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00:33.44pcji don't think it's me doing it kirkburn
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01:32.26Sandwichman2448Woah. I'm stunned and touched.
01:32.57Sandwichman2448Do not you need like 60 million edits though?
01:33.11Sandwichman2448And skill in codeing?
01:33.31Sandwichman2448He never catches on...
01:33.36Sandwichman2448But still.
01:33.51Sandwichman2448Does it count?
01:34.11Sandwichman2448That deserves a thank you.
01:34.44Sandwichman2448Still, it is nice...
01:34.53Sandwichman2448And I am crazy...
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01:45.18Sandwichman2448TRANSLATION: Mr. X8 proposed that I be named a crazy person. Fat chance (sarcasticly).
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01:51.06Frusiondoes anyone have a list of the starting base stats for each race?
01:51.43Frusionand a list that shows the increase of the base stats for each race on each class per level? or per 5 levels or however it increases~
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03:49.10Bibino changes in the latest build of the PTR
03:49.12BibiI blame Kaydeethree
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04:03.24Sky2042dotoff, get your butt on here.
04:04.38BagginswwwI definitely prefer maria over richtor belmont, :p. Richtor sucks...
04:04.46Bagginswwwmaria is so much easier heh heh
04:05.12Bagginswww*Castlevania:Dracula X Chronicles
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04:42.29Sky2042friggin a
04:42.53Lukianwow [NewsBot] failed
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07:40.09laurlyumm wowwiki down?
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10:08.07zealerm, lol
10:09.34Kalrothzilly zeal
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13:20.10VoluSkrubben :)
13:20.27VoluAnyone here?
13:21.39pcj/names #wowwiki
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13:30.15VoluWelcome back, Dotted.
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13:32.37Fisker--OMG CONSPIRACY
13:32.48pcjdotted where is [newsbot]
13:33.13VoluWho knows?
13:34.10KalrothFisker-: Du er s ejet, mand!
13:34.39Dottedpcj stupid vpn is unstable as fuck, so im waiting for the provider to fix it
13:34.57VoluOk :) is down :O
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13:35.52Fisker--and so is .com :O
13:36.00IAW9082Dotted, kan jeg spørre dig om noget?
13:36.05Fisker--gogo zerg announcement plx
13:36.19Dottedmuligvis volus
13:36.35IAW9082Er du gift? ;)
13:37.58IAW9082Noget med data?
13:38.23IAW9082Hvad da?
13:39.20Dottedskriv dog p engelsk menneske
13:39.39IAW9082What do you study?
13:39.54KalrothI bet the fjeldape is doing statistics for everyone on irc
13:40.06Dottedme2 Kalroth
13:40.26IAW9082Indeed. :P
13:41.41IAW9082Neida, men måskje jeg lager en film? Da trenger jeg noen detaljer.
13:43.26IAW9082Eller en lille historie.
13:43.40IAW9082Vel, ha det bra. Nu må jeg gå :)
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15:22.46pcjwhoa what's going on with that table
15:23.00pcjmorning kirkburn
15:23.49KalrothKirkburn: Pour some coffee into it.
15:24.04KasoI sorta understand that table
15:24.05Kirkburnpcj, what do you mean?
15:24.14Kasobut it takes some decoding
15:24.25pcjIt's not immediately obvious
15:24.39pcjText-based would be quicker to read and easier to understand
15:24.57KirkburnBut huge
15:25.10pcjWell, that table's all that's on that page
15:25.12KirkburnYou need per-class-per-race
15:25.43KirkburnYou can write a text version too if you want :P
15:32.33laurlybot is tired....
15:32.35pcjmy god is so helpful
15:33.51pcj could use some cats
15:33.52KirkburnThe sarcasm is strong with this one
15:34.17KirkburnHey laurly
15:35.31laurlypcj bots on D need to manualy figure out why she skiped everthing thats left A - C
15:35.53pcjnothing in ?
15:36.29laurlydont think i ever added page errors to NPC's only quests
15:42.09*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
15:44.25pcjis it just me or does seem to have an abrupt ending
15:46.33pcjsomeone probably thought they were terribly clever
15:59.19*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (
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16:06.48VolusHey guys! I've found this cool new program I think you'll like:
16:08.45KasoNice one ifpi !
16:09.10VolusNow you can search for AND remove file sharing software and all your music!
16:09.32VolusIsn't that a great thing? I think I'll download it right away
16:16.19VolusSomehow, our Swedish friends bought it
16:17.59*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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16:19.39VolusWelcome, no?
16:22.19*** join/#wowwiki KenSentMe (
16:23.20KenSentMeThe wiki says that Kitta Firewind is a Expert enchanting trainer, but in WoW she is Artisan, shall i change that on the wiki?
16:25.46VolusAnywaaaaaaaay, let's discuss realpolitik!
16:26.52*** join/#wowwiki IAW4741 (i=d5a760c4@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:26.59IAW4741Were where we?
16:27.06IAW4741Yes, politics.
16:27.13*** join/#wowwiki ae5 (
16:27.20IAW4741Welcome, æ5
16:27.54KasoVolus, what's with the two users?
16:28.06IAW4741I got disconnected?
16:28.19IAW4741Where were we*
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17:04.10pcjlaurly [Pumpkin Bag] should be ignored in drops like
17:04.30*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:05.52laurlygood idea
17:06.30pcjalso it says "Slog Bag" laurly :P
17:07.04laurlywhats a slog bag?
17:07.05pcjunder Type on that page
17:07.28Zealthey're logs carved to look like slugs.
17:12.39*** join/#wowwiki FtH|Daemona (
17:14.23*** join/#wowwiki A2 (
17:15.14Kirkburnlol, I like this -
17:29.01*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
17:29.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
17:33.12*** join/#wowwiki tinyboom (
17:33.59*** join/#wowwiki Daemona (
17:57.49KirkburnMorning Adys
17:58.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginswww] by Adys
17:58.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Demetrious] by Adys
17:59.32KirkburnOkay, so I need a list of commonly used game page layouts and templates
17:59.49Kirkburn(this is for an awesome project)
18:00.27KirkburnFirst things first, what types of pages exist (for all games) - characters, weapon, etc ... any ideas?
18:02.50Adysi dont get it Kirkburn :p
18:03.41Adysnope, still not getting it :P
18:04.13*** join/#wowwiki Bloodsucker (n=bloodsuc@
18:04.44KirkburnUm, how to explain it better
18:05.14KirkburnI need to know all the generic parts that make up game wiki pages, so they can be made more easily, using ... special stuff
18:05.46Adysfansite kits kek
18:05.46pcjAll games have an interface
18:05.51Kirkburni.e. what info does a character page carry, a weapon page, etc
18:06.24pcjNot all games have that in common
18:06.47KirkburnAye, I know
18:07.06KirkburnThis ...special stuff... is editable
18:08.01Adysthats a bit too different beetween games
18:08.45KirkburnThis is mainly about getting the general style, what stuff would be required
18:09.09*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
18:09.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj_2] by ChanServ
18:09.25KirkburnI would love to be more specific, but I can't be :)
18:09.43pcjYeah, not too many similarities there
18:09.46AdysI'd love to help but i don't really have a clue :P
18:10.01pcjhasn't that been the problem all along adys
18:10.09*** mode/#wowwiki [-v pcj] by Adys
18:10.35*** part/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
18:10.35*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
18:10.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
18:13.05*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
18:13.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
18:15.41pcjI need a Foxbot!
18:17.43Kirkburnoh laurly went
18:18.18KirkburnK, to simplify matters - what type of pages do games have: I have characters, items/weapons and locations atm
18:18.58pcjMinesweeper doesn't have much of that
18:21.09pcjthat's kinda gay
18:21.34Kirkburnpcj, scared, are we? :)
18:22.14pcjDon't know what STDs Fisker has, is all
18:23.13Fisker-how immature!
18:23.22Fisker-besides a kiss isn't sex
18:23.46pcjIt is the way your mom does it
18:24.46pcjhi :)
18:24.55IAW4741Can I cite you on that?
18:25.11pcjDo you even know the proper citation format for this IRC channel
18:25.46IAW4741No, I was thinking of creating a picture á la this
18:27.32*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
18:27.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
18:28.18IAW4741Making it now:
18:28.52KirkburnAm I to assume you are normally under another name here ...
18:29.52Kasoits vospa or whatever his name is  :>
18:30.01Kasothats the one
18:30.58IAW4741Anyway, it's time for my religion.
18:31.24KasoI've spent 30sec looking at it and i still cant decode that picture
18:31.37KirkburnYour religion is Quiz?
18:31.45KirkburnI'd find that very confusing
18:31.58pcjwhat did you expect kirkburn
18:32.27IAW4741Question one: What's so special about Nibblet?
18:32.40pcjwho's nibblet
18:33.08IAW4741If I told you my quiz would be pointless
18:33.26IAW4741No one knows the answer?
18:33.27pcjIt already is pointless
18:33.57IAW4741No, it isn't. I ask you a question and you give me the correct answer.
18:34.03pcjNo, I just ignore you
18:34.10pcjAnd you eventually stop talking
18:34.56*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
18:34.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:36.09*** join/#wowwiki bleeter_ (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
18:36.58KirkburnWhat do you mean "if I told you my quiz it would be pointless" ... what, we have to make up our own quiz now?
18:37.17IAW4741The answer of the quiz: Nibblet is a cat that stalks the Exodar. Nothing more is known.
18:37.31IAW4741I meant "If I told you, my quix would be pointless".
18:37.53pcjsilly nublet, quix are for kids
18:38.05IAW4741You are kids
18:38.21KirkburnA very old one, apparently
18:38.50IAW4741Yes, but I was refering to your emotional age.
18:40.26*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
18:40.32pcjhi keolah :)
18:40.48IAW4741For instance, if you were more sober we could discuss other subjects than just sex and Warcraft.
18:41.05IAW4741Welcome back, Keolah
18:41.43ae5blood gnome
18:42.11IAW4741Is that a disease?
18:42.23KirkburnIAW4741, so, you wish for be to unban you, yet you insult me?
18:43.01KirkburnIt's certainly an interesting method :P
18:43.35IAW4741I'm not trying to insult, Kirkburn. It's just that irony isn't very ... noticeable (?) in an IRC channel
18:44.59IAW4741Sigh, perhaps I should quit and just be myself? But I'm afraid that you'll think that I'm a booring person :(
18:45.08pcjyou are
18:45.24pcj ban kirkburn
18:45.25Kirkburnpcj, come now, we know that isn't entirely true =)
18:45.49IAW4741That was a very nice thing to say, Kirkburn.
18:45.53IAW4741Thank you.
18:46.47KirkburnOnly because you consistently worry us
18:47.38ae5what are you all doing for halloween/
18:47.44IAW4741So I'm an annoyance?
18:47.52IAW4741æ5, handing out sweets ;)
18:48.07KirkburnNothing planned :O
18:48.21KirkburnMainlu cause I'm not in the US
18:48.39ae5where from?
18:48.51IAW4741He is British
18:48.55KirkburnThe UK ... we're not quite as OTT with it :)
18:49.12Kirkburnover-the-top, sorry
18:49.16*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
18:49.23Kirkburnpcj, thanks
18:49.27ae5thought people were into it in the UK too
18:49.35*** join/#wowwiki tinyboom (
18:49.37ae5i mean, crap, we ripped it off of you people
18:49.39KirkburnOh, some are, but even then not to the same extent
18:49.49IAW4741You know, Halloween was once a European tradition. However, it died out here
18:49.53KirkburnTrick or treating doesn't really occur
18:50.14Kirkburnmy housemate is going to a fancy dress party though as Indiana Jones
18:50.19ae5yea but don't people get dressed up?
18:50.23ae5you bunch of pagans
18:50.33KirkburnI'm atheist, thanks :P
18:50.37IAW4741We do something similar during Christmas
18:50.54IAW4741But we dress up like cute gnomes
18:50.55ae5it's ok, everything is pagan unless approved by the catholic church
18:51.46ae5iaw: you from the UK too?
18:51.59IAW4741The tradition has a strange name though... it's called "yule ram".
18:53.00IAW4741I don't know why, perhaps people thought dressing up like gnomes would scare the yule ram away?
18:53.18ae5freaky pagan crap
18:53.38IAW4741Hey, we have a state church!
18:53.39ae5go back far enough and all traditions are based on it
18:53.43pcjThe class abilities pages could use some standardization
18:56.18IAW4741It was just my brother who had been out begging for sweets.
18:57.06IAW4741Those little beggars... I hope they don't get a tummy cramp or something.
18:57.35IAW4741Æ5, are you from U.S.A.?
18:57.56IAW4741the U.S.A.*
19:01.30IAW4741Anyway, back to me.
19:02.04IAW4741Kirkburn, do you really consider me a disturbing element to this channel?
19:05.38KasoWhen the last 7 lines of chat are from you, perhaps you should ask yourself that question
19:06.48IAW4741Hmm, perhaps you are right
19:07.05KasoNow its time for me to be a disturbing element!
19:07.24Kasothats how im going out tonight
19:07.27Kasoi freaking own
19:07.32IAW4741I think I somehow fill the channel, but I thought that was positive. I mean, there isn't much going on here
19:08.04IAW4741Is that you?
19:09.28IAW4741Aren't you going trick and treating?
19:09.56KasoIm a 21 year old student, i go to parties and get drunk on halloween, not trick and treating
19:10.31IAW4741( I began to wonder...)
19:10.45IAW4741My next question was going to be: Aren't you a bit old for that ;)
19:11.09KasoIf there's one thing we students do well, its behaving like children
19:11.20IAW4741Do you have forespeil?
19:12.09KasoI dont know that word
19:12.42IAW4741I mean "Vorspiel"
19:13.13IAW4741You know that word?
19:13.47IAW4741It's also known as a Pre Party
19:14.01Kasoumm, im notsure
19:14.29IAW4741It's a party before the party. It's something we have in Norway
19:14.53pcjAh, much better
19:14.54Kasowhat's the point? why not just party
19:15.25IAW4741Let me explain
19:16.33*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
19:16.39IAW4741In Norway, we have something that's called the vine monopoly. You can buy regular beer in in regular shops (but only from 12 to 4 o'clock).
19:18.25IAW4741Because of the monopoly, AND the big tax on booze (because the government want us to drink less),  drinks with alcohole are very expensive at pubs and bars.
19:19.50IAW4741Because of this, most students can't afford to get drunk when they're out, so they have to start at home.
19:20.44KirkburnCompanion cube costume :D
19:20.57IAW4741Though, then there's also NSS.
19:21.36IAW4741 : That Adys?
19:22.11Kirkburnpcj, nice work
19:22.32pcjRogue abilities does it too >.<
19:22.33KirkburnNope, Voluspa
19:23.10IAW4741I've always been curious on what Adys looks like?
19:23.30KirkburnSomething to ask Adys, eh?
19:23.53IAW4741Should I look?
19:24.24KirkburnOnly if you like floppy hair
19:24.42IAW4741That was not what I thought he looked like
19:25.23IAW4741I thought he looked more like this :
19:25.53Adysthats not french
19:26.04IAW4741Aren't Frenchmen like that?
19:26.31IAW4741Those in the Taxi movies were like that :o
19:27.10IAW4741Well, soon I'll find out. I'm going to France on a school trip ;)
19:27.40KasoAdys, is that really you?
19:27.46Adysyeah why?
19:27.48KirkburnYes, it is him
19:27.51KasoYou totally look like Che
19:27.58KirkburnOf the Guevara kind?
19:28.12KasoChe Guevara adys, google and you will recongise
19:28.18KirkburnIt's the red invasion!
19:29.04IAW4741A bit like the Iraqie in Lost too
19:32.10KirkburnAnd you wonder why you worry us?
19:33.28Kirkburnlol, the Final Fantasy XI wiki copied our WW:SIG page :)
19:33.44KirkburnIt's great fun seeing WoWWiki stuff crop up everywhere :P
19:33.45IAW4741Yes. Is it a bad thing to think the best of others?
19:34.15IAW4741Isn't it called assuming good faith?
19:34.22KirkburnTo an extent
19:35.21IAW4741But I'm interested. Why do I worry you?
19:35.30Hobinheimthere's a french guy i'm trying to get an intern for at work
19:35.47IAW4741Oh, you mean that you're worried for me?
19:35.56KirkburnHobinheim, oh?
19:36.13HobinheimKirkburn, link?
19:36.33Hobinheimyeah he's a french student studying in new york city and needs an internship to complete his masters in.... lyon?
19:36.55*** join/#wowwiki laurly (
19:37.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+v laurly] by ChanServ
19:37.43Hobinheimthis guy is actually trapped with an over zealous recruiter who i don't trust... might scare him away =(
19:38.18IAW4741Hobinheim: Military recruiter?
19:39.50Hobinheimno just... a regular recruiter
19:39.55Hobinheimour company is on a big hiring spree
19:40.08KirkburnSorry, phone call
19:40.23KirkburnLyons, I think
19:40.27HobinheimWAS IT TEH PRUSIDENT?!
19:40.43Hobinheimi just like saying it in a snotty french way. leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaawwwwnnzzzzz
19:41.22KirkburnOh it is Lyon, Lyons was seemingly renamed
19:41.29KirkburnAdys, ping
19:41.41Kirkburnwtf with Lyons and Lyon? :P
19:42.15Kirkburn( )
19:42.19Kirkburn( for Hob )
19:42.31KirkburnAdys, k :)
19:42.59KirkburnOoh, it's twinned with Birmingham, lucky city >_>
19:43.04IAW4741Kirkburn, I am awaiting thine answer
19:43.36Hobinheimas opposed to Burr Ming Ham. like honey glazed ham
19:43.42Hobinheimmmm.... honey glazed ham...
19:43.53pcjlol kirkburn
19:43.54KirkburnIAW4741, did you see what I wrote about the SoL thing? That is why I worry - you can't help stirring up trouble
19:44.07IAW4741Is it good, Hobinheim?
19:44.18IAW4741No, I did not, Kirkburn.
19:44.24Hobinheimhoney glazed anything is good
19:44.38Hobinheim{{Honey glazed}} - include to make articles delicious
19:44.54IAW4741I've heard some gruesome stories about ants, honey and drunken students in the forest...'
19:45.35KirkburnIAW4741, well the gist of it is: stop.
19:45.50IAW4741Well, Kirkburn. Perhaps I stirr up trouble because I want to make up for my sobriety?
19:46.09IAW4741Not a valid exuse though.
19:46.57IAW4741But if that is what you wish I shall do my best not to make more trouble.
19:47.05pcj"<@Kirkburn> IAW4741, [...] stop."
19:47.41KirkburnAnyone taken a look at the WotLK fansite kit?
19:48.19Hobinheimwith hi res images of the howling fnord and an autographed picture of teh lich king himself
19:48.27Hobinheimfnord or fyord..
19:48.41Hobinheimhah neither fjord
19:49.21IAW4741I live next to a lot of fjords. I know how it's spelt
19:49.35KirkburnLol, it comes with thumbs.db files
19:49.47HobinheimKirkburn, do you watch avatar the legend of aang?
19:49.59Hobinheimpeople who package thumbs.db files HAVE to be idiots
19:50.09Hobinheimit's almost as bad as packaging whatever OSX equivalent of that is
19:50.13KirkburnOooooooh! Avatars!
19:50.14Hobinheim__MAC_DESKTOP or whatever
19:51.33KirkburnLogos, those are useful
19:52.19KirkburnNo new screenshots though
19:52.31KirkburnA basic website layout
19:53.40KirkburnEven psd image versions
19:55.48KirkburnHumans in EQ2 are called "Humes" ... >_>
19:56.02KirkburnElves are called "Elvaan"
19:56.38KirkburnI'm so surprised I don't play it
19:56.52*** join/#wowwiki ChiLLabiS (
20:01.34IAW4741I'm sad. Can you cheer me up?
20:03.08Hobinheimwell in lord of the rings, treants are called ents or something
20:03.37Hobinheim"i have this idea. it involves humans, but not really humans, and trees, and elves... and another race called ORCS"
20:03.46KirkburnTreants are pre-Warcraft :P
20:04.03Hobinheimyeah. it's an orgy of copiers
20:04.07Hobinheimlike the xerox labs
20:04.08IAW4741Isn't orc spelt "ork" in LotR.
20:04.22KirkburnIt's more than if you're going to create an identical race to real life, call it the REAL LIFE thing :/
20:04.58KirkburnAnd if you're going to call something by a real life name, like rabbits, make them look like RABBITS, not freaky gremlin things
20:05.02Hobinheim"okay but they're not humans , they're humans. they may look and talk and act like them but they're totally different"
20:05.55KirkburnA "rabbit" -
20:06.28KirkburnI think it's part of the charm of Warcraft - it's not attempting to be different just because it can
20:06.54KirkburnSquirrels are known to run about in forests, so squirrels run about in forests
20:07.45KirkburnNot: Squirrels are known to run about in forests, so bananas have grown legs and live in lava pits
20:08.30*** join/#wowwiki Paradox_ (
20:09.45Hobinheim[[Critter:Incindiary Banana Fritter]]
20:10.00KirkburnDotted, what's up with newsbot atm?
20:10.18IAW4741Dotted, what do you look like?
20:10.35Dottedlike newsbot volus
20:10.37*** join/#wowwiki Kaydeethree (n=kd3@
20:10.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaydeethree] by ChanServ
20:11.05DottedKirkburn well it cant stay connected since the vpn i use in unstable atm
20:11.15KirkburnFair enough
20:11.23KirkburnI saw the spam on #wikia-gaming
20:11.56Dottedhmm the connection have been alive for 15 mins, maybe its getting stable again
20:12.15IAW4741Ok, perhaps it's for the best I continue to live in my little, naive world ;P
20:12.23IAW4741that I*
20:12.37DottedKirkburn im gonna put newsbot online, if it spams let me know
20:13.20*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
20:13.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
20:14.12pcjhe's spamming omg
20:14.21*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
20:14.21*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
20:20.40IAW4741Ja, vi elsker Newsbot!
20:20.50*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
20:21.47IAW4741Gjør vi ikke, Dotted?
20:22.07IAW4741Or "Gør vi ikk" as you say
20:22.22Dottedi dont
20:22.35IAW4741What do you say then?
20:22.49Dottedwe hate newsbot
20:23.19IAW4741Are you jealous?
20:23.20Dottedwe just do
20:23.45Dottednow leave me alone im watching anime
20:24.03IAW4741You mean cartoon porn?
20:24.20Dottedthats hentai you idiot
20:25.07IAW4741Well, you're the experienced one ;)
20:25.27Dottedpretty common knowledge im afraid
20:26.18IAW4741Well, I'm not very good at computer stuff.
20:26.39Dottedwhats hentai got to do with computers?
20:27.34IAW4741You can't get hentai at Deichmanske Folkebibliotek, right?
20:28.53IAW4741You have to use your computer methinks ^^
20:30.17*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (
20:35.41Dottedi would think that japan have stores for that
20:35.47Dottedjust like any other country
20:38.10IAW4741Vi er litt pripne på det.
20:38.34pcjthere should be an english-only rule for #wowwiki
20:38.42pcjlike [[WW:DNP]] on the wiki itself
20:39.01IAW4741You don
20:39.15IAW4741don't know what Dotted and I discuss in Danish :P
20:39.30pcjmaybe it shouldn't be discussed in here then
20:39.56IAW4741Or perhaps you should learn more languages? ;)
20:40.01Dottednow if you spoke danish volus i guess that sentence might have made sense
20:40.17Dottedanyways i agree with pcj
20:40.36IAW4741My Danish is based on texts from the 19th century I've read ><
20:40.51Dottedgreat >_>
20:40.55pcjyou read 19th century Danish texts?
20:40.59pcjsounds enthralling
20:41.16IAW4741You know, after 1921 no one has used Danish in Norway
20:41.35foxlitHah, that's where you're wrong.
20:41.50foxlitI was in Norway as recently as 2004 and I used Danish there. So yeah.
20:41.54pcjActually, he was wrong way back
20:42.04Dottedahahahahhaa foxlit
20:42.05Kirkburnpcj, I thought it was already a rule ><
20:42.13IAW4741Well, I think you know what I meant, Fox.
20:42.15Kirkburn(about english)
20:42.40pcjchan rules:
20:42.45pcjNot listed
20:42.46IAW4741Da kan jeg ikke deklamere mine digte :(
20:43.20IAW4741Nothing about language there ;)
20:43.52IAW4741Så dagsens ljos, det synest meire bjargt.
20:44.10*** join/#wowwiki t-motion (
20:44.28IAW4741You didn't understand that, did you Dotted ;)?
20:44.35foxlitFree kicks for the next person to express themselves in a language other than English. Roll on up, ladies and gentlemen!
20:44.49pcjPardon the french, but je m'en fous
20:45.17*** kick/#wowwiki [pcj!] by foxlit (You're a fous!)
20:45.25*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
20:45.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
20:45.31Dottedhvis (volus == bsse) then { kill -a humans }
20:45.40Dottedthen = s
20:45.51Kirkburnpcj, it is now :P
20:45.57*** kick/#wowwiki [Dotted!] by foxlit ((kill -9 you too!))
20:45.58*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
20:45.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
20:45.58Dottedand should be !== i guess
20:46.10IAW4741Dotted, we don't use the word "bøsse" in Norway
20:46.25IAW4741Besides, I am not. :)
20:46.39KirkburnPage types so far: Characters, Items, Events, Quests and missions, Games/books/merchandise, Spells and abilities, Guides
20:46.58foxlitKirk: what are those for?
20:47.21IAW4741Why do you call them bøsser anyway? Isn't a bøsse something you collect money in?
20:47.44Kirkburnfoxlit, something to help people make pages :)
20:47.54KirkburnAcross all Gaming Wikis
20:48.07KirkburnNot WoWWiki specific
20:48.21foxlitCould've used that qualifier earlier :)
20:48.25KirkburnI'm wondering for other game types (RTS, FPS, etc) is there anything I've missed
20:48.34Kirkburnheh, well, it'll benefit us in the end
20:48.41pcjMinesweeper has a top scores list
20:49.42Kirkburnoddly enough minesweeper doesn't have a wiki
20:49.45pcj best policy ever
20:49.47*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
20:50.27Kirkburnpcj, lol, it's not a policy, Apollo is silly
20:50.56*** join/#wowwiki Lin (n=igor@unaffiliated/lincity)
20:51.01DottedIAW4741 thats the most retarded question yet
20:51.21*** join/#wowwiki ryz (
20:51.52laurlythis might not take as long as i thought it would... bots on F
20:52.15moveaxWhere would you suggest I level at level 48? Orc Shaman
20:52.32KirkburnFFXIclopedia has no article called FFXI ...
20:52.42pcjtanaris moveax
20:52.46IAW4741"En homoseksuel mand kaldes bøsse. Betegnelsen refererer muligvis til en sammenligning mellem den homoseksuelle kønsakt og rensningen af et gevær (bøsse). Ordet var tidligere nedsættende, men regnes nu for neutralt "
20:52.49IAW4741That's sick
20:52.54moveaxpcj: at 48?
20:53.01KirkburnVoluspa, enough.
20:53.36pcjIf you're already past it, might go on into un'goro
20:53.36pcjor WPL
20:53.36*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
20:53.36*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
20:53.42KirkburnI really hope if that was translated it was suitable for the channel
20:53.59pcj"En homoseksuel " gives me a lot of hope
20:54.16KirkburnMe too :/
20:54.19Sandwichman2448Cognates can tell a lot.
20:54.30ryzI would like some help. My friend would like to play warcraft ASAP but he has downloaded te US version. He's from Europe. He would like to play on the Arathor server. Is there a way he could do that with the US version?
20:54.40KirkburnSearing Gorge, Blasted Lands, Hinterlands, Felwood, moveax
20:54.46IAW4741" A homosexual male is called 'bøsse'. The term refers to the similarities between homosexual sexual act and the cleaing of a gun. The word was once considered deflamatory, but today neutral."
20:54.47pcjIf there were an Arathor US server, he could play there
20:54.49KirkburnAzshara too
20:54.57Sandwichman2448If he buys it.
20:54.57pcjazshara = ugh
20:55.09foxlitSong lyrics are such a mess to find
20:55.10Kirkburnryz, not easily
20:55.21ryzso is it possible<
20:55.45pcjNo, not really
20:56.02KirkburnI'm not sure if it's still possible, but patches would be annoying
20:56.15ryzSo he must download the European version I guess...
20:56.15foxlitAnd it appears that there are several lyrics sites unde
20:56.20KirkburnSo yeah, the best idea is to download the enGB version :(
20:56.23ryzNo patch available?
20:56.27foxlitwith the same DB and different domains. Those bastards.
20:56.34foxlitryz: not cross-ocean patches
20:56.43foxlitCan't your friend just download the enGB version?
20:57.05ryzhe needs to meet some friends tomorrow on that server and he does not have the time to download...
20:57.10foxlit(separate code bases, enGB includes localization code for other european editions)
20:57.20ryzWell, thanks anyway.
20:57.35IAW4741the homosexual...*
20:57.47IAW4741today it is*
20:58.00KalrothThe only difference is the launch server and the localization file, in the localization file there's an US specific EULA
20:58.08ryzso no 3rd party patch is even possible it seems...
20:58.22pcj3rd party patches would be against the ToU anyway
20:58.58Kalrothryz: Do you have the EU version?
20:59.02ryzKalroth: so if I change those I can make it work?
20:59.19IAW4741You need a EU account
20:59.19KalrothI had a canuck change his US installation just by replacing a few files
20:59.33KalrothOf course you need an EU account :)
20:59.48ryzlet's say I have an EU account...
21:00.06Kalroth\Data\enGB\eula.html is one of the files it checks, first line states version
21:00.08KalrothAlso uhmm
21:00.22ryzi just need to chagnge the localization file and the launch server...
21:00.53Kalroth\Data\enGB\tos.html too
21:01.22ryzwhere could I get those files?
21:01.29pcjthe internet
21:01.34ryzwithout getting the EU verison of course...
21:02.58KalrothMy advice would be to just download the EU version, bandwidth can't be that big of a problem in the states :)
21:03.29ryzyep, but too little time...
21:03.39KalrothI'm sure he can wait another day ;)
21:03.59ryzall right, thanks then.
21:04.47*** join/#wowwiki Bibi` (
21:05.04ryzso getting the EU verison is the best way...
21:05.18ryzi mean the only way...
21:05.32ryzthanks Kalroth!
21:05.42*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
21:05.47ryzbye all!
21:24.14*** join/#wowwiki ryz (
21:25.02ryzHi again! Just a quick question: is this a correct address to download the EU version:
21:25.26KirkburnThat's the US site
21:25.39ryzthis is the EU site
21:25.46ryzbut it asks for an account
21:25.52ryzis a trial account OK?
21:25.56KirkburnShould be
21:26.07ryzok, thx.
21:28.04*** join/#wowwiki IAW4741 (i=d5a760c4@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:28.14IAW4741Dotted. Regarding what I said about Danish
21:28.43IAW4741I'm uploading a video with the kind of Danish I'm used to. Would you like to watch it?
21:37.24IAW4741Ok, here it goes:
21:37.52IAW4741Pure Danish. Not the kind of s*** they teach you in Denmark.
21:41.34IAW4741What do you think? :)
21:47.02KirkburnI think I'm not going to click it
21:47.51Dottedwhats that guy thinking?
21:48.17VoluspaHAI HAIS IM STUPID
21:48.29pcjyes we know
21:53.02*** join/#wowwiki Guillotine (
21:54.30pcjThe table on is a bit odd
21:55.57laurlymore then a bit
22:05.29laurlynight guys
22:08.04zealKirkburn, a couple of the templates i wrote were used on other wikis too, heh.
22:08.33Zealanyways, nn all
22:14.18*** join/#wowwiki twoshadetod (
22:22.09*** join/#wowwiki Guillotine (
22:23.53*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
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22:25.32*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
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22:25.45Sky2042hob.... inheim? is it really you?!
22:26.25Sky2042oh, Kirkburn: i don't know whether to be smug or appalled or what... "George Pribul thinks you are Most Likely To Turn to Wikipedia for All of Life's Questions"
22:26.57Sky2042oh, and Dotted: your bot sucks.
22:27.38Dottednah my vpn provider does
22:28.00Sky2042w/e. it was your bot
22:30.59pcjyah ur bot
22:36.41*** join/#wowwiki Findal (
22:39.40KirkburnSky2042_afk, HEHE
22:39.46Kirkburnargh, caps
22:40.02KirkburnSomeone else had already nominated you for it ;)
22:54.09KalrothWill you marry me?
22:54.27KalrothI bet you didn't see that one coming.
22:54.43pcjI didn't expect a sort of inquisition
22:54.52KalrothExplain yourself.
22:56.06KalrothI know what the word means, I wanted to know why you didn't expect it.
23:09.05*** join/#wowwiki Tupper (
23:11.49*** join/#wowwiki Tupper__ (
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