IRC log for #wowwiki on 20071228

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00:21.10MistleTempe-gfApparently there's a default "block IRC" option buried deep in my new firewall's settings...
00:21.17MistleTempe-gf<insert dog smiley> Kirkburn!
00:21.41Kirkburn<insert (L) smiley> MistleTempe-gf
00:23.47pcjhi dutempete :)
00:24.28MistleTempe-gfhi pcj :)
00:25.25pcjdid you get a firewall for christmas? lol
00:28.46pcjHeh, MediaWiki generates anchor names badly
00:28.50pcjShould be
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00:29.07Zealyeah, i noticed that too, getting annoying :/
00:29.27Zealplus the fact there's no need to anchor anyways
00:31.08pcjhooray netsplits
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00:36.24MistleTempe-gfno, pcj, not a gift, unless you would say it's a gift to mysefl
00:36.46MistleTempe-gfI got the ZoneAlarm suite
00:37.02MistleTempe-gfand it's aggravating me something serious
00:37.06pcjYeap, that'll block IRC pretty easily
00:37.30MistleTempe-gfit doesn't even advertise that's what it's doing.
00:37.42MistleTempe-gfChatzilla's what told me that.
00:37.49pcjIt doesn't have to, it's a firewall
00:37.53pcjYou're supposed to know these things
00:38.15MistleTempe-gfI've been getting that snooty impression from it...
00:38.53MistleTempe-gfI was just telling Kirkburn that the level of control goes straight from "trust us, we're smarter than you" to "so detailed even the experts aren't sure what's going on" and nother in between.
00:39.08MistleTempe-gfnother = nothing
00:39.35Zealhehe, sounds about right
00:39.56MistleTempe-gfIt's not communicating to me in any way that makes sense what programs are causing the warnings.
00:40.23MistleTempe-gfIt's just giving me the port numbers and ip addresses neither of which is of any use to me unless I know if it's caused by a program on my computer and what program that is.
00:40.56MistleTempe-gfthat being worse, of course, if it isn't a full program that it's blocking, but an addon or extension such as Chatzilla...
00:41.26MistleTempe-gfOh well, I got it for free.
00:41.51MistleTempe-gfBut I think it's causing issues with WoW, I'm just not sure how.
00:42.25pcjis it blocking the wow ports?
00:42.29pcj3724 i think
00:42.30pcjor something like that
00:44.26MistleTempe-gfwhat type of port, pcj?
00:44.59MistleTempe-gfI think i've had warnings for that port.
00:45.08MistleTempe-gfalerts, rather
00:45.18Zealshould be tcp, iirc.
00:46.10sacarascmost games use udp
00:46.45Zealnever really had a game i've noticed using a udp port tbh.
00:46.49pcji think they should use RTSP or whatever it is
00:46.59pcjWith how unreliable the WoW connection is
00:49.15MistleTempe-gfyeah, definitely noticed that port being accessed
00:49.33MistleTempe-gfI've got two other tcp ports I'd taken note of around the same time
00:50.25MistleTempe-gf7212 and 1080 were the other two tcp ports
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01:00.12pcjYeah, the game uses TCP 3724, the voice chat uses UDP 3724
01:02.32[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Insider Show Episode 17: Sunwell, Lion's Pride, and Spleen the undead warrior -
01:02.58pcjAh, I meant they should use RTP protocol, but then I'm a protocol noob
01:04.31MistleTempe-gfYeah, I ,now almost nothing about this stuff.
01:05.51MistleTempe-gfyou wanna talk about programming?  I'm down with that... I even know a bit about hardware.   But networking and the intarwebz... I'm an idjut.
01:06.58Zealanother season down. 2 left.
01:08.03sacarascseasons of what?
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01:10.23pcjwow, that's early
01:10.52sacarasclight weight
01:11.28Kirkburn|sleepI just can't take my daytime
01:11.56Kirkburn|sleep14 hours and, boom, I'm gone
01:12.32Zealsleep more
01:12.46Zealthen you can have a screwed up sleep pattern like i do !
01:13.38MistleTempe-gfYes, he does!
01:13.54sacarascmy sleep pattern is awesome
01:14.11sacarascso much so i have no food in because i'm asleep when super markets are open
01:14.52Zealnot good
01:15.08Zealorder online! lol
01:16.22sacarasctesco requires £40 minimum order... which would be too big for my fridge ;o
01:16.51MistleTempe-gflol that's quite a bit
01:16.51Zealinvest in a bigger fridge? lol
01:16.52RaK-ye i work nights and get that :( sucks have to actually come out of the sleeping pattern to do shopping
01:17.32RaK-wtb 24 hour tescos that isnt 20 miles away
01:17.57Zealmines pretty close
01:18.33sacarasci have no car and the closest one is about 1.5 miles away
01:19.03Zealhm.. and i guess public transport isn't an option at that time?
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01:24.31KeolahMrr. Bit of advice here maybe? What level would you recommend for the Deadmines for a warrior, priest, and rogue?
01:24.48MistleTempe-gf17 at the lowest
01:24.54KeolahWe're currently 20-21.
01:25.05MistleTempe-gfmight be a tad high, but good
01:25.21KeolahWe could manage it with just three at that level?
01:25.50KeolahWe just finished Bloodmyst, the elites at the end weren't a problem for us.
01:26.04MistleTempe-gfI don't know bloodmyst
01:26.13MistleTempe-gfwell I don't know the elites
01:26.15KeolahThen again, there _was_ a level 20 elite NPC helping ;p
01:26.33KeolahBut sheesh, he was as much a liability as a help as he kept aggroing EVERYTHING and didn't let me stop to drink :P
01:26.37MistleTempe-gfohh, that fortress?
01:26.54MistleTempe-gfI couldn't really compare, I've never done both on the same character :P
01:27.14KeolahYeah, we've got a draenei warrior, a draenei shadow priest, and a night elf rogue.
01:38.28Zealhaha Q (John de Lancie) is an elder in charmed XD
01:38.50zZzDuTempeteYou didn't know that?
01:38.55zZzDuTempeteThat's old news.
01:39.27zZzDuTempeteI think that's the only genre he can get work in, anyway.
01:40.05Zealand no i didn't
01:40.07pcjhe's a good fit for Q, but pretty eccentric for much else
01:40.13Zealmost of this i'm seeing for the first time
01:40.36Zealwell an elder isn't far from a Q
01:40.40Zealso it works
01:41.02zZzDuTempeteI suppose
01:44.41sacarascyay! sleep typing
02:04.00Zealjack daniel's hot chilli BBQ sauce. how pwn is that?
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03:02.41[NewsBot]WoW Insider: 3-man group conquers Molten Core -
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03:12.53kd3at least it's not {{cost}}
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03:18.25pcjoh that feels so much better to use npcbox
03:19.52Zealabout time
03:25.10Zealis that the one with the overlayed corner images?
03:25.25pcjyeah lol
03:25.56Zealwell it's more to match the in-game style imo, but it is lame yeah
03:26.14Zealshould atleast switch to a decent css implementation of that.
03:27.59pcjthe wiki doesn't necessarily have to look like the game in everything
03:29.28Zealthat wasn't why i made tooltip the way it was. it's just a simple enough design and familiar to players, so as good as any.
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03:34.28KeolahClockwork Rocket Bots: Providing hours of amusement for bored players.
03:44.08[NewsBot]World of Raids: Burning Crusade The Movie, Playtime -
03:48.22Zealwell done, a tbc raid movie when we're still waiting for the last raid for tbc.
04:00.26KalrothIt's a preview :p
04:00.36KalrothI'm sure Sunwell will only last 1-2 weeks anyways
04:01.06Zealbut the content is finalized as far as i can tell. just the editing not finished.
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04:32.22kd3oh wow at me downloading stuff and forgetting about it
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06:55.41Sky2042_afkhey Zurr you check the special:whatlinkshere for every page, right?
07:00.21[NewsBot]MMO Champion: World of Warcraft 2008 - Patch 2.3.2 -
07:02.51[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW, Casually: December 28 to January 3, New Year's, WSG, etc. -
07:03.11Niatg'morning everyone!
07:32.39Sky2042_afkpcj: I think you bugged up on the change to npcbox
07:32.57pcjYeah, I did, but it's going through the jobqueue
07:33.05[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 53188 doing ~0.4 job/s, done in approx. 1day 12hrs 56mins 10secs.
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07:51.19Sky2042_afkhmm. testing something. if a popular page is deleted, don't hurt me.
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08:02.41Sky2042_afkwell huh
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08:41.38Sky2042_afkfoxlit: does {{item}} really easily work?
08:41.47Sky2042_afklyke, just that easy?
08:41.50foxlitTry it?
08:42.21foxlitBut yeah, it works, that easy
08:42.28foxlitThe only catch is not to use it inside tooltip/settip
08:42.52Sky2042_afkso we still have to use {{loot}} for set pages?
08:43.16foxlitJust for the tooltips, yes
08:44.32Sky2042_afkthere's no workaround?
08:44.50foxlitNone that works for you
08:45.13foxlitMiniature problem is illustrated in
08:45.42Niatdamn... i really should change my hilight-settings...
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09:46.18[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Project Revolution Demo Released ! -
09:48.17Zealnn all
09:50.03KeolahMmm,  Ruinous Polyspore Pizza! ;P
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12:21.03[NewsBot]GamePolitics: World of Warcraft Gamers Plan Avatar March for Ron Paul -
12:21.06[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Army Recruiters Run Video Game Tournament -
12:22.42|Pixel|HA HA
12:22.49|Pixel|<3 the march :D
12:23.10Adyshelp me
12:24.30|Pixel|here, did it help ?
12:24.35Adysbetter :(
12:52.03foxlitChallenge of the day
12:52.09foxlitFind Mantle of Magical Might using the armory
12:53.17sacarasci accept your challenge and might shortly give up
12:54.41sacarasc did it
12:54.57foxlitWhich leads on to the challenge question
12:55.03foxlitWhat is it about "might" that breaks the search?
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12:55.46foxlit!il 24718
12:55.47FoxbotItem 24718: Dreghood Boots
12:55.52foxlit!il 25718
12:55.53FoxbotItem 25718: Mantle of Magical Might
13:11.05[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Breakfast topic: Do PvP servers have casual players? -
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13:13.41foxlitHey, what gives? :)
13:14.11foxlitNothing really that fatal edited in templates :/
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14:07.05[NewsBot]WoW Insider: The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day seven -
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14:44.52pcjyay squid failed
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15:03.03[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: Be careful who you /kiss -
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15:06.51Fisker-FUCKING OLD
15:07.07Fisker-who seriously didn't discover that the first time someone used a mojo?
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15:14.20sacarasci've never seen that pet before
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16:07.03[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Animatronics: The manufacture, maintenance, and mastery of mechanical moppets -
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16:30.39Fisker-or else
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16:51.58pcjSomeone put {{lang}} with no parameters on all the lore character
16:54.53foxlit{{lang}} - use the current page's name in all language links
16:54.53[NewsBot]foxlit meant:
16:56.32foxlitmeep, where is foxbot's welcome? :)
16:59.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Bibi] by ChanServ
17:01.49pcjfoxlit: it redirects to your page nub
17:01.59foxlitpcj: it hasn't always :P
17:02.30foxlitBibi: "Make sure you get your brand new robot need another one and ... let them share the love !"
17:02.41foxlitAny last words before the grammar police gets you? :)
17:03.13foxlitFutile :/
17:03.26foxlitunder 1 ohm
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17:03.50FoxbotWoWWiki: 52257 articles (49022 in jobqueue) edited 1212684 times by 158131 users.
17:04.24foxlitImagine that, ~94% of the wiki needs to be updated
17:05.29pcjnah foxlit
17:05.35pcjthat's all the same pages several times
17:06.02Kirkburn|sleepThat jobqueue must be wrong
17:06.13pcjIt is
17:06.14Kirkburn|sleepIt was 49022 3 hours ago
17:06.17pcjIt's borked
17:06.24foxlitAh, joy!
17:06.39pcjOr some bot keeps editing just the right template :S
17:07.05foxlitThere are no template edits of any magnitude in the last two days :/
17:07.16[NewsBot]pcj meant:
17:10.05Kirkburn|sleepReporting it, but tell me if you see any page breakage
17:10.53foxlit!reload WStats
17:11.03[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Moviewatch: Ultimate Snowdown -
17:11.11foxlitOh great, I broke some more code
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17:13.23foxlit!trcount Template:npcbox
17:13.25Bibifoxlit : no thanks
17:13.25Foxbot0 pages transclude 0
17:13.58Bibilately I've been writing my news @ 05:00am BEFORE sleeping
17:14.01foxlit!reload WStats
17:14.10Bibithat's a good excuse !
17:15.01*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
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17:15.03foxlit!trcount Template:npcbox
17:15.27Foxbot6965 pages transclude Template:npcbox
17:15.42foxlitmadness :/
17:15.50pcjthis is wowwiki
17:16.31foxlitOkay, let's play "what are those 50k articles, dear?"
17:16.34pcj!trcount Infobox Warcraft character
17:16.35Foxbot0 pages transclude Infobox Warcraft character
17:16.42foxlit!trcount Template:Tooltip
17:16.51pcj!trcount Template:Infobox Warcraft character
17:17.17foxlitshush you, it's indexing tooltip
17:17.27pcjslowbot is slow
17:18.00foxlitYou request 40 pages from wowwiki
17:18.01Foxbot22189 pages transclude Template:Tooltip
17:18.04Foxbot534 pages transclude Template:Infobox Warcraft character
17:18.04FoxbotThere are currently 0 queued operations.
17:18.27foxlit!trcount Template:elinks-set
17:18.29Foxbot229 pages transclude Template:elinks-set
17:18.53foxlit!trcount Template:wowapi
17:18.55pcjhow do you get 40 pages from 22189
17:18.57Foxbot863 pages transclude Template:wowapi
17:18.58pcjthat should be 5 pages...
17:19.14foxlit5 pages of what, 4000 links?
17:19.19pcj5 pages of 5000 links
17:19.27pcjobviously the 5th page wouldn't be full
17:19.29foxlitSeen the upper limit on what links here?
17:19.36pcjYes, you can change it in the URL
17:19.37pcjto 5000
17:19.55foxlitAnd does it work?
17:20.38foxlit!reload WStats
17:20.48foxlit!trcount Template:Tooltip
17:20.52Foxbot5000 pages transclude Template:Tooltip
17:21.24foxlitBut can you guess why?
17:21.54pcj...I have no idea what your code looks like
17:22.48foxlit!reload Wiki
17:22.59foxlit!trcount Template:Tooltip
17:23.04Foxbot5000 pages transclude Template:Tooltip
17:23.19foxlitBut do you know what the wiki output difference between 500 and 5000 is? :)
17:23.28pcj4500 links
17:23.36*** part/#wowwiki foxlit (
17:23.41*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
17:23.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
17:24.13foxlitHrm, oops
17:24.33*** join/#wowwiki kd3 (
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17:26.01foxlit!reload WStats
17:26.08foxlit!trcount Template:Tooltip
17:26.28Foxbot22189 pages transclude Template:Tooltip
17:27.18pcjNot bad
17:27.34pcj!trcount Template:Tooltip
17:27.54Foxbot22189 pages transclude Template:Tooltip
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17:46.10pcjthat's done
17:46.36*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
17:51.39pcj!trcount Template:Infobox Warcraft character
17:51.42Foxbot451 pages transclude Template:Infobox Warcraft character
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18:08.57foxlit!editcount pcj
18:09.03Foxbotpcj made 1500 edits, of which 1471 were minor and 444 were commented.
18:09.09pcjhah no wai
18:09.12foxlitClearly not capped at 1500!
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18:39.12[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 49022 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 13hrs 37mins 2secs.
18:42.59pcj!editcount foxbot
18:45.10Foxbotfoxbot made 41013 edits, of which 1 were minor and 41008 were commented.
18:45.10FoxbotThere are currently 0 queued operations.
18:46.57pcj!editcount pcj
18:46.57Foxbotpcj made 21485 edits, of which 19341 were minor and 13462 were commented.
18:52.23kd3!editcount Kaydeethree
18:52.39FoxbotKaydeethree made 2749 edits, of which 1408 were minor and 1948 were commented.
18:53.53pcj!editcount kirkburn
18:54.17pcj!editcount varghedin
18:54.54pcj!editcount DuTempete
18:55.03Foxbotkirkburn made 21877 edits, of which 10315 were minor and 14335 were commented.
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18:55.21pcjoh shit i've almost caught up to kirkburn
18:55.32deltron!editcount diode
18:57.07zZzDuTempete!editcount DuTempete
18:57.13zZzDuTempeteno... nm
18:57.19pcjToo late!
18:57.20zZzDuTempetethought you'd spellt it wrong
18:57.20Foxbotvarghedin made 47427 edits, of which 22386 were minor and 9469 were commented.
18:57.26FoxbotDuTempete made 1353 edits, of which 703 were minor and 1306 were commented.
18:57.27Foxbotdiode made 9 edits, of which 2 were minor and 6 were commented.
18:57.27FoxbotDuTempete made 1353 edits, of which 703 were minor and 1306 were commented.
18:57.33deltron9! I win!
18:57.34zZzDuTempeteyeah, mine is really low :P
18:59.41pcj!editcount Baggins
19:01.27FoxbotBaggins made 32607 edits, of which 1111 were minor and 16273 were commented.
19:01.33pcjnot bad
19:01.51pcj!editcount Gryphon
19:02.20FoxbotGryphon made 7708 edits, of which 6970 were minor and 2606 were commented.
19:03.50*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
19:05.03pcj!editcount fandyllic
19:05.06pcj!editcount ragestorm
19:05.15pcj!editcount adys
19:06.30Foxbotfandyllic made 26014 edits, of which 9818 were minor and 11701 were commented.
19:06.50Foxbotragestorm made 5941 edits, of which 1735 were minor and 3670 were commented.
19:07.27Foxbotadys made 12188 edits, of which 6830 were minor and 4087 were commented.
19:11.03[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Just one more -
19:11.40Kirkburn|sleepBaggins has got more!? :O
19:12.12Kirkburn|sleepfoxlit, that's awesome :)
19:13.13pcj!editcount CrazyJack
19:13.20pcj!editcount Sky2042
19:13.26pcj!editcount VoidvectorBot
19:13.51FoxbotCrazyJack made 10872 edits, of which 10489 were minor and 5117 were commented.
19:14.19pcjCJ has a whole lot of red on his page
19:14.32FoxbotSky2042 made 11736 edits, of which 6302 were minor and 5519 were commented.
19:15.58pcj!editcount Laurlybot
19:16.11FoxbotVoidvectorBot made 29471 edits, of which 29471 were minor and 29471 were commented.
19:16.57FoxbotLaurlybot made 12964 edits, of which 12896 were minor and 12963 were commented.
19:17.23pcj!editcount Laurly
19:17.31FoxbotLaurly made 2192 edits, of which 1867 were minor and 1005 were commented.
19:18.38foxlitI made another error in core, so couldn't kill that module without killing the whole thing
19:18.52foxlitAnyway, rewrite incoming to adjust the speed of that
19:20.24foxlitThere's no guarantee it's getting any faster :P
19:30.10*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
19:32.14pcjhi keolah :)
19:43.35*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
19:45.38*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (
19:45.38*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
19:46.07pcj{{Elinks-NPC}}, maybe?
19:46.23Sky2042than add it, instead of adding a bp request
19:46.30Sky2042not a hard addition.
19:46.38pcjbp is a lot easier
19:46.53Sky2042oh, I know.
19:47.00Sky2042elinks-NPC isn't hard though
19:50.18*** join/#wowwiki Furl (
19:53.06*** join/#wowwiki Taurmindo (
19:56.54Kirkburn|sleepFisker-, is it your birthday?
19:57.00Fisker-not at all
19:57.15Kirkburn|sleepAre you lying?
19:57.16Fisker-i'm just watching the topic :D
19:57.33Fisker-or i could say yes but then i would be lying about that too :O
19:57.38Kirkburn|sleepGuess you're just weird then :P
19:57.47pcjWe already knew that
19:59.09Kirkburn|sleepThen what are you expecting to happen??
20:00.19Fisker-now the question is if you can put it all together :O
20:00.48Kirkburn|sleepI didn't ask what has happened, I asked what you are expecting to happen :P
20:01.06Fisker-i'm not expecting anything :P
20:01.12Fisker-atleast not for another 3 hours
20:01.12Keolahexpecting to get some stupid comment in the topic, apparently ;p
20:01.26Fisker-*hint hint* *cough* etc.
20:01.28pcj...your birthday's in 3 hours then?
20:01.56KeolahNow, be glad that this isn't my channel, since my channel's topic if somebody gets mentioned in it, it's usually quoting them saying something idiotic. ;p
20:02.02KirkburnYeah, I do remember you saying now :P
20:02.43pcjThe problem there Keolah, with Fisker, is choosing
20:03.13Fisker-so many idiotic quotes, and not enough space in the topic
20:03.16*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || Next #wikia-gaming meeting TBA || Keolah: "some stupid comment"
20:04.01*** topic/#wowwiki by foxlit -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || Next #wikia-gaming meeting TBA || Our hearts are extended to the 17 victims of the recent internet fraud
20:05.39Keolah"Ice Mages Don't Worry About Their Ice Cream Melting."
20:06.40foxlitwowinsider news at 11?
20:07.03[NewsBot]WoW Insider: The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Weapons -
20:07.50*** topic/#wowwiki by foxlit -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || Our hearts are extended to the 17 victims of the recent internet fraud
20:07.59Fisker-i would kill myself before reading half of that article
20:08.19foxlitI'd like to see a gnome swallow a thunderfury!
20:08.28*** join/#wowwiki Bibi_ (
20:23.05*** part/#wowwiki Furl (
20:23.11*** join/#wowwiki quamaretto ( isn't pinging.
20:26.20Kirkburn(but is it ponging?)
20:26.42quamarettobash: pong: command not found
20:28.18*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
20:28.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
20:28.44KirkburnUh, k ... that disconnected the network ...
20:29.00quamarettoecho "ping \$1" > pong...
20:32.34*** join/#wowwiki Taurmindo ( doesn't respond to icmp pings
20:33.05*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
20:33.30*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
20:33.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
20:38.02Zeallo all
20:40.34*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
20:40.34*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
20:43.14Sky2042Zeal: lo.
20:45.20KirkburnLovely weather out
20:45.33KirkburnHave to change now ><
20:46.12Sky2042Kirkburn: ?
20:46.18KirkburnI'm wet
20:46.20Sky2042the weather, or you?
20:46.34Kirkburnboth, of course :)
20:58.44*** join/#wowwiki Kazie (
21:02.08[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 49022 doing ~ job/s, done in approx. 0secs.
21:02.37[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 7893 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 2hrs 11mins 33secs.
21:04.15[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 14597 doing ~ job/s, done in approx. 0secs.
21:04.16*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
21:04.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse] by ChanServ
21:10.08*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
21:11.06[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Hunter levels 1-10 improved -
21:26.58foxliteditcount pcj
21:27.01foxliteditcount Foxbot
21:27.07foxlit!editcount pcj
21:27.09FoxbotWho is this pcj? Zero edits!
21:27.19pcj!editcount Pcj
21:27.20FoxbotWho is this Pcj? Zero edits!
21:27.36*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
21:27.36*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
21:28.26pcj!editcount foxlit
21:28.28FoxbotWho is this foxlit? Zero edits!
21:28.34pcj!editcount Starlightblunder
21:28.35FoxbotWho is this Starlightblunder? Zero edits!
21:35.45*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
21:35.45*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
21:44.18pcj!editcount Pcj
21:45.24*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (
21:45.41KirochiGood morning
21:47.19pcjwb DuTempete :)
21:47.20KirochiI'm currently in Old Ironforge
21:47.28Kirochihiya dut
21:47.35DuTempete<insert dog smiley> Kirkburn!
21:47.40foxlit!editcount pcj
21:47.43foxlit!editcount Foxbot
21:47.58FoxbotThere are currently 0 queued operations.
21:48.21DuTempetegood job breaking it, foxlit :P
21:48.53foxlit!editcount pcj
21:48.53FoxbotBut I'm already counting the edits of pcj!
21:49.09Kirochi!editcount Kirochi
21:49.13pcj!editcount kirkburn
21:49.13foxlitah, I see
21:49.15pcj!editcount adys
21:49.18quamaretto!editcount quamarett
21:49.21PolarinaMe too!
21:49.24foxlit!reload WStats
21:49.26pcj!editcount fisker
21:49.29Kirochi!oot em
21:50.07foxlit!editcount fisker
21:50.07FoxbotBut I'm already counting the edits of fisker!
21:50.20foxlit!stop WStats
21:50.22foxlit!start WStats
21:50.26Kirkburn<insert dog smiley> DuTempete!
21:50.27foxlit!editcount pcj
21:51.29foxlit!editcount theevilmurlocmurdererrightbehindyou
21:51.32pcjSo they're making a Hello Kitty line targeting boys
21:51.32FoxbotWho is this theevilmurlocmurdererrightbehindyou? Zero edits!
21:52.09Foxbotpcj made 21519 edits, of which 19361 were minor and 12411 were commented.
21:52.51Kirochi!editcount Kirochi
21:53.06foxlitapi actually forces the 500 page / lookup limit
21:53.09FoxbotKirochi made 3829 edits, of which 91 were minor and 537 were commented.
21:53.28foxlitBut hey, at least you don't hang it by asking
21:54.58foxlitThough requests share execution window
21:55.16foxlitSo concurrent edit count queries throttle each other, rather than any other operation
21:56.45Polarina!editcount Polarina
21:56.46FoxbotPolarina made 41 edits, of which 6 were minor and 11 were commented.
21:57.03Zeal!editcount Zeal
21:57.21FoxbotZeal made 3859 edits, of which 1192 were minor and 2116 were commented.
22:01.28quamaretto!editcount quamarett
22:01.30Foxbotquamarett made 215 edits, of which 14 were minor and 71 were commented.
22:02.42quamarettopcj, I'm pretty sure they already have that, it's called Pokemon
22:03.52quamarettoHey, seems to be back
22:04.43quamaretto <-- haha oh wow
22:07.03[NewsBot]WoW Insider: What is the definition of cheating in WoW? -
22:07.07quamarettoYeah, well. So are you. Or something.
22:08.31Sky2042lol kd3
22:09.30Sky2042!editcount Skyfire
22:09.42FoxbotSkyfire made 2419 edits, of which 1782 were minor and 1028 were commented.
22:09.44Sky2042!editcount Sky2042
22:10.35Sky2042!editcount Sky2042
22:10.37FoxbotBut I'm already counting the edits of Sky2042!
22:10.39FoxbotSky2042 made 11771 edits, of which 6304 were minor and 2545 were commented.
22:10.51Sky2042pathetic comment rate
22:11.53*** join/#wowwiki dcramer (
22:13.05Sky2042most of the uncommented ones are those minor edits
22:14.01KirkburnMinor doesn't mean you don't need to comment :)
22:14.40Sky2042but, minor is part of the concept of "it doesn't need commenting, since the change should be fairly self evident with a diff"
22:14.47Sky2042for me, anyway
22:17.19Sky2042hey, k, that was mine!
22:17.37Sky2042kd3 is stealing my deletions :(
22:17.44kd3woo for triage runs
22:20.47*** join/#wowwiki Daemona (
22:21.35Sky2042I feel cheated.
22:23.10Fisker-!editcount Fisker
22:23.16FoxbotFisker made 1045 edits, of which 553 were minor and 676 were commented.
22:23.26Fisker-i'm a lazy bum :(
22:24.43foxlitHm, so what other toys can I play with?
22:27.07Fisker-can anyone login using ?
22:28.16|Pixel|I can - at least the form works, and I can start posting
22:28.58pcjfoxlit: !addcontent [[Main Page]] end {{bung}}
22:29.21*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_ (
22:29.21*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Sky2042_] by ChanServ
22:29.34foxlitwhat? :)
22:29.51DuTempeteappend the template {{bung}} to the end of the Main Page :P
22:29.56Sky2042foxlit: whom speaketh thee to?
22:30.06Sky2042oooo boy
22:30.16foxlitShould probably come up with some sort of reusable authentication scheme for when people start requesting article edits.
22:30.36Sky2042who's requesting what?
22:30.42DuTempeteFoxlit... a spell checker
22:31.00foxlitDT: that's somewhat dificult
22:31.14DuTempeteAre you lazy?
22:31.25foxlitamong other things
22:31.46foxlitClockwork Rocket Bot is still not visible through armory :/
22:31.51Sky2042being able to remove backlinks to pages, or deprecate templates (coughnpcmobbox) would be cool
22:32.17foxlitWell, if you want to write a module, you can probably do that already :)
22:33.00Sky2042which I can't. which is the point.
22:33.15Sky2042i'll /eventually/ set up pywikipedia... someday
22:33.23foxlitlua > python! :)
22:33.52Sky2042yeah. but lua doesn't have a bot out of the bag, now does it?
22:34.09|Pixel|lua's OO is really poor compared to python's
22:34.28foxlitlua's OO model is whatever you make of it :)
22:35.15|Pixel|that's the point =)
22:35.17foxlitfoxbot: Armories provide no data for [Pale Skinner].
22:35.34kd3hokay. done with this round of the {{sd}} purge
22:36.04Sky2042foxlit: weaksauce!
22:36.24foxlitSky: so, lua? :)
22:37.10Sky2042we aren't trying to convert me, are we?
22:37.29foxlitOr are we?!
22:38.04|Pixel|well, at least
22:38.28|Pixel|lua isn't a language where the number of whitespace you put is part of the syntax :P
22:38.54Sky2042i'm guessing that's a bad thing... :o
22:39.57foxlitIt isn't, really
22:41.04foxlitI like my namespace-generating code for Foxbot
22:41.24foxlitBasically, each module runs in an identical environment, with only read access to the other modules and the api
22:43.23quamarettoI don't mind the whitespace thing at all, but it really bugged me not having normal anonymous functions and not just lambdas
22:46.05quamarettoBut then, I really enjoy Common Lisp so I belong mostly to the looney bin
22:46.57pcjloool foxlit
22:47.18foxlitHow did you get that starting space, anyway? :)
22:47.59foxlitWhat was the loool about? :)
22:48.16pcjyou changing my js
22:49.04foxlitHm, that response was about 1 second off the moment I pushed submit :P
22:49.30Fisker-hmm |Pixel|
22:49.41Fisker-when i logged in there i got "Unknown account or wrong password"
22:49.53Fisker-Even though it was autocomplete
22:50.01Fisker-and i even tried making sure it was the right password
22:50.10Fisker-when i did it with the form in the upper right it worked though
22:50.21Fisker-just gonna check again
22:52.41Fisker-yeah works now
22:52.46Fisker-must be a one-time fluke then
22:52.55foxlitHey, pcj!
22:53.04foxlitReplace "Starts with" and "Ends with" with ! and ? icons :P
22:53.24foxlitquest tooltips
22:54.07Sky2042see [[WW:VP]] at the bottom
22:54.30Sky2042someone made a template that does what hovers do, basically. Which I don't disagree with, but it would be prettier =)
22:54.55foxlitThe correct answer to that is "no" the slightly longer answer "no, because hover tooltips shouldn't be taken for granted"
22:55.17foxlitpsst, pcj
22:55.26foxlitMake npcbox compatible with npc!
22:55.31pcjit is?
22:55.32foxlit(the same way tooltip works with item)
22:55.40Sky2042pcj > foxlit
22:55.55foxlitBecause I'm too lazy to find all information about an npc :)
22:56.35foxlit{{mob|Onyxia}} is <3 compared to {{mob|Onyxia|level=60+|smallicon=IconSmall Race Dragon Red.gif}}
22:56.35[NewsBot]foxlit meant:
22:57.36*** join/#wowwiki ^RaK^ (
22:58.38pcjThat would require <onlyinclude></onlyinclude> to be placed around every {{npcbox}}/{{mobbox}}...
22:59.04foxlitAny reason why that can't actually be done? :)
22:59.09Fisker-hey foxlit
22:59.14Fisker-guess what happens in a minute
22:59.14pcjMake your bot do it first, then we'll talk
22:59.19Sky2042because it's retardeddddddd?
22:59.52foxlitIt's relatively easy to arrange
22:59.57foxlitHeck, it won't even be 20k pages :)
23:01.31*** topic/#wowwiki by foxlit -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || Our hearts are extended to the 18 victims of the recent internet fraud
23:01.58Fisker-you just do that because you haet me :(
23:03.03[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Insider Trader: Connect-the-dot gathering -
23:04.49Fisker-slowinsider is slooooooooooooooooooow
23:11.16ecsinternet fraud?
23:11.27Zeal!trcount Template:Talkpagedoc
23:11.29Foxbot32 pages transclude Template:Talkpagedoc
23:12.27foxlitecs: You didn't hear?
23:13.35pcj!trcount Template:Item
23:13.37Foxbot41 pages transclude Template:Item
23:14.10foxlitWell, I could actually bot-replace loot :P
23:14.27Sky2042and aviod settip/tooltip?
23:14.37foxlitNot that hard
23:15.31foxlitBut I don't really see the point, it'll eventually go away by itself :)
23:16.09Sky2042oh yes...
23:16.14Sky2042!trcount Template:Loot
23:16.31Zeal incase no one had noticed
23:16.42Foxbot30520 pages transclude Template:Loot
23:16.48Sky2042obviously, can't differentiate between inclusions and "doublt" transclusions.
23:16.54Sky2042so, "eventually go away">
23:17.01Sky2042that's over half the wiki :/
23:17.10Sky2042in content pages
23:17.25foxlitIs the result supposed to be that ugly, Zeal? :)
23:17.40Zealwhich result?
23:17.52foxlitlinked page
23:18.02Kirochihey there
23:18.14Zealugly how? theres a link and a bit of text. that's it.
23:18.14KirochiI'm an ally. How do I go to Zul'Aman ?
23:18.26foxlitYou get on your fat mount to EPL, mount to ghostlands
23:18.31foxlitAnd ride there :)
23:18.38foxlitThe mount could use the exercise, really
23:18.38pcjpick up the FP outside of ZA
23:18.41kd3fly to EPL. run to ghostlands, follow the road north, then west. get the FP south of the east-west road
23:18.50Zealit'd be a replacement to what you're doing with {{tooltip}} atm foxlit.
23:19.05Kirochihow do I pick it up ?
23:19.18KirochiI can't think of a means to reach ghostlands
23:19.18kd3same way you pick up all other FPs, talk to the flightmaster
23:19.20pcjYou say you want to _raid_ ZA?
23:19.31kd3there's a road from EPL to ghostlands
23:19.39kd3it's been there since release day
23:19.47Taurmindofollow the road west in ghostlands? eh..
23:19.59Kirochithe road works ?
23:20.03Taurmindokd3 :)
23:20.13KirochiI thought there was a gap between 2 servers
23:20.21Kirochiand that you had to take a warp or something
23:20.24kd3there is. the road hits an instance line
23:20.32kd3if you have BC, you can cross that line
23:21.34foxlitBesides having enough {{{ to gouge your eyes out, what's the difference? :)
23:23.39Zealseperate it from tooltip so all display types can be worked on seperately, remove the conditionals you had inside item pages, remvoe the issues you're facing with having to use different templates in different conditons.
23:24.31foxlitInvalidating any part would invalidate tooltip, resulting in no benefit from separatation
23:24.39foxlitFurthermore, the central codeblock is already illegible
23:24.53foxlitI have no conditions in item pages, just passthrough variables
23:24.56Zealinvalidating what now?
23:25.08foxlitWhatever the item page would include
23:25.19Zealtooltip works fine
23:25.24Zealno idea what you're talking about.
23:26.03foxlitThe way the update queue works - invalidate a template transcluded by a template, and you invalidate that template
23:26.21Zeali didn't say it was supposed to provide any benefit there
23:26.31foxlitThen it's pointless :)
23:26.32Zealjsut to seperate presentation from the technical parts.
23:26.35Zealno, it's not
23:26.43Zealtooltip should not be where it's all stored.
23:27.26foxlitSo what template is on the revised item page?
23:27.53foxlitI'm having trouble figuring out what goes where with that :)
23:28.11Zealyou read the talk page, right?
23:28.49foxlitI've glanced over it, it appeared broken
23:29.09Zealworking fine. only thing not working is the item-table. because i've not made it yet.
23:29.59Fisker-Kirkburn :(
23:30.02Fisker-foxlit is being mean
23:31.11pcjfisker is your birthday over yet
23:31.54foxlitSo basically that's a name-changed tooltip that includes several different other templates to handle presentation based on mode
23:32.05foxlitand passes them the relevant parameters
23:32.35*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || Our hearts are extended to the 18 victims of the recent internet fraud and Fisker
23:34.23Zealbasically, yes.
23:34.59[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 14600 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 4hrs 3mins 20secs.
23:35.40foxlitDoes it solve anything that isn't a feature? :)
23:36.44foxlityay for Vaelastrasz 2.0, btw.
23:36.57Zealwant to reword that question?
23:39.00foxlitNo, it's fitting.
23:39.12Zealthne no answer is fitting too ;)
23:52.28*** join/#wowwiki FtH|Daemona (
23:57.37kd3gotta love a vandal editing my user page to bring attention to himself to get him banned

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