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00:35.25[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Insider Show Episode 11: Shaman silliness and other outrages -
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00:50.44[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Realm Restart - Uldaman - 11-15-07 -
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00:53.22Foxdruid or pally for healing?
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00:56.43[NewsBot]WoWBlues: WOTLK Question. -
00:56.49[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Why get a drake if Skyguard is easier? -
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01:04.52[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Talent specs revealed -
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01:16.52[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Who is better Grom or Zuljin? -
01:19.16dreamssif u fail to enter an istance cause its in heroic mode, and then turn around u get DC
01:20.55[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [BUG]BG Preparation -
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01:27.44Jachel292Hi people
01:32.52[NewsBot]WoWBlues: S3 Delay handled very poorly. -
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01:33.57Jachel292Can't read the news, whats happening?
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01:35.29Br3ttHey all. Does anyone know if there are undated mods out now, specifially quest ones like Lightheaded ?
01:35.45clad|sleepwhat do you mean undated?
01:35.51Jachel292I just used what I can
01:35.59BrodochAll my mods dont work since the latest patch
01:36.04clad|sleepLightHeaded has been updated, the day before the patch
01:36.14Brodochah, I must have got the wrong site
01:36.18Jachel292Just set the addons to "Load out of date addons"
01:36.24clad|sleepits only ever at WoWinterfacecom
01:36.25Brodochah ok.
01:36.33clad|sleepsign up for it as a favorite, and you get emailed when i post a new version :P
01:36.37clad|sleepcouldn't be simpler!
01:36.48Brodochsounds good.
01:36.57BrodochIm still a bit of a newbie
01:37.19clad|sleephehe no problem at all
01:37.25clad|sleepjust make an account on
01:37.34clad|sleepthen on the LightHeaded page, click "Add to favorites"
01:37.50BrodochThanks heaps for that, doing it now
01:38.07Jachel292Right now I use Fubar, CyCircled, and Omen, along with a couple map addons
01:38.34Jachel292But the patch screwed around with Elkano Buff Bar, and am I the only one facing huge problems with Pitbull?
01:38.46clad|sleepdon't think so
01:39.18Jachel292Thats crazy, Pitbull has been horrid since he updated it with that addon manager
01:39.28[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Live from Zul'Aman! -
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02:00.48FlAWDhmm .. wowinsider .. live blogging from wow
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02:16.52[NewsBot]WoWBlues: BUG: demonic knowledge stays on enslaved pets -
02:16.58[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [Bug] Pet Pathing problems in Karazhan -
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03:07.28[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Shaman Surprise -
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03:44.52ZealJachel292 what cyCircled skin do you use?
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03:58.20Butchso what class is OP now?
04:01.23Butchwhat did they get?
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04:03.12Jachel292a nerfd
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04:04.34Zeal<@Zeal> Jachel292 what cyCircled skin do you use?
04:04.40WujuMy addons wont work
04:04.43Zealhi Wuju
04:04.53Jachel292and I'm doing VC shush
04:04.57Zealtry load out of date addons?
04:05.06Jachel292yeah that workd for me
04:05.14Zealexcuse me, just saw you talking so asked.
04:05.17Jachel292load out of date mods
04:05.30Jachel292that works
04:05.39Jachel292in the wow login screen
04:05.53ZealAnyways, glad to see more and more people are using my skin ^_^
04:06.10Jachel292cehck the box on the addons bar
04:06.14Jachel292and you made it?
04:06.20Jachel292it is easily my fav
04:06.35ZealVol and GoldOrbs are mine.
04:06.48Wujuwhere is the addon bar heh
04:07.02Jachel292when you are about to load a char
04:07.14Wujubah thanks
04:07.26Wujuthats a common mistake for pros like me
04:07.28Wujubw ahaha :P
04:07.44Zealprobably should add it to Patch FAQ's :p
04:08.01Wujui am not pleased with wow commands
04:08.22Wujui want an auto loot script that allows me to select loot by moving page down and up
04:08.40Jachel292I only use autoloot fu
04:08.41Zealdon't like using your mouse?
04:08.51Wujuwhy use mouse i can use a gamepad instead
04:08.54Wujuthats why
04:09.06Wujui do not want to use mouse it is slower
04:09.14Butchgame pad for wow? nice
04:09.20Zealnot when you open the loot under your mouse :p
04:09.23Jachel292But a controller is weird for WoW
04:09.26Wujuyeah i have a powerful gamepad that suports 30 commands
04:09.43Butchwhat company brand gamepad?
04:10.03Wujuthe best gamepad that i have ever used
04:10.12Zealdarn, found a bug in outlook 2007. dragging mail when an IMAP connection closed warning pops up, causes it to lock up : /
04:11.32Zealwell atleast it's better than using a pad for an fps ;)
04:11.36Butchwhat?! a bug in a microsoft program?! no way!
04:11.43Zealwow doesn't require any aim really.
04:11.47Wujuare you guys using linux?
04:11.54Zeali'm not.
04:11.56Wujui am
04:12.26Wujui can run 10 wow games
04:13.05Butchjust cuz u use linux, or cuz ur computer is so powerful?
04:13.19Wujupowerful computer too
04:13.29Zealwow, new saga in my online shopping hell with Forbidden Planet : / didn't think things could get much worse.. oh well, can atleast call them up and have a bitch at them on the phone today.
04:13.34Wujuits the comp specs
04:13.37Wujuthat runs wow 10 times
04:14.01Butchwhat u got for ram and video card?
04:14.10Wuju16gb and 8800
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04:14.39Wujumy computer is meant for a server lol
04:19.55Wujulol im trying to follow this stupid guide
04:20.01Wujuits a good guide
04:21.36Butchi installed cosmos for the first time today, that is some crazy... u know
04:21.36Wujucosmos add on good?
04:21.36Jachel292Whats Cosmos?
04:21.46sacarascWuju: WoW on Wine is easy...
04:22.07Wujubut its not better graphics on windows xp
04:22.20Wujui mean the graphcis and fps is still better on windows xp
04:22.23Jachel292Well I also made a new server chars
04:22.29sacarascbecause wine's dx9 implementation is lacking
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04:22.40Jachel292I am now on Laughing Skull on a dwarf pally
04:22.46Jachel292so thats ok
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04:28.47Wujuanyone tried nude patch?
04:28.52[NewsBot]WoWBlues: 15/11 - Realm Restart: Bladefist -
04:29.14Jachel292If I wanted to watch a naked girl I'd get a adult videp
04:29.17Jachel292So no
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04:36.52[NewsBot]WoWBlues: 15/11 - Realm Restart: Burning Blade -
04:42.54Jachel292Anyone else had the murloc thing happen to there server?
04:45.32Jachel292That was quite possibly the funnest thing I had happen in Trade
04:49.45sacarasci concur with that question mark
04:50.25Jachel292Basically someone on lkaughing skull was saying they were gonna farm murlocs
04:50.33Jachel292and someone else said that sounded like a game
04:50.48Jachel292it spread, and now everyone is saying the word murloc in a movie
04:50.54Jachel292WALKER, TEXAS MURLOC
04:51.40Jachel292It was funn because everyone was getting all pissed about it
04:51.48Jachel292and yet they still continued
04:52.09Jachel292warsong gulch, see you all later
04:59.26[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Design: Chaotic Skyfire Diamond -
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05:06.17Jachel292Woot won the BG
05:06.20Jachel292anyways I'm off
05:07.04Jachel292How do I change my name in IRC?
05:09.39sacarasc/nick newnick
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06:16.03Sky2042why does zeal still have an @? o_o
06:18.38Zealbecause chanserv won't let me remove it :(
06:18.39Zealhe's a bully
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06:20.53[NewsBot]WoWBlues: If GCD isn't reverted I'll have to quit -
06:25.56Zealhm.. nice to see blizz's underlying failure at net code for wow is brought to light with the GCD change.
06:27.02Zealit's not actually realistic to how bad the game is, not hidden away so that the issue saw crap pvp gameplay.
06:27.22Zealnot you jsut simply can't pvp :P
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06:50.50[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Rudd to bring World of Warcraft to Australia -
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07:09.33Bagginswwsomeone obviously hasn't read that crystalsong isn't actually a forest :p
07:09.46Bagginswwat least form what lore we know so far
07:09.57Bagginswwthat's not to say that blizzard could change its mind and turn it into a traditional forest
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07:23.39Bagginswwritual of refreshment = yay
07:24.23Zigonickwhere can i find a apox pop of each server? looking to reroll a horde server that is more populated then my alliance server may help
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07:40.10Bagginswwahh the ship crews are so nice
07:40.14Bagginswwthe boats look alive now
07:40.22Bagginswwnone of the creepy ghost ship stuff
07:46.26[NewsBot]MMO Champion: ZA Strategies, 2.3 changes, ZA Trailer -
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07:50.11Adys|sleep~seen zeeg
07:50.45infobotzeeg <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 13d 7h 23m 24s ago, saying: 'dk maybe there were just some random problems'.
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07:56.13Bagginswwisn't calling tabetha a hermit somewhat inaccurate at this point?
07:57.27Sky2042well, that failed..
07:57.41Sky2042and no, that doesn't make her not a hermit. it just means she's a hermit with company.
07:57.56KeolahIt takes a lot of practice to become a full-fledged hermit!
07:59.18Sky2042hmm, that should work
08:01.45[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Patch triggers epilepsy -
08:01.45[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 49 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 49secs.
08:01.54Bagginswwwell a hermit with company doesn't much make a hermit as they they are no longer "living in solitude"
08:02.07Bagginswwand these apprentices seem to have been with her along time
08:02.10Bagginswwwe just haven't seent hem :p
08:02.12Bagginswwprevoiusly :p
08:02.34Bagginswwam I right that therea re 2 of them?
08:02.35VoluspaHermit with company...
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08:03.00VoluspaThat would be like a soaking wet dry desert
08:03.25Zealagreed on that, she's not a hermit.
08:03.26Sky2042are they actually with her now Bagginsww?
08:03.36Bagginswwa hermit can have a visitor and still be a hermit, but having one that lives with them would break the hermit definitin
08:03.36Zealshe jsut lives in the middle of a swamp
08:03.44Bagginswwya they live in ht house
08:03.51Bagginswwnew quest giver
08:03.54Zealaye, 2 of them in her house.
08:03.55Bagginswwhe talks of another
08:04.01BagginswwI didn't see the other
08:04.07Bagginswwbut one talks of the other apprentice causing trouble
08:04.12Sky2042from "any person living in seclusion; recluse."
08:04.14Bagginswwusing up supplies
08:04.21Zealcould be be mistaken, but thought there was a female and a male apprentice :S
08:04.23Sky2042she's still in seclusion.
08:04.27Bagginswwya zeal
08:04.33BagginswwI only saw the mill
08:05.07Bagginswwseclusion often means "alone"
08:05.14Zealerm, seclusion from what though? afaik it's typically consdier as seclusion from other people, not anything else.
08:05.17Bagginswwespecially when speaking of hermits
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08:06.04Zealshe's secluded in terms of location and society i guess, but that's it. imo, that's not a hermit.
08:06.20Bagginswwall history I've read hermits are always alone
08:06.36Bagginswwby definition
08:06.45Sky2042then it /should/ probably read "lives in seclusion with her apprentice (s?)"
08:07.21Bagginswwremove the seclusion
08:07.25Bagginswwlives with her apprentices
08:07.32Bagginswwin a remote area
08:07.34Sky2042in the middle of the swamp -_-
08:07.46Sky2042which would be termed seclusion, for most people
08:07.59Bagginswwexcept seclusion usualyl means to live alone
08:08.32Bagginswwthere absolutely no point to use any terminology with questionable definitions
08:08.42Bagginswwcalling the area remote is most accurate
08:08.55Sky2042bah, fine
08:10.06Sky2042did they improve mana gems this patch, or is that still slated for "the future"
08:10.34Zealooo, i just remembered i have left over pizza! ^_^
08:10.51Sky2042lucky :(
08:11.13Zeal"she lives in seclusion with her cats, because she is really a crazy women!"
08:11.38VoluspaWhere is Dotted?
08:11.48Zeal~seen dotted
08:11.50infobotdotted <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 3d 6h 25m 5s ago, saying: 'someone else did then'.
08:12.06Zealo,h Dotoff
08:12.26Voluspa~seen Dottoff
08:12.27infobotVoluspa: i haven't seen 'dottoff'
08:12.32Sky2042~see dotoff
08:12.33infobotACTION whispers to dotoff "You didn't see anything...."
08:12.34Zealhe's in the chan ;)
08:13.20VoluspaHave you ever been to Vartdale?
08:13.38*** join/#wowwiki Bagginswww (
08:14.37VoluspaWhy did you kick infobot?
08:15.53Sky2042~seen dotoff
08:15.55infobotSky2042: i haven't seen 'dotoff'
08:15.57Sky2042i can't spell
08:16.00Sky2042that's why.
08:16.01Bagginswwwby the way her shack isn't so remote anymore there is a big road to it now
08:16.04Fisker-he was making fun of you
08:16.11Bagginswwwand even a road sign I think
08:16.18Sky2042where's the fun in that then?
08:16.27Bagginswwwya now she's no longer hard to find
08:16.27VoluspaFisker! :) Caught any fish yet?
08:16.28Sky2042finding her was a part of every leveling mage's indoctrination!
08:16.34Bagginswwwand her hut shows up on the map
08:16.52Sky2042making it /too/ easy for the newbies.
08:17.01VoluspaAh, the old days
08:17.14VoluspaI think I died 7 times when I tried to get to her
08:17.14Zeallol, wandering through the swamp aimlessly on a mount, pulling everything. good times :P
08:17.24VoluspaI was level 25 :O
08:17.46Zealthought that was lvl 40 questing?
08:18.04Zealdunno about the mage quest :s
08:18.05VoluspaYou could get the quest in level 35
08:18.21VoluspaI don't know if it's possible anymore
08:18.37VoluspaAnyway Fisker, what do you think about the Danish election?
08:19.33Bagginswwwnotice even the zep is easy to find
08:19.43Bagginswwwits right on the road lol
08:20.41VoluspaGoodbye old Dustwallow. Fare thee well.
08:20.56*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
08:20.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
08:21.04Bagginswwwthough personaly I like the new dustwallow
08:21.12Bagginswwwnew towns give it more life
08:21.17VoluspaFare thee well into the heaven of old models
08:21.31VoluspaHowever, some of the old feel is gone
08:21.36Bagginswwwand it was so unfinished before
08:21.38Bagginswwweveryone knew that
08:22.05VoluspaThe desolate swamp has finally sprung to life :)
08:22.07Bagginswwwso many dead end quest lines
08:22.16Bagginswwwyet it still looks desolate heh
08:22.32Sky2042oh damn
08:22.52Zealwhy is there a road to it ffs? coudl except it being on the map, but not raod : /
08:23.17Bagginswwwroad to ff?
08:23.17VoluspaBecause Blizzard wants the quest to be easy?
08:23.22Bagginswwwyou mean the zep?
08:23.24Zealto the zep
08:23.32*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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08:23.36Bagginswwwbecause a new moxie was sent there
08:23.48Bagginswwwshe went there to collect the goods
08:24.07Bagginswwwapparently she's the one that created the trail there
08:24.12Zealwasn't that our job? :(
08:24.37Bagginswwwactually our job was just to find it Lol
08:24.45Bagginswwwit was another dead end quest line prevoiusly
08:24.53Bagginswwwalthough they changed the storyline ab it
08:25.02Bagginswwwapparently it was heading to mudsprocket
08:25.10Bagginswwwwhen it crashed
08:25.16BagginswwwI can't remember where it was heading before :p
08:25.30Bagginswwwdidn't they say gadgetzan?
08:26.35Bagginswwwwoah a kracken thing attacks theramore
08:27.29VoluspaI'm sure Jaina can handle it
08:27.29Bagginswwwand the town guards are attacking it
08:27.47VoluspaAnything new about Pained?
08:27.49Lukianit's a quest mob :p
08:27.54Lukianthe cannons take care of it
08:27.59LukianVoluspa, haven't seen anything
08:28.09Bagginswwwit killed the guards and then went out to sea
08:28.28VoluspaStupid tethyr
08:28.31LukianBagginsww, thus, someone failed
08:28.53[NewsBot]WoWBlues: 15/11 - Realm Restart: Auchindoun -
08:29.35Bagginswwwhef also causes the whole town of theramore to have a huge rain storm
08:29.47Bagginswwwsky gets really dark
08:30.30*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
08:30.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
08:30.43Lukianfireworks when you win ^^
08:31.16Zealand jaina parties with blizzard?
08:31.26*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
08:31.46Bagginswwwso what's the quest name?
08:32.39Lukianit's the lighthouse chain
08:32.44Lukianforget start quest name
08:33.03Bagginswwwso ya neptulon finally turning on the humans?
08:33.26Sky2042he's never liked them...
08:33.33Sky2042or the trolls.
08:33.37Sky2042he really doesn't like the trolls >.>
08:34.45Bagginswwwdid they up the scale of the map somewhat? Theramore seems slightly bigger
08:35.05Bagginswwwwell we were working for neptulon for raggy.
08:35.06Lukianheh, nah
08:35.11Bagginswwwto kill raggy
08:35.35Sky2042yeah... that doesn't mean he was happy with our existence
08:35.46Sky2042just pawns, man, just pawns
08:35.48Bagginswwwsure I never said he did
08:35.57BagginswwwI'm just wondering if he was starting to attack us now
08:36.03Bagginswwwas kracken aer his minions
08:36.48*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
08:36.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
08:37.18Bagginswwwok so who do i talk to to start next part of the diplomat chain?
08:38.53*** join/#wowwiki snafoo (n=snafoo@unaffiliated/snafoo)
08:39.50*** join/#wowwiki Daworm (
08:40.24Bagginswwwahh have to do lighthouse first
08:41.10Sky2042baggins: the {{fact}} pretty much can't be a reference to anyone else but drizzit
08:41.30*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
08:41.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
08:42.20*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
08:42.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
08:42.53[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [RP Project and Event List AD] A Golden Age -
08:43.48Bagginswwwdrizzt was a tall dark elf
08:43.54Bagginswwwnot a short green goblin
08:45.17Bagginswwwfor that matter a reference to drizzt should include his two scimitars
08:46.43VoluspaQuestion. How's the center tag again for Wowwiki?
08:47.05VoluspaBah, I'm speaking Norwenglish again ^^
08:47.34Sky2042Voluspa: most of us do speak... langlish at some point :P
08:48.06VoluspaWhat I tried to say: How do I use the center tag in Wowwiki's articles?
08:48.14Bagginswwwso ya I got another A on my second midterm in the Cultural Resource Management class heh
08:48.19Voluspa<center> </center> ?
08:48.48BagginswwwI hage page banners :p
08:48.55Bagginswwwthe really oversized ones :p
08:48.56Sky2042i believe putting it in a table and aligning center also works, but yes
08:48.57*** join/#wowwiki Gimliiii (i=rrtt@gateway/tor/x-9d603aa7b68c0046)
08:49.03Sky2042you hate, baggins?
08:49.24*** join/#wowwiki hurax (
08:49.36VoluspaWell, does it work on templates aswell?
08:49.45Bagginswwwwhat's wrong with hate? Its a perfectly viable emotion as long as you don't apply it to other people ;)
08:49.54Voluspa <----
08:50.35Bagginswwwso ya you know all these deserter's and their connection to onyxia?
08:50.42Bagginswwwthat was first mentioned in the RPG I think
08:50.43VoluspaFor some unknown reason <center> doesn't apply to the YouTube box :(
08:50.48Bagginswwwalliance player's guide
08:51.28Sky2042well, Bagginswww, you said "hage"
08:51.32huraxin dustwallow them?
08:51.39VoluspaWhat's the opposite of love?
08:51.51Sky2042Voluspa: hmm, sec
08:52.00Bagginswwwya theramore deserters
08:52.23*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
08:52.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
08:52.45Bagginswwwthere is a campaign storyline int he APG where the deserters infiltrate during a birthday party in the attempt to kill jaina
08:52.57Sky2042Voluspa: where's that page at?
08:53.04Bagginswwwtowardst eh end
08:53.08Bagginswwwone of those missions
08:53.11Sky2042that needs editing
08:53.17Bagginswwwwhat does?
08:53.20Bagginswwwediting what?
08:53.33*** join/#wowwiki laurly (
08:53.36Sky2042Bagginswww: you. stay. lore.
08:53.44Bagginswwwhuh? I'm lost
08:53.52laurlypift wheres kirk when i need him.
08:54.12huraxcould get a nice story, since there was not much told about what onyxia was plotting sitting in stormwind
08:54.27Sky2042you fail voluspa... :P
08:54.27VoluspaLaurly :)
08:54.44laurlyhey :)
08:54.48Sky2042what's "template" in norwegian?
08:55.21Sky2042kirk is probably sleeping, like normal human beings should be
08:55.33BagginswwwI was just mentioning some trivia I don't think there is anything on that that story in the wowwiki
08:55.40Bagginswwwits on page 224
08:55.44Bagginswww"Gifts for the Bride"
08:55.46Sky2042you are not prepared.
08:55.50Bagginswwwit was a wedding
08:55.52Bagginswwwnot a bday
08:55.54VoluspaTemplate: mal
08:56.17Sky2042jesus, man
08:56.19huraxisn't kirkburn french?
08:56.23BagginswwwAfter Daelin Proudmoore’s attack on Durotar, many
08:56.23Bagginswwwsoldiers from his forces settled in Theramore. Though Jaina
08:56.23Bagginswwwoffered them amnesty, many still harbored a deep hatred for
08:56.23BagginswwwDaelin’s treacherous daughter.
08:56.35BagginswwwRecently a group of these
08:56.35Bagginswwwpeople — under the leadership of the mage Rober Ronn
08:56.36Bagginswww— left the city of Theramore, done with the Alliance. They
08:56.36Bagginswwwbelieve that guerrilla attacks on Theramore could give the
08:56.36Bagginswwwcitizens courage to turn against Jaina Proudmoore, bring her
08:56.36Bagginswwwdown, then focus the city’s aggression toward the Horde,
08:56.38Bagginswwwwhere it really belongs.
08:56.42VoluspaThat's Adys
08:56.55BagginswwwKnowing their handful of magi and warriors are no
08:56.55Bagginswwwmatch for Theramore, the defectors traveled south through
08:56.55BagginswwwDustwallow Marsh to seek out the black dragonspawn
08:56.55BagginswwwMadaggan, who also wishes to see the Alliance vacate the
08:56.55Bagginswwwisland of Theramore.
08:56.57Sky2042let's see if that works.
08:57.00Sky2042Bagginswww: stop spamming
08:57.04VoluspaLaurly, hvordan går det med Wowwiki Danmark?
08:57.10Bagginswwwok if you aren't interested
08:57.12Sky2042ok, not
08:57.17BagginswwwI thought voluspa wa sitnerested
08:57.29Sky2042i'm sure we all are. tinyclip it or w/e it's called
08:57.46Bagginswwwwhich is?
08:57.55VoluspaI am always interested
08:58.06Bagginswwwtiny clip?
08:58.10VoluspaAnyway, did you find a solution to my problem, Sky :)
08:58.21Sky2042working on it
08:58.35VoluspaThanks :)
08:59.04Sky2042nope, not that
08:59.46Sky2042resort to wikipedia
09:01.44huraxlaurly, i think it is the most visited pages
09:02.28Sky2042Zeal: is there a way to align an object central to the page it's displayed on with a div / span / table?
09:02.32huraxso automatically
09:02.48Zealmargin: auto auto
09:03.00Zealon the block element itself
09:03.35VoluspaWho do you think desserves the peace prize next year?
09:03.52Zealtext-align: center; vertical-algin: middle; on parent block elements when aligning child inline elements.
09:04.16Sky2042hmmm, that failed.
09:04.41Zeallink plx
09:04.58Sky2042 good luck
09:05.00Bagginswwwnot that racist, :p
09:05.11Bagginswwwerm that was this year right?
09:05.15Sky2042would it have to be in a talbe?
09:05.19BagginswwwI just barely read it in the news
09:05.24Bagginswwwthe monks should have gotten it
09:05.41Sky2042i fail xd
09:05.44Sky2042xD *
09:06.18VoluspaIt was Al Gore
09:06.19Zealyou've got several issues to deal with there
09:06.54VoluspaPeace prize or page? ^^
09:07.01Sky2042now I've got it on the left... wierd!
09:07.20VoluspaWell, that's better than right
09:07.37VoluspaLeft is ok aswell :)
09:08.10Zealfirst of all, you didn't use style="" for the css, so ofc it failed to do anything. secondly the video's parent element is floated right, so it neads a cleared's element inside it to have your div actually contain it. but then because the div itself is full width, it can't be centered. what you need to do is center the actually parent element of the video which has a size defined.
09:08.54*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
09:08.58Bagginswwwoh ya that's right al gore instead of the monks
09:09.18Bagginswwwapparently they said he was second worst choice after the racist double helix guy a few years back
09:09.31VoluspaWhat guy?
09:09.39Bagginswwwguy that discovered the double helix
09:09.49Sky2042"a few" o_o
09:09.54Bagginswwwafter he became famous he started saying blacks had small brains and wer estupid
09:09.58*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
09:09.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
09:10.03*** join/#wowwiki Trae (
09:10.06BagginswwwI don't rememember how long ago sky
09:10.08Sky2042goddamnit tekkub, stop bein a douche
09:10.09BagginswwwI skimmed the articlwe
09:10.32Tekkubinternet's all fucked here
09:10.40Bagginswwwhe's apparently trying to prove blacks are inferior through dna
09:11.01BagginswwwJames Watson
09:11.15BagginswwwI think that's him
09:11.38Sky2042that's 45 years ago, baggins
09:11.43Zealsky: <div style="margin: auto auto; width: 238px; border: 1px red solid;"><youtube width="238" height="200">LDiDK_yBCw0</youtube></div>
09:11.43*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
09:11.49Bagginswwwhe got it back in 1962
09:11.49Zealthat's what you want ^
09:11.51VoluspaWell, I don't think he received the Peace Prize
09:11.52Bagginswwwjust checked
09:12.00Zealwell, remove the border
09:12.01Bagginswwwya but he's become famosu again sky
09:12.08Bagginswwwsince his racist claims were made recently
09:12.10Zeali was just checking it was right with that ;)
09:12.13Voluspa"Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine"
09:12.35Bagginswwwso they were claiming Al Gore is the second corrupt person to get the prize
09:12.50Zealapprently the <youtube> tag doesn't allow the style="" attribute, so i couldn't just center it.
09:13.11Sky2042you fail zeal
09:13.16VoluspaAl Gore isn't corrupt?
09:14.04VoluspaOr is he?
09:14.04Zealno you fail, as you used that template, which is what is forcing a float, which you don't want.
09:14.11Sky2042don't you have to use the template?
09:14.48Sky2042Voluspa: you fail at coding templates. but then, you just jacked it from some other site. :P
09:14.59VoluspaI wonder if Jimmy Wales will be nominated next year
09:15.01VoluspaYeah :(
09:15.16Sky2042Voluspa: you fail at coding templates. but then, you just jacked it from some other site. :P
09:15.27VoluspaI forgot to take my phailzomglol today
09:16.12Bagginswwwbasically the issue was that apparently some of the claims made in gore's video were exaggerated and not backed up by current researchers work.
09:16.53ZealSky2042, check out my change.
09:16.54Bagginswwwit wasn't that global warming isn't a real thing, but that some of his claims were false about it.
09:17.28BagginswwwI forget which examples exactly
09:17.29Sky2042i thought that might work...
09:17.37Sky2042but i was fine with the final product.
09:17.48Zealgood idea for the template would be to ad soemthing like style="{{{3}}}" so people can change stuff :p
09:17.53Zeallol, kk
09:18.09Sky2042truth, zeal
09:18.19*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
09:18.36Bagginswwwapparently the biggest issue was they wondered how a documentary on global warming actually equated to world peace
09:19.13VoluspaWell, global warming is a serious issue which ought to be adressed anyway. If Gore's movie can make people do something its a step in the right in the direction
09:19.24Zeallol@ the vid btw
09:19.46VoluspaBah, I can't write. "... step in the right direction"
09:19.47Bagginswwwthe monks were actually doing somethinga bout peace
09:20.04Bagginswwwpeace prize should be about peace, not science :p
09:20.05VoluspaHowever, they didn't accomplish anything
09:20.16Bagginswwwanycase not sure how dynamite equates to peace either :p
09:20.24*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
09:20.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
09:20.28Zealglobal warming: It can't be stopped, we can onyl stop the accelration of it. As soon as people understand, hopefully people like gore and the few ignorant scientists will STFU and stop praying on peoples good will and fears.
09:20.49VoluspaGlobal warming can be reduced
09:21.03Bagginswwwnot stopped though
09:21.08Sky2042Zeal: sure, it can be stopped. even reversed. is it going to ever happen? not until the next ice age
09:21.12Bagginswwwonly way to stop it would be to kill humanity
09:21.27VoluspaOf course not. But do you want to let 500 million people starve - or 1000 million people starve?
09:21.29Bagginswwwglobal warming actually occurs natural, its the system that leads to ice ages
09:21.31Sky2042global warming's just the acceleration of a natural process.
09:21.51VoluspaThe problem is that it has never happened this fast before
09:22.00Bagginswwwkicks sky because he can
09:22.02Sky2042that we know of.
09:22.06Zealcan't be slowed down, can't be stopped. and i love how the proof that we're hardly the cause of it and that it is actually an overdue natural process we will have to learn to deal with.
09:22.09Sky2042lern2/me, nub
09:22.11Bagginswwwya there was never this many humans before
09:22.20Sky2042nor this many cars -_-
09:22.25Zeal*has been sweeped under the carpet.
09:22.26Bagginswwwif it wasn't globel warming it would be something else
09:22.35VoluspaThe Americans are in fact to blame
09:22.41Bagginswwwbtw volcanoes also add to the problem
09:22.45Sky2042just about
09:22.56Sky2042yes Bagginswww, but that's natural release of CO2 into the air
09:22.56Bagginswwwamericans aren't the only ones with cards
09:23.06Sky2042we're the one that use them the most
09:23.12Zeali never want to drive, so i'm happy.
09:23.18Sky2042Zeal: lol!
09:23.29VoluspaI was just kidding, Sky.
09:23.30Bagginswwwpakistan has cars that are terribly polluting
09:23.33Zealwtb better and "greener" public transport
09:23.40dreamssbiggest issue is that earth goes tru a hot state once in a while, naturaly
09:23.53Sky2042Voluspa: but it's true. the Internal combustion engine was invented here. :P
09:23.58Zealright before a new ice age.
09:24.10VoluspaHowever, how can we deal with that?
09:24.16Bagginswwwactually alot of 3rd world countries have cars without any modifications
09:24.31VoluspaThe last ice age resulted in the death of millions of species
09:24.33Sky2042Bagginswww: but a lot of 3rd world countries don't have millions of cars.
09:24.57Zealthat's what people should be sepnding their time on figuring out, not trying to futily trying to prevent/postpone it.
09:24.57VoluspaThe next ice age will result in the deaths of millions, nay billions of humans
09:25.06Bagginswwwfirst combusion engine used oxygen and hydrogen
09:25.12Sky2042which is why China nad India are suddenly becoming issues. cheap power and cars are making a growth there.
09:25.28Sky2042and they have, what, a good third of the earth's pop. between them?
09:25.35VoluspaIf we can postpone it then perhaps we can find a way for more people to survive
09:25.49Sky2042Voluspa: we'll be off the planet before that happens :/
09:26.03Bagginswww that's in brazil apaprently
09:26.05Bagginswwwlooks pretty bad
09:26.09dreamsswe nuke each other b4 we do anything good
09:26.14VoluspaWell, not your children's children
09:26.17Bagginswwwbut ya I want to see the nation by nation statitistics
09:26.24Sky2042dreamss: or that.
09:26.24Zealnuclear winter, sure slow it down ;)
09:26.27*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
09:26.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
09:26.59dreamss"so global warming never hapen? " "it did but nuclear winter.." :
09:27.38VoluspaEveryone ought to do something.
09:27.40dreamssi forget how the quote goes, but <3 futurama
09:27.54dreamsshaving less children would help
09:28.04Bagginswwwthere is always multhasism
09:28.28Zealright now i'm about ready to say the uk has completely lost the plot, with wanting to tax households on how much rubbish they have.
09:28.29Bagginswwwsure less children means less likely a population can sustain itself
09:28.36Bagginswwwthomas multhas or smething like that
09:28.42Bagginswww17th century philoshoper
09:28.51dreamssno way
09:28.55VoluspaTry to make the third world contries breed fewer children
09:29.05VoluspaYou wouldn't succeed.
09:29.21Sky2042as it is, the US birthrate has dropped below the number required to sustain the nation (keep it neutral value: neither growing nor shrinking)... without immigration.
09:29.29Bagginswwwbelieved that human are breed geometrically but have resources that are only arithmetic
09:29.37Sky2042and then china has that whole, 1 a couple thing going.
09:29.37Zealright.. so let's tax the consumers for the mistakes of the manafacturers? oh and let's also not consider how many people are in in household and their situations?! gg ffswtfxbbqsauce?!
09:29.45Bagginswwwand this would inevitably lead to war, famime and disease
09:29.53Sky2042which it has
09:29.56dreamssanother thing that would would helped, use prision population to invade oraq
09:29.57Bagginswwwunless peole stopped reproducinge
09:30.02dreamsskill 2 birds with 1 stone
09:30.12Sky2042dreamss: like SC? :P
09:30.23Bagginswwwbut if you stop reproducing then societies have a potential of not maintaining their population
09:30.27Sky2042too many desertions, i think.
09:30.29Bagginswwwif death rate is faster than the birthrate
09:30.33Sky2042Bagginswww: true.
09:30.38VoluspaThe idea of a unique European family structure is also a central tenet of the European miracle theory. Purportedly, the European family was nuclear, women married late, and had few children. Europe understood how to control their population while the rest of the world, to quote Jones, "multiplied insensately." This meant that Europe was not vulnerable to Malthusian Crises and therefore able to form a progressive, ca
09:30.57dreamsseveryone is gonna move to canada and corrupt that poor country
09:31.26VoluspaCanada is almost like Europe
09:31.58VoluspaI like to regard it as an extention of Europe.
09:32.20Bagginswwwbiggest problem though some use Malthas to support genocide :p
09:32.50VoluspaGenocide = not a good idea
09:32.52*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
09:32.53Bagginswwwlife would be better if we get rid of the "inferior races" blah blah
09:32.53[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Hunt for Birthday Boy -
09:33.14Sky2042one of my high school teachers from a couple years back had the idea of sterilizing the bottom quarter of all high school grad classes. automatic for those who drop out and don't opt for a GED
09:33.31Sky2042that'd fix it!
09:33.50Zeali love how our worsening moral hiccups over in-breeding have now actually stunted human evolution, and we're heading towards a future were we will only see technological evolution.
09:34.22Bagginswwwhmm, sterylize anyone who drops out and doesn't get at least a b?
09:34.29Bagginswwwthat's pretty sick
09:34.33Sky2042a b is harsh
09:34.39Sky2042and i didn't say that :P
09:34.52VoluspaHere's the solution:
09:34.54Bagginswwwwell some have said that
09:34.59Zealhow about sterylize anyone who has a genetic disease or defect? ;)
09:35.15Bagginswwwwho decides what's a defect?
09:35.22Sky2042that was a big deal in the early 1900s
09:35.28Sky2042late 18s maybe
09:35.32Bagginswwwstill is
09:35.37Zealno one can, that's why it's best left up to natural selection.
09:35.51Bagginswwweugenics is evil
09:36.03Sky2042Zeal: "evolution": Human evolution ended the minute we discovered penicillin.
09:36.04Bagginswwwit was american eugenics movements that influenced hitler
09:36.15Bagginswwwwell not just in america
09:36.17Sky2042eugenics: thank you
09:36.18Bagginswwwbut it was big in america
09:36.18Zeallol Sky2042
09:36.23Sky2042looking for the word :
09:36.35BagginswwwI'm taking ecological anth right now
09:36.47Sky2042and i took American Studies :P
09:36.50BagginswwwI would have still known the word as I like star trek :p
09:36.53[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [RP Event - Argent Dawn] The Winter Veil Ball -
09:36.58BagginswwwI've taken american studies too LOL
09:37.18VoluspaWell, let's just kill all the fat people aswell then
09:37.21Bagginswwwbut ya there were alot of people that supported genocide
09:37.21Zeali took wikipedia for dummies ;)
09:37.22Sky2042only reason i know the word. it's wierd; it wasn't even mentioned in AP USH
09:37.25Bagginswwwbefore hitler came aroudn
09:37.37Sky2042know the context*
09:37.55Sky2042and yes, it influenced Hitler... :|
09:38.03Zealseriously, i really don't know what i actualy learnt at school.. most of what has helped me i taught myself.
09:38.14Bagginswwwzeal has a ged?
09:38.17Sky2042Zeal: where did you teach yourself though? :)
09:38.24Zealthe internets
09:38.28Zealand no? :s
09:38.35VoluspaZeal, what kind of job do you have?
09:38.42Zeali'm a bum!
09:39.03VoluspaYou are what?
09:39.04Zealbut seriously, aiming to be a web designer, but that's not "who" i am.
09:39.16VoluspaNow you're?
09:39.29Sky2042(wierd conversation transition...)
09:39.36Zealunemployed Voluspa, i haven't had a job since my last one after college, which i enjoyed, but the owners ran the company into the ground after i left.
09:40.04VoluspaWell, be glad you don't live in the States then ;)
09:40.06Sky2042why the hell does the wiki think it's 2:40? >:(
09:40.15Zealwhy's that?
09:40.44VoluspaOne can't live on wellfare in the USA.
09:40.45Bagginswwwstrangly japan makes largest percentage of cards world wide per nation :p
09:40.53[NewsBot]WoWBlues: The Big Raid -
09:41.01Bagginswwwthey are trying to kill the world LOL
09:41.03VoluspaLet's nuke Japan (again)!
09:41.08Zeali'm not living on any benefits atm Voluspa, sponging off my dad : /
09:41.10Sky2042Bagginswww: that's essentially an established fact?...
09:41.17Zealnor do i want to.
09:41.24Zeali could easily if i wanted to.
09:41.27BagginswwwI checked transportation bearua statitstics
09:41.33Bagginswwwus is the second largest
09:41.41Sky2042Ford and Chevy.
09:41.44Sky2042and Dodge
09:41.46Zealjapan makes good cars though
09:41.52Bagginswwwmind you most of the japanese cars probably come to america
09:41.57Bagginswwwnot just US
09:42.03Bagginswwwcanada, brazil etc
09:42.32Bagginswwwmexico is actually supposed ot be one of the highest producers of polution from what i've read
09:42.35Bagginswwwand no its not just cars
09:42.46VoluspaWhat do you think about this advertisement created by the Conservative Party of Norway?
09:42.46Bagginswwwfactories too
09:43.00Zealso they're not stereotypically lazy as i've been lead to beleive? :P
09:43.27VoluspaNo, not at all, Zeal.
09:43.40Bagginswwwthank you china, mexico and africa :p
09:43.52*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
09:43.52*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
09:44.05Sky2042don't forget india!
09:44.07VoluspaAdys! Welcome back
09:44.16Sky2042oh jesus.
09:44.43VoluspaDid I do something wrong (again)?
09:44.54Bagginswwwmind you alot of the fault still goes back to the western nations and consumerism
09:45.07Bagginswwwwe just move the factorie to cheaper locals
09:45.30Bagginswwwnations that don't have the same emissions laws :p
09:47.48Bagginswwwdidn't london have killer fogs from time to time?
09:48.15*** join/#wowwiki Daworm (
09:48.15VoluspaI think so
09:49.12BagginswwwUS is 5th in the C02 emissions
09:49.33Sky2042rich people states
09:49.47Sky2042that's so funny
09:49.59Bagginswwwbritain will never be that high its not that big of a nation
09:50.10Bagginswwwalthough its scary how much kuwait produces for being so small
09:50.11Sky2042if you're a "rich" country (eg, capitalist), you're in the top 10
09:50.36BagginswwwUK is rich :p
09:50.39VoluspaNorway is the richest country in the world. We're number 33
09:50.50Bagginswwwya stop making broad generalizations
09:50.55BagginswwwUS is becoming poor
09:51.05Sky2042LOL! no, the rich-poor gap is widening
09:51.14Bagginswwwthe bill is losing value
09:51.16Sky2042the nation's not getting any poorer
09:51.21Sky2042and? look at the stock markets
09:51.38VoluspaThe American economy has been weakened, yes
09:52.40VoluspaAnd when the other nations stop buying Dollars...
09:53.27Sky2042it's like saying China's economy sucks because it's 1k yen (example) to the dollar. which is quite untrue.
09:53.40VoluspaNo, not at all
09:54.07VoluspaThe American trade ballance is screwed. You spend more money than you make
09:54.10Bagginswwwother nations are starting to buy euros
09:54.16Bagginswwwand avoidign the doller
09:54.23Bagginswwwin recent times
09:54.28VoluspaWhen a nation buys currency from another nation, it's like an interest free loan
09:54.46Sky2042(I shouldn't be arguing this late... I'm going to bed >.>)
09:54.52VoluspaSo the USA has been able to do this since the other countries gave you loans
09:55.04Bagginswwwactually alot of nations still use american money only because its so easy to copy :p
09:55.20Bagginswwwcompared to other nations
09:55.29Bagginswwwhuge counterfitting problems
09:55.45Bagginswwwinfact the machiens used to make american money is alot easier to get on the blackmarket now :p
09:55.53Bagginswwwits becoming really oudated technology
09:56.10VoluspaHowever, if they stop buying the Dollar - stop lending you money -
09:56.27Voluspathe USA would no longer be a superpower
09:56.35Bagginswwwaddtionally US isn't known for its innovation anymore
09:56.41Bagginswwwsense we outsourced most everything
09:57.01Bagginswwwand most of the next generation isn't itnerested in science  and technology
09:57.11Voluspabut the bible
09:57.23Bagginswwwor music industry
09:57.32Bagginswwwpure life of vice
09:57.42Bagginswwwnot just music industry but entertainment in general
09:57.55Bagginswwwstuff that 's fun but lowers brain cells :p
09:58.29VoluspaThat reminds me of one of thos EU slogans: "In science we trust!"
09:58.30ZealBagginswww, you're a bigger reader. can you see how reading books is worse than watching tv?
09:58.55BagginswwwZeal I read alot of science, and history, etc not just fiction
09:58.59VoluspaTV is usualy biased?
09:59.04Bagginswwwfiction is fun, but you can't live on it alone
09:59.06Zeali know, i'm saying over all
09:59.18Zeallooking at the medium, rather than the content of it.
09:59.22Bagginswwwits all entertainment really, consumerist american has fallen to stupid stuff
09:59.48BagginswwwI'm actually in the minority of someone persueing a science career
10:00.30*** join/#wowwiki tek (
10:00.46VoluspaPerhaps you should move to greener fields?
10:00.53[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Zul´Aman CLEARED, recruiting ferals! -
10:01.08BagginswwwI was reading as tudy that aparently most americans aren't going to college, and those that are pursueing non scholaraly careers
10:01.29Zealreading is more non-social than tv, as it can only be done alone unless you're reading to someone (at which point it becomes a new medium, so doesn't count). books are also less interactive and stimulating to the senses. yet they both can open your mind and imagination and force you to think.
10:01.30Bagginswwwmost scientific classes were being filled with exchange students
10:01.57Bagginswwwactually two people watching tv is still pretty unsocial unless they are talking to each other and ignoring the tv
10:02.00Zealit's a pointless argument, but those are always the best :p
10:02.15Bagginswwwbeing social still doesn'[t make it any "smarter"
10:02.18VoluspaI do not agree, Zeal. Books leave things to the imagination.
10:02.29Zealtv can do the same voluspa
10:02.38Bagginswwwwell ya even reading fantasy uses more brain cells
10:02.45Bagginswwwyou have to imagine what is being described
10:02.50VoluspaRarly, Zeal
10:02.51Zealand didn't say it made is smarter baggins, but better for you.
10:02.52Bagginswwwand you have to convert the words to meaning
10:03.03Bagginswwwyour saying tv is better for you?
10:03.05VoluspaTV leaves very little to the imagination.
10:03.13Zealas i said, not talking about the content, but the medium itself and it's potential.
10:03.18Bagginswwwtv have additional issues with radiation, :p
10:03.32VoluspaComputers too
10:03.47Zealnver heard of radiation from either..
10:04.04Bagginswwwany electromechanical device emits radiation
10:04.07VoluspaDid you know that a laptop on your lap can fry your testicles/ovaries?
10:04.15Zealyes, but there are safe levels Bagginswww
10:04.21Zeal*they are
10:04.21Bagginswwwwho says?
10:04.29Bagginswwwtumers are on a rise
10:04.39Bagginswwwalot of cancers are
10:05.03Zealunless you can prove a coralation that no one else has that it's beause of electronics, that's useless to the argument :P
10:05.20Bagginswwwno its electronics in general that all contribute
10:05.21*** join/#wowwiki Voluspaa (i=d5a760c4@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:05.23Bagginswwwnot just any one thing
10:05.34Zealno proof
10:05.41VoluspaaTHe problem is that most scientists look at isolated cases
10:06.00*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
10:06.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
10:06.13VoluspaaFor instance, that you can put xx grams of xx into carrots before it gets dangerous for humans to eat
10:06.54VoluspaaHowever, when you get xx from carots, and yy from the water etc. etc. no one really knows what's happening to you
10:06.57Zealthey also look over periods of time how much can be safely consumed and broken down and maintained at that level without taking any toll on you.
10:07.44Zealand ofc they do combined teststs with "xx and yy"
10:07.49Bagginswwwagain its not likely that any one source is giong to hurt you much on its own. However we have screwed upa lot of things all at once
10:07.56VoluspaaOf course not
10:08.11VoluspaaI agree, Baggins.
10:08.44Bagginswwwmain problem with laptop on your testes is a matter of heat :p
10:08.53Bagginswwwsome laptops get very very hot
10:09.26VoluspaaThe radiation of your computer alone might not be enough to give you cancer, but when combined with a thousand other small doses of poison...
10:10.16Zealxx and yy get tested. of course they do. xx and yy are not issues, it's xx from x and xx from y that are issues, but then they are known as i said, it's just people don't look at how much of xx they are getting or w/e.
10:10.47VoluspaaIt's not just xx and yy, but XX and YY and UI and BB and IS  and... the list just goes on and on
10:11.15VoluspaaIt is impossible to test all the possible combinations
10:11.25Zealas i said, they test combinations, it's not the conbinations that are issues, it's when you get concentrations of something from multiple sources.
10:11.58VoluspaaCombinations = issue indeed
10:11.59Zealyou wouldn't ever test all combinations, you would test only the common ones.
10:12.04Bagginswwwthey have noticed however in developing countries with less access to technology, that people die more from diseases than from chronice diseases like cancer.
10:12.06Zealthey're not.
10:12.42VoluspaaWe know that cancer and infertility is on the rise in developed countries.
10:12.45Bagginswwwand developed countries longer life but chronice diseases
10:13.14VoluspaaThese diseases can be a result of dangerous combinations
10:13.49Bagginswwwagain there is never going to be one single thing that's the cause, its a combination of things
10:14.38Zealbut can i point out Bagginswww, that the ratio of types of deaths is rather irrelevent nad a skew of the real numbers you want, which is the comparitive deaths over populations to developed countries. as without that, it could jsut as easily be showing that disease rates are higher in undeveloped nad developing countries, which from what i've heard is more turth of the matter.
10:15.00Bagginswwwits not about deaths its about disease
10:15.10Bagginswwwchronic vs biological
10:16.11Bagginswwwthere are more deaths in a developing country because they don't have same medical support we have, nor the same resources. So infant mortality is huge
10:16.14Bagginswwwubt they are very fertile
10:16.25Zealyes, that's a ratio, which has got nothing to with the argument. it could mean disease is more common than developed, it could also mean that chronic diseases are less common, you can't tell with onyl knowing that ratio, you need to do a comparitive study.
10:16.37Bagginswwwwhere as you take a developed country we have great medical support but infertility is becoming less
10:16.53Bagginswwwthey ahve done comparitive stuides :p
10:16.57Bagginswwwmany of them :p
10:17.28Zealand? jsut saying that " they have noticed however in developing countries with less access to technology, that people die more from diseases than from chronice diseases like cancer." proves nothing on it's own.
10:18.19Bagginswwwwhy don't you do your own study and prove them wrong
10:18.36Zealnot trying to prove anything wrong? jsut that statement has no bearing on the argument without a comparitive study and the result of that study.
10:18.58BagginswwwI was giving you ther esults of the study :p
10:19.07Bagginswwwthe study was already made :p
10:19.12Bagginswwwmany times by many different scientists
10:20.28Zealbut easier would be just to tell me what it showed. that technology is bringing about more cases of cancer related deaths, or that better medical care reduces the occurance of deaths from diseases? ;)
10:20.52Bagginswwwagain its not just technology
10:20.59Bagginswwwtechnology is just one factor
10:21.20Bagginswwwprocessed foods, is a huge culprit
10:21.21Zealnot saying it is, the study would show if it's a contributing factor.
10:21.38Zealaye, sure diet is.
10:23.31Bagginswwwbtw the studies I know of that talk about relation ship to radiation and cancer, is they know the number of how much you need to be bombarded a year in order to cause cancer, but no single source is going to give you that much radiation
10:24.00Bagginswwwits a matter of all the things people are exposed to in a year, natural and unnatural
10:24.14Bagginswwwsun is a huge radation bomb itself :p
10:24.16Zealforget what it was about, but i remember the bbc reported on something here inthe uk a while back, pissed me right off as they used a percentage figure which alone proved absolutely about the topic, yet tried to spin it as definite as how much something had change or w/e
10:24.32Adys|Pixel|: ton site sux!
10:24.36AdysJusticar %s ftl
10:24.57Zeal*nothing about
10:25.05Bagginswwwskin cancer is huge in hawaii, obviously because of the sun :p
10:25.50Bagginswwwits also magnified due to be a tropical area
10:25.56*** join/#wowwiki Telrin (
10:26.03Zealwell at this rate we'll wipe ourselves out, just not with WMDs ;)
10:26.37AdysBagginswww: seen ZA trailere?
10:26.39Zealwell before global warming hits the threshold ;)
10:26.49Zeali've downloaded, but not watched yet :/
10:26.51Bagginswwwstil not the worst cases of melenoma apparentl
10:26.56Adysits quite cool
10:27.01Adysnot as good as BT, but very good
10:27.02Bagginswwwya I saw the trailer
10:27.09Bagginswwwpersonally I think the arm loss was stupid
10:27.29Adyscould have been worse
10:27.34Zealoh, perhaps someone in here can tell me, as it's more in the realm of fantasy.
10:27.34Bagginswwwwell its stupid because they made a big deal about how arms could regenerate
10:27.44Bagginswwwnot to say I liked the ideas of arms regenerating int he first place
10:27.50Zealthe weapon Zul'jin is using, what type of weapon is that?
10:28.11Bagginswwwit doesn't seem realistic to me. most appendage regeneration is limited to simple animals, or tails
10:28.52Bagginswwwlike starfish
10:28.53[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Why dont we have metric measurements in WOW -
10:29.12Zeali dunno, plausable i think, especially in the realm of fantasy.
10:29.32Arrowmasterafaik some of the other languages for wow do use metic haha
10:29.52*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
10:30.29Zealbecause they cba to change yards to meters in the english-GB version from the english-US version
10:30.30Bagginswwwwell in science I think the matter was that what would tell a cell to start making something as advanced as a hand.
10:30.38Bagginswwwa tail is pretty simple structure
10:30.45Bagginswwwits just a cone really
10:30.56Bagginswwwbut to redevelop digits
10:31.22Adyscheck shadow talents..
10:31.31Zealaye, cells need soem really complex information oh what they are doing, which we've not really seen, but stem cell research is helping in that area.
10:31.36Bagginswwwand zeal I thin its just called an arm blade
10:31.50Zealno exotic name? :(
10:31.58Bagginswwwnot any I know
10:32.07Zeali tried looking for info for ages
10:32.11BagginswwwI think its really a hollywood thing
10:32.11Zealand arm blade was all i got too
10:32.22Zealdarn, cos i love those things
10:32.32Bagginswwwthe way you hold it doesn't seem efficient
10:32.56Zealmerely an extension of your arm, many sword weilding techniques use the same style
10:32.56Bagginswwwwould be pretty easy to knock away
10:33.16Bagginswwwnah I mean someone holding a normal sword could wedge inb etween
10:33.19Zealwell other versions often have straps further down, to tie to your arm
10:33.21Bagginswwwand twist it out of the perosn's hand
10:33.34Bagginswwwin that case you'll probalby break someone's arm
10:33.39Bagginswwwby twisting it inbetween
10:34.12Bagginswwwbut ya I've never once seen that weapon in practical historical use :p
10:34.13Zealperhaps, but would you really give someone that chance?
10:34.53Bagginswwwbelieve me someone's going to take the weakest element of a weapon and use that to their advantage if someone comes at them with the weapon :p
10:35.45Zealwithout the straps, it does allow for similar flexabiity as sword, same amount of grip too, while also having a similar style to a fist weapon at the same type. seems plausable to me.
10:36.26Bagginswwwthe problem is a sword has balance sticking in the same direction of your arm
10:36.31Bagginswwwthis puts it to the side of your arm
10:36.46Bagginswwwso it changes the angle
10:36.54Zealsword does the same angle
10:37.15Bagginswwwa sword handle is parralele to the arm
10:37.22Bagginswwwthis thing is perpendixular
10:37.28Bagginswwwits a change of angle
10:37.49Zealthat's why you pivot your wrist when you hold a sword that way
10:37.59Zealso that the blade remains parallel to your arm.
10:38.39Zealsame way you would when holding it outright inline with your arm.
10:38.41Bagginswwwthe problem is this blade rather than being an extension to the arm is completely parralelwith the entire arm
10:38.46Bagginswwwits like a reverse angle
10:39.00Bagginswwwhuge area inbetween one could sue to ratchet the entire blade out of their hand with
10:39.22Bagginswwwwhere as a sword is held completely straight form the arm
10:39.45Bagginswwwthere is no area that can be used to leverage the weapon out of the person's hadn
10:40.02Zealnot really, same with a sword, if you were to attempt that, because of the pressure applied ton your wrist, the angle would change it whatever the other person is using would simply slide out behind your arm.
10:40.25Zealoh, thinking of coming for the actualy handle?
10:40.59Zealhm.. perhaps, would probably have to thing of some sort of hand guard, liek you have on er.. rapiers? or w/e
10:41.04BagginswwwI'm talking about how the handle is perpendicular ot hte blade
10:41.09Bagginswwwthat's a weakness
10:41.26Bagginswwwit would screw the balance
10:41.30Zealwouldn't need to be aslong as your hand is covered.
10:41.44Zealas you would simply be fighting back with your fist then.
10:41.48Bagginswwwa guard would help somewhat
10:41.55Bagginswwwliek wrap around the hand
10:42.19Zealgunna need to go bitch at forbidden planet soon : /
10:42.25Bagginswwwbut as I was saying before it would open the othe rproblem if someone twists its betwen your arm and the blade it'll break your hand
10:42.58Bagginswwwyou know that underhanded sword technique shown in movies?
10:43.12Bagginswwwwhere they hold the blade upside and parralel to the back of their arm?
10:43.31BagginswwwI've read that isn't very good either. leaves too muchopen
10:43.39Zealoh definitely
10:43.45Bagginswwwsome momentum issues too
10:43.49Zealbut you usually have 1
10:43.50Bagginswwwbut it looks cool in the movies LOL
10:44.56Zeal2 of them, it's not really a problem, but yeah, speed is an issue, but the idea is you use your body mroe as a weapon, rather than the weapon itself, so isntead of trying to attack with the weapon, move your body to mvoe your arm to move the blade.
10:45.17Bagginswwwbasically the person has to essentially spin their whol body to cause damage, during that time the prson using a weapon normally could just strike them much quicker before they could block
10:45.43Zealvery open to precise attacks
10:45.45Bagginswwwbut ya what I've read its a maneuver you'd never see in real life
10:46.03Bagginswwwits something that has to be completely coreographed
10:46.06Zealbut then every weapon sucks jsut a bit ;)
10:46.10Zealhaha, yeah.
10:46.25Zealwho wants to use a flail? ;)
10:46.29Bagginswwwother problem is increased chance of impaling yourself LOL
10:46.53Bagginswwwflails are incredibly deadly in the right hands :p
10:47.06Bagginswwwbut ya i'm sure people bonked themselves during training LOL
10:47.23Zealas i'm sure arm blades are ;) but yeah, high chance of hitting yourself and very open :p
10:47.45Bagginswwwzeal I'm pretty sure arm blades are fictional though
10:48.03Bagginswwwflail was a technoligical advanced over thouslands of years
10:48.31Bagginswwwits actually based a bit on the same principle as the sling
10:48.35Bagginswwwjust its connected to a chain
10:48.36Zealsai's have probably got to be my next fav weapon.
10:48.45*** join/#wowwiki doot (n=rj@
10:49.06Bagginswwwpeople had been using slings for much earlier
10:49.48Bagginswwwbut essentiall basically arm blade wouldn't likely evolve from anything as its much different mechanics than swords, because of that change jin direction around the handle.
10:50.21Zealbut hell do they look good in action ;)
10:50.42Bagginswwwjust make sure your choreographed or using unsharphened though :p
10:51.05Bagginswwwnow the batliff that I'm pretty sure is based on an actual weapon
10:52.03Bagginswwwyes it does have a perpendicular handle technically but the difference is its buitl around stability of two hands
10:55.35Zealthought the handles were inline with the curve of the blade? :s
10:55.51Zealand yes, it's pwn.
10:56.11Bagginswwwthere are different batlesh designs
10:56.14Bagginswwwint he series
10:56.25Bagginswwwapparently its based on some lesser used chinese weapon
10:56.28Bagginswwwfrom what I can find
10:56.49Bagginswwwmight not have been a weapon per se but maybe a threshing blade
10:57.46Bagginswwwbut ya most bat'leth's during the series you held like you would hold bike handlebars
10:58.26Bagginswwwthe handle was completely parralele to the blade, but your arms are perpendicular ot the blade
11:03.09Bagginswwwapparently crescent rake
11:04.03Bagginswwwbut original one was on a stick
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11:09.37*** join/#wowwiki Voluspaa (i=d5a760c4@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
11:12.17Bagginswwwwell night
11:32.18VoluspaaWhat do you think about our front page?
11:32.48VoluspaaThanks to Sky, Zeal, Kirkburn and me it works again :)
11:33.22Zealpretty nice
11:33.29VoluspaaThanks :)
11:36.14Zealok, i'm gunna go bitch at these guys now. <-- updated with all of darkhorse series 2, started adding cover images.
12:14.55Fisker-~seen kirkburn
12:14.56infobotkirkburn <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 22h 23m 23s ago, saying: 'Kirkburn is at a wedding :)'.
12:15.04Fisker-oh u
12:20.26zealnew portable drive, time to backup all of that porn ;)
12:23.51Corganoh u
12:23.58Fisker-oh u Corgan
12:24.12CorganI just wonder what Fisker- is up to
12:24.45Fisker-i'm up to you
12:25.19*** join/#wowwiki twoshadetod (
12:26.14*** join/#wowwiki twoshadetodd (
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12:29.48*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (
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12:58.39Fisker-thank you for the whores Corgan
12:59.15Fisker-oh hi
13:04.56VoluspaaFisker, what do you think about the Danish election?
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13:09.29*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
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13:14.16Fisker-Voluspaa well people are less retarded than last time
13:14.26Fisker-but some are even more retarded as well
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13:31.00*** join/#wowwiki Daworm (
13:31.15*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
13:32.00VoluspaaFisker, what do you mean?
13:32.14VoluspaaDon't you like Fogh Rasmussen?
13:32.37Voluspaa(han er vel endog lettere bedugget :P)
13:34.03VoluspaaFisker, what do you think about this film: ?
13:39.43[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Hunters no longer have FD Drink in 2.3: Bug fix or nerf? -
13:41.26Fisker-Voluspaa preference isn't a matter
13:43.59Fisker-The government has sent our soldiers into a war for a cause that does not exist
13:44.02*** join/#wowwiki twoshadetod (
13:44.03Fisker-soldiers have died
13:44.28Fisker-not to mention all the other shit
13:44.32*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
13:45.26Fisker-Anyone supporting that is out of their mind
13:46.00Fisker-and people who say "But i don't care about that, all the other stuff they do is great" is even more out of their mind
13:46.14Fisker-but enough about that
13:49.04*** join/#wowwiki Warpath (i=again@wikimedia/Cometstyles)
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14:09.03*** join/#wowwiki tinyboom (
14:16.30VoluspaaAmen to that.
14:17.11VoluspaaAnyway, what do you think about the movie?
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14:21.12*** join/#wowwiki JoshBorke (n=Josh@WoWUIDev/WoWInterface/LegoBlock/joshborke)
14:22.03JoshBorkei have a request/suggestion about the patch page
14:22.27JoshBorkefor the UI changes it always references the forums
14:22.37JoshBorkebut unfortunately come next patch the UI changes for the previous patch are gone
14:22.58JoshBorkeso i was going to request a replication of the UI changes on a page on wowwiki for each patch moving forward
14:23.15JoshBorkenow where on wowwiki should i put that? :-D
14:23.34VoluspaaOn the page of the respective patch
14:35.54*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
14:42.53*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
14:42.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
14:43.18pcjanyone have any suggestions to replace CT RaidAssist with another addon?
14:43.39Lukianassuming you mean the management functins
14:43.55pcjmanagement, bossmods
14:44.15Lukianraidassist has bossmods? since when?
14:44.29Lukianbossmods: either DBM or bigwigs (the latter I recommend)
14:44.36pcjthey were actually just removed lol
14:45.14pcjok thanks
14:49.24Arcane_NH:( cosmos broke my UI
14:50.51Arcane_NHin really creative ways too
14:52.22ae5arcane: you from new hampshire?
14:52.55Arcane_NHno, but Arcane was already taken on this server.  the NH part is a hold over from my neo-pagan days
14:53.16ae5(i used to live in NH)
14:55.13*** join/#wowwiki Voluspaa (i=d5a760c4@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:56.12*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
14:56.14LukianArcane_NH, people still use Cosmos? sad.
14:56.38Arcane_NHI probably shouldn't, but it does have a few features that I like
14:57.14Lukiansuch as?
14:57.59*** join/#wowwiki Voluspa (i=d5a760c4@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
14:58.04VoluspaJa takk
14:58.56infobotSir! Too much booty in the pants, sir!
14:59.27VoluspaInfobot, Voluspa is someone who is leder av forstandens vei og skole
14:59.28infobotokay, Voluspa
14:59.33infobotyou are, like, someone who is leder av forstandens vei og skole
15:00.08VoluspaInfobot, Voluspa is also beundret og elsker for sin skoennhet
15:00.09infobotVoluspa: okay
15:00.24infobothmm... voluspa is someone who is leder av forstandens vei og skole, or beundret og elsker for sin skoennhet
15:00.36VoluspaInfobot, forget Voluspa
15:00.36infobotVoluspa: i forgot voluspa
15:00.37Arcane_NHI like the clock, with an estimate of time to next ding.  I like MobInfo, I like how the quest window was changed.
15:00.58Arcane_NHI like the reagent scanner
15:01.05VoluspaInfobot, Voluspa is someone who is leder av forstandens vei og skole, and beundret og elsket for sin skjoennhet
15:01.05infobotVoluspa: okay
15:01.22infobotwell, dotted is lame Infinity
15:01.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Realm Restart - Black Dragonflight -11-16-07 -
15:01.43VoluspaInfobot, Dotted is also bosse
15:01.44infobotVoluspa: okay
15:01.57infoboti guess dotted is lame Infinity, or bosse
15:08.55[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: -
15:16.22*** join/#wowwiki arskeh (
15:18.42Arcane_NHplus I also like the fact that I'm making Thottbot a better place
15:18.43*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
15:19.54[NewsBot]GamePolitics: DRM, Fanboys, Region Encoding Among PC World’s “10 Worst Consumer Tech Trends” -
15:19.56[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Lanning Discusses Thompson VGXPO Debate with gi.Biz -
15:20.16*** join/#wowwiki hurax (
15:22.17huraxdo we have a new boilerplate for npcs or just
15:32.56[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Inside World of Warcraft #1 -
15:40.12*** join/#wowwiki Bejitt- (
15:43.07*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
15:43.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse] by ChanServ
15:55.00*** part/#wowwiki ae5 (
16:03.22*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
16:03.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
16:03.37*** join/#wowwiki pcj_3 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
16:03.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj_3] by ChanServ
16:09.24[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Neathera is a terrible CM -
16:10.10*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
16:10.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse] by ChanServ
16:13.00[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Gallery: Turbo-Charged Flying Machine -
16:20.21*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
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16:29.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Realm Restart - Lightninghoof -11-15-07 -
16:30.14*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
16:36.55[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Totem Talk: So you've decided to roll a shaman... -
16:37.30*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
16:37.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
16:47.22[NewsBot]WoWBlues: 15/11 Two additional bug fixes for Hunters -
16:48.34*** join/#wowwiki MentalPower|ZzZz (n=MPower@WoWUIDev/Norganna/Administrator/MentalPower)
16:56.45*** join/#wowwiki Gimliiii (i=rrtt@gateway/tor/x-c1a814c21fd87b76)
17:02.20*** join/#wowwiki ngerakines (i=gerakine@nat/yahoo/x-75ac478f2ece9ae2)
17:12.22*** join/#wowwiki FtH|Daemona (
17:12.29*** join/#wowwiki genmud2 (
17:12.57*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
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17:13.02*** join/#wowwiki Mr_U (n=demetrio@unaffiliated/mru/x-000000001)
17:13.20*** mode/#wowwiki [-o sannse] by sannse
17:17.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: New PTR causes Macro Problems? -
17:30.38*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
17:33.40*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
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17:35.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: The new AV is awesome -
17:39.03*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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17:49.26[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Blizzard, im ashamaed -
17:49.46ZizanzuAnnyone having problems , Playing now i'm want to help someone....
17:50.27ZizanzuI have some nice tips: Go on download Addons - Go on for getting help With Playing!
17:52.06Zizanzuthats my help ;: go on Wowwiki
17:53.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Realm Restart - Ysondre - 11-16-07 -
17:55.17*** part/#wowwiki Zizanzu (n=Zizanzu@
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18:04.56[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Blood Sport: Season 3, rise of the Hunter? -
18:08.28*** join/#wowwiki huraxprax (
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18:13.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Prayer of Mending/Earth Shield -
18:13.26*** join/#wowwiki Zizanzu (n=Zizanzu@
18:25.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Scrapping alchemy after 4 months: WORTHLESS!! -
18:25.29[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Hunter Pet Issues Since Patch 2.3 -
18:27.09*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus (
18:29.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Thank You Blizzard(from an engineer) -
18:29.29[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [2.3 Bug] ChatFrame.lua:737 'strlower' -
18:30.47*** part/#wowwiki Zizanzu (n=Zizanzu@
18:36.56[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW's population hits 9.3 million in Q3 2007 -
18:41.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Bg queue bug -
18:42.00*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
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18:57.26[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Is Jaina Proudmoore the Lich Queen? -
19:07.56*** join/#wowwiki ecs (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
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19:08.56[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Additional Ravenholdt rep hints at more -
19:09.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [Bug] Netherscale Ammo Pouch/Quiver 1k feathe -
19:09.29[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Chaotic Skyfire Diamond... FAIL -
19:13.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Did 2.3 have a Shadowfiend Buff? -
19:17.50[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: World of Warcraft 1 Review -
19:18.18*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
19:29.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Arrow Maker - Shell Machine -
19:29.29[NewsBot]WoWBlues: New Ammo Pouch/Quiver nurf -
19:29.35[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Update on Blizzard's Item Rack? -
19:33.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: No flying mounts in WOTLK STINKS -
19:39.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: You have a lot of explaining to do. -
19:39.29[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [Bug] Warrior; food broken with Bloodrage -
19:40.56[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Adieu to double trapping -
19:41.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Sparkling herbs? -
19:41.29[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [Bug] Title resetting to PvP title on zoning -
19:45.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Selling Items -
19:49.55pcjdotoff turn wowblues off
19:50.38Polarinapcj: It's not like it is spamming.
19:57.23[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Bug selling stuff to vendors -
19:57.29[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [BUG] Mana Tombs Summoned Boss -
19:59.00*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
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20:00.05Kasowowblues sucks
20:00.18[NewsBot]Stats update failed! Reason: File upload failed.
20:01.03*** join/#wowwiki A2 (
20:01.44pcjdotoff = fail
20:01.57[NewsBot]Channels stats:
20:03.47[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 2 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 2secs.
20:07.06pcjarmory maintenance :o
20:19.27[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Who do you target when healing? -
20:29.27[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Fortune cookies are wierd... -
20:29.33[NewsBot]WoWBlues: ZA fires -
20:33.15*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
20:33.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
20:34.00pcjfoxlit where's foxbot
20:34.40foxlitwhere's the armory is what I want to know
20:35.16PolarinaWhat was the command to enable the taint log?
20:35.32pcj :o
20:35.55Polarinafoxlit: I tried that, but it didn't work.
20:36.00foxlitUS armory gives me blanks
20:36.13pcjwhat do you mean blanks
20:36.20foxlitBlank pages
20:36.22foxlitNo HTML output
20:36.24pcjcache refresh
20:36.30pcjyou might have a malformed XSL
20:36.52foxlitSafari gets preparsed HTML
20:37.03[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Blizzard's new Warden, and our privacy -
20:37.09foxlitRather than XML/XSL combo
20:37.34pcjHave you tried another browser?
20:38.08foxlitYeah; that works. Guess blizzard is failling at their own XML/XSL application
20:38.59foxlitAnyhow, got some math to finish; item updates after that
20:40.48PolarinaWhere the hell does the taint log go?
20:45.32[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Why is there a GCD anyway? -
20:47.38*** join/#wowwiki Keofox (
20:49.43pcjunder logs
20:49.47pcjhi keolah
20:55.32[NewsBot]WoWBlues: BUG: Earth Shield refresh -
21:01.42[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Do Away With Easy Mode Tanking! -
21:06.32*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
21:07.47*** join/#wowwiki Bejitt (
21:09.15[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Auctioneer ready for 2.3 -
21:14.59*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
21:15.39[NewsBot]WoWBlues: New trailer/cinematic for WotLK -
21:17.12[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Post 2.3 hunter chaos -
21:17.39[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Congrats Blizzard, you got this one right -
21:22.36*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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21:37.14*** join/#wowwiki snafoo (n=snafoo@unaffiliated/snafoo)
21:45.42[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Join the Anti-Twink Movement! -
21:46.35Polarina[NewsBot]: WTF?
21:49.38*** join/#wowwiki A2 (
21:52.53deltronthere's been many level 10 twinks
21:52.54*** join/#wowwiki Daemona (
21:54.53*** join/#wowwiki _TecnoBrat (
21:59.30*** join/#wowwiki Bejitt- (
22:00.27*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn|afk (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
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22:00.28*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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22:00.28*** join/#wowwiki Lukian (n=wizard@
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22:01.28*** join/#wowwiki ThraeBot (
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22:01.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+oov foxlit Adys|sleep ThraeBot] by
22:01.29*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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22:01.33*** join/#wowwiki sacarasc_ (
22:01.34*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
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22:01.35pcjgosh i <3 netsplits
22:02.07[NewsBot]WoWBlues: 1 Hero Class!! Huh?? What?? -
22:06.34sacarascis wowblues really just a bunch of posts from the forums? ;o
22:06.59PolarinaDoes a Tinfoil Hat really exist?
22:07.24pcjDoes the pope shit in a barn?  Is a horse Catholic?
22:14.54*** join/#wowwiki KaoS` (n=[KaoS]`@about/apple/macbookpro/KaoS)
22:15.29foxlitPolarina: why the question?
22:15.45[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [Bug] Righteous Fury Mana Cost -
22:15.54Polarinafoxlit: Because I'm unsure..
22:16.27foxlitYeah, but what made you actually think of the tinfoil hat? :)
22:17.21Polarinafoxlit: Dunno.
22:19.45[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Realm Restart - Trollbane - 11/15/07 -
22:21.11PolarinaLOL ->
22:23.45[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [BUG] Fire Ele. Mass Spawning in Northen BE -
22:29.44[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Cooking Quest -
22:37.18[NewsBot]WoW Insider: BoE Epic throwing weapon pickpocketed? -
22:37.45[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [BUG] Vengeful Rogue Helmet. -
22:39.17pcj closing
22:43.45[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [BUG] Vengeful Gladiator's Leather Helm. -
22:57.46[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Key forum rules (updated June 27th) -
23:03.48[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [Bug] The Missing Diplomat - SW Fight -
23:04.38*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
23:04.38*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
23:11.49[NewsBot]WoWBlues: [Bug] Profession 'Create All' button -
23:18.59*** join/#wowwiki Jachel292 (
23:19.49[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Talent Calculator to be updated? -
23:20.45Jachel292|VCSo how is everyone?
23:21.27Jachel292Nice to hear
23:34.41*** join/#wowwiki ChiLLabiS (
23:34.56Jachel292od damn it AC didn't come today:(
23:42.19*** join/#wowwiki Demetrious (n=demetrio@unaffiliated/demetrious)
23:42.56*** join/#wowwiki Furl (
23:43.32*** join/#wowwiki Droolio (
23:49.36[NewsBot]WoW Insider: How are those Heroic PUGs coming? -
23:52.08Jachel292rry if I'm a noob, but whats a pug?
23:54.30sacarascPick Up Group
23:54.34sacarascor something
23:54.46sacarascwhat you get when you advertise in LookingForGroup

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