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00:04.12Sandwichman Who is right? It is a long shot...
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00:09.48foxlitI should just auto-queue everything pcj sends
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00:12.08pcjfoxlit: there are two versions of and foxbot chose the non-epic version for the set
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00:22.27SandwichmanYeah, not important. I should stop linking things.
00:22.53foxlitPzy is right.
00:23.19foxlitAnd your response further emphasizes it :/
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00:23.48SandwichmanHow does my thing support him?
00:24.05foxlitIf the best argument is "both are blizzard games", there really isn't much to go on.
00:24.33SandwichmanHm... true.
00:24.48SandwichmanIt was a important term.
00:24.59SandwichmanOk, I'll leave it at that.
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00:45.36foxlitWonder if there's a version of Colloquy for win32
00:46.31foxlitThough probably not
00:46.38foxlitOSX ports to windows are... uncommon.
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02:34.40Sky2042goddamnit foxlit
02:34.48Sky2042warn us next time
02:35.05pcji had 60 items still in the queue :(
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02:44.09SandwichmanI only know about pallys for endgame.
02:47.50Sky2042be patient
02:48.11SandwichmanRet wears plate and tanks. Holy wears cloth to get a bigger mana pool, but the lack of armor makes soloing impossible. No one careas about prot.
02:48.18SandwichmanI am patient.
02:49.34pcjdid you just say ret is the tanking spec?
02:49.41Sky2042bigger... mana poool?
02:51.00SandwichmanDid i mix up ret and prot?
02:51.17SandwichmanReverce them. Sorry.
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02:52.23SandwichmanProt wears plate and tanks. Holy wears cloth to get a bigger mana pool, but the lack of armor makes soloing impossible. No one careas about Ret (Just stupid buffs).
02:52.34SandwichmanIs that right?
02:52.54pcjMost holy pallies probably have plate gear if they want to solo anyway
02:52.57Sky2042_all plds wear plate at endgame.
02:53.11Sky2042_most of the plate at that point has spread out stats, or is high on healing
02:53.24Sky2042_rets for the dpsgoodness
02:53.28SandwichmanEveryone wants me to heal but my plate gear make my mana low.
02:53.40pcjAre you in kara or what?
02:53.48SandwichmanI'm not in a guild.
02:53.58pcjThat would explain it then
02:54.01SandwichmanI'm a suckadin.
02:54.08Sky2042_you need +healing gear, not mana gear
02:54.14Sky2042_and spell crit
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02:54.50SandwichmanWhat is that mess?
02:55.14Sky2042_should be merged into the builds page
02:55.31Sky2042_it's a specific build that pretty much tops dpsmeters, and that's the order
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03:32.58pcjis the wiki being slow for anyone else
03:36.37pcjthraebot: char us maelstrom dernham
03:36.41ThraeBotpcj: Dernham, Level 70 Human Paladin (0/61/0). 11607 HP; 4068 Mana; 91 mana regen; 15657 Armour; 656 AP; 137.8 Melee DPS; 6.61% melee crit; 16 melee hit; 357 defense; 17.52% dodge; 17% block; 23 resilience; [[ Link: ][ Talents: ]]
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04:03.32bagginswwsky, I'm going to create a new category for specific classes, :)
04:03.36bagginsww"neutral heroes"
04:27.50bagginswwsky you on?
04:47.46Adysgood night
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05:08.17LeterHey guys,
05:08.44LeterAnyone here?
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05:37.58bagginswwI'm here, but don't know if I can help
05:39.18Sky2042i'm also here...
05:43.07Sky2042bagginsww, gonzalo had a point
05:44.14bagginswwdid he mean past or the new?
05:44.22bagginswwcause it needs to be clarified
05:44.41bagginswwcause the fel horde its unclear
05:45.01Sky2042i think he meant the horde from war2
05:45.07Sky2042[[Old Horde]]
05:45.48bagginswwahh, should say, "formerly" maybe?
05:46.00bagginswwthough Old Horde would mean the same thing
05:46.06bagginswwsince old horde no longer exists
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05:48.15[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Gamestar: Starcraft II Preview & Browder Interview -
05:48.16[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Wow Easter Egg - Starcraft: Ghost -
05:52.09Sky2042hey, bagginsww, in case you hadn't noticed, :)
05:52.10bagginswwactually the reason why they don't have beards was mentioned in one of the making of videos wasn't it?
05:52.16*** join/#wowwiki sannse_ (n=me@wikimedia/
05:52.18bagginswwya that's fine heh
05:52.27Sky2042i moved it from [[Sources]]
05:52.33bagginswwI added [[Chronicle]]
05:52.41Sky2042I have no idea about that one though
05:53.06bagginswwit was the title of the backstory portion of TFT manual
05:53.33Sky2042i knew that
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05:58.30Sky2042thank god for lunar falls
05:58.41bagginswwya? I hate lunar falls LOL
05:59.34bagginswwnice sky
06:00.03bagginswwI thought about doing that once, but readjustng the margins takes so long LOL
06:00.22Sky2042you have margins...
06:01.31bagginswwI mean most of the paragraphs are like 2 inches accross in the manuals and verticle
06:01.40bagginswwso you have 2 rows per page
06:01.52bagginswwlike newspaper type
06:02.15bagginswwyou have to remove alot of extra space to adjust it to one row format of wowwiki
06:02.56bagginswwoh heh
06:03.07Sky2042they have the others there as well
06:04.45Sky2042i wonder what happened to the guy developing it
06:04.51Sky2042last update is from over a year ago
06:06.17Sky2042unfortunately, no page numbers
06:07.56bagginswwLOL needed a little more than a npc box heh heh
06:11.10bagginswwthere is a dwarf in shadowmoon that gives his full name, and its different than his NPC name
06:11.14Sky2042hey, in war3 (the actual game) was malfurion named manlfurion, or furion (as in, the hero unit?)
06:11.18bagginswwwe really need to switch it heh
06:11.33bagginswwHe's Furion in Warcraft III, and Malfurion in TFT
06:11.43bagginswwand its said in both cutscene/dialogue
06:11.46bagginswwboth versions
06:11.57Sky2042thought that might be the case
06:12.04Sky2042in the manual, he's spelled furion
06:12.16bagginswwya but that's in warcraft III of course heh
06:12.20bagginswwFurion is a nickname aparently
06:13.29*** join/#wowwiki Pzykotic (n=pzykotic@unaffiliated/pzykotic)
06:13.30Sky2042i would do what he suggests, imo
06:14.43bagginswwsince when have we denied obscure character references?
06:15.03bagginswwI create them for the rpg all the time LOL
06:15.24Pzykotic"Do as I say, not as I do" imo.
06:15.28Sky2042yeah, but that's the rpg, with a very tangible background...
06:15.46bagginswwnot all of the characters I've refrenced had "tangible" backgrounds
06:16.05bagginswwonly reason I brought them up was unique interesting facts mentioned about them. sometmes only one sentence :p
06:18.06Sky2042hey, bagginsww, do you have a pdf of the war3 manual?
06:18.07bagginswwI mean sky, what about him LOL
06:18.12bagginswwI have the collector's pdf sure
06:18.19bagginswwits color heh
06:18.40bagginswwcollector's edition of the warcraft 3 manual was in color
06:18.47bagginswwwell the pdf I mean
06:19.02bagginswwits b&w in regular editions
06:19.04Sky2042could you copy and paste the text from the Heroes and Villains section to
06:19.12Sky2042could I have it? :O
06:19.33Sky2042i'll fix the text for you, i just want the info
06:20.08bagginswwI'll send it to you when I get the chance
06:20.20Sky2042well, can you copy and paste the info now?
06:20.23bagginswwmy copy of the game are packed away though
06:20.35bagginswwgetting ready to leave for hawaii in a week
06:20.47bagginswwUH Hilo here I come heh heh
06:21.01Sky2042well, not so cool there, but you get the ida
06:21.14Pzykoticso uh, where do I find this colored PDF? :(
06:21.34Sky2042we're sad creatures
06:21.35bagginswwits on the first disk of the collector's edition I think
06:22.02bagginswwdoes anyone have warcraft 1 version with the warcraft 1 manual pdf?
06:22.29bagginswwit was added in, in later versions of the game
06:22.30Sky2042theres a war1 pdf? maybe i'll look into that
06:22.36Sky2042i'll have a peek
06:22.50Sky2042i think war1 is installed on my old computer...
06:22.51bagginswwI have warchest version its too old
06:23.06bagginswwthey released a patched version later on that had the pdf
06:23.17PzykoticI'll have to look once I'm done listening to this guys debate the illuminati in the politics channel :x
06:23.22bagginswwhad some win95 compatibility of some sort added to it
06:23.37Sky2042i think mine might be too old as well
06:23.48Sky2042copyright 96
06:23.50bagginswwI need to contact my friend LOL
06:23.55bagginswwhe might be able to send it to me now
06:24.01bagginswwhe's back on internet
06:24.15bagginswwI'll try to contact him tomorrow
06:24.23JunkHead-Work[01:25:21] <bagginsww> does anyone have warcraft 1 version with the warcraft 1 manual pdf?
06:24.41JunkHead-WorkTry those out.
06:25.22bagginswwI hope its the official pdf. Heh so you can snag the pictures and text from it, ;)
06:25.24|FF|Im2good4udoes any1 know where the SW mount vendor is ?
06:25.44Sky2042out in elwynn
06:25.49Sky2042or theres one in southshore
06:25.51bagginswwhmm that says warcraft 1 map?
06:26.22Sky2042|FF|Im2good4u: the one in elwynn is at the logging camp
06:26.32JunkHead-WorkOne should be map
06:26.35Sky2042ooooooo yeah
06:26.36JunkHead-WorkOne should be manual
06:26.48JunkHead-WorkOooh nice.
06:27.15Sky2042awesome possum
06:27.32Sky2042page numbers too!
06:27.34bagginswwhmm, you know I think I'll get warcraft archive at this point, it would save me trouble of taking all the books to hawaii heh heh
06:27.36|FF|Im2good4uoh thanks iv been looking in SW for an hour to find it :P
06:27.45JunkHead-WorkI have that.
06:27.49JunkHead-WorkThe archive.
06:28.11JunkHead-WorkI didn't read the description though so it's not what i wanted.
06:28.17Sky2042i need of blood and honor :|
06:28.19JunkHead-WorkI thought it was going to be maps and stuff.
06:28.21bagginswwI've waited on getting it because I own the books seperate, but taking all of those with me to hawaii would be more bulk to worry about :p
06:28.34Sky2042they should rerelease all the manuals as a "second archive" type thing
06:28.50Sky2042none of the playstuff, just the units and towers and lore
06:28.52bagginswwthey are rereleasing sunwell trilogy as a compilation I think
06:29.12bagginswwas well as war of the ancients
06:29.13JunkHead-WorkI thought it was going to be gameplay information and stuff.
06:29.21JunkHead-WorkBut it's of course novels and such.
06:29.27JunkHead-WorkSo yeah... it just sits there.
06:29.30bagginswwplaystuff had interesting lore though :p
06:29.54JunkHead-WorkWell I'm not interested in the lore enough to sit down adn read novels.
06:30.28Sky2042read the novels to read something
06:30.32Sky2042who cares about the lore
06:30.38Sky2042roth is an awesome book, regardless
06:31.27Sky2042baggins, those pictures and things for the pdf are too big for the original book :X
06:31.28bagginswwroth is an easy read
06:32.03bagginswworiginal book?
06:32.26bagginswwyou mean if they were compiled?
06:32.31Sky2042the original manual of war1 was smaller than the pages in that pdf are
06:32.41Sky2042no, i don't think so (to compiled)
06:32.55Sky2042that's about how the spacing was iirc
06:33.55bagginswwdloading it now
06:34.00bagginswwI missed the link
06:36.03Sky2042it looks like they have the manuals for war3 as well
06:36.08Sky2042wonder if they have the war2 manual
06:36.23*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
06:37.41Sky2042 is that that war3 color manual, and are those the correct pages? that's not how i remmeber the spacing in the book copy
06:38.13bagginswwfor some reason its not letting me load these pp
06:39.20bagginswwgiving me a corrupted file error
06:39.33Sky2042hard refresh?
06:39.35Sky2042or use firefox?
06:39.48Sky2042well, that's interesting
06:40.14Sky2042Furion is listed as Malfurion in the heroes section
06:40.21Sky2042but the first word of it is furion
06:40.33bagginswwwell I have my backup external harddrive plugged in. I have my pdfs there
06:40.39bagginswwsomewhere LOL
06:40.53bagginswwalmost 200g of backed up data
06:41.52bagginswwfound it
06:42.13Sky2042how many pages is your pdf of war3?
06:42.13bagginswwwarcraft 3 pdf and warcraft II
06:42.32bagginsww93 2 pages per "page"
06:43.21bagginswwwarcraft II pdf is a copy of the edition version
06:43.45Sky2042that's what i used to have
06:43.55bagginswwwhich added in the sections from expansion pack manual into the same book
06:44.04bagginswwso page numbers are different than the original manuals
06:44.15bagginswwmakes it really hard for citations LOL
06:44.36bagginswwI lost my old beyond the dark portal manual a long time ago :(
06:44.40Sky2042probably just add a new citation thing in the citation spot
06:46.41Sky2042aw shit
06:46.50Sky2042the frozen throne manual on there is all pix
06:47.09bagginswwfrozen throne manual isn't much
06:47.20bagginswwthe most important page was "chronicle"
06:47.35bagginswwall the unit stuff you can pull from stormstout guide for the most part
06:48.12bagginswwthose pages
06:51.06bagginswwok I think I need to reset my computer
06:51.17bagginswwcan you hand me that warcraft 1 manual link when I get back?
06:51.46bagginswwthanks brb
06:51.52Sky2042illidan actually was a demon hunter
06:56.15*** join/#wowwiki bagginsww (
06:56.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+o bagginsww] by ChanServ
06:56.30bagginswwk back
06:57.19Sky2042one sec
06:58.32Sky2042 for the manual, switch the 7 for an 8 for the map
07:00.39Sky2042It's interesting
07:00.46Sky2042it's Uther the Lightbringer in War3manual
07:01.32*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
07:04.47Sky2042you can send me the war2manual, or no?
07:04.55bagginswwsure email?
07:05.36Sky2042it looks like the copy on there is text editable
07:06.39*** join/#wowwiki leapfrog (
07:06.45Sky2042and it has the pictures i can just copy and paste
07:07.31bagginswwyou might want to darken them though
07:07.51bagginswwI tried to upload some of them but they turned out to be too light to see any detail in wowwiki
07:09.24bagginswwI have to ask why the map pdf is seperate from the warcraft 1 manual?
07:09.45Sky2042he wanted to keep the dl light for each?
07:09.54Sky2042maybe because the map was the fold?
07:10.22bagginswwuh well in my paper manual its just another page in the book
07:11.14Sky2042i recall it being in the very middle
07:11.18Sky2042of the paper copy
07:11.27Sky2042maybe my copy's older :o
07:11.47bagginswwya sky
07:11.56bagginswwinteresting this version of warcraft was published by interplay
07:12.05bagginswwmanual structure is much different
07:12.24Sky2042yeah... my copy's from 96
07:12.32Sky2042when it began in 94
07:12.44bagginswwsold-out software this is the version with the win95 compatibility I'm sure
07:13.24bagginswwI'll have my friend send a pdf from his disk to make sure though
07:13.58Sky2042jesus... doomhammer's had his shoulders since war2
07:14.03Sky2042long time, imo
07:15.31bagginswwso the copy of warcraft 2 manual you have is it the version?
07:16.06Sky2042the one I DLed, and the paper copy are both the bnet edition
07:16.16Sky2042don't have the original war2 ;(
07:16.57bagginswwI have original war2 manual, but only have version in pdf
07:17.12Sky2042oh wtf
07:17.18bagginswwI used to have a copy of dark portal, but I strongly think it was thrown out by my parents :p
07:17.36bagginswwthe manual I mean
07:17.44Sky2042the war1manual i just dled is the interplay manual
07:18.27bagginswwya I mentioned that
07:18.40bagginswwbritish release I beleve
07:18.55bagginswwits not as nice as the original manual
07:19.04Sky2042i wonder...
07:19.14bagginswwstill going to check with my friend
07:19.23bagginswwhave him send his pdf
07:19.33bagginswwbut this one is better than nothing
07:19.40bagginswwat least in hawaii
07:19.41Sky2042from war1 or the war2 one?
07:19.51bagginswwwas speaking of the war 1
07:19.59Sky2042send it on to me ;(
07:20.02Sky2042i want the original
07:20.20bagginswwwell I don't know if he has an "original pdf" or if he somehow got ahold of a sold out version
07:20.31bagginswwI won't know until he sends me his pdf
07:20.40Sky2042well, if it's the original...
07:20.42bagginswwas for war 2 you have sold out ersion?
07:21.06Sky2042the bnet
07:21.12bagginswwok I have the same one
07:21.51bagginswwwonders if there is a wow and tbc pdf?
07:22.09Sky2042i think on that site there was
07:23.32bagginswwfound world of warcraft
07:25.00JunkHead-WorkTBC Guide.
07:25.38JunkHead-WorkGotta be a member to download.
07:25.46JunkHead-WorkShould be the free membership though.
07:26.20bagginswwhmm doesn't sound like the manual
07:26.33JunkHead-WorkOops, you're right.
07:26.38JunkHead-WorkThat is GS's "guide"
07:26.45JunkHead-WorkLet me keep looking.
07:27.11JunkHead-WorkI'm sure you could find it on a torrent site or something.
07:27.46bagginswwits too bad blizzard didn't put one on the disk
07:27.56bagginswwat least I didn't see one
07:28.13JunkHead-WorkI.. I do't remember one either.
07:28.57JunkHead-WorkI have the regular wow pdf of the manu at home on a cd somewhere.
07:29.00bagginswwbtw sky manga will soon be "mangas" and or comics
07:29.05JunkHead-WorkProbably got it from a newsgroup or something
07:29.32bagginswwthere is plans for a followup manga
07:29.44bagginswwand I've heard rumors of something more in traditional american style comics as well
07:30.10Sky2042i've never heard it refferred to as "mangas" :x
07:30.39bagginswwManga is plural I think ya
07:31.52bagginswwI should probably put up something for that, before I leave :p
07:34.42Sky2042He's Uther Lightbringer in war2
07:35.39Sky2042am I on crack, or was there a Kurdran in day of the dragon?>
07:36.03Taurmindocould be both!
07:37.24Sky2042here's a retcon
07:37.33Sky2042Deathwing is one of the greatest terrors of the known world. During the Second War, Goblin alchemists adhered plates of adamantine steel to the Black
07:37.47Sky2042his plates were added in the war of the ancients, book 3
07:39.02bagginswwya I've noticed that
07:39.12bagginswwmaybe he had his plates replaced, ;)
07:39.38Sky2042but its adamantine
07:39.38bagginswwwell in warcraft II you can upgrade the dragons LOL
07:39.39Sky2042hardest steel known to the races and all that
07:39.41Sky2042lol truth
07:40.07bagginswwwell two layers of adamantine plate, = doubly good
07:40.11bagginswwdouble + good
07:49.31*** join/#wowwiki Boubouille (
07:49.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Boubouille] by ChanServ
07:51.48bagginswwits not quite a short story exactly. Kind of a cover story, to explain how TBC OSG is an "in-universe" document LOL
07:52.20bagginswwbut its a first-person explanation of what has gone on in recent times
08:02.11*** join/#wowwiki Kaos_ (
08:08.45*** join/#wowwiki Kaos_ (
08:36.33*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
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08:40.13*** join/#wowwiki Litvan (
08:55.37Fisker-btw |Pixel| ?
09:12.31|Pixel|hm ?
09:15.56Fisker-System does not support the specified encoding. Error processing resource ''. Line 1...
09:15.56Fisker-<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
09:16.13Fisker-when i try to load the frontpage
09:16.18Fisker-but only in IE :(
09:16.56*** join/#wowwiki Jer|away (
09:17.58Boubouillethanks Fisker-
09:17.59Fisker-probably some bug in one of my plugins then
09:17.59Boubouillewe care a lot
09:18.07Fisker-hey Boubouille
09:18.08BoubouilleI think i'm gonna update today's news with that
09:18.15Fisker-NEXT year
09:18.17Fisker-I go to paris
09:18.20Fisker-AND I KILL YOU
09:18.29Fisker-then i join Blizzard and give |Pixel| much deserved cake
09:18.30BoubouilleBring some friends :(
09:18.46|Pixel|"you and what army ?" :P
09:19.03Fisker-i need an army to give you delicious cake? :(
09:19.28|Pixel|or to kill Boubouille
09:19.48Fisker-i don't think so :(
09:23.49|Pixel|that'll be useful to kill people, indeed :D
09:34.02Boubouillewhat the hell.
09:34.11BoubouilleI posted a news, and I can't find it anymore ?
09:34.11Boubouillelol ?
09:35.41Boubouillek, posted in general news
09:35.43BoubouilleFisker-'s fault
09:41.11*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
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09:49.47[NewsBot]MMO Champion: New items, TCG loots, 2.2 bugs -
09:50.01Fisker-no u
09:52.12Teomyrthese are serious bugs
10:32.05*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
10:32.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
10:32.35*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
10:46.56*** join/#wowwiki Strykar_ (n=wakka@
10:58.14*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
11:01.01*** join/#wowwiki foxlit_ (
11:01.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit_] by ChanServ
11:18.49*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
11:33.42*** join/#wowwiki Adys|mirc (
11:40.49*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
11:44.20*** join/#wowwiki Kolky (
11:45.05*** join/#wowwiki Adys|sleep (
11:46.59*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
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11:49.42*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
12:04.17[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
12:04.39*** join/#wowwiki Kolky (
12:05.04Teomyromg... crazy...
12:28.05pcjWhy would you do that and play on different servers?
12:30.04Teomyrthose are different accounts
12:30.48pcjHe's playing on at least 4 different servers tho...
12:31.44Teomyrwhat makes you think that?
12:32.42pcjnvm, i figured it out :P
12:42.31*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
12:42.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
12:43.04Kasobest yellow text ever
12:45.57*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
12:46.43pcjwhoa, 36 slot bag....where does that come from
12:47.42KasoApparently it is on the PTR, but it isnt gonna make it live
12:47.46Teomyraah, i finally found out why my GPU gets insanely hot when i'm at the character selection screen
12:47.54Kasohence the joking/mocking yellow text
12:48.02Teomyrit doesn't seem to be frame-limited
12:54.17*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
12:58.50*** join/#wowwiki ziboudine (n=ziboudin@
12:59.26*** part/#wowwiki ziboudine (n=ziboudin@
13:03.21*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
13:04.37Fisker-duh Kaso
13:04.38Fisker-it's owld
13:04.48Fisker-Been there since BWL or something like that
13:04.57KasoYah but its on armory now, which means that its new to the whitelist
13:06.41*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
13:09.23Fisker-could be because the testservers might be linked to the armory?
13:10.20KasoYah thats what im thinking
13:10.28KasoThe armory whitelist contiunes to confuse me
13:10.41Fisker-you on the US servers?
13:10.52KasoSometimes it feels as if it is automated, other times it feels as if there are items added manually to it
13:10.55KasoIm not
13:11.02KasoNo pre-made ptr chars for me yet :<
13:11.26Fisker-well there's probably a rarity component to it
13:11.46Fisker-if one player has an item they probably won't add it automatically because that player could've gotten it through other means
13:12.02Fisker-but if a couple of hundreds log on with it, it adds it automatically
13:12.51foxlit_other meas?
13:13.20foxlit_Quoth the faq: "Only items that have been 'discovered' in-game (at least one of that item has been acquired) are searchable in the Armory."
13:13.28KasoHow do things like;
13:13.31Kasoget onto it then?
13:14.19foxlit_Someone logged out with it?
13:14.44KasoHow did someone get that?
13:15.08KasoAlso my favouret tooltip the one on
13:15.13Kasothat was on the whitelist for ages as well
13:15.22Fisker-Could also be because it gets added to the itemcache when you near omokk
13:16.44*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
13:16.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
13:16.47Fisker-Monster - Gun, Club  O_o?
13:16.51foxlit_I doubt the client cache has anything to do with what gets added to the armory, but it's all pretty much shooting in the dark
13:17.29Fisker-I'm saying that if the client has knowledge of it then it could be it was added
13:17.58Fisker-but then you would've been datamining it ages ago
13:18.35Fisker- lol
13:19.44Kasogod thats scary for some reason
13:20.00foxlit_Last vendor entry
13:20.36Kasoalso Jimmy McWeaksauce <Cool Guy> in Naxxramas
13:20.45Fisker-nice Kaso
13:21.04foxlit_So PTRs talk to armory
13:21.51Fisker-which in turn explains why it isn't added to the EU armory
13:22.08Fisker-we gotta capture the developer who made it
13:22.17Kasoare the "Druid Tier 5 Box" things on armory?
13:23.25Fisker-almost 20 pages of leonidas on the armory
13:23.45Fisker-i guess it's to be expected
13:23.56Fisker-Probably they want to filter out PTR stuff as good as they can
13:24.05Fisker-but premades are something new
13:24.09Fisker-especially with those bags
13:24.25Fisker-So it might just be Blizzard fault that it's on the armory in the first place
13:24.31foxlit_I'd remove items that haven't been seen for a while
13:25.00Fisker-perhaps that as well
13:25.09KasoI wonder if was taken on a live server, or if they just added the random general chat for fun
13:26.06foxlit_All those names are against naming policy
13:26.09foxlit_All of them.
13:26.19Kasooh yes, so they are
13:26.41foxlit_"Helldinner"? Really? :)
13:26.49Fisker-you should make your bot go through 1-99999
13:26.54foxlit_*No double n
13:27.13pcjGood idea fisker
13:27.31Fisker-then you should index them all under User:Foxbot/itemname
13:27.40Fisker-then we could just use the search to look for interesting stuff
13:27.54foxlit_mm, <3
13:34.32Fisker-Anyone knows the IE7 user agent?
13:34.48foxlit_google does!
13:35.29Fisker-i'm looking as fast as i can foxlit_!
13:35.50KasoUser-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)\r\n
13:36.46foxlit_IE7 running on Longhorn will send the following User-Agent header: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0b; Windows NT 6.0)
13:36.54foxlit_With no b for the real release
13:37.01Fisker-this is gonna be fun
13:37.33foxlit_What do you need the UA string for, though?
13:38.36AdysWe should do a vote
13:38.41Adysbest sig ever
13:38.54Fisker-i think i just dos'ed my own host
13:38.59Fisker-foxlit_ xml
13:39.24Fisker-if armory doesn't recognize the UA or it knows it doesn't support XML it'll send a HTML page instead
13:39.34Fisker-IE7 and Firefox2 = It sends raw xml
13:40.00Kasooh really?
13:40.03Kasothats interesting
13:40.05foxlit_Don't use UA
13:40.21foxlit_There's a reason requests come with an Accept: header.
13:40.37Kasotelll that to blizzard
13:40.50Fisker-been running for 5 minutes
13:40.54Fisker-already over 2000 items
13:41.07Fisker-it's actually 4000 now :o
13:41.31foxlit_I'd ban you if I was running the armory :)
13:41.34KasoI once wget'ed all the armory items before
13:41.38Fisker-i don't care :P
13:42.09pcjhey fisker why do all those files show 0 under size
13:42.10Fisker-not like it would have any consequences for me other than my webserver couldn't reach their site :P
13:42.16foxlit_Just a sort of automatic "more than 20 requests a minute? Die!"
13:42.17Fisker-because they're empty
13:42.21Fisker-they don't exist
13:42.34pcjthen why create them
13:42.45Fisker-i'm no wget expert :<
13:43.16Fisker-pretty funny though
13:43.30Fisker-korean armory = 300, EU armory = 7000 and US armory = 1000
13:43.34Fisker-EU is pretty fast :P
13:43.49foxlit_You're... in EU.
13:43.54Fisker-of course
13:43.59pcjNo, it's a conspiracy
13:44.06Kasopcj, when you resquest an non-existant item armory returns an 0 length xml file for it
13:44.07Fisker-wouldn't have counted on EU being THAT fast though :I
13:44.09Kasosimple as
13:44.56Fisker-wasn't that fast the last time i datamined a bit
13:45.57Fisker-i can use rm to remove 0 byte files right?
13:46.53Fisker-searching for removing 0 byte files with rm and "i386/57480: Removing very large files" is the first result :P
13:53.26Fisker-ah yes found another way too
13:53.29Fisker-thanks >P
14:01.09*** join/#wowwiki amro_ (n=amro@
14:04.17[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
14:10.42Fisker-the highest itemids discovered are around 34000 right?
14:19.17Kasoid' go upto 35 to be safe
14:20.02Fisker-nah i'm going all out :P
14:21.32*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
14:31.28*** join/#wowwiki beerke (
14:39.37*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
14:40.13*** part/#wowwiki Kaos (
14:43.06Fisker-well around 20 minutes and i should be done with wow-europe :<
14:43.12Fisker-no item ids over 33k though :(
15:10.43Kirkburn|sleepAnyone know which CM is called Kevin?
15:11.37KirkburnThe Blizzcon meetings go by first name, rather than forum name
15:13.06Fisker-i'd guess either Aeus or Salthem
15:13.08Fisker-but i don't know
15:15.25Fisker- <-FAIL
15:19.08Fisker-could always ask them though Kirkburn
15:19.52*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
15:21.08KirkburnCrazy talk
15:23.00Fisker-it's very non-crazy talk
15:24.17[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
15:26.35*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
15:26.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+o foxlit] by ChanServ
15:27.19Fisker- <-what kind of people can we add to that list? :P
15:28.07*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
15:29.03|Pixel|Fisker-: you're missing the UI designer, I guess
15:29.30|Pixel|and you're also missing Thyvene, a french CM
15:29.42|Pixel|right, slouken
15:29.55Fisker-I was more thinking of the legendary block!
15:29.58KirkburnAnd his rarely seen counterpart
15:30.12KirkburnWe already have a page for this though
15:30.52Fisker-remove that and then just link to that instead?
15:31.27Kirkburnyeah, probably
15:31.43KirkburnThe forum poster page needs a tidy too I think
15:41.47Teomyrthere's a lot of duplication between them
15:45.55*** join/#wowwiki bagginsww (
15:45.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+o bagginsww] by ChanServ
15:47.05*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
15:47.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
15:47.56Fisker- <-uh :<
15:49.16Kasohaha woops
15:50.04KasoSome people dont quite get wikis
15:51.10foxlitBah, my evil attempt at third-party cookies failed again
15:52.00foxlitTried to fetch a captcha image through XMLHttpRequest, data:-encode it and serve it up to the user, then fake cookie headers through XMLHttpRequest to pass login authentification.
15:52.22foxlitXHR doesn't support binary data, though. So much for that.
15:52.44Teomyrwhy not simply set an image's src to load the image?
15:53.47foxlitScrews up authentication since UA rejects cookies set by the image.
15:56.11foxlitAny suggestions? :)
15:57.31Teomyrprovide the cookie already when the page is loaded?
15:58.14foxlitI didn't quite provide a context: I'm writing a dashboard widget that interacts with another website.
15:58.33*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
15:58.48foxlitSo I can't actually set a cookie for them -- the whole thing is borderline exploitative.
15:59.03Teomyryeah, that complicates it
16:04.17[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:09.43Taurmindowhy isn't foxbot here? :/
16:11.02*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
16:12.50Taurmindooh. :/
16:13.47foxlitHaving said that.
16:13.49*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
16:13.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Foxbot] by ChanServ
16:14.12*** join/#wowwiki pingdashf (
16:15.19pingdashf33068 is the highest i've seen
16:18.42pingdashf33079 actually :)
16:21.06Kasojobqueue ?
16:21.38Fisker-33078 is as high as the EU armory goes
16:21.43Kasooh i see
16:21.53Kasoi was trying to work out what the random number was meaning
16:23.00Fisker- <-should we revert?
16:23.05pingdashfoh, you're write, i mistyped, its 33078 is the highest I've seen, not 33079.
16:23.16Fisker-i want to be write
16:23.38pingdashfenglish is my 2nd language
16:23.49pingdashfmy first language is the language of love.
16:24.08foxlitFisker-: probably not
16:24.29foxlitthat's fun
16:24.39foxlitI can actually talk to myself on AIM from multiple PCs
16:26.46Fisker- <-left this note for him :P
16:35.47bagginswwkirkburn what do you think?
16:37.43KirkburnInteresting stuff
16:39.14bagginswwahh gotta make one slight revision. Kil'jaeden does have the eternal template applied to him along with demonic. But still that fits with the books idea that no new Eternals have created since about 10,000 years ago
16:42.13bagginswwIts just fairly strange he isn't in the Eternals section
16:42.20bagginswwmaybe different authors?
16:42.24bagginswwwrote the sections?
16:43.07bagginswwahh yes that might be the case found a contradiction
16:43.30bagginswwthe lore for eternals section has all eternals having been created 10,000 years before
16:43.42bagginsww*before 10,000
16:44.26bagginswwand implies none have been created since then
16:45.35bagginswwHowever in a strange contradictory bit, the "legends" section in chapter before Eternals section, gives Medivh the Eternal template.
16:45.42Kaydeethree!item [tooltip] Drake Fang Talisman
16:45.45FoxbotTooltip saved, Kaydeethree, view at
16:46.28*** join/#wowwiki Pzykotic (n=pzykotic@unaffiliated/pzykotic)
16:46.30*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
16:50.04Kirkburnbagginsww, sounds like fun :)
16:50.23KirkburnGotta love inconsistency
16:51.40bagginswwyep, LOL
16:52.12bagginswwalthough it makes sense for Medivh as far as gameplay.
16:52.29bagginswwI mean he's a being that's rarely encountered on the mortal plane.
16:52.42bagginswwHe's trancended his own death
16:52.58bagginswwHe subtly influences society
16:53.09bagginswwdoes not have direct influence
16:55.11bagginswwInteresting that only Kil'jaeden and Archimonde have Eternal Templates as far as the Lords of the Burning Legion in the book.
16:55.37Fisker-too evil or not evil enough?
16:57.35bagginswwwonders if Eternal template shows up on characters presented in later books.
16:58.15KirkburnFisker-, lol]
16:58.32bagginswwthere is a certain possibility that new RPG actually ignored the Eternal template when they overhauled most of the rules in the game.
16:58.50KirkburnWhat on earth was the Mortar teams thing about? Any idea?
16:58.53bagginswwNo way to know if it remained balanced or had to be updated.
16:59.03bagginswwmortar teams?
16:59.09KirkburnFisker-'s link
16:59.40TaurmindoFisker-: it's always evil to paste links to spoilers without noting it, isn't it? :P
17:00.19Fisker-"spoilers" i guess :P
17:00.43bagginswwI'm gonna go check through later books to see if eternal template shows up on certain beings.
17:01.20Kaydeethree!item [tiponly] Shimmering Geta
17:01.24FoxbotTooltip saved, Kaydeethree, view at
17:02.58Kaydeethree!item [tiponly] Taut Dragonhide Shoulderpads
17:03.02FoxbotTooltip saved, Kaydeethree, view at
17:05.58bagginswwso ya I looked through monster guide, Kel'thuzad does not have eternal template, though he does have elite template
17:06.27bagginswwthere is no reference to eternal type in the creature/template glossery in the back
17:06.31bagginswwas well
17:09.28Kaydeethreehokay... all of the 40-man raidbosses are now properly {{lootbox}}ed
17:10.38*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:18.21bagginswwOnly reason kel might by worthy of eternal template is he gained his powers from the sunwell
17:19.14Fisker-i win again
17:19.50bagginswwsigh zarnks again...
17:20.26Kirkburnokay, okay
17:22.34bagginswwya kirkburn he's modify the pandaren again :p
17:22.42bagginswwtrying to use garithos as a negative for humans
17:23.09Fisker-naga please!
17:23.10bagginswwand trying to say the "tauren" didn't attack the dwarves of bael modan
17:23.19bagginswwhowever rpg says otherwise I've cited the sources :p
17:23.34bagginswwsure it comes down to pov... but all tings are :p
17:23.50bagginswwall I can do is just cite pages
17:24.10bagginswwwe can't get that across his head :p
17:25.21bagginswwgg, kirk check his latest edit :p
17:25.34bagginswwis the last time I'm going to revert for fear of causing an edit war. Can't we discuss?)
17:25.48bagginswwumm ya there is a huge discussion on it in the discuss page
17:25.54KirkburnThen say that, please
17:26.08KirkburnYou're making fair edits, but he may take it as blindly reverting
17:26.09bagginswwhe knows about it
17:26.36KirkburnAh, so he does
17:29.29*** join/#wowwiki livewire (
17:29.33KirkburnI'm off out now
17:29.37KirkburnHope you have a good night :)
17:29.58Fisker-you too
17:34.17[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
17:47.52|FF|Im2good4udoes any1 know if Darkwhisper gore has any function or is it something for the future ?
17:48.12|FF|Im2good4u(its he demon place south of winterspring)
17:48.52Taurmindosome tier0.5 quests are around there iirc.
17:48.56Teomyrkazzak used to be there, and the demons there drop the eye of shadow for the priest epic quest
17:49.33Teomyrand yes, the imp for the t0.5 quests is there :)
17:56.23Kaydeethreekazzak was in the tainted scar...
17:57.37Fisker-also has a rare elite up there >P
17:57.54Fisker-also great for thorium mining some would say
17:59.55Taurmindohardly a "function" of the place though.. :)
18:18.10*** join/#wowwiki ziboudine (n=ziboudin@
18:24.17[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:28.20*** join/#wowwiki Strykar (n=wakka@
18:30.30foxlitIt's a "go away, Hyjal's not done" subzone
18:44.24*** join/#wowwiki Fayea (
18:49.08*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:53.33TeomyrKaydeethree: oh, right, i mixed something up
19:08.19|FF|Im2good4uhmm yeh if found a cave leading to hyjal there
19:08.45*** join/#wowwiki Jeremy2020 (
19:16.05*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
19:16.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
19:30.29*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
19:30.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
19:36.52*** join/#wowwiki Zizi (
19:38.58*** join/#wowwiki Kaydeethree (
19:40.20bagginswwsandwhich are you on?
19:51.19*** join/#wowwiki NEMPPU (
19:51.24[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Error reading source feed. -;action=.xml;board=2.0;sa=news;
19:57.14*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
19:57.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
19:57.19bagginswwWhat company is Blizzard and Sierra currently under?
19:57.27bagginswwVivendi still?
19:58.05foxlitHaven't heard that anyone bought them, so...
19:59.04*** join/#wowwiki baggins (
19:59.13bagginsjust making some adjustments to the information on Hellfire expansion
19:59.25bagginsmost people forget it was not only authorized by sierra it was started by blizzard
19:59.32bagginserm authorized by blizzard
19:59.48bagginsand part of the cross company publishing done by cendant back in the day
20:02.04*** join/#wowwiki Kaydeethree (
20:12.17bagginsOk, I notice someone redirected "Island Troll" article but didn't bother to transfer the info along with it
20:12.41bagginsThe info was certainly interesting bit of trivia and should be kept
20:15.26*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
20:16.48Fisker-why is Thundgot listed as a spanish community manager as well? :P
20:17.08*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman (
20:22.37bagginssandwich, much as we have done with other races that share same names,  I think we should reintegrate centaur eastern kingdoms into the main centaur article. There is enough info that confirms that centaur have been in eastern kingdoms, so that is no longer an issue.
20:24.51bagginsI'll start working on it
20:24.58bagginsif your busy :)
20:26.25bagginsThe intro paragraph for example can briefly mention that centaur have been seen as far as the eastern kingdoms and remains found in outland as well.
20:27.16bagginsthanks man :)
20:28.09Fisker-what's so wrong with fanart on some of the class pages?
20:28.44SandwichmanThere is no cool sheild on that image of the spell breaker.
20:31.09bagginsofficial spellbreaker image from tft is better, :)
20:31.41*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:31.42bagginshopes that spell breaker shows up in Dark Factions heh heh
20:31.57bagginsoh its apparently been confirmed its a Brann book
20:33.17*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
20:33.56*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:35.34bagginsoh sandwich, the subtitle on cenarius is that an official one?
20:36.10*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:36.45bagginsin S&L he's called "Demigod of the Groves"
20:39.32SandwichmanI did not put it.
20:39.48Sandwichmanhe says that when he fights grom.
20:40.42bagginsahh, no problem
20:40.51bagginsjust trying to figure out how to fit Demigod of the Groves into it
20:41.05bagginsmaybe I can of the Groves into the class section :p
20:42.08bagginsI'll just toss it into occupation for now
20:43.05*** join/#wowwiki Jiraiya-sensei (
20:43.26bagginsMalorne had a better subtitle than the white stag :p
20:43.34bagginsgoing to have to go look it up LOL
20:43.42SandwichmanThe Garithos sent them part is needed?
20:44.15Fisker-perhaps time to clean up the expansion beta testers category?
20:44.32bagginssandwich you are welcome to modify the senteice if you like
20:44.38Fisker-or instead of "expansion beta testers" do something like "Burning Crusade Beta Testers", "Northrend Beta Testers" etc.
20:45.22bagginsI mean incorporating doesn't mean you have incorporate all the info in the same exact way as the original article, ;)
20:45.37bagginsyour welcome to streamline it heh
20:46.18Fisker-TO THE RAVES!
20:46.32bagginsI mean there is no need to have redundant sections too you know?
20:47.04bagginsthe info from the blasted lands section could be incorporated somehwere else in the article
20:49.58Fisker-If i want an icon on my own page is there someway you want me to format it?
20:51.43bagginshobbit love, scary
20:51.57Fisker-so if i wanter a user-image
20:52.01Fisker-what should i upload it as?
20:52.30bagginsHmm, its user page I don't care how you do it heh heh... But at least try to remain in the size limits as best as possible ;)
20:52.47bagginsyes, I break the size limits myself all the time :p
20:55.28Fisker-Man you can't even use namespaces in images?
20:56.09bagginsI don't know what a namespace is?
20:56.22Fisker-Guild: is a namespace
20:56.26Fisker-but i was failing
20:56.35Fisker-I was thinking you could dosomething like Fisker/myimage.jpg
20:56.49foxlitGuild is a namespace?
20:56.57foxlitI thought that was just an artificial prefix :/
20:57.09Fisker-it's called a namespace?
20:57.34foxlitWell, that wouldn't be exactly right.
20:58.19SandwichmanStill some redundancy.
20:58.38Adys!item Coronet of the Verdant Flame
20:58.39FoxbotCould not resolve item id for [Coronet of the Verdant Flame]; try supplying one manually.
20:58.59foxlitno the
20:59.20Adys!item 24122
20:59.25FoxbotTooltip saved, Adys, view at
21:00.13SandwichmanYour role is Thundgot?
21:00.43Fisker-Thundgot said in a thread he was me :P
21:00.49bagginsyes btw Malorne may still be alive
21:01.31Adyshe was combat rezzed by malfurion!
21:01.34*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
21:01.45bagginsheh heh
21:01.52Fisker-how do i disguise external links as a wiki-like link?
21:02.03Adysthey officially waited so long because malfurion couldnt find the reagent vendor
21:02.09Adysclass="plainlinks" fisker
21:02.53bagginsIf ursoc was the ale maker, I'd think Pandarens are more closely alligned to him :)
21:04.13Fisker-that isn't very external Adys :P
21:04.16bagginsadys we really need to get the image policy posted up :p
21:04.33Adysit is fisker
21:04.52Adys<span class="plainlinks">[{{fullurl:Special%3ALog|type=delete&user=Adys}}
21:05.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042] by ChanServ
21:05.26SandwichmanSome info was lost
21:05.29Fisker-that just apends the url to
21:05.37Adysjust put <span class="plainlinks">[]</span>
21:05.43Adysand you got a pretty internal link
21:05.48Adysyou just need to change the color then
21:06.14Adysbaggins: yeah we do
21:06.35Fisker-there :)
21:07.00Fisker-only took me a million attempts
21:07.30Adyscan you ask politely foxbot to replace stuff linking from to link to
21:07.46Adysthese craftlists are PAINFUL to find links
21:08.02Fisker-btw Dotted
21:08.11Fisker-lets nominate eachother for crazy person titles :(
21:08.17Dottedi agree
21:08.36Fisker-baggins isn't even 10% as crazy as we are :(
21:09.04Dottednot even 0.0000000001% comes close
21:09.29bagginsya nice sandwichman I made a slight modification to the intro
21:09.46Dottedwe are infinite+1 more crazy then him tbh
21:10.16Sky2042you jest
21:11.25Dottedbtw Fisker- farmed mech yet on your rogue?
21:11.47Fisker-i don't play that much anymore
21:11.50Dottedyou are aware of the amount of gold you can famr?
21:12.08Dottedi started playing again becuase of just that
21:12.13bagginssandwich I mean the intro to centaur article
21:12.23foxlitAdys: why not just #REDIRECT the page?
21:12.31Fisker-it's owld news Dotted
21:12.44Adysim kinda against typo/etc redirects
21:12.50Adysbecause its like category redirects
21:13.06Sky2042when it's a typo like that, redirects can be pretty silly
21:13.13Adysif people dont see that it becomes red when its wrong, they'll keep using the bad one
21:13.23Fisker- <-moar of this
21:13.42Sky2042oh jesus
21:13.53Sky2042that's not you is it?
21:14.10Fisker-4chan raided some song he had made
21:14.25Fisker-and he thought it were compliments that people used it to "rickroll" people
21:14.31Sky2042lol@your link fisker
21:14.32Fisker-so he made that
21:15.23bagginsI just noticed we don't really have a specific article about the Ancients :p
21:15.34Fisker-the gatebuilders?
21:16.30Sky2042we're nottalkingthetreesarewe?
21:17.42[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 6,995
21:17.52AdysWoops. :)
21:17.57Sky2042ok, why is theres a job queue adys?
21:18.15Adysedited iconbox
21:19.10Adys can you move it to the original name of the gif?
21:19.15Fisker-gonna stealz yurz page Dotted
21:19.16Adysgonna upload them all for general use, likely
21:19.17[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:19.33Fisker-or actually
21:19.37Fisker-can't move that page
21:19.43Adysjust reupload it
21:19.45Adysill delete this
21:20.19Adysthats one dirty dirty hack im trying right here with iconbox :/
21:20.28*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:20.31bagginswell sandwich good job at merging the two articles
21:20.34Adysdouble conditioning
21:21.59Adysshould i transform {{Forumposter}} into some complete template or create a new one...
21:22.04AdysIll create a new one
21:23.37[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 7,425
21:24.04bagginsahh sky what did you change on template rpg?
21:24.25Sky2042I made it so it would be elongated if it's not running into something floating on the right
21:24.34Sky2042if you're running IE, there should be no change
21:26.44*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:28.14bagginsahh cool
21:29.12Sky2042i tweaked template:war3 and template:war2 a while back in the same way, after discovering that it was like that in IE but not FF :(
21:32.27[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 7,347
21:32.39Dottedim in ur page, unstealin ur contentz Fisker-
21:33.02Adyssky, the jobqueue is not THAT important :)
21:33.06Sky2042i know
21:33.12Adysif theres one the wiki aint gonna go boom :p
21:33.16*** join/#wowwiki Boubouille (
21:33.23Sky2042i feel its an accomplishment when i can get it up past 10k
21:34.18Fisker-NOES Dotted
21:34.28Fisker-donts do it
21:34.31Teomyrwhy are darktable headers blue in the css? most table headers i've seen are light gray, including those infoboxes
21:34.55AdysWho has the guts to steal and upload all 312 icons on ?
21:35.23Sky2042ooo adys
21:35.27Fisker-i already know where to get them
21:35.34Adysdo me an upload script
21:35.44Fisker-NO ME
21:36.05AdysNO U
21:36.09Fisker-YES ME
21:36.13Adyswoah that was shit
21:36.23Adysteomyr, agreed bt
21:36.38Sky2042@Teomyr: The coloring was first seen used on [[Slam]] (the infobox and table) which I then adopted to a new version of [[Boilerplate:Ability]]. Tekkub liked it so much he went and changed {{CSS Darktable}} to that color.
21:36.50deltronoh wow thta's really cool
21:37.30Sky2042which was then imported into the css went that became available.
21:37.32Fisker-just gonna fix it Adys
21:38.41Adysfix what?
21:38.49Tekkubthe nav boxes that darktable came from don't actually use darktable
21:38.56Tekkubthey need upgradoid
21:39.17Adystekkub, question
21:39.21Fisker-the icons Adys
21:39.22*** join/#wowwiki BraveFoot (
21:39.30Fisker-Antiarc made a script back in the day
21:39.31Kaydeethreewhich reminds me... could we get a {{CSS darktable row2}} or something to that effect?
21:39.33Fisker-for his armory tool
21:39.35Tekkubthere's your answer
21:39.41Adysah thanks
21:39.49TekkubKaydeethree, good god fuck no!
21:40.11Adyssee, the answer is not only for me
21:40.32AdysSHARD IT
21:40.43Tekkubthe bot needs to catch "[[Blah]]" and make a link for us
21:40.55Teomyrsome table markup on the wiki is ugly
21:41.10Adysyea tekk was thinking about it
21:41.15Fisker-EU was like 10 times faster than US
21:41.18Adysfoxbot how are you dear
21:41.25Tekkubkay... I look at the first darktable and I want to punch a kitten
21:41.42Tekkubin fact, both
21:41.47Tekkubthose tables are a mess
21:41.51bagginswell now centaur have been merged... I guess next stop is to start adding sections on "Ancients" to the ancient article
21:41.53Tekkubit's not darktable's fault
21:42.17Tekkuband they certain don't need zebra-ing
21:42.17Teomyrwtb tables that use our css rules
21:42.25KittenThis nickname is owned by someone else :(
21:42.38TekkubWTB tables that don't use fucking <br> or <ul> in them
21:42.46Fisker-got bunzip support adys?
21:43.18Adysim not uploading 312 files tho
21:43.38Tekkubanothe problem with the nax table... every set drop is for all clases
21:43.41Tekkubwhy icon everything
21:43.46Tekkubwaste of space
21:44.05Kaydeethreebecause there's 3 tokens for each armor slot, the boss isn't going to drop all 3 every time
21:44.13TekkubI would move the tier items into their own small table...
21:44.21Tekkub|| Slot || Boss
21:44.45Tekkubno but the point is... Anub drops the Wrist token
21:44.51Adyskay its different every time
21:44.54Tekkubwho cares about the details of the tokens
21:45.00Adyser, the same
21:45.04Tekkuball people getting T3 wrist want anub
21:45.10Fisker-that should be it Adys
21:45.22Tekkub(or gluth)
21:45.29Fisker-wow-default = 1-59, wow = 60-69 and wow-70 = 70
21:45.36Dotted[@Tekkub]: the bot needs to catch "[[Blah]]" and make a link for us <- suggested, noone liked the idea :(
21:45.47Dottedso i didnt bother
21:45.56Tekkubwell I have a FF shortcut bookmark, but still...
21:46.02Tekkub"ww Blah"
21:46.14TekkubI'd rather have a click
21:46.27Sky2042is there a <div class="column"> or alike?
21:46.30Adysfisker are there actually any difference beetween the EU tooltips and the US ones?
21:47.02Adysthere isnt
21:47.09Fisker-i think the US is more current
21:47.19Adyscan you run a diff or something, =P
21:47.20Fisker-or i know it is
21:47.27Sky2042that would be the issue with {{columns-start}}
21:47.31Adyswould be interesting
21:48.03Fisker-well i want to delete all the zero byte entries first
21:49.34Adysbtw you made my firefox crash :(
21:49.38Fisker-you made my IE crash
21:49.47Fisker-it survived
21:49.48Fisker-you suck
21:49.54Adysits still frozen
21:50.01TekkubKaydeethree, that's how a table should be done
21:50.02AdysI opened both the EU and US armories without knowing what was behind.
21:50.12Fisker-99999 files on the EU one
21:50.18Fisker-and ~70000 on the US one
21:50.20Tekkubif the gap between cells isn't wanted, tweak the padding/margin/whatever
21:51.09Adysah well ill wait
21:52.50Teomyrwould anyone mind me changing table headers to light gray in css .darktable?
21:53.39Kirkburn|afkStandardising is ftw, Teo :)
21:53.43Kirkburn|afkGood evening all, btw :)
21:54.09Teomyrlo kirk!
21:54.13Fisker-oh hi Kirkburn|afk
21:54.16Fisker-what you doing up now_
21:54.20Kirkburn|afkSky2042, I added the references CSS btw
21:54.26Adysevening kirk
21:54.49Kirkburn|afkI came back from the cinema
21:54.49Fisker-what did you see?
21:54.50Teomyri was thinking about changing table *captions* to light blue as some infoboxes use it now, but as they're outside the box, it doesn't look as good
21:54.51Kirkburn|afkNow I am supposed to be cooking sausages and mashed taters
21:54.57Kirkburn|afkHarry Potter
21:55.15Dottedany good?
21:55.22Sky2042i noted kirk
21:55.24bagginsI liked it, its much darker than the previous films
21:55.33bagginsit doesn't have the same sense of humor.
21:55.40Kaydeethreeit was good, but an exercise in artistic license
21:55.45Kirkburn|afkTeomyr, by all means add stuff to it, we need to get it all filled out
21:55.51bagginslike most books to movies
21:56.04TeomyrKirkburn|afk: okay
21:56.11Kirkburn|afk(e.g. what happened to the invisible riding scene?!)
21:56.30Teomyrwe should probably establish a color guide at some point to standardize some colors
21:56.41Fisker-winrar doesn't exactly like all that unpacking :<
21:56.48Fisker-20-50% cpu usage
21:57.03Adysbecause winrar sucks
21:57.11Kirkburn|afk7zip ftw
21:57.36Fisker-winrar has better gui
21:57.39Fisker-7zip sucks
21:58.19Adysmy firefox is still loading
21:58.24AdysI hate you fisker
21:58.38Fisker-shouldn't have ventured there then :P
21:58.50Adys.. heheheh
21:59.06Fisker-but since i cleaned up it's "safer"
21:59.15Fisker-had 99999 files in it earlier
21:59.22AdysYeah and im still loading them
21:59.25Fisker-from before
21:59.26deltronhaha nice
21:59.51Fisker-I should almost make a cronjob for it
21:59.55Fisker-Only download new entries
22:00.03Fisker-and then mail me when it has a new entry
22:00.17Fisker-i doubt it matters though
22:00.22Fisker-probably gonna get banned monday
22:00.30Fisker-I averaged about 20 http requests a second
22:00.41Tekkuband what the hell is "T3 Finger"
22:00.44deltrongimme teh script
22:00.48Sky2042should be ring imo
22:00.49Tekkubif it's not part of the set, it isn't "T3"
22:00.56Fisker-it is
22:00.59Sky2042and it is part of the set
22:01.00Fisker-T3 had a ring
22:01.02Sky2042there's nine pieces
22:01.07Sky2042in t3
22:01.07Tekkubokey, yea I see that
22:01.08Fisker-deltron for 1, 99999 wget the url
22:01.13Tekkubdamn blue "consistancy"
22:01.15deltronoh lol
22:01.37Pzykoticthere's no such thing as "blue consistancy" since 90% of the blue posts are made by people who are paid forum moderators :p
22:02.33Fisker-for i in `seq 1 99999`; do wget -m -U "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)"$i; done;
22:02.36Fisker-the bash script
22:03.34Fisker-might've found a new item
22:03.57Adysonly an alexa ranking of 2 million fisker?
22:04.00Adyshow low
22:04.35Fisker-i did
22:05.10AdysYES YES YES£
22:05.16AdysI know why its there
22:05.24Fisker-oh why? :o
22:05.28Adysa player has it
22:05.34Adysand i used to know who
22:05.39deltroneh that's new?
22:05.45Adysno its a year and half old
22:05.49Fisker-yeah i know
22:05.49Adyssome guy had deleted his mount
22:05.56deltronso it is
22:05.58Fisker-But it doesn't exist on the servers normally
22:05.59Adyshe asked a gm to replace it
22:06.05Adysand it got replaced by this one
22:06.28AdysI love you
22:06.30deltronmmm underworld is on
22:06.45PzykoticFluorescent eh?
22:06.54Fisker-US Armory has around 1000 other items than the EU Armory
22:07.01Fisker-EU Armory has around 70 other items
22:07.49Fisker-want to know how it looks :P
22:08.02Fisker- <-haven't seen that one before
22:08.03Adysfisker i seriously fucking love you
22:08.13Adysseen it, its a common item
22:08.29Adysfor this 13325
22:08.34Fisker-wtf is this shit
22:08.41Adysthe fluorescent strider
22:08.43Fisker- <-doh
22:10.00PzykoticPersonally, I've always wondered what the name of the robe GMs wear is called
22:10.07AdysGamemaster's Robe
22:10.08Fisker-Gamemaster's robe
22:10.15Pzykoticoh, that's the actual name?
22:10.16Adysnoob learn to caps.
22:10.28AdysGamemaster's Hood and Gamemaster's Slippers iirc
22:10.38Adysthey dont wear pants!
22:10.51Fisker-forgot the hood
22:11.35Fisker-why does the armory has drop percentages now?
22:12.16deltronit's nice
22:12.36Fisker-there's your aids deltron
22:12.50KasoCos they realised it was stupid to have the "fake" things when the actual percentage was open to all to see in the code.
22:12.59Fisker-it is?
22:13.12Adysit has?
22:13.18Adysit was?
22:13.23Fisker-your mother?
22:13.25Teomyrnot really
22:13.30Adysthats serious?
22:13.54KasoWell not "actual" percentage, thats wrong
22:14.16Kasobut you could work out what the "Very low" catigory meant
22:14.32Adysits quite erroneous tho
22:15.01Adysthis item is way under 1%
22:15.03Teomyrwell, but then they're still not the exact drop rates
22:15.16Teomyrso not much of a change
22:15.32KasoDid you see this that appeared on armory recently
22:15.39Kasoi <3 the yellow text on it
22:16.06Fisker-older than shit etc.
22:16.07deltroni got a guy in my guild trying to farm that mount
22:16.21bagginsahh someone want to racebox hippogryphs?
22:16.27KasoPaladin deltron ?
22:16.33deltronKaso: lock heh
22:16.40Fisker- <-why is this only EU armory? :o
22:16.49bagginsno applicable class, but they have darnassian as a primary language, and common as secondary apparently.
22:17.18KasoFisker-, The armory whitelist will forever be a mystery
22:17.35Fisker- <-fail
22:17.50Adysthats korean shit
22:17.51Fisker-and fuck that that all the chinese get murlocs
22:17.54Fisker-or whatever
22:18.17Fisker- <-do want
22:18.22Kasoargbaglg blarglg rawglg
22:18.24Fisker-should grep for ZZOLD
22:18.31deltrondidn't americans get murlocs if they got the collectors edition?
22:18.45Fisker- <-wtf h4x
22:18.58Fisker-want snapjaw pet
22:19.00KasoSome Euros got the murloc cos our collectors BC was fucked up iirc
22:19.10Fisker- <-lol
22:19.22Teomyri wonder why ashbringer was linkable on our server once
22:19.22Fisker-just hoping they do it again so we get a suit
22:19.23Taurmindoall euros with TBC CE got murlocs, if they sent in their papers to blizzard.
22:19.42deltronoh wait
22:19.46Fisker- <-nice idea with that mount :P
22:19.47deltronit was blizzcon
22:20.11Fisker- <-woo i has a test item
22:20.18Fisker-i win
22:20.36deltronde info
22:21.04Teomyrits funny to see how all those items are unobtainable, yet still localized :D
22:22.27Fisker-someone write the shit down :P
22:22.48Adysi am
22:23.04Adysin the worst case infobot logz everything =P
22:23.14Dottedand newsbot
22:23.19Fisker-well done with all the EU unique urls
22:24.05Adyshaha all this shit is EU only?
22:24.56Fisker-but got ~1000 US armory urls :(
22:25.14Fisker- <-wtf
22:25.22Dotted[deltron]: didn't americans get murlocs if they got the collectors edition? <- also eu
22:25.43Adysfisker, i dont get it?:p
22:25.45deltronamericans didn't get murloc pets
22:25.55Kasoargbaglg blarglg rawglg
22:25.58Fisker-it doesn't appear to be on the eu armory Adys
22:26.00*** kick/#wowwiki [Kaso!] by Adys (Adys)
22:26.04*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
22:26.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
22:26.09KasoYou murloc hater
22:26.14*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
22:26.36Fisker-then there's a buttload of common items
22:26.42Fisker-and they're in us armory only??
22:27.42Dotteddeltron ah yes right
22:28.47Fisker-must've been a problem in my scriptz
22:29.08Fisker-annoying to say the least
22:29.16Fisker-now i have to start all over!
22:29.26Fisker-blizzard are gonna give me a medal
22:30.03Adyslol fisker
22:30.21AdysHere is a breakdown of the mounts available in game listed by the skill necessary to ride them:
22:30.25Adyscheck the list
22:31.01Pzykoticunpainted? lol
22:31.07Fisker-what about it? :o
22:31.27AdysIcy Blue Mechanostrider Mod A
22:31.27AdysWhite Mechanostrider Mod A
22:31.41AdysUnpainted Mechanostrider
22:31.41AdysRed & Blue Mechanostrider
22:31.41AdysFluorescent Green Mechanostrider
22:31.54Adysthis is hilarious
22:32.21deltronI forgot the old ones
22:32.28deltronthere's an ivory raptor I remember
22:32.33deltronI had that one
22:32.35*** join/#wowwiki NimbleRabit (
22:33.35AdysRed & Blue Mechanostrider
22:34.11deltroncan you download wow from blizz?
22:34.18deltronI'm afk atm
22:34.46Kasoyolu can download wow using the torrents, though im not sure that counts as "From blizz"
22:34.51Adysyou can yes
22:34.58Adysgo to account management
22:35.08Adysboth bc and wow
22:36.41Adysthe Hand of Kargath is a mob
22:36.47Fisker-i know
22:36.48Adysbut i gotta agree.
22:36.50Fisker-but the head of the hand :P
22:36.53KasoI always found that name amusing when doing the quest
22:37.04Kaso"Is that like the fingertips of kargath" ?
22:37.10Fisker-maximum lulz
22:39.18[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:40.01Adysok i just parsed all normal eu servers, didnt find the fluorescent strider
22:40.15Adysim wondering if its on a pvp server now :/
22:40.18Adysim sure some guy has it
22:40.41Adyslol at "many items have pink texture"
22:40.54Fisker-well it's possible
22:41.03Fisker-ivory raptor was h4x
22:41.16Fisker-the guy i know who had it never turned his in
22:41.19Fisker-so he probably still have it
22:42.17Fisker- <-there's always for you :P
22:42.46Adysivory raptors were always in game no?
22:42.50Adysjust no longer accessible
22:43.11Adysthere is still the quest
22:43.12Adysrequiring one
22:43.29Adysso turned in or not itll show up
22:44.02Fisker-EU is fast now
22:44.08KasoI know a person with a Ivory raptor still
22:44.09Adys... and?
22:44.43bagginsman he's dense :p
22:45.19Taurmindohehe.. every time i talk to a GM i ask for him to make the "change old kodo for new!" quest reverted so i can trade my epic kodo for a .. and everytime i hear they're unable to do that. :(
22:46.03foxlitKilling foxbot soon-ish
22:46.19Adysbai foxbot!
22:46.33KasoTeal kodo look sick imo
22:46.38Fisker-anyways gonna get some sleep
22:46.48Taurmindonah, teal is nice. green looks wicked.
22:46.48Fisker-and check some moar armory stuff tomorrow and see if it did it properly
22:46.49foxlitWouldn't mind an actually white sallion
22:46.59foxlitNot the armored joke that's the new white horse model
22:47.14*** join/#wowwiki fleetfoot (
22:47.33KasoAnyway real hardcore people remeber Plainsrunning
22:47.43Kasokodos are for the weak
22:47.48Taurmindoyea, the extremly armored kodos look stupid having a cloth-priest on them.
22:47.55Fisker-shame they removed it
22:48.13KasoTaurmindo lies lies lies
22:48.17[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Wow Comic Book @ DC Comics Official Site -
22:48.20Kasokodo and UD priest > all
22:48.40Taurmindokodo and troll priest = need less armor on kodo!
22:48.41FoxbotThere are currently 0 queued operations.
22:48.47Dotted still no elekk wtf
22:48.47Taurmindoalso, need bigger kodo.
22:51.09bagginsgg is it just me but isn't it a bit silly for zarnks to judge whole alliance based on Garithos alone?
22:51.22bagginsI mean its very biased...
22:51.29Dottedall aliiance are like him tbh
22:51.36Dottedprejudige FTFW
22:52.04KasoTaurmindo, priest + kodo = sexh
22:52.20Fisker-night nubs
22:52.51Taurmindothe armor still looks over the edge.
22:55.52*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman (
22:55.55Kaso"omg we love you for having 5 accounts more money for us"
22:57.10Adysthe quote i sent is first on the top100 !
22:57.15Adysthe you still suck gm
22:57.43Adysarses, its second now :(
22:57.50Adys./cry etc
22:58.44Kasowowbash is like pain to read compared to real bash
22:59.53Taurmindoaye, and irrelevant chat in the middle isn't blurred out or anything.
23:00.15Adysnot a single db has item info about the Red & Blue Mechanostrider
23:01.32foxlitwowbash should re-generate images from text, tbh
23:01.39foxlitPlus search inside.
23:01.45foxlitBut the whole concept is a bit... silly
23:02.09foxlitThings the general wow population finds funny... aren't actually funny.
23:03.16foxlit"<GM> How are you today. <Player> not so good, i have cancer :( <GM> Good to hear it." Hilarious
23:03.26foxlitAnd that's #4
23:04.31foxlitA /gquit "confirmation dialog" prank takes #3, #2 is Chris Hansen from my extended friends network, and #1 is a GM typoing "stuck" as "suck"
23:05.17*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:05.39foxlit is OKish at #6
23:06.35*** join/#wowwiki amro_ (n=amro@
23:07.18Taurmindolooks more like a "i didn't get into that guild so i'm bashing them in public channel."
23:07.44AdysI got some really nice quotes, need to send them to get rid of some crap
23:07.54foxlitI read that as he's in the guild.
23:08.17foxlitBut so bloody sick of <TWINKS 'R' US> Recruiting. We have a TABARD!
23:09.46Taurmindoaye, think that's how it's supposed to look.
23:09.53Taurmindobut i cannot say that i _belive_ it is so.. :P
23:10.56foxlitAnd at least some faction of those quotes are made from people typing dick, cock and wank.
23:11.15foxlitI CAN HAS STDIO
23:11.39TeomyrIM IN YR LOOP
23:19.51TeomyrIM IN MY BED
23:24.47*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
23:26.30Sky2042oh wait
23:26.53Sky2042damn wikipedia.
23:26.58Sky2042i just spoiled 7 for myself.
23:26.59Sky2042oh well.
23:27.13Sky2042interesting plotline, to say the least
23:27.59LysistrataIt's not that unexpected I'd say.
23:28.16bagginssky i hope your joking cause Kirkburn said he'd ban anyone who brought up the book here
23:28.32LysistrataI tend to believe that everyone will sacrifice himself for Potter & Helmine so they can have a lot of babies ...
23:28.35bagginsso you better hope he didn't see you
23:31.15bagginssky what do you think?
23:32.48Sky2042what exactly?
23:33.08bagginsread that arguement with zarnks horde-member :p
23:33.32Sky2042zarnks is queer
23:33.32bagginsand there is one other issue I have with his additions,  he hasn't cited his claims exactly...
23:33.39Sky2042he's angry ogre 2.0
23:33.44bagginsI think so
23:33.56Sky2042i don't.
23:34.13Sky2042this one actually edits the page. all angry ogre ever did was piss people off on the talk pages
23:34.18[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
23:34.19bagginsI think he's the child of dark tich and angry ogre
23:34.24Sky2042dark tich?
23:34.29bagginsdark tichondrius
23:34.37bagginsevil love child
23:34.50bagginsdark tich changed his screen name to something else
23:34.51bagginsI forget
23:35.00Sky2042i saw him do that, but i can't remember when
23:35.30Sky2042as to whether or not its pertinent, i'd have to say not
23:35.41Sky2042that was an isolated incident, and the man who perpetrated it died shortly after
23:35.41bagginsbut ya I'd appreciate if people could leave their comments in that discussion
23:36.01bagginsplus experiments in dalaran was fairly isoldate kirin tor stuff too
23:36.10bagginsthere is no evidence that secret got out
23:36.13bagginsto other races
23:36.23bagginshell I don't even remember Brann knowing about it
23:36.32bagginsand he's often pretty omnicient :p
23:36.38Sky2042amazingly so
23:36.41Sky2042and then he got eaten
23:36.45*** join/#wowwiki Arc_ (
23:36.59bagginsso ya leave some thoughts if you cold please, ;)
23:37.14Arc_hey all
23:37.21bagginshi arc :)
23:37.59bagginsand kael and naga might know about it, but who would believe them? Besides they experiment on other races too, LOL
23:38.04bagginsso it would be hypocritical of them
23:38.46Arc_how's everyone doin?
23:38.47bagginsogres experiment on each other too :
23:38.55bagginshow do you think more ogre mages are born?
23:39.19Sky2042uh... i've never seen a femal ogre magi, but that doesn't mean they don't exist...
23:39.19bagginsPretty good Arc.
23:39.35bagginswell I was just mentioning the theory given in APg heh
23:39.46bagginsthat they are likely sterire
23:40.06bagginsand reproduce through more magic manipulation
23:42.48bagginsyep, sandwhich exactly my thoughts LOL
23:43.04Taurmindomaybe one of the head is a female on some of them?
23:43.35bagginsI'm just glad I don't have to look at warcraft 1 female ogres :p
23:43.43bagginscause that would be horrifying
23:44.19Taurmindohm, there must've been any ogre female somewhere in any game.. i'm quite sure.
23:46.00bagginsIts not something you'd want to see in 3-d :p
23:46.17bagginsclosest thing would probably be Theredas if I had to compare though LOL
23:47.47*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:47.51bagginspeople probably happy you can't play Griselda style female orcs LOL
23:49.32bagginsoh btw, there is a possibility old iron grove could have been a capital of ancients too.
23:49.43bagginsbefore it was cursed
23:49.45Arc_to me the great WoW mystery is Kul Tiras
23:49.50Arc_what happened there...
23:51.51bagginsis it stil being conrolled by Jaina's brother?
23:52.22bagginsthough kul tiras was n't nearly the mystery of Gilneas
23:52.37bagginsat least Brann could still visit Kul Tiras
23:52.52bagginsGilneas is closed up entirely
23:53.04Sky2042Gilneas is probably under rule of anarchy
23:53.14Sky2042or near anarchy
23:53.22bagginsor its been wiped out :p
23:53.24Arc_but it bothers me/is weird how Blizz won't even acknowledge
23:53.27Arc_sure its sort of around in WoW
23:53.29Arc_but nowhere on maps
23:53.32*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman (
23:53.34Arc_it was a huge part of Warcraft!
23:53.46Sky2042closed up for the purposese of either cleaning up by the king, or deposing of the king, and it must remain secure (terrorists, and all that)
23:53.46bagginsya, there are only a few references to it from npcs
23:54.03Sky2042wait, wtf
23:54.17Sky2042why the hell are the broken even on that list baggins?
23:54.35bagginsI don't know I would have left them off much as we leave off forest trolls and the like
23:55.00bagginsStill wants to make an "Unlikely Suspects" co-article LOL
23:55.42SandwichmanAny lore on this Circle of Ancients?
23:55.51bagginsfirst I've heard of them
23:56.02*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:56.03bagginsI don't remember them through my time there
23:56.08bagginsbut that was a few years ago
23:56.26Sandwichmanfrom the WoW manual.
23:56.44SandwichmanI put them as the leaders.
23:57.01SandwichmanSeems to be.
23:57.15bagginswell the ones turned to stone in iron fel forest may have been leading ancients too
23:57.29bagginsI seem to recall there being something very important about that location.
23:57.55bagginsif I find the info I'll let you know
23:58.02SandwichmanHm... remove if you want.
23:58.08Sky2042my watchlist is so barren...
23:58.17SandwichmanWait... it isn't in the manual.
23:58.18bagginsnah sandwich I'll trust your judgement
23:58.22Sky2042someone give me something to watch
23:58.26Sky2042please? :)
23:58.32bagginsits not in the manual?
23:58.32SandwichmanDoes Onu mention it?
23:58.45bagginsI don't know I haven't done those quests in ages :p
23:58.55SandwichmanOr is it... dun dun dun- UNLABLED FAN FIC!
23:59.18[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
23:59.44SandwichmanYour thoughts?

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