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00:00.00Dottedroleplay server with pvp
00:00.35Pack thnx
00:01.46AdysOMG NOOOOOO
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00:08.22|Pixel|Dotted: ya ?
00:10.32Dottedwhere is status.xml for eu servers?
00:12.00|Pixel|good question :P
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00:21.26Dotted|Pixel| stop slacking and fix it :p
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01:48.08[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: BLIZZCON TICKETS ON SALE ! -
01:48.08[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Gamasutra Q&A w/ Rob Pardo on Father's Day -
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01:57.26Pachey iv play 6days 13hours 44minutes  to get to lvl46 on a toon is that good
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02:38.28bleeterjust thought I'd let you know, has only one instance guide link, and the guide advocates buying gold from somewhere 'wicked cheap')
02:55.19Sky2042pac, if you're still around, i would say that's a decent speed
02:55.31Sky2042took me longer -_-
03:29.09Sky2042i marked an edit where i got rid of 7,000 characters
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03:41.36PacSky2042 : thnx for the input
03:43.12Sky2042yeah... i didn't hit 60 until 19 /played >.>
03:44.15Paci have 3 lvl60+ & come lvl 40+ thay take about 9days to get to lvl60 tho
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04:10.42Sky2042mikaka scares me...
04:13.26Sky2042goddamn, i wish i was an admin
04:13.32Sky2042then i'd have something to do
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06:09.21Fisker-Boubouille you there btw?
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06:55.37FX_Traderhello all. im new to wow so forgive me in advance
06:57.14p30n09f9no need to excuse urself because u feel ur on a newcomers knowledge leve
06:58.38FX_Traderthank you
06:58.57FX_Traderim just downloading the 10 trial now... but wondering about the patches i need to download
06:59.02FX_Tradershould I be downloading them now too
07:01.02Aikanaronyeah, they will start automaticcaly
07:01.27FX_Traderso i don't need to go to the site and download them now
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07:11.21Fisker-TecnoBrat you there btw?
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08:25.07Teomyrgotta love the PTR chat :D
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08:32.15Pzykthat's horrible
08:33.18Teomyri think that's from the first PTR where the chat channels for all languages had been merged ^^
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08:37.53winkillerlast server outage my girlfriend started a new char on a german realm. people in the starting area insulted the according faction for hours, really fascinating
08:38.10winkiller(to check we logged the other faction on that server, same thing)
08:39.01winkillernever seen that happen on an EU one
08:42.39Teomyrremember that big maintenance period where a lot of EU servers were down for several days?
08:43.42winkillernot sure
08:43.58Teomyra lot of players (including me ^^) created chars on the few remaining realms
08:44.10Teomyron rajaxx -
08:44.32Teomyrwe then noticed that wow stops counting guild members at 500
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08:45.59winkilleryeah, they also made a "server down" guild which had 200-300 people after 2h
08:48.07[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Kerrigan @ Fresno, Corona, Brea, CA -
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09:40.46foxlitlocal ofr = GetCurrentFramerate; function GetCurrentFramerate() return ofr()+10; end
09:40.50foxlitzomg performance gain!
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10:08.13laurlyhey fox.  if bot cant find the server in a guild should i add guild stub?
10:09.18Pzykwhat does your bot do if it sees multiple server names in a guild page?
10:10.55laurlyshes just going to grab the first one.  techicly if it complys with nameing policy there really shouldnt be more then one server
10:11.11laurlyunless you do guild:namehere (Server 1)(server 2)
10:11.42Pzykoh I thought you meant inside the article
10:12.05laurlythat to.
10:12.07Pzykcause I've seen a couple guild articles where they've migrated from one server to another, and they mention both servers
10:12.55laurlyshe checks 1.history is > 9 months since last edit 2. Finds the server looking for Server:server_name or Category:server_name_Guilds
10:13.27laurlythen she checks the name is Guild:guildname (server name)
10:14.14laurlyfor now she doesnt do anything if she cant find a server.  but was thinking of adding {{Stub/Guild}} or isnt there one that says doesnt fit policy guildlies
10:14.25Pzykoh, does it do the speedy delete if the history is > 9months old, but the page conforms to the policy?
10:14.42laurlyyup if it hasnt been edited in 9 months it goes for speedy delete.
10:15.06laurlyfox has his bot checking armory if the guild exists on that server so i can start testing if the guild was disbanded or not
10:15.18laurlyadys picked the 9 month time frame for old page :)
10:15.38Pzykdidn't know that part
10:15.55laurlyso what do you think add stub or leave it?
10:16.50Pzykprobably add stub
10:18.16laurlytheres a Policy/Stub around someplace for guilds i saw it cant find it now.
10:19.21Pzykyou mean ?
10:19.55laurlyman my x really can be an idiot some times........................ /me hate men
10:19.56Pzykit mentions that it's a stub if it doesn't have the required info, and server name is one of those things
10:20.10Pzyk.....thanks. D:
10:21.39laurlywant to loan the car take a hour is it really that much to ask
10:23.01Pzykpsh men gotta have their cars
10:25.21laurlywell i was nice didnt fight him for the car in the seperation
10:25.42laurlywhich was hard seeing as i love the sterio system in that car :)
10:26.56laurlyfound it  Enforcing the policy
10:27.18laurlyguess i stub it as not haveing enough info
10:35.11Pzyklol I said that a couple minutes
10:41.40laurlyim starting to think im going over board with crap this bot can do
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10:41.51FX_Traderhello all, just installing wow for the first time here
10:42.15laurlywelcome to wow addicts
10:42.32FX_Traderthank you , don't know what to expect but a guy at work told me about this
10:42.43Jeremy2020did you write your farewell letters to friends and family?
10:43.00FX_Tradergood point jeremy, i guess i need to do that
10:43.00laurlywell you can expect to have to download a lot when it patches for the first time.
10:43.27FX_Tradergoing through the installing stage at the moment
10:43.28laurlyyeah and you can say good bye to what ever sex life you had before as well :o)
10:43.55FX_Traderlaurly why is that
10:44.07laurlywont have time :)
10:44.38laurlykinda goes along with <Jeremy2020> did you write your farewell letters to friends and family?
10:44.41FX_Traderhow many gigs of patches are there
10:45.00laurlyno idea but i will guess 1-2gig?
10:45.25FX_Tradereven the install is slow,,,, 33% at the moment
10:45.52laurlydownloading patches will be worse.  you should get in tonight :)
10:46.00FX_Traderso why aren't you guys in-game chatting
10:46.14laurly<-- working
10:46.21FX_Traderwhat do you do
10:46.38FX_Tradercool what language
10:46.56laurlyalot of them
10:47.07Jeremy2020there was that woman with the night elf costume who was sleeping with a guy for her epic flying mount
10:47.20laurlyhmm i should try that
10:47.47laurlyor stop spending so much time editing wow wiki and go farm for it
10:49.22Jeremy2020or give a chinese kid a meal and roof over his head for only a dollar a day and get it that way
10:49.32laurlygo read up on the character classes and races decide what char you want to make while it installs :)
10:49.51FX_Traderim going to be a hunter
10:50.05FX_Traderbut not sure what race dru maybe
10:50.09Jeremy2020you should only make a hunter if you're going to have a leveling service level you to 70 and then start playing
10:50.37laurlydruid is a class not a race
10:50.40Jeremy2020that's a class, not a race
10:51.15Pzykmaybe night elf is what he meant.
10:51.30FX_Traderwhat do you suggest here for race
10:51.44Jeremy2020can you make hunters in any race besides night elf on alliance?
10:52.20laurlydwarf or nightelf
10:52.36laurlyor draenei
10:53.13Jeremy2020I've never seen one that wasn't a NE :P
10:53.14FX_Traderwhat are humans light
10:53.29laurlyi have a dwarf hunter lvl 24.  shes bank alt now :)
10:54.07FX_Traderhow do you level up... how does that work
10:54.18laurlykilling things or doing quests
10:54.40FX_Tradernow im only on the 10 day trail and i level up using it
10:55.57laurlyhmm 10 days first char you should see lvl 15 maybe?
10:56.12FX_Traderso hunter and draenei i think
10:56.30laurlydid you get the burning crusade expansion?
10:56.50FX_Traderi don't have that... i downloaded this from the website 3.5 gb
10:56.58laurlythen you cant be draenei
10:57.11FX_Traderoh really, what are my choices
10:57.41laurlydwarf or nightelf
10:57.49FX_Traderonly 2
10:58.02laurlyyeah unless you want to be hord
10:58.57FX_Traderim not able to make this full screen why is that
10:59.35Jeremy2020Dranei can be hunters too
10:59.59Jeremy2020I didn't read
11:01.12Jeremy2020the 10 day trial is very limiting
11:04.00laurlyyou get what you pay for?
11:04.03FX_Traderok guys im back, wow that was an awesome intro
11:04.36FX_Traderdownloading patch now only 400 mb
11:05.13Jeremy2020with blizzard downloader, you're trial might end first
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11:10.58FX_Tradercan i get this patch anywhere else
11:11.04FX_Traderim at 19 percent
11:15.16Pzyknot sure what patch you'll want though
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11:27.28foxlitHm, I need to level staff skill from 380->350 :(
11:27.41foxlitAny suggestions for mob types?
11:27.56Pzykservant of something or other
11:27.58Pzykin blasted lands
11:28.04Pzykallstarj I think
11:28.16Pzykinfinite health
11:28.29foxlitAll of them have infinite health
11:28.47foxlitOr, rather, can't be killed without destroying the shard
11:28.54Pzykso gooo
11:29.04foxlitDoes the level of the mob I'm attacking not make a difference?
11:32.55FX_Traderinstalling patch now
11:34.02FX_Traderdo i have to do this if i get the retail copy
11:34.34*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
11:35.19Pzykas long as you don't uninstall your current copy, no
11:35.47FX_Traderpatch 2 done
11:40.36Pzyk nasty.
11:43.05*** join/#wowwiki Adys|Miranda (
11:45.12laurlyim using it as a test case.
11:46.11laurlyworking on renaming it guild:Divinity (Cenarius US )
11:46.32*** join/#wowwiki beerke (
11:53.41laurly#guild US silvermoon divinity
11:54.00laurly#guild EU silvermoon divinity
11:54.12laurlyfox wake up foxbot
11:54.33Pzyk#char US garithos zorich
11:54.35FoxbotPzyk: Zorich, Level 70 Druid (0/50/11). 8310 HP; 4985 Mana; 378 Str; 432 Agi; 27.7% dodge; 1122 AP; 808 RAP.
11:54.45Pzyk#guild US Cry Havoc
11:54.55Pzykmaybe not the correct syntax?
11:55.03Pzyk#guild US garithos Cry Havoc
11:55.29laurly#guild EU Aggramar Chaotic Illusion
11:56.17laurly#guild EU Aggramar, Chaotic Illusion
11:56.18Foxbotlaurly: <Chaotic Illusion> on Aggramar has 39 members
11:56.24laurlyahh she wants a ,
11:56.27Pzyk#guild US garithos, Cry Havoc
11:56.28FoxbotPzyk: <Cry Havoc> on Garithos has 168 members
11:56.31laurly#guild EU silvermoon, divinity
11:56.31Foxbotlaurly: could not find guild.
11:56.38laurly#guild US silvermoon, divinity
11:56.38Foxbotlaurly: <Divinity> on Silvermoon has 35 members
11:57.08Pzykreally needs a info list
11:57.32laurlyneeded a new test case :)
11:59.26Boubouille#guild EU Magtheridon Nihilum Fanclub
11:59.34Boubouillehey bot, wake up.
11:59.40Pzykneeds a ","
11:59.48Pzykbetween server and guild name
11:59.49laurlyneeds a help system
11:59.56Boubouille#guild EU Magtheridon, Nihilum Fanclub
11:59.57FoxbotBoubouille: <Nihilum Fanclub> on Magtheridon has 657 members
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12:04.01[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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12:27.33foxlitBoubouille: cute!
12:27.46Boubouilleof course I am
12:28.02foxlit<Nihilum Fanclub> :)
12:31.08FX_Traderhello all, i just finished my first quest
12:31.35FX_TraderI now see how this can be a very addicting game.... but I have a problem my inventory is full
12:31.43FX_Traderi can't carry any more,, what does one do about that
12:33.30Aikanaronsell you stuff at vendors
12:33.42FX_Traderwhere do you find a vendor?
12:33.50Aikanaronusually located in the towns you deliver your quests
12:34.01FX_Traderok let me check that out...
12:34.09Aikanarontry the Inn
12:34.17Aikanaronwhat race are you?
12:35.25laurlybtw you can get more backpacks eventualy
12:35.53AikanaronIn towns you will also find a blacksmith (look for an anvil or a place with an anvil in it) and you can repair your gear there when necessery
12:36.30laurlyhehe i remember when my brother in law first started playing evertime i went over to see him he was naked everthing was broken.
12:36.38laurly"i used to have a staff not sure what happend to it"
12:37.04laurlyheres this little red man on his screen :)
12:37.16AikanaronMy neighbour figured out about the use heartstone when he was lvl 35
12:37.51laurlyahh the good old days
12:38.49Aikanaronwhen i started my first char, a priest, i once asked a gm why some of the gear didden't work for me
12:39.23Aikanaronkindly ignoring the red messages :)
12:39.48*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
12:42.00laurlyheres my favorite.   i come from everquest and in EQ armor was all the thing for priests
12:42.16laurlygot mark of tyranny on my priest :)
12:42.51laurlythat was my favoriate dumb move 3 years ago :)
12:46.33laurlywhen ever a nub yells in genral channel looking for his friend "john" i always try and remember we where all nubs once
13:04.01[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
13:05.40Pzykprivate server page, delete anybody?
13:06.22Dottedi marked it for speedy delete
13:06.33Pzykwave a magic wand!
13:13.13FX_Traderhey guys how do i see my guy on the website
13:13.18FX_Tradercan i view stats and things there
13:14.30Pzykhowever, you need to be over level 10 to see your character
13:14.32DottedFX_Trader name and server?
13:14.51Dottedand continent
13:15.26FX_Traderim at level 3 at the moment
13:15.32FX_Traderdidn't take long to get there
13:18.12laurlyyou wont say that when its 69-70 ;)
13:20.44FX_Traderim loving this game though
13:23.10TeomyrPzyk: deleted that server page, thanks for reporting
13:23.20Teomyrthat guy even added it to the realms list
13:36.38laurlyahh man whos fixing my testing guilds.................
13:36.52laurly :/
13:38.17deltronyou can use my old guild page
13:38.58laurly#guild us Band of Thorns, doomhammer
13:38.59Foxbotlaurly: could not find guild.
13:39.04laurly#guild EU Band of Thorns, doomhammer
13:39.04Foxbotlaurly: could not find guild.
13:39.10laurlywell that guilds dead.
13:40.11laurly#guild EU Band of the Hand, warsong
13:40.11Foxbotlaurly: could not find guild.
13:40.16laurly#guild US Band of the Hand, warsong
13:40.16Foxbotlaurly: could not find guild.
13:40.25foxlitserver, guild
13:40.47laurly#guild US warsong, Band of the Hand
13:40.47Foxbotlaurly: <Band of the Hand> on Warsong has 118 members
13:41.12laurly#guild EU warsong, Band of the Hand
13:41.12Foxbotlaurly: could not find guild.
13:41.15*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
13:41.59deltron#guild us suramar, fear
13:42.00Foxbotdeltron: <fear> on Suramar has 221 members
13:42.21deltron#guild us suramar, sanctuary
13:42.23Foxbotdeltron: <Sanctuary> on Suramar has 150 members
13:42.28deltron#guild us suramar, conspiracy
13:42.29Foxbotdeltron: <Conspiracy> on Suramar has 17 members
13:42.45laurlyleave Band of the Hand alone you evil editors
13:42.57foxlitlaurly: but that requires me to have a list of servers
13:43.12Hobinheim|work#guild us mal'ganis, goon squad
13:43.13FoxbotHobinheim|work: <Goon Squad> on Mal'Ganis has 670 members
13:43.14laurlymy bot has a list of servers :)
13:43.18Hobinheim|workwow that is fast as hell
13:43.31Hobinheim|workcolor me impressed!
13:43.43laurlywant me to set it up so you can have her export it to you as a dcc on command?
13:43.53foxlitNah :)
13:44.05Hobinheim|workcan it make a latte and do my admin duties
13:44.16foxlitToo lazy; if anything, I should be working on a workaround
13:44.26deltron#char us suramar diode
13:44.28Hobinheim|workfoxbot, latte!
13:44.28Foxbotdeltron: Diode, Level 70 Shaman (0/5/56). 6829 HP; 10939 Mana; 103 Str; 7395 Armor; 106 mp5; 1760 +heal.
13:44.37Hobinheim|work#char us mal'ganis gensou
13:44.38FoxbotHobinheim|work: Gensou, Level 61 Warlock (0/52/0). 3636 HP; 4931 Mana.
13:44.43Hobinheim|workwow, he's good
13:44.58deltronit should show race ;)
13:45.07foxlitit did, before.
13:45.12foxlitToo long and insignificant, though :)
13:48.55*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
14:03.35deltronlmao @ blues getting keyloggers
14:03.59[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
14:17.07*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
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14:27.29AikanaronAre there any high level priests around?
14:30.53AikanaronIm fully shadowspecced right now, lvl 64. Should i respec now, or later? I don't have very much time, so thats why i solo mostly
14:39.10TeomyrAikanaron: why would you respec then?
14:40.25Aikanaronbecause, i think the endgame instances are great, but now, i so much as whisper that im shadowspecced, and im considered useless in instances
14:40.38Aikanaronso, i want to be able to do both :)
14:41.42Teomyrhm... i was still able to heal in the instances with 41 points in shadow
14:42.12Teomyrbut then again, i had pre-BC epics for healing :/
14:42.58Aikanaroni think it's not so much me that issen't able to heal (although i might have to 'train' it a bit, since i solo a lot) But the conception that shaddowspecced priests are no good in instances
14:43.21Teomyryes, that's a pain :(
14:43.59Teomyrbut if you're really playing solo most of the time, i'd recommend that you stay with shadow spec
14:44.48Teomyri'm holy-disc now and solo play is just a pain because of the lack of damage, and the bad regeneration
14:44.49Aikanaronhmm, i will then  :)
14:45.39Aikanaronyeah, i can understand. But, not going to instances really is a bad thing, gear wise
14:46.22Teomyryes, my rogue is a good example for that (not that i didn't want it, but it's difficult to find a group ;))
14:47.45Aikanaronbasically, as a priest, group life sucks. I mean, they want you to join, but they also always seem to know how to heal.
14:48.42Aikanaronbefore you even make your first heal, the start crying that you should do it like so and so
14:50.13winkillerrogues on my server never had a problem getting anywhere. except there already was a rogue
15:08.59[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
15:10.01[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Blade's Edge Mountains and reputation rewards hotfix -
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15:42.26*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Work_ (n=chatzill@
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16:01.14*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
16:02.30*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
16:03.19foxlit!ap 2v2 1700
16:03.19[NewsBot]foxlit: 436 Arena Points!
16:03.24foxlit!ap 2v2 1500
16:03.24[NewsBot]foxlit: 263 Arena Points!
16:03.28foxlit!ap 3v3 1500
16:03.29[NewsBot]foxlit: 300 Arena Points!
16:03.32foxlit!ap 4v4 1500
16:03.36foxlit!ap 5 1500
16:03.36[NewsBot]foxlit: 376 Arena Points!
16:08.31*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
16:08.59[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:08.59[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:09.00[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:09.00[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:09.00[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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16:13.59[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:16.50*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus5th (n=WyriHaxi@
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16:20.14*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
16:29.34laurly_afkFX_Trader are you hooked yet?
16:33.51FX_Traderyes but work calls
16:35.49*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
16:48.03*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
16:55.40*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
16:59.54*** join/#wowwiki Cat-five (
17:00.02*** part/#wowwiki Cat-five (
17:00.20*** join/#wowwiki Jtkiefer (n=Cat-five@pdpc/supporter/active/Jtkiefer)
17:01.24*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
17:01.33JtkieferGryph you Gryphon on the site?
17:02.03Jtkieferyeah I knwo about the wiki but the template I currently did was meant for users, I have no idea where to even start on an item link template
17:02.26Gryphenthe item links to armory are already implemented
17:02.30Jtkieferpc links go direct to the armory though so it's just a matter of parsing choice
17:02.46Jtkieferthough outside of userspace I don't expect this template to see much use
17:03.00Jtkieferprobably another reason why it should stay in my userspace at least for now
17:03.59[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
17:05.49JtkieferGryphen, to test it I did mostly just preview tests but check the history on that subpage and you'll see the trouble I had just getting it to parse the variables given into the url directly
17:06.40Jtkieferoh it wasn't china btw, the third country for the armory is korea
17:06.41Gryphenpreview wont work on the same page
17:06.56JtkieferI was doing save on the subpage then preview on another page I had
17:06.57Gryphenyou have to submit for the template to be updated in the preview
17:07.31Jtkiefersimple to do though, it's just
17:08.42Jtkieferhmm, you entirely changed the way that it's parsing those things
17:08.43Gryphenit's up to you :)  I was just trying to point you in the direction of the current wiki templating
17:08.48TecnoBratwell, that was fun. I just made a ruby bot that has the same #char command as Foxbot :P
17:09.02TecnoBrat#char us korgath leofric
17:09.04FoxbotTecnoBrat: Leofric, Level 70 Paladin (16/0/45). 8937 HP; 6018 Mana; 471 Str; 199 Agi; 9375 Armor; 1508 AP; 178 +dmg.
17:09.36Jtkiefer#char us bonechewer Jorelos
17:09.38FoxbotJtkiefer: Jorelos, Level 70 Warlock (0/59/2). 6932 HP; 8044 Mana; +224 spell crit rating; 517 +dmg.
17:09.43Gryphennamed variables are less apt to break also instead of using the numbered variables such as {{{1}}}
17:11.12*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
17:11.34TecnoBratmy guildmates want me to create an app that allows you to ask players to "duel" and it grabs their armory profile, and then has them "fight" haha
17:11.38JtkieferI'm not sure if using the plainlinks class was the right choice, it's really a hack and it defeats the intended purpose of the link icon
17:11.56JtkieferTechnobrat, it's possible to do, probably not easy but possible
17:12.15TecnoBratoh, its definately possible
17:12.20JtkieferGryphen, how would I add a third one though for KR?
17:12.46TecnoBratyou would just create skill rotations for each spec, add the stats, and then calculate everything from resists to armor reduction
17:12.52JtkieferI'm in the realm of the unfamiliar when it comes to markup, I'm used to the standard wiki markup (from my days on enwiki)
17:13.37TecnoBratdo you make healers heal though .. hrrm... then comes the question of interrupts .. hrrm .. haha
17:13.43TecnoBratdefinately complex :P
17:14.05FISKER_QAny page on wowwiki that explains how to get the unstable flasks from ogri'la?
17:16.09GryphenJtkiefer ugly hack, but should be workable:
17:16.12Gryphen[http://armory.{{#ifeq:"{{{1|}}}"|"EU"|wow-europe|worldofwarcraft}}.{{#ifeq:"{{{1|}}}"|"KR"||com}}/character-sheet.xml?r={{urlencode:{{{2}}}}}&n={{urlencode:{{{3}}}}} {{{3}}}]
17:16.39FISKER_Qif i make a macro like:
17:16.44Jtkieferthat entire template is an ugly hack, unfortunately mediawiki and url's were not made to make it easy
17:16.46FISKER_Q/cast [modifier:alt] something
17:16.49FISKER_Q/cast something2
17:16.58FISKER_Qand i press alt+macro does it then only cast something?
17:17.04FISKER_Qor does it cast something and then something2?
17:17.44Jtkiefer#char Bonechewer Gavintodd
17:18.17*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
17:20.07Jtkiefer#char us bonechewer Gavintodd
17:20.09FoxbotJtkiefer: Gavintodd, Level 24 Rogue (0/0/15). 661 HP; 17.01% dodge.
17:20.18Jtkieferthat's a pretty cool bot
17:21.37Pzykyou want: /cast [modifier:alt] something; something2
17:22.53Pzykunstable flasks aren't from ogri'la, so shouldn't be there.
17:25.25Pzyk3(4?) types are bought from a skyguard event in BEM, and two others are gotten just by going to the appropriate forge
17:25.35Jtkieferif anyone active in the channel right now is proficent in korean please let me know, I'm trying to troubleshoot my armory template but I can't do anything in regards to the korean end of it
17:29.55Jtkieferthought not, oh well I'll just put a note on the page about that
17:30.05*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
17:32.37FISKER_Qalright Pzyk
17:33.05JtkieferGryphen, just added it to my userpage, it works perfectly for EN and EU at least and looks b-e-a-utiful
17:33.14FISKER_Qmodifier:alt casts the first spell, and if not alt is pressed it goes to second spell?
17:33.21Jtkieferthanks for the help getting that up and running
17:41.12Pzykpretty much fisker
17:42.09*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr_ (
17:42.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Teomyr] by ChanServ
17:43.18AdysSo yeah;
17:43.27Adysthis week's karazhan team names are finally known, woo!
17:43.31Adys"Ken" and "Barbie"
17:43.34Adyskill me please
17:43.59[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
17:50.58Jtkieferthat's not surprising
17:51.16Jtkieferand it's true about bg's I've gone entire AV sessions without interacting with anyone
17:52.18Devilkoulafkers need to be taken care of regardless imo
17:52.31Devilkoulknow a few people who leveled 60-70 idle in bg's
17:52.40Devilkoulfkn lame imo :/
17:54.07foxlit<Adys> "Ken" and "Barbie"
17:54.12foxlit"Win" and "Awesome!"
17:55.52DevilkoulOmmra is ascending to epic blue poster
18:09.46*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
18:09.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+v cladhaire] by ChanServ
18:32.11Adysawesome teo ^^
18:32.26Teomyryay! :D
18:34.00[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:49.35*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
18:49.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:55.48KuinKalahulp :(
19:03.07foxlitI'm unhelpful
19:04.40foxlitinfobot, hi
19:04.42infobothello, foxlit
19:04.51Pzykinfobot, bye
19:04.59Pzykinfobot, hello
19:05.01infobotHowdy Bub
19:05.07Pzykinfobot, help
19:05.25Pzykinfobot, where can I find armory?
19:05.43foxlitinfobot, #help is #char (EU|US) (Realm) (Character); #api (WoWAPIFunction); #guild (EU|US (Realm), (Guild Name)
19:05.44infobotfoxlit: okay
19:05.56Pzykinfobot, #help
19:05.57infoboti heard #help is #char EU Realm Character; #api WoWAPIFunction; #guild (EU|US (Realm), (Guild Name)
19:06.23Pzykinfobot, halp
19:06.35Pzykinfobot, wtf
19:06.53Pzykinfobot, lobotomy
19:06.55infobotI feel different somehow.
19:07.07Pzykinfobot, help
19:07.29Pzykinfobot, unlobotomy
19:09.36Pzykinfobot, unlobotomy snickerdoodle
19:12.29infobotextra, extra, read all about it, #help is #char EU Realm Character; #api WoWAPIFunction; #guild (EU|US (Realm), (Guild Name)
19:51.38*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
19:51.48Sandwichman2448Greetings party peoples!
19:56.11*** join/#wowwiki Bibi`ouF (
19:59.00[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:00.04Sandwichman2448NO! I CAN NOT BE!'It'
20:00.32Sandwichman2448Error kinda took out the drama there.
20:04.44zeegthe new safari search is so cool
20:06.00zeegsafari is on windows now, go try it :P
20:17.43*** join/#wowwiki Sofiia (
20:17.43deltronit crashes if you use a proxy ;)
20:17.43deltronnightly builds at
20:18.07Sandwichman2448The movie Norbit gave ne nightmares.
20:19.39Sandwichman2448Just trying to get in the off topic party.
20:19.53deltronmy cats breath smells like cat food
20:26.18Dottedzeeg and full of vulnerabilities :(
20:26.33zeegno way
20:28.42Sandwichman2448WA WAI
20:29.50laurly_afkman firefox just sudenly decides to use 100% of the cpu
20:29.56*** part/#wowwiki Sofiia (
20:31.05*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
20:32.34Sandwichman2448Told you anime was evil.
20:34.11zeegfirefox is buggy as hell
20:34.23Dottedeverything has bugs
20:34.51Dottedzeeg btw
20:35.11Dottedif the UI wasnt so shit i'd use safari aswell
20:35.22DottedKHTML engine is win
20:54.01[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:12.50FISKER_QDotted in b4 "It's microsoft's fault"
21:13.35*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
21:13.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042] by ChanServ
21:17.25Sandwichman2448If it sucks/is broken at this stage, do not use it.
21:19.13*** join/#wowwiki Alteseel (n=Alteseel@
21:19.18Fisker-Got 3 seperate crashes in like 5 minutes
21:26.15Sky2042why did i deserve a whipping? :(
21:27.06Sky2042was that little old me that did that?
21:27.43Sky2042!8ball Is Dotted queer?
21:27.43[NewsBot]Sky2042: It is certain.
21:27.50Sky2042I thought so.
21:28.06Dotted!8ball is Sky2042 gay?
21:28.06[NewsBot]Dotted: Most likely.
21:28.33Sky2042!8ball Could Sky2042 possibly not be gay?
21:28.34[NewsBot]Sky2042: Most likely.
21:29.04Sky2042fucking owned
21:29.12Sky2042you broke your bot
21:30.07[NewsBot]#wowwiki stats:
21:30.46Dotted!8ball is Sky2042 masturbating as of this moment?
21:30.47[NewsBot]Dotted: Outlook not so good.
21:30.56[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 83
21:31.09Sky2042!8ball does Sky2042 have a reason to be masturbating right now?
21:31.09[NewsBot]Sky2042: My sources say no.
21:31.14Sky2042oh shit
21:31.42[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 6
21:31.51[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 82
21:31.55[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 4
21:32.01[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 91
21:32.03[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 45
21:32.08[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 82
21:32.18Sky2042I get the slight suspecting feeling the odds are stacked against me..
21:32.21[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 97
21:32.27Sky2042there we go
21:32.27[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 89
21:33.12[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 87
21:33.12[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 95
21:33.13Sky2042beat that fiend!
21:33.13[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 94
21:33.13[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 95
21:33.13[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 88
21:33.13[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 91
21:33.13[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 98
21:33.13Sky2042you're cheating.
21:33.14Sky2042all those over 80?
21:33.14[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 42
21:33.14[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 76
21:33.14[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 53
21:33.15[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 93
21:33.15[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 89
21:33.15Dottedim lucky
21:33.15[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 68
21:33.15[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 4
21:33.15[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 92
21:33.16[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 14
21:33.16[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 7
21:33.19[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 40
21:33.20[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 27
21:33.20[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 43
21:33.20[NewsBot]Sky2042 rolled 75
21:33.27AdysShut up guys seriously.
21:33.29Sky2042goodbye newbot!
21:33.36Sky2042hi adys!
21:33.44DottedSky2042 stop spam srlsy
21:33.59*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (
21:33.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
21:34.07[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:34.53Dottedbtw Sky2042
21:34.54Dottedon *:TEXT:!roll:#: {
21:34.54Dottedif ($level($fulladdress) == 500) { msg $chan $nick rolled $rand(80,100) }
21:34.54Dottedelse { msg $chan $nick rolled $rand(1,100) }
21:37.24Sandwichman2448I missed somthing good again did not I?
21:39.15Adysdotted what does if ($level($fulladdress) == 500)  mean?
21:41.28Dotted*evul grin*
21:42.09Sky2042essentially, he's a cheater
21:42.33Sky2042!8ball is Dotted a cheater?
21:42.33[NewsBot]Sky2042: Concentrate and ask again.
21:42.43Sky2042!8ball is Dotted a cheater?
21:42.43[NewsBot]Sky2042: My reply is no.
21:45.11DottedAdys it means
21:45.33Dottedthat if someone have that adress when typing !roll
21:45.47Dottedit will do a /rand 80-100
21:45.54Dottedinstead of /rand 1-100
21:46.08Adysyeah i know the last part
21:46.13Adysbut didnt understand the address stuff
21:46.22Dottedits my adress
21:46.32Dotted500 is just a number i made up
21:46.44Dottedit could be 3, 1337, 356787643 or what ever :p
21:47.04Adysand your address matches it?
21:47.46Adyswhy not just if $nick == Dotted :P
21:48.03Dottedthats potential abusive
21:48.08[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: The Arreat Summit: Still Growing -
21:49.43DottedAdys !roll
21:49.49[NewsBot]Sorry, no gay rolling allowed.
21:50.05[NewsBot]test|adys rolled 64
21:50.10test|adysthought so
21:50.43Dottedpotential abusive
21:51.03Adysyes but doing an if nick==dotted
21:51.16Adyseventually you can do a check whether you'd identified too
21:51.27Adyspossible to check for +e?
21:51.59Adysif nick == dotted AND +e
21:52.03Dottedbut i use it for other stuff aswell
21:52.12DottedAdys !roll
21:52.17[NewsBot]Adys rolled 17
21:52.56Dottedtry again
21:53.00[NewsBot]Adys rolled 99
21:53.06Dottedfuck it
21:53.40Dottedwanted to make its say no gay rolling, based on hostname without using $level
21:53.43Dottedoh well
22:05.49*** part/#wowwiki Alteseel (n=Alteseel@
22:10.23*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
22:18.58laurly_afkcant beleave they are figthing over who has to take the tier 4 legs at grul no one wants them :/
22:19.04*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
22:19.09*** join/#wowwiki Daemona (
22:25.46*** join/#wowwiki tmokros (
22:29.43*** join/#wowwiki TPD (
22:31.04*** join/#wowwiki Tusva (
22:31.04*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Tusva] by ChanServ
22:36.34Kaydeethree...what the?
22:36.44Kaydeethreewasn't Netherwing Pollen changed to only give buffs now?
22:37.25Kaydeethreeand bah, this is the wrong tab
22:39.31TusvaI dunno, haven't started any of the Netherwing stuff :/
22:49.03[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
23:04.17TecnoBrat!roll 10000
23:16.46*** join/#wowwiki KaoS` (i=spam@about/apple/macbookpro/KaoS)
23:27.02[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 95
23:27.09[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 95
23:27.13[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 83
23:27.16[NewsBot]Dotted rolled 91
23:28.44[NewsBot]deltron rolled 65
23:28.48deltronomg roll haxx
23:39.02[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
23:42.37Tusvatsk tsk Kay :P
23:48.42*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:48.53Paccan any1 tell me is there a way to unlock keys coz i cant swim up or down with the insert or delete key??
23:50.10KasoPac im not quite sure what your question is, can you explain again
23:51.31Kaydeethreeno. use spacebar for up and x for down. ins/del were occasionally crashing people
23:51.42Kaydeethreeshould be getting fixed in a future patch, hopefully
23:52.10Pack thnx will try it
23:54.38Pacthnx that work not as good as insert or delete tho
23:55.06Kaydeethreethat's all we have. you can always mouselook to control pitch
23:55.55Pacyer i guess that

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