's 2 years...
17:31.25Fisker-your mother
17:31.28Fisker-that's 3 years
17:31.37foxlitSo is your face, Fisker-!
17:31.39Fisker-i won the game because i insulted you
17:31.41Fisker-oh crap
17:31.43Fisker-i lost the game
17:31.45Fisker-got insulted
17:46.23*** join/#wowwiki genmud (n=genmud@about/windows/regular/genmud)
17:53.34Zealyay for IE visual formatting bugs : /
17:55.11sacarascstop complaining and make your own browser
17:57.18Zeali did, but it failed to render anything.
17:58.22Zealwas powered by fud
18:00.41Adyswell well wel
18:01.06Adysjust got a promise for the sale of a new appartment in athens in 3 months :D
18:01.57*** join/#wowwiki Amberrock (
18:03.21sacarascwhy would you want to live in greece? ;o
18:03.41Bagginswwbtw Zeal I think I remember reading an interview around the time of WArcraft 1 or 2 that saidt hey created the maps first,a nd then created the lore explaining the map after the fact< :p
18:03.49Adyssacarasc: family
18:03.55Bagginswwin the early rts games
18:04.06Zealmhm, probably
18:04.09sacarascyeah, that reason wouldn't get me living anywhere ;p
18:04.47Zealgameplay induced lore isn't as nice as original unspoilt lore, but it coems with the terriroty (using games as a medium for story telling).
18:05.45BagginswwYOu can't get away from the fact. Its why games are actually now being considered a viable source for story telling, just as tv and earlier books
18:05.58Bagginswwwell tv, radio, and books in that order into the past
18:06.19Bagginswwor I should say
18:06.26Bagginswwbooks came first, then radio, and then tv
18:06.45Bagginswwof course there was also uh story telling before books
18:08.21Zealmhm, not trying to change that fact
18:08.23BagginswwThere are some game worlds that create their own "physics" that if you were to convert them to other forms of media without at least mentioning how the mechanics in the universe work, then it wouldn't even fit.
18:08.49Bagginswwthat ist he spinoff literature wouldn't even fit the style of the original universe
18:10.32Zealwas merely pointing out, while it appears that the original intent was for Arthas not to be undead, to neccesitate gameplay they had to take a different direction with the lore.
18:10.46Zealdoesn't mean it's not lore, just commenting on it's origin.
18:11.29Bagginswwjust saying some of the terms you used like "pure lore/histoyr" sound awefully alot like, "true lore/history', ;)
18:11.37Zealit was your term
18:11.41Zealhence i replied ;)
18:11.44Zeal*my reply
18:12.09Bagginswwoh I think you might have taken it out of context, I meant something that wasn't mixed with stat variances
18:12.18*** join/#wowwiki Trae (
18:12.21Bagginswwhow to role the dice blah blah
18:12.49Bagginswwlet me go add that to make it clear
18:13.37Zeali knwo what context you meant it in, i was just throwing it back at you because a) your context wasn't what i was refering to and b) it could have easily been misconstrued
18:14.03Bagginswwthus why I'm adding explanation as to what I meant< :p
18:14.30*** join/#wowwiki Korixa (n=45e21f09@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
18:14.50KorixaHi, I was hopingto talk to an admin? I can't uise the email this user function.
18:15.20BagginswwAnd then Brann referenced it, and he wasn't even in a section discussing any game mechanics, purely lore and history (rather than mixed into dice rolls, statistical information, and other rpg rules). Anycase I still think he probably falls more under that withered category, the state off handedly mentioned on the official site[2], and rpg for someone between undeath and living, strattling both worlds. Its still undead, but not as undead as say
18:15.20Bagginswwthe Forsaken.Baggins 17:23, 12 January 2008 (UTC)
18:15.23Bagginswwhopes that is more clear :p
18:16.13Bagginswwpurely lore and history (rather than lore mixed with dice rolls, statistical information, and other rpg rules).
18:16.15Korixas there an admin who can contact me
18:16.30Bagginswwwell I'll be back later.
18:16.33Zealas far as i know, the email this user function is disabled on wowwiki.
18:16.35KorixaDarnit. backspace is thwarting me. Is there an admin who can contact me about something real quick?
18:16.38Zealkk baggins
18:17.00Zealfoxlit is probably the best person to ask atm.
18:17.46KorixaI got a block - and I totally understand why - but it's indefinite and I wanted to explain why I did what I did, apoligize and see if I could get the indefinite block switched to a time-based one.
18:18.18*** join/#wowwiki Gourra (
18:19.53GourraCan someone tell me who Hogun from explorer's guild is? He's supposedly dead in the Bael Modan ruins
18:20.05KorixaBut since I can't actually contact anyone besides here, it makes it a little hard, since there wasn't anything noted on my talk page and the block was set about 2 weeks AFTER the changes I made.
18:20.42foxlitDo go on :)
18:21.02Zealdon't really recall any dead NPCs there, so i've no idea Gourra
18:21.24Zealaye, i checked :P
18:21.28KorixaI was making edits to the Server:Elune-US page - I put some content back not knowing it was DNP. That was totally my bad and I should've taken the time to look it up first.
18:21.40GourraI can't find any source of of him in any other text than on wowwiki
18:22.10KorixaI think that was about 2 weeks ago - I got on today to find I'd been blocked indefinitly.  I understand the block - I'd have blocked me too, and I DID make a stupid change. What I'm wondering is if I can get it switched toa block that'll go away in after sometime?
18:22.15KorixaI do make other changes not on the Elune page.
18:22.23Fisker-shall we play a game? :o
18:22.29Korixa(and ironically, I went in today with the intention of editing the Fishermen's Feast page)
18:22.42KorixaSince the recipie changed in 2.3. ;)
18:24.06foxlitKorixa: username?
18:25.13Korixa(oh, and fyi? The Fishermen's Feast recipie changed drastically and was undocumented in the patch notes. Someone might wanna note that. It makes 6 now, but takes more apples and spices)
18:25.36ZealI hear Adys likes to play the pokey-mans
18:25.42foxlit!item Recipe: Fishermen's Feast
18:25.43FoxbotCould not resolve item id for [Recipe: Fishermen's Feast]; try supplying one manually.
18:26.14foxlit!item Recipe: The Fishermen's Feast
18:26.15FoxbotCould not resolve item id for [Recipe: The Fishermen's Feast]; try supplying one manually.
18:26.19GourraI could add the recipe
18:26.32foxlitIt's taught?
18:26.37Gourraoh. nvm
18:26.48Bagginswwzeal what's really impossible for us to define is where mechanics were concstructed to translate and explain lore into a game's rules,  or lore created after mechanics had already been designed.
18:26.49KorixaBasically now it's 1 fish, 5 apples, 5 spices and makes 6 fish.
18:26.58foxlit!item Fisherman's Feast
18:26.59FoxbotPage generator crashed for [Fisherman's Feast].
18:27.00Bagginswwlore to explain mechanics
18:27.37Zealmhm, except in places where there's soem slight hints at evidence or obvious time differences to prove it.
18:28.27Bagginswwwell, even then it may not be clear, we don't know what discussions go on behind doors, and if people involved were changing their minds in between time
18:30.15BagginswwI mean Metzen could have said, "no he's not undead", and the authors would have had to have created a special rule to explain how he could use undead powers, or get healed thorugh death coil, despite being alive
18:30.38Bagginswwand Manual of Monsters is actually one of the books that Metzen was the most closely involved with even being one of the authors
18:31.05Bagginswwso he definitely could have told them noooo
18:31.39Zealcould be making this up, but didn't metzen say something along the lines of "they decided they wanted to use draenei, so i had go make up loads of lore to support their decision to have them as a race in the game"
18:31.42Bagginswwalso apparently Lich King's article was also written by the Blizzard Employee Bob Fitch.
18:31.49Bagginswwaccording ot Bob Fitch himself
18:32.04*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
18:32.04Bagginswwcare to wonder why he chose to make him Undead, ;)
18:32.34BagginswwYa, Metzen said something along that lines for something, maybe not the draenei in particular.
18:32.41Bagginswwbut ya there are times when he's forced by Blizzard
18:32.43Bagginswwto change things
18:32.54BagginswwWhite wolf isn't blizzard and doesn't have thta akind of clout however
18:33.10Bagginswwand its not exactly Blizzard, but blizzard's parent company
18:33.12Zealbut they get leeway.
18:33.16BagginswwSure some
18:33.20Bagginswwbut Bob Fitch made that article
18:33.20Zealgor however it might be spelt.
18:33.22*** join/#wowwiki Paradox_ (
18:33.27Bagginswwand he is a Blizzard employee
18:33.41Zealwhich article are we talking about anyway? :P
18:33.49BagginswwLich King is undead
18:33.55BagginswwLich King Arthas in particular
18:33.59Bagginswwin Manual of Monsters
18:34.10Zealah, kk
18:34.20Bagginswwit wasn't like it was written by some freelance guy
18:34.33Bagginswwit was a Blizzard employee himself, LOL
18:35.04BagginswwBob Fitch and Metzen are both strong names behind the lore apparently
18:35.08KorixaEr. Anyway, I have to go. Is there anyway I can find out what's going on and if I can get that block switched to one that expires? (I really didn't want to do this here, i'd have rather done it quietly via email)
18:35.13BagginswwBoth were involved with inventing the term Eternal too
18:35.24Zealbut this is post TFT, so such a discision would have already been made, no?
18:36.04Bagginswwwell he was undead in TFT, ROC, so Bob Fitch's opinion may have differed from Metzen even.
18:36.18Gourrathat's messed up
18:36.22BagginswwI'm sure they had discussions in the production of MoM of course
18:37.43ZealKorixa, no need to feel ashamed about your ban tbh. no one in here is really bothered by it i'd imagine. But hopefully foxlit or Bagginsww will have taken your dispute under consideration. no idea what they'll do. personally i'd reduce it to 1-2weeks or w/e.
18:38.31*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
18:38.44KorixaI'm just vaguely embarassed. I admin a wiki. :) I know better then to do edits without checking and al I can really say is that I had a REALLY dumb couple of months.
18:38.54KorixaAnd now, I flee. THanks all.
18:39.03foxlithey, stop! :)
18:39.25BagginswwKorixa sorry I didnt' read your issue. I was busy keeping my mind on something else. Have you posted your problem on your talk page?
18:39.30foxlitEnd results: 7 days from january 10th; couldn't find you on WoWWiki:Violations :/
18:39.30Bagginswwso I can check it later when I have more time?
18:40.02Zealaye, but the original discussion would have been when they were working on RoC, which is where i feel they more than likely made him undead because of limitations. but i could be wrong, it just seems that way. It's that or it was never thought out that well (which seems unlikely because of how indepth it's been)
18:40.25foxlitBaggins: stole it from you now; replaced [[User:Korixa]]'s indefinite ban with a week
18:40.42foxlitIt's on violations if you want to take a look eventually :)
18:40.58Zealyes, he's missing off there foxlit, sky banned him to match violation that matched his.
18:41.48foxlitthat last part doesn't quite parase
18:41.50Bagginswwk thanks fox
18:42.03Zealsky's a ban happy, but doesn't do the "paper work" it seems :P
18:42.37Zealsomeone commited the same violation aroudn the same time, so sky banned them both for consistancy ;)
18:42.47*** join/#wowwiki solo-idle (
18:42.55Zeal*happy admin,
18:43.36Zealmy watchlist has been really slow to load lately, it's like a line at a time.
18:58.38*** join/#wowwiki PJ (
18:58.45*** part/#wowwiki PJ (
19:20.26*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
19:24.49pcjhi keolah :)
19:28.16*** join/#wowwiki Bodhi (
19:40.19*** join/#wowwiki Krolmor (
19:40.25Krolmorgood afternoon
19:42.57Krolmoruh. Should I roll a shaman or druid? needs are dps and spot healing
19:43.37sacarascshammies can do it w/o having to shape shift, so there is a little convenience there...
19:43.46sacarascbut set up right, both should be good at it
19:44.40Krolmorhmm about dps - do any druids dps at endgame?
19:45.01Krolmori mean, are good at it
19:51.59*** part/#wowwiki Krolmor (
19:52.16*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
20:07.20*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
20:07.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
20:08.01Sky2042well, that's a new one.
20:09.40KeolahNo what?
20:10.02KeolahPink fluffy bunny slippers?
20:11.09KeolahGnomes on pink elekks?
20:13.14KeolahA dissertation on why Ironforge is considered outdoors but Booty Bay is indoors?
20:13.49sacarascthat is a good question
20:15.21Sky2042LOL Keolah. That's actually a good one. :P
20:15.51Sky2042I put it down to there being so much wood in BB. Horses + wood could = bad things.
20:16.33KeolahI imagined people on elekks riding around there.
20:16.49Gourrathey should change the mount text to "Can only use at certain places"
20:17.07KeolahBut really now, my nightsaber is _not_ that heavy and clumsy! :p
20:17.24GourraPut it on a diet
20:17.48Sky2042oh yeah. a cat that ways a quarter to half ton... isn't heavy?
20:17.53Sky2042at least, anyway
20:18.56KeolahBut then, what about stuff like, druid's travel form? That can't be too heavy :P
20:19.07Keolah(and if horses were a problem, what about _Tauren_? :P)
20:19.53GourraYou just answered your question
20:20.08KeolahNo I didn't. :p
20:20.20Gourra<Keolah> A dissertation on why Ironforge is considered outdoors but Booty Bay is indoors?
20:20.35foxlitIt's the planks, I tell you!
20:20.46KeolahThere's no sign at Booty Bay that says "Horses and tauren please leave at the cave entrance" :p
20:20.55foxlitIronforge is solid ground, booty bay is risking collapse if someone rides a horse over it
20:21.10KeolahBut a cheetah can't be that heavy ;p
20:21.11pcjironforge is not solid
20:21.15Sky2042I love uncyclopedia...
20:21.18foxlitsolid enough!
20:21.31foxlitWho cares if there's molten lava all over the place, it's metal!
20:21.32pcjit's on top of a giant pit of lava
20:21.38KeolahOkay, then, what about the Exodar? That's risking collapse if anyone looks at it funny ;p
20:21.44KeolahBut you can ride around inside ;p
20:21.54foxlitBut not on the ceiling!
20:22.53KeolahHell, the floor doesn't look too sturdy in a lot of places either ;p
20:32.21Sky2042I feel like sometimes
20:34.54KeolahI still say if Booty Bay risks collapse if a horse runs over it, it should collapse if a male tauren warrior in full plate runs over it ;p
20:36.06Keolah(I must specify "male" because female plate armor seems to more closely resemble a platemail bikini than actual armor.)
20:36.07sacarascmaybe it's because of the taurens on kodo that they don't allow mounts there
20:37.33*** join/#wowwiki Taurmindo (
20:38.21Sky2042anyone gotten a 500 in the past 5 minutes?.
20:38.22Sky2042and another
20:38.26KeolahHowever, you can still ride perfectly fine on most other docks ;p
20:38.40pcjyay internal server error
20:38.54Sky2042pcj: I didn't do it!
20:40.14Sky2042well, wikia knows about it.
20:41.01*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
20:41.44Sky2042and it's down.
20:42.41pcjWe could replace Sky with an RSS feed that breaks web sites
20:43.04Sky2042pcj: it must be your javascript... if we just get rid of that... :O
20:43.33pcjjavascript is client side, there's no way it can break the server
20:43.42Sky2042we killed the quiiiiid we killed the squidddddd
20:43.47Jack_PhoenixI blame TOR.
20:43.49pcjcalamari anyone?
20:43.59Sky2042Jack_Phoenix: aw man, not cool!
20:44.03Jack_Phoenixperhaps TOR killed a server hamster :P
20:44.13Sky2042he restarted the server for us a week ago when it did this =[
20:44.36pcjwoo it's fixed
20:45.27Jack_Phoenixping me if further problems appear, I'll try to poke the staff :-)
20:45.59pcjsky's was the last edit before it crashed
20:47.03Sky2042oh yeah, me fixing broken categories. that must've been it!
21:00.51*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_ (
21:00.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_] by ChanServ
21:03.43Gourracan someone find the new icon?
21:06.13Gourranvm, found it
21:10.45*** join/#wowwiki anko (n=root@
21:17.32*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (n=kd3@
21:18.35*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (i=kd3@gateway/tor/x-3fbb1180d3598c42)
21:18.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+o kd3] by ChanServ
21:29.16*** join/#wowwiki BTLjackal (n=chatzill@
21:31.03Taurmindo"In World of Warcraft, Ranger Jaela gives a quest to young Blood Elves.." young?
21:33.22Sky2042done pcj
21:41.52KeolahAll PCs are young!
21:42.30KeolahEven if you picked old-looking features! ;p
21:42.47Sky2042lol zeal. My dirty work?
21:43.33Taurmindoi don't think any night elves has popped any children lately though.
21:43.38Sky2042hey, question for any and everybody. what's the name of SV when you zone in? "Steamvault" or "Steam Vaults"?
21:43.49AdysThe Steamvault
21:43.50Taurmindosteam vaults.
21:43.59Taurmindooh ok, i just guessed.
21:44.04Adysso did i
21:44.16Taurmindoi think i guessed better though.
21:44.17KeolahOf course the night elves are still having kids!
21:44.21Sky2042wowhead as it as "Steamvault", has it as "Steam Vaults"
21:44.37KeolahThere's a night elf girl in Astranaar you need to collect a bazillion things to save, for one ;p
21:44.42Taurmindowowwiki has it as steam vaults? :)
21:44.52Sky2042Taurmindo: not helpful.
21:45.22*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
21:45.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
21:45.34Taurmindowell Keolah, can't imagine undeads being young though.
21:45.41KeolahNight elves aren't undead! :p
21:45.56Taurmindoneither are they blood elves!
21:46.09KeolahYou mentioned night elves, not me :p
21:47.13Taurmindowell, i meantioned undeads too.
21:47.14KeolahAnd hey, undead could be young too! I mean, I'm sure the plague didn't discriminate by age or anything. ;p "You must be 18 years of age in order to become undead."? :P nahhh. ;p
21:47.23Taurmindobut you were the one saying all PCs are young.
21:47.40KeolahThe game considers them young, judging by numerous quest texts.
21:48.27Taurmindoit's the night elves and tauren who considers everyone else young. and some other npcs do too.
21:49.55KeolahHell, the orc/troll starting quests go "At last you are of age to fight for the Hore" etc ;p
21:50.02Keolahhorde even.
21:50.10Taurmindofor the hore!
21:50.13KeolahThough I'm sure some of them fight for the Whore.
21:51.27Sky2042Gourra: could you categorize those correctly, please? =)
21:51.49Gourracategory: wow icons?
21:52.16Sky2042Gourra: they're INV icons, which have an indexed category set... let me look up the page
21:52.44Sky2042 if their category isn't there, feel free to make it.
21:53.03Sky2042which, I don't see "Toy", so that might be wise =)
21:56.43Sky2042NotAFail: are too.
21:57.44*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_ (
21:57.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_] by ChanServ
22:00.36Keolahthis is sad. my night elf hunter does more damage with a fishing pole than a melee weapon.
22:01.17Sky2042Keolah: loL!
22:03.36pcji thought a fishing pole was a melee weapon...
22:04.28Adysfishing poles are not weapons
22:04.37Gourra shouldn't this be in Mask instead of Helmet?
22:05.00Gourrabecause, you know, it does say "Mask" in icon name
22:05.27Sky2042Gourra: is there a Mask cat?
22:05.27Adysyes gourra
22:05.36GourraSky2042: just made it. :)
22:05.42Sky2042well then. :P
22:12.19foxlitSky: changed one of your permabans to a 1-week one earlier
22:13.03Sky2042foxlit: noticed.
22:13.35foxlitGenerally, I wouldn't count things as repeated violations unless someone actively warned the person about what they're doing wrong; most the silvermoon history doesn't show that happening
22:13.41pcjKirkburn: pwned
22:14.06Sky2042pcj: now fill in the red link!
22:14.45foxlit"WoWWiki is owned ... by Wikia"
22:14.58foxlitThat's some very liberal use of the word owned.
22:16.58Sky2042it's a WC wiki. what do you expect?
22:19.12Gourraicons categorized, now off to icon hunting!
22:19.20Sky2042Gourra: have fun
22:19.25Gourrathank you
22:22.14*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
22:22.31*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
22:22.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+v cladhaire] by ChanServ
22:23.29*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
22:23.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+v cladhaire] by ChanServ
22:24.48*** join/#wowwiki rikai (n=rikai@unaffiliated/rikai)
22:25.14Sky2042KirkTempete|afk: I recall mentioning this, but I don't recall this being corrected at [[WoWWiki:About]]: "Contact Faulkner (wowwiki at about wiki operations, or Gil Penchina (gil at regarding advertising or marketing opportunities." can you fix?
22:26.06KirkTempete|afkChange it to say everything for Gil :)
22:27.10KirkTempete|afkpcj, you're such a meanie.
22:27.59pcjYou know, if you had something like {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} and {{NUMBEROFFILES}} in there you wouldn't need to update it really
22:28.17Sky2042and we can roundthem too, if we want
22:28.28pcjI tried :P
22:28.35pcjthose variables contain commas
22:28.57Gourrabroken icon links, begone
22:28.58pcjand {{#expr:{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} round -2}} doesn't work :(
22:31.14pcjThere, that should make your life a little easier
22:38.13Sky2042it's so... interesting to go through the history of the main page
22:42.11*** part/#wowwiki BTLjackal (n=chatzill@
22:43.53*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
22:43.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
22:54.52*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete_ (
22:54.58pcjhi DuTempete_ :)
22:55.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+v KirkTempete|afk] by ChanServ
22:55.59KirkTempete|afktrying out a shiny new irc client
22:57.13Sky2042well... that's bad.
22:57.29KirkTempete|afkis it?
22:57.53Sky2042wanna check that out with wikia?...
23:01.19KirkTempete|afkThat appears to be the stdsummaries template, but it's not been edited
23:04.43pcjmmm summaries of STDs
23:05.50zealmy thoughts exactly
23:07.50AdysKirkTempete|afk: Pong :P
23:08.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim|ubuntu] by Adys
23:15.20*** join/#wowwiki Hal (
23:18.00Halanyone here?
23:18.25*** part/#wowwiki Hal (
23:19.18*** join/#wowwiki Nihilyst (
23:19.49Nihilystoh, hi
23:20.03Nihilystwasn't sure if I was connected
23:20.09pcjyou aren't
23:20.17Gourrathis is an illusion
23:20.28Nihilystmust be the pot, then
23:20.38pcjno, no pot :(
23:21.17Nihilystso........... you guys ever talk about wow?
23:21.48*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:21.55*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:21.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
23:22.25[NewsBot]New stats available for #wowwiki (at pcj's request)! See the #wowwiki stats:
23:23.10Nihilystwell looks like you guys must be talking about something
23:23.26Gourrawe're talking about butterflies
23:23.36KirkTempete|afkand rainbows
23:23.57Nihilystoh....... so that's how this channel is
23:24.06Gourrawe also talk about unicorns
23:24.15Nihilystcould've figured
23:24.22KirkTempete|afkoccasionally about wowwiki
23:24.24pcji like when we talk about pink bunnies
23:24.28KirkTempete|afkbut mostly ponies
23:24.51KirkTempete|afkfirst time in the channel nihilyst?
23:24.51GourraI think you should come with me and charlie to the candy mountain, with lots of sweets and joy
23:25.20KirkTempete|afkwelcome :)
23:25.30Nihilystthanks ;p
23:25.54KirkTempete|afkyou'll have to excuse us, we are borg.  The one formerly known as Kirkburn has now merged with the one formerly known as DuTempete.
23:26.45Nihilystso I play on Lothar..... does anyone else?
23:28.38KirkTempete|afkspeaking of playing... we were intending on doing that.
23:30.16Sky2042the KirkTempete|afk thing is scary... dunno if it's kirkburn or du on
23:30.59Sky2042or both o_o
23:33.10KirkTempete|afkwe are borg.
23:33.21foxlitYou will be confuzzled.
23:33.33KirkTempete|afkIs there really anything you wouldn't say to either of us, anyway?
23:33.48Gourra ehehe
23:33.57foxlitStuff you told us not to say to the other one?
23:34.02Gourraspanish charlie the unicorn
23:34.08KirkTempete|afkOhhhhh... is there?
23:34.24KirkTempete|afkThe German onei s better, Gourra.
23:34.52Sky2042KirkTempete|afk: er... yeah. probably there is.
23:35.00KirkTempete|afkfoxlit, are you trying to get the one formerly known as Kirkburn in trouble with the one formerly known as DuTempete?
23:35.24Sky2042^ is just weird.
23:35.53foxlitIt's np, as long as Kirk isn't in trouble with... her.
23:36.29GourraKirkTempete|afk: what german version?
23:36.47KirkTempete|afkThe one that's done in German, Gourra.
23:37.43Gourrafound it.
23:41.52Sky2042how do we fix that?... :/
23:45.32Zealwhats the default wowwiki font? cba to get the wowwiki.css again
23:46.20KirkTempete|afkZeal, sans serif
23:46.36KirkTempete|afkdepends on your browser
23:46.47*** mode/#wowwiki [+o KirkTempete|afk] by ChanServ
23:46.57KirkTempete|afkuh oh.
23:47.04KirkTempete|afkWe have the powah!!!!
23:47.05*** mode/#wowwiki [-o KirkTempete|afk] by ChanServ
23:49.25Sky2042well, this is annoying
23:49.29Sky2042we have 3 categories for once instance
23:49.52KirkTempete|afkWe are playing WoW, now.
23:51.40sacarascI HATE NIGHT ELVES
23:51.50sacarascZeal: what happened the other day, happened again
23:52.01Zealsame one?
23:52.26sacarascnope... was some lower level guy with a nice high level guy guard this time ;(
23:52.39Zealgot a lvl 70 main to log? :P
23:53.00sacarascfirst char on the server... and my highest ever level horde ;p
23:53.06sacarasc(go level 13!)
23:53.51Zealah, hehe.
23:54.09ZealSky2042, show it some love.
23:54.23sacarascalso, why do you have your own sword? why don't i?
23:54.28sacarasc[Sword of Zeal]
23:54.29Sky2042that's... helpful
23:54.56Sky2042[[Sword of Zeal]]
23:54.56[NewsBot]Sky2042 meant:
23:54.58Zealit's [[]], not [] :p
23:55.02Sky2042sacarasc: two brackets, not one.
23:55.46Zeala friend gave that to me a gift once, jsut because of the name
23:55.47Sky2042Zeal: what were you asking for?
23:55.50Zealnever used it though, :p
23:56.01Zealoh, just post some feedback on VP
23:56.16Zeallove it, hate it, want to have it's babies etc.
23:58.51Sky2042so what exactly am i doing?
23:59.02GourraI have no idea
23:59.54Sky2042and, is the battle for hyjal instance named after zoning in "Hyjal Summit" or "Battle for Mount Hyjal"?

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