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00:54.42pcjwb dutempete
00:54.55DuTempetethankies :P
01:16.28KirkburnAnyone got thoughts on ?
01:19.13KirkburnThe design is from
01:22.48DuTempeteerrr... white on grey?
01:23.09DuTempeteOh, 'tis because of my skin
01:25.36Kirkburnoh, lol
01:25.41KirkburnYeah, monobook ^^
01:26.41DuTempetegimme link with useskin plskthx
01:27.49DuTempetethanks dear :P
01:28.17DuTempete'Tis alright, though I like the bullets
01:28.25DuTempetethat are in the stub template already
01:29.30DuTempeteI've just noticed that it bothers me that there isn't much contrast between the link colour and the text colour.
01:29.41DuTempeteIt's difficult to tell where the links are.
01:30.01KirkburnHow about now?
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01:32.26DuTempeteThat doesn't look right, Kirkburn.
01:33.05DuTempeteMebbe if the bullets were 5px or so to the right, it would be a bit more aesthetically pleasing.
01:33.41DuTempeteBut, it's functional, and good-looking.  It just isnt' sexy.
01:34.11DuTempeteWhat do you think?
01:35.15KirkburnWhat do I think about it?
01:35.34DuTempeteNo, what do you think about strip-poker?
01:35.45DuTempeteYes, the damn stub. :P
01:37.16DuTempeteBut, my attention has not moved from the text, to the bgcolour.
01:37.26DuTempeteSeems a bit much.  Maybe a darker grey?
01:37.35DuTempeteerr lighter!
01:38.05DuTempeteand "has not" is "has now"
01:44.04KirkburnI made it slightly lighter
01:44.21KirkburnTrying to think of ways of making it clearer and less busy
01:44.33DuTempeteOh, yes, much better.
01:46.55DuTempeteIs the "spells", "Auras" and "Powers" line really necessary?
01:47.04DuTempeteObviously, the article is going to be one of the four.
01:47.26DuTempeteI would think the only person to question that would be the one deciding which stub to use.
02:02.22KirkburnRedone as a proper template
02:03.18DuTempeteDo you think that helps clean it up?
02:03.55DuTempeteI think, space wise, it's smaller, but in the way of readability/use of negative space, not really.
02:03.57KirkburnI'm looking forward to deleting Stub/Begin and /End
02:04.47KirkburnMoved it up to 95%
02:04.51Kirkburn(font size)
02:05.03KirkburnGotta sort out the wowwiki design too, I guess :P
02:05.37DuTempeteWhat would you say to making it a page-wide box?
02:10.41Kirkburnwowwiki style -
02:10.46Kirkburncache refresh required
02:11.42KirkburnPage wide won't work due to images on the right
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02:15.34DuTempeteIck, red, Kirkburn?
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02:16.10KirkburnI can't find a nice version
02:16.23KirkburnAlternative is border colour
02:16.29Kirkburn(reload now to see)
02:16.38DuTempeteNot that there's anything wrong with red, 'tis the best colour ever, but it doesn't look right. :P
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02:17.13DuTempeteBesides that, though, it looks good.
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02:44.57DuTempetehowdy Dotted!
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03:06.07KirkburnStubs revamped :)
03:06.28KirkburnNo longer using a template that replaced {{Stub/End}} with .... |}
03:15.14DuTempetenight night folks
03:19.05KirkburnI'm off too ... night night!
03:20.41KirkburnOne hopes the stubs do not explode overnight
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04:24.58raymanneeding some help with wowbench can anyone help me?
04:24.59Sky2042helllllllllllllllo thar!
04:25.47Sky2042um, try the ui channel at #wowi-lounge
04:25.55raymanok thanks
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04:34.13[NewsBot]MMO Champion: 2.2 Testing, WotLK Screenshots, blue posts -
04:34.17karatar0 from:
04:34.17Sky20422.2 still isn't out?
04:34.17Sky2042and there goes the server
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04:49.28Sky2042i have music theory hw
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05:48.39Sky2042lol, baggins
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06:40.37Dotted thx for letting us know, now i can sleep at night again
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08:06.47Adysoh hai
08:21.01DottedYOU SUCK
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08:34.41Fisker--yay |Pixel| we has sc2 forums
08:44.05Dottedoh noes
08:44.57DottedFisker- whats with Fisker--?
08:51.18Fisker--i can't have 2 identical names
09:00.12Bibi`NEW MONITOR
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09:09.20laurlyquit smoking bad idea /me starts to pull hair out
09:12.28Bibi`smoke them
09:13.03Fisker--so |Pixel| got any interesting ZERG stuff for today?
09:14.32|Pixel|I could tell you, but I'd need to use zerg language, which you couldn't understand (or at least, which is quite similar to murloc babbling)
09:14.44Bibi`Rwwlrwwlrwlwrlwlwr !
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09:32.50|Pixel|hm ?
09:34.07Fisker--you should spoil the beans :(
09:34.41|Pixel|to spoil is bad
09:36.49Fisker--you should :(
09:37.10Fisker--or give hints
09:38.06|Pixel|okay, here's one:
09:38.49Fisker--i hate you
09:38.53|Pixel|(and this is NOT something I just randomly typied)
09:39.07Fisker--could almost be some kind of hash string
09:39.13|Pixel|it isn't
09:39.40Fisker--no figured that out
09:39.49Fisker--your hints suck ;(
09:40.06|Pixel|you could at least notice this is a prime number, suckah!
09:41.04Fisker--so Optimus Prime for SC2?
09:41.23|Pixel|ha ha ha
09:41.25|Pixel|nice one
09:42.18Fisker--do i get a better hint for it then? :P
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11:23.34[NewsBot]GamePolitics: GameStop VP Talks ESRB & AO -
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12:03.15bleeterKirkburn|sleep: raaaar
12:05.34[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Breakfast Topic: Buying and selling -
12:09.35Tarrrmindohm, the naga are reptiles?
12:10.18pcjthey're altered night elves
12:13.53bleeterthought they were altered highborne elves
12:14.51bleeterso yeah, night elves.. but not yer common garden variety type
12:15.15pcjwell idk my lore, just that they're altered elves
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12:15.27lordgreghi everyone...
12:15.39Dottedguy from .si
12:15.46lordgregi have a question- is anyone experiencing problems trying to access wow-europe forums?
12:15.52Tarrrmindo'cause first boss in SV says something along the lines of "die, warmblooded!"
12:16.08Tarrrmindoand somehow i'd think calling someone warm blooded would mean themselves weren't.
12:16.10Dottedlordgreg works here
12:16.23lordgregdamnit- i can't access it, neither can't login to game
12:16.28lordgregand suggestions?
12:16.47pcjtry using a proxy lordgreg
12:16.50lordgregdoes this has anything to do with DNS'es?
12:17.21pcjwell are you having trouble accessing anywhere else
12:17.28[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Blizzard Job Opening - Senior QA Tools Programmer -
12:17.36lordgregpcj: actually yes.
12:17.43lordgregi tried accessing forums from work... same thing
12:18.17pcjhmm you might try running a traceroute
12:18.51pcjtho at work at least it might just be blocked :P
12:19.19lordgregwell... it looks like i can trace it all the way to then it times out
12:19.39pcjhmm same here
12:20.03pcjwell it appears there isn't anything you can do about it :P
12:20.10winkillerworkin for me
12:20.20pcjexcept use a proxy maybe
12:20.30lordgregwell... i'll then try to call my ISP and see what they can tell me about it :)
12:20.37lordgreg(talking about wow addiction :|)
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12:22.54bleeterI think I at too much food, I feel like Mr. Creosote :/
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12:23.28[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Game Industry Lobby Goes into Overdrive -
12:23.31[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Not Rocket Science: Game More, Study Less, Watch Grades Drop -
12:23.58bleetermy mum used to tell me playing games would get me no where
12:24.09Tarrrmindoit's called nowhere.
12:24.12Tarrrmindoseems she was right.
12:24.24bleetershe certainly shut up when my gaming job paid her to fly from australia to europe for a fortnight
12:25.05PolarinaGaming job? You work by playing games?
12:25.37bleeteri did
12:26.06bleeterload testing and stuff... getting paid to blow up clusters and stuff. shitloads of fun
12:26.20bleeter'cept none of my mates will play me at cards anymore :(
12:26.34PolarinaSo techincally, you don't pay to play WoW (WoW as an example for any game) but instead *you* were payd to play it?
12:27.03bleeteraye.. but that bit was boring. it was the exploding clusters that was the fun bit
12:27.33bleetercomputers grouped together to operate as one, redundancy stuff
12:27.56bleeterhad to find the breaking points where the cluster would truly collapse, to ensure that database rollback worked beyond spec
12:27.56PolarinaAnd bleeter, thank you again. Your patch even got Reverb sound effects to work in the PTR.
12:28.31bleeterI was never sure whether it was that patch, or a new build by blizz that helped that
12:28.44PolarinaOk. :)
12:29.00PolarinaLets say both, just so you could take some of the credit. ;)
12:29.01bleeterand it wasn't my patch.. it was me getting the Wine DSound guy chatting with the FModEx author that got it... I just got the ball rolling :)
12:29.28PolarinaBlizzard updated their FmodEx DLL too?
12:29.30bleeterI'm hoping to get the crash-on-exit bug adopted in next wine
12:29.35lordgregoh. one more thing... any speculations when we will see patch 2.3.0 on realms?
12:29.45bleeteras far as I know, around the same time.. yeah... I think
12:29.53Polarinalordgreg: First they have to hit the PTRs.
12:30.11bleeterI know that the fmod author adjusted the code once the wine guy pointed out the dumbass behaviour of Win32
12:30.30pcjafter 2.2 they said 2.3 might be out quicker
12:31.01PolarinaWith 2.3 there will be a function that you can use to fetch all data from the Auction House within matter of seconds.
12:31.07bleeter'the dsound.dll is unloaded, there's no way referencing a pointer to it should still be available... even if it does work, it'd prolly be good to make sure you get it loaded again before the reference'... 'hmm, good point, code changed'
12:31.18bleeteri think was roughly the convo
12:31.37bleeterthere'll be a 2.2.2 PTR first
12:32.22bleeterie, 2.2.1 will prolly be hotfixes for 2.2.. then there'll be 'major fix' for 2.2 which'll be 2.2.2, then prolly 2.3
12:32.30bleeteris my guess, makes sense etc.
12:32.37Polarina2.2 is out on live realms?
12:32.50bleeterhasn't been announced, but more than likely next maint
12:33.04bleeterthey shut down 2.2PTR today
12:33.14PolarinaDid they fix the flight-path issue?
12:33.50bleeter<<been too busy with Uni assignments, and stress-testing AucAdv ;)
12:34.03PolarinaHehe. .P
12:34.16PolarinaDiscovered any bugs?
12:34.36bleeterjust the annoying hard to consistently reproduce ones :/
12:35.08bleeteroh, you might've noticed a change to the wine appdb main page
12:35.17bleetermanaged to get WoW 2.0.x moved off it :D
12:35.18PolarinaOne reported a bug in my addon. Didn't even had to reproduce it to fix it.
12:36.03bleetergot a new function in the maintainer section so we can obsolete online games, but migrate votes to a newer version... so I did that (as opposed to just obsoleting a version and have it vanish)
12:37.06Polarinableeter: I have to admit that you are very smart.
12:37.37bleeterit's all wild assumptions and making loud noises
12:43.11bleeterPolarina: if I were smart, I'd remember the snippets of íslenska that I learnt when I was visiting there :P
12:46.56bleeterthink all I could say these days is 'not the hákari noooo!'
12:49.07bleetererm... hákari -> specially prepared shark?
12:51.30*** part/#wowwiki lordgreg (
12:51.34PolarinaHákarl = Shark.
12:53.14bleeteryeah, that stuff ... I'm sure they make some that's 'extra spicy' for the tourists ;)
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13:05.34[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Caption This: Vote for winners! -
13:08.54TarrrmindoThraeBot: char eu the venture co saerne
13:08.57ThraeBotTarrrmindo: Saerne, Level 63 Blood Elf Paladin (10/41/3). 5654 HP; 4679 Mana; 88 mana regen; 11 mp5; 8839 Armour; 763 AP; 112.800 Melee DPS; 3.96% melee crit; 11 melee hit; 30 spell crit; 22 spell hit; 179 +spell dmg/heal; 4.44% dodge; 5.48% block;[[ TBR: 1122 ][ Link: ][ Talents: ][ Updated: Fri Sep 21 09:22:54 2007 EST ]]
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13:20.23bleeterKirkburn|sleep: wtb: [Old Iron]... any [Old Iron]
13:32.39Dottedsomebody just tried to rickroll me ;(
13:32.46Dottedfailed but still
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14:05.34[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: Looking over the Pools of Aggonar -
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14:10.48Fisker-Casual greetings
14:11.00Fisker-|Pixel| ZERG VIDEOS UP TODAY?!
14:15.26|Pixel|still your lame attemps ?
14:15.39|Pixel|here's the only thing I have for you:
14:27.17Fisker-isn't that the one you released a couple of days ago
14:27.51Fisker-yeah :(
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15:56.20KirkburnSo, what do people think of the new stub design? It looks better on monobook :(
15:56.42[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 4080 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 1hr 8mins.
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16:05.34[NewsBot]WoW Insider: WoW Moviewatch: Creepy Doll -
16:08.16pcjI liked the old version better
16:22.34pcjthis is clever
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16:28.27Fisker-rawr Kirkburn
16:32.52*** join/#wowwiki sannse|away (n=me@wikimedia/
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17:30.26KirkburnThis laptop is .... incredible ... just, incredible -
17:30.49Kirkburn20" monitor, but so, so, sooooo nice
17:31.01KuinKalagief macbook :o
17:33.09KuinKalathat laptop fails
17:33.13KuinKalait has vista
17:36.33*** join/#wowwiki cakeface_ (n=ryan@
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17:53.14*** topic/#wowwiki is Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - No trolling/acc trading/emu serv talks, thanks || Press release! || Steam! || We are an official fan site!
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18:02.37Teomyri've just learned two things about hard drives
18:02.46Teomyr1) they can make really ugly noises
18:03.11Teomyr2) s.m.a.r.t. isn't necessarily able to recognize a head crash even after it has occurred
18:07.52[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 18074 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 5hrs 1min 14secs.
18:07.55KirkburnTeomyr, :(
18:08.12dreamss3) they highly unrealible
18:08.29Teomyri've never heard a hard disk make such awful noises
18:08.59Teomyr(it's the one from my mom, who has lost all belief in PCs now)
18:10.33[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Let Malygos go to it, we didn't want magic anyway -
18:13.48*** join/#wowwiki Guillotine (
18:18.07KirkburnGo, go gadget Shandris!
18:37.03[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 18840 doing ~ job/s, done in approx. 0secs.
18:38.52Fisker-i want you
18:38.55*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
18:39.05Fisker-hehe Teomyr
18:39.12Fisker-S.M.A.R.T. seriously sucks
18:39.42Teomyrone of my disks actually predicted it's death one month before it failed!
18:39.56Teomyri then killed it using Fraps
18:40.07Teomyrbut this hdd is really stupid
18:40.35Fisker-i had one reporting it dead some weeks before
18:40.43Fisker-still have it and it still works
18:41.01Teomyrbetter than the other way round, no?
18:41.07Fisker-no u
18:42.12Teomyri feel sorry for my mom
18:42.18Teomyrshe just expects her PC to work
18:42.25Teomyrdoesn't demand much from it
18:42.49Teomyrand this is like the third time that her PC went broken
18:43.37*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
18:44.07Teomyri think it's the second failing hard drive, and we had one defective power supply unit
18:44.23Teomyr"i'll be using a typewriter from now on"
18:44.55Dottedstop bouying cheap chinese parts then :(
18:46.04Teomyrthe hdd was made in hungary!
18:46.28Dottedeven worse
18:46.37Dottedthe huns are bad
18:59.44foxlitIt's amazing how badly documented BLP1 is in comparison to the WoW stuff
19:01.09foxlitEspecially considering WC3 has been out for a heck of a lot longer
19:01.26*** join/#wowwiki Kaos_ (
19:04.56*** part/#wowwiki Kaos__ (
19:10.22Dottedfoxlit i would think the modding base is a whole lot bigger in wow
19:12.34foxlitMaybe. But I'd suspect that a lot of the people involved wouldn't really bother messing with the format
19:13.06*** join/#wowwiki cyrillic (
19:15.36[NewsBot]WoW Insider: New WotLK screenshots on the official site -
19:17.36Polarina[NewsBot]: Now you are talking!
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19:31.41DuTempeteOh, shit, Adys... what are you doing now?
19:31.50DuTempeteAnd, hello, my darlings!
19:33.21AdysHi DuTempete
19:33.42AdysIm removing all my clothes right now, wanna cyber?
19:34.48DuTempeteOnly if you speak French.
19:35.00AdysCyber, s'il te plait
19:40.20Lukianhot! :D
19:42.23DuTempeteSorry, none for you, Lukian.
19:42.58*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:43.22DuTempeteI only cyber admins.
19:43.34DuTempeteI'm trying to get places, you know.
19:44.20*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
19:45.29DuTempeteWhat are you writing down, sweetcheeks?
20:05.37[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Where in the world is Image of Archmage Vargoth? -
20:07.23*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
20:07.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
20:14.33DottedDuTempete im an admin, wanna cybur?
20:14.48DuTempeteYou are not.
20:15.00Dotteduhm yes i am
20:15.12DuTempeteNot in this channel you aren't.
20:15.31Dottedyou didnt say anything about that :<
20:15.44DuTempeteBesides, I don't like you.
20:15.59DuTempeteNor do you speak any sexy languages.
20:16.34Dottedi dont?
20:16.51DuTempeteDo you speak fluent French or Spanish?
20:16.56DuTempeteerr, not Spanish.
20:17.00DuTempeteI mean Italian.
20:17.24DottedOui je parle franais couramment
20:17.30[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Starcraft II Q&A - Batch 14 -
20:17.42Dotteduh new batch
20:17.45*** join/#wowwiki roxutee (
20:17.46DuTempeteWell, I still don't like you.
20:18.18DottedRejected by RL gurl, im going to slit my wrist now ;'(
20:18.31DuTempeteMake sure you do it the right way.
20:18.43DottedKirkburn you removed the epicness ;(
20:18.55KirkburnThat last WoW Insider article: "there is only one forest that we know of is Northrend so far: Grizzly Hills" ... what, so all the other places with trees don't count? ><
20:18.56DottedYou evul person
20:19.11KirkburnI added a cool icon! :P
20:19.17DuTempeteYay, icon!
20:19.18Dottedah yeah
20:19.34Dottedits legendary, hurray for upgrade
20:20.30Dottednah DuTempete i figgured that making [NewsBot] ignoring you when making the stats page would be better than ccommiting suicide \o/
20:20.54DuTempeteMeh, I'd rather not be on it. :P
20:21.40Dottedcounter argument... counter argument... counter argument... counter argument... counter argument... counter argument... counter argument... noes i failed as a troll ;(
20:22.08DottedWTF is that :/?
20:22.17DuTempeteIt means "Haha, you lose!"
20:22.53Dottedno becuase RL gurls doesnt exists on teh intarwebz
20:23.01Dottedhence you dont exist
20:23.01DuTempeteUh huh...
20:23.18DuTempeteI'm just a figment of your imalgamantion!
20:24.46Dotteda what what?
20:25.11DuTempeteIt's not really that I don't like you, it's just that my plate is full with both Adys and Kirkburn.  They want it all the time.
20:25.26DuTempeteNothing, it's a play on a common English idiom. :P
20:25.32Adysdunno about kirkburn but I never cyber you
20:25.47DuTempeteDammit, Adys.  I'm trying to make Dotted feel better.
20:25.57AdysIm trying to make him feel shit!
20:26.01*** mode/#wowwiki [-v Dotted] by Adys
20:26.13Joltpurr purr~
20:26.50Dotted~whalestab Addybot
20:26.51infobotACTION stabs Addybot with a rather narrow and pointy whale named Montgomery
20:26.57*** kick/#wowwiki [Dotted!] by Addybot (Addybot)
20:26.58*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (n=Dotted@pdpc/supporter/student/dotted)
20:26.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
20:27.02Dotted~whalehack Adys
20:27.15Dottedwhats the third one then
20:27.22Adys~whalenuke dok3Dal
20:27.23infobotACTION dons his radiation cloak and tinted glasses while a highly intelligent whale named Ray precipitates critical mass for uncontrolled nuclear fission around dok3Dal with his mind powers
20:27.25Dottedah ye
20:27.50Dottedbut nuking dok3Dal isnt very nice Adys :(
20:30.53*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (i=Kirochi@
20:33.13Kirochihi there
20:33.17Kirochiany irish?
20:33.26DuTempetea wee bit.
20:34.32Kirochiteh french is teh winna
20:45.36[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Ask WoW Insider: Which BC loot has been escaping you? -
20:47.04KirochiWe won yeeehaaaa
20:54.07KirkburnOkay, working on the design of templates - see
20:55.51Kirochikirk, read my lecture you johndonkey
20:55.56*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
20:55.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
20:56.16KirkburnDisconnected :/
20:56.42Kirochikirk, read my lecture you johndonkey
20:59.16ClydeJrIs someone messing with Tooltip or Quality?
21:02.14KirkburnClydeJr, why?
21:02.35[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 11739 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 3hrs 15mins 39secs.
21:02.37Kirkburn... is my fauly
21:02.47DuTempeteOh noes!
21:02.48ClydeJrI'm showing the quality colors in large tooltips to be white and small tooltips to be light blue
21:02.51DuTempeteSilly Kirkburn!
21:03.18KirkburnClydeJr, example link?
21:04.15ClydeJrAlmost all the small tooltips show a light blue color
21:05.24ClydeJrWhen I click on one of them to go to an actual item page, the quality color changes to white
21:05.34KirkburnHmm, did I break wowwiki.css I wonder
21:06.16ClydeJrAlso the NPC box on is a ligh grey color now
21:08.19ClydeJrI know it changed within the last hour or so
21:10.00KirkburnHow about now?
21:11.07KuinKalaaw, how relaxed feelin. sauna ftw
21:11.18KirkburnAll because I missed a '}'
21:11.40KirkburnAlso, wow, some people's CSS updates quickly!
21:11.47DuTempeteKILLER BUNNY!
21:11.48*** join/#wowwiki ggilbert (
21:12.50ClydeJrlooks good now
21:13.04DuTempeteThat's the most foul cruel rodent you ever met!
21:14.23KirkburnMan, this is a stupid edit:
21:14.50KirkburnReally makes me wonder whether I've been confused about jokes all these years
21:15.01KirochiI am French
21:15.05Kirochihe speaks English
21:15.14Kirochiand he sucks at English jokes
21:15.15DuTempeteThat's the ironic part. :P
21:17.08*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
21:19.06KirochiI'd like to drop in an Umbridge-like sentence
21:19.12Kirochi"I will have order"
21:19.21*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
21:19.21*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
21:19.25*** part/#wowwiki cakeface_ (n=ryan@
21:23.39Fisker-Don't cry for |Pixel| foxliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
21:25.03KirochiDon't cry for me
21:26.43DuTempeteI can't think of that musical w/o picturing Madonna, now...
21:27.02DuTempeteThe truth is I never left you!
21:27.17*** join/#wowwiki Daemona (
21:28.12Kirochishe was hot
21:28.27DuTempeteMadonna will always be hot.
21:28.35KirochiI actually answered a question on Who wants to be a Millionaire in russian about the movie
21:28.52Kirochi"whose wife is madonna in this movie"
21:29.05KirochiHitler, Stalin, Castro or Peron
21:29.08Kirochishit was easy
21:29.14DuTempeteomg, that's funny
21:29.30KirochiI didn't even need to understand russian, deciphering "Madonna" and "Perona" was enough
21:31.10DuTempeteok, umm... how about we don't send me useless pics of snails fucking?
21:31.45Kirochinext one
21:31.49Kirochitake it
21:31.57DuTempetelol, I'm afraid to.
21:32.09KirochiIt's harmless
21:32.23DuTempeteYou're French.  There's no such thing as harmless.
21:32.41Kirochiwe only eat escargots
21:32.54Kirochiwe don't do any weird stuff with them
21:32.59KalrothAdys: Is that true?
21:33.05DuTempetelol Kalroth.
21:33.18AdysMight be
21:33.31Kirochisnail-fucking was forbidden by a 1854 law
21:33.48DuTempeteuh huh...
21:33.58Adysits today's attack
21:34.01Adyseh Kalroth ?!
21:34.36Fisker-do you want me to revert back to a previous system configuration using system restore?
21:35.34[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Reminder! The WoW Insider Show live tomorrow afternoon -
21:35.34Kirochiyep, with death camps specially meant for french people
21:36.01Fisker-did concentration camps really help one concentrate?
21:36.54Kirochino, they were concentrated more than concentrate
21:37.42Fisker-i was just about to say "Ah.. concentrated jewce"
21:37.42Fisker-but i think that would be unwise
21:38.04Kirochifunny, tho
21:39.46KirochiKirkburn thanks for leaving me the 'bad guy' role
21:39.49KirochiIt kicks ass
21:42.20Fisker-wasn't me
21:42.25KirochiI thought you were gonna be hard and all to him, but no, you were rather kind
21:44.30Kirochisoft one
21:44.42KirkburnI is nice
21:45.17Kirochiu can has kewt
21:50.12Kaydeethreebah. one of these days I'm going to learn to not go grocery shopping while hungry
21:54.09*** join/#wowwiki Addybot (
21:54.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Addybot] by ChanServ
21:55.30Kirochiok night
21:55.46Kirochi6:30 am tomorrow
21:56.02KirkburnNight Kirochi :)
21:56.08KirkburnEnjoy your early start :P
21:56.22KirkburnBtw, ... the new designs/colours
21:57.31KalrothChav colours!
21:59.13Kalrothoi Kirkburn, the "Add as you see fit!" sentence is true for me too?!
22:00.21Kirkburnyes :)
22:00.50KalrothOh wait, it has to be wowwiki related?
22:01.30KirkburnThe colours aren't as bad on wowwiki as I expected
22:01.40Kirkburn(monobook ftw)
22:06.40Kalrothlol, why link to wowden's talent calc
22:06.50Kalrothwhen they're just using the embedded wowhead one :p
22:08.50KalrothThat seems like blatant spamming imo
22:10.41*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
22:13.14Kaydeethreeany curse admins alive?
22:14.14AFKDuTempeteNo, I killed them all, Kaydeethree.
22:14.28Kaydeethreebah, no bug reports then
22:14.42Fisker-b/me hits Kirkburn
22:14.49Fisker-my secret is out
22:14.56Fisker-now everyone can attack me and hit me
22:18.57Gnarfozthere you go
22:19.49*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
22:25.34[NewsBot]WoW Insider: Phat Loot Phriday: Crystal Spire of Karabor -
22:30.05*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
22:30.10*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
22:34.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
22:44.54*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
22:47.28*** join/#wowwiki Daemona (
22:48.01AdysDotted: ping
22:48.13Dottedno pong
22:48.19Adysaw man :(
22:48.25Adysdoes WoR have a rss feed?
22:48.37Adysadd it to #wowhead plix
22:50.25*** part/#wowwiki foxlit (
22:53.05KirkburnDotted, here too :P
22:53.27Dottedso you want dublicate news in here?
22:53.55Dottedbut np, ill do it to take a piss at bibi :D
22:54.09KirkburnWell, surely it's also on #wowhead?
22:54.52Dottednow stop the pinging, watching transformers
22:55.45KaydeethreeQ. Where can I find a great guide to getting onto the PTR?
22:55.46KaydeethreeA. Player Kaydeethree has written an excellent step-by-step guide and posted it on the WowWiki.
22:56.25*** join/#wowwiki bleeter (n=bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
22:56.28*** join/#wowwiki Jiyambi (
22:56.47Jiyambihey all
22:56.49*** join/#wowwiki Tusva (
22:56.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Tusva] by ChanServ
23:06.01KirkburnHey Jiyambi
23:06.04KirkburnAnd Tusva
23:06.17Tusvaheya Kirk <3
23:06.43Kirkburn :D
23:07.04KirkburnI love this new excuse for more images :P
23:07.48Dottedholy shit transformers is the awesome
23:07.55Kaydeethreeheh, are we following the wikipedia style for alerts now?
23:08.35KirkburnKaydeethree, I thought it was cool :P
23:08.48KirkburnAlso, band has annoying code
23:14.33Jiyambiyay it seems I had a good idea
23:16.29JiyambiI just got a brand new hard drive, vista, and office :)
23:18.51[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Share Unit Quotes, Win Starcraft II Hat -
23:18.54[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Public Test Realm - Patch 2.2.2 -
23:20.04Dottedi got free xp, vista, server 2003 (all editions), visual studio 2003 and 2005 and much more free from school ;D
23:20.11Dotted/brag off
23:22.17DottedKirkburn head anything about the wowwiki rc irc feed?
23:28.57[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Upcoming 2.2.2 PTR Patch -
23:29.01*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
23:29.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
23:48.05*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
23:49.07*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
23:49.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
23:54.58*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/

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