IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070825

00:01.22Kirkburnpcj, I know, people thought at first it might be a perody site
00:01.27Kirkburn*parody >_>
00:01.57pcjSeriously, it borders on a fascist viewpoint
00:02.45pcjI almost expect it to have been created by Stephen Colbert
00:04.03DottedNewsBot has left thee building.
00:04.29pcjno more conservapedia for dotted
00:05.13KirkburnDotted, sup with NewsBot?
00:05.29pcjsomeone should hack conservapedia and add uncyclopedia as an alternative language version
00:05.37DottedKirkburn im moving appartment tommorow
00:05.45Dottedwell today really
00:05.57KirkburnOh yeah'
00:06.10KirkburnHave fun :)
00:06.25Dottedwont be fun :(
00:06.39foxlitDotted: what gives?
00:06.52Dottedwell atleast not until painting have been done and all that :p
00:13.04KirkburnI'm off to sit in a chair
00:13.08Kirkburnbe back shortly
00:13.56pcjwait what do you do otherwise when you're typing in IRC :|
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00:17.31Dottedpcj sit in a chair i pressume
00:17.50pcjhow amusing
00:22.09Dotted :o
00:26.51GnarfozDotted: wt..f
00:26.57Gnarfoz?! HOW
00:27.03Gnarfozcan someone make such a bad trailer?
00:27.51pcjvery carefully, lots of patience
00:29.08Gnarfozhalf of it looks (or is) rendered?
00:29.48fireglowyeah it is
00:37.03pcjI need a Laurlybot!
00:37.07pcjoh damn nvm
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00:39.34DottedGnarfoz its 100% cgi
00:39.56Gnarfozguessed as much
00:39.58Gnarfozbut... WHY
00:40.12Dottedthey did it with the orient express aswell
00:40.56Dottedthe animations look really rough tbh
00:41.20Dottedother then that i think it looks cool
00:41.52Dottedbut thats probably due to the fact that Denmark is part of the plot :p
00:43.06Kirkburnmmm, that was some nice chair sitting
00:43.52pcjhmm what are you doing now kirkburn
00:44.26KirkburnLess nice chair sitting
00:44.30KirkburnIt was a massage chair
00:51.49pcjthey should make a certain instance double loot each weekend like they do double honor for the BGs
00:53.14Dotteddouble rep, not loot
00:53.42pcjfuck rep
00:53.45pcjfuck it in the ear
00:54.03Dotteddouble lootis imbalanced
00:54.17Dottedjust is
00:54.22pcjnot really
00:54.34pcjpeople get more loot because of AV weekend etc all the time
00:54.35Dottedit is because i say it is eod :(
00:55.25Dottedi'd say double rep for non-heroics to boost progression
00:55.48pcjwell it's too easy to get rep
00:56.04pcjdouble heroic badges maybe
00:58.31Dottedim off cya in 15 hours or so
01:02.09KirkburnAdys, y'know we do a great Good Cop / Bad Cop routine
01:03.14KirkburnProbably the most reasonable response from him we can expect
01:03.38KirkburnWish we'd had CSS access from early on, everything would have been so much simpler
01:03.51pcjblock of text :(
01:03.53Kirkburn(and less violent ^^)
01:04.10Kirkburnpcj, I love how the words HARD TO READ stand out in it
01:04.25KirkburnI'm like, damn right it is
01:04.57Adysdid this crash guy ever EVER change back his fucking mediawiki style to the DEFAULT one
01:05.34KirkburnWas he the guy who wasn't even on monobook?
01:05.59AdysKirkburn: delete the non default styles
01:06.06Adysplease get that done somehow
01:06.08Adysor MatthewS
01:06.10Adysor whoever
01:06.15AFKDuTempeteI would really love to give him a piece of my mind...
01:06.40AFKDuTempetewhat an ass
01:06.40KirkburnPlease, don't make it worse :P
01:06.40AFKDuTempeteI said ai would "love to", not "I'm going to" =P
01:07.10KirkburnRemoving the other styles would be worse imo, though I wonder if you can change them to say "unsupported"
01:07.23AFKDuTempetebesides, there's no way i can step into that w/o looking like a fangurl
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01:08.09Kirkburnlove it
01:08.11KirkburnLinux does love the crashing
01:08.13AFKDuTempetenot that I'm not your fangurl
01:08.21KirkburnWhat did I miss?
01:08.21AFKDuTempeteit would just take away from my respectability =P
01:08.32AFKDuTempete[21:07]<AFKDuTempete>besides, there's no way i can step into that w/o looking like a fangurl
01:09.08Kirkburn"Level curve reduction. The experience requiered to level up will be reduced from level 20 to 60 and quest experience will be increased by about 30%"
01:09.25AdysKirkburn: source,
01:09.28KirkburnPre-60 quest experience sure is crap
01:09.31KirkburnSee Coming Soon
01:09.44AFKDuTempeteeu or us site?
01:10.36Kirkburn[[Coming Soon]]
01:10.41KirkburnI didn't say Underdev :P
01:10.53AFKDuTempetewhen you ban someone from the site, do you send them an email?
01:10.59Kirkburn[NewBot] is moving apartments btw :P
01:11.06KirkburnI have no idea
01:11.57AFKDuTempeteIt would be nice if that were added.  You could have a one-week IP suspension, then, for issues like Crash's, and you could discuss the issue via email, avoiding having that shit plastered all over the wiki
01:13.44pcjdo you mean automatic or by admin option?
01:14.00AFKDuTempete6mos just seems like an awful lot for someone who's just being a retard, and forces you to consider perma-bans when they come to the wiki to vent about it
01:14.03pcjsome vandals you probably wouldn't care to have a dialogue with
01:14.04AFKDuTempeteby admin option
01:14.12KirkburnI removed the suggestion to email admins about bans
01:14.15AFKDuTempetevandals wouldn't get that option =P
01:14.40KirkburnI do think 6 months was a bit too much ... Adys?
01:14.41AFKDuTempeteFrom my understanding, Crash isn't a vandal, he's just stoopid.
01:14.55AdysKirkburn: i was going for one year at first
01:15.14KirkburnI was thinking 1-3 months
01:15.26Adysand I was about to permaban him for creating sockpuppets earlier on
01:15.26pcjsomeone give me something to do :P
01:15.43Adystell you what he's just a good riddance
01:15.45AFKDuTempetepcj: start an Adys/Kirkburn fanklub
01:15.50Adyswe got thousands of users
01:15.52dreamss2its called probation
01:15.56Adysone tard less is not much loss
01:16.01KirkburnLong enough for him to reconsider, but not to feel like it's a complete suspension
01:16.43KirkburnDid we ban him previously?
01:16.53dreamss2heh u guys been talking about him for 2 weeks now
01:16.58AFKDuTempetewell, that's why I like the one-week IP thing, for people like that.  You stop them from retaliating on the site, have time to explain to them what the issue was and inform them that when it's over, they're on probation, and it's not long enough to really make a big deal out of.
01:16.59dreamss2or more
01:17.13KirkburnWe're not talking about Voluspa :P
01:17.46dreamss2well, u guys got more than 1 person fucking around then :P
01:17.58Adysgod if only one ....
01:18.00KirkburnCrash just complains a lot
01:18.01pcjno wai
01:18.02AFKDuTempeteWell, Voluspa seems to be keeping it on the down-low
01:18.19KirkburnPart of the reason is that I worry we're being discriminatory against a disability
01:18.29AFKDuTempetestupidity? =P
01:18.36AFKDuTempeteor vision =P
01:18.37KirkburnPartial sight ><
01:18.50KirkburnHe seems to need CF2 for WoW
01:19.05Kirkburn(I have previously have legally blind people thank me for it)
01:19.06AFKDuTempeteWhat's his real issue?  All of the skins have high contrast
01:19.24KirkburnAh, that with black on white one, some text is unreadable
01:19.40KirkburnOn tables we often define the bg, but not the font colour
01:19.43Adyshe'd have said it if he was colourblind or partially blind
01:19.54AFKDuTempeteTell him to get over himself, and get used to monobook
01:20.02AFKDuTempeteI would haev thought that, too, Adys
01:20.06KirkburnHe did say he's taken a lot of crap in his life, it might not be something he likes to bring up
01:20.18KirkburnAFKDuTempete, monobook doesn't help
01:20.24Adysleave him be
01:20.35KirkburnThe text would appear as black text on a dark table bg
01:20.39AFKDuTempetehe did mention that the text was too small
01:20.56Kirkburn(which is why they /all/ need converting to classes, e.g. darktable)
01:21.02AFKDuTempetewell if I had an attitude like his, I'd probably get a lot of crap, too
01:21.10KirkburnYou get what you give indeed
01:21.31AFKDuTempetebut, yes, some work needs to be done at least on text color, and size
01:22.42AFKDuTempeteI said I would try testing that out, last night, didn't I?
01:23.10AFKDuTempeteSo what are the issues?
01:23.19AFKDuTempete1. Forced font sizes?
01:23.28KirkburnTables not using the classes, basically
01:23.32AFKDuTempete2. contrast of text to table background in other skins?
01:23.43pcjFont sizes aren't forces
01:23.51pcjYou can adjust size in your browser :P
01:23.56AFKDuTempeteCrash claimed he couldn't resize them in IE
01:24.09pcjIt's not our fault
01:24.16AFKDuTempetewhose, then?
01:24.18pcjIt is possible to do in IE
01:24.22pcjUser error
01:24.30KirkburnIt should be possible, aye
01:24.39AFKDuTempeteWell, I can look for it, as well, anyway
01:24.52KirkburnUnder one of the menus, text size
01:25.08pcjIE7 has it under Page
01:25.17KirkburnDoes it work?
01:25.46KirkburnIn that case, it's just a case of converting all templates and tables to CSS classes
01:25.57AFKDuTempetethere should be a keyboard shortcut for it as well
01:26.06AFKDuTempeteright right
01:26.07KirkburnThe alternate row colours thing is also something we should really throw out imo
01:26.29pcjYeah, why
01:26.39AFKDuTempeteWe don't have to force it, but we can always make the 2nd class available
01:26.52KirkburnTo make it alternate you still have to define it inline
01:27.21AFKDuTempeteright, just designate a 2nd class, and the class has to be called w/in the table structure
01:27.25*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
01:27.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
01:27.36AFKDuTempetebut make just one class default
01:28.22KirkburnI guess you have have the main class, and another with just a bg defined for the row
01:28.29KirkburnThere's another option though
01:28.38Kirkburnrow hover highlighting
01:29.22Kirkburnend of page
01:29.45KirkburnOoh and I did alt row classes!
01:29.51AFKDuTempeteoh, that I like
01:30.01AFKDuTempeteand it's easy to do
01:30.07KirkburnExtremely easy
01:30.22KirkburnJust define it in the main table class and you're done
01:30.42KirkburnThe only extra code within the table is "<tr class="odd">"
01:30.55KirkburnI will try and have a look at that this weekend
01:31.09KirkburnThere was something else to do as well ... hrm
01:31.26AFKDuTempeteI'm gonna try it out tonight =P
01:31.29KirkburnAha, boilerplates
01:35.08KirkburnRight, I'm about to leave the office for the last time
01:35.11AFKDuTempeteok, I'm finding css for the default skin and common css
01:35.19AFKDuTempetewhere's the css for the other skins?
01:35.44pcjUsually Skinname.css
01:35.57AFKDuTempetek, I'll look for that
01:36.09AFKDuTempeteI'm gonna create a few dummy accts so I can see them all
01:36.16AFKDuTempeteand do some testing
01:38.48KirkburnChange your default skin instead?
01:39.09KirkburnOther skins are under /skins/skinname/main.css iirc
01:40.41AFKDuTempeteaye, but I'd like to compare them at the same time =P
01:41.18pcjOh, thought you meant at MediaWiki:Wowwiki.css etc
01:42.07KirkburnOh right, yeah
01:42.47KirkburnRight, bbl
01:43.15KirkburnHave a fun hour :P
01:45.01pcjHow exciting
01:45.15rophythis page is getting so long, should I separate each event into a sub page?
01:47.55pcjYeah, make it separated by alphanumeric symbol
01:48.06pcjOr something
01:48.22pcjBut each event as a sub page would make a lot of short pages
01:49.39rophyand another problem is when people do use this page, they'll want to search which event fires a certain pattern.
01:50.00rophycan't search when the events are separated into pages.
01:52.02AFKDuTempeteok, now here's where I don't know what to do... how do I edit the css so that I can test it?
01:52.23AFKDuTempeteI would need to make pages on my computer, aye?  Or is there a way for me to do it w/o leaving the website?
01:52.31pcjDuTempete: Copy the CSS into your User: namespace
01:52.38pcjSo if you wanted to edit the Wowwiki.css
01:52.49pcjcreate it at User:DuTempete/Wowwiki.css
01:53.23AFKDuTempetethen what about the page to test with?
01:53.26pcjOr probably /wowwiki.css
01:53.41pcjUm, that CSS would then apply for all pages as long as you're using that skin
01:53.52AFKDuTempeteoh, I see
01:53.56pcjYou'd have to do a cache refresh after submitting the CSS tho
01:54.01AFKDuTempetewasn't sure how that'd work.
01:57.01*** join/#wowwiki Strykar_ (i=wakka@gateway/tor/x-598ce6bcaed9ccff)
01:57.21AFKDuTempetehrm, if I create /common.css, it should work just like Mediawiki/common.css, right?
01:57.46AFKDuTempeteI'm jsut getting an error reminding me there's no skin called that =P
01:59.31AFKDuTempeteodd... chick.css is blank...
02:00.19AFKDuTempetehrmm, they all appear to be
02:00.49AFKDuTempeteok, got 'em
02:00.57AFKDuTempeteit's the url Kirk gave
02:01.31pcjYeah, doesn't look like common.css works in the User namespace
02:03.21AFKDuTempeteI have a feeling that will be important
02:03.50AFKDuTempetebut, if you create a default class in the skin's css file, it will override the common class, won't it?
02:05.18AFKDuTempeteI'm no expert on css, hehe =P
02:06.11AFKDuTempeteBut I am noticing that there's no css page for some of the skins, under the URL kirk provided
02:08.14pcj will give you a directory listing for the /skins/ folder, minus wowwiki of course
02:09.23AFKDuTempeteyeah, it's not showing css files for those skins
02:09.35AFKDuTempetejust "chick", "monobook", and "simple"
02:09.48pcjThen those probably rely on common.css
02:10.21pcj actually
02:10.26pcjI don't know which ones you're missing tho
02:11.16pcjI need a Foxbot!
02:11.46AFKDuTempetestandard, cologneblue, myskin, and nostalgia
02:11.50infobotit has been said that foxbot is [[User:Foxbot]], launch by saying "I need a Foxbot!" while foxlit is around.
02:11.54AFKDuTempetemyskin has a file, bu tthere isn't anything in it.
02:12.29AFKDuTempeteoh, sweet
02:12.46pcjDon't know what you mean by standard
02:13.00pcjMySkin is for users to create their own skin :P
02:13.28AFKDuTempeteah, I see
02:13.34AFKDuTempetethe name of the skin is "standard"
02:13.55pcjDon't see that in my skin list on WoWWiki
02:14.37AFKDuTempeteah, it's on mine
02:15.22pcji see chick, classic, cologne blue, monobook, myskin, nostalgia, simple, and wowwiki
02:15.41AFKDuTempetemaybe the common file is that "shared.css" one, that I can use from a subpage
02:16.05*** join/#wowwiki elmargol (
02:18.05pcjYou should be able to do a CSS import on the other skins if you have to share CSS code among skins in any case
02:20.45pcj@import "";
02:20.48pcjfor example
02:21.46AFKDuTempeteyou mean drop it in the indiv skin's file?
02:21.56pcjAt the top
02:21.57*** join/#wowwiki Inez (
02:22.10AFKDuTempeteyeah, can't go in the bottom or it'll fuck shit up =P
02:22.44AFKDuTempeteI still haven't quite mastered the ordering of things in CSS, still takes me a while to get things straightened out when I create new webpages.
02:24.44AFKDuTempeteAhhh... good coding music. :)
02:25.00AFKDuTempete(My hard rock playlist) =P
02:25.40AFKDuTempeteI'm going to have to create my own user category, soon
02:25.54AFKDuTempeteup to 15 subpages, now
02:26.36DuTempeteI suppose I'm not afk, anymore. =P
02:26.43pcjSounds good
02:26.56pcjwb btw
02:35.39DuTempetemmm... type O negative
02:35.58DuTempetejust makes me want to get up and do a slow stripper dance... minus the stripping
02:36.37DuTempeteType O music
02:36.45pcjuh ok
02:38.57DuTempetehrmm... I think I'd like to use opacity for mouseovers on tables, rather than designating a color
02:39.25DuTempetethat way, it'd work for all of them
02:40.33pcjhmm, ok
02:41.01DuTempetebut it wouldn't work on tables that don't have specified background colors...
02:41.20DuTempetewell, maybe it would, actually
02:41.30DuTempeteno, not on white
02:54.45DuTempetemy god these are some ugly freaking skins
02:54.52pcjHeh :P
02:54.59pcjI'm surprised anyone uses them
03:00.15DuTempeteOk, 'splain something to me if you can: why is table bg-color set to transparent?
03:00.23DuTempetefor the wowwiki skin
03:00.34DuTempeteI don't get the reasoning for that.
03:02.10pcjWhere is it set to transparent
03:03.27DuTempeteafter having taken it out, I'm not seeing any difference in tables.
03:03.34pcjbackground-color: transparent; ?
03:03.55pcjoh you removed it before i checked
03:05.34pcjMaybe it affects only a certain browser?
03:05.44DuTempetehrmm... I'll check IE
03:08.40DuTempetenot seeing anything =P
03:09.48pcjIt might be a remnant from Monobook which is a white-based skin
03:10.55DuTempeteok, know of a way to make opacity only apply to the background in a single statement?
03:14.01pcjPfft, only thing I know about opacity expressed by CSS is
03:14.42DuTempeteyeah, that's where I'm getting the idea from
03:14.56DuTempeteit works, but it also dims the contents of the cells
03:16.12pcjExample 3 does it without affecting the contents of the div
03:16.51DuTempetebecause it's using the paragraph element
03:16.51pcjAh, you have to apply the font-color in a separate declaration
03:17.23DuTempetein order to do that, you'd have to declare a separate element where there is text =P
03:18.24DuTempetewell, is there a way to call a specific attribute along with the element?  ex. tr.text
03:19.44pcjIt'd only apply to the first line of text i think
03:20.09DuTempetesaw that
03:21.05DuTempeteideally, I'd be able to do something like tr:text:hover
03:21.24DuTempetebut I don't think you can call a psuedo-element and a psuedo-class at the same time
03:21.27pcjThat's certainly possible in JS, but doesn't seem that way in CSS
03:21.50DuTempeteyeah, it might come down to that, if I want to stick with this method
03:22.03pcjThe best way I can think of is to have two background images, one partially transparent, the other not :P
03:24.07DuTempetea 1x1 image, black or white, that's set to a specific opacity, and appears on mouseover?
03:24.28DuTempeteI like that
03:24.52pcjOf course with partial transparency you'd run into some problems with IE<7
03:25.30DuTempetenot seeing a version checklist on that page ;(
03:26.09DuTempeteI'm doing it the way they are with all 3 of IE, CSS3, and moz versions
03:31.08DuTempeteoh, no, I see what you're talking about
03:31.35DuTempetethe image itself would have to be partially transparent
03:32.04DuTempeteand that would require js to fix in IE, anyway
03:32.16DuTempetea lot more code than just using js to apply it only to the bg
03:33.03pcjClosest you'll probably get anyway, if you're concerned with making it work for IE6, doesn't look like it's gonna work anyway
03:34.05DuTempeteI'll probably just have to apply it to .darktable, then
03:34.17DuTempeteand require peeps to use that if they want the effect
03:43.48*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
03:43.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
03:45.42DuTempetegrrr, not sure how to call that ;(
03:45.49DuTempetehi sugar
03:46.00pcjcall what
03:46.08DuTempetetrying to call the tr w/in a darktable table
03:54.39DuTempeterunning to the gas station, bbr
04:00.07*** join/#wowwiki bl4q (
04:14.19KirkburnAFKDuTempete, heyo
04:16.51DuTempetehey ;)
04:17.33DuTempeteok, back to css fun
04:18.42DuTempeteOh, Kirk, which is the css doc that I can copy to a user subpage that contains the common css?
04:19.22DuTempeteand was js ever opened up to users?
04:22.57Kirkburntwas indeed
04:23.08Kirkburn[[Category:Galllery of user styles]]
04:23.17KirkburnWith one less 'l'
04:23.53KirkburnI didn't know Coreiel left Blizzard too :/ 10 days after Tseric
04:24.42KirkburnI think she left in response to Tseric leaving
04:26.21DuTempeteyou know why Tseric left?
04:27.09KirkburnEither he jumped or was pushed, we'll never know
04:27.35KirkburnCoreiel soon showed her support by modifying her sig
04:34.28DuTempeteKirkburn, do you know if there's a way to change the opacity of a certain attribute w/in CSS?
04:35.26DuTempetewhat I've been playing with is changing the opacity of the table row on mouseover
04:35.51DuTempetebut I can't think of a way to keep the text/images inside the table row to stay in focus
04:36.23KirkburnFreakin hell I hate this damn thing
04:36.24DuTempeteif you link me w3c I'll shoot you.
04:36.54KirkburnChanging the opacity on mouseover? Interesting ...
04:37.12KirkburnWhat do you mean stay in focus?
04:37.51DuTempetekeep the text at 100% opacity
04:38.09DuTempeteand your link is exactly what I'm doing
04:38.24KirkburnAh, I think I see
04:38.33DuTempetebut the problem is the text going opaque as well
04:39.05DuTempeteI'm trying to exhaust CSS resources before I go the js route
04:39.20DuTempeteI think opacity is the way to go that would be friendly for *every* table.
04:39.32KirkburnI'm intrigued by what you're attempting
04:40.22KirkburnWould never have thought of it :P (over just changing the row bg)
04:40.50DuTempeteaye, would solve any color issues ;)
04:41.00DuTempeteand would be able to go in the common doc
04:41.58DuTempetefor the white bg skins, it could be declared with a bg-color, mebbe grey, to get the same sort of effect.
04:43.39DuTempeteI think the key is being able to set the opacity of *just* the text
04:43.44DuTempetebut I'm not seeing any way to do it
04:46.15Kirkburnme neither
04:46.18DuTempetepcj did think of making an opaque bg-image...
04:46.37KirkburnYou'd probably have to <span> all the text to manage it
04:46.57DuTempetewhich is not something we want to make people do =P
04:47.32DuTempeteI'm going to test out using an image
04:48.24KirkburnOne thing that would be cool (if it was supported by more browsers) is to use tr:nth-child(odd) { color: blue; }
04:48.48Kirkburn(i.e. no more specifying colour by row)
04:50.20KirkburnBut alas not even Fx2 supports it
04:50.54DuTempetecrap, I can't figure out how to make a .png image opaque in psp =P
04:51.38DuTempeteoh, duh, nm
04:55.49DuTempeteok, created and uploaded Opaque-bg.png
04:58.06DuTempeteand also Opaque-bg-lt.png
04:58.15DuTempetefirst one is dark, second one is light
05:04.52DuTempetegrrr... s'not working Kirkburn:
05:06.56KirkburnNot working how?
05:07.21DuTempetenot getting the image on hover
05:13.47KirkburnWhy did you copy the main wowwiki.css override?
05:13.56KirkburnAll that stuff is already applied before your own css
05:14.33KirkburnThe image link is broken, DuTempete
05:14.59KirkburnShould be /images/d/d1/Opaque-bg-lt.png
05:15.05DuTempeteThat's what pcj told me to do =P
05:15.22KirkburnTry now
05:15.25Kirkburn(edited it)
05:15.55DuTempeteoh god, hello no opacity
05:16.26*** join/#wowwiki Strykar (i=wakka@gateway/tor/x-cef88c53ff40cdb3)
05:18.26KirkburnI need Sky and his references awesomeness
05:18.40Kirkburn ... now has 17 references
05:19.06DuTempetehe's away for a bit, isn't he?
05:22.12KirkburnHe is?
05:26.30DuTempeteI could be wrong, but I thought he'd mentioned something about being away for a few days.
05:27.01KirkburnSince he's not here, I bow to your better knowledge
05:27.23KirkburnI know this is really weird, but I love checking the histories of pages and seeing how they change over time
05:27.36KirkburnI'm really impressed by our WotLK article
05:30.07DuTempeteI do really like that page, too
05:31.12DuTempeteHrmm... I can remove darktable from there, can't I?  Since it's in the common file?
05:32.04DuTempeteand, btw, pcj and I were wondering why there was a declaration for transparent bgs in there, too?
05:41.29KirkburnHow do you mean?
05:42.06KirkburnOh, transparent table bg?
05:42.32KirkburnBecause by default it goes to #444 which I feel is bad design, especially since we don't use tables like that
05:43.17Kirkburne.g. categories would show half the page in lighter background just because it's a table >_>
05:49.38KirkburnThe Internet is for Porn ... Disney style!
05:51.05DuTempeteHrmm... I removed it from the file, and I'm not seeing a difference (the transparent bg).
05:52.50DuTempetelol that'd be more amusing if they had timed the animations better with the lyrics
05:53.40KirkburnIt's not that bad :(
05:54.12DuTempeteomg... I haven't really listened to the lyrics in a long time =P
05:54.30DuTempete"grab your d--- and double-click" LOL
05:58.35Kirkburnself censorship on here?!
05:59.02DuTempetelol I was trying to be polite
05:59.09KirkburnThough not as funny as the guy who self-censored s*cks
05:59.21DuTempetethat's funny :)
05:59.53DuTempeted--- is on my dirtiest list, and therefore a word I tend to censor
05:59.57DuTempetelike c---
06:00.13DuTempeteor, rather c--k and c--t
06:01.18KirkburnThe latter, certainly
06:02.50KirkburnWhen first starting the channel I was rather reticent about allowing stuff like that, but as it seems we get a pretty mature crowd here, I'm not as bothered now
06:03.08DuTempeteI hate censoring myself =P
06:03.18KirkburnBut obviously outright offensive words are a no :P
06:03.33DuTempetegotta have a minimum level of respect =P
06:03.40Kirkburnyour mom
06:03.45Kirkburnuh, sorry, I mean yes
06:04.25DuTempeteYou probably can't call my mother anything I've never called her before. =P
06:05.17KirkburnA word I learnt from Green Wing, an awesome UK comedy
06:16.11KirkburnQuim is another
06:18.31KirkburnNookie, anyone know that one?
06:22.13DuTempetenookie I know
06:22.20DuTempetequim, no
06:22.34DuTempeteever heard anyone called a shirt-lifter? =P
06:24.20KirkburnIt's rather descriptive :P
06:24.49DuTempetea guildy picked that one up off the internet, thought it was hillarious and consequent throwing around of the term went on for abuot a month =P
06:26.30DuTempeteWhere is the code for the toc?
06:26.55Kirkburnno idea
06:27.08DuTempetewel, it's a table, so it's affected by hovers
06:27.24DuTempeteso I set a .nohover, but i gotta figure out where to put it =P
06:35.15*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
06:53.34BoubouilleKirkburn : get a life
06:53.39BoubouilleI mean, hi guys !
06:56.30KirkburnOh, and this is an awesome UK show -
07:02.36*** join/#wowwiki clad|sleep (
07:23.47KirkburnI could watch QI for hours ...
07:24.08*** join/#wowwiki Strykar (i=wakka@gateway/tor/x-2ab1ab7d95c02474)
07:25.57DuTempeteQI, Kirkburn?
07:26.05DuTempeteoh, nm, look up, Du
07:26.18Kirkburnseriously awesome
07:27.24DuTempeteI was watching all those body mod videos ;)
07:28.44KirkburnA quicker vid than QI -
07:29.00Kirkburn(neatorama is an awesome site btw)
07:34.33DuTempetebut I want to wath the long one!
07:38.59Boubouillejust got an interesting mail
07:39.00BoubouilleWomens always giggled at me and even guys did in the public toilets!
07:39.00BoubouilleWell, now I laugh at them, because I took MegaDik
07:39.01BoubouilleFor 4-5 months and now my dick is much bigger than "average" size.
07:46.39DuTempetewow... that's some talented hand puppetry =P
07:50.37*** join/#wowwiki Laraul (
07:59.36*** join/#wowwiki UnknowN-TerroR (
08:07.06KirkburnAnd this is beautiful -
08:09.08*** join/#wowwiki Droffats (
08:11.19KirkburnAnd this is plain awesome -
08:20.57DroffatsThank you very much, Kirkburn
08:21.14DroffatsI think I'll watch it again
08:23.30KirkburnI can't stop laughing at some of the neatorama stuff
08:23.46DroffatsYup just as good the second time.
08:36.01KirkburnDroffats, you missed all my other links ><
08:36.17KirkburnNeatorama mostly
08:39.18Kirkburnomg, so awesome -
08:39.43DuTempeteDammit, it's gonna take me an hour to catch up on all those videos, Kirk!
08:45.34DuTempeteholy shit... I think my spleen is going to explode over that business meeting..
08:48.04Kirkburn"Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don't have a good partner, you'd better have a good hand." -- Woody Allen
08:49.13Kirkburn"My girlfriend always laughs during sex ---no matter what she's reading." - Steve Jobs (yes, really)
08:50.38Kirkburn"See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time." - Robin Williams
08:50.59Kirkburn"Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place." - Billy Crystal
08:51.25*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
08:51.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
08:54.52KirkburnATTORNEY: ALL your responses MUST be oral, OK? What school did you go to?
08:54.52KirkburnWITNESS: Oral.
09:00.29ggilbertI was really worried about where that joke was going
09:00.37ggilbertknowing the late night occupants of this channel
09:02.02KirkburnSo apparently $2 bills are rare?
09:02.02KalrothWell if it had been a new joke, then I might have taken it places. But my grand-grand mother used it like twice a day, because she forgot that she had told it.
09:02.11DuTempeteKirkburn, where's the page to report vandals?
09:02.17DuTempeteyes, they are, Kirk
09:02.31DuTempeteand ggilbert, I'm not sure how to take that statement =P
09:02.59ggilbertKirkburn: Easy to get one, but they  rarely seen in normal circulation
09:03.20KirkburnDuTempete, before you add him
09:05.13DuTempeteoh, good, that's all he got to
09:05.50DuTempeteThat's my first vandalism catch!
09:07.35KalrothBe nice to Kirkburn, he tries :(
09:08.30*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
09:08.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
09:08.45KirkburnYay for vandalism watching :)
09:08.48KirkburnCan you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?
09:09.14DuTempeteyesterday, today, tomorrow
09:09.15KalrothKirkburn: Yesterday, today, tomorrow!
09:09.32Kirkburnpeasy :P
09:09.42TekkubAug 25, 26th and 27th
09:09.50DuTempetelol Tekk
09:09.52KalrothNo poking!
09:10.05KirkburnTake 1000 and add 40 to it. Now add another 1000. Now add 30. Add another 1000. Now add 20. Now add another 1000. Now add 10. What is the total?
09:11.18KirkburnMary's father has five daughters: 1. Nana, 2. Nene, 3. Nini, 4. Nono. What is the name of the fifth daughter?
09:11.46Tekkub"Bitch, get in the kitchen and make me a pie"
09:12.16KirkburnA murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms: The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven't eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him?
09:12.31*** join/#wowwiki pigro (
09:12.53Tekkubthe room of fuhlameing lions!
09:13.00DuTempetelmao tekk
09:13.11ggilbertthe lions
09:13.12DuTempetethe room with the lions
09:13.14ggilbertthey're dead
09:13.26TekkubI named my Belf Lock Fuhlameing
09:13.28KirkburnA woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be?
09:13.36DuTempeteomg that's great, Tekk
09:13.46DuTempeteyou are so gonna get that nerfed, but it's great ;)
09:15.39DuTempete1. She took his piciture, 2. she gave him a hug under water while they were snorkeling or something, 3. she left him
09:16.06KirkburnA longer one:
09:16.10KirkburnThis is an unusual paragraph. I'm curious how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it? It looks so plain you would think nothing was wrong with it! In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is unusual though. Study it, and think about it, but you still may not find anything odd. But if you work at it a bit, you might find out! Try to do so without any coaching!
09:16.35DuTempetethere are no "e"s in the whole thing.
09:16.40Kirkburnyou're good
09:16.52DuTempete<--- English teacher.
09:16.55KirkburnYou are participating in a race. You overtake the second person. What position are you in?
09:17.09KirkburnIf you overtake the last person, then you are...?
09:17.30Kirkburnyay, gotcha!
09:17.43KirkburnHow can you overtake the LAST person?
09:17.45DuTempeteyou can't overtake the klast person
09:17.54DuTempeteunless you've made another loop
09:18.04DuTempeteif it was a loop course
09:18.12KalrothMaybe they were running backwards?
09:18.17KalrothIt's seen before
09:18.33KirkburnThere are two plastic jugs filled with water. How could you put all of this water into a barrel, without using the jugs or any dividers, and still tell which water came from which jug?
09:18.34DuTempeteso fast he decided to show off?
09:19.07DuTempeteyou don't have to put the water in at the same time
09:19.21KalrothMmmm, juggies
09:19.28DuTempetemmmmm juggies...
09:19.31*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
09:19.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Teomyr] by ChanServ
09:19.40*** join/#wowwiki Laurly (
09:19.58LaurlyDuTempete <3 love that responce
09:20.11KirkburnColour and freeze the water!
09:20.11DuTempeteI figured you would.
09:20.15Teomyrhello DuTempete!
09:20.33DuTempetethat works too, bu the question didn't require they been in at the same time, either. =P
09:20.41Laurlyi saw his comment last night before i went to bed didnt feel like replying :)
09:20.48DuTempeteyou would have had to say "...put all of this water into a barrel at the same time"
09:21.06KirkburnBloody English teachers
09:21.20KirkburnSome stupid signs -
09:21.27DuTempeteonly once a month, Kirk
09:21.54DuTempeteAnd I'm pretty cleanly about that sort of thing.
09:22.24DuTempeteOk, I've got a story
09:22.59DuTempeteYou can ask as many questions as you like about the story
09:23.42Laurlylol Kirkburn
09:23.44DuTempeteLucy and George were found dead one evening.
09:23.51ggilbertthey're fish
09:24.01DuTempeteomg ggilbert I hate you
09:24.06ggilberthaha :)
09:24.21KirkburnDuTempete, ewwwww
09:24.31DuTempetesilly brits :)
09:24.32KirkburnEww, eww, eww
09:25.03DuTempeteGod forbid I ever go to the UK...
09:25.05KirkburnI want to hear the story :(
09:25.17DuTempeteit's too late, ggilbert ruined it
09:25.37DuTempetelets see if I can remember another one
09:29.10*** join/#wowwiki elmargol (
09:29.18DuTempeteThat's the only one I can remember clearly =P
09:29.34DuTempeteMy 5th grade teacher used to read those stories to us all the time. =P
09:29.42KirkburnSome of these are a bit close to the bone -
09:30.17Fisker-buggy game
09:30.29Fisker-i froze a guy then shattered him with my crowbar
09:30.35Fisker-then some npc wants me to take a picture of him
09:30.38Fisker-good game
09:30.44DuTempeterofl 69 standing up =P
09:31.44DuTempete"explaining why you got out of bed immediately: 816 calories"
09:32.22KirkburnIf you were to spell out numbers, how far would you have to go until you would find the letter "A"?
09:32.47DuTempeteomg that pick ont he bottom is hillarious w/ prince henry(?) breaking up
09:33.04DuTempeteclose enough, dammit
09:33.17DuTempeteI do remember one of them, though!
09:33.26Kirkburnggilbert, since when does eleventh have an 'A', or is a number?
09:33.43KirkburnOrdinal, anyway
09:33.50DuTempetethere is no letter A in any of the spellings of numbrers.
09:33.54DuTempeterofl Ggil
09:33.57Kirkburnomg, I hate you
09:34.05Kirkburnuntrue DuTempete
09:34.38Teomyrhexadecimal system
09:34.40DuTempetethere is no A in the word "numbers"
09:34.40KirkburnActually as a Brit I would disagree with the answer given
09:34.53KirkburnNo, it's a proper question :(
09:35.20KirkburnMy answer would be 101
09:35.21DuTempeteoh, I know
09:35.33DuTempetelol I know a teacher who would shoot you for that, Kirk
09:35.44DuTempeteit's "One hundred one" not "One hundred and one"
09:35.58KirkburnIn the US, perhaps
09:36.09KirkburnIn the UK "and" is standard
09:36.14DuTempeteyou'd go to the decimal point =P
09:36.29KirkburnI can understand shooting poeople for saying decimals as groups though
09:36.30DuTempeteone and howevermanybazzillianths
09:36.45Kirkburn1 point 10 >_>
09:36.56DuTempeteyou can do it with a smaller number =P
09:37.05DuTempete1.00000001 is smaller than 1.1 =P
09:37.11DuTempeteand you'd still say "and"
09:37.32KirkburnWhat's the first US-style ordinal, integer number spelt out with an A
09:37.58*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
09:37.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
09:38.12KirkburnYou're going to kick yourself
09:38.55DuTempetewell, by your logic, I could say "a hundred"
09:39.13DuTempetebut that's another thing not acceptable in the US, at least
09:39.29KirkburnI said US-style :(
09:39.36DuTempeteI'm thinking =P
09:40.10DuTempetehrmm... I could say "any integer"
09:40.20DuTempeteor "an integer"
09:41.05Kirkburnsrsly, it's not a trick question
09:41.23DuTempetewell, your phrasing of that question is hard to understand =P
09:42.20DuTempeteA doesn't have to be the first letter, does it?
09:42.27KirkburnUh, no
09:42.55KirkburnA clue: it's missing from this list. Ten, Hundred, Million
09:43.09DuTempeteone thousand
09:43.24KirkburnI still maintain 101 is acceptable =)
09:43.36KirkburnMaths jokes!
09:44.37Kirkburnwoah -
09:45.25DuTempeteohhh, that would be neat!
09:45.46DuTempetewoah, dance remix of Dido...
09:46.06DuTempetemakes me feel like I should be back 8 years ago with some light sticks...
09:46.29DuTempetefending off junkies with LSD...
09:46.42DuTempetesaying, "Try the purple one!"
09:47.51DuTempeteI miss drugs :(
09:48.36DuTempetepersonal question time!  Anyone here smoke pot at one time?
09:48.47Kirkburnnot I
09:48.59DuTempetepor quoi?
09:49.17DuTempetedon't make fun of my french!
09:53.58Kirkburnwouldn't dream of it
09:54.21DuTempeteyeah you would
09:58.09DuTempeteshit, Tekkub, you did BigWigs?
09:58.18Tekkubstarted it
09:58.26Tekkubnever raided enough to make modules
09:58.27DuTempeteneeds a trash timer, though
09:58.43Tekkubthere's a plugin
09:58.53DuTempetewhat site?
09:59.00Tekkubace I'd assume
09:59.46DuTempeteomg... I love that
10:00.26DuTempeteKirkburn, what are the drug laws in the UK?
10:00.47KirkburnNot how thwy compare to the US
10:00.59KirkburnLess strict, though, I think
10:01.20KasoPot is a class A which means they basically dont care unless you've got half a ton of it
10:01.26Kaso(is exaggrating slightly)
10:01.31KirkburnClass A?!
10:01.41KirkburnC surely
10:01.48*** join/#wowwiki Tinyboom (
10:01.49Kasoyah blah
10:01.52DuTempeteI'm a huge advocate for legalizing a number of illegal drugs, but I can't do anything about it, being a teacher
10:01.58Kasowrong end of the spectrum :>
10:02.00KirkburnClass A is like heroin, etc
10:02.14KasoI meant the low end not the high end
10:03.58Kasooh man thats awesome
10:04.03Kasoi wonder how much they wasted on that
10:04.20DuTempetewhatever it cost the author to buy photoshop =P
10:04.42KasoDon't spoil my dream !
10:06.01Kirkburnfull list -
10:06.17DuTempeteAhhh, one of the few bands I don't regret being alive in the '90s for... The Cranberries.
10:08.01KirkburnDuTempete, is this confusing to you?
10:08.04DuTempeteI wish there was a way to prevent _one_ person from seeing something I say :)
10:08.31DuTempeteis it confusing to you?
10:08.43Kirkburnnope, UK road sign
10:09.01Kirkburn(we like accuracy)
10:09.32DuTempeteseems to say the circular routes aren't complete
10:09.39KirkburnSeems reasonable to me, for a complicated junction :/
10:09.50KirkburnAh, think about which way you go around
10:10.17DuTempetedepends on which way you're coming from, doesn't it?
10:10.20KirkburnRoundabouts are represented that way with it cut off the way you don't go
10:11.01KirkburnLike a backwards ? I guess
10:11.05DuTempetewell, considering what side of the street you drive on, I'd think that was obvious
10:11.29*** join/#wowwiki Amberrock (
10:11.37KirkburnWell yeah, but it just shows your path more clearly
10:11.44DuTempeteOh shit, it's "amberrock"
10:11.57DuTempeteThey don't leave any room for common sense in the UK, do they? =P
10:12.04Kirkburnthough, er, the cutoff on that one is in a weird place
10:12.07DuTempeteYou're not intending on changing tha tback, are you?
10:12.13Amberrockthe UK?
10:12.29KirkburnHey Apollo
10:12.35Amberrockhey kirky
10:12.41KirkburnDifferent convo :P
10:12.50DuTempeteyour nick, silly
10:13.07DuTempetewho are you hiding from, eh?
10:13.21DuTempetemoonlighting as a vandal?!
10:13.28AmberrockI'm not hiding from anybody
10:13.37AmberrockI just adjusted my nickname to have that of my main character
10:13.45DuTempeteI still can't look at that nick w/o thinking about beer.
10:14.11Amberrockoh well, I like beer
10:14.12DuTempetebut this channel isn't about your char, it's about the wiki, in which your profile name is apollozeus, so it's confusing to the nubs. =P
10:14.15Amberrockso I don't really mind
10:14.48AmberrockI know DuTempete, but unfortunately the version of mediawiki WoWWiki is using doesn't let you change usernames
10:15.02DuTempetewell, sucks to be you, doesn't it? =P
10:15.20Amberrockmeh, I'll live :p
10:15.30DuTempeteso, stop confusing poor Kirk
10:16.51DuTempeteI nee dthat t-shirt...
10:17.59DuTempetehrmm, Kirk, what do you think?  Is that guy really british?
10:18.48Kirkburnhah, yeah
10:19.07Amberrockinteresting stuff
10:19.20Amberrockingame barbershop to change hairstyles.. >_>
10:19.39DuTempetehis accent doesn't sound right for some reason
10:19.53Amberrockaccent sounds swedish to me
10:20.05Amberrockthose paintguys their haircut looks nordic to me as well
10:20.56DuTempeteoh god, I don't want to waste 25 minutes of my life listening to that, apollo
10:21.02KirkburnPosh British to my ears
10:21.28Amberrockyou don't have to, DuTempete
10:21.28DuTempetewell, you'd know better ;)
10:21.31*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
10:21.31KirkburnAmberrock, add info to the WotLK article plz :P
10:21.38AmberrockI will
10:21.46AmberrockI've already created a new page for Justice Keep
10:21.52DuTempeteI'm much more entertained letting Kirk surf the net for me
10:22.15DuTempetefor ridiculous things that make me giggle at 6:21am
10:23.27Fisker-yay Kirkburn
10:23.35Fisker-i has attacked you
10:23.49Fisker-around me never relax
10:25.54Teomyrtogether we may defeat him
10:26.09DuTempeteI was just about to attack you, too, Teomyr.
10:26.21DuTempeteBut now I can't in good conscience.
10:26.29Fisker-you can't defeat me
10:26.36DuTempeteNo, but I can run...
10:26.52Fisker-but you can't hide
10:26.56*** join/#wowwiki Laraul (
10:27.36Fisker-i has a bioshock
10:28.03DuTempeteomg, you just shot Kirkburn with your cock...
10:28.19DuTempeteI seriously doubt you could generate enough pressure to shoot *through* him...
10:28.55DuTempeteomg, that quote vid is soooooo embarrasing...
10:33.07*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
10:35.12Kirkburnoooh, goblin town
10:35.22Teomyrit's obviously "linking stupid things in chat"-time
10:35.34Teomyri'm getting weird links via IM too
10:35.38DuTempeteshush, Teomyr.
10:35.42DuTempeteI'm enjoying it. =P
10:35.49DuTempeteeeeeww ytmnd
10:42.07*** join/#wowwiki Laraul (
10:52.01Droffats"nobody really needs work when you have awesome."
10:52.08Droffatsgreat quote from the XKCD forums.
10:54.36*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
10:56.43*** join/#wowwiki Laraul (
11:05.10*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
11:05.19*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
11:05.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
11:07.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+v clad|sleep] by ChanServ
11:14.26*** join/#wowwiki Droolio (
11:16.56*** join/#wowwiki Kaso_ (
11:18.01Laurlywhat do you think about that idea?
11:27.58KirkburnDid you know, DuTempete got me into bed.
11:28.06DuTempetedammit Kirk
11:28.23KirkburnIt's true, just not in the obvious way :P
11:28.57KirkburnMr. Freud, your time is up.
11:33.05*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
11:41.39KirkburnMORNING ADYS
11:42.07DuTempeteMORNING ADYS!
11:48.02*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Amberrock] by Kirkburn
11:48.14KirkburnAmberrock, you should link the nicknames
11:48.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Bibi] by Kirkburn
11:55.10DuTempeteI don't like the iea of adding anymore information to the disambig pages, other than making it clear which article is which (the bot hasn't been doing that)
11:55.14DuTempeteit's unecessary
11:55.27DuTempeteand, btw, disambigs shouldn't be created for less than 3 articles
11:56.21DuTempeteIf you can ge the bot to create a disambig line for 2 articles, that would be superb
11:57.44*** join/#wowwiki koala (
12:00.32koalahello every one
12:02.12DuTempetebuona dia
12:02.59KirkburnOMFG finally
12:03.11Kirkburnkoala, hullo
12:03.36KirkburnDuTempete, that wasn't italian again was it?
12:04.03koalaanyone can help me
12:04.08koalawith model editing
12:04.11infobotThis is IRC. Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question and if someone's around, they'll be glad to help.
12:04.11DuTempetewith, koala?
12:04.25koalai needo to change my human mage to undead :)
12:04.37AdysNot supported in this channel
12:04.46KirkburnModel changing isn't possible now
12:04.52koalacan u tell me some channel?
12:04.54koalawhy not?
12:05.09KirkburnAt least, not without hacks, which we don't allow discussion of
12:05.11DuTempetemake a human char and dress him the same way your UD is...
12:05.14Adys#learnbyyourself on quakenet
12:05.15KirkburnBlizz prevented it
12:05.18DuTempeteand take a screenie
12:05.42KirkburnI think it was around patch 1.8 or so
12:05.44koala:| ok then afk food
12:05.57DuTempetelol Adys
12:06.00AdysKirkburn: modelchanging is easily possible without hacks
12:06.06AdysJust fyi :P
12:06.08DuTempeteyou're such an Adys, and I love you for it ;)
12:06.17DuTempeteerr such an ass =P
12:06.17AdysI know ..
12:06.27KirkburnBy hacks I meant anything 'illegal' :P
12:07.53DuTempeteAdys, do you know where the code is that determines the toc's css?
12:11.12*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
12:11.12*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
12:33.42*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
12:50.33KirkburnNight all!
12:57.32*** join/#wowwiki UnknowN-TerroR (
13:03.43*** join/#wowwiki Kaso_ (
13:07.41*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
13:07.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
13:29.06*** join/#wowwiki Neothor| (
13:38.20Teomyrafter almost two years of use, this PC seems to suddenly have noticed that it lacks a floppy drive and starts complaining
14:10.47*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus5th (
14:13.14Fisker-Some girl tried to commit suicide and lost her leg
14:13.30Neothor|Fisker-, how
14:13.38Fisker-she was run over by a train
14:14.07Neothor|I thought it wasn so hard to be killed by a train
14:14.18Fisker-the operator slammed the brakes
14:14.24Fisker-so it didn't make it over her
14:14.28Fisker-she lost one leg :P
14:14.28*** join/#wowwiki Voluspaa (n=opera@
14:14.29VoluspaaHello everyone!
14:14.51Neothor|The girl got bad timing ;)
14:15.04Chompershead on rails, not leg
14:15.07VoluspaaWhat now?
14:15.46pcjprobably blonde
14:16.27VoluspaaI know how to kill myself: I can poison myself with drugs and alcohol, jump in front of a train, fall from great hights, use a gun  etc. etc.
14:17.14Voluspaa ;)
14:18.01VoluspaaSo, anything else you are discussing apart from suicide?
14:18.49Neothor|Nah not at the moment :x
14:24.21*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
14:25.27VoluspaaHei hei!
14:40.47*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
14:55.50*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
14:58.55bleetergah, where the hell does kirkburn get to every time I go to play him some music
14:59.47pcjprobably sitting in a chair again
14:59.58bleeterwhat a slacker
15:02.09VoluspaaNewsbot, are you there?
15:02.13VoluspaaInfobot, are you there?
15:02.24infobotSir! Too much booty in the pants, sir!
15:02.46VoluspaaInfobot, forget USA
15:02.47infobotVoluspaa: i forgot usa
15:03.48VoluspaaInfobot, The USA is a country that tries to develop a gay bomb in order to achieve victory over the terrorists.
15:03.49infobotokay, Voluspaa
15:03.55infobothmm... usa is a country that tries to develop a gay bomb in order to achieve victory over the terrorists.
15:04.32*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus5th (
15:04.33VoluspaaNice infobot.
15:04.57infobotAuthor of the phunky font changing addons ClearFont and ClearFont2, and WoWWiki bureaucrat. Also likes kittens and middle-management.
15:05.10infobotsomebody said adys was a 743 Naga Priestess
15:05.31VoluspaaInfobot, forget Adys.
15:05.31infoboti didn't have anything called 'adys.' to forget, Voluspaa
15:05.51Fisker-i'm hearing large metallic noises from my chassis
15:06.02Fisker-sounds like a deeper tone of the harddrive seeking or reading from it
15:06.11pcjyou need to let the magical gremlins out once in awhile fisker
15:06.18infobotadys is, like, a 743 Naga Priestess
15:06.26VoluspaaInfobot, forget Adys
15:06.26infoboti forgot adys, Voluspaa
15:07.20VoluspaaInfobot, Adys is an evil Frenchman who likes to ban people when Kirkburn is not looking. When Adys comes you should duck and cover.
15:07.21infobot...but adys is already something else...
15:07.31VoluspaaNO! STUPID INFOBOT!
15:07.46infobotfrom memory, adys is a 743 Naga Priestess
15:08.44VoluspaaInfobot, forget Adys
15:08.44infoboti forgot adys, Voluspaa
15:08.54VoluspaaInfobot, Infobot, Adys is an evil Frenchman who likes to ban people when Kirkburn is not looking. When Adys comes you should duck and cover.
15:08.55infobotVoluspaa: what are you talking about?
15:09.09VoluspaaInfobotInfobot, Adys is an evil Frenchman who likes to ban people when Kirkburn is not looking.
15:09.18VoluspaaInfobot, Adys is an evil Frenchman who likes to ban people when Kirkburn is not looking.
15:09.18infobot...but adys is already something else...
15:09.35VoluspaaI give up. Someone is messing with infobot!
15:09.43pcjyeah, you are
15:09.54VoluspaaSomeone who is not me
15:13.37infobotYou are probably looking for
15:14.55VoluspaWhy are you looking for the logs, Dotted?
15:15.10Adyswhy are you pinging me Voluspa
15:15.22DottedWhy do you care Voluspa?
15:15.46VoluspaOh, never mind. I'm just trying to get a conversation going here ;)
15:16.11pcjdid you bother to ask anyone else if they wanted a conversation first?
15:16.11Adyslets talk about my easy kickban trigger
15:16.16Dottedodd way of starting a conversation i'd say
15:16.23VoluspaAdys, I'm trying out my new IRC program
15:16.28DottedAdys lets talk about my missing router ;(
15:16.41VoluspaI was refering to you, not Adys
15:16.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!router@dotted.missing] by Adys
15:16.58VoluspaI didn't ping Adys because I wanted to speak to him ;)
15:17.41*** mode/#wowwiki [-b *!router@dotted.missing] by Adys
15:21.06VoluspaWell, NGASMB anyway :)
15:31.50Dottednewsbot will be offline til monday
15:32.40Fisker-would you kindly_
15:32.47Fisker-REMOVE HIS VOICE
15:32.51Dottedfu pcj
15:33.02DottedFisker- blame
15:33.27Dottedthey fucked me over stupid ***** c****
15:36.37pcjstrange, didn't know i had a censor on
15:37.55Dottedthe ops are listening pcj
15:38.37pcjbut then why even say it if you're just going to censor yourself
15:40.05Dottedwhy do you care?
15:40.16pcji don't
15:40.19pcjit's just dumb
15:43.15VoluspaDotted, I think you just broke the rulez oO
15:44.24Dottedi do that all the time (
15:48.59*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
15:48.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Teomyr] by ChanServ
15:49.06*** join/#wowwiki Lopen (
16:00.08*** join/#wowwiki blq (
16:09.10*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
16:14.53VoluspaPoor Dotted :(
16:15.09*** join/#wowwiki Amberrock (
16:15.42Amberrockwatching the new Kaplan interview makes me hungry :(
16:15.54Amberrockthere's chips in the background
16:17.38Fisker- <-lulz iraqi information minister
16:19.27*** join/#wowwiki Adys|sleep (
16:19.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys|sleep] by ChanServ
16:23.13AmberrockZul'Aman to be released within two months, that's what Jeff Kaplan hints
16:23.39pcjwhich means 2.2 is probably one a week or two away
16:24.26VoluspaWhen are they going to buff magi?
16:25.50AmberrockHe doesn't say :p
16:28.59VoluspaNGASMB! NOT! Silly Blizzard, buff us!
16:29.47*** part/#wowwiki Kaos (
16:38.48*** join/#wowwiki UnknowN-TerroR (
16:39.44*** join/#wowwiki UnknowN-TerroR (
16:40.49VoluspaAny admins here?
16:41.27VoluspaInfobot, what is an admin?
16:41.28infobotACTION is an admin to understand recursion, you must first understand recursion
16:47.17*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
16:50.38DuTempeteI'm baaaaaack!
16:51.08pcjyay :)
16:52.47VoluspaNo admins here :(
16:53.11VoluspaGuess I'll have to wait then
16:56.05pcjdid you figure anything out about the table background DuTempete
16:56.31DuTempetemebbe kinda
16:56.41DuTempetewait for what Voluspa?
16:57.04DuTempeteI ran into an issue with changing table bg colors
16:57.13DuTempetethe toc is a table, pcj =P
16:57.24DuTempeteand neither Kirkburn nor I know where the code is for that.
16:58.10DuTempetenot that  that's any kind of exhaustive list of people who know where things are (god knows I'm still a nub)
16:58.22DuTempetebut it's all that was around last night =P
16:58.53pcjHTML or CSS code for that?
17:00.29DuTempeteneed html to declare a class that isn't affected by the hover
17:01.38DuTempeteBut that reminds me, I tried pestering him about this last night, but he ignored me...
17:01.43DuTempeteLet's see if i spell this right
17:01.59DuTempeteoh fuck it, I fail at French... ADYS!
17:02.42DuTempeteDo you know where the code is for the toc?
17:04.22Adysno clue sorry
17:04.33DuTempeteThank you, darling.
17:08.24pcjdutempete: the TOC appears to be generated in Parser.php ... search for formatHeadings in
17:09.47DuTempeteso, how would we go about setting a class to it, to keep it from taking the changes?
17:10.03DuTempeteor is there a template it calls?
17:10.15pcjuhh...the TOC already has a clasee :P
17:10.24pcj<table id="toc" class="toc"
17:10.34DuTempetemultiple classes, silly
17:12.10*** join/#wowwiki Keolah (
17:12.18DuTempeteyou use more than one class
17:12.38DuTempeteso, you'd use class="toc nohover"
17:17.19*** join/#wowwiki Kaso_ (
17:18.54*** join/#wowwiki FtH|Daemona (
17:19.37*** join/#wowwiki Kaso___ (
17:20.38*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
17:26.33pcjok i found the actual HTML generator part of it
17:26.44pcj , search for function tocList($toc)
17:27.49DuTempeteeew, it creates all of the html
17:29.00*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata124 (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
17:29.10DuTempeteif we wanted to create a nohover class for it, it'd have to go in there ;(
17:29.19DuTempetewell, I can at least test it out on another table.
17:34.16pcjno one cares
17:34.28DuTempeteesp if it's all going to be in caps
17:35.49pcjyou really fail at typing
17:36.39*** join/#wowwiki Strykar_ (i=wakka@gateway/tor/x-8d7dc5b4c869b825)
17:37.31VoluspaI'm just kidding. The other day, a guild member yelled in guild chat that she had something to say. She told us she was pregnant and pointed out the father -- who turned out to be our guild master.
17:38.05VoluspaThen, he suddenly went offline.
17:38.26pcjyour guild fails at drama
17:38.49DuTempeteyeah, that's just too cliche
17:39.05DuTempetegood drama is much more subtle than that
17:39.10VoluspaIt turned out that she was joking. But no one told the GM ;)
17:39.27KeolahSo... you're pregnant then? :p
17:39.36DuTempetelol keo
17:40.01DuTempeteKeolah, there r no gurls in the interwebz!
17:40.26VoluspaI knew it! DuTempete is actually just Pete.
17:41.40DuTempetei has hunger...
17:41.48DuTempeteAdys, will you make me breakfast?
17:41.54KeolahHey, being a girl isn't a requirement to get pregnant, according to some creepy stories on the net!
17:42.19VoluspaBut I know there are several girls here. Laurla, Lymsleia and Adys.
17:42.21DuTempeteScrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, and some oj, pls.
17:42.40VoluspaOnly females can get pregnant, Keolah
17:42.46Voluspaabd Keolah
17:42.49DuTempeteno wai, keo
17:42.58pcjpics or no dice
17:43.05Keolah(Although, I'm a bit too old to be called a "girl" anymore, technically)
17:43.34VoluspaWell, peppermø if you're from Denmark then.
17:44.14pcjI think Keolah might be from minnesota?
17:44.23DuTempeteminnesota, eh?
17:44.51KeolahNo, I'm from Oregon, but my ISP is very weird sometimes. :P
17:45.01pcjclose enough
17:45.04DuTempetewhat's with everyone from oregon in here?
17:45.09VoluspaYou're just "Pete", remember?
17:45.11DuTempeteSky2042, Jiyambi
17:45.14VoluspaI have no idea.
17:45.42KeolahOf course, I could be a smartass and say I'm from Teldrassil, like I said to the last person who asked for my "asl?" :)
17:45.55*** join/#wowwiki UnknowN-TerroR (
17:46.00DuTempeteI just don't tell them my age
17:46.07DuTempetethey come up with some pretty good responses
17:46.13DuTempeteAdys, how old am I?
17:46.42VoluspaWhy are you talking to Adys as if he is an infobot?
17:47.32DuTempeteIm' asking him because he's the one with the best answer ;)
17:47.59VoluspaInfobot, where is Adys?
17:48.01infobotVoluspa: what are you talking about?
17:48.33VoluspaInfobot, slap hurts infobot
17:48.34infobotACTION slaps hurts infobot, keep your grubby fingers to yourself!
17:53.04Voluspa~slap infobot
17:53.05infobotACTION slaps infobot, keep your grubby fingers to yourself!
17:57.46*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus5th (
18:01.21AdysDuTempete: was eating :o
18:01.33Adysso er
18:01.49Adysconsidering your msn avatar being quite an old serie you "grew up on"
18:02.04Adysi'd say about 32
18:02.12Adyslikely more
18:02.29DuTempeteAdys always comes up with good answers to this question ;)
18:02.42AdysSo what did I win. :)
18:02.55Adysand how close was I?
18:02.56Kalroth32? That's a bit high, I wouldn't say more than 25!
18:03.35AdysKalroth: you dont change other people's ages to fit yourself :P
18:03.48KalrothAdys: I'm a month away from 30 :(
18:04.02KalrothBut you don't guess high when it's about women
18:04.03Adysyou've been flirting with a 16 years old kid for months!
18:04.21AdysYou like them young you silly perv
18:04.36KalrothYou don't have an age on the internet!
18:04.48Adysthats a great quote
18:04.51KeolahMy dad dates women younger than me. :(
18:05.31AdysMy dad's older than my grandmother's mother
18:05.34KalrothKeolah: Ask him if his dates got a girlfriend, that way you can double-date!
18:05.38Adysbut then again ..
18:05.57AdysKalroth: I think that's a great idea
18:06.09AdysTry both, let the girl chose
18:06.17Adys"your son does it better"
18:06.24Adysfucking great idea you just had :P
18:06.40KalrothWhat if she picks the dad? :/
18:06.53KeolahMy dad doesn't have any sons. ;p
18:06.54Adys"You should listen to your dad"
18:07.18KeolahHe just wound up with 6 daughters before he finally decided he just wasn't gonna get a boy. ;p
18:07.25DuTempeteomg, that's frightening, Keolah... I'd kill him for that =P
18:07.44KeolahBut he sure tried! :p
18:07.47KalrothKeolah: Sweet, then you can go shopping with his dates!
18:07.49AdysKeolah: 6 daughters? gawd, how old is he?
18:08.00KeolahWell, he started at 18...
18:08.02KalrothKeolah: Imagine if you and his date showed up in the same clothes
18:08.07Adysthat explains it
18:08.15DuTempetelol Kal
18:08.17Adyshe'd be about 35 then?
18:08.23Adysno wait, older
18:08.34Kalroth22.5 years old!
18:08.53KeolahHe's like 46.
18:08.53Adysand you keolah would be .. 26-28?
18:09.08Keolah27, you got it. ;)
18:09.22KeolahOf course, he's a bigger dork than I am.
18:09.37KeolahHe called me on my birthday and spent an hour discussing heavy metal, scifi tv, and MMORPGs.
18:09.44KalrothYour dad is my new hero!
18:10.00Adysyour dad is kalroth's new boyfriend
18:10.00DuTempetemy dad did something like that keolah
18:10.16KeolahI think he spent half of that time discussing how much better CoH is than WoW.
18:10.17Kalroth46 years old, likes heavy metal, scifi, mmorpgs and 25 year old women.
18:10.24DuTempetehe said "You can tell all your friends that I was at the first GenCon!"
18:10.26KalrothCoH? All respect gone.
18:10.34DuTempeteI was like, "yeah, sure dad..."
18:10.44KalrothDuTempete: haha
18:10.52KeolahYeah, even I'm not geeky enough to LARP, either.
18:11.24KalrothNothing wrong with LARPs if all the women wear Xena outfits!
18:11.25DuTempeteIt's hard enough being my own geek, and you think I'm gonna go around telling people how big a geek my dad is, too?
18:11.53DuTempeteomg Xena!
18:11.59DuTempeteLucy Lawless is hawt =P
18:13.54DuTempeteno, I can't do the larp thing, either.  The one time I went to GenCon, I refused to stay when the LARPing startied.
18:14.07*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
18:14.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
18:14.19Keolah"Hey, we're having a vampire LARP this weekend, wanna come?" "Uh, no thanks, dad."
18:14.32pcjI need a Foxbot!
18:14.44*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
18:14.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
18:21.35DuTempetelol, I'm watching some movie about giant man-eating bats
18:21.42DuTempeteit's funny
18:23.34pcjyou watch weird things
18:25.20DuTempeteI just have an aversion to frequent channel changing =P
18:25.29DuTempeteMy grandfather was a channel-changer =P
18:26.18KasoCanadians take the threat of zombies very seriously!
18:28.13KalrothKaso: So does Bush: :)
18:29.50Kasohehe <3
18:33.55Fisker-can it be internet haet machien tiemz?
18:34.11KalrothNo hate here, I'm all love baby!
18:37.08VoluspaAdys, are you still here?
18:37.36VoluspaDo you have the power to solve my problem?
18:38.02*** join/#wowwiki Laraul (
18:38.29AdysYour problem is beyong anyone's power to solve. The humanity is not powerful enough to come even close to a solution
18:38.38Adysoh that.
18:39.58Adysdont think i can no
18:39.59Adysnot sure
18:41.13Adysno only wikia can
18:42.00VoluspaDon't be sorry! That means that you aren't an unaccountable individual after all ;)
18:42.41VoluspaSo I guess Kirkburn isn't either... does this mean that Wikia controls Wowwiki?
18:44.26DuTempeteThey're all out of the office atm.
18:44.35DuTempeteAnd I think Kirkburn took the last open position. =P
18:45.52VoluspaThey're out of office?
18:45.58KasoYah if you bug kirk about it im sure he can pull some strings for you
18:46.11AdysKirk loves pulling strings out
18:46.18VoluspaKirk not here :(
18:46.50KasoAdys,  what you and kirkburn do in your spare time is your own business
18:47.51VoluspaI've heard that Kirkburn likes French girls... but I never thought...
18:50.16VoluspaAdys, are you a girl?
18:50.46Adysare you looking for a relationship?
18:51.19DuTempeteDon't listen to Adys, Voluspa
18:51.25Kasobest reply ever
18:51.41DuTempeteHe just likes norwegians for thier sex, he'll dump you in a week, when he gets bored.
18:51.46Adysi always do my nice quotes when teomyr isnt here :(
18:52.58VoluspaHow do you know all this stuff, DuTempete?
18:53.14DuTempeteIf I told, they wouldn't be secrets. =P
18:54.18pcjadys, you should save them up then
18:54.39Voluspa -- Not everyone are like them you know.
18:55.08DuTempeteeveryone *is* Voluspa
18:55.37VoluspaOh, silly me.
18:58.50Fisker-shut up Dotted!
18:59.09pcjwho listens to that crap anyway
18:59.09Dottedwhy did that happen Fisker-? :(
18:59.13*** join/#wowwiki Strykar_ (i=wakka@gateway/tor/x-1db459b94e6ec3c8)
18:59.20VoluspaCan you hear each other?
18:59.40pcjcan't you hear the voices?
18:59.54pcjTHEY WON'T SHUT UP
19:00.35VoluspaNo, I'm using OPERA
19:01.06VoluspaShould I change to another IRC program?
19:01.36Dottedyeah use ircII
19:02.51VoluspaDownloading it now.
19:04.06VoluspaSo how do I install this program?
19:04.29Dottedseriously :P?
19:04.53Dottedhaha, i was just kidding Voluspa
19:05.09VoluspaTHe file just contained a lot of other files. I can't open any of them
19:05.25Adysthat spoiled all the fun
19:05.43Dottedyou probably downloaded the *nix version
19:05.49VoluspaIRCII isn't any good, it's for UNIX, right?
19:06.09VoluspaIt's not funny!
19:06.13DottedircII EPIC4 works in windows
19:06.34Dottedbut dunno if you can use it for other than "listening"
19:06.37AdysKalroth: i dont remember, did you see that article about a linux user having to use windows because he downloaded illegal music?
19:06.45KalrothYup, I linked it :p
19:06.49KalrothIt was on slashdot
19:06.51Adysok thought so lol
19:07.01DottedVoluspa save the trouble and stick with opera
19:07.16VoluspaBut I want to listen too :(
19:07.33*** kick/#wowwiki [Voluspa!] by Adys (You don't deserve to be in a nerd chan)
19:07.55*** join/#wowwiki Voluspa (n=opera@
19:08.19KalrothI'm not a nerd :((
19:08.49VoluspaDo you care about anything else than sex and being childish?
19:08.57*** kick/#wowwiki [Kalroth!] by Adys (gtfo then)
19:09.24*** topic/#wowwiki by Adys -> Chan rules: - UI questions: #wowi-lounge - No trolling/acc trading/emu serv talks, thanks || Not a WotLK FAQ: || FA time: || 42,500 NERDS permanently in the channel
19:09.30*** join/#wowwiki Kalroth (
19:09.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kalroth] by ChanServ
19:09.37KalrothMy channel vanished!
19:09.49KalrothBut it's back now, no worries.
19:09.52Dottedwow more danish guys in here
19:10.20KalrothI'm not danish, I irc through a unix box I rooted back in May!
19:10.31VoluspaI suppose the only pussy you'll ever meet is the one that ate your computer's mouse! Now be nice and help me-
19:10.31Adysthen you are a nerd
19:10.40KalrothOh wait, then I'm danish.
19:10.47Adystoo late
19:11.02DottedVoluspa i said stick with opera
19:11.18Dottedirc is nothing more than text chat anyway
19:11.26AdysVoluspa: i had the pleasure to meet two pussies in the past week just on wowwiki, you and the other Crashing tard
19:11.39Fisker-gonna internet hate machine this place up
19:11.47Adysalready done
19:11.56VoluspaI beg your pardon, Adys?
19:11.58KalrothAll you need is love.
19:14.40DuTempetedoo doo doo doo doo
19:14.45DuTempeteAll you need is love.
19:15.09VoluspaIn response to Adys' childish behaviour and sexual assault, I hereby institute the O.C.F.D.A.C. Official Committee for Demoting Adys to Clown.
19:15.25Dotted[Voluspa]: I suppose the only pussy you'll ever meet is the one that ate your computer's mouse! <- lol childish behaviour
19:15.35AdysIm the one who can demote stuff, you're not
19:15.54DottedAdys hmm wouldnt Voluspa actually be Teabag 4.0`?
19:16.10Adys3.0 i believe
19:16.16VoluspaEveryone who wants to join leave their sign at this page:å/OCFDAC
19:16.22DottedKjærlik was 2.0, Kos 3,0
19:16.31Adysoh yeah Kos too
19:16.31VoluspaWhat are you talking about now?
19:17.06Dottedahahahahah rofl at that page Voluspa ahaha
19:17.10VoluspaIs that a code or something?
19:17.14Adyssign up where? :/
19:17.33DottedVoluspa if you dont know, you dont need to know
19:17.39DuTempetewhat link, voluspa?
19:17.49pcjwhat voluspa?
19:17.53DottedAdys deleted it ;(
19:18.05AdysI dont delete stuff like that!
19:18.21VoluspaI'll go check the deletion log then
19:18.22pcjhow do you delete stuff then
19:18.24Dotted21:16, 25 August 2007 Adys (Talk | contribs) deleted "User:Voluspå/OCFDAC"
19:18.31Adyssuch a lie!
19:18.45DottedZOMG TEH WIKI IZ A LIES!!!!!
19:18.52Adyspcj: put your mouse here, and then you do that
19:19.00VoluspaNope, Adys deleted it
19:19.02Adysthen you do it like that and hope, deleted
19:19.43*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
19:19.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
19:20.25VoluspaAren't you supposed to follow certain guidelines or something?
19:20.46VoluspaDeletion Policy *Hint-hint*
19:21.07AdysI make the guidelines, you follow them
19:21.34AdysIm officially a power abuser, if i feel like banning everyone i can and you dont have anything to say about it
19:21.41Fisker-one of the crysis trailers have a picture of something that looks like a scrin from C&C3
19:22.11VoluspaThe difference between the English Wowwiki and the Norwegian is that we have a Board Room and a Justice Committe.
19:22.37pcjlol @ norwegian wowwiki
19:22.41ThraeFjordMan! Defender of Justice!
19:22.50pcjyou guys should merge with conservapedia
19:22.54DuTempetelol Thrae
19:22.58Adyspcj: lmao
19:23.01DuTempeteooooh, yeah, that's a plan, pcj
19:23.31VoluspaConservapedia? Hmmm...
19:23.53DuTempeteyeah, it's all about conserving the spirit of the wiki
19:23.59DuTempeteI think you'd like it
19:24.14VoluspaIt looks a bit... republican?
19:24.54Dotted i win
19:25.00ThraeDon't fuck with the Fjords -- they have Thor, God of Thunder! Thor will kick your ass.
19:25.17DuTempeteoooh thor
19:25.23DuTempeteI named my dog Thor
19:25.32DuTempetehe had a white streak through his eye
19:26.15Dottedpcj needs some humor in his life
19:27.03AdysSee Voluspa im following the deletion policies, I wait for a {{sd}}
19:27.08Dottedsame with Adys >_>
19:27.16Dottedi removed SD Adys
19:27.19Adysrecreating deleted content may result into a ban
19:27.21DottedSO YOU DIDNT
19:27.25DottedCOUGHT YOU
19:27.56VoluspaYou can't mess with other people's pages. As far as I know, people are allowed to do whatever they want on their own pages.
19:28.00AdysI love messing with kids with a mental age lower than mine :)
19:28.17VoluspaYou just love having power.
19:28.18Adysincreases my epeen badly
19:28.42Adysyes Voluspa and the only reason i didn't reban you is you're still sorta entertaining so keep it low
19:29.23DuTempeteAdys has a large epeen.
19:29.25DuTempeteI've seen it.
19:29.29Adysshe saw it.
19:29.33Adysbeat me to it
19:29.36ThraeSounds kinky.
19:30.37Adysmen are not allowed to watch
19:30.51Adysand looks like their thing works because it doesnt load here
19:31.40Fisker- lol turn up for the propaganda
19:33.22Dottedi win
19:34.33Fisker-you fail
19:35.11VoluspaYou would need somewhere where people can sign the petition though
19:35.47DuTempeteWhat kind of clown, though?
19:35.50DuTempeterodeo clown?
19:35.52DuTempetesad clown?
19:35.55DuTempetehobo clown?
19:35.59VoluspaWowwiki clown.
19:38.39Fisker-I'm gonna kill 1 million jews and a clow
19:39.28VoluspaHowever, I don't think Kirkburn will allow it. Though, I know he has recently received several complaints about Adys
19:39.39Dottedso you are gonna kill Adys Fisker-??? Thats not very nice
19:39.51VoluspaThere are many other clowns too you know
19:39.55DottedVoluspa by you :P?
19:40.15VoluspaYes, perhaps I'm sort of a clown?
19:40.58VoluspaMy " im teen gurl 15 loking for help" thread rocked.
19:41.46Voluspa ;)
19:42.51AdysVoluspa: the fact kirkburn recieved complaints about me doesn't mean neither of us care about any of these complaints, get your facts straight
19:43.25Adysalso get another fact straight, if i want to ban you permanently from the wiki i can do that under 30 seconds in about 5-6 clicks
19:43.53Adysand a last fact you need to get straight,you've been unbanned once, doesn't meant you'll be unbanned twice
19:44.07Adysnow either you get the fuck out of this channel and wiki or you start behaving normally
19:44.51VoluspaGoodbye Adys.
19:44.54*** part/#wowwiki Voluspa (n=opera@
19:45.04Adyswell at least he got the message
19:45.36Adysafk again ping me if he comes back
19:45.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+v ThraeBot] by Adys
19:45.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+v TotalBiscuit] by Adys
19:46.31*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
19:46.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
19:47.17Adyslol emo
19:48.09DuTempeteomg lol
19:48.17DuTempetewho ever had questions of him?
19:48.54DuTempeteThe only question I recall him answering was the one we were too afraid to answer for fear of admitting an incapable editor
19:49.58DuTempeteThis question from the VP: can someone help me make a page for my char, i read the page on how to create one but i dont understand what adress bar to put the imformation in -- Dunnsworth 06:47, 23 August 2007 (UTC)
19:50.23DuTempeteI refused to touch that one
19:54.32pcjomg vandal
19:55.17Adyslet him do that
19:55.18Dottedwhat did you say to him?
19:55.21Adysless work for me
19:55.28Adysdotted: pming you sec
19:56.17Dotted<3 Adys
19:56.31Adysyou got in the chan like a minute later
19:56.31DuTempeteserious emo
19:56.34Dottedbut you should still be demoted to clown regardless :D
19:57.33Dottedfuck havent done my netherwing quests yet
19:58.50pcjmeh they're easy
19:59.09DuTempeteI think Adys's official position should be Hobo Clown
19:59.29pcjclowns are scary
20:00.08DuTempeteyou watched It too many times.
20:01.08*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
20:02.30*** join/#wowwiki Xinhuan (
20:03.49Fisker-broken site is broooooooooooooooooken
20:10.57*** join/#wowwiki fric (
20:30.25*** join/#wowwiki Voluspa (n=opera@
20:30.29VoluspaAdys informed me that he just ?keeps me around? because he thinks I am entertaining. After taking into consideration his actions against me and the unpleasant incident on the IRC channel, I no longer feel that there is a prospect of a relationship based on mutual friendship and respect between Adys and me, which makes my efforts at Wowwiki futile. I would like to thank you for your understanding, and for the help you have offered me. Bear in mind
20:30.29Voluspathat I will always visit your page from time to time, even if I won't involve myself directly in the Wiki?s work. Keep up the good work ;)
20:30.33VoluspaGoodbye everyone.
20:30.40*** part/#wowwiki Voluspa (n=opera@
20:31.05Adysemo drama queen ftl
20:31.17Adysseriously he's worse than jahnee
20:31.19Adysand kalroth !
20:31.50KalrothI'm not an emo drama queen, stop say that or I promise never to talk to you!
20:31.56*** kick/#wowwiki [Fisker-!] by Adys (spam)
20:32.01*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
20:32.05Adys"even if I won't involve myself directly in the Wiki?s work."
20:32.09Adysoh thank fuck for that
20:32.14Fisker-It's a phone, an ipod and an INTERNET COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE!!1
20:32.28Adysits an ihouse
20:32.32Adysbut it has no windows?!
20:32.36AdysEXACTLY!!!! BWAHAHA
20:32.53KalrothWhy would anyone cum for the iPhone, it's the lamest thing since spoons without handles.
20:33.40Fisker-because people can't find their own country on a map
20:33.44Fisker-that's why
20:33.54KalrothI bet you're a dirty mac lover.
20:34.17AdysIm a mac lover Kalroth dont you go there sweetie
20:34.25Fisker-I can't wait to see an apple anti-trust lawsuit
20:34.44KalrothAdys: It doesn't matter in your case, since being a dirty frenchy is worse than being a dirty mac lover.
20:37.42Adysskip to :15
20:41.39Adyscmon that joke is awesome :p
20:41.45Adysthe rest of the vid is crap i give you that
20:46.27Kalroth this is rather freaky (safe for work, but dont let kids see it :)
20:49.28*** join/#wowwiki AFKDuTempete (
21:28.31TaurmindoThraeBot: char eu the venture co shadostalker
21:28.41ThraeBotTaurmindo: Shadostalker, Level 70 Night Elf Rogue (8/5/48). 7074 HP; 1429 AP; 286.6 Melee DPS; 22.22% melee crit; 60 melee hit; 34.83% dodge; 10 nature resist (+10);[[ TBR: 973 ][ Link: ][ Talents: ]]
21:49.24*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
21:49.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
22:02.07Fisker-someone stole Kirsten Dunst's iPod
22:02.07Fisker-good job thieves
22:02.09Fisker-you have my respect
22:07.17Dottedso i was like, hey i wanna watch a movie
22:07.24Dottedthen i was like
22:07.30Dottedfuck dont have a router
22:07.45Dottedshg fags
22:07.57Fisker-i sent them that letter of congratulations btw
22:07.59Dottedpayed extra for saturday delivery
22:08.13Fisker-you got ownt
22:08.15Fisker-you idiot
22:08.26Fisker-that's the most obvious trap you can walk into
22:08.37Fisker-If you want saturday delivery order it the monday before
22:08.51*** join/#wowwiki UnknowN-TerroR (
22:08.56Dottedthey cliam if you order before 13:30 on a saturday you will get it the same day
22:09.12Dottedi ordered it friday
22:09.44Fisker-i know
22:10.07Fisker-I once tried just to be certain and put express postage on a package ordered on a thursday
22:10.10Fisker-i got it tuesday
22:10.56Bibitry living in a civilized country maybe ?
22:10.58Dottedwhile i was waiting for the delivery guy that never showed op, i browsed the shg homepage and in some remote subpage i find out that the shop is open on saturdays aswell (not the image you get seeing the frontpage), but that was two hours after they had closed
22:11.06Bibiwith things like ... cars instead of horses, etc
22:11.18Fisker-well we live in a civilized country
22:11.25Dottedi live 5,5 kilometers from the shop
22:11.26Bibiwhere is it ?
22:11.30Fisker-but unfortunately shg resides in the former jutland, now german-nazi-fun-land
22:11.41Dottedlololol fireglow
22:11.45Fisker-ownt n00b
22:12.01Dottedownt by mirc tab-auto-complete :(
22:12.11Fisker-It's a shame that the germans only took slesvig at the battle for dybbøl mølle
22:12.18BibiOh you mean the "LOL NO EUROZ" country.
22:12.21Bibivery civilized indeed
22:12.38Fisker-Why would we want the euro?
22:12.47Fisker-It's called choice, and not obeying
22:12.48Bibibecause french people use it
22:12.50Dottedheh i just looked on my TV, and there was a name shown with 'Teabingh' in it
22:12.52Fisker-pathetic french slaves
22:12.54Dottedi was like...
22:13.15Fisker-A man chooses, a slave obeys
22:13.27DottedBibi french is LOL NO VISA CREDITCARDZ country
22:13.33Dottedfuck me
22:13.35BibiFisker- : Si ma tante en avait, ca serait mon oncle.
22:13.45BibiDotted : i've got a Visa :/
22:13.47DottedBibi Du da bøs
22:13.56Fisker-the french n00bs thinks we're german anyways
22:14.02Bibiyou are.
22:14.13Fisker-"lol we got a grudge against people who have nothing to do with WW2 because of Hitler lawl"
22:14.13DottedBibi gl refueling your car in the middle of the night then
22:14.27Fisker-i think i'll go to bed
22:14.29fireglowFisker-: hah ye  right
22:14.31Fisker-see you
22:14.41BibiDotted : french people don't use cars
22:14.41Dottedcya nub
22:14.42Bibiwe run.
22:15.01DottedBibi whats with the toll roads then?
22:15.50BibiRun faster.
22:16.45Bibiwe don't care, we've got tons of money
22:17.02Bibiwe invented wine, champagne, and foie gras.
22:17.03Dottedbut you voted a fag for president :(
22:17.13Bibii voted for him. Bush #2 !
22:17.17Bibigo go rule the world !
22:25.38*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
22:25.38*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
22:44.10*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
22:44.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
22:47.22TotalBiscuitKeolah? O_o
22:47.32TotalBiscuitjesus, hardcore long-time no see
22:48.51KalrothKirkburn: Morning?
22:50.57infoboti heard ugt is Universal Greeting Time. Created in #mipslinux, it is a rule that states that whenever somebody enters an IRC channel it is always morning, and it is always late when the person leaves. The local time of any other people in the channel, including the greeter, is irrelevant.
22:55.06KalrothOh, that's not what I meant, I meant why isn't it good?!
22:59.28KirkburnAdys, did something happen between you and Voluspa?
22:59.39AdysNoooooo not at all
23:02.26dreamss2in irc timezones become aparent more than anyone else
23:04.00dreamss2its funny how relativity applies
23:12.55*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
23:12.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
23:20.12KirkburnOooh, up to 86 articles on
23:26.43TotalBiscuitKirk, are you secretly gathering all the worlds knowledge in some kind of Skynet style affair? O_o
23:28.40foxlitAs long as its wikia, the world is safe
23:29.40KalrothwikiaNET v4.7, now with true AI. It finds the facts from crawling various websites and puts the articles together itself.
23:29.56KalrothNo need for editor drama!
23:31.31Kirkburnif only
23:31.43foxlit83 articles on bioshock is 82 too many :)
23:37.26DottedKirkburn outlook is good for the RC bot, except i dont have a router so no newsbot or WWrc :(
23:37.49Dottedoffline until monday
23:40.58BibiI heard that after 2 articles on a Bioshock wiki, the wiki is locked up and you've got to create another one.
23:41.50*** join/#wowwiki nudave (
23:42.51*** join/#wowwiki Mero (

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