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08:23.39Chiafriendso many people!!!
08:23.53GPTChiafriend: you DO realize you can join this channel without leaving the other channel, right?
08:23.59laurlyyeah but they dont talk much
08:24.20Chiafriendi kno GPT
08:24.26GPTah... always like that with big channels, I suppose.
08:24.48Chiafriendare any ops here?
08:24.53Chiafriendor just afk?
08:25.03Chiafriendafk -.-
08:25.13Chiafriendeveryone's afk!!1 -.-
08:25.17GPTtons of ops here... one's asleep, one's afk, and the rest are probably just lurking
08:25.38Chiafriendop me plz :)
08:25.44Chiafriendim an admin on 3 wikis
08:25.55GPTare you an admin here, tho?
08:26.07GPTthen you probably shouldn't be opped...
08:26.19ChiafriendRunescape, Dark Runescape and Ed, Edd n Eddy Wikis
08:26.43Chiafriendmaybe Call of Duty wiki soon!
08:26.50Chiafriendmaybe tho :/
08:26.57Chiafriendso bored
08:26.59Chiafriendeh oh well
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11:00.42laurlydamit do all kids think money grows on trees
11:00.55Fisker-it does?
11:01.05Fisker-tree = paper, paper = money
11:01.06Fisker-i win
11:01.07ThraeMoney is made out of paper. Paper comes from trees.
11:01.15ThraeI said that before Fisker-.
11:12.06foxlitIs money made out of paper? :)
11:29.16foxlit"In 1988, after significant research and development by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Reserve Bank of Australia, Australia produced the first polymer banknote made from biaxially-oriented polypropylene (plastic), and in 1996 became the first country to have a full set of circulating polymer banknotes of all denominations."
11:29.16foxlitWhich comes back to oil == money!
11:30.12Fisker-Doesn't mean that every piece of paper is made of plastic
11:31.50foxlitTrue; but should be!
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12:07.15laurlyok test time.  !help for command list let me know if anything breaks
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12:27.43|FF|Im2good4u ,_ i wonder if any of that stuff is true but i hope it is :P
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16:45.06laurly!quest The Hero's Brand
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17:14.50TFanyone a hunter here?
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17:21.41Kirkburn|sleepGosh darn, I didn't say "yes" fast enough.
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17:36.59laurlyso are you asleep or dead?
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17:43.58KirkburnI got resurrected :)
17:52.51laurly!npc Darkfang Creeper
17:53.34Thrae#npc Darkfang Creeper
17:53.50ThraeI didn't think there was a npc command on the bots ^^;
17:54.09laurly!npcpage Darkfang Creeper
17:54.14ThraeAh, everyone has their own bot nowadays
17:54.22laurlyshe just does npc's and quests
17:54.50laurly!npcpage Darkfang Lurker
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17:59.12KasoKirkburn, the frame of the asian chick with a blindfold is distirubing me
18:00.28laurly!quest Large Cluster Rockets
18:01.28Thraelaurly: I suggest making #laurlybot, like I have #thraebot, so I can spam kill & restart the bot ;)
18:01.58Kasoor make your bot respond to pms?
18:02.20laurlyim already in #laurlybot and she takes commands via msg as well
18:02.34ThraeKaso: Well if it's based on your bot, you have to kill it to get your changes recognized ;)
18:02.59laurlyshes vb6 <> kasobot :)
18:03.13Fisker-OH LOL
18:03.14ThraeVisual Basic 6?!?!?!
18:03.24Kasoi dont think it is, Foxlit has the contiunation of my code, and he added a loaded code so you could reboot the core seperately from the irc code.
18:03.26laurlymsg's work as well kaso jut dont do the !
18:03.57laurlytry !help
18:04.27laurlywas going to do it in C# Thrae but wow went wakie when in installed
18:06.26ThraeKaso: ThraeBot is based on FoxBot, and I can't figure out how to reload the core ^^;;
18:06.30laurlyreally need to check that all items have <onlyinclude>
18:06.55Kasohmm, ask fox, im sure he got that working.
18:07.38ThraeYeah I see the code for it, but for some reason, ThraeBot doesn't respond to those commands...even with foxlit's vanilla code
18:08.09Kasohow odd.
18:08.37ThraeAh, now I know why
18:09.57ThraeKaso: Did "Thrae" when I should have done "thrae" ^^;;;
18:11.20laurlywill it do items?
18:11.39ThraeWhat, ThraeBot?
18:11.48laurlyyeah foxbot isnt here
18:12.09ThraeThraeBot will list item stats, but not do anything w/ wowwiki
18:12.17laurlyahh ok
18:12.52Thraefoxlit said the code was experimental, so I had to make my own item stats code ^^; Haven't gotten around to making wiki editing code for the various functions.
18:13.43laurlylaurlybots item processing is buggie been sending them to foxbot it was easer
18:14.31ThraeWhat is the item processing for, anyway? Just adding items from the armory to wowwiki?
18:14.58laurlyyeah basicly.  some of the items in the quests arnt there so she submits them to foxbot
18:15.41ThraeIf so, I don't see why that has to be in an IRCBot, I could make a script which takes a list of all items in the game and checks each one in the armory, then submits it to the wiki if it exists and the XML is parsed correctly.
18:16.07ThraeOf course, Kirkburn might not like that :D
18:17.19ThraeGetting the actual list may be a bit tricky -- might have to ask the wowhead guys, or see if they're in a sane order in the MPQs
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18:17.23KirkburnIf it works, it works :)
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18:18.11KasoAdys, the word "Drôle" would that litterally be translated into "funny" or not quite the same thing?
18:18.19AdysYeah, funny
18:18.34Adysits the "nice" way to say funny
18:18.38ThraeWhat's the French word for boring again?
18:19.08ThraeHmmm, I thought it also started with a d...maybe that was the word for stupid
18:19.30Kasohmm interesting, the english "Droll" is slightly different alight pronouced the same, thanks for the french lesson!
18:19.54ThraeKaso: English is about 70% French (not modern French)
18:20.32Kasomaybe not 70, we have a fair bit of germanic influance too
18:20.37Kasobut yah, all goes back to latin root.
18:21.09ThraeKaso: It dates back to when the King of Normandy successfuly invaded England -- French nobility settled in England, and since the nobility is a huge influence on the language, many new words came into being.
18:21.36Adysoff again until i figure out how to use irc with Mercury
18:21.37ThraeKaso: Well I meant the actual words -- many were changed to fit the English language, which as you said, has Germanic roots.
18:21.51laurlyThrae i condiered starting at quest_id 1 and just adding every quest in the system.  but i thought that might be a bit excessive
18:22.18Thraelaurly: Well, you got your permission -- just make sure the script works ^^;;
18:22.45laurlythink i will just stick to scanning the wanted pages
18:23.16|FF|Im2good4u <- lol a perfect article :P
18:24.12KirkburnPenguin was my nickname for a long while
18:24.24[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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18:34.06|FF|Im2good4u <- i wonder where this page is based on it seemes like that person who made already knows everything. but it would be cool if it was true
18:35.08Thrae|FF|Im2good4u: Some people just have good imagination and reasoning ;)
18:37.11|FF|Im2good4uyeah i gues so but its funny there so many links to other aticels it seems quite real :P
18:37.59Bibianother northrend fake video
18:38.23Fisker-and btw
18:38.31Fisker-why was teh pictures deleted?
18:38.35Fisker-or not uploaded at all?
18:38.38Bibithe pictures ?
18:38.44Bibiwhat are you talking about ?N
18:39.15Fisker-on the wiki
18:39.20Fisker-but giev movie
18:40.17Bibibtw, it sucks, badly
18:40.19Bibidon't waste your time :/
18:41.15Fisker-better than the one sofar
18:44.27DottedFisker- maybe there werent any to begin with?
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18:54.48Bibithe guy from threatened to not come back on my site because I banned him.
18:54.55BibiI think that was the point of a ban :/
18:57.58laurlyi really do look silly with wings
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19:39.24[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:39.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:39.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:39.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:39.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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19:45.15pcjwhere is foxbot
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20:18.14Tekkub"Able to understand all races via telepathy"
20:18.28Tekkubtheir primary language is "brain chimes"
20:23.51pcjknow what?
20:24.30Fisker-what you are talking bout
20:24.44*** join/#wowwiki Drool (
20:25.10pcjwhat i want to know is why the Naaru still let the scryers stay in Shattrath when the blood elves are holding a naaru captive in Silvermoon
20:25.43Fisker-i can confirm the naaru are evil!
20:26.07Fisker-pcj it's suggested that the Naaru is keeping them captive
20:26.16Fisker-i.e. allowing them to capture the naaru
20:28.50pcjthat really doesn't make any sense
20:29.09Fisker-I think it makes good sense
20:30.58Fisker-in any case it would be very stupid to incite a civil war when fighting against the burning legion
20:31.20foxlitpcj: Scyers != Blood elves in Silvermoon.
20:31.37Fisker-i wouldn't say that
20:31.44pcjwell why does the naaru let blood elf players, especially paladins in shattrath
20:32.19foxlitWhat else would they do?
20:32.46foxlitPoint is, greater good is served by letting those same blood elf paladins go fight the burning legion or illidan
20:33.12foxlitSure, you don't have to like them, but you can't really afford to turn them away either
20:33.44Fisker-anyways gonna go to bed
20:33.46Fisker-see you later
20:35.48Fisker-but hear this
20:35.51Fisker-THE NAARU ARE EVIL
20:36.09Fisker-they're getting their draenei lackeys to kill me when i attack npc's in the city
20:36.12foxlitbaseless, but okay.
20:36.31pcjquit interrupting foxlit's summon >:(
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20:37.33foxlitYou all slack, I had to summon treants to click!
20:38.02pcjgood god that user page is annoying
21:02.45laurlydam bot there you are :)
21:09.52foxlitcaching your wanted list yet?
21:11.49laurlyyeah but can run the bot now in mags lair
21:12.20foxlitbut can?
21:14.39laurlyi need to check the irc rfc check the max length on a msg. probably 4k something
21:25.16*** join/#wowwiki Mystiq (
21:26.29Mystiqwhats a unit button? my (eventual) goal is to flood the ui market with yet another raid frame mod
21:28.08laurlyanother :)
21:29.14Mystiqbut i have a goal! i dont like any other raid/unit frame mod otu there except one that came with RDX
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21:39.24[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:39.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:39.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:39.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:39.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:39.33laurlyoh botspam
21:40.07*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:57.23laurlyfoxlit's_Mail_Chestpiece <--- what happend?
21:58.03foxlitset page needs to be fixed
21:58.23foxlitSee [[The Twin Blades of Azzinoth]]
22:01.13foxlitFun stuff, though
22:01.19foxlitNo NPC list on
22:01.41laurlyhmm its like its including something into it
22:02.53laurlyno armory doesnt list NPC's
22:03.05laurlylaurlybot can do basic npc pages.
22:03.18foxlitYou're misunderstanding.
22:03.31laurlyprobably :)
22:04.14laurlybut then its midnight and after 4 hours of wipes on mag my brain isnt all here
22:04.24foxlitAh, I see
22:04.31foxlitOld honor rewards
22:04.59Taurmindois APB being updated once/day yet, or only manually still?
22:19.24[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:21.38KirkburnTaurmindo, dunno, he's not on here
22:33.40*** join/#wowwiki beerke (
22:39.24foxlit qq
22:39.50foxlit#doitempage Legionnaire's Mail Leggings
22:39.54FoxbotTooltip saved, foxlit. View at:'s_Mail_Leggings
22:41.19foxlit#doitempage Legionnaire's Mail Leggings
22:41.21FoxbotTooltip saved, foxlit. View at:'s_Mail_Leggings
22:41.42foxlit==Source== <3
22:45.23[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Warcraft 2 PUD - Gilneas -
22:47.42KirkburnI have a big grin on my face.
22:48.14KirkburnLife is good.
22:48.23KirkburnAlthough my student card has run out :/
22:51.10Mystiqk need help with some UI XML, im getting absolutely nothing to display, im trying to copy code out of PerfectRaid
22:51.24Mystiqcode url imminent
22:52.17KirkburnUI stuff --> #wowi-lounge tbh
22:53.02Mystiqits LUA code to create a frame
22:53.45*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (
22:57.12Mystiqthat channel is dead, maybe someone here knows
22:57.21Mystiqsupposed to show me a raid frame with just yourself in it, but nothing shows up, and there are no errors
23:01.30KirkburnAnother one to try is #wowace :)
23:01.53Kirkburn"end" ?
23:02.16Mystiqtaken out of context, i removed the function header
23:02.20Mystiqwhen i pasted it
23:03.14KirkburnAh, k
23:03.29cladhaireMystiq: Also, you waited less than 60 seconds before you cross posted that message to other channels.
23:03.37cladhairePerhaps you could be a bit more patient next time
23:03.54KirkburnOoh lookit! PerfectRaid authot!
23:04.07KirkburnSpelling! Not my strong point!
23:04.56KirkburnMystiq, IRC is an odd thing, you gotta give time for people to glance at their IRC :) People ain't ignoring you, they're probably just not at the PC
23:06.36KirkburnWe need an article council leader
23:14.24KirkburnI need a bot owner for a sec
23:14.51KirkburnIf you log into Foxbot's settings, can you check the prefs
23:15.18KirkburnUnder Editing, do you get an option to mark edits as patrolled?
23:18.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+v cladhaire] by ChanServ
23:18.41*** join/#wowwiki cladbot (
23:19.04KirkburnWhat does cladbot do?
23:19.30foxlitlua> evil:spread();
23:19.30cladbotfoxlit: [string "evil:spread();"]:1: attempt to index global 'evil' (a nil value)
23:20.14cladbotI spread evil, duh.
23:20.48cladbotYet-Another-Lua-Irc bot.. this one right now just handles lua code, but will act as api reference and channel logging, or whatever else I decide to code into it.
23:20.58Kirkburnfoxlit, oi, have you checked? :)
23:21.13*** join/#wowwiki Foofighter (
23:21.31FoofighterIs the WoW community website down for everyone else too?
23:21.42foxlitMark all edits minor by default is the only mark option in that tab
23:22.19cladhaireFoofighter: I can get to the forums, if that's what you'r easking.
23:22.33FoofighterNo I'm asking about the official WoW site
23:23.04cladhaireI can access that as well
23:23.18FoofighterArgh, I can't
23:23.24FoofighterAny advice?
23:26.03pcjtry a proxy service
23:26.38*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:26.41pcjmight purge your DNS cache too
23:30.11FoofighterThis stinks
23:30.38pcjdid it work?
23:30.53*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:31.02FoofighterTried a few different proxies and that didn't work
23:31.43Foofightercleared cache too
23:31.53pcjyour DNS cache, not your regular cache
23:32.02FoofighterWhat's that?
23:32.36pcjyour operating system maintains a "cache" of server names associated to the physical IP address of the server
23:32.54pcjso like it might map to
23:33.31FoofighterI managed to get to the technical support part of the site, ironically enough, but I can't go anywhere else
23:33.32pcjif that cache becomes corrupted somehow that might cause it
23:33.42foxlitipconfig /flush
23:33.43pcjwhat error is it
23:33.52foxlitBut that's almost never required
23:34.04FoofighterConnection timed out
23:34.12pcjyeah then it's not DNS
23:34.25Kirkburnpcj, you're now a Watchdog
23:34.33FoofighterI can load other sites fast and I have comcast so, I don't know what it could be
23:34.35pcjyes the red exclamation points are glaring at me
23:35.18KirkburnTell me if you can't mark an edit as patrolled
23:36.27pcjthat's working fine tho the preference to automatically mark my own edits as patrolled isn't
23:39.04FoofighterIs there any way to add a gamecard key to my account without going to the WoW website
23:42.13foxlit#doitem Blackened Basilisk
23:42.16FoxbotTooltip saved, foxlit. View at:
23:45.31*** join/#wowwiki Pac2722 (
23:47.08*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:49.46*** join/#wowwiki archer|bot (
23:50.06foxlitThis MacBook Pro is so great!
23:50.18cladhaire<3 my mbp
23:50.24Kirkburnarcher|bot, hullo
23:50.31FoofighterOk well I guess I'm going to restart my computer
23:50.37foxlitThough fps in wow in osx is rather horrible
23:50.45FoofighterAnd if i still can't connect to WoW site imma be pissed
23:50.48foxlitCompared to what XP manages to pull off in bootcamp
23:50.48archer|botUmm whats the best ally class for a warrior?
23:51.10cladhairefoxlit: It shouldn't be.. my FPS is spectacular.
23:51.30foxlitStables around 20/10fps
23:52.02cladhaireI have mine capped at 30.. so it doesn't overheat
23:52.05foxlitMax sliders minus filtering, native fullscreen resolution and 4x FSAA
23:52.09cladhaireand i'm never below 30
23:52.20cladhaireI might be at 2x FSAA
23:52.25cladhaireare you maximized or running windowed?
23:52.34archer|botame question whats the best classfor a warriori dont belive its a gnome
23:52.46cladhairehrm.. i run windowed.. what resolution
23:53.11foxlitWhatever the 17'' native resolution is - 1440x900px or something
23:53.47KirkburnAye that's often 17" widescreen
23:53.56KirkburnThis laptop is running it
23:54.15foxlitBut yeah, standard resolution anyway
23:55.29foxlitWhat's considered overheating anyway?
23:56.27cladhaireI was just having some weird issues
23:56.31cladhairebecause its using multi-threaded openGL
23:56.42cladhaireit can try to pump way too many frames out
23:56.47cladhaireand can really max your CPU
23:57.00cladhaireso they added CVars that let us cap the FPS when its in the foreground, and when its in the background
23:57.11cladhaireI have mine set to 30 FG, and 10 BG.. since i don't need any more than that...
23:57.24cladhairetakes up much less CPU and i run much smoother with everything capped.
23:59.28foxlit~13.4fps in shatt
23:59.49cladhairehow much ram?

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