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01:00.00MrUsefulArena Points updated. You are eligible for points if: Team fought min. 10 matches and you participated in 30% of the matches.
01:08.03Mike-N-Go"WoW Saves Boys Life" via
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03:14.31BagginswwI'm not sure I agree with the idea of splitting up manga, and comics under seperate headings
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04:42.44KirkburnGood morning all!
04:43.42Bagginsww can you make that transparent, and put manga and comic under it?
04:43.51BagginswwManga & Comics
04:44.58Bagginswwif anyone who is on, has graphic editing skills?
04:45.57KirkburnI would except I don't have a competent editor and PC combo at the mo. I have one or the other :/
04:47.27Bagginsww:p ahh
04:47.57BagginswwI suppose it should be Comics & Manga for alphabetical purposes
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05:12.29[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Guildwatch: Worth every wipe -
05:53.12KirkburnJust been finding out about some of the upcoming updates to WoWWiki/Wikia ... cool stuff
05:53.18Kirkburn1.11 upgrade isn't too far off now
05:53.48KirkburnPlus we'll finally get an IRC RC channel, like #cvn-wikia
05:55.43MentalPowerRC channel?
05:56.22kd3announcements of changes to the wiki over IRC. probably less resource intensive than the AVT
05:59.43MentalPowerbleeter: how the hell did you get +v in this channel?
06:00.24bleeterMentalPower: complained lots to Kirkburn each time I rejoined without +v
06:00.46MentalPowerhmm... maybe I should start doing that... Muahahahaha!!!!
06:01.19MentalPower~lart Kirkburn
06:01.19infobotdeclares Kirkburn a moron
06:01.23MentalPoweroh dear
06:01.30MentalPowerthat one is a bit harsh
06:01.43bleeterlart is not a synonym for 'well known fact'
06:01.49bleeter~fail infobot
06:01.50infobotinfobot: Fail.
06:02.17bleeterMentalPower: took about 6-9 months of work ;)
06:02.31bleeterMentalPower: start out gentle.. eventually it'll work
06:02.57MentalPowerhmm... commitment...
06:04.02MentalPowerhey bleeter can you do a ~seen MentalPower for me (on #WoWI-Lounge or #Norganna)?
06:04.24MentalPoweraha!, so they do share logs
06:04.29bleeteri mean
06:04.32MentalPowerjust as I thought
06:04.51KirkburnSo ... question
06:05.04KirkburnWhat do you do when you realise you have a rat in your kitchen
06:05.15bleeterrat kebob
06:06.34MentalPowerbad bleeter, bad
06:06.39MentalPowerKirkburn: set traps
06:06.50MentalPowerKirkburn: don't listen to the sheep
06:14.56KirkburnTrap set
06:15.08KirkburnHopefully it likes chocolate ... and is a stupid rat
06:15.19KirkburnAnd that someone else deals with any possible mess
06:18.13kd3Bagginsww, ping:
06:18.32Bagginswwthat will work for now thanks
06:18.57Bagginswwalthough do you think you could do it with yellow with black shadows?
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06:19.46kd3if I can figure out how to set that up in the gimp, sure.
06:20.02Bagginswwsomething like this
06:20.51Bagginswwlike that but Comics & Manga instead
06:23.29Bagginswwsmart rats can take the chocolate and not even get caught by the trap
06:23.36Bagginswwmaybe note ven set it off
06:32.18MentalPowerBagginsww: any ideas as to what that font is?
06:32.27Bagginswwnot sure
06:33.41BagginswwComic sans?
06:36.08KirkburnYay, I can hear the rat jumping around the kitchen
06:36.24KirkburnNo loud "bang" yet, so I can only assume he doesn't like chocolate
06:36.47KirkburnThough he sure liked shredding my biscuits a few months ago
06:37.44Bagginswwyou should release a tropical centipede in your house
06:37.47Bagginswwthat'll get it
06:37.59Kirkburnyeah, I'm sure we'd love that
06:38.07KirkburnA cat, I'd prefer
06:43.58MentalPowerthats really nasty
06:44.12MentalPowerit can kill a human just as easily
06:45.03Bagginswwmost aren't poisonous enough
06:45.12Bagginswwabout as bad as a wasp sting
06:45.20Bagginswwyou'd need to be allergic
06:45.55Bagginswwthere are some that have brown recluse type bite, i.e. flesh eating poison. But level of damage is also related to alergies :p
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06:51.53KirkburnI think the bloody rat is gnawing on the fridge cables :/
06:52.03KirkburnMorning Cairenn
06:52.11Cairennhi hi
06:54.19KirkburnRather than spend my time worrying about what further excitement this rat will bring, I am going to watch TV in bed (4 foot away)
06:59.34MentalPowerBagginsww: you want it to read "Comic & Manga", 'The Comics & Mangas", "Comic and Manga", something else, or a combination thereof?
06:59.51BagginswwComics & Manga
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07:00.26BagginswwComics is the plural of comic, and manga is just manga right?
07:02.39Bagginswwappears so
07:02.42Bagginswwform what I can find
07:02.53bleeterif you believe manga has been adopted into English, mangas
07:03.18bleeter*the word manga
07:03.45Bagginswwaccording to webster, its both plural and singular.
07:05.18bleeterthe pluarilation of foreign words rule. using foreign pluralisation for every word in english would mean needing to know many other languages as well, therefore standard rules apply.
07:05.36bleeternow, who stole my tobacco?
07:06.16Bagginswwwell english is weird, we have some weird nonstandard terms
07:06.29Bagginswwterms that don't have the plural s
07:06.59Bagginswwand why do we call pants, "pants" or a "pair" when there is only one article :p
07:07.15bleeteryeah, the foreign word rule's exception is it really only be applied to more recent words, and even then haphazardly
07:07.18Bagginswwyes it has to do with their being two dangling legs :p
07:07.37bleeterdo you deny a one legged person can wear a pair of pants?
07:07.41bleeter*deny that a
07:08.27bleeterI don't mean deny that they can put what we'd call a pair of jeans on, and safety pin one leg
07:08.41bleeterjust is the article of clothing they wear a pant, or pair of pants?
07:08.49BagginswwData is data no matter singular or plural :p
07:10.01snafooAnyone run ventrillo under linux?
07:13.07Bagginswwa single hair, or plura, "I have hair", or even "hairs",  :p
07:14.26BagginswwThere are fish in that stream. I have six fishes?
07:14.34Bagginswwboth plural forms :p
07:15.09Bagginswwalright, cool, now it just needs to be shrunk down
07:15.19MentalPowerit is...
07:15.50MentalPower150px wide, just like all the others
07:16.30Bagginswwwell its too tall is the main problem
07:17.04Bagginswwit needs to be about as tall as the template
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07:17.40Bagginsww100px seems to be about right
07:17.50Bagginswwit jsut screws the transparency :p
07:20.37Bagginswwyay that works
07:22.15MentalPowerJIC you want to mess with the original
07:22.20Bagginswwdid you hand draw that?
07:22.39Bagginswwahh, weird font heh
07:24.46Bagginswwthanks for the help
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07:29.04MentalPowernp, anutime
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09:02.24Bagginsww :p
09:12.07Zealjust realised i've still not seen a final print cover to any of the comic issues yet, only the preview issue.
09:12.20Zealjust cover artwork.
09:15.16Zealbtw, no thoughts of that other link
09:15.44AdysZeal: what a sig
09:16.57Bagginswwbest I can tell zeal is that the comics are just called "World of Warcraft"
09:17.01Bagginswwthe comic isn't part of their title
09:17.19Bagginswwgranted I've only seen scans of the previews :p
09:17.21Zeallol adys
09:17.47Zealyeah, but even the cover images from theo nline previews have had no logos or words or anything
09:17.51Zealit;s only the ocver artk
09:17.55Zeal*cover art
09:18.00Zealwhich is a bit weird.
09:18.18Bagginswwzeal issue 0 had a cover with words
09:18.24Bagginswwand I've found scanned covers on other sites
09:18.28Zealthats what i said, only the preview issue.
09:18.32Bagginswwlooked like a comicon preview scan
09:18.35Zealof the others?
09:18.37Bagginswwfor issue 1
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09:18.50Zealthat was issue 0
09:19.06Zealthe oen with the roc and pala fighting right?
09:19.17Zealyeah, issue 0
09:19.21Bagginswwand that?
09:19.33Zealoutside comicon it recieved that judgement pala cover.
09:19.53Bagginsww that's the issue 0 I was talkign about
09:19.54Zealthat cover i've not seen, but it clearly issue 0 too :o
09:20.21Zealthey're all the same issue 0, except those first two contained preview and interview stuff too iirc.
09:20.31Zealnot sure the online one contained those parts.
09:20.45Zealconcept artwork etc.
09:21.07Zealoh i see
09:21.14Zealthe secodn one was a blizzcon cover.
09:21.44Bagginswwanycase if the issues dont' actually call it "the comic" we'll have to adjust the title of the article
09:22.08ZealWorld of Warcraft (Comic) aye?
09:22.27Zealor *comic because of your crazy titling rules.. >_>
09:22.55Zeal*-your +ww's
09:23.18Bagginswwdoesn't look like its called "the comic"
09:23.47BagginswwWorld of Warcraft (comics) might work
09:24.01Bagginswwwhat's funny is that Penny Arcade series was called World of Warcraft Comics :p
09:24.56Bagginswwsigh I may need to order issue 1 there :p
09:25.38Bagginswwhmm they sell the sneak peak issue 2
09:28.38Zealoh yay, they have it
09:28.40Zealnice find.
09:29.04Zealit's a gif, and it's watermarked, damn them.
09:30.03Adysanyone around living in greece and/or who has had/is using fiber?
09:31.12Zealand the variant cover, yay.
09:33.45Bagginswwyou know I hate the concept of variant covers
09:35.48Bagginswwbah the promo issue isn't in stock
09:37.04Zeali could only find issue #1's the rest are onyl up for pre-order.
09:37.11Zealwhich makes sense.
09:37.39Zealbut tbh, we need someone to scan them for ww.
09:37.44Zealthe covers that is.
09:37.58Zealreplace the artwork in the article.
09:39.03Bagginsww madness :p
09:39.06Bagginswwissue 4 cover
09:40.23Zealthats who i ordered my last remaning missing manga volumes from :)
09:40.38Bagginswwthey aren't bad, a bit overpriced :p
09:40.55Zealthey were extremely cheap
09:41.10Zealall manga was 40% off, and international shipping was very reasonable.
09:41.14BagginswwI meant back when I was ordering star wars comics
09:42.43Zealomg, they have issue#1 for $0.99
09:42.54Bagginswwtfaw has the scans without the watermarks
09:43.28Zealonly of #1 variant
09:43.39Zealthe rest are jsut artwork images.
09:43.55Zealoddly, i can't seem to see #1 normal
09:44.01Bagginswwunfortunatel I like normal better :p
09:44.09Bagginswwbut I'll live with 99 cent issue
09:45.10Zealdid you cancel your sub?
09:45.21Bagginswwnot yet :p
09:45.31Bagginswwand they might send my issue 1
09:45.32Zealnow's probably a good time for me to chase up again.
09:45.40Bagginswwbut not sure
09:46.10Bagginswwblah its 4 after shipping :p
09:46.42Zealofc, lol
09:47.02Bagginswwthis is why I hated comics, you have to order them in bulk to save on shipping :p
09:47.53Zeal"We just spoke to the customer service manager at the fulfillment house. They confirmed that the message you should be receiving is that if you pre-ordered, your #1 issue (cover date Jan 08) was shipped in late November. If you have not received it, please call 1-888-851-WOW2 and request your REPLACEMENT COPY. "
09:49.06Zealomg "The only resonse I have gotten has been from the lady at the 888 number. She pretended that she had authority to cancel my subscription to the game, when I got angry with her. I told her to f' off and then called right back to make sure she didn't cancle my subscription to WOW"
09:53.20Bagginswwyou konw I think I might call them again tomorrow and see if I get a status update  LOL
09:54.02Bagginswwzeal the new manga series uses a new logo :p
09:54.09Bagginswwnot the old one :p
09:54.38Bagginswwwell its not exactly a "new logo" but its a different one
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10:08.05Bagginsww say hellow to the Warcraft RPG/Warcraft Novel style logo
10:12.02*** join/#wowwiki elaa (
10:12.53Zealit's the WC logo.
10:12.58Zealand where is this image from?
10:13.03Zealas i suspect it's not final.
10:13.22Zealsunwell ultimate edition?
10:14.14Zealthere we go, sent off another email, with a nice threat of legal action.
10:14.23Bagginswwyes ultimate
10:17.34Bagginswwwell war of the ancients trilogy had a unique logo
10:17.47Bagginswwinas much as the way they stretched the warcraft logo to fit around war of the ancients
10:18.47BagginswwAll the stories in the warcraft archive use the stand alone logo
10:18.49[NewsBot]World of Raids: Battlegrounds Collusion, Daily Blue -
10:19.31Zealthat's what they typically do, use the base WC product logo and extend the bg of it to contain the title.
10:19.31*** join/#wowwiki kadrahil (
10:19.59Bagginswwwell recently ya
10:20.14Bagginswwwell the rts did it too
10:20.33Bagginswwonly the original novels, and the original rpg game did the stand alone style
10:20.45ZealWC games box needs a fix i think
10:21.15Zealit has the WC RPG, but that's been removed and redirect to what is now focused on the wow rpg
10:21.22Zeali suspect it's actually your doing baggins ;)
10:21.35Bagginswwwc games box?
10:21.44Zealnav box crap
10:22.00Bagginswwuh I don't bother with those
10:22.03Zealthough i was refering to the fact Warcraft RPG now goes to WoW RPG
10:22.15Bagginswwwarcraft rpg is on the warcraft rpg :p
10:22.18Zealwait, sorry, my bad.
10:22.30BagginswwWorld of Warcraft The Roleplaying Game goes to a book
10:22.36Bagginswwby that name
10:22.39ZealWarcraft RPG goes to Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game but the page is focused heavily on the WoW RPG.
10:22.48Bagginswwactually its both
10:23.24Zeali jsut mean the header image and the onyl cover image is wow
10:23.29Zealwhich is a bit odd
10:23.33Zealconsidering the title.
10:23.34snafooAnyone run ventrillo under linux?
10:24.14Zealeither split them, or balance it tbh.
10:24.33Zealbut if you plan to take on WoW RPG as the new name, rename the article.
10:24.33Bagginswwzeal they are split technically :p
10:25.41JoshooaAnybody playing WoW through Linux?
10:26.15Zeali know the books are Bagginsww, i jsut mean the title of the whole collection
10:26.29Bagginswwmost people still just call it warcraft rpg :p
10:26.32Zealit's currently under the WC title, but the onyl iamgeso n the page are WoW titled
10:26.35Zeali know
10:26.47Bagginswwjust like most peple still call the novels warcraft novels :p
10:27.04Bagginswwyour welcome to add more images
10:27.11Zealso either balance it and keep it under that title, split it into seperate titles or rename it to WoW and assume WoW RPG as the new title.
10:27.13snafooJoshooa: I am
10:27.46Zealbtw, Arator
10:27.54Zealer.. what wasi gunna say.
10:28.25Zealoh yes, in-game, are his eyes actually glowing green like belves or are they jsut coloured green?
10:29.47Joshooasnafoo: Ubuntu 7.10?
10:30.14snafooJoshooa: Yep
10:30.46Joshooasnafoo: Do you use Compiz Fusion too?
10:32.02JoshooaDo you ever alt tab out of it, or go to another side of the cube and have WoW disappear?
10:32.14snafooI run WoW windowed
10:32.33snafooI have never been able to get alt-tabing out of fullscreen games functional
10:32.42snafooso I'm forced to run it in a window
10:32.54JoshooaI used to, but in 7.10 I always lose it, it still runs, but I can't see it, just hear it
10:33.22snafooJoshooa: Do you use vent?
10:33.27Bagginsww there :p
10:33.28Joshooano what's that
10:33.39Bagginswwall elves eyes glow zeal
10:33.41Bagginswwin game
10:33.46Bagginswwits the way the system works
10:33.46snafooa voice chat client
10:33.51Joshooaoh, no.
10:33.54JoshooaAlmost did tonight
10:34.11JoshooaToo my phone bluetooth headset, motorola h500 and got it to connect to ubuntu
10:34.12snafooI can't get it working properly
10:34.12Bagginswwthere is no eye variety for elves other than blue or green
10:34.25Joshooasaid it worked, but wouldn't record any noise, then i broke it somehow and can't get it to connect again
10:34.32Zealbetter, and added a clear ;)
10:34.56snafooWhen using ALSA everything works fine, except for the fact us that my voice is really shaky and scratchy when I speak
10:35.16ZealBaggins, only because of their model, and they could glow white but be green on the skin.
10:35.17snafoousing OSS it is fine, but WoW runs without sound and I can't listen to my music :(
10:35.27JoshooaI had voice work once, just through WoW, but with no mic I could only hear
10:35.35JoshooaI use Alsa
10:35.39JoshooaNever got OSS to run well
10:35.48snafooOh, I can hear fine when using ALSA
10:35.55snafoojust using my mic
10:36.01Zealwhy to high elves glow anyways, blizz lazy when they made the model? :s
10:36.44Bagginswwbecause it "looks cool"?
10:37.37Zealnice Bagginsww, ty.
10:37.45JoshooaI think I read that OSS works better. I am hoping to get voice working soon. But I need a new headset, or maybe a new USB Dongle, it could be my dongle
10:44.05Zeali love how products get a header template, yet it was reasoned products such as TBC need only be categorised despite the need for a disclaimer. hypocracy does exist on ww, just have to dig for it ;)
10:45.49Zealdon't see why it would be plural in the disambig Bagginsww ("comics"), but w/e
10:46.24Bagginswwthere is more than one issue?
10:48.13Zealcollectively a series of comic issues are used in what i guess you could call a comic series, and hence is usually refered to in the singular as comic (and that'd be why peopel where appeding "The Comic")
10:49.09Zealcomics implies there is more than one series there.
10:50.21Bagginswwyou know i'm going ot move it to "wildstorm
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11:00.01gsdganyone here that can help me with smthing?
11:01.54infobotThis is IRC. Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question and if someone's around, they'll be glad to help.
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11:29.58Bagginswwplane jane log
11:30.07Bagginswwno box around it
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11:46.12BagginswwI like that one heh
11:46.51*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
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13:02.41*** join/#wowwiki Xeno360 (i=4a47620c@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
13:02.54Xeno360Hey ppl can some one answer me a question?
13:03.46Xeno360Can some one help me real quick?
13:03.50Xeno360Just a quick question
13:03.55sacarasccan you ask a real question?
13:04.55[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Breakfast Topic: Team ratings and arena gear -
13:05.34Xeno360Can some one tell me about how many people can be supported through a user hosted server?
13:06.14*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
13:06.47sacarascdepends on their system and bandwidth
13:06.48Lukianwhat kind of server?
13:07.26sacarascyou'd need an absolute minimum of 128kbps up and down for each player
13:08.10Lukianhe hasn't said what kind of server yet :p
13:08.18Lukianhe might be talking about a MUD for all we know
13:08.27Zealthough i'm sure we can all guess what server he means.
13:08.30Xeno360well i have "Road Runner" server.. I mean a basic server hosted thru me.
13:08.40Xeno360Private server
13:08.42Xeno360WoW server.
13:08.43Zealin which case, you won't find any answers from us.
13:09.06Xeno360alright then xD
13:09.12Zealit's illegal Xeno, not allowed to talk about it in here.
13:09.17Xeno360Oh it is?
13:09.20Xeno360I wasnt aware. lol
13:09.40Xeno360Everyone been telling me its not illegal for some stupid reasons xD.
13:09.50Xeno360Nevermind then :P. thanks tho xD
13:18.22|Pixel|you mean, you'd go in jail if you're caugh running a private wow server ?
13:19.00AdysDepends, if you're shot dead by the FBI before that you wont be able to go in Jail
13:19.37sacarasci'll never get shot by the FBI
13:20.32*** topic/#wowwiki by Adys -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - We are an official fan site, obey the ToU! || Running Private Servers is penalized by DEATH, you're not welcome here
13:20.48sacarascnot in my country it's not...
13:20.54AdysNow it is.
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13:36.17*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
13:39.01Zealillegal doesn't imply jail.
13:44.24*** join/#wowwiki StalkerHome (
13:48.14Zealhm.. just noticed amazon uk have WotLK down for feb 29th release.
13:48.39Lukianleap year ftw
13:51.50Zealhah, indeed
13:52.11sacarasclots of different places are reporting different release dates
13:53.42Zealjust interesting to see what they think
13:53.49sacarascthey're trying to confuse us and make me cry
14:00.07*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
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14:00.56*** kick/#wowwiki [Fisker-!n=Adys@] by Adys (Adys)
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14:08.55[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Blood Pact: The final stretch -
14:16.25*** join/#wowwiki hurax (
14:19.42*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
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14:24.00Zealtime for some more charmed i think :p
14:33.00[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Insider interviews Ed Fries, founder of FigurePrints -
14:47.28[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Colorado Church Shooter Was Kept Away from Video Games By Parents -
14:47.30[NewsBot]GamePolitics: U.S. Army Creates Video Game Squad -
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16:16.52*** join/#wowwiki Strykar (i=wakka@gateway/tor/x-f132d7b4e1efc53f)
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16:45.25*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
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16:45.28PolarinaCould someone add a realm page for Molten Core (Europe)?
16:46.32*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
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17:05.38*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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17:07.05Niat_have you heard about the "affenjungs"?
17:07.18Niat_this guild has been banned for offering trips to the black temple.
17:07.21Niat_paid trips.
17:07.27Niat_paid in real money...
17:09.23*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:10.31Bagginswwlook at the restrictions on the batmobile :p
17:10.49BagginswwI'd never get a car that can't be driven :p
17:23.42Zealbuy, it, build your own replica based on it, and then blatently flaunt it against all the rules for the one you bought :p
17:24.46Zeal$297k wonder why so low, considering it's estimate was $600k-800k
17:31.12*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
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18:06.30*** join/#wowwiki ^RaK^ (
18:20.49*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
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18:25.40TeomyrNiat_: i remember that name, if i recall correctly, the affenjungs were also the people who demanded gold from the players on their realm to open the gates of AQ
18:28.51Niat_Teomyr: wow... i didn't know this... this just plain sucks.
18:29.08TeomyrNot sure if it was these guys, but the name rings a bell
18:29.47Niat_i think the name doesn't realy matter... stuff like this is just wrong, imho.
18:32.55*** join/#wowwiki snafoo (n=snafoo@unaffiliated/snafoo)
18:40.20foxlitwiki isn't behaving, yeah?
18:41.25[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Wall Street Journal on World of Warcraft 3D Figure Prints -
18:41.28[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Mike Morhaime Becomes 11th Member of AIAS Hall of Fame -
18:47.16BagginswwZeal perhaps it was so low, because people didn't like the rules?
18:51.17Bagginsww it probably should point out that headless horseman as a death knight is presumed... I don't think any of the quests specifically called him that
18:52.19Bagginswwif your going to list him, you might as well list, Attumen_the_Huntsman as well
18:52.28Bagginswwunder "presumed"
19:02.15Zeali wouldn't say he has anything to do with death knights period.
19:25.43*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
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19:32.53*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
19:41.02*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
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19:53.11[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn: The story begins -
20:01.29*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsw (
20:01.57Bagginswkirkburn would appreciate your thoughts too :)
20:02.58*** join/#wowwiki dcramer_ (
20:25.44Zealno lore info is "dated" and should never be removed, just discrpencies pointed out and speculated upon.
20:25.49Zealthat's my thoughts..
20:26.02*** join/#wowwiki Yukinon (
20:30.19*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
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20:49.12[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Insider is looking for new blood -
20:59.37*** join/#wowwiki Guillotine (
21:23.13*** join/#wowwiki AaronMT (
21:23.24AaronMTIs this page ever going to be fixed?
21:26.48Zealwelcome to fix it yourself AaronMT, seems only one person had plans to do so, but not got round to it yet.
21:26.59Zealshould be marked as a stub tbh.
21:27.41Zealnot going to bed yet, but won't be back on, so nn all
21:28.33*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
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21:30.32AaronMTIs the original saved anywhere, I want to view it
21:30.40zealthere is no original
21:30.44zealit never existed.
21:31.05*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
21:31.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse] by ChanServ
21:32.52DuTempeteThe original of what, AaronMT?
21:33.46Bagginswso ya there may be a reason to split playable orcs from the main orc article.
21:34.52DuTempeteDude, guys, this is awesome
21:35.10DuTempetemy best friend got me the TCG hippogryph pet for my birthday :P
21:36.04DuTempeteI dunno what the fuck I'm going to do with the card... the seller protected it three ways from Sunday, so I know I'm going to feel like I'm sinning with I scratch off the code.
21:36.47DuTempete*sinning when
21:38.29Bagginswyou can give it to me ;)
21:38.45Bagginswunscratched of course ;)
21:39.24BagginswI didn't get anything for my bday, well except for COD4.
21:39.40Bagginswwhich I technically bought for myself :p
21:42.24MentalPowerBagginsw identify plz
21:42.47KirkburnHELLO DUTEMPETE
21:43.05Bagginswsomeone kick bagginsww please :p
21:43.07DuTempeteOMGHAI KIRKBURN!
21:43.15*** kick/#wowwiki [Bagginsww!] by Kirkburn (Kirkburn)
21:43.43*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsw (
21:44.18*** join/#wowwiki bagginsww__ (
21:44.33Kirkburnbagginsww__, having problems?
21:44.38bagginsww__blah load as bagginsww  you, LOL
21:45.12[NewsBot]WoW Insider: World of WarCrafts: Murloc Fin Soup -
21:45.57*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww_ (
21:46.09Bagginsww_just nnot going to work my pc at home is still in control :p
21:46.22Bagginsww_I forgot to log out before I left :p
21:47.04Bagginsww_so mentalpower we'll just have to talk here
21:47.25MentalPowerlol, ok
21:47.48Bagginsww_so basically I tried to send you a link to a jpg last night
21:47.52MentalPowerBagginsww_: you can do /msg nickserv ghost Bagginsww
21:47.56MentalPowerI got it
21:48.44*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsw (
21:48.58Bagginswsigh lol it didn't load my primary again LOL
21:49.22*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsw (
21:50.33Bagginswwell it says I've killed bagginsww but when I try to load it says its in use :p
21:50.42*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww_ (
21:54.05*** join/#wowwiki Krolmor (
21:55.19Bagginswso anways forget about that, :p
21:55.56Bagginswmental the question I was wondering was could we look at a version of the comics and manga icon using the basic Warcraft logo that has no background.
21:56.40MentalPowerwe could, but I can't find any "Warcraft Fonts"
21:57.34Bagginswzeal made a suggestion of something called "typo-o-matic"?
21:57.48Bagginswsome kind of font
21:58.39Bagginswhad to go look it up
21:58.48Teomyrexplain :P
22:00.41Bagginswahh I see it looks like comic inking
22:05.11*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
22:05.30AaronMTThe original
22:05.38AaronMTso I can train bs not alchemy
22:07.14LukianAaronMT, it's being worked on atm
22:07.19Lukianthere's no data for it yet
22:08.59Bagginsww_hmm, ok so if we wanted to split playable draenei from the race article, we could use the term used n the manual, "draenei survivor"/s or something like Exodar draenei, :p
22:09.12[NewsBot]WoW Insider: A very Guild Christmas -
22:13.57*** part/#wowwiki AaronMT (
22:29.08*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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22:29.10*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
22:30.44*** part/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
22:41.33[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: W00t - Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year -
22:51.17*** join/#wowwiki bleeter (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
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23:02.18Kirkburn~seen pcj
23:02.20infobotpcj <n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 2d 17h 45m 41s ago, saying: 'ty'.
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23:05.48sacarascthe next meeting is in the past!
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