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00:54.13pcjugh i keep trying to patrol my own edits
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02:02.44Arrowmasterso who would i talk to about not being able to get any confimation emails?
02:03.36[NewsBot]MatthewS i guess
02:15.07pcjwow newsbot, so informative
02:16.04Kirkburn|afkThat's why me love it :)
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02:16.25Kirkburn|afk^ for lolz
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02:16.55Kirkburn|afkcladhaire, does cladbot even do anything?
02:17.02cladhaireyeah, why
02:17.11Kirkburn|afkWhat does it do? :O
02:17.11pcjsteals op and kicks all the other ops otu
02:17.13cladhairedidn't realize i left him here =)
02:17.19cladhairelua> print("kirkburn is a poophead")
02:17.19cladbotcladhaire: kirkburn is a poophead
02:17.21cladhairethat's it right now
02:17.42Kirkburn|afkWait, I did +o, not +v :/
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02:18.05Kirkburn|afkI'll get there eventually
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02:22.08BibiMe being in the op list wasn't compatible with Windows Vista ?
02:22.12BibiKirkburn|afk ! you suck !
02:22.28Kirkburn|afktotally not
02:22.33Bibiyes you do :(
02:22.43Bibiand now, i'm going to bed
02:22.52Kirkburn|afkg'night sucker
02:25.00Bibiyou're the tea sucker :/
02:25.10Kirkburn|afkmmmm, tea
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04:00.57LetterHello. I have found a "Special Part" If you will, of the map.
04:01.36LetterIs anyone here?
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04:36.02zeeg -- google powered :)
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04:36.56Kirkburn|afkfunky, zeeg
04:37.03Kirkburn|afkDid you get my earlier msg btw?
04:37.22Kirkburn|afkMuch *much* earlier
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04:38.34RandomErrorHello people
04:39.17RandomErrorIs there any way I could put formated table entries into dropdown as menu items?
04:39.34RandomErrorI mean info.text = "something"
04:39.50RandomErrorI need that something would be "Player name, level, class"
04:39.58RandomErrorin nice alignment
04:40.03RandomErrorlike in table
04:40.25pcj{| starts the table
04:40.29pcj|- is a row
04:40.31pcj| is a cell
04:40.41pcj|} ends the table
04:41.22ViaLE!Player Name !!Level !!Class
04:41.41ViaLE|Name 1 ||12 ||Warrior
04:42.04RandomErrorbut I need it to work as separate options to select from
04:42.56ViaLEwhat are you working with?
04:43.10ViaLEobviously not trying to make a wiki table
04:43.23ViaLEif ur trying to make a dropdown menu
04:44.01RandomErrorinfo            = {};
04:44.02RandomErrorinfo.text       = "Ubercool 20 Warrior";
04:44.02RandomErrorinfo.value      = "Ubercool";
04:44.02RandomErrorinfo.func       = Open_chat_with_player;
04:44.06RandomErrorsomething like that
04:44.20pcj /boggle
04:44.22RandomErrorI'm working with wow addon
04:44.33pcjoh this isn't the place to discuss addon development
04:45.11ViaLEI would google something about LUA for wow
04:45.24ViaLEcurse may have some channels
04:45.25RandomErrorI think it's more XML related :/
04:46.04pcjtry #wowi-lounge
04:46.10ViaLEcould be i havent done any wow add-ons
04:46.52RandomErrorwill try the lounge thank you
04:46.57RandomErroralso thanks for trying to help :)
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05:09.22morfessai'm trying to log into wow for the first time with my trial account but the program is telling me the account name of password is incorrect despite the fact that i'm definitely typing in the correct information. equally as strange is that i can log into with the same details no problem but i can't access
05:09.25morfessaany ideas folks?
05:10.11Karrionmorfessa: is it a US or Euro account? can't use one with the other's servers
05:10.28morfessai think i created it on the us site
05:10.33morfessabut i live in europe
05:10.47ViaLEyour file may be wrong..
05:10.57morfessawhat can i do about it?
05:11.17Arrowmasterif you live in europe you probably want to play on the europe servers right?
05:11.20ViaLEyou just enter the servers you want to connect to for the servers
05:11.38ViaLEset realmlist
05:11.42morfessaArrowmaster: i'm not pushed
05:11.44ViaLEset patchlist
05:11.49ViaLEthats the us info
05:14.05morfessai just entered those details into the wtf file with notepad
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05:14.30morfessatrying to save and vista is telling me to make sure the path and filename are correct because the file cannot be saved
05:14.51Arrowmasteryoull need admin rights on vista to save it probably
05:15.17Jeremy2020The game detected your were going to make a warlock and prevented you from logging in
05:15.50ViaLEis wow running?
05:16.14morfessai have admin rights
05:16.21morfessai cut the wtf file from the dir to desktop
05:16.28morfessathen edited it and replaced it into the dir
05:16.30morfessadid the trick
05:16.52ViaLEcan u log in?
05:17.07morfessaamn't i probably better of playing on us servers anyway to encounter more people who speak english?
05:17.09morfessai'm from ireland
05:17.13morfessaabout to try
05:17.18morfessathanks alot
05:17.41Arrowmasteri dont play on eu but i would guess that a lot of them speak english too
05:18.22morfessasome of them
05:18.25morfessacan't login
05:18.32morfessait says i've used up my prepaid time
05:19.08morfessait must have been ten days ago i initially signed up
05:19.22morfessahad some problems with my pc and had to reinstall so i didn't get around to playing
05:19.35morfessamaybe i could set up a trial account on the eu site
05:19.44Arrowmasterdid you ever login?
05:19.55Arrowmasterperty sure trial accounts are only suppost to start once you actually login
05:21.16morfessathat's what i thought
05:22.00morfessafuck i was really looking forward to this
05:22.08morfessai'll have to spring for a real account
05:22.25Arrowmastertrial accounts are perty easy to get
05:22.37morfessabut they're limited to one per customer
05:22.41morfessai imagine by their ip
05:22.57Arrowmasteryou just have to make a new account for each
05:23.01Gryphenmove WoW out of program files
05:23.19morfessaArrowmaster: each...
05:23.23morfessaGryphen: to what end?
05:23.38GryphenTry C:\Games\World of Warcraft
05:23.53morfessawhat will this accomplish?
05:24.00morfessai still only have one account name and password...
05:24.04GryphenThere is an issue with WoW having access to write files or someting in Program Files
05:24.36Arrowmasterhe still needs a eu trial account code
05:24.41Grypheni only skimmed what you have been talking about, i might be off
05:26.15morfessawell i'm copying it to games
05:26.33morfessaArrowmaster: ...for each, customer, ip?
05:26.41morfessa(you make a new account...)
05:27.05Arrowmasterafaik theres no limits to trial accounts
05:27.13Gryphenoff to bed, good luck morfessa
05:27.20morfessathanks, sleep tight
05:27.33morfessai'm trying to sign up for one now on
05:27.59Arrowmasterwell you still might need a trial key
05:29.58Arrowmaster for a free EU trial
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05:33.57morfessai just set one up again on the american site
05:34.04morfessasure we'll give it a lash and see how we get on...
05:34.10morfessathanks bro
05:34.20morfessaif you were in the eu would you play eu servers?
05:34.31morfessais response time still an issue in 2007?
05:35.16Arrowmasternot that much, i would say stick with EU because it will be easyer to find groups
05:35.23Arrowmasterbecause of the time
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05:53.45Kirkburn|afkDing 70! :D
05:54.39KarrionKirkburn|afk: grats!
05:54.48Kirkburn|afkthanks :)
05:54.54Kirkburn|afkThat makes my second 70, at last
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06:13.13Kirkburn|afkFlying mount time :O
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06:30.34ViaLEdoes wowiki have any nice preexisting table classes?
06:30.41ViaLElike wikitable
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06:37.16Kirkburn|afkViaLE, don't think so
06:37.31Kirkburn|afkWe've not had access to the CSS for a looong time
06:37.37Kirkburn|afk(to edit it)
06:37.52ViaLEcause the tables on the main page look nice but there all div's
06:38.40ViaLEand wikipedia's wikitable produces some nice results with minimal effort. It would be nice to have something similar.
06:38.45Kirkburn|afkI know :(
06:42.23ViaLEclass="wikitable" does produce some code :/
06:42.29ViaLEnot as pretty tho
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08:29.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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08:37.13Aleandar|Work*yawn* :<
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09:30.17morfessamy god what a game
09:33.57amro"abilitie, experianced, intension" where did these people learn to spell?
09:34.19morfessacan you get horses to ride on in wow?
09:34.28morfessalike a knight or some shit
09:34.46laurlyis it posable for a npc when tamed to give more then one ability?
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09:44.28morfessaamro: thanks
09:46.23morfessanot there's a goal for my life
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10:33.40Taurmindomorfessa: you can't fight from them though.
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10:50.21Taurmindo#doitempage Lifeblood Amulet
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11:15.51laurlyhow do i get the tables under eachother insted of next to eachoter?
11:20.44laurlyfound it :)
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12:03.14Taurmindois there something to add to a tooltip if it's part of a set?
12:09.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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12:26.54[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Patch 2.1.3 on US Realms -
12:34.23laurly <-- opinons?
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12:50.22Dotted~whalenuke Dotted
12:50.22infobotACTION dons his radiation cloak and tinted glasses while a highly intelligent whale named Ray precipitates critical mass for uncontrolled nuclear fission around Dotted with his mind powers
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12:59.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
13:00.24laurly <--- hows that?
13:01.26foxlitThose scrolling boxes are a no-no.
13:01.46laurlyk let me regenrate it
13:02.05foxlitQuest tables can really be unordered lists
13:02.52Taurmindo#doitempage Pattern: Truefaith Vestments
13:02.56FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:
13:03.17foxlitMm, wiki's slow :(
13:03.31laurlyhows that.  And why are the tables centered?
13:03.47foxlitThey aren't for me
13:03.56Taurmindothey are for me.
13:04.05foxlitmargin auto
13:04.20Taurmindowhy have tables for quests, instead of jsut bulletlists?
13:04.51foxlitIn a shameless bit of self-promotion, use {{reagentbox}} for sells list
13:04.59laurlyTaurmindo thats why im showing it to you guys need opinons
13:05.33foxlitHm, sec
13:05.47laurlyahh to show what it takes to make it.  Na i think we just need to display the name of what they are selling let them click the link to figure out how to make tha pattern
13:06.12pcjwiki's slow probably because i'm patrolling :(
13:06.36laurlyhey pcj <--- opinions
13:06.47laurlydam got to get sex out of there
13:06.57foxlit{{reagentbox|caption=Sells|item1={{loot|rarity|name|caption}}<br />{{cost}}|icon1=Some_Spell_Icon|item2=...
13:07.44pcjif you're going to put gives quests and ends quests in tables like that you might as well put them side by side
13:07.56foxlitJust use an unordered list
13:08.05laurlypcj this is my first attempt at making tables :)
13:08.25laurlywhats the command for ordered list was it #?
13:08.31foxlit# is ordered
13:10.58laurlyremoving the table stuff on quests give me a min
13:13.11laurlyok check it again
13:14.06foxlitI'm not sure I like the way duplicate quests are displayed, but I can't think of anything easy to do about it.
13:14.25laurlycheck if its the same quest that is in start and end?
13:14.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
13:14.48foxlitThat you can probably do by id, but then what?
13:15.00laurlyonly show it as start?
13:15.17laurlyor list it under Starts and ends quests:
13:15.23foxlit#doitempage Spirit of Zanza
13:15.31FoxbotTooltip saved, foxlit. View at:
13:15.44laurlyor just have it distinct quest names and call it Involved in quests:
13:16.20foxlitThen {{questlong}} (starts) or {{questlong}} (ends) or {{questlong}}
13:16.26foxlitCould work
13:16.58foxlitThere must be templates for the sort of thing you're doing with sells/drops lists
13:17.14laurlyfind it :)
13:17.21foxlitI'd probably advise against putting drops on NPCs as well
13:17.39foxlitUnless they have something exceptionally notable, most of the stuff is shared, and we simply shouldn't bother :)
13:17.47foxlit{{reagentbox}} works for sells.
13:17.50laurlyim limiting a bit so its not world drops not Everthing under the sun
13:17.54foxlit(See [[Malorne Regalia]])
13:18.09foxlitEverything drops mana pots :)
13:19.15laurlyi have a ignore_drops table in the database its just a question of adding everthing we want ignored
13:20.01foxlitEasier to do it the other way around :)
13:20.12foxlitVery, very few drops are actually significant
13:20.30laurlyyeah but i dont want to have to add every single quest drop item
13:20.47foxlitThen detect that it's a quest item.
13:22.14laurlyrather leave all the tables out puting the same if i havet make diffrent tables for difrent types of npcs bots never going to be fiinished
13:22.35foxlitMySQL returned error "1205: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction (".
13:23.05laurlydatabase is having a tantrum
13:23.10laurly <-- foxlit
13:25.17foxlitWhat about that? :)
13:28.50foxlit#dolist Swiftness of Zanza, Sheen of Zanza
13:28.51FoxbotOkay, foxlit, queued Swiftness of Zanza, Sheen of Zanza.
13:32.15laurly  <-- only displaying drops that have a 1% or grater?
13:35.18laurlywonder if i should leave the leather stuff just make a note its from skinning and not a real drop persay
13:35.28*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
13:35.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
13:37.15*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
13:37.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
13:37.39foxlitNah, just ignore the entire drops table. If there are specific quest items that drop off the mob, list those. If there aren't, don't worry about listing anything else :)
13:39.54foxlit#dolist Engineer's Guild Headpiece, Divino-matic Rod
13:39.55FoxbotOkay, foxlit, queued Engineer's Guild Headpiece, Divino-matic Rod.
13:42.06laurlycheck it again added When Stonelash Flayer is taimed by a hunter it teaches Scorpid Poison Rank 4. Requires 25 to train.
13:42.36foxlit25 what?
13:43.05Taurmindouh, #doitempage doesn't work on pages already created (but lacking tooltip).. right? is there any other smooth command to use for adding item tooltip to itempage, or do i have to do it manually?
13:43.28foxlitNo, it works on all pages. It just completely ignores already existing content.
13:43.39foxlitSo be wary of it replacing something that's actually decent :)
13:43.44laurlyTraining Points
13:43.51foxlitIsn't clear from that line :)
13:43.58foxlitBtw, we're adding mob pages?
13:44.18TaurmindoFoxbot: i was thinking of .. the info provided is good, but it's lacking tooltip for it, so it cannot be used in e.g. {{lootbox}}
13:44.19laurlybot adds them when she adds quests
13:44.54Taurmindo.. foxlit, even. *tabs wrong*
13:45.06*** join/#wowwiki Daemona (
13:45.26foxlitWell, let's see
13:45.34foxlit#doitempage Recipe: Flask of Distilled Wisdom
13:45.35Taurmindolaurly: perhaps use the {{loot}} template for the drop table?
13:45.39FoxbotTooltip saved, foxlit. View at:
13:46.09Taurmindoit completely replaced the old one, adding only achieved-by-repuation, thus removing achieved-by-drop.
13:46.38laurlyScorpid Poison requires 25 training Points to train other pets.
13:46.44laurlystill doesnt sound right.
13:47.02foxlitSo now we go back and add that in :)
13:47.39Taurmindoaye, was about to do it when i noticed.. ;P
13:47.48Taurmindogood to know how it does on the pages at least. thanks. :)
13:47.57foxlitnp ;0
13:48.21foxlitYou can use #doitem Item Name to save to a sandbox then copy {{tooltip}} if you're so inclined :)
13:49.55Taurmindohm. i've added lootbox for boss drops (e.g. ) to make it easier to overview drops.. when a boss drops alot of noteable rewards, should i still add a lootbox for overview, or is the listing of the item names better?
13:51.02foxlitGo for lootbox, I think. We already use that for raiding bosses, and I don't think anything has a larger loot table than those :)
13:55.36Taurmindoam currently editing .. should i make a seperate lootbox for all classes tier1 leg drops, so it'll be (even!) easier to overview?
14:04.24[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
14:08.09KasoMakes sense Taurmindo
14:08.43Kasoomg, wtf at that wowinsider link, i've never seen that before
14:09.18Taurmindome neither. ^^
14:14.31*** join/#wowwiki n4LR (
14:16.49Taurmindowhat does the ___NOTOC___ mean?
14:17.36Taurmindo#doitempage Head of Baron Rivendare
14:17.41FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:
14:19.28pcj__NOTOC__ prevents the TOC from showing
14:19.59Taurmindo#doitempage Beaststalker's Pants
14:20.07FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:'s_Pants
14:20.10Taurmindohm. ok. only a few item pages has it, but some does.
14:20.35*** join/#wowwiki amro_ (n=amro@
14:20.53Taurmindobtw, the set= part of {{tooltip}} doesn't work properly.
14:24.24*** join/#wowwiki SnowAngel (n=HoangSon@
14:24.30SnowAngel << Wellcome to my blog's
14:24.46deltronwelcome to my ignore!
14:25.02SnowAngel << Wellcome to my blog's
14:25.19KasoSomeone ban it please.
14:25.39SnowAngeloh! beautiful!!
14:25.58KasoKirkburn|sleep, you cant possibily be asleep at 4:00pm, get here and do some banning!
14:26.24SnowAngeltui ko hieu gi het trong
14:26.44deltronSnowAngel: sorry, nobody here understands vietnamese
14:26.54SnowAngeluhm! yes
14:27.15SnowAngelghe' wa choi thoi
14:27.26SnowAngelma khong biet tieng anh
14:28.05SnowAngelo day co ai biet ting viet ko????????
14:29.20Taurmindofoxlit: your bot might have a bug. the last itempage it created made links to a horde and a neutral version of the quest. there is no neutral version, only a horde and an alliance version.
14:31.20Taurmindoalso, it doesn't make Equip: {{spelllink|#}}, instead it just makes plain text.
14:31.45Taurmindo#doitempage Devout Skirt
14:31.52FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:
14:34.24[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
14:35.48laurlydo we have a categorie for taimable pets?
14:36.11*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
14:38.18Taurmindo#doitempage Dreadmist Leggings
14:38.24FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:
14:40.06*** join/#wowwiki ScoTTie_ (
14:40.42*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
14:40.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
14:41.04pcj[[Category:Hunter pets]] I think
14:42.40Taurmindo#doitem Kilt of Elements
14:43.06FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:
14:44.38laurlypcj doesnt exist :/
14:45.57Taurmindohe doesn't!?
14:47.32Taurmindo#doitem Legplates of Valor
14:47.39FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:
14:47.43pcjMaybe Hunter Pets then
14:49.41*** join/#wowwiki amro__ (n=amro@
14:51.56*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
14:51.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
14:54.49*** join/#wowwiki wowchatter (
14:55.45*** part/#wowwiki wowchatter (
14:56.24KasoWhy do people come to IRC channels for like 1min then leave :<
14:57.37equiraptorbeacuse if it's not OMGSPAMMINg them, they think it must be dead.
14:58.05equiraptorSome people don't seem to realise there's something between "more messages than you can read" and "nothing at all"
14:59.32Taurmindo#doitem Lightforge Legplates
14:59.38FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:
15:00.57*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
15:00.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
15:03.20Taurmindo#doitem Shadowcraft Pants
15:03.29FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:
15:05.42Taurmindo#doitem Wildheart Kilt
15:05.54FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:
15:12.43Taurmindothe set= include on items should be fixed. it works on other pages than the item page's own, (as it only says "Set: setname (1/#)" there), but on the item page own it includes the whole set page, not just the set bonuses (and the other set pieces?)
15:13.52Taurmindothis would rather be a problem of the set pages than the tooltip pages, but how should the set pages look on the <onlyinclude> part? any example page to follow?
15:15.09Taurmindo#doitem Dreadmist Sandals
15:15.17FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:
15:18.06Taurmindo#doitempage Shadowy Laced Handwraps
15:18.14FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:
15:24.24[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
15:34.19*** join/#wowwiki Modo (
15:36.02*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (n=gryphon@
15:36.03*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
15:37.31laurlyohh Gryphen is here
15:37.44laurly  <--- opinon
15:38.35Taurmindolaurly: how about making loot links in the drop list? (or did i already say that? ;P)
15:38.48laurlydo we have a categorie for mobs that give X faction ? or
15:38.49Gryphenlooks neat, would like to see {{loot}} on drops
15:39.08laurlylet me go find the code for that then :)
15:40.15Taurmindo#doitempage Insignia of the Black Guard
15:40.30laurlyk let me go change the code
15:40.33FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:
15:43.22Taurmindo#doitempage Invader's Scourgestone
15:43.46FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:'s_Scourgestone
15:43.49Taurmindo#doitempage Stonelash Flayer Stinger
15:44.04FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:
15:44.05Taurmindo#doitempage Large Scorpid Claw
15:44.33FoxbotTooltip saved, Taurmindo. View at:
15:50.51Gryphenyou can PM Foxbot Taurmindo
15:51.22Taurmindooh. :P
15:51.26Taurmindosorry for my spam then. :)
15:52.04Gryphenjust leave off the #
15:54.20foxlitHm, Gryphen, things working for you?
15:54.33Gryphennot currently heh
15:54.42Gryphenfigured armory was down or wiki is currently slow
15:55.23Taurmindoit's slooow.
15:55.24Gryphencant find item by name, and by id gives no response at all
15:55.31foxlitid crashes
15:57.41Gryphenlaurly i'd make a template for the drop table
15:57.43foxlit#mload witem
15:57.44FoxbotLoaded [witem]
15:59.02TecnoBratits tuesday
15:59.06TecnoBratof course the armory is down
15:59.28laurlywiki is slow as well.
15:59.33foxlitYes and no, I'll have to take a look at it
16:00.19laurlywhat did we decide about the quests change it to involved in?
16:01.37Taurmindo"in dire need of attention for the following quests:"
16:01.43laurlychange it to use EU armory when US armory is down or visa virsa
16:01.49foxlitWhat's with the {{clrl}}?
16:01.59foxlitThing is, it should do that
16:02.15*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
16:04.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:06.27laurly{{clrl}} is becouse the tables where displaying next to eachother insted of under no idea why
16:08.15Gryphenwhy in the quests area?
16:09.13foxlitUse * rather than #
16:10.18Gryphentry those tables laurly
16:10.26Gryphenif my edit ever submits
16:11.07*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul (n=c@
16:12.16MatthewSwho's been doing the template magic in the last few hours?
16:12.50GryphenWoW maitenance day
16:13.22MatthewSno, something is is being called that is chewing through 30 seconds of CPU time
16:13.23[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 3,797
16:13.29MatthewSand then expiring out
16:13.42foxlitI edited a rather minor one earlier, but that should be long gone.
16:14.04Grypheni made the jobqueue at 65k yesterday and it was still snappy foxlit :)
16:14.16foxlitYeah? :)
16:14.30Gryphenya edited qual-color
16:14.43foxlitNothing new for ages, MatthewS
16:14.44Gryphenhalf of em at least, till i saw it was at 65k
16:15.42foxlitOnly thing even resembling major is my {{spelllink}} edit, and that's 5 hours ago
16:15.54Gryphenlaury, made another edit, -float and -clr
16:17.26MatthewShmm, back to the drawing board
16:19.07MatthewSok. there we go
16:19.34*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
16:19.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
16:19.58laurlydid it submit Gryphen?
16:20.06Gryphenya, done messing with it
16:20.55laurlyi need a crash corse in wiki editing
16:21.14laurlynow thats more like it wtg Gryphen :)
16:22.00laurlywhat about the quests. do we just list them once and say involved in or put in a starts ends and get dups
16:22.48Gryphenneeds elinks-NPC too :)
16:23.01Gryphenid say like how any other db handles it
16:23.16*** join/#wowwiki Strykar (n=wakka@
16:23.23Gryphenthe separate them
16:24.20Taurmindolaurly: don't show silver and coins if they are 0, only show 4g instead of 4g0s0c in the sell-table.
16:24.59*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
16:25.09Gryphencould make cost parse that out as well
16:25.57*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pcjjenks@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
16:26.41laurlydo that Gryphen :)
16:27.27laurlyhmm na i should be able to dump the 0's
16:27.39Taurmindowhy not just use cost? :P
16:28.06laurlyit is using cost
16:28.08Gryphenshe is
16:28.31Gryphenbut cost could also be made to drop the zero's if someone uses them
16:28.35laurlyafk need to clean the kitchen
16:30.12foxlitmeh, weak
16:30.20foxlit{{cost|g=5|s=0|c=0}} ! :)
16:31.04Taurmindodoesn't just {{cost|5}} make 5g, without any trailing silver/copper?
16:31.12Hobinheim|workzomg no more cost template stuff
16:31.18Gryphenyes Taurmindo
16:31.20Hobinheim|workit was a mistake to delete gsc
16:31.22Hobinheim|worki totally regret it
16:31.32Hobinheim|workif at all possible, leave all of gsc's incarnations
16:31.43Gryphenblah blah blah
16:32.03MatthewSgryph: those color template changes
16:32.27MatthewSmind if we revert them for a few?
16:32.42Gryphensure, they were only cosmetic
16:32.58foxlitBtw, why are we using multiple qual-color templates?
16:33.12foxlitFor greater queue size, optimize the thing to a {{#switch}} in a single template :)
16:33.16*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
16:34.16*** join/#wowwiki Eldritch (
16:34.30Hobinheim|worki gotta say
16:34.36Hobinheim|workthe whole cleaning up of redundant templates...
16:34.37foxlitAh, good lord
16:34.41Hobinheim|workwe don't gotta go on a mass cleansing
16:34.44Hobinheim|workit's ok to keep them
16:34.45foxlitTemplate:Loot pulls ALL of the qual-color templates
16:34.53Hobinheim|workas long as the mechanic beneath them is one thing
16:34.59Hobinheim|workso... just leave em =P
16:35.22Grypheni dont think anyone mentioned anything about that hob
16:35.23EldritchHey quick my guild is starting SSC and I know that I need frost/nature resist gear for the hydross fight, I have been reading everywhere that it is ok to just use "green" resist gear...what do you guys recommend?
16:35.43Hobinheim|worksounded like it =(
16:35.53Hobinheim|work"[12:33] foxlit: Btw, why are we using multiple qual-color templates?"
16:35.56foxlitSo every qual-color-* edit causes a flush of everything that even touches {{loot}}
16:36.20Hobinheim|workis it hot where you are...
16:36.28EldritchI mean should I just raid the AH for all the cheap resist gear I can or what?
16:37.52*** join/#wowwiki amro__ (n=amro@
16:40.06Eldritchok well...i will be afk if any of you could help that would rock, just message me or whatever, thanks in advance
16:41.17*** join/#wowwiki Cairen1 (
16:42.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cair] by ChanServ
16:42.54Taurmindoregarding the set= on item's tooltip pages pulling the whole page instead of just the other pieces/bonuses; how should the set pages look on the <onlyinclude> part? any example page to follow?
16:43.09foxlitTemplate talk:Settip
16:43.16*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
16:43.18foxlit[[Malorne Regalia]]
16:43.29foxlit(although Malorne only if you're feeling brave)
16:43.33foxlitLet me dig up a lazy example :)
16:44.05*** join/#wowwiki Cairen1 (
16:44.26foxlit[[Champion's Earthshaker]]
16:44.28Taurmindoi'm currently fixing lootboxes for all bosses in stratholme, and some drop the tier0 pieces.. and it's annoying to have the whole page pulled on the item page, on the other hand it's annoying to not see what set it belongs to on the lootbox. :P
16:44.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cair] by ChanServ
16:45.24[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Blizzard's Contest - Win a BlizzCon Ticket -
16:45.24[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Wow Patch 2.1.3 Released -
16:46.12*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
16:49.37Taurmindofoxlit: can i use normal {{spelllink}} for the set pieces bonus, or is there some kind of special version to not make the links other color than grey?
16:49.38Fisker-looks like a crap movie Dotted
16:50.24foxlitUse the normal spellink, pass |Set
16:50.33foxlitIt's described on [[Template:Spelllink]] :)
16:55.37Taurmindothanks. :)
16:55.49laurlyhmm sights really slow
16:56.01*** join/#wowwiki ClydeJr (i=86a3ff0d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:56.03*** mode/#wowwiki [+v ClydeJr] by ChanServ
16:57.18laurly <--- now with Gryphen's tables :)
16:57.55Gryphennot mine :) hehe
16:58.10laurlybetter then my first table attempt :)
16:58.36Gryphenshouldnt need clr
16:58.42Taurmindohm, settip really should be revamped to not force us to use {{loot}} for all links, but instead e.g. have hands= waist= head= etc, and we'll only add the ones that are needed. hm. i should visit some talk pages.
17:00.13laurlydumping "{{clrl}}"'a
17:01.04laurlywish there was a way to find the npc race
17:01.14laurlyall i can grab is the creature type.
17:01.58foxlitTaurmindo: Well, yes and no.
17:02.13foxlitYou still wouldn't be able to escape {{loot}}
17:02.45foxlitSince you need rarity for a proper link, and having you supply both rarity and name is practically the same as requiring {{loot}} anyway
17:03.21*** part/#wowwiki Eldritch (
17:03.31Gryphenlaurly reload, how about that?
17:03.49laurlybetter :)
17:04.02Taurmindofoxlit: hm. true. and just linking to names instead of lootlinks might not be an ideal idea. ;P
17:04.09Gryphenprobably drop the bullets
17:04.11laurlyhmm but thats going to require some reworking of the loops :/
17:04.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
17:04.54Taurmindolaurly: perhaps links to the professions in your table too?
17:05.11laurlyyeah i thought about that as well.
17:05.15Gryphentemplate the tables to make it a little easier laurly
17:05.43laurlyGryphen remember i still need a crash corse in wiki.  show me what you mean about templateing the tables and i can get the bot to do it.
17:06.25laurlylooks better with all the 0's in clost gone to.
17:06.26KirkburnWoo, I have 32.5 days worth of music
17:06.37laurlygrats Kirkburn :)
17:06.52KirkburnAlso I hit my second 70 last night :D
17:07.06laurlybeen there done that months ago :)
17:07.16Kirkburnbah humbug
17:07.17laurlycurently i draw the line at 2 nr 70's
17:07.39laurlyhave a 60 war and a 47 rogue. might lvl the rogue someday when im not coding bot all day
17:08.03laurlyoh kazzak is up :)
17:18.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Boubouille] by Kirkburn
17:18.32Kirkburn^ managed not to OP you this time :P
17:27.20MatthewShmmm, ok things are performing better
17:27.48*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:31.03*** join/#wowwiki [NewzBot] (
17:31.48MatthewSok, from my perspective they are. site's still going to be lagged :(
17:35.34foxlitSo what's the general lag about?
17:36.09MatthewSi need a third machine for the website i think :)
17:36.35MatthewSpatch release today?
17:36.43foxlitBut minor
17:36.49KirkburnOh, 2.1.3?
17:37.18KirkburnMatthewS, it'll be like this as well tomorrow
17:37.20foxlitDon't thnk we should be getting more load because of this
17:37.25KirkburnEU gets patches the day after
17:37.26*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
17:37.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
17:37.29MatthewSsomething weird happened a few hours ago
17:37.34MatthewSim still trying to track down what
17:38.13foxlitWhat sort of weird? :)
17:38.47MatthewScpu usage starts going spikey
17:39.25Gryphenahh the technical jargon!
17:39.26[NewzBot]WOW Insider:
17:40.09Taurmindoso, how about adding vendor price on tooltips when they're called in a lootbox from a quest page, as i cannot be the only one wanting to chose the most profitable (but still useless) item from many of the quests?
17:40.40*** join/#wowwiki Jemhadar (
17:41.46laurlygood idea Taurmindo
17:42.10*** join/#wowwiki Jiraiya-sensei (
17:46.19Taurmindom. it's useless on the drop table (or at least not useful ;P), but not on the questreward pages.
17:47.05Gryphenagg slowwiki
17:47.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
17:56.06*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
18:04.26[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:04.28KirkburnTaurmindo, there's a few addons to help with that
18:04.47*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
18:04.50KirkburnVendorBait is one
18:05.49TaurmindoKirkburn: yea, i know, but it'd be good information on the wiki too, imo.
18:06.10*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
18:07.07pcj_2whew finally got caught up on patrol
18:09.17*** join/#wowwiki Apollozeus (
18:09.49Jemhadaranyone know where I can find a good faq or something on enchants that aren't normally from an enchanter like the enchants from items like mystic spellthread?
18:11.48Jemhadarthx man
18:12.06*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:12.16*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
18:12.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:13.19*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
18:14.36*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
18:14.50*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
18:15.25laurlycan you see what page's someone else is watching?
18:17.44pcj_2sure, just add {{SOMEONE ELSE'S NAME}} IS A BIG FAT POOPY HEAD to the top of the page, and they'll change it back if they're watching
18:18.39laurlyUser:Eirik Ratcatcher put a comment on my user page i replyed but no clue if hes watching it or not
18:18.40*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
18:18.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
18:18.56laurlyyet more quest page naming issues
18:19.05Adyshi miranda deadlocks how are you
18:19.18pcj_2if he doesn't reply in a day just post it on his talk page
18:20.43laurlythink we are going to have to reach some kinda official consensus about how to name the quest pages if i let the bot loose its going to be a lot to change again if we change our minds
18:21.13Gryphenthat is what the discussions are for :)
18:21.27laurlywell its on pump and my user page now see what comes of it :)
18:22.49foxlitlaurly: he usually does reply on your userpage
18:24.18laurlyim just cleaning / optimising code for the next few days give everyone a chance to come up with an opinion
18:24.42*** join/#wowwiki pcj_2 (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
18:24.45*** part/#wowwiki Jemhadar (
18:25.20*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
18:29.48*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
18:32.53*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
18:36.07KasoAdys, are you there?
18:36.36*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
18:37.58*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
18:39.26[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:59.04*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
19:02.28*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
19:02.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
19:07.32*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
19:08.48*** join/#wowwiki ClydeJr (i=86a3ff0d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
19:21.02KirkburnBtw, mail system change -
19:23.56AdysGold and items sent to a character on the same account will now arrive immediately.
19:24.14*** join/#wowwiki Foofighter (
19:24.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:24.40FoofighterIt's been 2 days and i still can't get on the official WoW site >:(
19:24.47Taurmindoitems too.. awsome.
19:25.09FoofighterI e-mailed tech support but i doubt they'll say anything useful
19:35.33GryphenFoofighter what isp are you on?
19:36.41Grypheni cant access from home on comcast, havent been able to for weeks
19:36.54*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
19:38.03GryphenThere were no matches for your query.
19:38.11zeegspelling suggestions are pro :)
19:38.45Adysthe lack of addon called titann in your database made me lose faith into your website
19:39.26[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:43.04laurlyGryphen can i do some kinda valign on that table to make it pop them to the top?
19:45.24[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: How can BlizzCon Winners Redeem Ticket? -
19:45.25[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Five Years of Warcraft III! -
19:50.09*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
19:50.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
19:50.21Fisker-hi Dotted
19:50.39Dottedhiu nub
19:53.31Fisker-get out
20:00.48*** join/#wowwiki Kolky (
20:02.04*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
20:02.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
20:09.26[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:09.43*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
20:20.42laurlyGryphen by templateing you ment this right?
20:21.36Gryphenno, i mean just move the table code to templates, but it really isnt that much
20:21.58laurlyyeah each one of those tables is a template i think.
20:22.32laurlyim just wondering if theres a reason to do that or not.  making a seprate template doesnt that just take up more space on the server rather then just leaving it included into once page
20:22.36laurlyone page
20:23.54Gryphenit's a wiki, more space on the server comes with the territory
20:24.24Gryphenjust for ease of editing for those who cant read through the table code
20:24.51laurlyi could change the code
20:25.09*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:26.17*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul (n=c@
20:30.12TecnoBratlol, I wouldnt worry about server space
20:31.22laurlyso sending the bot after quests starting with quest_id 1 is an idea :)
20:33.14*** part/#wowwiki Kaos (
20:33.53Taurmindowell, not until the naming issue is done imo. :P
20:34.20laurlyand im not sending it off crawling until im 100% sure its bug free
20:34.26[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:34.49laurlyadding template's should keep me bissy tomrrow anyway
20:35.45laurlywhere do i put them?   NPCname/drops npcname/sells npcname/quests?
20:37.06*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
20:40.19laurlyand what categorie to put them in
20:41.12Taurmindouh.. why does the settip box to the right on this page: work, but on the individual item's pages (e.g. ) it doesn't?
20:42.39Taurmindoi've tried reloading and force-reloading.. i've redone alot of pages today, and it's the first time it happened.
20:43.06Gryphenserver side cache, there is a queue
20:43.39Taurmindoworks now anyhow. :P
20:44.44Grypheni updated all the lightforge pieces
20:45.25[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Wow - Mail System Update -
20:47.12Taurmindoallright. already fixed that settip iirc.
20:48.05Gryphenupdated all the tooltips, only one or two had been done
20:48.51Gryphencleaned up the random image placements ;)
20:50.06Taurmindoaye. am focusing on updating boss loot atm, and have gone through all of stratholme, so all pieceis (except the leg parts) there should be fixed.. since then i've added settip to all the tier0 pages which i've encounter, which isn't all .. but at least a few. and add more as i encounter more.
20:53.28*** join/#wowwiki ThraeBot (
20:53.46*** join/#wowwiki Thrae (
20:59.13*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
21:01.08*** join/#wowwiki [NewzBot] (
21:02.57*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
21:02.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
21:04.28[NewzBot]WOW Insider:
21:17.39*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:25.26*** join/#wowwiki Kaso_ (
21:25.55*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:27.00[NewzBot]MMO Champion: Mail system update -
21:28.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
21:30.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
21:31.07pcjtauramindo, will fix that next time
21:32.36Taurmindoah, thanks. the more i know.. ;P
21:35.31[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:49.11foxlitMm, Gryphen
21:49.24foxlitAdd a default to that class=color thing, just for CSS parsing :)
21:49.53Gryphenhave at it
21:51.56foxlitWhy did you nowiki the colors, btw? :)
21:52.34foxlitAh, #
21:55.37foxlitDone :)
21:56.32Grypheni see
21:57.35laurlyAny mail between characters on the same account is now instant regardless of money or items attached.  <--- sweet
21:58.06laurlyno more crap forgot to mail that black lotus 20 min before raid :)
21:58.58foxlitThinking of replacing the switch in {{quality}} with <span style="color: {{qual-color-{{{lcase:{{{1|rare}}}}}}}}" title="{{ucfirst:{{{1|}}}}}">
21:59.58laurlymouse over will show the name of the quality?
22:00.05foxlitThe advantage would be that it won't pull every quall color on every page
22:00.18*** join/#wowwiki trik (
22:00.23foxlitThe disadvantage is that it'd fail less gracefully
22:01.15foxlitIt already does that, laurly
22:01.29laurlyim still trying to learn to read those things
22:01.39laurly8 adds on hydros :/
22:02.20laurlythis has been a long night
22:03.00Lysistratalaurly for patch 2.1.3? Up until now it hasen't been instant :/
22:03.21laurlyonly cash was instant
22:03.54LysistrataI never send cash so I don't know. But you were refering to Patch 2.1.3 right? That's what my question was about.
22:04.09laurlyyeah its in the patch notes
22:04.36laurlyabout time really its a pain that you had to wait when sending yourself stuff
22:05.33LysistrataThat's true and I noticed it again today. You just send yourself mail *logout and login with receiver* ah damn you got to wait _>>
22:05.58laurlyyeah had to wait an hour like anyother mail
22:06.39laurlycant remember when they changed it with cash. to begin with you had to wait an hour on that as well
22:08.41*** join/#wowwiki Daemona (
22:08.53pcjyeah but you have to wait when sending cash to other people
22:09.08LysistrataThat's not bad. Who cares about other ppl? ;)
22:09.46laurlyhehe was thining that
22:11.29[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:17.18laurlythese sub cats sound good Gryphen Category:WoW_Table_Templates/NPC_Drops Category:WoW_Table_Templates/NPC_Quests Category:WoW_Table_Templates/NPC_Sells?
22:18.20Gryphensure i suppose :)
22:19.34laurlygot it coded to add each one to its own template insted of including it into the npc page
22:21.26sneg_But this-- this, my friends, is a true injustice. The next time you see your favorite male Orc, don't make jokes about whether size matters or not. Resist the urge to mention "shrinkage." We are our shoulders, their size, their width, their girth-- when they suffer, we suffer as well.
22:24.32*** join/#wowwiki sannse_ (n=me@wikimedia/
22:26.15foxlitWhat's the junk quality?
22:26.22foxlit(i.e. below common)
22:28.10pcjmethinks a User:Laurly/FAQ page is in order
22:28.26laurlyFAQ about what?
22:29.23laurlyhow do you get tables to look right? ask Gryphen :)
22:48.48[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 66,410
22:48.55foxlit"oops" :)
22:49.16foxlitLesson of the week: sandbox changes before comitting them to live templates :(
22:51.35pcjhow long does it take for applicants to the template engineers to get approved
22:51.48foxlitWho knows? :)
22:51.51foxlitWho cares? :)
22:51.55foxlitGo make a template anyway!
22:51.55pcji care
22:52.21pcjwhy even have community teams if they don't do anything except for the watchdogs :|
22:53.12foxlitWhy have community teams if they prevent people not in them from contributing? :)
22:56.26[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
23:02.41KasoFoxlit did you just make two template edits back to back!
23:05.05KasoI'd be nice that if on editing a template it purged the jobqueue of all jobs pertaining to that template
23:06.15Kaso<foxlit> "oops" :)
23:11.18laurlypcj becouse men like titles
23:12.43foxlitYeah, that was awesome
23:12.57foxlitWell, hopefully it only messed up ~100 pages
23:13.33foxlitWonder if it repulls the most recent version of the template when it does a jobqueue-ordered regeneration
23:14.24Kasoit does seem like the jobqueue could be smarter about multiple edits to the same template however it works at the moment
23:16.33foxlitShould work differently, tbh
23:17.08foxlitEdit page -> is this page included into anything? Flag pages for regeneration
23:17.18foxlitGet flagged page -> regenerate -> clear regenerate flag
23:18.31KasoSo then if you do a double edit you only need to re-process those which it got to on the first sweep
23:19.17KasoI wonder how the current code works
23:19.27foxlitJudging by how it currently increases?
23:19.38foxlitGet list of pages that include this page -> dump to queue
23:19.45foxlitGet page from queue -> Regenerate
23:19.54Kasoyah prob
23:23.08[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 71,841
23:25.08foxlitNah, I didn't do anything
23:25.16foxlitthis time :)
23:25.34Grypheni nearly did :D
23:25.57Gryphenalmost submitted changes to the real tooltip instead of sandbox hah
23:25.58foxlitOh? :)
23:26.46*** join/#wowwiki Diddy (
23:26.46foxlitSo what are you changing? :)
23:27.24Gryphenmy stripped code ive been testing with
23:31.26[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
23:33.03pcjwhy should be local
23:36.13foxlitWhat the hell is that?
23:36.56foxlitThat should've never been a template
23:37.18foxlitWe don't template page layouts, all of that formatting code should've been local to the pages using it.
23:37.36pcjI'll fix
23:38.53foxlitWhile you're at it, those are warlock talent pages
23:38.59foxlitI'm sure there's a better boilerplate around
23:39.28pcjnah, i'm just subst:'ing
23:47.19Pac2722hi do any1 here know how to setup a vintrilo server
23:50.26*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:52.36*** join/#wowwiki Kaso_ (
23:53.14[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 65,975
23:53.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
23:58.02*** join/#wowwiki pingdashf (

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