IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070831

00:11.06pcjno, he's afk, hence the name
00:11.44Taurmindoso, you're a pc, hence the name? :)
00:12.01Sky2042gg pcj
00:12.18pcjno pcj is my initials :P
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00:52.31AFKDuTempeteWOOT! music merrily burned.  Now to do that homework thing...
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01:53.19pcjhaha he ignored you
01:54.10Kirkburn|sleepPMs are a wonderful thing
01:54.17Kirkburn|sleepAnyway, I'm off to sleep (again)
01:54.54Kirkburn|sleepnight all!
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03:06.16AFKDuTempeteAnyone logged into the TS server Dotted is testing?
03:38.51pcji don't use TS
03:41.19DuTempetewell, no voice chat with me, then, eh pcj?
03:41.38pcjyou're too busy packing anyway
03:41.43DuTempetenot atm.
03:41.51DuTempeteBut I can't get on the server, anyway.  That's why I asked.
03:42.20DuTempeteI keep getting "invalid port", though I copy/pasted from Dotted's post on the VP.
03:43.48DuTempetewhat's the template to tack a sig on an unsigned post?
03:45.08DuTempetenm found it
03:45.16DottedDuTempete the only think i can think of is my isp is blocking incomming foreign traffic
03:45.32Dottedbeter i better get to bed :p
03:46.48DuTempeteis no one else on it?
04:04.47DuTempeteAwww, Droffats... wtf :(
04:07.44DuTempetenm, not your fault.
04:30.41DroffatsWhat happened?
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04:41.26DuTempeteDroffats, bad article name.
04:41.40DuTempeteI saw your fixing links to it, and freaked out. =P
04:42.12DuTempeteKirkburn would have my hide if he found me letting that stuff sneak by under my nose. =P
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04:50.50BagginswI hate zarnks
04:51.03BagginswI usally don't hate people :p
04:51.09DuTempetelol baggins
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04:51.24BagginswHe reminds me of an immature 10 year old
04:51.30Bagginswprobably is...
04:51.38BagginswMaybe I don't like kids...
04:51.49Bagginsw<cranky old man>
04:51.58DuTempeteHe hasn't bothered me, yet.
04:52.55karatar0 from:
04:52.55DuTempeteOk, there's that karatar shit again...
04:52.55DuTempeteand I think it's the same people
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04:53.23DuTempeteAlthough I've never seen karatar announce it *before* they go offline.  that's fishy.
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05:20.52pcjthat was fun
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05:36.52Kirkburnpcj, starting Skype killed my connection >_>
05:46.22Fisker-ewww skype
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05:54.07Boubouillethey updated the official voice chat FAQ
05:54.12BoubouilleQ: How does the World of Warcraft voice chat compare to third party voice chat services?
05:54.22BoubouilleA: Quality is crap, but it's free so STFU bitches
05:55.47BoubouilleThe key point to keep in mind is that our voice chat technology is tied directly into our user interface, making it extremely easy to set up and use. It also operates with minimal impact to game performance, and the bandwidth usage for voice communication is offered at no additional cost to the player.
06:01.50Fisker-i thought it was p2p?
06:02.21Boubouillethat's maybe why it's offered at no additional cost.
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06:10.30DuTempeteMmmm... Freddy Mercury...
06:10.49DuTempeteI have Queen on the brain, now, Kirk.
06:13.24Sky2042that > queen
06:13.33Sky2042except we will rock you and champions
06:16.12DuTempetelol Sky
06:16.18Fisker-i hate you Sky2042
06:16.27Sky2042why, fisker-?
06:17.01Fisker-that's why
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06:31.32Sky2042tekkub: there's an option in your preferences to automatically hide tocs, i think
06:33.47TekkubI want them still around on rare occations
06:33.59Tekkubmy CSS thing is easy to toggle off, that pref isn't
06:34.34Sky2042oi. i thought it just automatically collapsed it. that's so silly to completely remove it.
06:34.48TekkubI don't like the collapse
06:34.57Tekkubit still takes up a whole horiz space
06:35.06TekkubI want the damn things to be popout menus
06:35.13Tekkuboff in the corner
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06:53.45Bagginsww gg
06:54.08Bagginswwhe's such a horde biased, roleplaying racist :p
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07:04.45Bagginswwwishes one could ban idiots :p
07:04.49Bagginswwfor being idiots
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07:23.33Kirkburncripes, racist?
07:23.45Bagginswwread that thread :p
07:23.58BagginswwI mean by a roleplaying as a racist horde
07:24.13Bagginswwin that "horde" are superior blah blah
07:24.15KirkburnI was commenting a few days ago on the Taunka American Indian thing
07:24.16DuTempeteJesus, you two could write a whole book on the damned subject.
07:24.21Bagginswwgoblins are horde and are superior to gnomes blah blah
07:24.40DuTempetejust beacuse Blizz fucked us over with Ratchett doesn't make goblins horde...
07:24.52BagginswwHe thinks majority of golbins are int eh horde
07:24.57KirkburnPeople worrying that omg Blizz could be racist towards the Indians by portraying elements of their culture ... if that's the basis for racism, then pretty much everything anywhere ever is racism
07:25.00Bagginswwand those we se elsewhere the minority
07:25.13DuTempeteOh, don't get me started on that, kirk.
07:25.27KirkburnBagginsww, he needs to see Undermine :P
07:25.45Bagginswwkirk just thinking other people are being racist because of using indian style is a kind of racims :p
07:25.48DuTempeteI dunno if you get as much of it by you, as we do down here.  But "cry racist" is a real problem.
07:26.25DuTempeteYou can't tell a black junkie in the hood to get a job w/o getting called a racist.
07:27.02DuTempeteIf he's lying in his own piss, it's my fault.
07:27.31DuTempeteBecause my family is white...
07:27.32KirkburnYeah, I pointed out that no-one said the dwarves were bordering on "racism" ...
07:27.36BagginswwLOL and kirkburn he's now calling the Horde, "New Horde" everywhere :p
07:27.44Bagginswweverytime he types something out and uses the term horde
07:27.45DuTempetewtf does that mean?!
07:27.55Bagginswwhe's misinterpreting the name of a quet
07:27.58Bagginswwtitle of a quest
07:28.02Bagginswwand an in-game book
07:28.05Bagginswwits a title
07:28.16Bagginswwbut the term when used in sentences is usually lower case
07:28.20Bagginswwas in new horde
07:28.22Bagginswwor new Horde
07:28.33DuTempeteWell, I'm sure you'er the biased one, though, baggins; being a hobbit and all...
07:28.41Bagginswwbut he's saying because Blizzard used "New Horde" in the game that's the official spelling, even if it is in title :p
07:29.04Bagginswweh its only a parttime job
07:29.11BagginswwI'm as human as you
07:29.17Bagginswwhopes to god you are human
07:29.18KirkburnSo ... not very?
07:29.39Bagginswwhomo sapien?
07:29.39Kirkburnoooh, intro cinematic
07:30.20BagginswwKirkburn you remember that goblins used to respond to alliance, mentioning they were hired by the Horde right?
07:30.45*** join/#wowwiki KenSentMe (
07:30.56Bagginswwif he accuses me of making things up you can defend me, :)
07:31.12Bagginswwok look at his newest post
07:31.24Bagginswwyep he is an idiot
07:31.28KenSentMeDo you people also have major lag when playing on the wow servers right now? I have a latency of over 3000
07:31.35BagginswwThere were Horde goblins before the zepplin goblins in World of Warcraft. Perhaps you missed the many Horde pvped goblins in Orgimmar,the goblins working for Horde in Ashenvale,the numerous Horde pvped goblin quest givers. You'd have to have never played Horde to miss those goblins Zarnks 07:30, 31 August 2007 (UTC)
07:31.46BagginswwI explained to him they used not be pvp flagged
07:31.56Bagginswwand he looked past my post like a dumb cow
07:32.09Bagginswwand just repeated his false info
07:32.26Bagginswwkirkburn, your my only hope, :p
07:32.32BagginswwI need you to step in and correct him :p
07:33.08DuTempeteI dunno if you can manage to distract him at this point.
07:33.17DuTempeteHe's probably watching himself dance naked, atm.
07:34.54DuTempeteNight guys.
07:35.10KirkburnKenSentMe, what server, where?
07:35.22KirkburnOn my EU server, I got no problem
07:35.24DuTempeteYou probably wont see me around much, this weekend.  I'l be visiting family.
07:35.42KenSentMeKirkburn, good question. I don't even know what realm i'm in :p
07:36.10KenSentMeKirkburn, is there somewhere i can check that, without starting wow?
07:38.09Bagginswwfor you kirkburn
07:38.14KenSentMeKirkburn, i'm in the Sporregar realm, don't know which server that is though
07:40.38KirkburnKenSentMe, same thing
07:40.46KirkburnIf the US, I can't help you
07:42.49KenSentMeKirkburn, no, eu. But it seems like the server is ok now
07:45.30Bagginswwso how many of you got the goblin transponder to gnomeregan?
07:45.37Bagginswwas alliance
07:48.12Sky2042hrm... didn't need to. those damn mages :)
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08:26.16*** part/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
08:28.55Bagginsww sky picture problems :p
08:33.38*** join/#wowwiki ws (
08:47.00[NewsBot]Dotted meant:
08:47.14wshey Sky2042
08:48.27Dotted[[WoWWiki_talk:Village_pump#Test_Teamspeak_online]] Kirkburn
08:48.27[NewsBot]Dotted meant:
08:48.50KirkburnDotted, cool, but will try it later
08:48.53Sky2042lol, i got on
08:49.05Dottedon the TS?
08:49.34Dottedthen its just DuTemplate who is a nub the
08:49.45Sky2042i just copy pasted into my browser. <3 firefox
08:50.03Fisker-yes because that was the work of Firefox
08:51.16Sky2042does it matter whose it was? firefox is open sourcing, last i checked, so you are more than welcome to jack its code :P
08:51.42Sky2042Kirkburn: having fun with zarnks again!
08:51.49DottedFisker- cries much when people talk about firefox
08:52.59infobotsomebody said fisker- was DISCLAIMER - The views of Fisker- do not necessarily represent this channel or its inhabitents. The Fisker- regularly browses 4chan looking for CP, or at least JB. He says he's just a fan of "Captain Picard" and "Joe Bishop", but we know better, right? We think he's just here to try and get more CP, so watch out! - END DISCLAIMER, or a ...
08:53.05Sky2042there we go
08:53.21KalrothFirefox > Exploder or Oprah!
08:54.05Fisker-irrelevant firefox butt humping is still irrelevant firefox butt humping
08:54.16Fisker-so yeah it does matter when irrelevant firefox butt humping is included
08:54.32Sky2042See infobot's statement, above.
08:54.34dreamss2last ic hecked firefox had a ton of exploits patched
08:54.45KalrothFisker is just jealous because he's stuck with IE 5.5!
08:55.02Fisker-yeah Microsoft is holding me hostage
08:55.05Fisker-please send help
08:55.36KalrothUrgh, arrownet. You're beyond help :P
08:56.24Fisker-Actual it was the only internets i could get
08:59.11infobotThe internet is not something that you just dump something on. It's not a big truck. It's, it's a series of tubes.
08:59.20Sky2042oh, good infobot
08:59.43Sky2042anyway, good night
09:12.15wsnight elves racial trait: +50% walking speed.
09:12.15wsdoes not stack up with boost from items.
09:12.15wslimitations:  only works when dead
09:12.23wsI like this way to frame it :-
09:12.43*** join/#wowwiki bl4q (
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09:20.51wswhat's the counter class for a druid?
09:21.24KalrothA warrior!
09:22.00wsthank you :-)
09:24.14KalrothWall of text crits you for 3420 damage.
09:24.49KalrothYou need to add pictures of them, Baggins!
09:25.25Bagginswwsomeone should make a picture of a goblin fighting a gnome with technology
09:26.12Bagginswwbtw I'm going to block that article to prevent zarnks from modify ing
09:26.25KalrothAlso each paragraph cites APG 101?
09:26.25Bagginswwif you have a picture for it just let me know
09:26.36Bagginswwyep, that's to prevent additions to each one
09:26.41Bagginswwif we unlock it later
09:26.58KalrothMy bad, I didn't check the category
09:27.00Bagginswwpeople trying to add their bias to it I mean
09:27.09Bagginswwwhat category you want me to add to it
09:27.35Bagginswwadded goblins and gnomes
09:27.46KalrothWell that's just it, it's more of a lore story than actual game information
09:28.05KalrothI was reading it as goblin vs gnome engineering
09:28.08wsI like it :-)
09:28.13Kalroth(which it is also :)
09:28.13Bagginswwya its also suggestions for how to role play them, but that's cool thing about RPG books its both lore and how to guide
09:28.19wsbut I'm a gnome, it's just refreshing to hear about goblin suicidal tendencies
09:28.31wsI tell you guys, these guys can't handle a wrench properly
09:28.45*** join/#wowwiki Laurly (
09:28.55BagginswwWell in the future it might be nice to expand on it, into a how to guide
09:29.21Bagginswwif there is already a guide of that sort merging the info into it
09:30.40*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
09:39.27ws"Roleplaying_FAQ" subpage is a short introduction to roleplaying, without "lore-talk"
09:39.44wsbut it could be good linking it to and
09:40.10wsespecially to the 2nd one, there's a paragraph
09:40.18wsGnomes and goblins are huge rivals. Sometimes the rivalry is friendly, other times it isn.t. As a gnome, your character will have nothing good to say about goblins, and will probably take every opportunity to impugn their ethics and their intellect. However, gnomes are respectful even to goblins."
09:40.27wsa perfect place to link this article Goblins vs Gnomes
09:41.21wsah, there's also "Professions: Engineering" later in that webpage
10:07.09BagginswwOk what do I do if an article in the RPG is called something like Mechanical Squirrel
10:07.15Bagginswwand has nothing to do with a squirrel box
10:07.26Bagginswwand yet mechanical squirrel links to the squirrel box
10:32.15*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
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10:43.19ws3 points in Feral Instinct = 5 points in Master of Deception?
10:45.17*** join/#wowwiki Kazie (
10:52.27*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
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10:53.16KalrothHello friends and infobot!
10:56.03*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
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12:08.48[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Petition - Bring Back Our Original Jim Raynor -
12:10.19[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Common Sense Media Weighs in on Manhunt 2 Controversy -
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12:32.09*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
12:33.58KalrothMorning DuT!
12:34.20*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
12:34.23DuTempeteI see you've had yourself engraved upon the Topic, Kalroth...
12:34.55KalrothI bitched at Adys because everyone was picking on me and then he went and did that.
12:35.25DuTempeteWait, so you were QQing about people picking on you?
12:35.39[NewsBot]WoWWiki Test TeamSpeak info: teamspeak://
12:35.40DuTempeteWhy do I get the feeling you had it coming?
12:36.00DuTempeteDotted, will it let me on, this time? =P
12:36.03*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Wooork (n=lopen@
12:36.18DottedDuTempete depends on what you typed in as address :p
12:36.27DuTempeteI copy/pasted =P
12:36.31KalrothDuTempete: Yeah :(
12:36.39KalrothEveryone in here are so mean to me.
12:36.58KalrothI'm sure that I saw infobot trashtalk me the other day.
12:37.02DottedDuTempete yes but if you copied teamspeak:// aswell i doubt it would work
12:37.05DuTempeteAwwww, they're just showing their adoration for you, Kalroth. :)
12:37.15DuTempeteOh, I see
12:38.30Dottedwell it works :p
12:39.16Dottedgo to bed then :p
12:39.25*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
12:39.51KalrothDuTempete: You need fresh coffee.
12:39.56*** join/#wowwiki spathi (n=spathi@
12:40.09DuTempeteI just woke up, silly-head
12:40.43KalrothYeah, don't drink the coffee from last night.
12:40.53DuTempetewhich codec is it, Dotted?
12:41.08DottedGSM 16.4
12:41.57*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
12:42.23Dottedcould use Speex i guess
12:42.37PolarinaSpeex! Hurray!
12:44.30DuTempeteI'm not worried about Speex; I'm not on a mac
12:44.41DuTempeteBut I did have the same problem on Adys's server.
12:45.47DuTempeteHow long ago did Kirkburn go afk?
12:46.22Dotted[14:46:28] ::: Idle: 2hrs 36mins 50secs
12:46.30Dotted2 and a half hours ago :p
12:58.30AFKDuTempeteI'm packing the car...
13:07.28*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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13:08.48[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Starcraft II - Thor -
13:10.18[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Take Two Warns Jack Thompson Over Manhunt 2 -
13:10.19[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Hal Halpin Discusses AO Rating Problem in New Issue of EGM -
13:10.19[NewsBot]GamePolitics: Lyndon LaRouche Claims Video Game Coverup in VA Tech Commission Report -
13:11.51pcjomg spam
13:12.16AFKDuTempeteMorning, sunshine!
13:24.11Fisker-i has found stuff
13:24.13Fisker-liek bugs
13:25.55Fisker-when i scroll on a page the lootbox appears higher up than it should
13:26.41pcjwhat page, browser
13:27.52pcjdotted is no longer a city :O
13:28.19Fisker-IE7 of course
13:28.22Dottedatleast i wasnt an away
13:28.27Dottedthat would suck
13:30.30pcjif you can tell me why it does that fisker i can fix it :P
13:31.23LaurlyI had an amazing night last night.  cleared kara in 4 hours all bosses down on first attempt and no wipes :)
13:31.50pcjnice laurly
13:32.02Laurlynever cleared kara in one night before
13:32.24Laurlythey didnt even wipe when my pc craped out again and fps dumped to 2
13:34.15Fisker-pcj it seems to be stuck to the point where the line is
13:34.19Fisker-or something
13:34.22Fisker-hard to explain :P
13:34.32*** join/#wowwiki clad|sleep (
13:34.46pcjstupid IE
13:35.02*** mode/#wowwiki [+v clad|sleep] by ChanServ
13:37.39pcjno it seems to be stuck on something else
13:38.00Fisker-ok stupid tinypic
13:38.02Fisker-resized my image
13:38.18Fisker-but you can see it seems to have it at a "fixed" position
13:38.27Kalrothhaha, you're using IE
13:38.42Fisker-atleast i'm not using Firefox
13:38.45pcjYes, i know the problem
13:38.52pcjI just don't know why it's doing it in IE
13:39.26KalrothThe popup doesn't work for me, I wonder if I'm blocking it
13:39.37pcjI removed all the lines/images etc and it still does it
13:39.50Fisker-you need to add it yourself Kalroth
13:43.11pcjsee bottom of kalroth
13:48.48Laurlyname an NPC that can be mined after its dead? like the bog lords with herbing
13:49.33Fisker-boss in mana tombs
13:49.39*** join/#wowwiki Lin (n=igor@unaffiliated/lincity)
13:50.09PolarinaLaurly: These elite giants around that huge red crystal in Hellfire Peninsula.
13:51.13Laurlykk boss in mana tombs wins :)
13:53.35Fisker-of course
13:59.08*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
14:17.15*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (
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14:27.18DuTempeteOkily peeps, I'm off to Chicago.
14:36.43*** join/#wowwiki |Umbra| (n=|Umbra|@
14:36.52|Umbra|Good morning
14:38.59*** join/#wowwiki Strykar (i=wakka@gateway/tor/x-a2d1b57865bf3a3c)
14:46.30*** join/#wowwiki Mero (
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15:13.14*** join/#wowwiki fric (
15:20.25*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
15:26.12pcjwhere has foxlit been
15:28.53*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
15:28.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
15:28.57pcjhi foxlit
15:29.01pcjI need a Foxbot!
15:29.12*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
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15:30.59*** join/#wowwiki TOR_CNR (n=TOR@wikipedia/TOR)
15:31.06TOR_CNRhello all
15:31.19TOR_CNRjust a heads up to let you know I'm doing some bug fixing
15:31.43TOR_CNRthe site might be inaccessible for a second if something goes wrong
15:32.18pcjwhat bugs?
15:33.10TOR_CNRthe one in bold :P
15:33.17Laurlyadmin saying something might go wrong......... thats scarry
15:33.21TOR_CNRand the patrollers thing
15:33.44pcjooh nice
15:36.04TOR_CNRlet's see...
15:37.20TOR_CNRyay :)
15:45.23*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
16:08.48[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Blizzard will be hiring at Austin GDC -
16:08.48[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Blizzard Next-Gen MMO Job Openings -
16:08.48[NewsBot]BlizzPlanet: Starcraft II - Paul Eiding - Aldaris -
16:09.47Kirkburn|afkTOR_CNR, hello!
16:09.56TOR_CNRhiya :)
16:10.11*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
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16:10.32Kirkburn|afkOooh, thanks for doing the bold one especially
16:10.45pcjno, the patrollers especially
16:11.22Kirkburn|afkCan we expect any more awesomeness today? :P
16:15.47*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
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16:20.46*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
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16:21.53|Umbra|Hmmm...I tried to make the best of the Hit rating infor I could find on the EU boards.
16:22.31|Umbra|Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will expand on the article.
16:32.54*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
16:33.48*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
16:36.12|Umbra|Off to lunch
16:36.17*** part/#wowwiki |Umbra| (n=|Umbra|@
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17:48.51*** join/#wowwiki Strykar (i=wakka@gateway/tor/x-42c353b29a4299ff)
17:54.26pcjhmm auctioneer advanced
17:56.53pcj in-game shots are preferred for infoboxes right
17:57.17Bagginswwkirkburn are you really afk? I mean your name is black, :p
17:58.29Fisker-WC3 In-Game shot?
17:58.32Fisker-do not want
17:58.35Fisker-art = bettar
18:05.54*** part/#wowwiki Gnancy (
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18:21.47infobotwowwiki is probably [] the largest World of Warcraft wiki in existence with over 30,000 articles.
18:22.18Sky2042_afkinfobot, no, wowwiki is [] the largest Warcraft wiki in existence, with over 40,000 articles.
18:22.19infobotSky2042_afk: okay
18:26.40Fisker-wowwiki is [] the largest Warcraft wiki in existence, with over 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! articles.
18:28.20*** join/#wowwiki KenSentMe_ (
18:34.17pcj pwned
18:42.38Sky2042kirkburn: we can mark our edits as patrolled?
18:43.42*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
18:48.22*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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19:00.09*** join/#wowwiki |Umbra| (n=|Umbra|@
19:00.58|Umbra|The more 'chance to hit' articles I read, the more my head feels like it's swimming.
19:01.27pcjsky: they're automatically marked as patrolled now
19:01.31Sky2042yeah... talk to blizzard about that :|
19:01.36pcjfor patrollers :P
19:01.40Sky2042pcj: it was bugged previously. which is why i was asking :|
19:01.46pcjyeah it's fixed now
19:02.48|Umbra|Anyone know of a good 'chance to hit' article that may also have blue comments?
19:09.07KalrothWhat now?
19:09.17Kalrothoh, my bad, wrong chan :)
19:09.20KalrothFor wiki of course
19:09.35KalrothI don't think there's any official word on the amount of hit required
19:09.57Sky2042mmm? yes there is
19:10.01Sky2042for casters, anyway
19:10.12|Umbra|Yar, I'm looking for melee hits
19:10.27KalrothThere's this one with the basics:
19:10.40|Umbra|Thanks, I'll check it out.
19:10.47KalrothBut it's ooold
19:10.51Kalrothalmost a year old
19:10.53|Umbra|This 'Hit' article is giving me headaches.
19:11.25KalrothWell first line isn't correct ;)
19:11.31Kalroth"Hit refers to physical damage that occurs as a result of an attack made with melee or ranged weapons."
19:11.37KalrothHit also refers to spells ;)
19:11.52|Umbra|That would be 'Spell hit' ;-)
19:11.59|Umbra|It's a diff mechanic.
19:12.12|Umbra|There is a Hit rating and a Spell hit rating.
19:12.12KalrothWell shouldn't this be melee hit then?
19:12.29|Umbra|I'm only going by what Blizzard titles them.
19:13.08|Umbra|Hit isn't just melee hit, it's also ranged hit.
19:13.10Kalroth"The base chance to miss with maximum weapon skill against an opponent three levels higher is 6.5% for two handed" I don't believe this is correct
19:13.12KalrothYup, I know
19:13.42|Umbra|I wasn't sure about the base chance vs. 3 levels higher either.
19:13.57|Umbra|I got that out of a thread that a blue stickied on the EU forums.
19:14.01KalrothI'm pretty sure 2H combat shares the same hit as ranged
19:14.04Kalrothhence 8.6%
19:14.13Kalrothfor a level 70 vs 73 (boss)
19:14.26|Umbra|Can you explain the math behind it?
19:14.57|Umbra|Point me to a link that does?
19:15.39Kalroth This one attempts to explain it, but it links to wowwiki for some information, so it might be circular incorrect ;)
19:18.39|Umbra|Heh, that link is to the post I based the Hit article on.
19:19.09KalrothWell it explains it clearly , in my opinion
19:19.17KalrothThere's just a lot of factors to take into account
19:19.33|Umbra|The OP made the statement further down in the thread that chance to miss was 25.5% and 6.5%
19:19.42|Umbra|for opponents 3 levels higher.
19:19.57|Umbra|I'm still trying to find the math.
19:20.01KalrothHe corrected that though
19:20.02Kalroth"Also, i changed the miss chances according to the new Wowwiki information. Previous miss chance was 6.5% for 2h and 25.5% for dw."
19:20.29Kalroth"This means that against a raid boss and assuming that your weapon skill is maxed out for your lvl, 350@70 lvl, your miss chance is 8% if you are a 2hander or 27% if you are dual wielder. "
19:20.50|Umbra|So which is it?
19:21.06*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
19:21.11|Umbra|And where does he get the math from?
19:21.13Kalrothergh, this is the old post
19:21.26Kalroth"1) Raid bosses from what we know so far seem to be 73 lvl so their defence is 365.
19:21.26KalrothAfter several tests, it has been proven that the current miss chance against raid bosses is most likely to be 9% if you use 2H or 28% if you dual wield. "
19:21.27KalrothThis one
19:22.03*** part/#wowwiki Kaos (
19:22.16|Umbra|But is the chance to miss v. raid boss the same thing as chance to miss an opponent 3 levels higher?
19:22.32KalrothAll raid bosses are player level + 3
19:22.44KalrothWell all NPCs with the "boss" tag anyways
19:22.45|Umbra|So 9% and 28% you think is correct?
19:23.05KalrothYup, I've always gone for 8.6% since hunters proved that a while back
19:23.40KalrothBut the exact math for the 27-28% for DW, I'm not sure about, let me find an EJ post
19:23.41|Umbra|Do you know if 5% and 24% is correct for equal level?
19:28.21|Umbra|Eek, see post #383 for details.
19:33.33|Umbra|Ok, so they got 9% and 28% based on testing, but do not know the math behind it?
19:35.30|Umbra|Did you also say that Ranged is 9%?
19:49.46KalrothSorry, I was busy in AV
19:49.56KalrothYup, Ranged hit is the same as 2H and special attacks
19:50.22KalrothAlso makes sense in regards of KISS for Blizzard
19:51.38Kalroth3% of the miss vs a boss is the level/defense difference
19:51.48KalrothFrom what I can gather
19:56.41KalrothNope, 2%
19:56.54Kalroth0.1% for the first 1 to 10 points
19:56.59Kalroththen 0.2% for 11 to 15
20:02.53*** join/#wowwiki nudave (
20:08.43*** join/#wowwiki dave_ (
20:11.35*** join/#wowwiki Gwafle (
20:13.17*** join/#wowwiki QuantumDelta (
20:15.47*** join/#wowwiki Gwafle (
20:17.28*** join/#wowwiki Kurogane (i=server@
20:17.37*** part/#wowwiki Gwafle (
20:19.11|Umbra|Hmmm...that works out to 3% which would be 8% not 9%.
20:19.34|Umbra|Unless the bass is 6% not 5%.
20:21.45Kuroganehello any1 can tell what is the program use to see you different faction?? example: i'm horde undead but i want look like a human?
20:23.41Kalrothbase is 5%
20:23.54Kalrotha level 70 vs another level 70 will have 5% miss
20:24.23|Umbra|Where does the 4% come from at level 73?
20:24.47|Umbra|I'm not doubting you, just trying to understand it.
20:25.19Kalrothlevel 70 vs 71 = 0.5% less hit (0.1% per defense skill point)
20:25.26Kalrothlevel 70 vs 72 = 1.0% less hit (0.1% per defense skill point)
20:25.44Kalrothlevel 70 vs 73 = 2.0% less hit (now it's 0.2% per defense skill point)
20:25.48Kalrothso there's 2% more
20:26.26|Umbra|Right, so it totals to 3% right?
20:26.36KalrothNope, 2% ><
20:26.43Kalroth0.5% + 0.5% + 1.0%
20:27.06|Umbra|So why are people reporting it as 9%?
20:27.12|Umbra|Sounds more like 7% to me.
20:27.16KalrothThey've tested it ;)
20:27.41|Umbra|I just can't find the math to back it up.
20:27.54KalrothYou wont find any official numbers
20:27.55*** join/#wowwiki Gwafle (
20:29.24*** part/#wowwiki Gwafle (
20:30.45|Umbra|Oh, hmmm...the wiki article on Miss says it's 0.6% per defense point past 10.
20:31.08|Umbra|Which would add up to 4%.
20:31.20*** join/#wowwiki Starzard (
20:32.01KalrothAren't the numbers in the Miss article off by 10?
20:32.12|Umbra|Heh, no idea.
20:32.19|Umbra|No sources or links that I can find.
20:32.24Kalrothwell it says 0.01% for the first 10 points
20:32.31Kalrothwhich is only 0.1% in total :p
20:32.40|Umbra|Oh yes, that is off by a decimal.
20:32.54|Umbra|I think they confused 0.01 with 0.1%
20:33.08KalrothSame goes for the above numbers 0.04% and 0.02%
20:34.04KalrothI wonder where it gets that 0.6% number from
20:34.14|Umbra|Well if true, then 0.6% does make sense.
20:34.30|Umbra|Since 5 skill would equal 3%.
20:34.38|Umbra|After the first 10
20:34.45Kalroth15 points = 4%
20:35.06KalrothI just don't hope it's "adjusted" math :)
20:35.14|Umbra|Now if only we could find something to back it up.
20:36.37KalrothI've seen that number elsewhere though; that 5 points of weaponskill is worth 3% of hit
20:37.14*** join/#wowwiki pigro (
20:37.33|Umbra|Well, it would be points 11-15 are worth 3% hit.
20:37.49*** part/#wowwiki pigro (
20:38.08KalrothActually it's the points 1-5 ;)
20:38.31|Umbra|I thought points 1-5 were worth 1%?
20:38.45|Umbra|Or do you mean v. an equal level opponent?
20:38.50Kalrothit's the difference
20:39.05Kalroth350 vs 365 = 4% miss
20:39.12Kalroth355 vs 365 = 1% miss
20:39.19Kalroth360 vs 365 = 0.5% miss
20:39.31|Umbra|Ah, I see.
20:39.48KalrothWhich makes racials rather good (again :)
20:40.24|Umbra|Yar, and kinda explains that Paladin talent waaay down at the bottom of the prot tree.
20:40.34KalrothSame for Fury warrior
20:40.38|Umbra|Although it'd be better in the Ret tree.
20:40.49KalrothOr Arms warrior (though with +skill rather than +hit)
20:41.02|Umbra|Chance to melee hit doesn't mean much in terms of tanking for a Paladin.
20:41.19KalrothNaw, they prefer +spell damage and +block :)
20:41.55|Umbra|But a Ret paladin could put that to better use.
20:42.09|Umbra|A Human Ret Paladin specifically.
20:42.31|Umbra|Dunno how the math would work out for a Draenei with the passive +hit aura.
20:42.37KalrothJust get the weaponskill
20:43.08Kalrothit's +10 weapon skill maxed out
20:43.10*** join/#wowwiki [AD]snegoviK (
20:43.24Kalrothwhich is equal to -3.5% hit
20:43.55KalrothAssuming you aren't human and using sword/mace
20:44.03Kalrothin which case it's only -1% hit
20:44.07|Umbra|Maybe I should move the base chance to hit paragraph to the Theorycraft section, since we can't find solid sources.
20:44.37KalrothI think the 5% base is solid
20:44.56|Umbra|24% for dual wield is solid too>?
20:45.05KalrothAgainst an equal level, yes
20:46.29Kalroth got some very useful information too
20:46.45|Umbra|Oh sweet
20:47.18KalrothSome solid math on combat table (including +hit)
20:47.46KalrothAnd it even links to wowwiki ;)
20:47.49|Umbra|How does this sound? Chance to miss increases by 0.1% for each point of difference up to 10 between attacker weapon skill and mob defense up and then by 0.6% thereafter.?
20:49.16KalrothI don't trust that 0.6% though, but it seems correct for 70 vs 73
20:49.41Kalrothit's just hard to find proof, since bosses will always be player level + 3
20:50.02KalrothSo a level 69 wont have 7% miss, he'll still only have 4% (on top of base 5%)
20:50.16|Umbra|I suppose some folks need to do some level 67 v 70 testing.
20:51.21|Umbra|Okies, I think I've done about all I can do to the Hit article.
20:51.33|Umbra|I'll leave it to a future editor to alter.
20:54.22|Umbra|Okies, time to start my weekend.  Catch you all later.
20:54.23*** part/#wowwiki |Umbra| (n=|Umbra|@
20:57.21*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
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21:27.00*** join/#wowwiki Randy (
21:27.05*** part/#wowwiki Randy (
21:32.01Sandwichman2448 is Fan fiction right? the edits are all minor and it a a generic story.
21:33.40Fisker-If it's fanfic doesn't it need to be put in the user namespace?
21:35.25pcjIt's been edited by more than one person
21:35.30[NewsBot]pcj meant:
21:36.51Sandwichman2448The edits were all minor.
21:38.08Sandwichman2448 This look right?
21:51.32*** join/#wowwiki pcj_3 (
21:55.29wsare all night elves pink?
21:55.38wsI am trying to find a skin colour that doesn't contain pink
21:55.57wsit looks okay during character selection, then when I enter the world, they start to look pink
21:56.07foxlitThere's some rather pale white as well
21:56.19foxlitEnvironmental lightning might be at fault there
21:56.29foxlitGet out of Teldrassil, it's all pink there
21:57.01wsI need to try out playing druid a bit :-)
21:57.28wsahh these colours
21:57.37wsfor hair, only white seems to be any choice for me
22:00.45wsamongst all changes wotlk promises to bring, character look, I await customizing look the most, lol
22:00.55wsI can barely stand a non-bald avatar
22:01.28*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
22:01.37wson the other hand, it's amazing how tastes differ
22:01.49wsI mean, people rolling blood elves... come on
22:02.22wsyeah, I'm somewhat biased
22:02.32ws'cause I'm slightly homophobic
22:02.49wsjust slightly, no extremes
22:04.12wsonly tauren and gnomes are macho
22:04.20wsI play gnomes
22:05.16Sandwichman2448I wrote an anthen for them.
22:06.44dreamss2what boss order for ssc?
22:06.58wsthe problem with most races is that nature really hurt them and made them improportionally sized.. some of these folks project their frustration for this by trying to ballbust us gnomes.... we've even tried to help them with "world enlarger", but well...
22:07.24Sandwichman2448Hydross the Unstable
22:07.24Sandwichman2448The Lurker Below
22:07.24Sandwichman2448Leotheras the Blind
22:07.24Sandwichman2448Fathom-Lord Karathress
22:07.24Sandwichman2448Morogrim Tidewalker
22:07.25Sandwichman2448Lady Vashj
22:07.36Sandwichman2448That what it says.
22:08.28*** join/#wowwiki Seppidane (
22:08.31wsto be honest, I am not sure if you're referring to the lore, or it's me being really new to the game
22:08.39wsor simply my bad english
22:08.56*** part/#wowwiki Seppidane (
22:08.57wsHydross, Leotheras, etc.
22:09.05dreamss2ahh nm
22:09.05SandwichmanAFKThat was the order.
22:09.07wsah, lol
22:09.09dreamss2wiki now says the order
22:09.13wslol, okay
22:09.16dreamss2good order for progression would be Morogrim Tidewalker -> Fathom-Lord Karathress -> The Lurker Below -> Hydross the Unstable -> Leotheras the Blind ->Lady Vashj.
22:09.27SandwichmanAFKThen it was wrong?
22:11.14SandwichmanAFKI g2g for a bit. Hence the AFK.
22:13.09*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
22:58.23*** join/#wowwiki Guillotine (
23:00.47Sandwichman2448What did I miss?
23:08.49dreamss2im naked
23:08.56*** join/#wowwiki Seppidane (
23:09.02*** part/#wowwiki Seppidane (
23:21.44Sandwichman2448 OH!
23:25.01Sandwichman2448See that?
23:25.10Sandwichman2448It is his page...
23:35.11Sandwichman2448 Umm...
23:36.03Sandwichman2448US or EU?
23:41.32pcjthraebot: c us stormscale Muffinpower
23:41.40ThraeBotpcj: Muffinpower, Level 70 Gnome Mage (40/21/0). 6353 HP; 10001 Mana; 146 mana regen; 24 mp5; 214 spell crit; 29 spell hit; 450 +spell dmg/heal; 134 frost dmg (584); 234 arcane dmg (684); 278 fire dmg (728); 5.1% dodge; 10 arcane resist (+10); +10 all resists (+10 arcane);[[ TBR: 1610 ][ Link: ][ Talents: ][ Updated: Fri Aug 31 19:52:21 2007 ]]
23:41.41Sandwichman2448What? No, what should it be a subpage of?
23:42.58Sandwichman2448 How is this?
23:43.07Sandwichman2448I should cite it.
23:45.35*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
23:45.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ

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