IRC log for #wowwiki on 20071006

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00:00.06Kirkburnpiu, you just reminded me of what I meant to do for other patch notes -
00:00.15KirkburnThe online link is in the patchbox
00:00.25KirkburnI think only the beta patches have it atm ><
00:00.38piuaah, better place for it
00:01.12piuone thing I hate: blizzard doesn't have a fixed link to patch notes until it's not live anymore
00:01.25piui.e. I can't link to 2.2.2 because it's "current"
00:01.44piuwhen 2.2.3 goes live, that isn't valid
00:04.27Kirkburnpiu, indeed
00:04.33KirkburnAnd 2.2.0 STILL has no name
00:05.09foxlit"A thousand voices cried out in terror... and were heard"
00:05.15piuprobably because no content was added
00:05.35Kaydeethreeit's just called "Voice Chat" on the flash animation at the top of the page
00:05.36PolarinaKirkburn: Patch 2.2 - Voice Garden.
00:07.48PolarinaPatch 2.0 - Eye of the Storm
00:07.48PolarinaPatch 2.1 - Black Temple
00:07.48PolarinaPatch 2.2 - Voice Garden
00:07.48PolarinaPatch 2.3 - Trolls Legends
00:10.26piuyou could call it the "AFK Patch"
00:10.26Jiyambipiu: were you going to make [[Category:WoWWiki Projects]] or should I?
00:10.47piugo for it J, I need to work on my mage project before I can add it anyways
00:13.22Jiyambihmmmm, I'm assuming it should just refer to [[WoWWiki:Projects]] and explain that its a list of projects?
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00:20.28JiyambiHello :)
00:21.20KirkburnGiven the Main Page a bit of a code tweak - looking good for everyone?
00:22.13piuyeah J, put a link to the proposal page too
00:22.40Jiyambikk piu
00:22.57Jiyambimain page looks fine to me Kirkburn
00:23.03KirkburnGood good
00:23.12KirkburnIt had some weird leftover code before ><
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00:23.46Jiyambihrm.... should it have been [[Category:Projects]] instead of [[Category:WoWWiki Projects]]?
00:23.59KirkburnNope, latter is fine
00:24.18piumain page still works on Safari
00:24.26KirkburnIn each table box, half the cells were being told to be half width, cause I'd copied them from the articles index box ><
00:24.46Jiyambisilly Kirkburn
00:25.34KirkburnI'm surprised that didn't break, nor the fact I forgot to close a div
00:26.13piuis that screenshot sn actual wotlk screenshot?
00:26.54piucool, I didn't know any were released yet
00:32.11KirkburnWhere have you been?
00:32.34KirkburnWe've had them since August 3rd
00:34.19piuI haven't visited the wotlk page in a while I guess
00:37.00KirkburnOr any related page, it seems :P /hug
00:38.08piuI like it behind this rock over here
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00:44.01Jiyambibyebye peoples, im goin to my karate class
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00:45.27Speeddymonquick question..
00:45.53Speeddymon says that it is not a real API, but yet, I am able to use it in addons ..
00:45.57KirkburnSee ya Jiyambi
00:46.08Speeddymonif I can use it in addons, doesn't that mean that it is a real API?
00:46.14*** part/#wowwiki Jiyambi (
00:46.27KirkburnIt's probably a naming thing
00:46.45Kirkburn#wowi-lounge or #wowace may be able to give better answers
00:47.02Speeddymonthe edit page has {{framexmlfunc|FrameXML/MoneyInputFrame.lua}} instead of {{wowapi}} .. would it be acceptable to change it?
00:47.22Speeddymonill check with the lounge.. thx
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01:02.08KirkburnWhat time do daily quests reset?
01:17.45KirkburnSeriously, wtf at this article title ""
01:18.01KirkburnI understand they want hits, but plainly making up stuff like that isn't the way to do it
01:27.24KirkburnLol, Bagginsww, great how we already have stuff about these events before they occur - :P
01:36.57Bagginswwheh heh
01:38.26BagginswwI created that article a while back because it amused me
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01:55.45Bagginswwany suggestions for renaming Known Vandals page
01:56.09Bagginswwto remove the confusion that its used for more than just people's concepts of what vandalism is
01:56.40Bagginswwsomething that points out its for suspects and banned posters?
01:57.24BagginswwYou don't know how many times the admins get accused of being too "harsh" for putting people on the "known vandals" list because they don't think someone fit their definition of the MO of a vandal.
01:58.08Bagginswwwhen its actually used to keep a record of who is banned and why they are banned, or why they may be suspect for future banning.
01:58.25BagginswwAdys any suggestions?
01:58.48[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Insider Trader: Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble -
01:59.07Kirkburn"Suspected vandals", or something like that would be my input
01:59.19Adyssth along that
01:59.20Bagginswwhey that's good
01:59.27BagginswwI like violations
01:59.35Bagginswwits more neutral
01:59.35Adys~violate Bagginsww
01:59.49BagginswwI feel so used
02:00.30Bagginswwanywho kirkburn what do you think of using Adys suggestion?
02:01.15KirkburnSeems reasonable :)
02:02.45Bagginswwalright unless there is anyone against it, I'm going to move it.
02:06.13piuhow about "Disciplined Users"
02:06.47piualthough "Violations" is just as good
02:06.57Bagginswwboth are good ideas
02:07.25BagginswwI've already moved it to violations, but we can discuss other name changes on the pump if you like?
02:07.27piuI guess "Disciplined Users" implies everyone on it has received a block
02:07.34Bagginswwoh ya
02:07.49Bagginswwat least with violations it also points out that some are just suspected
02:07.55piuwhere as it's really a collection of possible disciplinary actions
02:07.58Bagginswwand have been given warnings
02:10.40dreamssdoes anyone hapen to know if seed of corruption triggers nightfall?
02:16.28piudon't think so
02:16.36piubut my warlock doesn't have that spell yet
02:19.15KirkburnBagginsww, redirects need fixing
02:20.11dreamssu cant use corruption and seed of cor at the same time
02:20.15dreamssthats why i ask
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02:21.01Bagginswwhow many redirects are there?
02:21.45piuI edited the seed of corruption page at one time, I don't think nightfall was listed on it, but I didn't add it myself either
02:21.57piuno experience with the spell myself
02:27.46BagginswwI hope I got all the redirects
02:41.14piudid you redirect "Most Wanted List" to it? har har
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03:14.58KirkburnWow -
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04:25.02ShirikHI GUYS!
04:25.21ShirikI have a proposal on a serious change to APIs, anyone want to discuss it?
04:25.51pcjwhat's that
04:26.41ShirikPROTECTED is being used on various functions such as Frame:EnableMouse() and SecureFrame:SetPoint() which are not actually protected. Naturally this is because they can't be called in combat, but they can be called out of combat
04:26.45ShirikThat's ambiguous
04:26.58ShirikSo I was going to propose a new qualifier RESTRICTED which indicates it can't be called while in combat lockdown
04:27.18ShirikI actually said this a few months ago but nobody listened >.>
04:28.56pcjuh try #wowi-lounge
04:30.09ShirikThis is where this came from
04:30.14ShirikI'm a frequent in there ;)
04:31.06pcjwell this isn't the place for API questions
04:31.23ShirikThis isn't an API question, it's a wiki question
04:31.37pcjWhat's the question then
04:31.44Shirik(00:26:53) (Shirik) So I was going to propose a new qualifier RESTRICTED which indicates it can't be called while in combat lockdown
04:31.55ShirikSince these pages are incorrectly using the qualifier "PROTECTED"
04:31.55pcjSounds like an API question to me
04:32.10pcjGive an example page then
04:32.50Shirikthis has on it...
04:32.55ShirikFrame:EnableMouse(enableFlag) - Set whether this frame will get mouse input. PROTECTED as of 2.0
04:33.01ShirikThis is NOT a protected function
04:33.14pcjthen fix it
04:33.16pcjsee [[WW:BOLD]]
04:33.31[NewsBot]pcj meant:
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04:33.53ShirikI'm talking about modifying tens of pages, if not nearly a hundred
04:34.18pcjwrite a bot for it then
04:34.35ShirikHeh, you're not getting what I mean >< It's irrelevant if I change all the pages and nobody follows this standard
04:34.59pcjThen create a proposal
04:35.23ShirikFirst line I wrote: (00:25:16) (Shirik) I have a proposal on a serious change to APIs, anyone want to discuss it?
04:35.29Shirikhow would I go about making this more formal proposal then?
04:38.50pcjIs there an API boilerplate, the talk page of that would be a good place
04:48.28Shirikthanks pcj
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06:45.08KazieAnyone who might lead me to an addon that works like KillingSpree, just on single kills?
06:48.11*** part/#wowwiki bleetah (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
07:03.20lprichwhat does KillingSpree do?
07:04.22VolusP blet du havner, hvis du forngter mig!
07:05.42lprichWhat language is that?
07:06.51VolusIt means: On the bonfire you'll end if you deny me
07:06.51lprichso, dutch?
07:07.00VolusNo, Danish.
07:07.13VolusTHough, it's very similar to Dutch
07:07.39Volus <---- Danish
07:08.16lprichI can't tell the difference. I'm a stupid American!
07:09.01VolusDo you think you could tell the difference between Norwegian and Danish?
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07:09.34VolusWhich one is Danish?
07:09.46lprichI dunno, i'm watching some Dexter!
07:10.26VolusWell, I have to go. Bye-bye ;)
07:10.49lprichthey say whih is which on the page!
07:10.57lprichHave a good one!
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07:11.49Fisker-i'm danish :(
07:12.04Fisker-Hey i'm having some trouble with this emu
07:12.18lprichNothing wrong with being danish.
07:12.48Fisker-no but he had to go before he knew i was danish? :I
07:14.56lprichI need to get me the eps of the new season of house!
07:15.59BibiCameron dies
07:16.41lprichIf you just gave me a real spoiler, I'm going to hunt you down and break all your limbs.
07:16.47Fisker-I WAS SPOILED Bibi!1
07:16.50Fisker-I HATE YOU
07:16.55Fisker-if i actually watched that series
07:17.26lprichHouse is awesome!
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07:24.33VolusFisker, are you Danish?
07:26.10VolusDanish National Anthem : " [...] at gotens hjelme og hjerne brast."
07:26.48VolusEnglish translation: "He hit the Swede so hard that his helm and brain was smashed"
07:27.00VolusDanes are evul.
07:28.11Bibi[09:13:51] <lprich> If you just gave me a real spoiler, I'm going to hunt you down and break all your limbs.
07:28.13Bibiit was a real spoiler
07:28.16Bibishe dies, lupus.
07:28.36Fisker-oh lawl
07:29.29lprichSpoiling a show for someone is NOT COOL!
07:29.43Bibibut CAPS LOCK definitely are.
07:29.50lprichYEP! :P
07:29.56Bibianyway you suck
07:30.02Bibiif you watched house, you would know that "it's never lupus"
07:30.39lprichbut sometimes house is wrong
07:30.42Fisker-it's always diabeetuuus
07:30.56KeolahDid you know Darth Vader is Luke's father?
07:31.14lprichKeolah: Damn! Spoiled ANOTHER one for me! :P
07:31.26KeolahAnd Soylent Green is people! ;p
07:32.21Corgan[21:31:12] <+Bibi> if you watched house, you would know that "it's never lupus"
07:32.22CorganI lold
07:33.04lprichyeah, it's pretty funny
07:33.12BibiAt the end of Titanic, the boat sink
07:33.15Bibioh, and King Kong dies.
07:33.25CorganVoldemort kills Neo
07:33.35BibiAdys dies too.
07:37.23lprichI should probably go to bed.
07:38.14lprichthat way bibi can't wtfpwn me anymore
07:38.42CorganMaster Chief dies
07:39.20Fisker-Keolah what movie is that?
07:39.24Fisker-the soylent green one
07:39.36lprichSoylent Green.
07:39.49lprichBeen a long time since i've seen it
07:40.44KeolahI've never seen it.
07:40.46Fisker-i meant nice movie title
07:40.50Fisker-anyways you spoiled me
07:40.55Fisker-and for that you're going to die
07:41.11KeolahI think _everyone_ was spoiled on Soylten Green... they practically gave it away in the ads :P
07:41.58lprichIs that an indication that you are old enough to remember the ads?
07:42.52KeolahI never saw the ads. I read about it on Wikipedia.
07:42.53Fisker-i don't get starwars btw
07:43.08Fisker-why was everyone so surprised that luke was darth vaders son?
07:43.17Fisker-I mean they butthump like hell in the 3 other episodes
07:43.18Corgantwist of the year
07:43.22Corganincluding last year
07:43.41Corganshitting dick nipples
07:43.45Fisker-how can it be a surprise when we know that anakin is obviously shagging the queen?
07:44.05KeolahMy best friend in highschool had never seen the movies and didn't know Luke was his son. father...
07:44.23KeolahAnd this being _long_ before the suquels came out :p
07:44.28Fisker-perhaps your mother is Corgan
07:44.38KeolahYou should have seen her in the movie theater.
07:44.41KeolahNo, suckquels.
07:44.41Fisker-nah sequels are better
07:44.51Corganfrosted butts
07:44.53Fisker-that's my point with my joke just before
07:44.56KeolahShe insisted in sitting in the front row, conducting Darth Vader's theme song.
07:45.00lprichKeolah: more emphasis on the suck
07:45.04Fisker-They obviously give away that darth vader(anakin) is luke's father
07:45.21Fisker-which they shouldn't have given that it was the "twist" of the 3 other episodes
07:45.33Fisker-You'd be absolutely screwed if you saw them episode 1-6
07:45.40Fisker-4-6 then 1-3
07:45.40KeolahAnd when Vader went "No, I am your father," Luke yelled "Nooo!" My friend yelled ,"Noooo!", Luke said, "You're not my father!" my friend yeled "You're not his father!"
07:46.13Fisker-OK #WOWWIKI COUNT TO 10
07:46.37Fisker-where's your frosted butts now Corgan?
07:46.54Corganin your face
07:50.47bleeterKeolah: when I saw Aliens @ the cinema... when Ripley was walking backwards thru the eggs.. I yelled out 'Boo!', I swear everyone leapt about 5 feet in the air
07:50.59bleeterand subsequently the air stank a li'l, too
07:51.37bleeteryes, I'm old enough to have seen Alien on original release, too :-s
07:52.25[NewsBot]World of Raids: Dalaran, 2.3 Arena, Druid and Warrior Changes -
08:39.06Bibilulz Fisker- bought quake wars
08:40.14VolusCheers! Wowwiki Norway is now the third largest Wowwiki!
08:42.38*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
08:43.17Fisker-nah Bibi your mother did
08:43.22Fisker-it was here gift for last night
08:43.44Fisker-Btw Bibi
08:43.51Fisker-heard of pressaccounts?
08:44.08Fisker-they're pretty much like cyber café accounts
09:02.57BibiFisker- : nop
09:03.35Fisker-nope about the press accounts?
09:03.48Fisker-They give them out to fansites and previewers/reviewers
09:04.06Fisker-contains all Valve games and a buttload more
09:04.45*** part/#wowwiki Volus (n=opera@
09:11.46BibiI M A FANSITE
09:13.40Fisker-no u :(
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10:24.42traceyjoin #wowwiki
10:26.08Kaso<tracey> join #wowwiki
10:26.09Kaso tracey has quit (Client Quit)
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11:52.42PolarinaHello Volus.
11:53.37VolusCan anyone tell me about the Winteraxe trolls?
11:55.00VolusI've heard they lived in AV once.
11:58.44*** part/#wowwiki Volus (n=opera@
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13:12.11fred1hi all
13:12.48fred1got a really noob question if anyone wouldnt mind helping me
13:14.28fred1umm HELLOOOO?
13:14.32AFKDuTempeteshoo, fred1
13:14.36AFKDuTempeteerr shoot
13:14.40fred1aah thanks dude
13:15.02fred1i KNOW this is a dumb one, *dudette lol
13:15.21AFKDuTempeteand, in the future, if no one response, I think it's safe to assume we're AFK.  Shouting, "HELLOOOOO!" Is not going to wake anyone up.
13:15.54fred1I just didnt figure thirty people were all AFK, I apologize, really
13:16.10AFKDuTempeteIt happens quite a bit in this channel.
13:16.19AFKDuTempeteBut, why don't you go ahead and ask your question?
13:16.58fred1just wanted t know how to utilize the grid numbers given for locations ie (45,16)
13:17.36AFKDuTempeteThe first coordinate is your x-axies, or horizontal measurement.  The second is the y-axis, or vertical measurement.
13:18.05fred1i understand that
13:18.09fred1but its not inches
13:18.15AFKDuTempeteI can't recall exactly where they start from, though, if it's the bottom left corner, or middle of the screen.
13:18.16pcjIt's units
13:18.28AFKDuTempeteNo, it isn't pixels, either.
13:18.54fred1is there any way to show them, otherwise that wouldnt help
13:19.00fred1know what I mean?
13:19.02AFKDuTempeteYou need an addon for that.
13:19.23fred1i dont suppose you could recommend me one
13:19.26AFKDuTempeteI use titanpanel to display it while I'm moving about, and cartographer to display it on my map.
13:19.39AFKDuTempeteBoth are available at
13:19.50fred1and the units agree with numbers given on Wowwiki?
13:20.13fred1thank you very much dudette, sorry I shouted =/
13:20.13AFKDuTempeteThe units are always the same, as they are created by the game, not by the addon.
13:20.23AFKDuTempeteThe addon merely requests and displays them.
13:20.55fred1well thank you again
13:21.05AFKDuTempeteNP.  Glad to help.
13:21.23AFKDuTempeteFracking kid.
13:22.32*** join/#wowwiki Thrae_ (
13:23.02AFKDuTempeteLost my +v somehow, when I went off. :(  I feel so... average...
13:23.29AFKDuTempeteI don't like being normal. :(
13:24.13AFKDuTempeteAnyway, I'm going back to afk-ness.
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13:25.28BibiDotted : lolboring map.
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14:46.49[NewsBot]WoW Insider: New Hallow's End non-combat pet: the Sinister Squashling -
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15:34.49[NewsBot]WoW Insider: One Boss Leaves: Geddon vs. Vashj wrap-up -
15:46.25[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Funny Stuff: Rachel Maddow on Newt on Second Life -
15:46.28[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Insomnia Cure: Virtual Tour of Prez Hopeful Mike Gravel’s Second Life Campaign HQ -
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16:06.49[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Moviewatch: Rocket Boots, part 2 -
16:24.24*** join/#wowwiki theurge14 (
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16:31.57*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
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16:38.49[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Players want more mid-level content! -
16:41.20*** join/#wowwiki Vineman (
16:58.28*** join/#wowwiki Nandini (n=Nandini@
16:58.54Nandinihi all, can anyone tell me the wiki directive to remove the [edit] links next to section headings?
16:59.18*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
16:59.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
17:00.39Nandininevermind, i found it. it's __NOEDITSECTION__
17:06.25[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Reaction to Law & Order SVU “Avatar” Episode -
17:08.15*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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17:09.10*** join/#wowwiki piu (
17:10.49[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Insider Weekly -
17:14.34*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
17:15.50*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
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17:22.32*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
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17:33.54*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
17:42.56AFKDuTempeteSomeone was asking for me? Pcj?
17:43.04lprichmoin moin
17:43.40*** join/#wowwiki _dok3 (
17:50.01AFKDuTempete<insert dog smiley> Kirkburn|sleep
17:50.07Kirkburn|sleeppcj, ping - lookit!
17:50.23Kirkburn|sleep<insert several dog smilies>, AFKDuTempete :)
17:50.40AFKDuTempete<insert more dog smilies> Kirkburn
17:51.11AFKDuTempeteNeener.  I win.
17:52.43AFKDuTempeteNope, I win you.
17:53.39AFKDuTempeteThat was one of the prizes, right?
17:55.39KirkburnYou had me at <insert dog smiley>
17:55.52*** join/#wowwiki Jiyamb1 (
17:59.35*** join/#wowwiki Volus (n=opera@
17:59.57*** join/#wowwiki dok3 (
18:02.15Jiyamb1Hi peoples
18:05.11VolusAre you Jimbo?
18:07.16KirkburnHey Jiyambi
18:13.39JiyambiI am not Jimbo. And hey Kirkburn
18:14.16KirkburnI almost met Jimbo
18:14.25Kirkburnunfortunately timed my visit badly though :(
18:15.04VolusWhat happened?
18:16.31KirkburnHe wasn't there :P
18:16.49KirkburnWikimania was on
18:17.07*** join/#wowwiki Volus (n=opera@
18:17.15VolusSorry, what did you say? My browser crashed ><
18:18.00KirkburnHe wasn't there, Wikimania was on
18:18.56VolusDo you admire Jimbo?
18:20.36*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
18:21.31VolusHello, Sandwitchman!
18:22.01VolusHmm, can males be witches?
18:22.26Sandwichman2448There is not T anyway...
18:22.41VolusNo, I wasn't talking about your name.
18:23.25KirkburnMale witches are often called "warlocks"
18:23.47VolusYeah, but warlock means "betrayer".
18:23.49Sandwichman2448There are two new WotLK screenshots out. I would upload them, but they always get huge.
18:23.59Sandwichman2448Some port...
18:24.21AFKDuTempeteWhere'd you get that, Volus?  Charmed? :P
18:24.42VolusNo... I don't watch Charmed. Not any more.
18:24.50VolusI read it somewhere.
18:25.11AFKDuTempeteSorry, can't accept that as fact w/o a valid citation.
18:26.25[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Booze Cruise: The Game -
18:26.28[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Unsatisfying: No Juicy Battle, No Precedent as Attorney, SL Settle Lawsuit Over Virtual Property -
18:26.29VolusThe commonly accepted etymology derives warlock from the Old English w?rloga meaning deceiver, or "oathbreaker".[3] A derivation from the Old Norse var-lokkur, "caller of spirits" has also been suggested,[4] however the Oxford English Dictionary considers this etymology inadmissible.[5]
18:26.30VolusThe Oxford English Dictionary also provides the following meanings of the word: Warlock v1 Obs. (ex. dial.) rare, also warloke: To secure (a horse) as with a fetterlock. Warlock v2: To bar against hostile invasion.[6]
18:27.00VolusDo you accept Wikipedia or OED?
18:27.25AFKDuTempeteNot a direct citation of Wikipedia, no.
18:28.12AFKDuTempeteWikipedia is the breadcrumb, not the resource.
18:28.28VolusWell, that's the only thing I found. Google is flooded with pages like "NERF warlocks" or "warlock guide"
18:28.31Fisker-wikipedia does indeed suck!
18:28.38KirkburnSoon you'll be saying we can't even cite WoWWiki ;)
18:28.46VolusOf course you can't
18:28.53VolusAnyone can edit Wowwiki
18:29.06Fisker-invalid xhtml bitch
18:29.32VolusThough, Wowwiki sometimes cite itself.
18:29.46Nandiniif i very carefully used the "darktable" class in a wowwiki article, will it be legible in other skins?
18:29.56Nandinioh nvm i can preview it
18:30.04Fisker- <-lol
18:30.19Fisker-citing is kinda pointless anyways
18:30.53Sandwichman2448I was credited in one of X8 fan fics for some spaces.
18:30.56*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
18:30.56VolusIt makes you look more pro
18:31.52Sandwichman2448It is embarassing to be connected to that.
18:32.31VolusNot at all
18:32.35VolusI think it's cute
18:33.00VolusSandwichman is a cute little gnome.
18:33.19Volus(With no hair!)
18:33.27Sandwichman2448Even more ...s
18:34.22VolusAnyway, since we're talking about role-playing
18:34.40Sandwichman2448We were?
18:34.43VolusDo you know what I like to role-play?
18:35.41Sandwichman2448Your going to tell me...
18:36.04Sandwichman2448A Murloc?
18:36.25AFKDuTempetea girl?
18:36.27KirkburnNandini, the darktable class is intended for that exact purpose
18:36.40VolusSand: No, but close ;)
18:36.45KirkburnSomeone Swedish?
18:37.03VolusEh, where on Earth did you get that idea from, Kirkburn?
18:37.15KirkburnHow about Finnish?
18:37.25VolusI don't speak Finnish.
18:37.31VolusMy Danish is poor...
18:37.35Fisker-ME DANISH
18:37.51VolusOg eder er et flott exemplar  p en dansker.
18:37.53Sandwichman2448Illegal Danish!
18:37.54KirkburnSomeone from the middle of the Baltic Sea?
18:38.04AFKDuTempetewait, no
18:38.07[NewsBot]Det da vidst en lyvelse Volus
18:38.09Fisker-oh hi
18:38.12Fisker-i'm going to play ET:QW
18:38.18[NewsBot]NO U
18:38.22Fisker-NO U
18:39.01VolusI like to roleplay a tank!
18:39.04KirkburnIn any case, we don't care
18:39.33Fisker-i'm just gonna play ET:QW without you then
18:39.36KirkburnWell, I guess someone has to ask ... a tank?
18:39.46KirkburnFisker-, yes, if only I'd bought it ...
18:40.26Sandwichman2448 <-- This?
18:41.05Sandwichman2448Like a tank.
18:41.08AFKDuTempeteKirkburn is playing with me right now, anyway, Fisker-.  You can't have him.
18:41.17KirkburnSandwichman2448, lol, that's not what I was expecting
18:41.26AFKDuTempeteI won him fair and square.
18:41.27Kirkburnit's true :P
18:41.37VolusYou won whom?
18:42.06VolusPete says she won you
18:42.19Sandwichman2448He roleplays a tank, so I linked a tank.
18:42.34KirkburnI don't think shortening her name to "Pete" will be appreciated :P
18:43.15KirkburnSandwichman2448, I would have gone for linking an ogre
18:44.05VolusOk, Mme. DuTempete then :)
18:44.21Sandwichman2448You ment the group tank? Warriors, Pallys, Bears...
18:44.39VolusShadow priests...
18:44.40KirkburnI don't think mages roleplay well as tanks
18:44.46KirkburnOh, priest?
18:45.28VolusShadow priests are the only good cloth tanks.
18:47.08*** join/#wowwiki Droolio (
18:47.36Sandwichman2448There are two new WotLK screenshots out. Alliance port.
18:47.44VolusKirkburn, what makes you believe I play a mage?
18:48.15KirkburnJustice Keep, most likely
18:48.21*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
18:48.45piuhey now, warlocks and mages tank raid bosses
18:49.31KirkburnTwim Emps hardly count
18:50.05piuwe used to use a warlock tank in nef phase 1
18:50.13*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
18:50.13KirkburnWell, they do, I'm just trying to save face :P
18:50.15piuand I've tanked onyxia (!!)
18:50.53piuok so maybe not the whole fight, but long enough to count
18:51.06VolusUhm, you won the threat meter?
18:51.15piutank died, I had aggro
18:51.23VolusOh, well.
18:51.30Nandiniwho is a stickler for style here?
18:51.41VolusWhat does imperative mean?
18:51.43piuwhat sort of style?
18:51.58VolusI'm trying to translate "Sovreign Imperialistic Imperative".
18:51.59NandiniWhen I refer to the Cyclone Battlegroup in the wiki should it be capitalized like that or "Cyclone battlegroup"?
18:52.01piuimperative in the grammatical sense?
18:53.32VolusAh, it means necessity
18:54.12Nandinisovereign means indisputable by position, imperialistic means pertaining to the empire, imperative in this case is an order
18:54.13*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
18:54.26piusense 2
18:54.36Nandiniit's like when George Bush says "we can torture enemy combatants"
18:54.51piunoun sense 2 that is
18:55.27*** join/#wowwiki ZeXx86 (
18:55.30VolusThe first and the last emperors of Rome were both called Romulus.
18:55.31*** part/#wowwiki ZeXx86 (
18:56.17VolusThe first President of the U.S. was called George....
18:57.33Nandinii think i have finished my first wowwiki page!
18:58.10Nandinii would like some feedback if possible to make sure i'm doing things right
19:00.28piuone suggestion: move to an article name with fewer caps
19:00.37piu[[US Realm list by datacenter]]
19:00.37[NewsBot]piu meant:
19:00.55Nandinishould realm stay capitalized?
19:01.17VolusI'll write "Overhyhetlig befaling av imperialistisk natur" then.
19:01.37piuI don't know
19:02.19piudepends if blizz capitalizes it all the time
19:02.32VolusI don't think they do.
19:03.44Volushis page lists all available World of Warcraft Realms as well as the status of each. A Realm can be listed as either Up or Down. Messages related to Realm status and scheduled maintenance will be posted in the Realm Status Forum. Let us apologize in advance if your Realm is listed as down. Chances are we're working diligently to bring it back online as quickly as possible.
19:03.53VolusLooks as if they do O:
19:03.56Nandinii don't think they should, but for example, the realm status page capitalizes it several times without refering to a specific realm
19:04.50Nandinihowever, on the "Realm Types" page it is not capitalized.
19:05.01NandiniRealms are defined by name and type. Choosing your realm is the very first decision you will have to make before playing World of Warcraft. In any case, you can speak with, search for, and group only with other players that have created characters of the same faction (Horde or Alliance) and on the same realm as you. Players on opposite factions cannot talk, group, or trade with each other on any realm; their most meaningful interaction will be on the batt
19:07.14Nandinii do not capitalize it anywhere in my own text, even when refering to a specific realm, e.g., "the Darrowmere realm"
19:08.13VolusI think you should
19:08.31VolusFor instance, it's The Realm of New Zealand
19:08.37VolusNot The realm of New Zealand
19:09.06Nandinibut the full and proper name of the Darrowmere realm isn't "Darrowmere Realm" it's just "Darrowmere"
19:09.52Nandininor would i write the Darrowmere Server
19:10.41Nandinii suppose if I were roleplaying, I might style myself "Nandini of Realm Darrowmere"
19:10.48[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Beware new Wrath beta e-mails scams -
19:10.55Nandinibut that would be a silly proper noun :P
19:11.36VolusWell, I think we should stick to the rule used by the EU:
19:12.05Kirkburn ... revamped!
19:12.25VolusThe longer the name is the fewer capitalised letters you use.
19:13.51KirkburnNot a rule I've ever heard of
19:14.13KirkburnNandini, personal preference, I wouldn't worry about
19:15.10Kirkburn"Capitalise specific references, but lowercase general references."
19:15.22KirkburnSeems fair to me
19:16.35Kirkburnpiu, the projects thing is live on the CP
19:16.44piuyup, cool
19:16.51piuit should ge more exposure there
19:17.15piuneed to work out the details on how to start a new project
19:18.15piuit should be easy, but the big problem is tons of irrelevant, duplicate, small and inactive projects spamming the project space
19:18.39VolusWell, bye bye. I'm going on holiday now
19:20.46VolusWell, at least DuTempete is not angry at me any more. ;)
19:20.48*** part/#wowwiki Volus (n=opera@
19:46.59*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
19:46.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
19:48.32Kirkburnlol at his last comment
20:01.40*** join/#wowwiki Drool (
20:04.44*** join/#wowwiki Vineman (
20:06.32Bibi`We're getting more and more crappy custom maps on TF2
20:06.35Bibi`I blame Kirkburn and Dotted
20:08.11Bibi`I blame windows vista too.
20:22.47[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Extending the weather and seasons of Azeroth -
20:27.14Fisker-i blame your mother
20:27.16Fisker-case closed
20:30.34*** join/#wowwiki hurax (
20:30.42*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
20:30.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+v cladhaire] by ChanServ
20:39.16*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
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20:41.28*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
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20:47.01Daemonahmmm any1 know how to reach the ppl from seems they dont read their bugreports reported via the page
20:47.45Sky2042uh... use wowhead?
20:49.42piucompetition is good!
20:58.20piuwhat are the icon file names for the varios class icons
20:58.56Nandinitake a look at the Class page (linked from the main page)
21:00.15piucan't find a full sized one
21:01.02piu[[Image:IconLarge Mage.gif]] is 26x26
21:01.03[NewsBot]piu meant:
21:01.38Sky2042i think that's the largest you're gonna get.
21:01.57piuand that's a gif
21:01.59foxlit26x26 isn't a native BLP size
21:02.07piuall our other icons are full size imports
21:02.20Nandiniin the BLP textures, all the class icons are stored in one file
21:02.37Nandiniand they have a border around them, which may have been removed for use in wowwiki icons
21:02.51foxlit26*x=2^n, x,n in Natural. Go solve.
21:03.12piuso those icons are stored separately from icons for spell, items, etc?
21:03.31Nandiniyes, they're part of the Glue (they're 32x32 within the big texture file itself)
21:04.04Nandinithey come from the texture used in the character creation screen
21:04.23Sky2042that's what i thought (about char screen)
21:04.38Nandinithey might actually be 64x64 in that texture, let me look. i'm pretty sure the big ones are on wowwiki already too
21:04.58piuif they're uploaded, can't find the namge
21:05.20piuif not I'll break that up and upload, thanks fox
21:10.14foxlitHm, interesting.
21:11.49foxlitI messed up the DXT5 conversion in my blp2png php script, but not in my blp2png lua script :/
21:15.36*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
21:15.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
21:22.24Sky2042ni hao?
21:23.13DaemonaSky2042 does wowhead have a char planer?
21:23.27Sky2042Daemona: is it in the plans?
21:23.36piucompetition is good!
21:24.26pcjI need a Foxbot!
21:25.16*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
21:25.21*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
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21:25.47[NewsBot]pcj has updated the stats for #wowwiki! See the #wowwiki stats:
21:26.45infobotfrom memory, foxbot is [[User:Foxbot]], launch by saying "I need a Foxbot!" while foxlit is around.
21:27.35Sky2042dotted, your new software sucks.
21:27.40foxlitDoesn't always work :)
21:27.55pcjI need a Foxbot!
21:27.56pcjI need a Foxbot!
21:28.15pcjhmm 0/4
21:28.17foxlitEven if it did, it'd ignore spam requests rather easily :)
21:28.48piuwho runs the infobot
21:28.57pcjsome noob
21:29.17piuinfobot is a noob
21:29.57piuwhat kind of self-respecting piece of automated chat software won't stick up for itself when taunted
21:30.12Sky2042infobot sucks
21:30.12infobotonly if you ask nicely and pay well.
21:30.23piuthat's the stuff
21:30.30infobotupdatedb; locate; talk; date; cd; strip; look; touch; finger; unzip; uptime; gawk; head; apt-get install condom; mount; fsck; gasp; more; yes; yes; yes; more; umount; apt-get remove --purge condom; make clean; sleep, or super extractor,
21:39.38*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
21:43.45piuhmm, should it be [[Category:WoWWiki Projects]] or [[Category:WoWWiki projects]]
21:46.43Sky2042the latter
21:47.25piuyeah, the editing page says former, but lately we've been not doing that
21:47.34piuand it's already created that way
21:49.49Sky2042i'll probably edit the editing page sooner or later :|
21:57.52*** join/#wowwiki A2 (
22:06.48[NewsBot]WoW Insider: A Rogue class review by WoW's European players -
22:38.08*** join/#wowwiki piu (
22:45.46*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
22:45.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
22:46.26*** join/#wowwiki NimbleRabit (
22:48.52*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
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22:51.00*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata124 (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
23:07.16*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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23:36.13*** join/#wowwiki Paradox_ (
23:41.50RprpDoes someone know when 2.2.3 is coming live?
23:43.10bleeterWhen it's ready™
23:53.56Sky2042i'd guess this tuesday or the one after.
23:54.47bleeteri'd be guessing that they'll want to push some fixes this tuesday, then if there's anything that hasn't been fixed by then, next tuesday
23:55.28bleetera lot of it seems client side, so hopefully won't require major server downtime... but who knows
23:56.46foxlitYou gain fatigue every second, and you lose it every two :/

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