IRC log for #wowwiki on 20071026

00:06.36Bagginswwhow big are these eagles kirkburn out of curiosity?
00:07.38KirkburnProbably about 2m wingspan
00:07.47KirkburnPossibly larger
00:08.42Bagginswwwonders if they are the giant eagle variety :)
00:08.53KirkburnSargeras is today's featured article :)
00:09.10Bagginswwif only 7 feet they'd fall under regular eagles though
00:11.48KirkburnThe intro section of the article needs cutting down though
00:13.50KirkburnBagginsww, I've commented out the quoted stuff that repeats the biography we have
00:13.55Bagginswwya, I was going to split it later
00:28.00KirkburnGiven a bit more variety to the featured media - couldn't find anything suitable for hallowe'en though :(
00:28.34KirkburnBagginswww, I assume you're working on Sargeras atm
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00:44.20pcj:o are you a mind reader kirkburn
00:45.06Kirkburnhow might that be?
00:45.13pcj<Kirkburn> Bagginswww, I assume you're working on Sargeras atm
00:46.00KirkburnThis is the kind of moment when I look at you confused
00:46.23pcjAt least I don't act like Voluspaa
00:49.23KirkburnWeird, I don't recognise this human female hairstyle
00:49.36Kirkburn(I'm in pirate form)
00:50.14pcjyour character is female?
00:50.16KirkburnLong hair down her back bound with a white scrunchie
00:50.48KirkburnYes ...
00:51.09KirkburnShe's also level 9 and a NE drood
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00:51.35pcjAnd you've never been in kara?
00:52.19KirkburnHow is that relevant?
00:52.35pcjIt's not
00:53.12KirkburnNext you're going to start questioning my sexuality :P
00:54.04pcjShould I?
00:54.09KirkburnEr ... no?
00:54.20pcjWell, you're the one who brought it up
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00:54.37KirkburnWell, I thought we were bringing up irrelevant stuff for some reason
00:55.17KirkburnI want to raid, but I want it casual and with people I know
00:55.29pcjKara's about as casual as raiding gets :P
00:55.37pcjdo you do heroics?
00:55.45KirkburnTrue, it's the second part I can't satisfy
00:55.52KirkburnNo, I don't do any instances
00:56.13pcjso do you just sit in IF all day then
00:56.27KirkburnI level chars, and the wiki takes up a fair amount of time
00:56.43KirkburnMy level 70 draenei only just got his epic mount
00:57.33pcjepic flying?
00:57.52Kirkburnyes! :P
00:58.10pcjnot bad for not doing instances :P
00:58.11KirkburnI'm almost insulted :P
00:59.08KirkburnDidn't have to grind much, had 3000 from levelling, 1500g from stuff lying around in the bank and the rest from a bit of fun on the elemental plateau and getting some consortium rep from ogres
00:59.22pcjand what class?
00:59.32KirkburnWhich helps :P
00:59.58KirkburnYay ding 10
01:00.43KirkburnThis char was level 7 for like 3 months
01:04.34pcjyeah i'm not big on alts either
01:04.49ZealKirk, i was a raider and i didn't get an epic flying mount still ;)
01:05.06pcji have 5 epic flying mounts
01:05.36ZealVashj and Kael should have died, the bastards, would have been nice to step foot in hyjal/bt before i quit : /
01:05.40Zealass :p
01:05.54Zeali had 4k gold, started raiding, i now have 700g.
01:06.05pcjwith curse?
01:06.07KirkburnHow'd you manage that?
01:06.17pcjpots/reagents stuff i'd imagine
01:06.39pcjoh not curse nvm
01:06.45Zeali'm a hunter, i play pvp, my time was taken up running the guild, raid matts require time and an ability to farm to fund.
01:06.46pcjmistook you for someone else :P
01:06.50Zealcurse, lol.
01:07.28KirkburnTwo letters off pcj :P
01:07.31Zealoh, and i'm not a herbalist nor do i have a herbing char :P
01:07.36KirkburnOh should I call you pjc now?
01:07.54Zealso.. was tough for me, i expected to go broke and have to quit before this year was up anyways.
01:09.03Zealonyl lasted so long because my best friend is a herbalist and needed some skins for random stuff. lol
01:09.56Zeal<3 fel mana pots + flask of relentless assault + drums of battle + haste potions + aspect of the viper.
01:10.06Zealtoping dmg ftw.
01:10.34Zealanyways.. i wonder how much speculation is still i nthe sargeras article :p
01:12.34Zealoo, APG image of the big guy, nice.
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01:13.23Zeal"Sargeras saw that Aegwynn was a serious threat, but he also saw how she could be manipulated." reference plx
01:14.49Zeal"As Aegwynn surveyed the scene, she found the rift from which the Legion's agents had come through in the Storm Peaks." same.. better be from the RPG cos it happened differently in other sources..
01:16.46Zealand finally "..but Sargeras held back, letting the mage destroy his physical body." once again, conflicting sources on this. Speculation section please ;)
01:18.38Zealatleast i'm glad to see Sargeras' unknown fate explained. Amount of people who fail to pick that up, sigh.
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02:18.17Zealnn all
02:18.53KirkburnNight Zeal :)
02:22.22piugripe: see: [[Category:Quests:Alliance]] and [[Category:Alliance quests]]
02:37.03KirkburnAlready had this conversation today
02:37.36Kirkburnit involved me and winkiller attempting to convince foxlit to get it done
02:38.25piuwell, gripe 1 is "Alliance quests" whould probalby be "Alliance Quests"
02:38.44piuand "Quests:Alliance" which is manually added everywhere probably needs to disappear
02:39.02piugripe 1 is a template fix and maybe some cleanup afterwards
02:39.26piugripe 2 is 200+ edits
02:40.10piualso since I'm cleaning up the mage quest categories
02:40.12KirkburnFrom the naming policy it should be Alliance quests, our category naming stuff got messed up a while back
02:40.26KirkburnMikk was merging some pages, and the wrong policy got written ><
02:40.36KirkburnEver since we've capitalised them for no apparent reason
02:40.51piupolicy just says to use Title Case for all cats
02:41.01KirkburnIt shouldn't
02:41.09KirkburnIt's supposed to be sentence case
02:41.19piusecond question then:
02:41.50piuI'm cleaning up Mage quests and I'm thinking it should be [[Category:Mage quests]] instead of [[Category:Quests:Mage]]
02:41.59piuis that the plan for all colon-cats?
02:42.13KirkburnFun, eh
02:42.24piuwell, it's a small category, so not a big deal
02:42.46piuHalf can be knocked out by editing the questbox template, but that will hose every class quest category
02:43.09piuof course, those cats aren't that big either
02:43.16Adysjust wow
02:43.38AdysKirkburn: that link's for you
02:44.39AdysHow does what's there right now (go on, click "Article", this talkpage will still be here when you come back) reduce your convenience in using firefox? _i_ use the shortcut feature, and I'm the one who proposed this! It's generous to allow this to exist at all, putting the main page under the title %s is indisputably unencyclopedic. --Random832 00:08, 15 May 2007 (UTC)
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02:49.31piuKirkburn - you said a bot is scheduled to clean up quest categories already?
02:49.58KirkburnNothing seemed to come of it in the end
02:51.08piuWell, I can get the move started with the class quests, that seems easy enough
02:51.21piuif that's the desired plan
02:53.21piuhere's how questbox works: it auto cats to [[Category:Quests:{{{category}}}|{{{name}}}]]
02:54.20piuwhich if changed to [[Category:{{ucfirst:{{{category}}}}} quests|{{{name}}}]]
02:54.33piuwould make many new categories and make many old categories
02:57.17Arcane_NBbut is that a good thing?
02:57.34Arcane_NBmore catagories just for the sake of more catagories
02:57.53piuit's more of a category renaming
02:58.07piuQuests:Whatever vs. Whatever quests
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03:54.07zealGuess that having %s exist at all just sounds stupid to me because i don't mind having to make a single click afterwards.. or maybe because i can setup an alias to handle blank searches like that.. i use "wiki: blahblahblah" to search and simple "wiki" to go to wikipedia. i have a similar thing setup for ww, but instead i use "ww: articlename", "ww:s searchquery" and "ww". seriously, how lazy are people today that they have to
03:54.41zealPlus cat policy /spit ;) anyways.. think i'll really go to bed now.
03:54.50pcjwho are you talking to
03:55.11zealAdys, Kirkburn and anyone who chooses to read it.
03:55.49Adys[04:18:28] <+Zeal> nn all
03:55.57Adys[05:54:52] anyways.. think i'll really go to bed now.
03:56.02Adysonly two hours late :P
03:56.16zealaye ^_^;
03:57.18KirkburnI was planning on it too
03:57.29KirkburnBut I've been distracted
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03:58.08Fisker-then don't play TF2
03:58.18KirkburnLol, I loaded it accidently
03:58.26KirkburnI was trying to see if I had today's update
04:00.25piuhey Kirkburn, I can probalby handle the category bot request
04:00.58piujust need to test it on something small and non-sensitive first
04:00.59Kirkburnoh em gee
04:01.11KirkburnFisker-'s head
04:04.52pcjKirkburn's ego
04:04.55pcjOh wait, never mind
04:06.39KirkburnI'd like to hope that's true
04:07.40pcjSmall and insensitive or large and sensitive?
04:07.51KirkburnEr, the former
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04:08.52Sky2042_afkpiu: bing
04:09.30pcjLand ho!
04:09.53Sky2042nice of you to set up pywiki... did you end up with any errors that stopped it from running in the beginning (i r curious)
04:10.01KirkburnWe've landed!
04:10.10piunope, it came up and running easily
04:10.15Sky2042huh :|
04:10.25piuI got some warnings about namespaces, so I need to edit the config a bit
04:10.37piu<-- running Mac OS X
04:10.52piupython 2.5
04:11.07piumy test edit passed
04:11.20Sky2042yeah, let him finish editing
04:12.25Bagginswwwkirkburn good idea to make the screenshot on characterbox an "if"
04:12.46piuanywho I'm headed to bed, I'll set up a bot account tomorrow and do more testing before unleashing its wrath
04:13.47Sky2042well, that's why he made that page
04:17.01Sky2042owned by a freaking comp >_<
04:27.49*** join/#wowwiki Guillotine (n=Guilloti@
04:30.15Sky2042i would like to kill baggins please
04:30.32Sky2042what do i need to do that?
04:36.46pcja sourcebook with entirely blank pages
04:37.22Fisker-get a new t button
04:37.34Sky2042pcj: amazing... that would do it
04:40.58Sky2042poor people at SoL... they still have to deal with Zarnks
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04:59.12Bagginswwwlol gul'dan is also a necromancer according to ToD
04:59.56Sky2042gd baggins, id to ns you goosehead
05:00.08Bagginswwwhuh and huh?
05:00.28Bagginswwwyes I'm still working on sargeras
05:01.00Sky2042You fine with how Medivh ended up>
05:01.15BagginswwwI don't know how much has happened with Medivh
05:01.20BagginswwwI noticed alot of people were editing it today
05:01.33Bagginswwwhowever, I think sargeras could probably use a little less "medivh"
05:01.52Sky2042nah, you edited after i deleted the quote, then i killed off the majority of the quote and moved the part about him being a ghost to the pertinent section
05:01.55Bagginswwwyes pointing out he possessed his body is one thing but repeating Medivh's life history is another
05:02.07Sky2042sargeras is actually a copy-paste from WoW :
05:02.14Sky2042the wow encyclopedia :|
05:02.23Bagginswwwits a bit "long"
05:02.30Sky2042which is because it's a copy paste
05:02.38Bagginswwwa link to wow encyclopedia would be better imo
05:02.49Bagginswwwand use the short version from the RPG heh.
05:02.59Sky2042no, he's a fair bit more important than that
05:03.09Bagginswwwwell rpg version isn't that short
05:03.59Bagginswwwthe one thing I like about the rpg version is it points out that demons were probably not corrupt to begin with heh
05:04.10Bagginswwwand that was out long before TBC
05:04.36Sky2042which means it doesn't agree with the draenei retcon?...
05:05.01Sky2042oh, it does agree with the retcon
05:05.03Bagginswwwnah what I mean is that demoms in general were natural creatures that were later corrupted
05:05.18Bagginswwwwhich agrees with the retcon
05:05.40Bagginswwwinfact it implies that Titans may have inadvertantly started the corruption originally
05:06.08BagginswwwSargeras is mad, but his fight to turn on the titans may be based on truth.
05:06.41Bagginswwwonly problem he has gone evil in the process of avenging those his race has corrupted
05:07.36Bagginswwwheh heh
05:08.02Bagginswwwwhat's funny though is it goes back to the what if scenario I discussed a while go only in pure speculation. What if the titans were evil ;)
05:08.16Sky2042(which i wasn't here for)
05:08.23Bagginswwwahh you missed out
05:08.40Bagginswwwbasically the idea was that victor's write the history you know?
05:08.58BagginswwwWhat if the Titans were wrote themselves out to be perfect benevolent race
05:09.02Sky2042they weren't exactly the victors... isn't he floating around somewhere still?
05:09.16Bagginswwwthey were initial victors
05:09.29Bagginswwwthey locked up every race they considered emons
05:10.03Bagginswwwbut reality what happened was the titans were actuall space faring invaders
05:10.27Bagginswwwthey were attackign other race's planets so they could reorganize them in their vision
05:10.42Bagginswwwany race that fought back? Was a demon
05:10.47Bagginswwwconsidered a demon
05:11.11Bagginswwwany that didn't probably got wiped out
05:11.26Bagginswww*didn't fight back
05:11.29Sky2042seeing as they empowered the Dragonflights, which were left /their own wills/, I'd say no
05:11.53BagginswwwDragonflights seem to have a connection to the titans though
05:11.59Bagginswwwbeyond just being empowered
05:12.04Bagginswwwat least according to the rpg
05:12.24BagginswwwBasically the Titans have an idea of what is considered "perfect" to them
05:12.41Bagginswwwanything that doesn't fit into their sense of style, is an aberration
05:12.53Bagginswwwaesthetic issues
05:13.19*** join/#wowwiki Voluspaa (n=opera@
05:13.24*** part/#wowwiki Voluspaa (n=opera@
05:13.31Bagginswwwbtw, MoM and MG both say that demons or at least most demons originally were not corrupt
05:13.47Bagginswwwthat they were corrupted by use of arcane magic or fel energy
05:14.22BagginswwwNow if overuse of the arcane was considered demonic to the titans, they might have considered the Eredar evil and thus locked them away
05:14.36Sky2042which is what we saw occur with the blood /high elves. while i wouldn't say they've become demons, they're not far from it
05:15.08Sky2042then i'd have to also say that humans arose too late in the world's history to be impacted...
05:15.18Sky2042good thing azeroth was a fledgling world, eh?
05:15.34Bagginswwwwell it was the Old God's world before then
05:15.43Bagginswwwand they got locked away lol
05:16.03Bagginswwwthere are references to Old Gods being considered demonic in the RPG IIRC
05:16.11Bagginswwwby the Titans
05:16.54BagginswwwSo anyways we have many native races on many worlds who get defeated and considered demons, and locked away
05:17.13Bagginswwwonly for most ot have their worlds terriformed
05:17.22Bagginswwwand seeded with new races
05:17.58BagginswwwIf sargeras is right, it was loss of their worlds, and losing the battles to defend their worlds, that lead to them becoming angery and evill.
05:18.37BagginswwwSargeras then decided what he was doing was wrong, and wanted to undo everythign he did, and avenge those races.
05:19.00BagginswwwOnly problem was he needed an army, and thus he freed all the now corrupted races
05:20.34BagginswwwIn insanity and his own corrupted heart he then turned on the worlds he had previously helped conquer, and by enslaving the "demons" he was able to use them to undo what the Titans had done.
05:20.42Sky2042where does it say the titans seeded the worlds they visited? i'm looking at sol right now, which says that legend holds that they did shape the land...
05:21.25Bagginswwwthe rpg in several places
05:21.40Bagginswwwlet me get you some quotes
05:22.43BagginswwwNo one knows exactly how the universe began. Some theorize that a catastrophic
05:22.44Bagginswwwcosmic explosion sent the infinite worlds spinning out into the vastness
05:22.44Bagginswwwof the Great Dark – worlds that would one day bear life-forms of wondrous
05:22.44Bagginswwwand terrible diversity. Others believe that the universe, at it exists, was
05:22.44Bagginswwwcreated as a whole by a singular, all-powerful entity. Though the exact origins
05:22.44Bagginswwwof the chaotic universe remain unclear, it is clear that a race of powerful
05:22.47Bagginswwwbeings arose to bring order to the various worlds and ensure a safe future
05:22.48Bagginswwwfor the beings that would follow in their footsteps.
05:22.50Bagginswwwfirst is the War3 manual
05:23.02Bagginswwwwhich implies the worlds were first than cosmic race came later to bring it to order
05:23.18BagginswwwThe Titans, colossal, metallic-skinned gods from the far reaches of the cosmos,
05:23.18Bagginswwwcame forward and set to work on the worlds they encountered
05:23.42Bagginswwwso ya the idea predates the rpg
05:23.45Sky2042that doesn't say they seeded any of the worlds...
05:24.47Bagginswwwread the rest of the war3 man :p
05:24.52Bagginswwwthat's only one section
05:24.58Bagginswwwand I'm not going to spam the rest of it
05:25.07Sky2042just find where it says "
05:25.16Sky2042that's all i want :P
05:25.46BagginswwwYou do know of synonyms right?
05:25.54Sky2042seeded != changed what was there
05:26.07Bagginswwwseeded means "created" new
05:26.29Bagginswwwchanged what was there is different than the later creating new races to live int he world
05:26.40Bagginswwwseeding is related to the latter, not the former
05:26.42Sky2042seeded means they brought along various races with them
05:26.48Sky2042and added those
05:26.58Sky2042creating new races, certainly
05:27.03Sky2042but not the same as seeding
05:28.20Bagginswwwdepends on which scifi series you refer to LOL
05:28.26BagginswwwI've heard seed get used in different ways
05:29.34Bagginswwwthere are like 30 - 40 definitions of "Seed" LOL
05:30.11pcjMy favorite is
05:43.27Sky2042i have a bit of hw to do... then i'm going to bed. hmm... i did have spansih also
05:43.33Sky2042i'm off now!
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09:51.38Bagginsww can someone fix the population section of that template?
09:51.40Bagginswwits not working
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14:14.44VolusSorry I didn't get time to explain to you about those web idols; it was going to be a joke ;)
14:15.20*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
14:17.01Kasowasn't that like 20 hours ago you were talking abou that?
14:17.29Hobinheimdid you see the cave of cobol? =)
14:17.51VolusYeah, but I got an important phone call.
14:18.22VolusThe Battlestar Galactica thing?
14:19.25Kasoits Kobol in BSG
14:20.09VolusBritish Society of Gastroenterology? BSG Business Systems Group?
14:20.32KasoBattlestar Galactica....
14:20.36Hobinheimbarsong gulch
14:20.57KasoBattleStar Galactica
14:21.01VolusOh... >< ok.
14:22.18VolusDo you like Battlestar Galactica?
14:22.26KasoI do
14:22.59KasoI've been catching up on season 3 recently
14:23.21VolusI think I've seen season one and two
14:26.01Kasoi enjoy the naturalistic sci-fi thing they do, its a nice change from star trek et al
14:28.59VolusI don't think it's naturalistic. The naturaltists describe a world of no hope where your milieu to which you are born decides your fate.
14:29.28VolusFor instance, if you're born poor you'll stay that way for the rest of your life.
14:30.18Volusthe milieu*
14:32.49KasoPerhaps the word is wrong, but that's the word RDM uses to decribe "realistic" sci-fi, without the phasers, shields and deus ex machinas of other scifis
14:33.45VolusHmm, ok :) Do you think there is hope for the people traveling with Battlestar Galactica?
14:35.14Kasoyes, perhaps not alot, but as long as they're surviving theres hope for a better future
14:36.12VolusI wonder what motives the cylons have. Why do they suddenly desire to co-exist peacefully with humanity?
14:36.53*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
14:37.02KasoWhere exactly are you in the storyline
14:37.08Kasoi wouldnt like to spoil an future plotlines
14:37.49VolusThe cylons have just arrived on New Caprica.
14:40.40Hobinheimso who's excited about leopard
14:40.58KasoWell, i think that some of the human cylon models are becoming more humanlike by the day Volus, including gaining more morality.
14:43.22VolusBut for some reason they don't want to leave them alone on leave New Caprica
14:44.40KasoWell they still have the fear of humanity rising against them that led them to attack in the first place, so having control of the humans on new caprica is a way to keep the humans from becoming a threat, without committing genecide of an entire race
14:46.25VolusThey seriously consider 40,000 humans a threat against their cylon empire?
14:46.49VolusThat doesn't make sense.
14:47.25KasoNot for the moment, however cylons being robots conside time different from us, i'd only take humanty 20,000 years or so to regain strength maybe, not really a long time for a robot :>
14:48.00VolusHmmm, true.
14:48.19KasoAnyway, networking lecture awaits me!
14:51.17*** join/#wowwiki kadrahil (
14:57.04dreamssBSG is a good ass show, but i prefer stargate
14:58.09*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
14:58.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
14:58.19*** join/#wowwiki pcj_3 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
14:58.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj_3] by ChanServ
14:59.00Kirkburndreamss, a good ass show? I thought those were only on cable there ...
15:00.00pcjHah, bet you wish you didn't live in the UK now
15:00.28KirkburnOh, we get our fair share
15:01.09pcjYeah, but it's British fanny
15:02.05VolusWhat are you talking about, pjc?
15:02.57pcjVolus: I don't know if you're dyslexic, and I'm trying to avoid suspecting you as part retarded, but my name is pcj
15:03.30*** join/#wowwiki Sindre- (
15:04.26VolusAnyway, how are you today, pcj?
15:04.56VolusI'm glad to hear it.
15:06.02dreamssthats not dyslexia
15:06.30dreamss(maybe there diferent types) usually the order is backwards jcp
15:06.52pcj"Common characteristics include problems with:"
15:06.54pcj"transposing letters in words"
15:06.57VolusWhat else have you been doing today other than watching that show about donkies on TV?
15:09.57*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
15:09.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
15:12.52pcjAnyone else not like the icons on
15:14.04VolusWhat does the emperor think?
15:15.19pcjI'll revert that edit then :P
15:16.45Volus(and I thought our page looked messy)
15:17.11[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 64 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 1min 4secs.
15:26.05*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=MrSubtle@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
15:26.09*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=MrSubtle@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
15:26.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
15:26.40[NewsBot]pcj has updated the stats for #wowwiki! See the #wowwiki stats:
15:29.53Hobinheimman one day i make a navbar the next people go crazy =)
15:30.02Hobinheimthat races thing is so bulky and unwieldly...
15:30.05pcj needs love
15:30.28Hobinheimmaybe it could be broken up...
15:30.42Hobinheimi've always envisioned navbars to be very small, slender aids to bind things that are equal
15:30.54Hobinheimso... maybe races of azeroth could be a different bar than creatures
15:30.59Hobinheimi'll put it on my todo list...
15:31.19*** join/#wowwiki Amberrock (
15:31.41*** join/#wowwiki Deshi (
15:32.06KirkburnHobinheim, it's hardly that big
15:32.26Hobinheimthat's what she said
15:32.49Hobinheimi like things small and ninja... and a creature article is hardly equal to that of trolls
15:32.58Hobinheimequally weighted,equally cared, equally written about
15:33.02Hobinheimlike the four elementals are equal
15:33.12Hobinheimwarlock pets are equal
15:33.23Hobinheimbut a warlock pet isn't equal to say... those shadow things that follow priests
15:33.36KirkburnPages don't need to be equal, they just need to be relevant
15:33.54Hobinheimi'm still up for slendering it up a bit... relevant to one another, of course
15:35.21DeshiI have no idea what this convo is about but I would keep my shadowfiend over any warlock pet :)
15:36.24*** part/#wowwiki Deshi (
15:36.52Enaressanyone else sitting here waiting for 2.3 haha
15:37.27Enaressi feel like im the only person with my engineering flying mout mats, new repair bot mats, and sporeggar exalted rep (for new non-combat pet)
15:38.04Enaressim still mad I cant tame the Amani Bear anymore
15:38.42*** join/#wowwiki Chomp (
15:38.42*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
15:38.43*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
15:38.43*** join/#wowwiki bleeter (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
15:38.43*** join/#wowwiki Trae (
15:40.53Hobinheimshadowfiends don't have whips and quips
15:41.10Hobinheimnor do they eat magic, rain from the sky, or kick your own ass
15:41.45*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go_ (n=MikeNGoS@
15:44.27KirkburnBagginsww, fixes the pop thing
15:44.40KirkburnIt wasn't the template, it was the article ...
15:44.44*** join/#wowwiki Chomp (
15:47.15Zeal"18:30 Old Gods speculation (diff; hist) . . (-666) . . Baggins (Talk | contribs) (?Old God of Hiji - )" <-- lol @ the characters removed :p
15:48.05*** join/#wowwiki equiraptor (
15:54.18KirkburnZeal, lol, took me a while to work out what you meant :)
15:55.06*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (
15:55.50KirkburnYes, I know your view of them
15:59.16*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
15:59.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
15:59.42*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
15:59.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Fisker-] by ChanServ
16:02.08Zeallol kirk
16:02.39Fisker-like in UT 3
16:03.06VolusYou didn't get any fish in your net yesterday, Fisker-?
16:03.25*** join/#wowwiki EvilGrin (
16:03.50Fisker-indeed i did
16:04.20VolusWhat kind of fish?
16:04.37Zealhe caught a mudkip
16:04.44Fisker-zangarian sporefish or so
16:05.20VolusSure it wasn't a mermaid :P
16:05.44Bagginswwahh kirkburn I accidently stuck the pop outside the bracket :p
16:05.59KirkburnLunar Falls is no longer mentioned on WoWWiki :P
16:06.21Bagginswwlol, well most of their material was fanfic or highly exaggerated.
16:07.19*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
16:07.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
16:09.12Bagginswwhmm there is a server in europe named Dungalion?
16:09.45KirkburnEr, really doubt it
16:10.00VolusWhat makes you believe that? ^^
16:10.02Bagginswwoh never mind someone reversed info on their page, putting their character name in the wrong place LOL
16:11.46VolusTime for kviss!
16:11.53Voluseh, quiz.
16:12.20VolusWhat's the longest word of the Norwegian language?
16:12.58KirkburnOddly enough, we don't know norwegian, so I will guess "snow"
16:13.14BagginswwIt isn't supercalifragilisticexpealadocias
16:13.16*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
16:13.26VolusNo :)
16:14.15VolusPerhaps google knows the answer? :P
16:15.21VolusThe answer is....
16:17.13VolusNext question. How many states are there in the U.S.A.?
16:18.09VolusTry again.
16:18.29VolusThere are 50 states in the U.S.
16:18.40Kirkburnomg, really?
16:19.03KirkburnDoes that include districts?
16:20.30VolusNext question: When did Tabetha release Thrall?
16:20.50Bagginswwmaybe Volus is going for the "illegal states"
16:21.03Bagginswwin which some would discount Alaska, Hawaii and Texas
16:21.43BagginswwEspecially Hawaii and Texas as they became states through joint resolutions in congress, which isn't valid according to international law
16:21.59*** join/#wowwiki KaoS` (i=spam@about/apple/macbookpro/KaoS)
16:22.11Bagginswwoops misread, LOL
16:22.29VolusWhich means that Bush shouldn't have been allowed to run for presidency, right?
16:22.41equiraptorBush wasn't born in Texas.
16:22.58equiraptorI, as a Texan, do NOT claim that... insert nasty words here.
16:23.10KirkburnI'd be surprised if he was even born on this planet
16:23.28Bagginswwwhat it means is there are movements to gain soverienty in those states, by trying to get sympathy from international law for the USA's illegal policies.
16:23.56equiraptorThere've been movements to gain soverienty in Texas for longer than Texas has been part of the US.
16:24.03Bagginswwheh heh
16:24.08Bagginswwya its part of the history
16:24.22VolusWhy isn't New Mexico a part of Mexico?
16:24.25Bagginswwand Hawaii was originally sovereign
16:24.42BagginswwBecause its part of the USA
16:24.47equiraptorTexas wasn't *originally* sovereign, but the Republic of Texas did exist for 9 years.
16:25.10equiraptorBecause New Mexico used to be part of Texas, back when we decided Mexico sucked and left it. Sorta.
16:25.14Bagginswwya Republic wasn't acknowledged by mexico
16:25.34Bagginswwand barely acknowledged by the US
16:25.51VolusAnd now you can't leave the U.S.
16:25.59equiraptor"Born in New Haven, Connecticut on July 6, 1946, Bush was the first child of" See, he ain't no stinkin' Texan.
16:26.00VolusLast time someone tried it sparked a civil war.
16:26.12equiraptorPersonally, I don't *want* to leave the US.
16:26.20equiraptorWe've got a pretty nice deal, here.
16:26.22Bagginswwthe only reason they didn't sign it through treaty of annexation was because Mexico was going to declare war on the USA if they did.
16:26.33equiraptorThe current executive branch my SUCK, but I suspect it's still better than being independent.
16:26.41Bagginswwand they still went to war with the US, ;)
16:27.15Bagginswwbush family are trying to take over all the states :p
16:27.37Bagginswwluckily ol granny bush didn't have that many children.
16:28.02Bagginswwbecause a bush governor in every state would be creepy
16:28.08VolusPerhaps it's a part of the New American Century project?
16:28.23Volus"All hail emperor Bush!"
16:28.59Bagginswwif only Nader was his vice president, and you'd have Emperor Bush and Darth Nader
16:29.58Volus*Imperial Marsh*
16:30.59VolusAnyway, are you going to vote for the Democrats at the next election?
16:32.28BagginswwI'm democrat but I don't side with either side really. It'll depend on who ends up on the ballot. I'm not too impressed with Hillary Clinton personally.
16:33.13*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
16:33.19VolusYou know, both the negro and the woman are nice but we all know the white guy is gonna win anyway.
16:33.37Bagginswwnegro is offensive btw :p
16:34.24BagginswwI like the black guy more than Hillary.
16:35.04Bagginswwbut odds of having a black president with racism as rampant as it still is, is next to nil
16:35.04VolusI'm glad we have a king and not a president in Norway :)
16:35.54Bagginswwa true king with power?
16:36.16Bagginswwor I should say a true monarchy unlike say Britain?
16:36.56BagginswwThat is to say, you don't have a Prime Minister or the like?
16:37.34*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
16:37.57VolusWe have a prime minister, and I don't think the king has used his powers since WWII
16:37.58KirkburnElizabeth has power, she just doesn't use it
16:40.07KasoI think that depends on how you define power
16:41.04VolusIf the King of Norway would use his powers without the consent of the parliament it would lead to a constitutional crisis.
16:41.06BagginswwThe monarchy just doesn't have the same amount of power it once had.
16:41.34VolusHowever, the constitution states:
16:41.47VolusDen udøvende Magt er hos Kongen, eller hos Dronningen hvis hun har erhvervet Kronen efter Reglerne i § 6 eller § 7 eller § 48 i denne Grundlov. Naar den udøvende Magt saaledes er hos Dronningen, har hun alle de Rettigheder og Pligter som ifølge denne Grundlov og Landets Love indehaves af Kongen.
16:42.06BagginswwConstitutional monarchy is totally differen t beast than full hereditary monarchy.
16:42.15Volus"The executive power is vested in the King, or the Queen".
16:42.41Bagginswwso the king is the president in your system?
16:43.08Bagginswwwhere as correct me if I'm wrong, Prime Minister is the closest to the president in Britain?
16:43.29KirkburnReasonably fair
16:43.42KirkburnAfaik he has less power though
16:43.56KirkburnFrakkin' presidential vetos
16:44.19VolusYeah, but the elected cabinet takes all the decitions, Baggins.
16:44.25Kirkburn"Oh, most people want this? Ah well, I don't so up yours."
16:45.31Bagginswwya but congress can override a veto
16:45.38VolusThe king is just rubberstamping.
16:45.49Bagginsww2/3s majority
16:46.29Bagginswwyou almost never hear about him but Japan still has an emperor heh.
16:47.07Zealdown with democracy!
16:47.21BagginswwViva Revolucion?
16:48.10VolusOne of the differences between Britain and Norway is that it would be much easier to abolish the monarchy in Norway. The parliament would only have to amend the constitution.
16:48.43VolusYou can't do that in Britain, right?
16:48.52ZealKirkburn, did you watch the C4 documentry about the Misrepresentation of the People act?
16:50.22Volusisrepresentation of the People act?
16:50.36VolusMisrepresentation of the People act?*
16:52.09KasoBasically a law to stop our politicians lying.
16:52.15Zealbasically to put in place a system for average joe public to handle when MP's "misrepresent" us. lying etc.
16:53.24VolusHow does it work?
16:53.37Zealdetails weren't worked out.
16:53.53BagginswwSo should we split the history of the crusade out of the article?
16:53.58Zealiirc, last news was it was going to be reviewed in parliment on novermber 11th.
16:54.47VolusIt'll never get through. Why should the politicians want a system like that?
16:54.52*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
16:54.52*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
16:55.04*** join/#wowwiki Mr_U (n=demetrio@unaffiliated/mru/x-000000001)
16:55.11Kasobecause whoever votes for it will gain tonnes of confidence from the voting public
16:55.40VolusBut for how long?
16:56.05VolusFor many politicians that would be like shooting oneself in the foot.
16:56.23Kasoperhaps, we'll have to see what becomes of it
16:56.26Zealonly if you're a bad politician ;)
16:56.45Zealif you're good, it paves the way for you by removing all the bastards.
16:57.21VolusWell-well, we'll see.
16:57.40ZealBagginsww, that isn't what i got from it, and tbh that sounds liek utter stupidity.
16:57.55BagginswwI do to
16:58.13BagginswwI think WW:Lore neeads a rewrite to be more clear
16:58.21ZealWTB reform of the citation and speculation of ww ;)
16:58.49Bagginswwzeal can you come up with a new way of rephrasing the ww lore?
16:58.50VolusAnyway, the politicians will certainly find a way around it. One way would be giving the EU parliament more power.
16:58.54Bagginswwto make it more clear
16:59.03Bagginswwthat what we don't want is ignoring info just because it isn't in wow
17:00.48Zeali'd take do one of two things initally. solve the retcon through discussion and put that in the main article and provide a jump link to the speuclation section explaining the differences, with the citations and references and the decision of the retcon. Or you can take the middle ground in the main part of the article and still link to the speculation part and explain the issue.
17:01.43Zealmiddle ground being the general jist of it without pointing to specifics where issues lie.
17:08.45Zealbe nice to see something like a recton discussion and warning banner/in-line note tbh.
17:09.27VolusPerhaps I can help?
17:10.40Zealsomething like "This lore contained in this section is currently being discussed to resolve the outcome of a retcon. You may join the discussion here" and "The lore contained in this section has recieved a retcon. Click here for the details of retcon. You may also view the archieve of the discussion here"
17:10.43Zealor something..
17:10.59Zealcould do it article wide too, ut i can't forsee where it would be used.
17:11.52*** join/#wowwiki t-motion (
17:12.02Zealand of course, how you choose to decide the retcon is up to you, but i'm anti-vote ;)
17:12.17KirkburnYou're anti-vote? Glad we agree on something
17:12.36Zealwould much rather see the decision made by the bookeepers from a discussion.
17:12.57VolusWhat's anti-vote?
17:13.36Zealoh, i meant globally kirk
17:14.26KirkburnSo do I, but I've given up trying to convince people on that
17:15.34KirkburnAt least, I want it to be less clearcut, so that there's room for common sense
17:16.14BagginswwI think I"ve cleaned it up a bit
17:16.29ZealI like, Discuss, let respective admins discuss after that, their consensus wins.
17:16.33Bagginswwstill needs a bit more work and I'm probably missing some of the redundant material.
17:17.17BagginswwThe admins stepped in and ignored that stupid idea to create a special tag for Manual of Monsters :p
17:17.38Zeali like to be heard, but i don't expect things to be done my way.
17:17.39Bagginswwalthough we should probably note that on the page
17:17.47Bagginswwat the top
17:17.55Zealpwn baggins :p
17:18.03Zealglad they saw sense.
17:18.38Bagginswwwell your last comment made the most sense
17:18.55Bagginswwbesides I found even more weird references in the main MoM sections
17:19.01Bagginswwcheck out [[Dryad]]
17:19.33[NewsBot]Bagginsww meant:
17:20.01Zealyou'll get it eventually ;)
17:20.30Bagginswwnewsbot is finnicky sometimes I can right a sentence and it picks up the link just fine
17:20.33Bagginswwother times it doesn't :p
17:20.49Zealwhich part am i looking at?
17:20.54Bagginswwmain dryad part
17:21.16Bagginswwlet me find the specific quote
17:21.47BagginswwA dryad has wild empathy and can use body language, vocalizations, and demeanor to improve the attitude of an animal (such as a badger or a tallstrider). The typical domestic animal has a starting attitude of indifferent, while wild animals are usually unfriendly. The dryad must be within thirty feet of the target animal and under normal conditions. A dryad can use this ability to influence a magical beast with low intelligence (s
17:21.47Bagginswwuch as a darkmantle or a girallon).MoM 22
17:21.58*** join/#wowwiki Demetrious (n=demetrio@unaffiliated/demetrious)
17:22.05Bagginswwdarkmantle and girallon?
17:22.17Bagginswwthose aren't even in the appendix 3 LOL
17:22.36BagginswwI think there were two two groups of authors to that book
17:22.39Zealgg ^_^
17:22.40Bagginswwthe one that saw all of it as lore
17:22.47Bagginswwand individuals that didn't
17:22.57Bagginswwthat would explain why some of material made it into the regular lore articles
17:23.02Bagginswwlike mites
17:23.27BagginswwI think it was the lore for shade, has references to "wights"
17:23.52Zeal"Perhaps female equivalent to ancients." speculation or needs a reference? :S
17:24.25Bagginswwits an observation based on appearance.
17:24.45Bagginswwwe don't use the speculation banner for minor observations of that type LOL
17:24.48Bagginswwotherwise it would be too large
17:25.07Zealtsk tsk tsk
17:25.23Bagginswwthe big difference is that something can't be stated as fact
17:25.29Bagginswwit must have a qualifying term
17:25.36Bagginswwsuch as "perhaps" which means, or maybe not
17:25.55Bagginswwrather than it saying, They are the female equivalent to Ancients"
17:26.24Zealbut that doesn't work when you have in-universe speculation sitting along side it. which is speculation and which is not? a reader can't tell.
17:26.38Bagginswwin-universe speculation must always have a citation
17:26.45Bagginswwand obersvations must always be at the end
17:27.13Zealcould easily be mistaken and someone would throw a fact check on it thinking someone may have forgotten the citation ;)
17:27.36Zealwhich is the speculation baner anyways?
17:27.45Bagginswwactually as an observation it needs the italics
17:27.47Bagginswwits missing that
17:28.01Zealguess you can get away with that.
17:28.37Zealbut tbh, that observation could clearly have a paragraph written about it, it's only minor because it's a stub so far.
17:28.52KirkburnSeems odd that no navbox exists on Scarlet Crusade
17:29.22Bagginswwahh you rmeoved the clean up
17:29.23Zealhm.. so you left the section+article banners : / *sigh*
17:29.30Bagginswwguess it looks better ot you now :)
17:29.33KirkburnWell, you seem to have done a fair bit of work on it :)
17:29.53BagginswwI've tried to break it apart as best as possible and remove redundant bits.
17:30.37Bagginswwspeculation section probalby needs to be moved to the bottom
17:31.08Bagginswwand added subsection discussing the perceived retcons.
17:31.09Zealis the mana wyrm image on the main page on any sort of rotation, or just felt like a change?
17:31.17KirkburnRotation Zeal :)
17:31.25Zealah, cool
17:31.32KirkburnChanges in just over 6 hours
17:31.50Kirkburn(1 am)
17:32.00Kirkburn(since the server is on GMT)
17:32.04Zealstill a table layout, tsk tsk.
17:32.22Bagginswwkirkburn membership doesn't seem to work in factionbox
17:32.25Kirkburnlol, well, at least it's a wikicode table now
17:32.52KirkburnCapital "M"
17:33.00KirkburnI'll change that
17:34.22KirkburnZeal they're called "featured critters", if only because they're small images :P
17:34.40Zealcool :P
17:34.47t-motionhello guys
17:35.13t-motioni still havea silly prob
17:35.46KirkburnToo many balloons?
17:35.51t-motioncss doesn't work thogether
17:35.56KirkburnClowns throwing pies everywhere?
17:36.00t-motionwith the main page
17:36.04KirkburnOh, that's not very silly :(
17:36.42t-motionif i wrote in the code it works...
17:37.03t-motionor maybe
17:37.31t-motionthe page don't see(i mean dont have any link for the css)
17:38.23KirkburnScarlet Crusade should really be on some kind of organisations nav template, perhaps one separate from rep factions, only for non-rep factions?
17:38.38Kirkburnt-motion, not sure what you mean
17:40.40Bagginswwwell I'm off soon, take care everyone
17:40.58Bagginswwoh one last thing, did you see gadgetfingers additions?
17:41.08Bagginsww[[Temperate grassland]]
17:41.09[NewsBot]Bagginsww meant:
17:41.40Bagginsww[[tropical grassland]]
17:41.40[NewsBot]Bagginsww meant:
17:41.51BagginswwI question the validity of those articles
17:42.01Bagginswwplus its pure speculation
17:42.19Bagginswwdoesn't match up with what the RPG says those zones are LOL
17:42.36Bagginswwya he added that too
17:43.07Bagginswwwowwiki isn't a scientific site, nor should we try to figure out what kind of place a place is specifically :p
17:43.14Zealreally doesn't qualify as something worth adding to not for areas, categorize by, let alone an article for each.
17:43.35Bagginswwif its written into an official source, that's one thing
17:43.42Zealeither way, those articles would make more sense as categorys, not articles.
17:43.58t-motionkickburn: the mainpage wasn't linked with the css.
17:44.27t-motionmain page only use the common css
17:44.43t-motionnot the wowwiki
17:44.57Bagginswwya zeal
17:45.04Bagginswwonly if they were correctly cited though LOL
17:45.11KirkburnFreudian slip!
17:45.13Kirkburn"the horse, found in abundance in the region, although not wild, could fill this niece"
17:45.48Bagginswwdoes that qualify as beastiality or incest?
17:45.57Zealincest, bestiality and pedophilia, that's a big combo slip.
17:46.13Bagginswwwell a niece isn't necessarily underage
17:46.17Bagginswwbut it could be
17:46.23Zealnot always no, but likely :P
17:46.37Bagginswwwhat do we call adult nieces?
17:46.51BagginswwI know my mom is a niece to several people, LOL
17:49.05Zealpeople who would call someone a neice fill into three groups. dead people, old people, young people. which do we have mostly at ww? :P I have 2 nieces. 3 nephews.
17:49.12Zealall well underage, lol.
17:49.18*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
17:53.41pcjhi keolah :)
17:57.24ZealBagginsww, did you get all that stuff i sent about the Nigthmare being concluded already and all the info missing from it's related articles because no one really knows it yet? :S though you've probably gone now..
17:58.02BagginswwI read it ya
17:58.16Bagginswwbut that was a while ago right?
17:58.54Zeal2 days ago i sent it, but if you mean when it happened, would have been when the epic flying mount quest line was added.
17:59.05Bagginswwoh I may have discussed it with someone else then
17:59.10Bagginswwa few months back
17:59.13Zealhm.. we may have
17:59.32Zealeither that or i talked to Adys about it..
17:59.34Zealor kirk..
17:59.37Zealone of you, lol.
17:59.45Bagginswwbut ya if you have the info summerized you should add it in
17:59.54Zeali don't, and i won't ;)
18:00.08Bagginswwif you summerise it, with citations I'll add it in
18:00.36Zealit's pretty much all in the quest line text, which is already on the wiki.
18:01.06Zealbut need to cross reference some of the quest info related to that old god in SMV too.
18:01.19Zealdunno if that's already on the wiki.
18:01.29Bagginswwthe ancient horror thing?
18:01.43Zealer.. probably.
18:01.49KirkburnWoah, Deadmines loot giving +11 stamina? (Rhahk'zor's Hammer)
18:01.58KirkburnOnly requires level 15
18:02.02KirkburnDamn I'd love that
18:02.30KirkburnThey weren't joking when they said they were buffing stuff :P
18:02.43Zealand that speculation is exactly where i was going with my own theory.
18:03.34ZealAnzu was brought form Azeroth to Draenor by the Arrokoa, he's since been in the Emerald Dream, causing the nightmate in an attempt to take control of it. You go kill him, then end. gg blizz, that sucked.
18:03.50Bagginswwand that's been updated as far as Brann's info in the Player's guides
18:04.28pcjwell they're also making XP easier so twinking with  +11 sta hammer won't be so good
18:04.35ZealYeah, needs this newer info added. Anzu as the cause, then it's ended now due to his defeat.
18:04.55Bagginswwwhat is anzu doing in outland, when emerald dream is in AZeroth?
18:05.10Zealwell, "now" but as you would say for all wow events ;)
18:05.11Bagginswwor rather surroudns azeroth, sharing the same area :p
18:05.33Zealexactly, he accessed it from Outland, which pissed me off, made no sense.
18:06.06Bagginswwalthough there is that theory in S&L that their may be an emerald dream for eery planet LOL
18:06.15ZealIt's like blizz thought, ok Emerald Dream expansion aint happening, let's jsut tuck this under the rug.
18:06.29BagginswwI'm sure we'll get Emerald Dream later
18:06.49Bagginswwbut ya it seems Anzu and Hakkar both must have been involved
18:06.51ZealPossible, but it Azeroth's, as you deal through all of this via a druid in Azeroth.
18:07.09Bagginswwthe sunken temple line discusses the nightmare too
18:07.23Bagginswwpart of that freeing of Eranikus bit
18:07.32Bagginswwand his connection to hakkar
18:07.41Bagginswwso if both were the cause we have destroyed both \
18:08.12Bagginswwthis happened really late in the timeline though as Hakkar was just appearing in ZG in Brann's timeline
18:08.24BagginswwThe sunken temple battle had already happened
18:08.50ZealWay it honeslty read out to me, Anzu was one of Azeroth's Old Gods, who was summoned to Draenor. Hakkar was likely his servent based on what we know of Hakkar working for said Old God causing the nightmare. Make sense given Anzu is the "raven goddess" and he's the father of wind serpents essentially.
18:09.10Bagginswwhe is probably a lesser old god
18:09.16Bagginswwnot one of "The Five"
18:09.23KirkburnAye, I can't believe he's one of the five
18:09.34KirkburnBlizz would certainly made something of it if it was
18:09.40Bagginswwya and he's tiny
18:09.48Bagginswwbtw that's all the hinted old gods there
18:09.52ZealI find it hard to beleive too, but the quest line said he is the cause, and the Nigthmare has ended, people released.
18:09.56Bagginswwor minions
18:10.05KirkburnDoes it really say the nightmare is ended?
18:10.06ZealSo if he does have a boss, the boss wasn't causing the nightmare.
18:10.20BagginswwHe's probably a minion of Hakkar
18:10.30Zealwill have to check the wording, i'm fairly sure it doesn't say it in a simpel statement liek that.
18:10.58KirkburnLooking at the quest, the text doesn't say as much
18:11.11Bagginswwhowever I think nightmare would have been nearly impossible to do in an emerald dream expansion
18:11.24Bagginswwjust like they couldn't do a truly morphing version of the twisting nether
18:11.40KirkburnThere's also the fact that if the Emerald Dream is returning to normal, Malfurion should be able to return for Northrend
18:11.45Bagginswwonly way they could have had mobile nightmare was if it was a wather patern with a debuff
18:11.49Zealaye kirk.
18:12.08Bagginswwunless its a false fix
18:12.15Bagginswwand they only think they destroyed the nightmare
18:12.21Bagginswwmaybe only weakened it :)
18:12.37Bagginswwthat's the biggest problem with in-universe opinions :p
18:14.02BagginswwIf Malfurion returns, then we'd need that confrontation with Staghelm
18:14.08KirkburnGoing thru the questline on the wiki atm - it doesn't specifically say the whole nightmare was defeated, but certainly a part of it
18:14.09Zealok, wiki doesn't have the full text.
18:14.22KirkburnThere's more text?
18:14.25Zeali'm not even seeing that much :P
18:14.25Bagginswwas Malfurion and others think it as Staghelm that got him
18:15.07KirkburnWell true, it doesn't really even say anything after you defeat Anzu, just "well done"
18:15.33Zealand i beleive there is a book of text too missing.
18:15.36Bagginswwalso another bit, isn't teldrassyl corruption implied to somewhat caused by the nightmare?
18:16.28Zealnever really said what, just there is something corrupting it. They blame it on being made without the dragon's blessing, but they say it has to be something more for it to have this much effect so quickly.
18:16.50BagginswwI mean I think the rpg hinted at it
18:17.13Bagginswwand those weird shrine trees appeared aorund the same time as I recall
18:17.16Bagginswwsame time as the corruption
18:17.18Zealguess i'll look via wowhead.
18:17.58BagginswwStaghelm is involved somehow, either directly, or he's at least beng blamed.
18:18.04Bagginswwperhaps framejob
18:18.19Zealwell he's a dick, so yeah.. blame him :P
18:18.43Zealwow, didn't realize how big anzu appears.
18:18.46KirkburnHmm, looking at the flight questline on wowhead, no other info around, but of course stuff could have been spoken
18:19.27Zealwell i know it's not spoken i'm missing, as i checked it all via wh originally.
18:19.38Bagginswwbe honest I don't like the "noteable "race" sections in articles
18:19.45Bagginswwsome of them are getting a bit longwinded
18:19.54Zealjust i know there were bits external to the quest line as shown on wowhead.
18:20.40Kirkburn"notable" goddamit :P
18:20.46*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
18:20.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
18:21.15Kirkburnyeah, there should be a reasonable limit, but it's a bit hard with the humans and orcs
18:23.06KirkburnI mean, one can always make a "List of notable humans" page
18:23.14BagginswwI'd prefer that personally
18:23.17Bagginswwand link out to it
18:23.38KirkburnAye, like the quests links
18:23.54Bagginswwwe already did it for the knights of the silverhand page too
18:24.01Bagginswwand pally page in general
18:24.15KirkburnIt's up to you :P Going afk for a little while
18:25.34BagginswwI'm going to school myself
18:25.35Bagginswwtake care
18:25.53pcjI'll hold down the fort then
18:29.31ZealIt's the key to unraveling the mystery of the raven god and preventing him from taking over the Emerald Dream.
18:29.55Zealwell that's the only noteworth quote.. though i wanna check the other quest line in smv.
18:30.44Zealfiguring out which quest line that is though.. lol
18:31.39*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
18:37.06Zeal"The spirits of the dark conclave seek to summon an ancient and powerful evil through a ritual conducted at the lava pits to the south of the Sketh'lon Base Camp.
18:37.18Zealcould have sworn there was more to go on, oh well.
18:37.34Zealguess my speculation was running rampant.
18:38.26*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
18:38.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Fisker-] by ChanServ
18:41.03ZealSo yeah, back to the facts. Arrakoa ghosts summoning ancient evil that looks like C'Thun in SMV. You stop them. Anzu, a self-proclaimed god, worshipped by the Arrakoa, enters the Emerald Dream from Outlands, creates all this disturbance in the ED that keeps people in it (Possible this isn't the Nightmar,e but sounds far too like it not to be), You found out he's causing it, you fool him into leaving the ED and kill him. the end
18:41.29ZealWith his death and leaving the ED, that SHOULD have ended the nightmare, but it's never said.
18:42.23Zealhm.. thinking i need to re-read about Anzu's past, if he was summoned to Outland or what.
18:44.05*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
18:44.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
18:55.14Zealbah, nothing.
18:55.39Zealand i think i can say more decisively now, i was wrong. no way those 2 are linked.
18:58.21Zealdifferent tribes and beliefs, the former failed, they don't look alike, etc.
18:59.41Zeali initally throught the former was simply showing what happened before, not what is happening. stupid ghosts.. not ment to be doing "stuff"
19:14.07*** join/#wowwiki Lin (n=igor@unaffiliated/lincity)
19:19.38*** join/#wowwiki EvilGrin_ (
19:45.46KirkburnZeal, fun :)
19:46.28ZealGhost are supposed to haunt or just do ghostly stuff.. not try and carry on releasing evil on the living world ;)
19:51.48*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
20:10.35t-motioncs problem ahs been solved
20:12.20t-motionLOL, yeah
20:13.26t-motionand i got a new article writer, so now make by two hands
20:13.38t-motion2 is better than 1
20:17.46kadrahilpulled an all nighter last night
20:20.09*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:25.50HobinheimKirkburn, did you graduate yet
20:26.51KirkburnPretty much
20:27.29Hobinheimpretty much? that's neither yes nor no :confused:
20:27.55KirkburnI've finished Uni, won't have the ceremony for a little while
20:28.02KirkburnTo all intents and purposes, yes :P
20:28.23*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
20:28.40Hobinheimintensive porpoises...
20:28.56Hobinheimare you gonna do engineering or web stuff
20:39.38KirkburnHobinheim, I'm working for Wikia :)
20:39.51KirkburnThis is my job :P
20:40.15KirkburnFeel free to hate me ^^
20:41.27DottedKirkburn you cruel person, now you made Hobinheim cry :(
20:43.01Hobinheimtell me i'm not IMing you in dead space
20:43.42Hobinheimflakey, flakey internet connections...
20:45.29pcjhmm i've been thinking about making it so you can hide/show the set items/bonuses via javascript
20:46.24*** join/#wowwiki FullDolphinX (
20:47.47[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 1736 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 28mins 56secs.
20:47.52VolusWikia pays you?
20:48.39Dottedyes Volus
20:49.00VolusNo, they don't pay you, Dotted :P
20:49.21Dottedi was talking about Kirkburn >_>
20:49.57Dottedalso i need a translation of what the wowwiki norge leader is saying to me in the talk page
20:49.59VolusOk ;)
20:50.07KirkburnI have a job with Wikia, yes, and wowwiki only makes up a very small part of it
20:50.43VolusIt's full time job?
20:53.26VolusWell, night-night Dotted and Kirkburn.
20:53.35*** part/#wowwiki Volus (n=opera@
20:54.49FullDolphinXDo we know what Sunwell isle is?
20:57.27Kirkburnno :(
21:03.46*** join/#wowwiki Bibi` (
21:10.12*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
21:12.06Adyshi Hobinheim
21:12.19Hobinheimo7 yo.
21:12.41AdysKirkburn: you think you'd be able to debug some lua shit for me? :p
21:13.10Hobinheimi wonder why blizzard cares so much about their product.... or rather, why is it that companies don't care as much as blizzard
21:13.15Hobinheimso many UI/engine enhancements...
21:13.17KasoI can take a look if if i'll do adys ?
21:13.20Hobinheimso deliciously awesome...
21:13.24Adysthat'd be awesome kaso
21:13.52Hobinheim"Pets will try to get behind their targets when engaging in melee combat. " wow....
21:15.50Bibi`actually it shouldn't be that hard (not easy either)
21:16.06Bibi`they already have localized attacks for skills like backstab
21:18.22*** join/#wowwiki sindre-- (
21:32.27*** join/#wowwiki Olison (
21:43.29KirkburnBagginsww, this picture -
21:43.38KirkburnEr, are we sure it's anything to do with the Scarlet Crusade?
21:44.01KirkburnI'm standing in front of Stormpike Emissaries who are displaying that flag
21:46.12KirkburnI've removed it from the SC article
21:46.48Kasodefinitely stormpike >.<
21:47.11Kasoi wonder if thats a silly user uploading the wrong image, or silly blizzard for using the wrong image for the stormpike guys
21:49.36KirkburnIt's been there for a looooong time
21:51.38Kasoand yet you're the first person to notice that article was wrong, clearly you're a better observer than us
21:53.02*** join/#wowwiki twoshadetod (
21:53.22KirkburnIt's confused me before
21:53.40KirkburnIt's just that I was looking at the article whilst running past them
21:54.15pcjstupid wowwiki :'(
21:54.20pcjmediawiki rather
21:54.48pcjIt doesn't mix raw HTML and template code very well
21:55.38*** join/#wowwiki Olison (
22:02.53*** join/#wowwiki ecstasia (n=ecs@unaffiliated/ecstasia)
22:17.41pcjhahaha i did it :D
22:18.29Fisker-sdo a barrel roll pcj
22:24.28[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 50296 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 13hrs 58mins 16secs.
22:26.07*** join/#wowwiki Kaydeethree|2 (
22:28.03foxlit23:52, 26 October 2007 Pcj (Talk | contribs | block) m (6,853 bytes) (Undo revision 941898 by Pcj (talk)) [rollback]
22:28.18foxlitSomething tells me we need Pcj-proctection on that template
22:28.26*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (
22:28.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
22:30.15foxlitWhy did you want that edit to begin with, anyway?
22:30.28pcjWhich edit
22:30.39foxlitToday's messing with Template:Tooltip
22:31.12pcjTrying to get Settip to work with it, MediaWiki didn't like me trying to close the UL tag so i could get a span in there
22:31.25foxlitSettip works with it! :)
22:31.36pcjSettip to work with my changes :P
22:31.50foxlitCouldn't you do it in /Dev?
22:32.52foxlitDoesn't make a lot of sense to break UL there either
22:33.14pcjbreak UL where
22:33.34foxlitSame edit
22:33.46pcjYes, I agree
22:34.42Oreewhat is the GCD on? 1.5 or 1.4 ?
22:35.01Kasowhy would it be 1.4 seconds
22:35.24pcjbecause blizzard is messing with our minds
22:35.37*** join/#wowwiki Kaydeethree|2 (
22:35.42Oreeis there a reason 1.4 is absurd?
22:35.46foxlitprotection scheme makes no sense :/
22:35.56foxlitWe protect stuff like ambox but leave Tooltip open
22:36.33KasoWell whereas 1.5 is a fairly round figure ( 1 and half sec ) 1.4 is what, 1 and 2 fifths of a seconds? wierd
22:38.06foxlitDid you know that nexus transform cooldown is 47 hours?
22:38.37Sky2042_afkfoxlit: actually, tooltip is supposed to be protected, its just that nooblets like pcj feel the need to edit it every two weeks
22:39.05foxlitLet nooblets play with /Dev and submit change requests :)
22:39.09foxlitSaves CPU time in the end
22:39.38Sky2042_afkfoxlit: i quite agree
22:39.50Sky2042_afkso protect it and stop the madness
22:39.56*** join/#wowwiki piu (
22:40.10Kaydeethree|2gah. weird using windows again
22:43.11KirkburnI reprotected it
22:43.17KirkburnI meant to reprotect it before ><
22:48.27piukirkburn can you flag my bot account so I don't spam RC
22:48.43piuI'm gonna start those categorization things
22:49.02KasoIf you're using a script make a second account for botting, otherwise if you're doing human edits you dont need a bot flag
22:49.23piuI just registered as "Piubot"
22:49.40piuto do the recats requested on the bot request pages
22:49.44Kasofair enough
22:49.45KirkburnI need to see it working perfectly in action before I flag it
22:49.56piusure, I'll do a small category first
22:51.13KasoOne of the biggest causes of security breaches is too strict password rules :>
22:51.14piubefore I do: what's a generally accepted throttle time, 10 seconds sound good?
22:51.34Kasoi used 10 on mine when i was doing it most of the time
22:51.46Kasothen increasing if the wiki was particulally slow or whatever.
22:52.00foxlitI use 15 between completing an edit and thinking about the next one
22:52.32foxlitThinking probably takes 1-3s as well, depending on complexity
22:52.33piuI'll start big to err on the side of caution
22:56.47KasoWow im suprised to see that every one of User:Kaso/Poor Quality Items in now a blue link
22:56.54Kasothats some good work from foxbot there
22:57.11foxlitBlame pcj! :)
22:57.29pcjyou have some of them listed multiple times btw
22:57.43Kasooh? thats odd
22:57.55Kaso[[User:Kaso/Random_Suffix_Items]] needs work though
22:57.55[NewsBot]Kaso meant:
22:58.16pcjfor example, search Ragged Leather Vest
22:59.03pcjfoxlit, foxbot :PP
22:59.27foxlitAnd I still need a working v2 core / relevant modules
22:59.42foxlitRewriting code you already wrote is terribly annoying
22:59.59Kasoat least you arent rewriting code you've already rewritten before
23:00.02foxlitEspecially if I can't make it work quite right
23:01.47foxlitModules aren't shielded from each other properly, the Start/Stop/Suspend/Resume system sucks, wtb async HTTP sockets, and, generally, better API :*(
23:02.05foxlitPlus inter-module requirements aren't respected when requesting something to be terminated
23:03.41foxlitOn the bright side,
23:05.05Kasoalmost ever item was duped in that list..
23:06.43Kasooh wait hang on, im confused a bt now
23:08.47Kasothere we go
23:08.50Kasonearly 300 dupes removed
23:09.46piuOK, did a small cat everything worked
23:11.50foxlitHrm, more persistent shadowing might work
23:12.08KirkburnWhat's the "authors" thing?
23:13.32Kirkburn(Robot: Moved from Category:Zone:Deadwind Pass. Authors: Aeleas, D. F. Schmidt, Spork, CrazyJack, Mikk, Fandyllic, Roberts, Anticrash, Ramstein, FeldmanSkitzoid, Thricej37, Tidywave, LemonBaby))
23:13.40foxlit[[User:Piubot]]: tell us about yourself :)
23:13.56piuoh, it probably pulled that from the revision history on the old category page
23:14.09foxlitSomething in the stile of [[User:KasoBot]] would be great
23:14.24piuit copies all content from it, but can't copy the revision history obviously
23:14.32piusince you can't move categories
23:39.38KirkburnOooh, paid name changes
23:40.25piuninjawash service
23:40.44piuunless they make name changes public
23:41.34piuof course, it's no different than transfers
23:42.34KasoGrr, i hate steam
23:42.58Kasowhy cant it let me keep playing my old version of the game whilst its downloading the new patch
23:43.20Kasobut no! it has to disable my access to portal, then tell me the steam servers are too busy to let me download my update
23:44.58*** join/#wowwiki tinyboom (
23:50.30KirkburnA Portal update?
23:52.41KasoAll i know is HLEp2 portal and TF2 are all showing Downloading 0% at the moment for me
23:53.09Kasoprob some bugfix patch for source2007
23:53.21Kasoeither that or my PC hates me and is making up reasons why i cant play portal
23:55.38KirkburnNo problem here
23:55.43KirkburnTF2 had an update though
23:55.51KirkburnBtw, joined the steam community?
23:56.22KasoNo, i havent looked at that newfangled nonsense
23:56.33Kasois that really any reason for steam community to exist at all?
23:56.59KirkburnGawd, you're like an old man
23:57.19KirkburnYes, it's fun because there's a wowwiki community and we can see each other on there
23:57.36KasoI'll tell you back in my day i had to treck ten miles in the snow to get to facebook if i wanted to socialise!
23:58.14*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
23:58.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse] by ChanServ
23:58.28KirkburnMorning sannse
23:58.36*** mode/#wowwiki [-o sannse] by sannse
23:58.48KasoI think i actually do have an community account, only cos the strange sweede who stole my account made one in his name
23:58.48sannseafternoon Kirkburn
23:59.29KirkburnKaso, I'm confused
23:59.38KirkburnThe Steam community is an automatic part of Steam

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