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00:57.52piuany warlocks around?
00:57.58piuI promise I wont nerf you
01:02.10piukirk you're a warlock?
01:02.18KirkburnWas, have a level 70
01:02.51piucurse of agony: I recorded a combat log from WSG to theory craft it
01:03.25piuwhat do you know about how it's supposed to distribute the damage over each tick, because it doesn't match the numbers on WoWWiki's page
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01:58.33Kirkburnpiu, sorry, slow answer
01:58.40KirkburnEr, it goes up towards the end
01:58.57piuyup, just trying to figure our how much
01:59.06KirkburnNo idea ... a lot :)
01:59.29KirkburnAnyway, I'm off to sleep, got no reason to stay up any more :P (/me looks at no one in particular)
01:59.31piumy calculation is different from our page, but I think it's been changed a couple itmes
01:59.39KirkburnWouldn't surprise me
01:59.43piuOK good night
02:00.00KirkburnBtw, Maraudon, omg waterfalls, omg so beautiful
02:05.36KirkburnWoot, Hallows End JUST began :)
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02:41.24Jiyambihello all
02:41.45piugood evening
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09:36.02fricthe page at has a special template. who can make those?
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09:52.15winkillerTemplate:CrafterList is similar
09:52.26winkillerand Template:User Arena is also a bit like that
09:53.12fricit's just that the guild armory links wasn't working on the scepter list. went ahead and fixed that :)
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12:42.16KirkburnMorning all!
12:42.37Adys|afkmy turn to grab a nap, bbl :P
12:42.43Kirkburnnight :P
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13:15.13Fisker--bai tiems
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15:29.39foxlit"And Alliance really needed an alternative to the 15 level grind that is Stranglethorn Vale."
15:29.58foxlitThere's another continent, you know.
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15:30.31KaydeethreeI yelled at him in the comments for that but I still haven't gotten the email confirming my signup
15:31.05foxlitBagginsww: poke
15:33.01foxlitI severely dislike this edit:
15:35.11ClydeJrwhere are those population numbers coming from?
15:35.23Kaydeethreerpg source book?
15:36.16foxlitIf they even should be included, it should really be in some distant corner of some infobox rather than on top of the page
15:36.41foxlitBreaks the proper introduction for no reason
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15:45.40foxlit{{{slot|None}}} -- None will never appear
15:45.40[NewsBot]foxlit meant:}
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16:33.38KirkburnThat info at the top of Dustwallow can go in the infobox now
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16:37.48winkillerKirk, how's current policy on "silly" articles
16:37.57winkillerespecially player-formed versions of ingame items
16:38.02winkillerthat have some kind of fame
16:38.14winkillerthinking of "Failsteel Lolblade" for Felsteel Longblade
16:39.05winkillerat least on the eu rogue forums a coined term. have already heard it on other occasions
16:39.35KirkburnIf it's significant, then yeah
16:39.52winkillerI'm gonna investigate it then beforehand :)
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17:21.31winkilleris it possible to do an ifeq inside an ifeq?
17:25.56winkiller <- beautified imho
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17:54.28pcjugh the IE problem should be fixed Gryphen
17:56.02Gryphenit stays by the pointer now, but doesnt stay within the frame of the browser
17:56.06Gryphenbetter tho :)
17:58.06Kaydeethreewhere's the red question mark icon?
17:58.57VoluThe GM icon`?
17:59.22Kaydeethreethe first icon in the /macro window
17:59.51VoluIt's a replacement icon
18:00.10Kaydeethreeyes, I'm trying to find its filename
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18:12.27foxlit ?
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18:19.48martindangerousanyone play on ghostlands?
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18:41.41pcjok it shouldnt go outside the browser now :P
18:42.12KirkburnA quick note about that account merge thing - reserve your account on Wikia if you want to make sure you have no problems
18:42.28KirkburnReally quite important that you do, if you're worried :)
18:53.03Gryphenstill goes oob pcj
18:53.09pcjon which pag
18:53.22pcjoff the side or top/bottom?
18:53.53Gryphentop and bottom
18:54.06pcjwhich page
18:54.07Gryphentesting with,
18:58.24pcjtry now :P
18:58.57NakisaGryphen can I talk to you for a second about one of the articles?
18:59.52Nakisaalright, then decide whether yes or no and let me know, it's just two small things about
19:00.28NakisaAzshara  Mossy Footlocker  225  <260  ?  ?  Bay of Storms
19:00.45NakisaI've been swimming around the whole bay and didn't find a single footlocker so I was wondering who submitted that data
19:01.02foxlitCheck history? :)
19:01.04Keolahthey're there.
19:01.12Keolahthe rogue I was grouping with yesterday was opening them.
19:01.18Gryphenjust have to go through the history same as anyone else
19:01.43Nakisaand where? I've been swimming around the elite sons of whatever and running through the mermen
19:01.50Nakisaand didn't find a single one
19:01.59KeolahWe pretty much stuck along the northern part of it.
19:02.02Nakisaso I was wondering whether someone who knew the location could specify it
19:02.05Nakisaah ic
19:02.06KeolahThough I think he only found like 2-3 of em.
19:02.26KeolahBut then I wasn't paying much attention. I was busy fending off the annoying murlocs :P
19:02.40Nakisaic :)
19:02.41pcjThose footlockers sound pretty damn important
19:02.52*** join/#wowwiki Volu (n=opera@
19:03.14Nakisathey are when you are totally fed up with swimming through pool of tears and running through slag pit
19:03.25KirkburnVolu, nothing to do with you
19:03.33KeolahMeh, pool of tears. I find more lockers than artifacts in there when trying to do that stupid quest. ;p
19:03.54Nakisasame and when I'm there with a twink in order to skill lockpicking I end up finding artifacts
19:04.10NakisaTanaris Desert  Dented Footlocker  225  250  275  >305  Lost Rigger Cove
19:04.13Nakisathis location is awesome
19:04.14Nakisano swimming
19:04.18NakisaI love it
19:04.58KirkburnWow, if you manage to find Artifacts, that's pretty good :P
19:05.09Nakisawhen I'm not on the quest, that is :p
19:05.24KirkburnSorry, I was making an item type joke
19:05.33VoluWhat kind of artefact?
19:05.44Nakisabroken pieces of... I don't know, never read the quest log
19:05.55VoluPirates' map?
19:05.58KeolahThe mystical trollish tupperware.
19:06.16VoluTupperware ^^
19:06.41Nakisalol XD
19:07.24VoluI like tupperware, I've always wanted to buy some of those fancy ... whatever they're called, but never actually bought one.
19:08.05NakisaI think tupperware is too much of a world domination tool, so I don't buy any
19:08.25KeolahWhy else would the trolls be using it?
19:08.41VoluWhat trolls?
19:09.08KeolahBut then the orcs said "We don't want your stupid tupperware!" and sunk it in a lake.
19:09.36Nakisaand then they found out their meat was all going bad
19:09.40Nakisaand so they wanted the tupperware back
19:10.42VoluWell, they won't get it!
19:11.05Nakisayou're so mean. the trolls already lost their capitol and you won't even give them their tupperware
19:11.26KirkburnThey should take more care with their possessions, shouldn't they
19:11.26[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Totem Talk: Pre-Raid Gear - Belts, Bracers and Boots -
19:11.42KirkburnI mean, how can anyone lose an entire island?!
19:11.48Nakisayou're right, they should learn to take care of their belongings.
19:11.54KeolahThe same way 100 foot tall giant dinosaurs can sneak up on you.
19:12.04VoluThey can!
19:12.06Nakisanot... dinosaurs...
19:12.18KirkburnWhat 100 foot tall giant dino- aaaAAAARGHGGHHHH!!
19:12.19KeolahAnd giants.
19:12.23VoluThe devilsaur always sneaks up on me
19:12.23Gryphentop stays in bounds now pcj
19:12.29Nakisaand dragons
19:12.36Nakisanot to forget huge spiders
19:12.51Nakisaor cannons.
19:12.57Nakisaalright, they don't sneak
19:13.11KeolahI remember yesterday waiting for said rogue to get back from delivering quest, and up behind me sneaks up this giant.. so I run off and say on party "Uh, look out for giant when you come out" :P
19:13.59NakisaI remember running into caverns of time for the first time and almost dying from a heart attack when I saw that huge elite dragon sitting there next to the road
19:14.19VoluPoor you _(
19:14.37VoluPerhaps you should work out more often?
19:14.42Nakisait's all the shy girl inside that epic gear :(
19:14.51KeolahThere's an advantage to playing a hunter... you've got a big furry target to keep the giant dinosaur busy while you run away.
19:15.01Nakisahow heartless of you
19:15.06Nakisayour poor furry companion
19:15.07KeolahHey, he survived!
19:15.28Nakisathen it's ok I guess
19:16.19VoluIf you could make a new ability or spell for your character, what kind of ability  or spell would you like?
19:16.57Nakisaan ability to multiply myself in order to attack the enemy from all sides
19:17.08VoluTwo words: Enslave Warlock
19:17.10KeolahI'd want my priest's renew spell to be as good as mend pet :p
19:17.23NakisaI want a healing ability for my Rogue
19:17.34VoluYou already got blink!
19:18.12Nakisaand the ability to steal epics from other players
19:18.18Nakisathat'd be some kickass skill
19:18.35VoluYou know, until level 24 I always avoided rogues.
19:18.52VoluI thought they could pick-pocket me.
19:19.11Nakisaawh :P
19:19.32Nakisaimagine how sad I was when I was stealthing next to some 30ish guy when I was like lvl 20 and thought I could pickpocket him
19:19.42Nakisaand nothing happened...
19:20.05Nakisathat was the point where I decided to go for a combat spec rogue
19:20.25VoluAnyway, where are you from?
19:20.33Nakisamiddle of Europe
19:20.55KeolahI'm glad nobody can pickpocket my hunter. She's carrying around enough gold to actually be able to afford a fast mount when she reaches level 60 :P
19:20.55Nakisalike... dark southern Germany
19:21.02VoluI'm from Molde, a small city in the middle of Norway.
19:21.15Nakisamy 45 horde char earned 2500g with Darkmoon Faire :)
19:21.41VoluOh, Germany is my favourite country :)
19:21.41Nakisathe NPCs sell Motes, blue Gems, rare Herbs, rare Leather
19:21.44Nakisabut no one knew
19:21.50Nakisawasn't written down anywhere
19:21.56VoluIt does?
19:21.58Nakisabut I found out because I wanted to hand in my Vibrant Plumes
19:22.01Nakisawant screenshots?
19:22.09VoluIt never sold anything to me :)
19:22.31NakisaI think it's new
19:22.50KeolahThe other day when killing oozes for this one quest in Undercity, I got a Disgusting Oozeling. I didn't really want the thing, but I was positively shocked when I found out how much it went for :p
19:23.20VoluWhy would anyone want an oozling?
19:23.24NakisaI absolutely prefer the gems:P
19:23.43VoluYou know, one day it'll grow up and then it'll eat you
19:23.44KeolahApparently a really rare drop small pet. But I dunno why they'd want the stupid thing... it lowers your freaking defense. :p
19:24.26VoluPerhaps a warlock?
19:24.59KeolahSides, my priest would never part with her adorable wolpertinger! ;)
19:25.21VoluWhat's a wolpertinger?
19:25.23Nakisathis... thing... is so disgusting :P
19:25.30NakisaI prefer my Netherwhelp
19:25.44VoluI prefer my chicken.
19:25.51VoluOr my cat
19:25.55Nakisaok, chicken's cool
19:26.03Nakisaor... Gurky
19:26.07VoluOr my Crashing Trashing Bot
19:27.47KeolahBut I haven't seen many wolpertingers around... clearly I'm not drunk enough. :p
19:28.16VoluWhat is a wolpertinger?
19:28.28Nakisaan ancient german (bavarian) myth
19:28.36Nakisait's an animal said to live in the bavarian forests
19:28.39KeolahA bunny with antlers and wings that purrs when you click on it and you can only see it when drunk ;p
19:28.43VoluSo it has something to do with sex then?
19:28.49Nakisaearlier in bavaria's history people would go hunting
19:28.52Nakisaand hunt different animals
19:28.58Nakisaand stick the pieces of their horns and skins together
19:29.04Nakisain order to form a completely new animal
19:29.12Nakisawhich they would call wolpertinger
19:29.16Keolah(Though at least you don't need to be drunk to see your _own_ wolpertiner, or party members')
19:29.26Nakisabut I don't remember whether it was a "good nature ghost" or a "horrible monster haunting poor people"
19:30.09VoluIt reminds me of another horrible monster haunting poor people
19:30.23VoluHave you ever heard of Pesta?
19:30.38NakisaI thought you'd mention my name now :(
19:30.55VoluI think I'll draw my courtains before talking about her
19:30.58VoluShe is too scary
19:31.48Nakisaalright, tell me when it's over, scary stuff is nothing for me
19:32.04VoluPesta, "The Plague" or the Plague Hag
19:32.17VoluA horrible monster.
19:32.18*** join/#wowwiki Thirsteh` (
19:33.04VoluShe used to travel from town to town, either draging a broom or a
19:33.36Volu(an object which you use to remove leaves)
19:33.55VoluIf she used the broom everyone would die
19:34.12VoluIf she used the "object" some people would live
19:34.20VoluI have a picture of her
19:34.43Nakisabut it's not your mom, right?
19:35.05VoluI hope not ^^
19:35.54VoluThe legend also tells that she fell into a crack in glacier
19:36.22VoluAnd the day the glacier melts she will again live and spread the plague.
19:36.45Nakisawell with all the climate stuff that could be quite soon :(
19:37.08VoluWhat do you think about Al Gore getting the Peace Prize?
19:37.55NakisaI think it's awesome and I think he should just have won against Bush
19:38.06VoluBush cheated you know.
19:38.55VoluWhat makes matters worse is that Bush has turned out to be a dangerous president.
19:39.02NakisaI think so as well but that's nothing I'd want to discuss in a chatroom at 9:40pm while I'm lvling
19:39.39VoluHehe, how come you're leveling whilst chatting?
19:39.55Nakisagirls do multitask a lot
19:40.39VoluYes, I wonder how they do it.
19:41.12Nakisasecret :)
19:41.38KeolahYou wouldn't believe the stuff I've gotten away with while healing and nobody noticed. :p
19:41.57VoluI watch TV when I heal ^^
19:42.19NakisaI am never allowed to heal with my bandages, they always say go and make some damage :(
19:42.19Keolah(Though, i suppose, as long as the renews and greater heals kept coming, nobody would care either ;p)
19:42.53VoluI wonder if a guniea pig could heal?
19:43.09Nakisaif you put food on the respective buttons
19:43.25VoluI once had a hampster.
19:43.44NakisaI have a bf, that's enough.
19:44.05VoluDid he die?
19:44.13Nakisano o_O!
19:44.23VoluWell, my hampster did :(
19:44.37Nakisahow old are you?
19:44.59Nakisaon what?
19:45.16Nakisaon how old the person you're talking to is?
19:45.30VoluPerhaps ;)
19:45.37Nakisathen I don't wanna know
19:45.56VoluI'm 10!
19:46.58*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
19:47.05*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
19:48.20VoluActually, I'm not. I can assure you however, that I'm a highly intelligent, reasonable and nice person who will sometimes  be here for you.
19:50.38VoluI'm 16 years old.
19:51.38infoboti guess volu is a licensed pedophile who is wanted on charges of bestiality in 30 countries
19:51.44KirkburnAnd on that bombshell ...
19:51.55KirkburnNakisa, welcome to the channel
19:52.04Nakisathanks Kirkburn
19:52.44Nakisahey :D
19:52.48VoluExuse me?
19:52.59VoluYou know, that wasn't funny.
19:53.09VoluInfotbot, forget Voly
19:53.26VoluInfobot, forget volu
19:53.26infoboti forgot volu, Volu
19:54.15Kirkburnpcj, did you create that?
19:54.27KirkburnWhoever did, don't abuse it
19:54.35KirkburnAnyway, now here's something cool -
19:54.50VoluLike when I did that Infobot, forget Infobot thingy.
19:54.52Nakisaare there naked pics?
19:54.53KirkburnThat stuff isn't on the wiki, it's an interwikied template :P
19:55.16Nakisayou're cute
19:55.24VoluYou ought to do something about your hair
19:55.32Nakisathe hair is fine
19:55.34pcjwow, interwikied template, sounds simple to edit :P
19:55.39KirkburnCareful, you'll set off one of our other members here :P
19:55.53KirkburnThank you Nakisa, heh
19:55.59VoluKirkburn, is that picture now public domain?
19:56.07KirkburnWhy is that important?
19:56.08KeolahSo... is anyone else trying to do NaNoWriMo and WoW, or am I the only crazy one here? ;p
19:56.25pcjWell, you're crazy, that's sure
19:56.25Nakisabut how old are you Kirk?
19:56.33VoluHe's 19
19:56.33winkillerKeolah: nanowhat?
19:56.37Kirkburn(I use that template across the wikis I work on, v useful)
19:56.41KeolahNational Novel Writing Month!
19:57.21VoluThen I'll have to update the Kirkburn file.
19:57.22Keolah(Although it's not really national, as people all over the world do it. And it's more of a novella than a novel. But whatever.)
19:57.35KirkburnVolu, your obsession disturbs me
19:57.45Nakisasounds... strange
19:57.56VoluI'm outside your house, looking...
19:58.05Nakisaceiling cat is watching you
19:58.15*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
19:58.16KirkburnI wish :(
19:58.25infobotAuthor of the phunky font changing addons ClearFont and ClearFont2, and WoWWiki bureaucrat. Also likes kittens and middle-management.
19:58.45winkillerKirk + cat = bad idea
19:58.45KirkburnGo middle-management!
19:58.51VoluKirkburn, have you graduated yet?
19:58.59KeolahThe innkeeper turned me into a cat. :(
19:59.05KirkburnAlmost, finished Uni, waiting for graduation
19:59.10pcjvolu is a professional stalker imo
19:59.21NakisaVolu, you don't know me, alright?
19:59.28VoluOf course.
19:59.41VoluI've just been in Germany to find ou
19:59.50Nakisadon't google me.
20:00.41Volu"Nakisa 17 r Stavanger"
20:00.57NakisaI just use Nakisa because Naki was already taken :)
20:00.59KirkburnAnything interesting going on on the wiki?
20:01.04VoluNakisa (fl. c. 600) was the court musician of the Sassanids.
20:01.07Nakisabut Volu you can drawn something into my graphicguestbook :D
20:01.13VoluNakisa is a male name.
20:01.21Nakisawhat the.
20:01.32VoluNakisa (fl. c. 600) was the court musician of the Sassanids. The main theme of his songs were in praise of king Khosrau II. He collaborated with Barbod on ...
20:01.39KirkburnI should note, Volu is not ... allowed on the wiki. Still, I think?
20:01.40NakisaNaki is african and means "the first girl" and nakisa means "beautiful"
20:01.47KeolahGoogling Keolah primarily gets results about me. Except the MySpace page that came up last time I looked. I do not have a MySpace page, and if I did, I would not put rap on it.
20:01.52VoluI think I was unbanned for some strange reason
20:01.56KirkburnNakisa, nice choice
20:02.08winkillergoogling winkiller yields me. and a troyan horse \o/
20:02.21VoluGoogle Volusp and you'll find....
20:02.23Nakisagoogling Naki results in some famous doctgor
20:02.29Nakisaand somewhere my pages
20:02.40Teomyrgoogling names is evil
20:02.51VoluA nazi page?
20:02.52*** part/#wowwiki Volu (n=opera@
20:03.10KirkburnWhy does he do that >_>
20:03.10Teomyrinterestingly, the only other uses of my name i can find seem to be RPG characters
20:03.19*** join/#wowwiki KenSentMe (
20:03.45KenSentMeHi, can anyone tell me where the WoW icon is located after installing WoW on Windows? I lost mine
20:03.53winkilleroy, Teo still alive? haven't seen you for ages
20:03.54KirkburnAh yes, he is indeed still banned, and it was infinite :P
20:04.01winkillerKenSentMe: in wow.exe
20:04.03Nakisac:\Programs\World of WarCraft probably
20:04.05KirkburnKenSentMe, part of the WoW.exe file
20:04.08Kirkburndamn, too slow
20:04.18Teomyrwinkiller, yeah, i'm not really active since i got bored of wow. and because school is kicking my ass.
20:04.24KenSentMewinkiller, hmm, ok.Thanks
20:04.36winkillershame :/
20:04.37KirkburnGreat to see you here, though, Teo
20:04.58Teomyri feel bad for not contributing anything :/
20:05.09pcjYeah, you should
20:05.14winkillerthe day I can memorize the syntax for external links I'll mark the day red in my calendar
20:05.32Kirkburnwinkiller, on the wiki?
20:05.33*** mode/#wowwiki [-v pcj] by ChanServ
20:05.45winkillerbeen doing mediawiki for like 4 years
20:05.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
20:05.57winkillerand I can remember everythng apart form external links
20:05.58Kirkburn[link linktext] ... c'mon
20:06.06winkillerI always put a  | in :(
20:06.15winkillerthat's when you use 3 wikisofts in parallel
20:06.18KirkburnFair enough
20:06.41winkillerand that wasn't a shout for help, btw - I already had it :P
20:07.37winkiller(?Famous Pit Lords - Renamed Famous to Notable)
20:07.48winkillerpopular would rock even more
20:08.08winkillerThe Burning Legion Walk of Fame
20:08.09Kirkburnyeah, who cares about NPOV :P
20:08.30KeolahEvery time I see the word "Notable" I get this reflexive urge to smack the nearest Wikipedia editor.
20:08.39winkillerfeat. Aggonar and Magtheridon
20:15.23pcjYeah, don't understand why MediaWiki didn't use the pipe in external links as well
20:18.08pcjwinkiller, if you're gonna add the "Failsteel Lolblade" bit, it should be a bit more encyclopedia
20:18.29winkillerI know, I'll add some more references
20:19.23winkillerit still beas many game terms by lengths in regard to creativity
20:20.10winkillerSkinning a bear should aggro every bears!
20:20.41*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
20:21.42pcjThat article seems somewhat self-contradictory, Baggins
20:23.26[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Silvermoon University holds class in Azeroth -
20:24.03Bagginswwspeculation certainly is
20:24.09winkillerI just got somehow reminded of :P
20:24.26Bagginswwbut the RPG definitely established the area as being part of stormwind
20:24.35Bagginswwthe actually nation of Stormwind
20:24.47Bagginswwit might need to be merged with Kingdom of Stormwind
20:24.53Bagginswwmuch like we did with grim batol
20:36.56pcj~seen laurly
20:36.59infobotlaurly <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 6d 12h 18m 59s ago, saying: 'now you see why i posted it kal found it on relm forums thought it was weird'.
20:37.12Bagginswwbit more cleanup
20:50.04Bagginswwsplit off Kingdom of Azeroth
20:52.48*** join/#wowwiki Rprp (
20:56.14*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (
20:56.35Kirochiheyyyy yaaaa
20:58.18Bagginswwits pretty interesting to note that while the current nation of Stormwind is a hereditary monarchy most of current territories it influences are not
20:58.30Bagginswwmost of them have become democracies
20:58.48Kirochithere is no democracy in WoW
20:59.15KeolahIt's a democracy? Damn! I need to find them polling booths! ;p
20:59.54Keolah"Vote Hordepwner for Mayor!" :p
21:00.14BagginswwLet's vote for first Raid Boss, ;)
21:01.21KirochiPrivate Ownusohard - for our future
21:05.32pcjban plz
21:06.27pcjfoxlit, foxbot plz
21:07.28*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
21:07.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
21:09.04*** join/#wowwiki Kirotheone (
21:10.52KirkburnGo, go gadget Gryphen!
21:11.26[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Learn2raid: Your first raid -
21:15.12*** join/#wowwiki UO (n=Kirochi@
21:15.35Kirochiwtf then
21:19.55*** join/#wowwiki Thirsteh (
21:21.52KirochiJaina Proudmoore resembled Taretha, both physically and mentally, and this likeness may have helped Thrall overcome his distaste for humans and trust the Alliance
21:22.06Kirochiwhere the hell does this come from?
21:22.29Bagginswwwow :p
21:22.43Bagginswwjaina and Taretha look exactly the same in WoW
21:23.04Bagginswwbut this is another idiotic case where people use WoW to interpret "reality"
21:23.28Bagginswwby reality I mean fictional reality
21:23.34Bagginswwrather than real-world
21:23.49DuTempeteSometimes I'm not so sure about you, baggins. :P
21:24.07Kirochi...there must be a hundred lasses that look like Jaina, wtf
21:24.40Bagginswwya Kirochi I agree with you
21:24.53Bagginswwjust remove it
21:24.59BagginswwNot sure who added it :p
21:24.59KirochiOk, you might say: COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT111
21:25.14BagginswwLOL the game just uses the same female human model for everyone
21:25.28Bagginswwand you rarely see the wrinkled facial pattern on anyone
21:25.57Kirochiold hags sometimes have it
21:26.07Bagginswwbut how many old hags do we see?
21:26.13Corganlike your mom
21:26.29Kirochiragestorm probably did it
21:26.39Bagginswwwell actually they'd have to have a fat body type for my mom to be in-game.
21:26.53Bagginswwjust add a fact-check
21:26.58Bagginswwif ragestorm did it
21:27.10Kirochias a matter of fact
21:27.10Bagginswwif he can't cite his source it'll have to either be removed or put into speculation
21:27.17Kirochithere *are* fat human models
21:27.22Bagginswwya there are
21:27.32Kirochithey kick ass btw
21:27.32Bagginswwunfortunately blizzared is lazy and doesn't use them :p
21:27.37BagginswwI've seen them
21:27.41Bagginswwthey need that kinda variety
21:27.44[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 1 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 1sec.
21:27.49*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
21:27.53*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (n=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
21:27.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
21:28.01KirochiI'd love to play a baker woman with Cookie's tenderizer
21:28.04[NewsBot]pcj has updated the stats for #wowwiki! See the #wowwiki stats:
21:28.25Bagginswwwell really npcs should be variety, player races don't necessarily have to be
21:28.33Kirochirunning after the husband and yeling out lound
21:29.03Kirochiwith a strong Irish accent, though Dwarven ladies already feature this
21:30.28Bagginswwso you just want a taller fat lady
21:31.28Kirochiyep, but I wouldn't dare try to make it look like your mother
21:31.42Kirochiok put this section right
21:39.40Kaydeethreelol. "Installing. More than 1 year remaining"
21:41.44Kirochiare you downloading ubuntu or something?
21:44.40*** join/#wowwiki Kazie (
21:46.58Bagginswwbtw by Julie Honeywell should be the main article
21:47.18Bagginswwwith the practice of using full names for articles
21:48.15Kirochiyeah but since she isn't a major character I think it'd be better to stick with the actual NPC's name
21:48.26Bagginswwwell all yo have to do is make that page the lore page
21:48.41Bagginswwand write whatever known lore
21:48.42Bagginswwthere is
21:48.48Kirochihow did you know that I was ordering the Honeywell page?
21:48.54Kirochiyou... you watcher!
21:48.58Bagginswwuh "recent changes"
21:49.40Bagginswwin the case of that page
21:49.57Bagginswwand to split off a sally whitemane npc page
21:50.11Kirochi"Hi Sally!"
21:50.13Bagginswwjust do a "Sally Whitemane (NPC)
21:50.15Kirochi"Hi Kiro!"
21:50.20Kirochi"Wanna go for a ride?"
21:50.23Kirochi"Sure Kiro!"
21:50.26KirkburnArticle management templates at the top of the page, please
21:50.34Kirochi"I'm a Pally girl!"
21:50.41Kirochi"In a Scarlet wooooorld"
21:51.00Kirochi"Life's fanatic"
21:51.05Kirochi"It's fantastic!"
21:51.11Kirochi"You can bash undead"
21:51.24Kirochi"And crush people's heaaads"
21:52.20Kirochi"Watch my chapeau, it's awesome-o"
21:52.35Kirochi"Come on Sally let's bash a party"
21:52.37KeolahDon't make me start my stunning renditions of "I've been through Tanaris on a mount with no name." "I'm leaving on a cat-bird" among other improptu filks I torment my group members with :p
21:53.01DuTempeteomg, yes, sing them!
21:53.06DuTempeteI love those songs :P
21:53.21Kirochiregister yourself you shy bugger
21:53.35Kirochi(dang I hate sucking at English)
21:53.49DuTempeteI would've said "I've been through The Badlands.." though
21:54.10DuTempeteBut I suppose Tanaris is just as good, and there's even a shore there...
21:58.02KirochiOn the first part of the jouuuurneeeeey
22:07.19*** join/#wowwiki Kazie (
22:07.53Kirochireminds me of End of ze world
22:11.00Bagginswwyou know what would be cool? If the Scourge Invasion became a holloween event
22:12.03Kirochiehm, I'd imagine a small child writing his letter
22:12.14Kirochi"To mistor Kel'tuzad"
22:12.58Kirochi"Deer mistor Kel'tuzad. My papa is very disapointd with yuo becaus he sais you is iregular"
22:13.24Kirochi"Plees plees for my papa only attak once a yaer"
22:13.48Kirochi"I has made yuo a prety drawin"
22:13.58Kirochi"Johny, age 7"
22:25.15*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
22:28.15Bagginswwhah hah I love it
22:28.33Kirochiwhat, the video or my letter?
22:28.38Bagginswwthe letter
22:29.01Bagginswwthanks we should have a Holloween Scourge Invasion silly article :p
22:29.11KirochiI'm on it
22:29.51KirochiI'm flagging it as silly
22:30.34Kirochi(the quote was intentional, this is the ancient Irish spelling)
22:30.35*** join/#wowwiki |Pixel| (i=pixel@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Pixel)
22:30.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+v |Pixel|] by ChanServ
22:31.01Kirochifeel free to start :p
22:33.41Bagginswwsorry can't click on it, but you should add the Halloween Scourge Invasion idea with yoru letter :)
22:39.14KirochiWhy can't you?
22:39.20KirkburnYay for wine
22:40.42Bagginswwlink wont' work :p
22:40.48BagginswwI've tried clicking on it
22:40.53Bagginswwalso I need to leave soon
22:41.01Bagginswwaobut 5 minutes
22:42.35Kirochipikcher firsthand
22:42.56BagginswwI think xchat is glithced for me :p
22:43.01Bagginswwprobably need to restart it
22:43.28KirochiAAWWW NO FAIR
22:43.54Bagginswwlove it
22:45.09Bagginswwwell i'm off take care
22:45.57KirkburnSee ya later Bagginsww
22:46.02KirkburnAlso, yay wine^2
22:47.09Kirochi[[Hallowe'en for Dummies]]
22:47.09[NewsBot]Kirochi meant:'en_for_Dummies
22:48.48Kirochifeel free to add your "Scourge Invasion Halloween ideas"
22:49.39*** join/#wowwiki Gimliiii27 (i=rrtt@gateway/tor/x-30e4b2333f3e4d05)
22:52.04Kirochiok, have fun & play around, I gotta go (philosophy test tomorrow)
22:52.25Bagginswwsame off to library
23:01.15*** join/#wowwiki Jiyambi (
23:01.45Jiyambiaawwww as soon as I get here she runs away :(
23:02.08Kirkburnohnoes, girly stuff?
23:02.16KirkburnAlso, hello :)
23:02.40Jiyambiheya, oops teacher is here finally, got to go
23:02.55Kirkburnlol, twas a brief but happy reunion
23:03.13KirkburnEnjoy the class
23:10.35Dottedno u
23:11.32[NewsBot]WoW Insider: My Day in Dustwallow Marsh on the PTR -
23:17.12*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
23:23.35*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
23:23.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
23:31.34*** join/#wowwiki Thirsteh (
23:36.38*** join/#wowwiki Guillotine (
23:47.26[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: DC Comics - Walter Simonson Q&A (update) -
23:47.29[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Community News - MyWowCard Launches -
23:47.32[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Tempest Keep - High Astromancer Solarian Video -
23:47.35[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: World of Warcraft: The Board Game Expansion Released -
23:47.38[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Warcraft III Melee Map Contest! -
23:48.25*** join/#wowwiki piu (

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