IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070612

00:00.06Adysfoxlit: might be the job queue
00:00.34Sandwichman2448Entering myself for the Blizzcon thing is a bad idea...
00:03.19Sandwichman2448Can you picture one of the Sandwichmen as an ambassidor?
00:04.48Sandwichman2448Thoughts on this?
00:08.37[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 2
00:10.07Gryphenyou broke lootbox
00:10.07foxlitfoxlit 62, broken links 2
00:10.37[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 60
00:10.57Gryphensill broke :D
00:11.16Sandwichman2448Entering myself for the Blizzcon thing is a bad idea...
00:11.25Sandwichman2448Can you picture me as an ambassidor?
00:12.07foxlithm, that's interesting. Wonder why.
00:15.19Kirkburn|sleep(or perhaps
00:17.04Sandwichman2448No one has shown horror at my comment...
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00:19.34Sandwichman2448So I am go to Blizzcon material? :)
00:20.38Sandwichman2448RE:So I am go to Blizzcon material? :)
00:20.54DottedITS ALL A LIE
00:21.12Sandwichman2448I still hav a little time
00:21.32bleeterthanks for them, Kirkburn|sleep, made my day
00:21.34Sandwichman2448I'll sign up!
00:21.41bleeterparticularly yakety yak
00:21.51Sandwichman2448do not talk back
00:22.10foxlitI'll have my cake now.
00:22.46Kirkburn|sleepbleeter, my pleasure
00:24.06Sandwichman2448Really, would you all trust me to compitently go?
00:24.22Dottedwhatever that means :/
00:25.10Sandwichman2448No one has anwsered me,
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00:32.53Sandwichman2448In the immortal words of Keli'dan the Breaker: You mustn't let him loose!
00:32.53Sandwichman2448Aggro Ignorant whelps!
00:32.53Sandwichman2448Aggro You fools, he'll kill us all!
00:33.24Sandwichman2448I've made my joke/point.
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00:35.13bleeterheh, 'fart of the bumblebee'
00:36.21bleeterthe performer of the link Kirkburn|sleep gave earlier,
00:37.12bleeterhis version of the super mario bros. theme is... exquisite
00:38.17Sandwichman2448You have less class than me.
00:39.38Sandwichman2448Anyone care if I enter?
00:40.07Sandwichman2448I will represent us all in the slim chance I win.
00:41.03Sandwichman2448I just want to know...
00:43.27Sandwichman2448K, i'll shut up.
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01:05.24[NewsBot]Windows2003 Uptime: 4wks 6days 3hrs 48mins 18secs Best: 4wks 6days 3hrs 48mins 18secs
01:08.29MatthewSthe DB does not like doing anything other than serving wowwiki data :(
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01:13.05Bibi`ouFsomeone bring Skosiris back to the channel.
01:13.08Bibi`ouFIT'S AN ORDER !
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01:59.53Kaydeethreeis there a race icon for eredar?
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05:22.05Sky2042no baggins
05:22.22Sky2042oh wait
05:22.25Sky2042he's just hiding
05:22.31Sky2042bagginsww, you busy?
05:26.19Pzykafaik, everyone is dead here.
05:30.45Sky2042like clad|sleep
05:31.03clad|sleepat 20% he despawns and says something about this not being his time
05:31.23Sky2042who? clad, or baggins?
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05:57.40Sky2042well, bagginsww, whenever you get the chance, have a look at
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06:11.18Sky2042tekkub's here... sorta.
06:11.29Tekkubwhat? busy
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06:11.51Sky2042lol, nothing
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06:38.47Sky2042lol kirkburn
06:39.01Sky2042And because ignoring policy makes me angry
06:39.36[NewsBot]#wowwiki stats:
06:48.04[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Starcraft II in the Press -
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07:02.39Sky2042you two are too funny.
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07:14.57Sky2042_pretty colors!
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07:25.59Pzykgo for the plain!
07:45.53puckohey guys! The page works again! (
07:45.59puckoThanks for fixing it!
07:53.35laurlyhmmm slow loading though
07:53.55laurlyor is the server acting up again
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07:57.25laurlypucko check  i did that last week for my server
07:58.14laurlynavagation bar makes it easer for ppl to get around
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08:44.47laurlyhey kas how goes the move?
08:45.03KasoNot as well as it should
08:45.15Kasobehind on the packing >.<
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08:46.29laurlyi hate moving house :)
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09:35.44ZizanzuHow it goes with my Application?
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10:09.45[NewsBot]MMO Champion: PTR, Website updates, addon highlight. -
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11:06.03Kirkburn|sleepMorning all!
11:06.12KasoHey kirkburn
11:06.25Kirkburn|sleepI'm off on a brief holiday this afternoon, likely won't be around again until Friday
11:06.37KasoThere was a Clearfont thread in EU UI forums you might wanna look at
11:06.44Kirkburn|sleepA jaunt to the Lake District and ... Manchester :/
11:07.27Kasoi was at windermere yesterday
11:07.30Kasohowever its spelt
11:07.36Kirkburn|sleepThink that's right
11:07.59Kasoor, saturday actually, which is far from yeterday >.<
11:08.26Kasolast night its been poring it down with rain over here, so it might be a bit soggy, depening on what your going to the lake to do
11:08.51Kirkburn|sleepNot sure what we're doing, really ><
11:09.23Kirkburn|sleepKaso, what you said in the thread was correct :P
11:09.33Kirkburn|sleepI should get around to putting up a new ClearFont later
11:09.40Kasodidnt iriel mention a way of getting around that?
11:09.59Kirkburn|sleepOh, that's true
11:10.17KasoCopyFontObject was it perhaps?
11:17.50KasoThats the one
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11:23.30Nahahateu#char us illidan Nahahateu
11:24.16Nahahateu#char US Illidan Nahahateu
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11:51.09NahahateuOOC does this channel autokick idlers?
11:51.30FPrefectwas that an autokick prevention question?
11:52.13Nahahateulol possibly... but was thrown out there before i found out the hard way
11:53.09FPrefect13:25 -!- Nahahateu [] has quit [Client Quit]
11:53.32FPrefecti'd say the [Client Quit] part shows you what happened ;)
11:53.56FPrefect13:25 is my local time btw
11:53.57Adysi hope this channel doesnt kick bored people because i am bored :(
11:54.07FPrefecttsk, idle some more in shatt
11:54.16Adysidling in IF > idling in shatt
11:54.18FPrefectadvertise your subtlety chant!
11:54.30Pzykhey adys, for
11:54.39AdysAnyone in here used autoconf before?
11:54.44Pzykany ideas on where "The Eye" comes from?
11:54.49Nahahateuyhea that earlier was me forgeting irc basics
11:55.18AdysPzyk: no clue, well The Eye was the main "Tempest Keep" dungeon
11:55.31AdysArcatraz, Exodar, Botanica and Mechanar are its satellite
11:55.40Adysthe whole thing forms the Tempest Keep
11:55.59Adysbut yea weve been discussing that for quite a while
11:56.01Pzyktrying to find any direct sources that say that thing is "The Eye"
11:56.13Adysmight aswell keep it that way :/ dunno
11:56.37foxlit#char US Illidan Nahahateu
11:56.39FoxbotNahahateu, Level 70 Druid (0/49/12). 9853 HP; 5480 Mana; 210 Str; 149 Agi; 5023 Armor; +159 defense.
11:57.05Adysteomyr ping
11:58.05Nahahateuthanks foxlit was trying to do that on arrival after seeing it in the archives. nice bot.
11:58.26Pzykah, it's mentioned in some patch notes at least.
11:58.31ThraeNahahateu: Gimmie your stuff
11:59.11Pzykfor a moment I was wondering if it was possible for an entire community to get the name wrong on a big raid dungeong. >_>
11:59.12ThraeNahahateu: Your clothes, gib them ta me
11:59.33laurly#char Aggramar Europe atthena
11:59.35NahahateuThrae sorry not sure what you mean.
11:59.48Nahahateulol nononono
11:59.56laurly#char Europe Aggramar atthena
12:00.07laurlyhmm dont think it likes me
12:00.21laurly#char EU Aggramar atthena
12:00.22FoxbotAtthena, Level 70 Priest (10/0/51). 7761 HP; 9435 Mana; +3.57% spell hit; +150 spell crit rating; 722 +shadow.
12:00.53Nahahateuhrmm does it like me?
12:01.05laurly#char EU Aggramar kestra
12:01.06FoxbotKestra, Level 70 Warlock (13/48/0). 7756 HP; 9095 Mana; +2.38% spell hit; +156 spell crit rating; 472 +dmg.
12:01.13laurlyits fast fox
12:01.22Nahahateu#char US Illidan Ramorse
12:01.23FoxbotRamorse, Level 35 Warlock (26/0/0). 1214 HP; 2553 Mana.
12:01.35*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Work_ (n=chatzill@
12:01.47Nahahateui want one of those
12:01.51foxlitThere's no error message for fail :)
12:03.35[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
12:04.55Nahahateuusing your own scripts to parse armory? or a variant of the wow armory tools?
12:08.28FPrefect#char EU Stormrage Fordprefect
12:08.28FoxbotFordprefect, Level 70 Priest (14/0/47). 7571 HP; 8100 Mana; +5.95% spell hit; +131 spell crit rating; 718 +shadow.
12:08.34FPrefectnice :)
12:08.51FPrefectnumbers are off btw ;)
12:11.20FPrefect718 isn't +shadow, it's +allschools damage ;)
12:11.20amroAdys: use CMake
12:11.20Adysim sorted :)
12:11.20foxlitFPrefect: your shadow is higher than some of your other +damage
12:11.20laurlyyeah i have something like 780+ shadow the 722 is the + to all schools
12:11.21foxlitSo it counts as shadow!
12:11.23amroah, cool. I find autotools to cause a bit of clutter
12:11.23laurly#char EU Aggramar atthena
12:11.23FoxbotAtthena, Level 70 Priest (10/0/51). 7761 HP; 9435 Mana; +3.57% spell hit; +150 spell crit rating; 722 +shadow.
12:11.28foxlit#mreload armorystats
12:12.40foxlit#char EU Emerald Dream Geran
12:12.41FoxbotGeran, Level 70 Hunter (7/43/11). 9028 HP; 8173 Mana; 620 Agi; 6635 Armor; 20.35% dodge.
12:14.06foxlit#char EU Emerald Dream Geran
12:14.07FoxbotGeran, Level 70 Hunter (7/43/11). 9028 HP; 8173 Mana; 620 Agi; 6635 Armor; 20.35% dodge; 1952 AP; 2402 RAP.
12:14.09foxlitBetter :)
12:21.32foxlit<Nahahateu> using your own scripts to parse armory? or a variant of the wow armory tools?
12:21.48foxlitIt issues a normal HTTP request and parses the XML in a relatively silly way
12:23.54FPrefectfoxlit: I have ~1K +shadow, and +718 to all schools, so your parsing (or your labeling) might be a tad.. different? :)
12:25.34foxlitTry #char again, I'll take a look
12:26.03FPrefect#char EU Stormrage Fordprefect
12:26.04FoxbotFordprefect, Level 70 Priest (14/0/47). 7571 HP; 8100 Mana; +5.95% spell hit; +131 spell crit rating; 46 RAP; 718 +shadow.
12:27.06FPrefectbut it's pretty damn fast, that bot :)
12:30.42foxlit#char EU Stormrage Fordprefect
12:30.43FoxbotFordprefect, Level 70 Priest (14/0/47). 7571 HP; 8100 Mana; +5.95% spell hit; +131 spell crit rating; 46 RAP; 1002 +shadow.
12:30.57foxlitIt used +heal previously :(
12:31.16FPrefectah ;)
12:31.28foxlit#mreload armorystats
12:31.30FPrefectnothing like some bugfixing :D
12:31.38foxlit#char EU Stormrage Fordprefect
12:31.39FoxbotFordprefect, Level 70 Priest (14/0/47). 7571 HP; 8100 Mana; +5.95% spell hit; +131 spell crit rating; 1002 +shadow.
12:31.46foxlitAnd no more silly RAP limits :)
12:31.51p30n09f9#char EU Genjuros Sonnycheeba
12:31.52FoxbotSonnycheeba, Level 70 Paladin (42/19/0). 4907 HP; 5088 Mana; 126 Str.
12:32.04p30n09f9why no +healing shows?
12:32.06FPrefectthat's accurate - how do you discern between f.ex. shadow and holy priests?
12:32.16foxlitI don't
12:32.27foxlitGenerally, they do it themselves via itemization
12:32.42foxlitIf healing > damage * 1.5, I consider you stacking damage
12:32.51foxliter, stacking healing
12:33.45foxlitp30n09f9: because 499 is considered not worth mentioning
12:34.29*** join/#wowwiki Trae (
12:43.43*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
12:56.34*** join/#wowwiki Trae (
13:09.46Pachey can any1 tell me wat the armory item database is pls?
13:10.59KasoPac, what do you mean?
13:13.37Pacwen u start wow it has it there i would just like to know wat it is
13:16.11*** join/#wowwiki Aikanaron (
13:17.24KasoIts a website where you can search all items, bosses and stuff in the game
13:17.43KasoIt also has chararter profiles for all players
13:19.51Adyskaso ping
13:19.56Kasoim here noob
13:20.03Adysreply to your pms noob
13:20.25Kasoi did
13:20.27Kasooh wait
13:20.32Adysauth up noob
13:20.36*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
13:23.38[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
13:31.09NahahateuI am trying to use this string to retrieve char information can someone identify what I am doing wrong that is preventing me from retrieving the xml file please curl ""
13:33.38TeomyrNahahateu: try removing the #
13:34.45winkillerand again a clear proof that armory sucks :)
13:35.06winkillerdoesn't even have consistent links crossbrowser, gotta love that
13:37.39Nahahateuahh thank you much better
13:55.00yewnixMorning all
13:55.52*** join/#wowwiki _dRiN_ (n=kvirc@
13:56.51yewnix#char US Silvermoon Pocketpicker
13:56.53FoxbotPocketpicker, Level 70 Rogue (15/41/5). 7534 HP; 120 Str; 490 Agi; 30.23% dodge; 1482 AP; 1302 RAP.
13:57.34yewnixPac: How are things goin?
13:58.16Pacgood & u im lvl61 now in les then 12 days
13:58.31yewnixwow very nicely done.
13:58.41yewnixI'm okay. Just another day at work.
13:59.06Pzyk#char US Garithos Zorich
13:59.07FoxbotZorich, Level 70 Druid (0/50/11). 7879 HP; 7370 Mana; 389 Str; 310 Agi; 19.41% dodge; 842 AP.
13:59.23yewnixrestro ?
13:59.30Paci dont work im a stay at home dad
14:00.02yewnixPac: Being a full time father is a job in itself.
14:00.03deltron#char us Suramar Diode
14:00.05FoxbotDiode, Level 70 Shaman (0/5/56). 7309 HP; 10293 Mana; 109 Str; 7903 Armor; 100 mp5; 1583 +heal.
14:00.12deltron-_- nice
14:00.36_dRiN_#char eu Aggramar Klapp
14:00.37FoxbotKlapp, Level 70 Druid (0/48/13). 9074 HP; 4940 Mana; 359 Str; 325 Agi; 21.77% dodge; 956 AP.
14:00.57_dRiN_#char eu Aggramar Ingrior
14:00.58FoxbotIngrior, Level 70 Druid (2/0/59). 7594 HP; 8045 Mana; 104 Str; 105 Agi; 363 Spi; 1091 +heal.
14:01.20_dRiN_nice botting : )
14:01.57yewnixI'm sure it just parses the xml character file
14:02.10Aikanaron#char eu Sylvanas Aikanaron
14:02.10FoxbotAikanaron, Level 64 Priest (0/0/55). 4421 HP; 6723 Mana; +26 spell crit rating; 258 +dmg.
14:02.55_dRiN_yewnix: still nice ; )
14:03.03Aikanaron#char eu sylvanas Cecile
14:03.04FoxbotCecile, Level 70 Druid (0/44/17). 8424 HP; 5690 Mana; 271 Str; 259 Agi; +53 defense; 23.54% dodge; 842 AP.
14:03.31deltronheh am I the only shammy?
14:03.38[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
14:03.39deltron#char us suramar tnewor
14:03.39_dRiN_#char eu Aggramar deesy
14:03.40Aikanaronappears so :)
14:03.41FoxbotTnewor, Level 70 Shaman (0/9/52). 10467 HP; 10183 Mana; 107 Str; 10085 Armor; 96 mp5; +71 spell crit rating; 1327 +heal.
14:03.42FoxbotDeesy, Level 70 Rogue (15/41/5). 8734 HP; 129 Str; 404 Agi; 22.82% dodge; 1301 AP; 1112 RAP.
14:03.44_dRiN_#char eu Aggramar aghdra
14:03.45FoxbotAghdra, Level 70 Rogue (17/44/0). 7354 HP; 119 Str; 457 Agi; 25.58% dodge; 1410 AP; 1231 RAP.
14:03.54_dRiN_rap on rogue is a bit strange still : )
14:04.00Pac#char eu Aman'Thul Tybo
14:04.00FoxbotThat is not the character you're looking for, Pac.
14:04.06deltronholy crap he has 10K HP! :(
14:04.25_dRiN_unbuffed? or does it take in account active buffs?
14:04.32deltronnot sure, checking armory
14:04.41Aikanaron#char eu sylvanas Fenestra
14:04.42FoxbotFenestra, Level 70 Mage (0/37/24). 6513 HP; 8696 Mana; +5.79% spell hit; +241 spell crit rating; 785 +dmg.
14:04.54Pzykhe doesn't have any buffsz
14:05.17Pac#char eu Aman'Thul thasul
14:05.17FoxbotThat is not the character you're looking for, Pac.
14:05.24FtH|Daemona#char eu destromath Dargent
14:05.25FoxbotDargent, Level 70 Priest (9/0/52). 6401 HP; 7830 Mana; +4.76% spell hit; +125 spell crit rating; 951 +frost.
14:05.34FtH|Daemona+frost ... ok
14:05.37_dRiN_#char eu Aman''Thul thasul
14:05.37FoxbotThat is not the character you're looking for, _dRiN_.
14:06.07_dRiN_priest with +frost : )
14:06.57deltronfrozen shadowweave I guess
14:07.23Pac#char eu Jubei'Thos Asphalt
14:07.24FoxbotThat is not the character you're looking for, Pac.
14:07.35Paco well
14:07.49Pzyk#char us Garithos Gibberish
14:07.50FoxbotThat is not the character you're looking for, Pzyk.
14:07.52Pzyk#char us Garithos Gibberish
14:07.52Pzyk#char us Garithos Gibberish
14:07.53FoxbotThat is not the character you're looking for, Pzyk.
14:07.53FoxbotThat is not the character you're looking for, Pzyk.
14:07.57FoxbotThat is not the character you're looking for, Pzyk.
14:07.58FoxbotThat is not the character you're looking for, Pzyk.
14:08.10Pzykaww. was hoping it'd miss some.
14:09.01deltronthat one shaman is unbuffed 10K health, 10K mana
14:09.29Pzyk3/5 T5.
14:09.36Pzykand two stam trinkets
14:09.44FtH|Daemonadodge that !
14:09.47Pac#char us blackrock Blondie
14:09.48FoxbotThat is not the character you're looking for, Pac.
14:10.14jmei think you want !char or !armory
14:10.24jme!char us Stormreaver Kadrahil
14:10.46Pachow do u look then up on the wow website?
14:10.48*** join/#wowwiki Pzyk (
14:11.01FtH|Daemonaquery the ajax data?
14:11.07jme!armory us Stormreaver Kadrahil
14:11.07[NewsBot]Kadrahil's Armory Profile:
14:11.33jme(don't look at that, my gear still sucks)
14:11.35*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Work_ (n=chatzill@
14:11.52PzykOMG THE HORROR!
14:12.57jmedesolation vs. beast lord... discuss
14:13.14FtH|Daemonaif its a shaman, desolation AND wastewalker :X
14:13.21jmea guildie was saying desolation is being preferred over BL, but i don't like the lack of agility on desolation
14:19.27Kirkburn|sleepYay mining 300 :D
14:19.36Kirkburn|sleepI can finally level properly in Outland
14:20.10yewnix#char us Deathwing stilin
14:20.12FoxbotStilin, Level 70 Warrior (8/5/48). 13824 HP; 251 Str; 217 Agi; 15911 Armor; +338 defense; 22.97% dodge; 27.51% block.
14:20.25Kirkburn|sleep#char eu Stormrage Chekov
14:20.26FoxbotChekov, Level 60 Hunter (51/0/0). 3808 HP; 2910 Mana; 279 Agi.
14:20.30winkillermy druid has 390 flowerpicking, 375 mining and still I never use it
14:21.04Kirkburn|sleepBut, the money!
14:21.15winkiller6 daily quests every day
14:21.41*** join/#wowwiki Srosh_ (
14:23.24Pachave a look at this 1
14:24.14Paci find it funny it's untalented
14:25.59*** join/#wowwiki deltron (
14:26.30Kasothat is indeed wierd
14:26.50Pacat lvl34 that is
14:27.14Kasoperhaps he hasnt played the char since last time warriors had their talents wiped
14:30.42jmeheh, when i first started playing wow i had no clue about talents
14:30.49jmegot a char in the 20s before i realized it
14:31.31Pacyer me to but i was lvl 50 b4 i new any thing
14:40.04Pacnow iv found my lvl61 here it is'Thul&n=Asphalt
14:40.34Kirkburn|sleepI'm off on holiday for a couple of days
14:40.45Kirkburn|sleepSee ya'll on Thursday or Friday!
14:40.52Pacgood on u have fun
14:41.13Kirkburn|sleepA holiday to the rainiest parts of Britain, but a holiday nonetheless
14:42.14KasoPac, why do you have a druid staff and a healer ring?
14:42.42jmehad a fun mc raid last night with ~25 mostly 70s
14:42.47Pacit's the best i could find
14:43.05jmei was just there for the Gehennas kill and a few pulls otherwise before i passed out
14:43.08*** join/#wowwiki xb95 (
14:48.28*** part/#wowwiki Kirkburn|sleep (
14:48.54Paci have 2 horde at lvl60 this is just 1 of them'Thul&n=Tybo
14:49.32*** join/#wowwiki TranquilRage (
15:09.23TecnoBratBibi`ouF, do you have a picture of the paladin 2nd arena set?
15:11.44TecnoBratwrong window
15:25.06*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
15:25.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
15:29.10*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
15:29.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
15:33.39[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
15:41.05TranquilRagenot wow related but im sure your all game fans, and might appreciate the tech
15:43.23Gryphentoo bad it will just power another Quake clone
15:43.43deltronoh man
15:51.00foxlitwtf, botabuse!
15:51.53*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus3rd (n=WyriHaxi@
15:53.17laurlybot abuse?
15:53.51foxlitspammed that for a bit :)
15:54.05*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
15:54.25laurlythink i have queing working on my bot. just rewriting the webpage handling
15:55.00*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul (n=c@
15:59.54foxlitHah, I don't even have to worry about that
16:02.25*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
16:03.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:15.24*** join/#wowwiki Moridin (
16:18.22Nahahateu#char US Illidan Ramorse
16:18.23FoxbotRamorse, Level 35 Warlock (26/0/0). 1214 HP; 2553 Mana.
16:18.33Nahahateu#char US Illidan Nahahateu
16:18.35FoxbotNahahateu, Level 70 Druid (0/49/12). 9853 HP; 5480 Mana; 210 Str; 149 Agi; 5023 Armor; +159 defense.
16:21.22*** join/#wowwiki angies (
16:28.20*** join/#wowwiki the_squid (
16:30.35*** join/#wowwiki TranquilRage (n=Tranquil@
16:54.53*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
17:03.41foxlitHah, now I actually want someone to abuse foxbot!
17:05.09Devilkoul<Nahahateu> #char US Nathrezim Devilkoul
17:05.12Devilkoulerrr, rofl
17:05.15Devilkoul#char US Nathrezim Devilkoul
17:05.17FoxbotDevilkoul: Devilkoul, Level 70 Mage (41/18/2). 8823 HP; 10601 Mana; +9.35% spell hit; +224 spell crit rating; 1115 +fire.
17:05.27Devilkouloh babi
17:05.32Devilkoulfire dmg ftw
17:05.44foxlitgief arcane, tbh
17:05.51foxlitStarfire == best scaling spell with +damage :)
17:08.10foxlitGets 120%, while fireball gets 105%
17:08.39Devilkoulyay drood?
17:08.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
17:08.50foxlityay lack of itemization, tbh :)
17:22.09foxlit#char US Nathrezim Devilkoul
17:22.10Foxbotfoxlit: Devilkoul, Level 70 Mage (41/18/2). 8823 HP; 10601 Mana; +9.35% spell hit; +224 spell crit rating; 1115 +fire.
17:22.26deltron#char us suramar diode
17:22.28Foxbotdeltron: Diode, Level 70 Shaman (0/5/56). 7309 HP; 10293 Mana; 109 Str; 7903 Armor; 100 mp5; 1583 +heal.
17:26.03*** join/#wowwiki laurly (
17:26.18deltronfoxlit: nice script :)
17:30.30Kaso#char EU Genjuros Kaso
17:30.31FoxbotKaso: Kaso, Level 70 Priest (15/0/46). 6501 HP; 7920 Mana; +3.49% spell hit; +41 spell crit rating; 544 +shadow.
17:30.45Kaso!armory EU Genjuros Kaso
17:30.45[NewsBot]Kaso's Armory Profile:
17:31.27*** join/#wowwiki roxutee (
17:33.22*** join/#wowwiki Dragoness (
17:33.22Dragonessthere we go
17:34.28Dragonessis there anyone that can assist me with updating some wowwiki information ?
17:34.43Gryphendepends what it is :)
17:34.57DragonessOur guild's on there
17:35.25Dragonessand I wanted to update the progress link, but am a bit noobish, leave a msg brought me to a talk page and nothing more
17:35.44Dragonessso I'm not sure how to get the info updated
17:36.08Gryphenedit this page,
17:36.52Dragonesshmmmm let me try :)
17:38.36DragonessWooohooo :)
17:38.38Dragonessthank you
17:38.42Dragonessbah, that was simple
17:38.45Gryphennp :)
17:38.49Dragoness* licks Gryphen *
17:38.57DragonessI'll bookmark that page, thnx
17:39.26Gryphenwhen you edit,, you can see a list of templates that page uses at the bottom
17:40.22*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata124 (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
17:41.16Dragonessaha :) good to know
17:41.30Dragonessthank you again :)
17:41.51Dragonessthis is better than the * leave a msg * :P
17:41.52*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr_ (
17:42.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Teomyr] by ChanServ
17:42.16Dragonessand now it's time for my daily wow shot:)
17:42.23Dragoness* waves * goodbye
17:42.25Gryphencya :)
17:43.40Devilkoul#char US Nathrezim Faylee
17:43.42FoxbotDevilkoul: Faylee, Level 70 Warrior (7/11/43). 13384 HP; 314 Str; 263 Agi; 10545 Armor; +317 defense; 28.51% dodge; 30.24% block; 818 AP.
17:43.52Devilkoulshould add guild name (?)
17:43.59Devilkoulvery nice, fast though, kudos
17:44.39Teomyryeah, well done :) but why #char ? it always appears as a clickable channel link for me :P
17:46.05Gryphendont click on it :)
17:47.06foxlitBecause I wanted an unused prefix :)
17:47.13foxlitAnd purl/infobot respond to ~
17:52.32Gryphenlootbox needs a count option for component list :D
17:53.02Gryphenmaybe not
17:55.00foxlitGryphen: why? :)
17:55.33Gryphenwas just a quick thought i had when i saw
17:57.56MatthewSare people seeing any delays in loading wowwiki?
17:58.04Gryphenim not
17:58.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
17:58.48foxlitI'm fine
17:58.56foxlitThough it did delay when I rewrote lootbox yesterday
18:00.29Devilkoulseems fine to me
18:17.12*** join/#wowwiki stare (
18:20.05*** part/#wowwiki stare (
18:23.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:26.43foxlitRag's dialog is boring, foo!
18:28.49*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
18:28.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:30.34foxlitStupid entry-level raid content getting all votes
18:30.43foxlitC'Thun has the best lines <3
18:31.19Kaydeethreec'thun only whispers you creepy stuff. he never yells anything in combat like BY FIRE BE PURGED!
18:31.29Kaydeethreeand who do you think more people have seen? rag or c'thun?
18:33.14FtH|Daemonawts :D
18:34.17KasoC'thun did have some of the best quotes
18:34.22Kaso"Your heart will explode"
18:34.22foxlitDesign of C'Thun encounter > Design of Ragnaros
18:34.41foxlitBut yes, fewer people have seen C'Thun
18:34.52foxlit"You will betray your friends"
18:35.04foxlitand vice versa :)
18:35.50foxlit"You are already dead."
18:36.08laurlyand doomwalker is down :)
18:36.59KasoYou are already dead, moments after a wipe is alwasy amusing
18:38.49laurlyguild who tryed before us got it to 1% they must be very upset now :)
18:39.55laurly2 * black-iron battlecloak :/
18:41.04KasoI love the way nef's death cry contiunes on for like 1min after he collapses too
18:44.14*** join/#wowwiki Beer-Bot_v8-18 (
18:48.13*** join/#wowwiki Daemona (
18:55.11vlad_cthun is fun because you get to make fun of people who can't avoid the beam
18:55.21vlad_especially when they say "OMIGOD I WAS SO FAR AHEAD OF IT"
18:55.24vlad_and then you show them fraps
19:01.29Fisker-C'Thun <3
19:01.39Fisker-Sometimes it was lame though
19:01.45Fisker-I was knocked directly into the beam once
19:01.53Fisker-actually twice :P
19:02.03foxlitBut... but... your own fault!
19:02.12foxlitOr not
19:02.33foxlitForget the little claws, but then again, I'd probably iceblock
19:02.53Fisker-or was rogue anyways
19:03.21*** join/#wowwiki James_2 (
19:03.28foxlitBut yes, yes, not at that time
19:04.38Fisker-well we actually had access to it during that time
19:04.45Fisker-but i'm combat swords and will always be :P
19:05.06*** part/#wowwiki Fumes (
19:06.25Fisker-then later i specced Combat Swords pvp for maximum lulz
19:06.31Fisker-3,7k Eviscerate
19:06.33Fisker-as level 60
19:06.58Fisker-I remember that day
19:07.02Fisker-it was epic lulz
19:07.10foxlitYou call that an Eviscerate?!
19:07.15foxlit500k Revenge crit!
19:07.39Fisker-that isn't eviscerate :P
19:08.05Fisker-Though conditions couldn't be more ideal
19:08.19Fisker-a n00b mage without shields up, with berserking debuff and i had it too
19:08.28Fisker-preperation, cheap shot, eviscerate
19:08.31Fisker-and then he died
19:08.38Fisker-preperation = premeditation
19:09.16Fisker-I remember once a mage when WSG just started we both rushed for the horde side Berserking debuff
19:09.24Fisker-I got it before him and he just started spitting :P
19:09.28Fisker-Then i killed him
19:09.33Fisker-(He probably remembered me :D)
19:12.14foxlitoh? who? why? where? :)
19:12.58Gryphenwrong chan
19:23.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:27.55*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Work_ (n=chatzill@
19:27.58*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
19:27.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
19:35.39*** join/#wowwiki Kaos_ (
19:50.44winkillerany blacksmith who can tell me what mats blazeguard needs? ingame shows different than wowhead
19:56.21*** join/#wowwiki Boubouille (
20:01.42foxlit#do Pattern: Blazeguard
20:01.48foxlit#do Plans: Blazeguard
20:02.53winkillertrainer recipe btw
20:03.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:08.12*** join/#wowwiki ClydeJr (i=86a3ff0d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:08.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+v ClydeJr] by ChanServ
20:24.05laurlyfox what was the command to check if a guild exists on a server?
20:25.29foxlit#quit services restart
20:25.47*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
20:26.14foxlit#do Skywitch's Drape
20:26.50foxlit#madd armory armory.lua
20:26.50FoxbotAdded module [armory] from armory.lua
20:26.54foxlit#reload armory
20:26.56foxlit#mreload armory
20:26.57FoxbotReloaded [armory]
20:27.00foxlit#do Skywitch's Drape
20:27.25laurlyevil little bot :)
20:28.05foxlit#do Skywitch's Drape
20:28.06FoxbotKasoBot, do 32538
20:29.20laurlynice that you can do the name though
20:29.43laurlygot mine loading quests via the name or the id
20:30.53foxlitYou're stealing data from wowhead? :)
20:32.36laurlywouldnt do that would i ;)
20:33.22Gryphenwhat xml feeds are for :)
20:33.40laurlyxml would be nice
20:34.16Gryphenoh, no xml on quests?
20:34.38laurlynot that i have found
20:37.05*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul (n=c@
20:52.33*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
20:52.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
20:53.51*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
20:53.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042] by ChanServ
20:54.16Sky2042baggins and rage are the only lore junkies... this makes me sad
21:01.21Sky2042lore > you
21:01.32Dottedlore is win
21:01.32foxlitphat loot + encounter design > lore
21:01.46Dottedphat loot + encounter design < lore
21:02.01Sky2042ty dotted
21:02.03foxlitWould people play the game for the lore if the encounter design and loot sucked?
21:02.09foxlit(hint: hell no)
21:02.15Sky2042(hint: hell yes)
21:02.18Sky2042lok at LotR
21:02.36foxlitAnd look at WoW
21:02.52foxlitA few orders of magnitude difference in subscriber base?
21:02.57Sky2042um... encounter design and loot do suck?
21:03.24foxlitTbh, encounters are fine and loot is decent :)
21:03.40Sky2042so it's not the encounters and loot that draw people in...
21:03.40[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:03.43foxlitAQ40 and Naxx were <3
21:04.04Dottedwell foxlit raiders arent the majority of players
21:04.05foxlitKara is <3
21:04.24foxlitDotted: Oh?
21:04.25Sky2042dum dum dum
21:04.30foxlitThen what do people do at 70?
21:04.43Dottedhave fun
21:04.48Dottedread lore
21:04.58foxlit<Dotted> have fun
21:05.00foxlitnot an answer
21:05.08Dottedyes thats an answer
21:05.21Dottedbecause if you dont have fun you should quit
21:05.21Sky2042more fun than going and getting your ass kicked by one mob just to see very little personal progression
21:05.25foxlitAn attribute of an action, not an action in itself
21:05.26Sky2042that too
21:06.04foxlit<foxlit> Then what do people do at 70?
21:06.06foxlit<Dotted> have fun
21:06.12foxlitBy doing _what_?
21:06.30Dotted[23:04:58] [+Sky2042]: grind
21:06.31Gryphenmy guild isn't a raiding guild and have been mostly together since before WoW, while we watch people leave for raiding guilds which then have drama and dissolve monthly
21:06.32Dotted[23:05:00] [+Sky2042]: pvp
21:06.34Dotted[23:05:02] [+Sky2042]: chat
21:06.36Dotted[23:05:08] [+Dotted]: have fun
21:06.38Dotted[23:05:12] [+Sky2042]: bingo!
21:06.40Dotted[23:05:12] [+Dotted]: read lore
21:06.44Gryphenquest, raid casually
21:06.46Dottedetc etc
21:06.53Sky2042lol gryphen
21:06.57Gryphenlevel alts
21:06.57Sky2042gg foxlit!
21:07.00foxlitgrinding involves little lore, and is not a challenge in itself
21:07.06Sky2042depends on the quest
21:07.40foxlitYou tend to run out of those, yeah?
21:07.50foxlitSo it comes down to "grind for personal progression to win at pvp"
21:07.59foxlitor "grind for personal progression to win at pve"
21:08.09Sky2042(see gryphen's comment)
21:08.31foxlit_why_? :)
21:08.53Sky2042because they put the whole to your oversimplification ;]
21:10.00foxlitPeople play alts to see more lore? I don't think so, somehow
21:10.07Sky2042um, yeah
21:10.15Sky2042i bet there's a bunch of shit i missed on the first time up
21:10.20foxlitPeople play alts because playing a different class is enjoyable from a gameplay PoV, perhaps
21:10.26equiraptorTo see different class's lore.
21:10.46equiraptorI rolled a draenei shaman 1) To see how they explained it, 2) to have all my classes on one realm / faction
21:10.47foxlitequiraptor: which comes down to like 3 quests?
21:11.00equiraptorI rolled a horde pally to see how they explained it.
21:11.15equiraptorfoxlit: 4, I think.
21:11.30foxlitMm, probably
21:11.31equiraptorPlus there's some interaction with NPCs in Exodar that I think is different if you're a shaman.
21:11.49*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
21:12.46foxlitWarlocks probably have the most; with all those demons :P
21:14.44foxlitequiraptor: was the website explanation of shaman/paladin switch not up to standard? :)
21:14.57equiraptorThat's not the way I wanted to experience it.
21:14.58foxlitBecause I don't think the in-game content added much more to that
21:15.30equiraptorIt's more enjoyable to me, I feel a more personal connection with it, to learn it through the quest logs/interactions of my characters than just by reading it off a website.
21:15.52foxlitreading it off quest logs is better than reading it off website. Interesting.
21:16.30foxlitWebsite probably contains more information than in-game content, too :P
21:16.31equiraptorYup. Can't really explain why. Not everything is logical. :)
21:16.59equiraptorThen again, I'm a chick. I tend to be pretty thoroughly illogical.
21:17.11foxlitGameplay is more enjoyable than passive reading.
21:17.18foxlitWhich is a pretty simple and reasonable explanation.
21:17.26Sky2042zomg boobz hear?!
21:17.28*** join/#wowwiki clad|sleep (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
21:17.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+v clad|sleep] by ChanServ
21:17.37equiraptorYa, man. Boobs here.
21:20.03Sky2042gryphen, what's with "Relentless"?
21:21.08Gryphenwhat about it?
21:22.04Sky2042how come two new pages? i was just curious
21:22.10Gryphentwo guilds
21:22.47Sky2042what i thought
21:22.51Sky2042were they just sharing a page?
21:25.01Sky2042I get the feeling vysogota doesn't appreciate {{Lootbox}}
21:25.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Boubouille] by ChanServ
21:30.53foxlitWho what why where? :)
21:31.24Gryphensome people just havent discovered it yet
21:31.40Sky2042vysogota removed it on one of the pages i put it on... ;_;
21:32.05Sky2042i don't really like the centering of the title
21:32.07Sky2042but that's just me
21:32.27Sky2042and i'm not sure we should be using darktable, when we could just leave it transparent...
21:32.27foxlitTbh, specify a nil title for some pages?
21:32.56foxlitSomeone used darktable on Argent Dawn, and it looked quite pleasant :)
21:33.03Grypheni like it
21:33.46Sky2042it looks good on argent dawn
21:34.42foxlitHm, Gryphen
21:34.58foxlitWhat do you make of giving it no title if used in a ==Loot== section?
21:35.28Grypheni dont care :)
21:35.36foxlitSeems less redundant
21:37.18foxlitThink you can
21:37.36foxlitBut it'd be odd for section editing purposes
21:37.41Sky2042not really
21:37.49Sky2042in any case, thoughts on this:
21:37.53foxlitIt'd cut lootbox off
21:38.04foxlitAnd leave you with a list of items with no clue what to do with them
21:45.26*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
21:48.06DottedSkosiris you slacker
21:49.23Sky2042that was harsh
22:02.36Devilkoul#char US Nathrezim Cheef
22:02.37FoxbotDevilkoul: Cheef, Level 70 Warrior (35/24/2). 10124 HP; 507 Str; 200 Agi; 7787 Armor; 1388 AP.
22:02.47laurlyanyone remember what lvl you have to be to train a skill master lvl?  55 or 60 maybe?
22:03.19laurly#char EU Aggramar atthena
22:03.20Foxbotlaurly: Atthena, Level 70 Priest (10/0/51). 9531 HP; 11100 Mana; +3.57% spell hit; +150 spell crit rating; 908 +shadow.
22:03.30laurlyahhh it doesnt pick up buffs you have curently :)
22:03.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:03.55Devilkoullvl 50 laurly, pretty sure
22:04.02laurly908 + to shadow thats impresive.
22:04.29Devilkoul3.5% hit :/
22:04.57laurlywaiting for the cloak to drop from kara to put a + to spell hit enchant on it the one i have now is crap
22:11.52TecnoBrat#char us korgath nightshal
22:11.54FoxbotTecnoBrat: Nightshal, Level 70 Druid (0/42/19). 6954 HP; 4310 Mana; 257 Str; 339 Agi; 24.08% dodge; 810 AP.
22:12.26Sky2042#char us shadowmoon skyfire
22:13.00Sky2042wtb message that no such character can be found
22:14.27TecnoBrat#char us korgath barbanus
22:14.28FoxbotTecnoBrat: Barbanus, Level 70 Paladin (42/19/0). 8257 HP; 11013 Mana; 140 Str; 13421 Armor; 131 mp5; +74 spell crit rating; 1639 +heal.
22:15.56laurlynight guys
22:25.14*** join/#wowwiki Tusva (
22:25.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Tusva] by ChanServ
22:25.59Sky2042over there!
22:26.04Sky2042can't you see (him?)!?
22:26.06TusvaHah! Look at 'im!
22:26.32Sky2042what a dork. why isn't he over here?
22:26.36TusvaBeats me.
22:26.40TusvaLet's throw rocks at him.
22:26.59TusvaOW OW
22:27.08Sky2042oh, sorry... i thought you were over there.
22:27.56TusvaWTB [Input], btw
22:28.32Skosiris"<Dotted> Skosiris you slacker"
22:28.48foxlitI should make a quizbot out of boss quotes
22:28.53Dottedno &xml for quests Skosiris
22:29.31Dottedfoxlit that and a general wow trivia
22:29.43foxlitYou interested?
22:29.51foxliti.e. can I run it here? :P
22:30.31Dottedaint got anything to do with the wiki :p
22:30.50Dottedexept like any other perso editing the wiki ofcc
22:30.52Sky2042wow trivia!
22:31.01Sky2042i love war trivia
22:31.25Dotteda wow trivia woth general wow stuff and quotes == win
22:31.41TusvaI was reading that thread earlier too fox
22:31.43Tusvagood stuff
22:31.53Dottedbtw foxlit please send the armory code for your bot to me, i wanna play with it :D:D
22:31.56foxlitWhich thread? :)
22:32.06Tusvathe favourite boss quotes one
22:32.19foxlitAh, I didn't read beyond first post :)
22:32.30Tusvait's mostly the best stuff in the first anyway
22:32.45foxlitRagnaros is by far the worst :(
22:33.50Dottedbtw foxlit please send the armory code for your bot to me, i wanna play with it :D:D
22:33.57Dottedplix plix
22:37.19Dottedfoxlit which http headers are you sending?
22:37.40foxlit["User-Agent"]="Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20060601 Firefox/ (Ubuntu-edgy)",
22:37.49foxlitThat should be enough, I think
22:38.14Dottedgot something like xslt?
22:39.19Dottedin the http headers, or are you only sending ther user-agent?
22:39.55foxlitWell, I'm sending a bunch of stuff, but the UA was the critical step (i.e. it didn't work without it)
22:40.06Dottedah ok
22:40.09foxlitAlso sending["Accept"]="text/xml,application/xml,application/xhtml+xml,text/html;q=0.9,text/plain;*/*;q=0.5", but that doesn't seem to be important
22:49.39*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
22:55.25Dottedwell basicly foxlit pixel said '[+|Pixel|]: any browser that is xml/xslt-enabled' so i was just wondering if that was in the http headers somehow
22:59.13*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
23:01.12*** join/#wowwiki Cashtro (
23:01.34Cashtroello every1 is the developer of clearfont here?
23:01.39*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:02.10KasoCashtro, he's on holiday this weekend
23:02.18KasoAnything we perhaps can help with?
23:02.43Cashtroyah i fixed couple thinks in his codes i though i just tell hi.
23:02.59Kasoi getya
23:03.05Kasowas it the CopyFontObject thing?
23:03.33Cashtro-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
23:03.33Cashtro-- Special game world '3D' fonts (Dark Imakuni)
23:03.33Cashtro-- Note that CF2 cannot define sizes or styles for these, just the fonts
23:03.33Cashtro-- Can taint on 2.1, so commented out
23:03.34Cashtro-- If you do not raid or set MT/MA, you can probably uncomment these lines without problem!
23:03.34Cashtro-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
23:03.36Cashtro-- Names above character's heads, free floating text (normally FRIZQT_.ttf)
23:03.40Cashtro-- Names above character's head, in nameplates (normally FRIZQT_.ttf)
23:03.44Cashtro-- Damage pop-up over targets , *not* SCT/SDT (normally FRIZQT_.ttf)
23:03.48Cashtro-- Chat bubbles (normally FRIZQT_.ttf)
23:03.52Cashtroit should be like this
23:03.54Cashtro-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
23:03.56Cashtro-- Special game world '3D' fonts (Dark Imakuni)
23:03.58Cashtro-- Note that CF2 cannot define sizes or styles for these, just the fonts
23:04.00Cashtro-- Can taint on 2.1, so commented out
23:04.02Cashtro-- If you do not raid or set MT/MA, you can probably uncomment these lines without problem!
23:04.04Cashtro-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
23:04.06Cashtro-- Names above character's heads, free floating text (normally FRIZQT_.ttf)
23:04.10amrouse please
23:04.10Cashtro-- Names above character's head, in nameplates (normally FRIZQT_.ttf)
23:04.14Cashtro-- Damage pop-up over targets , *not* SCT/SDT (normally FRIZQT_.ttf) DAMAGE_TEXT_FONT = NORMAL_TEXT_FONT
23:04.16Cashtro-- Chat bubbles (normally FRIZQT_.ttf)
23:04.16Kasotoo late now amro :>
23:04.38Cashtro-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
23:04.39Cashtro-- Special game world '3D' fonts (Dark Imakuni)
23:04.39CashtroSorry this should be the code
23:04.39Cashtro-- Note that CF2 cannot define sizes or styles for these, just the fonts
23:04.39Cashtro-- Can taint on 2.1, so commented out
23:04.40Cashtro-- If you do not raid or set MT/MA, you can probably uncomment these lines without problem!
23:04.41Cashtro-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
23:04.43Cashtro-- Names above character's heads, free floating text (normally FRIZQT_.ttf)
23:04.44*** kick/#WOWWIKI [Cashtro!] by Gryphen (OWNED - 205 Kicks -)
23:05.15amroGryphen: soulda muted instead
23:05.50TecnoBratkick works just as well
23:06.07Gryphenshoulda used pastey
23:06.24Kasofrom what i can tell his "Fix" is just removing the comments on the code that kirk commented out cos it causes taint
23:06.25amroobviously he wasn't aware, mute and explain works better
23:06.35TecnoBratI dont even know what he is talking about tbh
23:07.16TecnoBratKaso, you mean the part that says that in the message he pasted 3 times?
23:07.26Kasothats the one TecnoBrat :>
23:07.57Kasothe real "fix" would be to do STANDARD_TEXT_FONT:CopyFontObject(NORMAL_TEXT_FONT)
23:08.17TecnoBratahhh does that fix the tainting issues?
23:08.27TecnoBrator not cause them, rather
23:08.55Kasokirk and iriel were talking about it in wowi the other day
23:09.04TecnoBratthats probably what kirk was mentioning he wanted to work on CF2 on
23:09.12Kasojust he hasnt gotten around to updating cf2 with it cos he's swanned off on holiday
23:09.38TecnoBrathe was mentioning going to try to do some CF2 stuff before he left, probably didnt happen
23:10.02Dotted|Pixel| !!!!!!!!!!!!!
23:13.08*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
23:19.39foxlitIn the end, the UA check seems to pass when including  Firefox/
23:20.45foxlit["User-Agent"]="KasoBot/0.3 (Firefox/ for the ignorant)",
23:21.00Dottedoh cool
23:21.26KasoIt doesnt pass without firefox?
23:21.41foxlit"KasoBot/0.3" would not work
23:21.45foxlitIt'd spew text/html out
23:21.48Dottedouput is user-agent based
23:23.24Kasois this requesting stuff of armory?
23:23.50Kasohmm yah i think i might have spoofed firefox for that in my orginal code
23:24.13Kasoyah i did
23:27.40*** join/#wowwiki vigilyn (
23:32.21*** join/#wowwiki Foxbot (
23:35.59*** join/#wowwiki gnomepally (
23:37.23gnomepallyhi all, anyone knows a teleport hack that works with private servers?
23:38.15foxlitcmon what?
23:38.16winkillerwrong place, we only play official
23:38.25foxlitBoth private servers and teleport hacks are against ToU
23:38.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
23:39.01winkillerwell, on pserver everything may be possibke ToU-wise
23:39.47gnomepallyyes, private servers aren't quite in harmony with Terms of Use anyays
23:39.55foxlitoverhead ToU violation of being on a private server still wins
23:40.18Pacis it free to play on a pserver?
23:40.27Dottedits illigal
23:40.52foxlit*against EULA
23:41.23DottedPservers are only free if your life has no value.
23:44.10*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:44.27Pacwat do u mean by that?
23:46.53*** join/#wowwiki Kaos_ (
23:51.26Dottedbasicly that if you use pservers to pley the game for free you should DIAF
23:59.47Paccan any1 tell me wat an rppvp server is
23:59.47Dottedimo anyways

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