IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070624

00:03.05BagginswwI never notice when you switch nicks LOL
00:03.16FullDolphinXAny language they know is secondary
00:03.23Bagginswwwell ya heh
00:03.29FullDolphinXThis nick is better
00:03.52FullDolphinXNo idea what it is though.
00:12.15BagginswwHe doesn't get it c ommon is a primary naga language :p
00:12.29BagginswwI'll add the secondary now
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00:32.55FullDolphinXI wrote 872 charicters worth of more theories.
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00:44.08Bagginsww racebox that?
00:44.39Bagginswwprimary Darnassian, secondary, common, low common, taur-ahe
00:45.03Bagginswwclass warrior
00:45.25FullDolphinXPick a pic.
00:45.44BagginswwI like standard green
00:45.51Bagginswwlike omst were in wc3 right?
00:46.10Bagginswwyou can toss the discription quote into the main article
00:46.43Bagginswwwhen you finish I'll add the language disription section
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00:49.02FullDolphinXThey have a leader? Onu/ tree of life?
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00:53.30FullDolphinXHow tall?
00:57.44BagginswwLOL, very slow heh heh
00:57.52FullDolphinXIt is true
00:57.55Bagginswwnot sure height is given
00:58.05BagginswwI've wanted to slow the sound effects in wc3
00:58.13Bagginswwand see if they say anything understandable
00:58.17Bagginswwerm speed it up
00:58.21Bagginswwnot slow it down :p
00:58.57FullDolphinXAll ancents/trents speek slowly and creakingly
00:59.12FullDolphinXWoW site says
01:01.17Bagginswwwell its that way in WC3 heh
01:01.28FullDolphinXMost of my theories now center around a Northrend X-pack. Skim them.
01:01.39Bagginswwits alot like treants in LOTR books and movie
01:01.41FullDolphinXyeah but it says that slow noise is words.
01:01.52Bagginswwno I can tell the sound is words
01:02.03BagginswwEnts and treants mean the same thing :)
01:02.25Bagginswwactually there are a few references to "ents' in the wc3
01:02.42Bagginswwone of the click jokes from some unit IIRC
01:02.52FullDolphinXWhat is IIRC?
01:03.00Bagginswwif I recall correctly :p
01:05.15FullDolphinX Looking
01:07.56Bagginswwor was it a manual :p
01:08.23Bagginswwbut ya ent and treant are based on the same etymology
01:09.54FullDolphinXAnything else for me to do?
01:10.44Bagginswwlet me check
01:10.55BagginswwI just hope that someone doesn't attack the use of "savage" :p
01:11.27FullDolphinXCough Northrend X-pack cough. Why?
01:11.38Bagginswwcloest thing they have to a capital is molten core
01:12.02Bagginswwoh there are some people that complain about certain terms that are "non-neutral" in their eyes
01:12.12FullDolphinXInfobox moltens?
01:12.18FullDolphinXWhere is savage?
01:12.39Bagginswwya racebox
01:12.48Bagginswwsavage is at the end of the sentence in languages section
01:12.51FullDolphinXOOh date chainged
01:13.12Bagginswwhah hah
01:13.24FullDolphinXWild cretures?
01:13.40FullDolphinXthen it would not be a RPG quote
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01:17.45FullDolphinXLeader Golemagg or Rag?
01:18.48Bagginswwuh Golemag would be a leading one ya
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01:18.58Bagginswwbut they answer to flamewakers before they answer to rag
01:19.07Bagginswwor so the article mentions
01:20.14FullDolphinXSo Domo?
01:20.43FullDolphinX DOMO!\
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01:22.56FullDolphinXLeader Golemagg or Domo???
01:23.54FullDolphinXGol it is
01:25.26FullDolphinX Doneish. :/
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01:26.07Bagginswwmy typing needs a spell check :p
01:27.49Bagginswwtechnically you could move flamewakers to affiliation
01:27.54Bagginswwsame with ragnaros
01:28.19BagginswwYes they are ultimate leaders, but article explains that well enough :)
01:32.55Bagginswwbe back later
01:37.52DottedSkosiris nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
01:38.06Dottedi have lost faith in humanity today
01:39.02harl|awaythat's happened to me 20 years back already
01:40.55Dottedi guess we'll have to hope for an alternative to wowhead now :(
01:41.15DottedRIP Wowhead :(((
02:00.06SkosirisWhy is that?
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02:03.49Bagginsww could probalby be raceboxed :p
02:04.07Bagginswwalso Bronzebeard dwarves article :p
02:08.39DottedSkosiris Allakhzam was good, not its shit like thott - and i can only suspect same will happen with wowhead
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02:10.16SkosirisThottbot was crappy, it's still crappy
02:10.23SkosirisAllakhazam was crappy, it's still crappy
02:10.31SkosirisWowhead is awesome, and so it will remain
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03:16.45Gryphenthott > head, and so it will remain
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04:55.14Bagginswwhmm spell breaker might be in dark factions.
04:55.26BagginswwMonster Guide talks about the class, like its in the rpg already.
04:55.34Bagginswwbut it hasn't shown up in any book yet
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06:07.46Bagginsww needs a new picture :p
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06:27.41Bagginswwalmost done inserting the known languages heh.
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06:34.53Sky2042lol bagginsww
06:35.07Sky2042not only have i discovered that my brother has LoC; he also has S&L
06:35.16Bagginswwgood for you :)
06:35.24Bagginswwboth are great reads
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06:44.23BagginswwI think Jungle Trolls and each type of troll should get their own articles :p
06:44.41BagginswwIt'll shorten that one
06:45.08Bagginswwbesides we can always have the templates link to the Jungle Troll article for playable troll
06:48.34Bagginswwwell I mean make the general troll article just that
06:48.47Bagginswwand move alll the gameplay stuff over to jungle trolls
06:49.58Sky2042you have s&l on hand?
06:50.18JunkHead-WorkI made a pretty.
06:50.41Sky2042eh, ok, nvm. how do you take abilities with numbers or certain times from the rpg and make it so they are usuable on the wiki bagginsww?
06:51.07BagginswwUh, if its just a number I ignore it
06:51.24Bagginswwgive me ane example
06:51.28Bagginswwand I'l try to show you
06:51.58Bagginswwwhich books do you have?
06:52.05Bagginswwon you
06:52.09Sky2042mom, mmom, s&l, loc
06:52.15Sky2042s&l and loc on hand
06:52.28Bagginswwok manual of monsters would be a good example
06:52.34BagginswwI could pull some examples out of it to show you
06:52.48Bagginswwbut let's take S&L for a moment
06:52.55BagginswwI gotta go get my copy give me a few moments
06:53.02Sky2042not mom, m&m
06:53.20Sky2042which means mmom -> mm&m
06:54.25Bagginswwok I got l&C
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06:54.46Sky2042turn to al'akir, pg 100
06:54.48Bagginswwok first will look at a simple one
06:54.58BagginswwI was going to suggest deathwing
06:55.02Bagginswwfor first one
06:55.40Bagginswweasy one is raise volcano
06:55.54Bagginswwyou can utilize the first sentence with not much problem at all
06:56.13Sky2042and the first half of the 2nd
06:56.18Bagginswwnow next part has a number
06:56.27BagginswwI would convert it thus
06:57.12BagginswwTo do this, he must land upon the ground and invoke this ability over the course of several hours (several minutes if located in volcanic mountains or quiescent volcano))
06:57.29BagginswwI basically don't have to be specific
06:57.48BagginswwIN theory I could if I wanted to take the time to do the possible dice math
06:57.55Bagginsww* I could get really specific
06:57.58Sky2042mk... what about a "round"
06:58.05Sky2042how long is a round? >.>
06:58.07BagginswwI ignore that kind of comment
06:58.20BagginswwI tend to just ignore those sentences
06:58.41Bagginswwby the time you get into that part of hte article you probably given enough info already
06:58.59[NewsBot]#wowwiki stats:
06:59.06Bagginswwok give me a page reference with a round
06:59.21Bagginswwok above
06:59.24Bagginswwmight rage
06:59.24Sky2042100 :P
06:59.29Bagginswwok we'll go to 100
06:59.39Sky2042(storm shape)
07:00.10Sky2042and/or lightning bolt
07:00.12BagginswwThe transformation takes a short time to complete, during which?
07:00.26Bagginsww1 round seems short
07:00.36Sky2042in comparison, yes
07:00.37Bagginswwthat's like essentially 1 dice roll
07:00.50Bagginswwafter other players have taken their turns I'd figure
07:01.12Bagginswwbut ya basically when I convert I keep things rather loose
07:01.13Sky2042what are (Ex) and (Su)?
07:01.24BagginswwI have no idea LOL
07:01.48Bagginswwalso I tend to avoid the ability's names
07:01.57Bagginswwif I'm going more for just lore
07:02.48Bagginswwbut ya one of my favorite conversions is over on Frostmourne page :)
07:03.10Bagginswwm/Molten_giant Doneish. :/
07:03.11Bagginsww* FullDolphinX ( has left #wowwiki
07:03.59BagginswwI'll walk you through what I did
07:05.24Bagginswwok the seciton say s it cannot be stopped by any means
07:05.38Bagginswwincluding nondeetection spell or even miracle or wish
07:05.41BagginswwI left out that section
07:05.52Bagginswwbecause important part was it couldn't be stopped by any means
07:06.05Bagginswwand no one is going to know what nondetection spell or miracle or wish is
07:07.03Bagginswwok then it says a wielder must make a will save each day or suffer a series
07:07.21BagginswwI just ignored the sentence
07:08.03BagginswwI kept the basic premise that the wielder will suffer several effects
07:08.45Sky2042yuh huh
07:09.08BagginswwI skipped to next part and converted Afer a fialed save, a non-evil ccreat moves one step closer to evil
07:09.29BagginswwI just converted the whole paragraph to the short
07:09.30BagginswwOver time the person will go from good to neutral and finally to evil.
07:09.47Bagginswwshort to the point and doesn't go into details :)
07:10.13Bagginswwbut ya its not that hard
07:10.31Sky2042i've done it here and there before
07:10.46Sky2042i've just never touched the numbers >.>
07:10.59Sky2042 is my doing :)
07:11.12Sky2042well, ok, it's not
07:11.31Sky2042 is
07:11.50BagginswwHeh, ya I only touch the numbers if they are inserted in an otherwise interesting sentence
07:12.23BagginswwIf the whole section take for instance some of the skill examples for epic classes, is mostly numbers and no lore I just ignore it all
07:13.18Bagginsww that's mostly all conversion
07:13.26BagginswwI only had to ignore one skill
07:15.27Bagginsww I could probably expand that one
07:15.32Bagginswwthrough conversion
07:15.42Bagginswwwarmage wasn't easy :p
07:15.57Bagginswwthere was very little I could do with it. MOst of hte skills were purely stat based
07:16.40Bagginswwahh here is a good example
07:16.44Bagginswwfrom marksman
07:16.57BagginswwConstant training with firemarms gives a marks man +1 blah blah blah blah
07:17.21BagginswwI would simply convert it to Constant training with firerams gives a marksman improved skill.
07:17.35*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (
07:17.36Bagginswwor improves a marksman's skill
07:17.46Bagginswwignore the gives
07:17.54Bagginswwfirearms improves the markman's skill
07:18.09Bagginswwalso I avoid all references to "levels"
07:18.35BagginswwInstead I use something like, when the "swordsman" becomes more skilled
07:18.46Sky2042that's not a hard one to make
07:19.01Bagginswwlook at the second paragraph
07:19.28Bagginswwexpert, master were my inventions
07:19.38Bagginswwbased on profession
07:19.42Bagginswwin wow
07:19.59Bagginswwin reality those were more like 4th level skill, 6th level skill 10th levle skill
07:20.29Bagginswwso I just used terms that would give the same idea, without sounding like an rpg
07:20.39Bagginswwpeople understand expert comes before master
07:21.04Bagginswwalso you'll notice I put them together int he same paragraph since they had alot in common
07:21.12Bagginswwthough the order of the skills was different in the book
07:21.23Bagginswwas it went from level 1=15 or so
07:22.07Bagginswwso the trick is to find a way of combining hte information so that it flows
07:22.11Bagginswwand doesn't read like a list
07:23.20Sky2042have a look at storm shape again, and tell me how you like this conversion: Al'Akir has the power to transform himself once per day into a raging thunderstorm. This transformation completes within a relatively short time, "...during which he swiftly shifts into a massive, roiling black" 250-foot by 250-foot by 1,000-foot "cloud bank with lightning dancing within. He must be outdoors to employ this ability..." It can last up to one fu
07:24.28*** join/#wowwiki laurly_afk (
07:24.52Bagginswwok, first off you culd probably toss out the once per day comment
07:25.08Bagginswwjust say Al'akir has the power to transform himself into a raging thunderstorm.
07:25.31Bagginswwthat way you avoid one of those game mechanic rules and just get down to the meaning :)
07:26.19Bagginswwya I generally avoid references to time, as it gets funky in places
07:26.27Bagginswwlike in wow you can cast as many spells as you want right?
07:26.34Bagginswwwell in the RPG its limited nubmer per day
07:26.49Bagginswwseems like mechanic thing to me
07:27.06Bagginswwso I just avoid referencing "per day" comments
07:28.42Bagginswwand the numbers, its pretty uh bulky. two ways I work with those
07:28.51Bagginswwif its small number I just convert it to text
07:28.55Bagginswwrather than using numbers
07:29.06Bagginswwlike if it was 15 x 10
07:29.19BagginswwI would say fifteen foot by ten foot room
07:29.27BagginswwI think spelling it out lookgs better
07:29.42Bagginswwalthough for something that large and detailed you could probably get by saying a "very large cloud"
07:29.53BagginswwVery large towring bank of clouds
07:30.09Bagginswwbasically I try to write it as if brann was discussing it
07:30.25BagginswwHe's not going to sound like a physicist
07:30.36Bagginswwand people don't tend to like readin dry numbers like that LOL
07:31.07Bagginswwnext part the cloud can last up to an hour
07:31.18Bagginswwok, i would change 1 hr to "hour
07:31.42Bagginswwits a small enough number that it oculd be included
07:32.14BagginswwI would probably convert the next part to , It can stand a few hundred feet of the cgorund
07:32.24Bagginsww*above the ground
07:32.46Bagginswwsetence after I have no idea what it means
07:32.54Bagginswwso I'd probabl just drop it out completley
07:33.13BagginswwIf I knew what tireless greater rage was, and I could convert it to laymen's terms I might do it
07:33.20Sky2042part of the game, i think
07:33.45Bagginswwnext part about his speed, isn't really needed
07:33.59BagginswwI avoid speed references usually
07:34.02Bagginswwits more mechanic stuff
07:34.28Bagginswwand speed is relative
07:34.37Bagginswwthey'd have to know knowledge of what his regular speed is ;p
07:34.47Bagginswwand really who wants to go into that conversation LOL
07:35.15BagginswwI would probably replace that setence with somethg like;
07:35.39Sky2042i just dumped the speed reference
07:35.47BagginswwWhile in thundercloud thorm he can loose lightting bolts at several targets in any direction he wishes
07:36.10BagginswwThe creatures are electrecuted :)
07:36.31Bagginswwok kind of exageration but gets the point across without the numbers
07:38.11Bagginswwnot bad converting the tireless great rage ability into tireles and great rage emoetion LOL
07:38.22Bagginswwprobably means the same thing anyways :)
07:39.00Bagginswwstill I'd get rid of the 250 by 260 by 1k and just call it gimonongu s;)
07:39.22Bagginswwor equivalent
07:40.17Bagginswwwell talk to you later
07:40.21Bagginswwoff of to sleep
07:40.23Sky2042i could go with cubic feet, but i prefer the # ;)
07:52.07[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 512
08:13.56Bagginsww lovely
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12:05.08DottedWhen I was at the Virtual Goods Summit at Stanford yesterday, I had a talk with Brock Pierce, IGE's founder, and he didn't say anything about it. It's true, he was wearing a badge from "Affinity Media," and admittedly, I am not entirely up to speed on the latest news in this industry, but rather than suggesting IGE had been sold and Affinity was getting out of the secondary market business, he hinted he wanted to get out.
12:05.08Dottedwowhead got pwnt
12:13.38Jeremy2020I'd like to be pwned for a million dollars
12:14.05Jeremy2020you can tatoo a gold ad on my rear end for a million dollars
12:14.13[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
12:18.36foxlitIt's interesting, though
12:19.16foxlitWill armory eventually kill them all?
12:19.56foxlitwowhead et al.
12:20.15JunkHead-WorkWill the armory eventually replace all database sites?
12:20.23foxlitMore or less.
12:20.30JunkHead-WorkIn theory it could...
12:20.45foxlitIt seems that if blizzard is openly opposed to IGE gaining money, they'll slowly dig at its income sources. Daily quests reduced the need for goldfarming
12:20.49JunkHead-WorkBut wowhead is nice and fast.
12:20.56JunkHead-Worknot a  lot of clutter.
12:21.05JunkHead-WorkThe Armory is just.... ugh...
12:21.34foxlitArmory is generally fine - bot reads it at decent speeds
12:21.34foxlitYou just need a different, cached, front-end and we're good to go.
12:21.45foxlit(and perhaps a bit more brains in tagging quests and other stuff)
12:24.09JunkHead-WorkWowhead being sold won't affect me any.
12:24.14JunkHead-WorkI'll still use it.:P
12:25.43foxlitI'm sure that's what the people who bought it are counting on :)
12:26.09foxlitAnzu can be summoned on normal?!
12:26.17JunkHead-WorkAnzu is...?
12:26.36foxlitDruid epic flight form boss in Sethekk Halls :)
12:26.43Teomyryeah, and now that they're well informed by the wowhead database, they'll surely buy gold since they don't know how to get any!
12:27.17foxlititemSource/value = sourceType.creatureDrop
12:28.11*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
12:32.40foxlitJust too odd.
12:32.51foxlitThere seems to be two Anzus in the armory - they even have separate IDs
12:33.10foxlitAnd their heroic flag borks my parser, dammit :(
12:33.31*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
12:33.55foxlit~seen Kaso
12:33.57infobotkaso <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowi-lounge, 5d 16h 38m 58s ago, saying: 'I wonder why he said "Game Code"'.
12:35.12foxlitName an item that drops off a heroic-only boss
12:38.15foxlit#do Pantaloons_of_Flaming_Wrath
12:38.17FoxbotSorry, foxlit, I can't find the item.
12:38.20foxlit#do Pantaloons of Flaming Wrath
12:38.21FoxbotKasoBot, do 30709
12:39.13*** join/#wowwiki dRiN (
12:39.24foxlitArmory seems to be under the impression that certain heroic-only bosses can appear in normal modes.
12:43.00foxlitI'll have to agree with "interesting", can't make up any counter-sarcasm :/
12:43.43|Pixel|well, to be honest
12:43.55|Pixel|I won't try to enter this code ever again
12:44.32|Pixel|I've been fighting with the devs for quite some time about how crappy their code can be
12:45.13foxlitThere are some localization strings missing as well, but that's boring.
12:45.31|Pixel|such as ?
12:46.34|Pixel|where are you seeing that ?
12:47.03foxlitsec, trying to find the item
12:47.46foxlitIt's not yet whitelisted for EU, but I'd imagine you use similar strings.xml
12:55.42Fisker-|Pixel| i know how you get them to listen
12:55.44Fisker-create some drama
12:55.54Fisker-Like take over the domain and forward it to a goatse picture
12:56.06Fisker-No consequences whatsoever!
12:58.36|Pixel|I am not really really sure this would be the best thing to do imho :)
13:02.17foxlitHow come my [[Tinfoil hat]] doesn't work? :)
13:02.43foxlitit seems to have hidden itself from the armory, but doesn't appear to hide me :(
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13:08.48foxlit#doitempage Dire Nail
13:08.51FoxbotTooltip saved, foxlit. View at:
13:10.10foxlit#dolist Drakestone, Drakeclaw Band, Atal'ai Breastplate, Darkwater Bracers
13:10.10FoxbotOkay, foxlit, queued Drakestone, Drakeclaw Band, Atal'ai Breastplate, Darkwater Bracers.
13:11.45Fisker-btw |Pixel|
13:11.58Fisker-your pinning is doing it wrong
13:12.10*** join/#wowwiki shmoo (
13:12.12Fisker-It doesn't seem to update the guild
13:17.42foxlitIt doesn't seem to update period
13:18.11foxlitIn fact, it probably just freezes whatever char you chose to pin at the moment you chose to pin it
13:18.41Fisker-alright "their" :P
13:18.46|Pixel|thanks :D
13:19.05|Pixel|I don't want to be attached to this code whatsoever :p
13:19.06*** join/#wowwiki subterfuge (
13:19.10Fisker-With all that ajax faggotry it should obviously not be a problem :P
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14:04.13[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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14:40.42Gecsahy all
14:42.02Gecsais here anybody who knows a good mangos server pack?
14:43.15Teomyrdon't talk about this here
14:49.14[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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16:04.14[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:23.59foxlit#doitempage Dreadwing Brood Cloak
16:24.00FoxbotSorry, foxlit, I can't find the item.
16:24.23foxlit#doitempage Dreathwing Brood Cloak
16:24.24FoxbotSorry, foxlit, I can't find the item.
16:24.29foxlit#doitempage Deathwing Brood Cloak
16:24.43foxlitqq :(
16:25.13foxlit#mload witem
16:25.14FoxbotLoaded [witem]
16:25.16foxlit#doitempage Deathwing Brood Cloak
16:27.38foxlit#doitempage Deathwing Brood Cloak
16:27.42FoxbotTooltip saved, foxlit. View at:
16:34.10foxlitme likes!
16:34.57*** join/#wowwiki FullDolphinX (
16:37.18FullDolphinXDo you think I need a new sig? My name is long and garish. I just notaced how much it stands out on the chat pages. Somthing like: SwM2448 in dull colors?
16:38.04*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
16:59.18BagginswwI mean I can read that easy LOL
16:59.51Bagginswwjust because they made the o a bowtie, and the l is upside down, and the k is some weird thing. Its still readible LOL
17:00.48BagginswwAlso will someone add the support to upload ogg files? I really want to upload some samples for the Eredun article :p
17:01.08FullDolphinXWhat it say?
17:01.45*** part/#wowwiki FullDolphinX (
17:02.40*** join/#wowwiki trik (
17:05.33*** join/#wowwiki beerke (
17:13.01Bagginswwwc3 speech by archimonde
17:13.39Bagginswwactually in the future it would be pretty nice to include all the "spoken" language moments
17:13.49Bagginswwfor various languages
17:33.28*** join/#wowwiki Lockyie (n=epox_tw@
17:34.20*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:45.22*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
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18:13.48*** join/#wowwiki clayg (
18:14.23clayganyone know what updated happened yesterday? I have alreayd but am told it needs to download updated tools, but it hangs
18:14.37*** join/#wowwiki FullDolphinX (
18:15.19FullDolphinXIf you could summerize the contents if a steriotypical sandwich in one color what would it be?
18:19.13[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:21.04FullDolphinXThank you but the insides
18:21.18FullDolphinXMinus breads
18:23.00FullDolphinXI'm making a new shorter sig at someone's request.
18:24.01FullDolphinXWhat goes in the basic sandwich?
18:25.18FullDolphinX...Brown? for meat?
18:29.52clayganyplace to download hotfixes like you can patches(manually)?
18:32.04FullDolphinXWell my sig is now shorter
18:32.50*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:45.42*** part/#wowwiki FullDolphinX (
19:12.06*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
19:14.14[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:19.48*** join/#wowwiki Court_Newman (
19:35.20*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
19:43.55*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
20:18.42[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: CVG - Starcraft II Preview, Part Two -
20:19.13[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:48.39*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
20:48.45*** join/#wowwiki FullDolphinX (
20:50.30*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
20:55.49FullDolphinXOOH! Neat.
20:55.59Bagginswwprobably referring to the well of eternity?
20:57.55BagginswwI think there is an Old God reference
20:58.41BagginswwStill others assert that the ancient Sundering awakened something that dwelled in the deepest part of the ocean, something athw ill eventually burst forth in a tidle wave of destruction.
20:58.52Bagginswwit sounds like the rising of Cthulu LOL
20:59.26FullDolphinXWhy vote for a lesser evil?
21:00.13FullDolphinXuhh... random hero alert
21:00.58Bagginswwwhen you going to attack all the names to the random unit articles, ;)
21:01.14Bagginswwwell all the ones that specificaly not locked ;0
21:02.22BagginswwI'd vote for Cthullu
21:04.52FullDolphinX US joke.
21:06.09Bagginsww tossed it up ont he three list ;)
21:06.33BagginswwReally I think Cthulu could do a better job for America heh.
21:07.22BagginswwThat cthulu looks like a packman ghost LOL
21:08.07FullDolphinXIt it the republican symbol.
21:08.12FullDolphinXit is
21:11.25Fisker-Is C'Thuns real form in any way official?
21:11.52FullDolphinXofficial to what?
21:12.00Fisker-Cause i'm having a hard time believing that the shop there was made has any relevance at all
21:12.08Fisker-For all we know it could be a summon he could do
21:12.24Fisker- <-thinking about that picture
21:14.50FullDolphinXWell, that is not a projection. that is HIM. The shop is a little odd. Remember there is a lot more under the ground.
21:15.22FullDolphinX D tou agree with my pictures?
21:15.24Bagginswwits obvious that cthun ate the eye of Sauron.
21:16.33FullDolphinXNo, C'thun was his stunt double.
21:16.46FullDolphinXFor the last scene
21:17.04FullDolphinXAnd C'thun is the overmind's cuz!
21:28.10Bagginswwadded Quervel's Raiders for anyone who was curious about the random reference :p
21:31.30*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Karen@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
21:31.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
21:31.52*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:38.24FullDolphinXYay for Siege weapons!
21:42.45FullDolphinXYay for Siege weapons.
21:44.18FullDolphinXYay. For. Siege. Weapons.
21:45.35Fisker-But they are trying to implent then finally?
21:46.02FullDolphinXAV stank so they are sticking with minigameish ones.
21:46.11Fisker-then i do not want
21:46.38FullDolphinXI know...
21:50.56Jeremy2020if there a gnomepault for the Horde, I'd be interested
21:51.29FullDolphinXSure why not.
21:51.53Jeremy2020because Blizzard said so?
21:54.20FullDolphinXThey said no.
21:55.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Boubouille] by ChanServ
21:59.57FullDolphinXSo how is stuff today?
22:00.13[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Illidan world 2nd kill by Last Resort. -
22:01.49FullDolphinXThey going to give us more info?
22:04.14[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:05.39*** join/#wowwiki Kolky (
22:11.39FullDolphinXWTF? All that Azzinoth loot? It's like he did not just loot the gut he  raped him!
22:13.39FullDolphinXthat link is broke,
22:14.35Boubouille isn't imo
22:20.14[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Legendary Warglaive of Azzinoth dropped from Illidan by Forte -
22:20.21Boubouillehi [NewsBot]
22:20.39Fisker-(00:18:43) <Fisker-> but it's fail
22:20.39Fisker-(00:18:48) <Fisker-> cause this confirms it's a chance drop
22:20.39Fisker-(00:18:55) <Fisker-> Which means that WoW = World of Castercraft
22:20.43Fisker-(00:19:25) <Fisker-> since blizzard said they were going to redesign legendary drops so instead of luck it required tremendous amount of work
22:20.44Fisker-(00:19:36) <Fisker-> But of course that was only for the caster staff then
22:29.12FullDolphinXAnyone seen my new compact sig?
22:29.12FullDolphinXThere were... complaints on my old one.
22:29.54FullDolphinXNo one care? ok.
22:38.19*** join/#wowwiki Lopen (
22:47.24Bagginswwheh found a couple more words that Brann says are specifically common, LOL
22:47.34Bagginsww"Worship", and "Rain Dance"
22:52.40*** join/#wowwiki Karrion (
22:57.50Sandwichman2448 New Vandal Maybe?
23:04.27*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
23:06.23*** join/#wowwiki TPD-Wrk (
23:09.06DottedBLOCKED ILikeDicksInMyAsshole <- immature ot not, thats a funny nick regardless :P
23:09.14[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
23:09.41*** join/#wowwiki clad|away (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
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23:11.40*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (n=Polarina@unaffiliated/polarina)
23:18.47*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
23:26.29PolarinaMy addon stores the vendor sell value of all items collected from both EU and US item database. That's over 21300 items. And guess what? It only uses 109 KB memory!
23:27.29BoubouilleWe needed thounsands of years of evolution and internet to finally fight to prove that we've got the smallest.
23:27.37Boubouillethousands, ffs
23:27.55DottedBoubouille zeeg cant code
23:27.56Polarinasmallest what?
23:28.10Boubouillezeeg is a retard
23:28.39Dottednot as much as your html :
23:30.02Boubouille[11:19:52] <[NewsBot]> MMO Champion: Error reading source feed. -;action=.xml;board=2.0;sa=news;
23:30.05Boubouilleand not as much as your bot
23:32.53Dottedthats a failure of your feed
23:33.11Dottednot my code in that error message
23:33.43Dottedbtw i found out why age of conan is so popular
23:33.53Dottedin-game porn
23:34.24*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:38.23foxlit#dolist Blue Riding Nether Ray, Green Riding Nether Ray, Purple Riding Nether Ray, Red Riding Nether Ray, Silver Riding Nether Ray, Terokk's Gavel
23:38.24FoxbotOkay, foxlit, queued Blue Riding Nether Ray, Green Riding Nether Ray, Purple Riding Nether Ray, Red Riding Nether Ray, Silver Riding Nether Ray, Terokk's Gavel.
23:44.04*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
23:45.19*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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23:46.06Dotted nice design
23:56.19*** join/#wowwiki clad|away (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
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