IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070901

00:01.23pcjI need a Foxbot!
00:07.11Sandwichman2448 While you are waiting, how is this?
00:12.00Sandwichman2448Oh well.
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00:50.09dreamss2anyone have a map for ssc?
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01:18.10Kaydeethreegeez... timestamps
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02:45.41Bagginswwgg he used gazlowe as a example of a horde goblin
02:45.45Bagginswwand gazlowe is neutral
02:45.46Bagginswwto everyone
02:46.31Bagginswwhow to you set espiry time on a protection?
02:46.43Bagginswwor do you have to manually unprotect something?
02:47.46Bagginswwoh ok just type the number of days manually nice
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03:08.48[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Blizzard Talks: Gilneas -
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03:35.28wsnerf twinks damnit
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04:08.48[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Starcraft II Q&A - Batch 11 -
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05:30.29Sky2042hihi all
05:31.20Sky2042bagginsww: shouldn't it be [[Goblins versus gnomes]], or is that the name of the section in apg?
05:31.29Bagginswwapg title
05:31.54Bagginswwthough for our purposes I could decapp it if you like?
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05:32.58Sky2042_/ns g <nick> <pass> also works
05:33.47Sky2042holy shit
05:56.52Sky2042hey pcj, i have a question or two for you :)
05:56.56Bagginswwsosky you want me to decap it?
05:57.22Sky2042bagginsww: doesn't matter to me, but ragestorm might beat you up :)
05:57.51Sky2042pcj: what are the "addtext" portions in your wowwiki.js for?
05:58.57pcjto add text to the text box
05:59.05pcjlike sd
05:59.39Sky2042like the "toolbox" at the top of the editbox?
05:59.54pcjwell sort of like that
05:59.57pcjbut it also submits
06:01.23Sky2042i'm guessing i'd get rid of if i didn't want it to save (submit). how do you regulate the summary?
06:01.47pcjyou could do; or; too
06:01.53pcjwhat do you mean regulate the summary
06:02.41Sky2042"regulate"'s a bad word. how does .editform.wpSummary.value line work?
06:02.58pcjit sets the summary field to the text
06:03.02pcjit's standard JS :|
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06:05.50pcjif you look at the HTML it has the names of the fields in it
06:06.40Sky2042mmm... i suspect there's also a list. but ty pcj!
06:07.02pcjif you go to [[WW:GOUS]] and go to the wikipedia pages it lists they help too
06:14.27Bagginswwsky I might expand goblins verses gnomes article to be races and technology later
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06:40.11BagginswwTypically, a world enlarger is used to increase a user’s
06:40.12Bagginswwstealth, or to allow her to enter tiny gratings and passageways
06:40.12Bagginswwshe couldn’t otherwise squeeze into. It can also be useful for
06:40.12Bagginswwamusement purposes — there are few things funnier than a
06:40.12Bagginswwdoll-sized gnome under the effects of Noggenfogger elixir, a
06:40.12Bagginswwshrink ray, and a world enlarger all at the same time.
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06:46.45Laurlygiv faster coffie maker
06:49.04huraxbuy one of the new machines, those press-like ones
06:49.28huraxmorning all by the wyy
06:55.19Laurlypop quiz: name an pc that sells items for tokens you know the rep guys
06:57.23Sky2042i think :|
06:57.48Laurlybingo thanks sky
06:57.51Laurlybot testing :)
06:58.15Sky2042decent photo-mem is a win imo
06:58.31Laurlythought i had it all tested until i rememberd the fact that items sell for tokens :/
06:59.02Laurlyriping the pictures with the npc's off wowhead would be a bit exsesive right
07:00.16Sky2042ask skosiris
07:00.39Sky2042or possibly malgayne
07:01.12Laurlywell they where nice about my riping quest and npc data with the bot dont want to push our luck
07:09.31Sky2042kirkburn|afk, ding
07:10.54Sky2042zarnks is wierd :/
07:11.11Sky2042one minute he's abusive, next he's quiet as a mouse
07:17.35Bagginswwya zarnks
07:17.41BagginswwI think he lurks
07:17.46Bagginswwjust waits for certian activity
07:17.59Fisker-didn't they remove the hitbox changes with the world enlarger?
07:26.18Sky2042bagginsww: it was a bad statement to have in anyway. and probably, was the one you used :p
07:26.39BagginswwDon't know about the site, but I agree its not needed
07:26.45BagginswwI think I was using a mod
07:26.49Bagginswwnot an actual site
07:27.54Bagginswwgg he's calling them common misconceptiosn again
07:28.09BagginswwI never even knew tehre was  a misconception until he created the section :p
07:40.19BagginswwIf I could hack, I'd kill his computer...
07:41.56BagginswwIf I find one reference to troll xenophobia I"m adding it just to spite him lol
07:42.11Bagginswwjust because they might be friends with horde, doesn't mean they can't have xenophobia for other people
07:42.22Bagginswwits not an all or nothing type of fear
07:44.03BagginswwIts no big deal but even tauren are decribed as having slight xenophibia at times :p
07:45.17Bagginswwpeople dont' listen to me :p
07:45.32Bagginswwoh laurly did your bot go over fel'dan yet?
07:45.46BagginswwI need to update it
07:45.48Bagginswwwith lore
07:46.01Laurlynope im recoding npc data to rip from wowhead insted of thot the data was better.
07:46.14Laurlyeverytime i think its done i find something else to add
07:46.21Bagginswwwell that flag warning bugs me :p
07:46.42Bagginswwso basically if I added anything it would be removed?
07:46.50Laurlyall i need to do is get the export working from the new tables should get it done this weekend.
07:47.07Laurlyyeah but you can unflag it then we can just export the extra tables and plug in the link later
07:47.34Laurlyexample: !npcpagedrop 20038
07:47.52Laurlythen it will only genrate the npc page and not clober the main page
07:48.19Laurlyif i had kept riping from thot it would have taken ages it was so slow was like 1 npc a minute
07:51.11Laurlyim going to try and get this finished today so we can start generation those tags bug me as well
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07:59.11Sky2042lol semiprotect
07:59.13Bagginswwto follow the convention we did on other pages of the type
07:59.14Sky2042you're funy :p
07:59.25Bagginswwyep so he ccan't move it lol
08:04.07*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
08:06.25Bagginsww :p
08:09.58Bibithey released C&C Gold for free
08:10.13Bibithey also released Far Cry, Rayman Raving Rabbids, and Prince of Persia : Sands of Time
08:22.06Bagginswwi'm sure he's too young to understand that though :p
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08:38.19Laurly <-- hows that
08:44.22Laurlywheres dutempe when i need her
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09:17.08Laurlyshould i put [[]] around the type and slot column values?
09:17.13Laurlyso it links to them?
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10:06.09KuinKalais there any addon to hide the whole chat window_
10:06.20KuinKalabeen looking for some, but not found :/
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11:18.05Adonwhere can i get ptr patch?
11:18.50Fisker-from the PTR copy pages
11:19.38Adoninst that only the client?
11:22.33Bagginswwanyone have a programmable bot?
11:22.55BagginswwThat can change all references to Old Horde to, [[Horde (pre-Thrall)|Horde]]
11:23.49*** part/#wowwiki Adon (n=email@
11:29.51Fisker-give me an sample page
11:29.54dreamss2what u guys think?
11:30.20Fisker-do it!
11:30.37Bagginswwfisher like
11:31.29Fisker-shouldn't it be  [[Horde (pre-Thrall)|Old Horde]] then?
11:31.39dreamss2now i need to intergrate wowwiki with my guild website
11:31.56Bagginswwno the problem is Old Horde is not an official tmer
11:32.04Bagginswwin lore its always just been the Horde
11:32.31Bagginswwalthough occasionally Thrall's horde is nicknamed the "new horde" but that's irrelevent LOL
11:32.33dreamss2dint horde calm down while thrall was growing up
11:32.44Fisker-do you know if there's any references like "Old Horde"?
11:32.50Fisker-[[Old Horde]]
11:32.51[NewsBot]Fisker- meant:
11:33.01Fisker-no i didn't faggot bot
11:33.22Bagginswwno no references to any "old horde"
11:33.22Fisker-because if i replace Old Horde then it's probably safe to assume that i'll be replacing them in the [[]] tags as well
11:33.35BagginswwOld Horde itself is deleted
11:33.44Bagginswwto discurge people from using it
11:34.03BagginswwNot sure who came up with the name :p
11:34.13Bagginswwbut its not in any books or quests as far as I could find
11:34.26Bagginswwalmost everyone I've talked to thinks its a fan discription
11:34.36Fisker-ok gonna look at it
11:34.44Bagginswwmost of the time blizzard just calls them "horde" and doesn't distinguish between them.
11:35.22Bagginswwif you catch anyone using the term "New Horde", new Horde, or new horde stab them ;)
11:37.07Bagginswwwell night all I'm off ot sleep
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11:37.57Bagginswwoh ya there probably is but one reference to the early horde being called "old Horde', not Old Horde"
11:38.02Bagginswwin Lord of the Clans
11:38.28Bagginswwbut its generally a term that isn't used, LOL
11:39.12Bagginswwand the same book has many times where simply "Horde" is used when discussing the past and the rpesent.
11:40.05Fisker-i knew it
11:40.59Bagginswwthe problem is too many peole using "Old Horde"
11:41.08Bagginswwit shouldn't be used for "one reference"
11:41.16Bagginswwits worn gfor two reasons
11:41.25Bagginsww1. its all caps
11:41.27Bagginsww2. its obscure
11:41.49Bagginswwmost later sources just calls both periods the "Horde" with no other description
11:41.51Fisker-people are linking to the "Old Horde"
11:41.59Bagginswwya we need to eliminate those
11:42.05Fisker-so i gotta run another bot first
11:42.19BagginswwI've got rid of many Old Horde tonight
11:42.36Fisker-first of all i'm looking for all Old Horde links
11:42.36dreamss2bleh seems to me like thrall was not what changed the orcs :P
11:42.43Fisker-i'll be replacing them with Horde (Pre Thrall)
11:42.49Fisker-then i'll look for the rest later
11:43.06BagginswwHorde (pre-Thrall)
11:43.41Bagginswwdreams in a way they weren't really changed until Gromm's blood curse was broken.
11:43.58Bagginswwhe gave everyone the hope that their curse could be broken too
11:44.22dreamss2i tought they lost their bloodlust on the camps while thrall was young
11:44.49Bagginswwgg fisker someone "corrected" warcraft 2 manual...
11:46.19dreamss2what u call the orcs of garadar
11:46.21dreamss2brown ones
11:46.39Bagginswwthose are the original orcs
11:47.00Bagginswwno idwa how they kept from being corrupted with all the fel magic around
11:47.17Bagginswwthere were those that never drank of the blood of manneroth and still turned green
11:47.28Bagginswwjust because they were near other orcs that had
11:47.51dreamss2it seems like old horde should be corrupted orcs
11:49.47BagginswwThe horde was corrupted during the first and second war
11:50.02Bagginswwthey didn't really break the corruption until warcraft III
11:50.08Bagginswwstil they are stuck green
11:50.12Bagginswwits permanent
11:50.20Bagginswwwhich makes the brown orcs all the stranger
11:51.02Bagginswwfisker I don't know what happened but Orcish Horde in that one page was ok.
11:51.07Bagginswwit was a quote
11:51.11BagginswwI fixed it though
11:51.14Bagginswwso no big deal
11:51.41Fisker-ok :o
11:51.45Fisker-ah yeah
11:51.50Fisker-that was the first one it changed
11:51.52Bagginswwoh dreams ya they got sick
11:52.00Bagginswwbut they still had the blood red eyes of hte curse
11:52.17Bagginswwthe lethargy was part of the curse
11:52.52Bagginswwfisher only thing I think was someone must have had it linked to "Old Horde"
11:53.06Bagginswwbut somehow your bot removed both that and  Orcish Horde to replace it
11:53.20Fisker-can you give me the diff
11:53.58Bagginswwya that's what happened
11:54.32Fisker-that was before i knew there were references to [[Old Horde]] :P
11:54.47Fisker-Thought you didn't want the "Orcish Horde" stuff but only Horde
11:55.09Bagginswwonly official reference to "old Horde" is in Lord of the Clans but no one has ever cited it.
11:55.16Bagginswwand its lowercase not upper case LOL
11:55.30Bagginswwnot that that can be fixed with wowwiki :p
11:55.47BagginswwI mean the page name would always be Old Horde
11:55.57Bagginswwdue to the uppercase starting letter
11:56.07Bagginswwbut the page doesn't erally need to exist for one obscure term :p
11:56.15Bagginswwthat shouldn't be thrown around on every page
11:56.43Bagginswwlater I plant to actually work on merging the two
11:56.55BagginswwHorde and Horde (pre-thrall)
11:56.58*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
11:56.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Bibi] by ChanServ
11:57.08Bagginswwsince technically its the same horde
12:02.52dreamss2Though once a symbol of evil and corruption, the New Horde has reclaimed the Altar of Storms as part of their rebirth.
12:07.24Bagginswwactually the original quote is;
12:08.12BagginswwOnce used to channel the demonic energies of the Burning Legion,
12:08.12Bagginswwthese altars have been retooled by troll masons. Using the rediscovered
12:08.12Bagginswwelemental abilities of the shamans, these altars serve as a
12:08.12Bagginswwkind of "gate" to revive fallen warriors. When a hero dies, his spirit
12:08.12Bagginswwcan be recalled at these altars to continue service for the horde.
12:09.33dreamss2yeah i saw that
12:09.49dreamss2but the text on has what i pasted
12:09.50Bagginswwthe book does use the term "new horde" though
12:10.01Bagginswwhmm can you fix it?
12:10.17BagginswwI don't know who put in the term "New Horde" but that's wrong
12:10.20dreamss2my english sucks :P
12:10.29dreamss2just wanted to point that out
12:11.54Bagginswwfixed it
12:12.56dreamss2i never noticed there was altar of storms in wow
12:13.04dreamss2gotta love the level of detail
12:29.25Bagginswwthere are 2 in WoW
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12:52.29Laurly  <--- hows that?
12:53.59Laurlywhy badge of justice is considered junk i have no clue
12:57.25pcjhmm i wish it didn't have the gap between rows
12:57.51Laurlyme to fix it if you can
12:57.52pcjmaybe if you did 97 (64) instead of 97<br>Req. 64
12:58.40pcjslot header should be centered
13:00.52Laurlyi cant fix that kinda stuff css is beond me.
13:01.07pcjwhere's the css
13:01.12*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
13:01.13Laurlythats why i templated the tables so dutemp can go fix it when shes around
13:01.29Laurly{{:Template:NPC drops row
13:01.29[NewsBot]Laurly meant:
13:01.32Laurlyone of them maybe
13:01.59Laurlyyour right the lvl(rql lvl) looks better
13:05.07Laurlyann nice
13:06.26Laurlydo we want a link in the sub page that points back to the main page?
13:06.35Laurlysomething like
13:06.53Laurly<noinclude>Drops for [[npc name here]]</noinclude>
13:07.20pcjYou can, but is anyone ever going to browse to it?
13:07.28pcjMight just use {{Transclude}} or whatever it is
13:07.42Laurlytransclude whats that?
13:09.19Laurlydo i have to put noinclude on that?
13:09.38Fisker-1+1 = 1
13:10.20[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Anti-Drug TV Spot Has GTA-like Theme -
13:18.39*** join/#wowwiki Strykar (i=wakka@gateway/tor/x-60993d724b4aefb7)
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13:29.22Laurlyi really hate these tables
13:32.33*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
13:34.21pcjanything else laurly
13:35.20PolarinaLaurly: You always impress me every time I join this channel.
13:35.33LaurlyPolarina whys that?
13:35.46PolarinaLaurly: Always something funny. :)
13:36.07Laurlypcj anyway to use just one table template. curently i have one for each, skining, mining, herbing and pickpocket the only diffrence is the picture and the cat it puts it in
13:36.28pcjshow me the templates
13:36.29Laurlyrecoding the bot for the last few days im loosing my mind.
13:38.02Laurlyover kill if you ask me
13:39.03LaurlyPolarina if i ever finish the bot think i will take a crash corse in wiki css crap :)
13:39.42PolarinaLaurly: :)
13:39.58PolarinaIs there a lua bot here?
13:40.08Laurlyfoxbot is lua
13:40.14PolarinaHow do I use it?
13:40.18pcjlaurly, the rows are all identical
13:40.32pcjjust move NPC_mined_row to NPC_row, and i'll fix the header
13:40.33Laurlyyeah they are arnt then. ..... brain fryed
13:41.03*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
13:41.03*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
13:41.03Polarinafoxbot: _G
13:41.06Laurlynpc_gather_row plx
13:41.11Polarina>>> _G
13:41.11pcjfoxbot isn't in here
13:41.22PolarinaI wanted to crash it.. *sniff*
13:41.52LaurlyPolarina hence the reason my bot is not on irc :)
13:42.19PolarinaLaurly: Oh...
13:43.48Laurlyim consolidating bot pages as well.  herbing,mining,skining,and pickpocket will all go on /npcs_gather
13:43.56Laurlyhad way to many subpages
13:44.34Laurly <-- thats just sexy
13:46.36*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
13:50.05pcjwhat you do is call it like {{:Template:NPC_gather_header|pickpocket}}
13:50.13pcjor {{:Template:NPC_gather_header|mined}}
13:52.09Laurlyokies kewl thanks
14:03.14*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
14:03.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Teomyr] by ChanServ
14:12.18Laurlypcj did you sd all the crap templates?
14:12.32pcji thought you might still be using them
14:12.34Laurlykk let me go do that.
14:12.48Laurlyna recoding it in the bot now. the only place they where used was in sandboxtests
14:19.26Laurly <-- works thanks pcj
14:22.02pcjnp :)
14:23.03Laurlyhmm whats up with that
14:23.43Laurlywhy does it work in the subpage but not in the main page
14:25.12pcji know
14:25.37Laurlythats the elink from the main page thats been dumped in the other page
14:25.45pcjyou have to close the table :P
14:26.27*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
14:26.41Laurlythats better.
14:31.10pcjsells table is messed up
14:33.42pcjshould do 5 (1) on it too tho
14:35.18*** join/#wowwiki D0x98 (n=no@
14:36.04Laurlysec fixing teaches
14:36.48Laurlydid you do that or did i do that
14:37.04pcjdo what
14:37.40PolarinaLaurly: Is that bot written in LUA?
14:37.55pcji think you did it
14:37.56*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
14:38.52PolarinaWhat then?
14:38.53Laurlyhmm what happend to profession
14:41.01Laurlyspellcheck ftw
14:42.40PolarinaLaurly: What is that bot of yours written in?
14:43.05Laurlyfixed the sells one pcj
14:43.09PolarinaLaurly: o.O
14:43.16Laurlyyeah i know im insane
14:43.52PolarinaLaurly: The thing is, I want to make my own personal bot to chat with on IRC. The RFC specifications for IRC are messy..
14:44.30Laurlyi did an irc bot in php once so im kinda use to the irc rfc its not that bad
14:45.06PolarinaLaurly: How did you read through the RFC specifications your first time?
14:45.43Laurlyone command at a time. get it to connect first.  then get it to stay on. you have to respond to the server pings corectly
14:45.57Laurlyonce its online work on joining a channel and stuff like that
14:46.07PolarinaLaurly: I think I might want to use a tool named tcpdump. xD
14:46.23Laurlyonce its in a channel its easy to read what the server is sending you so you can see how to format stuff corectly
14:46.46Laurlyeeekkk!! what happend to my prices.
14:47.04PolarinaLaurly: Sorry. I messed up your bot.
14:47.17Laurlyyou cant mess her up :)
14:48.55Laurlythats better.
14:49.06Laurlypcj do we want to right align the prices?
14:55.51Laurlyjust need to fix the quest table.
14:56.57*** join/#wowwiki Okxygen (n=no@
14:58.07Laurlywhat a good little bot
14:59.33*** join/#wowwiki Ronsonoh (
15:00.47*** join/#wowwiki Okxygen (n=no@
15:02.22*** join/#wowwiki Okxygen (n=no@
15:05.21Fisker-anyone know who the authors of BigBrother and DrugTest are?
15:09.55OkxygenYou mean "1984"?
15:11.13LaurlyNPC generation in progress slowly im babysiting it. yell if the servers get slow
15:15.43Laurly  <-- thats to many drops isnt it
15:15.59Laurlyping pcj
15:16.31Laurlycheck that plx
15:16.40Ronsonoh"That`s All" by Genesis
15:17.06pcjyeah it shouldn't show world drops
15:17.47Laurlyso what anyting with a drop rate grater then 1%?
15:44.46*** join/#wowwiki irmatch (
15:45.27irmatchHey guys having a problem with alot of lag
15:45.35irmatchlooking here for help
15:51.06RonsonohWhat kinda computer you got?
15:51.24irmatchToshiba Satellite
15:51.35RonsonohKinda older machine, You have 2 gigs of ram?
15:51.40irmatchI think it has to be a problem with openGL
15:51.54RonsonohIs it the wide screen model?
15:51.54irmatchnope but I have enough
15:52.21irmatchRadeon Xpress M200 chipset
15:52.37RonsonohTry setting the resolution to the lowest possible wide screen resolution then use that slider bar that says something like UI size or something like that and put is as low as you're comfortable with
15:53.18irmatchI installed well right now I just got it reinstalled so it has to go through all those updates
15:53.43irmatchI'll try that but it also happens with like super tux and all those other openGL based games
15:54.15RonsonohGoogle Open-GL drivers and make sure you're using the most current version
15:55.43RonsonohIf you have to google up windows tweeks (assuming you're using windows)
15:56.10RonsonohI know there's a nifty tweek that lets you change the windows swap disk size which will increase your machine's performance substancially
15:57.00RonsonohGive it a try bud, you'll be alright
15:59.55irmatchWhere do I find this tweak?
16:00.46RonsonohTry googleing "windows Swap Disk You tube"
16:00.49RonsonohNot totally sure
16:00.57RonsonohBut there's video turtorials all over youtube
16:01.09RonsonohLook on youtube at tweaks
16:01.29irmatchdefinately gonna check that out
16:01.41RonsonohGoog stuff
16:01.45Ronsonoh<- going afk
16:01.51*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
16:02.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
16:02.56irmatchRonsonoh: just so you know I click on OpenGL in KinfoCenter and it pulls up nothing
16:03.42RonsonohYou use linux?
16:03.52RonsonohWhats kinfoCenter?
16:04.10RonsonohDoesn't matter
16:04.19RonsonohIf you're not showing OpenGL installed then go download it and install it
16:05.39irmatchokay well I'm using Fedora 7 and OpenGL shows installed
16:06.24RonsonohThere's your answer
16:07.11Ronsonoh1. In order to resize you're swap disk you'll have to reinstall and change it in grub/silo.. liso.. what ever it is
16:07.39Ronsonoh2. You'll need to install OpenGL's variable for Linux.. perhaps from src if they dont have a package for Fedora.. which they should..
16:08.17Ronsonoh3. You're main problem is you're running wow under linux.. which means that everything you're running is probably being emulated which is going to attribute to a large amount of lag
16:08.34RonsonohIf you run wow under windows you'll probably see about 20fps more than under Linux
16:09.08irmatchyeah I used to run it on Windows but then I started using fc7 and this started happening
16:09.23RonsonohSounds about right
16:09.23irmatchI think I might justdual boot
16:09.32RonsonohOr stop using Fedora
16:09.36RonsonohIts a crap OS anyways
16:09.48RonsonohMost people like that one that came out Unbunto
16:10.01RonsonohOr what ever different varitant you like
16:10.03irmatchYeah I've been hearing stuff about that
16:10.14RonsonohI personally like Damn Small Linux
16:10.27RonsonohFast as balls
16:10.45irmatchis it just the basic stuff you need to install?
16:10.49RonsonohNothing's supported for it though so you'll have to pretty much build everything you want to use from scratch unless you find it on their website
16:10.56RonsonohYah, its very basic
16:13.12RonsonohPretty good for Dual Booting considering you're using your hard drive for two OS's you can give yourself alot of space for windows
16:14.09irmatchhave you seen people have it work fine with Ubuntu?
16:14.43RonsonohWhat do you mean?
16:15.08RonsonohHonstly you're on freenode.... You should go check #unbuntu or #dsl.. this is wowwiki
16:15.50irmatchwell yeah I was looking for help with WoW on Linux
16:16.11RonsonohSure no prob :)
16:41.36Kaydeethreeoh what the fuck... malygos the aspect is going to be an onyxia-style raid?
16:42.59RonsonohLink please
16:43.11Kaydeethree~5 minutes in
16:43.20*** join/#wowwiki Neothor| (
16:46.38Laurlypcj you still around?
16:46.56Laurly <--- hows the note at the bottom sound?
16:47.35pcjlooks good
16:48.06pcjhang on
16:49.57Laurly((# of quality drops) / (total # of drops)) * 100  <--- my drop calc function
16:50.09pcjyeah pretty good
16:50.14pcjshould be generated/created
16:51.52Laurlywill be kewl to see once its genrated a bunch of npcs if they have diffrent chances to drop diffrent quality items
16:52.05*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
16:52.07Laurlyfor example lets go farm mobs with the highest chance to drop greens
16:52.55Laurlyim done for today my brain is fryed im going to go farm "insert mob here"
16:53.56Laurlybrb reboot
16:56.40*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
16:56.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042] by ChanServ
16:57.00*** join/#wowwiki Laurly (
17:00.03pcjhmm i think something might be wrong with my winsock or something
17:01.32*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
17:10.03*** join/#wowwiki Ronsonoh (
17:24.03*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
17:40.59*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
17:49.32Sandwichman2448 Too may pictures?
17:52.31Sky2042move them around a little
17:56.54*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
17:57.13*** join/#wowwiki FullDolphinX (
18:02.43*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
18:02.52*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
18:26.08Sandwichman2448What was teabag's actual username?
18:32.07Sandwichman2448Oh yeah. I can never remember that.
18:34.16*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_ (
18:34.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042_] by ChanServ
18:35.45*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
18:39.52*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
18:42.50*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus5th (n=WyriHaxi@
18:48.44*** join/#wowwiki PirateBill (
18:49.19PirateBill/equip [button:1] <first weapon(2 hander)>
18:49.19PirateBill/equip [button:2] <second weapon(1 hander)>
18:49.19PirateBill/equip [button:2} <shield or other offhand>
18:49.40Fisker-i love zarnks
18:49.48PirateBillthis macro wont work for me, i can get the 2 hand and 1 hand weap to equip but shild wont, any ideas?
18:50.36Fisker-who unbanned him again?
18:51.27KalrothNow you scared him away, Fisker!
18:52.36Sky2042uh.... piratebill, is there supposed to be a } there?
19:01.10RonsonohNether Vortexes
19:01.13Ronsonoh1k per
19:02.29Fisker-we need Chris' email so we can punch zarnks in the face
19:03.49Fisker-Wheres your proof. Metzen probably drew an jungle troll and some ignorant fellow thought it was a Darkspear. Metzen description on the darkspear "The Jungle Trolls are definitely an evil race, but these guys are doing their best to steer straight." If this stays I will quit wowwiki
19:03.53Fisker-please let it stay ;(
19:04.02Sky2042kirkburn|afk or gryphen
19:04.07Sky2042preferably kirkburn|afk
19:05.14RonsonohThat is lame btw
19:05.47RonsonohThe Alliance have it real easy, horde are given more challenges yet we not only have to deal with that, but suffer the display of hatred by the alliance.
19:06.06RonsonohAtleast TBC and WoLK are all set up in favor of the horde
19:07.45Fisker-unfortunately it seems like only Chris Metzen believes there's good in the horde
19:08.11RonsonohHeh, I just dont like raiding w/ 12 year olds
19:09.08*** join/#wowwiki Zarnks (
19:09.11Sky2042some 12 year olds are more mature than others. remember that ;)
19:09.43*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
19:09.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
19:09.43RonsonohMaybe 1%
19:09.49RonsonohI've met a few I agree
19:10.36RonsonohCool, bye
19:10.38Fisker-awsum thx
19:10.58ZarnksNo can I have your stuff?
19:11.04RonsonohWho the hell really cares, its a website
19:11.04*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
19:11.04*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
19:11.11RonsonohOr a chatroom on IRC
19:13.08Sky2042200 dolla. you buy stuff, 200 dolla
19:14.18*** part/#wowwiki Zarnks (
19:43.29DottedHow can you cry so much as Zarnks does?
19:44.21Sky2042good question
19:44.59pcjchopping onions
19:46.43RonsonohI think he has little bitch syndrom
19:59.43*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
20:02.44*** join/#wowwiki Dotted^1 (
20:04.13*** part/#wowwiki Kaos (
20:04.20*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_ (
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20:04.30TaurmindoThraeBot: char eu the venture co leupox
20:04.33ThraeBotTaurmindo: Leupox, Level 70 Undead Priest (14/0/47). 7761 HP; 8310 Mana; 162 mana regen; 24 mp5; 19 spell crit; 117 spell hit; 660 +spell dmg/heal; 179 frost dmg (839); 230 shadow dmg (890); 5.14% dodge; 10 shadow resist (+10);[[ TBR: 935 ][ Link: ][ Talents: ][ Updated: Sat Sep  1 16:15:25 2007 ]]
20:05.11*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (
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20:05.28TaurmindoThraeBot: char eu the venture co sizzlorr
20:05.31ThraeBotTaurmindo: Sizzlorr, Level 70 Troll Priest (14/0/47). 6181 HP; 8250 Mana; 156 mana regen; 23 mp5; 136 spell crit; 41 spell hit; 508 +spell dmg/heal; 14 shadow dmg (522); 5.06% dodge;[[ TBR: 868 ][ Link: ][ Talents: ][ Updated: Sat Sep  1 16:16:23 2007 ]]
20:22.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
20:42.56*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
20:44.33Sandwichman2448Dragon naga of the water... That is a long one.
20:47.46Sandwichman2448About the name or my comment?
20:49.37pcj = longer name
20:49.38Bagginswwthe name and the content its a long title :p
20:49.56Sandwichman2448Yeah that hold the record
20:50.25Sandwichman2448User:Persis Anaran'Annr Denselde/Persis Anarane'Annare Denselde in normal text.
20:51.02Sandwichman2448Good call pcj
20:51.47Sandwichman2448AAH! I've been flamed by a noob!
20:51.56Sandwichman2448Get it off me!
20:53.05Bagginswwsandwich aren't shredders adn steam armor also used for siege purposes?
20:53.46Bagginswwsimilar to the fel reavers
20:53.55Sandwichman2448Not quite but perhaps. they do not fire things
20:54.08Bagginswwneither do siege wagons
20:54.15Bagginswwwell except arrows LOL
20:54.37BagginswwI think its more like a walking siege tower
20:54.41Bagginswwknock down walls
20:54.43*** part/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
20:54.44Bagginswwbattering style
20:54.56Bagginswwat least case for fel reavers
20:55.29BagginswwI'll look into it if I can
20:55.36Bagginswwcross reference "siege"
20:55.47Sandwichman2448Add them to the page if you want.
20:56.06Sandwichman2448Just not ships,
20:56.11BagginswwOh I agree
20:56.22Bagginswwship battles should be saved for something else, :)
20:56.37Bagginswwwhen I think of a siege weapon its something to knock down walls form land
20:56.44Sandwichman2448someone added the turtle subs.
20:56.54Bagginswwwhere did he get thet erm war turtle?
20:57.00BagginswwThey were just Giant Turtles
20:57.03Bagginswwin warcraft II
20:57.15Bagginswwhe called it a war turtle
20:57.17Sandwichman2448With goblins and guns on the back
20:57.28Bagginswwdo we even have an article for it yet?
20:57.36Sandwichman2448Ships as a whole?
20:57.38Bagginswwwas looking for giant turtle the other day
20:57.52Bagginswwhmm needs to be rectified heh heh
20:58.00Sandwichman2448Mant warcraft two and three units do not have pages.
20:58.12Sandwichman2448need them
20:58.23Bagginswwk, I'll work on it when I have the time
20:58.31BagginswwI know alot rediret to related informtation
20:58.35Bagginswwlike archers
20:58.41Bagginswwor grunts
20:58.53Bagginswwwhere the same unit type shows up in more than one game
20:59.09Sandwichman2448yeah those should be there.
21:00.06Sandwichman2448 I added the concepts
21:00.09BagginswwI've chose to seperate Goblin sapper to its own page from the class page due to its huge lore purposes.
21:00.28Sandwichman2448Yeah i saw that.
21:01.02Sandwichman2448 See this pic? THAT was neat.
21:01.18Bagginswwthe artwork? ya its cool
21:01.39Bagginswwtransforming spider eggs, heh heh
21:01.59Bagginswwthat's what it resembles to me
21:02.09Bagginswwa spider egg that splits open and legs come out
21:04.26Sandwichman2448Nifflevar is around the entire east rim of daggercap bay. It fires harpoons at the ships entering the bay. The screenshots should be streamlined to show it. It is in a lot but many have not made the connection.
21:05.03Bagginswwyay found another siege weapon
21:06.28Bagginswwgoing up in cataplut
21:06.31Sandwichman2448...Good job Sky.
21:06.46Sandwichman2448OH! It folds up!
21:06.50Sky2042not done yet, but i just made an edit that i think prettified
21:06.59Sandwichman2448GOOD job. <--Really.
21:08.53Sandwichman2448Bagginsww, Nifflevar is around the entire east rim of daggercap bay. It fires harpoons at the ships entering the bay. The screenshots should be streamlined to show it. It is in a lot but many have not made the connection. How should I fix this?
21:09.00Sky2042i had to think about it for a bit, sandwichman
21:09.02Sky2042i was like, oh
21:09.07Sky2042i can make the whole thing vanish
21:09.59Bagginswwnot sure sandwhich
21:09.59Sandwichman2448A toy?
21:10.03Bagginswwits not a toty
21:10.04Sandwichman2448No H
21:10.08Bagginswwread the lore lol
21:10.10Bagginswwits funny
21:11.10Sandwichman2448Nifflevar Images.
21:13.30*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
21:13.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
21:14.01Bagginswwok another siege weapon
21:14.18Sky2042bagginsww: do we have a list of the rpg classes somewhere?
21:14.43*** join/#wowwiki blq (
21:14.59Sky2042nvm, the category
21:15.03Bagginswwand no its not thew wand ;p
21:15.26BagginswwI so hate when things share the same name :p
21:15.45Sandwichman2448 This should give people an idea on the layout.
21:15.57Sandwichman2448That I was talking about.
21:16.21*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
21:16.21*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
21:20.18Bagginswwits a floating island?
21:20.34Sandwichman2448What floats?
21:20.50Bagginswwthought you said it moved around
21:21.10Sandwichman2448It lines the entire east side of the bay.
21:21.31Sandwichman2448People sometimes think it is smaller.
21:22.35Bagginswwand people never saw it before? wow
21:22.47BagginswwI mean they said Vrykul came from nowhere
21:23.01Bagginswwor did they just build it
21:23.21Sandwichman2448I do not know.
21:23.40Sky2042jesus, bagginsww, why did you just delete [[Old Horde]]. always always clean up the links
21:23.48*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (
21:23.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
21:23.56Sandwichman2448By people I mean Players, not valgardians
21:24.27Bagginswwsky fisker is cleaning up the links
21:24.28Bagginswwwith a bot
21:25.30Kaydeethreeanyone know of the source of ?
21:26.03Sandwichman2448Naze made it.
21:26.07Sky2042naze prolly made it
21:26.21Sky2042<3 the star
21:26.46Sandwichman2448If I recall, he thought Hiji was the dragon isles and the old gods made a pentagram.
21:45.44Bagginswwlet's see some of those professions show up later LOL
21:45.57*** join/#wowwiki Lopen (
21:46.00BagginswwI want to be a Teamster, woohoo. j/k
21:52.56BagginswwOh I know I want to be a mortician lol
21:54.20*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
21:56.35Fisker-forgot to run it on [[Old Horde]] btw :P
22:13.22Fisker-i need to have my firewall checked
22:17.16*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
22:42.40*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_ (
22:42.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042_] by ChanServ
23:05.17*** join/#wowwiki apex^sheepp (
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