IRC log for #wowwiki on 20071205

00:11.59ZealBagginsww, blizz used "Sunwell Plateau" and "Plateau" in reference to the instances today.
00:12.24Bagginswwthey keep changing their mind
00:12.38Bagginswwwell I say we don't move it until the test realm goes up
00:12.51Bagginswwright now the name reflects current published lore
00:13.24Bagginswwand this begs the question how it became a plateauh and when :p
00:13.32Bagginswwit wasn't a plateau in the comic :p
00:13.45Bagginswwmore like a deep valley
00:13.57Bagginswwexpecially after it blew up
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00:32.19Bagginswwthey should add some ingame content in an alliance starting area LOL
00:32.25Bagginswwto balance things
00:33.08Bagginswwits already funny that the alliance gets to have flight paths and pretty much move freely around Barrens and Quel'thalas
00:35.11pcjwell...horde get to have instances in their territory
00:38.10Zealand alliance gets a tram and instance inside their capital.
00:38.41Zealand remind me, is westfall alliance or contested?
00:39.43ZealBagginsww, where is there an alliance fp in the barrens? and how can they move freely?
00:39.53Bagginswwratchet ;)
00:40.05Bagginswwit makes it really easy to raid durotar
00:40.10Zealmay as well be considered a neutral fp.
00:40.20Bagginswwbut its in "horde territory"
00:40.20Keolahratchet _is_ neutral ;p
00:40.31Bagginswwthe zone is "horde"
00:40.40Bagginswwas far as pvp flagging
00:41.15Bagginswwso the flightpoint makes it easy to get into a horde territory for raid purposes
00:41.35KeolahWhich is why the Crossroads gets raided 12 times a day.
00:42.21Bagginswwtechnically the closest horde have to "port to alliance lands" is through gnomeregan
00:42.33Zealyou're saying you want something similar to the barrens for alliance then. can ony lreally think that being a change of wetlands and westfall together, but the later isn't really viable given the defias lore.
00:43.02Bagginswwwell turning westfall into "contested" makes some sense, as its "independent" in lore
00:43.08Zeal*think of that as being
00:43.21Bagginswwor keeping it alliance, and ading some neutral fp
00:43.25Zealyou don't want it contested if you're emulating the barrens
00:43.40Zealbut a horde presence there makes no sense.
00:43.50Bagginswwyou odn't want a leveling zone that early to be contested
00:43.50Zealneutral too
00:44.06Bagginswwhorde have to go to westfall for one quest, that's all :p
00:44.09Bagginswwdruid quest i think
00:45.10Bagginswwhowever, the goblin history in wetlands might work out to create a mini neutral quest hub
00:45.16Bagginswwerm westfall Imean
00:45.32Bagginswwa few goblins that want both sides to "free their enslaved bretheren"
00:45.35Zealwetlands could be considered to be southern barrens, and there's plenty of room to add stuff there both in lore and in space.
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00:46.14Zealwb :p
00:46.17Bagginswwin deadmines
00:46.37Zealbut not really much room is the problem
00:46.55Bagginswwwell you could probably fit it to the sw, there isn't much there already.
00:47.10Bagginswwnear the back entrance to dead mines
00:47.29Bagginswwright now its one or two gnoll groups there LOL
00:47.41Zealwhere the hidden doors are meant to be? :p
00:47.41BagginswwI'm not talking about the beach
00:47.51BagginswwI didn't say on the mountain either
00:48.02Bagginswwjust in the grass area
00:48.09Zealstill too small imo
00:48.13Bagginswwhave you seen the outpost in aszhara?
00:48.14Zealtoo crowded too
00:48.31Bagginswwthey have one tent
00:48.36Bagginswwand a flightpath
00:48.48Bagginsww2 npcs tops
00:48.58Zealgoblins are only going to be somewhere protifable though ;)
00:49.07Bagginswwnot if they are trying to save their kind
00:49.11Bagginswwlike if one escaped
00:49.17Zealdoubt it, lol
00:49.18Bagginswwyou did read the backhistory right?
00:49.45BagginswwI'm not pulling goblins out of my ass
00:49.55Bagginswwthey are already part of the story there
00:50.14Bagginswwas I recall they had a huge fight with the defias lost it and got enslaved
00:50.34Zealnothing on the page about ogblins other than the infobox.
00:51.28Bagginswwits there
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00:53.18Zealok, so i still don't see goblins going to save their kind.
00:53.43Zealdefending their market, sure. but they've failed that already, and thus it's gone.
00:56.29Bagginswwhey kirkburn
00:56.37Bagginswwkirochi is still at it...
00:56.49BagginswwI really don't think he's getting my point
00:57.24BagginswwBut zeal, there are plenty of quests were goblins have you doing the same kind of thing
00:57.42Bagginswwlike the goblin that has you attack his own kind in revenge in Stonetalon
00:57.57Bagginswwno monetary gain involved
00:58.24Zealfighting off rival business.
00:58.38Zealthey're protect their business only, that's all i'm saying.
00:58.38Bagginswwactually he was tossed out of the business
00:58.51Bagginswwhe was former member of the company
00:59.21Zealaye, but he's setup his own now, so wants to see them fail so he can take advantage of their failure.
00:59.28Bagginswwactually goblins would have a huge business there playing the defias against everyone else.
00:59.31Bagginswwthey edon't like to choose sides
00:59.43Bagginswwthey like using all sides
00:59.56Zealbut for mthe sounds of it, they've had no luck with dealing with defias both in battle and in business.
00:59.57Bagginswwbut goblins aren't as callous as you made them out to be :p
01:00.00Bagginswwat least not in the rpg
01:00.02MrUsefulArena Points updated. You are eligible for points if: Team fought min. 10 matches and you participated in 30% of the matches.
01:01.49Bagginswwalso if they can get the horde and alliance to fight for them, well they have a chance of getting their market back there.
01:02.00Bagginswwplust make money off them
01:02.30Bagginswwthis is why you find goblins in new areas, offering clear quests :p
01:03.01Bagginswwyou do their dirty work so they can move in or back in :p
01:03.23Bagginswwits usually "not against a fellow company" type quests
01:04.39Zeala quest goblin, sure. but not a flight path, vendor etc.
01:05.24Bagginswwok why is a neutral flight path goblin in quel'thalas?
01:05.43Bagginswwor in ungoro
01:06.01Bagginswwalot of the "neutral fligh tpath goblins" make little sense going bying your system
01:06.12Zealfirst one is gameplay neccesity. second threre's nothing wrong with him being there.
01:06.45Bagginswwso you admit their can be some on purpose for "gameplay necessity"
01:07.05Zealand he's only there recently keep in mind, so even if there was, it was a gameplay neccesity agaim.
01:07.21Zealbut your suggestion for westfall wouldn't be imo
01:07.23Bagginswwand who said the one near a goblin encampment in westfall necessarily has to be a "goblin flightpath" it could be horde flightpath only
01:07.34Bagginswwas there is already an alliance one there
01:07.45Bagginswwperhaps someone connected to Smite
01:08.06Bagginswwanyways I gotta go, off to class in 20 minutes
01:08.06Zealyou choose the idea, lol. i already said a horde presence made no sense anyways.
01:08.11Zealkk, ttyl.
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02:13.05vargranhi everyone
02:13.19KirkburnHullo there
02:14.54vargranare there any APIes that will give me number and coordinates of marks on the minimap?
02:15.17vargranunder marks I mean those points setted up by "Find Minerals" or "Find Herbs" options
02:15.22dylanmLike, tracking and stuff? No.
02:15.32Gnarfoznot exposed to the customizable UI :<
02:15.33vargranpity :(
02:15.56Gnarfoznot even created by blizzard UI code it seems, at least I haven't found anything yet ^^
02:17.03vargranthere is some GetMapLandmarkInfo but it works strange
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02:49.07DuTempete<insert dog smiley> Kirkburn!
02:49.18Kirkburn<insert ({) smiley> DuTempete!
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02:56.38DuTempeteso what are you losers up to?
02:57.06DuTempeteWhat's wrong?
02:57.17pcjmy ISP is being stupid
02:57.28DuTempeteHow is that different from any other day?
02:57.30KirkburnTell it not to be
02:58.06DuTempeteOne of these days I'm going to get so sick of seeing server messages from pcj, I'm going to block them. :P
02:58.28KirkburnOne day I'm going to block pcj :P
02:59.27DuTempeteBah, what's he done to you?
03:01.35DuTempeteYou're being mean to pcj. :(
03:01.51KirkburnWell, he smells.
03:02.06KirkburnIt's not my fault he smells
03:02.18pcjI blame Adys for that
03:02.36DuTempeteHas Adys been rubbing his armpits onyou?
03:03.12pcjSomething like that
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05:05.09ZealKirkburn, you might want to take a look at (iirc new db sites require discussion)
05:06.53Zealplus the site sucks and has nothing to do with providing zone info.
05:26.04Kirkburn|sleepThanks for pointing it out Zeal
05:26.07Kirkburn|sleepGnight all!
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06:03.25Sky2042Dotted: where's the bot when you need him?
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08:05.21Dottedhappy now?
08:07.20Sky2042looks good.
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09:14.04[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Congressmen Want More Openness in ESRB Rating Process -
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11:17.09vargranhow do I unequip some item using macro?
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11:58.21[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Oklahoma Politician Who Authored Video Game Law is Now ESRB’s Pal -
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14:29.02ralfWORKwhat is the max respec cost again?
14:29.05ralfWORK50g? 100g?
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14:36.20ralfWORKok thanks
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14:36.53ralfWORKflipping a coin to do kara holy or shadow tonight :P
14:37.20ralfWORKwtb toon cloner :(
14:38.40[NewsBot]GamePolitics: ECA Unveils New GameCulture Site -
14:44.13[NewsBot]World of Raids: Lady Vashj and Al'ar Hotfixes, Solarian Strategy -
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15:00.55ralfWORKgrandenetworks? lolololol
15:02.28FireSidei dont pic my works ISP
15:04.22FireSidewhat kinda idiot makes fun of something like that anyways
15:08.45[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: Gazing down on Thunder Bluff -
15:24.21ralfWORKmake fun of? naw, never that
15:24.28ralfWORKit's just a funny name
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16:05.12DuTempeteomg, boring
16:05.39DuTempete<insert dog smiley> Kirkburn|sleep, even though you're sleeping :(
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17:08.52[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Separating the players from their classes -
17:10.13Bagginswwhah so I just called world of warcraft comic to tell them I didn't get my first 2 issues
17:10.30Bagginswwand the lady was like well you ordered in november right? you'll be starting in januarary
17:10.35Bagginswwthen she looked at her record was like woah
17:10.36sacarascit probably sucks anyway...
17:10.41Bagginswwyoou preordered in septermber
17:10.48BagginswwI'll try to get you those issues if I can
17:11.17Bagginswwand I let her know that if she couldn't get the issues I'd rather cancel my order, and I left her with my phone number to contact me
17:11.40BagginswwI mean if it sucks or not I don't want to start in the middle of the story you know?
17:14.00pcjthat's AWESOME baggins
17:14.15Bagginswwthanks. It helps to be nice on the phone ;)
17:14.23*** join/#wowwiki dcramer (
17:14.26Bagginswwnot show any anger :)
17:14.50Bagginswweven if I found out that their screwup means I won't get the issue I won't be mean to the employees its not my way.
17:17.20^RaK^im only nasty to the ones who wake me up by making unwanted calls :x
17:18.42Bagginswwagrees with you there
17:18.49BagginswwI tend to ignore the phone or pick it up and slam it :p
17:19.59Bagginswwstill I hear others have gotten the first issue by pointing out to them that they preordered a month in advance.
17:20.20Bagginswwtoo many of them automatically assumed people ordered in november :p
17:35.27ralfWORKyou know, I guess I'm a freak
17:35.36ralfWORKbut I don't think I'd get a WoW comic
17:37.29ralfWORKany +hit rating experts here?
17:37.47ralfWORKcurious about how +hit rating impacts specials for rogues and fury warriors
17:40.55ralfWORKfrom what I seem to understand, it sounds like 142 hit rating (and not any talents) would make specials hit all the time
17:44.43*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
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18:02.26BagginswwThe reason people buy comics is the same reason people buy novels they want more stories.
18:03.01Bagginswwif someone plays WoW purely for the gameplay they aren't likely to be interested in stories
18:04.55[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn: Premiere! -
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18:36.54[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Boy attacked by moose "feigns death," thanks WoW -
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19:08.54[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Bring your character home with FigurePrints -
19:09.54DuTempete<insert dog smiley> Kirkburn!
19:10.10Kirkburn<insert (elmo) smiley> DuTempete!
19:10.28Fisker-<insert suicide note> #wowwiki!
19:11.44pcj<insert gun/noose into Fisker's hand>
19:12.33Fisker-awww noes
19:14.54Fisker-why aren't anyone trying to stop me? :<
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19:32.54[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Jean Claude van Damme to star in "What's your game" ad -
19:36.01Fisker-O SHI- awesome |Pixel|
19:36.25Fisker-thought it was out now
19:40.50Fisker- hoho Teomyr
19:41.02Fisker-hals maul idiot!
19:43.01sacarascmr t in german...
19:53.18*** join/#wowwiki Krolmor (
19:54.37Krolmorg'day good people
19:57.47DuTempeteg'day Krolmar
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19:59.51Fisker-wikipedia have a lot of broken links because of the game characters article removal
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20:06.17Dottedblizzard needs to hire chuck norris already
20:06.55Dottedand let him have a holy priest to shatter everything we admire in chuck
20:08.12DuTempeteBlizzard needs to do a Chuck Norris vs. Mr. T commercial.
20:08.43DottedFisker- kan du godt li' pind is?
20:09.52ralfWORKhey don't talk bad about holy priests
20:10.01Fisker-ja Dotted
20:10.02DottedDuTempete yeah one with TUF and the other with TIO
20:10.07Krolmorchuck norris should be a new boss
20:10.09Fisker-din mor Dotted
20:10.29Dotteddu kan godt lide at slikke pind is Fisker-?
20:10.30Krolmorbetter yet, chuck norris should spawn on newbie camped areas
20:11.04*** join/#wowwiki Bagginswww (
20:15.53Fisker-ikke lige så meget som jeg kan lide at slikke din mor Dotted D:
20:16.07ralfWORKthe best idea I've heard yet is for hogger to be a 25man raid world boss
20:16.20ralfWORKwhere you have to summon chuck norris to kill him
20:16.40Dottedmen fakta er du godt kan lide at slikke pind is?
20:17.07Fisker-og din mor
20:17.29ralfWORKI bet they modeled the death knight after chuck :(
20:17.50Dottedtroede ikke bsser var til kvinder?
20:18.17Fisker-nej lige præcis
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21:33.29Polarina|Pixel|: There's a buggy item at the armory page. See the [Pioneer Buckler] at .   When I press it, I get a empty page, like the item doesn't exist. How come?
21:43.20Fisker- <-weird
21:43.55Fisker-reports having a random enchantment
21:44.04ralfWORKwhat is the item?
21:46.54PolarinaFisker-: Could be that all items with <Random enchantment> are buggy?
21:48.28Fisker-i'm guessing items without random enchantments listed with random enchantments are buggy
21:49.23PolarinaFisker-: o.O
21:49.57Fisker-i'm guessing the problem is the "random enchantment" part of the page
21:50.08ralfWORKI uhm
21:50.24ralfWORKhaven't worn a random enchantement in a long time :(
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23:08.54[NewzBot]WoW Insider: Blizzard's stubborn requirements on the summoning stones -
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23:36.33Bagginswwwell zeal I found a reference that states that highborne and night elves are seperate races
23:36.52Bagginswwdespite their physical appearance
23:37.02Bagginswwbeing the same
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