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01:03.13zeegwhat do you guys think?
01:03.18zeeg(the tabs dont load yet)
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01:20.43PolarinaNight elf priest or human priest? Night elves have shadowmeld and humans have +10% reputation gain. I can't pick the one I want, suggestions?
01:25.56foxlitFear ward is invaluable and their racial mana regen = <3
01:26.03PolarinaWhy Draenei?
01:26.03bleeterfear ward + a mana regen. aye, that'd be nice.
01:26.03foxlitWhereas starshards and feedback are crap
01:26.24foxlitElune's Blessing isn't great either
01:26.40bleeternever underestimate the usefulness of fear ward in a number of instances
01:26.42foxlitSo while shadowmeld is nice, draenei is the best thing ever for PvE
01:26.58PolarinaI'm on a PvP realm.
01:27.03bleetermeh, meld ain't that nice since they nerfed it ;)
01:27.17foxlitexit timing
01:27.49bleetercommencing a cast will bring you out of meld, previously it was after the cast (at least something like that, been a while)
01:27.50foxlitThey changed what gets you out of it
01:28.13bleeterso if you're doing a long cast = dead in pvp :")
01:28.16foxlitIt was previously possible to cast something while shadowmelded, now it immediately unstealths
01:28.20PolarinaWhat would get you out of it before they cnaged it?
01:28.33foxlitAIMED SHOT :)
01:29.02foxlitBut the 4s/3s it requires to cast you would've been shadowmelded
01:29.34Kirkburn|afk3-4 seconds
01:29.40foxlitMemory failure
01:29.40Kirkburn|afk(he forgot the cast time)
01:29.56PolarinaI didn't understand what he mentioned.
01:29.56Kirkburn|afki.e. Essentially it's no longer a valid /combat/ stealthing method
01:30.23Kirkburn|afkBeing able to cast something very powerful when stealthed is very unfair
01:30.32Kirkburn|afkYou have no chance to counteract
01:30.44Kirkburn|afk(Aimed Shot = v powerful)
01:30.53bleeterused to be, not that much anymore
01:31.06Kirkburn|afkBah, just trying to make a point :(
01:31.11PolarinaI'm talking about using shadowmeld to avoid PvP instead of using it in PvP fights.
01:31.21Kirkburn|afkOh yeah, that's possible
01:31.37bleeteryou'll still be susceptible to people with stealth detection, tho
01:31.38Kirkburn|afkIt's very much a passive spell now, can be v useful if you go afk too
01:31.59Bagginswwhi Kirkburn.
01:32.58foxlitIt's hardly effective - by the time you know to use it, people have probably noted where you are.
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01:36.39Kirkburn|afkPvE servers ftw
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01:37.31BagginswwYou might be interested in alterations to the Mok'nathal article, I converted it from a race article to more of a faction article.
01:38.28Bagginswwfor one thing it was ignoring an important notation from Cycle of Blood that pointed out that the clan wasn't all half-ogres
01:38.54Bagginswwand secondly most of the racial info was redundant and could be found in main half-ogre article anyways
01:39.40Bagginswwadded a picture ot half-ogre
01:52.29PolarinaShould a priest spend time working on First Aid?
01:55.52Bagginswweveryone should
01:55.53Bagginswwits easy
01:55.56Bagginswwand its a good back up
01:56.27Bagginswwbelieve me you'll get so much material drop that its incredibly fast to levle up
02:03.03bleeterand at some higer level 1st aid, if you're not collecting cloth as a tailor or for rep, vendoring the bandage brings in more cash than the straight cloth
02:03.23bleeter(can't recall if that kicks in with silk or mageweave)
02:04.13bleeterimo, though, priests definately should 1st aide. OOM after healing the tank and you need to self heal, can be... argh ;)
02:05.01Bagginswwyou know I know Blizzard's timelines are never consistent but that would place Rexxar and the Horde coming to Azeroth like a few years before Dark Portal opened in most timelines :p
02:06.21BagginswwIt fits our unofficial timeline though heh.
02:07.08Bagginswwwell roughly.
02:07.16Bagginswwone year difference
02:11.08Bagginswwgranted much of the other material doesn't match up with unofficial... In older timelines Thrall's escape apparenlty occured 21 years ago
02:11.18Bagginswwand in Cavern's of time It occurs 7 years ago :p
02:11.26BagginswwThat's a big difference
02:12.16PolarinaTime-machine. :P
02:12.53Bagginswwwell it would imply that Thrall was captured again :p
02:12.57PolarinaSo well, Outland could be just Azeroth in the future...
02:14.13Bagginswwok it depends, in
02:14.30Bagginswwin that time line, thrall's escape is 7 years before "World of Warcraft"
02:14.58Bagginswwnot counting hte fact that actually its supposed to be about one year after WoW according to the TBC's intro
02:16.05Bagginswwin that time Thrall escapes 14 years ago, or rather 15 if we count TBC's starting date.
02:17.31BagginswwThat timeline Thrall escapes 3 years before the end of hte timeline. Although its "present" is some time before WoW begins
02:18.31Bagginswwbut ya funny I think Thrall's escape is set at different times in each timeline... :p
02:18.42BagginswwBlizzard is not consistent LOL
02:20.34bleeteras I constantly say, iproblems in lore have nothing to do with employees leaving. it's all to do with those staying getting older and not abusing artificial stimulants as much anymore :P
02:21.14bleeterwell, it's just a guess... but it happened to Spielberg and Lucas :D
02:21.31PolarinaCould a mage use Slow Fall from Teldrassil heading north-west to reach GM Islands?
02:21.47bleeterafaik, GM Island is now an instance, so no
02:22.12PolarinaWhat does "afaik" stand for?
02:23.44BagginswwYou know I think some people treat the Future race ideas pages like blizzard would actually use, os they try to make one race look better for the race than another :p
02:24.00Bagginsww*blizzard would actually use it, in order to choose future race
02:24.44BagginswwSo they try to make one race look better for one faction than another, and try to soften or downgrade any flaws that might exist that would lower their chance of joining any side :p
02:26.01bleetertotally ignoring any potential (C) issues, eh
02:26.32bleeterderivative (C) being such a pita, legally
02:31.53Kirkburn|afkAdys, enjoying your last moments with the drake? :P
02:32.42AdysKirkburn|afk: this drake sucks
02:32.46Adysdont even see the differenc
02:32.54Adysit just looks better
02:34.51PolarinaIs it valdasm that an article explains how players break the game policy? If so, how do I deal with them?
02:43.53Bagginswwya one of those things that make me go huh.
02:44.18Bagginsww1. Blackrock mountain was named Blackrock Spire by the dwarves.
02:44.52Bagginsww2. Blackrock Mountain existed before the coming of the orcs.
02:45.04Bagginsww3. Blackrock Clan existed before coming to Azeroth
02:45.21BagginswwThe series of coincidences there just boggles the mind
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02:46.11BagginswwWho would have thought that dwarves would name a mountain sharing the same name of a clan from another world, and that same clan would later take over the mountain?
02:49.43BagginswwSecond one, dragons were apparently on Draenor before opening of the portal. Dragonmaw clan was one of the original clans.
02:58.43PolarinaHah.. I found a good RP sentence to replace "gtg, I have homework to do". :)
02:59.41PolarinaAnd I'm not sharing it. :D
03:24.20bleeterBagginsww: 'blackrock' is, in fact, quite a common name in many earth languages for locations
03:24.28bleeterBagginsww: so I'm not that suprised ;)
03:24.33BagginswwLOL ok
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03:24.54BagginswwYa I know of several blackrocks
03:25.00bleetercan't recall a specific, but from memory Dublin, in Irish, means 'Blackpool'
03:25.20bleeterwell, the Irish name for Dublin... etc. etc.
03:25.28BagginswwI'm just sayiing its a strange coincidence that they'd all come togethert heh heh
03:25.59bleeternah, jsut lack of imagination ;)
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03:42.43Sky2042hi all
03:46.17Sky2042no one wants to say hi?
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04:08.53Sky2042bagginsww, you want sections on that?...
04:09.06BagginswwIt didn't have any
04:09.11BagginswwI'm working on adding links
04:09.34Sky2042it would be so much better with sections
04:11.34Bagginswwbut like the other timeslines I don't add anything other than what was published
04:11.37Sky2042btw, i found LoC upstairs in my other rooms
04:11.49Sky2042my brother's room*
04:11.52Bagginswwits an article that's not intended to be edited by others to "fix problems"
04:12.24Bagginswwthere are no typos I uh copied from my pdf version
04:12.35Bagginswwany typos that existed are part of the book
04:13.20Sky2042baggins, 20 year reference was from TLG
04:13.45BagginswwIts in the original book
04:13.58Bagginswwits in most references I think
04:14.06Bagginswwmanual for warcraft 1
04:23.51Sky2042damn blizzard for eliminating 15 years -_-
04:26.58Bagginswwa 15 year war was more realistic
04:27.19Bagginswwactually its kind of worse they not only eliminated 15 years they shaved some years out later :pp
04:27.28Bagginswwlike second war doesn't occur 6 years after the first
04:27.31Bagginswwmore like 1
04:27.36Bagginswwin later timelines
04:27.51Bagginswwoh I was talking about this earlier Thrall's escape jumps around the timline
04:27.58Bagginswwsometimes he escapes 20 years before
04:27.59Bagginswwsometimes 14
04:28.01Bagginswwsometimes 8
04:28.03Bagginswwsometimes 7
04:28.16Bagginswwconsistentcy isn't in blizzard's vocab
04:28.45Bagginswwoh 9 in that partciular timeline LOL
04:28.59BagginswwI think there is a different date for his escape in each timeline LOL
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04:45.16pbrkinda wonder if theres gonna be a new dungeon later in the year or something
04:45.37Tekkubis there any reason for a disambig page title when there's no direct conflict?
04:46.12Tekkubthat page was only linked from one place... a User's page
04:46.32BagginswwMainly cause I prefer official items over addons LOL
04:46.41Bagginswwthere are official panda species :p
04:46.55Tekkubnot in wow
04:47.04Bagginswwin warcraft in general :p
04:47.17TekkubI only know of pandaren in warcraft
04:47.47pbrthey would have to be neutral friendly npcs probably
04:47.54Bagginswwand "panda cub" of course, an official warcraft item
04:47.56pbrif the thing about china is true
04:48.00Bagginswwits not
04:48.12Bagginswwpanda cub could die at one point. all pets could heh
04:48.23Tekkubthe item's [Panda Collar], again :P
04:48.44Tekkubyou should still be able to roast them on a bonfire
04:49.18Tekkubregardless, [[Panda]] was a useless page before, I don't want that shitty (AddOn) on my title if I don't have to
04:49.38Tekkuband "AddOn" is wrong on so many levels :)
04:51.00Bagginswwadd the s?
04:51.11Tekkubyou still fail
04:51.34Tekkubslouken's the only person that caps the 'O', and he isn't consistant with that...
04:51.47Tekkubsecond, aren't disambig titles supposed to be all lower?
04:51.54BagginswwLol I just notice that its upper case in many pages
04:52.02Grypheni cap the O because the directory is
04:52.02Bagginswwif that's the problem we can always move it to Addons
04:52.10zeegi think the cap on O is really stupid
04:52.12zeegand annoying :P
04:52.29Bagginswwsounds good to me
04:52.44Tekkubfor once zeeg's opinion should be listened to!
04:53.19ThraeTekkub: Why not go the Firefox route and call them "Add-on" :D
04:53.25TekkubGryph, want me to fix that cat in the template too?
04:53.41TekkubThrae, because... uh... no
04:53.53TekkubGryph... <includeonly>{{{doc|[[Category:Hosted AddOns|{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]]}}}</includeonly>
04:54.13Tekkubshould I change that too then and recat them to a better name? :)
04:54.28GryphenI don't care :o
04:54.46Tekkubgood, cause I would have anyway
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04:59.39BagginswwIts too much work but if I ever come across the references to pandas, not pandaren in rpg again I'll toss them up
04:59.53Tekkubbastard :P
05:00.06BagginswwToo much work to actively sarch through tthe books though :p
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05:41.21GryphenTold ya Kirk :)
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05:42.02zeegmaybe this means less cmopetition ;)
05:43.05GryphenI mentioned I heard that as well to Kirk a couple of weeks ago
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05:45.52MatthewSwas the dollar amount released before?
05:46.18*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
05:46.19GryphenYes, i heard they dropped the price 3 times
05:46.59zeegthats a weak amount
05:47.01zeegi find it amusing
05:47.19KirkburnI'd prefer to wait for some actual confirmation
05:47.36Gryphenid be suprised to see any
05:47.45Kirkburn(also, make sure this doesn't result in vandalism on the wiki)
05:47.46Grypheneveryone saw the dns change the other day
05:48.05KirkburnThey did?
05:48.38Gryphenwell, people in irc were talking about it here and wowi, and sko said dns should propagate shortly
05:49.13KirkburnAh, k
05:49.30zeegKirkburn, i guarantee its true
05:49.57KirkburnOh, well, why bother wanting confirmation if you can "guarantee" it :P
05:50.11KirkburnIf true it only puts it in the same boat as the others, so I don't see anything changing regarding the wiki
05:50.17zeegand to fill in the blanks, thottbot sold for a little over 100k
05:50.36eliahI really hope it's not true...
05:50.36Grypheni think it is funny to all the fanbois who feed their pockets
05:50.51zeegI'm actually kind of disappointed at the wowhead guys
05:50.54Gryphengiving them wiki content and such
05:51.09zeegThis is great news for us, but.. its pretty.. unintelligent for them
05:51.32KirkburnThe wiki content is theirs to take
05:51.38KirkburnAnd it gets us links
05:52.34GryphenTekkub you have a big job changing the case of one letter :p
05:52.46TekkubI've gotten most of it done :)
05:52.54Tekkubit's an old Cosmos relic really
05:53.07Tekkuba lot of these pages look like nasty old wiki nonos
05:53.17KirkburnWhat's that?
05:53.25Tekkublike the stupid <div> inside a whole section to indent it over 1/4"
05:53.33TekkubAddOn --> Addon
05:53.44GryphenTekkub's chaning all instances of AddOn to Addon hehe
05:53.56KirkburnI always thought that was silly
05:54.01Tekkuband in many cases, changing "This Addon blah blah" to "This addon"
05:54.17eliahI just follow Blizz's spelling, "AddOn"
05:54.23Tekkubpeaple are too damn capshappy
05:54.28KirkburnLike Blizz :P
05:54.37Tekkubblizzard doesn't caps the o consistantly
05:54.50eliahThey would if I was their editor ;)
05:54.51Tekkubsometimes it is, sometimes it isn't
05:54.52KirkburnOoh, new EU launcher
05:55.00Gryphenthe file directory is all that matters to me on case
05:55.07Grypheni would use O happily
05:55.10Tekkubexactly :)
05:55.12KirkburnSplashscreen :O
05:55.31KirkburnDid the US already get the spashscreen update?
05:55.35eliahhey, new US launcher too
05:55.39Gryphenyeah i just saw an update to launcher, but i bypass what it looks like
05:55.45Tekkublawn... cher?
05:55.51Tekkubwut dat?
05:56.00Kirkburnlol, now it's making me watch the cinematic
05:56.00Gryphenwow lawnchair
05:56.03eliahI can't tell what's different about it
05:56.10KirkburnOh christ
05:56.15KirkburnAnd it's reset my settings
05:56.21eliahdidn't do that to me
05:56.26Tekkubkirk burn fails at patching!
05:56.31Gryphenyeah it made a in WTF
05:56.32KirkburnMight be a result of being on Vista
05:56.45Gryphenmine didnt reset on vista
05:56.49Tekkubthat was one of my fav translator tokens in FFXI
05:57.03KirkburnGryphen, you got UAC on defaults?
05:57.08Tekkubsecond only to (galka) (meat) (can I have it?)
05:57.13Tekkuband (fun) (hole)
05:57.17KirkburnHmm, weird
05:57.29eliahhuh, the launcher's linking to Gamestop. that's...unusual.
05:57.37KirkburnHow so?
05:57.47Gryphenmy launcher isnt loading news
05:57.55eliahHow is it unusual? Dunno, just strikes me as odd. But maybe I just dont' usually click its links.
05:58.45Gryphenguess i cant get to either
05:59.16KirkburnHmm, that's odd, now my gfx settings seem to have restored
06:00.01eliahSo...I'm contemplating whether to post about the Wowhead sale on WoW Insider. Is there any hard evidence that the sale, in fact, took place?
06:00.03KirkburnWhy is it people leave channels about 20 seconds after they ask the question "is anyone here?"
06:00.32KirkburnOoh, you're with WI?
06:01.07KirkburnErm, welcome? Dunno if I've seen your name here before :P
06:01.21eliahI haven't been to this particular chan, no. Thanks :)
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06:01.49KirkburnIt depends on how "rumoury" you want to be :P
06:01.56TekkubI have only one request for WI....
06:02.07Tekkubplease provide per-tag RSS feeds!
06:02.18TekkubI don't care about half the posts to WI :)
06:02.29eliahI'll pass that along.
06:02.38Tekkuband as for head... where's the skas?
06:02.52Gryphenhes been quiet the past couple days
06:02.54TecnoBratI just asked him on msn ... he hasnt replied yet
06:03.01TecnoBratwhen he does, I'll let you know :P
06:03.10KirkburnPersonally I would want more info, but if you do post about it, you gotta make sure people realise the "non-official"ness of it all (and how it isn't the end of the world, seeing as Thott and Alla are the same)
06:03.18TekkubTB, tell him I have a minor issue with head too :)
06:03.26Gryphenthere was nothing official about thott
06:03.46eliahdue to how much I like WH, I think I'd prefer to wait
06:03.52Tekkubthott and alla aren't the same!
06:04.02Gryphensure they are
06:04.04Tekkuballa's got fewer useless comments
06:04.08KirkburnI know, I'm sure I sound biased, but we have a working relationship with WH
06:04.34Tekkubwe know you're biased, but only cause everyone like head
06:04.52KirkburnTekkub, why, just why.
06:04.56eliahok, request submitted, Tekkub
06:05.04KirkburnI mean, have you no shame?
06:05.08Tekkubdomo :)
06:05.36TekkubI figure that's a better request than "stop posting just to hear yourselves type" *snicker*
06:05.37KirkburnOh, that's cool. Half my WoW screen went blank (white) when I went to check on my curry
06:06.07TekkubKirk: the lesson here is, never eat curry
06:06.14KirkburnWoW appears to still be running though
06:06.23eliahthat is pretty strange
06:06.25KirkburnImage is frozen, but my PC is completely responsive
06:06.45TecnoBratI guess Sko is afk :)
06:06.46KirkburnIt's using 40% CPU ... but what for?! :P
06:07.15Tekkubso eliah... you have something beyond the confused people that don't get april fools jokes?  or is the only evidence that one thing?
06:07.46TecnoBratsold to who, btw?
06:07.46eliahWhat? The only thing I have is that blog post on Tech Soapbox, which the author also emailed into the WI tips address
06:08.03eliah"Affinity Media", which (allegedly) owns IGE
06:08.19Tekkubah... one of the posts the other day linked to thott, someone bitched for a head link...
06:08.27Gryphenaffinity sold ige, or the other way around i heard
06:08.29TecnoBrathrmmm uhhh ... didnt they just buy allah?
06:08.36Gryphenwhichever owns the other
06:08.37Tekkubit degraded into "no gold farming ads" and then head being owned by blue
06:08.42eliah is the post. who knows.
06:09.19Grypheni heard it last week from people close to affinity
06:09.25KirkburnWait, so if affinity sold IGE, then ... what does Affinity do?
06:09.27Grypheni told kirk at the time i heard it
06:09.56zeegaffinity is IGE :P
06:10.11Grypheni was told it was recently sold
06:10.14KirkburnThis is just gonna be a circular discussion, isn't it :P
06:10.15zeegits like the ogaming network stuff
06:10.18zeegGryphen, let me ask
06:10.22KirkburnAye, I heard similar to Gryphen
06:10.55Tekkublong story short, IGE owns all popular unofficial MMO sites
06:11.09eliahhere's an interesting interview with someone from Affinity:
06:11.15Tekkubeveryone knows they bought out Wikia weeks before we moved over
06:11.43KirkburnAh, WoW finally returns ... with me at the login screen. Not even a disconnected notice.
06:11.57Kirkburn~lart Tekkub
06:11.57infobotstrangles Tekkub with a 9-pole serial cable
06:12.08*** kick/#wowwiki [infobot!n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub] by Tekkub (I hate you)
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15:55.35TecnoBratI'm surprised the wiki doesnt have more "OMG WOWHEAD SOLD OUT" messages
15:55.47TecnoBratI'm glad it doesnt ... but surprised at the same time
16:04.34foxlitWowhead sold out?
16:05.31Fisker-well they didn't imo
16:05.54TecnoBratNo, they didn't .. I just expected people to jump to that conclusion
16:06.06Fisker-well then they are n00bs!
16:06.29foxlitSo, long story short, IGE is owned by the same parent company that owns the ZAM people wowhead is a part of?
16:06.37Fisker-but now atleast Blizzard can't have double standards about anymore
16:06.39TecnoBratThey got purchased by Affinity Media, who ****USED**** to own IGE
16:06.48TecnoBratNo foxlit
16:06.49foxlitSo what happened to IGE? :)
16:06.53TecnoBratThey no longer own IGE
16:06.56ThraeWhy are you all talking about this
16:07.03foxlitIt's interesting.
16:07.06Fisker-The founder of IGE bought his company back
16:07.08TecnoBratIGE got sold back to one of the original shareholders.
16:07.10ThraeIs there some recent, misleading article?
16:07.24foxlitThere are some old, misleading articles
16:07.31ThraeYeah, I know about those.
16:07.48TecnoBratThrae, because wowhead just got purchased by the same company.
16:08.17TecnoBratWhich makes all of those old misleading articles, all "new" again
16:08.20ThraeAh right. But still, it's been talked about a billion times before about Wowinterface's connections, which are none, to IGE.
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16:09.20TecnoBratHey Sko :)
16:09.42TecnoBratbrb, must consume large quantities of coffee
16:13.25TecnoBratI wish I could train my son to not wake me up at 7:00am on saturday
16:14.02*** join/#wowwiki Daemona (
16:14.09winkillerjust wait until he's 15
16:14.15winkillerthen he'll go to bed at 7 am
16:21.22Fisker-didn't even get 10k for our site back in the day
16:22.01Fisker-Should almost think they're taking over some company instead of just buying a site O_o
16:28.37*** join/#wowwiki pcj (n=pc@pdpc/supporter/active/pcj)
16:52.45*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
16:52.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042] by ChanServ
16:53.27Sky2042mmm, adys, you here?
16:54.01Sky2042or gryphen, maybe...
16:58.27Sky2042can you delete as DNP, and block the user (see )?
17:00.06Sky2042who created*
17:00.13Sky2042don't block pcj >.>
17:00.23pcjno don't do that
17:06.01Sky2042he's on ww:kv if you wanna do it the easy way >.>
17:30.54foxlitI'm thinking of using a table like that for "Used To Make" and "Reagents" sections of item pages
17:31.12laurly_afknice not sure about the numbers in the picture though.
17:32.32laurly_afk  <-- kinda like the small pictures
17:32.52foxlitugly :)
17:33.06laurly_afkyour just saying that becouse i did it diffrent then you :P
17:33.19foxlitProblem is, if you shrink them to that size, they start having white edges that are annoying
17:33.32laurly_afkno white edges on mine
17:33.51foxlitA while pixel at every corner of an icon, take a look :)
17:34.14laurly_afk1 pxl? is that a problem?
17:34.31laurly_afkthe way you did it you cant really see how many it is its hard to read the number in the corner on some of the picutres
17:35.12laurly_afkrather have the 1 x picture name personal easer to figure out what is ineeded if you dont know what the pictures are
17:35.13Sky2042ninja edit by sky!
17:35.14pcjyou could have a black square under the numbers
17:35.35foxlitIt's {{Icon}}
17:36.20laurly_afkfox you running kasobot or is kasobot independent of foxbot?
17:36.31foxlitNo, Kaso runs Kasobot
17:36.44laurly_afkhe hasnt been around in a while.
17:36.46Sky2042get rid of the number if the item to be crafted only requires 1 of that regent
17:36.49laurly_afkprobably still moving
17:38.45laurly_afk  <-- should i teach the bot to pick up the items that arnt in the system and add them as well?
17:40.21foxlitI'd advise against it, tooltip is a mess.
17:40.34laurly_afkits using boilerplate quest
17:41.26foxlit #3?
17:42.04foxlitParsing items, that is.
17:42.55PolarinaI can parse XML files with general expressions. :)  Good way to extract vendor sell value from armoury. :)
17:44.01Teomyrparsing xml with regular expressions?!
17:47.18Sky2042laurly_afk, use # instead of all those *s for the quest progression part
17:48.50Teomyrlol, my brother found an easter egg
17:49.00Teomyrin his room...
17:52.56*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (
17:59.16*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
17:59.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+v cladhaire] by ChanServ
18:11.31foxlitwru, wiki?
18:13.10*** join/#wowwiki dudex (
18:13.40*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:17.51*** join/#wowwiki Kazie (
18:27.33*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (
18:27.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+v cladhaire] by ChanServ
18:29.13foxlit|Requires Enchanting (275) and the following reagents:
18:29.13foxlit|1x {{Loot|common|Adamantite Rod}}
18:29.16foxlitMwhahaha, grand fail.
18:29.43foxlitNot good :(
18:30.13*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:31.59*** join/#wowwiki chrisp_- (
18:32.21chrisp_-anyone here use wowBench?
18:33.15*** part/#wowwiki chrisp_- (
18:38.10*** join/#wowwiki Administrator (n=chatzill@
18:43.22*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
18:46.23Sandwichman2448 Redo the page or leave it?
18:46.58*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
18:47.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
18:47.52foxlitleave it
18:48.01BagginswwI'm going to start tossing in "common" into raceboxes with the (RPG) tag just to point out that in lore Common is well common.
18:48.16Bagginswwthat its well known by most races
18:48.53Sandwichman2448(to Foxlit)
18:49.33Bagginswwwhat did foxlit do?
18:50.02Sandwichman2448 Redo the page or leave it?
18:50.08Sandwichman2448he said leave it
18:52.40Sandwichman2448The page /is/ what I said.
18:54.00foxlitActually, maybe.
18:54.05foxlitTag it as {{vote}} or something
18:54.25Sandwichman2448Good idea
18:55.04*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
18:55.04*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:55.27Sandwichman2448I typed that.
18:55.39Sandwichman2448And now it looks odd.
18:57.03Sandwichman2448NVM I did it.
18:58.32Sandwichman2448Fox, you can vote No now. Can you vote if you made it?
19:02.44*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:02.55Sandwichman2448sells this stuff? Little... 'Eh'. What about like an '*' if vendors sell it?
19:03.09Sandwichman2448I'm no expert.
19:03.32pcjvendors don't sell that stuff :O
19:04.11pcjthat is handy tho
19:04.16foxlitCaption is customizable, it's not really my concern
19:04.17Sandwichman2448Then why link it?
19:04.29foxlitGeneral template feedback
19:04.46Sandwichman2448Well... I did. Sorry.
19:05.19Bagginswwsandwich are you busy?
19:06.22BagginswwOh was wondering if you set up a racebox for abomination
19:06.34Sandwichman2448THEY ARE A RACE?
19:06.37Bagginswwin the rpg ya
19:06.50Bagginswwtheir language is "common"
19:07.35BagginswwI like this comment in the rpg language section;
19:08.12BagginswwBonus Language; None. Really, an abomination is lucky just to understand Common.
19:08.37Sandwichman2448LOL I'll put that
19:08.45Bagginswwheh heh
19:11.43Bagginswwunless racebox is updated to include secondary/bonus languages, I'll likely leave off those languages in most articles
19:16.39Sandwichman2448What should i put under charicter?
19:18.35*** join/#wowwiki clayg (
19:18.44Bagginswwuh n/a?
19:18.51Bagginswwjust a sec I'll see if rpg gives any suggesgtions though
19:19.32Bagginswwbarbarian oddly enough
19:19.52Bagginswwmakes sense in a strange sort of way though heh
19:20.39Sandwichman2448Think that is right?
19:22.26Bagginswwcapitals? you could list two technically :)
19:22.40Bagginswwbut racial mount part makes me laugh
19:23.12Bagginswwbut ya undercity and icecrown?
19:23.26Bagginswwjust (presumed)
19:23.55foxlitqq, Newsbot
19:24.56claygWas the change today a patch? Just wonderinf cuz on wine it's a little quirky and I have to manually grab the patch, just want to know what to look for so I can play.
19:27.30Sandwichman2448Now it good?
19:27.47claygand how long does it take for links to mirrors for patches to appear on the site?
19:31.28Sandwichman2448Is it baggins?
19:35.43Bagginswwok let me check
19:36.00*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
19:36.14Bagginswwjust change it to Icecrown Citadel and its done :)
19:36.35Bagginswwactually Naxxrammas could probabl be on the list too
19:36.44BagginswwAbomination Wing ;)
19:37.53Bagginswwyou know I should add a section on Wildhammer shamans
19:37.57Bagginswwto shaman lore
19:38.03Bagginswwmost people still curious about that
19:38.07Bagginswwas far as I know
19:39.16Bagginswwso someone says there is info on bearded female dwarves in DotD
19:39.20BagginswwI'm curious now heh
19:39.42Bagginswwthe info needs to be in the wiki heh heh
19:43.32Bagginsww that needs to be raceboxed too heh
19:43.44Bagginswwthey are often warriors
19:43.49*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
19:43.51Bagginswwspeak darnassian and Titan
19:44.13Bagginswwand a few or the more adventerous ones speak Common
19:44.32Bagginsww*find it beneficial to speak Common
19:48.22Sandwichman2448I'm onit
19:49.10BagginswwUh most live outside so I don't think there is one
19:49.29BagginswwI mean some seem to live in dire maul
19:49.35Bagginswwand others live in Uldum :p
19:49.43Sandwichman2448Marudon are elementals
19:50.00Bagginswwthe giants there are classed as elementals?
19:51.22Sandwichman2448No, but they serve the princess who can not get any more elemental... I was a titain city...
19:51.39Bagginswwmaurdon was a titan vault
19:51.52Bagginswwwell a portion of it
19:52.00Bagginswwthe cave where elemental lived
19:52.04*** join/#wowwiki BraveFoot (
19:52.21Bagginswwya that's it
19:52.42BagginswwA variation on the Terramok word is in game IIRC
19:52.50Bagginswwone of the sections in the dungeon
19:53.20*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
19:53.45Bagginswwif I recall correctly
19:53.58Bagginswwno one has mentioned the subzones of dire maul  :p
19:54.05Bagginswwerm mauradon
19:54.08Bagginswwoops lOL
19:54.17*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:54.22Bagginswwbut ya it needs subzone list :p
19:54.48Bagginswwone of the section is the word terramok or similar sounding word
19:55.15Sandwichman2448I do not think so.
19:56.02Sandwichman2448Foulspore Cavern • Poison Falls • The Noxious Hollow • Vyletongue Seat • Earth Song Falls • The Wicked Grotto • Zaetar's Grave
19:56.14*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
19:58.49Bagginswwmust have been test realm that I remember it then
19:58.52Sandwichman2448Flavor text?
19:59.08Bagginswwor it was mentioned in a quest don't remembe rexactly
19:59.11Sandwichman2448Rock mans?
19:59.19Bagginswwrock mans?
19:59.32Sandwichman2448It it in some quest text that it was called that.
19:59.52BagginswwI seem to remember Terromar or somethin glike that
19:59.57Sandwichman2448Mountain giants, Rock mans
20:00.22Sandwichman2448Like trools, masters of the Voodoo
20:00.59Sandwichman2448Make something up?
20:01.01Bagginswwpersonally not a big fan of the subtitles :p
20:01.28Sandwichman2448Keepers/makers of the mountains?
20:01.31Sandwichman2448I am!
20:01.53Bagginswwwhat were they descrbe as in their original appearance? maybe somethig there
20:02.01Sandwichman2448Mountain giants, Tall
20:02.16Bagginswwwhere i my tft manual :p
20:03.49Bagginswwwell they helped craft the peaks, cliffs and caves of azeroth
20:03.55Bagginswws mountains
20:03.58Sandwichman2448Keepers/makers of the mountains?
20:04.20Sandwichman2448Makers of the Peaks?
20:05.00Sandwichman2448I still vote for 'tall'
20:05.03BagginswwCrafters of the Moutains?
20:05.35BagginswwMoutain Crafters?
20:05.41Sandwichman2448Hm... Mountains seems redundant
20:06.18Bagginswwwell I can look through one or two mre articles for something :p
20:06.33Sandwichman2448Just make somthing up.
20:06.59Sandwichman2448A general title should be easy
20:07.04Bagginswwand they are 20 feet tall btw
20:07.17Sandwichman2448I said that
20:07.49Bagginswwoh havne't checked all of hte it reading other sources heh
20:08.20Sandwichman2448Crafters of the Peaks?
20:09.08Bagginswwit just doesn't cover all that htey did :p
20:09.09*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
20:09.15Bagginswwthey were created to "shape the world's mountains" :p
20:09.26BagginswwI vote for no subtile :p
20:09.33AdysIm off for a week! Take care peeps, ill try and see if i can pop on irc once a while :)
20:09.33Bagginsww*subtitle :p
20:09.39Bagginswwhave fun
20:09.39Sandwichman2448Shapers of the mountains ,-still redundant
20:09.58Sandwichman2448Fine i'll leave it blank
20:11.31Sandwichman2448Ever read stuff?
20:14.10Bagginswwhow about "Birthed form the stone"
20:14.16Bagginswwfirst line of MoM :p
20:14.53*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
20:15.18Sandwichman2448Form or from?
20:16.15Sandwichman2448Eathern are too...
20:16.58Sandwichman2448Ever read stuff?
20:19.58Bagginswwya sandwhich everythign titan is "born from stone " :
20:20.01Sandwichman2448The lore keeper says they split.
20:20.22Sandwichman2448No... They made organic stuff too.
20:20.35Bagginswwya and the Keeper in the BAel Modan discusses series 1/2 issues they had there
20:20.35Sandwichman2448All was from stone?
20:20.50Bagginswwwell sea giants were made by different titans
20:21.02Sandwichman2448Oh... I only have APG for rpg books.
20:21.33Bagginswwits in HPG I think
20:21.37Bagginswwand MG
20:21.53Bagginswwbut ya troggs develepement was different in different locations
20:22.23Sandwichman2448Aye see.
20:23.16Bagginswwso in a run about way they were created by the Titans, its just not specific :p
20:23.54BagginswwBael Modan was Khaz'goroth's research facility
20:24.21Sandwichman2448That should have more in it in WoW.
20:24.47Bagginswwya :(
20:24.57Bagginswwbael modan was created by the rpg best I can tell
20:25.17BagginswwIt was intended to be a major city and titan dig site
20:25.34Bagginswwits too bad it was figured into alliance quests and a instance.
20:26.03Bagginswwits essentially the capital of alld warves and gnomes on Kalimdor
20:26.04Sandwichman2448In a horde start zone
20:26.18Sandwichman2448There are no gnomes there in WoW
20:26.20Bagginswwya but think about it, what abuot razerfens?
20:26.31Bagginswwwell it has gnomish planes oddly
20:26.41Bagginswwbut your right no gnome npcs
20:27.10Bagginswwits another one of those lame problems arisen through scale issues :p
20:27.12Sandwichman2448Biplanes that should not fly with the heavy smoke stack on the back.
20:27.58Bagginswwits fantasy/steam punk what can you say?
20:28.16Bagginswwoutland would be an impossibility
20:28.21Sandwichman2448I was banned from linking my fanfic and speculation on this. LOL
20:28.33*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:28.45Sandwichman2448Steampunk was great until it fell to Anime.
20:28.51Bagginswwbut ya destruction of outland should have burned up its atmosphere if it happened in real life
20:29.10Bagginswwit wouldn't be able to support life let alone hold an atmosphere
20:29.22Sandwichman2448And the fact you can stand on rocks above the main ground.
20:29.27BagginswwThere are still some great steampunk material.
20:29.32Sandwichman2448Montag rote a page on that.
20:29.46Bagginswwbut ya things hsouldn't float like that
20:29.56Bagginswwif they could there would be no atmosphere :p
20:30.04Bagginswwgravity would have pulled the rocks back LOL
20:30.19Sandwichman2448Anime destroys all. Even WoW... :(
20:30.40Sandwichman2448Outland is messed up phsycs wise.
20:30.57Sandwichman2448I messed up the word on purpose.
20:31.42BagginswwI like anime though, some series
20:31.51BagginswwLodoss war series were great
20:32.05BagginswwI absoultely loved VAmpire Hunter D movies
20:32.17BagginswwCastlevania is freaking awesome
20:32.28Sandwichman2448Did they ever say why Troggs came?
20:32.28BagginswwDBZ sucks balls
20:32.40Sandwichman2448What broke the earthen DNA?
20:33.03Bagginswwwell oldest failsures were apparently old god problems
20:33.29Bagginswwothers caused by sundering?
20:33.35Bagginswwso there were titans still around?
20:33.43Sandwichman2448They are connected to the land.
20:33.44Bagginswwin Uldamon?
20:34.20BagginswwThe explanation given to what happened to the uldamon troggs was mutations during hte sundering
20:34.28Bagginswwof matrix
20:34.47Bagginswwbut ya there were trogs long before that
20:35.27BagginswwI agree with that
20:35.44Sandwichman2448Read the main article
20:35.45Bagginswwif you see the artwork for each of the major Titans they look very similar to the stone giants
20:36.01Sandwichman2448But unique features?
20:37.54foxlitFor every reagent, lookup quality, which isn't provided by teh armory.
20:38.10foxlitSucks :/
20:38.26BagginswwTroggs were the Titan's first attempt at creating a race (the second attempt, entirely successful, produced the dwarves.)LoC 66
20:41.16Bagginswwobviously Brann being really quite loose with the description :)
20:41.45Bagginswwits a paraphrase though
20:41.55BagginswwI think it had more "ranting" iirc
20:42.19Bagginswwmore stuff on trogg habits and the like
20:43.59*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
20:46.42Bagginswwbut ya read that sandwich
20:46.52Bagginswwand their trog problem was 100,000 years ago
20:47.02Sandwichman2448GAH! >:(
20:47.26*** join/#wowwiki ClayG (
20:50.17Bagginsww"The troggs wer ehte mistaken first attmept at crafting a mortal race of guardians from living stone for Azeroth.  When the titans saw how brutal and misshapen the troggs were the, they buried them in the northern vault of the Bael Modan facility
20:50.52BagginswwAcheras knows the titan scientists referred to the successful second race attempt as Series Two
20:51.28BagginswwDwarves were the successful conclusion of the titan's experiments, called "earthen" in ancient times, but they looked different before 100,000 years of evolution
20:53.35Bagginswwooh archeras apparently knows many languages in the unvierse including common
20:58.05*** join/#wowwiki FtH|Daemona (
21:00.16Sandwichman2448 :P
21:06.35*** join/#wowwiki kz (
21:07.23Bagginswwgood though I don't htink the "elmental in nature" bit is needed
21:07.36Bagginswwall mountain giants look elemental :p
21:08.04BagginswwInfact all tend to be related to aspect of earth :p
21:09.20Sandwichman2448I broke your editz.
21:14.03Bagginswwhmm not really
21:14.27BagginswwI think the same thing heh
21:14.41Bagginswwalways wondered if that was Krulleran
21:14.48*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:15.23Sandwichman2448Do you hate fan fiction?
21:15.47BagginswwI don't tend to read it
21:15.54Bagginswwcan't say I hate it
21:16.03Bagginswwonly when peole try to include into articles :p
21:16.40Sandwichman2448I have read most of them.
21:18.31Sandwichman2448As I said, I am no longer allowed to link mine. :)
21:22.03Sandwichman2448Now what?
21:26.25*** join/#wowwiki Tesfan2 (i=488535db@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:26.36Tesfan2Runescape is awsome
21:27.24Tesfan2Runescape is awsome
21:29.14Bagginswwwell time to get back to language lists :p\
21:30.20Bagginswwgoing through each rpg to confirm which races has common as a primary language
21:30.39Bagginswwactually just updating all articles with primary languages in general
21:30.49Sandwichman2448Tesfan is a heritic!
21:31.26Sandwichman2448Everone can speak low common?
21:33.04Bagginswwnot everyone
21:33.08*** join/#wowwiki Tesfan (i=488535db@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:33.13Bagginswwand low common is sometimes secondary languages
21:33.20TesfanAnybody there?
21:33.30Bagginswwworgen is primarily Worgen
21:33.30TesfanRuneScape rules!
21:33.43Bagginswwbut some speak common
21:34.00Bagginswwnever played runescape wouldn't know
21:34.01Sandwichman2448There was, is, and only ever will be WoW.
21:34.07TesfanRuneScape rules!
21:34.10BagginswwLOTRO is good too
21:34.32Sandwichman2448Thou are lost to lies.
21:34.43TesfanDid i mention that RuneScape rules?
21:34.54Bagginswwbut unless your are a LOTRO I don't see it as having enough to convince people to switch over to it.
21:34.59Bagginsww*LOTR fan
21:35.10Tesfanand you dont have to pay 60+ bucks to play it...
21:35.22Bagginswwto play?
21:35.23Sandwichman2448Warcraft, I beseech thee to forgive this soul.
21:35.30ClayGWhere can I download "updated tools" for wow besides the blizz updater? Needs something today but isn't a patch so i can't just grab it from wowwiki (i dont think)
21:35.33BagginswwWArcraft costs me wy amore than 60+
21:36.01BagginswwLOTRO will only have cost me 240 over the next few years
21:36.05BagginswwI'm lifetime member
21:36.08TesfanRunescape Pwns!
21:36.20Sandwichman2448KICK THIS MADMAN!
21:36.21BagginswwI've put over 500 into WoW
21:36.37ClayGebay much?
21:36.58Bagginswwwow has been around how many years?
21:37.02TesfanNO YOU ARE THE MADMAN!
21:37.16Sandwichman2448Always. We just did not notace.
21:37.24ClayGI dunno, has that 500 all went to blizz?
21:37.51BagginswwI mean seriously I've playe dsince launch
21:38.13Bagginswwnad I pay about 160 a year just for 12 months membership
21:38.30TesfanYOU WORSHIP THE FALSE GODS!!!!!!!!!!!
21:39.03Sandwichman2448grow up.
21:39.07Tesfantherer we go
21:39.09Bagginswwso if its been around 4 years I"ve put almost $640 in :p
21:39.15Tesfanmuch better
21:39.43Bagginswwnot counting price of boxes
21:39.50Sandwichman2448Bagginsww, have you ever lanced at my user page?
21:39.54BagginswwI bought 2 copies of collectors and 2 copies of collectors expansion
21:40.04Sandwichman24482? Why sir?
21:40.07Bagginswwnot sure sandwhich maybe
21:40.13Bagginswwfor a friend
21:40.21Sandwichman2448He is a moocher.
21:40.22Bagginswwand hopes of selling a collector's off :p
21:40.39Bagginswwbut since expansion collector's are now less than they were worth :P
21:40.43BagginswwI"m giving it to a friend
21:40.48Bagginswwas a gift
21:40.59Tesfanwow.... 600$ onto a game, thats crazy
21:41.06Bagginswwand that was savings
21:41.15Bagginswwsome peopley pay by the month
21:41.20Tesfanand you tell me to grow up
21:41.22ClayGi know tesfan
21:41.24ClayGbut the thing is
21:41.29ClayGll was gonna say sadly
21:41.31ClayGits worth it
21:41.38Bagginswwbut ya that's the reason why I went lifetime with LOTRO
21:41.43BagginswwI don't have to pay a cent more
21:41.49ClayGand i never liked rpg's this is the first i played
21:41.50Bagginswwand its alot less than I've put into wow :p
21:41.56foxlithow much _did_ you pay? :)
21:42.14Bagginswwand if I have to stop playing wow because I can't afford it I have it to play
21:42.30Bagginswwfor LOTRO I payed 199 lifetime membership
21:42.34Bagginswwand 40 for the box
21:42.38ClayGhow does it stack up against wow?
21:42.44Bagginswwits basically the same
21:42.47ClayGif you dont like the movie but just want the game play
21:42.48Bagginswwthough its more PVE than PVP
21:43.01Bagginswwthe best part of it is iits very true to the books
21:43.09Bagginswwthey did a good job of converting the maps
21:43.21Bagginswwits has a few scaleissues but eh not like any game can do real scale
21:43.24Sandwichman2448Too rectangular
21:43.37Bagginswwthe game is more on the books not the movies
21:44.04Bagginswwit has most of the content that never made it to the movies like tom bombadil
21:44.05ClayGyeah i know, thats guildwars players claim to fame, that the characters "look more real", yeah how do you make a orc look real
21:44.16Bagginswwvery nice skins
21:44.29Bagginswwthey scanned in real faces and masks I think
21:44.44Bagginswwthere are like 10 orc varieities
21:44.48*** join/#wowwiki Tesfan (i=488535db@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
21:44.54Bagginswwincluding goblins, and half-orcs
21:44.58Bagginswweach has its own skin
21:45.01Bagginswwand body size
21:45.19Bagginswwbased on tolkien notes
21:45.22ClayGhmmm so it's not just an orc with a little darker skin thats basically the same
21:45.22Sandwichman2448the noses suck.
21:45.34Bagginswwya clay
21:45.34ClayGhow about ddo, is that decent?
21:45.47Bagginswwits not just a color swap
21:45.50Bagginswwactual model changes
21:46.00Bagginswwwhen I say 10 types I'm speaking of hte models
21:46.05TesfanRune scape pwns
21:46.09Bagginswwthere are also infinite number of color swaps :p
21:46.25Bagginswwalso another touch I like is npcs can be talked to
21:46.30Bagginswwand they all have unique phrases
21:46.39ClayGhehehe right
21:46.40Bagginswwor you can just watch them do their thing and they mumble stuff
21:46.56Bagginswwits not like in wow where its predetermined speech
21:46.58ClayGlike you talk to someone and they say the canned wow stuff, still i love wow
21:47.04Bagginswwlike all dwarves say the sam ehting
21:47.12ClayGright talk to "john the killer" who you are gonna be fighting in 10 seconds and he says "go with honor freind"
21:47.24Bagginswwbut in LOTRO each npc has text based sayings and personality
21:47.47Bagginswwkind of like old final fantasy games
21:47.49Bagginswwwhen you go to a town
21:47.51Bagginswwand could talk to npcs
21:48.00Bagginswwand each npc had his own phrase
21:48.12Bagginswwso its not canned commentary heh
21:48.19ClayGis it worth downloading and using a trial? like in the amount of time to know if i'll like it, I heard ddo woudl suck if only played for a week but got better
21:48.28BagginswwOh I think you'd enjoy your trial
21:48.36BagginswwI'd recommend a hobbit to start with
21:48.40Bagginswwshire is a fine place to run around
21:48.46Bagginswwlots of humor
21:48.50ClayGany decent caster classes?
21:48.55amroI think you're biased on that, baggins =)
21:48.59Bagginswwlorekeeper or mintstrel
21:49.09BagginswwOh I love the dwarven area too heh
21:49.12ClayGyeah honestly i hate the movie lol so it's gonna be just for th game play
21:49.20BagginswwI haven't gotten far on a elf yet
21:49.33amroyou know I bet you could hit level cap faster than you could watch all the movies
21:49.40Bagginswwlorekeper is kind of like warlock
21:49.51Bagginswwminstrel is ore of a priest
21:50.01Bagginswwboth have some healer abilitei though
21:50.02*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
21:50.15Bagginswwloremaster is kind of like a druid if they had pets
21:50.36Bagginswwhunter is traditional legolas character, range glass cannon
21:50.43Bagginswwno pets
21:50.55foxlitOkay, this is being silly.
21:51.07foxlitI have a spell ID, where do I steal what proffession requirements, if any, are on that spell?
21:51.15Bagginswwthe classes are based on LOTRO fighting styles
21:51.26ClayGlooking at screen shots loooks pretty sweet
21:51.58Bagginswwso no ranger, and wizards. those are rare
21:51.58ClayGa good test is to youtube lotr lol see some game play
21:51.58Bagginswwlimited to dunedain and gandalf heh
21:52.04amrowasn't saruman a wizard?
21:52.05Bagginswwya graphically its very nice, goes for realism over cartoon
21:52.07Bagginswwya he is
21:52.11Bagginswwhe's not in the game yet
21:52.15Bagginswwas far as I know
21:52.21Bagginswwbut ya wizards are limited to maiar
21:52.22Bagginswwin the books
21:52.28Bagginswwso its not a playable class
21:52.37ClayGthis looks just like wow
21:52.42Bagginswwbut you'll probalby like the lorekeeper if you want a wizardish class
21:52.42ClayGthe panel and minimap
21:52.56Bagginswwwell alot of the ideas wow took from earlier games
21:52.59ClayGyeah i want something is as pure caster (dd) as possible
21:53.03Bagginswwbut ya lotro took some ideas from wow
21:53.10Bagginswwthen go with lore master
21:53.21amrothat's how games work, you can never be 100% original onw
21:53.30ClayGnothing can be original
21:53.37ClayGno such thing as an original idea
21:53.44ClayGim sold
21:53.49BagginswwI have myself a burglar loremaster and champion
21:53.50ClayGim gonna download this
21:54.00ClayGbaggins you running it on windows?
21:54.02BagginswwI have minstrel too but haven't mess with it
21:54.04Bagginswwxp ya
21:54.17BagginswwI love the champion
21:54.25Bagginswwits the AOE class
21:54.32Bagginswwbut its like mixed with a warrior
21:54.38Bagginswwand berzerker
21:54.42ClayGlast time i'll drop links
21:54.49Bagginswwbasically if you siwth cinto warrior rage mode
21:54.49ClayGbut that second one , that is wow heheheh
21:54.51Bagginswwyou don't have armor
21:54.51ClayGstill makes me wanna get it
21:54.54Bagginswwyou become a glass cannon
21:55.02Bagginswwkiller aoe combos
21:55.07Bagginswwthat require rage
21:55.19Bagginswwbut if you switch out of berzerkre mode you don't have rage
21:55.24Bagginswwyou just do regular attacks
21:55.28Bagginswwthat don't do much damage
21:55.29ClayGdecent amount of players? also what server you play on? lol
21:55.34Bagginswwbut he stands up well against mobs
21:55.43BagginswwI'm on silverlode
21:55.48Bagginswwseems full
21:55.58Bagginswwbut ya the game has been getting good reviews
21:56.09Bagginsww8 or 9s
21:56.20ClayGthere is no trial is there? all i see are "buy now"
21:56.29Bagginswwoh give me asec
21:56.34Bagginswwmight have a trial key
21:57.20Bagginswwcan you see my PM?
22:00.08foxlitwtb xml
22:03.15*** join/#wowwiki beerke (
22:03.19*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
22:03.20Sandwichman2448What do I do now?
22:07.01*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
22:11.20*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
22:25.07FullDolphinXRead my stuff. There I said it.
22:25.20foxlitI'm thinking of adding a category for bot cleanup requests
22:26.09foxlitFoxbot is great and everything, but there are some things it can't catch; think I'll flag those pages with a template and dump them into some cleanup category
22:26.27FullDolphinXSeems like a good idea.
22:26.51*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
22:36.48FullDolphinXQuiet today.
22:36.57*** part/#wowwiki FullDolphinX (
22:54.04*** join/#wowwiki FullDolphinX (
22:54.07*** part/#wowwiki FullDolphinX (
22:57.25Teomyri hate those ads
22:58.01Teomyrthey have started to appear on wowhead :(
22:58.39*** join/#wowwiki Moonul (
23:00.29*** join/#wowwiki BraveFoot (
23:02.21Bagginswwjust pointing out that book says they are native to firelands
23:02.27Bagginswwwhich is part of the elemtnal plane :)
23:07.27Teomyrwhich puts an end to the "evolved dark iron dwarves" theory?
23:07.28TecnoBratSmileys do well on almost any site, thats the sad part.
23:08.33Teomyrbut these smilie ads are ugly, omnipresent and annoying. they even make sounds when you accidentally mouse over them
23:10.00TecnoBratOh, I completely agree
23:10.31TecnoBratLooks like wowhead switched their ads over to the ones running on the rest of the network already
23:16.17Bagginswwya they are not evolved dark irons
23:17.32Bagginswwyou can racebox that sandwich when you ahve the tme :)
23:17.34BagginswwThey speak kalimag
23:21.40zeeganyone here play eve?
23:39.49TecnoBratzeeg, what editor do you use for python?
23:43.48*** join/#wowwiki FullDolphinX (
23:44.02*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
23:44.30FullDolphinXBag, you did not need that from 'The lard of the lore' I think you were right.
23:45.31FullDolphinXAdmins having an edit war? :( Uh-oh.
23:52.04FullDolphinXLook at the receny changes.
23:52.23Bagginswwlard of the lore?
23:52.36FullDolphinXA pun.
23:52.37Bagginswwoh nickname for rage?
23:55.03Bagginswwannoying thing is we discuss these thigns here before I do the changes LOL
23:55.12Bagginswwand he's clueless :p
23:55.16Bagginswwas usually LOL
23:55.38FullDolphinXWhy do we have two lore admins?
23:55.48Bagginswwwe have more than that
23:56.02Bagginswwany bookkeeper who is an admin
23:56.05Bagginswwis a lore admin LOL
23:56.13Bagginswwkirkburn might also be one
23:56.28Bagginswwoh and trog is a good reason why secondary language section would be handy
23:56.39*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
23:56.46BagginswwSecondary claims;
23:57.07BagginswwTrogg siwth exceptional inttligence sometimes learn to speak Low Common
23:57.20FullDolphinXIs not Grimlock their main leader?
23:57.22Bagginswwtruly gifted individuals might learn Common or Dwarven
23:57.34Bagginswwthe ones in Uldaman ya
23:57.38FullDolphinXOr just of the biggest tribe?
23:57.43Bagginswwthe tribe in Uldaman
23:57.55FullDolphinXUldaman is thir home land.
23:58.14Bagginswwnah there are other tribes
23:58.21Bagginswwand they were created all over hte world
23:58.33Bagginswwdifferent titan facilites all have the same problems
23:58.48BagginswwI was discussing this earlier with Sandwich
23:59.00Bagginswwthere was a bunch made in BAel MOdan too
23:59.06Bagginswwalthough not accessable in game
23:59.28FullDolphinXOh yeah.. sorry
23:59.31Bagginswwarcheras the custodian was in charge of keeping them in stasis
23:59.35FullDolphinXYou said that.
23:59.46Bagginswwoh fulldolph = sandwich?

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