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00:55.56pcjDoes come up for anyone?
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00:59.10pcjzomg i'm beating kirkburn
01:03.18pcjis the wiki being slow for anyone else
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01:04.02Bagginsww Question we usually have quest sections towards end of the article in most zone type pages. Whey do we have them towards the top of npc pages?
01:04.31Bagginswwout of consistency I think quest sections should be under their own heading after the lore
01:04.52pcjWell, quests are more a part of a NPCs role than they are in a zone
01:05.19Bagginswwwell this really is only an issue for important characters
01:05.28Bagginswwmost of the time the quest stuff is after the lore on minor characters
01:05.37Bagginswwwhatever one sentence bit of lore there is
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01:08.53Bagginsww for example
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01:14.05pcjDoes come up for anyone?
01:16.51Gourraslow wiki is slow
01:18.59kd3I'm inclined to think that we're doing something with a few templates that we're not supposed to be
01:19.04kd3wouldn't be the first time
01:19.45Gourrapcj: no doesn't load for me either
01:23.50foxlitkd3: shouldn't be the case, same objection as previously
01:24.21foxlitPages are generate-once, use-forever; it should be fast to fetch a version of a page that has already been generated
01:25.16Bagginswwslowwiki blows
01:25.29kd3time to bitch in #wikia, I guess
01:29.26Bagginswwso anyways now that npc and characterbox are merged, people need to keep track of minor character's relatives in game
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01:29.37Bagginswwso we can list how they interconnect
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01:30.00Bagginswwwe usually learn about the relationships through quests
01:30.40Bagginswwalso keep track of characters mentioned but aren't actually seen in game :)
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01:44.04pcjwtb working wowwiki
01:47.23KeolahWhat's wrong with it?
01:47.29kd3reiterate my question in #wikia... I poked someone in the ops team but didn't get a response
01:47.39pcj isn't loading
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01:51.05Gourramaybe you'll find something there of interest
01:56.04Bagginswwanyone feel like adding
01:56.09Bagginswwa racebox to that article
01:56.13Bagginswwand the queen article
01:57.09Bagginswwwhile I wouldn't call them subspecies directly, I don't think lore does either, the "castes" do have specialized class information
01:58.46Gourraare item boxes broken in some way? it won't work correctly unless I use disambigpage=
01:59.34foxlitpcj: it responds to raw, but not render
01:59.47pcjwell of course raw doesn't expand templates
02:06.41foxlitKilled {{item}} for now
02:08.23pcjI was fixing it :(
02:08.36foxlitYou were fixing what? :)
02:08.44pcjthat page
02:08.48pcjone item at a time lol
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02:17.19pcjtell me when you switch it back on
02:18.43foxlitslowwiki feels better?
02:19.25foxlitProbably going to leave it this way overnight
02:19.42kd3I can't even get to the main page. timeouts galore
02:19.59foxlitkd3: delete all wowwiki cookies
02:20.02foxlitthen login again
02:20.10Bagginsww behold
02:20.24foxlitEither that or yanking {{item}} appears to have made everything load decently
02:20.39BagginswwI have to say its very weird converting rpg mumbo jumbo into meaningful sentences
02:20.47Bagginswwnow all it needs is a npcbox
02:20.57pcjty foxlit that fixed Fx
02:21.29foxlitWhat, the cookie eating?
02:21.54foxlitNow that's interesting
02:22.52Bagginswwbasically there was nothing much about her except a name, and her classes. So I turned her abilities into sentences, :)
02:23.10foxlitBecause there isn't supposed to be a laglikehell=yes cookie :)
02:23.57foxlitHey, look at my awesome new signature
02:24.00Bagginswwnot all the abilities mostly the ones that could make proper sense based on her occupation
02:24.47BagginswwI mean you can't do much with "Base Atk +11" as far as sentences :p
02:25.14Bagginswwbut Cha 20, Diplomacy +8, Intimdiate +8, sure
02:25.56pcjyou're crazy baggins
02:26.09Bagginswwand she is also a "hero commander" and beloved commander" whatever those mean. But those can be converted into proper sentences
02:26.24Bagginswwthus I mention she is a hero, and and she is beloved, :)
02:27.17Bagginswwif I get around to giving her a npc box under occupation I could mention her profession is "military commander"
02:32.10Bagginswwall baggins have to be a little crazy you know ;)
02:32.24BagginswwI blaim the ring ;)
02:32.39Bagginswwmy precioussss
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02:40.02pcjhi kirkburn
02:40.12pcjdid your question on the VP get answered
02:40.31AFKDuTempetewait... nuh uh...
02:41.10KirkburnWha? :(
02:41.37AFKDuTempeteYou aren't finished packing :P
02:41.47Kirkburnpcj, it's a fairly major change for instances
02:41.57KirkburnAFKDuTempete, I'm doing it now :(
02:42.14pcjYeah, but it needs to be done
02:42.15KirkburnStrats are a major part of the wiki, so it needs careful thought :)
02:42.22AFKDuTempeteYes, but FSM knows what distractions these people can come up with...
02:43.20AFKDuTempeteI'll not have you losing too much sleep, nor forgetting anything!
02:43.51pcjyes, be sure to take all the "implements"
02:44.00AFKDuTempeteshut up, pcj. :P
02:44.19AFKDuTempeteand l2speel.
02:44.31*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
02:44.39pcjspell what
02:45.07Sandwichman2448Is baggins on?
02:46.29pcjdamn those bosskillers copying off of wowwiki
02:47.34Sandwichman2448I have a questionable edit I want to make.
02:47.59Kirkburn"invulerable" >_>
02:48.01pcjObviously photoshopped
02:48.36KirkburnPeople have been known to upload bosskillers content, so don't assume it's not us :P
02:48.49pcjI'm being facetious nub
02:50.51Sandwichman2448User:Xmuskrat added the great sea idea, even though it was not written by him. Should he be forced to host it to end the debate?
02:51.32foxlit"You may want to review information from fansites with raiding guides. " nudge nudge, wink wink
02:52.00KirkburnHmm, should edit that with a copyright warning
02:52.11KirkburnSomeone that isn't me of course, since I'm packing
02:52.31foxlitI like my version better :P
02:52.41pcjKirkburn's packing a gun, he's gonna use it on people who violate copyright :O
02:52.44AFKDuTempetethat's right.
02:52.51pcjWow, check out that table
02:53.02AFKDuTempeteerr, not the gun part...
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02:54.29Sandwichman2448User:Xmuskrat added the great sea idea, even though it was not written by him. Should he be forced to host it to end the debate??? Make it his subpage? Namespace bad?
02:54.55Sandwichman2448Y/N/SHUT UP SANDWICH!
02:55.07Sky2042Sandwichman2448: Y/N/SHUT UP SANDWICH!!
02:55.16KirkburnSandwichman2448, use the talk page on the wiki :)
02:56.55*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
02:57.35KirkburnWhich wasn't code for "quit the channel" :P
02:57.44pcjgg kirkburn
02:57.49pcjgo back to packing now
02:58.08KirkburnRestarting, brb
02:58.10Sky2042pcj: do you know why has things showing up in blue?... is it my page cache r something?
02:58.27pcjfoxlit borked {{item}} for the night
02:58.59Sky2042gj foxlit!
02:59.12foxlitThank you, thank you
02:59.18pcjDon't mess with that page until I can go through all the items when {{item}} is working
02:59.38AFKDuTempetedamn, you turned foxbot off again :(  I wanted to show Kirky its new trick. :(
03:00.15foxlitpcj: If you were really clever, you'd template each row in that :)
03:00.40foxlitCan look up armor type, slot and so on directly
03:01.11pcjYeah, but that would require me to do a lot more typing instead of just applying my regex to previously-existing {{loot}} links
03:01.18kd3zone-wide yells, /sigh
03:01.55pcjHmm, actually it probably wouldn't but it's not that big a deal anyway
03:02.18pcjNot like {{item}} is working right now
03:02.22foxlitnaptime :)
03:04.17AFKDuTempeteI shouldn't be allowed to own a .357 magnum...
03:04.37AFKDuTempeteI get waaaaaay too excited just holding one in a video game...
03:04.52pcj...well there goes that Christmas idea
03:05.28Sky2042pcj: well, we c an get her an autoshotty instead. =)
03:10.39Sky2042Kirkburn: Why again are the monobook colors in common.css?...
03:12.24pcjkirkburn isn't in the channel
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03:14.18pcjhi gryphen
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03:45.50Bagginswwyou know I wish they'd make ice mages more useful in raids, so that raid leaders would be less likely to force a respec you know?
03:46.10Bagginswwunless they have and I missed the memo, since I last had a chance to play
03:46.55BagginswwI find ice magery to be more fun, than fire mage personally for the slowing, and easier soloing
03:48.17pcjman, can you imagine what it'd be like if we could use nether drakes in IF
03:48.34Bagginswwin Ironforge?
03:48.44kd3if wouldn't be that bad. SW would be beyond broken, though
03:48.52Bagginswwit would be cool
03:48.58pcjIF would be amazing
03:49.03pcjThey'd have to do the other levels tho
03:49.22Bagginswwwell they'd need to redesign IF so that area with the flying machines connected to the airport
03:50.14Bagginswwfor stormwind they'd actually have to design a model for the palace so that it doesn't float anymore
03:50.28kd3there's actually 4 views of the temple iirc
03:50.33pcjSW is glitchy as hell
03:50.36kd3and most of the buildings only have one wall
03:50.55Bagginswwby the way they complain how bad stormwind is for flying yet you can see how bad it is on certain flightpaths LOL
03:51.08Bagginswwthey need to fix it at least for fligh pathing LOL
03:51.25Bagginswwya sw has no backside graphics
03:51.30kd3it's easy enough to see if you get good and drunk and the camera zooms all the way out
03:51.55Bagginswwbut ya SW palace floats of the ground like 30 feet int he air :p
03:52.23Bagginswwwhich if you think about it makes flying Dalaran nothing new, LOL
03:52.40pcjmeh, dalaran's a whole city
03:52.43BagginswwDalaran think of something new, SW has been doing that for years, ;)
03:52.53pcjthat's why dalaran's moving
03:53.03Bagginswwwell you can actually get under the city of SW and it appears to float above the ground :p
03:53.21kd3that's cause it is about a hundred feet above local ground level.
03:53.21BagginswwLuckily you can't see that from the front :p
03:53.23kd3map viewers are fun
03:53.44Bagginswwthat's something that could be easily fixed too
03:53.50Bagginswwall they'd have to do is raise the terrain
03:54.12Bagginswwand then add graphics to the back wall
03:54.29Bagginswwalso they need to open more areas of the palac,e ;)
03:54.29pcjWhy don't they?
03:54.34pcjI mean it's seriously obvious
03:54.44BagginswwI don't know, it would be easy to do in one patch :p
03:54.51kd3because they'd drop framerates. sw is a hack so low-end computers aren't a slideshow
03:55.33Bagginswwwell I know that Outland is aproblem on some of those same low end computers
03:55.38pcjyeah SW is crap for fps
03:55.45pcjbut they did fine with shatt
03:56.01Bagginswwshatt isn't a very large or interesting city visually either
03:56.13Bagginswwstormwind is much larger, and more interesting in comparision
03:56.23Bagginswwand stormwind isn't even finished :p
03:56.39pcjyah wtf sw vault
03:56.48Bagginswwand the back gate
03:56.58pcjand the "player housing" area
03:57.02Bagginswwthat supposedly supposed to go into stormwind region proper
03:57.13Bagginswwaccording to Lands of Conflict
03:57.22Bagginswwwell its rumored to be player housing
03:57.42Bagginswwwhere as the RPG says something about some kind of road attacked by dire wolves and harpies
03:58.13Bagginswwand mountains of Stormwind
03:58.31Bagginswwnot many people actually live out there apparently, most live in the city because of the dangers
03:59.13Bagginswwbut even IF is unfinished as well... wtb Old Ironforge :p
03:59.28Bagginswwthat place has the potential to be a fascinating location
03:59.31pcjyeah what's the point of having it virtually finished and not implementing it
03:59.46Bagginswwwell basically it'll probably lead to some dungeon
03:59.56Bagginswwits kind of like Uldum at the momment :p
04:00.04Bagginswwleads to a gate you can't enter
04:00.12Bagginswwactually two gates IRC?
04:00.24Bagginswwso the possiblity of a raid and a dungeon?
04:01.07BagginswwAlso imo, Stonetalon could use an overhaul
04:01.27pcjyeah, kinda like dustwallow got
04:01.34Bagginswwit should be a much larger zone, and also have a raid dungeon to Oracle cave
04:01.45Bagginswwand Pandaren settlement, ; )
04:01.53Bagginswwas a neutral faction daily quest area ;)
04:02.08pcjwell they certainly won't run out of options if northrend gets delayed
04:02.32Bagginswwthe thing is there are alot of areas in stonetalon already you can't reach but are full of goblin machinery
04:02.51Bagginswwyou can see some of them via flightpath but not all of them as I recall
04:03.15Bagginswwbut plenty of room to hide, high level content if they ever introduce flying mounts
04:04.02Bagginswwalso wtb Gilneas
04:05.11Bagginswwand Grim Batol
04:05.20pcjmmm gilneas
04:05.32pcjthey left out some pretty odd areas
04:05.38Bagginswwand a proper non-instanced Zul'Aman with normal questing and exploration
04:06.05Bagginswwwell part of it was at the rate they were going in early design stages WoW would have never been release
04:06.11kd3well, they /forgot/ Gilneas, so...
04:06.18Bagginswwthey pretty much wanted to release everything in Azeroth from the get go :p
04:06.26Bagginswwand they were forced to release what they had
04:06.34Bagginswwand forgot about finishing some of the other areas :p
04:06.57Bagginswwhowever, I'm pretty sure Gilneas will be released whenever they release Kul Tiras :p
04:07.14Bagginswwsince Crestfall is owned by Gilneas
04:07.25Bagginswwand is one of the major islands in the Kul Tiras area
04:08.15Bagginswwalso what about the northern gate to troll lands in Eversong?
04:08.41BagginswwI think rather than that leading to a raid, it should just be expanded into greater Zul'aman area
04:08.45pcjall i want is undermine
04:08.54BagginswwUndermine should be cool
04:09.55Bagginswwimo they should make each expansion manditory to get the next expansion and give them as free downloads like some of the other MMOs do it
04:10.20Bagginswwand then redesign that mandatory base content to remove the instancing
04:10.39kd3I'd like to see someone go from vanilla wow straight to wrath... 60->68's a rather large jump
04:10.40Bagginswwbasically be able to enter qual'thalas seamlessly
04:10.45Bagginswwon the normal map
04:10.57BagginswwKD3 ya I just don't see that happening really
04:11.19Bagginswwnot sure the files would be compatible either
04:11.32kd3they'd still need to redesign the Azeroth/Kalimdor maps. we can still swim through ghostlands if we never leave the EK map
04:11.36Bagginswwthe lack of TBC content might cause issues
04:11.46BagginswwKD3 ya
04:11.58Bagginswwwell if they were to make them seamless it would involve replacing the older area
04:12.42Bagginswwbut ya I want to see seamless when I'm going by boat to Kul Tiras and then taking a boat to the Maelstrom :)
04:12.58Bagginswwand any other jumps in between
04:13.49Bagginswwalthough that would involve having to make the great sea somewhat smaller so that it doesn't take you a day to cross the ocean LOL
04:14.20Bagginswwbut the purpse for a seemless ocean could open up the possibility of having your own boats
04:14.35Bagginswwand ultimately getting abilities to eliminate fatique
04:14.43pcjwell once the naga perfect their work in zangarmarsh of draining the lakes, they'll probably move on to bigger things
04:14.56Bagginswwhow are they doing the boat system in that pirate MMO?
04:15.00kd3so what happens when you swim east from the aeroth supercontinent or west from kalimdor?
04:15.14pcjyou fall down onto outland
04:15.17BagginswwKD3 they could just have it wrap around
04:15.30Bagginswwfor all intents and purposes you just end up on the other side of the other continent
04:15.35Bagginswwlike they do in most RPGs
04:15.43pcjwtf azeroth is round?
04:16.17pcjthat's very little landmass...
04:17.08Bagginswwwell so far that's the only official view of the other side of th eworld ;)
04:17.27pcjYes, those globes are upside down too
04:17.35Bagginswwand if you watch the spinning globe in the intro movies there is just water there :p
04:17.52Bagginswwnote quite, I think the globes are just missing a few landmasses
04:18.06Bagginswwthe general shape of kalimdor and EK are correct
04:18.18Bagginswwand are right side up
04:18.28Bagginswwits missing northrend
04:18.55BagginswwI should take a screenshot of the front side for completeness
04:19.20pcjAren't there any maps of azeroth before the sundering
04:19.27Bagginswwsadly no
04:19.45Bagginswwand you know if Blizzard was more professional they would have had a map included in their fantasy novels :p
04:20.07Bagginswwthey should have had retro Kalimdor in the WotA
04:20.16kd3that was 10k years ago... the night elves were still chilling around the well of eternity back then, weren't they?
04:20.18BagginswwI love fantasy novel maps
04:20.45pcjlol you suit your name baggins, bilbo loved maps too
04:20.50BagginswwHeh heh
04:21.21BagginswwI remember loving to do those ITBS test things that had fictional islands on them and you had to answer questions related to them.
04:21.57BagginswwIt was to test social science knowledge or some such
04:22.01BagginswwI hated the math sections :p
04:23.06Bagginswwthere is one map that shows sunken Kalimdor in concept artwork on the DVD but the dimensions of Kalimdor are all off sadly
04:23.19Bagginswwit was definitely early concept
04:23.26Bagginswwpre Warcraft III
04:25.52Gourraspeaking of old kalimdor, I stumbled upon this one when resizing images:
04:26.03BagginswwThe thing about maps though that's cool (and I'm mostly referring to topographic style) is they inspire the imagination.
04:26.07Gourra(note, not official)
04:26.23Aridenimy imagination is inspired
04:26.32Bagginswwthat's a cool map
04:26.36ArideniI'm having a discussion with someone about how giraffes clean themselves
04:26.49Bagginswwalthough it looks like the old pre warcraft III shape of Kalimdor :p
04:26.53Bagginswwfrom old concept art
04:27.07Gourrawell pre-sundering
04:27.12Gourrasec I'll just add {{speculation}} to it
04:27.23Gourrabefore someone else do it because everyone are fast here..
04:27.27Bagginswwlet me find the map I'm referring to
04:28.00Bagginswwwell one thing blackrock spire shouldn't exist
04:28.09Bagginswwthat was created 300 years ago give or take 50 years
04:28.24Bagginswwand it took out an entire section of redridge mountains
04:28.39Gourraalot of stuff can happen in 10,000 years
04:28.42Bagginswwand the map is missing the mountain that became Zandalar
04:29.11Bagginswwgoura I"m just saying there was no blackrock spire back then, yet that map shows it LOL
04:29.22GourraI mean except the blackrock spire
04:29.59Bagginswwdimenions are way off too. its very "squished" and as far as ew know the middle areas sunk, not split apart
04:30.11Bagginswwthere was probably some splitting but that that much
04:30.29Gourrahm yeah..and the well of eternity probably was a bit smaller
04:30.48Bagginswwit was a big lake but ya I don't think it took up all the continent
04:30.55BagginswwI mean that much of it
04:31.05Bagginswwso ya
04:31.07BagginswwI agree
04:31.25Bagginswwand stonetalon mountains not sure I think those were created during the sundering
04:31.33Bagginswwused to bge a valley IIRC
04:32.09Bagginswwyou know I'm sure if I could find someone who is a good cartographer, and help them with the citations
04:32.15Bagginswwwe could come up with a fairly interesting map
04:32.20YeppyI want to be a celt and run around with warpaint
04:32.28Yeppynothing but war paint.
04:32.32Bagginswwhah hah
04:32.45Bagginswwnot egven a sword?
04:33.05Yeppyclimb up trees and jump on me enemy
04:33.11Yeppymy scary war paint will be enough
04:33.30BagginswwI could probably come up with something in paint, but my art skills are so so, :p
04:33.35BagginswwI should show you a map I made once
04:33.48YeppyYou made a map? what for...
04:34.02Yeppysorry there just too much txt to read to catch onto the conversation ><
04:34.21Sky2042read faster.
04:34.24Bagginsww some scaling issue, and it was done in paint
04:34.43Bagginswwneeds a slight update actually, as I got some official informatin
04:34.49GourraWhat Map? I Don't See Any Map.
04:34.54Yeppymy contrast is weird, white txt is actualy blinding me >< but its ok in WoW so i dont change it
04:34.56Bagginswwthe link above
04:35.10GourraBagginsww, hint hint shattrat quest
04:35.23Gourrabtw, nice map :p
04:35.29Bagginswwbasically its based on this map
04:35.39Bagginswwand trying to figure where it fit into this map
04:35.42pcjlol you're that baggins too eh
04:36.01Bagginswwyes I am
04:36.04Bagginswwand an admin there
04:36.25YeppyBaggins, if you want that map to look nicer, i could have ago for you ^^
04:36.41Bagginswwalthough I need to get ahold of the powers that be there, and tell them to fix the spam bot problem :p
04:36.52pcjlol baggins you wrote on my talk page
04:37.03Bagginswwyeppy cool go ahead I'd like to see your take on it ;)
04:37.12Gourraoh, yes, just noticed.
04:37.16Bagginswwalthough there aren't currently upload privalges I think because of the spam issue
04:37.29Bagginswwoh wow
04:37.34pcjno, don't think colin will be around much
04:37.39Bagginswwdidn't notice you were the same pcj, LOL
04:37.39pcjthe SQ7 project is shut down
04:37.43GourraI'm less than 6 months younger than you pcj
04:37.48Bagginswwthat's sad
04:37.58Gourraindeed it is
04:38.11Bagginswwsad that sq7 is shut down
04:38.19BagginswwI'd hate for the KQ one to be, I put so much time and effort into it
04:38.22Gourrame too
04:38.36BagginswwI mean so much time and effort
04:38.42Bagginswwi created nearly every page :p
04:38.49*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_ (
04:38.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_] by ChanServ
04:38.51pcjlol yeah
04:39.16Bagginswwwonders what it would take to transport it over to wikia
04:39.32pcjprobably not hard
04:39.37pcjonce you delete all the spam
04:39.40Bagginswwand how to back up the database, :p. "needs more power"
04:40.12*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
04:40.17Bagginswwand I want to do a Quest for Glory Wiki too
04:40.28Gourra"You must construct additional servers"
04:40.34pcjQFG wiki would be hawt
04:40.49BagginswwI bought the novelized sourcebook for the games
04:40.58Bagginswwthe one was co-written by the coles
04:41.09Bagginswwalot of cool info in there
04:41.28Bagginswwalthough what little I read its not as fun to read as King's Quest Companion
04:42.34BagginswwPCJ  Your middle name is my first name
04:43.08BagginswwIts a good strong name :)
04:43.24pcjlol my name means "Nobleman man"
04:44.16Bagginswwor Manly Nobleman, IIRC
04:45.07Bagginswwso ya if you know any of the sysops and can get thme to transfer the server, I'd appreciate that :)
04:45.49pcjOh, idk what he would do, but you might drop him a line if you haven't already, at
04:46.01Gourra huh
04:47.05Gourraseems a bit strange to put that in brackets. or maybe it's just me
04:48.39Bagginswwbeacuse half-Kaldorei links to Half-Night elf
04:48.45Bagginswwwhich is her race
04:49.29GourraI am not sure we're looking at the same page here
04:49.49BagginswwI was looking at one of your recent edits
04:50.29GourraI am not referring to that
04:51.10Gourraoh. right, was just seeing the image. sorry
04:52.17Gourraand by the way, the link at the bottom is broken
04:52.30Bagginswwwhich page are we looking at now
04:52.37Bagginswwthat has as broken link?
04:52.52*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042__ (
04:53.47pcj~seen thrae
04:53.49infobotthrae is currently on #wowi-lounge #wowhead #wowace #wowwiki. Has said a total of 315 messages. Is idling for 3d 7h 12m 37s, last said: 'A Warrior running up to an opponent and just spamming everything they can isn't skill. ALL classes should have to be wary of their surroundings.'.
04:54.26BagginswwSo anyways yeppy the biggest issue with my fan concept map, was I made it when I thought that perhaps Castle Daventry from King's Quest 8 was different one than one seen in previous game and sources.
04:54.51Bagginswwand I contacted the designer of Mask of Eternity, and confirmed it was intended to be the same castle
04:55.14Bagginswwas for its location it either moved or half the continent fell into the sea
04:55.35Bagginswwand a mountain arose under it :p
04:56.02Bagginswwwhich is highly possible considering the flux that world is in according to Derek Karlavaegan
04:56.15Bagginswwfor anyone who is curious, Derek is like King's Quest's Brann
04:56.57GourraI just noticed I've been doing stuff on wowwiki for 5 hours
04:57.00Gourraand it's 6am now
04:57.16Bagginswwneeds a T-shirt that says, "No Life"
04:57.24Gourramore like "Unemployed"
04:57.29Bagginswwand "How do you kill that which has no life"
04:58.25BagginswwSo basically Yeppy I've always planned to if I had the time create two seperate maps portraying those two scenarious
04:58.56Bagginswwone showing the world as if the castle was magically transported to another location on the continent
04:59.10Bagginswwand one as if whole western half the continent had magically disappeared somewhere
05:00.17Bagginswwthat scenariou actually happened once before apparently. Between time of KQ3 and KQ5
05:00.34Bagginswwexcept during that time Serenia, was missing
05:01.34Yeppysorry was afk havin a lil go in paint ^^
05:01.37Bagginswwand ya if you haven't noticed they were actually explanations to explain inconsistencies in the in the games lOL
05:02.21Bagginswwnot mine, but Dereks heh
05:02.25Bagginswwno problem
05:06.43*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower|Gone (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
05:09.39Yeppyhaha was a crappy attempt, me no good at 5am ><
05:11.17Yeppydoodles i do in paint
05:12.19Bagginswwthat one on the bottome reminds of frylocke
05:13.31Yeppymaade him in paint ^^
05:15.55Yeppynow i muust sleep ><
05:21.24kd3ahahaha... random japanese SC2 humor. the caption for this image on the blog I found it at is "See! Hydralisks *ARE* tsundere!"
05:25.13Fisker-rawr kd3_
05:25.29kd3apologies to those of you who don't get it. it's not easily explained to someone not well-versed in anime fandom
05:26.28pcji.e., most of us
05:26.43Bagginswwsorry only know a few anime series
05:27.04Bagginswwand those girls look like a cross between zergs and metroid space pirates
05:33.45KeolahUm... I used to watch Dragon Ball Z. I got bored of it and stopped watching. Tuned in a month later and they were still fighting the same guy.
05:33.57Bagginswwdbz always bored me
05:34.01BagginswwI like the artist though
05:34.03KeolahAnd that's about the limit of the anime I've watched ;p
05:34.09KeolahWell, unless you count hentai...
05:34.34MentalPower|Goneyaoi FTW! :P
05:34.45BagginswwDBZ has no story, and bores me because of that
05:34.50KeolahOh, DBZ has a story.
05:35.01Bagginswwjust not one that interests me
05:35.04KeolahJust so little of it that they have to drag it out over a billion episodes.
05:35.14Bagginswwits as bad as soap opera
05:35.34ArideniSoap operas can be good if done right
05:35.47BagginswwI just hope if they ever do a Chrono Trigger tv series they dodn't do it like DBZ :p
05:35.52Arideninot like that ever happens, though
05:35.59BagginswwOh Dark Shadows was cool
05:36.14ArideniI need a stock image of a canary /cry
05:36.15Bagginswwfew episodes I watched dripped with atmosphere
05:36.18Aridenithat doesn't cost 200$
05:36.19KeolahI'd watch soap operas if they had a better setting.
05:36.25KeolahI'd watch a fantasy or scifi based soap opera ;p
05:36.32Bagginswwdark shadows had that gothic horror setting
05:36.38Bagginswwif you like vampires and stuff like that
05:36.40KeolahI don't care if they used cheap plastic elf ears.
05:36.40ArideniSoaps are great for acting
05:36.59Bagginswwspace opera is better, ;)
05:37.02KeolahLet's get William Shatner to play a shaman. ;;p
05:37.23KeolahOh yeah, that'd be a riot. WoW soap opera.
05:37.25Bagginswwthey so needed to get Leonard Nemoy to play something
05:37.43ArideniWoW already is a soap opera, there's a million stories just ask guildmasters
05:37.54ArideniTroll, he has to be a troll
05:37.57BagginswwLeonard Nemoy as a draenei
05:38.15Arideniisn't he spock or something the guy with the ears
05:38.32Bagginswwbut also fairly emotionless
05:38.39Keolahand from outer space!
05:38.43Bagginswwexcept when drama asks for it :)
05:38.48Bagginswwexactly outer space
05:38.57kd3spock? drama?
05:39.00ArideniI saw this episode at like 2am once lol
05:39.30KeolahSpock was technically half human.
05:39.33Arideniit was so funny, they were stuck on a little landing craft (a really huge white box with a red stripe that rocks back and forth) on some planet without enough fuel to leave...and there were dangerous fog monsters
05:39.38Bagginswwyes he was
05:39.53Aridenispock was like well we have to kill one of you or leave you behind so we can fly away
05:39.54Bagginswwand he battled that humanit in many episodes :p
05:40.09BagginswwHe hated his humanity
05:40.15Bagginswwor rather disliked
05:40.26Bagginswwalthough even that is an emotion :p
05:40.27ArideniI kept waiting to see some kind of monster =( it was just a lot of fog, but it made you really use your imagination
05:40.29KeolahAt least until the fourth movie when he started laughing for no reason.
05:40.48Bagginswwbut ya vulcan's act like they have no emotions but they really do have them, just masked :p
05:41.09Bagginswwarideni that's the ep with the weird giants that toss rocks right?
05:41.41BagginswwThat's actually one of my least favorite eps, its kind of slow.
05:41.57KeolahI always like dthe Romulans better, anyway.
05:42.10KeolahThey didn't get enough exploration! ;p
05:42.14KeolahUntil that crappy movie.
05:42.22Bagginswwromulans are like vulcans in reverse. They highly emotional
05:42.35Bagginswwbut usually that emotion is revenge :p
05:42.41Bagginswwand anger
05:43.09ArideniLol conan is talking about chuck norris & mike hukabee in the same set
05:43.11BagginswwI missed most of TNG, it never explored the romulans?
05:43.19KeolahWell, that's because the main characters were generally humans and other federation screwballs they didn't like. ;p
05:43.35KeolahThere was like, one two-part episode with Spock on Romulus that did a bit.
05:43.39KeolahAnd a few others.
05:43.44KeolahBut really not much ;p
05:43.54Bagginswwmisses enterprise, if only it had the writers it had for the last season earlier on :p
05:44.14BagginswwI liked the spock on romulus ep
05:44.43Bagginswwoh and I loved that one romulan ep in Voyager
05:44.52KeolahOh, Enterprise.
05:45.00Keolah"Well, after Voyager, at least it can't get any worse." I said.
05:45.01Bagginswwthe one where they were contacting the romulan in the past
05:45.05KeolahThen along came Enterprise.
05:45.32BagginswwEnterprise had promice unfortunately with B&B in charge it never really went anywhere
05:45.57Bagginswwthey discussed a series with no prime directive
05:46.06Bagginswwyet the series had a proto-prime directive
05:46.24Bagginswwthey never really made any discisions that would effect a society's development
05:46.30Bagginswwexcept in the third season
05:46.36Bagginswwthird season was actually pretty dark
05:46.54Bagginswwand since it was more serial like more interesting
05:47.04Bagginswwas in if you missed an ep you'd lose the story
05:47.24Bagginswwinstead of star trek's standard stand alone plotlines
05:47.35Bagginswwbut third season had the mini arcs
05:47.47Bagginswwand the non B&B eps were awesome
05:48.06Bagginswwthey were actually tieing original series to the prequel
05:48.19Bagginswwlike explaining Klingons head issue
05:48.26Bagginswwwhich was a surprisingly good episode
05:48.33Bagginswwand the mirrior universe episode :)
05:48.49Bagginswwwhich explained a few things as well
05:49.12Bagginswwunfortunately B&B screwed up on the final episodes :p
05:49.33Bagginswwmaking it a stupid holodeck simulation in TNG era
05:49.40KeolahI never actually watched much of Enterprise. The episodes I did catch pissed me off enough to not bother trying to catch it most of the time.
05:50.11Bagginswwwell the stuff I liked was when it tied in original series stuff
05:50.25Bagginswwlike Andorians
05:50.26KeolahLike this one episode which basically said "Feminism is _bad_. The repressed gender should just be happy to stay in their repressed role. And trying to help people is bad too."
05:50.49pcjhmm i liked 4th season enterprise
05:50.55Bagginswwya that was the best season
05:50.59Bagginswwexcept the ending :p
05:51.05pcjwell duh
05:51.31pcjmanny coto did some good work but then brannon and braga took back over
05:51.36*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower|ZzZz (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
05:51.51BagginswwI'm happy b & b will likely never ever touch star trek again
05:52.02KeolahBut hell, Voyager wasn't so terrible most of the time, just mediocre, and it had a few fair gems. Had a few real stinkers too, but ;p
05:52.12Bagginswwalthough I hate the idea that they might go for a "reboot"
05:52.14KeolahLet's just not discuss the episode where Paris turned into an amphibian and mated with the captain.
05:52.27BagginswwVoyager was fun. Not earth shatteringly brilliant
05:52.30Bagginswwbut fun to watch
05:52.35KeolahYep. That one.
05:52.38Bagginswwyes threshold LOL
05:52.44KeolahHow going infinitely fast turns you into an amphibian, I don't know.
05:52.57Keolahmethinks the writers were on LSD ;p
05:53.01Bagginswwit wasn't infinitely fast, being in all palces at once :p
05:53.02pcjIncreases rate of evolution is what they said
05:53.10KeolahAnd how that's more evolved?
05:53.24KeolahMan, I'd hope in a million years we wouldn't look like that.
05:53.28Bagginswwwell it was more of a devolution :p
05:53.49Bagginswwwhat's scary is those creatures are still out there on some planet :p
05:54.01KeolahAnd the crew didn't see any problem in just leaving them there.
05:54.09pcjnah, for the whole evolution thing, it's TNG's "Genesis"
05:54.28KeolahWas that the episode where Barclay turned into a spider?
05:54.52KeolahOkay, my flight finally arrived, going back to questing now, ;p
05:55.00Bagginswwwhich one discussed the idea that aliens were seeded by some master race?
05:55.33Bagginswwwhich was actually a fairly overused plot idea in many scifi universes :p
05:55.43Bagginswwfor explaining why races can mate
05:55.49Bagginswwoutside their species :p
05:56.06pcj"The Chase"
05:56.18Bagginswwyour good with the names heh
05:57.07Bagginswwbut ya final episode of enterprise. what made no sense was how aliens could board the ship without so much one security guard slowing them down :p
05:57.22Bagginswwand trip's totally out of character suicide :p
05:57.43Bagginswwand there was no discussion of security guards whatsoever
05:57.56Bagginswwlike they simply don't exist :p
05:59.15Bagginswwat least when ship was boarded in 100's of other star trek episodes you saw some secruity guards die
06:00.05Bagginswwof course in stargate series the heroes always manage to infiltrate heavily guarded citadels with little problem even if they run into secruity guards, ;)
06:00.06pcjwell i suppose that incident is why they invented force fields
06:00.45Bagginswwwell it just didn't mesh with previous enterprise episodes where we did see security guards show up.
06:00.52Bagginswwwhen they were infiltrated
06:01.35Bagginswwand the group of aliens in the final episode didn't even look like they had any special equipment to mask their existence either.
06:01.41Bagginswwthey seemed overall clueless too
06:01.59[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Potential 2.4 PTR date, AFK report hotfix -
06:02.09BagginswwI mean we have seen aliens with fancier equiepment board and have problems with security
06:02.10pcjDS9 had the best finale
06:02.19pcjVoyager's was pretty stupid
06:02.28pcjTNG was OK but you had Generations coming up
06:02.30BagginswwI liked voyager's because it brought closure
06:02.41pcjlol voyager's didn't bring closue
06:02.47Bagginswwthey made it back to earth
06:02.51pcjthey just got home and that was it
06:02.57Bagginswwand that was the point of the story
06:03.00Bagginswwto get back home
06:03.13pcji think anticlimatic is the word you're looking for
06:03.18BagginswwI mean they could ahve ended it with them stuck out in the far reacheds of space
06:03.40Bagginswwbut the story did what it set out to do, bring them full circle
06:04.18Bagginswwas for DS9 ending I'm mixed about it
06:05.01Bagginswwit left a few loose ends
06:05.26pcjmovie option lol
06:05.29BagginswwI think that's why it spawned a "season 8"
06:05.34Bagginswwin the books
06:05.51Bagginswwrather than just a bunch of random books
06:06.00Bagginswwand no I don't read the books
06:06.05Bagginswwseems pointless to me
06:06.25Bagginswwbut ya I'd like to see a DS9 movie
06:06.31Bagginswwbut I don't ever see it happening :(
06:06.47pcjnah not with ST11 coming out based on TOS
06:06.59pcjwell ofc it starts in the TNG era
06:06.59Bagginswwwhich may or may not be a partial reboot :p
06:07.24Bagginswwalthough I haven't read the latest rumors about it
06:07.38pcji wouldn't get too excited
06:07.47pcjkirk takes the kobiyashi maru or something
06:07.50pcjand spock is there somehow
06:07.54BagginswwI generally hate series that get rebooted
06:08.22Bagginswwthey totally screwed over highlander in my personal opinion
06:09.03Bagginswwgranted highlander had issues when they decided to make a sequel anways
06:09.16Bagginswwthe sequel was sort of a mini reboot :p
06:09.48Bagginswwto tell the truth I never really liked the tv series tha tmuch
06:10.45BagginswwI suppose I've seen enough superman reboots it's never bothered me that much :p
06:11.02BagginswwI just take each series at its own level
06:11.18Bagginswwsmallville is fun, even though its technically a reboot type storyline
06:11.19Arideniwell Superman is kind of fluid
06:11.44ArideniYou can't really get semantic about artistry or you fail to see the point
06:11.49BagginswwLionel is one of my favorite superman characters even if he never existed before
06:12.13ArideniHe existed before Smallville
06:12.25Bagginswwnah Lex's father was much different and a different name
06:12.50Aridenibut what I love
06:12.55BagginswwLionel is purely a creation of smallville.
06:12.57Arideniis how they did it really well I've only seen like season 1, and part of 2
06:13.02ArideniWho coulda thought what's his name played Jonathan Kent lol
06:13.26ArideniOh, I swear I heard Lionel mentioned elsewhere, though
06:13.27Bagginswwoh I liked the episode where they got his costar from Dukes of Hazzard
06:13.58Bagginswwwell I think Lionel or the name was tossed into a post smallville comic series
06:14.07ArideniI'm not entirely into all of it, my step dad is though
06:14.07ArideniI'm a Batman person<-
06:14.10BagginswwHe's getting pretty popular
06:14.16BagginswwI'm more of ab atman person too
06:14.35BagginswwI mean a super hero that isn't actually super
06:14.42Bagginswwhas to rely on his brain and his gadgets
06:15.01Bagginswwmore of a straightforward Zorro/detective character
06:15.29BagginswwSpeaking of Zorro absolutely love the remake movies
06:15.36ArideniI was into batman when I was little, I loved Joker & Batman both equally...I loved the Adam West shows
06:15.45ArideniYeah exactly, growing up...anyone could be batman you wouldn't know
06:16.13BagginswwI never quite understand how people can't tell super man is clark kent
06:16.25ArideniI haven't seen them all
06:16.35ArideniWe don't have cable out here so it's kinda blah when you want to just watch something
06:16.44BagginswwI mean putting on glasses, and combing your hair back isn't really that much of a difference
06:17.05ArideniBecause he acts so dorky lol
06:17.09ArideniSo mild mannered, cough
06:17.16Bagginswwlol ya
06:17.30Bagginswwalthough I doubt smallville versoin could get away with that
06:17.33Arideniwell I dunno, we know he's superman...but what if you were Jimmy?
06:17.49Bagginswwthe smallville clark kent is very assertive
06:17.55Bagginswwalmost too much
06:17.57Arideni& Louis is so wrapped up into Superman she doesn't even give a look at Clark
06:18.40Bagginswwwell my favorite joker was probably the one on Adam West series
06:18.48Bagginswwfollowed by the animated series
06:19.01ArideniYeah, like I said I'm only on the early seasons, it gives a nice little touch of drama show, but you can't help but wonder how much weird crap can go on lol, that Wall is only so big
06:19.02BagginswwI loved the darkness of the animated series
06:19.19Arideniwell Jack Nicholson is one of a kind.
06:19.33Bagginswwya, it was mark hamill in the animated series
06:19.42ArideniThere will never, ever be a better original Batman movie than keaton
06:19.48Bagginswwbut he was kinda going for the nicholson style I suppose
06:19.55BagginswwI agree there
06:20.09BagginswwI don't see why the reboot is that popular
06:20.09Aridenibut we get to experience the movie from a different perspective now
06:20.32BagginswwI actually was hoping the reboot was going to be just a prequel to the original movie series :p
06:20.39Arideniso instead of bashing or comparing the two...which there IS no comparison to Palance, Nicholson, Keaton and the have to accept it as a new slate
06:21.10Bagginswwto be fair what I've seen of new Joker, the acting is good, but I the make up looks cheap
06:21.14ArideniBegins was done good, I liked it, though it's a little different from the original...who doesn't want to see the devil dance in the pale moonlight?
06:21.30Bagginswwmy only issue with Begins was gotham wasn't gotham enough
06:21.42Bagginswwit looked more like metropolis
06:21.50ArideniIt didn't look new yorkish enough lol
06:21.55Bagginswwtoo modern not enough gargoyles
06:22.06Bagginswwway too shiny
06:22.08Aridenithe gothic look, =p
06:22.14ArideniNot enough stone
06:22.25Bagginswwit actually looks more like post earthquake gotham
06:22.35Bagginswwthe one lex rebuilt
06:23.16BagginswwI'd love to see a batman and superman movie, or the whole team ;)
06:23.25ArideniJustice League?
06:23.39ArideniI dunno, everyone seemed to think the X men movies were great...but I thought they were a little...strange
06:23.48Bagginswwxmen is different though
06:23.56Bagginswwthey aren't as super heroish
06:24.04BagginswwI mean people generally love superman
06:24.12Bagginswwbut mutants are loathed by most humans:p
06:24.23Bagginswwat least what I've seen of xmen
06:24.28ArideniYou can't always balance a movie just because of who's acting or who the character is, you have to give everything to the story or it's not going to come off right. I think a lot of actors etc or "favorite" characters in the eyes of the makers screw that part up
06:24.47Bagginswwsome actors just don't fit the role
06:25.11ArideniThat's what I loved about Christian Bale, he seemed to be given balance in the movie & it wasn't focused all about him, but his story
06:25.34BagginswwI hate the fact that because of Begins they aren't letting bruce wayne into smallville
06:25.39Bagginswwwhy should it matter...
06:25.45ArideniOne of my fav parts in Begins was with the horseman in the fog
06:26.05ArideniI wanted to see the eyes glowing & take on that scary tone so badly...
06:26.07BagginswwI want to see scarecrow return but in his full costome
06:26.19ArideniIt was still nice, but I wanted it to be a little more there
06:26.26BagginswwI mean what's up with super villains looking like regular humans with a bad hair day :p
06:26.43Bagginswwthe new joker looks like put on lipstick wrong
06:26.51Bagginswwand mussed his hair
06:27.02Bagginswwdoesn't look very clownish
06:27.13ArideniI think what they tried doing was introduce the characters without going over the top, "OK, look, we already gots some sortuva big bat - we can't have some freak show running around out h're, eh?!"
06:27.48ArideniI haven't seen or heard much of the new movie, just know like the actor for joker & batman lol?
06:27.51Bagginswwwell its just funny he looks more over the top than the villains :p
06:27.59Bagginswwcheck out the trailer
06:28.12ArideniGot a direct download? net sucks here but I can use a dl manager
06:29.27Arideniyeah I think I'll see what I can find later
06:29.36Arideniright now, trying to find copyright info on Flickr
06:29.50Bagginswwanycase beyond new joker's personality I"m just not that impressed with his appearance
06:30.19Bagginswwbasically if you could somehow take the new joker's personality but nicholson's appearance it would be a great combination
06:30.29ArideniHeath Ledger did alright in A Knight's Tale but it's just hard to picture anyone after Jack as Joker lol
06:30.52BagginswwHere's Johnnny
06:30.55ArideniGosh, I can hear him laughing right now. Totally crazy & love that suit
06:31.03Bagginswwjack is just great at those kinda crazy characters
06:31.17Bagginswwsigh I need to get batman collection :p
06:31.19ArideniLMFAO I was so going to say Heeeeere's Johnny but figured it wasn't the right time, =P
06:31.21BagginswwI haven't seen those movies in years
06:31.34Aridenithat movie rocked lol
06:31.38BagginswwI need tos ee it
06:31.46BagginswwI saw the mini series remake
06:31.50ArideniI remember something about the pepsi or peanut butter jar they had in the kitchen
06:32.02Bagginswwshining is an awesome ghost story
06:32.14Bagginswwshining that's the name right?
06:32.17ArideniI don't remember what it was, I think it was when they started letting advertising off the hook in movies
06:32.20ArideniThe Shining yes
06:32.24ArideniStephen King
06:32.27ArideniThat was freaky
06:32.30BagginswwI love the remake
06:32.37ArideniThe two little girls in the hallway....
06:32.48Bagginswwrosered is fun to
06:32.49Arideniyou mean the old version with jack right?
06:32.56BagginswwI havne't seen the jack version
06:32.57ArideniI saw Rosered, that was nice
06:33.14BagginswwI'm not much into slasher films I like traditional style ghost stories
06:33.16ArideniIt was old & quiet, the film quality just right
06:33.22ArideniIt wasn't a slasher film
06:33.34Arideniway far from it
06:33.37BagginswwNo I mean shining is more of a tradtiional ghost story
06:33.43Bagginswwthat's why I like it
06:33.47ArideniThe bar scene is nice
06:33.51ArideniI didn't even know there was a remake
06:34.09BagginswwIts like three or four part mini series
06:34.14ArideniIn the old version the little boy is on one of those little tricycle fisher price things
06:34.16Bagginswwlike 9 hours long or so
06:34.21Bagginswwso it really builds up
06:34.23Arideniit's just a seat sitting on 3 wheels
06:34.37Arideniso he wheeling around the building and comes to this hallway, dead end
06:34.41BagginswwI hear it was more accurate to the novel
06:35.19ArideniThere are two like 4 year little girls in dresses with pigtails and they start singing redrum or was mezmerizing
06:35.27Aridenithey were twins
06:35.28BagginswwI'm going to have to see it
06:35.37Bagginswwwonders if someone uplaoded it to youtube or something
06:35.42Aridenithen it suddenly cuts sound silent & the boy blinks, they're gone
06:35.53BagginswwI was watching the orignal Dawn of the Dead a few months back on youtube
06:36.06ArideniI thought most of youtube was like 10 min or less
06:36.14Bagginswwthey had it split into like 20 parts
06:36.15Aridenior well I never saw something with any real length
06:36.23Bagginswwthe sound was off
06:36.31Bagginswwbut I got the story at least
06:36.52ArideniMy grandma saw this movie something about 10,000 maniacs at the drive in during the 50s lol, she said it made her sick almost throw up
06:36.56Bagginswwand I have to say ya Romero makes some of hte best zombie flicks
06:37.24*** join/#wowwiki bleeter (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
06:37.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+v bleeter] by ChanServ
06:37.24ArideniThey were eating limbs etc like big chicken legs, I haven't seen it yet...hard to find these things, =(
06:37.25BagginswwRomero's trick though its not the gor eof the zombies its the hidden social commentary
06:37.44BagginswwI know old horror films ar ehard to find :p
06:37.52ArideniI have one of those Classic dvd releases,
06:38.07ArideniIt has uh
06:38.28Bagginswwas for retellings I love Sleepy Hollow
06:38.36ArideniKing of the Zombies (semi comedy, it says "1941 low budget Monogram film"
06:38.54Bagginswwdidn't know they had zombie films pre 1960s LOL
06:38.55ArideniIsn't there a Jeff Goldblum version of sleepy hollow, really old
06:39.01Bagginswwno idea
06:39.17ArideniIt has Mantan Moreland & Lugosi
06:39.21Arideni& je
06:39.33Arideni& He's black so that was even more hilarious, no offense anyone
06:40.02BagginswwI was speaking of the Tim Burton version
06:40.04ArideniHe was like, "Oh, you a dead person? Oh I don't think so, I'm outta here" but only in that special tone only he can do
06:40.09BagginswwTim Burton is a true artist
06:40.15ArideniHe's great!
06:40.31ArideniI loooove Edward Scissorhands.
06:40.32bleeterpre 60's zombie? I'd put 'cabinet of dr caligari' in the zombie genre, prolly as the founding feature =))
06:40.34BagginswwI mean his version of Ichabod is such the opposite of the orginal
06:40.53Bagginswwyet still has some of the eccentricities come up at times
06:41.02Aridenioh, Baggins, the dvd also contains the black & white Night of the Living Dead
06:41.09Bagginswwya that's a good one
06:41.31Bagginswwunfortunately there are so many versions of that. Romero lost the copyright on it
06:41.47Bagginswwso any company can release it, :p
06:42.00Bagginswwso finding definitive version is tough
06:42.30Bagginswwand its also allowed some butchered versions and poor directory's cuts :p
06:42.51ArideniThis one plays exactly like the 1990 remake
06:43.04Bagginswwcabinet of dr. caligari eh?
06:43.11ArideniThe one with Tony Todd which is my favorite version
06:43.18ArideniHe was so good
06:43.43Bagginswwanycase I love tim burton's gothic style, how the buildings sorta hang at odd angles
06:43.56Bagginswwsort of look alive
06:44.13Bagginswwis it a voodoo style zombie, or apocalypse style?
06:44.27bleeterBagginsww: that's very caligari-like, what burton does. caligari's dripping with expressionist art style
06:44.44BagginswwI'd love to see tim burton take on Doctor Frankenstein
06:44.46Bagginswwor Dracula
06:45.13ArideniBurton did pretty good considering the content of Batman Returns
06:45.17ArideniI actually loved it most when I was little, I prefer the original now that I'm older
06:45.36BagginswwNot to say Coppolay's version of dracula wasn't good either. The style in that film was great.
06:45.42ArideniHasn't he already?
06:45.53ArideniI don't think you can make another Dracula movie than Bram Stoker's
06:45.58ArideniLOL wow baggins
06:46.02Aridenistop stealing my thoughts
06:46.11ArideniCoppola is incredible
06:46.29Bagginswwand its the most accurate to the book surprisingly even with the love story tacked in
06:46.29Aridenieveryone says keanu sucked in the movie, but...I thought he was a little stiff, but it was intended?
06:46.36Bagginswwexcept for how dracula dies :p
06:46.39ArideniI know
06:46.43Bagginswwharker never gets the glory he should :p
06:46.49ArideniIt was the side you weren't supposed to see
06:46.57Arideniyeah they did let you down a little...wanted more from that
06:47.02Bagginswwbut that's how harker was in the book
06:47.05Aridenibut Wynona was awesome
06:47.22ArideniShe's my favorite female actress, cough going back to Edward Scissorhands
06:47.33*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042__ (
06:47.41Bagginswwbut ya it seems harker's involvement with dracula's death is always downplayed in the movies, and even castlevanai lore :p
06:47.44ArideniI actually have that version of Dracula on VHS & I wish I had some like super ultra edition on dvd
06:48.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
06:48.13ArideniThis is my fav. version:
06:48.15Bagginswwbelieve I love the character of quincy, but in the novel it wasn't quincy that did the killing blow
06:48.20Arideniliving dead*
06:48.37Bagginswwvan helsing made a big deal that only by severing the head or using a wooden stake could you kill a vampire
06:48.42ArideniThat was the first version I ever saw growing up
06:48.45bleeterBagginsww: before Caligari, there was practically no horror style.
06:49.07Arideniand at the beginning when the guy falls over & cracks his head on the tombstone, I was shocked...I was like, "What the hell? He's dead...he's just freaking died?!"
06:49.14Bagginswwso stabbing dracula with a bouie knife isn'g going to do anything to rdacula
06:49.19ArideniIt was kinda, raw...not glorified, guns blazin' ...
06:49.29Bagginswwcaligeri was made when?
06:49.31ArideniI guess I sound a little silly lol
06:49.43bleeterfor the record, Bad Taste (known in the US as Braindead) = best zombie film ever
06:49.48BagginswwI have criterion edition version of dracula I think
06:49.52bleeterBagginsww: 1920's sometime
06:50.04Bagginswwwell horror is much older than the 20s
06:50.16Bagginswwdracula is older than that :p
06:50.17ArideniLOL hopkins did great, too...I love him, he was a mad man but he knew what he was doing & wasn't afraid to do what was necessary...even if he got dirty doing it
06:50.20Bagginswwjus tnot in film
06:50.36Bagginswwhopkins is a fun actor all around
06:50.42bleeteryou were talking about style of film. I mentioned the first horror film to have anything considered 'style' :P
06:51.05Bagginswwwhen was nosferatu made? that movie had style
06:51.06ArideniHave you seen Waxworks?
06:51.21bleeteralso for the record, Mr. Scissorhands bears a striking resemblance to a character in Caligari
06:51.23Bagginswwthat's an old hitchcock?
06:51.35ArideniI love Vincent Price, too
06:51.40Sky2042Bagginsww: is that you?
06:51.42ArideniWaxwork is uh,
06:51.50bleeterBagginsww: Nosferatu was two years after Caligari :P
06:51.53Arideniit's not hitchcock, not even remake I think
06:52.15ArideniI grew up watching that, too & I was like whoa...Marquis d'Sod is a tough SOB lmao
06:52.19Bagginswwhitchcock did something with wax musuem as I recall
06:52.42Bagginswwsky yes I"m an admin there.
06:52.48Sky2042you should block the spammers
06:52.59Bagginswwhe gave me more power what?
06:53.04Bagginswwnews to me LOL
06:53.10Sky2042you can't block as sysop?...
06:53.21BagginswwI can block yes, and I block and I block
06:53.26Bagginswwthey just change their numbers and names
06:53.27Sky2042and it never ends?
06:53.31ArideniMy fave scene is the werewolf one...genuinely scared the crap out of me and I would watch that movie like 5x in a row
06:54.16BagginswwI'd like to be one of the super admins whatever you call them
06:54.40Bagginswwfor one thing I'd change the sytem to a sign up only sytem
06:55.01Bagginswwand secondly it needs some kind of scrambled code protection
06:55.07Sky2042that has to be done server side
06:55.17Bagginswwya I figured
06:55.22Sky2042bug your server administrator. being a bureaucrat won't help :/
06:55.57[NewsBot]World of Raids: Four Hyjal Bosses done on PTR -
06:56.53BagginswwI'll have to find  caligari
06:57.41Bagginswwits probably public domain
06:57.53Bagginswwits on youtube
06:57.56Bagginswwin one part even
06:58.14Bagginswwdefinitely a sign that its public domain
06:58.43Bagginswwanother great public domain movie is little shop of horrors
06:58.55Bagginswwsuper hilarious
06:59.03Bagginswwyet very dark
06:59.33ArideniI saw a version of that once
06:59.38ArideniI think it had rick moranis
06:59.48ArideniI wasn't prepared for what I saw
06:59.52Bagginswwthat's the remake
07:00.01BagginswwI have never seen the remake
07:00.05Bagginswwbut the original is art
07:00.12ArideniIt was like half musical
07:00.14Aridenior something
07:00.26ArideniI actually sorta liked it, but I know everyone else would hate it lol
07:00.38ArideniIt wasn't like blockbuster material, most good movies arne't tho
07:00.53Bagginswwlet me see if I can find you the link
07:00.57Bagginswwto the oneline archiv version
07:01.05ArideniThis man has some incredible photographs:
07:01.30ArideniI didn't know they put those things online
07:01.33Bagginswwnp, prepare to be entertained
07:01.43Bagginswwya things outside public domain can be put online
07:01.49ArideniThat's what I matter how much you have can never see all the movies & they're like going away fast
07:02.01Bagginswwyou can find a decent version of original night of the living dead there too
07:02.11Arideniall the laserdiscs & vhs...good luck findin' em..all the movies that aren't big name...are being lost, =(
07:02.29Bagginswwwell I'm all for oneline posting of material, because it iwll keep stuff alive in some form
07:02.55ArideniI have at least 300 VHS tapes with 3 movies each taped off HBO by my aunt over the last 30 years
07:03.02Aridenior more accurately, from 30 yrs ago
07:03.21Bagginswwabandonware might not be legal but its beneficial
07:03.34ArideniThere are just some great things...movies you might only watch once, but it was worth watching once
07:03.59Bagginswwas in old games that are no longe rsold in stores
07:04.26Bagginswwbasically the games are still in copyright, although sometimes the compoanies may no longer exist
07:04.38Bagginswwso legally its illegal
07:04.45Bagginswwbut technically it hurts no one
07:05.01ArideniYeah I think when a company is defunct etc their stuff should be released for display
07:05.17Bagginswwya, the thing is usually defunct cmpanies were bought out by someone else
07:05.21Arideniall these great movies...should be allowed to be distributed in some way if the movie companies aren't going to re-release them
07:05.28Bagginswwtracking who that is is near impossible though
07:05.33Bagginswwgaming industry is always in flux
07:05.43Bagginswwya I agree
07:06.00ArideniIf they were smart they would let you do it, too
07:07.06BagginswwI've always wanted to see Song of the South
07:07.10Bagginswwnot sure if its ever been released
07:07.15Aridenilike I came across this amusing movie called Deadly Friend based on a novel. It was directed by Wes Craven in like 86 and I had no idea what the hell it was about...originally, it's about some robot...then, you find out it's about this abused girl who lives next door...then it turns into a horror movie out of no where...I was like totally unexpecting
07:07.50Bagginswwweird LOL
07:08.03BagginswwWes Craven movies are mixed though some goods some duds.
07:08.04Arideniso I got 300 or more tapes with 3 each that is like...900 movies, I don't know if I'll ever see them all...but I really can't imagine how many I've missed out on
07:08.23Bagginswwhow many were broken?
07:08.32Arideniok well, this smart guy who is going to intern at a hospital/college for study on the brain has a robot he built
07:08.49ArideniBroken? none, but I have like 3 VCR's to play them since they're very picky about page-flipping lol
07:10.03ArideniSo he moves to the new town & he starts makin' friends, etc. This cute girl who is played by none other than Kristy Swanson!!! lives next the stories progresses you start finding out her dad beats her & is a drunk...eventually there's a huge accident involving a staircase (she acted really well on this)
07:10.11Bagginswwwonders if If the powers of the interenet will allow me to find a copy of Song of the South
07:10.41ArideniHe hooks the robot CPU into her brain after kidnapping her body from the hospital basically and she actually comes back to life
07:11.07Aridenibut the robot is enacting revenge on her memories of people who did wrong to her in life & starts killing people out of no where lol
07:11.50BagginswwI was reading about some really bad christmas horror movie where 90% of the movie revolves around a christmas party, and no horror
07:11.51Aridenieventually she makes the police kill her (again?). He does this directing with the view of the robot...the color goes fuzzy etc so you're looking through his eyes
07:12.05Bagginswwjust some guy who is getting snubbed by the party goers
07:12.11Bagginswwand then finally cracks at the very end
07:12.21Bagginswwputs on a santa suit and goes on a killing spree
07:12.39Bagginswwbut you'd never know it was a horror movie except for the final scenes :p
07:12.50ArideniAnwyays, then...the guy is like, don't worry I'll fix you...I brought you back once, I'll just recharge you or something! you end up with the movie making you think the girl really did take back her body & do the right hting (make herself die for real, as if by nature)...then her face falls off & the robot kills the main character.
07:13.19ArideniBaggins, Lol
07:13.22Arideniwhat movie was it
07:13.59BagginswwNo idea
07:14.08BagginswwI think I found it looking up evil santa or something
07:14.15ArideniI was so totally not expecting the robot win...I thought the good guys won! It was so memorable because you can usually generally tell when a twist is about to happen in a movie
07:14.49Bagginswwto be fair I'm not a the biggest fan of movies where the ending is incredibly bleak
07:14.58Bagginswwwith no hope whatsoever
07:15.08Aridenioh & the name of the robot (thusly the one phrase he can say) is B.B....which is my nickname IRL from my little brother...I run around chasing him doing the Robot now saying BB...BEEEE BEEE
07:15.32ArideniI want a conclusion even if there's a sequel...I don't want to be like, ok...dammit, I have to wait 18 months now?!
07:16.11ArideniI would like to see Song of the South too
07:16.13BagginswwI hate when movies give you a hopeful ending and then take it away at the last second it feels anticlimactics to me
07:16.16ArideniLooks liek it was be really nice
07:16.25Bagginswwya it looks high quaility
07:16.57Bagginswwand what bugs me is you can find that old silent film with the KKK, that makes them out ot be heroes
07:17.03Arideniit says it's
07:17.05Arideniyeah loo
07:17.10ArideniI guess we wont see it then
07:17.18Bagginswwhistory of america or whatever its called
07:17.29Bagginswwyet from what I've heard this movie isn't that bad
07:17.34ArideniThey showed us Uncle Toms Cabin in school when I grew up
07:17.39Bagginswwits probably no worse than the shirley temple movies
07:17.48Bagginswwand you can find those
07:18.24Bagginswwbut ya I hate censorship. what people want to watch hsould be their choice
07:18.28ArideniI can see why they won't release's a business decision. But they make it available in the UK which is just as good for VHS
07:18.37Bagginswwanycase I'm going to have to see if I can find a bootleg of song of tghe south :)
07:18.55Bagginswwif there was a 1986 release there is a chance there are bootlegs  online
07:18.57ArideniYeah, but it's not about don't want to piss off black people or ambulance chasers & cause yourself trouble
07:19.19Bagginswwwell what's worse is censorship often leads to worse things
07:19.27ArideniYou won't find a school showing anyone Glory or Uncle Toms Cabin this day in time, =(
07:19.33Bagginswwpeople go after what's forbidden
07:19.43BagginswwI saw glory
07:19.49ArideniIn school?
07:19.55Aridenime2 lol
07:20.03Bagginswwdepends ont eh school though
07:20.10Bagginswwsome schools are fanatically stupid :p
07:20.16ArideniHere in the south are pretty lax, =p
07:20.32ArideniWe can relive the civil war !!!
07:20.53Bagginswwthe point is civil war happened, learning about it is a good thing
07:20.54Aridenibut who would want to? I mean, you tellin' me if you were born back then you wouldn't have fought for your state?
07:21.11Bagginswwyou don't kjnow what side you'd fight on, there was alot of split families
07:21.22ArideniI'm a sectionalist, heavy mother asked me what the heck a sectionalist was a month jaw dropped
07:21.35BagginswwI'd probably have been on the south's side as that's where my family originated
07:21.44ArideniYou woulda fought with the side your state was on I figure, unless you're a rebel
07:22.00Bagginswwbut there were definitely alot of splits
07:22.08Bagginswwbecause not everyone agreed with seccession
07:22.18Bagginswwand that's the issue it was seccession not a slavery issue
07:22.26ArideniIt's like Washington, he wasn't a bad man because he had slaves....from what I know he treated them nice
07:22.28Bagginswwslavery was tagged on later
07:22.36ArideniSlavery is an excuse
07:22.44ArideniIt's been around loooong before blacks
07:23.12Aridenias far as I'm concerned, columbus can take a backseat, I don't celebrate his "holiday" -_-
07:23.13BagginswwLincoln used slavery issue and wrote the Emancipation Proc in order to give a reason for slaves to cause trouble behind the lines
07:23.27Bagginswwmind you Lincon is one of my favorite presidents.
07:23.39ArideniYeah, he was being president, but I think he also did what he felt was right
07:24.00Bagginswwhe was absolutely brilliant though
07:24.06Bagginswwhe also never called it a war
07:24.18Bagginswwbecause that would have empowered the south
07:24.20Arideni& I do too...if my family woulda had slaves, I have no doubt we woulda treated them like family...a lot of people actually DID back then, but you always have people who think they're "better" than others, but that's not how things really were all the time
07:24.25Bagginswwhe only called it a terrorist action
07:24.46Arideniyeah something that bugs me is
07:24.55Aridenimy state recently sent some kinda declaration to blacks
07:25.09Aridenisaying as a state we're sorry for what we did lol that was the most retarded ass thing I ever heard
07:25.20Bagginswwa little late don't you think?
07:25.22Arideniand soooo balogny for publicity
07:25.37ArideniI have absolutely no knowledge of my family history involving slavery
07:25.46Arideni& even if I did that was them not me, screw that
07:25.47BagginswwThat's like returning General Lee's US citizen ship after he died
07:26.05Bagginswwsure its all noble and brings fuzzy feelings, but it doesn't help Lee out
07:26.08ArideniWhy should I apologize for something someone else did who I have no idea is?
07:26.20Arideni& don't even know that they did it?
07:26.26Arideni=/ political propaganda
07:26.54ArideniMy family grew up int he tobacco & cotten fields with blacks as equals & were raised by them as nannys
07:26.57Bagginswwalthough giving Medals of Honor after the fact is at least goodfor the family
07:27.18Bagginswwsince the honor goes beyond the grave
07:27.21ArideniMy mother, etc. were so close to the black families that they were literally called our Aunts & Uncles
07:27.48BagginswwYou don't do that in certain places unless you want a lynching :p
07:27.54Aridenithere was a line though, my great grandfather I don't believe he let the men folk come eat our table
07:28.16ArideniThey had to eat at another table, but then so did ALL children
07:28.22BagginswwI mean you jus tdon't call people aunts or uncles anymore :p
07:28.30Arideniso it was really man & wife at one table only
07:28.40Bagginswwalthough surprisingly its apparently a term of respect for Hawaiians in Hawaii
07:28.46Bagginswwprobably tied to ohana system
07:28.51Arideniwell what else do u call someone so involved into your family, so much a part of your life
07:29.06Bagginswwno its absoutely fine, you were given permission
07:29.12ArideniIt takes a rocket scientist to figure out who's cousins' mothers' son is called to u
07:29.15Bagginswwyou were accepted
07:30.01ArideniThe descendants of our families (Aunt penny for example) still live like on the back side of the very road I live at now
07:30.04ArideniIt's amazing..
07:30.16BagginswwI had a black lady friend, who I called grandma when I was young
07:30.25BagginswwI don't think she's around anymore
07:30.37Bagginswwbut it was definitely in respect
07:30.53ArideniI had a lady from my church when I was young we were raised to call her Grandma Faucett (that was her last name), but she wasn't really kin to us
07:31.09ArideniI love that type of stuff
07:31.26ArideniIt really does people good, too
07:31.37Bagginswwbrings people closer
07:31.38ArideniFamilies kinda spread thin when you're older
07:31.59ArideniAll those ladies are dying or dead now, =(
07:32.12ArideniI guess the next big thing is for me to be somebodies uncle
07:32.25BagginswwI know the feeling
07:32.44ArideniI have a friend from high school she has a baby, no father. I wonder if I'll be the uncle lol
07:32.49Bagginswwthe other day, someone told me I looked old... and i'm only 28, :p
07:33.19ArideniYou can shave & look so much younger it's amazing
07:33.21Bagginswwand I probably look younger than most people my age. I'm very careful what I eat, and I don't smoke or drink
07:33.30Bagginswwand I shave
07:33.34ArideniI don't smoke or drink either, I don't really see a purpose in it
07:34.04ArideniI can spend the same money on a quality DVD or book...or world of warcraft, and have much more I don't end up with my head in the toilet
07:34.06Bagginswwbut ya most of the time people think I'm younger than I am
07:34.12Bagginswwfirst time someone told me I looked "old" LOL
07:34.34ArideniTime really starting to fly by though...
07:34.43Aridenimonths are like weeks
07:34.53BagginswwI'll be old when I'm 60, but as long as my my mind is active and I feel lyoung, I'm young damnit ;)
07:34.54Aridenibut you can't remember last "week" it was a month ago!
07:35.25ArideniI've always planned since school to live to be 125 or something, the record back then was like 121 or 124 or something, sold old lady lol
07:35.39Bagginswwsecond childhood? pssh, I'm still a child at heart :)
07:36.09ArideniThink about the knowledg eyou'll have when you're 80...and then realize you won't be able to use it very long! live longer so u can put it to use lol
07:36.27BagginswwI expect to live to at least 85
07:36.50Bagginswwit seems to be the average in the family, even for those that are heavy drinkers and smokers
07:36.56ArideniPeople always say "If I only knew then, what I know now" well I wanna know it all right now so I can put it to use & not make silly mistakes, little too late for that but it's a nice concept.
07:37.14Bagginswwto be honest I hate to think about the future, I prefer to live from day to day
07:37.22Bagginswwtake one step at a time
07:37.24ArideniI want to be that old guy who walks around in a cardigan like Mr Rogers & just very extroverted to ladies in public.
07:37.44ArideniI just want that attention when I'm that old
07:38.04ArideniI wanna be like, an old superman
07:38.19Aridenibeat younguns with my cane and stuff
07:39.49ArideniOh man, I've had a good time in here tonight, lots of good memories
07:40.12ArideniI gotta get some sleep though, so I can get back on schedule
07:40.38Bagginswwalright found a torrent of song of t he south
07:40.53Bagginswwto hell with legality :p
07:41.14ArideniI'll have high speed some day
07:41.19Arideni& I'll use torrents, too!
07:41.35Arideniuntil then....sleepeh time
07:41.40Bagginswwto be fair I don't usually torrent films
07:41.43Bagginswwonly tv shows I missed
07:41.58Bagginswwbut I've wanted to see song of the south since foreva
07:41.59ArideniI try to be legal too, I don't download music or anything anymore.
07:42.33ArideniI actually like having the I go to a thift store & check out the stuff there...been doin' that forever, collecting old NES or Atari games
07:42.41BagginswwI don't mind downloading hte occasional song, :p.... because I don't want to pay full price for the entire cd if I only wanted one song anyways :p
07:43.00ArideniI buy up any pretty looking CD covers & just listen to whatever music it is, really nice to find new types of music that way
07:43.13BagginswwI've bought zelda like 3 times :p
07:43.18Bagginswworiglinal zela I mean
07:43.22ArideniI solved that Baggins by just not listening to anything except 70s 80s & 90s on the radio!
07:43.35ArideniI have the original 1 & 2 on nes
07:43.39Arideni2nd one is gold edition
07:43.41Bagginswwya so do I
07:43.44Bagginswwboth are gold
07:43.51Aridenimy friends got the gold part 1 =(
07:44.03Bagginswwbut its meaningless to me
07:44.07ArideniI have the original Mario Bros. on Atari 2600...full color sticker & all
07:44.11Bagginswwafter I got gba versions :)
07:44.16ArideniEven Donkey Kong AND the instruction manual
07:44.28Bagginswwbut collecovision was nicer ;)
07:44.42BagginswwI only have atari 2600 :p
07:44.42Arideniyep I have like 200 atari 2600 games & 2 systems
07:44.55Bagginswwwishes I had some old colecovision games
07:44.56ArideniI have the Atari 2600 official & a Sears brand one
07:45.07Bagginswwbtw I'm not against emulation myself ;)
07:45.19ArideniI used to use that to play old SNES games
07:45.22Aridenilike chrono trigger
07:45.30Bagginswwchronotrigger is awesome
07:45.36Bagginswwmy cartridge was stolen though :p
07:45.38ArideniI only have a very few of them...I didn't get an SNES when it came out, got it in 96 lol
07:45.54BagginswwI let someone borrow it and they never returned it to me, and claimed they did return it to me :p
07:45.57ArideniI hate how they had so many diff. endings & it take forever to play the game just to see them, give me a cheat code!
07:46.13Bagginswwum its easy in chronotrigger
07:46.28Bagginswwonce you beat it new game + gave you nearly everything
07:46.40Bagginswwand all you had to do was beat it different points in the game
07:46.41ArideniI never had much for neighbors like that, or child hood friends outside of school. Being in the country, it's only family on all sides of your road
07:46.53Bagginswwso basically you only had to play through it twice
07:46.54Aridenioh I don't even remember Baggins
07:46.59ArideniI have Dragon Warrior on NES
07:47.12*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
07:47.21Bagginswwnever actually played through that one
07:47.26Bagginswwonly partially
07:47.33ArideniI've yet to beat the final boss, but I got to like phase 2...I think just needed to level up more, but I hated going all the way to have like an hour of grinding just to reach his room
07:47.53Aridenievery once a year ill like bust it out & try lol
07:47.56Bagginswwbut ya in chronotrigger there was a quick jump to end of time
07:48.00Bagginswwnear the beginning of the game
07:48.08ArideniI have original Final Fantasy which is like...holy crap =/
07:48.12Bagginswwonce there you could use a bucket to get to the final boss
07:48.31Bagginswwdepending on when you entered the bucket you would get access to the different endeings
07:48.43Arideniin FF1 I guess my guys were too low level, because I never even beat the vampire Lich
07:48.46*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
07:48.52Bagginswwso if you had an extremmely geared up and leveld character in the first play through
07:48.57Bagginswwand the right items
07:49.04Bagginswwyou could see every single ending the secont time through
07:49.09Aridenilike you have some maze that every single turn looks the exact the DARK...and no clue how to navigate it
07:49.23Bagginswwto be honest I prefer the FF1 remake
07:49.25ArideniI liked dragon warrior much
07:49.26Bagginswwto the original
07:49.29Bagginswwyou can save anywhere
07:49.34Bagginswwand its visually more pleasing
07:49.49Bagginswwwell not really save everywhere
07:49.50ArideniI'm serious, it was so lame in FF1 in that cave to the Lich
07:49.52Bagginswwbut you had save state
07:49.59BagginswwI'm sure
07:50.02BagginswwI know how the original worked
07:50.04Aridenievery step you're praying for a monster not to attack you
07:50.17Bagginswwbasically in the remake you have save state
07:50.19Aridenithen you get poisoned 3x lol
07:50.25Bagginswwso you just reload until you get through LOL
07:50.41Arideniis that the PS1 collection or something?
07:50.43Bagginswwsave every few steps
07:50.47Bagginswwps1 and up
07:50.58Bagginswwgameboy advance version allowed yo to do it too
07:51.01Arideniall those collections were expensive & hard to find when I looked
07:51.05Bagginswwpsp probably too
07:51.22Bagginswwyour better off with the gba versions really
07:51.33Bagginswwwith the exception of chronotrigger
07:51.37ArideniI thought the gameboy versions were their own series, or is that like "Legends" version
07:51.41Bagginswwwhich hasn't been released yet :(
07:51.54Bagginswwnot old gameoby lends
07:52.02BagginswwI'm taling about Gameboy Advance
07:52.04Arideniso it was rereleased?
07:52.11Bagginswwya they released 1 and 2
07:52.14Bagginswwand then 4
07:52.15ArideniThat's hot
07:52.17Bagginsww5 and 6
07:52.25ArideniDefinitely gotta check into that
07:52.26Bagginsww1 and 2 are on the same cartridge
07:52.34Bagginswwthey all have new content
07:52.42Bagginswwlike new dungeons
07:52.44ArideniI want to fire up Dragon Warrior now & grind some monsters for 10 min lol
07:52.49BagginswwI haven' actually replaced 1 all the way yet
07:52.59Bagginswwonly part way
07:53.07Bagginswwso I don't know about its new dungeon yet
07:53.11Bagginswwall I know it has 4
07:53.15Bagginswwand they randomly generate
07:53.29Bagginswwso you'd have to go through them several times to open all the chests
07:53.41Bagginswwnow IV which you may know as II
07:53.52Bagginswwadded a new dungeon on the moon
07:53.58Arideniyeah I remember the wonky naming changes
07:53.59Bagginswwplus you could change out characters
07:54.02Aridenifrom JP to US
07:54.12BagginswwI prefer that they have the JP names now ;)
07:54.20Bagginswweasier to keep track
07:54.34BagginswwI refuse to play any ff past x though
07:54.54Arideniyeah I played FF7 and was apalled at the text in the US version
07:54.57BagginswwIt seems wrong that I'll forever be missing out on xi :p
07:55.05BagginswwI had the pc version
07:55.06ArideniI thought it was a good game but wow they went over the top with Mr T guy
07:55.08Bagginswwit had improvged text
07:55.23Bagginswwthere were some bad transation issues on the playstation version
07:55.46Bagginswwso ya in final fantasy iv originally the game was linear and you lost certain party members throughout the game
07:55.51Arideniyeah like S*** and GD every other word lol
07:55.55Bagginswwand had one group at the end
07:55.59Bagginswwno way to change them
07:56.04Aridenipretty fairly lost in translation via Mr. t
07:56.05Bagginswwbut in the gba remake
07:56.14Bagginswwthey allow you to go get some of the old group members back
07:56.32Bagginswwand you can make your own special groups
07:56.43Bagginswwa very cool feature to be sure
07:56.59ArideniI never played FF8, but I tried out FF9 which was nice, borrowed from a friend. I want to play FFX and X-2 though
07:57.11BagginswwI like ff9 because of its retro ness
07:57.20Bagginswwalthough I never went for a speed play challenge
07:57.26BagginswwI hate that in rpgs I prefer to go slowly
07:57.29Bagginswwtake my time to savor it
07:57.32Bagginswwand level up
07:57.34Sky2042I just don't get it... :/
07:57.43Arideniyeah I liked the turn base least, that's what I was used to.
07:58.00BagginswwI never beat ff8
07:58.02Aridenisomewhere after ff7 I lost that though
07:58.05BagginswwI just never understood the leveling system
07:58.14Aridenioh, Kingdom Hearts made me see the light about real time combat
07:58.17Bagginswwthe fact you need to avoid leveling
07:58.20Bagginswwtoo much
07:58.44Bagginswwcause leveling leveled the enemies more than it leveled you :p
07:59.02Bagginswwyet you had to figh tenemies to power up your spells :p
07:59.05ArideniSounds retarded
07:59.20Bagginswwso basically you had to find enemies that would give you your spell points
07:59.22Bagginswwbut not exp
07:59.31ArideniI'm simple, I'm a warrior lol, just give me a 0-100 bar & let me rock
07:59.41BagginswwI want to kill stuff and level
08:00.14Sky2042now that ending /div is appearing
08:00.14BagginswwI don't want to be forced not to fight
08:00.14Bagginswwso basically you really had to balance things
08:00.15ArideniI don't want to be stuck without a clue what to do next
08:00.19Bagginswwapparently once you got to a certain poinjt
08:00.30Bagginswwyou could fight enemies on this place called the place closes to heaven and hell
08:00.33Bagginswwsome island
08:00.37Bagginswwenemies had 0 exp
08:00.43ArideniI used to go around pressing the talk/use key on every single square in an rpg because I was so utterly lost
08:00.45Bagginswwand lots of ability points
08:00.50Bagginswwso you could go all out
08:00.58Bagginswwand max your abillities for the final area
08:01.07Bagginswwbut if you can survive tha tlong :p
08:01.21Bagginswwoh and faster you got through areas the more you got paid
08:01.28Bagginswwyou were paid on a timer
08:01.37Bagginswwand you had to finish mini quests in order to get promotions
08:01.40Bagginswwso you get paid more
08:01.51Bagginswwyet if you are too slow you might get demoted
08:02.13Bagginswwagain with the annoying arbritrary way of pushing you keep playing :p
08:02.23Bagginswwand not allowying you to savor
08:02.41Bagginswwanother thing to really complete all the mini quest syou needed to play the stupid card game
08:03.05Bagginswwwhich meant collecting some really hard to find cards, and beating some really hard to beat card masters
08:03.15BagginswwI hate minigames
08:03.23Bagginswwminigames you are required to play :p
08:03.28Arideniyeah required
08:03.30Aridenihate 'em
08:03.36Bagginswwminigames imo should be diversions you can do for the hell of it
08:03.42Bagginswwnot hide some really important items
08:03.58ArideniI do0n't like hidden important items
08:04.02Bagginswwffx was awesome as far as story, but had its share of annoying mini games
08:04.25Bagginswwya basically to get the ultimate weapon in ffx you had to finish some stupid mini games
08:04.35Bagginswwget all the umtimate weapons I mean
08:04.37Bagginswwfor each character
08:04.47Bagginswwone was a chocobo race
08:04.50ArideniDragon Warrior got me on that, because you had like some special rock you needed to find...and some other thing, a crystal or a harp or something, they had to be combined...but you know? if an item is really THAT important, everyone will know where it is...and thusly some huge ass creep is going to want to keep it for himself
08:05.05Bagginswwit was fun until you get to the upper level of it the one that is required to beat to get the weapon
08:05.21KeolahI have never completed an RPG in my life without reading extensive spoilers or guiddebooks :P
08:05.28Bagginswwbasically the race was not about beating it
08:05.35Bagginswwit as about beating it in under 0 seconds
08:05.40BagginswwI kid you not
08:05.44ArideniI hate those.
08:05.50Bagginswwyou basically had to pop baloons during hte race
08:05.58Bagginswwthat would cut 3 seconds each
08:06.04Bagginswwso it was a matter of perfection
08:06.24Bagginswwyou had to pretty much pop every baloon and not zigzag to much
08:06.50ArideniI don't want to have to train to play a mini game good
08:07.01BagginswwI think they design this evil minigames for people with ADD
08:07.13ArideniI have
08:07.18Bagginswwchronotrigger had nice simple and fun minigames
08:07.33ArideniI loved the spooky house thing
08:07.35Bagginswwthey were more diversions than requirements
08:07.47Bagginswwspooky house was easy
08:07.54Arideniand the escape from whatever
08:08.09Bagginswwspooky house basically could get you some fun little items
08:08.10Aridenimade you think you were really participating
08:08.16Bagginswwbut it wasn't required and it was fun
08:08.18Bagginswwand easy
08:08.29Bagginswwthere was a another one that was a speed tapping game
08:08.37Bagginswwlike drink alot of drinks
08:08.44Bagginswwin under so much time
08:08.55Bagginswwthose aren't too bad
08:09.13Bagginswwbut then there was the mini game that just added to the atmosphere
08:09.18Bagginswwthe chase through the burned out city
08:09.20ArideniI sucked at those, can never tell if the guy is actually drinking when i press the button or when i release it or what
08:09.22Bagginswwon the bike
08:09.29Aridenioooh the bike, I remember that
08:09.43Bagginswwyou could do that race one more time btw, and get a few cool items
08:09.47Bagginswwbut it was never difficult
08:10.01Bagginswwthey didn't force you to be perfection unleashed
08:10.02*** join/#wowwiki Zangetsen (
08:10.29Bagginswwscratch the ADD thing its more like they were designe for people with OCD
08:10.35Arideniaight I gotta go, take it easy Baggins
08:10.39Bagginswwor to drive people to OCD
08:10.43Bagginswwwell take care
08:10.45Aridenilol yeah drive them to insanity
08:11.03Bagginswwzelda has done mini games right mostly
08:11.22Bagginswwexcept for the one or two very hard to get heart containers :p
08:11.27Bagginswwbut at least you don't need them to complete the game
08:11.42Bagginswwalthough I like to see a complete collection
08:14.19Bagginswwbtw I don't muh like the RPG inline image its ugly
08:14.35Bagginswwit looks like a fat red turd
08:17.36ggilbertThe featured image on the front page seems wrong to me. It's labeled  the Garrison Armory, but it looks like Netherwing Mines. Was it just a reused map?
08:21.13ggilbertOh looks like it is.
08:28.30*** join/#wowwiki [1]Adys (n=Adys@unaffiliated/adys)
08:28.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+o [1]Adys] by ChanServ
08:45.12Bagginsww I'd like to point out that that page has gone a bit overboard...
08:45.25Bagginswwpretty much everything it says appears to be conjecture
08:45.38Bagginswwbordering on fanfic
08:58.50*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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12:10.54g0urraCan anyone else see it?
12:11.08sacarascsee what? the little stylised A?
12:11.16GourraNo, the icon at all
12:11.23Gourrait should be there
12:11.32GourraWell, if that's what you mean, yes
12:11.55GourraI just get this error: "Firefox can't find the file at /images/7/7c/Icon-allakhazam-22x22.png."
12:11.59*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
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12:37.06zyrtecHow do i add seach to firefox?
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13:23.36Lukian00:22:45 Incineratus hits you for 111278 Fire damage. (crushing) (24728 resisted)  (CHAT_MSG_COMBAT_CREATURE_VS_SELF_HITS)
13:45.32Lukianonly 20mins :p
13:50.45Fisker-liek since tbc release old
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16:02.17Gregor__ :P
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16:10.30*** join/#wowwiki solocommand (
16:19.57kd3oh wow, what a small world. seeing someone from #tf in here
16:26.15kd3different network
16:26.25winkillerand topic of the thing?
16:26.53kd3rather unimportant. just bemused at running into someone else from a channel with 7 people in it
16:27.00winkilleroh ok :P
16:27.33winkillerbut still, the number of people on irc (excl. qnet) isn't so high
16:27.47winkillerso if someone uses irc, you'll sooner or later find him on another net :P
16:27.55winkillermy impression from the last 7 years
16:34.19*** join/#wowwiki dJe781`Aw (
16:59.24Taurmindohum. was the linebreaking thingy caused from {{item}} fixed again?
17:00.19Taurmindoand if so, how do i fix it if it's showing wrong on one of my userpages on one item, but not the 10+ others?
17:00.32pcjwhich one taurmindo
17:03.43Taurmindo[[Runed Living Ruby]]
17:03.44[NewsBot]Taurmindo meant:
17:03.55Taurmindoon [[User:Taurmindo/todo]]
17:04.50pcjk fixed
17:06.48*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
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17:22.00solocommandholy crap hi kd lol
17:35.26DuTempeteI'm so excited... Kirkburn gets into an airplane to Chicago on Monday!!
17:35.45*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
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17:50.28[NewsBot]GamePolitics: ECA’s Halpin Interviewed on iGame Radio Podcast -
17:51.25pcjfoxlit i think {{item}} borked
17:51.49foxlitYes. Did you bork it? :)
17:52.08pcjno, it was {{item}}
17:52.30foxlitSolution: don't use {{item}} excessively
17:54.43foxlitMight actually be a mediawiki bug there
17:54.58foxlitIt's supposed to handle that sort of stuff gracefully, but obviously it does not for us
17:55.16pcjYeah, I blame someone else too
17:57.52foxlitIt just goes over the pre-expand limit
18:05.45*** join/#wowwiki remix` (
18:06.21SickelHORDE FTW!!
18:08.51Gourraoh, k?
18:09.55sacarascidiots ftl
18:15.33Bagginswwso basically we need a new rpg inline icon one that doesn't look like a bloody turd.
18:16.53winkillerold one is?
18:17.20Bagginswwto be honest I'm not exactly a fan of too many inline icons anyways, too many icons and pages start to look like tacky christmas trees
18:18.51[NewsBot]Bagginsww meant:
18:19.02zealwell that took a while..
18:19.13Bagginswwwas busy editing some stuff
18:21.15zealand yes, using {{tooltip}} and my {{item}} to look up/reformat info multiple times in a page will break the wiki. same thing that happened when {{loot}} used {{exist}}
18:21.16[NewsBot]zeal meant:}}_and_my_Template:item
18:21.49sacarascthat was borked, silly bot
18:21.50Bagginswwbut ya I want to see that eyesore of an inline icon either replaced or removed entirely :p
18:23.06Zeallol, does look pretty bad, aye.
18:23.38Bagginsww...and Zeal did you catch the discussion in village pump? ...the one about of moving the verticle and changing them to horizontal templates?
18:24.01Bagginswwalthough I'm starting to fall into the hate templates in general crowd, :p
18:24.06Bagginswwwith the exception of infoboxes
18:24.53Zealyeah, also caught the discussion in here about those cloth nav boxes
18:25.09Zealin which someone said they should jsut use categories
18:25.27Zealwhich i find amusing, because the same person doesn't apply that to all nav boxes.
18:25.45Zealbut moving them to horizontal and at the bottom is a improvement.
18:26.14BagginswwI'm not a big fan of nav boxes in general, I prefer categories
18:26.45Zealwould also be nice if they were semantically correct too, but i don't see that happened anytime soob.
18:27.06Bagginswwalthough I understand something like race or burning legion category doesnt' really get you around as well as a navbox can :p
18:27.48Bagginswwalthough I hate how many navboxs combine arbritrary things together that may have nothing to do with each other... but are only there through six degrees of seperation :p
18:28.34[NewsBot]WoW Insider: The mount lowdown -
18:28.54Zealwell imo there's no need to a category namespace to exist, just make it a functional part of them all, and allow them to be output in pages with soemthing as simple at <catlist> and add to a cat with some new link syntax.
18:29.42Zealdoesn't help that mediawiki's category system is admitidly extremely slow and a bit buggy too
18:30.23*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|ubuntu (
18:30.33*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
18:32.36Zealoh well, finally got my AMG novel today. probably read that later. also need to finish the campagin of dow i was playing, only imperial guard and orcs left. i hate edlar..
18:33.11Bagginswwdow, and edlar?
18:34.00Zeallol. Ah! My Goddess, Dawn of War (Dark Crusade to be exact), Eldar the warhammer 40k race.
18:34.20Bagginswwoh ya the ones that look vaguely like protoss/draenei?
18:34.33Bagginswwor they more high elves?
18:34.47Bagginswwsorry my knowledge of w40k is limited
18:34.57BagginswwI've only looked at artwork a few times
18:34.57Zeallike high elves :p
18:35.00Zealin space
18:35.14Bagginswwwhich one was the more protoss like?
18:36.05Bagginswwthanks, and I know its actually the other way around ;)
18:36.15Bagginswwprotoss are more "tau" like, LOL
18:36.32Bagginswwwarhammer 40k predates warcraft and starcraft right?
18:36.46Zealprotoss pre-date tau though, they're relatively new.
18:38.50Fisker-fucking awesome Bagginsww
18:38.55winkillerby 25 years, yes
18:39.05Bagginswwwhat is fisker?
18:39.21Bagginsww25 years of what?
18:39.40winkillerWH is 30 years old
18:39.49winkillerso ok, it'S 20y older than the blizz stuff
18:39.53Bagginswwthat's pretty old.
18:39.59Fisker-the rpg icon
18:40.07winkillermaybe *40k* only 10 years
18:40.19Zealtau i think i only about 6 years old or something :S
18:40.30Bagginswwwell I don't agree, that icon is an eyesore
18:41.08Bagginswwthe tbc one isn't much better
18:41.17Bagginswwit looks like a radioactive turd
18:43.19winkillerno me likey
18:44.23Bagginswwto be honest I think I'd prefer to see the text without the scrap around it
18:45.15Zeali liek the tbc one
18:45.29BagginswwI liked it at first but something about it bugs me
18:45.49Bagginswwreminds me of those foods I like the first bite, and then it starts to sour on me :p
18:45.58Bagginswwlike lomi lomi salmon...
18:46.20BagginswwI think I just don't like fish enough :p
18:49.45Bagginswwalthough I can't say I'm a fan of most hawaiian food, :p I like poi in small doses though.
18:49.53Fisker-but Bagginsww
18:49.57Bagginswwtaro chips are good
18:49.57Fisker-IT'S A TURD
18:50.11Bagginswwno you are :)
18:50.21Fisker-no u :(
18:50.34Bagginswwhobbits aren't turds, just halflings
18:50.46Bagginswwor midgets if you prefer
18:51.13Bagginswwok maybe Gollum was a turd, :p
19:00.09Bagginsww heh heh
19:04.02Zealrandom Bagginsww :P
19:08.35[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Insider Weekly -
19:11.13Zealno idea
19:13.00Zealcan't find his dob : /
19:13.06Bagginswwme either
19:14.50Zealhe's worked at blizz for 14 years is all i can find, lol.
19:15.49Bagginswwwonders what would happen if he was booted out, and replaced :p
19:22.28Zealhumans will take over azeroth, orcs will become evil and labelled as demons, elves and trolls get killed off, dwarves and gnomes will refered to as midgets, and draenei will teleport to a new world. hows that? :p
19:23.10Zealany race i didn't list got killed/eaten by humans.
20:04.55[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Listen to the WoW Insider Show live! -
20:05.24*** join/#wowwiki Yeppy (
20:09.19Yeppywhy do you need a mallet in ZF?
20:09.46sacarascto summon the annoying boss
20:26.19*** join/#wowwiki Trae (
20:29.31Yeppyhow do u get to the boss thru the gates?
20:30.06sacarascdon't kill the goblin
20:30.34Yeppyhaha.. oops
20:31.11Yeppybut he was attacking us ><
20:31.34sacarasche only attacks if someone hits him first
20:32.31Yeppyah.. i blame the pally witht he bloody ravenger ><
20:32.57sacarasci've accidently hit him before
20:33.02sacarascdenied all knowledge of it
20:33.03Yeppyi blame you 2 :D
20:33.24sacarascblamed an AoE
20:33.48*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
20:34.04Yeppyhow do we get Hydro to come?
20:34.11Yeppygot a really good grp but we're all clueless lol
20:34.20sacarascuse the mallet on the gong
20:34.34Yeppyah right, and that also summons the carrot on the stick dude?
20:34.53Lukianhydross is just there patting
20:35.35sacaraschydross? ah, she's a troll...
20:35.42sacarascyeah, she's just there
20:35.53sacarasc(hydross made me think hydra ;\)
20:36.59Yeppyyarp just killed her :D
20:37.15*** join/#wowwiki Trae (
20:37.52Yeppywhats hydra? :D
20:38.04sacarascbig lizard thing
20:38.13sacarascwith multiple heads
20:39.34Yeppyhow do i get a mallet?
20:39.46sacarascquests in Hinterlands
20:39.56sacarascwhich used to be hard but are now pitifully easy ;\
20:41.09pcjof course ZF itself is easy
20:43.17YeppyZF is hard ><
20:43.40Yeppyno one knows what to do in all my groups
20:43.40Keolahif you say ZF is hard, I don't know what you'd say some of the raid dungeons are ;p
20:43.40sacarascZF stairs is kinda hard, the rest is pretty easy
20:43.55Yeppyaye only the stairs
20:44.52KeolahI mean, hell, if you looked at my idiot friends, you'd come to the conclusion that Ragefire Chasm is hard ;p
20:51.22*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:55.18Lukianw <- Doesn't scale for levels?
20:55.37*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:55.37LukianOr the formula is neglected to be linked / included in this article?
21:01.29BagginswwOccasionally I see claims that Beyond the Dark Portal was not made by Blizzard in-house
21:01.35Bagginswwif not then who made it?
21:01.52*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:01.57Bagginswwif its true shouldn't that be mentioned in its article
21:02.03foxlitWarcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal is an expansion pack developed by Cyberlore Studios, released in 1996 by Blizzard Entertainment for their award winning real-time strategy computer game Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness.
21:02.19Bagginswwwhere does that info come from?
21:02.30Bagginswwthe cyberlore part?
21:02.44foxlitWould you like me to do all your homework for you? :)
21:02.56Bagginswwok its mentioned in the manual
21:03.17Bagginswwalthough it seems the team has most of the same staff :p
21:03.34Bagginswwso was cyberlore an inhouse studio?
21:03.39Bagginswwof blizzard
21:04.16Bagginsww alright
21:08.53[NewsBot]WoW Insider: A question of culture clash -
21:09.03pcj!trcount Template:AlsoSee
21:28.28foxlit"that Varian are still being held by the naga in Dustwallow have been reinserted as the Diplomat questline continues in patch 2.3."
21:28.38foxlitEr, not directly
21:29.15foxlitWe have him pinned on a ship that sinks off the shore in Dustwallow, and that's about it
21:29.46Bagginswwthat's an old post
21:29.47foxlitSo it's relatively possible that Varian is off somewhere fighting taurens
21:29.49Bagginswwread the one above
21:30.03foxlitWho cares about spelling? :)
21:30.10Bagginswwwell that's why I linked it
21:30.23Bagginswwwhen I wrote that old post we knew less about the quest lines
21:30.26Bagginswwand the comic
21:39.22Bagginswwok what to do when the can opener is missing and all you have is canned food :p
21:39.47Bagginswwreminds me of one of those trapped on an island movies... oh wait I am trapped on an island :p
21:39.49pcjhammer + nail
21:40.04Bagginswwwtb a nail
21:40.17sacarascsharp rock
21:40.42Bagginswwperhaps start pestering  the rest of the people in the dorm as to where they put the can opener
21:41.19BagginswwI suppose I could open up one of my soups that has the easy open top
21:41.24Bagginswwfor now
21:41.46sacarascyou don't have a swiss army knife on you at all times?
21:41.53LukianBagginsww, try a different draw :D
21:42.18Bagginswwhmm yes I need a sak :)
21:42.38Bagginswwonders if they they are allowed in the dorm :p
21:42.45BagginswwI don't think my steak knife is :p
21:50.07*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:50.36pcjI wonder where the portal to dalaran will be in shatt
21:51.03foxlitWhy should there be one? :)
21:51.17pcjthere's a portal to all old-world towns from shatt
21:51.19foxlitThere's no IF -> Shatt portal, you know :P
21:51.32foxlitdalaran isn't exactly an old world town, is it now?
21:51.43pcjit's on azeroth
21:52.03foxlitIt's on northrend :P
21:52.31foxlit^ (top of), but that wouldn't make my joke about Azeroth the continent work :P
22:00.49*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower|Gone (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
22:08.24Yeppydoin ZF, an the prisioned npcs.. just summoned themselves away
22:17.10Fisker-btw foxlit
22:17.11Fisker-i owned you
22:17.27Fisker-your blp to png converter
22:17.31Fisker-doesn't even do batches
22:17.52foxlitIt'd be trivial to add, tbh.
22:18.24foxlitAnyway, beyond the point - the version I use does :)
22:18.38foxlitAnything else interesting, Fisker-?
22:18.38Fisker-same here
22:18.45Fisker-not other than you sucking :P
22:19.32pcjfoxlit: more of you sucking, templates stop working close to the bottom of the page
22:20.19foxlitYou've exceeded the template expansion limit; use less templates, nub!
22:20.42foxlitIn fact, burn your {{loot}}-replacement regex
22:20.56pcjhow many templates can i use
22:21.20foxlitDepends on the size of item pages those templates fetch
22:22.47foxlitAround 83 {{item|Lesser Magic Essence}} on a page
22:22.57foxlitlarger item pages cost more, smaller cost less
22:23.15[NewsBot]pcj meant:
22:23.18foxlitTooltip expansion stops once it's fetched more than two megabytes of pre-expanded tooltip text
22:23.59foxlitIn short, don't use {{item}} for large tables
22:25.29foxlitCan't do much about it without moving most of item data onto its own dedicated pages and fetching from there
22:26.40foxlitNo, since that'd be huge
22:26.51pcjYou pansy
22:27.06foxlitHey, I'm all for a plan that'd actually work :P
22:29.06pcjWell, if you did something like {{#if:{{#eval:{{{itemid}}}<5000}}|{{itemlist1|{{{itemid}}}}}|{{#if:{{#eval:{{{itemid}}}<10000}}|{{itemlist2|{{{itemid}}}}}|{{#if...
22:30.07foxlitit's easiest to express that as {{itemlist{{#eval:{{{itemid}}} / 5000}}}}, but there are more issues
22:30.24pcjHmm, sure
22:31.26pcjAnd of course fandy disagrees with horizontal templates
22:36.49*** join/#wowwiki ecstasia (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
22:49.59*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise (
23:00.08*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (
23:00.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
23:03.57Yeppywhats the shortcut to minimize?
23:04.35ecstasiatry /camp
23:04.50ecstasiaor alt-tab
23:05.25Yeppyaye, but that just puts wow behind
23:05.38Yeppysure theres one to mini
23:06.07Yeppyah nm i just bein lazy ><
23:08.02ecstasiai usually just click my start key
23:09.55ecstasiawell, press my start key
23:11.36Zurris it just me or is class 'title' and 'alt' the same color?
23:12.09Gourrajust you
23:12.50*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
23:12.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
23:17.47*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
23:17.47*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042] by ChanServ
23:19.08foxlitHm, well, that simplifies things. Turns out you can't see linked usernames unless you're that user.
23:24.23Zurris there a list somewhere for all the classes?
23:25.12Sky2042[[RPG class]] i think, also
23:25.12[NewsBot]Sky2042 meant:
23:25.17ecstasiais there a wowwiki page on raid etiquette?
23:25.33Sky2042ecstasia: probably
23:25.35ecstasiaif not there should be
23:25.40ecstasiai just did a search for 'raid'
23:25.41Sky2042[[Raiding for newbies]], I think.
23:25.42[NewsBot]Sky2042 meant:
23:26.01[NewsBot]Sky2042 meant:
23:26.32ecstasiai'll have to rememebr that
23:28.56Sky2042i'm not sure there's an etiquette page though... um
23:28.58[NewsBot]Sky2042 meant:
23:29.33Sky2042ah ha
23:30.08ecstasiathere needs to be
23:30.54*** join/#wowwiki snafoo (n=snafoo@unaffiliated/snafoo)
23:30.56Sky2042it's squashed in on that page
23:34.30ecstasiai need a big printable kara guide
23:35.30Sky2042for all bosses? or the instance in general?...
23:35.54Fisker-lol Dotted
23:35.56Fisker-you fail
23:36.51ecstasiathe whole shebang
23:37.09Fisker-#5 - 2'ern virker fint her og jeg køre endda vista. Prøv en gang til ;)
23:37.15Fisker-du har købt rockstar collection ololol
23:38.40*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
23:38.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
23:40.13Bagginswwsky when was the actual publish release date for MoM
23:40.18BagginswwI mean the book says 2003
23:40.27Bagginswwbut didn't say it didn't get released until like 2004?
23:40.40Sky2042god knows.
23:41.18Bagginswwamazon had it listed as october publishing date too
23:44.45Bagginswwbut ya its safe to safe tosay that if bob fitch's unofficial post was made before the release of Shadow's and Light, then its just conceptual idea thoughts, and not actual published material
23:44.59Bagginswwnot a reliable source of information
23:45.02Bagginswwdespite who he is
23:57.28*** join/#wowwiki Arideni (
23:59.15*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@

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