IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070604

00:01.03Sandwichman2448Quiet... Tooo quiet...
00:02.54Sandwichman2448Can I spam this page? No one is using it...
00:09.45Sandwichman2448 ...
00:12.04ApollozeusI was about to mention that link as well
00:12.15Sandwichman2448Anyone there? No? Thought not.
00:12.27Apollozeusdoes that article have a right to live? We're called WoWWiki, not RSWiki
00:12.51Apollozeusand the tone of the article is far from encyclopedic
00:12.53Sandwichman2448DEATH TO IT! LEAVE NO EVIDENCE!
00:13.29Apollozeusslap a {{delete}} on it
00:15.21Sandwichman2448Want fries with tat?
00:16.40Apollozeusdo you have ADHD or something?
00:17.16Sandwichman2448i just like to entertain myself by bothering others.
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00:28.42Apollozeusit doesn't appear others are present
00:28.45Apollozeusexcept for me of course
00:33.15[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
00:33.17Bagginswwwell it appears that teron fight in SV has the new teron model not hte orc model.
00:37.35Kasothe "new" model isnt an orc?
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00:40.20Sandwichman2448I liked the hood that covered his mouth.
00:40.33KasoSo you mean now Teron in SMV is the undead model Bagginsww ?
00:40.44Sandwichman2448He was never an orc. he was an orc ghost in a dead huma's body
00:41.20Bagginswwthe human undead ya
00:41.35Bagginswwsandwich the model they used before was an orc model
00:41.45Bagginswwthey replaced it with the human model
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00:41.51Bagginswwthe point is they fixed it
00:42.06Bagginswwwell he's still orc in his disguise
00:42.06KasoI makes sense though if he's just a spirit he would manifest himself as he "sees" himself, as an orc
00:42.25Bagginswwwhen you initially see him he's an orc
00:42.26Sandwichman2448But I miss the mouth cover. it was cool.
00:42.30Bagginswwbut you uncover hte truth
00:42.33Sandwichman2448I know.
00:42.53Sandwichman2448I did the quest
00:42.55Bagginswwtechnically I wish he had a skeleton face
00:43.06Bagginswwyou did it recently?
00:43.18Sandwichman2448 Teh coolest
00:43.23Bagginswwcause earlier he went from one orc mondel to another orc model :p
00:43.55BagginswwYa they could at least had his face covered
00:45.15Sandwichman2448I feel sad.
00:46.22Sandwichman2448Eh. Who cares.
00:47.51Sandwichman2448 Some one was complaining for your input.
00:51.39Sandwichman2448I talk too much.
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00:59.26Sandwichman2448Is there a template for favorite things in WoW? like Lore charicter.... Location... Weapon..
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01:55.48Sandwichman2448There is an error with , it cannot be acceses by the template from itself!
01:56.42Sandwichman2448Anyone? GAH! No one talks to me! Ok, RARELY...
01:57.50Bagginswwsandwich I left a post
01:57.55Bagginswwfor the one thing
01:57.59Bagginswwdemon hunters
01:58.50Sandwichman2448I read it
02:01.12Sandwichman2448 Have you read this? :) LOL
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02:18.16[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
02:18.16[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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06:46.01Bagginsww if someone wants to go over that to make it less controversy, and rather "relations" and make it more neutral it would be appreciated.
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07:06.20Adys|MirandaBagginsww: this might help for adding Explorers' League NPCs
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07:11.39Bagginswwthat's alot
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07:45.28AdysSo rage is actually only displayed as 1/100
07:45.32Adysbut its actually 1/1000
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07:50.11Pzykwhat do you mean by that?
07:57.01Fisker-Internally rage, mana and energy is referred to as power
07:57.26Fisker-But rage stuff apparently multiplies by 10 in their spelldata
07:57.39Fisker- <-
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08:14.36AdysFisker-: aye
08:14.37Pzykwowwiki having a hiccup?
08:14.58Adysit leads me to believe there is actually something similar to the reputation system in the rage gain system
08:15.16Pzyki.e. it keeps fractional rage?
08:15.41PzykI think they keep fractions for almost everything anyways
08:15.43AdysSo instead of getting hit and gaining 3 rage, you get 3.8 rage, and if you get hit next for 3.3 rage you gain 4 rage and keep 1
08:16.31Adyskeep .1*
08:16.46Pzykmakes sense
08:25.00AdysBagginsww: ping
08:25.00Adysdo you know anything of 'Project Blue Book' ?
08:25.21Adys10:21:59 Irradiated Manager says: Give me a moment to look over these findings.
08:25.21Adys10:22:08 Irradiated Manager says: Great Gazlowe!
08:25.21Adys10:22:22 Irradiated Manager says: This data will be quite useful for Project Blue Book. Er, I mean, this will be great for my new look.  See if you can gather any more data.
08:26.05Fisker-perhaps a joke about it?
08:26.23Pzykadd to the injokes page?
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08:48.12Bleeterk, so what I'm trying to find out, is if there's a BC NPC who will convert Adamantite Shells to an equiv. arrow, similar to the ol' THorium Shell->Arrow NPC pre-BC
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09:10.41Bleeteryup, no shells->arrow NPC, no 66-75% jumpers, no khorium dragonling... my vote is for the 'engi fix' in 2.1 = teh fale
09:27.16Pzykwell a 50% chance scales perfectly fine
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10:54.04Slagert"Subtlety (-2% threat) - Adys " - took the liberty of adding you to the TBC list, seems it's still popular ;)
10:54.25Slagert(and wtb for fatty tonight ;))
10:54.49Adysbtw slagert
10:54.49Slagertpulled aggro on gruul last night with KTM on 90% of the tank's threat
10:55.12AdysAdd me for Enchant Bracer - Restore Mana Prime
10:55.16SlagertI did?
10:55.18Adysi dont think i posted
10:55.19Adysah, kk
10:55.34SlagertRestore Mana Prime (6 mp5)- Deed, Gertrude, Gregg, Adys
10:55.47Adysremove deed, gert and gregg, they are useless
10:56.01Slagertactually Deed did my soulfrost :P
10:56.06Adyswhat server is #Stormrage? Quakenet?
10:56.12Slagertno idea
10:56.31Slagertbut probably yeah :P
10:56.32Adysno one on here at least
10:56.36Adysnoobs need to l2freenode
10:56.55Slagertmeh, ircnet is my primary network :P
10:57.09Adysmiranda doesnt handle multiservs
10:57.42Slagertpff, dont you have some linux box running somewhere? allows you to run a proper client as well in a shell ^^
10:58.12Slagertanyways, off to work part II ;)
10:59.30Fisker-sure about that Slagert? :o
10:59.41Fisker-Gruul hits the second guy on the aggro list as well
10:59.46Fisker-if in melee range
11:08.15laurlyLooking for opinons:
11:08.38Pzykwhat on?
11:08.42laurlythinking about doing Boilerplates for it so its easer to make new servers.
11:08.49laurlyhole thing i redid it yesterday
11:09.06laurlyHow do you like how its split up?
11:09.52laurlythink the first page is a bit bland and empty.  Pvp page needs work but im not a pvp person so i dont know much about pvping
11:10.28Pzykhonestly arena ladders should be left to the armory to keep track of
11:10.41Pzyksomething like that would have to be updated so often that it'd be useless.
11:10.51laurlyyeah i was thinking the same but then there wouldnt be much use for a pvp page
11:11.02Pzykpretty much
11:11.16laurlyfigured the pvp junky's might want something though
11:11.27PzykI'd move back the list of the high pvp rank stuff
11:11.39Pzykcause usually that's somewhat notable
11:11.54Pzykbut the rest should just be cleared off
11:12.37laurlyMove it back to the main page under hall of fame maybe?
11:15.22laurlyon the upside i made my first template with verables :)
11:29.33Kirkburn|afkWikipedia got problems for anyone else?
11:30.25Kirkburn|afkI keep getting 500 Internal Server errors
11:30.50Fisker-mine is very slow loading right now
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11:31.22Fisker-oh  lol laurly you stoelz my server
11:31.46Pzykwikipedia's going fine for me
11:31.55Pzykeven looked at their featured article (excel saga)
11:33.10Fisker-been loading for 2½ minute or so for me
11:35.31Fisker-4 minutes and 30 seconds
11:35.45Fisker-so not very well it seems
11:39.28laurlyyups do you like it?
11:39.46laurlythink we should boilerplate it i added the crafting pages you hadnt done yet
11:40.27laurlyand check {{Template:Server_Nav|Aggramar|Europe}}  <--- my very first template with verables :)
11:40.58laurlyjust not sure about the PVP page.
11:42.51laurlyand i added outdoor raid bosses to the guild progression page.
11:43.23Pzykweren't they already there?
11:43.24*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
11:43.54Pzykoh for your server
11:44.26laurlyyeah made my server page look like the one fisker did
11:58.07SlagertFisker-: Gruul literally lost interest in the MT, came over, and wacked me for 13K (inner fire didnt help much ;)). After which he went back to the MT.
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11:59.31Pzykdid he walk over to you or were you near by?
12:00.31Slagerthe was center room, I was outer ring
12:01.16Slagertso unless "melee" is defined as greater than mindflay range (24y), it wasnt a strike that was supposed to be going to the OT
12:03.25laurlyi got cleaved by nightbane last night becouse i had chared earth behind me and had to be close enough for mindflay .... hit me for 9k like you said innerfire doesnt help much
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12:08.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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13:03.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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14:33.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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14:34.21TraeGoodbye WoW, I shall play you no more. :)  cheers everyone.
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14:43.45Fisker-man if they start banning people on the forums and ingame at the same time i'll be pretty fucked :(
14:44.02Fisker-Although that'll probably teach guys a lesson :P
14:59.40Bibi`ouFif you can get banned for stupidity, i'll be pretty fucked too.
15:13.24[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
15:16.04foxlitWho picks those titles?
15:16.28Fisker-Bibi`ouF and me respectively
15:16.30Fisker-OH SNAP
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16:03.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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16:30.32Dottedsomebody explain it to him
16:30.39Dottedi just cant be bothered atm
16:34.38KasoExplain what? Did he ever ask a question
16:34.38Kasoi just see alot of inconsistant words
16:35.55amroThreaten to delete his character
16:36.41KasoPlease delete your Interface and WTF folders
16:38.13Dottedgod i love the WTF folder
16:45.38foxlitShould rename it WCS :P
16:47.30*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
16:50.25TecnoBratShould rename it FFS
16:50.42TecnoBratbecause thats what I think every time they tell me to rename it when I am reporting an npc issue
16:52.11Bibi`ouF[NewsBot] ! wake up !
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16:56.17Kasoindianetsa confuses me
16:56.24Bibi`ouFvery talkative guy
16:56.27Kasojoins says hi then leaves 1min later
16:57.09[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Illidari Council world first kill by Nihilum, only Illidan left. -
16:57.46KasoThose people arent human
16:58.59Bibi`ouFthey're blood elves.
16:59.16KasoYou know what i mean!!!
17:15.55Apollozeuswtf has nihilum been doing lol
17:16.17Kasonot sleeping eating or going outside apparently
17:16.30Apollozeusthey get a world first every week
17:16.33Apollozeusthat isn't normal
17:17.34Apollozeusonly Illidan and Archimonde haven't been killed yet
17:17.43ApollozeusTBC runs out of content rather fast
17:26.16Fisker-Well partly being the PTR testing and the other part being that they've easen a bit up on raiding
17:26.21Bagginswwya its not as big of a world as original game
17:27.06Fisker-Well to be honest you did see, besides for the cockblocks, new instances cleared within a day almost
17:27.45Bagginswwinstances aren't really that difficult.
17:28.04Bagginswwexcept for 25 man stuff
17:28.15Bagginswweven that can be learned
17:28.50Bagginswwgranted I haven't done the 25 man content beyond some gruul, and trying to learn maggy
17:29.18Fisker-It's obviously a bit hard to determine though, Ragnaros was a cockblock for months, the BWL instance was severely bugged at start, and AQ40 was poorly tuned
17:29.31Fisker-But they were already on C'Thun on the first day or so
17:29.39Fisker-Besides for the fact that C'Thun was stupid back then
17:29.51Fisker-so it took 2-3 months of constant whining to make Blizzard change it
17:30.09Bagginswwunfortunately no one ever does aq40 anymore, :p
17:30.19BagginswwI'd like to go just for fun :p
17:30.25Fisker-neither did they back then :P
17:30.28BagginswwI never got to experiecne cthun
17:30.38Fisker-C'Thun was probably the most awesome encounter i've ever experienced
17:30.50Apollozeusby the end of the summer, several guilds will be all over illidan and archimonde
17:30.52Bagginswwsometmimes people will naxx, but its rare
17:30.58Bagginsww*do naxx
17:31.08Apollozeusblizz will be forced to introduce either zul'aman, or old world heroic
17:31.13Fisker-People usually only do naxx for the legendary staff or for the frost resistance
17:31.25Fisker-Zul'Aman is in developement as a 10-man instance atm
17:31.39Bagginswwwell I think there should be reasons to go back to some of that content, maybe a 25 man tuned heroic mode
17:31.39ApollozeusI know
17:31.46Fisker-Given the recent lore on Molten Core i'd like to see them fully redesign blackrock mountain
17:31.49Apollozeusthere will probably be
17:31.54Fisker-Perhaps even make heroic mode MC, BWL :D
17:32.00Bagginswwwhat about the northern instance?
17:32.03Apollozeusheroic mode Dire Maul <3
17:32.05BagginswwZul'ashar whatever its called?
17:32.20Apollozeusthe one in Quel'Thalas?
17:32.31Fisker-They're trying to tune it for 10-man encounters right now
17:32.37Fisker-as they like what they did with Karazhan
17:32.42Bagginswwthe one in northern quel'thalas, eversong
17:32.53Apollozeusno, there is no instance in eversong
17:32.57Bagginswwya there is
17:32.58Apollozeusonly in the ghostlands
17:33.03Apollozeuso.O where?
17:33.10Bagginswwread your map
17:33.13Bagginswwgive me sec
17:33.14Fisker-aren't we both talking about Zul'Aman?
17:33.35Bagginswwit has a flashy green gate behind it
17:33.44Bagginswwlike a raid gate
17:34.05Bagginswwzul'aman is the one in ghostlands, and tor'watha is one in evresong
17:34.07Apollozeustwo high level troll instances in a fucking starting area
17:34.22Fisker-i want confirmation :P
17:34.32ApollozeusI'll try and find it fisk
17:34.39Bagginswwwell all I can tellyou is torwatha has green gate
17:34.45Bagginswwyou want a screenshot
17:35.12BagginswwI can see if I can blink through the wall
17:35.18Bagginswwor find a crack to look through
17:35.28Bagginswwgive me a momemnt
17:35.32Fisker-it's actually pretty stupid to put those in a start area
17:35.42Apollozeusto the map viewer mobile!
17:36.08*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
17:36.11Bagginswwactually the article talks about it already
17:36.31Fisker-i got it
17:36.33Bagginswwwell fisker there is another planned 70 zone to connect to that area
17:36.34Fisker-Northeastern Plaguelands!
17:36.35Apollozeusimagine this
17:36.39Fisker-level 70 zone
17:36.43Bagginswwremember Sunwell Platueau
17:36.47Apollozeusalliance folks waiting for the last two people to arrive
17:37.03Apollozeusthen those 23 get so bored that they raid Tranquillien over and over
17:37.08Bagginswwthere will probably be a dock to northrend from the area too
17:37.09ApollozeusTranquillien could be the new Crossroads
17:37.17Fisker-i will cry tears of joy if they add a new zone in patch content
17:37.33ApollozeusI think that would become horde exclusive
17:37.35Bagginswwthey also plan to update several of the current zones in some way
17:37.53BagginswwNah, sunwell is intended to be a raid level content or something
17:37.53Sandwichman2448WoW has a static storyline
17:38.07Fisker-updates to the existing zones are really a thing we should see
17:38.15ApollozeusI thought it was supposed to be reached by walking the dead scar
17:38.23Fisker-especially with new 20-40 content
17:38.24[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
17:38.28Apollozeuswhich means the alliance would have to pass a horde capital
17:38.30Bagginswwya sandwich the storyline is pretty static, except for the occasional world event
17:38.40Bagginswwwhich really doesn't alter much but open a gate, :p
17:38.43Bagginswwor add a few npcs
17:39.06Bagginswwwell apollo no one knows exactly where htey are putting sunwell
17:39.17Bagginswwor how it will be reached
17:39.26Bagginswwfor all we know they might just add flight paths to it
17:39.27Apollozeushmm, perhaps teleportation a la molten core
17:39.34Bagginswwcould be
17:39.34Apollozeusno baggins
17:39.40Apollozeusno flight paths
17:39.52ApollozeusQuelthalas is in its own instance
17:39.57Bagginswwwell you know how you reach outland and automatically get a flight path?
17:40.28Sandwichman2448the true was for the instance comment
17:40.29Fisker-any WC3 era maps with the sunwell and the surrounding area?
17:40.30Bagginswwthere is one alliance town they could implement a flight path from
17:40.39Bagginswwin the area
17:40.47Bagginswwthat could take you to the sunwell
17:40.49Apollozeuswell, that's a questing area for low level blood elves
17:41.01Apollozeusdon't want level 70 players of the opposing faction to go there
17:41.02Bagginswwbut htey could utilize it for the flightpath purposes
17:41.07Bagginswwand give you quests for the area from it
17:41.32Bagginswwjust because they are low level mobs doesn't mean they can't put high level quest on them LOL
17:41.33Fisker-yeah sunwell grove north/northeast of quel'thalas
17:41.39Apollozeuslol that map is so outdated
17:41.52Apollozeusblizzard entirely retconned those two gates
17:41.58Bagginswwya that's the old map, we don't know if they will still do that, or have it somewhere else
17:42.17TecnoBratwow, thats an interesting map
17:42.20Apollozeuswell it would have to be somewhere near silvermoon
17:42.23Bagginswwalso it would be possible to have a flight pat that could pass through the instance, much like th boats do
17:42.36TecnoBratWhere is WPL? haha
17:42.39ApollozeusI've personally thought that the rubble in front of the dead scar doesn't seem like something permanent
17:42.45Bagginswwjust switch to a loading screen in between
17:43.03Sandwichman2448The gates could hve been in between EPL/GL and ESW/GL but no...
17:43.09Bagginswwya I think so appolly I've jumped over it
17:43.15Fisker-could also open up for some interresting horde/alliance drama
17:43.32Fisker-i'm pretty sure the blood elves would want exclusive access to the sunwell
17:43.35Bagginswwit goes all the way to a gate
17:43.39Bagginswwthat could be opened
17:43.40Sandwichman2448They kept the runestones...
17:43.45Apollozeusthere's also another instance in Stormwind
17:43.51Bagginswwhell the gate could "instance into sunnwell :p
17:43.56Apollozeusperhaps the horde could get the sunwell, and the alliance that Stormwind Vault
17:43.56Sandwichman2448For Deathwing.
17:44.07Bagginswwappolo theother instance in stormwind is The Vault
17:44.16TecnoBratanyone have a larger version of that map? (that shows the rest of the northern part of the continent?)
17:44.18Apollozeusthat's what I said :p
17:44.19Bagginswwwere demons, and magical villains are imprisoned
17:44.29Fisker-gonna watch some tv!
17:44.39Sandwichman2448What about the one by old town?
17:44.40ApollozeusI know, I know
17:44.47Apollozeusit isn't quite as interesting as the sunwell
17:45.02Apollozeusbut still.. the sunwell being in deep horde territory is a difficulty
17:45.21Sandwichman2448Portal from Alliance lands?
17:45.43Bagginswwbut the rumor is that sunwell quests will be fore everyone, probably get some from Tyri and Jorad
17:46.08Apollozeussunwell -> anveena
17:46.13Sandwichman2448What wold the alliance do there? Attempt to heal the Blood elfs to make them Alliance again?
17:46.18Apollozeusthey'd have to make her pop up somewhere
17:46.19Bagginswwits not that difficult, its low level area, easy to pass through. Its kind of like ratchet, ;)
17:46.27Apollozeusno Sandwichman2448
17:46.32Apollozeusthat would fiercely unbalance the game
17:46.47Sandwichman2448Aveena as a boss?
17:46.53Bagginswwwell sunwell was also source for much of human magic if you think about it
17:47.08Bagginswwwho tought hte first humans how to use the magic?
17:47.22Apollozeusthe high elves
17:47.23Sandwichman2448They would not turn Alliance, just Try To
17:47.36Bagginswwwell t hey could do it for the high elves in the alliance
17:47.37Sandwichman2448turn them
17:47.43Sandwichman2448Yeah that too
17:47.47Bagginswwto help their withdrawals
17:48.00ApollozeusI'm sure they could think of ways to make quests for the sunwell for the alliance
17:48.04Bagginswwplus it might be needed for some power to open up the portals in outland
17:48.17Bagginswwwater frm the well to open the portals
17:48.29Bagginswwcould be a attunement chain
17:49.03Bagginswwor could simply be conquest story, take it back for the alliance.
17:49.13Apollozeusa battleground
17:49.27Sandwichman2448Aveena should be a bass
17:49.28Apollozeusthat would also fix the problem of players walking there
17:49.43BagginswwI don't think anveena will be a boss, she has human memories.
17:49.55Sandwichman2448Many bosses are human
17:49.58Apollozeusperhaps a 'corrupted anveena'
17:50.01Bagginswwbut she isn't evil
17:50.06Sandwichman2448Yes she is
17:50.07Bagginswwshe'd have to be corrupted first yes
17:50.13Apollozeusblizzard has corrupted so many characters..
17:50.17Bagginswwshe's a friend of Kalec
17:50.22Bagginswwand Kalec might still be there
17:50.24Sandwichman2448he is a boss?
17:50.38Apollozeushe's a red dragon
17:50.49Sandwichman2448I thought blue
17:50.57BagginswwNah he's red
17:51.09Bagginswwtyri's mate is the blue one
17:51.23Bagginswwsorry I'm mixing them up
17:51.46BagginswwKalec is the lbue one
17:51.55Sandwichman2448Your thinking of Krasus
17:52.10Bagginswwya both start with K lol
17:52.12Sandwichman2448Krasus is mary sueish
17:52.16Sandwichman2448Not really
17:52.17Bagginswwand apollo confused me lol
17:52.34Bagginswwbut ya krasus was in the story too
17:52.45BagginswwKalec stayed behind with anveena
17:52.54Bagginswwand Krasus we have no idea
17:53.24Bagginswwand btw in the book sunwell is hidden behind a mystical barrier. you could pass over it and not even know you were.
17:53.24Sandwichman2448Xi'ri is my favorite lore charicter...
17:53.38Bagginswwkind of like that town in ROTH
17:53.45TecnoBratThey could easily block off the sunwell from getting into .. and simply make some sort of portal to get into it .. kinda like those buildings in the outlands where you click to go to the top floor
17:54.10Sandwichman2448Which ones?
17:54.12TecnoBratyes, sorry, outland
17:54.34Sandwichman2448Oh that yeah
17:54.42TecnoBratthen it could be anywhere
17:54.53Bagginswwalthough there "might be "outlands" if one of the adventure seeds in S&L turned out to be true
17:54.55Apollozeusno, the sunwell has to be near Silvermoon
17:54.55TecnoBratjust make some lore about some long lost access point
17:55.04Apollozeusotherwise arthas wouldn't have destroyed it
17:55.12Bagginswwaccording to the seed the BL blew up another world, creating another OUtland
17:55.12TecnoBratApollozeus, no, I mean the access point
17:55.20Apollozeusoh, I see
17:55.41Sandwichman2448What did they blow up?
17:55.46Bagginswwwell in warcraft 3, he had to go through silvermoon
17:55.53Bagginswwto get to the well
17:55.58Bagginswwit was on the island in that game
17:56.27Sandwichman2448Some goblins sold him zepplins.
17:56.29Bagginswwsilvermoon actually was big city that waw built on both sides the continent and the island
17:56.39Bagginswwstupid goblins
17:56.54*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
17:56.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
17:56.59TecnoBratBagginsww, true .. but there could easily be lore written to make that make sense still .. "after the first attack, it was protected using some blah blah blah blah"
17:57.07Apollozeuswell, go north of silvermoon with a blood elf
17:57.21Apollozeusit's easily reachable from the starting area
17:57.26Apollozeusit's surprisingly empty there
17:57.42TecnoBrator maybe blizzard will do nothing with it
17:57.49TecnoBratwhich would be totally disapointing
17:57.50Sandwichman2448 Vandal, crazy, noob, or Forum troll?
17:57.59Bagginswwand there is one npc that points out across the sea while talking about the sunwell on starting area island
17:58.17Bagginswwso it may still be intended to be an island to the north
17:58.21Sandwichman2448he says you could see it fron the top of the sunspire
17:58.47Apollozeus<TecnoBrat> or maybe blizzard will do nothing with it
17:58.48Apollozeus<TecnoBrat> which would be totally disapointing
17:59.04Apollozeusblizz won't have time to introduce all things to the game
17:59.11TecnoBratoh absolutely
17:59.17ApollozeusI mean, WoW only has like 3 or 4 expansions left :/
17:59.27TecnoBrathowever, its one of those things I really find personally interesting
17:59.36Sandwichman2448The game will be forgotten eventully... The i will die
17:59.51Apollozeusin a few years from now, we'll all be gone :p
17:59.58TecnoBratlook at everquest
18:00.24Sandwichman2448What is that?
18:00.31Apollozeusyou just proved his point
18:01.47Apollozeusso much content which isn't ingame yet
18:02.02Apollozeusor halfassed in the game
18:02.27Sandwichman2448is there a boilerplate for you favorite things in wow like item, charicter, zone...
18:02.44amroBlizzard started out nice with WoW, but they're losing their touch
18:02.54TecnoBratApollozeuso, so much more story to tell
18:03.19amroI'd rather have the story told in Warcraft 4
18:03.24amroBurning Crusade lore is almost boring
18:03.34Apollozeusblizz has to be careful with adding content too
18:03.55Apollozeusthey could make us destroy anyone, from Deathwing to Arthas to Illidan to Kiljaeden
18:04.05Apollozeusbut then.. there won't be anything left for future games :/
18:04.24Sandwichman2448Future games?
18:04.30TecnoBratlol they will start resurrecting people
18:04.34TecnoBratrag will come out
18:04.37TecnoBratand pwn us all
18:04.49amrobesides it doesn't fit well in the lore when someone like Arthas is killed by a bunch of loot-hungry raiders
18:04.57TecnoBratOnyxia will turn ... GREEN
18:04.59Sandwichman2448There was, is, and only ever will be WoW.
18:05.15Apollozeusaddict :p
18:05.49TecnoBratHad an interesting conversation in Felwood yesterday
18:05.58TecnoBratsome dude calling another guy a nerd
18:06.05Sandwichman2448-.E <--- What is this emoticon look like, i keep using it but have no idea.
18:06.15TecnoBratat 3:00 on a saturday afternoon as they both played an online game for hours
18:06.36TecnoBraterr not yesterday, saturday .. but yea
18:06.37amrolol TecnoBrat
18:07.03TecnoBratAparantly, he wasn't a nerd, because he has a kid and a wife
18:07.20TecnoBratthat automatically erases all of your hours of playing an online game instead of going outside, I guess
18:08.01TecnoBratI play A LOT of wow, also have a wife, a 2y/o, play in a baseball league, and play in a wallyball league ... but I am still a nerd.
18:08.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:08.29Sandwichman2448All... that and wow too... HERITIC!
18:09.27Apollozeusblizzcon is coming up
18:09.40Sandwichman2448So can I have my Questions anwsered? No one ever does...
18:09.40Apollozeusperhaps blizz will reveal more at that time ;)
18:09.45TecnoBratI'm surprised no one asked "What the heck is Wallyball?"
18:09.50TecnoBrator did you all just wiki it?
18:10.00ApollozeusI assumed it was a fancy way of spelling volleyball <_<
18:10.21TecnoBrathehe, different game, but similar :)
18:10.22Sandwichman2448Wall Ball in Austrailia?
18:10.43TecnoBratWallyball = Volleyball in a raquetball court
18:10.55TecnoBratand the walls are in play
18:11.24Sandwichman2448is there a boilerplate for you favorite things in wow like item, charicter, zone...
18:11.44Apollozeusdon't think so
18:11.54Apollozeusmake one
18:12.29TecnoBratZone is there also
18:12.39TecnoBratCharacter = NPC / Mob / PC probably
18:13.48Sandwichman2448No, i mean like a chart that has FAvorite things Like Favorite Zone: Favorite Lore Charicter:
18:15.35*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
18:19.46*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
18:19.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
18:20.09*** join/#wowwiki laurly (
18:23.35*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
18:24.35TecnoBratI am officially proud to play Alliance
18:25.43KasoYou're proud that some crappy guild is stealing a Goon squad gimmic event which has been copied numerous times since.
18:26.57TecnoBratactually the best "ransom" was when Drama stole Insomniac's maintank .. chain mindcontrolling, trapping, sheeping, seducing him, pulling him away from the Naxx entrance all of the way into Hillsbrad
18:28.03TecnoBratThat was after Insomniacs wiped one of Drama's raids that was world buffed for KT
18:28.11TecnoBratThat was the best pvp week ever
18:28.16KasoWhy didnt the rest of the raid go rescue him?
18:28.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:28.35TecnoBratCause they were all getting camped at the Naxx entrance
18:29.18Kasothe "original" flight master gimmick
18:29.22TecnoBratEventually, they were able to summon him out
18:29.35TecnoBratBut Drama kept him in combat for a good hour
18:29.51Fisker-TecnoBrat they copied the horde
18:30.18Apollozeushe could just have logged off lol
18:30.25TecnoBratoh he did, multiple times
18:30.32Fisker-and btw you can't exit naxxramas so being camped at the entrance doesn't matter
18:30.56TecnoBratbut they had to summon him before they got him back in combat
18:32.07*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
18:32.50Devilkoulcan volley crit?
18:33.16Kasotis a dot.
18:33.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:33.32Sandwichman2448We know...
18:34.50Tekkub"[[Draenei|draenei]]"   /bitchslap
18:35.01Sandwichman2448I onece misread Gressil, Dawn of Ruin as Pretzel, Rune of Dawn
18:35.48Fisker-Why the hell don't they jus fix them then?
18:36.04Fisker-Seems so utterly pointless to make them kiteable if they're not supposed to be engaged in combat
18:37.00Devilkoulleash imo
18:37.17Devilkouloh i was talkin bout FM
18:40.41*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
18:55.35[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: BlizzCon Swag, Beta Key and Murloc Suit! -
19:08.17*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
19:12.04Apollozeusoh god
19:12.08Apollozeusmurloc suits
19:12.10Fisker-so only question remains, SC2 or WoW: Next expansion the first beta they'll get? :P
19:12.30Devilkoulsc2 i bet
19:12.36Devilkoulbut hope for expac
19:12.39Fisker-if they make you look like that i'm gonna fucking get it on ebay
19:13.19ApollozeusI'm not spending 300 bucks for an useless suit :D
19:13.34Fisker-well i probably shouldn't either
19:13.47Fisker-well actually
19:13.50Fisker-i got the upper hand
19:13.56Fisker-I can buy it and refute it paypal
19:14.27Apollozeusthat's theft lol o.O
19:14.43Fisker-not really, it's not real it's virtual :P
19:14.49Fisker-the only reason why it works
19:15.18Fisker-i'm so annoyed though
19:15.28Fisker-Why is it that only blizzcon attendees can get cool stuff like that?
19:15.40Fisker-Well they might screw up at the next expansion and give us a murloc suit but still
19:16.05*** part/#wowwiki Kaos (
19:16.21*** join/#wowwiki Moridin (
19:16.47Devilkoulit's not like they given away tier6 at the door, it's a fkn murloc suit
19:17.08Devilkoulguess it doesnt bother me as much..
19:17.30Fisker-Hey Blizzard,
19:17.30Fisker-Please mess up the collectors edition in europe again, if so i call dips on the Blizzcon Murloc Suit
19:17.49Fisker-I wonder what they're going to answer to that :D
19:18.04Fisker-"Oh hi you just wasted our time, 3 day ban lol"
19:18.23Fisker-True story
19:18.24[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:18.47foxlitGet inventory out of inventory and on a chain!
19:19.31Fisker-Some guy i heard of was warned by the senior gm's to cease sending them several emails a week or they would take action on his in-game account
19:20.03Devilkoull2bank char
19:20.20Fisker-btw i must applaud Blizzard on an actual ban message instead of ???wow.500.errormessage???
19:31.56Fisker-i wonder if it's possible to buy a ticket and let a friend use it for one and send the beta key and murloc suit key to one :P
19:33.27Apollozeusyou can definetely only acquire one murloc suit and one beta key from one ticket
19:35.08Fisker-i was talking about buying a ticket and giving it to a friend
19:35.15Fisker-if he could redeem a second ticket for himself
19:35.35Fisker-I think i heard about the last time that only one person would be eligible for the goody bag
19:35.45Fisker-so even if he had more than one valid ticket they wouldn't accept his other tickets
19:37.43Apollozeuslol, obviously
19:39.25*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
19:39.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
19:41.37Fisker-you know what would be fucking funny?
19:41.44Fisker-If they made it work like the ashbringer
19:41.50Fisker-all murlocs would be friendly to you
19:41.52Fisker-i'd fucking lol
19:43.23Fisker-how can they make such a awesome platehelm drop from hydross when a drop from archimonde is worse? :E
19:48.58Fisker-now we know some of the internal server naming at blizzard!
19:50.40Fisker-makes no sense that blizzard will be having old and new arena gear at the same prices
19:52.21Fisker-Everybody loves monologues
19:52.23Fisker-season 1
19:52.29Fisker-i hate you guys :(
19:56.51*** join/#wowwiki clad|work (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
20:03.28[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:33.26[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:40.55*** join/#wowwiki clad|work (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
20:49.12TecnoBratclad's computer doesnt like him
20:50.47ApollozeusAzeroth is really getting full with all of these NPCs who give you stuff
20:51.06Apollozeusso many code redemption NPCs
20:51.45Devilkoul"many" yes, neg full
20:51.58Fisker-they just added one for a golden pig
20:52.07Fisker-anyways gonna get some sleep
20:52.10Fisker-have none
20:52.26Fisker-He's at the reagent vendor in shattrath, and up at the cooking trainer in orgrimmar
20:52.33Fisker-a bit further than the cooking trainer
20:52.51Devilkouli c
20:54.29Apollozeusthere are three murloc guys now.. there's a goblin for the TCG things.. every starting area has an NPC for pets for the original CE
20:54.45Apollozeusand of course the golden piggy guy in shat
20:55.17*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:58.26[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:07.33*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:07.53laurlynerf GMs just 3 seprate groups going after doomwalker we got it to 17% server roll back now hes despawned :/
21:09.55Devilkoulwow, lame
21:19.22Fisker-Zul'Aman and To'Gowatha(or whatever) have the same types of entrances
21:23.49Fisker-norgannon people should learn a bit about making guild articles
21:25.42Bagginswwcurses 500 short from honored with netherwing
21:26.48laurlyyou going to manualy edit them all fisker?
21:27.25Fisker- <-already moved them
21:27.31laurlyfound my first probably pointless page
21:27.43laurlywas thinking about making a bot to do it
21:32.03Fisker-Anyway i can stop the wiki from parsing internal links Bagginsww?
21:32.31Bagginswwto be honest I'm not the person to contact with technical issues, sorry :(
21:32.41Fisker-you totally suck :P
21:32.49Fisker-not as much as me though :(
21:32.51Fisker-I was heading to bed
21:32.57Fisker-but just had to browse some wiki
21:33.18laurly<nowiki></nowiki?   <<-- that fisker?
21:33.31laurly</nowiki> even
21:35.03Fisker-oh man
21:35.08Fisker-almost screwed up
21:35.29Fisker-using <code> and <nowiki> the position of the tags matter
21:35.40Fisker-well it doesn't but i can't end one before i end the other
21:36.30laurlyhmm why not? that doesnt sound right
21:37.59Fisker-because ending the <nowiki> tag before the <code> tag and starting the <nowiki> tag after the <code> tag  apparently means that the code tag never gets closed
21:38.25[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:38.41Fisker-you should always do <tag1><tag2><tagn></tag1></tag2></tagn> to ensure proper parsing :P
21:38.44Fisker-if i remember correctly
21:38.48laurlylol i think your confusing it
21:38.57Fisker-it is very confusing :P
21:39.06Fisker-gotta sleep though
21:39.10Fisker-i'm soo tired
21:39.59AdysSame here
21:40.00Adysnn peeps
21:41.15Skosiris~seen Teomyr
21:41.54infobotteomyr <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 8d 1h 58m 33s ago, saying: 'hehe'.
21:42.39Skosiriswhat happened to Teomyr? :(
21:45.35laurlywhat wtf?
21:45.57*** join/#wowwiki dok3 (
21:54.11Skosiristeo hasn't been on for more than a week now
21:55.38TecnoBrat-14:36:34- (Fisker-) you should always do <tag1><tag2><tagn></tag1></tag2></tagn> to ensure proper parsing :P
21:55.48TecnoBratthat was the "wtf?"
21:57.18[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Illidari Council down by Curse, another guild competiting for Illidan first kill -
22:01.50TecnoBratwhat the hell shoulders are those
22:02.13*** join/#wowwiki dok3 (
22:02.15Bagginswwneutrality is becoming worse on that
22:03.47TecnoBratIs there ingame proof of what is stated?
22:04.17Bagginswwthere is one horde's opinion
22:04.23Bagginswwfrom a quest chain
22:04.29*** join/#wowwiki dok3 (
22:04.35Bagginswwbut that's kind of a one side opinion
22:05.14Bagginswwwe had to totally rewrite the bael moden article because of the same kind of onesided neutrality issue
22:05.23Bagginswwthis is why we tend to try to avoid putting in horde vs. quest lore in the articles
22:05.36Bagginsww*horde vs alliance quest lore
22:05.41TecnoBratahhh yea
22:05.41Bagginswweach side has their own story :p
22:05.46deltron(for the horde)
22:06.00TecnoBrattelling the story of each side ... might be important in the article though
22:06.26Bagginswwits one thing if each side is given an even amount of postives or negatives
22:06.36Bagginswwone thign the term "contraversy" should be avoided
22:06.49Bagginswwpolitics would be better
22:07.07Bagginswwbut the way it reads now sounds like a pro-horde agenda
22:07.24Bagginswwzarnks agian what you can expect :p
22:08.24Bagginswwto be fair other lore explains that it was an occupied area of barrens
22:08.30Bagginswwwhen bael modan was first built
22:08.41Bagginswwthe horde attacked them first always over spirit issues :p
22:08.50Bagginswwthey fought back
22:09.02Bagginswwoh ya one person claims he tried to broker piece
22:09.13Bagginswwbut both wouldn't back down
22:09.15TecnoBratthats interesting, you have probably seen it though
22:09.36TecnoBrat"The work will be noisy and disruptive but our search is of far greater importance than the comfort of the local inhabitants. In fact, we've already had to drive a band of bull-men out of the area who were proving to be a nuisance."
22:09.43Bagginswwdon't think I read that one
22:10.13TecnoBrat"The fact that we are dealing with various rogue elements out here leads me to believe we will need support from the King's Army. Not only will the excavation require military support, it would seem to my novice eye that the location of Bael Modan might be of strategic value to the Alliance considering the volatility of world politics in their current state."
22:10.43TecnoBratinteresting none the less, but you are right .. the horde vs alliance things need to stay neutral, while telling about the conflict
22:11.56Bagginswwpre-WoW history of bael modan also discusses it as being kind of homeland for gnomes and dwarves who came to kalimdor to get away from the scourge
22:12.08Bagginswwbefore they disocverd the titan artifacts
22:12.46Bagginswwthat's not to say there aren't some scumm in the alliance
22:12.49Bagginswwand vice versa
22:15.35*** join/#wowwiki Dotted (
22:15.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Dotted] by ChanServ
22:34.48*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
22:34.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
22:44.13foxlitCan I speedydelete an API article for no reason?
22:44.37foxlitIt's a type I don't believe should be a type; corrently editing it out of articles referencing it.
22:44.45*** join/#wowwiki dok3 (
22:47.53*** join/#wowwiki bryantms (
22:50.17*** join/#wowwiki bryantms (
22:50.42Bagginswwso arrakoa have their own dance heh
22:51.57*** join/#wowwiki Tusva (
22:52.15Bagginswwya if you do one of the quests that puts on an arrakoa disguise you can dance
22:53.29deltronreminds me of the old ogre dance in dire maul: north tribute run
22:53.49Bagginswwand even better the disguise can apparently be used in terrokar forest. I'm tempted not to finish the quest line.
22:53.59Bagginswwanywhere in terrokar
22:54.10deltronwhat's the quest line?
22:54.30deltronah never did any of them yet
22:54.43Bagginswwdail quests are awesome
22:54.47Bagginswwgold gold more gold
22:55.27Tusvahow much baggins?
22:56.36foxlitKeel it! Keeeel it!
22:57.04*** join/#wowwiki dok3 (
22:57.09Bagginswwwell doing netherwing is netting me about 150g a day I thin
22:57.20deltronholy crap
22:57.30TusvaOh sure, delete the API {{sd}}s but when evil redundant icons are sitting to be killed they just gather dust! /cry
22:57.34Bagginswwthat's about 7 quests
22:57.34foxlitNo, not really
22:57.46foxlitAround 13g each, at max?
22:57.57Bagginswweach about 11g each and one 20g, plus items dropped as I farm
22:58.00foxlitBut yeah, dailies are imba
22:58.29Bagginswwplus the one time quests that open up as you gain rep
22:58.45Bagginswwthen another 11g for the bombing run over in sketthis
22:58.48foxlitTusva: API > icons! :)
22:58.48Bagginswwyou can do daily
22:58.55deltronthat's like enough for my daily repair bills heh
22:59.03foxlitI think that's the idea
22:59.11BagginswwI still have 2 more daily quests I can do today, but I haven't unlocked anymore
22:59.16foxlitDaily quests completely kill the need for endgame gold buying
22:59.26foxlit(not that anyone in the endgame should be buying gold, but!)
23:00.44Bagginswwand you get other nice things too
23:00.48Bagginswwfrom the rep
23:00.49deltronyou guys read up on that drama with nihilum?
23:00.52foxlitWell, no.
23:01.02foxlitRep rewards from new factions absolutely suck.
23:01.07Tusvathe "exploit" drama?
23:02.20deltronand gold buying
23:02.31TecnoBratmy son so looks like christopher robin in these pics,
23:02.37Tusvaalways drama at the top!
23:02.56TecnoBratdeltron, lol where?
23:03.28foxlitMoney can't buy mad skills!
23:03.46Tusvai hope it takes them at least another week or two to down Illidan. Otherwise I'll be disappointed in Blizz :/
23:04.00*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire_ (
23:04.07Apollozeuswell, Archimonde is also still alive and kicking
23:04.36Beer-Bot_v8-18sad thing is, I wouldn't doubt any of those claims
23:06.55foxlitTbh, I don't care :)
23:07.39TecnoBratI'm sure the whole "he was at 1% so I SS'd and SW:D him to see"
23:07.42TecnoBratwas the real story
23:07.45TecnoBratsee his comment in chat
23:07.59TecnoBrat"sorry she was on 1%"
23:08.05foxlitDUDE, LADY VASHJ IS A HE?!
23:08.21TecnoBraterrr .. she :P
23:08.35TecnoBrat"coudent resist"
23:08.46Devilkouldays behind
23:08.48foxlit(the correct answer was: "This is wow, what did you think she was?!")
23:09.04TecnoBratSS or you are a boy
23:09.23foxlitI take it you haven't heard the blueplz! nihilum related clips? :)
23:11.17foxlitDrat, I can't find a 3-in-1 zip
23:11.49BagginswwI have 300g almost and not going to buy my epic mount. Just wait until I finish farming the rep
23:11.57Bagginswwfor netherwing
23:13.01foxlitWhy are people struggling to buy epic mounts?
23:14.14BagginswwHmm I'm not, I bought my epic training already this week. Just decided I'd rather just save money and work towrds the dragon.
23:14.17Apollozeusdo you know how awful those gryphons and windriders look?
23:14.20Devilkouli dont think its a struggle more along the lines of a lot more to do end game atm
23:14.27Devilkoulthere are more and more around
23:14.37Apollozeusas soon as I get my 5000g for my riding skill, I'll start with the Netherwing
23:14.39foxlitThat needs 200g?
23:14.53Bagginswwnetherwing is free I think
23:14.55foxlitI mean, I've got 2 epic mounts + trainings already
23:14.58Bagginswwisn't it?
23:15.03Apollozeusno baggins
23:15.07Bagginswwhow much?
23:15.12Apollozeusstill 200 I think
23:15.19foxlitI was mainly asking about <Devilkoul> v
23:15.21foxlita lot more to do end game atm
23:15.26Apollozeusyou earn a ton of money doing the quests
23:15.32deltronhmm arkinventory works a bit different now eh
23:15.33Bagginswwya virtually free
23:15.43Bagginswwand I hear you can continue doing the uqests affter you get the mount
23:15.58Bagginswwfor more gold
23:16.10Apollozeusof course
23:16.18Apollozeus <-- proof
23:16.20foxlitBut here's the trick: what are you going to do with that gold?
23:16.24Apollozeusfor the price
23:16.30Devilkoulfoxlit, uh i guess i missed your followup question
23:16.32Bagginswwfoxlit buy, lots and lots of enchants
23:16.41Bagginswwmats will be no issue
23:16.46Apollozeusbuy 20 slots bags
23:16.59foxlitHm, good.
23:17.01TecnoBratfoxlit, where were these clips? :)
23:17.23foxlitI'll prepare some 20slot bags to sell to you guys at obnoxiously large prices :P
23:17.29Bagginswwbuy fun doodads I wouldn't have wasted mone on before
23:17.29Devilkouli was mainly referring to the 5k gold riding training, not the 200g...
23:17.52Devilkoulthere's lots to do other than saving/grinding towards 5k
23:17.55foxlitJust get like the last 2 months of Blue Plz! It's awesome other way
23:17.56Apollozeusyou got a drake for free it seems
23:18.29TecnoBratoh, I found em .. linked from the wiki :)
23:18.31foxlitBut basically, the only justifiable moneysink is repairs
23:18.50Bagginswwhell I could get in on gold dungeon raids, and actually buy loot :)
23:19.05Devilkoulyour saying people who have epic riding are "struggling" to get 200g?
23:19.14Devilkouli guess i missunderstood
23:19.28Bagginswwpeople can now use ogrila and skethis to get the initial 5k too
23:19.45foxlitI'm saying I don't see why everyone isn't riding an epic mount (or two!) already
23:19.46Bagginswwand the other camp in blade's edge
23:19.58Bagginswwbecause someone didn't have much gold as they entered the expansion
23:20.03Devilkoulcause its 5000g
23:20.09Devilkouland there's lots of other shit to concentrate on
23:20.13foxlitYou practically get 5000g while leveling
23:20.18Apollozeusno way dude
23:20.24Bagginswwno I only made about 3k from leveling and quests
23:20.29ApollozeusI ended up with 1000g when I was done
23:20.35Bagginswwrest were from dungeon runs
23:20.38Devilkouli want whatever your on :D
23:20.46Dottedlol foxlit :D:Dd:d:d
23:20.50foxlitSell a few rare worldrops on the TBC jewelcrafting landgrab, and you're set.
23:20.53Bagginswwand I was doing every quest in each zone to get that 3k
23:21.02foxlitHerbs, Ores sell like hot cupcakes still
23:21.06Dottedfoxlit if you are lucky
23:21.08Devilkoulthat's lot more than leveling
23:21.12Devilkoulyour talking profs
23:21.16Devilkouland mob grinding
23:21.18BagginswwI think i might have reached 3500 after I started working on SV
23:21.28Bagginswwbut alot of my gold was simply from KZ runs
23:21.34Bagginswwlast 1500 I mean
23:21.34foxlitI had about 4.8k gold at 70
23:21.41Bagginswwhow much did you start with?
23:21.44foxlitStarted with epic land riding skill and 100g
23:21.50BagginswwI started around 2500 in expansion
23:21.59Dottedi had 700g at level 70, starting with aroung 100 i think
23:22.01Bagginswwand that was from months of raids :p
23:22.10foxlitWell, maybe not. there may have been a certain amount contributed by the raiding guild bank :P
23:22.19Devilkouland the truth comes out
23:22.56Bagginswwoh ya I was down to 1800, I forget I switched guilds, and their raids sucked about 200-500g from me P
23:23.17Bagginswwbefore expansion
23:23.23Bagginswwin repairs
23:23.30Bagginswwand pots
23:23.43foxlitTbh, guild pays repairs
23:23.47foxlitAnd we <3 them for it
23:23.52BagginswwI would too
23:24.03Devilkoulget them to pay irl bills imo
23:25.44Apollozeusit's Curse vs Nihilum for Illidan
23:26.03Devilkoultakin bets?
23:26.49ApollozeusI bet Nihilum will down him first
23:27.04TecnoBratI want Curse to
23:27.19Devilkouldoes curse have a world 1st?
23:27.29Devilkoulin bt, hyjal or eye?
23:28.45TecnoBratThey currently are the only guild to kill Azgalor in Hyjal
23:29.10TecnoBratWorld first on Kaz'rogal
23:30.09ApollozeusI'm off
23:43.20*** join/#wowwiki _dok3 (

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