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00:07.47sandwichman2449 Minimalist.
00:11.03sandwichman2449Nothing wrong with it... Just funny.
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00:13.27TecnoBratIf anyone wants to laugh .. go here
00:13.36TecnoBratlots of swearing
00:13.40TecnoBratbut really really funny
00:15.39foxlit#doitempage Merciless Gladiator's Endgame
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00:15.57foxlitHave fun :)
00:16.35foxlit#do Crumbled note
00:16.36FoxbotSorry, foxlit, I can't find the item.
00:16.55foxlit#do A Crumpled Up Note
00:16.57FoxbotKasoBot, do 11446
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00:19.54sandwichman2449Sorta racest.
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00:25.40[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
00:25.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
00:25.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
00:25.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
00:25.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
00:26.56sandwichman2449Says F*** a lot.
00:27.12foxlitYou want spam?
00:27.14foxlitI give you spam!
00:28.29Dottedsandwichman2449 blame kirkburn for wanting the wowinsider feed
00:28.53Dottedand wowinsider for having a shitty feed
00:29.07foxlitAnd bot for not fixing both problems :)
00:29.49Dottedits not my problem
00:30.10sandwichman2449I don't blame anybody.
00:30.38foxlitAny admins around, btw?
00:30.48foxlitDotted: nevertheless, you _could_ fix it
00:31.01Dottedbut i dont want to
00:31.43foxlitGuilty as charged.
00:31.45Dottedi have more important things todo than coding fixes for wowinsider's rss feed
00:31.56Dottedlike watching The 4400
00:32.10foxlitA generic throttle on bot output to prevent bunching would solve a lot of your issues
00:32.50sandwichman2449Ba'anthalso dorei = Naga in their own language? Like children of the sea?
00:33.22Dottedfoxlit there is a throttle else the whole feed would have been posted instead of just 5 :p
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00:58.52sandwichman2449My edit may be falce.
00:59.50Bagginswwyour edit?
01:00.03BagginswwI was just adding in a reference I discovered in MoM
01:00.25sandwichman2449I added something.
01:00.58Bagginswwthere might be something about the chains in MG
01:01.19Bagginswwbanshees can be men too
01:01.21Bagginswwits rarte
01:06.06BagginswwToday, females of many races have become banshees (and a few males, as well, though they are exceptionally rare)MoM 134.
01:09.17Bagginswwso I guess there could be human banshee, :)
01:09.28Bagginswwblind mary?
01:10.44sandwichman2449Agamand wife.
01:12.08Bagginswwedited the section on non-elven banshees
01:12.21Bagginswwremoved all references to "must have some elf" in their lineage
01:13.09BagginswwDoesn't seem to be a requirement
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01:20.30sandwichman2449Should I add The ships functions?
01:21.36Bagginswwadd what you can, :)
01:21.59Bagginswwalso I think maybe the part with metzen's quote should be moved under its own heading.
01:22.11BagginswwNotes maybe
01:24.23Sandwichman2448I do not know how.
01:25.56BagginswwI mean
01:26.08Bagginswwthen move the quote :p
01:26.34BagginswwI prefer lore sections then background information :p
01:27.56Sandwichman2448I think I'm right, Want me to cite?
01:28.30Bagginswwwhat I was saying I prefer to leave quotes of that type out of lore sections
01:28.43Bagginswwit ruins the flow
01:28.49Sandwichman2448Oh... Move it how you see fit.
01:28.57Bagginswwyou moved it fine
01:29.47Sandwichman2448What about what the ships are for?
01:30.04Bagginswwthe section you wrote?
01:30.07Bagginswwit seems fine there
01:30.35Bagginswwjust added in the *
01:31.37Sandwichman2448How should i cite the pages where they say what they do? If at all?
01:31.48Bagginswwoh cite the quest
01:32.22Bagginswwif its an official website, just link to it
01:32.37Sandwichman2448I;ll try
01:32.39Bagginswwif its a book page number {{Cite||}}
01:33.01Sandwichman2448Cite help page might help :P
01:33.01Bagginsww{{Cite|book|page number}}
01:33.54Sandwichman2448The exodar is obvious right?
01:35.48BagginswwExodar also has a museum
01:36.10Bagginswwmuseuem, and markets
01:36.44Bagginswwgoing to swithc aractraz to "prison"
01:37.24Bagginswwor you can
01:37.53Sandwichman2448that is what a'dal calls it
01:38.05Sandwichman2448 Old blizzcon names.
01:39.33Sandwichman2448 A'Dal says it here
01:41.44BagginswwSure, but prison means the same thing LOL
01:42.07Bagginsww,but whatever heh
01:42.07Sandwichman2448Vrebatum is better.
01:43.09Sandwichman2448What about that picture? it's blurry.
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01:45.46BagginswwOne wonders if they ever come up with a half-dwarf will it be called a halfling :p
01:46.04Sandwichman2448Those are Gnomes
01:46.18Bagginswwwell ya gnomes are sometimes called half-dwarfs
01:46.38Bagginswwstill its a physical discription not literal, ;)
01:49.33Sandwichman2448Are these links valid sources?
01:51.16Sandwichman2448Get rid of bad ones, it a wiki.
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01:56.00Sandwichman2448Well, i'm out.
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02:01.05AdysHow can people not understand, or figure out by themselves, simple stuff like world drops
02:06.24TecnoBratal'ar trash .. any suggestions?
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02:33.34KirkburnDoes Wowhead have a 200 drop cutoff?
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03:05.39[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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03:23.18Bagginswwfound a quote I believe to be one of the things saurfang says during the event, but I can't prove it
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03:28.29chrisp_-Hi, anyone here use WowBench?
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03:35.43SkosirisKirkburn: yeah, 200
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03:57.26Pzyk"the Hand of Justice"?
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04:00.13KirkburnPzyk, not sure
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04:04.43Pzyk"the Hand of Justice"?
04:04.49BagginswwHmm, give me a moment
04:05.10Bagginswwbtw I created a template for one time world events
04:05.34Bagginswwsimilar to the removed from game, but points out that unlike removed from game these things are only intended to be one time event
04:06.04Bagginswwif someone wants to modify it further, go ahead
04:07.01Bagginswwok first off pzyk I seem to recall maiv, in the TBC has a subheading under her name?
04:07.21Bagginswwlike <The blah blah blah>
04:07.22Pzykmmm lemme see
04:07.42Kirkburn :)
04:08.26Kirkburn(there are reasons for me creating that page, just thought it might be interesting here)
04:09.21Bagginswwbtw I still have the return letters from scourge invasion event, I should copy those :p
04:14.26PzykI'm standing at Maiev right now and she has no subheading
04:15.44Pzykgoogle images confirms
04:19.55KirkburnHand of Justice is a drop in BRD
04:20.32KirkburnI don't recall Maeiv being a trinket
04:20.57*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
04:21.18Pzykshe would probably self-proclaim herself as "the Hand of Justice" though.
04:21.23PzykI think she has actually.
04:21.24BagginswwI can't find the reference in rpg
04:21.42Bagginswwhmm check the quotes that she mentions when she's talking to akama
04:21.52Bagginswwshe might have called herself the hand of justice during those
04:22.45Pzykyeah, but does a self-proclamation even count though?
04:24.24Bagginswwwell like half hte titles on the pages, they are used to sound "fancy" :p
04:24.59BagginswwI mean children of the stars isn't not something they generally call themselves
04:25.05Bagginswwkaldorei sure
04:25.48Bagginsww sun-blessed is based off of a reference in the rpg
04:25.53Bagginswwbut it sounds neat
04:26.24Bagginswwand In honor of hte perished?
04:26.44Pzykactually that just sounds bad.
04:26.51BagginswwI agree on that
04:27.00Bagginswwchildrne of the blood was bad too :p
04:28.07BagginswwSin'dorei :p
04:29.13*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
04:29.37Bagginswwmasters of voodoo, ROFL
04:31.15TecnoBratahahaahaha so the wowhead map of The Eye in TK had Void Reaver on the wrong side
04:31.51TecnoBratpeople from my guild were saying we were going the wrong way because wowhead says so
04:31.56TecnoBratso I fixed it
04:32.12TecnoBratI'm like .. you guys are on crack, it has void reaver on the left
04:32.24TecnoBratand they are like "WTF .. it was the other side"
04:32.42TecnoBratI let them be confused for 10 mins before I told them I just edited it :P
04:33.08Tusvanice :D
04:39.22Bagginsww folded dark destiny section into "culture" kirkburn
04:39.39Bagginswwif our resident ogre doesn't notice it, you'll be able to point it out to him :p
04:40.45Bagginswwbut that's mainly to clean it up a bit, and make it more presentible as a possible future, featured article.
04:48.13Bagginswwgg how much of the info from the RPG was purged from the article?
04:48.17BagginswwI know I typed up more than that...
05:09.13Adys oh my lord
05:10.07*** join/#wowwiki ^Mel^ (
05:12.08Bagginswwfixed I hope :p
05:13.02Bagginswwthink I'll go scan up the human demon hunter
05:14.04AdysBagginsww: why not a screenshot of the guy in nagrand instead?
05:14.40Adysor the one in azshara
05:14.50Bagginswwoh I don't mind one of those being added
05:14.56Bagginswwjust the human one is unique
05:15.09BagginswwI don't plan on making it the main image
05:15.32Bagginswwjust think its interesting to show that there are rare non elven demon hunters
05:16.01Adysas racebox pic i'd prefer an elven one tbh
05:17.28Bagginswwactually I'd prefer a good illidan pic ;)
05:17.42Bagginswwmaybe the one from A&HC
05:17.46AdysIllidan has his own model
05:17.55Adysand well illidan has his own article for that matter
05:18.03BagginswwI'll probalby put up the generic one from alliance and horde
05:18.12Bagginswwnon-specific night elf demon hunter
05:18.40Bagginswwfemale too
05:18.44Bagginswwunique, ;)
05:18.51Bagginswwits samwise
05:44.24KirkburnLol, I have 459g 99s 99c
05:55.55AdysI had 5666g66s66c a few months ago
05:57.06KirkburnBtw, midsummer festival just started
05:57.26Bleeterbloody hell
05:57.42BleeterI get away from the other # where you just mentioned that, 'coz I don't wanna be reminded of the cold wheather atm
05:57.48Bleeterand you shoot yer mouth off in here too! :P
05:58.58KirkburnI want to get my Captured Flame, but I doubt at 64 (cough, cough Adys) I can stealth them
05:59.20Adysyou do it easy
05:59.49Bleeterjust go and do it... "do or do not, there is no try"
06:00.02KirkburnHow so?
06:01.35KirkburnHow Adys, how!?!
06:01.44KirkburnI need your guidance :(
06:02.01Bleeter'le pew', surely?
06:02.46*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus2nd (n=WyriHaxi@
06:03.28Bleeterto continue the misquotes.. 'who's the more foolish, or the fool who follows him?' ;)
06:12.19BagginswwI wish the schourge invasion would start again :p
06:12.49*** join/#wowwiki Ddx (
06:19.38KirkburnOuch, just got beat to within 1% of my life by Horde outrunners whilst sightseeing
06:27.26*** join/#wowwiki laurly_afk (
06:28.34*** join/#wowwiki _dRiN_ (n=kvirc@
06:37.32BleeterBagginsww: I'd prefer Kruul to go nutzo again, even if just once a week or so for a few hours
06:49.06Bagginswwheh ya
06:49.19Bagginswwand a few invasions from hte portal once per month ;)
06:49.29Bagginswwto scary the lowbies
06:50.16Bagginswwwhy not a few more crystals bursting forth and releasing ahn qiraj mobs, ;)
06:52.17Bleeteryup, lore wise tie it in with keepers of time stuff and give rep for them ('past world events ripple through the world as a result of foo')
06:54.56KirkburnThe Scourge Invasion is probably planned I reckon
06:58.07BleeterPersonally, I was a little suprised there was nothing world-wise for BT. Here's hoping there's something for ZA (when they get there)
07:11.23Kirkburn (via Adys :)
07:11.42KirkburnHey, so apparently my WoW just closed
07:11.46*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
07:17.01KirkburnWish I knew why
07:17.14KirkburnNo error, no special action
07:17.22KirkburnJust starting a flight, and boom, no WoW
07:20.45|Pixel|that's very very sad
07:21.03|Pixel|I'll try to find some time today to mourn the death of your wow process
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08:52.35KirkburnAhab Wheathoof ftw!
08:53.29KirkburnI say this in the nicest way possible, but Ezra doesn't really have the voice of a tauren :P I love how they gave him specific lines though "Where is that dawg?!"
08:56.17*** join/#wowwiki N|Neg (
09:09.43N|NegSkosisris around ? or bussy updating Wowhead ? :)
09:11.58N|Neg-> pm
09:12.22KirkburnPM no worky when you're not registered with freenode :)
09:12.38N|Negah danr !
09:12.57N|Negin the xfire dixcusion
09:13.04N|Negya said shamans are ok cuase HW scales so good
09:13.20N|Negwhere ya probably ment CH, none corrected it
09:13.33N|Neglooks well
09:13.41Kirkburn(I'm not Skosiris if you'd got that impression)
09:13.47N|Negah damn !
09:14.13N|Negthen I give up <
09:14.18KirkburnHe disappeared a bit earlier
09:14.32KirkburnHe may be back later
09:14.37Kirkburn~seen Skosiris
09:15.03infobotskosiris <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 5h 39m 20s ago, saying: 'Kirkburn: yeah, 200'.
09:15.36Kirkburntadaa :P
09:15.41laurly_afklagie bot
09:16.10Kirkburnlots of logs to search :)
09:16.23Kirkburn~seen Kirkburn
09:16.24infobotkirkburn is currently on #wowi-lounge #wowace #wowwiki. Has said a total of 37 messages. Is idling for 1s, last said: '~seen Kirkburn'.
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09:27.59DottedKirkburn lies
09:28.03DottedAce will not magically make your crap computer non-crap. Sorry.
09:28.13DottedYES IT DOES*
09:28.46KirkburnYay, [Crown of the Fire Festival]
09:28.51Dotted*with the right set of ace2 addons it does :p
09:30.39winkillerwith ALL ace2 addons your non-crap computer will be quite crap
09:31.35Dotted[+Dotted]: *with the right set of ace2 addons it does :p <- !!!!!!!!!!!
09:31.52Dottednot the wrong set of ace2 addons ;)
09:32.31KirkburnNow I just need to visit DM, LBRS, Strat and Scholo
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10:41.40[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Armored Netherdrake bugs to be fixed soon. -
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11:27.59foxlit"If you weren't supposed to get an Armored Netherdrake, you'll loose it. And you'll get one if you were one of the top team of the arena."
11:28.01foxlitGrammar, dying.
11:28.12foxlitSpelling, dead.
11:28.44foxlitLogic, on drugs.
11:28.59foxlitmmo-champion post of the day :P
11:30.13Boubouillefoxlit : yeah actually ...
11:30.15Boubouillegonna edit this
11:30.39BoubouilleI posted this while eating
11:30.50foxlitBlame the food! :)
11:31.08BoubouilleI'm french, whatever I do, I can blame the food
11:31.23Boubouilleanyway the whole line was kinda useless
11:31.35Kirkburn^ now that GP news doesn't surprise me
11:32.06Boubouillebecause the fact that my english sucks is surprising ?
11:32.08Boubouillerly ?
11:32.19foxlitOdd that "Office of Film and Literature Classification" is responsible for games
11:33.05Boubouilleliterature classification guys trying to play manhunt.
11:33.06Boubouillearh arh
11:33.20foxlitHey, that could be good
11:33.31foxlitIf they can't get past the first level, odds of a positive rating increase
11:33.43KirkburnBBFC is the UK version, and that only nominally covers "film"
11:34.54KirkburnIf a company is found to have misrepresented a game, the results are far worse than having a "bad" rating in the first place :P So, wouldn't really work :)
11:35.39foxlit"It's not our fault they suck!"
11:39.05foxlitbtw, if someone feels like adding new season2 pvp items
11:39.10foxlitUse #doitempage Item Name
11:39.26foxlitNot that this will blatantly overwrite page content at the moment, so use it with the right item names :)
11:39.53foxlitFor example
11:39.57foxlit#doitempage Veteran's Band of Dominance
11:40.06foxlitAh, crap, no foxbot
11:40.20*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
11:40.23foxlit#doitempage Veteran's Band of Dominance
11:40.29FoxbotTooltip saved, foxlit. View at:'s_Band_of_Dominance
11:42.01foxlit#doitem Veteran's Band of Salvation
11:42.04FoxbotTooltip saved, foxlit. View at:
11:42.08foxlit#doitempage Veteran's Band of Triumph
11:42.11FoxbotTooltip saved, foxlit. View at:'s_Band_of_Triumph
11:42.13foxlit#doitempage Veteran's Band of Salvation
11:42.16FoxbotTooltip saved, foxlit. View at:'s_Band_of_Salvation
11:46.12foxlitQuestino: Why do people still do /Tooltip pages?
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12:05.45[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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12:52.16BleeterBagginsww: I'm going AFK now, but I'd like your thoughts on why the Wildhammer in Hinterlands have (apparently) nothing to do with those in Shadowmoon
12:54.00BleeterBagginsww: eg, they removed rep gain from Hinterlands, added the NPCs down shadowmoon... was pondering this last night with a friend, only thing we could come up with was 'possible Zul'Aman rep problems' (given the trolls in Hinterlands, etc. etc.)
12:58.34winkillerthey have sth to do with them
12:58.37winkillersame wildhammer
12:58.55winkillerthere a TONS of faction you can't really raise rep
12:58.56*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
12:58.58winkillerbe it sensible or not
13:01.02*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (n=me@
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13:05.43[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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14:05.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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14:59.50Bagginswwactually they aren't the same wildhammer :)
15:00.03BagginswwWildhammer in hinterlands are "yellow" neutral
15:00.13Bagginswwand the ones in shadowmoon are "green" alllies
15:00.30BagginswwThe difference is the ones in shadomoon are those that were allies with the expedition 20 years ago
15:00.53Bagginswwand the ones in hinterlands are the ones that stayed back on azeroth and ultimately seperated from the Alliance
15:03.44Bagginswwyou can't see them in the game but there is a third faction of wildhammer in Kalimdor
15:03.56Bagginswwthose that were part of the alliance during the Third War
15:04.08Bagginswwthey live on Mount Hyjal
15:08.46*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
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16:05.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:08.24Bagginswwso kirkburn for demon hunters should I use racebox? factionbox? something else?
16:10.27TecnoBratoh goody!
16:10.43TecnoBratsomeone used some exploit, and put a bnc and mech bots on my server
16:12.24Hobinheim|workare they a race?
16:12.29Hobinheim|workthey don't sound like a faction...
16:12.38Hobinheim|workor at least not an in-game mechanical faction...
16:21.55TecnoBratwell, that was easy
16:22.03TecnoBratthey used an SQL injection in cacti
16:24.04TecnoBratirc bouncer
16:24.35TecnoBratI use one here also, allows me to connect from home and work to the irc bouncer, and then I only maintain 1 connection to the irc server
16:24.42TecnoBratits basically an irc proxy
16:25.08Bagginswwhobin I wouldn't really consider them a race
16:25.11TecnoBratused by lots of malicious people to hide their identity
16:25.29BagginswwI wish there was a way to include a AIM or something LOL
16:25.36Bagginswwexternal chat program
16:26.39Bagginswwalthough they share that same demonic form as Illidan often. Just not permanently, only if they go into dark metamorphisis
16:26.46*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
16:27.00Hobinheim|workzomg notifications not set up
16:27.06Hobinheim|workdamn you trillian basic... damn you...
16:27.20BagginswwMaybe we should have a "classbox"?
16:27.29Hobinheim|workoh god not classes...
16:27.38Hobinheim|workall of those need to be rewritten, the class pages
16:27.47Hobinheim|workso, your plight is demon hunters?
16:27.54Hobinheim|workthey're not a WoW formal class...
16:27.56TecnoBrat-09:25:20- (stuff-) So this is your home IP isnt it? 89.35.21.x
16:27.57Hobinheim|workbut i guess they're a lore class...
16:27.59TecnoBratI'm "stuff-"
16:28.06Bagginswwya lore/rpg class
16:28.23TecnoBrat-09:25:51- (suparat) the question is : are u going to report me or not ?
16:29.59Bagginsww rare human demon hunter heh
16:30.35Hobinheim|workwhy does that demon hunter look like an eradar
16:30.44Hobinheim|workoh it's just a bald human
16:30.50Hobinheim|workwith a horny mantle
16:31.02Hobinheim|workbut if that was a tentacle and horns
16:31.07Hobinheim|workit'd be an eradar, right
16:32.37Bagginsww I'm almost pretty certain that's a high elf?
16:32.55Bagginswwclothing style
16:33.22Bagginswweven hair style seems more high elf like.
16:33.30Hobinheim|worki can't believe you're not talking about her butt
16:33.34*** join/#wowwiki TecnoBrat (
16:33.42Bagginswwwell maybe blood elf
16:34.06Bagginswwprobably blood elf.
16:34.20Bagginswwthe book was the one that introduced blood elves to the rpg
16:34.32BagginswwAlliance & Horde compendium
16:37.09TecnoBratI've got this dude shaking
16:37.35TecnoBrathes all paranoid I'm going to report him
17:00.08[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Happy Midsummer Fire Festival! -
17:05.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
17:09.26TecnoBrathow goes it?:)
17:09.45zeegimplementing eve online characters
17:09.53zeegnearly done
17:10.04Fisker-Can i has stdio?
17:10.15foxlitzeeg, gief beta access? :)
17:10.27zeegill go send out invites in a min
17:10.31Fisker-convert Curse v4 to lolcode
17:10.39Fisker-it's AWSUM
17:17.06Gryphenlooks like curse v4 is going backwards in development
17:17.55TecnoBratthis is weird idling in this channel with these dudes talking in romanian about hacking servers
17:18.09TecnoBratI don't know romanian, but its actually pretty easy to follow
17:18.49TecnoBratI guess its probably russian
17:18.51TecnoBratI dunno
17:19.41*** join/#wowwiki Polarina (
17:19.42TecnoBrat(@divine) sa moara familia mea
17:20.00PolarinaEverytime you post a nerf warlock thread, we buff warlocks more! - Vaneras
17:20.11TecnoBratPolarina, haha yea .. I love that :P
17:35.47*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
17:35.47*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
18:00.08[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Starcraft II - MTV Video Interview -
18:10.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:12.01Fisker-yeah foxlit
18:12.01Fisker-do want
18:12.53*** join/#wowwiki Ddx (
18:30.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:30.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:30.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:30.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:30.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:35.22TecnoBratwoot, WI sucks again!
18:37.05Devilkoulthanks spambot, i mean newsbot
18:38.37Devilkoullawl at ghost saber, havnt stealth pets be in game since day 1?
18:42.03Devilkoulahh, yes prowl
18:42.15Devilkoulnyways, wi is waste of good domain name
18:53.48*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
18:53.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
19:00.09[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Diablo II Ladder Reset on June 25 -
19:02.55*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
19:02.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
19:10.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:13.53*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
19:13.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
19:14.39*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
19:15.18BagginswwAdys I added the artwork for female demon hunter, and the human demon hunter to demon hutner article if you want to look at them.
19:16.04Adyssounds good
19:16.25BagginswwNot sure if it should be "raceboxed " as they aren't a race.
19:16.33Bagginswwand factionbox isn't perfect either.
19:16.39Bagginswwsince they come from several factions
19:16.42Adyswell they should get a box imo
19:16.46BagginswwI agree
19:16.58BagginswwI was discussing the idea of maybe a classbox?
19:18.07BagginswwIt could include such information as close analogs and hybrid class information
19:18.23zeegwewt Eve Online chars are ready on Curse :D
19:18.27BagginswwFor the "hero/prestidge" classes for example
19:18.59Bagginswwis there any TBC fire festival quests in outland?
19:28.16Hobinheim|worka classbox for the real classes
19:28.19Hobinheim|workor all lore classes
19:28.26Bagginswwsucks they didn't bother to include the new cities for the fire festival quests...
19:28.36Bagginswwclassbox for anything
19:28.41Bagginswwanything class related
19:28.45Hobinheim|worki'm less in support for that
19:28.49Hobinheim|workit could work... maybe
19:28.56Hobinheim|worknot really digging it
19:28.58Bagginswwwell all classe articles are lore articles :p
19:29.09Hobinheim|workwell shadow hunter isn't a WoW class, for example
19:29.17Bagginswwbut it is a lore class
19:29.34Hobinheim|worksee, my original intention for these infoboxes is that it makes databasey information more sexy
19:29.36Bagginswwthe classbox would only be used on lore pages
19:29.42Hobinheim|worklore things aren't as rigid as things that go in a database
19:30.01Hobinheim|workso, if you could guarantee that there would be commonalities between all these class articles, i say go for it
19:30.02Hobinheim|workotherwise, no
19:30.14Hobinheim|workname, origin, example
19:30.19Hobinheim|worksee i can't think of many fields
19:30.24Bagginswwname of race, factions that use the class
19:30.39Bagginswwactually almost everything on the racebox could be converted over
19:30.40Hobinheim|workalso, these classboxes should not go in the nine wow class artilces
19:30.46Hobinheim|workthey should go in Class (lore)
19:30.49Bagginswwonly the nine class lore
19:30.54Hobinheim|workonly because the corner is already taken up by something
19:31.00Bagginswwsomething ugly
19:31.01Hobinheim|workhey go for it
19:31.02Bagginswwthat needs to be moved :p
19:31.09Hobinheim|workwhat i'd love is each classbox to feature the most iconic member of the job
19:31.12Hobinheim|worklike a shadow hunter
19:31.15Hobinheim|workand a mountain king
19:31.18Hobinheim|workand a priestess, etc
19:31.21Hobinheim|workto really drive the point home
19:31.25BagginswwFamous Individual
19:31.30Hobinheim|workexactly! =)
19:31.38Bagginswwor individuals
19:31.42Bagginswwbut only list those that have articles
19:31.47Bagginswwnot every single name :p
19:31.50Bagginswwof course
19:31.58Hobinheim|workhaha you made my day
19:31.58Bagginswwjust the ones that have a good sized article
19:32.17Bagginswwwhich for most classes should only be 1-3 individuals
19:33.13*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
19:33.46BagginswwIf a class had more than that then we can widdle it down to just legends
19:34.11Bagginswwthe most famous iconic characters, that are playable or had a major impact in history
19:34.46Bagginswwsomething I'd like to see added to characterbox is "languages"
19:35.09Bagginswwlist known languages a character speaks :)
19:36.17*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
19:36.55*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
19:36.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Teomyr] by ChanServ
19:39.43BagginswwSo basically for the classbox, we need a faction section, a race section, iconic individuals section, an optional hybrid/analog section for listing speciality race classes, like tiderunner.
19:41.36Bagginswwso that hybrid/analog can link to other classes that share siimilarities to hte class, or what members of the class were before they became one of the members of the "prestidge class"
19:42.06BagginswwLike for example templars coming form the ranks of paladins and warriors
19:42.33Bagginswwwardens often coming from rogues
19:43.18*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
19:48.59Hobinheim|workbetter write this down somewherez...
19:49.00Hobinheim|worksee also
19:49.00Hobinheim|workprobably a see also would be fine
19:56.22Adys - I need a capitalization check on some of these
19:56.30Adyslike is it BlockTrades or blockTrades
19:58.49Hobinheim|workyou can't ping me for future reference
19:58.57Hobinheim|worki don't have it turned on in my client (cuz i can't!)
19:59.04Hobinheim|worki think if i'm on Hobinheim i have it set up
19:59.24Hobinheim|workuhh i have no idea how to check that i'm at work =(
19:59.38*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim|work] by ChanServ
20:00.08[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Blizzplanet - BlizzCon Ticket Contest -
20:00.40[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:01.01Adysoki hob
20:05.24*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
20:07.20Adys hows it looking
20:07.25Adysteomyr etc
20:07.39*** join/#wowwiki cki (n=ck1@
20:07.50ckiyooo :P Hey guys :)
20:07.53Hobinheim|worksloppy in IE but i guess it's ok
20:08.12Adyshey cki
20:08.13Hobinheim|workshouldn't the name of the article be accountName?
20:08.27Adystheres a few problems with just naming it like that
20:08.30Hobinheim|workcuz CVAR is a namespace rihgt
20:08.34ckiem u are playing WoW under linux right? :D
20:08.42Adysfor example CVAR anisotropic
20:08.47AdysNah atm we dont have any namespace
20:08.57Adystho a CVAR namespace would be nice but very limited, dont know
20:09.01Hobinheim|workwhat's from with just /anistropic?
20:09.06Hobinheim|workit doesn't collide with anything
20:09.12Hobinheim|workmost of them won't
20:09.50Teomyri'd use the cvar prefix, yes
20:09.55Gryphennothing wrong with cvar in title, like api
20:10.01Teomyrcki: no, few of us do
20:10.27ckiaa u do?
20:10.52ckiwell i got fell questions becouse im usein linux :)
20:11.02ckiwell i should use Nvidia card wright? :)
20:11.13ckibecouse the Ati drivers are old.. :( and sux?
20:11.20Teomyri don't play on linux, so i probably can't answer, sorry
20:11.34AdysTeomyr btw, is there any way to get a capitalization check on these articles?
20:11.41AdysBlockTrades, autointeract
20:11.47ckiwell who are the few ppl of you dudes? who play in linux? :d
20:12.01deltronI did for a while
20:12.08ckicool :D
20:12.12ckiwhat card you used?
20:12.23TeomyrAdys: maybe
20:12.34Adysclear as crystal aint ya :p
20:12.52Teomyri'm checking, sec
20:12.56Adysmuch love :)
20:13.29ckiso Teomyr ,Adys u play wow at Europe? or US?
20:13.32Hobinheim|work(why can't you check yourself?)
20:13.47*** join/#wowwiki cidwel_ (
20:13.49ckicool :)
20:13.53AdysHobinheim|work: no idea how to do it :P
20:13.55Hobinheim|workwhat does that have to do with anything
20:13.58Adyshia cidwel_
20:14.04ckiim from Bulgaria and i play at neptulon :)
20:14.04Hobinheim|workeurope = inept, ahaha!!!
20:14.15Hobinheim|worki think it's just like...
20:14.19*** kick/#wowwiki [Hobinheim|work!] by Adys (US = worse ahahaa)
20:14.19*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
20:14.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim|work] by ChanServ
20:14.30Hobinheim|workthe console like the script environemnt
20:14.35Hobinheim|workor the console liek that weird thing you have to fire up
20:14.39Sandwichman2448I find the friendlyness today a good sign.
20:14.45TeomyrAdys: BlockTrades, AutoInteract
20:14.53Hobinheim|workteo how'd you find out
20:15.07Adysa full list would be rly cool :P
20:15.20Adysbspcache, baseMip
20:15.36cidwel_i have a question, i want to know the population of any server in World of Warcraft, is there a web to see that?
20:15.53Adys closer you'll get to that
20:15.53ckino ..
20:15.59ckibut its about 100?
20:16.03Adysbut its not official data and far from accurate
20:16.04Teomyrstrings WoW.exe | grep -i "autointeract"
20:16.05cki1000 :D
20:16.32ckilol guys
20:16.34AdysTeomyr: is there any way to get a full list?
20:16.46Adyssilly wiki system with caps etc.
20:16.52ckiyou think Blizzard Sell drugs in this Shiny PC game Boxes..
20:17.01TeomyrAdys: there's probably no way of filtering them from the wow.exe strings
20:17.20Sandwichman2448Cki: WoW is a drug.
20:17.29ckiye ... im talkin about it :D
20:17.39ckiBlizzard sell this drug in shiny PC game Box.. :D
20:17.56Bagginsww I've upgraded the bombardier stub and made its own article by pulling the lore from the gameplay rules.
20:18.00ckii play wow from the begging...
20:18.05ckiand i cant stop.. :D
20:18.14Adysawesome Bagginsww
20:18.20ckii stop for 2 months and... :(  no way man i need some more :D
20:18.53BagginswwI actually prefer the rpg articles that put more lore into the main section of the article instead of mixing it into the abilities sections :p
20:18.55Teomyrnow would be a good time to stop wow, most of my friends have quit and me myself, i'm not really that active atm
20:19.05Sandwichman2448That should have been a WCII unit... I still feel bad for the lack of gnomes.
20:19.15ckiTeomyr the same happends to me but..
20:19.26cki2 month later ( NOW ) i need to play it.. :D
20:19.31AdysTeomyr: last question, is there any rule about the first letter of the cvar?
20:19.40AdysAmbianceVolume / accountName
20:19.48AdysAmbience for that matter
20:20.48Teomyrthey seem to be mixed :/
20:20.50Adyscan you check bspcache? :P
20:21.06Adyswill be last one, ill go with current one for the rest
20:21.19Bagginswwat least the little guys got their references in the War III manual :)
20:21.26Bagginswwalthough it didn't explain what happened to them.
20:21.48Bagginswwalright now to hunt down the bombardier artwork form sons of the storms
20:22.55Sandwichman2448I did
20:23.03BagginswwIT was either thamme ror twincruiser
20:23.08Sandwichman2448I did
20:23.16Bagginswwoh uploaded it?
20:23.26TeomyrAdys: bspcache -_-
20:23.29BagginswwIts the stubby dwarf wearing the german helmet
20:23.36Adyswell ill go with that
20:23.51Bagginswwactually it might be on the dwarf page already
20:24.06Bagginswwerm gnome
20:24.28Bagginswwya its on the gnome page heh
20:24.33Bagginswwso just need to link it in
20:24.41Sandwichman2448I do things right somtimes.
20:24.56Sandwichman2448I did
20:25.57BagginswwI need to do the same kind of upgrade to the graven one
20:26.20Sandwichman2448 Dead end and repeat from mounts page... pretty though.
20:26.50BagginswwLOL no reason to put hte icon :p
20:27.25Bagginswwif we started doing that to every page :p
20:27.36Sandwichman2448Thw wiki would be pretty
20:27.48Sandwichman2448It is a bit much.
20:27.56Bagginswwto be honest I think the mount page should be reduce somewhat and link to the external pages more
20:28.06Sandwichman2448Oh... ok
20:28.07Bagginswwwell I mean the individual mount pages
20:28.19Sandwichman2448Just pointing it out...
20:28.32Bagginswwya I noticed it a few days ago myself LOL
20:28.40Bagginswwthe main mount page doesn't really need the lore
20:28.51Bagginswwits more ofa gameplay page
20:35.20Sandwichman2448Runemaster as a class would be like enchanting with hunter traps and blizz tries to make each class unique.
20:35.51Sandwichman2448With some rainged spells...
20:36.32*** join/#wowwiki clayg (
20:36.41Bagginswwthey seem like a warrior class too
20:36.59clayganyone running wow on wine here?
20:37.31Sandwichman2448I sometimes run it drunk...
20:37.39Sandwichman2448That count.
20:37.54claygi dunno, i xkilled it closed and when i cant get in it now
20:38.33Hobinheim|workanyone play smash brothers?
20:38.41Sandwichman2448Not in a while.
20:40.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Boubouille] by ChanServ
20:40.40[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:44.58claygI'm sure no one else had that problem,, but it looks like wineserver -k solved it
20:45.38Bagginswwbtw I'm upgrading the runemaster article
20:45.46Bagginswwits missing alot of the new lore and content given in MM&M
20:52.24Bagginswwits interesting how M&M was more about history and fighting style
20:52.32Bagginswwand MM&M was more about the tattoos and ley lines
20:52.48*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:54.33TecnoBratzeeg, *wink* *wink* lol
20:54.43*** join/#wowwiki zidoh (
20:54.56TecnoBratzeeg is gonna hate me
20:55.03*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:55.19TecnoBratI keep bugging him about trying out the new curse :P
20:55.26Gryphenthere isnt much to try
20:56.22Sandwichman2448Curse as in WoW spell in-game?
20:56.24TecnoBratgotta be more exciting than watching freebsd install ports
20:56.37Gryphencurse as in the website
20:56.45Bagginswwok, not sure where the info about rune traps comes from
20:56.48Bagginswwits not in M&M
20:57.01Bagginswwlet me see fi tw assomething added in new improved ones in MM&M
20:57.34Sandwichman2448Traps are a WCII Ogre mage spell
20:57.36Bagginswwall or mots of hte abilliteis mentioned in M&M were simply runes painted on the skin
20:57.43Sandwichman2448Called 'runes'
20:57.50Bagginswwahh but its not runemaster
20:58.01Bagginswwrunic magic and runemaster two different things
20:58.05Bagginswwthere are several classes that use runes
20:58.09Sandwichman2448That is likely where it is from
20:58.10Bagginswwbut they use runes in different ways
20:58.17Bagginswwok then it just needs to be removed
20:58.25Bagginswwwe can create an article for runic magic later
20:58.38BagginswwI'm going to create one for nature soon
20:59.17BagginswwI'm going to move discription seciton up
20:59.22Bagginswwand move history section back
20:59.32Bagginswwmakes more sense in that order
21:02.16Sandwichman2448 I feel sad.
21:03.16Sandwichman2448And bag, that rune is a circle of power, which is different.
21:03.24Bagginsww I think that order is better.
21:03.29Bagginswwwhat rune?
21:03.35Bagginswwin warcraft II?
21:03.39Sandwichman2448in the corner
21:04.03Bagginswwwell its actually quite similar to the runes in M&M :)
21:04.12Bagginswwbut still that should be moved to an article on runic magic
21:04.12Sandwichman2448OK OK
21:04.36Bagginswwsomeone assumed runemasters and other users of rune magic were the same thing :p
21:05.03Sandwichman2448 Kirk was talking abouth the color scheme. This is still mean.
21:05.10BagginswwInscriber is another rune user
21:06.07Sandwichman2448He calls us children for our layouts? With HIS matureity?
21:07.17Bagginswwactually I think white on grey is very easy to rad
21:07.25Bagginswwhe's probably color blind
21:08.09Sandwichman2448Wait... there are nor colors really.
21:09.14BagginswwI know a few people that have problems with grey sthough
21:09.25Bagginswwya I know its not a color :p
21:09.41deltronhard on the eyes
21:10.09Sandwichman2448KIrk gave him what for.
21:11.30KirkburnI just repeated the obvious :/
21:11.51Sandwichman2448 I linked a better Rez on this on the TK page..
21:12.19Sandwichman2448lighting is off.
21:21.55*** join/#wowwiki clad|away (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
21:21.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+v clad|away] by ChanServ
21:22.02Bagginswwkoala zooka sounds hiliarious
21:22.58Sandwichman2448They have claws.
21:23.14Sandwichman2448I like the Remote backstab gun better.
21:24.17*** join/#wowwiki cki (n=ck1@
21:27.32Sandwichman2448Know what I am refering to?
21:27.45Bagginswwwonders if koala's come from Kezan
21:28.03Bagginswwnah, I was jsut laughing at the claw remark
21:28.30Sandwichman2448Well they do.
21:29.57ckii Cya Good night :)
21:33.30Sandwichman2448Ba'anthalso-dorei sounds like what the nazja word for naga would be, because of the suffix. Children of the sea/depths/malestrom?
21:35.17*** part/#wowwiki cki (n=ck1@
21:35.42[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:40.59Sandwichman2448 I was wondering exactly what that was.
21:41.23Bagginswwheh, ya I know enough articles link to it :p
21:41.42Bagginswwoil needs to be expanded to include info about oil from wc2 :p
21:44.16Sandwichman2448Gnomes pumped it with human ships and built ships from it. Orc oil transports were so rickety they needed magic to stay afloat.
21:44.24*** join/#wowwiki Apollozeus (
21:45.27Sandwichman2448I think.
21:45.32*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:46.53*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
21:47.47*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:48.40Adys wth is that
21:48.49BagginswwLOL sandwich
21:49.25Bagginswwreally wasn't that much on "nature magic " :p
21:49.34Bagginswwmost of it was filled with backstories of the various ancients :p
21:49.47Bagginswwwhich I felt went way out of the way :p
21:50.32Bagginswwoops need ot cite it
21:50.40[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:05.16AdysMy lord....
22:10.40BoubouilleAdys : yes ?
22:11.10*** kick/#wowwiki [Boubouille!] by Adys (you might be my lord but you cant kick me)
22:11.10*** join/#wowwiki Boubouille (
22:11.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Boubouille] by ChanServ
22:19.18TecnoBratBagginsww, crazy question ..
22:19.43TecnoBratdo you know of a "family tree" style heirarchy of the characters in wow
22:19.48TecnoBraterr warcraft
22:20.00BagginswwLike which characters came first?
22:20.46TecnoBratlike ... how you have the Old Gods, and then the Elemental Lieutenants who answer to them, and then like Garr and Baron who answer to Rag, etc
22:21.06TecnoBratI guess with so many changes, that would be hard to do
22:21.15TecnoBratbut it would be interesting laid out in that format
22:21.20Bagginswwand we don't know much about hte old gods as it is
22:21.39TecnoBratbut we do know where they stand in the lines things
22:22.00TecnoBratI'd take that as a "no that doesnt really exist" tho :)
22:22.11Bagginswwstrangly you have ragnaros that may or may not have been an old god himself, :)
22:22.33Bagginswwat least dark irons treat him as an old god lol
22:23.00TecnoBrathes listed as a Lieutenant to the Old Gods on the wiki
22:24.02Bagginswwunless he usurped an old got at one point ;)
22:24.13Bagginswwwonders if there are more than 5 old gods heh
22:24.16TecnoBratRight now we only know of 1 old god for sure, yea?
22:24.24BagginswwC'thun definitely
22:24.36Bagginswwand the dead one in Darkshore
22:25.03TecnoBratOh right, that one
22:25.07TecnoBratI forgot about that one
22:25.40BagginswwUla'tek, who is an Old God or is believed to be an old god :p
22:26.41TecnoBrathmmm why is Hakkar listed in the Old God category
22:27.30Bagginswwread the last part
22:27.51BagginswwAPG speculates through Brann Bronzebeard that he may be the son of an Old God
22:35.18*** join/#wowwiki Herbert (
22:35.42[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:36.55HerbertOOH! The Dark factions book reviels lore on my fovorite guys!
22:37.27TecnoBratwhich guys?
22:47.40zeegdoes this page load for you guys
22:47.43zeegcant remember if I secured them
22:48.37zeegok it does
22:48.39zeegjust fyi thats a draft
22:48.41zeegnot finished :)
22:49.00Bagginswwarchlich? wahat's that from?
22:50.46zeegTecnoBrat: you can pretend this is your beta invite ;)
22:51.13*** join/#wowwiki Lockyie (n=epox_tw@
22:51.49Lockyiehi all
22:52.03*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
22:52.21Lockyieis thare awarlock that can help me out on somthing ?
22:52.35Bagginswwahh found once reference to archlich
22:52.56*** part/#wowwiki Herbert (
22:53.16Lockyieis engineering  ok for warlock's ?
22:54.46Bagginswwits good for anyone
22:54.52Bagginswwif you like gadgets
22:55.55TecnoBratzeeg, I like the general look better than the current one.
22:56.23zeegsec ill go flag you as beta
22:56.31zeegnot sure if im going to send out invites today or not
22:56.35zeegi want to get as much of my.curse done first as possible
22:56.57zeegwhats your username?
22:57.07zeegnvm :)
22:57.19zeegk go login
23:00.45Apollozeusjust like playing a mage, being an engineer is for lazy people
23:00.56Apollozeusit gives you access to transportation means
23:01.01Apollozeuswhich is nice
23:02.56*** join/#wowwiki Herbert (
23:05.06foxlitBC has reduced the mage advantage a bit
23:05.48foxlitBagginsww: lead-in and article text don't exactly cooperate
23:06.17Bagginsww:p sure I let other people clear that up LOL
23:06.53Apollozeusyeah by adding only one portal to outland
23:07.01Apollozeusbut still, it's a charm
23:07.19ApollozeusI've travelled through the dark portal only once, and that was when I was level 58
23:08.12Bagginswwthere is more to add about gorn in the HPG too heh
23:10.44BagginswwI haven't gotten around to putting it up but did you know that Thrall is a blademaster as well? Thanks to his history of being a gladiator.
23:12.01HerbertHe uses the Doomhammer.. which is a hammer, not a blade.
23:12.21Bagginswwhe can use swords too
23:12.28Bagginswwread Lord of the Clans
23:12.41BagginswwHe is jsut well trained in all weapons
23:13.18HerbertOh, I do not have that one.
23:13.30BagginswwIts pretty good, I'm half way through currently
23:13.39Bagginswwhas its cheesy moments :p
23:13.59HerbertCheese is 'Golden' colored.
23:14.06HerbertOk that pun was lame.
23:14.13Bagginswwfunny to a gnome :p
23:15.15HerbertWhat are the asterisks for on Runeweaver?
23:15.54foxlitDid I mention I hate {{cost}}?
23:16.23HerbertI do not remember
23:16.31Bagginswwwhere is an aterix in runeweaver article?
23:16.52Bagginswwoh I'll remove those lOL
23:17.11*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
23:17.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
23:17.12Bagginswwprobably linking to something in the article
23:17.26Bagginswwmust have subconciously typed them up
23:18.40TecnoBratman ... FBSD ports suck :P
23:18.42Bagginswwseems to me the whole "how to battle karsius" should be part of the tactics page :p
23:26.01HerbertTh known members box should be renamed. I know more less important ones on a few.
23:30.32HerbertPeregrine complains a lot.
23:34.50*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
23:35.42[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
23:37.07HerbertOH, E CARE SO MUCH!
23:41.52*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
23:43.06foxlit#dolist Imbued Unstable Diamond, Potent Unstable Diamond, Accelerator Module, Unstable Amethyst
23:43.07FoxbotOkay, foxlit, queued Imbued Unstable Diamond, Potent Unstable Diamond, Accelerator Module, Unstable Amethyst.
23:43.52*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
23:44.16*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
23:45.07*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
23:46.34Gryphenfoxlit merged
23:47.32foxlitAw crap
23:48.09*** join/#wowwiki Simob (
23:48.21Simobki pe maider
23:48.34foxlitGryphen: Thanks, I may have a small amount of items to patch
23:48.57HerbertSimob: What?
23:49.14foxlitIt's new newline-in-parameters problem again, mediawiki wasn't thinking
23:49.37foxlitIt's np, easier to patch items
23:50.11Simobdo your speak french???
23:50.28HerbertDo your speak English?
23:50.39HerbertI'm confused.
23:50.43Simobdo you play wow??
23:50.59Simobin which server
23:51.01foxlit#dolist Imbued Unstable Diamond, Potent Unstable Diamond, Accelerator Module, Unstable Amethyst
23:51.01FoxbotOkay, foxlit, queued Imbued Unstable Diamond, Potent Unstable Diamond, Accelerator Module, Unstable Amethyst.
23:51.12HerbertMoonrunner US
23:51.32Simobok do you know bahamut online??
23:51.39HerbertI do not.
23:51.49Simobok thx
23:51.50*** part/#wowwiki Simob (
23:52.07GryphenThink that is an emulated server
23:52.14Herbert...What just happened?
23:55.15[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 9,972
23:55.24KirkburnGryphen, you were right
23:55.33KirkburnIt's an emulated server
23:55.44Kirkburn(no, not linking it)
23:55.57GryphenEasy guess when they come into a wow channel and say, do you play wow?
23:56.09KirkburnFrench, it seems
23:56.12HerbertThat was odd.
23:56.27foxlitI've got another question for people with permissions to edit templates
23:56.51foxlit[[Template:Cost]] needs the new apexis shard / crystal tokens, but I've discovered that it takes icons with format extension
23:57.54HerbertDo you get the flame pet from the first or second part of The flame festival quest?
23:58.25foxlit'la tokens

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