IRC log for #wowwiki on 20071001

00:01.55bleetersounds like you need a 'HOWTO:_Not_be_an_annoying_noob' stub/category thing to help with the future race page/s :P
00:04.11BagginswwI usually like samwise art
00:04.13Bagginswwbut that one sucks
00:04.23Bagginswwsamwise actually drew himself into the artwork :p
00:04.44Bagginswwhe made chen look like his self pandaren portrait :p
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00:50.00KirkburnBagginsww, frontpage?
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01:03.26Bagginsww'front page intro might work"
01:05.19BagginswwI wish teldrassil in the game looked like a tree rather than a stump :p
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01:07.51KirkburnBagginsww, can you reupload under a new name
01:07.58KirkburnDon't overwrite completely different images
01:08.05KirkburnEspecially in-game ones
01:08.06BagginswwI was rewriting my old image :p
01:08.25KirkburnEven if you did make it, yes :)
01:08.53KirkburnX8 was using it for his own stuff too
01:09.28KirkburnNice new tyrande pic btw :)
01:11.25Bagginswwya it has good colors
01:11.31Bagginswwuntil someone argues it isn't tyrande :p
01:12.11Bagginswwbut context shows its tyrande IMO
01:12.38Bagginswwthat's definitely furion and illdian
01:13.37Bagginswwsigh I need to write a paper, but I an't seem to get into it :p
01:13.43Bagginswwits ont really a subject I enjoy
01:13.52Bagginswwlinguistis ;p
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01:15.02KirkburnTa for the image reup Bagginsww :)
01:15.18Kirkburnlol, at the "it isn't tyrande" comment ^^
01:15.32Kirkburn*Brain 'splode*
01:16.01BagginswwI wonder if trinity is for an upcoming rpg sourcebook or novel
01:16.03Bagginswwor comic
01:16.13Bagginswwit looks like coverart
01:17.42Bagginswwhmm I know
01:17.51BagginswwWar of the Ancients Archive?
01:18.33Bagginsww guess not. unless amazon has a promo cover
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02:50.55Bagginswwanyone play tcg?
02:50.59BagginswwI have a question
02:51.11Bagginswwbesides the "do you play tcg" :p
02:55.19Bagginsww that's a neutral card right?  neither horde nor alliance?
03:01.35Bagginswwapparently it is
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03:41.19AdysSorry, was busy
03:41.20Fisker-no Adys
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03:41.32Fisker-i liked this guy
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03:41.53piuthe wikia gateway strikes again?
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03:42.11Fisker-just ban the "i=something" part
03:42.13AdysI f'd up my ban there
03:42.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+b %*gateway*!*@*] by Adys
03:42.35Fisker-still fucked it up
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03:42.52Fisker-ban i=4c1b0efa@*.*
03:43.08Bagginswwwatch heilg
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03:43.18Bagginswwlooks to be a vandal
03:43.21*** kick/#wowwiki [paco27th!] by Adys (Adys)
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03:43.30Bagginswwwill ban him if he vandalizes one more time
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03:44.13Adysscripts ftw
03:44.16piuspawn camping!
03:44.24Fisker-just ban my address and he won't be able to login
03:44.43Fisker-actually i'm missing a part
03:44.56Fisker-is it user!ident@host?
03:45.02Fisker-or is it ident!user@host?
03:45.44Adys[05:43:32] * Adys sets ban on %*!i=*@gateway/web/cgi-irc/*
03:45.47Adysthat muted him
03:45.58Fisker-but you banned everyone else as well
03:46.03Adysdont care
03:46.09Adyssort it with someone else
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03:46.46Adys*** #wowwiki Cannot send to channel
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03:49.02Adysfreenode is slow
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03:51.09Adysits way funnier muting them
03:52.05Adysanyway back to my work
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05:23.16Sky2042wait, wtf bagginsww, you here?
05:23.24Bagginswwwhat happened?
05:23.51Sky2042 when did humans become the descendant of troggs, and the same of gnomes?
05:24.05Bagginswwfan theory
05:24.14Bagginswwlemonbaby made that
05:24.15BagginswwI think
05:24.29Bagginswwand its very old
05:24.33Bagginswwhasn't been updated
05:24.46Sky2042and no, it was adonzo
05:24.58Bagginswwdwarves, humans and gnomes probably should fall under the same tree
05:25.07Bagginswwthey share many of the same abilities
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05:26.17Bagginswwso sky I was pleased to find out that Blizzard kept their stance for Chen Stormstout in the TCG that he is a neutral hero.
05:26.29Bagginswwneither horde nor alliance
05:27.37Sky2042why would they do otherwise? :)
05:28.21Bagginswwbecause their are fanboys that think that he was horde because he was on the "Bonus Campaign" they assume was a "horde campaign" :p
05:28.48BagginswwBut I doubt blizzard listen to those fans
05:29.23Sky2042i wonder how often blizzard reads wowwiki, if they ever do...
05:29.34BagginswwI don't think they do
05:29.39Bagginswwauthors might, but that's about all
05:30.31Bagginswwwhat I mean is someone that lives between the fan world and the blizzard world, not a blizzard employee.
05:30.46Bagginswwbut given the chance to write for blizzard.
05:31.27Bagginswwbut ya while Bonus capaign features Horde, the main aspect of the game was to showcase the "neutral hero" classes in the game.
05:31.50BagginswwRexxar for example starts out not a member of the Horde, but someone who feels like doing the right thing
05:32.09Bagginswwhelping them out because its the honorable thing
05:32.36BagginswwHe also teams up with a variety of characters from different sides
05:32.46BagginswwIncluding Jaina at one point
05:33.24BagginswwIts rather interesting to note in final mission he's not allowed ot kill any of Jaina's people, or rather their buildings, because he's technically alliied to her.
05:33.47Bagginswwif you destroy them it ends the mission heh heh
05:34.21*** join/#wowwiki pcj` (
05:34.32Bagginswwthe idea is to kill Daelen, so that her people will stand down.
05:34.48Bagginswwthey are innocents, and not part of Daelen's treachery.
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05:35.13Sky2042having fun pcj?
05:35.29Bagginswwstill I have to say from a certain standpoint that Jaina's patracide by innaction is a might creepy :p
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05:36.25BagginswwI've always wondered if there was another route they could have taken
05:36.31Bagginswwtried to capture Daelen.
05:36.46Bagginswwwhat would have happened if Jaina was with Rexxar for the final battle?
05:36.54Bagginswwand tried to stop the fight.
05:37.54Sky2042proudmoore would have killed her. and then he still would have died.
05:38.15Sky2042or at least tried to, anyway
05:38.21Sky2042either way, the man still ends up dead.
05:39.06BagginswwWell it depends on how twisted he was.
05:39.35BagginswwIf she stood between them both, offering up her own life, she might have gotten through to him if he wasn't completely insane.
05:39.44BagginswwIf he still loved her.
05:40.08Sky2042yeah... that only happens with disney endings
05:40.56Bagginswwother other alternative she dies, and he gives up in remorse for what he did, :p
05:41.19Bagginswwwhild cradling her :p
05:42.00Sky2042corny sappy blah blah balh. thrall would still kill him for killing her
05:42.12Sky2042he was doomed the moment he decided to make war against the orcs
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05:42.58BagginswwHeh, so it means the orcs can't forgive humans, ;)
05:43.11Bagginswwcan't wait to see what we learn in the upcoming comic ;)
05:44.05Sky2042no, it means orcs aren't
05:44.40Sky2042they can, as can be seen by the fact that Thrall allowed Jaina her strip of land, even after beginning a conflict with her
05:44.51Bagginswwwell you know it could just be hype, but the promotional for that comic, is Horde's dark secret :p
05:44.56Sky2042(what's the title)
05:45.13*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
05:45.23BagginswwI mean what does this cliched amnesiac character going to discover that's so dark about the Horde?
05:45.43Bagginswwand what makes him so charismatic to be a danger for the Horde?
05:47.23BagginswwPlus all the talk about wanting to bring back the evil horde, ;p...
05:47.37Bagginswwshowing that they haven't changed :p
05:48.07[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Items, Arena season 3, Patch 2.2.2 and 2.3 -
05:55.07Bagginswwbut ya Brann thinks Daelin was insane, literally
06:13.21*** join/#wowwiki Nimble (
06:13.25Sky2042ok, that is an awesome effect
06:15.39BagginswwHeh heh
06:15.46Bagginswwbut ya its cool that he's neutral
06:15.51*** part/#wowwiki Skosiris (
06:16.02Bagginswwdon't like the artwork much though...
06:16.26Bagginswwsamwise copied his personal avatar as Chen :p
06:17.40Bagginswwand chen without his hat :(
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07:10.13BagginswwI was just thinking it would be funny if we found out that Mo-arg were males of their speciesk, and ganarg were the females.
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07:15.41Sky2042adys, bagginsww, tekkub, are you getting 500 errors when trying to access the wiki?
07:15.45Sky2042and anyone else
07:15.55Sky2042gah, who bork it
07:17.29Bagginswwso ya sky its interesting the map with gilligim and lapidus islands is seen throught the RPG
07:17.32Bagginswwas background artwork
07:17.52Bagginswwnever named, but you can see them.
07:25.59*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
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08:03.30test_No article about Vurne?
08:04.09NikkoThat´s pretty jawbreaking
08:09.35AdysFisker-: ping
08:16.54Mike-N-GoAdys: Pong
08:17.20Mike-N-GoWhat,  you were hoping for someone to respond? I know you were!
08:20.35EpistaxisDid you enjoy your treats :D
08:22.59AdysEpistaxis: wut? :o
08:23.01Adysand log msn
08:43.18*** join/#wowwiki laurly (
09:02.19*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
09:11.43*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
09:11.48SroshSomeone else getting errors on , too?
09:14.16Olisonis wowwiki using the mysql or the pgsql backend of mediawiki?
09:15.15Fisker-Adys :(
09:15.18Fisker-i has a headache
09:15.25Fisker-<----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> this big
09:15.37AdysI need your script
09:15.41*** join/#wowwiki m910q (n=Hans@
09:15.43Adysyou used for the armory leeching
09:16.14Adysand god i need sleep
09:16.16Adysi read "head"
09:16.19Adysinstead of headache
09:16.31Fisker-wfor i in `seq 1 99999`; do wget -m -U "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)"$i; done;
09:16.34Fisker-for i in `seq 1 99999`; do wget -m -U "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)"$i; done;
09:17.26Fisker-replace the number with what you want
09:17.36Fisker-that's the beauty of a keyboard
09:17.44*** join/#wowwiki TOR_CNR (n=TOR@wikipedia/TOR)
09:17.55TOR_CNRhi all
09:17.56bleeterbtw, |Pixel| was saying that is now combined EU and US, I didn't check to see if that was true
09:18.34bleeterFisker-: oh, for a moment there I thought it was being suggested that there were 99999 items ;)
09:18.36TOR_CNRwe've encountered some server problems. people are working on that now. sorry for the inconvenience. :)
09:18.39|Pixel|I didn't say it was combined :)
09:18.49bleeter|Pixel|: oh, I misundertood, sorry :)
09:18.53|Pixel|I said it got its own domain name now
09:19.12|Pixel|but is still europe only
09:19.19|Pixel|and is for us
09:19.22Fisker-bleeter i did that initially for testing
09:19.28bleeterthis is why no one ever gives me voice.. I'm so full of shit ><
09:19.41Fisker-but no item existed beyond 32000ish items
09:19.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+v bleeter] by Adys
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09:20.59[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Azeroth Interrupted: How to tell it's time to take a WoW break -
09:26.32*** join/#wowwiki Psyker7 (n=email@
09:27.11Psyker7Presumably you guys realize the site has died? >.<
09:29.29*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
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09:29.38Adyscairenn isnt admin, kirk is asleep, baggins and i cant do shit :p
09:29.47Psyker7aah well
09:29.57Psyker7can you name the 4 oceanic pve servers for me ^.^
09:33.46Psyker7Adys - seems its a wikia problem - can't get their front page to load
09:38.09Psyker7seems you missed....
09:39.40Psyker7Wikia - "(Can't contact the database server: Too many connections ("
09:41.47TOR_CNRguys, yes -- we're experiencing some trouble with the db servers
09:42.06TOR_CNROps is already working on it.
09:50.51Fisker-hehe Adys he's back
10:11.21Psyker7I doubt it appreciates that
10:12.17bleeterPsyker7: btw, iirc there's 6 Oceanics :P
10:12.29Psyker7pve ones bleeter
10:12.34Psyker72 of thema re pvp
10:12.38Psyker7i found it though dw
10:12.58Psyker7Amun'Thul, Dath'Remar, Nagrand and Khaz'Goroth
10:13.00*** join/#wowwiki Demetrious (n=demetrio@unaffiliated/demetrious)
10:13.17bleeterah, soz, yeah, I skip-read the PvE bit... I've got toons on a couple of them, though I transferred most of mine off 'coz.. ugh, they're full of aussie kids during my main playtime ;)
10:13.36*** join/#wowwiki BigRedPimp (i=d0c9e508@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
10:14.21Psyker7I'm on Uther atm.... and the few aussie guilds around are failing =( we got gruul down 4 times or so then after a few goes at lurker people started giving up =(
10:18.09bleeterI moved to Thorium Brotherhood, PvE RP... thinking of taking my Barthilas toons off to an RPPvP realm soon, 'coz summer's on it's way and it'll only get worse
10:24.31*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
10:24.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
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11:09.13*** part/#wowwiki bingoxXx (n=manik@
11:12.06*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
11:13.57[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Spiritual Guidance: Threat and you -
11:16.34*** join/#wowwiki Ultravoice (n=polx@
11:34.45DottedRC IRC feeds plix!
11:41.06*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
11:41.47KirkburnTOR_CNR ... here!? :P
11:42.04TOR_CNRKirkburn: yup. 'sup?
11:42.12KirkburnHow goes? :)
11:42.38TOR_CNRKirkburn: cool, thanks. :) managed to pass my lingustics exam on Saturday :P
11:43.32DuTempeteoooh linguistics!
11:43.42DuTempeteI'm loving that class, so far.
11:44.34TOR_CNRyeah, proportional phonological opposition... :P
11:44.57DuTempeteI had to give a presentation and paper on problem-solving conversational maxims, and I used IRC to do it.
11:45.10DuTempeteLol, sounds like your class is a bit more advanced than mine. :P
11:46.59TOR_CNRhehe :P
11:47.32TOR_CNRPolish courses are like that. Loads of information. ;) Hard to keep up sometimes.
11:47.36TOR_CNROK, back to work...
11:47.48KirkburnOn WoWWiki extensions?! ;)
11:48.14KirkburnDon't tell me you weren't expecting that :P
11:49.25DuTempeteBe nice, you!
11:49.47KirkburnI am :(
11:49.58DuTempeteNot always. :P
11:50.16DuTempete<insert dog smiley> Kirkburn
11:52.25Kirkburn<insert dog smiley> DuTempete :)
11:58.40bleeterKirkburn: look, some idiot gave me voice!
12:09.53KirkburnWow, this PC isn't like any I've seen before
12:10.04[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Breakfast Topic: Your favorite silly things -
12:10.06KirkburnSince when do power supplies go at the bottom? :P
12:10.21DottedKirkburn i think TOR_CNR is ignoring me :(
12:10.32TOR_CNRDotted: really? why?
12:10.42KirkburnCause you ignored him ;)
12:10.59DottedTOR_CNR well if you scroll up a bit ^^
12:11.05Dotted[13:35:47] [+Dotted]: TOR_CNR!
12:11.05Dotted[13:36:00] [+Dotted]: RC IRC feeds plix!
12:11.11KirkburnHe keeps pestering me about it ><
12:11.25TOR_CNRDotted: sorry, hadn't noticed that :/
12:11.29Dottednp :)
12:12.40TOR_CNRDotted: Inez *is* working on the IRC RC thing. I'm poking him to do wowwiki constantly. Should be up this week. Tomorrow, if he actually gets here instead of working remotely :P Phisical poking is more effective, you know ;)
12:13.03Dottedhurrah \o/
12:13.21KirkburnYay for Inez and you :)
12:13.35KirkburnAnd agreed to physical poking
12:13.56Dotted[14:14:54] ::: p 0 staff members <- freenode staff is slacking :(
12:14.07KirkburnThough one does feel rather guilty when you half of the wikia office stay up late working on wowwiki, and I'm there
12:14.14Kirkburn*when half
12:15.09KirkburnDotted, you know about the (freenode-related) bike accident from way back?
12:15.21Dotteddont think so
12:15.39KirkburnLast year the lead freenode guy was killed in a road accident :/
12:17.05KirkburnObviously didn't mean the end of freenode, but they did lose an important member ... *sigh*
12:17.08Fisker-what does the scouter say about your powerlevel?
12:17.25KirkburnIt's about 9
12:17.28DottedKirkburn idd
12:18.04Fisker-oh u Dotted
12:18.09Fisker-just totally making fun of someone dead
12:18.54Dottedi just pointed out that there were no staff online you fool
12:19.10Fisker-i want a witchhunt
12:19.18DottedAlso Jackass 3 is coming
12:19.38Fisker-noone cares
12:19.40Fisker-jackass sucks
12:20.06Dottedi was just changing sunject
12:20.13bleeter:( @ lilo
12:20.27Dottedlilo & stitch
12:20.47Dottedwould make an awsome bootloader
12:20.50Fisker-so Bibi
12:20.51Fisker-you there?
12:21.15Kirkburn(lilo, for those not in the know, was the guy)
12:21.32Kirkburn(and yes, always made me think of Stitch too :)
12:21.47Dottedi thougt of the bootloader :(
12:22.42Fisker-real men does that
12:23.14bleeter~wiki rob levin
12:24.15bleeternick explanation on that page.. not the loader, not the movie.. etc. ;)
12:24.30Fisker-OH U
12:24.49Fisker-why would they ask about the lilo and stitch when he had the nick years prior to the movie
12:24.51Fisker-FUCKING TARDS
12:24.58Fisker-he's rolling over in his grave et.c
12:25.55Dottedobviously nu new users got to no him after the movie was released
12:26.13Fisker-it's called research
12:26.24bleetermaybe someone asked him about the air matress, and he threw the movie in for good meaure during his reply :P
12:27.00TOR_CNRGuys, please stop that, OK?
12:27.26DottedYes master :(
12:27.33KalrothStop what?
12:27.45Fisker-Dunno, having a fight over a dead guy
12:27.59Fisker-probably not the most political way to go about it :/
12:28.31winkillerthat was the most sophisticated explanation for a STFU I ever heard
12:28.40winkillerFisker- wins the internet
12:28.52Fisker-oh u winkiller
12:29.08KalrothMeh, it's not like he can hear you
12:29.51Fisker-didn't even know he was called lilo :P
12:31.02Fisker-Curse is Meet your makers now?
12:31.23winkillerso it seems
12:31.28Fisker-didn't know they actually renamed the guild
12:31.28winkillerno clue why, tho
12:31.31Fisker-well or remade the guild
12:33.28Fisker-so 2.3 on ptr today would be fun
12:33.52KirkburnBloody hell, this case is massive
12:34.01[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Sylvanas' song, remixed -
12:34.17KirkburnMust be over 2ft
12:35.25*** join/#wowwiki Adys_ (
12:35.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys_] by ChanServ
12:35.26Fisker-oh the case
12:38.48KirkburnJesus christ, this thing is quiet
12:39.27Fisker-i wonder if they'll screw up the patcher though
12:39.34Fisker-if they launch before 2.2.2
12:39.41Fisker-then the PTR patch won't work on 2.2.2 clients
12:40.21*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
12:43.38*** join/#wowwiki arskeh (
12:45.10Fisker-i'm a supergirl Kirkburn :(
12:46.23Kirkburnyou sure are
12:54.06[NewsBot]World of Raids: 2.2 Undocumented Changes Part 2, Game Security issues -
12:56.38Fisker-no u Dotted
12:56.51Dottedi win
13:04.03[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Media Relations to Be Addressed at London Games Festival -
13:04.06[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Public Radio Alert: 1st Amendment Expert Talks Games -
13:05.01DottedFisker- lololol at peter pans on tv2 news
13:06.06[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Caption This! -
13:10.23Fisker-no Dotted
13:10.41Oree~wiki Ace of spades
13:11.05Oreetssk, not the song? oO
13:13.18Fisker-anyone know if i can make multiple loops in a bash script and how?
13:14.59winkillerwhy not?
13:15.04winkillerjust normal
13:21.09Fisker-i hate you
13:23.42Fisker- yay he got ownt
13:27.10*** join/#wowwiki Vineman (
13:31.56*** join/#wowwiki elmargol (
13:32.27*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
13:32.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
13:46.12KirkburnOmg, so quiet in here
13:46.49KirkburnNo, I mean in my room ... normally I'm fighting with my desktop's fans :P
13:51.30espaii'm fighting lag.
13:51.37espaibut i lose every single time
13:53.00*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
13:53.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
13:53.00Fisker-i'm fighting freedom
14:01.32KirkburnTOR_CNR, how do the block changes work?
14:02.06[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: Are two pairs of wings better than one? -
14:03.25TOR_CNRKirkburn: it's built into MediaWiki, I just set a variable to true :P
14:04.10KirkburnI'm not seeing a difference though
14:04.19Fisker-block changes eh?
14:04.40KirkburnAllowing people to edit talk pages only
14:05.01Fisker-excuse me wtf r u doin?
14:05.23*** join/#wowwiki ws (
14:05.29Fisker-or just a block that you can put in, in case of vandalism?
14:05.50KirkburnMost bans only need an article ban, they should still be able to talk
14:06.04wsJesus, downloading patch 2.2 over wireless connection
14:06.24Fisker-ah Kirkburn
14:06.25KirkburnI have to redownload all of WoW :P
14:06.25Fisker-like that
14:06.34Fisker-thought you meant you would block the whole site :P
14:06.41bleeterif only
14:06.44KirkburnFisker-, lol no
14:06.55KirkburnOh! I have installers on my external HD, awesome
14:07.35KirkburnHowever, Steam is now sucking down the bandwidth :)
14:07.58KirkburnHL2: Lost Coast STILL complains about my CPU
14:08.31KirkburnIt wants 2.9GHz, I have 2.7GHz
14:08.38KirkburnNevermind this is a Core 2 Duo :/
14:08.55wsdo you play CS by any chance?
14:09.09wsI try to play counter strike: condition zero on the net
14:09.13KirkburnHave you checked my Steam account recently? :P
14:09.22bleeterReally, it's the Kirkburn detect routine, just something got screwed up in the enGB translation :P
14:09.28Kirkburn  --- join me!
14:09.30Fisker-Kirkburn just run it?
14:09.41Fisker-as far as i know you can tell it to ignore it
14:09.41KirkburnGotta install it first Fisker- :P
14:10.02Fisker-also says my drivers are outdated :P
14:10.24KirkburnMy PC came with days-old drivers :)
14:10.49KirkburnBasically the latest stuff as of last thursday, I love this company
14:11.24Fisker-no you don't!
14:11.36LukianKirkburn, does it have linux installed? :D
14:11.45KirkburnVista Home Premium, duh
14:11.52Fisker-i'm considering buying a quad-core and 8800 GTX now :(
14:11.55KirkburnMe? Linux? looool :)
14:11.55Fisker-i just want it
14:12.03Fisker-but next month is a new graphics card and new cpu
14:12.29KirkburnAch, I don't want to hear about newer stuff yet :P
14:13.18Kirkburnlol, now downloaded 6 games at once
14:15.11Lukianpiracy? :P
14:17.28Bagginswwwhat cpu you have kirburn?
14:17.39Bagginswwoh 2.7
14:18.06Bagginswwfunny thing is that demo level doesn't really need that much of a processor if you have good ram and video card heh
14:18.36Bagginswwanycase lost coast doesn't even use two cores does it?
14:18.40Bagginswwonly one?
14:19.05Bagginswwthey are putting in multicore support in episode 2
14:20.08Bagginswwmmm, episode 2 :)
14:20.48BagginswwI'm sure it'll be better than Star Wars Episode 2 which was arguebly the best of the prequel trilogy, imo, but still not as good as the original trilogy/non-special edition.
14:23.46KirkburnThe CPU gets the lowest score on the ratings, 5.5 :(
14:24.03[NewsBot]GamePolitics: British Rating Board Unveils New, Parent-friendly Website -
14:24.12KirkburnHD gets 5.8, the rest is max
14:24.24KirkburnHD may have been lower though because it was busy at the time
14:24.28Bagginswwdid you preorder orange box?
14:24.41KirkburnTF2 and Peggle ftw
14:24.41Bagginswwme too heh
14:24.48Bagginswwportal looks cool
14:25.01Bagginswwcan't wait to see how it fits into the mythology
14:25.03KirkburnJoined the wowwiki group on steam yet, then?
14:25.09Bagginswwnot yet
14:25.14KirkburnDoo eet!
14:25.39BagginswwI passed up episode 1 so orange box was an even better deal for me heh
14:25.56BagginswwI borrowed someone's account to play episode 1 previously though
14:25.59KirkburnAh yes, I need to give HL2 and Ep1 to someone
14:26.14BagginswwI have a copy of just HL2 to give away
14:26.16Fisker-they're updating Ep1 and HL2 with achievements
14:26.21KirkburnThey are?!
14:26.24Fisker-and graphical improvements
14:26.32KirkburnAh yes, Xbox stylee!
14:26.34Bagginswwthey going to add multicore support?
14:26.56Bagginswwmy quadcore is going to finally be utilized to its fullest heh
14:27.12*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (i=Dotted@
14:27.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
14:27.35Fisker-i don't know if it will be available by launch though
14:27.52Fisker-also the games you already own you can give away when the game is released
14:27.55BagginswwI think episode 2 is supposed to be multicore compatible at launch
14:28.01Bagginswwbut it could take time to add it to the others
14:28.16Bagginswwya that's what I meant I have a copy of HL2 to give away :)
14:28.35Fisker-well technically all the games will support it when the source sdk is updated
14:28.52Fisker-but the dynamic shadows and hdr will have to be manually implemented
14:28.55Fisker-i believe
14:29.04Fisker-so they have to recompile their maps
14:29.21Fisker-they could surprise us though and already have finished that though
14:29.25Fisker-you never know
14:29.48DottedFisker- i win
14:29.48KirkburnWell, they had to do it for the Xbox versions already
14:29.51Fisker-no I win
14:29.58Fisker-yeah Kirkburn that was my thought exactly
14:30.17Fisker-but officially they haven't given it any timeframe yet
14:30.35DottedFisker- i got as a vhost, too bad i donated to freenode - now im stuck with this fake one :(
14:31.24Dottedi win
14:31.43Fisker-no ME
14:31.58Dottedyou dont have a wowwiki vhost
14:32.36Fisker-not even close
14:32.48Bagginswwahh I see
14:32.50Dottedthank god
14:33.16BagginswwI want to get bioshock from steam, but I think I'll wait for the price to drop
14:33.40Fisker-DONT DO IT
14:33.51Fisker-i'm here to rescue you
14:34.02Fisker-I am sarah connor
14:34.31Fisker-each time a person buys bioshock a made up god kills made up kittens
14:34.41Bagginswwwhy lol?
14:35.06Bagginswwsteam version is the only version that doesn't have that insidious piracy rootkit :p
14:35.14Fisker-short game, crappy story, simplified gameplay, oh and retarded security meassures
14:35.17Bagginswwalthough I probably already instead that rootkit with other games :p
14:35.19Fisker-Bagginsww no not really
14:35.25Fisker-and it's not considered a rootkit
14:35.45Fisker-The Steam version has the same securom shit
14:36.06BagginswwI thought steam was using its own security measure
14:36.13Fisker-it is
14:36.17Bagginswwwikipedia lied on the matter, ;)
14:36.25Fisker-but the fatcats at 2K suck
14:36.43Bagginswwbut ya I think its a game worthy of waiting for it to be $20
14:37.11Bagginswwalot of games I wouldn't pay $40-50 for are worth it when they are less, :)
14:37.22Fisker-Pei think i've played more peggle than bioshock
14:37.30Bagginswwbtw I love Airborne. But i'm a ww2 shooter junky LOL
14:37.54Fisker-Airborne was a good idea
14:37.57Fisker-just poorly executed
14:37.58BagginswwI've been playing it on hardest mode since I knew ahead of time it was a short game
14:38.06Fisker-that was a good choice :P
14:38.16Fisker-ran through it in like 3 hours
14:38.33Fisker-even Bioshock was better in that respect
14:38.37BagginswwI'm still not finished with it probably spent 10 hours so far
14:38.46Bagginswwcause its hard
14:39.02Bagginswwhowever I do like the replay value.
14:39.13Bagginswwplay the same mission over agian for achievements
14:39.23Fisker-well that isn't really in the PC version
14:39.25Bagginswwfind new places to drop into the level.
14:39.30Fisker-and skill drops are kinda stupid
14:39.40Fisker-doesn't seem to matter anyways
14:39.56Bagginswwskill drops remind me of the skill flight I had to do in crimson skies heh
14:41.03Bagginswwmy only issue with medal of honor is that its moved away from alot of the scripted events that some of the earlier games in the series had. So its not nearly as cinematic as it once was.
14:41.21Bagginswwit plays more like a arena type first person shooter
14:41.30Bagginswwespecially the one on psp
14:41.47Fisker-you changed my page :(
14:41.54Fisker-how evil of you
14:41.59KalrothKirkburn > Fiskeren
14:42.03Bagginswwcan't wait for cod4, and BIA3
14:42.18Fisker-CoD4 should be awesome
14:42.21Bagginswwhell ya
14:42.45Bagginswwsure I know its not ww2, but its probably going to be the most realistic looking modern warfare game to date.
14:43.00Bagginswwand its going to have the cinematic aspect of previous cod games
14:43.08Bagginswwlots of cool scripted events
14:43.15Fisker-i like it's not WW2 :P
14:43.19Fisker-i hate ww2 shooters
14:43.28Bagginswwwell I like "historical" shooters
14:43.32Bagginswwit doesn't have to be in ww2
14:43.44Bagginswwnot much on scifi shooters
14:43.50Bagginswwexcept for hl2
14:43.57Fisker-well the gameplay could still work WW2 or not
14:44.01Fisker-but i like it better being not :P
14:44.16BagginswwI've wanted a korean war shooter for a while :p
14:44.55Bagginswwmaybe another vietname one at the caliber of Men of Valor but hopefully better
14:45.24BagginswwMost vietnam games suck though. Not cinematic enough.
14:45.43KirkburnFisker-, what page??
14:45.48Fisker-enchanting :(
14:46.01Fisker-i was like thinking
14:46.07Fisker-and then BAM *ding new mail*
14:46.12Fisker-and then my life was ruined
14:50.01Fisker-I NEED COMFORT
14:50.02ltcolumboDay of Defeat
14:50.09ltcolumboand Battlefield 1942
14:51.16ltcolumbofeind voraus!
15:01.56*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
15:01.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
15:06.06[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Unofficial Patch 2.3 notes -
15:06.28*** join/#wowwiki rophy (n=Miranda@
15:07.59*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
15:07.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
15:15.58Fisker-i has to kill myself now
15:17.15wsin 2.4, gold will be BoP too
15:18.30*** join/#wowwiki rophy2 (n=Miranda@
15:20.16*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
15:20.20*** part/#wowwiki Psyker7 (n=email@
15:23.17KalrothFisker is a crybaby then
15:23.54Fisker- <-best read EVER
15:25.50Polarina"The solar spring tableland". :P
15:26.09Kalroth"Level limit upward regulation"
15:26.28Polarina"Anger of reach king" -- Name of the second expansion pack.. :P
15:26.53Kalroth"Observe the patch contents which is opened to the public to recent times and step to be cold about the cotton click."
15:30.28KirkburnI love it
15:30.31Kirkburn"Vocal great disaster - the vocal great disaster function which is had built-in inside game about under using are to the green onion mote and or the battlefield and editorial Channel a possibility different of dividing a great disaster in the player and voice there is."
15:30.45Kirkburn"Great disaster interface improvement"
15:31.00Bagginsww added update on nathrezim flying ability
15:31.21*** join/#wowwiki Daemona (
15:31.30PolarinaKirkburn: :D
15:32.06Bagginswwoh kirkburn I was thinking it would be funny if we learnd that Gan'arg were Mo'arg females, ;)
15:32.23*** join/#wowwiki Bibi` (
15:34.53*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
15:41.00Bagginsww wonders what spanish is called in lore :p
15:41.09Bagginswwwhat language is it ;)
15:41.37dreamssspoof of el pollo loco
15:41.47dreamsschicken restaurant
15:42.07ltcolumboI love my Adios figure
15:42.18ltcolumboI'm getting Ciao Ciao soon too
15:44.03[NewsBot]GamePolitics: SJ Mercury-News Editor Explains Support of California Video Game Law -
15:44.50dreamssthey should held parents accountable if kids play adult games
15:45.06dreamss2-3 parents go to court and NO other kid will play an adult game ever
15:45.41*** join/#wowwiki snoopy_inc (
15:46.56*** join/#wowwiki rophy (n=Miranda@
15:47.47snoopy_inchrm wondering if someone can help me out
15:47.54*** join/#wowwiki Thirsteh (n=thirsteh@linuxfordummies/Thirsteh)
15:47.55snoopy_incim a druid resto
15:48.03snoopy_incwith 1240+ healing atm
15:48.38dreamssur +healing sucks ass
15:48.38snoopy_incim looking for decent gear to get that will either increase my armour rating while still keeping my healing high or maybe... give me some sort of edge i need
15:48.42dreamssmust be pre kz
15:48.55snoopy_inci am currently usng the moonglade set2 +dodge rating
15:49.04dreamsspvp healing gear has the most defencive stats
15:49.16dreamssfor healers
15:49.17snoopy_inconly using 2 of its items for extra dodge on people i rejuv
15:49.24dreamssarmor/sta/res and healing
15:49.28snoopy_incdreamss i turned 70 about 3 weeks ago
15:50.18snoopy_incwe just started doing kaz
15:50.32dreamssif ur a pve healer go with pve healing stuff
15:50.45snoopy_incfor example?
15:50.53snoopy_inctrying to look at the sets
15:51.01snoopy_incbut they all suck unless you going tier 4
15:51.22Bagginsww :)
15:51.39dreamssimmo dont look at sets, look for whatever needs more upgrade on ur gear
15:51.43Bagginswwyum, el pollo loco
15:51.57*** join/#wowwiki Jolt (
15:52.23Bagginswwfunny but children can go to a rated r movie if accompanied by an adult
15:52.58snoopy_incthey can hold their hands infront of their eyes :P
15:53.03Bibi`children can do whatever they want as long as they've got an adult to blame
15:53.35*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
15:53.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
15:54.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Bibi] by ChanServ
15:54.27dreamssexactly, bust the adults responsable/make them scared and no kid will watch anything over rated g
15:54.28snoopy_inctell me something
15:54.36snoopy_incis there a place to quest to get shatar exp
15:54.50snoopy_incor do i have to grind tempest keep like a hobo
15:55.44snoopy_incshadowmoon valley?
15:57.34dreamssthere is actually something
16:00.43snoopy_inceu server for twi is twihammer right?
16:07.03snoopy_inci am now in the rep calculator... the quests it lists arethey the ones i can still do? or the ones i have done
16:10.06[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Moviewatch: Gutrot's Sen'jin Beach Party -
16:12.59pcjit just lists possible quests
16:15.15snoopy_incwell it seems like grinding instances are the quickest way to get rep
16:15.25snoopy_incand items i guess
16:25.16*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
16:25.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
16:30.39snoopy_incwho hwere is druid resto?
16:30.50pcjyou are
16:32.38snoopy_incyou noticed heh
16:32.44snoopy_incasking who else is
16:32.51snoopy_incwant to check on strat and such
16:33.58Kirkburnomg 8xAA in WoW :D
16:34.06KirkburnPreviously I couldn't even manage 2 ...
16:34.27BibiCATCH HIM
16:34.38Fisker-AA that high is kinda useless imo
16:34.40Fisker-btw Bibi
16:34.55Fisker-i love all the goldfarmer admiration i get
16:34.58KirkburnUseless? It's not impacted my FPS at all! :P
16:35.18Fisker-just at some point the changes become barely noticable
16:35.25KirkburnOh, I know :)
16:35.27Bibihey Fisker-
16:35.37Bibidid I give you the uber screenshot this morning ?
16:35.40Fisker-i love how Half-Life 2 adjusts itself for AF and AA btw
16:35.44Bibisomething that I shouldn't paste in public because drama is bad.
16:35.54Fisker-fondles? :)))
16:36.05BibiFisker- : query !
16:36.08Bibiit's better than sex !
16:36.09BibiI promise !
16:37.59Bibilet's give it to Kalroth too.
16:38.18snoopy_incblah no healing reso druids here?
16:38.31Fisker-btw what graphics card do you has Kirkburn?
16:38.45Kirkburn8800 GTS
16:38.52KirkburnThis is me testing it outside IF
16:38.57Fisker-probably cheating with AA too
16:39.16Fisker-a nvidia-only tech
16:39.34Fisker-cheaper AA with almost no difference as opposed to MSAA
16:39.35KirkburnIn any case, it looks perfect
16:40.04Bagginswwalright updated the player races with official heights
16:40.04Fisker-looking forward to i get one myself
16:40.26Bagginswwwell "official" as far as game mechanic random generated gameplay tables are
16:40.43Bagginsww8800 Ultra OC
16:41.17BibiKirkburn : 320mb or 640mb ?
16:41.58Bagginsww768 or so on mine
16:42.44Fisker-Ultra is basically a waste of money btw :P
16:42.51Bibiyup but that's an ultra and you've got too much money Bagginsww
16:42.53*** join/#wowwiki afora (i=bitch2k@
16:42.59Bagginswwit was a gift :p
16:43.05BagginswwI could never afford it
16:43.07Fisker-i hate you
16:43.16Bagginswwgoing to college gift
16:43.22Bibiyou hate him because he's got something useless ?
16:43.22Bagginswwthe whole computer
16:43.27Fisker-Bibi it's not useless
16:43.31Bibiyou're useless
16:43.31Fisker-it's just a bad bang for the buck
16:43.41Fisker-but 0$ for the best bang is a pretty good bang for the buck
16:43.45Kirkburn320, overclocked
16:43.53*** join/#wowwiki lolinternet (i=bitch2k@
16:43.55Fisker-i just can't waaaaaaaaaait
16:44.01Fisker-i want to play Episode 2 with 8800 GTX
16:44.08Bagginswwconsidering that I upgrade on average every 5-6 years
16:44.10Fisker-instead of waiting for the 8900 coming out next month
16:44.23KirkburnI'm waiting for TF2 to come down the tubes :P
16:44.24Bagginswwit should have fairly strong lasting time
16:44.49Bagginswwwhat's on the 8900?
16:44.57KirkburnAha! So there's the lock to the PC
16:45.35*** join/#wowwiki lolinternet (i=bitch2k@
16:46.14Bagginswwahh apparently "more shaders" on the 8900?
16:46.43*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
16:46.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
16:46.47Fisker-it's a new production fab
16:46.57Fisker-so it's easier to produce and it heats up less
16:47.00Fisker-also consumes less power
16:47.08Bagginswwoh that's cool
16:47.08Fisker-but pretty much just an overclocked 8800 anyways
16:47.09snoopy_inccan somone plz msg me that is a resto druid
16:47.25Bagginswwand an 8950?
16:47.53Bagginswwgetting close to the geforce 9 line LOL
16:48.01Fisker-that's coming out next year
16:48.12Fisker-rumored to have double the performance in real world applications
16:48.48Bagginswwwhat is the rate on video card releases now? A new series every 2 years?
16:49.19BagginswwI pretty much upgraded every other line. Went from geforce 4 to 6 to 8.
16:49.37Bagginswwwasn't enough big changes in 5, and 7 lines
16:49.51Fisker-7 were great
16:49.53Fisker-5 were shit
16:50.11Bagginswwwell I mean there wasn't much of a change in directx too
16:50.21Bagginswwand I had a 6800 ultra.
16:50.29Fisker-but the 6800 wasn't that fast actually
16:50.36Fisker-and the 7xxx series was just around the corner
16:51.03Bagginsww6800 ultra did everything I needed for the most part heh
16:51.11Bagginswwso I just didn't feel the need for the upgrade
16:51.19Fisker-i had 2 of those in SLI
16:51.42BagginswwI have a motherboard that can sli the 8800 ultras.
16:51.53Fisker-don't you start on me
16:52.01BagginswwI probalby won't do it
16:52.39Fisker-good :)
16:54.11Dottedi havent tried TF2 yet :((((
16:55.18Fisker-stop sucking
16:55.24Bagginswwbtw I got free ram with my video card
16:55.48Bagginswwpny xlr8
16:56.04Dottedstill waiting for your tax money to pay for my new laptop Fisker-
16:56.20BagginswwI love my new and first laptop :)
16:56.28Fisker-what the hell
16:56.43BagginswwI got my laptop last week
16:56.46Fisker-Dotted i don't pay taxes
16:57.06Dottedthen your parrents taxes
16:57.34Fisker-they don't pay taxes either!
16:57.39Fisker-we own this place
16:57.59Fisker-we've gotten a few freebies
16:58.13Dottedlies less plix
16:58.29Fisker-People really should think twice when accusing people of writing threat letters
16:58.41Kirkburnlol, anyone who went to 5xxx really got pie in the face :P
16:58.44Fisker-we've probably extracted a couple of million from them
16:58.54Fisker-not to mention the millions they wasted trying to win a case they couldn't win
16:59.36Fisker-and they owe my brother a million too
17:00.19Fisker-Really isn't the best idea to put my brother on an institution and claim to the press that it's a rehab center for criminals and drugaddicts
17:00.45Fisker-He had a work accident a couple of years ago
17:00.54Fisker-they've been paying him the wrong money (too little money)
17:01.05Fisker-and they tried to put him in a job
17:01.09Fisker-where he got to that institution
17:01.21Fisker-and they got the local media to report it as an institution for drug addicts and criminals
17:01.59Fisker-so they're pissing a tax-money on their lawyers
17:02.24Fisker-yup :O
17:03.39Fisker-they had to pay my mother like 300k and then they had to pay for her wages in like 6 or 12 months :D
17:03.53Fisker-because they fired her illegally
17:04.18Fisker-and we put all that money away and dodged tax :P
17:04.32Fisker-so hopefull i'm the heir to those money :D
17:06.06[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Officers' Quarters: 2.3 -- An officer's perspective -
17:13.47dreamssThat way you'll have access to this handy little robot during longer raids like Karazhan and the Black Temple.
17:13.57dreamsshehehehe kz has repair/reagent guys
17:15.06Fisker-to be honest there's no raid instance at the moment that requires a repair bot
17:15.52dreamssunless ur on a pvp server, but 25man raids dont stay on the summon stone for long
17:16.00dreamssthere repair guy in outside ssc/eye
17:16.05Bagginswwsigh you know how much those heights are just made up on pretty much every racebox :p
17:16.05dreamssand dark temple
17:16.22Bagginswwhalf-ogres between 8-15 feet
17:16.25Bagginswwuh huh LOL
17:17.14dreamssWoW Insider ppl must be on kz
17:17.19dreamsslol for cerial
17:17.29dreamssAnyway, this is just a heads-up that all priests will have this spell, so adjust your Nightbane strat
17:17.43Bagginswwupdated "official" height
17:25.21*** join/#wowwiki Cairen1 (
17:34.19foxlitWhy do people insist on fishing in the same direction as you?
17:34.34foxlitThat way, neither can rely on sound alone :/
17:37.46Skosirisoops wrong chanenl
17:38.17Dottedlies sko
17:42.41*** join/#wowwiki rophy (n=Miranda@
17:42.51*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
17:49.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
17:59.07*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:04.33*** join/#wowwiki Huzz0 (
18:04.50Huzz0any here now who knows about rogue talents?
18:07.29*** part/#wowwiki Huzz0 (
18:09.34*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
18:10.58*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
18:10.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
18:15.49*** join/#wowwiki Nikko (
18:19.25Kirkburnoh my god, this is awesome:
18:19.35Kirkburnyes, it is a silly url
18:22.14KirkburnBest I've seen for a loooong time
18:22.39Cairennwish I could read what's on the slides
18:22.58KirkburnMe too ><
18:23.04KirkburnThough I think I can guess much of it ;)
18:24.59DuTempetelots of flow charts, scary math, and graphs :P
18:25.07ltcolumboI'm thinking of buying a Gforce 8800
18:25.07DuTempeteOh, and chickens.
18:25.17ltcolumboI have my mouse curser over the buy button
18:25.44ltcolumbosomeone stop me
18:25.56DuTempetedoooo eeeeet!
18:26.13ltcolumboit's so much money
18:26.18ltcolumbo600 bucks
18:26.28DuTempeteare you married?
18:26.35DuTempetedooo eeeet
18:26.47ltcolumbomight as well
18:27.09ltcolumbothat should improve things from my 6600
18:27.20KirkburnSure will!
18:27.51ltcolumboshould get an Abit motherboard too, sick of this pos one I have
18:28.42KirkburnMine new one is abit :)
18:28.52ltcolumboit's solid
18:30.02KirkburnThe "IP35-E Off Limits", apparently
18:30.57ltcolumboI found one that supports my current cpu and is upgradable to a dual-core core2 cpu
18:31.15ltcolumboAbit IB9 P965 / Intel P4 775T
18:33.45*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
18:33.45*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse] by ChanServ
18:34.42*** join/#wowwiki arskeh (
18:36.31ltcolumbo$52 tax
18:37.05ltcolumboI guess that goes to support the war effort
18:37.49Bibii'm getting my income taxed up to something like 40%
18:37.57Bibiand i'm french, I can't even justify that with war
18:38.08ltcolumboheh, I wish I was living in Europe sometimes
18:38.27DuTempeteth war... heh...
18:39.57ltcolumboGeForce 8800 GTX
18:40.17ltcolumboshould help me fade from reality
18:40.21Fisker-oh hi Bibi
18:40.43Fisker-i want 2.3 ptr >*
18:41.50Bibiand I want sex
18:42.16Fisker-well i can provide the sex
18:42.18Fisker-you provide the ptr
18:43.04Fisker-i came
18:45.08Fisker-also retarded benchmarks for a geforce 8800
18:45.24Fisker-that's weird
18:49.13Fisker-i thought i called you a retard :P
18:50.07*** join/#wowwiki lprich (n=rascal84@unaffiliated/rascal84)
18:50.24Fisker-i shit on your face Bibi
18:50.30Fisker-you into that?
18:50.35BibiI doubt it.
18:50.36lprichscreen + irssi + #wowwiki FTW!
18:50.51ltcolumbolprich: that's what I'm doing now
18:50.56ltcolumboIrssi 0.8.11 (20070425)
18:51.03lprichltcolumbo: Yay!
18:51.16ltcolumbofrom FreeBSD
18:51.53lprichwhat's the default shell on FreeBSD ?
18:52.13lprich11:52AM  up 32 days, 20:39, 1 user, load averages: 0.10, 0.13, 0.09
18:52.20ltcolumbohmm it's been so long since I've installed, /bin/sh
18:52.30ltcolumboI'm using bash though
18:52.41lprichahh. damn bash users :P
18:52.54ltcolumbobash2 or something
18:53.07lprichnice. OpenBSD defaults to ksh i do believe.
18:53.08Fisker-TF2 tiem
18:54.20ltcolumboyou can change the default shell when you create new users
18:54.27ltcolumboso it can be anything you want
18:54.43lprichltcolumbo: yes, yes it can, but you have to install something other than ksh
18:54.55lprichOpenBSD doesn't have bash by default, it's a package.
18:55.04ltcolumboyeah, same with this
18:55.08ltcolumboI installed via ports
18:55.26lprich*BSD is good stuff.
18:55.39ltcolumboyeah, I made the switch from Linux years ago
18:56.04lprichYeah, I changed about a year ago... I still have a linux box around to run my teamspeak server on though.
18:56.20ltcolumboI ran teamspeak server on a freebsd box
18:56.30ltcolumbousing linux kernel module
18:56.44ltcolumboand supporting packages
18:56.53lprichI tried it on open, but it didn't want to play nice and I didn't feel like making it work.
18:57.18ltcolumboopenbsd is kind of a beast in that regard
18:57.52lprichyeah, some of the compatibility is lacking, but when something is implemented it typically just works.
18:59.21*** join/#wowwiki Epistaxis (
18:59.23ltcolumboafk for a bit
19:01.09lprichinfobot: ltcolumbo?
19:06.10[NewsBot]WoW Insider: What will happen to the Scourge when Arthas dies? -
19:06.23BibiChuck norris takes control of it.
19:07.07Fisker-can you oh hi?
19:07.09Fisker-OH HI
19:07.18lprichOH HI
19:07.23Fisker-OH HI
19:07.30lprichOH HAI
19:07.49lprichCeiling cat is watching you OH HI
19:07.53Fisker-no u
19:08.07Fisker-do want PTR
19:10.22*** join/#wowwiki Srosh_ (
19:10.26lprichAt some point I should probably go back and play all my warcraft games from start to end, and actually pay attention to the lore.
19:10.58lprichI have them all. just need to throw win98 on an old p3 or something!
19:11.54KirkburnWouldn't bother with WC1, it'll annoy you too much
19:12.32lprichYeah, that whole 'must build roads' in order to put up buildings would really get on my nerves.
19:13.58*** join/#wowwiki sannse|away (n=me@wikimedia/
19:13.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse|away] by ChanServ
19:16.35*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
19:16.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
19:17.08KirkburnHow mother of .... I thought I was done patching Company of Heroes
19:17.20Kirkburn200MB, another 200MB patch, then a 10MB one
19:17.33KirkburnAnd now ... now a 1.8 GIGABYTE patch
19:17.49DuTempete<insert dog smiley> Kirkburn
19:18.13*** join/#wowwiki Drool (
19:19.22Kirkburn<insert ARGH smiley> DuTempete :P
19:19.35DuTempete<insert hug smiley> Kirkburn
19:21.32lprichYeah. When I reinstalled wow a couple weekends ago it took forever.
19:21.47lprich5 cd's for wow, 4 for TBC, multiple patches...
19:22.23iamdjdoes anyone know of changes to hunter pet training with patch 2.2?
19:22.46iamdji don't see anything documented but i'm encountering differences ingame
19:22.50lprichnothing was listed in the patch notes that i'm aware of.
19:23.21lprichI haven't played a hunter in months. have a lvl 48 sitting in gadget on Thunderhorn.
19:23.37iamdjpreviously i could train a second pet with one that is dead/dismissed, whether that was a glitch or not i don't know
19:24.09lprichhmm, not for a while... I always had to put one in the stable before training a new one.
19:24.22lprichand by train i mean tame
19:24.30iamdjas do i
19:24.52iamdji figured it was a glitch but i know i've done it
19:24.53iamdjoh well
19:25.10lprichyup. just have to suck it up and stable one.
19:35.03*** join/#wowwiki RogueShadow (
19:40.40*** join/#wowwiki lolinternet (i=bitch2k@
19:53.40*** join/#wowwiki Abrakadabra (n=opera@
20:01.35*** join/#wowwiki twoshadetod (
20:02.46VoluEn regndråbe!
20:03.45*** join/#wowwiki Gimliiii12 (i=rrtt@gateway/tor/x-2105ae08cea37064)
20:04.26VoluHello Gimliii :)
20:05.32*** join/#wowwiki Volu (n=opera@
20:07.34VoluAnyone here? :)
20:08.55VoluWell, too bad. I want to talk about my emo poems :P
20:13.35lprichgah. emo.
20:14.06VoluMørkets tåge sænker sig over trær, over plæner,
20:14.06Volubladene har ingen farver, græsset har intet grønt.
20:14.47pcjthat doesn't even rhyme
20:14.54VoluIt's Sigbjørn Obstfelder
20:15.01VoluDen første modernist.
20:15.08pcjcomplete failure
20:15.21*** kick/#wowwiki [Volu!] by Kirkburn (Kirkburn)
20:15.42*** join/#wowwiki Volu (n=opera@
20:15.46pcjgo away voluspa
20:15.54DuTempeteyou're kidding me.
20:16.01pcjyeah jk haha
20:16.03VoluI'm nice now.
20:16.08DuTempeteYou can't be that stupid, Voluspa...
20:16.23pcjOh, he can be
20:16.32DuTempeteI didn't think it was humanly possible. :(
20:16.42pcjMaybe he's not quite human?
20:16.52lprichmore human than human?
20:17.20lprichthat's unpossible?
20:17.27DuTempeteBecause I think it's rather inhuman how he tortures us with his presence.
20:17.59pcjwell at least we have you gracing us with yours to counter-balance it
20:18.25DuTempeteThat's very sweet of you, pcj.
20:18.25lprichYeah, but I'm here now too, which throws the whole balance thing off again.
20:18.52DuTempeteI don't even know who you are, lprich.
20:19.02lprichI'm just some random newcomer.
20:19.14VoluI've read what you've said about me earlier, so I'll behave. But don't lead me into temptation.
20:19.31DuTempeteWe can lead all we like.  You're the one doing the choosing.
20:19.38DuTempeteNow, shoo, fly, don't bother me.
20:19.38lprichVolu: Shall we deliver you from evil instead?
20:20.10VoluIs that good?
20:22.18lprichi just want to do some more pvp on my lvl 19 non twinked shaman.
20:29.17VoluWell, night night. If you'd like to send me a message when I'm not here, go to:
20:30.07DuTempeteNo, don't tink I will.
20:30.13DuTempetetink = think
20:30.34Kirkburnthink = banana
20:31.06pcjbanana = leave,
20:31.24Kirkburnleave = now?
20:32.33KirkburnPeanut butter jelly time!
20:32.45*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
20:32.49*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
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20:33.25[NewsBot]Channels stats:
20:33.26DuTempeteHey, guys.
20:33.30pcjhi dutempete
20:33.34DuTempetefree cyber in #wikia-gaming
20:34.06[NewsBot]mIRCStats for #wowwiki updated by pcj! Check out the stats at
20:34.10[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW collectibles previewed by IGN -
20:36.26DuTempeteOlison, you just came to say no? :P
20:37.43Olisonyes :-(
20:37.45Olisoni know its sad :(
20:40.10Dottedwtf pcj :p
20:40.31Dottedyou are just impatient
20:40.51pcjnot my fault your bot sucks
20:40.55[NewsBot]Channels stats:
20:41.09Dottedehh it doesnt suck?
20:41.15pcjdoesn't it
20:41.30pcjright, ?
20:41.41pcjyes ok
20:41.50lprichinfobot: pcj
20:42.39pcjding 275 fishing
20:56.48*** part/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
20:58.10[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Voice chat being rolled out to all US realms -
20:59.37*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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21:03.38*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
21:09.13*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
21:09.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
21:27.13espaidoes anyone know the formula of repair costs?
21:28.57Polarinaespai: Why?
21:29.08espaisome guy asked me and now i'm curious =p
21:29.21Polarinaespai: Who asked?
21:29.36pcjit's based on durability somehow
21:29.51espaii feel like speaking with a bot somehow.
21:30.12espaipcj yeah, but it involves item quality (and maybe item level too)
21:30.23pcjdoes it?
21:30.28espaialso its cheaper if it's cloth, more expensive if it's plate
21:30.33pcjI thought it was just based on durability and that higher level items had higher durability
21:30.46pcjyeah but plate has more durability than cloth too
21:32.48espaii never really looked into this, but now that I am, all my items sharing the same slot have the same durability
21:46.10[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Death Knight "interview" and lore on official site -
22:00.25*** join/#wowwiki Raverix (
22:01.08RaverixAnyone here know how to do string comparison?
22:04.00pcjstring comparison in what?
22:04.43RaverixLUA. I'm trying to write a very simple add-on, but am having difficulty with it.  when testing if(strsub(arg1,-6,-2) == "parry") always returns false, even though DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(strsub(arg1,-6,-2)); displays "parry"
22:04.50pcjask it in #wowi-lounge
22:04.54pcjper topic
22:09.26Adysloluspa came back again? :p
22:10.22Adyslet the poor guy be he's probably just bored
22:16.06*** join/#wowwiki Kitsune (
22:17.57*** join/#wowwiki Guillotine (
22:43.30*** join/#wowwiki Lopen (
22:49.14*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
22:53.28Kirkburnoh, wow, TF2 has motion blue
23:00.00*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
23:00.52Sandwichman2448Hello people.
23:07.13Sandwichman2448Umm... I mentioned this on the Pit Lord future race thing but... I added the 'essays' a wile back for reasons i forgot.
23:07.35Sandwichman2448This came up yesterday...
23:07.41Sandwichman2448I did it.
23:10.13Sandwichman2448My bad.
23:10.33*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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23:11.23*** join/#wowwiki Addybot (
23:11.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Addybot] by ChanServ
23:11.32Sandwichman2448Hello Pcj. I was just apolgiseing again.
23:13.01*** join/#wowwiki Paradox (
23:14.49Sandwichman2448Is this one of those times no one knows what I'm talking about?
23:15.11pcjProbably one of those times that no one cares
23:16.06Sandwichman2448Really? :)
23:16.13Sandwichman2448I'm in the clear!
23:16.18*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
23:20.18[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 1 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 1sec.
23:38.03[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 1 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 1sec.
23:38.09PolarinaStill one job?
23:47.43*** join/#wowwiki Chaoslux (
23:54.21[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Does the Horde really win every battleground? -
23:59.57*** join/#wowwiki RogueShadow (

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