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00:40.18pcjkirkburn, the toggle's working
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01:04.11Jokekidfuck you
01:04.22Jokekidshit fuck pussay
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01:24.41Kirkburnpcj, I'll take a look 2moro
01:33.26bleeterheya kirk
01:38.14Bibi`they nerfed demomans.
01:38.29Bibi`what are we gonna do Kirkburn ?
01:38.30Bibi`WHAT ?
01:39.10Bibi`yeah, why not
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02:15.52[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Starcraft II - Battlecruiser Featured -
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04:56.10DuTempeteGoodnight, my darlings!
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05:23.58[NewsBot]MMO Champion: New 2.3 items, 2.2.2 Going live, BG changes -
05:32.49JunkHead-WorkAh this is the holiday patch and new graveyards.
06:04.35Taurmindonew graveyards = not having to spend 10-15mins of ghost-running on a RFK/RFD wipe?
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08:17.26[NewsBot]World of Raids: 1UP interviews Blizzard, Daily Blue -
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08:52.24Bagginswwadys can you make a template to put on fanart?
08:52.33Adyswhich one?
08:52.51Bagginswwwhat do you mean by which one?
08:53.01Adyswell what should it do/contain?
08:53.03BagginswwI mean some generic one we can put on any uploaded fanart
08:53.11Bagginswwsomething similar to the fanfiction template I think
08:53.16Bagginswwbut for art
08:54.24BagginswwI suppose it could be like your rpg template, but state, "This image is fanart."
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08:54.48bleeterjust make sure you use the abbreviation 'fart' somewhere plskthx
08:55.23Bagginsww updated
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08:59.47Adysif the namespace is "Image:", it will apply another template
09:00.04Bagginswwya we could do it that way
09:00.32Bagginswwcool let me test it
09:02.26Bagginswwnow we just need to start putting it in relevent pages.
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09:39.18Bagginswwpriest converted
09:41.37winkillerI copied my wow folder from old comp and now I got US keyboard layout instead of german - any ideas?
09:41.47winkillerwindows is fine, just in wow
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09:44.08Bagginswwgmorning or where I am night, :)
09:44.41infobotextra, extra, read all about it, ugt is Universal Greeting Time. Created in #mipslinux, it is a rule that states that whenever somebody enters an IRC channel it is always morning, and it is always late when the person leaves. The local time of any other people in the channel, including the greeter, is irrelevant.
09:46.47KirochiHave you received any instruction to merge class lore pages with class pages?
09:49.13Bagginswwit's been discussed on village pump, and in ragestorm's talk page
09:49.16Bagginswwwe are taking it slowly
09:52.44BagginswwI've worked with these initially since they were fairly limited as far as lore was concerned, and easily split apart.
09:53.21Bagginswwmuch of the material already had their own seperate articles for example
09:53.35Bagginswwso this lowers redundancy
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10:00.55BagginswwI'm going to start preparing some of the other lore classes for eventual moves by seperating some of the material into seperate articles.
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10:03.09Bagginswwrogue is easy to convert already its very limited
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10:09.01Kirochiall right
10:09.20Kirochi(I was the creator of the hunter & rogue lore pages so I wanted to know)
10:09.56Bagginswwwarrior is pretty easy to convert now too
10:10.09Bagginswwespecially since Warrior races should be its own page
10:10.26Bagginswwto follow the concept started by mage races
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11:05.00Bagginswwconverted over paladin as it was easily seperated into invidual articles
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12:04.59[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Breakfast Topic: Design your own death knight -
12:27.34sag_ich_nicht@ALL EU: Gutrot hit's 70 today, 1-70 buttnaked, 10:30 pm server time aerie peak, sen'jin beach(~57,57 durotar), make a lvl 1 troll and come :O
12:37.04bleeterwhat a legend
12:37.15bleeterthat guy deserves front page status on the wiki!
12:41.08sag_ich_nichtgo add it bleeter :X
12:41.58bleeterwell, thing is, I'd try and claim it as lore 'coz it's such legendary stuff... but folks like Kirkburn and Bagginsww would prolly crack the shits with me, we'd get into an edit war...
12:42.03bleeterdunno whether I could face that
12:42.17bleeterI'm sure it's news around the blizz offices and stuff
12:42.18Bagginswwwhat bleeter?
12:42.41Bagginswwnaked player?
12:42.49Bagginswwdiserves a silly article :)
12:42.52bleeteran ingame character achieving what is truly a remarkable task... they aren't necessarily a User of the wiki
12:43.00bleeteris it silly though?
12:43.21bleetercrazy, maybe, insane, probably... silly, dunno
13:05.43sag_ich_nichtbleeter: just add a silly tag to it.
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13:20.26bleetersag_ich_nicht: I'm crap at doing wiki pages.. look at the disaster that's the Wine page here :P
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13:40.57[NewsBot]Dotted has updated the stats for #wowwiki! See the #wowwiki stats:
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14:04.59[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: Looking out on Morgan's Vigil -
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15:11.58Kirkburn|sleepOooh, "Yes, we're making updates to quite a few items for both instances and quests below level 60 in patch 2.3."
15:12.25Kirkburn|sleepI guess they decided that it was time to make the Azeroth --> Outland jump a bit less stupid
15:13.08Kirkburn|sleepK, so I'm planning on making a slightly major change to the article management templates today
15:13.11bleeterDotted: that change is odd..
15:13.35Kirkburn|sleepGonna convert them all to wikipedia style banner stacking
15:19.56Kirkburn|sleepKeep an eye on
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15:25.16Bagginswwagrees, wi588 is annoying
15:27.40Kirkburn|sleepBibi`, something for you
15:27.50Kirkburn|sleep2.3: "Auction House post times have been changed to 12, 24, and 48 hours. Deposit prices remain the same for each time increment. "
15:28.14Bagginswwoh that's cool
15:29.59PolarinaBut why that change by the way?
15:31.29Bagginswwwill588 actually wiped out your comments? :p
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15:33.02Bagginswwahh he did it agai...
15:33.17BagginswwI smell troll :p
15:33.34Bagginswwno offense to people who play trolls ;)
15:35.02DuTempeteGood morning, my darlings@
15:36.39sag_ich_nicht@ALL EU: Gutrot hit's 70 today, 1-70 buttnaked, 10:30 pm server time aerie peak, sen'jin beach(~57,57 durotar), make a lvl 1 troll and come :O
15:36.57Fisker-i won't
15:37.00sag_ich_nichtYES YOU WILL
15:37.18Fisker-and you know it
15:37.45Kirkburn|sleepRegarding the AH change, not only, but also:
15:38.02sag_ich_nichtFisker- stfu and gtf there
15:39.05Fisker-also reported for making the realms unstable on purpose
15:39.09Bagginswwwell, I'm feeling like banning wil588...
15:39.26[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Nintendo Fires Blogger for Frank Comments About Co-Workers -
15:39.29[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Jericho Developer Won’t Knuckle Under to German Ratings Board -
15:39.34Bagginswwrude attitude doesn't ackwoledge admin advice
15:39.44Bagginswwand most of his content is poor at best
15:39.57Bagginswwand borderline vandalism
15:40.10sag_ich_nichtFisker-: you can't report him
15:40.18sag_ich_nichtVaneras aproved it on the forums
15:40.35Fisker-Vaneras isn't a gamemaster
15:40.37Kirkburn|sleepBagginsww, *sigh*
15:40.57Fisker-Making events with the knowledge that it will cause realm instabillity is a bannable offense
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15:41.10sag_ich_nichtFisker-: no, but he has to report such stuff to tech QA and if they say it's okay-->np
15:41.11Kirkburn|sleepHis Dark Horde thing was okay at least, if misguided
15:41.15sag_ich_nicht+the GMs ALL know gutrot
15:41.22sag_ich_nichtso: you lose
15:41.24sag_ich_nicht~fail Fisker-
15:41.25infobotFisker-: Fail.
15:41.33sag_ich_nichtaccept your defeat
15:41.36Fisker-mind the "."
15:41.39Fisker-that means eod
15:41.45DuTempete<insert dog smiley> Kirkburn
15:41.53sag_ich_nicht[17:41] <+infobot> Fisker-: Fail.
15:41.56sag_ich_nichtmind the dot.
15:42.10Fisker-infobot, gtfo
15:42.11infobotSorry sir, I won't bother you anymore.
15:42.11DuTempete<insert dog smiley> Kirkburn|sleep
15:42.16Fisker-good sag_ich_nicht
15:42.17Fisker-you get?
15:42.24sag_ich_nicht~fail Fisker-
15:42.25infobotFisker-: Fail.
15:42.29Kirkburn|sleep<insert smiley dog>, DuTempete
15:42.31sag_ich_nichtmind the period, Fisker-
15:42.40DuTempeteAre you asleep, or awake, Sugar? :P
15:43.48DuTempetewtf... the wiki is advertising makeup?!
15:44.25Bagginswwdarkhorde was the only ok addition
15:44.30Bagginswwtemplate I mean
15:45.04Bagginswwoh and what's the link to the policy page about erasing talk pages.
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15:49.10BagginswwLOL doesn't know how to reply?
15:51.32Kirkburn|sleepWhy the hell do people insist on spelling it "unkown" btw?
15:51.36Kirkburn|sleepReally annoys me
15:51.56DuTempetebecause apparently they don't kow how to spell.
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15:53.27BagginswwLOL kirk
15:53.30pcjdid you look at it yet Kirkburn
15:53.50Kirkburn|sleepNot yet pcj
15:55.15Bagginswwbtw kirkburn I can confirm that its Icemist tribe
15:55.32BagginswwA pack of Icemist tauren settled on the west
15:55.32Bagginswwedge of the Dragonblight, on the shore of Lake
15:55.51Bagginswwso he was right, though I suspect he was speculating
16:01.05Bagginswwthat was page 99 btw, if you know whre to include it
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16:03.38BagginswwTaunka should have trucks for mounts :p
16:03.50DuTempetehaha, I was thinking the same thing :P
16:04.05Bagginswwheh heh
16:04.58DuTempeteYou aren't still stalking me, bagginsww, are you?
16:04.59[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Moviewatch: Stupid Mage Tricks -
16:05.11Bagginswwwho me?
16:05.55DuTempeteYeah, you.
16:06.58Kirkburn|sleepooh, I've had an idea for hwo to deal with that {{wotlk}} banner template
16:07.09DuTempeteLet's hear it!
16:07.28Kirkburn|sleepTurn it into one of them
16:07.47BagginswwOnce Wotlk is released the standard {{WoW}} template kicks in
16:08.02DuTempetereplace the scroll with the wotlk logo?
16:08.27Kirkburn|sleepHave it as the first article message box on the page
16:08.39DuTempetewould be good, methinks.
16:08.57Kirkburn|sleepBagginsww, eww
16:09.15Bagginswwyou knew that template existed right?
16:09.49DuTempeteActually, um, I kinda like that template better for an expansion banner, Sugar. :(
16:09.50Bagginswwits not used much, mostly only for quests, that haven't had confirmed outcomes
16:10.12Kirkburn|sleepThe WoW one?
16:10.16DuTempeteThe band templates I see as more of a warning-type.
16:10.20Bagginswwwow one
16:10.36DuTempeteAnd the style of the wow template sets it apart from the warnings.
16:11.00Bagginswwtro be honest I prefer to leave out the novel/rpg/wow/ misc rts templates if the content is covered in more than one source
16:11.11Kirkburn|sleepAh, well the Wotlk is a warning template in a way - I was going to add text to say the information on the page may change until release
16:11.30Bagginswwbut if someone argues I generally put the template corresponding to the first soruce something appeared in, or had most content.
16:11.30Kirkburn|sleepAnd agreed for not using them on multiple source pages
16:11.44*** join/#wowwiki simlan (
16:11.57DuTempeteYou know I hate to disagree with you, Sugar, but I really do like the wow template better. :)
16:12.09Bagginswwalso the wotlk template maybe should only go inside of the related section the article?
16:12.10DuTempeteI'll make up for it, though!
16:12.17Kirkburn|sleepK, but they're not really used for the same thing :P
16:12.35Bagginswwwotk is only used up until wotk release
16:12.40Bagginswwwe didt eh same thing for TBC
16:12.42DuTempeteWell, yes, Bagginsww, but some articles would be all wotlk content, wouldn't it?
16:13.08Kirkburn|sleepBagginsww, wotlk sections get {{wotlk-section}}
16:13.10Bagginswwwell, main thing is alot of information may predate what's going on in WoTK
16:13.42DuTempeteNo, Kirkburn|sleep, but it can be revamped for expansion matters.
16:14.02DuTempeteIn fact, I would love to see that template turned into a template for all expansions, with a var for which expansion.
16:14.16DuTempeteWe could really condense all of the applicable templtes into just the one.
16:14.46Kirkburn|sleepProblem is, WoW isn't that much separated between expansions
16:15.07Kirkburn|sleepPeople don't think as much "ah that's TBC content vs base content" now
16:15.21Bagginswwdutempete the most difficult aspect is alot of stuff that appears in the main world you can see without having the expansion
16:15.23DuTempetezones abilities, races, mounts, quests, etc
16:15.29Bagginswwthus why WoW is a generic template for all things
16:15.56DuTempeteAlthough considering the actual content in that template, why do we have it anyway?
16:16.09DuTempeteThe priority content on the site *is* wow...
16:16.21Bagginswwfor the quests, that may not be confirmed in written lore
16:16.42BagginswwWoW has lore that hasn't quite happened in the publishing world yet
16:16.45Kirkburn|sleepA good example could be
16:17.03Kirkburn|sleepIn WoW they have one name, but they may actually be something from the RPG, the Southsea Freebooters
16:17.23DuTempeteSee, I would naturally assume that it's wow content, unless otherwise stated.
16:17.42Bagginswwit gets worse when people assume WoW content actually happened
16:17.47Bagginswwlike say the death of Galen Trollbane
16:17.48DuTempeteI would see more use for a template like that which stated the opposite; that content of the article may *not* apply to the MMO
16:18.03Kirkburn|sleepoh we have RPG templates for sure :)
16:18.06Bagginswwand novel
16:18.15Bagginswwnovel covers all short story materkal
16:18.19Bagginswwand novels
16:18.28Bagginswwand there is Manga template too
16:18.56DuTempetehrmm... doesn't sound very consistent to me :(
16:19.02Bagginswwbasically to institute equality every source type has its own template
16:19.26Bagginswwnovel template is essentially for "prose text"
16:19.44Kirkburn|sleepAnyhoo, first order of business, standardise the article message templates (Stub/Ambox/Band-header)
16:19.48Bagginswwthe graphic novel template for comics and manga
16:20.07Bagginswwrpg template for source material
16:20.27Kirkburn|sleepAlso, anything that hasn't appeared in WoW/Warcraft 1,2,3
16:21.11DuTempeteWell, I've mentioned this before, about expansion content, but to reiterate, in my experience from playing EQ, it's really helpful to differentiate between expansion content.
16:21.49DuTempeteWe certainly don't want folks running in game thinking they can go do Outland content w/o having the xpac.
16:21.57DuTempeteAnd you can be sure that does happen.
16:22.06DuTempeteI've seen it. :P
16:22.30DuTempeteSo, I've been a little disturbed seeing most of the expansion flags being dropped.
16:23.49DuTempeteIMO, there should be a generic template that handles all the expansions w/ a var to identify the specific one, which works as a small banner, similar to the WoW one, that can be placed either at the head of the article, or the section.
16:24.00DuTempeteBut used only for content that you can't access w/o having the xpac.
16:24.50DuTempeteAssuming that everyone has the xpac caused a lot of issues w/ EQ databases.  People got pissed they wasted a bunch of time thinking they could do something because it wasn't properly labeled on the site.
16:25.19DuTempeteAnd oy the petitions I used to get about xpac confusion, as a Guide.
16:25.49BagginswwWE also have Warcraft template, the Warcraft II template, and Warcraft II and TCG lore templates
16:25.57Bagginsww*Warcraft III
16:26.12DuTempete*nod* Those are really important too, since new folks don't expect to see that here.
16:27.44DuTempeteI bet we could even condense all of those into the same template, too, but it wouldn't be very intuitive.
16:29.18Kirkburn|sleepIt's almost impossible to mark out all expansion content though, and Blizzard doesn't treat them differently
16:30.03DuTempete"This article or section contains information about content in the {{{1}}} expansion, it's manuals, and related web materials which may not be available to all players"
16:30.47Kirkburn|sleepIndeed, but too many such templates really mess with article composition, and their use will inevitably be inconsistent over such a large scale
16:30.58Kirkburn|sleepTBC articles do take the BC category though
16:31.28DuTempeteWell, the category doesn't work well if it's only a section that contains the info.
16:31.42Kirkburn|sleepBot created pages can't differentiate either :/
16:32.16Kirkburn|sleepMarked sections make sense to me, and we do have the {{bc-section}} and {{wotlk-section}} templates for them
16:32.20DuTempeteWell, I think that at a certain point, we can have the bot assume that all new articles are from a specific expansion?
16:32.40Kirkburn|sleepDifficult, they change old content too :/
16:32.41pcjthere's still stuff being introduced for Vanilla WoW
16:32.59Kirkburn|sleep2.3 will reitemise pre-60 stuff (!)
16:33.30pcjCouldn't a level 60 theoretically be in the group for the Headless Horseman event?
16:33.31Fisker-i think you might be putting a bit too much in those words
16:33.48DuTempeteAnd it's not likely we'll have a break in between bot-created expansion content and simple patch updates?
16:34.03Fisker-but 2.3 is going to be the best patch ever
16:34.48DuTempeteWhat if we created a community team to identify and flag expansion content?
16:35.09Fisker-oh hi Dotted
16:35.13DuTempeteA small group of people who later watch the bot contr to make sure the new stuff gets flagged?
16:35.38Dottedhi fisher
16:35.50DuTempeteI can't think of an existing team that we could fit that into.
16:36.07Kirkburn|sleepOr that anyone would join it ;P
16:36.28pcjarticle council if anything
16:36.30Kirkburn|sleepWay too boring for me, breaking the wiki is much more fun ^^
16:36.39DuTempeteWell, I agree with you there.
16:36.55DuTempeteExcept I don't have the powah to break the wiki for other people, too. :P
16:36.59DuTempeteJust myself :(
16:38.03DuTempeteI seriously can't wait until I get out of school, so I can actually do my hobbies. :(
16:38.46DuTempeteAnd so I can... travel...
16:39.48DuTempeteI don't think they have any education department programmes for studying abroad. :(
16:49.20Kirkburn|sleepomg, CSS change!
16:52.29Taurmindoi found an undocumented 2.2 patch note. :(
16:52.51Taurmindothe [[Shabby Arakkoa Disguise]] dispels shadowform now. :(
16:53.28PolarinaThe sell value for all clothes and bandages have been changed too.
16:53.33Kirkburn|sleepReload CSS to see properly
16:53.55PolarinaWait, only few of the clothes. But all bandages.
16:54.33Kirkburn|sleepThat page I linked is the new stackable box design
16:55.36Kirkburn|sleep(and now there's a giant gap for some reason)
17:00.47Kirkburn|sleepAh, fixed
17:01.19Bagginswwmerged sentinel class into sentinel army page
17:05.43TaurmindoKirkburn|sleep: why do those boxes have that weird colored border on the left side?
17:05.58Kirkburn|sleepThey notify the type of template
17:06.03Kirkburn|sleepe.g. red is a MAJOR problem
17:06.09Kirkburn|sleeporange = stub
17:06.18Kirkburn|sleeppurple = technical change (e.g. merge)
17:06.22Kirkburn|sleepblue = notice
17:06.26Kirkburn|sleepgreen = something good
17:06.31Kirkburn|sleepyellow = mild issue
17:06.53Taurmindoaha. and, i have to ask, am one assumed to know the meaning of the colors, or is it obvious to msot but me? :)
17:08.45Kirkburn|sleepIt's on the ambox template talk page, but will add to MoS methinks
17:09.07Kirkburn|sleep(It's the wikipedia colouring)
17:10.02*** join/#wowwiki [1]simlan (
17:10.28[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 30247 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 8hrs 24mins 7secs.
17:13.34Dotted[19:14:13] [Leopold]: if one million divided by 0 is 0
17:13.34Dotted[19:14:18] [Leopold]: then 0 times 0 is a million
17:13.35Dotted[19:14:20] [Leopold]: TRUE OR FALSE
17:13.49Dottedwould that be true actually?
17:17.35Fisker-Well the division part is not 0
17:17.45Fisker-0 technically doesn't exist in math
17:18.00Kirkburn|sleepIt's not a reversible calculation
17:18.04Dottedwell Fisker- this is just theory
17:18.30Dottedif 7 / 0 = 0 then 0 x 0 = 7
17:18.31Kirkburn|sleep"Many to one" cannot be reversed to "one to many"
17:18.31Fisker-well again 0 is just a term to describe nothing
17:18.36Fisker-so it would be 1 million/
17:19.45Taurmindothat's like the whole -1 = 1 argument. ;)
17:20.05Kirkburn|sleepFrom many (anything divided by zero) , you get one (zero). You cannot return to a specific "many" (the number you divided)
17:20.38Taurmindobut yea, IF x/0 = 0 then 0*0 = x. but x/0 isn't euqal to 0.
17:21.28Kirkburn|sleepAnother example ...  square of 2 is 4. However, the root of 4 is not /just/ 2, it is also -2 ... so you cannot say that since 2^2 is 4, root 4 is two.
17:21.31Dotteddamnit Taurmindo :(
17:21.42DuTempeteumm... you can't divide by 0
17:21.53DuTempete0/7 is 0, but 7/0 is undefined.
17:21.54DottedDuTempete dont skip the _IF_ part
17:21.55Taurmindoyou can. you jsut can't get an answer. ;)
17:22.01Kirkburn|sleepWell, you can, but you don't get a meaningful answer :P
17:22.20Fisker-i was so pissed off that the guy actually got media attention from nullity
17:22.24DuTempeteyou get a broken script is what you get. :P
17:22.37Fisker-most retarded professor ever
17:22.42Fisker-he should've been fired on the spot
17:23.39[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 30797 doing ~ job/s, done in approx. 0secs.
17:24.09Fisker-good job Dotted
17:24.24Fisker-atleast your script still works
17:25.03Dottednothing to do with the script, im just trying to pwn a random nub that says "if 7 / 0 = 0 then 0 x 0 = 7"
17:25.33Polarinax / 0 = Infinity
17:25.34Taurmindobut he's right.
17:25.37PolarinaIn my opinion.
17:26.08Fisker-x / 0 = the opposite of infinity
17:26.12Dottedscript have always been broken if the job queue number is increased while TTL havent run out Fisker- :p
17:26.17Fisker-and by that i don't mean negative infinity
17:26.57PolarinaI have a reason why I think it is infinity.
17:28.29DottedFisker- find me a counter argument againt that statement kthx, you seem to be pro at maths :P
17:28.38Polarinalua> 2 ^ 1024   ==  2 ^ 2048
17:28.38Fisker-i'm not pro at all
17:28.43Fisker-i really suck
17:28.49Polarina>>> 2 ^ 1024  ==  2 ^ 2048
17:28.55PolarinaWhere are the lua bots?
17:32.30*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
17:32.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
17:32.59[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Insider Weekly -
17:34.25*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (n=zenkeola@
17:35.25sag_ich_nicht@ALL EU: Gutrot hit's 70 today, 1-70 buttnaked, 10:30 pm server time aerie peak, sen'jin beach(~57,57 durotar), make a lvl 1 troll and come :O
17:37.24Kirkburn|sleepDuTempete, this was my idea for the {{wotlk}} -
17:38.03*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
17:38.48DuTempete"This information is subject to change at any time."
17:39.17DuTempeteOther than that, you know my objections to the banner design. :P
17:40.13Fisker-which one Kirkburn|sleep _
17:40.18Fisker-the one in the top or the one in bottom_
17:40.54Kirkburn|sleepduh :P
17:41.20Fisker-i haet it
17:41.29DuTempeteYou hate everything.
17:41.39Fisker-but no the TBC one
17:41.50DuTempeteso, how  is your opinion supposed to be constructive, then?
17:42.14Kirkburn|sleepThe TBC banner is dead
17:42.24Kirkburn|sleepHas been for months
17:42.26DuTempeteKirkburn|sleep killed it.
17:42.31Kirkburn|sleepNot true :(
17:42.39Kirkburn|sleepI advocated killing it though ^^
17:42.50DuTempeteOh, so you hired someone?
17:42.56DuTempeteFinally, Sugar. :P
17:43.13Fisker-The logo just seems crap
17:43.22Fisker-too small or something like that
17:43.29DuTempeteIf you stick with that banner design, though, the logo is too small.
17:43.44Fisker-what about 3 letters
17:43.51Fisker-Which it's getting shorted to now
17:45.42Dottedclearly outdated
17:46.15KirkburnWhat is?
17:46.33KirkburnOh, I knows the logo is too small :P
17:46.45KirkburnNeed a 50-60px width version
17:46.45Fisker-well then there's hope for it afterall
17:47.03DottedKirkburn the talk page
17:47.35Kirkburn ... slightly larger (older design)
17:47.44KirkburnDotted, what talk page?
17:48.05KirkburnWhat about it?
17:48.06Dottedlike the ink i posted just above
17:48.14Dotted[19:46:46] [+Dotted]:
17:48.14Dotted[19:46:52] [+Dotted]: clearly outdated
17:48.14Dotted[19:47:27] [@Kirkburn]: What is?
17:48.22KirkburnYe gods you're slow :P
17:55.27KirkburnOkay, added a section to
17:59.34Kirkburncladhaire, ping pong the witch is dead
18:02.17KirkburnOuch, we're onto half-month VP archives
18:03.18DuTempeteWe're just too damned popular. :P
18:06.37*** join/#wowwiki Adys_ (
18:06.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys_] by ChanServ
18:07.05*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
18:07.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
18:08.10SkosirisDuTempete: Pick one.
18:08.52DuTempeteAre you saying that I'm only allowed to cuddle one of you, Skosiris?
18:09.08DuTempeteOh, well that's easy.
18:09.41DuTempete<insert dog smiley> Kirkburn.
18:11.21DuTempeteSorry, Skosiris. :(
18:11.43DuTempeteCan I still hug you?
18:11.51KirkburnManagement course, Sko
18:13.08DuTempeteOr, can I cuddle all of you, just not at the same time, Skosiris?
18:13.51SkosirisDuTempete: that would work too. At least we would feel privileged
18:14.07DuTempeteI'll try to remember that, but you know me.  I want it all.
18:24.32KeolahI didn't get cuddled. :(
18:24.47DuTempeteI didn't know you went that way, Keolah?
18:24.54KeolahI go every way! Hehe.
18:26.12DuTempeteNo lying about that, though.  I have a fragile heart!
18:27.30DuTempeteYou don't mind just being a cuddle-toy, though, do you?  I'm not into the long-term cuddles with women.
18:27.51DuTempeteWomen drive me nuts, but their cuddles are good.
18:28.42KeolahI'm not like most women! But I'm very cuddly. Of course, my grandmother calls that "needs to lose weight" :P
18:28.54DuTempetemean grandmother :(
18:32.40KazieAnyone who knows what font has been used on this screenshot?
18:35.37DuTempetelooks like arial, kazie
18:36.11Kaziei've tried Arial already.. doesn't seem like it
18:37.01[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Why would you want someone else to play a game for you? -
18:37.55PolarinaKazie: Courier New.
18:38.11*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
18:38.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:38.44PolarinaKazie: Or Gulim.
18:39.33KazieGulim you say?
18:39.42TaurmindoThraeBot: char eu the venture co murskaaja
18:39.43Kaziehmm.. never heard of that one before hehe
18:39.45ThraeBotTaurmindo: Murskaaja, Level 70 Dwarf Hunter (41/20/0). 7898 HP; 6493 Mana; 111 mana regen; 30 mp5; 5497 Armour; 1634 AP; 214.200 Melee DPS; 15.29% melee crit; 108 melee hit; 1727 RAP; 327.70 Ranged DPS; 20.49% ranged crit; 108 ranged hit; 11.75% dodge; 21 resilience; 10 frost resist (+10);[[ TBR: 1383 ][ Link: ][ Talents: ][ Updated: Sat Sep 29 14:54:57 2007 EST ]]
18:39.54PolarinaKazie: Or Sans or Serif.
18:40.23PolarinaKazie: Standard Symbols L looks similar too..
18:41.06KazieThat's a bit to get on with :) hehe
18:41.33Taurmindouh, can people exalted with CE attack in the cenarion refugee without getting attacked by guards?
18:42.00PolarinaKazie: URW Gothic L Book
18:42.29PolarinaKazie: Verdana!!
18:42.34PolarinaKazie: It is Verdana!
18:43.45KazieVerdana does not have a sharp 3 like that one
18:44.23PolarinaKazie: True...
18:46.29KazieI remember having the font some time ago.. i just don't remember the name :s
18:49.13*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
18:49.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj_2] by ChanServ
18:50.58pcjdid you look at it yet Kirkburn
18:53.07[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 28556 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 7hrs 55mins 56secs.
18:55.13*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
18:57.48Fisker-you scared me
18:58.43[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 31069 doing ~ job/s, done in approx. 0secs.
18:59.48KirkburnThose are 3,000 ethereal edits btw
19:00.04KirkburnThey apply to zero pages in reality ^^
19:04.23*** join/#wowwiki Thirsteh (n=thirsteh@linuxfordummies/Thirsteh)
19:14.06KirkburnNew deletion templates -
19:17.16*** join/#wowwiki piu (
19:17.45Fisker-oh fucking lol
19:17.49Fisker-"We're taking my car"
19:17.55Fisker-"I'm riding with you"
19:18.31*** join/#wowwiki berks (n=lookingf@
19:29.19DottedPlanet Terror :P?
19:30.15*** join/#wowwiki Guillotine (
19:31.17DottedPlanet Terror > Death Proof btw
19:34.52*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
19:34.52*** mode/#wowwiki [+v pcj] by ChanServ
19:38.50Bagginswwgarm is becoming stranger by the day. :p
19:40.28KirkburnIt's amazing how dynamic the Future race ideas page is though, always in low flux
19:41.20Bagginswwya :p
19:45.37BagginswwI love how gnomes can get into little crevices other races can't
19:47.05BagginswwHmm well you know those spider egg sacks in Zul'gurub?
19:47.24PolarinaNo.. Only been once to Zul'Gurub..
19:47.30Bagginswwthere is a few that overlap each other with a tiny hole inbetween.
19:47.43Bagginswwgnomes can get into it
19:47.56Bagginswwalthough getting out is kinda hard, LOL
19:48.26Bagginswwand there are some mangrove type trees that gnomes can stand under too.
19:48.28PolarinaI got stuck with my Night Elf where it was IMPOSSIBLE to get out using in-game mechancsim.
19:48.57Bagginswwhey ya there are places each race can get into and get stuc, ;)
19:49.09Bagginswwbut gnomes can walk under anything half the size of a night elf.
19:49.10PolarinaNot even gnomes could get out from that..
19:49.57Bagginsww :p
19:54.35piuthere used to be a tree root in WSG where only gnomes could fit
19:54.49piuit made for some interesting flag exploits
19:54.53piuthey patched it though
19:57.40*** join/#wowwiki Flexom (
19:57.48Fisker-i can say screw you
19:58.12KirkburnCongrats Fisker-!
19:58.19Fisker-screw you Kirkburn
19:58.35KirkburnHow the hell did you manage so much damage as a heavy?
19:58.59Fisker-spawncamped 12 bots
19:59.03pcjdid you look at it yet Kirkburn
19:59.48PolarinaFisker-: Not all of them were bots. I had a lot of people ganking me but they always stop when I do /cry or /beg
20:00.02Kirkburnpcj, link me, will look after I do the washing up
20:00.03PolarinaProbably because I am a hunter...
20:00.23Fisker-Polarina i was talking about my TF2 stats
20:00.39pcjjust do a cache refresh and it'll show up in the personal links, before log out
20:04.29*** join/#wowwiki Thirsteh (n=thirsteh@linuxfordummies/Thirsteh)
20:05.00[NewsBot]WoW Insider: We have met the enemy and he is us. -
20:08.10Fisker-omg lol @ pocket bike Dotted
20:09.11cladhaireKirkburn: whats up
20:09.49Fisker-what's down :O
20:10.17Dottedthe sky and the earth
20:10.58Dottedyou know Pokmon would make an awsome MSORPG
20:11.58Dottedimagine how much money nintendo could get by making that
20:13.10Fisker-more money in a Pokémon post-apocalypse RPG
20:16.01Dottedbut anyways it would be a very interesting concept since it would differ from your average MMO
20:17.42Dottedon the other hand it would never happen aslong nintendo is in busoness
20:18.11*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
20:18.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
20:18.50*** join/#wowwiki twoshadetod (
20:22.02Bagginswwconverted all moonkin category to wildkin
20:22.13Bagginswwto better follow the rpg.
20:25.43*** join/#wowwiki Thirsteh (
20:27.24Kirkburncladhaire, what country are you currently residing in?
20:29.24Kirkburnpcj, cool!
20:29.32KirkburnHow does it work again?
20:29.36cladhaireI'm in Oxford
20:29.51KirkburnSmall country
20:29.58pcjYou click it and the tooltips are off
20:30.03KirkburnHow are you enjoying it?
20:30.03pcjClick it again and they're back on
20:30.09Kirkburnpcj, no, I mean the tooltips themselves :P
20:30.17cladhaireits good
20:30.25cladhaireits england, after all
20:31.03KirkburnAnd when will you visit Bristol? ^^
20:31.48Kirkburnpcj, mind if I add the three lines to link to your code to the site js?
20:31.53KirkburnI assume I only need:
20:31.54Kirkburndocument.write('<script type="text/javascript" src=" \
20:31.54Kirkburn \
20:32.03pcjFine with me
20:32.21pcjThough according to someone on Village Pump that might not work on all browsers
20:33.28KirkburnDegrades properly?
20:33.52Kirkburn(Can't imagine why not)
20:34.18KirkburnHmm, would it work when logged out?
20:34.49cladhaireKirkburn: I'll work it out with Tom :P
20:35.20pcjIt should work when logged out
20:35.27pcjIt just sets a cookie for the preference
20:35.33pcjThough obviously I can't test it :P
20:37.58KirkburnIt works!
20:39.57KirkburnThough I'm not seeing it on my own personal links bar :/
20:40.40pcjdid you change your personal links bar a lot
20:41.15*** join/#wowwiki sag_ich_nicht (i=bitch2k@
20:41.17sag_ich_nichtgutrot has just hit 70
20:41.20sag_ich_nichtand the worldserver is down
20:41.28Kirkburnpcj, I did :/
20:42.27KirkburnArgh, I know what
20:44.29KirkburnHrm, still nothing
20:46.19KirkburnAny ideas?
20:47.32KirkburnWaitasec, it's not loading any js for me ...
20:48.06pcjSome sort of exception when you put it in Common.js
20:48.20pcjError: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Node cannot be inserted at the specified point in the hierarchy"  code: "3" nsresult: "0x80530003 (NS_ERROR_DOM_HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR)"  location: " Line: 156"]
20:50.01pcjAh, one sec
20:52.25KirkburnIt worked from my own js until I added it to the sitewide common.js
20:53.10pcjYeah, odd
20:53.24KirkburnAnd it works when logged out
20:55.00KirkburnOkay, so, by removing it from the common.js, it restores the normal personal links changes
20:56.01pcjYou didn't change your personal links enough for it to matter
20:57.17BagginswwLol, so ya is it me or is garm starting to reach Zarnks level of annoying? :p
20:57.24KirkburnNow I've just added your whole code ... and the same problem
20:58.35*** join/#wowwiki hurax (
20:58.57Kirkburnpcj, any thoughts on it now?
20:59.10KirkburnI copied all of itemtooltips.js across
20:59.27[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Nintendo Says Bye to Blogging Beauty over Co-Worker Comments -
20:59.40pcjOddest thing ever, it should be having the opposite problem, not working while logged out, as far as I can tell
21:01.04huraxwell [[Druid lore]] had its share of cruft, but deleting the whole page and make it a redirect to the main druid page?
21:03.02Kirkburnhurax, whilst added the info to [[druid]] ...
21:03.08huraxwe had a lot of information there, that would be too much in the whole class page
21:03.26huraxadded a small part of it
21:05.39KirkburnHmm, I am a little confused
21:06.16huraxthe whole different orders, many rpg stuff which i can't veryfiy but also orders which are mentioned in wow, druid of the fang and talon...
21:06.40Bagginswwthat kirkburn
21:07.05KirkburnAnd to hurax's enquiry?
21:07.49Kirkburnpcj, are you finding any failure point?
21:08.14Bagginswwoh hurax
21:08.17Bagginswwthe material is seperated
21:08.20pcjSeems to be "personalLinks.insertBefore(ttSwitch, logout);" but I don't know why it's doing it
21:08.22Bagginswwinto seperate pages
21:08.29Bagginswwto follow pattern first used in mage page
21:08.48Bagginswwits not deleted
21:08.56Bagginswwjust all redundancy has been removed
21:09.08huraxi did like the lore pages, granted some of them were ugly
21:09.19Bagginswwthe lore still exists, :)
21:09.39huraxlike "warrior lore", but it think we should restore druid lore as a page
21:09.39Bagginswwalot of the druid material was redirects, because it was already getting bloated
21:10.17Bagginswwthose redirects are still in the "druid" page
21:10.17BagginswwI just merged them
21:10.51KirkburnQuestion for anyone and everyone, reload wowwiki, and tell me whether you see a tooltips option on your personal links bar
21:11.34pcjLink it back to my JS Kirkburn
21:12.01piuyou mean on th e"my talk, my preferences...." bar?
21:12.27Kirkburnpcj, done
21:12.30Kirkburnpiu, yeah
21:12.45Kirkburn(pcj, added to bottom of )
21:13.12piuforced-reload shows nothing new
21:13.26piubut, I have the mouseover tooltip code in my personal CSS, should I remove that?
21:13.51huraxas a link on a different subpage that is a redirect from a link on the main druid page... sorry if i'm a bit annoyed but i've seen enough changes, moves, where you acted and many people were against it
21:14.13Kirkburnpiu, the code there is a link to pcj's code I assume?
21:14.27Kirkburnhurax, it's on the VP
21:14.52Bagginswwhurax there were enough people already complaining about the druid lore page being too bloated with information already found in other pages.
21:15.00Bagginswwor should have had their own pages
21:15.27Bagginswwto be honest you can't please everyone :p
21:16.57Kirkburnpcj, if you revert it to the old code, can we see if it works again then?
21:17.29pcjOld code?  Without the toggle?
21:18.11pcjOK, reverted
21:18.15Bagginswwkirkburn you want to update the future race ideas header to point out that it should only include true humanoids?
21:19.11huraxbut i get the impression you like to annoy others... for example the move of the names of the wc3 battle pages, i think your decision of moving them to the names as described in the game was a good one as it was made consistent that way
21:19.19Kirkburnpcj, well, at least that works :/
21:19.24huraxbut the way in which you reacted to objections
21:19.36pcjOK, I can at least provide a way for people to turn it off then
21:19.46Kirkburnpcj, I'm going to leave it linked to your page so you can fiddle :)
21:19.55KirkburnShall add a VP topic on it now
21:20.20huraxunfortunately at the moment i can't work too much on the wiki righ now (don't even have wow access because of my slow internet connection)
21:20.48sag_ich_nichtwe crashed the guard AI
21:20.50Bagginswwno I don't like to annoy others, LOL
21:20.56sag_ich_nichttoo many targets for them to handle
21:21.19Bagginswwthough sometimes I feel like others try annoy us, :)
21:21.31Bagginswwby us I mean admins and others
21:22.16Bagginswwand the discussion to move pages to official names was discussed in here
21:22.27Bagginswwits not like I blindly went and did it LOL
21:23.30Bagginswwok kirkburn I've done alot of stuff in skettis city but what does he mean arrakoa there "submitted to paladism"?
21:26.40KirkburnI agree Baggins, it's completely unclear what it's talking about
21:27.11*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (i=Kirochi@
21:27.35KirochiThe Tuskarr belong in the Legion!
21:28.12KirochiYou haven't watched the Tuskarr talk page, you can't know about it
21:28.35huraxarrakoa paladins?
21:29.18huraxwould be at least as odd as the broken draenei druids ;)
21:32.42[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 26089 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 7hrs 14mins 49secs.
21:33.03[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Patch 2.3: some PvP cloaks please, with a Hunter melee weapon on the side -
21:33.48Kirochihurax don't joke about something you don't know
21:33.55Kirochithe Eredar can do ANYTHING
21:34.11Kirochithey can fulfill the role of ANY class
21:34.31huraxeredar? that would rather be the naaru... but i don't trust them either ;)
21:34.32Kirochibecause they are space knightz!!!11!1one
21:36.38Bagginswwthat's cool
21:36.56Bagginswwthat needs to be put up in the two hordes article
21:37.43Kirochiloladins, healbots, hunts, durids, shammys, wars, locks, dk, mages and inviz4bl3b4ckst4bb3rz
21:38.24Bagginswwoh its there already apparently
21:38.36Kirochinext the draenei will be able to play as gawds
21:39.03Kirochi"New Alliance class: Chuck Norris! Exclusively available to Draenei, though"
21:39.57piuI always thought a monk class would be interesting
21:41.55Kirochiyea, fighting with your legs an'all
21:42.07piuroundhouse kicks, fist weapons, and staves
21:42.23Kirochirevenge against Bruce Lee
21:42.31piuinterrupts, stuns, incapacitate moves
21:42.44huraxand unable to wear any chest armor like the monk in nethack?
21:42.48piumaybe minor heals
21:43.14piucloth perhaps? a cloth melee class?
21:43.15huraxliked to play monks there, thnough the only ascension i managed was with a wizard
21:43.56Kirochithey'd have like a dodge spectree
21:44.08piuyou'd end up with very specific gear for em, but that's not much different from caster mail and caster plate
21:44.20*** join/#wowwiki NM|Xinhuan|Guru (
21:44.49KirkburnRedone deletion vote template :O ...
21:45.06KirochiDelete Kirkburn's userpage! I vote YES!
21:46.50KirkburnDesign reasonable, readable?
21:47.21Kirochiwhy is the small text so badly captioned ?
21:47.25piuit's certainly not as loud as the old one
21:47.40KirkburnKirochi, captioned?
21:48.11Kirochisorry, I am not speak le english
21:48.43Kirochioo sorry nothing
21:48.58KirochiI thought there was a picture representing text in here
21:49.31Kirochithe italics on 'optional comments' make it illegible
21:49.51Bagginswwgarm sure can't tell the difference between what-if scenarios and lore or mechanics :p
21:50.20Dottedcant we make a [[WW:RETARD]]
21:50.23Kirochigarm sure can't tell how much some of us loath
21:50.27Kirochiloathe hum
21:50.42pcj[[WW:RETARD]] redirects to [[User:Dotted]] imo
21:50.43[NewsBot]pcj meant:
21:51.29*** part/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
21:51.33*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@unaffiliated/dotted/bot/newsbot)
21:51.34*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
21:51.41Kirochicheck it again
21:51.58[NewsBot]pcj has updated the stats for #wowwiki! See the #wowwiki stats:
21:52.09piuoh hey now
21:53.00KirkburnKirochi, that was way over the line
21:53.17KirochiDo you think so?
21:53.22KirochiI didn't edit his page
21:53.33KirochiI didn't vandalize and existing page
21:53.40KirkburnIt's a personal attack
21:54.15Kirochiaw come on. It's not like he is officially treated as such
21:54.27KirochiI think this has to be seen
21:54.34Kirochias a joke
21:55.45Kirochithere are plenty of persons I consider way below the required level on WoWwiki, and this is not what I think of Garm
21:55.51Kirochisome of his edits are worthy
21:56.09Kirochihe has given movement and youth to the Future Races Ideas page again
21:56.33Dotted"If you were at your office right now, we would have this conversation face to face" <- ollololol
21:56.42KirochiIf he happens to know about it, discovering it on its own or not, I shall apologize
21:57.44Kirochioh, already done btw
22:00.10*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
22:04.24BagginswwI'm going to have to agree, it was against policy :p
22:05.18KirochiI'd have removed it no sooner than a few seconds ahead
22:05.32*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
22:05.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sannse] by ChanServ
22:07.04Kirochiwhy you lol? That's true, I'm a bit childish sometimes, but I know how this can hurt
22:07.19BagginswwI mean there are times I would like to do things like that, but can't :p
22:07.32Kirochithat's called "over a line"
22:08.01Kirochicross a toe sometimes and you'll feel relieved, but proceed to the repairs then
22:09.04Kirochimaybe it's the difference between a clown and a vandal
22:09.43Kirochi(god that toe hurts now)
22:12.22Kirochikirkburn, I still think italic fonts make your template less readable
22:13.00[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Arcane Brilliance: Get your PvP on -
22:13.17Bagginswwkirkburn btw we have a fanart template now
22:13.28Bagginswwjust use the {{fanfic}} template on any fanart
22:38.47*** join/#wowwiki bleeter (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
22:40.29*** join/#wowwiki Kaydeethree (n=kd3@
22:40.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaydeethree] by ChanServ
22:44.57Bagginswwcan someone with photoshop detach the frostwolf tabard from this artwork?
22:45.16Bagginswwseperate it from the rest, and and get rid of the black border
22:45.23Bagginswwfor use on the frostwolf page?
22:45.45bleetersorry, only got The Gimp here :(
22:46.48BagginswwI could do it with MS paint but it takes hours :p
22:47.05KirochiI'm a quick MSpainter
22:47.41Kirochiand MS Photo Editor works as well
22:48.47Bagginswwheh well if you can do it and make it look good, I'd be appreciative
22:48.57Kirochithat's sooo nice of you
22:49.17*** join/#wowwiki A2` (
22:49.36Fisker-Kirkburn shall we 31108?
22:50.24Dotteddont think he wants to have sex with you Fisker-
22:50.35Fisker-what about you?
22:50.48Fisker-you suck
22:50.59Dottedyes indeed
22:51.18*** join/#wowwiki NimbleRabit (
22:53.00KirochiBagginsww, what did you mean by 'get rid of the black border' ?
22:53.09*** join/#wowwiki piu (
22:53.17Bagginswwthe border around the left edge of the picture
22:53.28Bagginswwthat partially surrounds the banner
22:53.49Kirochiyou want the whole banner
22:53.59Kirochinot just the wolf
22:54.04Bagginswwthe entire banner ya
22:54.14Kirochik getting it restarted
22:54.21Bagginswwits the only artwork we have a traditional second war era banner for that clan
22:54.47Bagginswwsince the clan didnt' actually appear in Warcraft II or its manual.
22:56.44Kirochiwow, you mean something that went through every single retcon? Impressive
23:08.03*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
23:08.03*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
23:11.25Bagginswwfrost wolves first appeared in canceled Warcraft Adventures
23:12.18*** join/#wowwiki Mike (
23:12.47Kirochiwhen was LotC released btw?
23:16.40KirkburnKirochi, italic?
23:16.58Kirochi:p on 'optional comment'
23:17.37*** join/#wowwiki RogueShadow (
23:19.06Kirochipic nearly done Bagginsww
23:19.25BagginswwLOTC was released a few years before Warcraft III I think
23:19.30Bagginsww1 or 2 years
23:19.53KirkburnKirochi, about the retard thing, I think it's just probably more insulting than you initially realised. I know kids and people on the net often use it, but eventually you realise that it's really not something to call someone
23:20.13KirkburnPolitical correctness in recent years, especially
23:20.29Kirochiyou mean, referring to the handicapped people?
23:21.22KirkburnThe reaction is very dependent on who you're saying it to
23:22.01KirkburnAnyhoo, just got back from dinner, tasty, now possibly for a film
23:22.08KirkburnStar Trek: First Contact, it seems
23:23.08Bagginsww updated Dwarven avatar with ability lore
23:24.13bleeterthere's only one correct formal use of the word retard, and that's defined as 'delay'
23:25.58Bagginswwactually you can incorrectly use that too ;)
23:26.19BagginswwI mean referring to a delayed thought processes
23:28.15Kirochi'retard' purely means 'delay' in French
23:28.34KirochiBagginsww do you want it in png or jpg?
23:28.52BagginswwI usually use jpg
23:29.10Kirochik, but the background won't look very brilliant
23:29.33*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
23:29.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+v cladhaire] by ChanServ
23:30.02KirkburnNew delete template example!
23:30.19Bagginswwbackground will just be white right?
23:30.35Bagginswwit should be white
23:30.40Bagginswwlike the rest of the banner artwork
23:30.57Kirochiew, no the whole picture is grayish
23:31.10Bagginswwwell it should have a solid background of a light color
23:31.17Bagginswwlike it originally had
23:31.44KirochiI did my best to make it appear solid
23:31.51Bagginsww so it looks something like that
23:32.51Kirochiso, how is it? (pm'd)
23:32.57Bagginswwhmm you sent it to me?
23:33.12Bagginswwya that's fine
23:33.14Kirochiyeah, in private
23:33.20Bagginswwbottom needs to be removed
23:33.38Kirochiwasn't asked to. You can do it easily though
23:33.53Bagginswwbut thanks for the work
23:34.00Kirochiit was nothing
23:34.09KirochiI'm much of a troublemaker than a helpe out here
23:34.27Kirochimuch more* damn
23:34.52Kirochiand I can't spell anything. Brilliant.
23:39.00Kirochiah well. If you don't look at it too closely it's almost correct
23:44.54KirochiLeeroy Jenkins and Saurfang were going to raid Naxx. It was so scared it ran to Northrend.
23:52.44[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 18162 doing ~0.9 job/s, done in approx. 5hrs 36mins 20secs.
23:59.17*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
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