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01:34.16Sky2042fandyllic's so friggin random
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01:46.53Zurrcould someone put a temp protect the Curse of Doom page? someone keeps making false edits saying it can crit
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01:56.30Zurrany admins awake?
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01:57.20Sky2042_kirkburn|sleep, gryphen, adys, one of you plx
01:57.23Sky2042_see above
01:59.22Bagginswwwell ordered a laptop
01:59.43Bagginswwfor education purposes of course :p
01:59.58Bagginswwstill they are so freaking expensive :p
02:00.27Zurrjust don't fill up the hard drive too fast
02:03.10Adysblocked the idiot Zurr
02:03.42Zurrcould a protection against new users be put up on that page?
02:03.53Adysye done
02:04.29Bagginswwhard drives are not an issue I have a 500gb external
02:04.45Bagginswwand about 300gb on my desktop
02:04.54Bagginswwonly went with 160gb on the laptop
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02:09.31sum1strangedo u have to b nacked and have big tits in here or what?
02:13.05Bagginswwbig tits will only get you the ogres
02:28.22pcjtits help tho
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02:42.56Jiyambihello all
02:45.27pcjhi jiyambi :)
02:46.39pcjhow are you
02:49.11BagginswwI like cute boobies.
02:49.21Bagginswwred footed or blue footed I don't care, :)
02:51.18Bagginswwreminds me of an old episode of family guy. Don't look at my wife's melons. "but peter I'm holding some melons"
02:51.34Bagginswwstop looking my wife's hooters. "but peter I'm holding an owl"
02:59.11Bagginswwadded another strength
03:12.51BagginswwInterestingly, reports say Sylvanas moves to and from Northrend; it’s unknown if she is scouting for a possible attack on the Lich King, or if she has darker plans. There are rumors that Lady Sylvanas Windrunner is setting up a Forsaken city up there somewhere. In any case, she remains an enigmatic figure, her motivations unknown even to her most trusted advisors.HPG 180, 182
03:13.08Bagginswwsee there was  a reference to Sylvanas city back in Horde Player's Guide
03:15.38Sky2042_i think that means blizz has had northrend in the planning for a while.
03:16.04Sky2042_it was drysc i think that dropped "you'll have to be at least lvl 80 to challenge arthas", which pretty much said 2nd expansion was gonna be northrend
03:24.46Bagginswwsky yes It does
03:24.57Bagginswwits interesting how the RPG has hints at future expansions :)
03:25.06Bagginswwlike several years in advance
03:25.25Bagginswwlike many tbc hints and mention of Burning Crusade couple years in advance
03:25.52Bagginswwsky I thinkt he original quote by Drysc was, at least be 90
03:26.20Bagginswwthey've probably rethought things since then
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03:36.26BagginswwSome folks are wise, some folks have wives, and some otherwise, and other wives.
03:36.28DuTempeteSo, me logging in last night; does that qualify as one of those "drunken phone calls" one is not supopsed make?
03:37.55Jiyambiba people said hi back to me and I ignored them :( Hi to pcj and Sky
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03:38.57BagginswwHi Jiyambi
03:39.21Guillotinenobody hugs me? :(
03:39.48Bagginswwdepends on who you are
03:40.11Bagginswwand your name sounds sharp
03:40.22BagginswwI'd hate to lose my head hugging you
03:40.32Guillotinehmm. good point
03:41.17Bagginswwspeaking of hungging... Where I come from you don't generally hug someone of the same sex as a male. Unless perhaps its a relative.
03:41.56BagginswwHawaiians on the other hand seem to be more "friendly" and want hugs as a form of good bye.
03:42.32BagginswwIts different for me LOL
03:42.52BagginswwI'm not going into that closet, I don't trust you
03:43.00pcjno, come on out of the closet
03:44.48BagginswwJust commenting how its culturely different though. Not used to it. I have a hawaiian teacher for a language class that has everyone hug him on the way out. LOL
03:45.05pcjthat would be awkward
03:45.10Bagginswwit is, :p
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03:48.34BagginswwOne my other teachers always talks about how she gets drunk over the weekend LOL
03:48.56Bagginswwand putting up cocktail recipes on the board.
03:49.29Bagginswwits a ecological anthropology course mind you.
03:50.56ChaosluxEcological Anthropology?
03:51.20DuTempeteI'm going to bed, darlings.  I'll see you tomorrow.
03:51.23pcjsounds intense
03:51.39pcjgood night dutempete, try not to dream about kirkburn too much
03:52.06DuTempeteNo, pcj, I'm not going to dream about you instead.
03:53.24Bagginswwchaos its a class more bout humans adaptations to environement around them.
03:53.52Bagginswwand with each other, and other life
03:54.21Bagginswwapparently a section will be adapations to reproduction as well.
04:00.44JiyambiMy boyfriend took a similar class
04:00.58JiyambiHe is an environmental science major with a focus in ecology
04:01.13JiyambiIt sounded interesting
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04:09.50twoshadetodwhat is the command to access menu without using escape?
04:11.30Keolahclick the button?
04:11.46Sky2042_bagginsww: he did say we'd be facing Arthas, not necessarily the Lich King.
04:22.22Sky2042_i've seen conjecture that ner'zhul will escape; in other words, he's got a backup floating around. personally, i doubt it; arthas is probably the most powerful dark paladin around
04:22.37Sky2042_most powerful person he could possibly sway to his cause*
04:23.46Sky2042_hey, jiyambi
04:26.34[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 49
04:30.09KeolahYou know, if you're playing a mage, and your tank suddenly runs off screaming "run away!" ... don't stand there like an idiot trying to kill whatever it is by yourself. ;p
04:34.25Sky2042any mage will stand in the face of certain death!
04:34.29Sky2042btw, what was it?
04:36.36KeolahWe were leveling in Desolace. He did that with multiple things there. Let's see. First he got killed by the wandering elite giant... then he got killed by Magram pack hounds 5 levels above us... then there were the demon things...
04:37.17Sky2042...what level are you?
04:37.23KeolahMy pally has been getting a lot of use out of redemption due to an idiot mage ;p
04:37.27KeolahLevel 34, heh.
04:37.50Sky2042and you're in desolace at level 34... why?
04:38.06KeolahWhy not? The stuff there does start at level 30 :p
04:38.21Sky2042i /started/ in Stv at 35 :|
04:38.23KeolahWe just finished up with the early quests there with no problems besides that ;p
04:38.37Keolahheh. That's late, too, the quests there also start at 30 :P
04:38.54Sky2042but that was more because they didn't nerf stalvan until i after i was 40ish or so
04:39.30Sky2042i did all the duskwood and redridge quests, which might be why
04:39.32KeolahBut we're putting that off because it's too damned crowded most of the time.
04:39.41Sky2042and the dwarf 20-30 quests
04:39.54Sky2042i got around just fine on a pvp server with 10kish
04:39.57KeolahYeah, sucks when you need to "kill X mobs" and can' find any of them alive.
04:40.24KeolahAnd there's night elf hunters all over the place ;p
04:41.14Sky2042so... post on the forums that you need some help dealing with nublets and/or farmers and/or others.
04:41.22Sky2042i'm sure a hordie would love to help :)
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04:48.39twoshadetodany good trinket mods?
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05:03.11ThraeBotThrae: OK, I will now only respond to commands in this channel when addressed by ThraeBot: <command>. Note the ! is not needed.
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05:49.07twoshadetodany good trinket mods?
05:58.33Sky2042div.NavFrame div.NavHead {
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05:59.41Sky2042height: 1.6em; font-weight: bold; background-color: #ccccff; position:relative; }. could you fix that please?
06:00.30Sky2042height: 1.6em; font-weight: bold; background-color: #ccccff; position:relative; } (this)
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06:20.44aeocould someone help me with this macro?
06:21.03aeoif there's anybody alive in here?
06:25.09aeodo you know alot about macros?
06:25.47aeowhy would that mangle twice instead of mangling then shredding
06:26.38aeois the first nostealth throwing it off?
06:26.41Guillotineit shouldn't. it should be going mangle->shred->mangle
06:26.54Guillotineno, it shouldn't be
06:27.07aeowierd. it mangles, but it just keeps mangling.
06:29.01Thraeaeo: I like spamming /castrandom Faerie Fire (Feral)(), Faerie Fire (Feral(), Shred, Shred, Shred, Shred, Shred, Rake, along with a /castrandom Faerie Fire (Feral)(), Faerie Fire (Feral)(), Mangle (Cat)(), Mangle (Cat)(), Mangle (Cat)(), Mangle (Cat)(), Mangle (Cat)(), Rake
06:29.09Guillotinealthough, truthfully, if you want to maximize dps you are doing mangle way too much
06:29.19ThraeWhen the Mangle buff runs out, I hit my Mangle macro, then keep spamming the Shred macro
06:29.26Guillotineyou should really get in at least 2-3 shreds before mangle debuff dissapears
06:29.33ThraeI use an addon to surpress the "Not Enough Energy", etc. messages
06:30.42ThraeI find spamming /castrandom to be good due to mobs moving around, etc. not having to worry about watching your energy, etc. Especially good in PvP
06:30.48aeowell it's for an opening combo
06:30.53aeonot for instance use
06:31.07aeoi can't figure out why it won't work.. it's irritating.
06:31.32aeoit's ignoring the fact that it's a castsequence or something.
06:32.13Thraeaeo: Ohhhh. Now I get it.
06:32.42Thraeaeo: Try splitting them up into separate /castsequence
06:33.24aeoahhh didn't think about that
06:33.33Thraeaeo: I think some commands have problems with separate conditions and ;
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06:33.58Thraeaeo: Also, I would suggest a reset=9/target/combat for the Shred, Mangle
06:34.13Thraeaeo: Otherwise, the sequence would never reset
06:34.27Bagginswwnow to add links
06:37.17aeoso how would that look /castsequence [nocombat, nostealth] Prowl; /stopcasting; [stealth] Pounce; /castsequence reset=9/target/combat [combat, nostealth] Mangle (Cat)(), Shred;
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06:37.46aeoerrr... moving that /stopcasting after the pounce....
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06:41.29aeofuck... still mangles twice. /me explodes
06:41.41aeoi don't even see how it's possible
06:44.00Sky2042oh shit, i don't remember what i was going to ask you
06:44.11JiyambiI have something to ask about the zonebox
06:44.42JiyambiI think Race(s) looks silly, can we change it to just "Races"?
06:44.55JiyambiOr would that be too improper of grammar for 1 race zones?
06:45.50Jiyambi(I like how my question about improper grammar had highly questionable grammar :P )
06:45.51Sky2042i think i know what we can do. how many pages is it used on, and what's the percentage of "races" to "race"
06:46.07Jiyambioy, let me check
06:46.54JiyambiI think there are 5 / 20 with only one race, that it is used on so far
06:47.05Sky20425 of the 20 use one race
06:47.18Jiyambiwe all know that already :P
06:48.04JiyambiI just ate an incredibly healthy snack :)
06:48.15JiyambiIt made my body happy :)
06:48.22aeofuck it i'll figure this crap out later i guess
06:48.28Sky2042there, try changing it to |race= now for those where there's only one race
06:48.37Sky2042teldrassil, i think
06:48.41Sky2042instead of |races
06:48.46Jiyambiokies i will try it out
06:49.09Jiyambierm nope, that didnt work
06:49.12Jiyambinothin showed up
06:49.26Jiyambicheck your if statement
06:50.03Sky2042ya didn't change it silly
06:50.08Sky2042or you previewed
06:50.35JiyambiI previewed
06:50.40Jiyambilemme have a go at it
06:51.27*** join/#wowwiki Guillotine (
06:51.28Jiyambiits easier than you were making it I think
06:51.44JiyambiThere I fixed it
06:53.35Jiyambiyay for making it work without horrible grammar :)
06:53.43Jiyambiokies, well people it's my bedtime
06:53.55Sky2042no, mine would've wworked if i'd used {{{race|}}}
06:54.06Jiyambihehe well you should have you silly head
06:54.22JiyambiYou can mess with it if you like
06:54.27Jiyambianyways nighty night Sky
06:55.03*** part/#wowwiki aeo (
06:55.58Bagginswwits so much work preparing the techslayer picture its got so many artifacts in it :p
06:56.11Bagginswwblack dots when I took it out of the PDF file
06:56.33Bagginswwonly around the white edges of the picture
06:56.37Bagginswwbut thousands of them
06:57.34Bagginswwmake matters worse some appear to be 2 or more shades so I can't just use fill-in tool to get rid of large clumps.
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06:59.15Sky2042dotted, you suck
06:59.25*** part/#wowwiki Jiyambi (
07:00.28Bagginswwso many I have to remove them all by hand :p
07:00.42Bagginsww1/4 done :p
07:00.54BagginswwI've been working on the picture for like 2 weeks
07:05.27Bagginswwso ya sky I ordered a laptop for school.
07:08.11Sky2042how much, and wtb some specz
07:08.21Sky2042screenspace, cpu, the like
07:12.01BagginswwDell XPX M1300
07:12.16Bagginswwabout 2475
07:13.11Bagginsww2.2 ghz processor, Geforece 8400 M video card, 13 inch screen, 160 gb HD
07:13.32Bagginswwits a core duo
07:13.45Sky2042not bad
07:13.53Sky2042seems a little expensive for a dell though
07:14.07Bagginswwdell always is expensive if you get the full warranty
07:14.21Bagginswwit added about 500 on top of it
07:14.25Bagginswwmaybe 600
07:14.28Sky2042now why... did you get the full warrenty?
07:14.53Bagginswwbecause its full repair if I ever dropped it, dunked it, etc
07:15.01Bagginswwor someone else kills it
07:15.20Bagginswwin a university situation you never know what might happen
07:15.30Bagginsww4 years
07:15.47Bagginswwdon't know what it costs to extend it after that
07:15.53Bagginswwprobably basic warranty after that
07:15.58Sky2042600 for 4 years :|
07:16.19Bagginswwyou should have seen what my mom did to her laptop out of stupidity :p
07:16.26Sky2042you could take it into best buy or someone to that affect and get any scratches out of it for less
07:16.46Bagginswwbest buys in hawaii?
07:16.58Bagginswwshipping costs more :p
07:17.01Sky2042there's walmarts :P only natural to assume ther're are others
07:17.17Bagginswwcost me 700 just to ship my desktop here LOL
07:17.30Bagginswwsure tehre is walmart here but nto a super store, no repair center
07:18.05Bagginswwhilo is like rural small town
07:18.19Bagginswwlargest city is on another island
07:18.27Bagginswwand that costs money to travel ;)
07:18.36Sky2042hilo's not -that- small
07:19.17Bagginswwits like my town of Modesto and Ceres without the Bestbuy, and most of the other stores :p
07:19.25BagginswwI'm used to
07:19.51Bagginswwits mostly rural/suburban residential zoning
07:20.39Bagginswwit has an Officemax, that's about it for computer stores.
07:20.43Sky2042every town in virginia had a walmart. and i mean, every one of them (even the ones with >10k)
07:20.58Bagginswwyat there is a walmart here too
07:21.07Bagginswwno computer repair though
07:21.42Bagginswwoh worst thing when my mom killed her computer, no local repair place would touch it cause it was a dell
07:22.03Bagginswwor they wanted to charge alot for the repair
07:22.18Bagginswwso you repaid for the warranty
07:22.29Bagginswwwhich was almost a 1/4 of buying a new machine :p
07:22.31Sky2042which just goes to show you the quality of a dell ;). they're like, a car with really rusty brakes right off the dealership's lot
07:22.34Sky2042a new car*
07:22.48Bagginswwoh they are fine if you are careful, top notch parts best out there
07:23.05Bagginswwvery few computers out there actually have the geforce 8400m
07:23.21Bagginswwthat's the problem Dell has the best and they know it
07:23.35Bagginswwso they charge you for the premiums :p
07:23.45BagginswwI wouldn't buy a desktop from them for that reason
07:23.49Bagginswwcheaper ot build one
07:23.57Bagginswwbut its impossible to build a laptop from scratch
07:24.07Sky2042truth :|
07:24.11Bagginswwas a side note I saved 600
07:24.23BagginswwPhi Theta Kappa discount and 10% discount off the top
07:25.02BagginswwOn the other hand if I had to buy a dell desktop I probably wouldn't pay for the warranty either. not like you move one around too much LOL
07:25.26Bagginswwand desktop uses standard parts so I'm sure most places would touch it
07:25.34*** join/#wowwiki GiBiWi (
07:25.36Bagginswwgenerally uses standard parts I should say
07:25.48Bagginswwunless you get one of their small scale space saver types
07:26.37Bagginswwthen your talking about non standard parts :p
07:26.46Bagginswwwhat's the term?
07:26.50Bagginswwmind is blank
07:26.57Bagginswwtired :p
07:29.31*** join/#wowwiki Laurly (
07:29.49Bagginswwwell non standard parts means the same thing, even for the life of me the term won't come to my mind LOL
07:30.02BagginswwSony is the worst for that kind of thing :p
07:31.22Laurlyhey Bagginsww i see your nemesis finaly got baned
07:31.27Sky2042lol nemesis
07:31.45Sky2042laurly: he's had a blocking more than a few times.
07:32.00Bagginswwwell when he resorted to threatening me and acting like a childI had no choice
07:32.09Laurlyyeah i know Sky2042 i have been following it if it was me the last 2 would have been 2 month bans
07:32.21Bagginswwhe had a 3 month last time
07:32.26Bagginswwbut it was uh commuted
07:32.37Bagginswwis that the right term/
07:32.53Laurlynote a clue
07:33.09BagginswwPretty sure I heard that term used that way on a crime movie
07:33.17Bagginswwanyways LOL
07:33.28Laurlyhmm wonder if i can set my sexy new keyboard up to some visual stuido commands
07:33.57Laurlyand i wonder if it saved all the key mapings in wow now
07:34.10Bagginswwvisual studio is that music program?
07:34.18Bagginswwor art?
07:34.23Laurlyno programing :)
07:34.29Laurlyits what i used to code the bot
07:34.52Laurlyi got my g11 kbd yesterday its very sexy
07:34.57Bagginswwwishes programming was as easy on star trek... Tell the computer what you want and it does the work for you, LOL
07:35.00Laurlybuffing last night was so fast
07:35.01*** join/#wowwiki UnknowN-TerroR (
07:35.13Laurlyna data does a lot of it i bet
07:35.15Bagginswwyou have a buff bot?
07:35.50Laurlyna shadow priest still g7 (fort) g10 (shadow resist) g3 (drink)  was fun
07:36.30Bagginswwyay almost done eliminating all the artifacts out of a picture, by hand :p
07:36.34Laurlyhmm i need to post my shadow form action bar swaping macro on wiki
07:38.14BagginswwWhat I find funny is soon as I got rid of him SOL people showed up
07:38.44Laurlyim still glad im not involved in the lore side of things
07:38.45Sky2042because he's annoying them no end at SoL
07:39.17Laurlybtw whats to keep him from making a new account anyway?
07:39.27Laurlydo bans go by ip?
07:39.59Laurlyok sky what where we working on yesterday?
07:40.15Sky2042getting rid of npc sells and co. :P
07:40.37Bagginswwyay finished
07:40.54Laurly <-- or that+
07:41.15*** join/#wowwiki Guillotine (
07:41.50Sky2042yeah, or that
07:42.12Sky2042even if you do go with that whole sub page silliness, you need to get rid of the duplication
07:42.24Laurlyyeah im regenrating it now
07:42.41Laurlyit was listing every rank which is sily
07:43.10Laurlyor i could just break it totlay
07:44.00Laurly better
07:44.38Sky2042laurly: as for your fear about going through the pages once and then regoing through them, why not make another template saying: "this page was generated automatically. it maybe possible that this page will be replaced a second time". and when you're done running the bot the second time, change the content of that template to that of the normal: "this page
07:44.48Sky2042was generated automatically, please fix"
07:45.44Sky2042and laurly: why don't you double up the columns for that table?
07:48.42Laurlywhat the rank and level columns? im removing them there was way way way to much data
07:48.48Laurlyim working on reagents now
07:49.25Laurlyneed a better i con for the teaches table
07:49.39Laurlyspeach bubble or maybe a scroll?
07:50.43Laurlyhmm you know maybe readding it after its run the first time might not be that hard if i just pop the new data above the elinks line it wouldnt clover the rest of the page
07:58.59*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
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08:05.59Fisker-do it faggot
08:06.14*** join/#wowwiki Guillotine (
08:11.13Sky2042faggot isn't here
08:11.19Fisker-i know
08:13.55Laurly <-- reagents up
08:15.11Sky2042you have 1 or 2 too many || in that template
08:16.13Laurlyand a bad spelling to
08:17.28Laurlyreload it i fixed the template
08:19.56Laurlyordered the table by the spell name
08:24.13*** join/#wowwiki Cairen1 (
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08:25.39*** join/#wowwiki zhou (n=20527CE6@
08:27.13*** part/#wowwiki zhou (n=20527CE6@
08:30.34Laurlythink i can get ride of world drops working on that now
08:31.17*** join/#wowwiki zhou (n=20527CE6@
08:31.31Laurlythen i need to figure out the quests table.
08:36.31*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
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08:40.45*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
08:42.45Bagginswwwell I looked at some other reviews for the M1330, wishes I could have afforded the LED display lol
08:42.51Bagginswwbut that was another 300 bucks
08:43.10Fisker-wuts that? :o
08:43.26BagginswwDell xps 1330
08:43.30Bagginswwtheir new thin and light notebook
08:43.46Bagginswwgetting it for school purposes, take notes in class and stuff
08:44.14Bagginswwhas a camera so I could potentially film the instructors too LOL
08:44.50Bagginswwbut ya I wanted somtehing small didn't have a need for their 17 inch laptop.
08:45.00Bagginswwand 1330 was a bit cheaper
08:45.37Fisker-dell :(
08:46.47Bagginswwhey they make some of the most advanced laptops out there.
08:47.07Bagginswwas for desktops I'll build from scratch thank you
08:47.52Bagginswwmy desktop is superior to any laptop out there ;)
08:49.24Bagginswwalso what's the point of a biometric reader on a laptop?
08:49.46BagginswwI didn't add it to my laptop seemed frivolous
08:49.59BagginswwI suppose its security thing?
08:50.08Sky2042yeah, security
08:50.11Sky2042my bro has one on his
08:50.22Sky2042not that he needs it, but he does
08:50.35Bagginswwso its pretty much frivolous extra
08:50.56Bagginswwthe thing is if I let let other people get to my laptop I'm an idiot
08:51.04BagginswwI got guard it with my life LOL
08:51.21Bagginswwbecause if its stolen no way I'd be able to replace it :p
08:51.26Bagginswwwon't matter?
08:51.31Sky2042W & L
08:51.46Bagginswwwhat's that?
08:51.46Sky2042pretty strict honor code there
08:51.51Sky2042washington and lee
08:56.42BagginswwI had to put vista in it so I went with ultimate
08:57.06Bagginswwwishes I could have chosen xp though LOL
09:03.44Sky2042owned by a buggy dos!
09:14.54*** join/#wowwiki benno (
09:19.24*** join/#wowwiki bl4q (
09:26.19*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
09:26.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
09:27.35Laurlydam rescanning the items database takes ages............
09:36.24wsI'm having a few weeks break from WoW
09:36.37wsit turns out that there's no way I can buy a prepaid card for WoW in my city, lol
09:36.48wsand I have to wait 2 weeks for a credit card
09:37.23Bagginswwwell I think context has been defined for alliance vs. horde technology now
09:37.32Laurlyfew weeks break from wow can be a good thing :)
09:37.50BagginswwI hvaen't played wow for a few weeks LOL
09:37.55Bagginswwsigh LOL
09:38.11Bagginswwbeen busy, and what time I've had to have fun I've talked here
09:38.19Laurlyi have a 90% attendance in raids over the last month :/ i need to get a life
09:38.33*** join/#wowwiki UnknowN-TerroR (
09:38.54Sky2042laurly: yes
09:39.09Laurlyi have an insane amount of dkp as well.
09:41.35Laurly393 to go ...
09:42.59*** join/#wowwiki Mero (
09:48.53Sky2042i'm feeling right accomplished today
09:49.09Sky2042made my userpage almost pretty, and got rid of the usage of that template
10:02.28Laurly65 there is an end in sight
10:02.59Laurlyhey kewl the bot didnt crash with a que lenght of over 700 i didnt think it could take that
10:14.48*** part/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
10:18.27Laurlypift where did sky go when i need him
10:22.35Kaso_dreamss, that looks really tacky and horrible
10:22.41Kasoill stick with my normal doors thanks
10:23.52_dreamssi think it needs bling
10:27.45Laurlywho do you think its more acurate wowhead or armory?
10:41.44Fisker-|Pixel| is quiet :(
10:41.51Fisker-like the CALM BEFORE THE STORM OMG DIABLO 3
10:46.23Fisker-1+1+1 = 3
10:46.24Fisker-omg diablo 3
10:46.30Fisker-you know it Laurly
10:56.45Laurlydont worry i will get that to :)
10:57.03Laurlyi spent a huge amount of time on battlenet with starcraft
11:04.47*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
11:06.43*** join/#wowwiki Boubouille (
11:12.22*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth_ (
11:12.55*** join/#wowwiki Deadalious|PYLON (
11:16.02Deadalious|PYLONIs it possible to be able to make a macro that clicks on a certain number in the spellbook in any page?
11:16.29Deadalious|PYLONInsted of making it /cast fireball etc, is it possible to make it /book fire 24
11:16.31Deadalious|PYLONor something?
11:21.55wsnope, because it would be imba, because you could just keybind to /book frost 1 to /book frost 80 without even looking at the screen and you'd pwn in PvP (yeah, I'm just kidding)
11:22.15wspoor joke actually
11:22.34HousewifeIs it possible to make it so it casts a spell by it's spell ID?
11:23.25Kasowhy would you want to?
11:24.00HousewifeTrying to keep myself occupied in wow
11:24.05Housewifeso making odd macros and such
11:24.12Housewifetil wotlk
11:30.14*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (n=Dotted@
11:30.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
11:30.19*** join/#wowwiki Strykar (i=wakka@gateway/tor/x-fd8dbfe13c3e278e)
11:35.32*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
11:36.51wsnot sure if I called my lock good
11:37.00wshope I won't regret it in case I level him up somewhat
11:37.08wsbut it sounds sweet for a gnome lock
11:37.22wsthough nervie might be more accurate possibly
11:38.30*** join/#wowwiki Gnancy (
11:46.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
11:51.22*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
12:03.21*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
12:03.21*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
12:05.03*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (i=NewsBot@
12:05.03*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
12:05.04*** join/#wowwiki cyrillic_ (
12:06.54*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
12:06.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
12:32.46*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
12:32.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Teomyr] by ChanServ
12:35.11*** join/#wowwiki windwolf (
12:44.51*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
12:52.29*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
12:56.01*** join/#wowwiki amro_ (n=amro@
12:58.16*** join/#wowwiki piu (
13:09.47*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
13:09.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
13:10.24*** join/#wowwiki Wobin (
13:10.33WobinKirkburn: You about?
13:12.01Wobinwe have someone vandalising our guild info on wowwiki =(
13:12.07Wobinpretending to be our gm, but it's not
13:12.22Kirkburnlink, plus there's many other people here who can help you :P
13:12.47WobinTaffyd put details about it =)
13:13.20WobinCan we get the ip? =)
13:13.40Wobinwe have suspicions as to who it is, but naturally can't tell
13:15.11KirkburnNope can't give out that info, sorry
13:15.16Wobinaw, k
13:15.21Kirkburn(for one, even I don't have access to it :P )
13:15.28Wobinwe'll just have to make unfounded claims then
13:15.49KirkburnBtw, needs way more content to stay
13:16.18bleeterfor both problems
13:16.37WobinI'll make a note of that
13:16.56amro_Kirkburn: why is the link on the main page to WoWWiki:Featured article displayed fully in the text? shouldn't it just say Featured article?
13:17.51Fisker-what you doing here? :O
13:18.20WobinComplaining about a vandal =)
13:18.28WobinHe's already done the same under two other accounts =P
13:18.41WobinIt's irritating
13:18.47Wobinand just cause he's a lousy pally =P
13:22.21*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
13:22.37*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
13:24.03*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
13:26.10*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
13:26.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
13:27.08WobinKirkburn: Win ^^ =)
13:35.34pcjjust as long as you don't say "Quick, to the Watmobile"
13:36.11*** kick/#wowwiki [Watman!] by Adys (Adys)
13:36.11*** join/#wowwiki Watman (
13:36.19KalrothQuick, to the Watmobile!
13:36.55KalrothRemember to bring Wobin too! And open the door to the Watcave before you exit.
13:50.09Olisonanyone knows the new Arena Rating -> Arena Points Formula from the PTR?
14:01.16LysistrataWhats the name of the BE town?
14:01.56*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
14:02.19LysistrataSilvermoon City, got it. ^^
14:16.18*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
14:21.14*** join/#wowwiki Lin_ (n=igor@
14:27.32*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
14:27.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
14:34.42KirkburnWell this is nice, isn't it
14:34.54DuTempeteYes, I need cuddles. :(
14:35.00DuTempetemoar cuddles, please.
14:36.45KirkburnI'm watching a Groundhog Day documentary
14:36.46*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
14:36.51KalrothKirkburn never wants to snuggle with me :(
14:39.23pcjharder! faster!
14:45.22WobinLucky gearshift =(
14:49.21KirkburnTwo awesome videos - and
14:49.42KirkburnSomehow I missed them first time around :P
14:54.51*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
14:56.32wsI figured out a funny name for an allie lock
14:58.39DuTempetelmao Kirkburn. <3 Jamie Kennedy
15:06.00*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
15:06.08*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
15:10.53*** part/#wowwiki Housewife (
15:29.31Fisker-WE WANT DIABLO 3
15:31.08PolarinaWe want World of Warcraft II
15:32.22pcjI'd take patch 2.2
15:35.09|Pixel|patch 2.3 is better
15:35.38pcjall we know about patch 2.3 is that it has zul'aman and guild banks
15:36.01pcjwhile granted the bear mount would be pretty nice, i prefer having 30 minute buffs as a paladin
15:37.09wsdunno, I'm a noob rogue
15:37.15wsI've heard we're being nerfed or something
15:37.20wsnot sure what all this slang means
15:37.58ws30 minute buffs for paladins would be really bad
15:38.19wspeople would just go to a capital city, buy their buffs, and go to an instance
15:38.34pcjah but the 30 minute versions require the paladin to be in the group
15:38.35wsnobody would invite pallies for group instances anymore
15:38.48wsI think 2 minute buffs would actually help you
15:38.53wsthis would put you in demand
15:38.57wsahh, I see
15:39.05wsbut if these buffs lasted 2 minutes
15:39.15wsyou'd run out of mana so quickly that the group would need 2 or more paladins
15:39.36Wobinthus creating more demand for paladins
15:39.42Wobinand more reason for paladins to self harm
15:39.54wsthe same with rogues - sap duration is reduced
15:39.59Wobinfor pvp
15:40.11wsso that now more rogues are now needed
15:40.14Wobinkinda makes sense though
15:40.17wsit's just hard to have more than 2 of us in a 2v2
15:40.29Wobinws: You need to stealth the third =)
15:40.42Wobin"Here's a rogue we prepared earlier!"
15:40.51wsnah, a stealthy rogue?
15:40.54wsall rogues are combat species
15:41.00Wobinwtb tauren rogue
15:41.03wsnow even druids in moonkin form can sneak better
15:41.29wsthis reminds me of this marvelous picture
15:42.43wsby the way, what does blizz mean by "WoW is not balanced against 1vs1" ?
15:42.53pcjonly way that would happen is if a gnome rogue used orb of deception
15:43.02wsI'm relatively new to the game, so I'm just not sure if I shouldn't roll an undead lock as a main
15:43.07wsif this is what devs are playing
15:43.16equiraptorThe classes aren't intended to be balanced for 1 person vs. any 1 other person for PvP.
15:43.38wsyup.. I'm just trying to see what's better for what
15:44.36equiraptorI think the "play what the devs are playing" idea is ridiculous, honestly.
15:44.45wsin random PvP, as I understand, rogues are supposed to have decent survavibility (if at least one CD is not blown), along with druids (snares? what are snares?), as they're fast
15:44.46equiraptorFor one because I sincerely doubt the devs only play one race/class combo.
15:45.23equiraptorFor two because you should play what you enjoy, not what someone else says you should play. I realize you don't know what you enjoy yet and are trying to learn. I'm all for you asking questions. :)
15:45.27wsother than this, I am trying to make some sense of the purpose of each class
15:45.35equiraptorSnares are spells/whatever that slow or trap you.
15:45.39wsas I newbie, I thought at first that a paladin would knock warlocks down
15:45.49equiraptorWing clip slows the target - it's a snare.
15:45.56wsyup, I know
15:46.00equiraptorSo why'd you ask?
15:46.05wswhat I was saying is that druids don't know what snares are, lol
15:46.12equiraptorAh, ok.
15:46.53wsI see
15:47.03equiraptorRogues, IMO, don't so much have decent survivability as being able to have suprise on their side.
15:47.06wsI thought rogues tear clothies apart, but this is apparently "1vs1" hence not an issue
15:47.37wssurvavability = blind, vanish (currently broken), sprint
15:47.39equiraptorIf a rogue gets the drop on you, whoever and whatever you are, you'll have a tough time of it (unless you're flat out better or have a good cooldown to blow).
15:47.51equiraptorThat's not really survivability, IMO.
15:47.55equiraptorThat's escapability.
15:48.04wsah, yeah, I might misuse these words
15:48.10wssurvavability = plate, healthstone, etc.?
15:48.21equiraptorYeah, ability to take blows and/or heal yourself from them.
15:48.34equiraptorWarlocks have good survivability - they tend to have high stamina, and they have a lot of ways to regen health.
15:48.38ws<equiraptor> Yeah, ability to take blows and/or heal yourself from them.
15:48.46wsyou mean priests have high survavability? :-)
15:49.06equiraptorDepends on the priest's spec.
15:49.08wsanyway, I see the point
15:49.15equiraptorSome do.
15:50.00Fisker-Rogues are awesome in 1vs1 arenas
15:50.10wsyeah, escapability and survavability are two aspects
15:50.20wslocks lack the first one totally, but the 2nd one is strong
15:50.39equiraptorFera gives them some escapability, but they don't tend to need it.
15:51.12wswell, they use it, they just place some DoTs before, just in case
15:51.12wsthen it turns out they don't have to run anyway
15:51.23equiraptorI <3 my warlock.
15:51.37wsI gotta roll one as soon as I figure a good name
15:51.40wsso far called one "Nerfie"
15:51.52equiraptorMine's just "equilock". So boring.
15:51.57wsnot sure if it's a good name, or if it'll be if I level him up
15:51.58equiraptorAll my characters are equi-something.
15:52.04wsthought about Murlock
15:52.21equiraptorUndead male 'lock?
15:53.04wsgnome :-)
15:53.04wsall my characters are gnome
15:53.04equiraptorOooooh, cute!
15:53.04wsapart for a druid
15:53.04wsactually, I already deleted the druid
15:53.04wsI can't stand looking at guys with long hair
15:53.04wsmy gnomes are all bald
15:53.48wsnot sure how "nerfie" sounds in English actually
15:53.58ws"-ie" and "-ey" are used to make something more childish, right?
15:54.03wslike "mommie" instead of "mom"
15:54.19equiraptornerfie rather than nerfey, I think.
15:54.26equiraptorBut it's generally mommy rather than mommie.
15:54.40wsEnglish is my secondary :-)
15:54.46wsI mean, I don't have an alt called "English"
15:54.47equiraptorWhat's your primary? :)
15:54.50wsEnglish is my secondary language
15:54.53equiraptorYes, I understood.
15:54.58equiraptorOoooh, nice. :)
15:55.16equiraptorMy grandfather is Czech, and speaks Czech and Polish, as well as English.
15:55.24wsgreat :-)
15:55.32wsEnglish and Czech are not that similar
15:55.33equiraptorI've learned none of them, though. :( English and Spanish for me.
15:55.42wsI always found it funny that we have no problems in communicating with Slovaks
15:55.50wsSlovaks have no problems communicating with us or Czechs
15:55.58wsbut Poles and Czechs have a much harder time
15:56.05wstrying to understand eachother
15:56.30wsmy sister speaks Spanish
15:56.41wsunfortunatelly, I can only speak Polish and English
15:56.52wsI used to learn German in high school
15:57.01wsthen learned Dutch and Hungarian for 3 months each
15:57.04equiraptorOh, my grandfather doesn't claim it, but he speaks Spanish, too.
15:57.15wsbut all I can remember now in Dutch is how to order a beer
15:57.21equiraptorBut not formally. The Spanish he speaks is the Spanish spoken by the Mexican immigrants. I live in Texas. :)
15:57.53wstequilla, sombrero!
15:58.05equiraptorPor favor.
15:58.39wswhen I think of Mexic, Quentin Tarrantino's "From dusk till dawn" always pops up my mind
15:59.33wsDuTempete:  are you a gnome too? :-)
15:59.44DuTempeteGnome warlocks are the best.  Is there really any other way to play an ally lock?
15:59.51DuTempeteDuh, and a lock.
16:00.11wsnah, I might reroll him just to take a better name possibly
16:00.20DuTempeteWhat's his name?
16:00.25wsbut the look of a small warlock and a HUUUGE voidwalker was worth leveling it to 10 at least
16:00.45DuTempeteThraebot: c US Drak'thul Baberi
16:00.48ThraeBotDuTempete: Baberi, Level 70 Gnome Warlock (42/19/0). 9754 HP; 10006 Mana; 108 mana regen; 4 mp5; 17 spell crit; 128 spell hit; 744 +spell dmg/heal; 4.47% dodge; 10 arcane resist (+10);[[ TBR: 579 ][ Link: ][ Talents: ][ Updated: Tue Sep  4 12:12:07 2007 ]]
16:01.27PolarinaThraebot: c EU Scarshield Legion Polarina
16:01.30ThraeBotPolarina: Polarina, Level 61 Night Elf Hunter (0/7/45). 4733 HP; 3451 Mana; 88 mana regen; 2 mp5; 3087 Armour; 702 AP; 113.7 Melee DPS; 14.98% melee crit; 589 RAP; 122.2 Ranged DPS; 22.18% ranged crit; 20.49% dodge; 5 arcane resist; 25 nature resist (+10);[[ TBR: 620 ][ Link: ][ Talents: ][ Updated: Tue Sep  4 12:12:48 2007 ]]
16:01.37DuTempeteApparently I logged out w/o fel armor on again.
16:01.39wsThraebot: c EU Sunstrider Nerfie
16:01.42ThraeBotws: Nerfie, Level 11 Gnome Warlock (0/0/0). 193 HP; 475 Mana; 41 mana regen; 5.25% dodge; 10 arcane resist (+10);[[ TBR: 12 ][ Link: ][ Talents: ][ Updated: Tue Sep  4 12:13:01 2007 ]]
16:02.33wsoh, it's good I took a look at it, I forgot to give him talents
16:03.01DuTempeteWell, I don't think you're missing much from those 2 points of suppression. =P
16:03.26Laurly <--- LOL
16:03.51wsnot sure, he looks so sweet casting spells that I don't even want to put talents into improved corruption
16:04.04wsoh, it took me a reeaaaaaallly long time to level him up to 11
16:04.05DuTempetejesus, 6 pages, Laurly?
16:04.37Laurlynot me i sware!
16:04.37wsthat's 'cause whenever I see a level 1 rabbit I put a curse of weakness on it
16:04.37wsand see how it runs around
16:04.38Laurlyguild mate ran across one in BG thought i would check for the fun of it
16:05.19*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
16:05.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
16:05.32Laurlyonly 8 guilds not bad
16:07.58wsops, I have to run
16:08.02wssee you :-) was a nice talk
16:16.55*** join/#wowwiki rophy2 (
16:17.21*** join/#wowwiki nemppu- (
16:24.41KuinKalaDotted :E
16:24.48KuinKalai never had that kinda books !
16:41.17*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
16:45.29Taurmindodoes that mean that you still think you're gay, KuinKala?
16:48.18*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
16:51.26*** join/#wowwiki Strykar (i=wakka@gateway/tor/x-229c06b4e261ee29)
16:56.54*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
16:56.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
16:59.50pcjwatman isn't even on there :(
17:00.46DuTempeteTeomyr must be slacking.
17:01.48WatmanSame Wat time!  Same Wat channel!
17:03.08DuTempeteDon't worry, that's just a gwappling hook in my pocket...
17:05.05DuTempeteOooh, fisker- likes the blue and yellow spandex...
17:05.16*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus5th (n=WyriHaxi@
17:12.07*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
17:23.13*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
17:23.21*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
17:23.21*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042] by ChanServ
17:25.11Sky2042hey, kirkburn, it's impossible to see common quality colors on {{tooltip}} in monobook ( ), but if we make that a global change, it's also then impossible to see them in {{loot}}
17:25.31pcj{{quality}} imo
17:25.31[NewsBot]pcj meant:
17:25.54Sky2042yes, that's the issue pcj
17:26.33DuTempetepcj, common quality links are colored black in monobook
17:27.08KirkburnI couldn't work out a way of fixing it
17:27.19pcjIf you use a different CSS definition name for monobook, those users won't see the popup tooltips either
17:27.58DuTempeteOh, I see what you're saying.  It's because the tooltips are black, too.  I gotcha.
17:28.16pcjmake the tooltips white on monobook, duh :P
17:28.53DuTempetethey look like that because they'er supposed to mimick blizz tooltips
17:29.23DuTempeteanyway, lemme look
17:29.31KirkburnI tried doing .tooltip.qc-common, .tooltip.qc-common a { color: #FFF; }
17:29.33Sky2042and anyways, the coloring would be hideous for every other type of quality
17:31.48KirkburnMy previous attempt -
17:32.00Kirkburnif anyone can work out how to fix it, I will implement
17:32.27*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
17:33.04Fisker-can't we just change the colors globally to that white-yellowish color
17:34.34KirkburnShould you perhaps reread the conversation?
17:36.02Fisker-i don't like reading :((
17:37.58KirkburnSky2042, why are you making the templates inconsistent again?
17:38.09Sky2042yeah.... i reversed it
17:39.16Fisker-inconsistent is Fisker- for awesum thx
17:42.26Sky2042hey kirkburn, could you move the colors for RC into common?
17:46.29Bagginswwkirburn added a bit to the "savages" article
17:46.45Bagginswwwell section
17:46.47Bagginswwin Horde
17:47.54DuTempeteKirkburn, any idea where to find information on wiki if-then statements?
17:48.14DuTempeteI'm not sure I remember the syntax. :(
17:48.25Kirkburnno idea :)
17:48.31DuTempeteOr, well, anyone that can show me the syntax? =P
17:48.42[NewsBot]Sky2042 meant:<else>
17:48.56DuTempeteI think I know a way to solve the quality problem, but I need an if statement
17:49.50[NewsBot]Sky2042 meant:
17:50.00Sky2042dotted, it sucks.
17:50.28KirkburnSky2042, done, with lots more stuff
17:50.31[NewsBot]pcj meant:
17:50.39KirkburnReally the pages need overhauls, but for now it'll do
17:50.48pcjand of course that's the wrong syntax for subst
17:51.07DottedSky2042 send me a patch
17:52.05Sky2042kirkburn: we need to darken the colors in monobook.css for RC. i'll go have a look at wikipedia
17:52.24DuTempeteOk.. hrmm... how would I say "var2 is 'common'"?
17:52.43DuTempete{{{2}}} = "common" ?
17:52.51[NewsBot]pcj meant:<else>
17:53.33Sky2042that's probably what you were looking for dutempete: it's an if-equals statement
17:56.44DuTempetehrmm... what does the lc function do?
17:56.56DuTempetechange the link color?
17:57.27pcj{{lc:Blah}} = blah
17:57.28[NewsBot]pcj meant:
17:58.12DuTempeteah I see
17:59.44DuTempetethank you
17:59.56pcjnp :)
18:02.09Sky2042for if statements, usually should hit up
18:06.21DuTempetehere's what I think we need to do
18:06.25DuTempetetell me what you guys think
18:06.37DuTempeteWhere the class declaration is now, in the template
18:06.47DuTempetewe should replace that with:
18:07.07[NewsBot]DuTempete meant:
18:07.43DuTempete|class = (etc)
18:07.59pcjwhat's {{{1}}}
18:08.18Sky2042needs to be {{quality}}
18:08.32Sky2042can't be {{{1}}}
18:08.39DuTempeteit's inside the {{quality}} template, retard
18:08.46DuTempetethe variable is {{{1}}}
18:08.53Sky2042needs to be {{{1|}}}
18:09.07DuTempeteI wasn't sure about that, so I left it out
18:09.12DuTempeteWhat does the pipe do there?
18:09.20Sky2042parserfunctions won't work if it's not there :|
18:09.27Sky2042i'm not sure why
18:09.32DuTempeteYou guys think that would work?
18:09.37pcjif {{{1}}} is non existent it will be blank
18:09.59pcjand no, it's not needed for ifeq, onlyif
18:10.02pcjonly if*
18:10.22DuTempetewhat do you mean it will be blank?
18:10.33DuTempetewhy on earth would {{{1}}} not be declared?
18:10.47pcjthat's what it does tho :P
18:11.06DuTempeteyeah, well if the quality isn't decalred, the template will have other problems.
18:11.16DuTempeteThat's not something you can get away with thinking will be ok.
18:11.30pcji didn't say it, sky did
18:11.31DuTempeteConsidering the var and what it does
18:12.18pcjbut how would that change be any different than changing qc-common to color:#FFF
18:12.45DuTempeteI forgot to consider the tooltip
18:13.15Sky2042how do you consider the skin, also
18:13.19Sky2042which might be the question
18:13.35DuTempeteonly need to consider one or the othyer, Sky
18:13.45DuTempetenot both
18:14.08DuTempeteconsidering the tooltip will change them all, which doesn't effect wowwiki
18:14.46DuTempeteconsidering just the skin will only change it on the skin, but will also have to be applied for each white skin.
18:15.01DuTempetesince the .qc is in common.css
18:15.26DuTempete(.qc-common is black there, and white only in wowwiki.css)
18:17.26pcjonly way i can see to do it is to put an extra parameter for tooltips and if that parameter is set to have it white, otherwise black
18:17.35pcj*otherwise class=common
18:18.15DuTempete*nod* I need to figure out how to get the if statement to recognise the template...
18:18.23pcjyou can't
18:18.38pcjunless you put an extra argument for the quality call in {{tooltip}}
18:18.59DuTempetelike what?
18:19.28DuTempeteoh, I think I see what you mean.
18:19.37[NewsBot]pcj meant:
18:20.20DuTempeteas in a boolean argument?
18:20.21pcjand on {{Quality}}, {{#if:{{{tooltip|}}}|style="color:white;"|class="qc-common"}}
18:20.58pcjAs in if the argument exists in the call then it's a tooltip
18:21.07pcjSo yeah, rather boolean
18:21.12pcjEither exist or null
18:22.39DuTempeteok, I'm confused, you just put the new arg into {{quality}}, but said before that it should go into {{tooltip}} =P
18:22.51pcjYou'd have to change both tooltip and quality
18:23.08DuTempeteAh, ok, I understand, now
18:23.23DuTempete{{tooltip}} uses {{quality}}
18:23.24[NewsBot]DuTempete meant:
18:23.54DuTempeteso, you would have to add the new arg to {{quality}}, and declare that arg w/in the call in {{tooltip}} yes?
18:24.40DuTempetewhat's the "and" operator for ifeq?
18:24.56*** join/#wowwiki ClydeJr (
18:25.01pcjIt doesn't exist, you have to nest
18:25.01DuTempetewait, no
18:25.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+v ClydeJr] by ChanServ
18:25.36Sky2042if this and this equals this? (sorry, not quite sure what you mean, i'm just a nublet at coding :o )
18:25.43pcjIf both are true
18:26.11DuTempetegod my brain just isn't working for logic today
18:26.13[NewsBot]pcj meant:}
18:26.22DuTempetethis is being inordinately hard for me, atm. =P
18:26.22pcjnewsbot just found a whole new level of fal
18:26.45Sky2042Dotted, could you possibly tweak it so that {{# is ignored? :|
18:27.04DuTempetenot all of the parser functions have the "#"
18:27.11pcjAll the cool ones do
18:27.18[NewsBot]pcj meant:
18:27.48Sky2042DuTempete: i know. but still
18:28.43pcjIt would be a good start
18:30.20[NewsBot]Dotted meant:}
18:30.52DuTempeteif an ifeq is nested inside an if, pcj, do I need to put the pipe in with the var that's inside the ifeq?
18:31.24pcj{{#if:{{{1|}}}|{{#ifeq:1|1|<then, finally>|<else>}}}}
18:31.24[NewsBot]pcj meant:}
18:31.39DuTempete{{if: blah |{{ifeq {{{1|}}}... ?
18:31.39[NewsBot]DuTempete meant:
18:31.46pcjifeq never needs pipe
18:31.49DuTempetethat is SO annoying
18:31.59pcjifeq is literal
18:32.23pcjif {{{1}}} doesn't exist it tries to match "{{{1}}}" with the second argument of #ifeq
18:33.07pcjwhereas if just tells you it exists or not
18:33.20pcjso since {{{1}}} is non-null you have to use {{{1|}}}
18:33.48pcjyou can also use that syntax for the "or" operator
18:34.05pcjsuch as: {{#if:{{{1|{{{2|}}}}}|<then>}}
18:34.21pcjmeaning if either 1 or 2 exist, <then> will be executed
18:34.38[NewsBot]Dotted meant:}
18:34.42DottedFUCK YOU
18:34.48pcjlater, dotted
18:35.42[NewsBot]Dotted meant:}
18:37.14DuTempeteOk, how's this?
18:37.35pcjVery nice
18:38.10[NewsBot]Dotted meant:
18:38.33Dottedif you want more fixes, you are gonna have to do them yourself
18:38.55DuTempete{{#if: {{{tooltip|}}} |{{#ifeq: {{lc: {{{1}}}}} |common |style="color:white;"}} |class}}
18:39.01pcjnice work dotted
18:39.21DuTempetewe'd need to add the tooltip arg, and of course, name the variables
18:39.35DuTempeteor, no, you can combine naming, can't you?
18:39.43DuTempeteso not all of them need to be named?
18:39.48Dottedbut the code isn't really very good to handle exeptions to dont expect me to fix the other problems
18:40.00pcjnot following your line of questioning dutempete
18:40.24DuTempeteignore that last bit, just tell me what you think of the if statement
18:40.32Fisker-i don't like you Dotted :(
18:40.48pcjyou have it so it's defining both class="qc-common" and style="color:white:"?
18:40.50DuTempeteYou don't like anybody Fisker-
18:40.59Dottedgood thing, becuase i hate you Fisker-
18:41.24DuTempeteyeah, style is in the nested #ifeq, and class is the else on the #if
18:42.07pcjAh, but you have to handle all styles besides common inide the nested ifeq
18:42.42DuTempeteother styles are defined by class
18:42.44DuTempetenot style
18:42.56DuTempetestyle isn't even in the template as it is now
18:43.01pcjYes, but the other styles won't have their classes defined if it's a tooltip, with that syntax
18:43.22pcjWhereas if you check if it's common before checking if it's a tooltip then you can have that outside
18:43.24DuTempeteI'm only adding it because of the common issue
18:43.32DuTempeteOh, I see
18:43.49DuTempeteOk, so I would just repeat the class as an else in the nested #ifeq
18:44.03pcjYou can, or just have it outside as I described :P
18:44.07TecnoBratHAI GUYS
18:44.12TecnoBratCan you answer this for me!?
18:44.12TecnoBrat(Astrocreep_work) does hit or penetration help with healing?
18:44.17DuTempeteAh, true.
18:44.23DuTempetethat would be simpler
18:44.31Fisker-no u TecnoBrat
18:44.37TecnoBratFisker-, haha
18:44.41pcjpenetration helped with ur mom
18:44.50TecnoBrat(@Barbanus) That had to be the most retarded question I have ever heard, lol
18:44.58TecnoBratgood enough answer for me :P
18:45.18DuTempetewas that in wowhead, TecnoBrat? lol
18:45.27TecnoBratmy guild channel
18:45.34TecnoBratand hes in my guild yes
18:45.41TecnoBratgood thing he doesn't raid with us anymore
18:45.49DuTempeteYou need better recruiting officers =P
18:45.54TecnoBratand yes, he was a healer
18:45.56TecnoBratHEY! :P
18:46.04TecnoBratnah, hes been around since the dawn of time
18:46.10TecnoBrathes casual now
18:46.15DuTempeteeven worse, TecnoBrat =P
18:46.48DuTempeteThat means your founders were poking around IF, spamming people with their guild charter. =P
18:46.50*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
18:47.31TecnoBratDuTempete, I think I do a good job of recruiting now .. just check it out:
18:47.52TecnoBratActually, this one is better:
18:48.29*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
18:48.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
18:49.03DuTempete{{#ifeq: {{lc: {{{1}}}}} |common |{{#if: {{{tooltip|}}} |style="color:white;"}} |class }} pcj?
18:51.23pcjexcept you forgot else for {{#if: {{{tooltip|}}}
18:51.32Sky2042TecnoBrat: that first link is brutal (it's the truth, but still brutal. :P )
18:52.30DuTempetewhat would go in the else?  just an empty pipe?
18:53.32pcj{{#ifeq: {{lc: {{{1}}}}} |common | means common style better be handled in the ifeq's then statement
18:53.34Sky2042TecnoBrat: well done with the second ,though
18:53.35pcjotherwise it won't be :P
18:53.36DuTempetereturning null on that iff just bring you out of the then of the #ifeq, and into the else of it
18:54.05DuTempeteit is handled in the #ifeq statement
18:54.28pcjthen statement is {{#if: {{{tooltip|}}} |style="color:white;"}}
18:54.28DuTempetewith the class statement that's already in the template, and would go into the else
18:54.50pcjif {{{1}}} = "common", it's going to the then statement
18:56.04DuTempete{{#ifeq: {{lc: {{{1}}}}} |common |{{#if: {{{tooltip|}}} |style="color:white;" |class="qc-common"}} |class }}
18:56.42DuTempeteSo, do we think that would work?
18:56.45pcjyou don't need the spaces before the | tho
18:56.53DuTempeteI know, it's just for readability, silly
18:57.12Sky2042DuTempete: where is that part being implemented, quality or tooltip?
18:57.21DuTempeteI'll take it out when I give it to Kirkburn
18:57.31DuTempeteSky, i fyou look at the {{quality}} template
18:57.45DuTempetethat will replace the part that declares the class
18:58.03DuTempeteand the part that declares the class will go inside that statement (where you see "class")
18:59.22pcjminus qc-common
18:59.36DuTempetetrue, we can take that part out of the switch
19:00.16DuTempeteKirkburn, darling, we're ready for you!
19:00.49pcjis he ready for us
19:00.57DuTempeteKirkburn is always ready!
19:01.11*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
19:01.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
19:01.26KirkburnAaaargh, this revision is so boring
19:01.41pcjlol wut
19:01.50KirkburnI have an exam 2moro
19:01.55KirkburnAnyway, what do you want?
19:01.58DuTempetesec, hun, getting this code ready for you
19:02.03Sky2042btw, test it out in template:quality/dev
19:02.11DuTempeteI think we fuond a solution for your {{quality}} issue
19:02.12Sky2042or quality/Dev, whichever you prefer
19:02.17pcjNope, put it in the real thing immediately
19:02.20Sky2042and tooltip/dev
19:03.03*** join/#wowwiki Kaso_ (
19:03.19DuTempeteYeah, we can always take it out right away if it doesn't work =P
19:03.35Kirkburnunprotected both
19:04.15*** join/#wowwiki Adys_ (
19:04.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys_] by ChanServ
19:04.17pcj[00:17:26] <DuTempete> Do you think anyone will notice if I replace {{tooltip}} with "I want to have Kirkburn's babies!"?
19:04.28DuTempete{{#ifeq:{{lc: {{{1}}}}}|common|{{#if:{{{tooltip|}}}|style="color:white;"|class="qc-common"}}|class="qc-{{#switch:{{lc:{{{1|}}}}}
19:04.39DuTempete|common }}
19:04.39[NewsBot]DuTempete meant:
19:04.41DuTempetefor class="qc-{{#switch:{{lc:{{{1|}}}}}
19:04.51Kirkburnargh spam
19:04.52pcjlol pwned dotted
19:05.02DuTempetebut does that look right, pcj?
19:05.21pcjyou left in common :P
19:05.33DuTempeteno, that's the default for the switch
19:05.36karatar0 from:
19:05.52DuTempeteshould I change it to uncommon, maybe?
19:06.03DuTempetebecause I think that will fuck up the link
19:08.48Sky2042kirkburn, you absolute suicidal
19:09.04Dotted <- ahahahah check the talk page belonging to the vandal
19:09.14DuTempetejesus, who formatted {{tooltip}}
19:09.18DuTempetemy eyeballs hurt...
19:09.40Sky2042the comments, or the actual coding?
19:10.41DuTempetejust the way it's all laid out
19:10.57pcjit's a giant block of code
19:11.00DuTempetethe comments are nice, it's just hard to tell where they are =P
19:11.50Sky2042and I <3 firefox
19:12.22[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 33,428
19:15.16DuTempeteNow I can go back to my homework =P
19:15.27infoboti heard homework is something really really boring :)
19:15.42Sky2042infobot, no, homework is <reply> the bane of all students
19:15.42infobotSky2042: okay
19:15.47infobotthe bane of all students
19:15.58DuTempetebah, don't use <reply>
19:16.01DuTempetenot like that
19:16.25DuTempeteinfobot, no, homework is <reply> /me cries.
19:16.26infobotokay, DuTempete
19:16.32infobot/me cries.
19:16.45pcjinfobot, no, homework is <action> cries.
19:16.46infobotpcj: okay
19:16.46Sky2042you are more then welcome to change it as you will. i thought the <reply> was nice
19:16.49DuTempetehow do you get her to do emotes?
19:16.50infobotACTION cries.
19:17.00Sky2042dotted: lol
19:18.51*** join/#wowwiki Lin (n=igor@unaffiliated/lincity)
19:18.52DuTempeteinfobot, homework is also a conspiricy formulated by The Man to keep young people from taking over the world.
19:18.53infobotDuTempete: okay
19:19.00infobotACTION cries. a conspiricy formulated by The Man to keep young people from taking over the world.
19:19.13Sky2042kirkburn: might be wise to reprotect those
19:19.15pcjinfobot, no, homework is <action> cries.
19:19.16infobotpcj: okay
19:19.27pcjinfobot, homework is also <reply> a conspiricy formulated by The Man to keep young people from taking over the world.
19:19.28infobotpcj: okay
19:19.32infobotACTION cries. <reply> a conspiricy formulated by The Man to keep young people from taking over the world.
19:19.39pcjinfobot, no, homework is <action> cries.
19:19.39infobotpcj: okay
19:20.02DuTempetehrm... how to make it use a newline
19:21.11Fisker-oh hi infobot
19:30.08[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 35,788
19:33.09*** join/#wowwiki Strykar (i=wakka@gateway/tor/x-a37bbe8cdb6b016a)
19:34.17*** join/#wowwiki CLASHEN (
19:35.38*** join/#wowwiki Maldivia (
19:36.12[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 35,422
19:43.31*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
19:49.17*** join/#wowwiki Daemona (
20:08.11[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 33,808
20:12.17*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
20:12.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042] by ChanServ
20:14.44[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 33431 at 0.5 jobs per second.
20:17.30[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 33283
20:17.42[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 33269
20:18.04[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 33253 at 0.7 jobs per second.
20:18.12[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 33243
20:18.55Sky2042let's see. 16500 seconds, which is 275 minutes, which is 4 and a half hours
20:19.39[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 33159
20:21.52[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 33031
20:22.25Sky2042pcj, dutempete, you phail at coding
20:22.42Sky2042transcluding common items makes the link show up blue
20:22.54Sky2042on left
20:23.07[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 32953
20:25.15DuTempeteRadiant boots aren't common
20:25.21DuTempetethey're uncommon...
20:25.39[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 32834 doing 0.85 jobs/s, done in 10hrs 42mins 59secs.
20:26.11Sky2042then what did you screw up? :|
20:26.42pcjquality=uncommon is set right on the actual item page
20:26.43Sky2042dotted: do I just have bad maths, or is it because the rate slowed down?
20:27.26DottedSky2042 well i'd say its my math that suck but dunno
20:27.39[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 32728 doing 0.88 jobs/s, done in aproxx. 10hrs 17mins 30secs.
20:27.54Dottedthats off
20:28.16[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 32702 doing ~0.7 jobs/s, done in aproxx. 12hrs 55mins 37secs.
20:28.39Sky2042my math's is off :|
20:28.54DuTempeteIm' not sure about that, Sky2042, so unless pcj wants to take a look, I will get to it later, since I have to go to class shortly.
20:29.36DuTempeteI may ahve missed a 2nd use of {{quality}} in {{tooltip}}
20:29.41DuTempetebecause of that stupid formatting.
20:29.57DuTempetewhich I think I will fix, next time I look at it.
20:30.06Sky2042possibly: ashbringer is broken
20:32.49DottedSky2042 :P
20:33.38Sky2042dotted: i was multiplying by the fraction, not divinding XD
20:34.28Sky2042dotted, who is "special" people, for "!updatechanstats"?
20:34.57Dottedyou want to be a special guy?
20:35.14*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
20:35.35Sky2042it would be nice to update it more often, but it doesn't matter :P
20:35.38[NewsBot]#wowwiki stats:
20:35.48Dottedi need to make it auto-update
20:35.54Sky2042seeing as it hasn't updated in several days
20:39.23DottedSky2042 you got static ip adress?
20:39.40Sky2042i should... if it changes, news to me
20:40.00[NewsBot]update kthx Sky2042
20:40.05pcjAFKDuTempete: if you simply missed the 2nd use of quality, it just would be missing the tooltip argument :P
20:40.31Sky2042i phail
20:40.40Dottedtry the right command now
20:41.01Sky2042guessing we got rid of the old one?
20:41.04[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 31549
20:41.49Dottedwhen i say !updatewwstats i dont mean !updatechanstats
20:41.57Dottedfail less kthx
20:42.36[NewsBot]Stats should be updated now!
20:42.59DottedTeomyr may i suggest adding that to your quote page to show Sky2042's legendary failure?
20:43.18[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 31421
20:43.24Sky2042(o's to infinity)
20:43.28TeomyrDotted: you may ;)
20:43.28Sky2042i'm the one who phails? :P
20:44.26[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 31367 doing ~0.79 jobs/s, done in aproxx. 10hrs 58mins 19secs.
20:44.31DottedSky2042 yes
20:44.36[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 31353 doing ~1.27 jobs/s, done in aproxx. 6hrs 50mins 34secs.
20:45.06Sky2042polarina, do a !jobqueue for us, will you
20:45.20[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 31327 doing ~0.6 jobs/s, done in aproxx. 14hrs 23mins 30secs.
20:45.29Dotted10 jobs too late
20:45.54[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 31293 doing ~0.97 jobs/s, done in aproxx. 8hrs 56mins 53secs.
20:46.14Sky2042why don't you have it use an average time to finish, rather than taking the actual rate of change?
20:46.22Sky2042as you can see, rate is fairly variable
20:46.46Dottedif i just knew how
20:47.07Sky2042like, use 1 job/sec
20:47.17Dottedthats no fun
20:48.37[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 31140 doing ~1 jobs/s, done in aproxx. 8hrs 39mins.
20:48.51*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (
20:48.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
20:49.09Polarina4 jobs/s?
20:49.11[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 31110 doing ~1 job/s, done in aproxx. 8hrs 38mins 30secs.
20:49.19DottedSky2042_afk better?
20:49.24DottedPolarina 4?
20:49.33PolarinaDotted: Make it do 4 jobs per second.
20:49.47Dottedyou sure it does 4?
20:49.56Sky2042_afkThe job queue length is currently x. At ~1 job/s, it will be done in aprox. time.
20:50.05PolarinaNo, but can you make it do 4?
20:50.21[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 31046 doing ~4 job/s, done in aproxx. 2hrs 9mins 21secs.
20:50.27PolarinaMuch better. :)
20:50.46Dottedwell ofc its better, but that doesnt mean its true
20:51.13Dottedyou werent sure if the wiki is doing 4 jobs a second
20:51.26Dottedand to be honest it doesnt look like it does
20:51.35[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 30966 doing ~4 job/s, done in aproxx. 2hrs 9mins 1sec.
20:51.46PolarinaYes, it is.
20:52.07PolarinaIs it?
20:52.22*** join/#wowwiki ClydeJr (
20:52.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+v ClydeJr] by ChanServ
20:53.38Dotted!jobqueue |/timer 1 60 /msg #wowwiki !jobqueue
20:53.47[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 30866 doing ~4 job/s, done in aproxx. 2hrs 8mins 36secs.
20:54.47[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 30811 doing ~4 job/s, done in aproxx. 2hrs 8mins 22secs.
20:54.55ClydeJrdamn, what's with the job queue?
20:55.14[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 30787 doing ~4 job/s, done in aproxx. 2hrs 8mins 16secs.
20:55.53DottedPolarina its way off, it is 1 per second
20:56.49DottedPolarina in 1 minute ETA was lowered with 14 seceonds :p
20:57.00Sky2042_afkedit to tooltip clydejr, as well as quality
20:57.01ClydeJrIs the big job queue why items are not showing the correct quality?
20:57.13Sky2042_afkyes. it means the editors broke said templates
20:57.59PolarinaDotted: Why don't you make that bot calculate the *real* jobs per seconds?
20:58.12Sky2042_afkhe did
20:58.21Dottedblame Sky2042
20:58.28Sky2042_afkit was anywhere between .5 j/s and 1.2 j/s
20:58.33Sky2042_afki just said, average the thing
20:59.08PolarinaDotted: Make it average the time for the last 20 edits the bot did.
20:59.41Sky2042_afkthe bots not editing anything
20:59.57Dottedso much code just to make it calculate to 1 job/s instead of having it hardcoded :p
21:00.47DottedPolarina the data is from
21:00.47*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
21:13.13[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 67357
21:13.31[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 67321 doing ~1.01 job/s, done in aproxx. 18hrs 30mins 54secs.
21:13.41[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 67309 doing ~1.01 job/s, done in aproxx. 18hrs 30mins 42secs.
21:13.57[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 67289 doing ~1.01 job/s, done in aproxx. 18hrs 30mins 22secs.
21:14.07Taurmindothis surely cannot be done in a private message window.
21:14.15[NewsBot]actually no
21:14.44pcjthat would be clever
21:14.49[NewsBot]not like im interrupting anything AT ALL
21:15.04Taurmindoyou're interrupting what i'm doing!
21:15.18Taurmindoi accidently think there's something for me to see here, but it's just you spamming!
21:15.25Taurmindoindeed. *writes with ! to make a point*
21:15.51[NewsBot]i couldnt care less
21:17.08*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
21:18.13Dottedwho doubled the jobqueue lenght anyway?
21:19.26*** join/#wowwiki blq (
21:24.08[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 66765 doing ~1.09 job/s, done in aproxx. 17hrs 52secs.
21:24.35Laurlybot abuse
21:24.58Dottedseems to work with average value instead of hardcoded job/s value so im just gonna leave it be - let me know if it bugs
21:25.05DottedLaurly *rawr*
21:25.49*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_afk (
21:25.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042_afk] by ChanServ
21:25.57Dottedyo Sky2042
21:39.02*** join/#wowwiki CLASHEN (
21:54.51LaurlyNub:Want to join for SV? Me: sorry im in a ssc raid. Nub:SSC whats that. Me: Serpenshrine cavern its the waterfall behind you. Nub:i cant go in.  Me: its 25 man you need a raid Nub:Im in a group... Me:<no comment>
21:57.48pcjNice laurly
21:58.06Laurlywhat do you say to that im like ....
21:58.46pcjYeah, just don't reply
21:59.05Laurlyyeah it was just like ...
21:59.18Laurlyi like to be nice really and respond but when it gets to complete "nub"
21:59.37meeI would have just followed his "I can't go in" comment with "nope"
22:00.16pcjYeah, I have no idea why tooltip is doing that
22:03.48pcjnvm i do
22:04.37*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
22:06.11[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 99124
22:06.31PolarinaWhy so many jobs??
22:06.50pcj^ that's why
22:06.51*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (
22:08.55*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
22:10.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+o tekkub] by ChanServ
22:11.16*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
22:11.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
22:16.11[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 97569 doing ~1.1 job/s, done in aproxx. 1day 38mins 19secs.
22:16.17pcjholy hell
22:17.15*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
22:19.15[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 97011 doing ~1.12 job/s, done in aproxx. 1day 3mins 36secs.
22:24.24*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub_ (
22:28.12*** join/#wowwiki tekkub_ (
22:44.02*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
22:44.02*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
22:59.41*** join/#wowwiki Chaoslux (
23:08.30*** join/#wowwiki twoshadetod (
23:15.56twoshadetodanyone use trinket menu?
23:22.01[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 87366 doing ~1.13 job/s, done in aproxx. 21hrs 28mins 35secs.
23:23.32*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
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