IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070704

00:05.30Strykaris it just me or do all human paladins get their ass kicked a few times at Lvl 1
00:07.35KirkburnAt level ONE? ><
00:07.59MatthewSmine was almost immortal, till i discovered he had no skill/spell interrupts
00:08.17MatthewSat least at level 15
00:11.00Strykarso it's me :P
00:30.45Kirkburn|sleepNight Adys|sleep, g'night me
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02:17.51pcj#doitem Truesilver Skeleton Key
02:17.56FoxbotTooltip saved, pcj. View at:
02:21.43pcj#doitem Zandalar Honor Token
02:21.47FoxbotTooltip saved, pcj. View at:
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03:06.56cisoxHow do you link to characters in a realm? Server:Realm US/Character ?
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03:07.31pcjunless it's a personal article, fanfiction, then it's User:Username/Character
03:08.01cisoxAwesome. Thanks.
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04:19.55Strykarwhy is the The Shrine of Dath'Remar locked? how does one unlock it
04:20.09Strykarlvl 5 blood elf quest
04:21.40pcj'Remar isn't locked for editing
04:21.45pcjare you registered?
04:23.13Strykarin the game
05:06.50[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Armor showroom 2.0 -
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05:11.40Karrion|Meetingeveryone seen today's xkcd yet?
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05:49.21[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
05:49.21[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
05:49.21[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
05:49.21[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
05:49.21[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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06:55.02TecnoBratthe fucking wow-europe server status XML is horrible
06:56.09TecnoBratThere is the following type of servers: PvP, PVP, PvE, PVE, RP PVP, RP PvP, RPPvP, RP-PvP, RP
06:56.18TecnoBratGet some fucking god damn consistency!
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08:13.08winkillerBoubouille: how must I bribe you that i.e. the druid armor pieces are shown on tauren/NE instead of human in the (quite cool) showroom
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08:48.05Dotted[10:27:55] [Tidesjew]: hi
08:48.06Dotted[10:28:19] [Tidesjew]: sigh
08:48.06Dotted[10:28:22] [Tidesjew]: server up too early
08:48.06Dotted[10:28:25] [Tidesjew]: gonna make whine post
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10:26.54Fisker-Who came up with that stupid post limit idea?
10:27.18Fisker-Why 10 topics and 1 reply at a time rather than 1 topic and 10 replies? :)
10:27.26|Pixel|no idea :)
10:27.43Fisker-definately gotta give us more replies in a minute :(
10:28.13Fisker-Or do like the topics
10:28.18Fisker-10 replies in 10 minutes
10:30.07Fisker-btw do you have a forum account? :P
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12:09.21[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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12:32.35laurlydo we have a request for images categorie?
12:32.46laurlyor screenshots maybe
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12:56.42Kirkburn|sleeplaurly, we have a request for screenshots template
12:56.48Kirkburn|sleepI don't know if that categorises
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12:57.14Kirkburn|sleeplaurly, Category:Image requests
12:58.12Farmboycan someone please check out the error i get when accessing
12:58.28Farmboymysql is talking about a timeout
12:58.35pcjtry refreshing the page
12:59.08Farmboyive been trying to access the page since yesterday
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12:59.19Fisker-same here
12:59.25Fisker-from within function "Job::pop". MySQL returned error "1205: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction (".
12:59.39pcjhmm works fine for me
12:59.49Fisker-clustering problem perhaps?
13:00.20Fisker-seems pretty obvious that wikia has more than one database server
13:00.36laurlyworks here.
13:00.42Fisker-and it works when i relog
13:00.54Fisker-or rather
13:00.55laurlytry clearing your webbrowser cashe
13:00.56Fisker-it works when i login
13:01.03Fisker-wasn't logged on
13:01.11Fisker-I guess you don't have a user right Farmboy?
13:04.10Farmboynope i dont
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13:04.21[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
13:09.44Farmboyso is anyone going to fix that problem for not logged on users?
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13:14.43Fisker-Farmboy well i guess Kirkburn|sleep can forward the problem
13:14.51Fisker-But you might just want to create an account in the meantime
13:15.40Kirkburn|sleep--> MatthewS for server stuff :)
13:16.36Farmboyyeah did that but id rather see the problem fixed
13:17.08Farmboythanks for your help
13:17.57Fisker-NO U Kirkburn|sleep
13:18.30Kirkburn|sleepFisker- is just being odd
13:18.33Fisker-Just saying that he has a keyboard too :(
13:18.43Fisker-You're like some kind of admin
13:18.56Fisker-So take responsibillity, or make me admin so i can vandalize some stuff
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13:21.20Fisker-didn't become admin
13:21.24Fisker-was worth a try though :(
13:21.31pcjno it wasn't
13:25.06foxlitYay, fixed an XML parser quirk :)
13:25.17foxlit#quit xml midlayer restart
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13:33.04laurlyoh foxie :)
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13:34.21[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
13:35.06laurlyfoxlit got laurlybot sending item requests to foxbot finaly works :)
13:36.13khatahnwhat's the difference between the TBC Full and Slim versions found in patch mirrors page?
13:39.56Fisker-beats me
13:40.23Fisker-Either slim means it's only the expansion, and full is a standalone client with normal + expansion
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13:40.38Fisker-or slim means they're patching on top of WoW
13:40.54Fisker-But it can only upgrade from a certain Vanilla WoW installation
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13:44.26Fisker-looks like noone knows
13:44.46Kirkburn|sleepNope, dunno
13:44.57Kirkburn|sleepThe new Forsaken model for China -
13:45.12Fisker-owld :(
13:45.18Fisker-It's funny though
13:45.24Fisker-there official site still shows bones
13:45.30Fisker-and quite remarkably as well
13:45.43Fisker-i don
13:45.48Fisker-i don't get it :I
13:45.51khatahni don't think either of them include the "normal" version, but yeah, i guess it could have something to do with the version on top of which tbc is being installed
13:49.33Apollozeusthose look too similar to humans
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14:04.21[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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14:17.03laurlyfoxlit is there a command for foxbot that will make him not clober an existing item?
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14:38.26laurlyfoxlit ping
14:53.22laurly!npc Who Does Number Two Work For?
14:53.37laurlywrong channel :)
15:01.50foxlitlaurly: no
15:08.48TecnoBratI was parsing the wow-europe server status XML last night
15:08.55TecnoBratIts so inconsistent
15:09.03TecnoBratit has these server types: PvP, PVP, PvE, PVE, RP PVP, RP PvP, RPPvP, RP-PvP, RP
15:09.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
15:10.09laurlyFoxbot: could i convince you to add one for laurlybot
15:11.11foxlitNah; I hope you aren't just requesting every quest item you come across? :)
15:11.42laurlyno but if the item doesnt have the noinclude crap around it the hole item gets included into the quest page and shes buging out on that
15:12.00laurlywould be easer to have foxbot not clober stuff
15:13.33laurlybtw foxbot has some missing items:  Freshly Dug Dirt
15:14.27foxlitThat's not an item
15:18.32*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
15:18.53laurlyyeah it seems that items that begin quests are considered objects there for foxbot wont find them
15:19.09foxlitThat's cause they are objects :)
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15:32.26foxlit{{questlong}} <3
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15:51.05TecnoBratBagginsww, are you picking fights again?
15:51.14Bagginswwpicking fights?
15:51.28TecnoBrat(The wiki wont load, so I'm just being an ass :P)
15:51.59TecnoBratloading for you?
15:52.37Kaydeethreeit's upfor me
15:53.38Bagginswwits loading but slowly :p
15:54.14laurlynopes not loading here either
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15:56.24TecnoBratInteresting conversation Bagginsww
15:56.50Bagginswwya, and Zarnks says he isn't Horde biased, LOL
15:57.00*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
15:57.28BagginswwHe takes one element that one part of humans might practice and then makes a big deal about it applying it to whole alliance
15:58.38TecnoBratHorde and Alliance are sworn enemies
15:58.45TecnoBratthey RARELY work together on anything
15:59.00TecnoBratthere is no "encouraging war" ... its always a war.
16:00.04Bagginswwcold war right now technically
16:00.08TecnoBratTake Cuba / US for example (might not be the best example), but they are enemies, no denying it. However I am sure they will work together is there is an extreme common goal
16:00.55BagginswwFirst off, let's also point out this isn't an Alliance practice. It is or was practiced by only one Alliance town (most of the Alliance does not practice it), and a former member of the Alliance (Kul Tiras is still not officially part of the Alliance, but an independent nation).
16:00.57Bagginswwadded that in
16:01.11TecnoBrattrue, cold war is a better name for it, yes
16:04.04*** join/#wowwiki Guest37152 (n=WinNT@
16:04.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:04.25Bagginswwtechnically Therarmore and Ogrimmar are at peace. although its hard to tell in game LOL
16:04.41*** part/#wowwiki Guest37152 (n=WinNT@
16:04.56BagginswwJaina makes routine trips to Orgrimmar to talk to Thrall, and vice versa
16:05.16TecnoBratwhy do I care about that wowinsider article?
16:05.27TecnoBratI've personally 5 manned ony MANY MANY times
16:05.39TecnoBrat(probably 10+ since TBC came out)
16:06.04TecnoBratBagginsww, I didnt know that, thats kinda interesting
16:06.19Kaydeethreeoh wow. the new goldpsamming hack is rather amusing
16:06.24Kaydeethreeanyone been watching the forums?
16:06.29*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
16:06.31TecnoBratthe dead gnomes?
16:06.35BagginswwYa, there are times where I wish the game had the scale of the spin off material
16:06.46Bagginswwat least in political arena
16:07.14TecnoBratGMs can remove corpses
16:07.19TecnoBratso people can just report them
16:09.01BagginswwI hope the rest of my new computer parts come tomorrow :p
16:19.26TecnoBratdamn americans all sleeping still
16:20.04Kaydeethreemeh, I was drinking yesterday, got right back in to it today. just chilling til the party starts
16:20.11Kaydeethreesuppose I oughta get back to cleaning the house
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16:26.52[NewsBot]MMO Champion: PVP Gem hotfix -
16:26.59BoubouilleO rly ?
16:28.06Apollozeusya rly
16:34.10BagginswwWhat was the name of the units that Akama had with him in TFT?
16:34.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:38.18laurlyfoxlit let me know if laurlybot is sending requests to fast.
16:39.12Bagginswwhey kirkburn
16:39.30foxlitlaurly: use #dolist
16:39.34BagginswwI left a note in hordefall discussion
16:39.48Bagginswwalso one in horde
16:39.48Kirkburn|sleepI saw
16:39.55Kirkburn|sleepA little project for you -
16:40.14Kirkburn|sleepSomeone added some history notes to it, it needs a fair bit of work :)
16:40.46BagginswwI'll see what I can do. But kinda busy preparing for my transfer to Hawaii :)
16:41.13Kirkburn|sleepGood notes on the two pages btw
16:42.27BagginswwAs an anthropologist mindset I hate throwing words like primitive, and barbaric around :p
16:43.10BagginswwIts always one cultural opinion over another :p
16:45.51Kirkburn|sleepAmazonian tribes are _not_ primitive, they have had just as much time to develop their culture as us
16:46.11Kirkburn|sleep(I have a feeling we have read some of the same books)
16:46.18laurlyisnt it grate when bots work together
16:48.37BagginswwKirkburn possibly :)
16:48.51Bagginswwalthough its standard teaching in cultural anthropology classes.
16:49.07foxlitFunny how the quest link on items is more accurate than the quest page :)
16:49.11Bagginswwto try to remove the ethnocentrism from personal opinion
16:49.20foxlitYou may want to fix "Type  Solo", laurly
16:49.30foxlit( is actually Group-3)
16:50.31laurlyk sec
16:52.17laurlyisnt there a categorie for group quests as well?
16:53.00laurlyyou like the little note at the top if its a quest chain :)
16:54.49*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
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16:55.34laurlycrap i got to stop saving them all to flat files :/
16:58.19Bagginswwwell one thing i'm oging to correct on azeroth page is sentence about world being split into 2 continents :p
16:58.23Bagginswwits actually several continents :p
16:58.42Bagginswwincluding Northrend, Azeroth, Bael Modan, and Lordaeron :p
16:59.01*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:01.15Bagginswwerm not bael modan I mean Khaz Modan :p
17:05.18BagginswwI think we can unstub it now too
17:05.49Kirkburn|sleepI have no idea where the image came from
17:06.16Kirkburn|sleepOriginally it said it was a view from Outland
17:06.20laurlyfoxlit: bug fixed
17:06.34Bagginswwwell there are things to be seen in outland, but I"m pretty sure I haven't seen that :p
17:07.06Bagginswwhowever if it can be seen from outland that would mean that Azeroth is pretty close to Draenor
17:07.16BagginswwI mean really close
17:07.36Bagginswwsame solar system :p
17:08.03*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
17:09.09Sandwichman2448Why are Wildhammers on hyjal?
17:09.52Bagginswwremember the ones in warcraft 3 that came with Jaina?
17:10.45Sandwichman2448They stayed?
17:11.04BagginswwNight elves let them move onto mount hyjal
17:11.13Bagginswwas it was closest to their original climate
17:11.53BagginswwThey almost moved into Bael MOdan, but dwarves suggested to them they wouldn't be very happy there, too hot
17:12.01Sandwichman2448Um... Kirk?
17:13.17Kirkburn|sleepIt's due to
17:16.04foxlit"Replacing page with 'your mom'"
17:16.09foxlitWhat's up with vandals leaving edit reasons?
17:16.29laurlyto give you a reason they are being vandals
17:16.41Sandwichman2448They think it is funny like they are "fixing" a true error
17:17.05Wysteriacould also just be stupidity on their part
17:17.18Bagginswwso uh who wants to give me pds of warcraft RPG books as a going away gift :p
17:17.39Bagginswwthinking its going to be vreally difficult to carry them over to Hawaii, LOL
17:17.55Sandwichman2448I do not know where you live...
17:19.13Bagginswwheh you can send them to my email :)
17:20.14Kirkburn|sleepDone a bit more to
17:20.42Sandwichman2448That pic is fake
17:21.31BagginswwI think so too
17:21.44Kirkburn|sleepFan created, you mean
17:21.56Hobinheimhappy independence day all you americans
17:22.15Bagginswwright kirkburn
17:22.25BagginswwThanks Hobinheim
17:22.44Bagginswwwell if I had a wicker redcoat I'd burn it today ;)
17:22.50Sandwichman2448I think we should make a big notaceable status bar on the Ashbringer page on confermation that it has been releced.
17:23.04Sandwichman2448I has not
17:23.20Kirkburn|sleepAbout that map - it's still cool :P
17:23.39Sandwichman2448But so we can immidiately answer the "is it in-game yey" question
17:23.59*** join/#wowwiki laurly (
17:24.29*** join/#wowwiki ^ThE^ (i=ThE@
17:25.57foxlitMeh, lore talk pages are pure comedy
17:26.16foxlit"alliance is evil, nubs!" "no, they're not!" "yes they are!" "lol, no!" "..."
17:27.03Sandwichman2448... indeed
17:27.58*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
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17:28.42ThraeThe Alliance was probably modeled after the Holy Roman Empire or United States -- both governments that try to zealotously push their ideals on the rest of the world. Probably Blizzard intended a little bit of both, but mostly modeled it after the former (IE, "The Light" and such)
17:30.22BagginswwManifest Destiny is your only fate. You will be assimilated with your fatty hamburgers and oily french fries
17:30.30Bagginsww*with our
17:34.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
17:36.09Sandwichman2448I like burgers... and those are German.
17:37.16Sandwichman2448The other neat tidbit from this thread is that Ommra winkingly mentions siege engines as something she'd (he'd?) like to see in the BGs. So whatever news comes out about what's new in the battlegrounds, it's a pretty good bet that siege engines are almost upon us.
17:37.57ThraeSheesh, just because the average weight of Americans is rising, people seem to think we're "assimilating people with our fatty foods". No, we are assimilating people with our FAST, fatty foods.
17:38.29ThraeA KFC in every African state by 2010!
17:38.37foxlitMm, KFC
17:40.21Sandwichman2448Bagginsww, Rage had the same doubts I did.
17:41.04Bagginswwmade the citations :)
17:41.10winkillerI hate KFC
17:41.12Bagginswwlooking up the pages now though
17:41.20winkillerI like the food, but my stomach always hurts after
17:41.27Bagginswwgerman burgrers are nothing like american hamburger
17:41.34winkillerand my girlfriend drags me there every 2 weeks
17:41.35Bagginswwthe original burger had no bread
17:41.42Bagginswwit was meat on a pile of onions
17:41.49winkillerwell. isn't the original burger english?
17:42.01Bagginswwalmost every nation had ground beef meal
17:42.06Bagginswwsimilar to burgers
17:42.18Bagginswwsalsbury steak for english I think?
17:43.01BagginswwAmerica has this habit of assimilating other countries foods and making uniquely our own.
17:43.14Bagginswwusually it involves adding bread and turning it into a form of sandwich LOL
17:43.56Sandwichman2448I like sandwiches...
17:44.14Bagginswworiginal fried bird  concept  actually originated in Africa.
17:44.28Bagginswwwell concept of deep frying really
17:44.40BagginswwAmerica just took it to extremes
17:44.49Bagginswwand made new processes for doing it
17:46.34*** join/#wowwiki the_squid (
17:46.42Bagginsww there is the original hamburger basically.
17:46.51Sandwichman2448Fast food is like a well oiled machene that oils itself with the excess greese.
17:47.12BagginswwGranted japanese on on the rise for how to make foods more fatty
17:47.43BagginswwKobe steak anyone? Expensive, ultra fattening. goes beyond American tastes for "lean and healty" meat.
17:48.20Bagginswwrates a 9 in fattyness and marbling. Where most americans want a 5 or less for health concerns
17:48.40Bagginswwalthough its one of those cases where fat = tasty
17:49.29Sandwichman2448On a not food note:
17:53.13*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
17:54.28*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
17:54.53the_squidwhy does WoW get stuck at that Success! bit when I try to log in?
17:57.16BagginswwSo I think I'll scan up the only picture of Aegwynn :p
17:57.25Bagginswwunfortunately its only her backside :p
17:57.54*** join/#wowwiki teh_squid (
17:58.39Kaydeethreethe_squid, the auth server or your realm server is having issues
18:04.54*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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18:19.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:27.11laurly <-- that a guild or a mod?
18:29.33Fisker-a guild
18:32.54laurlydont think so no blue team
18:34.58Fisker-why should it be a mod?
18:35.11laurlydont know didnt read it all in a raid :)
18:36.00laurlyGryphen will find it sooner or later :)
18:36.42Fisker-Well it's essentially a mod guide
18:36.52Fisker-But it's no mod
18:36.59Fisker-and it mentions "required raid addons"
18:37.02laurlyno its probably a guild
18:37.22laurlyor a pvp team maybe?
18:38.38laurlybut if it was a guild you would think they would require ktm or ctraid or something
18:39.07Fisker-it does
18:39.44Fisker-under required mods
18:48.42Fisker- <-does this site also have a big empty space in the right side?
18:51.05Fisker-Bodies will start to decompose after a player is resurrected or revived. We are working on some better art to represent this process.  <-hah worlds oldest bug? :P
18:52.00*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
18:52.02foxlitThat's a bug?
18:52.51Fisker-well or a known issue
18:55.51Taurmindoneither i'll guess.
18:56.10Taurmindorather a solution which they no more think is fitting WoW, but it was at the time it got added.
18:56.30Fisker-ah nostalgia btw :P
18:56.33Fisker-skill points
18:56.41Fisker-can remember when i started playing again after the beta
18:56.45Fisker-No skillpoints :o
18:56.59Fisker-i remember in the beta where i had to keep stealthing on my rogue to get skillpoints
18:58.14foxlit" If, by chance, you happen to get an error message about needing .NET, you will also have to install Microsoft's [.NET 2.0]. It's a very painless one-step install."
18:58.31foxlit.NET? Painless? Clearly the world has gone mad.
18:58.31winkillerlie > *
19:04.14laurly:/ i installed and wow had a heart attack
19:04.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider: is meh
19:08.10foxlitDevenv is halfway decent; performance is generally sub-par to even compiled vb6
19:08.41foxlitFramework is... hrm, not widely adopted unless it's bundled into something
19:09.48Bagginswwhey kirkburn could you look at edits by BFX?
19:10.07Bagginswwin many cases he created "disambig" pages that more like stubs...
19:10.20laurlyit would have been nice to do the bot in insted of VB wouldnt be dealing with the memory leaks
19:10.34Bagginswwlike I had nature redirected to "nature magic"
19:11.01foxlitlaurly: if you're getting memory leaks, it's likely a proble with your code
19:11.03Bagginswwand he went and created a disambig page out of it... but there is like next to 0 info on it, that couldn't be merged with nature magic
19:11.15Bagginswwhis changes to "shadow" were even worse
19:11.39laurlyproblem with the webbrowser control moved that its fine now.  other problem was adbo object vb handles trash collection funky
19:12.03foxlitHow do you generate trash? :)
19:12.11foxlitAnd what sort of trash are we talking about?
19:12.12laurlyit was running all day no memory leaks
19:12.22foxlit[webbrowser control = weak, use winsock]
19:12.48laurlyusing  InternetExplorer now
19:13.20Kirkburn|sleepBagginsww, I don't see a problem with the Shadow page, but Nature is rather short
19:13.34laurlyi had forgoten about wb control memory leaks.  been a few years since i have coded VB
19:13.35BagginswwI mean what he removed for shadow
19:13.36Kirkburn|sleepOh wait, that was your reversion
19:13.37BagginswwI reverted it
19:13.54Bagginswwbut ya nature could merge into nature magic
19:15.25Kirkburn|sleepHmm, I think he was going for consistency at the expense of extra detail
19:15.26BagginswwI wonder if he screwed over arcane :p
19:16.08Bagginswwwell considering nature is tossed intwo two seperate articles already I don't think we need a 3rd
19:17.06Bagginswwhe did it to arcane too
19:17.43laurlyhehe crystalcore sentinel just one shoted tank for 15k :)
19:17.45BagginswwIf people prefer "nature" over nature magic the titles can easily be switched
19:19.37Bagginswwor "arcane" over arcane magic"
19:26.51Fisker-well executed plan
19:28.12*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
19:36.39*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
19:37.23winkillerI deny that site
19:39.32Bagginswwadded a intro
19:42.07Fisker-thought you wrote "added nitro
19:42.45Fisker-gonna gtfo, stupid flies
19:50.34*** join/#wowwiki Drool (
19:52.40Kirkburn|sleep :D
19:54.49GnarfozKirkburn|sleep: I've yet to encounter anyone not seeing her as spinning clockwise
19:55.11Kirkburn|sleepKeep trying :)
19:57.24*** join/#wowwiki fleetfoot (
20:12.44Bagginswwtook me a while to see her going the other direction
20:13.07Bagginswwnow she's stuck going coutnerclockwise for me LOL
20:13.54Gnarfozlol ;>
20:14.17Gnarfozwill she switch while I'm watching?
20:14.30Bagginswwso weird
20:15.09Bagginswwnah its an inversion kind of optical effect. the animation never changes, just how your mind takes in the data can change
20:15.46Bagginswwbasically the foot shadow that shows up for a split second
20:16.14Bagginswwif you see it as going behind the leg shadow, it changes her to counterclockwise. If you see it as coming in front of hte leg shadow then she appears to be going clockwise
20:16.52*** join/#wowwiki Litvan (
20:19.47Bagginswwon the other hand it might have 2 animations built in
20:20.04Bagginswwit seems to switch ever few minutes
20:20.11Bagginswwmight not be an actuall illusion
20:20.48Bagginswwif you hit refresh over and over shel'll look liske she's going let right left right
20:24.14*** part/#wowwiki Wysteria (
20:24.27Bagginswwnah definitely seemst to be inverted image technique
20:24.44Bagginswwif I just watched the foot I make it go either direciton
20:26.27Kirkburn|sleepThe animation changes
20:26.31Kirkburn|sleepTook me a while to notice it too
20:26.34Bagginswwso it is animatino change
20:26.44Bagginswwchange appears to be randomized
20:26.53Kirkburn|sleepYeah, always unexpected
20:26.56Gnarfozgifs can't be randomized that way
20:27.04Taurmindohum, whats the "name" for the | sign? like the name &copy; for (c)?
20:27.12Kirkburn|sleepMaybe not randomized, but the gif is long and unpredictable
20:27.22Gnarfozcould just open the gif and check
20:27.28Bagginswwcould you?
20:27.39GnarfozTaurmindo: &#124;
20:27.40Bagginswwcause there are times where I feel like I can change it every second wiht my mind :p
20:27.48Taurmindothanks Gnarfoz.
20:28.11BagginswwI know I'm not psychokinetic LOl
20:29.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:29.41Taurmindoand the ones for [ and ]? (not good to use those on wikis, i've noticed.. ;P
20:30.53Bagginswwkirkburn I can get her to turn back and forth, if I look a little ways above her foot and then turn my attention to just below her foot
20:31.10pcjtaur, just put <nowiki> </nowiki> around it
20:31.36Bagginswwso now she's going left right left right over and over LOL
20:33.00Bagginswwou do that enough and it looks like her top half is going one wan hder bottom half is going another way :p
20:33.39Bagginswwlike her leg twistsr aroudn 360 in opposition to her other leg :p
20:34.00Bagginswwits very weird
20:34.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:34.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:34.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:34.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:34.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:34.28pcjomg spam
20:38.40Kirkburn|sleepY'know what's scary ... I have a girl living in my student house now \o/
20:38.56Bagginswwand student house isn't normally clo-ed?
20:39.10*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:39.53Kirkburn|sleepIt's just a normal rented apartment
20:40.08Kirkburn|sleepIn fact, I shouldn't really call it a student house, since I'm the only student in it atm ><
20:40.18Kirkburn|sleep(the 3 others work)
20:47.50*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
20:51.30Gnarfozyour point was? :D
21:01.47Taurmindouh, is it standard to use colon : with a space between the word and the colon, or are people just doing it wrong all the time?
21:02.03laurly omfg
21:04.16sparcSentence fragment with list following: list-item, list-item.
21:04.21sparcis normal
21:04.27*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
21:06.17*** join/#wowwiki Kolky (
21:08.59GnarfozTaurmindo: must be french-speaking ppl doing it, it's correct for them
21:09.07Gnarfoznot in english, tho, so it should probably be corrected
21:14.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:15.12laurly  <---- is it me or is the quest progression on that wrong.  throt and wowhead both say its right i just dont remember it like that
21:20.29laurlyyo Gryphen wakie wakie
21:22.10TaurmindoGnarfoz: so correcting that kind of stuff is encouraged? 'cause i'm getting quite disturbed by it.. just wanted to be sure it wasn't some kind of idea on wowwiki that that was the way it should be. ;P
21:22.31Gnarfozno, there's policy for "english content only", I think that'd fall under that
21:23.12Taurmindogreato. cause it was with [[link]] : text ... so i thought the space was cosmetic to not make the colon get too close to the link.
21:23.59Gnarfozperhaps, you never know :>
21:25.23*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:32.35TecnoBratmy friend just told me he is thinking about learning how to be a blacksmither
21:32.38TecnoBratand no .. not in wow
21:35.03laurlyeeek wheres foxbot :/
21:35.39Bagginsww the way faction box works it doesn't really fit factions that exist inside cities very well :p
21:35.54Bagginswwits fine for factions that exist beyond cities :p
21:40.49*** join/#wowwiki Kusiemski (
21:41.07Bagginswwblacksmither in real life? Wow that's rare
21:42.27BagginswwI'm thinking Explorer's League might actually be the Explorer's Council within the Explorer's Guild
21:50.09*** part/#wowwiki Kaos (
21:54.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:08.31Bibio rly ?
22:09.56Fisker-ya rly
22:10.05Fisker-doesn't blizzard already do this? :P
22:14.36Bibithey do
22:14.40Bibibut they don't have drop locations or prices
22:14.43Bibiand they don't have T6
22:14.46Bibiand my screenshots are bigger
22:14.49Bibiand my site is better
22:14.53Bibiand I pwn at life
22:16.09*** join/#wowwiki Kusiemski (
22:20.20*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
22:42.30Kirkburn|sleepI would love to know how much data is added to the wiki each day :)
22:46.32Fisker-sleep free Kirkburn|sleep
22:46.33Fisker-OR DIE HARD
22:49.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:49.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:49.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:49.30pcjomg spam
22:54.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:58.55BibiIt's fine, they're advertising my site
22:59.03Bibigo [NewsBot] ! go !
23:02.26*** join/#wowwiki bleetah (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
23:03.06bleetahis it my imagination, or did there used to be some specialist engi foo for July 4th?
23:04.08bleetah& lol @ topic
23:07.22bleetahgee, I'm over a year late... nm me
23:14.53*** join/#wowwiki Kaydeethree (
23:15.33*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
23:27.49*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
23:46.21BagginswwI wonder how long it will take me to reroll my hobbit and get back to level I was at, and complete the 20 man no death challenge :p
23:46.41Bagginsww*20 level no death
23:46.57BagginswwI got swarmed by spiders in Old Forest :p
23:47.04Bagginswwat level 18, about 4 bars from 19
23:47.29Bagginswwand ran into bears :p
23:47.43Bagginswwso easy to get lost in the woods :p
23:48.02pcjwho are you talking to
23:48.13Bagginswwanyone lol
23:51.55*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:57.08*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@

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