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00:21.15[NewsBot]WoW Insider: The lack-of-leg conspiracy -
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00:30.36Nius-workingKirk you still around?
00:30.48KirkburnI never leave. Or sleep. :P
00:31.04Nius-workingare you a bot?
00:31.17Nius-workingkudos to the programer :p
00:31.37Nius-workingtake a look at
00:31.44Nius-workingnow i think the error was not in what i did
00:32.48KirkburnIt's to do with the include tags
00:33.24KirkburnI'm not sure how the set stuff works, tbh
00:33.34Nius-workingme neither :/
00:33.38Kirkburn(still making cute pictures for the Main Page :P )
00:36.24Nius-workingah foxlit bot was the one that updated that page
00:38.12[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Server drama is dramaz. -
00:40.16pcjIt's fixed temporarily
00:40.25pcjI'll have Foxbot run through it again when it comes on
00:51.46Nius-workingok cool i was thinking of triying to fix it but really i know almost nothing :/
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01:20.33Kirkburn[[Main Page/FC]]
01:20.33[NewsBot]Kirkburn meant:
01:20.39KirkburnAnd my arm wants to die
01:21.32KirkburnComparing those to some of the images on the wiki ... seriously, some people need a lesson is how to, and how not to, make images
01:21.57KirkburnGot aliasing? Take the screenshot larger and resize it! Sheesh :P
01:22.11Kirkburn[[Mana wyrm]]
01:22.11[NewsBot]Kirkburn meant:
01:29.03Nius-workingyou mean the one in the bottom?
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01:32.28Kirkburnaye :P
01:32.48KirkburnActually that one is better than many of them, now that I have a proper image editing setup on my PC, I might start making some nicer ones for other articles
01:34.33Nius-workingim still smashing my head against a wall triying to make the settip to be embbeded into the tooltip :/
01:51.08KirkburnWell that's interesting, naga models can wear *everything* except for a helmet, boots and a cape
01:53.57Nius-workingthey can wear pants?
01:54.11KirkburnYup, acts like a tail cover
01:54.36Nius-workinghehehe cool
01:54.41Nius-workingyour using a model viewer?
01:55.11KirkburnGoblins only can't wear a cape
01:55.29Nius-workingwoot now worked, but it now also appears on the page
01:56.11Nius-workingand what model viewer are you using?
01:57.47KirkburnI mean, "WoW Model Viewer"
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02:11.11Kirkburn*sigh* I hate the {{gallery}} template
02:13.11Nius-workingi dont think im familiar with the gallery template :/
02:17.44pcj*i hate it
02:18.13KirkburnThe WotLK page has it, had to fix it a few mins ago
02:18.49KirkburnAnyway, I'm off to bed
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02:20.15Nius-workinglaters man
02:20.21KirkburnNight all
02:20.28Nius-workingi should be doing the same
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03:50.44CecenBecause I cba to log in,
03:50.52CecenCould someone add that his Electric Storm always targets the furthest person?
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04:14.55Yitramis the main WoW site down?
04:20.10[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Realm Restart - Arthas- 10-21-07 -
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05:53.25Jiyambihey all
06:04.44Bagginswwapparently there are human druids
06:10.59Jiyambithat is silly
06:12.03Jiyambihey what do you think about making a new set of race icon templates that include both the icons of the male and female, and the name linked to it's page?
06:14.40Jiyambithis is what i mean:
06:16.33Jiyambiand, how should I name them? I want it to be something simple, but I think just naming it after the race would be too general
06:19.13FurlTemplate:Icons/Human ,Perhaps?
06:19.48FurlSomething like that would be good naming structure I guess
06:19.48Jiyambinah, I dont think a subpage would be quite right
06:19.58FurlThe templates would be nice, though.
06:20.16FurlHuman Icon ,then
06:20.16JiyambiBut Template:Human Icon isn't quite it eaither
06:21.20FurlRaceIcon Human
06:21.26FurlHuman Race Icon
06:22.01FurlThe fact that it's a tmplate gives it its first uniquenes, and those are the others.
06:22.04Jiyambithe problem with that is that there are already Race Icon Human Male Small, and so forth. I don't want it to be too similar, but I don't see any other options
06:22.20FurlHuman Race
06:22.42JiyambiTemplate:Human Race sounds okay
06:23.36JiyambiOkies I think I like that one, I will make these pages for a few of the main races.
06:24.01FurlThen do all yer types of trolls, and dark irons
06:24.09Furland dragons if ya want
06:25.25Jiyambimaybe eventually, but I will start them up and others can easily add to them
06:25.42JiyambiThey would be useful for zone and instance race breakdowns
06:29.17Jiyambihmmmm they should probably have their own category, and it should be a subcategory of something.... but I'm not sure what.
06:36.47JiyambiI made [[Category:Race Templates]]. And now to bed!
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08:03.59LaraulIt's encrypted
08:13.55FurlPlayable race templates added.
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09:56.40[NewsBot]World of Raids: 2.4, Sunwell and Heroic Keys -
10:13.44Fisker-wow isn't he quick Bibi`?
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10:40.29winkillercould you say that a raiding guild on a rp-pvp server is still a pve guild
10:40.41winkillerif they don't say anything about rp?
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11:03.28winkillernever ceases to amaze me that Category:Your_server_name_US_Guilds isn't empty :D
11:09.24Kasoreading is hard for some people
11:13.22winkilleralso classic:
11:13.23winkiller[[Category:Chinese Guilds]]  <!-- if your guild is on a Chinese realm. -->
11:13.24winkiller[[Category:European Guilds]] <!-- if your guild is on a European realm. -->
11:13.24winkiller[[Category:US Guilds]]       <!-- if your guild is on a US realm. -->
11:13.24[NewsBot]winkiller meant:
11:13.24[NewsBot]winkiller meant:
11:13.24[NewsBot]winkiller meant:
11:13.46foxlitWhich just means that the guild template that auto-categorizes people is long overdue
11:14.16winkillerahwell, the copy/paste boilerplate is obsolete methinks
11:14.36[NewsBot]Kaso meant:
11:14.40KasoThis sentence should be a short summary of your guild. For example: This guild is a casual PvP guild with a few members and a lot of good times. Keep it short, sweet and to the point, and remember to bold the first usage of your guild name."
11:15.20dreamssi feel dirty
11:17.45winkillerI'll comment out the more obvious errorprone stuff in the boilerplate
11:22.06winkiller<!-- {{Guild_US|PvE|Alliance}} --> <!-- uncomment either of these two to auto-categorize your guild page -->
11:22.09winkiller<!-- {{Guild_EU|PvE|Alliance}} --> <!-- uncomment either of these two to auto-categorize your guild page -->
11:22.12winkillerhope that helps
11:25.08winkiller lol
11:26.55Fisker-Hey vegeta
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13:00.10Dotted(FlashFXP stats) (Total) 0B FXP'ed, 7.56GB down, 0B up since Sunday, 26.08.2007 (Average) 0B/s (0B/day) FXP, 1.64KB/s (138MB/day) down, 0B/s (0B/day) up
13:00.44t-motionhow can i made, and upload own css?
13:01.10[NewsBot]Dotted meant:
13:01.15Dottedt-motion try that
13:01.26t-motionthnx, i look it
13:01.32Dottedmaybe not
13:02.08[NewsBot]Dotted meant:
13:02.13Dottedt-motion that one
13:03.22t-motionand for the site (Wowwiki-Hun)? the same...
13:04.08t-motioncause yesterday, and before there ar a little problems with the default css
13:04.31t-motionso i want to make a own one
13:05.27t-motionor same as the default, just not loaded for the wikia engine..(if there a problem)
13:06.38t-motionthats it or else :
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13:09.52Dottedt-motion should be the sam
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13:10.54t-motionhope, i think i try it later, i have enough problem, with the translate :DDDDDDDDD
13:11.18t-motionthere is tons of things to do
13:11.35t-motionand alone is a bit harder
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13:24.58Dottedwhy is my ident MrSubtle Fisker- :(?
13:25.10Fisker-because you suck
13:25.14Fisker-or that your identserver returns MrSubtle
13:25.19Fisker-or both of course
13:26.13Dotted[NewsBot] have issues :/
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14:13.33[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: Any port in a storm -
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14:23.17[NewsBot]MMO Champion: 2.3 Daily quests. -
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14:37.39Kirochige sui dissklyxique
14:39.19KirochiDotted, you're an evil mudkpi
14:39.37DottedSoviet Mudkip
14:39.54Dottedin soviet russia mudkip lieks u
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14:40.39Kirochidid you color it yourself ?
14:40.55Dotteduncyclopedia have it
14:41.02Kirochiah right
14:41.10KirochiDésencyclopédie they call it in French
14:41.20DottedARH FRENCH!!
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15:32.34Nius-aroundhello Kirk
15:32.53Nius-aroundhad a good sleep?
15:42.40[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Despite Popular Belief, Gamers Are Social -
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15:58.50KirkburnNius-around, I did thanks :P
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16:08.55[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Moviewatch: Azerothian Supervillains 4 -
16:11.43KirkburnI can't believe can't work out which boat this is -
16:11.50Kirkburn*believe people
16:13.39Nius-aroundhehehe count me on that group of people
16:14.11KirkburnUp until 2.3 that boat has been in use in only one place :P
16:14.25KalrothThat's the one in Feralas, no?
16:17.06KirkburnAtm I think the feralas one is still the "human" boat
16:17.30KirkburnIt's the Valaar's Berth (Azuremyst Isle) to Auberdine boat
16:18.08KirkburnBoat list updated for 2.3 here -
16:18.46KirkburnGood to see the boats finally have names :)
16:23.18KirkburnAnyone know if the zeppelins are getting a similar treatment?
16:27.08Nius-aroundno idea
16:27.34Kirkburn[[Sunwell Isle]]
16:27.35[NewsBot]Kirkburn meant:
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16:32.48foxlit"The Feathermoon Ferry is a night elven crewed vessel that allows transportation between Feathermoon Stronghold and The Forgotten Coast It is currently unreleased, pending the 2.3 patch"
16:32.51foxlitpfft, the boat is there
16:33.22KasoHu, im confused by that
16:33.30Kirkburnfoxlit, the crew and boat is unreleased
16:33.39KirkburnThe boat itself is being changed
16:34.01KirkburnIt's currently unnamed and uncrewed (and a different boat afaik)
16:34.26foxlitThe "currently unreleased" suggests that there is currently no boat. That is not the case.
16:34.45KirkburnTrue, but I don't think people will be that confused :P
16:34.50Fisker-i would
16:34.53Fisker-i'm not alliance
16:35.02KirkburnThere's a boat there, just not the "Feathermoon Ferry"
16:35.02Fisker-we even have to swim out there :(
16:35.19foxlitYou don't even have to be out there? :)
16:35.25Fisker-not anymore
16:35.30Nius-aroundhorde have quests there?
16:35.51KirkburnI'm glad Sunwell Isle will be a new zone, haven't had a new zone to play with in aaages :P
16:35.53Fisker-no we have OMG FOODBUFF THERE AS WELL
16:36.26Fisker-hoped they would add a sunwell isle zone but i figured they'd just have the instances and nothing else
16:36.35Fisker-Blizzard pleasantly surprises me again
16:36.44KirkburnI guess it'll use similar tech to the Zul'Aman flight path
16:36.57Fisker-well the sunwell isle won't be instanced will it?
16:37.03KirkburnDoubt it
16:37.12Fisker-then it doesn't need similar tech :)
16:37.22KirkburnBut I would assume it to be part of the Silvermoon area
16:37.25Nius-aroundi think it will have just the instance portal there
16:37.35Fisker-it'll reopen the dead scar most likely
16:37.39Fisker-which is cut off from silvermoon
16:37.54Nius-aroundand what is the tech of the ZA flight path?
16:38.03Fisker-so that you can fly through instance portals
16:38.06KirkburnIt flies you through a "world" portal
16:38.15KirkburnIt's not really an instance portal
16:38.28Fisker-does it work in draenei starting place or is it not used because of the fact it has no instance portal?
16:38.35KirkburnUnless we say that all of Quel'thalas and Outland is instanced :P
16:38.54Fisker-technically it is
16:39.01KirkburnI'm pretty sure the fp just takes you to the BE areas?
16:39.18Fisker-what fp?
16:39.30KirkburnWould it work for the draenei one? Possibly, but they'd have a job making it look cool
16:39.42KirkburnThey could just do the swap in mid-air over the dea
16:39.56KirkburnFisker-, *sigh*
16:40.15KirkburnThere's a flight path from Light's Hope Chapel to just outside Zul'Aman
16:40.17*** part/#wowwiki Wingy (
16:40.30KirkburnIf you're going to participate in a conversation, at least be on the same page :P
16:40.38Fisker-i can't be on the same page
16:40.43Fisker-[18:38:59] <@Kirkburn> I'm pretty sure the fp just takes you to the BE areas?
16:40.53Fisker-i have no idea what you mean
16:41.08Nius-aroundthe standard to show item set bonuses is gonna be via the tooltip + settip  for every set?
16:41.20KirkburnThe BE areas being the whole Ghostlands/Eversong/Silvermoon area
16:41.21Nius-arounditemset bonus and total bonus*
16:41.33Fisker-i'm aware of that
16:41.39Fisker-it's the other part i don't know why you mention
16:42.24KirkburnWell, then why do you ask "<Fisker-> well the sunwell isle won't be instanced will it?"
16:42.40KirkburnIf it's part of the BE zones, which seems likely, then no
16:43.11KirkburnNius-around, sorry if we sound like we're talking gibberish atm :P
16:43.17Fisker-it appeared you were suggesting that the new tech to let flight point go through portal zoning would be used there
16:43.30KirkburnYes, why not?
16:43.38Fisker-Because it would need to be instanced for that
16:43.41KirkburnLHC --> Silvermoon Isle seems fair
16:44.00KirkburnLHC --> ZA doesn't go into the instance?
16:44.06Nius-aroundlol np
16:44.19KirkburnIt just goes outside
16:44.20Fisker-But it could obviously just take off from the same flight point
16:44.31KirkburnWell yes
16:44.38Nius-aroundi can ask again when the fp discussion had settled down :p
16:44.51KirkburnFine, so basically we've been talking for little reason
16:45.11KirkburnI was assuming it would go from LHC, and you were going from is continuing on from ZA
16:45.26Fisker-that's easier too :P
16:45.27Kirkburn*it continuing
16:45.42KirkburnHeh, well I don't raid, thus don't think like that :P
16:45.58KirkburnNius-around, still have no idea how the set stuff works =)
16:46.09KirkburnI'm sure someone here does ^^
16:46.55Nius-aroundoh i think i understood a bit how it works, after all was able to make it work after pcj (sp?) fixed the individual items of the windhawk set
16:47.27Niusjust wondering if the intention was for everyset to use that same format and get rid of the tables
16:49.19KirkburnNius, yes, afaik
16:49.59*** join/#wowwiki Yitram (
16:50.22Niuscool then i will see what other set i can change
16:51.43*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
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16:54.36*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
16:54.39Yitramis '' down this weekend?
16:56.07Niusnot for me
16:56.17LysistrataHi :) Does anyone know a really tiny simplelistic PHP Script to allow "Instance Visit" Managment? I don't need a fully grown DKP System. Something like GroupCalender (UI Addon) would be sufficient but I'd like to have it on a PHP Base.
16:57.09Nius<-- PHP and Script illiterate
16:57.13Yitram@Nius just wondering are u on Time Warner Cable?
16:58.42Yitrami had been thinking about reactivating my subscription......but can't exactly do it if i can't accesst he site
16:58.52KirkburnYitram, >_<
16:59.38*** join/#wowwiki Ameno|Gymble (
16:59.57LysistrataThat's fine Nius just asking in case somebody else knows. I probably could put something together my self but maybe there is a really good version otu there already. ^^
17:00.32NiusYitram did you tried opening it directly to the account management or the index?
17:00.56Yitrameh no...although i did follow a link to the server status page and that didn't do anything either
17:01.08Yitrami just keep getting timeouts
17:01.27Niusi have had problems to enter on the but worked
17:01.34LysistrataDo you have something like PeerGuardian Running or another IP Blocking Software?
17:01.35Yitrameh ok i'll try it
17:02.27LysistrataHmmm works fine for me. Just loading slow like alwys.
17:03.03Yitrammaybe my browers timeout time is set too short.....
17:03.09Niusanyone knows if blizz have any plans to offer wow and the 2xpack together when 2xpack comes out?
17:04.12LysistrataDoesnt the WoW Battlechest include it?
17:05.16LysistrataHmm no it doesnt... ^^;
17:05.26Niusthe second 2xpack is not out yet :P
17:07.40*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
17:09.19Yitramgoing to try something....i have a router (although that shouldnt' be causing me any problems, but i'm going to see what happens going straight through the modem
17:10.06LysistrataNius I didn't know that the battlechest was out yet :D
17:10.11LysistrataGL Yitram
17:11.15*** join/#wowwiki piu (
17:12.26*** join/#wowwiki Yitra1 (
17:12.57Yitra1hmmm for some reason my last self didn't log off
17:13.28Yitra1....and that removing the router thing.....worked.......i don't knwo why, becuase the router shouldn't be doing anything
17:14.48LysistrataMaybe something in the configuration told it to block the site after all?
17:14.53Yitra1i guess
17:15.04Niussome routers have a firewall
17:15.15Niusdoes any other site was giving you problems
17:15.35Yitra1the only sites i noticed problems with were sites associated with blizzard
17:15.37Yitra1WoW site
17:15.41Yitra1Starcraft 2 site worked fine though
17:16.28Yitra1going to go back into the router and look
17:16.38*** part/#wowwiki Yitra1 (
17:27.34foxlit"This page has no adult content.
17:27.34foxlitWould you add some?"
17:38.33Kirkburnfoxlit, ??
18:02.39*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
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18:06.21Fisker-wanna 31108 Kirkburn ?
18:09.27*** join/#wowwiki Jiyambi (
18:12.22Fisker-new AV is great
18:12.27Fisker-we actually have a chance as horde
18:13.56Fisker-we've lost 4 reinforcement points
18:14.06Fisker-alliance have lost 180 in the same period of time
18:15.55Fisker-all the need now is no backdooring
18:16.13Bibi`full defense @ bridge = win
18:16.33Fisker-i doubt it
18:17.23*** join/#wowwiki BitString (
18:20.45Fisker-and this time it was 192 for alliance and 12 for horde
18:21.48Fisker-we have 400 more reinforcements than them atm
18:26.31*** part/#wowwiki Cecen (
18:32.19*** join/#wowwiki _Ameno|Gymble (
18:38.49[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Realm Restart - Warsong - 10/22/2007 -
18:39.01Kirkburnrace templates eh? Interesting! :P
18:40.18KirkburnMaraudon, Bagginsww, rawr
18:40.50Bagginswwits so easy to mispell foreign words :p
18:41.04KirkburnSo you want a population section?
18:41.13Bagginswwya it has its use for some locations
18:42.18KirkburnAdded the ability
18:44.15*** join/#wowwiki twoshadetod (
18:46.47JiyambiOkay guys, im going to reinstall windows now
18:46.51Jiyambiso I will be away for a while
18:47.05*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
18:47.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
18:47.46KirkburnSee ya (again)
18:47.51KirkburnHey pcj
18:48.40Jiyambiah crap I forgot to back up my outlook calendar..... >_<
18:49.43*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
18:56.44*** part/#wowwiki Jiyambi (
19:18.55Bagginswwwrong tell sorry
19:30.10Bagginswwok why is that have the lore category?
19:31.29KasoSomeone can't tell the difference between lore and fan-fiction
19:31.50BagginswwI think it might have something to do with the battle infobox
19:32.23Bagginswwmaybe it was written into the code?
19:35.29KasoYou're right, how interesting
19:38.47*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
19:39.03*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
19:39.08Bagginswwremoved the reference to category:lore
19:39.12Bagginswwfrom the war template
19:41.25*** join/#wowwiki Yitram (
19:45.23*** join/#wowwiki Kaso_ (
19:50.43*** join/#wowwiki Kaso___ (
20:01.24[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Patch 2.4 is nearly ready for testing -
20:06.55KirkburnDotted, ping
20:07.43Kirkburnnewsbot wanted on #wikia-gaming
20:08.00KirkburnWould be useful for [[links]]
20:08.40Dottedwhats the url for links? just
20:09.30KirkburnSample link -
20:10.10*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (i=Kirochi@
20:10.33*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
20:10.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
20:12.00KirkburnDotted, thanks :)
20:26.47KirochiSooo you're promising the ladies a night of loving bliss
20:27.04KirochiBut truth be told you're far too drunk to stand up straight and piss
20:27.17KirochiSo give it up you bloody sots you're not be getting laid
20:27.32KirochiAnd the sooner you'll be out the door the sooner we'll be paid
20:27.39KirochiSo bugger off
20:27.44KirochiYou bastards bugger off
20:27.51KirochiF*ck you!
20:28.43KirochiIrish songs rock
20:42.24*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
20:42.28*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
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20:42.48[NewsBot]New stats available for #wowwiki (at pcj's request)! See the #wowwiki stats:
20:44.38*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
20:49.22[NewsBot]WoW Insider: The skies of Northrend -
20:54.00Kirochilol stats page
20:54.06KirochiSpecial words by time of day
20:54.10KirochiHours 0-6
20:54.20Kirochiyou pervs
20:54.59Dotteddont you chew and swallow your food Kirochi? Hardly perverted ;)
20:55.17Kirochiyeah, like I'm going to fall for that
20:55.49KirkburnYeah, er, well, that was supposed to be part of a phrase, but nevermind
20:56.25*** join/#wowwiki Wrathspeak (i=Wrathspe@
20:57.09KirochiThat was me \o/
20:57.34Kirochi(<3 Scrubs)
21:01.49[NewsBot]Dark Legacy: #113:Leper -
21:02.18*** join/#wowwiki Rprp (
21:03.00*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
21:12.17*** join/#wowwiki Thrae (
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21:22.17Bagginswwwoah they are finally giving the boats crews?
21:22.50Bagginswwthey are no longer ghost ships?
21:26.42*** join/#wowwiki A2 (
21:28.17Bagginswwwonders if zeps are getting crews too
21:28.37Fisker-of course not
21:28.40Fisker-that would make it fun
21:28.40KeolahI wonder if there'll be a guy named Setzer on the rep that just kinda sits there ignored all the time.
21:28.44Keolahzep, even. ;p
21:29.54KeolahPoor Final Fantasy characters. Get dragged away from their lives on promises of adventure and just end up sitting on the airship all the time.
21:30.03Bagginswwhah ya
21:30.08Bagginswwwe need a cid
21:30.58Bagginswwyou could have one zep crewed by FF rejects
21:31.10Bagginswwanyone related to zeppelins and final fantasy
21:31.19BagginswwCid, Setzer, Mid
21:31.33Bagginswwwho else owned or operated the airships?
21:33.31KeolahMan, I don't even remember, haven't played those games in like forever.
21:33.52KaydeethreeI need to get back to 12 at some point. I stopped and haven't turned my ps2 back on in a month now
21:33.59Bagginswwyou could split up cid into several characters
21:34.03Bagginswwjust by their last names
21:34.16BagginswwI won't play past 10 LOL
21:34.31KeolahAlso, man, you know it's Halloween when you can't remember what they guy you've been grouping with for the last 12 levels looks like because he spensd all his time as a pirate.
21:34.38Keolah(Or occasionally a leper gnome.)
21:34.43Bagginswwas I will enver play 11
21:34.53KeolahI haven't played past 6.
21:35.06BagginswwI've played all the games through 10, haven't completed them all mind you
21:35.07KeolahI'm like, oldschool and stuff :p
21:35.19BagginswwI almost completed 6 but memory card erased
21:35.26BagginswwI was in second world
21:35.34Kaydeethree9 was my first, then I went back and played 7 & 8, then 4, 6, 1 and tactics
21:35.42BagginswwI was working on III, but my mom lost the cartridge :p
21:35.55BagginswwI'm half way through 2
21:35.58Bagginswwthe real 2
21:36.05KeolahI played 4, 5, and 6, and 5 was the only one I didn't finish, but that mainly because my game glitched out right as I went to enter the final area. Man, i was pissed.
21:36.20BagginswwI've beaten, 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10
21:36.38Bagginsww5 is one of my favorites
21:36.45BagginswwI love the job system
21:37.00BagginswwI'm currently working on the gba version
21:37.02Bagginswwto see the new jobs
21:37.16BagginswwI've beaten 4 twice actually
21:37.25Bagginswwonce on ff2 version
21:37.31Bagginswwand once on gba
21:37.45BagginswwI should beat the psx version sometime as its supposed to be the hardest
21:39.23BagginswwI have to say final fantasy 3 ds is hard
21:39.26Bagginswwvery hard
21:39.53*** join/#wowwiki Thrae (
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21:40.50[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Realm Restart - Emerald Dream - 10/21/2007 -
21:46.13*** part/#wowwiki Yitram (
21:57.10*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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22:01.22[NewsBot]WoW Insider: All the World's a Stage: Getting started with roleplaying -
22:03.14pcjfoxlit, foxbot plz
22:03.27*** join/#wowwiki ThraeBot (
22:03.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+v ThraeBot] by ChanServ
22:06.12*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
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22:15.00[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 2 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 2secs.
22:16.03KasoWhy doesnt the slow broom work in zangramarsh ?
22:21.03KeolahI'm far too easily amused. So me and my friend are grouping and we both wind up in ninja costumes... i suggest we go kill some pirates ;p
22:22.13Kasoor zombies, that works too
22:24.19Bagginswwor robots
22:27.42*** join/#wowwiki Bam__ (
22:28.01KeolahAlso, you know your hunter has a distinctive pet when someone says "Weren't you just in TB? I swear I just saw a pink plainstrider named Bob there. Just making sure I'm not going crazy."
22:54.23Wrathspeakits when you start seeing pink plainstriders called bob out of game that your going crazy
22:54.48*** join/#wowwiki lupa84 (n=loadsofc@
22:55.17WrathspeakIve only restarted playing yesterday, what this "sale pending" thing for the ah?
22:57.21pcjfoxlit, foxbot plz
22:57.22[NewsBot]WoW Insider: The History of the World (of Warcraft) Part I -
22:57.57*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
22:57.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
23:07.14Keolahyou don't get your gold for selling crap until an hour after it sells now.
23:10.00KasoGuess that's to slow down gold sellers laundering gold via the AH?
23:15.06*** join/#wowwiki twoshadetod (
23:16.49[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Realm Restart - Mug'thol -
23:16.55[NewsBot]WoWBlues: Realm Restart - Hellscream - 10/21/2007 -
23:19.05[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 3 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 3secs.
23:20.30pcj!item 32648
23:20.30FoxbotPage generator crashed for [32648].
23:24.50foxlit!i 32648
23:26.01foxlitHm, that's a new one
23:26.12foxlitI r not prepared!
23:26.33Wrathspeakah right thanks
23:26.52foxlitCode expects one token cost, it got two
23:27.52foxlitor maybe no
23:28.39BagginswwI wonder if a novel about Jaina's life growing up would be worth of release.
23:29.12Bagginswwher life on kul tiras, up to the point she was sent to Dalaran.
23:29.30Bagginswwher relationships with Arthas, and kael.
23:30.44Wrathspeakn sure id want that, they would accidently rewrite lore again like they did with the night elf books
23:31.12Bagginswwthat happens without books regardless
23:31.30Wrathspeakheh, attack of the blue space squids
23:36.24FoxbotItem generator restarted
23:36.33foxlit!item 32648
23:36.35FoxbotTooltip saved, foxlit, view at
23:37.00foxlithrm, mediocre
23:39.04FoxbotItem generator restarted
23:39.07foxlit!item 32648
23:39.10FoxbotTooltip saved, foxlit, view at
23:42.21FoxbotItem generator restarted
23:42.22foxlit!item 32648
23:42.28FoxbotTooltip saved, foxlit, view at
23:43.26foxlitMuch better.
23:43.31foxlitNow, I wonder what else I broke
23:45.22[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Spiritual Guidance: The spirit debate -
23:54.28foxlit what an odd angle
23:56.05Kirkburn|afkNot keen on featuring it
23:58.56Bagginswwnot sure how to work in height for ogres
23:59.03Bagginswwas they actually have non-standard growth
23:59.12Bagginswwwhat I've put is actually the range of base heights
23:59.18Bagginswwbut they grow even more as they level
23:59.33Bagginswwso this is hypothetical
23:59.39Bagginswwa level 1 mle
23:59.51Bagginswwmay be 6'5''

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