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00:10.19[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Patch 2.3 Highlights -
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00:37.58[NewsBot]WoW Insider: One Boss Leaves: Gorefiend vs. Gruul wrap-up -
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01:04.06Sky2042i'm feeling useless... anyone feel like giving me some usefulness?
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01:33.04zealSky2042, wanna be a punchbag? :p
01:33.14Sky2042oh boy, what for?
01:33.23Sky2042cause i really are bored
01:33.43Zeallol, no reason, just bit more useful than you are now ;)
01:33.59Zealbut seriously, why do you feel useless?
01:34.15Sky2042i'm not doing... /anything/
01:34.28Sky2042so why do i get to be a punching bag?
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01:49.53Zeali'm procrastinating as always
01:50.03Zealso.. meh.
01:50.23Zealwow, someone on myspace stole my tag line.. gg
01:52.06Zealthought they could hide ti by switching it around, lol.
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02:05.09Sky2042is Kirkburn|sleep actually sleeping now?...
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02:14.48Zeali'm wondering too
02:14.58Zealas i wanted to talk to him about something wikia related :s
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02:19.45Sky2042zeal, you know how to force a space in an address bar?
02:19.54Zeal%20 ?
02:20.52Sky2042 has an unnamed guild in the top of the g section, correct?
02:23.12Zealnot as far as i can see.
02:23.35Zeal <- needs a space removed after Guild:
02:23.54Sky2042i know, b ut i can't
02:23.59Sky2042that's what i ment :\
02:24.25Sky2042i can't force the space either.
02:24.57Zealoh i see.. wtf.
02:25.28Zealthat's.. weird
02:25.39Sky2042we actually had wikia make guild and server real namespaces
02:25.44Sky2042which is what is causing the issue
02:25.45Zealmight a page that was redirected to a dead page cause that? :s
02:26.12Sky2042wiki thinks there shouldn't be a space there... and there shouldn't be
02:26.20Zealbeleive it needs to be perged manually fro mthe db then.
02:26.50Sky2042i think so
02:26.53Sky2042that was my conclusion
02:30.01Sky2042i love this song
02:30.04Zealeither that or a way of accessing the page other than url/link that doesn't auto-correct.
02:30.13Zealie, an admin form of some kind.
02:30.16Zealwhich song?
02:30.40Sky2042"Up Is Down" from Pirates 3
02:31.09Zealnever heard it, heh.
02:31.16Zealhaven't seen the third ;)
02:31.40Sky2042that's' the song
02:32.23Sky2042knowing the context for that one makes it funner too, but it's still a good song, imo
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02:37.26Zealjust saw the clip
02:37.39Zealgood song either way.
02:38.12Zeallol, all pages on ww have been edited atleast twice.
02:39.31Zealapparently so :p
02:39.42Zeal wtf? lol i guess they look like them.
02:42.23piuThat's what I always called em
02:48.14Sky2042works for me
02:48.43Sky2042like this song to
02:48.46Zealhm.. i need a new screensaver. i bothered to extended to a second monitor last night, and discovered most of the screensavers i have don't support more than one monitor : /
02:48.50Sky2042i love this playlist...
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03:06.41Zealinteresting.. windows says center is the center of each screen seperately. but tile is across both screens, not each screen seperately. stretch follows center too.
03:07.45Zeallogic > windows
03:08.40Zealso in order to use a multi-monitor desktop in windows, it has to be 1 wallpaper and set to tile. makes so much sense >_>
03:08.48Sky2042oh, eff it, i'm adding the 10k contribs item to my page, and there's nothing anyone can do about it!
03:09.00pcjwell there is
03:09.21Sky2042hush you
03:10.06Zealhave an edit war over it, then when you reack 10k, you can be banned ;)
03:11.21Sky2042na na hey hey goodbye!
03:12.39Sky2042seriously, that's the song that's playing :O
03:12.44pcjbah, not yet 15k
03:13.00Sky2042no 15k category
03:14.29[NewsBot]WoWBlues: UpdateAction should fire OnAttributeChanged -
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05:50.27[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Realm Restart - Kel'Thuzad - 11/3/07 -
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07:47.56[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Rogues & Druids changes, blue posts -
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10:37.34[NewsBot]World of Raids: 2.3 Changes and Daily Blue -
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10:57.55laurlyhmm whats up with freenode port 6668?
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10:58.51laurly[11:57] * Connect retry #3 (6668) (dns pool)
10:59.03laurlywouldnt let me in on that port had to use 6667
11:01.43laurlyany reason we cant have npcbox and mobbox auto cat location - NPC is categorized from in [[Category:Zone:Superzone]] to [[Category:Superzone mobs]] or [[Category:Superzone NPCs]].
11:02.25laurlyi have a hangover im not touching anything with out checking first
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12:17.55Veiroanyone knows anything about The new town that will be added in the new patch? ?
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13:10.07[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Breakfast Topic: Do healers lag more than others? -
13:16.27Veirothis channel is more dead than my little brothers sex life >.<
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13:18.56Teomyrnew quotes
13:20.10Teomyrmainly the wowhead ones though :P
13:21.12Adys[11:10:36] <Corgan> [12:10:47] [B] [Dmonz]: Type "/afk report" to see who's reported you afk
13:21.12Adys[11:10:36] <Corgan> [12:11:05] Karnivool-Hellscream has left the battle
13:21.12Adys[11:10:36] <Corgan> [12:11:08] Satus-Spinebreaker has left the battle
13:21.16Adysthis is so great
13:31.23[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Target Rumored to Be Pulling Manhunt 2 From Stores -
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15:48.36KasoiPod touch!!!!
15:48.39Kasomine mine miine
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16:40.57moveaxI'm giving this Shadow Healer build a try on my Priest now. Anyone here used it before for solo'ing?
16:48.10KasoShadow healer build ?
16:49.05KasoHmm, interesting idea, but im not so sure
16:49.14moveaxLooks good to me
16:49.19KasoHeard the phrase, "Jack of all trades, master of none" ?
16:49.24moveaxYou can heal, and you have the added improvements to your shadow spells
16:49.27KasoYou can do damage and heal, but nither well
16:50.27moveaxI dunno, seems to be going pretty well
16:51.41moveaxI need to give a good Displine build a try
16:52.25KasoWhat level are you?
17:00.27moveaxseems to be going well
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17:10.08[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Moviewatch: As Good As I Once Was -
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17:31.24twoshadetodanything like fraps for nix?
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17:33.37Hobinheim|workKirkburn, every time i think of how to run a wiki or design it's front page, i just think of wowwiki
17:33.40Hobinheim|worklook what you did... :)
17:34.15Hobinheim|workso if you see any wikis out there about programming languages or a cappella, don't be surprised if they look JUST like wowwiki
17:34.47Hobinheim|workif you search google for a cappella wiki, i'm almost near the top
17:34.57Hobinheim|workmy next goal is to take programming language wiki
17:35.11Hobinheim|work(not the same wiki)
17:35.21Hobinheim|workprogrammers don't make good singers
17:35.55moveaxand good singers don't make programmers.
17:36.20Hobinheim|workuntrue. they're godlike in all aspects. ALL aspects, know what i'm sayin' ladies
17:36.39moveaxthey don'thave the slightest clue.
17:37.33KasoJonthan Coulton seems to suggest you are wrong with that programmers != singers thing
17:43.36Fisker-attack of the Bibi
17:43.51Hobinheim|workthe code monkeys guy?
17:44.24Hobinheim|worki love the g4 show code monkeys
17:45.59KasoYah he is the code monkey guy, he also did the Portal End of Game Song
17:46.35[NewsBot]WoWBlues: What classes (specs) draw the worst players? -
17:47.27Hobinheim|workpossibly hunters, but i feel bad for saying that after finding out how smooth hunter's mark + pet attack is
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18:06.35[NewsBot]WoWBlues: When are we getting new serverss? -
18:08.48GhostGirlFewer servers would be better, I wish mine would merge with one that has things like users and an economy :P
18:12.14moveaxI've found a decent bug
18:12.20moveaxA beneficial bug
18:12.39moveaxto people attuning themselves to BT
18:12.55moveaxThe third quest where you have to get the four medallions
18:13.19moveaxfrom the dudes surrounded by totems? Well Eykenen has a large hill next to him
18:13.47moveaxIf you fl on to the hill, and attack the totems from there, you only aggro a single elemental
18:14.05moveaxand when you destroy the third totem, Eykenen doesn'tcome at you
18:14.13moveaxand nor do the elementals
18:14.23moveaxMaking it a very easy kill indeed
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18:20.45foxlitthey're all trivial at 70 in greens, tbh
18:21.18moveaxbut still, it'sa beenficial bug that some, like me, may find useful
18:22.08[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Baron Soosdon talks about TFH -
18:22.37foxlit"it's a pathing exploit I may benefit from"?
18:23.32moveaxIt just makes faster and easier.
18:24.07foxlitit's trivial to begin with :)
18:24.45moveaxIt'supto you, it you're wiki,i'm just trying to provide info. if you're going to be so pedantic over it, i wont bother in the future.
18:25.47foxlitteehee, pedantic and "it you're" in one sentence.
18:26.27moveaxteehee, someone making an idiot of themselves. teehee
18:28.58moveaxI signed up many moons ago and still haven't got my activation e-mail.
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18:44.21laurlyfoxlit you see any reason we cant alter npcbox and mobbox to auto location cat?
18:45.01foxlitwe can; they haven't been doing that historically, though
18:50.51laurlyyeah i know
18:50.55[NewsBot]Dark Legacy: #115:Blah blah blah... -
19:18.08[NewsBot]WoW Insider: AddOn Spotlight: Visual Heal -
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20:06.09[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Running PUGs for the guild -
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21:26.12[NewsBot]WoW Insider: PTR Patch notes for Sunday, Nov. 4 -
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21:31.26[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Scoring the Thompson-Lanning Debate at VGXPO -
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22:06.11[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Preparing for 2.3: Guild Banks -
22:10.43moveaxIf only I could find a guild that is willing to put me through the attunement stages.
22:15.35moveaxKara, Black Temple, Mount Hyjal.
22:15.47moveaxRequite instances, and PuGs on Dommhamer/EU are shite.
22:16.00moveaxAnd my guild hardly puts in any effort to help people get attuned.
22:16.12moveaxThey moan, "We need healers! /cry"
22:16.19moveaxAnd I'm a fucking level 70 holy priest
22:16.30moveaxGET ME ATTUNED IDIOTS!
22:18.08foxlitHave no interest in attuning people for the sake of getting them attuned.
22:18.21moveaxAbsolutley correct.
22:18.35[NewsBot]WoWBlues: 05/11 - Realm Restart: Warsong -
22:18.39moveaxTherefore, interrupting their own game play.
22:18.42foxlit(and damn them for removing SSC/TK reqs!)
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23:07.54AdysKaso: ping
23:07.59KasoHey adys
23:17.30*** join/#wowwiki Lukian (n=wizard@
23:18.09[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Get exalted with Sporeggar -
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23:20.06Percephenehi all
23:20.22Percepheneanyone around that i can ask about the WW:PC policy?
23:21.53Percephenei have a question regarding the moving of Kralnor to Server:Ner'zhul/Kralnor
23:22.03KasoAsk, and if anyone around knows they will anwser
23:22.41Percephenewell I'm reading the WW:PC policy atm and i want to ask if it actually applies in this case
23:22.56PercepheneKralnor is a well known figure of legend now, akin to Alamo or Leeroy
23:23.15PercepheneI think the article on him warrants being left in the main namespace
23:23.20Percepheneits not vanity
23:23.57*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
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23:24.39pcjWW:PC always applies
23:26.44Percepheneperhaps i need to reread it then
23:27.11Percephenebecause to me theres a difference btwn me making a page about my toon whom only myself and my friends would know and someone very well known or famouse
23:28.13pcjIt doesn't have anything to do with popularity
23:28.19pcjIt has to do with being a player character
23:28.26Percephenei understand that
23:28.39Percephenei just feel that the article surpassses being merely about the character
23:28.49Percepheneand i need to know how this will impact my own kralnor article
23:29.24Percephenewhich has not been moved
23:29.49pcjwhich is
23:30.51pcjthat should definitely not be in the main namespace
23:31.42Percephenewhy not? :(
23:31.47Percepheneits been happily there for a long time
23:32.07Percephenealmost a year
23:32.14pcjDoesn't mean it belongs there
23:32.36Percephenecan u tell me why u dont think it does?
23:33.55*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
23:33.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
23:33.59Percepheneits categorised as Silly: "limited to material created by the fan community, or out of game joke material that Blizzard releases but are not intended to be sources of lore; such as april fool's day jokes, refrences to WoW in pop culture by other shows, or books, etc."
23:34.09PercepheneI think it fits there exactly
23:34.17Percepheneand ive had very positive responses to it
23:38.52Percephenewoah hold up!
23:38.58Percepheneyou moved it into my userspace?!
23:39.03Percephenethats not on dude
23:39.26Percephenei checked with an admin before i moved it into mainspace
23:39.43Percephenepcj: excuse me, can u not move my article please
23:40.10pcjplease read WW:PA
23:40.13Percephenei have
23:40.20Percepheneand i came here to DISCUSS it
23:40.25pcjthen take the action it indicates
23:40.27Percephenenot have my article pulled
23:40.41Percephenecould you please discuss it with me rather than just acting?
23:40.43pcjit wasn't "pulled"
23:40.46pcjit was merely moved where it belongs
23:40.59Percepheneit belongs where it was
23:41.10Percephenewhere it has been for the last 11 months
23:41.13pcjNo it doesn't
23:41.29Percepheneare u an admin?
23:41.42pcjno, but WW:PA is policy
23:41.48Percephenei understand that
23:41.51Percephenei just wanted to know
23:41.58pcjenforcement of which empowers every user to take action
23:42.05Percephenei know that!
23:42.17pcjthen why are you whining
23:42.36Percephenecould u please discuss it with me calmly rather than just stating that its a policy?
23:42.41Percepheneim not whining
23:42.46pcji am being calm
23:42.46Percepheneand im getting upset at ur tone
23:42.48pcjit is a policy
23:42.52Percephenei came on here to discuss the policy!
23:43.02pcjnow you're the one not being calm
23:43.04Percephenewith regards these particular articles
23:43.10Percepheneno im not because im upset
23:43.19Percephenebut im trying
23:43.30pcji can't discuss it with you calmly if you're not being calm
23:43.43Percepheneim not greatly involved at wowwiki but i am at other wikis, so the policies here are new to me
23:43.53Percephenethats why i wanted someone to explain it and discuss it with me
23:44.00Percephenenot just move my article :(
23:44.20Percepheneand im trying to be calm :P please just bear with me here
23:44.27Percepheneim very passionate about this subject ;P
23:44.35pcjyour article has large NPOV sections which don't work well with a fact-based wiki
23:44.44pcjpeople have tried to edit it and you've reverted their edits
23:44.52pcjmaking it clear you wish to retain control over your work
23:44.56Percepheneive discussed the edits
23:45.07Percepheneand i dont wish to retain control, i understand the nature of wikis
23:45.28Percephenei can only think of one edit that you might be refering to and i explained my case on its talk page
23:46.03Percephenei understand its mostly a work of fiction, thats why when i first sought to put it up on wowwiki i put it in my userspace and discussed it here with an admin.
23:46.18pcjthat still leaves you as the primary author of a work of largely biased fan fiction which is replicated more factually elsewhere
23:46.26pcjif that's not a candidate for WW:PA action i don't know what is
23:46.31Percephenehence the "alternative"
23:46.59Percepheneits very typical of the way the warlock community at large views this figure
23:47.10Percephenewhat does WW:PA mean?
23:47.21Percepheneand what do you mean sorry bleeter?
23:47.24[NewsBot]pcj meant:
23:48.57Percephenei just came in here to discuss policy not all this :(
23:49.47Percephenethe wiki im more active on has a lot of healthy discussion and policies can be changed or exceptions made
23:50.01Percepheneguess i expected the same or better here
23:50.18bleeterPercephene: there's a link to the Urban Dictionary at the bottom of your article, but from what I can tell there's nothing on the UD which defines the word you're linking to
23:50.41Percephenewell there certainly was at the time of writing the article, i shall check it now
23:51.32Percephenelooks like its been removed from UD. ill update the page accordingly
23:54.05bleeterI also note that the 'book of kralnor' link you provide at the top links to some pron domain squatter
23:54.21Percepheneyes the original Book of Kralnor hosting seems to have ended
23:54.31PercepheneI wasnt sure how else to credit that site or something
23:55.09Percephenelinks aside though im still under the belief that there must be a place in namespace for works of this kind
23:55.56bleeterreads like fanfic to me
23:56.25bleeteranyways, I'm off... exam in two hours
23:56.28bleetertoodle pip :)
23:56.35Percephenewell im not too up on the definition of fanfic these days but that certainly wasnt my intention nor goal for the page
23:56.45Percepheneclearly its missed its mark
23:58.01Percepheneshame since it was so highly ranked on google searches
23:58.26pcjfor what, kralnor?
23:58.40pcjlol i'm not surprised
23:58.47pcjmaybe he's not as popular as you think
23:59.11Percepheneerm uve never visited the warlock forums have u?
23:59.19Percepheneand clearly blizzard think he is
23:59.36Percephenehe has a TCG card not to mention the references on the official site
23:59.43Percepheneso yeah, i think he is just as popular as i think he is

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