IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070907

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00:48.18Sky2042this is come up before; i personally think it should be patch 2.20
00:49.16piuI like [[Patch 2.2.0]]
00:49.36piusince that's how I type it on pages
00:49.57piu"This feature was added in [[patch 2.2.0]] and there was much rejoicing"
00:50.06KirkburnSky2042, he's freakin' asleep
00:50.24Sky2042have you bugged him about it? :) and when does he wake up
00:50.49KirkburnAbout what? Short memory :(
00:52.33KirkburnWe'll see
00:53.27Sky2042sandwichman is so silly
00:54.21Sky2042btw, kirkburn, i'm tempted to make a war2mainchars
00:55.44KirkburnSee the talk page of war3?
00:55.57KirkburnIt was silly of me to make it wc3 chars
01:02.49Sky2042now... who's edits to bum off of now...
01:08.24zeegk there
01:08.31zeegnew devtracker, barring its new search
01:08.45zeegtime to go play potbs ;)
01:09.07dreamssWarlocks can no longer get both Fel Stamina and Sacrifice Shield using a macro.
01:09.12dreamsssup zeeg
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01:24.50dreamssi dint knew that could be macroed
01:24.59DuTempetewhat could be?
01:25.31dreamssWarlocks can no longer get both Fel Stamina and Sacrifice Shield using a macro.
01:25.32Pac2722bobies i think
01:26.13Pac2722if thay could it would b good
01:26.19DuTempetesacrifice is instant, and not on global, dreamss
01:26.36dreamssboth spells kill the pet
01:27.18dreamss/stopcasting/cast Demonic Sacrifice/stopcasting /cast Sacrifice
01:27.24dreamssworks but the other way dosent
01:28.41DuTempeteprobably because of lag
01:29.41dreamssDemonic Sacrifice prolly dosent flag the pet as dead
01:32.49Pac2722that sounds about right
01:33.07DuTempeteyeah, it usually takes a second to die
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01:34.03dreamssu could rez the pet after demonic sac
01:34.07dreamsslame op
01:35.27DuTempeteyou would totally do it
01:35.30DuTempetedon't complain
01:35.36DuTempeteI bet you have, too
01:37.54DuTempeteyeah, I see those shifty eyes...
01:38.01DuTempeteit's probably your fault we all got caught, too!
01:50.03dreamssi totally made the macro to do it
01:50.09dreamsscalled it poh shit
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02:03.40Sky2042jiyambi is going away
02:03.58Sky2042that was a quick burnout... why 3 months?
02:06.17pcj~seen jiyambi
02:06.18infobotjiyambi <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 21h 10m 31s ago, saying: 'me go away now'.
02:06.27DuTempetewhat do you mean going away?
02:06.54pcjschool probably
02:06.57Sky2042[[User talk:Jiyambi#Quiting]]
02:06.57[NewsBot]Sky2042 meant:
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02:09.50KirkburnSchool does make sense
02:11.21Bibinever been here long enough to confirm.
02:12.29Sky2042bagginsww, if you're on:
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02:13.41KirkburnHere's hoping she returns
02:17.33Sky2042it was nice that she had a very definite concrete goals
02:19.32Pac2722any1 know any good mods that help keep track of all ya toons?
02:21.43Sky2042your brain
02:22.08Pac2722funny funny
02:22.43DuTempetewhat do you want to keep track of?
02:23.14Pac2722every thing like toons lvl & wat gold thay have
02:23.28Sky2042mm... there was a discord mod used to do that
02:23.35Sky2042but discord died with 2.0
02:23.39DuTempetethere's a bank mod that does that, I think
02:24.15KirkburnAnd a banana one?
02:24.23KirkburnI demand moar bananananas
02:24.32DuTempetemmm... bananas...
02:24.40Pac2722my 70 year old pop has 1 he plays wow
02:25.13Pac2722he want tell me wat it's called
02:26.49KirkburnI had one that tracked gold, but I don't know names of others
02:29.57Kirkburn'course it is
02:29.59Sky2042conspirialtally, i think
02:30.04KirkburnAnything us brits say is a real word
02:30.08Sky2042or something to that affect
02:30.25DuTempetedo you have the handcuffs?
02:30.32DuTempeteI just used them last night...
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02:30.49KirkburnI am phrasmotic with gloverance.
02:31.16DuTempeteWell, Kirkburn, can you at least find the whip?
02:31.26KirkburnDo you always look sad when you say thanks?
02:31.30DuTempeteI'm sure the handcuffs are somewhere thereabouts.
02:31.45Adysi say I luv you and you say I hurt your mind
02:31.51KirkburnIt was in [Kirkburn's Box 'o Tricks]
02:32.00DuTempeteno, my mind hurts because of Kirkburn.
02:32.05DuTempetenot you, babe
02:32.10BibiAdys thanks for disconnecting from MSN when I messaged you
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02:32.23AdysBibi: c'est mes daily disconnects, va te faire
02:32.29Bibiouais que sur MSN
02:32.30Bibibien sur
02:32.33Bibije vais y croire !
02:32.43Adys* Disconnected (Connection reset by peer).
02:32.43Adys* Now talking on #wowwiki
02:32.50Bibicherche pas d'excuse
02:32.59Adysj'ai dit va te faire, obéis
02:33.30Adysnon mais tu te fous du monde lol
02:33.48Bibi? :(
02:33.56Adystout le monde s'en fout que ton shield ait rapetissé de 1.0 a 0.9 :P
02:34.03Bibij'suis pas elfe.
02:34.22Bibiet la sword perd un bon 25%
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02:35.35DuTempeteAdys, I know you're jealous of Kirkburn, but really, you're far too young for me. =P
02:35.50Adysyou really did think I was older
02:36.06DuTempeteYeah, well you told me the truth.  Sucks to be you, now, doesn't it? :P
02:36.23AdysHow do you know its the truth?!
02:37.13Pac2722lol yer how do u know?
02:37.33Pac2722no 1 know any1 that well
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02:37.49KirkburnAdys, cause why would someone lie about that? :P
02:38.00DuTempeteWell, even if you were able to convince me otherwise, I'm still Kirkburn's woman.
02:38.07DuTempeteI just can't change that.
02:38.34DuTempetedon't you touch his face!
02:38.41Pac2722lie about age i never lie about my age
02:38.43AdysI only touch his .ini
02:38.45KirkburnYeah, step away from the dimples.
02:38.52DuTempetemmm... the dimples...
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02:40.12DuTempeteOh, Kirk!  I found the handcuffs!
02:40.52KirkburnWell hello there Captain Obvious
02:40.59KirkburnDuTempete, oh my, where?
02:41.11DuTempeteWell, you remember last night, right?
02:41.14KirkburnAnd I must say, they looked much more like a beer bottle
02:41.21CaptainObviousrebooting brb
02:41.39KirkburnDo I remember last night?
02:41.41KirkburnEr ...
02:41.58DuTempeteOh, good, then I had you drugged up properly.
02:42.12Pac2722to dunk to remember ha
02:42.13KirkburnYou sure must have!
02:42.33DuTempeteWell, they managed to find their way under the covers...
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02:43.23Kirkburnyes, they must have ... somehow ... got ... under ...
02:43.55DuTempetewell, umm...
02:43.58DuTempeteI've found them...
02:44.26KirkburnAre you keeping them?
02:44.33KirkburnCan I at least take them off?
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02:45.40DuTempeteI need some time to think about that one, Kirkburn.
02:45.44KirkburnYou ping cuddler, you
02:48.01DuTempetewhat, sky?
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02:49.24Kirkburnwhat, sky?
02:49.53Sky2042I'm feeling mighty strange right now...
02:50.10DuTempeteyou're not drinking, are you?!
02:50.12Sky2042Who knows
02:50.13Sky2042and no
02:50.31DuTempetesomehow, I don't believe you, Sky.
02:50.38DuTempeteThat's not fair, Sky :(
02:51.24Sky204217 year olds with 4.12 gpas don't drink if they don't want mommy to kill them
02:51.38DuTempete4.12, eh? lol
02:53.05KeolahQuestion: Is it feasable for a blood elf to get exalted with Org by level 40? I refuse to buy a purple ostrich on principle. :P
02:53.09KirkburnWe should totally make this an 18+ channel
02:53.17DuTempeteyeah... probably
02:53.28DuTempeteat least then, we could kick out Adys and Sky2042. :P
02:53.31KirkburnAlthough, at the rate we're going it's already X-rated
02:53.33Sky2042kirkburn: nah
02:53.40*** mode/#wowwiki [-o Kirkburn] by Adys
02:53.40Sky2042i'll live
02:53.48Keolahand, if there's porn in here, I might actually pay attention :P
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02:53.58DuTempeteCan't get rid of me!
02:54.05Sky2042could always ban j00!
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02:54.38DuTempeteI win!
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02:54.55Kirkburnsuck it
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02:55.34KirkburnI could just remove you from the access list :P
02:55.49KirkburnBut fair?
02:55.53DuTempete(but probably deserved)
02:56.12KirkburnHe speaks in tongues!
02:56.18Kirkburnhe must be possessed!
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03:05.20KirkburnGonna restart and go to bed, byee
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03:16.23piudon't cry, it's only pcj
03:17.57DuTempeteI'm crying because Kirkburn is gone. :(
03:18.02Sky2042we're chasing wowhead. >:)
03:18.21DuTempetechasing them?
03:18.40Sky2042our alexa number keeps going up
03:21.08pcjshe canna' take much more o' this cap'n, she's gonna blow!
03:21.42piuwe must take down wookieepedia
03:21.51piuneed about 10k more articles
03:22.55piu awesome
03:23.50piu some of this fan art is impressive
03:33.57pcjsky i don't know if that paladin blessings edit was good or not
03:34.26Sky2042whatever. i was getting rid of the evil coloring.
03:34.52pcji thought the pink background on top was good, but the pink text was bad
03:35.28pcjit doesn't matter a whole lot tho
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03:41.43DuTempetestupid computer... I just blue screened twice in a row :(
03:42.37pcjwb dutempete :)
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04:05.41AFKDuTempeteWoot! VC!
04:54.42pcjvice city?
04:54.45pcjSA imo...
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08:04.48Laurlymorning kids
08:05.31*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
08:05.32huraxhi laurly
08:06.07Laurlyoh pcj is here
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09:43.46Amberrockcome on, are those banners really necessary
09:44.01Amberrockwe're running a wiki, not some fancy fansite
09:45.10Amberrockthey are alright on the WOTLK and TBC pages, but making them for every trivial bit of warcraft lore really is pushing it
09:45.16KalrothThems fighting words!
09:45.37KalrothI agree thoug
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10:21.11JoltYay, kittens!
10:23.52bleeterit doesn't resize either, making the layour look crap when you reduce size
10:24.05bleeternot kittens, that banner thing
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10:31.40[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Xbox 360 Update to Include Usage Timer? -
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11:38.29Bibiexcuse me
11:38.34Bibiwill I get banned if I talk about Zul'aman ?
11:38.42Bibithe topic says no trolling :(
11:47.08KalrothLike that ever stopped you!
11:47.08DottedYou wonder why Fisker haven't been banned yet
11:47.24KalrothDotted: Bibi is a french version of Fisker!
11:49.04KirkburnBibi, *groan*
11:49.15KalrothKirkburn meant *moan*
11:49.16Bibigros ane toi meme !
11:49.35Kirkburn O_O
11:49.46KalrothBibi: No need to speak french, Kirkburn is a chav, he barely speaks proper english
11:50.03KirkburnI thought you were trying to win my heart ><
11:50.23KalrothKirkburn: DuTempte convinced me that it was a bad idea.
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11:58.02KalrothBut lets talk Zul'aman then!
11:58.49KirkburnI think a mouse devoured an entire packet of hobnobs outside my door
11:59.11KirkburnThere crumbs and flakes of wrapping everywhere ...
12:00.52KalrothKirkburn: And you didn't invite it inside?
12:01.56KirkburnWell 1). I'm not sure where the hobnobs came from 2). It surely cannot have eaten most of the packet, and 3). It already bit through the power cable for my housemates switch
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12:30.49KirkburnNew gfx drivers time!
12:31.40[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Edery: When Games Aren’t Violent Enough… -
12:33.22KalrothKirkburn: nvidia or ati?!
12:34.27KirkburnThey're from August 20th, the "BioShock" drivers
12:34.32KalrothAny wow related improvements or is it just a ... ooh
12:34.40KalrothI got a uuh, backup of BioShock last ni ght
12:34.46KirkburnNot that I have BioShock :P
12:35.31KirkburnI doubt I'll see any major improvement in WoW, I'm on a 6800 GT ... though this is Vista, so they could be improving that
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12:38.05KirkburnSilly that it *still* asks to restart the PC
12:38.52KirkburnI refuse to
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13:22.18KalrothKirkburn: You know you want to click that restart button.
13:22.44KirkburnOh, it's not pestering me about it at least :P
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13:30.29bleeterKirkburn: DirectX on Vista blows goats :P
13:31.41[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Silicon Valley’s Newspaper Backs Schwarzenegger on Video Game Law Appeal -
13:32.45Kalrothbleeter: Vista blows dead, halfeaten, smelly and rotting goats though.
13:34.49bleeterI see that dead healeaten smelly rotting goat, and you know it looks like a pointer that's still available for an unloaded .dll :P
13:36.29bleeterloud music will just have to do instead
13:42.20KirkburnSounds ... nice
13:44.51Laurlyshes just like my dad was
13:47.01KirkburnWhat's wrong with Aerosmith :(
13:47.20KalrothAerosmith is from when Kirkburn was young
13:47.30LaurlyKirkburn  im going to leave that up for the weekend let the masses make up there mind then we can run the bot next week if all goes well
13:47.38KirkburnWhen i wuz a bebeh
13:48.06Laurlylast time it was ac/dc.... she was acutaly sining along with scoripons the other day O.o
13:49.04*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
13:49.53Laurlyhmm i was just going to do something .....
13:50.06Laurlysign of old age forgeting things pift
13:50.29KalrothGrandma Laurly
13:50.39KalrothSoon you'll be as old as Kirkburn.
13:50.47KirkburnScorpions can sing? news to me ...
13:50.57LaurlyKalroth my oldest is 18 dont say that
13:51.13KalrothLaurly: Then you can't be old yet
13:51.45Laurlyshe was born in 1988 :)
13:52.07Laurlyi did have her young though
13:52.45Laurlywoot finaly found a decent copy of sunshin!!
13:52.55KalrothSunshine reggae?!
13:52.58KirkburnLaurly, Transclude can take an argument
13:53.18Laurlyffs its in french!!!!
13:53.30KalrothGet Adys to translate it
13:54.17Laurlyna then i would have to read it and that would be a pain
13:55.22KirkburnLaurly, what would be the final subpage names? User:Laurlybot/Sandbox/npc/NPCs_Teaches
13:55.42KirkburnCause "NPCs Teaches" would not be, uh, optimal
13:55.57Laurlyyou can change that i can recode the bot to what ever you want them called thats easy
13:56.15Laurlyjust do it before we run the bot i dont want to code move page crap into the bot
13:56.22KirkburnCould probably drop the "NPCs" bit
13:56.46Laurlyoh and check the cats that the transculded pages get dumped into as well then.
13:57.13Laurlypost all your comments on village pump i will take a look at it all on mondy if im awake
13:57.24Kirkburnheh, k
13:57.31Kirkburnoh, it's friday :O
13:57.51Laurlyyeah i have company for the weekend then monday i have to get up at 3 am to drive my x to the airport
13:58.19Laurlythat gives the masses like 4 days to coment on that
13:59.03Kalroth<Kirkburn> oh, it's friday :O <- Aren't you the fast one, Kirk!
14:02.32Laurlyits still going to take ages to generate all the npc pages she has to scan though an avrage of 200 drops per mob to find the non world drops
14:03.38DuTempeteMorning, Darlings!
14:05.11LaurlyDuTempete <--- opinons plx
14:05.17KalrothMoin Dudu
14:05.24Laurlysomeone link that to pcj and sky when they show up plx
14:05.30DuTempetemorning, Kalroth.
14:05.38DuTempeteI really wish you wouldn't call me Dudu...
14:07.33KalrothWhy not?
14:07.43KalrothI think it's cuuute
14:07.47KalrothLike Kirky or Addy
14:08.22DuTempeteSay it out loud, Kal...
14:09.17KalrothI'm not a native english speaker, you have to help me here :(
14:10.13KalrothAnd I don't trust Kirkburn, because chavs don't speak proper english either.
14:10.28DuTempetedoodoo is slang for poop, doodie, cleveland steamer, shit, etc...
14:10.53KalrothOkay, I can see how that may be seen as a negative thing
14:11.10DuTempeteTechnically, Kirkburn is supposed to speak better English than I do...
14:11.19DuTempeteDuT is ok ;)
14:11.33KalrothDoot it is!
14:11.46DuTempeteWhere are you from, Kal?
14:12.29Kirkburn ... wtf?
14:13.48KalrothDuTempete: Denmark :)
14:14.08Kirkburnomg tocright, tocright, omg, omg tocright.
14:14.21DuTempeteomg, omg!
14:14.32Kalrothtocright, it just can't be wrong!
14:15.00Laurlyget to work Kirkburn  /me cracks wip
14:15.14KalrothAlthough it does seem a bit funky on the Warrior page
14:15.33KirkburnShe already has a whip :P
14:15.45DuTempeteSame whip, honey, I just let her /look/ at it.
14:15.49DuTempeteAnd see what she does?
14:16.42DuTempeteUnfortunately, I don't think there's any persuading her to play my side of the fence...
14:16.43KalrothAll gurlz are meanies!
14:16.55DuTempeteOr, rather, neither side of the fence...
14:17.37KirkburnThe grass is pretty damn green on both sides?
14:21.07Fisker-oh hi
14:21.26Fisker-Around DK's never relax
14:22.10KalrothKirkburn: Can I insult Fisker using our native language?
14:22.24KirkburnHow would I know?
14:23.00KalrothKirkburn: I meant in this channel, silly!
14:23.12KirkburnYes, I don't know your natiev language! ><
14:23.28KalrothYou don't need to know our native language!
14:23.37Laurlywhy not just do it in english thats what we normaly do
14:23.57KalrothWell the word I had in mind doesn't translate well
14:23.58KirkburnAre your language's insults that unoriginal that you have to steal our english ones? :P
14:24.08KirkburnThe Mean Kitty Song!
14:24.08Kalroth~wedgie Kirkburn
14:24.09infobotACTION hangs Kirkburn from the flag pole by his underwear
14:24.35Laurlygo infobot
14:29.39DuTempeteStupid fucking timestamp!!!!
14:30.39[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Wow: Burning Crusade launches in China -
14:30.39[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Starcraft II - Protoss Mothership Lore -
14:33.12*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
14:33.26*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
14:33.36DuTempeteSo, is anyone else having a problem with timestamps dropping in a newline, and a space?
14:33.48*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
14:34.51DuTempeteHey, uh... Laurly...
14:35.15KirkburnJust cause he accidently called you a man, not why you had to call him a woman :P
14:35.21DuTempeteDid you notice that the VP is now flagged as an NPC request?, and is in the category?
14:35.43DuTempeteI just thought it would be amusing. :P
14:36.42DuTempeteAnd I figured it made a good warning, about checking on that sort of thing before one begins throwing about titles and pronouns.
14:37.01DuTempetethrowing titles and pronouns about, rather...
14:41.38KirkburnFixed the cat thing :P
14:43.31DuTempeteKirkburn, I could have just *fart*ed at him...
14:44.21DuTempeteIf he get snappy, persisting on the sig thing, I _will_.
14:44.26Fisker-1oh hi?
14:44.47pcjdo you need help with your sig DuTempete
14:45.44DuTempeteI'm a little grumpy this morning.  Can you tell?
14:47.14KirkburnAnyone bored, this page needs some love -
14:47.30pcj*loves the page hard and fast*
14:47.53pcjI really don't think the unconfirmed section should be there
14:47.57pcjsince it's hardly "coming soon"
14:49.57KirkburnI support removing anything that's just wild speculation
14:50.08pcjSo...what else, do you think it should be converted more to a table format or what?
14:56.42*** join/#wowwiki mtp5 (
14:57.05*** part/#wowwiki mtp5 (
15:01.20pcjok i translated the french GM :P
15:01.21Kirkburnpcj, nah, I think table format would be excessive
15:01.34pcjwell, anything further then :P
15:02.19*** join/#wowwiki mtp5 (
15:02.23*** part/#wowwiki mtp5 (
15:03.54huraxcan you write a private message on the official wow forum?
15:12.23huraxthanks, so i#ll need a twink
15:14.51pcjthere you go kirkburn, major cleanup, could probably still use a better intro paragraph
15:16.13KirkburnV nice :)
15:19.12DuTempetespeaking of cleanups...
15:19.22DuTempeteLaurly was harassing me about the table help page.
15:19.34pcjcould also use more citation imo
15:19.37DuTempeteShe said she couldn't understand it, and thought it needed a rewrite.
15:19.38pcjprobably get baggins on it
15:19.42pcjtable help?
15:19.49[NewsBot]pcj meant:
15:19.56DuTempetewhy on earth would the table help page need citations?
15:20.05pcji meant coming soon
15:20.18DuTempeteyes, Help:Table
15:20.31DuTempeteShe even asked me to do the rewriting.
15:20.37pcjkirkburn i think coming soon should be moved to a more appropriate name as well
15:21.24KirkburnAny ideas?
15:23.33pcjidk, it's just not descriptive enough imo
15:26.26DuTempetespell check!
15:26.46DuTempeteKirkburn!  You know how to spell it!
15:27.40pcjright :)
15:29.18Kirkburn<-- slow
15:29.22pcjare you going to work on the help page then DuTempete
15:29.46DuTempeteI would like to, but I don't want to be pretentious about it.
15:29.56DuTempeteLaurly is the only person I've heard complain over it.
15:29.59[NewsBot]pcj meant:
15:30.17DuTempeteI was wondering what Kirkburn thought.
15:30.26pcj<Kirkburn> <-- slow
15:30.53DuTempetelmao Kirkburn
15:30.57DuTempetethe mean kitty song?
15:32.46DuTempeteso we named him Sparta...
15:35.07DuTempeteomg, that's great, Kirk
15:35.40DuTempetethe mean kitty song ;)
15:35.47DuTempetewatch it ;)
15:38.16Fisker-WHY AM I SO BALD?
15:38.47pcjmale-pattern baldness?
15:40.05Fisker-no u
15:41.45pcjomit _(Release_Notes)
15:41.55KirkburnTaken from the page name atm
15:42.00KirkburnOnce the page is moved ... :)
15:44.59pcjI don't really like how we handle See Also
15:45.12pcjis it supposed to be in a separate section at the bottom or links at top?
15:45.29DuTempetethat's alright, Kirkburn
15:46.03KirkburnAye, fiddling it atm
15:49.36Kirkburnpcj, how about now?
15:50.42pcji was talking about use of {{SeeAlso}} in general tho
15:51.05pcjseems kind of in conflict with the idea of putting it off in a separate section
15:51.40KirkburnAye, seealso is something to be cut down on
15:52.01KirkburnIt should only really used in the Zone-type places
16:03.22*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
16:03.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:05.01KirkburnNot sure how to deal with the highlights section ...
16:05.18Kirkburnlist format takes up too much space but now you can't see the breaks
16:06.06KirkburnOoh, I know!
16:08.33KirkburnMucho bettero
16:11.04*** join/#wowwiki Kaos_ (
16:12.24*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
16:12.54*** join/#wowwiki Gimliiii (i=rrtt@gateway/tor/x-2f06a0a30df09cd6)
16:14.39*** join/#wowwiki Kaos_ (
16:14.49*** part/#wowwiki Kaos__ (
16:20.28*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
16:20.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
16:24.24DuTempetewb Kalroth
16:24.39KalrothThanks Doot!
16:26.19pcjwell i cleaned it up a little dutempete
16:26.55DuTempeteit wasn't that it needed cleaning up, pcj.  Laurly said she just couldn't make sense of it.
16:27.07Adyswhats the wikia gateway url Kirkburn
16:27.18pcjyes and the rambling was the confusing part :P
16:27.19KirkburnWhat do you mean exactly?
16:27.30AdysKirkburn: the url of their prog
16:27.34pcjgg dutempete make laurly feel bad
16:27.52KirkburnTheir program?
16:27.52DuTempetewhat huh?!
16:27.57DuTempeteoh, she logged out :P
16:28.00AdysKirkburn: the irc gateway sorry
16:28.51BibiAdys can't speak english and can't google anything
16:28.56Bibihow come he's got an op and I don't ?
16:29.07*** mode/#wowwiki [-o Bibi] by Gryphen
16:29.17Bibiyou ... you're mean :/
16:29.30Fisker-sup naga's?
16:29.34Fisker-giev voice
16:29.49Fisker-i need it :(
16:30.04Bibioh wait
16:30.19Boubouillebah, doesn't change anything
16:30.23*** kick/#wowwiki [Boubouille!] by Adys (Adys)
16:30.23*** join/#wowwiki Boubouille (
16:30.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Boubouille] by ChanServ
16:30.34Adysjust need to kick it, like tv monitors
16:31.06Bibihaha @ wowinsider
16:31.18Bibithey posted the news about nelves getting smaller shields and weapons
16:31.27Bibi4 comments, 3 "OH EM GEE PHOTOSHOPPED"
16:31.32KalrothI wonder who gave them that idea.
16:31.42KalrothProbably some silly frenchy.
16:31.50Bibifu !
16:31.53AdysKirkburn: i meant their online irc client
16:32.19KirkburnIt's linked from the page ...
16:32.57Bibiand can't read english as well.
16:33.19*** join/#wowwiki Adys` (i=56d2f5da@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:33.59*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
16:34.16zeegI think we're going to release today
16:34.28zeegeven though the page isnt quite final, it'll work for now :P
16:34.38Adys`fuck sake
16:34.40*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
16:34.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
16:34.45Adys`i type /quit here
16:34.49Adys`and it quit on the other client
16:35.16Kirkburnzeeg, tell me when you do
16:35.35KirkburnWhat's not final though?
16:36.13*** join/#wowwiki Adys`` (i=56d2f5da@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:36.33zeegwell im going to have them change the header/footer to be JS (didnt want to at first, but changed my mind)
16:36.42zeegand also include an external css so i can handle changes here without having to harass you guys
16:36.55zeegits mostly so its flexible since we change links/etc a lot
16:37.01zeegand w/ the js stuff we can show actual user login status
16:37.06Adyszeeg: where?
16:37.19Adysdidnt follow the convo
16:37.42Fisker-i hate you Adys
16:37.49Adyssup Fisky
16:37.54Fisker-i don't have a voice :(
16:37.59Fisker-i cannot speak
16:38.05DuTempetewhat're you releasing, Zeeg?
16:38.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+b %Fisker-!*@*] by Adys
16:38.26zeegits a suprise :)
16:39.03DuTempeteOk, methinks Adys needs his op privilages revoked.  He doesn't edit the wiki anymore, but he comes in here and kicks people. :P
16:39.14DuTempeteWell, dammit, quit talking about it, then, Zeeg, Kirkburn!
16:39.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+b %DuTempete!*@*] by Adys
16:39.23*** mode/#wowwiki [-b %Fisker-!*@*] by Adys
16:39.42*** mode/#wowwiki [-b %DuTempete!*@*] by Adys
16:39.48AdysMeh just being bored
16:39.54Fisker-i don't have a voice :(
16:41.26KirkburnSome surpsie
16:41.32DuTempeteomg... there's somebody named "poeticdragon" in #wowhead...
16:41.38KirkburnPity it was announced, like, months ago :P
16:42.26DuTempeteYeah, well if you can't say what you're talking about, quit talking about it. Period. *fart*
16:42.59KirkburnThere's a very easy way of finding out, tbh
16:43.12KirkburnI'm sure I've pointed it out to zeeg before?
16:43.25DuTempeteI'm sure, but I'm busy trying to find a paying job, and get some studying done, atm. :P
16:43.58*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
16:48.57*** join/#wowwiki Kaos__ (
16:49.37*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
16:57.50*** join/#wowwiki Kaos__ (
16:58.29*** part/#wowwiki Kaos__ (
16:59.09KirkburnEasy job! Move pages in !
16:59.21KirkburnRemoved all "(Release Notes)"
17:03.59*** join/#wowwiki rophy2 (
17:18.03Grypheneep the double redirects lol
17:22.58Kirkburn96 of them ><
17:36.08*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
17:38.59*** part/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
17:40.17*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
17:40.24KirkburnHow did anyoen think this was good design???
17:40.58DuTempetebbiab, moving to laptop
17:50.05*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - No trolling/acc trading/emu serv talks, thanks || Not a WotLK FAQ: || Press Release!
17:51.13*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
17:52.27*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
17:52.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
17:53.09Fisker-i hate you :(
17:53.30*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
17:54.05DuTempeteWell, I hate you, too, Fisker-.
17:54.12DuTempeteSo, we're even.
17:55.07*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
17:57.14Fisker-no u
17:57.24Kirkburni r famous :P
17:58.58*** join/#wowwiki Kaso_ (
18:00.35Bagginswwya Kirkburn I think it must be that the novel doesn't discuss Anastarian's group of elves.
18:00.44Bagginswwbut only goes into when elves make the final commitment
18:00.49Gryphenthat is an odd paragraph
18:01.21Gryphenwhat does that have to do with wowwiki lol
18:01.45Bagginswwits about wow, not wowwiki :p
18:01.50Gryphenthe title of that article is cased wrong
18:02.02Bagginswwoh discussing the link from Kirkburn?
18:02.22Gryphenim as active and have been editing longer than kirk, i should get mentioned :p
18:02.27Gryphenso shoudl baggins
18:02.51Bagginswwya well they didn't contact me
18:02.59KirkburnIt's only cause they had easy access to me
18:03.11Gryphenyour easy
18:03.18BagginswwI try to keep my privacy ;)
18:03.20Kirkburnmy easy what?
18:03.40BagginswwI mean just think of all the hate mail I'd get if I gave out my email
18:03.51Bagginswwfrom only a handful of individuals
18:03.51KirkburnYes. From Zarnks.
18:04.29Bagginswwzarnks and a portion of SoL
18:04.31KirkburnGryphen, the entire was cased wrong until I fixed it a few mins ago
18:04.37Kirkburn*entire article
18:04.53KirkburnI fixed it the day before yesterday too :(
18:07.05Fisker-i dislike you
18:11.00KirkburnNice :)
18:11.08KirkburnFixed up the formatting on the release
18:17.37KirkburnCause I'm nice and like giving jobs - :D
18:26.17vlad_Kirkburn: nice! I'm glad they finally did a press release... traffic looks like it's been going up steadily, too
18:27.09KirkburnAye, it has
18:27.25KirkburnHad a huge spike over Blizzcon
18:27.33KirkburnQuintupled, in fact
18:30.16*** join/#wowwiki Strykar (i=wakka@gateway/tor/x-e57437fd61ff55e1)
18:41.46Kirkburnit'd be cool if we can hit the top 1,000 sites, but I'm not getting my hopes up too much:P
18:44.55JoltHey lal ^^
18:56.51*** join/#wowwiki cyrillic (
19:01.18Kirkburn^ go visit!
19:01.42zeegtheres still a few minor issues/graphic glitches on the page, which we'll be working out soon
19:02.44KirkburnComments are welcome, but direct them at zeeg please :P
19:02.50pcjzeeg sux
19:03.09KirkburnBasically the story is this: Curse is going to show Wikia wiki content, and we're one of the wikis involved
19:03.13zeegthose kind you can direct at Kirkburn :P
19:03.30pcjim not sure why i'd go to curse instead of straight to wowwiki
19:03.31Kirkburnessentially an alternative way onto the wiki
19:03.47KirkburnCause Curse users don't want ot be redirected off site
19:03.56pcj...why not
19:03.56zeegpcj, it'll be a bit more integrated into curse, so if you're a curse user, and you like wowwiki (or you dont like wowwiki) you'll have an easy way to access it
19:04.13pcj...but you're still using wowwiki and have to have a wowwiki account to edit?
19:04.19zeegcurrently, ya
19:04.31zeegthere will be openid in the near future, so you'd be able to use your curse account/vice versa
19:04.46zeegbut all in all, it will increase wowwiki's visibility
19:04.58zeegwhered you hit that link?
19:05.09zeegthose bugs can be directed towards Kirkburn I think ;)
19:05.24pcjit might be my custom JS :P
19:05.25pcjhang on
19:05.31Kirkburnpcj it is
19:05.47KirkburnI had the same thing
19:06.14pcj fail
19:06.27zeeglooks fine to me
19:06.35pcjyou left curse :O
19:06.59pcjno curse branding on monobook omg
19:07.43ggilbertI still see the curse branding on that link
19:07.54*** part/#wowwiki ggilbert (
19:08.00*** join/#wowwiki ggilbert (
19:08.10pcjcurse address, not curse menu
19:08.21zeegi still see curse
19:08.34zeegis it because im not logged in?
19:08.42pcjis it black?
19:08.55pcjyeah it's because you're not logged in
19:08.55zeeghowd you get to that page
19:09.20pcj , click skin
19:09.32pcjclick preview next to monobook
19:11.31*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
19:11.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
19:11.32zeegya i see it
19:17.26KirkburnNo-one uses monobook :P
19:18.07pcjOK, you want to play hardball? go to ... click the edit link in the warcraft news section
19:18.10pcjOMG 404 lol
19:22.10pcjAlso, any "external" link to another WoWWiki page will take the user off curse
19:22.27KirkburnThe server stuff need tweaking or somesuch
19:22.40KirkburnFinally done with the 2.x patch pages :/
19:24.47zeegok links are live to Wikia
19:24.57zeegKirkburn, ill leave you in charge of that kind of stuff
19:25.17zeegI have to get all the stuff changed over to our externals (JS/CSS) and do some more internal handling for the wikia stuff
19:25.21KirkburnI'm not there any more
19:25.26zeegya but you can harass em
19:25.41KirkburnNot easily :<
19:25.49KirkburnNot as easily as walking over to them anyway
19:25.59zeegi sent an email w/ the issues anyways so its ok :p
19:26.04zeegwell at least the skin issue
19:27.10*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
19:27.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
19:31.57pcjso whose idea was it to put the table in the middle of the page
19:32.08*** join/#wowwiki Daemona (
19:32.50pcjwhere has foxlit been ._.
19:37.54Kirkburn~seen foxlit
19:37.58infobotfoxlit <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowi-lounge, 4d 23h 31m 6s ago, saying: 'GetMouseFocus():GetName()'.
19:37.59Kirkburn~seen foxbot
19:38.00infobotfoxbot <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 14d 15m 34s ago, saying: 'There are currently 0 queued operations.'.
19:38.12pcjfoxbot always says the craziest things
19:38.32pcj *facepalm*
19:40.28pcjthraebot: help
19:40.57pcjthraebot: g eu bloodhoof Cybergings
19:41.09pcjthraebot: g eu bloodhoof, Cybergings
19:41.11ThraeBotpcj: <Cybergings> on Bloodhoof has 293 members. [[ ]]
19:45.48zeegSo guys
19:45.50zeeghelp me out :)
19:45.57zeegneed to find places on Curse that we can link to the wowwiki content
19:46.12zeegthings that are static, or either a static list of contents (not user generated words)
19:46.32zeegi can't think of much outside of the wow db
19:52.58pcjthraebot: g us maelstrom, Silverwind Waywatchers
19:53.00ThraeBotpcj: <Silverwind Waywatchers> on Maelstrom has 9 members. [[ ]]
19:54.38Kirkburnzeeg, patch notes?
19:54.55Kirkburn ftw
19:59.51pcjthraebot: g us draenor, Defenders of Modan
19:59.52ThraeBotpcj: <Defenders of Modan> on Draenor has 63 members. [[ ]]
20:03.52*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
20:03.52*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
20:12.02pcjthraebot: g eu aggramar, Arcane Corruption
20:12.03ThraeBotpcj: <Arcane Corruption> on Aggramar has 148 members. [[ ]]
20:18.25KalrothKirkburn: Where did you find those 'BioShock' drivers? From the official site or?
20:18.46pcjthraebot: g us Mal'Ganis, goon squad
20:18.49ThraeBotpcj: <Goon Squad> on Mal'Ganis has 955 members. [[ ]]
20:20.44Kirkburn for non Vista
20:22.15KalrothDanke :)
20:24.12*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
20:24.31pcjwb DuTempete :)
20:27.01*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
20:30.27KalrothHarro 'Tempo!
20:30.40[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Novel Description - Starcraft: The Dark Templar - Shadow Hunters -
20:43.26*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
20:43.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
20:43.28Fisker-i hate you Bibi
20:43.38BibiI hate you Fisker-
20:43.58BibiI hate you Kalroth
20:44.01Fisker-it was hate as first sight
20:44.10Fisker-isn't it beautiful?
20:44.14KalrothBibi: I know you don't, you little friendly frenchy!
20:45.03*** part/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
20:56.58*** join/#wowwiki Mero (
20:58.34*** join/#wowwiki Kitten_from_Hell (n=zenkeola@
21:07.24zeegtu et ouf
21:07.37zeegje suis un genie, je sais ;)
21:07.51zeegk ive exhausted my french
21:11.57TeomyrAdys: new quotes!!11
21:13.21AdysTeomyr: the thraebot quote was from #wowhead !
21:13.29Teomyrmy bad
21:13.42Teomyrit's hard to distinguish because the bot's present in both
21:14.26*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
21:14.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
21:14.35Adyshai Kalroth !
21:14.54KalrothKirkburn: Man, that game violates my graphics card in ways I didn't think was possible ><
21:14.59Kalrothhay Adys!
21:15.21Adyswhich game?
21:15.48Kalroth2x bluescreen and killed the DVI output once :)
21:15.49Kirkburnzeeg, you're only employed by them, I mean c'mon :P
21:15.57KirkburnWith new drivers?
21:16.01KalrothTried with two of the different nVidia drivers, no go
21:16.18zeegby who, what
21:16.20zeegfrench people
21:16.32Kalrothmeaning the "BioShock" drivers and the WHQL ones
21:16.43KalrothFrenchies .. I should have known.
21:16.56Adys.. lame
21:18.14Kirkburngrammer, yes
21:18.30KalrothKirkburn: You're a George!
21:18.46KalrothI totally had you for a Frank or a Timmy.
21:19.07DuTempeteEww, Adys... I'm not into that.
21:19.22KirkburnGolden showers all over again ><
21:19.25DuTempeteKeep your wizzle where it belongs, please...
21:20.20KirkburnKalroth, any particular reason?
21:21.03*** join/#wowwiki FtH|Daemona (
21:21.23KalrothOh, you mean the name and not the shower.
21:21.34KalrothWell you just seem like a Timmy.
21:22.00KirkburnDo I sound eleven?
21:22.11KalrothThere's mature men with the name Timmy.
21:22.26KalrothUnless all Timmies die before they're 16!
21:22.50KirkburnThey go undead
21:25.31KalrothTime to fuck around with drivers. If I'm back crying in 20-30 minutes, then please comfort me!
21:30.40[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Campaign Creations - Ascension of Duran Map Campaign -
21:31.55*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
21:31.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
21:32.32Adyspeople suck
21:32.50AdysBIBI im talking about you
21:32.52pcjespecially french people
21:33.53DuTempetewell, I'll have to agree with pcj, there.
21:36.08*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
21:36.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
21:37.23*** join/#wowwiki Guillotine (
21:40.29BibiYou couldn't afford it Adys
21:40.38BibiTry Kirkburn. I heard he even sucks tea.
21:40.56Bibihmmmmm interesting
21:40.59BibiI just installed o&o
21:41.09Bibi60% fragmentation on c:
21:44.38DuTempeteAdys, I think Bibi is coming on to you.
21:44.48DuTempeteAnd, btw, I'm quite sure that Kirkburn isn't into that.
21:47.08KirkburnI would suck tea, if I could be bothered to turn on the kettle
21:47.21KirkburnUnfortunately I'm just too damn lazy
21:47.31DuTempeteYeah, you suck at being British.
21:47.43KirkburnI do
22:01.37*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
22:01.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
22:02.09KirkburnWhy are you voiced, anyway? :P
22:02.19KalrothI hacked ChanServ!
22:02.49KirkburnYou hacker you!
22:02.53KalrothI thought we had this discussion a while back, sheesh!
22:03.22*** join/#wowwiki Risky (
22:03.24KalrothOn a side note: SecuROM is a piece of shit. ><
22:03.41*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
22:03.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042] by ChanServ
22:03.52TeomyrKalroth: i ran into that *exact same* problem when i tried to play the bioshock demo
22:04.11KalrothTeomyr: Yup, I figured out how to fix it, but then BioShock itself began to crash
22:04.19Teomyrsysinternals process explorer... imba 1337 hax tool, very good for cracking
22:04.28Igor_wowhiya wowwikians
22:04.38KalrothTeomyr: Yeah, exactly. I had to reboot for SecuROM to stop whining
22:04.52Sky2042hi igor
22:04.55Teomyrmine crashed at some point in-game
22:05.43Igor_wowsomeone reset my password today...
22:06.51Sky2042kirkburn, you in?
22:06.57Sky2042or, gryphon
22:07.23Sky2042who tagged for sd?
22:07.32Sky2042and could you possibly restore it?
22:08.18clashouthow many resets is it you can do per hour?
22:08.31DuTempeteSorry for the late cuddles, boys, I missed you both logging in.
22:08.37Gryphenpcj did
22:08.39DuTempeteChemistry is being distracting today.
22:08.47Sky2042pcj, why'd you tag that page for sd?
22:09.07pcjThe content exists elsewhere
22:09.16TeomyrDuTempete: i for one won't be bothered with chemistry ever again! (probably)
22:09.34DuTempeteNeither will I, after this class.
22:09.43DuTempeteI'm just taking it for a science credit.
22:09.58DuTempeteI like chemistry, but I've already taken this class in high school.
22:10.29Teomyri dropped it for this year
22:10.52Teomyrthis year, i'll be learning physics and economy!
22:11.10Teomyrthe least terrible combination i could find
22:13.30DuTempetephysics is easy, unless they bombard you with math.
22:13.36Kirkburnyay mathS
22:13.58Gryphentake sd off Sky2042 if the article is good
22:14.17Gryphenhow did you know it was deleted?
22:14.25Gryphennothing links to it
22:14.50Sky2042[[WW:VP]] see "the agitated ancestors..."
22:14.50[NewsBot]Sky2042 meant:
22:15.46huraxphysics is impossible without maths
22:15.51pcjyeah, huge illustration
22:16.09Sky2042DuTempete: lol
22:16.24Igor_wowmaths eh? haven't heard that in a while...
22:16.43Sky2042what hurax said, DuTempete :P
22:17.12DuTempeteyou're right, hurax, however, my university told our single physics teacher that he wasn't allowed to use anything other than the most basic math possible. =P
22:17.37DuTempeteThat could be because we don't have a physics degree at our campus, and the only people who take it are education majors. :P
22:18.03huraxthe more basic the better
22:18.36huraxand of course you need less math in experimental physics than in theoretical physics
22:19.44*** join/#wowwiki Caze (
22:19.51huraxbut if the explanation gets much shorter and easier with more mathematical concepts then use those to teach it
22:22.02Cazehey all, is this the sort of place where I can spam my macro questions..? Or should I bugger off somewhere else?
22:22.38Teomyrthe interface pros hang around in #wowi-lounge
22:22.52Teomyrso that would be a better choice ;)
22:22.54Sky2042caze: #wowi-lounge . alternatively, have a look through our making a macro pages. you might find something :)
22:23.24Cazegot it, /bow
22:28.19*** join/#wowwiki Byn (
22:34.43*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
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22:36.54*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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22:46.09*** join/#wowwiki ThraeBot (
22:46.46KasoThrae, how'd your bot flood itself out
22:48.04ThraeKaso: Two sends in a row without a sleep
22:51.23KirkburnSky2042, couldn't you move Curator?
22:51.34*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_ (
22:51.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042_] by ChanServ
22:51.47KirkburnSky2042, couldn't you move Curator?
22:51.55*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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22:52.09Sky2042_kirkburn: no
22:52.20Sky2042_i just asked gryphen if he move-protected it; it wasn't him
22:52.29Gryphenit wasnt protected
22:52.35Gryphenneed delete right to move over redirect
22:52.44KirkburnPrevious history on the redirect I guess
22:52.47Sky2042_but it was . that's the express reason i couldn't move it
22:52.52Sky2042_try to move it
22:53.11KirkburnWe'd be able to, it would ask us to delete the target
22:53.26Grypheni moved it, it asked for delete
22:53.39Grypheni msure because of history
22:53.57Sky2042_well, not the reason i got. and when it's becase of history, i get "A page already exists here."
22:54.07Sky2042_that's the first time i've seen that reason
22:54.42*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042__ (
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23:09.30*** join/#wowwiki Jolt^ (
23:13.11Sky2042kirkburn: halp por favor
23:13.28pcjhalp is not spanish, you fail
23:13.41Sky2042ayudame, por favor
23:13.53pcjyes, but not by much
23:14.05pcjdon't make me take out the real Sky2042 next
23:19.16[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 6 doing ~1 job/s, done in approx. 6secs.
23:19.52*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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23:20.09Sky2042oh gd
23:24.41pcjthraebot: c us maelstrom jaesica
23:25.19*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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23:35.13Thrae!help ge
23:35.13ThraeBot!ge <eu/us> <server> <character name> -- Show gear info for given character, from Armoury
23:47.54*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042__ (
23:49.50dreamss!ge us stormscale dreamss
23:50.05dreamssfuck u then
23:52.17*** join/#wowwiki Kaso_ (
23:55.50pcjge whiz

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