IRC log for #wowwiki on 20080110

00:00.51Bagginswwdo we have the north and south kalimdor maps from WoW manual uploaded?
00:00.54*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower|Work (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
00:01.14Bagginswwloks like it
00:01.20BagginswwI found em
00:02.00Bagginswwok we are missing maybe two of them
00:02.08Bagginswwone from the rpg and one from the manual
00:03.16BagginswwI'm looking for northern kalimdor the rpg version, and southern kalimdor wow manual version
00:04.32Bagginsww if anyone knows if that map appears earlier let me know
00:04.43Bagginswwor in any other sources
00:04.46Bagginswwin general
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00:06.38Bagginswwahh someone actually vandalized northern kalimdor page
00:06.41Bagginswwthat's why its missing
00:06.49Bagginswwthey replaced the LoM artwork
00:07.00Bagginswwwith the WoW artwork
00:07.04Bagginswwwhen both should be shown
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00:23.37Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, what was this about "official lewd images"? :)
00:23.52Kirkburn|afkAnd good evening :P
00:23.56Bagginswwjust a sec
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00:25.23Bagginswwkirkburn I was showing a list of nude or semi nude artwork from Warcraft's history
00:25.49sacarasctim tams are overrated
00:26.13Bagginsww for example, "Dragons do it from behind"
00:26.29Bagginswwor one of the tag lines we came up with
00:29.31Bagginsww paritial nipple shot
00:29.33MentalPower|WorkBagginsww: is that pic really from the WCII manual?
00:29.46Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, awesome
00:29.57Bagginswwso we were discussing creating a silly page
00:29.59Kirkburn|afkPersonally I say ... more please :)
00:30.02Bagginswwcalled World of Porncraft
00:30.09Kirkburn|afkDuTempete agrees :P
00:30.38BagginswwI'll upload a larger verison of that one if no one objects, LOL
00:30.44Kirkburn|afkbleeter, I hope you're happy :P
00:31.03kd3huh, we never did delete [[Image:MiniOrca.png]]
00:31.15BagginswwI say keep it who cares, :p
00:31.17bleeterKirkburn|afk: not really, Reg Hollis got the sack :(
00:31.53Bagginsww partially nude but in transparent cloth stuff.
00:32.39Kirkburn|afkbleeter, wow, I had no idea
00:32.40Bagginswwthere might have been a few more I gave links to, I ended with the creepy ogress
00:32.52Bagginswwwith the support problems
00:32.57bleeterKirkburn|afk: more so, the actor slit his wrists after being told :(
00:33.04Bagginswwwhat did i miss?
00:33.10Bagginswwwho slit his wrists?
00:33.23Kirkburn|afkbleeter, yeah, just read it :/
00:33.35Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, someone you will have never heard of :)
00:33.46Bagginswwprobably not, :p
00:34.05Bagginswwwhat did he star in?
00:34.37Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, careful about making copies that are too good quality - fair use, etc, etc
00:35.33BagginswwHe, I'd crop it somewhat ;)
00:35.58Bagginswwoh ya and there was a funny pic I created through cropping jsut sec
00:37.28Bagginswwit looks uh wrong
00:37.49Bagginswwits not bad if yous ee the entire context, but cropping that one portion is hilarious
00:38.05Bagginsww"orc football or something else?" was my tag line
00:38.46bleeterBagginsww: an actor who played the part of a nerd/geek who may have had aspergers incredibly well for 20+ years in a 'well known' UK cop show
00:38.57bleeter(the char may have had asp., not the actor)
00:39.46Bagginswwaspergers is fascinating
00:40.11Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, I think it's a great idea
00:40.56Bagginswwwe also joked aorund about allowing the uh fan stuff, as long as the page had an appropriate warning, LOL
00:41.54Bagginswwof course we'd probably have to go for the black box censor effect, LOL
00:50.25Bagginswwwonders if alot of people have aspergers or near aspergers and don't even know it.
00:50.53Bagginswwsome of the symptoms can describe fandom to some extent
00:54.03Bagginswwbut ya aspergers sounds like a description for nerds or geeks :p
01:03.07Bagginswwoh and PCJ elven tossed this one up too;
01:03.36pcjyeah i saw
01:06.38[NewsBot]kd3 meant:
01:06.40kd3what's his race?
01:07.31Bagginswwuh there is a model name
01:14.32Bagginswwtim tams look good.
01:31.20Bagginswwkd3 btw we do allow the pictures for the dun morough airfield because one can reach it without exploiting
01:31.42Bagginswwno wall walking required
01:32.05kd3oh I know. I lead tours to it. did I poke an image of the airfield?
01:32.13Bagginswwnot yet, just warning
01:32.40Bagginswwthere was a time when you didn't have to exploit to get to hyjal, but its more of mess because they never erally wanted people there, and you can't even see it from the outside anyways.
01:33.03kd3oh I know. I remember that too. I'm still rather displeased with the No-man's land debuff they've got now
01:33.42kd3I've been just about everywhere it's possible to get to without model editing
01:34.04kd3under SW, under IF, old CoT, etc...
01:34.41BagginswwI've been to man places, not all never could get hyjal to work
01:34.49Bagginswwmy gnome can't jump :p
01:35.16Bagginswwsomene elses or they allow one now?
01:35.31Bagginswwcause I don't feel ike moving everything by hand LOL
01:35.32pcjit's new, allowed
01:35.44Bagginswwhopefuly elven moves it later
01:36.05pcjthe content seems to be there
01:36.14Bagginswwahh I see
01:36.31Bagginswwso just need to fix the main page
01:38.31Bagginswwsome of its broken
01:39.18Bagginswwand I cna't do much until I get my admin status :)
01:40.02Bagginswwyep a goodly number of pages are missing
01:40.29Bagginswwof the 2000 or so pages
01:41.41Bagginswwon wikia do we have to use the main page format?
01:41.47Bagginswwor can we create our own?
01:42.25pcjtalk to e1ven / ask kirkburn
01:42.40BagginswwI'm asking anyone that knows heh heh
01:42.54pcji'm pretty sure you can set it up any way you like
01:57.51Bagginswwelven wants to know how ot make that list one title per line
01:57.54Bagginswwinstead of 3
01:58.46Bagginswwbecause three lines is messing up the exporting
01:58.54Bagginswwits apparently skilling the other two lines
02:04.38pcjone sec
02:06.22pcjno idea
02:06.32pcjprobably have to change the skin or something
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02:33.17kd3anyone getting 500'd?
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02:42.58Fandyllicyes, i'm on irc, so what of it!
02:43.21Fandyllicis wowwiki dead?
02:43.39kd3ya. I poked someone in #wikia. they should be working on it
02:44.06Fandyllicok, cool...
02:44.22Fandyllicso much for a better server ;-)
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03:22.12pcjwell that was short-lived
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03:36.24Sky2042omg, fandyllic was on
03:36.26Sky2042omg omg omg
03:36.36kd3wth. wiki's still broken
03:37.05kd3I've been in this WSG for an hour
03:37.07kd3wth again
03:37.46Sky2042did anyone poke wikia?
03:39.21kd3an hour ago
03:39.21Sky2042and why wouldn't you quit after 30 min in wsg? :/
03:39.21kd3because we were about to win
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04:31.51Kirkburn|afkWiki should be back!
04:31.58Kirkburn|afkAnyone seeing any problems?
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06:38.53quamaretto!postcount quamarett
06:40.54quamaretto!count quamarett
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06:52.38Kirkburn|afkQuiet ...
06:53.04Kirkburn|afkWoWWikians ... represent! :P
06:54.25Zealhm.. somehow you didn't ping me Kirkburn, weird.
06:54.46Zeal<+pcj> kirkburn are tooltips infoboxes for purposes of MOS <-- that was always my intention.
06:54.56Kirkburn|afk(I count as two WoWWikians btw)
06:55.16Kirkburn|afkintention? inference?
06:55.37Kirkburn|afkOh, you started tooltips, didn't you
06:55.52Kirkburn|afkYeah, they're just differently-made infoboxes :)
06:55.52Zealthe existing version, yeah.
06:56.27Zealalso wanted them to replace infoboxes
06:56.37Zealbut that idea is clearly lost.
06:57.17Zealanyways, because everyone keeps wondering why i've not posted on the Criticism page, i shall.
06:59.57Kirkburn|afkAha, so coaxing works :P
07:01.40Kirkburn|afkDamn, DuTemete just beat me at a thumb war
07:02.58Kirkburn|afkI have an idea for that criticism page though - it could be turned into a general request page for the wiki dicuss failings and places for improvement
07:03.08Kirkburn|afks/dicuss/to discuss/
07:03.25Kirkburn|afkSuggestions page, even
07:03.35Zeali thought that was what the Villpage pump was for Kirkburn|afk? ;)
07:04.47Zealok, tired of readong austrailian ISP research into wow's failing code
07:05.00Zealtoo many pages for only a few days of activity >_<
07:05.18Kirkburn|afkZeal, true (to an extent) - let's see how that page gets on :)
07:05.58Zealffs.. bloody con-artists rapidshare.
07:07.11Zealhow does blueyonder get on with rapidshare btw Kirkburn|afk, did they repimplement a transparent proxy for caching when they became virgin?
07:07.19Kirkburn|afkno idea
07:07.55Zeal: /
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07:10.13Zeal <-- lol?
07:10.23Sky2042_afklol Zeal, I knew you would say that
07:11.13Zeal"lol?" or something else? :S
07:12.07Sky2042_afkyour "criticism"
07:12.23Sky2042_afkactually, that's lol.
07:14.03Zeali did it merely to stop saying not to let me know or why i haven't posted anything yet. ;p
07:14.09Zeal*stop people
07:16.08Sky2042_afkok, that's lol too.
07:16.16Sky2042_afkwhat is it, 1:00 in chicago?
07:16.23Sky2042_afkwhy exactly are you up?
07:16.49*** join/#wowwiki Everchange (
07:16.53DuTempetezomg, sex change
07:17.01DuTempeteEr, and hello Everchange
07:17.30DuTempeteyay!  Aussie!
07:18.22Sky2042_afkwait... du has op...
07:19.45Zealtrust in the FSM no?
07:20.30DuTempeteI wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't said, Sky.
07:20.57Sky2042_afkskiit skiit
07:22.01*** kick/#wowwiki [Sky2042_afk!] by DuTempete (shouldn't have said)
07:22.01*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (
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07:22.24Zealcan't beleive the "metzen hates high elves" talk is still going
07:22.35DuTempeteohhhh that is SO much fun.
07:22.38Zealapparently we're all biased and hate the high elves.
07:23.29Sky2042_afkZeal: what referencing you?
07:24.30Sky2042_afkI can lock HighElf down if needed, or Baggins can. I'll drop him a warning there and on his talk.
07:24.37Sky2042_afkMr.X8's harmless =)
07:25.45Zeali don't really care, just funny at how someone can accuse all wowwikians as hating the high elves because we don't agree.
07:26.14Zealhm.. apparently i didn't even have patch 2.3 installed
07:26.19Zealmust have slipped by.
07:30.59Sky2042_afkZeal: dropped a harsh note on highelf's page.
07:31.07Sky2042_afkhe's been blocked before
07:32.09Sky2042_afkbleeter: it's not Kirkburn anymore...
07:32.15*** kick/#wowwiki [DuTempete!] by Sky2042_afk (Sky2042_afk)
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07:32.28Sky2042_afkyou're welcome, oh mighty mistress.
07:36.36DuTempeteSky, you bastard.
07:36.51DuTempetebleeter, checked your talk page again, recently?
07:37.20Sky2042_afkDuTempete: I'm actually legitimate. Thanks though.
07:37.22bleeterDuTempete: talk pages are the most fucked up form of discussion board ever
07:37.32Sky2042_afkso true bleeter.
07:37.39Sky2042_afkZurr: yeah, we know.
07:37.40bleeter'oh, what am I replying to.. I best go work out the timeline between 15 different users'
07:39.00Sky2042_afkbleeter: lol.
07:39.19Sky2042_afkwikia is stil theoretically working on a forum for use...
07:41.51Zeal and
07:43.30*** join/#wowwiki Darlok (
07:43.41Darlokhey anyone here?
07:43.46Sky2042_afkDarlok: mmm?
07:43.54Darlokwhatsup sky 2042
07:43.55bleeterDarlok: no
07:43.57Darlokdo u play WOW?
07:44.10Sky2042_afkDarlok: used to. some of these others here do still.
07:44.22Darlokwhy dont u play anymore?
07:44.32DuTempeteyou're still a bastard, sky2042_afk.
07:44.40DuTempeteand bleeter, Kirky left you prezzies.
07:45.01DarlokI need someone to help me out in WOW a bit. i'm kinda new and struggling
07:45.03Sky2042_afkDarlok: quit. it was raid or die at the time, and BC wasn't /quite/ out
07:45.12Zealhm.. 2.3.2 reset my video settings? :S
07:45.26Sky2042_afkDuTempete: now, that's no way for a lady to be talking.
07:45.40bleeterZeal: from memory, patches always do
07:45.42Darloki have a lvl 32 Undead Priest and need a quest partner
07:45.43Sky2042_afkDarlok: Do you have a specific question that needs attention? :)
07:45.48Sky2042_afkDarlok: ah
07:46.16DuTempeteWhen have I ever claimed myself the lady?
07:46.33Zeali've never had mine reset bleeter
07:46.55Zealthis popped up over the login window saying it's reset
07:46.55Sky2042_afkDuTempete: only an expectation. ;)
07:46.57bleeterZeal: I'm 100% positive 2.3 did it, you just forgot :P
07:46.57Zealnew for me.
07:47.05Zeali onyl just updated to 2.3
07:47.10Zealso it was probably that
07:47.12bleeterthere you go ;)
07:47.20Darlokwhat guilds are u people in?
07:47.31winkillerevery .x patch resets settings and adds 1 page of disclaimer
07:47.40winkillercool guilds
07:48.57bleeterZeal: some of the default render options were changed around in 2.3, thus necessitating a reset
07:49.14bleeterbased off a h/w survey that took place, from memory, around Sept last year
07:49.20Zealyeah, noticed, everything else was left alone
07:49.34Zealnoticed the removed and moved around other options
07:49.36DuTempeteohh... that is SO 19th century, Sky2042_afk.  Now I shall call you the sexist pig.
07:49.46Sky2042_afkDuTempete: My point exactly.
07:49.54bleeterDuTempete: a bunch of casual guilds
07:50.06Darloki wanna join a good guild who will help me out with WOW... are there any out there?
07:50.17ZealDarlok i also stopped playing, but my last sub payment remains active for a few more months.
07:50.29Darlokwhy did u stop zeal?
07:50.34Sky2042_afkDarlok: what server do you play on?
07:50.38Darlokthe Underbog
07:50.47Sky2042_afkUS or Eu?
07:51.13Sky2042_afkyou know where your realm's forums are?
07:51.29bleeterah, sky's on the case. was going to recommend this path.
07:51.30Darlokyes but my acct is currently inactive and i can't login to the forums
07:51.41Darloki haven't played wow in 3 months ever since i deactivated my acct
07:52.11Sky2042_afkDarlok: then why are you looking for a guild? :P
07:52.35Darlokbecause leveling a priest alone without help sux
07:52.48Zealdon't enjoy end-game, needed to give my life some attention, my guild was slowly dying.
07:52.59bleeterspec shadow priest, a lot easier to solo level than any other builds
07:52.59Darlokokay zeal thanks
07:53.09Sky2042_afkDarlok: aw, nowai. go SPriest.
07:53.16Darlokreall bleeter? i'm spec'd as a shadow priest
07:53.18bleeterand a decent group will take you onboard as a good dmg dealer
07:53.22Darlokbut at lvl 32 it's still slow to lvl
07:53.22Zealoo, default tracking menu
07:53.32Zealthat one slipped under my radar in patch notes :o
07:53.45Sky2042_afkDarlok: they increased the speedl at which you level with the last major patch
07:53.54bleeterit doesn't necessarily mean you can take on mobs (or quests) 3 lvls above you, still gotta be careful which ones to pick
07:53.56Zealdammit, forgotten the who syntax.
07:54.03Sky2042_afkZeal: o_o
07:54.06Darlokreally sky2042?
07:54.09bleeterjust means it's a lot easier to dmg same level mobs than other specs
07:54.19bleeterDarlok: oh yeah, they did lots
07:54.31Sky2042_afkDarlok: yup. something like 20% to 30% faster with quests and experience from mobs.
07:54.38winkillerZeal:  who syntax?
07:54.44Darlokoh nice
07:54.48winkillerit's just /who x
07:54.53bleeterDarlok: I levelled two toons from 40-60 in a little over week, while still playing my mains, didn't go anywhere near the three 55-60 zones
07:55.06winkiller2.3 is awesome
07:55.07Darlokdamn bleeter.. u're fast
07:55.17Zealtheres n- z- c- r- too
07:55.17winkiller40-60 on warrior was 2week real time
07:55.21Zealwhich is what i forgot
07:55.26bleeterDarlok: not really... one major chain and about 5 or so small quests per level = ding
07:55.40twsXi disapprove of the concept.
07:55.49winkillerI love it
07:55.58twsXthe old world of wow is evenmore unused now.
07:55.59winkillermakes my plan o have 9 70s easier
07:56.07Darlokwhere do i install TITAN PANEL to? which directory in my WOW?
07:56.20twsXDarlok: Interface/AddOn/
07:56.21winkillerinterface/addons/TitanPanel then
07:56.29bleetertwsX: yup... still can't get a group for Blightcaller :(
07:56.33Darlokokay thanks
07:56.36twsXwho is blightcaller? :D
07:56.42winkillersame q
07:56.53Zealhm.. not seeing anything about getting the next 49 results either : /
07:57.02Sky2042_afkwinkiller: aye
07:57.11Sky2042_afkif you don't know who Blightcaller is...
07:57.16winkillerpoor bitter Nathanos Marris
07:57.27winkillerSky2042_afk: "a group for Blightcaller"
07:57.33bleeterfrom what I understand, he's still tough (even tho lvl 62) for a bunch of 70's
07:57.38winkillermaybe he's alliance and should kill him, no lcue
07:57.43winkillerfor me he's a questgiver
07:57.57winkillerFOR THE HORDE
07:57.59Sky2042_afkwinkiller: you've never been there when an Alliance raid has swept through?
07:58.11Sky2042_afksheltered little man
07:58.13bleeterSky2042_afk: far far rarer now than pre-BC
07:58.19Sky2042_afkbleeter: granted.
07:58.25winkillerI avoided EPL pre-TBC also
07:58.30winkilleralways hated the place
07:58.34winkillerI never farmed also
07:58.41winkillerI just did PvP
07:58.44twsXfarming was gay pre-tbc.
07:58.47winkillerand ZG inthe end
07:58.51twsXnow it's easier.
07:59.00Zealoh well, splitting by race worked. not a single person on i recognize.. most guildies probably left the server :(
07:59.16Sky2042_afkZeal: prolly still haunting the forums if they did.
07:59.33Sky2042_afkwinkiller: yeah, me too.
08:00.02Sky2042_afkZeal: when people leave, they usually become forum lurkers.
08:00.17winkillerwhy would you sort by race?
08:00.23Zealdoubt it, none of them were big forum posters anyways.
08:01.34Zealso i could get all people on at 70
08:01.37Darlokwhat servers do u people play on ?
08:01.38Sky2042_afkZeal: hence the word "Lurker"
08:01.41Zealas it only provides the first 49 results
08:01.47Sky2042_afklurker's... lurk.
08:01.53Sky2042_afkthey don't post :P
08:02.17Zealwell i usually provided the wow news for the guild, so i doubt the lurk much either.
08:03.01*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
08:03.01Zealtime to login on my main and see if i remain in the guild.
08:03.25winkillerhow long was your break, Zeal? a year?
08:05.04Zealer.. dunno, september or something?
08:05.18Zealmy third break, lol
08:05.28Darlokhow do i obtain the Absolution armor for a priest?
08:05.39Sky2042_afkwell, here's something idiotic.
08:05.46Sky2042_afkT:T/Piece is protected, but T:T isn't
08:05.55Zealand the guild is still there, few stragglers left in it. <3 my officer note "Wannabe God"
08:06.09Sky2042_afkso true.
08:06.10Zeallol Sky2042_afk
08:07.04DuTempeteyeeeeees, bleeter?
08:08.01Zealoh bugger, forgot. they made the brooms vanish in the end. lame.
08:08.23Darlokhow many months do i need to play before acquiring full set of Endgame gear?
08:08.24Zealthat was the last time i was on, to do the halloween event.
08:08.52bleeterDuTempete: I was responding to Sky2042_afk's "well, here's something idiotic" :P
08:09.18DuTempetehe can read, you know...
08:09.37Sky2042_afkDuTempete: I /did/ miss it the first time...
08:09.42Zealdepends what you meant Darlok. you'll be farming heroics and non-heroics to build up a nice blue set and part epic set ready for kara. can take you a while depending on server pop and having people to group with.
08:09.58Sky2042_afksounds like Pre-BC
08:10.02Darlokwhats Kara?
08:10.07Darloki never understood what kara meant
08:10.09[NewsBot]Sky2042_afk meant:
08:10.14Darlokwhat's that?
08:10.17Zealthe first raid isntance you'll be doing ;)
08:10.27ZealBC atleast.
08:10.31Darlokoh okay
08:10.56Darlokwhat does farming heroics mean? what are heroics?
08:11.09Darloksorry for stupid questions guys but i'm kinda new and would like to find out what these terms mean
08:11.11[NewsBot]Sky2042_afk meant:
08:11.26Sky2042_afkjust search them on wowwiki =)
08:13.21Zealnice to be reminded how much shattrath sucks.
08:13.27Darlokk thanks
08:13.29Zealstill lags even when empty.
08:13.42Zealyet i can be fine in a busy org.
08:13.44Sky2042_afkhey, kirkburn, is the one used by the summary box?
08:13.49Zealtoo many spread out npcs ftl.
08:13.54bleeternude levelling a toon's been done... so I was wondering. has anyone heard of levelling a toon using fish main and offhand weapons?
08:14.00DuTempeteyes it is, Sky
08:14.35Sky2042_afkbleeter: someone's done it with fists
08:14.39ecstasiacan't you only use one kind as an actual weapon?\
08:15.21Sky2042_afkisn't it amazing? we have no usages of [[Template:Stub]]
08:15.50DuTempeteThat *is* the idea, Sky
08:16.06Sky2042_afkoh, I know.
08:16.33Sky2042_afkso much on wikipedia could've "not" gone wrong with stub sorting if they'd had that at the beginning.
08:16.33bleeterecstasia: there's plenty of offhand fish, from memory only one mainhand
08:16.57winkillertip: don't use a rogue for that
08:17.06bleeterand I *think* the mainhand fish can only be got from the pools spawned during the STV fishing comp
08:17.31winkillerlevel a hunter with only a fishing pole, please
08:17.35winkillernaked and fishing pole
08:18.01ecstasiaseth's graphite does pretty good damage, but you need to be level 62 or so for it
08:18.07ecstasiai think the strong iron might do okay damage
08:18.08bleeterand alliance
08:18.39Zeal <-- haha
08:23.03Sky2042_afkZeal: was a throwaway version?
08:23.41*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
08:23.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
08:23.43Darlokokay thanks for your help.. be back tomorrow
08:27.07Sky2042_afkZeal: weren't you one of the ones talking with baggins on the manga template?
08:27.39Sky2042_afkyou guys figure one out?
08:28.15Zeali wanted to have comic and manga seperate, Bagginsww wanted graphic novel to include both.
08:28.20Zealatm, it's the latter
08:29.16Bagginswwthere was also an arguement involving changing the term "graphic novel" to something less contraversial
08:29.50ecstasiacomic book?
08:30.17Bagginswwwell manga roughly translates to comic in english, so that was one idea
08:30.34Bagginswwtrade paper back surely wasn't going to work, ;)
08:32.13Sky2042_afkdeletion spree!
08:32.32BagginswwKing's omnipedia is almost converted to wikia ya
08:32.51Bagginswwmissing artwork needs to be tracked down and a few missing pages, other than that its almost done
08:38.55Bagginswwzeal to be honest I still pretty much ate the lore templates... who cares what source its specifically from, and you can find category at the bottom if you care, :p
08:39.06Bagginswwor juts read the citatations
08:39.35Sky2042_afkshould probably be removed :/
08:39.44Bagginswwits especially strange to care when the same lore is regurgated or only slightely expanded across multiple medias
08:39.46Sky2042_afkthat would cause a hallabaloo.
08:40.03Bagginswwfandy is the only one that pushes for them really
08:40.08Bagginswwand he's the weird one that stackst hem :p
08:40.30Bagginswwlike if there is a minor reference from the rpg in a page, or an earlier warcraft source, he'll put like 3 of them ont he page :p
08:40.43BagginswwI've gone back and removed them, :p
08:40.46Zealaye, we had the discussion before when people wanted to specifically point out MoM - Appendix 3
08:40.58Bagginswwya, which is a bit silly
08:41.10snafooanyone know of any addons that can announce what song you're playing?
08:41.33Bagginswwthe real matter is its actually not our job to care what is canon or not, and just show the differences. Let other people decide for themselves.
08:41.59Bagginswwthe templates are borderline non neutral
08:42.06*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
08:42.14Bagginswwfandy's orignal version was even worse
08:42.27Zealwhich we both said in our arguments
08:42.53Zealwhich is when i called for a reworking of references and citations
08:43.01Zealwhich hasn't happened still.
08:43.04Sky2042_afkyay for <ref>!
08:43.28Bagginswwzeal we arent' entirely sure what you want out of a ref system. every time I've asked you said you hand' gotten around to designone one yet :p
08:43.55BagginswwI"ve tried my best to make things more neutral one step at atime :p
08:44.10Bagginswwmake too many big changes too fast and people can't keep up
08:44.21Zeali did? remember explaining it to kirkburn in detail. not that i know exactly what i said now.
08:44.42Bagginswwwell I probalby didn't ask after you told me you didn't quite have an idea yet
08:44.52Bagginswwits been a while since we had that discussion
08:45.05Bagginswwso understandable if you have somethign now
08:45.09Zealmost important thing was the seperate and make it clear the difference between citations and references and how that effects their usage.
08:45.12Sky2042_afkuh oh, lost train of thought....
08:45.25Zeal*was to
08:45.47Sky2042_afkoh wait, I can delete that now.
08:46.05Sky2042_afkcleaning up the mainspace, one subpage at a time!
08:46.09Bagginswwwell a citation should generally be used for a minor thought, a ref for something more important
08:46.39Bagginswwunless your working on a page with a dozen refs, then putting them ont he bottom is the easiest to follow I suppose
08:46.53Sky2042_afkWe should move [[spell:x]] back into the template namespace... hmm
08:47.04Bagginswwsky wants to do away with cite completely
08:47.29Sky2042_afkI wonder if <ref> works with transclusions :/ . seem to think it doesn't, and even if it did, that would break more than a few pages.
08:47.43Zealiirc, citations should be inline, and for direct quotes only. references is where my memory is sketchy. involved cats, <ref>, but all i recall.
08:48.14Bagginswwwell a ref is generally a list of works at the end of a book, or a list at the end of a chapter
08:48.30Bagginswwwhere as a citation is something that may link to a ref
08:48.38Bagginswwat least when writing essays LOL
08:48.40Bagginswwor books
08:49.00Bagginswwreferences is also sometimes refered to as works cited, or source cited
08:49.07*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (
08:49.21Bagginswwdepending on the particular format you are using
08:49.23Sky2042_afkBagginsww: not really. MLA's pretty specific on that one, at least.
08:49.29*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
08:49.32BagginswwMLA is just one of the competitors
08:49.38*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
08:49.47BagginswwI'd ve happier if I only had ot use one format, :p
08:49.58Bagginswwbut different professors want different styles :p
08:50.06Bagginswwit gets annoying
08:50.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
08:50.41Bagginswwwhich means genearly more work for me, since it takes me extra time to figure out how they want things exactly :p
08:50.43Zeali can't remember as to what level of detail references would be at. would they be done as iwth <ref>, where there'd be links all over the text to show where it came from, and anchoring to a list of references at the bottom of the page (i doubt i sided with this, but there was some use of <ref> i can't remember), or simply a list of references for the entire article (and in accordance with how i wanted cats to work, internal re
08:50.52Zeal..cats where apllicable)
08:52.51Zealeg. [[Cateogry:Source (World of Warcraft)]]
08:54.40Zealactually, i probably recommended <ref> be used for citations instead. but i'd have to see how well that deal with web standards for citations, not looked into that. should work, but i doubt as standard <ref> complies with standards, not much from mediawiki does ;)
08:55.14Bagginswwwell way sky has promoted it he's wanted ref to replace citations
08:55.32Bagginswwand then have it anchor to a ref list
08:55.41Bagginswwrefs allow for longer citation information
08:55.48[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 24475 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 6hrs 47mins 55secs.
08:55.56Bagginswwbut you wouldn't want to have that amount of information in the middle of a paraphgraph
08:55.56Sky2042_afkwho edited tooltip
08:56.15Bagginswwref game was my idea, and sky designed an awesome version of it
08:56.30Sky2042_afknot really.
08:56.43Zealyeah, which sounds fine. i'd just refer to <ref> as citation at that point, and references would be seperate.
08:56.47Bagginswwwhy not really? Its better than just saying, "BC"
08:56.53Bagginswwfor it came from BC, :P
08:57.03Bagginswwit allows for more specific pointers on how to find the info
08:57.10Zealit came from.. behind
08:57.24Bagginswwwe have different ref templates
08:57.28Bagginswwfor different things
08:58.01Bagginswwat this point difference in the term ref and cite would be semantics :p
08:58.22Sky2042_afklol Zeal
08:59.14Bagginswwthey became one...
08:59.27Zealhuh? it's the dwarf quote
08:59.32Bagginswwand sky yes you don't want to "know"
08:59.42*** part/#wowwiki KirkTempete (
08:59.49Bagginswwin the bibilical sense
08:59.59Sky2042_afk"old sense" would be the way to say it :P
09:00.00*** join/#wowwiki KirkTempete (
09:00.06KirkTempeteWe are one.
09:00.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+v KirkTempete] by ChanServ
09:00.16KirkTempeteYou will be assimilated.
09:00.21KalrothToo much information!
09:00.32BagginswwThey are legion for they are many.
09:01.26Bagginswwso ya I'm so stuck, :p, can't figure where to go next in the water palace :p
09:01.40Zealbtw Bagginsww, would appreciate your feedback on given that i suspect you'll end up using it the most :p
09:01.42Bagginswwin Twilight Princess
09:02.24Bagginswwthey might as well replace AFK with "BED"
09:03.06Bagginswwok so its another version of ref
09:03.12Bagginswwfor quotes
09:03.28Sky2042_afknot really. anyway, zeal, looks not so good in monobook :/
09:03.36Zealofc sky..
09:03.45Zealdo i have to hit you?
09:03.54Zeallook at what i just added to the VP ;)
09:05.12Sky2042_afki'm in ure templates, makin em blues
09:06.35Zealaslo did soem biref MLA quoting research when making it.
09:06.41Bagginswwreminds me of the tape worm version of that comment, I'm in ure intestine drinkin yo soup
09:11.33Sky2042_afkwell fuck
09:11.37Sky2042_afkput it on my watchlist.
09:12.08Sky2042_afkno, not that
09:12.13*** join/#wowwiki Gourra (
09:13.09Zeal = slowwiki
09:13.23Bagginswwand twilight's princess is long, I'm already like 24 hours into it :p
09:13.56Bagginswwwhich is freaking awsome for a zelda game... most of them only took like 30-40 hours to complete
09:13.58Sky2042_afkZeal: yeah, but flight path's a whore.
09:14.01Bagginswwthe other 3d ones
09:14.12Zealindeed, it was overloaded back then
09:14.13Sky2042_afkBagginsww: even OoT?
09:14.24Zealjust suprised when it does finally load, it's screwed.
09:14.31BagginswwOot didn't have as much story line to cover
09:15.01Bagginswwbut for comparision I should say I'm 24 hours in and still in the third dungeon
09:15.15Bagginswwthere is alot of stuff that goes on inbetween the dungeons
09:15.29Bagginswwinvolving going back and forth between light and dark world
09:15.32Sky2042_afkwhich is why I hate those xD
09:15.43Bagginswwbut they are so much fun.
09:15.59Bagginswwbeaufiful world, its all action no woring about stats
09:16.05Sky2042_afkI'm one of those people who gets the guide so he can get everything while getting stuff done as quick as possible. not because he wants to beat the game. xD
09:16.17Bagginswwoh its a good game for a guide
09:16.25Bagginswwall zelda games are fun to work with with guides
09:16.57Bagginswwif only to make sure you pick up eveyr chest
09:17.21Bagginswwwheras a game like Ace Attorney I at least want to figure out the logic on my own.
09:17.37Bagginswwsolve the court cases without being told how to
09:18.00Bagginswwsure the time issue might because I didnt' pick up a guide for this one :p
09:18.14Bagginswwso I'm really struggling on some of the puzzles
09:18.30BagginswwI can't figure out where to next n the water temple LOL
09:18.46Bagginswwand midna isn't giving me a clue :p
09:19.00Sky2042_afkwant me to go see about my guide?
09:19.08Bagginswwyou have it?
09:19.11Sky2042_afkmy bro play(s/ed)
09:19.17Bagginswwwii version hopefully
09:19.18Sky2042_afkwe resubscribed to NP =)
09:19.26SlackwiseA guide for Zelda? Easiest game on the planet? :/
09:19.35Sky2042_afkSlackwise: read above.
09:19.41ZealSky2042_afk, "Non-admin members of the patrollers not able to mark own edits as patrolled (via option in preferences - used to exist). Possible bug. " that bug is still there for me btw.
09:19.43Sky2042_afkSlackwise: some of us are... anal.
09:19.50Sky2042_afkrecheck it.
09:19.59Sky2042_afkit wasn't there when I wasn't admin.
09:20.08SlackwiseI'm anal too, but I play Zelda to enjoy the exploration. :P
09:20.22Zealbut you verified sky
09:20.22*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
09:20.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse] by ChanServ
09:20.23Sky2042_afkSlackwise: and some of us just like seeing the content.
09:20.24Bagginswwto be honest it was fun to play with guides in some of hte old zelda games because the guide writers made it interesting tossing in humor and facts
09:20.26Zealas being fixed
09:20.29Zealwhich it's not..
09:20.30Sky2042_afkhiya sannse
09:20.36*** mode/#wowwiki [-o sannse] by sannse
09:20.41Bagginswwguides aren't that way anymore though for the most part :p
09:21.11BagginswwI'm guessing that I"m missing some clawshot target somewhere
09:21.21BagginswwI jsut raised the water in the main room
09:21.24Bagginswwto the first level
09:21.25Sky2042_afkZeal: have you rechecked your prefs (literally, set it to display, than not-display?), and hard refreshed?
09:21.51Bagginswwcan't seem to get to the rightside areas because of some water wheels in the way
09:22.24Bagginswwhaven't found the compass yet, it might give me some clues :p
09:22.30Zeal"set it to display" ?
09:23.53Sky2042_afkZeal: give me a sec
09:24.28Sky2042_afkyou're patrolling...
09:24.36Bagginswwok I think I found the target I'm missing
09:24.44Sky2042_afkin fact:
09:24.45Bagginswwapparently int eh main room somewhere
09:24.47Bagginswwgoing to check
09:24.47Zealyeah, but the setting is missing from prefs
09:24.56Zealalready had it turned on back when it did show up
09:25.13Sky2042_afkso, it disappeared...
09:25.55Sky2042_afkgo ahead and move it back, zeal. that's just weird :/
09:26.05Sky2042_afkscreenshot would be nice too
09:29.27Zealhm.. one sec.
09:29.42Zealwhat tab is it even supposed to be on?
09:30.07Sky2042_afkum, lemme check
09:30.32ZealEditing or Misc would make sense.
09:31.05Sky2042_afk"In MediaWiki 1.9 this user preference has been removed and replaced by a new "autopatrol" right, assigned only to sysops by default. Also, users cannot mark their own edits as patrolled."
09:31.07Zealalso checking up on <ref> see how well it fits.
09:31.29Sky2042_afkyou're not supposed to have a box.
09:31.33Zealwell that's lame.
09:44.44Sky2042_afkwell, shit
09:44.49Sky2042_afki'm using this from now on
09:45.06Sky2042_afkwho needs textbooks when you've got wikibooks?... xD
09:45.22*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
09:45.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
09:47.22Gourra my eyes!
09:48.02Sky2042_afkGourra: have fun. strategy's been underdeveloped here...
09:48.27GourraI know
09:53.03Zealhm.., well looking at it, i'd rather avoid using cite.php
09:53.45*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
09:53.49Zealuse correctly formatted templates instead to deal with it. won't get the automation, but it'll be more compliant to standards.
09:54.49Zealluckily, that happens to be my next stop, with a {{q}} template.
09:59.23Sky2042_afkman, zeal, I don't get you =[
10:00.02Sky2042_afkwhy not work on an extension of your own to replace cite.php?
10:00.09Zeal{{q}} i'm making for <q>, inline quotes.
10:00.10[NewsBot]Zeal meant:
10:00.16Zealbecause i'm not a dev..
10:00.22Zeali guess i could, meh.
10:00.57Sky2042_afkyou're not a dev... yeah. open source ftw?
10:01.02Zealplus cite.php doesn't play well with parsing and variables as far as i can tell.
10:01.26Zealwhihc is soemthing i feel would be nice for it to support.
10:01.50Gourrawell, looks better now Sky2042_afk
10:01.55Zeali like how HTML5 and XHTML 2.0 differ so much.
10:02.10Sky2042_afkZeal: yeah. lol.
10:02.24Gourrasome people doesn't know that a line is two return's, not one
10:02.31Zealultimately i prefer HTML5 under XML, screw XHTML 2.0 so far.
10:03.07Sky2042_afkGourra: what referring you to?
10:03.50Zealtwice now google has told me it thinks i'm a bot.
10:04.00Gourralooked like a mess because the one who wrote it doesn't know about double return's
10:04.08Sky2042_afkGourra: ah
10:05.09Zeali especially love how HTML5 isn't retarded and kept <b> and <i>, redefining them in the way i've always used them.
10:05.46Sky2042_afkZeal: hmm?
10:05.50Gourraby the way, I still haven't found that quote by Rhonin..skimmed through the third book, trying the second
10:06.31Sky2042_afkGourra: which quote again?
10:06.49Zeal"The i element represents a span of text in an alternate voice or mood, or otherwise offset from the normal prose, such as a taxonomic designation, a technical term, an idiomatic phrase from another language, a thought, a ship name, or some other prose whose typical typographic presentation is italicized."
10:07.20Zeal"The b element represents a span of text to be stylistically offset from the normal prose without conveying any extra importance, such as key words in a document abstract, product names in a review, or other spans of text whose typical typographic presentation is boldened."
10:07.25Gourra"The other races may see no reason to ally themselves with ones who'd almost as much as the Burning Legion prefer to see them all wiped out. We're talking centuries of enmity, Krasus."
10:07.57Zeal"Style sheets can be used to format b elements, just like any other element can be restyled. Thus, it is not the case that content in b elements will necessarily be boldened."
10:08.11Sky2042_afklol Zeal, aren't those the general uses of b and i, in text as well as internet?
10:08.15Zealsame applies to <i>
10:09.15Zealwell that's the point, <b> and <i> represent different offset spans of text, which aren't represented by any other tags
10:09.55Zealthey've always been used unintentionally to represent such text, because that text is typically bold or italic.
10:10.26Zealthey probably could have done with new names, but why change?
10:10.43*** join/#wowwiki Daworm (
10:10.58Zealthey were introduced as presentational, but their need was not.
10:11.15Zealand thus they have never really been presentational markup.
10:11.46Zeal<small>, <strong>, <em> all been redefined in a similar way.
10:14.12Zealtbh, i could easily seen myself doing soemthing like b { text-transform: uppercase
10:14.18Zeal*; }
10:14.54Zealer.. wrong one *capitalize
10:16.10Zealand reserve font-weight: bold for <em>
10:21.04*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
10:21.04*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
10:24.04ZealBagginsww! guess what i just got in the mail
10:24.20KalrothA mail about viagra?
10:24.27Zealnope, that's my email
10:26.08Zealthis is no the time to go afk Bagginsww, i have very important news :P
10:29.28Lukianmacro question! reset=combat ,  anyway to make it EXITING combat only? or something else I can use
10:30.01Zealyou've been here long enough to know where to ask that :p
10:30.25Zealand afaik, no there isn't
10:30.26LukianI could check the website, but i'm in a 5man :p
10:34.40Zealaccording to ww, reset=combat is when leaving combat only
10:38.37*** part/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
10:46.10*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
10:46.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+v cladhaire] by ChanServ
10:49.16Zeal <- technology goaste? (SFW)
10:53.37twsXlol, i didn't read your comment and clicked right away, and thought the same thing :D
10:54.45Gourrareminds me of a youtube vid where this was one of the suggestions:
10:54.55Gourraof the london olympic logo*
11:00.34*** join/#wowwiki scrooge (n=bp@unaffiliated/alone)
11:10.10Zealyeah, hehe
11:36.24*** join/#wowwiki quadfour (
11:37.51quadfourgot a question for other wow players... for those of you on non oceanic servers, do you get 'honor point lag'? Its a period anywhere from 21:45AEDT where wow essentially stops for a few mins
11:39.50cladhairei never got it on the US servers, but I did on the EU servers I'm on.
11:39.53cladhaireduno if that helps
11:40.52quadfourcheers, does :) I've heard a few people saying its only happening on oceanic servers
11:41.00Kalrothyes, it's quite common on EU servers
11:41.21KalrothAround 1:05am to 1:15am, every day
11:41.21Zealnever had that when i played :S
11:42.27KalrothThe honor calculation pretty much cckblocks the database, so all item updates doesn't happen.
11:43.07Zealwas always seemless for me
11:43.37quadfouroh ok... same db for all EU & oceanic servers?
11:44.11Zealnot with EU, no.
11:44.20KalrothOceanic servers are US based.
11:44.43quadfourwould they share the same DB with US servers?
11:44.49KalrothAnd they don't share the database cluster, there's at least one set of databases per faction on each server.
11:45.28Zealper faction? :S
11:45.50quadfourim just trying to understand if I can move to a server where this doesn't occur... 21:45EADT is prime time for me :)
11:46.03KalrothZeal: I believe so
11:46.07quadfourZeal: horde and alliance i would assume
11:47.31Zealjust doesn't seem like there'd need to be seperate dbs servering each faction
11:47.56Zealand if what Kalroth says is true, it's going to happen on all servers quadfour, can't exacpe it.
11:48.53winkillerbut the time matters
11:48.57quadfourif that were the case I would expect more complaints from US server users... they seem to be only on Oceanic servers
11:48.59winkillerwe got it at 1 am
11:49.00KalrothYeah, it's the timezone
11:49.04Zealpersonaly since honor updates were introduced, i've never noticed any issues during the update. the time chosen is supposed to be a rather inactive time anways.
11:49.13Kalrothquadfour: No, it happens on US servers too
11:49.17winkiller1 am is not inavtitve :P
11:49.29quadfourpeak time on Aman'Thul
11:49.37Zealmore so than 4-12
11:50.34Zealhaving spent many a dead night playing, 4-6am are usually the most dead hours.
11:50.49KalrothThe problem is that there is no such thing as an oceanic server, it's still an US server.
11:51.10KalrothSo you get the update on primetime (for you), which is around 1am for most americans.
11:51.11quadfourtrue, though many ozzies play on these servers :)
11:51.26ZealOceanis servers follow US rules, which means the timing isn't very good for those outside the US.
11:52.25Zeallame arrangement really.
11:53.01quadfourhmmm, I see :)
11:53.29KalrothNot really, it's just that is no such thing as an oceanic server. There's US, EU and Asian servers, that's it. If you're a roo hunter or sheep shagger, then you're fucked.
11:53.30Zealyou other option is to move to the EU or US ;)
11:53.55Kalrothwhat time is it at your place now, quadfour?
11:54.22quadfourcurrently 8:51 pm
11:54.28KalrothThe EU servers will get their honor update in ~12 hours from now, meaning it's nearly 1pm here.
11:54.42Zealwell i dunno how they're physically and literally seperated Kalroth. i would have through they'd be sensible and have them in a seperate battlegroup, thus they could be given their own timezone afaik.
11:54.51Kalrothquadfour: So on an EU server you'd only experience honor update around 9am :)
11:55.00KalrothZeal: it's on WW :)
11:55.14Zealsure it is
11:55.31quadfourbut can we play on EU servers?
11:55.43Zealnot without an eu client.
11:55.43Kalrothquadfour: Yup, you just have to get an european account.
11:55.55KalrothThe client is easy to get, you can just download it.
11:56.11Zealstill need a eu key though, so why would you?
11:56.34quadfourthat is just what I was going to ask
11:56.46|Pixel|you could even make it work with the US client actually
11:56.48KalrothWell if you got an european buddy to buy the game for you, he could send you the key
11:56.52|Pixel|either straight, or with some tweaks
11:57.08KalrothYup |Pixel|, you only need a few US files to make it european
11:57.23KalrothI believe it's the exe, the logon hostname and the eula files
11:57.35|Pixel|and the enGB files, probably :)
11:57.44quadfourI'd not be a fan of purchasing a new key though :)
11:57.50Zealmhm, been done plenty of time. but the same question. why would you without an eu key? :p
11:57.54Kalrothquadfour: That you can't avoid.
11:58.11|Pixel|quadfour: you could try with the test stuff
11:58.24|Pixel| and create a test account there
11:58.30KalrothZeal: Like I said, get someone to buy the key for you. You get the key from him.
11:58.48KalrothI used to play a lot with a canuck, I got him his key.
11:58.52|Pixel|and you'll have to pay a monthly fee :)
11:59.05Zealand loose out on sacred manuals and box artwork?! never! lol
11:59.14quadfour|Pixel|: does the test account essentially give you an EU key?
11:59.42quadfour|Pixel|: sweet :)
11:59.45|Pixel|working 10 days, with alot of limitations, but, yeah
12:00.04Zealemphasis on alot :p
12:00.16quadfouroh lol... a trial account :)
12:00.29|Pixel|err, yeah, the trial stuff =)
12:01.11quadfourWould I still need a EU BC key?
12:01.26quadfouror could the EU account be upgraded?
12:01.35*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
12:01.53Zealto gain a full account, and TBC, you'd need a key for both.
12:01.59KalrothYup, what Zeal said.
12:02.44quadfourthanks heaps Zeal, Kalroth, |Pixel|, thats a wealth of information
12:18.04*** join/#wowwiki Taurmindo (
12:24.47*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
12:26.00*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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12:27.40Taurmindochannel rules are awsome.
12:27.53Taurmindo7. English is the language of the channel, but many nationalities are present, so you may still be able to get help if you English isn't your best language :)
12:28.15Taurmindo"... if you English isn't your best language"! :)
12:29.40Zealthis ww or wow? :S
12:31.01Gourrathis channel, of course
12:34.56*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
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12:41.48*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
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13:10.45*** join/#wowwiki arskeh (
13:12.41sacarascsometimes i really hate the other people on WoW... just followed the plains vision... a nelf decided to follow too... and then killed the seer just as i was going to talk to him ;\
13:18.07*** join/#wowwiki g0urra (
13:30.34*** join/#wowwiki Liothen (n=liothen@
13:32.33*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
13:47.00*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
13:58.08*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
14:02.12*** join/#wowwiki Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
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14:06.45*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
14:07.17*** join/#wowwiki Norsken (
14:09.15*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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14:10.53*** join/#wowwiki bleeter_ (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
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14:13.33*** join/#wowwiki kd3|hate`net (
14:15.36*** join/#wowwiki Manticore (i=Janitor@wikia/Manticore)
14:17.55*** join/#wowwiki Xion (n=Xion@
14:18.28XionHi all
14:18.32*** part/#wowwiki Manticore (i=Janitor@wikia/Manticore)
14:42.29*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
14:47.59*** part/#wowwiki Xion (n=Xion@
15:06.29*** join/#wowwiki Guardix (i=martin_j@
15:17.28*** join/#wowwiki Gourra (
15:42.47*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
15:59.25Zeallol sacarasc
15:59.48Zealbeat him/her up ;p
16:00.30sacarasci was level 6
16:00.34sacarasche was on a mount
16:00.37sacarascor a she
16:00.42sacarasccan never tell with nelfs
16:03.05*** join/#wowwiki soufron (
16:03.30Zeallol, guessed as much :p
16:04.42Zeali remember in Dun Morogh, accidentally attacking a passing by mounted orc on his way to IF. he stopped turned round, looked at me, then killed me. Funny enough, turned out i knew the person, so laughs were had afterwards :p
16:09.19*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
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16:10.18*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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16:10.39*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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16:11.54*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
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16:42.03Fisker-you still at work btw |Pixel|? :P
16:42.37Fisker-wanna play nod or don't nod? :P
16:42.47|Pixel|tss tss
16:59.13Zealsounds like a fun game
16:59.37*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
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17:02.37Fisker-i called microsoft tech support today
17:05.17*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
17:08.42Zealwas that fun?
17:17.07Zealgd :)
17:17.11Zealwell i'm off, nn all
17:17.43zealBagginsww my news was that i finally got my wow comic btw.
17:18.00zealproblem is, it's arrived in crap condition and it's issue #2, not #1.
17:18.22zealso i'll be back to emailing complaints.
17:20.11pcjare you off or not
17:22.42sacarascwow, zeal's sleep pattern is a little... crazy
17:39.46*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
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17:48.53*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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17:51.52*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
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17:54.21*** join/#wowwiki calaveraDeluxe (
18:01.34*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
18:01.46*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:18.25*** join/#wowwiki Taurmindo (
18:37.09kd3oh wow. tigole said that they've reignited the sunwell
18:40.02foxlitburning water?
18:40.06foxlitburning magical water?
18:40.10foxlitburning magical water with green fire?
18:40.24ralfWORKhow do you reignite?
18:40.30kd3you tell me
18:40.37kd3I'd guess that aveena's done something
18:41.43deltronoooh it's blizzcast day isn't it?
18:45.09*** join/#wowwiki Paradox_ (
18:45.31ralfWORKI guess I don't get it
18:45.38ralfWORKhad they benched Sunwell before?
18:46.11ralfWORKsince I first heard about it, I hadn't heard them bench it
18:47.49[NewsBot]kd3 meant:
18:47.58ralfWORKthat for me?
18:48.26kd3yes. she's the avatar of the sunwell, so something must've happened with her
18:48.36ralfWORKerm. k.
18:49.19Fisker-that 2.4 info was pathetic and outdated
18:51.28*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
18:59.09kd3meh, at least the wiki got some new images out of it
19:00.39*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
19:28.26*** join/#wowwiki ThraeBot (
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19:32.04*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
19:42.22*** join/#wowwiki ThraeBot (
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19:46.37*** join/#wowwiki Thrae (
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19:51.31*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
19:53.02Taurmindolatest patch notes does not include e.g. new graphics + icon for hood of hexing.. is this something which usually is added, or is that part of the "undocmuneted" one?
19:53.51kd3that'd be undoc, most likely
19:55.03Taurmindok. noticed there weren't any undocumented changes on the wiki, and at least two items have suffered the fate of being changed by icon + looks without being in the notes.
19:57.23Taurmindohm, this [[Warden Iolol]] guy who was renamed surely must have been using a placeholdername they forgot to change.
19:59.36kd3thought he got renamed in 2.3.0
20:03.15Taurmindo"..who was renamed", yea. i just mean that they renamed him not 'cause they changed their mind about his name, but rather because he never had a name earlier, just a placeholder, LOLOL?
20:04.06kd3doubt it. he's got gossip text talking about his name change
20:14.33Taurmindoyea.,. uh, you don't think they added that as a reason to ingame explain his namechange?
20:58.20BagginswwIt bugs me when people mix up gameplay and lore, :p
20:58.40BagginswwBlah blah, blood elves can't be warriors it must be lore :p
20:58.42*** join/#wowwiki Drool (
20:58.51Bagginswwyet there is plenty of warrior blood elves in lore, and in game, LOL
21:10.58*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
21:10.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
21:13.39BagginswwI think mag'har paint themselves brown ;)
21:14.06BagginswwI mean its the only way to explain why they are brown despite being in highly magical environment
21:14.14Bagginswwtwisting nether is loaded with fel magic
21:14.23Bagginswwand the demonic are everywhere
21:14.36Bagginswwif they have been corrupted it would explain their mass, ;)
21:32.54BagginswwI removed the line in orc skin color description saying that blood elves unlike orcs don't corrupt due to exposure to other user's magic. this is unknown
21:33.22Bagginswwthe rest of the line also implied that they don't pass on their corruption to children.
21:33.37Bagginswwthis is unlikely, as we do see green eyed blood elf children
21:58.24pcjwtb working wiki
22:02.26KirkburnEvening all
22:02.46pcjhi kd3
22:02.50pcjhi Kirkburn
22:10.48*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
22:11.49Gourrais there a way to confirm this?
22:11.52Gourra@ source
22:17.28Taurmindothe sourcepart can be found on both armories, wowhead and allakhazam (possibly tb too), so i suppose that's confirmed. the source of the recipe or how it's learn however..
22:19.33Gourrayes, I know it exists, it's the source I want to know
22:19.49GourraI don't have any chars with blacksmithing, so I can't check
22:20.29pcji don't have those plans
22:20.41pcjbut then i don't know where they come from
22:21.48Gourrait could be removed from the game though
22:22.11Gourracould've been*
22:23.36Taurmindothere's no recipe/plans for it on the armory, so either it's NYI, removed from the game or learned from some unknown npc.
22:36.33*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
22:36.38*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
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22:48.06Sandwichman2448Magnutc should get the 'Sandwichmanian Award for Not Starting a Flame War'. I was expecting him to be insulted by my advice, like the last three people I gave it to.
22:48.36BagginswwI had to revert pretty far back some of his changes were pretty drastic
22:48.49Bagginswwlike "abominations tied together with corde and wire"
22:48.56Bagginswwgive me one source that's that specific :p
22:49.37Sandwichman2448Some models use a metallic texture.
22:50.01Sandwichman2448Read my talk page, he wanted to help.
22:50.59BagginswwI'm just saying speculative details like that need to be left to speculation or talk page
22:51.13Bagginswwunles its citeable we don't need to get that specific
22:51.34Sandwichman2448Is cite a real verb?
22:52.05Bagginswwwell I'm off to get lunch
22:52.07Bagginswwhave fun
22:52.52Gourradamn you americans, it's almost 12pm here
22:53.26Bagginswwand sandwhich let me know if you notice anyone make drastic changes to a page. If its on one of the fair use problem pages, let them know that they need to work on paraphrasing and material changes in a sandbox in order to be careful not to mess up citations, on the main page
22:53.43BagginswwI.E. make sure they get citations added, and moved aorund correctly
22:54.11Bagginswwso as to not cite a material to something it never belonged to :p
22:56.12BagginswwSky's paraphrases are some of the better ones, because he properly adds and moves citations when he moves material around.
22:56.28Bagginswwalthough in some cases I feel he leaves out some details I think are interesting and important ;)
22:58.02*** join/#wowwiki willg (
23:06.28[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 12616 doing ~0.9 job/s, done in approx. 3hrs 53mins 37secs.
23:26.58pcjlol pwned
23:27.56Bagginswwuh huh LOL
23:28.08BagginswwWowwiki isn't hte place to ask either LOL
23:28.46SandwichmanAFKI'm banned!
23:28.46Bagginswwoh I see hwas blocked?
23:28.57Bagginswwsandwhich is banned, LOL
23:30.33pcjwell, i'll just undo all his edits then
23:30.40pcjsince he's obviously a vandal
23:31.03Bagginswwthis is as funny as the times I've accidently blocked myself trying to block other vandals by misclicking :p
23:31.15BagginswwI'm obviously trying to vandalize myself
23:34.18BagginswwI can't say I'm a big fan of those ingame book boxes
23:34.21Bagginswwtoo much brown
23:34.30Bagginswwand the links look horrible
23:34.34pcjhmm find another color then
23:35.10BagginswwI'm thinking brown tan they'll al look the same, :p
23:35.17*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
23:35.38Bagginswwthe blue links look like neon lights, if you haven't clicked on them :p
23:37.54*** join/#wowwiki Eleazaros (
23:38.09pcjlol like 30 people got banned
23:39.53sacarascban them all!
23:40.06*** part/#wowwiki Eleazaros (
23:46.15KirkburnI am confused ... what happened?
23:47.04Kirkburnpcj, metal bars, horizontal bar methinks
23:47.32pcjfandy blocked someone and it looks like everyone who uses comcast got blocked
23:49.16pcjwhat about {{bandages}} kirkburn
23:49.19Kirkburnthat is seriously weird
23:49.48KirkburnYeah, same
23:54.28pcjgg fandy
23:54.48pcjthis is almost worse than the time he quadruple-edited {{cost}}
23:55.39KirkburnNot his fault though
23:56.04KirkburnIt's really weird

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