IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070530

00:06.50FtH|Daemonaany1 know whats up with wowhead?
00:10.55Bagginswwalright mostly complete with APG classes.
00:11.10Devilkoullike any good site who’s trying to gain popularity, they are doing maintenance during peak hours.
00:11.10Bagginswwnow to move onto horde player's guide
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00:23.03FtH|Daemonai dont consider 2am peak hours ;)
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00:25.54Bleetermy *guess*, and it's only a guess, is that maybe they discovered something 'nasty' after 2.1.0 went live, maybe someone injecting bad data, maybe their mod/app was sending bad data...
00:26.07Bleeter.. or maybe that's just coincidence and there's a 'genuine' foul up ;)
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01:13.57BagginswwHas anyone noticed that common names might actually come from actual earth languages?
01:14.04BagginswwLike welsh, and what not?
01:16.09MatthewSin comparison to?
01:17.25BleeterBagginsww: check the bankers in Darnassus. Very definately gaelic with a random letter or two thrown in
01:17.32Bleeter(compare and contrast IF and SW bankers ;-)
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01:18.21Bleeterthe 'gaelic' derivative ain't that suprising, Tolkien did similar ;)
01:19.07MatthewSplace names in tolkein lit and ethiopian locations are kind of fun to compare
01:19.12Bagginswwya bleeter
01:19.19BagginswwI think darrow might mean dwarf
01:19.20Bagginswwbut not sure
01:19.25Bagginswwat least dwarrow is
01:19.38Bagginswwtolkien discusses obscure history around the word in one of his books
01:20.43[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
01:22.06BleeterBagginsww: I thought dwarrows was a tolkien construct, as the plural for dwarves... er.. dwarfs.. er... hmm
01:22.42Bleeternames in The Hobbit are some Icelandic myth, from memory
01:23.05Bleeterwas never a big Tolkien fan
01:24.42Bagginswwdwarrow is older than the tolkien
01:25.00Bagginswwya it is from icelandic, or norse
01:25.45Adysgief more quotes :(
01:25.48Adysnn peeps
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01:47.18Bleeteryay! i'm on the quote page adys posted, with the most important line too! :)
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01:59.54nahanyone is Australia currently unable to connect to any realm OR once you do the latency is 10000+ ms .. WoW website times out etc etc
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02:04.49Bagginswwtheron again :p
02:05.12Bagginswwthis time its a matter of symantics...
02:05.37Karrionnah: I'm at work so I can't try to connect to a realm... wow website loads fine for me though
02:06.29nahi getting reports from other aussie users of a failure between Aus and Singapore re:Optus link
02:09.33Karrioncan't connect to the wow website from my home machine though
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02:12.09Bleeteryeah, WOW in .au/.sg and other oceanic areas is bustinated for most people atm
02:12.31Bleeterthere's only a couple of transpacific pipes, and one of them's stuck in a circular route, sending stuff to .tw and foo
02:13.02Bleeterthat's to say, Telstra based connections are probably fine... anything else is more than likely fuxored to the max
02:13.12Karrionyeah... MCI (work connection) seems ok, iinet (home) isn't
02:13.52BleeterKarrion: at least iinet has ;)
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02:14.35BleeterKarrion: I posted to ... but can't get it to reload to check for replies/sanity of whoever replied
02:15.08BleeterKarrion: fwiw, I'm seeing different traces now to us.loogon form about an hour ago, could be indicative of something being worked on
02:15.33Bleetereither that, or some router's finally given in and gone
02:16.22Karrionso far just a lot of "me too" on that thread
02:16.41Bleeterbut, my guess is... Optus/Singtel had some hardwired routing in, and when Blizz did some networking foo during maintenance, it broke the hardwired stuff
02:16.58Bleeterwitness other threads about latency etc., indicating they've doine some network stuff last night
02:17.38Bleeterhmm, Telstra, Optus and MCI.. they're the three trans-pacific carriers, there aren't anymore are there?
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02:17.51Bleeteror are Telstra and MCI shared these days
02:18.34Bleeteryar, I can't even pull up anymore
02:18.50Bleeterstuck in a loop between and 171.5
02:20.11BleeterKarrion: btw, upgrade to pidgin 2.0.1 :P
02:20.23Karrioneveryone seems to be blaming their upstream
02:20.49Bleeterfrom what I'm seeing, it's Singtel which is technically upstream from Optus
02:20.51Karrionlol, soon as it's in the fedora repo
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02:21.04Bleeterah, warren was asking for testers for that last night
02:21.20Bleeter(warren being the fedora guy who looks after gaim/pidgin builds)
02:21.38BleeterI turned him down, 'coz I have to use Windows or I don't get no WoW cachefiles built ;)
02:22.16Bleeterso either FC Pidg is close, or your failure to /msg warren and offer to test, is.. part of the cause :P
02:22.21Karrionmm, I'd be willing to test it if he has a package built
02:23.17Karrionthen I have to complain about the status icons, right? >.>
02:23.42Bleeteryeah, just remember to NOT read ticket 414, the -devel threads about it, and everything else :P
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02:26.15Sky2042gryphen or tekkub, if you're on
02:26.49the_squidam I the only one having troubles logging onto wow/getting to
02:27.48Karrionthe_squid: are you in .au?
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02:27.55the_squidKarrion, indeed
02:28.03Bagginswwkirkburn if you are around, or another moderator you can checxk out theron again...
02:28.04Karrionthen no, you're not the only one
02:28.12BagginswwHe's challening my actions...
02:28.28the_squidmy tracert seems to go to shit in taiwan
02:28.28the_squidtime to invade
02:28.28Bagginswwsince he is, its up to another moderator to step in and decide
02:28.28Sky2042threatening him was not a good idea baggins
02:28.35Bagginswwhe told me the other day to "warn" him
02:28.43Bagginswwbefore I block him
02:28.47Sky2042find me the diff where he said that
02:28.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
02:28.54Bagginswwit was in here
02:31.22Karrionthe_squid: yeah, most of .au is having routing problems to it
02:31.22Sky2042i wasn't though
02:31.22BagginswwI blocked him for warring yesterday and then listed the reason why I blicked him
02:31.22Sky2042no, i saw that
02:31.22the_squidi better write me a nasty email to singapore
02:31.22Bagginswwand then he came in here
02:31.22Bagginswwand we discussed it
02:31.23Bagginswwhe told me in the future to 'warn him"
02:31.23Bagginswwbefore I bliock him.
02:31.23Sky2042don't threaten him though
02:31.23BagginswwI'm not quite ready to block him yet
02:31.23Sky2042find another way to say it then
02:31.23Sky2042what you said sounded like you wanted to abuse your adminship powers
02:31.23Kirkburn|sleepI think both of you just need to let it cool for a while :P
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02:31.23Kirkburn|sleeplrn 2 revise ... I have an exam in a few hours, barely done any revision. Tbh, I just don't care :/
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02:31.23Sky2042btw, kirk, can you have a look at RC for me: about 10 entries down, there's a really queer looking entry
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02:32.35Kirkburn|sleepi.e. baleted!
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02:35.02Bleeterthe_squid: seems to be any Oceanic ISP that utilises Optus/Singtel for transpacific traffic. (I include Singapore as a known effected ISP area)
02:35.24the_squidBleeter, tracert seems to confirm your suspicions
02:36.18Bleeterthe_squid: I've been watching trace for about 6 hours now, there was a stage where it wouldn't infinite loop in .tw, and I managed to get a Tech SUpport post happening @ Can't reach there now, though
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02:38.07Sky2042_that's nice of you
02:39.42Sky2042_bagginsww, does the cathedral in SW also have the whol deo gracias, or is it just wc1?
02:40.08the_squidBleeter, i'd bitch to westnet
02:40.18Bagginswwwc1 doesn't have it
02:40.20Bagginswwjust wc2
02:40.21the_squidbut last time i rang their support line they told me everything was fine
02:40.30Sky2042_you sure? i remember it from wc1...
02:41.21Bagginswwwc1 has the same click click sound for every building :p
02:41.23Bleeterthe_squid: you mean goatsenet! ;) anyways, their upstream is no doubt Optus/Singtel, so no point bitching at them ;)
02:41.35the_squidBleeter, but it makes me feel better.
02:41.42Bagginswwlike a "ding"
02:41.47the_squidwestnet only became goatsenet recently anyway
02:41.50Bagginswwding ding or so
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02:42.31BagginswwI thought the same way as you sky, and had to check it out for myself  a month back o rso
02:42.38Bagginswwunless there is more than one versoin :p
02:42.41Bagginsww*version :p
02:42.55Sky2042_you have the discs or the floppy version?
02:43.05Sky2042_hmm, same
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02:43.09Bagginswwfrom battle-chest version
02:43.25Sky2042_i don't have war1 from battle chest... i have original cd version
02:44.16Bagginswwleave that one to you kirkburn
02:44.41Sky2042_why not include both sides of the argument, baggins?
02:44.48Sky2042_or is that how the article is currently set up?
02:46.35BagginswwI only put up "quote' from books, and what was said on hte official site.
02:46.41BagginswwI haven't touched the ones from in-game
02:47.14Bagginswwone thing I didn't pay attention to vannder in game, and I fought there with my horde character
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02:49.50Bleeterheads up Aussies, getting a clean tracert now
02:50.19Bleeterchar screen nice & quick
02:50.27Karrionyep, can get to the website via iinet now
02:50.33Bleeterand in!
02:50.49Bleeter500ms latency atm, but.. meh ;)
02:50.54Karrionyay! now if only I wasn't stuck at work >.<
02:50.58Bleeterbetter than 25k latency I saw reported earlier
02:51.07Bleeterlol Karrion, have a sickie, you know you deserve it ;)
02:51.25BleeterKarrion: better still, /msg me your mobile and I'll ring up claiming I ran over yuour dog
02:51.44Karrionif I didn't have a meeting this arvo
02:52.00Karrionactually, on that note, afk lunch
02:52.31Sky2042maybe go a little more indepth in the article, baggins? something like a header == Opposing viewpoints ==, with details. Leave the information found in the 1st para there, and exapdn on it that section.
02:52.55Sky2042meh, w/e thp
02:56.11[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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02:59.37Bagginswwya sky, in-game opposing viewpoints should be in a lower section
02:59.42BagginswwI don't miknd that
03:00.00Bagginswwit just needs to have WoW template above it
03:00.12Bagginswwto designate it as in-game information
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03:01.10Sky2042in-wow info
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03:02.14Bagginswwwell sky the big issue is that in-game info tends to paint really really non-neutral pov
03:02.32Sky2042from both sides
03:02.39Bagginswwyou do a quest from a horde's perspective its oging to say some nasty things bou the alliance
03:02.43Bagginswwand vice-versa
03:02.54Sky2042btw, i liked the analogy
03:02.59Bagginswwand they don't match up
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03:03.26Bagginswwboth sides make wildlly contradicting claims about the other LOL
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03:08.13Bagginswwadded to it sky and kirk
03:08.39Bagginswwbtw, what would britain do if they leared that uh say spain or france had squated in some remote part of the british isles?
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03:10.34Sky2042uh... britain would have fucked them up, depending on the time period
03:10.47Sky2042why don't we go back to the 100 years war :)
03:10.57Sky2042where britain decided it owned part of France
03:11.11Bagginswwheh heh indeed
03:11.30Bagginswwfor a while they even acknowledge a political boudary
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03:12.58Kirkburn|sleep"The job queue length is currently 1,862." :D
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03:31.07the_squidggilbert rules
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03:37.27*** kick/#wowwiki [ggilbert!] by Kirkburn|sleep (argh)
03:37.52Sky2042bagginsww, need you to have a look at a proposal
03:38.49Sky2042 comments on Illidan's insanity in-WoW, but that the encyclopedia paints him as fearful of his status
03:39.29Bagginswwwhich section?
03:39.29Sky2042could both be true? the articles seems to say otherwise, but I think we could make the jump from insane of fear
03:39.52Bagginswwuh for one thing I hate the articles that paint the encyclopedia as the end all be all of warcraft
03:40.05Bagginswwits never updated, and imo can have the same flaws as any other source
03:40.16Bagginswwso if you can balance the two I'd prefer that
03:40.24Bagginswwtreat both as valid sources
03:40.38Sky2042it is, in BT
03:40.56Sky2042but is there a way to draw a conclusion that isn't stated in the opening sentence?
03:41.03Sky2042(and damn my sunburn)
03:41.34Bagginswwok a came across illidan "thinking he defeated "arthas the other day
03:41.56Bagginswwthat seems like madness to me
03:42.00Bagginswwhe was clearly defeated
03:42.01Sky2042yuh huh
03:42.04Sky2042yuh huh
03:42.27Bagginswwyou don't know what I"m referring to?
03:42.30Sky2042i do
03:42.34Sky2042it is clearly madness
03:42.40Bagginswwvery dilusional
03:42.49Bagginswwalthough mad people can have moments of clarity
03:42.57Bagginswwwhere they seem almost sane
03:43.35Sky2042maybe he's afraid when he comes out of his insanity?
03:43.57Bagginswwthere is a thin line between madness and sanity
03:46.50Sky2042show him the diff where you added the stuff
03:53.02Bagginswwhave a title suggestion?
03:53.25Bagginswwthe section
03:53.53Bagginswwgoing to stub/lore it right now
03:53.56Bagginswwjust need a title
03:54.29Bagginswwquest lore :p
03:55.32Sky2042Horde vs Alliance?
03:55.43Bagginswwnot very neutral
03:55.52BagginswwAlliance vs. Horde people would be pissed, :)
03:56.10Bagginswwthe ones that think the alliance started it all :p
03:56.52Sky2042Conflicting viewpoints on the war
03:58.16Bagginswwahh well we can think of the title later :p
03:58.52Sky2042Interracial politics
03:59.09Bagginswwinterfaction politics?
03:59.14Sky2042that's closer
03:59.57Bagginswwany suggestions Kirk?
04:00.12BagginswwFaction Politics?
04:00.34Kirkburn|sleepThe last one
04:00.37Kirkburn|sleepSmall p"
04:00.49Bagginswwtrying to avoid "propaganda" LOL
04:01.04Bagginswwalthough Propaganda could be a one word title
04:02.16Bagginswwplus we need a intro that warns that both sides have strong viewpoints, and beliefs which may infact be conflicting
04:04.20*** join/#wowwiki [Liquidor] (n=denras19@
04:08.25BagginswwWhat I'm afraid of though is your going to have plenty of people discuss negative opinions of the alliance, and forget to discuss the horde's side, except in the most flattering of discriptions
04:08.39Bagginswwor vice versa
04:08.51Bagginswwrather giving both sides equal coverage
04:09.20Bagginswwalready enough people balking if you put up one "positive" for alliance.
04:09.37Bagginswwwhen previously it was mostly "positive" horde
04:09.44Bagginswwor rather only postive horde :p
04:12.43Kirkburn|sleepAre you editing the article atm?
04:23.36Bagginswwahh kirkburn the part of the article you moved was actually tied to part you left at the top
04:23.52Bagginswwwhen we were discussing faction poltics we meant the stuff that occurs in the in-game quests
04:23.57Kirkburn|sleepGimme a sec, doign some more stuff
04:23.59Bagginswwthat is really against neutral -pov
04:25.57Kirkburn|sleepHow about now?
04:26.25BagginswwAfter Thrall's triumphant uniting of the clans, the Frostwolves, now led by the Orc Shaman Drek'Thar, chose to remain in the valley they had for so long called their home. In recent times, however, the relative peace of the Frostwolves has been challenged by the arrival of the Dwarven Stormpike Expedition.
04:26.29Bagginswwthat should be moved into it
04:26.46Bagginswwactually all of it
04:26.48Kirkburn|sleepk, fair
04:26.52Kirkburn|sleepThat would be silly
04:27.15Kirkburn|sleepThe first few lines of an article are supposed to summarize it
04:27.17Bagginswwwell both halves are from the website
04:27.33BagginswwI just sugest rewriting the first part
04:27.42Bagginswwbecause you split up the info from the website
04:27.53Bagginswwand its limited to orc history
04:28.09BagginswwI was trying to keep it neutral by discussing dwarf history too
04:28.15Kirkburn|sleepYeah, I know :/ A line about dwarven history could be added?
04:28.19*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
04:28.20Bagginswwthat would help
04:28.43BagginswwAfter Thrall's triumphant uniting of the clans, the Frostwolves, now led by the Orc Shaman Drek'Thar, chose to remain in the valley they had for so long called their home. In recent times, however, the relative peace of the Frostwolves has been challenged by the arrival of the Dwarven Stormpike Expedition.
04:28.50Bagginswwbut that definitely has the strong words of "challenged"
04:29.05Bagginswwas if dwarvens were invading the frostwolves soverien nation
04:29.19Kirkburn|sleepI have an idea, gimme 2 mins
04:29.22Bagginswwwhich I was trying to point out its not that easy
04:30.21BagginswwI still need to pull in all the info from the horde player's guide too
04:31.44BagginswwAlso didn't the horde push out most of the people living in alterac during hte second war, including problems with alliance making the people fugitives...
04:32.02Bagginswwthere is more to the invasion story
04:32.15Bagginswwit wasn't like it was a native horde nation from the get go
04:33.11BagginswwThough Vanndar doesn't seem to care dismissing the orcs as "savages trying to stop their sovereign imperialistic imperative".
04:33.16Bagginswwzarks added that in
04:33.19Bagginswwdidn't even cite his source
04:33.33BagginswwI think that info needs to be left to the in-game quest lore
04:33.36Kirkburn|sleepk, now?
04:33.53Bagginswwmuch better
04:34.01Kirkburn|sleepAdd more, it's your turn
04:35.34Bagginswwok I moved the material he pulled from the game to "in-game lore"
04:35.55Bagginswwand info needs to be added from the contrasting horde book
04:36.03Bagginswwand really he should just quote the artichoke :p
04:36.06tekcubwhat's the blue forum post template?
04:39.12Kirkburn|sleepWW:T, tek
04:39.31Kirkburn|sleep(I just created WW:T =)
04:40.08BagginswwIn anycase Vandarr isn't the leader of the clan as far as I know, just the guy they sent in
04:41.49Kirkburn|sleepDef link that book
04:42.54TecnoBratofftanking kara on my alt druid, ftw?
04:43.04tekcubput {{Patched}} on that page!
04:50.50Bagginswwthere is an horde book right?
04:52.06Kirkburn|sleepNo idea
04:52.27Kirkburn|sleep"if you take "Rise of the Horde" into account the wolves of Alterac came from Outland with the invading orcs, and evolved into the ones in Alterac" <-- I recall reading th opposite, probably somewhere on WW
04:53.58Bagginswwwell, there were definitely wolves pre-horde
04:54.31Bagginswwbut ROTH claims specifically the snowy frost wolves of alterac evolved form intiital wolves that settled the area from draenor :p
04:55.35BagginswwIts mentioned int he last few chapters IIRC
04:56.24Bagginswwyep last chapter, epilogue
04:56.36*** join/#wowwiki JunkHead-Work (
04:58.15Bagginsww"It was shortly after the Frostwolf clan entered Azeroth that Gul'dan banished them. They were forced to make their homes in the harshness of the mountains of Alterac. The white wolves who still hunt in this place are decended from the Frostwolves who followed my clan through the Portal and whose loyalty could not be swayed by the world of one who bore a grudge."
04:58.45Bagginswwand ya Christie Golden sort of contradicts herself
04:59.12Bagginswwin her first book she claims the Frostwolves befriened the wolves that were already there
04:59.32Bagginswwwhich would iimply the white wolves must have reached the mountains before the orcs did
05:03.53*** part/#wowwiki trik (
05:07.04*** join/#wowwiki Viper007Bond (
05:18.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
05:54.46Bagginswwkirkburn Drek'thar would have executed him even if he surrendered
05:55.06Kirkburn|sleepVanndar would never surrender
05:55.06Bagginswwthe way you worded it makes it sound like he would have only executed him if he refused
05:55.24Bagginswwbut I think distinction needs to be pointed out
05:55.30Kirkburn|sleepI mean, I realise it doesn't say that, but Vanndar just isn't that guy
05:55.40Kirkburn|sleepFair enough
05:55.56Bagginswwwell I mean you made Drek'thar sound nicer
05:55.58*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
05:56.17Bagginswwthere is negativty to both's views
05:57.06Kirkburn|sleep ?
05:57.09Kirkburn|sleepHow about now
05:57.45Bagginswwmuch better
05:58.08Bagginswwmind if I put the Vandar part in parenths?
06:01.15*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus3rd (n=WyriHaxi@
06:04.51*** join/#wowwiki zeeg_ (
06:36.18Kirkburn|sleep*sigh*, I'm resigning myself to not doing well on this exam ... bring on my first ever resit!
06:36.48Kirkburn|sleepFor most people that's probably a normal part of life .... but, uh, not for me :/
06:37.08Bagginswwhmm, ouch
06:38.08Kirkburn|sleepGiven that I only started revising for it this morning, it wouldn't help. Lack of motivation or interest, argh. I've made myself a revision timetable for my last 3 exams, and I'm damn well gonna try and stick to it.
06:39.49Kirkburn|sleepI remember one of my teachers once telling me about how many students get to a "I don't care stage" during schooling, often around 16-17 ... it appears I delayed mine until well into Uni :P
06:41.08Kirkburn|sleepThis next exam is on geotechnics, and I just want to shout "for christ's sake, it's just bloody soil! Argh!"
06:41.42Bagginswwwhat class is this?
06:42.16Fisker-Can anyone with a US client tell me the build number of 2.1.0?
06:42.28*** join/#wowwiki Aikanaron (
06:43.29WyriHaximus3rdWhy a US client, they are basicly all the same?
06:43.41Fisker-EU just got patched
06:43.44Fisker-so no
06:43.53WyriHaximus3rdWe did?
06:44.04WyriHaximus3rdDidn't the US guys got a patch xD
06:44.09Fisker-to fix a crash bug
06:44.17TecnoBratgimme a sec Fisker-
06:44.26TecnoBratbut I think the build versions are always diff
06:44.49*** join/#wowwiki |dRiN| (n=kvirc@
06:45.06WyriHaximus3rdYour sure? Afaik all that makes the difference between them is the contents and the language MPQ files, but I can be wrong :).
06:45.27Fisker-Current EU is
06:45.33TecnoBratno, I'm not sure.
06:45.43TecnoBratBut the fact that the US doesnt have a crash bug ..
06:45.58TecnoBratmakes me think it wasnt the same build to begin with
06:46.31WyriHaximus3rdGood one.
06:47.58Fisker-They were same build numbers pre-patch
06:48.00Fisker-US and EU
06:49.16WyriHaximus3rdOdd thing the US guys didn't get the crash fix then ...
06:51.07Fisker-Is that written ok? :)
06:51.21TecnoBratwtf, they changed the toc?
06:51.33Fisker-It's the same as 2.1.0
06:52.00TecnoBratahh the other ones list (no change)
06:52.15Fisker-just gonna fix it :P
06:53.47Fisker-What about now?
06:53.49*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (
06:53.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
06:56.06WyriHaximus3rdLooks good to me :)
06:59.15Fisker-Kirkburn|sleep what about you guys? :P
06:59.57Kirkburn|sleepCan be resulting from a localization thing
07:00.05Fisker-yeah definately
07:00.17Fisker-i was more wondering about the additions i wrote :P
07:00.20Fisker-If i'm doing it wrong etc.
07:00.38Kirkburn|sleepNah, looks good
07:00.45Fisker-Though they've always used to do minor revisions on their localized fixes
07:01.04Kirkburn|sleepOnce 2.1.1 comes out, it should probably be moved under 2.1.0 though
07:01.25Fisker-Also bumped 37 compiles since the current US
07:01.27Kirkburn|sleepActually, might be an idea to move it under now
07:02.08Kirkburn|sleepWe should probably sexify those pages at some point, probably by a table
07:03.57Kirkburn|sleepSo, 37 compiles since 2.1.0 was finalized ... I'm wondering where 2.1.1 is
07:04.21Kirkburn|sleepWait, given that Slouken has been talking about fixes for 2.1.2, maybe this is a mislabeled 2.1.1 ?
07:05.25*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
07:05.55Fisker-Or this might be intended 2.1.1
07:06.44WyriHaximus3rdBut then why didn't the US get it? Or this could be a patch to soon released that was ment for next week
07:07.01Fisker-anyone got a MPQ viewer?
07:07.08Kirkburn|sleepFisker-, isn't that what I just said? :P
07:07.24Kirkburn|sleepWyriHaximus3rd, sometimes the EU gets it's own patches
07:07.24Fisker-thought you meant 2.1.2 was mislabeled :P
07:07.43WyriHaximus3rdKirkburn|sleep, yeah I notice :P
07:07.46Fisker-Anyone got a MPQ viewer :P
07:07.51Kirkburn|sleepVery very rarely, though
07:07.54Fisker-they made a new mpq for the EU patch :P
07:07.59Fisker-this is the second time i believe
07:08.07WyriHaximus3rdI did have one but it stopped working
07:08.22WyriHaximus3rdWould love to have one again :)
07:09.21*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (
07:09.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
07:10.05WyriHaximus3rdKirkburn|sleep, first time I notice tbh :)
07:10.23Fisker-The new mpq file that appeared only has one file
07:11.40Kirkburn|sleepWhat does it look like!?
07:11.53Fisker-A fire icon
07:11.55Fisker-like it always did
07:12.19Fisker-And the launcher is malfunctioning :P
07:12.41Fisker-Well it works but it detects a new patch because they haven't updated their version to reflect the EU only patch
07:18.42BagginswwI get the impression that Brann doesn't mind Drek'thar.
07:19.01BagginswwWe know Brann is a good friend of Thrall's
07:19.34BagginswwHe's most unbiashed alliance character we know as far as I know
07:20.59Kirkburn|sleepJaina? :P
07:23.05Fisker-Jaina is biased
07:23.14Bagginswwactually not really
07:23.22Bagginswwshe is about as open as Brann
07:23.35Bagginswwstill has her contact with Thrall
07:24.00Fisker-Yeah but don't you remember Gnomeregan?!
07:24.09Fisker-Jaina and Thrall sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G
07:24.30WyriHaximus3rdLol did they song that in Gnomeregan xD
07:24.35Bagginswwya, well its definitely a rumor, but most don't think its true.
07:25.58BagginswwYou know I could see gnomes singing, "It's a small world after all"
07:25.58WyriHaximus3rdHaha, reason enough to try and find out :).
07:25.59Bagginswwit was in a secret data card
07:25.59Bagginswwthe jaina/thrall note
07:31.30WyriHaximus3rdAnyone seen Hyjal yet? I wonder if they removed the Blizzard Construction Co. sign
07:32.52Kirkburn|sleepDoubt it, though I must take a fly around the instance sometime. Assuming the wowmapviewer still works
07:33.56Bagginswwahh rumors that Sylvanas is going to and form northrend
07:34.03Bagginswwand is setting up a forsaken city up there
07:34.18Bagginswwhints at a horde starting area, :)
07:34.44Bagginswwits a rumor that brann doesn't believe
07:34.46Kirkburn|sleepRumors, where?
07:34.50Bagginswwbut still, what if there is truth to it?
07:34.54WyriHaximus3rdKirkburn|sleep, last time pre-TBC I checked on a live server it was there xD
07:35.11WyriHaximus3rdBagginsww, aren't those rumors around for over a year now?
07:35.33Kirkburn|sleepSo was HPG :P
07:35.36WyriHaximus3rdWould be nice if they kept it there
07:35.42BagginswwHPG, is about a year old yes. But sometimes stuff we learn about a long time ago show up ater :)
07:35.55BagginswwHorde Player's Guide
07:36.04WyriHaximus3rdah :)
07:36.12Kirkburn|sleepI could certainly believe Sylvanas would want to take the battle to the Scourge
07:36.33BagginswwBlades of Azzanoth appeared in RPG before it appeared in the game.
07:36.34*** join/#wowwiki Viper007Bond (
07:36.44Bagginswwand we are just h earing about it again
07:36.48Kirkburn|sleepI can imagine the tag line for the next expansion will be "You've taken the battle to the Legion, now take it to the Scourge!"
07:36.55Bagginswwheh heh
07:36.58Fisker-Anyone know some good guild progression and crafter list templates?
07:37.38Bagginswwand HPG also knew about Blood Elf demon hunters before the release of BC too I think
07:38.22Kirkburn|sleepWhen's the next book out?
07:38.22Bagginswwnot sure
07:38.24BleeterI want the next expansion to be ...
07:38.30BleeterCar Racing @ Shimmering Flats!
07:38.43Bleeteryou know you want it too :P
07:39.28BagginswwAzeroth Grand Prix!
07:39.58Aikanaroni dont want mounts till lvl 42...this way i remotely can feel i did a marathon on foot...
07:39.59Bagginswwnext book sounds interesting
07:40.16BagginswwDark Factions
07:40.21Bagginswwwhich also has not so dark factions in it
07:40.32Bagginswwlike more Pandaren info
07:40.48Bagginswwblood elves are supposed to get a section hopefully bringing it closer to BC
07:40.59Bagginswwmaybe they will get the Draenei in it
07:41.07Bagginswwsupposed to ahve Naga
07:41.14Kirkburn|sleepI reckon it's pretty likely
07:41.33Bagginswwplus huge part of it is based around Maelstrom info
07:41.36Kirkburn|sleepI can imagine that one thing they're waiting for is for expansion two to be announced
07:41.38Bagginswwlike tube worms and the like
07:42.15Bagginswwand dark faction is a Brann book so its bound to be worth reading
07:42.51BagginswwOk looks like draene and broken won't make it in this time
07:43.15BagginswwGoblins get an update, scourge and satyr apparently
07:43.26Bagginswwso info about playable scourge
07:43.34Bagginswwplayabe in the rpg sense
07:43.58Fisker- <-anyone know why it shows "Server: Ravencrest Europe" as a category?
07:44.03BagginswwTuskarr maybe
07:44.26Bagginswwmagnataur and murlocks get expanded maybe
07:44.58BagginswwYou know I should pull out MG and and put up all confirmed info
07:45.05Kirkburn|sleepFisker-, for people to put guild articles in it
07:45.06Bagginswwif your curious
07:45.10Kirkburn|sleep(and player articles, etc)
07:46.06Fisker-But it's not even a valid category?
07:46.17Fisker-Well or atleast a blank one :P
07:46.39Fisker-I'm doing a restructure of the whole page, but i thought it was an invalid category so i tried to remove it
07:48.04BagginswwMakrury info apparently
07:51.34Bagginswwthere you go kirkburn
07:51.42Bagginswwconfirmed articles as stated in MG
07:51.59Bagginswwok a few more
07:52.00Fisker-How do i move a page?
07:52.07Fisker-there :P
07:52.11Bagginswwa few are also mentioned in the front of hte book
07:52.23TecnoBratclick "move"? :P
07:52.27*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus3rd (n=WyriHaxi@
07:52.59WyriHaximus2nd*sigh* stupid ghost clients xD
07:53.23Fisker-guilds have to be moved to Guild:name (server) right?
07:53.35*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
07:53.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
07:53.52Fisker-rather not get banned for doing it :P
07:54.59Fisker-OMG ATTN
07:55.20Fisker-Adys you must know this
07:55.31Fisker-Guilds has to be under Guild:name (server) right?
07:55.48Fisker-then i can move in comfort :P
07:56.48Fisker- <-this would be a stub right?
07:57.50Fisker- <-can anyone take care of this, don't know what to do here :P
08:02.23*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
08:04.29*** join/#wowwiki HJT (
08:11.16Fisker- <-anyone know why there's the gap in the bottom?
08:12.15Aikanaronthey should make something like this for the roads in wow...would take a lot of screenshots though:,+San+Francisco,+CA+94105&sll=37.848833,-122.420654&sspn=1.051842,1.867676&ie=UTF8&ll=37.787776,-122.39984&spn=0.004892,0.010911&z=17&om=0&layer=c&cbll=37.786074,-122.401763&cbp=1,242.867730823863,0.516966638948982,0
08:12.30*** join/#wowwiki rophy2 (
08:19.49*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
08:20.03WyriHaximus2ndAikanaron, thats neat :D
08:20.18WyriHaximus2ndImagen XR with that when the alliance raids it again :P
08:22.15WyriHaximus2ndOr AV at the Stormpike bridge in the old days :D
08:22.57AikanaronCartographer+ Now with 360 view of the quest locations
08:23.13WyriHaximus2ndThat would be realy neat :D
08:23.56Aikanaronheh...we just have to wait for someone with enough spare time on his or her hands to start that, and others will follow :)
08:25.11Fisker-Can i make some kind of warning box in wowwiki?
08:25.23AikanaronI reckon it takes about 5 to 6 screenshots to make a 360 view...paste them together...load the quests and locations for a specific area into you Cartographer...and bob's you uncle
08:25.53WyriHaximus2ndAikanaron, I was/am working on on FP routes on maps, and thats a crappy work sometimes
08:26.08WyriHaximus2ndbut 360 views of way to many quest locations would need
08:26.21WyriHaximus2ndwell no life at all not even a guild and to much money xD
08:27.16Aikanaronand then we haven't discussed the amount of memory it would take to load all the quests locations, with a 360 picture, in cartographer.
08:27.39WyriHaximus2ndYou simply can't
08:27.43Aikanaroni mean, even if you only load them for one country...say would take loads i gues :)
08:28.05WyriHaximus2ndYeah, screenshots them self take up alot of memory
08:28.55WyriHaximus2ndYour CPu and GPU would problebly loose their minds
08:29.02Aikanaronheh :)
08:29.34Aikanaronit could fairly easy be done on something like wowwiki or thott...
08:29.46WyriHaximus2ndyeah a website ok but not ingame xD
08:30.06foxlitI was under the impression textures are not allocated in-game memory until they're used
08:30.09Aikanaronalt tab will become your best friend :), or buy an extra screen
08:30.13WyriHaximus2ndYou just need an army of people with to much time
08:30.33WyriHaximus2ndfoxlit, talking about screenshots that come with an addon
08:30.36WyriHaximus2ndafaik they are
08:30.58Aikanaronif we can think of a standardized ish everybody can make and contribute a 360... it would only take time...and a bit of efford
08:31.16Fisker-i just vandalized a server page
08:31.32WyriHaximus2ndWhat? Did you wrote Fisker- was here on it? :P
08:31.32foxlitzomg, vandal!
08:31.54WyriHaximus2ndAikanaron, adons can't control where you look right?
08:32.04Fisker-i was ripping off Aszune's server page when i accidently wrote it on the Aszune server page instead of my server page
08:33.23Aikanarontrue, i was thinking in the line of: on a quest spot...make 6 screenshots whils't turning around...use this and this software to make it a 360...and send it would only look fancy...i mean, most of the time one screenshot is sufficient :)
08:34.06Fisker-Anyone got a good guild progression site i can rip off?
08:34.31WyriHaximus2ndAikanaron, yeah and then again if you need 1 mob or item on the spot why make a 360 of it while 1 would do. If you need the place it self a 360 is usefull :)
08:35.18Aikanaronwe should make a www.wowwiki.surroundings :)
08:35.50Aikanaronppl contributing the mass murdering in pvp or instances...
08:36.08foxlitPoint is, you can't do the required transforms in game.
08:36.15foxlitOr you'd need a heckload more screenshots
08:36.37AikanaronJup...unfortunatly that's were reality kicks in :)
08:45.29*** join/#wowwiki Daemona (
08:56.48Fisker- <-anyone got something like this but with an additional table on top?
08:56.48Fisker-Examples, howto, etc. :P
08:58.59*** join/#wowwiki [Liq] (n=denras19@
09:00.16Fisker-Bagginsww you here?
09:06.48*** join/#wowwiki Apollozeus (
09:07.01Apollozeushey fellas
09:08.03WyriHaximus2ndAikanaron, thanks gonne need it, over 9k ;)
09:08.08Apollozeusman look at this
09:08.11*** join/#wowwiki Swanage (
09:08.20Apollozeushalf the articles out there should be deleted straight away
09:08.25WyriHaximus2ndI just screenshot everything that might be interesting
09:09.08Fisker-How do i vote correctly Apollozeus? :o
09:09.13SwanagePlease  can som1 help me obviously my Blizzard downloader doesnt work, so can some1 send me the file or a link even
09:09.16Fisker-mine seems to not show my signature and just write "No comment"
09:09.18Swanagefor todays update
09:09.23Apollozeuswhat page, Fisker?
09:09.35Fisker-windows one
09:09.39ApollozeusPatch mirrors
09:09.43Fisker-but i didn't add it :P
09:09.45Swanagethey avnt got 2days
09:09.48Apollozeusit's an article on the wiki
09:09.56ApollozeusI'll have a look
09:10.33ApollozeusFisker-, you didn't edit anything
09:11.10Fisker-i know
09:11.23Fisker-i added it now then
09:11.44*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
09:13.35Apollozeusfixed it for you
09:13.40Swanageive downloaded it off a friend now
09:14.01Fisker-omg lol
09:14.12Fisker-The new EU patch breaks US clients
09:14.23Fisker-US clients can't connect to the EU servers anymore
09:14.58WyriHaximus2ndOfcourse they can't
09:15.12WyriHaximus2ndThe servers perform a buildnumber check before letting you in :)
09:15.29Fisker-of course
09:15.33Fisker-But it can be modified
09:15.54Apollozeusyes, but that would be an offense for which your account could end up banned
09:15.59WyriHaximus2ndEverything can :)
09:16.03Fisker-i don't mean modify the client
09:16.12Fisker-The server can be modified to accomodate multiple builds and patches
09:16.19WyriHaximus2nddoh :P
09:16.22Apollozeusbut blizzard is obviously not doing that :p
09:16.51WyriHaximus2ndhaha yeah why let US clients on EU servers
09:16.57WyriHaximus2ndit's not that hard to make it work anyway
09:17.15foxlitWhy not download a EU client altogether?
09:17.23Apollozeusoh yes
09:17.28WyriHaximus2ndJust copy your US wow to a seperate dir for EU, connect to EU servers download patch, patch it etc :P
09:17.31Fisker-Many still have the US clients from back when they still used the scame client
09:17.39Apollozeusactually, why not just play on your own side of the pacific
09:17.56Fisker-They're different WyriHaximus2nd an enGB patch will no longer be compatible with an enUS patch
09:18.12WyriHaximus2ndSince what patch?
09:18.16WyriHaximus2ndThis one or 2.1?
09:18.18Apollozeusstrawberry patch
09:18.23Fisker-Probably 2.0
09:18.28WyriHaximus3rdno chocolade? :(
09:18.36Apollozeusthis IS 2.1
09:18.49Apollozeuswut u tulkin bout lul
09:19.02WyriHaximus2ndThis one = the EU only one ;)
09:19.04Fisker-THIS IS 2.111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
09:19.08Fisker-The EU only one is 2.1.0
09:19.14Fisker-EU and US are 2.1.0
09:19.31Fisker-But EU are and US are
09:19.34foxlitOutland keeps crashing pathetically
09:19.46Apollozeussorry, got carried away
09:19.57WyriHaximus2nd*Kicks the bad guy down into the pit*
09:20.49Apollozeussaw the film only yesterday
09:21.00Apollozeusnow I can finally join in on the references <_<
09:21.36WyriHaximus2ndWatched in 4 parts in the train from home to work, somehow everyone in the train tried to watch with me ...
09:21.42Apollozeusthe one thing I ds
09:21.49Apollozeusdislike about these american productions*
09:21.58Apollozeusis that they make anyone speak english
09:22.22Apollozeusgreeks speak greek
09:22.26Apollozeusnot fucking english >_>
09:22.32Apollozeussame with all those WWII movies
09:22.44foxlitWhich is bloody useless unless you understand greek.
09:22.48Apollozeuswhy would Hitler address Goebbels with "Hello, how are you"
09:22.51Apollozeusfoxlit: subtitles
09:23.04foxlitBut me no want to read!
09:23.18foxlitIt detracts from immersion and stuff
09:23.21Fisker-Didn't they "Heil, Name" all the time?
09:23.22Apollozeusbut at least it feels real
09:23.33ApollozeusHitler doesn't say Heil Goebbels
09:23.39Apollozeusonly Heil Hitler
09:23.41Fisker-i would
09:23.56foxlitSuspension of disbelief, meet Apollozeus; Appolozeus, meet suspension of disbelief!
09:23.59WyriHaximus2ndHitler would problebly said: Guttentag her Boebbels
09:24.02Fisker-So he would say "Heil Hitler" and Goebbles would reply "Heil"
09:24.05foxlitYou two have a lot to discuss :)
09:24.05WyriHaximus2ndOr something like it
09:24.05Fisker-or something like that? :P
09:24.12Apollozeusno Fisker-
09:24.23Fisker-How do i heil hitler then?
09:24.24Apollozeus"Heil Hitler" was just a common greeting
09:24.28Apollozeusjust like hello
09:24.32Apollozeusbut hitler himself didn't use it
09:25.46Apollozeushe was a megalomaniac, but not to that extent lol
09:25.47Fisker-Pretty insane offtopic btw :D
09:26.35Apollozeusback on track guys
09:26.44Apollozeusso how mani horde u kild 2day?
09:27.00foxlitliek all demz in SMV
09:27.13Apollozeuslolz all dem blud elfs dyd
09:27.30Apollozeusi haetz dem newaiz
09:27.47foxlitnowai, scryers are teh btes
09:27.50Apollozeusdey r fegs alw
09:28.02Apollozeusstfu nub ald0r foreva
09:28.30foxlitald0rks r n44ru-huggz
09:28.30*** kick/#wowwiki [Apollozeus!] by Adys (OMG SCRYERS)
09:28.30*** join/#wowwiki Apollozeus (
09:28.53ApollozeusActually Adys
09:29.00ApollozeusI am Revered with the Scryers
09:29.01Adysim aldor, i know
09:29.11Apollozeusand Hated by the Aldor
09:29.23*** kick/#wowwiki [Apollozeus!] by Adys (one more reason to kick you!)
09:29.24*** join/#wowwiki Apollozeus (
09:29.40Apollozeusm gun repuwt u retart
09:29.50Apollozeusu be b& foheva!
09:30.19AdysConnection Info
09:30.31AdysCompleted: 1.54MB of 1.79MB
09:30.35AdysDownloaded: 10.3MB
09:30.37foxlitKill it
09:30.54foxlit[10:34] <foxlit> "Completed: 1.54 MB of 1.79 MB. Downloaded: 24.4 MB"
09:31.17Adysbest patchnotes ever
09:31.29foxlitAdys: wait until you see what the worldserver is doing
09:31.41foxlitIt's craashed and itself itself every 5 minutes now
09:31.59foxlits/itself itself/reset itself/
09:32.27foxlitliek so totally uncoolz!
09:32.35Apollozeusdon't give me evils!
09:32.56Apollozeus2 bucks if you get that reference
09:34.36Adysits hilarious they released 2.1 which was a bigger patch than 2.0 itself
09:34.48Adyswithout any problems, realms up 15 mins early not a single restart
09:35.08Adysand on a simple maintenance they fuck up even a patch of 1.80mb
09:37.27WyriHaximus2ndAs long as the servers are up when I get home so I can kill allies I'm happy :).
09:37.39foxlitwtf, no friendly fire!
09:37.55WyriHaximus2ndIt's enemy fire ;)
09:39.47foxlitThen they aren't allies!
09:39.47WyriHaximus2ndAs long as the servers are up when I get home so I can kill Alliance I'm happy :).
09:39.47WyriHaximus2ndBetter? :P
09:39.47*** join/#wowwiki FISKER_Q (
09:39.55foxlitmarginally :)
09:40.06WyriHaximus2ndAs long as the servers are up when I get home so I can hug Alliance I'm happy :).
09:40.07WyriHaximus2nd? :P
09:45.07foxlitWCRadio needs more shows between tue and thu
09:45.18WyriHaximus2ndCan't hate the Alliance that much, my girlfriend plays it so xD.
09:45.41foxlitPvP in battlegrounds is hilarious
09:46.04foxlitHorde is like 40% warlocks, 40% warriors and 20% rogues
09:46.17WyriHaximus2ndAnd 0% healers :(
09:46.18foxlitperhaps the last two are interchangable
09:46.27foxlitWith the odd shaman or shadowpriest
09:46.47foxlitAlliance has a heckload of druids and paladins
09:46.55Apollozeusyou have those annoying priests for the horde
09:46.56JunkHead-WorkPally Power!!!
09:46.57Apollozeususually undead
09:47.23WyriHaximus2ndHorde healers never heal in BG, unless you got a good/nice one but most just want to do DMG
09:47.32*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
09:47.34WyriHaximus2ndAnd then they wonder why we loose most of our battles :')
09:47.39foxlitAlliance healers heal too much and are too incompetent
09:47.48Apollozeuswell, pre-70 horde owns
09:47.49JunkHead-WorkThe only thing I got to do yesterday was a Blood Furnace run.
09:48.06JunkHead-WorkSo I didn't get much done.
09:48.16foxlitNot again. NOT AGAIN!
09:48.28Apollozeusyou died? :p
09:48.33foxlitWorldserver died.
09:48.47foxlitI'm fine.
09:49.03foxlitEver since I discovered dragonmaw transporters are hamrless while mounted, and will not dismount unless in melee range.
09:49.04WyriHaximus2ndYour sure? Maybe the world just went missing and your falling to your doom now ;)
09:50.29foxlitFunny, though
09:50.37foxlitThe character selection screen keeps showing me in resto gear
09:52.46WyriHaximus2ndApollozeus, from a forum:
09:54.37foxlitI do feel those Dragonmaw Transporters are cheating, though
09:54.44foxlitWho Aimed Shots from melee range?
09:56.16Adyssame for the skybreakers
09:57.58foxlitNow I can't drink
09:59.24FISKER_QWhen listing a guild alphabetically do you think i should put all "The <something>" under T or under the letter after "The"?
10:00.18WyriHaximus2ndI think under T cause it's part of the guild name :).
10:06.48*** join/#wowwiki Telrin (
10:17.07*** join/#wowwiki rophy2 (
10:28.20*** join/#wowwiki beerke (
10:29.11*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (
10:29.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
10:32.24*** join/#wowwiki FtH|Daemona (
10:33.35*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
10:33.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+v dotted] by ChanServ
10:33.59Kirkburn|sleepAnd the award for crappiest exam performance of the day goes to .... me! :)
10:34.12|dRiN|Kirkburn|sleep: grats :D
10:34.30|dRiN|Kirkburn|sleep: You from the netherlands? where exams are happening now?
10:34.39Kirkburn|sleepAnd lo, I shall not be talking about that exam again.
10:34.41Kirkburn|sleepNope, UK
10:34.45|dRiN|Kirkburn|sleep: okie :D
10:35.41Kirkburn|sleepSo, what have I missed in the lat few hours?
10:35.53dottedthat my guild sucks
10:36.16Kirkburn|afkWell, it's got you in it ...
10:36.27Kirkburn|afkToo mean?
10:36.38dottedlololololol you have to install deadly boss mods, lololol its very stable an efficieant lolololol
10:36.43dottedfucking nubs
10:37.30WyriHaximus2ndDid they sell their brains for gold or something? xD
10:39.09foxlitwtf do they require bossmods for?
10:39.29foxlitNot like every single one of them doesn't spam /rw already
10:39.48dottedyeah well
10:40.00dottedthey just wont budge¨
10:41.02Kirkburn|afkApollozeus, about .... you're right. A fair few could be deleted - feel like nominating some for SD?
10:42.51WyriHaximus2nd*sigh* won't give me a new password for my account xD
10:43.23winkillerWyriHaximus2nd: known bug, pester sancus or vlad if they are here
10:43.40WyriHaximus2ndwinkiller, aye ok I will :).
10:45.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o vlad_] by Kirkburn|afk
10:45.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+o MatthewS] by Kirkburn|afk
10:45.51dottedop me op me!!
10:46.10Kirkburn|afkActually, you may be better served to ask MatthewS ... vlad is on a business trip and sancus .... where is sancus?
10:46.22Kirkburn|afkno u no u!!
10:46.46WyriHaximus2ndKirkburn|afk, oki will ask him then, only need my account activated to edit pages :)
10:47.06Kirkburn|afkIt's not sending you an email?
10:47.21Kirkburn|afkMatthewS, poke :)
10:47.25WyriHaximus2ndJust tried it did now xD
10:47.33WyriHaximus2ndlast 3 times it didn't :)
10:47.38Kirkburn|afk.... uh, Matthew.S ... unpoke?
10:47.43Kirkburn|afkSemipoke then
10:47.47WyriHaximus2ndit's an half hour late tho :P
10:49.04winkillerI'll put it on the pump. someone needs to investigate it for a bit
10:49.15winkillerremninder failed for me completely, now half
10:49.23winkillernot good
10:49.37Kirkburn|afkI think
10:49.49winkilleryea, better. thanks
10:51.44WyriHaximus2ndwinkiller, checking headers now and noticing 1 step it sends the email from itself to itself
10:52.10winkillerto who "itself"?
10:52.14WyriHaximus2ndsec :)
10:52.41Kirkburn|afkApollozeus, speedydelete is fine for stuff obviously outside our remit :P
10:53.17Apollozeusyeah kirk
10:53.37ApollozeusI didn't want to be too rash about it
10:53.40WyriHaximus2ndIf you check the seccobnd step it seems to send it from it's self to it's self xD
10:53.50WyriHaximus2ndMight be the place where it goes wrong
10:53.51Kirkburn|afkDon't want you having to make delete booths for everything under the sun :P
10:54.11Apollozeuslol :p
10:54.28Kirkburn|afkWho on earth makes an article about Windows anyway??
10:54.39WyriHaximus2ndthere is? 0_o
10:54.44Apollozeus(cur) (last)  19:49, 15 November 2005 Fandyllic (Talk | contribs)
10:54.48ApollozeusFandy does
10:54.59Apollozeusthings like Personal Computer
10:55.09Apollozeusand a latin proverb all have their own articles
10:55.17WyriHaximus2ndIt's even outdated :/
10:55.30Kirkburn|afklol, the wiki was young then. And I wasn't even a twinkle in the wikis eye!
10:55.56Apollozeusthat's like..
10:56.04Apollozeusthe article on the Ashenvale Azshare bridge
10:56.06Kirkburn|afkThat one's cool! :D
10:56.20WyriHaximus2ndThere is an article on that bridge :/
10:56.23Kirkburn|afkCould probably be merged somewhere else though
10:56.30Kirkburn|afkThere was once ...
10:56.39Kirkburn|afkI seem to recall deleting it
10:56.41dottedwell Kirkburn|afk my guild have changed the rules so dont need both DBM and CT_RABossMods - duno if that makes them any better
10:57.04Kirkburn|afkWell, my guild is ruleless! Ner!
10:57.05Apollozeusyeah, it was deleted
10:57.45Kirkburn|afkThis is mainly because the guild my main is in buggered off to another server when I was taking a break, and the guild my hunter is in is a guild for alts of a guilds I have no connection with. Apart from Adys.
10:58.22Apollozeusscrew Adys then
10:58.25Kirkburn|afkThat guild I'm in, is it even for *your* guild's alts?
10:58.33Adysmy ex guilds
10:58.36Adysbut yeah
10:58.42Adysits a bit spread :P
10:58.52Kirkburn|afkBetter than nothing :)
10:58.57Kirkburn|afkGood morning, btw
10:59.18Kirkburn|afkWhy is it that patches always get stuck right on the last block
10:59.33Kirkburn|afkI need just 80KB more :(
11:00.16Apollozeusdo we have a "WoWWiki is not a dictionary"-rule?
11:00.24foxlitAfter farming LW to 375, this movie is hilarious:
11:00.28foxlitJust VfD it.
11:00.37Apollozeus <-- :/
11:00.45Apollozeusvote for deletion
11:00.57Apollozeuswikipedia's ancestor of articles for deletion
11:01.12Kirkburn|afkMight be an idea to make a list of articles similar to delete
11:01.24Kirkburn|afkThat way we can get a single vote for all
11:01.31foxlitKill it all!
11:01.36Apollozeusthat whole category is trash
11:01.54ApollozeusI wouldn't object to deleting the category
11:01.56Kirkburn|afkJust need to keep WoW and MMO specific stuff
11:02.03Apollozeusyes, but the cat itself should go
11:02.11JunkHead-WorkAnyone here play a preist?
11:02.12foxlitmerge it into [[Glossary]]
11:02.18foxlitDoes 62 count?
11:02.22Kirkburn|afkSee how much we cut it down first
11:02.28Apollozeus33 was my highest priest
11:02.29WyriHaximus2ndFinaly I can edit now :D
11:02.32JunkHead-WorkTell me which one of these builds looks better.
11:02.37Apollozeusalright Kirk
11:02.46ApollozeusI'll pass you a list of articles ready to be speedied
11:03.08foxlitwowhead one looks better, simply because it's wowhead!
11:03.18JunkHead-WorkWell duh.
11:03.35JunkHead-Workbut the armory links to the official calculators.:(
11:04.12Apollozeuswhat to do about those
11:04.28Apollozeusimo this article should be taken out as well, since nobody uses these breadcrumbs
11:04.44foxlitNavigation is for casuals.
11:05.03foxlitUm, so.
11:05.05HJT!armory eu Der Abyssische Rat Eylena
11:05.05[NewsBot]Eylena's Armory Profile:
11:05.09foxlitSoR is "lol, I died"
11:05.48*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
11:05.50foxlitUnless you're getting lolwell (why, god, WHY?!), SoR is rather... pointless.
11:06.02JunkHead-WorkOk.. SoR is...
11:06.08JunkHead-WorkOh Spirit of Redemption
11:06.08foxlitspirit of redemption
11:06.25JunkHead-WorkOk well, the reason i ask is a good friend of mine has a 65 priest.
11:06.32foxlitThey increased duration on it, though :P
11:06.42JunkHead-WorkHer guild just recently got a new 70 priest.
11:06.49JunkHead-WorkWho has pretty nice Gear.
11:07.05JunkHead-WorkAnd she said she did a run with the guild and he couldn't heal for crap.
11:07.18foxlitGear doesn't a healer make :)
11:07.29JunkHead-WorkShe had to do a LOT of healing even though she was a prot pallyat the time.
11:07.37JunkHead-WorkOh I know, trust me.
11:07.48JunkHead-WorkBut Since I've never had a priest as high as hers, I figured I'd ask.
11:07.59foxlitMartyrdom is odd.
11:07.59JunkHead-WorkIf it was just some glaring wrong crap in his talent build.
11:08.04foxlitVery odd for PvE healing
11:08.08JunkHead-WorkTrying to help her out as much as I can.
11:08.40JunkHead-WorkLet me find her talent build.
11:09.34Apollozeusthis article has a credits section XD
11:09.56JunkHead-WorkHers is a bit messy right now, but she will respec at 70.
11:11.37foxlitHm, wowhead import looks borked :/
11:12.00JunkHead-WorkAh damn, wowhead can import...
11:12.03JunkHead-WorkNever noticed that.
11:12.20foxlitOr not.
11:12.32foxlitIt's actually weird like that :P
11:14.37foxlitDo people needs DS?
11:16.16foxlitThe last two points can be spent relatively freely; sor/lolwell or coh, or DS, or more spell damage mitigation
11:18.53ApollozeusI was about to post on your talkpage
11:19.04ApollozeusI'll be straightforward with you, I'm not really interested in the article [[Lore]]. I'm trying to cleanup the [[:Category:Glossary|glossary category]] which happens to be an aweful mess
11:19.29Apollozeusso I just copied stuff from [[Canon]], redirected that article to [[Lore]] and inserted it there
11:19.39Apollozeusif you want it gone, just remove it again
11:20.00Bagginswwoh ok.
11:20.13Bagginswwya having it link to lore was a good idea though
11:20.43Apollozeusthat whole category is full of stupid articles
11:21.27Bagginswwwow, uh and I needed to know what "diff" means :p
11:22.16Apollozeusjust speedy it before Kirk does :P
11:22.40foxlitI think I'll make a pointless addon docs page for an addon nobody uses :P
11:24.20foxlitIt's sad, really.
11:24.21BagginswwI will make "a" page, and expalin what "a" means :p
11:24.31Bagginswwdon't tell me it's already been made?
11:24.45foxlitThe addon was an awesome idea awesomely implemented, but meh, people just aren't aware of it :P
11:27.11Bagginswwthat's so outdated...
11:27.15ApollozeusI personally think this article is superfluous, since effect ALWAYS refers 'to some result of an action'
11:27.39Bagginswwthe RPG section makes the RPG look like the wicked stepchild :p
11:27.46JunkHead-WorkMy god...
11:27.50Bagginswwthe fact is we have headings for everything now :p
11:27.55JunkHead-Work2 911 calls at once.:(
11:28.35JunkHead-WorkBasically I got to stand in the middle of the room holding two phones to my head.:\
11:28.52JunkHead-WorkBoth calls were for the same thing though, but still, that sucks.
11:29.10JunkHead-WorkOk aaaand..... 1 person is dead.
11:29.50Apollozeusyou work at the 911 station?
11:30.59JunkHead-WorkAnd yes. I do.
11:31.18foxlitHell is exothermic. Discuss.
11:33.11foxlitit's stuff
11:36.06Bagginswwfixed it
11:38.19WyriHaximus2ndNooo stupid firewall :(
11:38.20WyriHaximus2ndReason: one or more categories denied helper='newWebBlocker.1' details='Violence' WILL KILL YOUR KITTENS! masterbates?
11:39.23foxlitweb filtering = shit.
11:40.13WyriHaximus2ndYeah I know, but some employees would watch porn the whole day long here I'm afraid :(
11:40.28BagginswwIf everytime someone masterbates, God kills a kitten. Then if someone killed a kitten was it indirectly?
11:40.56foxlitGod is innocent, dammit.
11:41.22BagginswwI don't much like the saying, but the picture attached to it is funny.
11:41.45WyriHaximus2ndIf good is innocent, why do people get cancer?
11:42.07AdysCan we have something clear, written somewhere in the Lore / Writing policy and guidelines, about infobox images
11:42.14AdysImage priorities
11:42.18AdysTo me, it should go that way
11:42.38AdysCinematic > Ingame > Official drawing > Fan art
11:42.41BagginswwAdys good idea. Although I suggest you write it up, so I can avoid ragestorm's wrath :)
11:42.50BagginswwI'd put ingame after official drawing
11:43.01Adysi dont know
11:43.02Bagginswwsince ingame uses "generic models"
11:43.05Adysingame would depend
11:43.13Adysif it has a model for itself keep ingame higher
11:43.17Bagginswwunless the model is and verifiably unique
11:43.20AdysThinking of Tyrigosa for example
11:43.34Bagginswwwell Tyri I'd prefer ot use manga art
11:43.34Adysor Arator
11:43.42Adysyeah what i meant
11:44.03AdysWe should put a better screenshot from the cinematic there
11:44.05BagginswwRexxar has a great in-game model so if someone has a good shot of it, I wouldn't be opposed to its use
11:44.10Bagginswwits unique
11:44.33Bagginswwbut ya there is no other artwork for Arator so his shot is fine
11:44.53Bagginswwand I'd say fan art should never be in the infobox :p
11:45.04Bagginswweven if its excellent
11:45.35BagginswwSo my order would be;
11:45.45foxlit<DannyB> some girl on the street asked if i was saved yet
11:45.46foxlit<DannyB> i told her i saved at the checkpoint a couple minutes back
11:45.46foxlit<DannyB> and can reload from there if i die
11:45.46foxlit<DannyB> she was confused
11:46.21BagginswwCinima > official color artwork > official B&W artwork > ingame screenshot. No fanwork.
11:46.39Adysyeah id agree
11:47.03Adysif you put Unique ingame model screenshot > official color artwork :P
11:47.57AdysIs ragestorm on holiday?
11:48.03WyriHaximus2ndBtw guys if you need a screenshot of something ingame and can't find it somewhere I'd gladly take it for you :).
11:48.31*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
11:48.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+v dotted] by ChanServ
11:48.33Bagginswwya, well I left that out since its fairly rare
11:48.50BagginswwI'd add it in as a caveat at the end of the article
11:48.57ApollozeusI'd like Ingame screenshot more than anything else
11:49.06Apollozeussince this is an encyclopedia on WORLD OF WARCRAFT
11:49.10Apollozeusnot on Warcraft in general
11:49.16Adyscheck the title bar
11:49.17Bagginswwactually everthing is "world of warcraft" now
11:49.21Adys"WoWWiki, the Warcraft wiki"
11:49.35ApollozeusD: foolishness!
11:49.41*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (
11:49.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
11:49.50BagginswwWoWWiki is a wiki dedicated to cataloguing Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft Universe (with a focus, though not priority, on World of Warcraft), covering the entire Warcraft series of games, RPG reference books, strategy guides, novels and other sources. However, this is not Wikipedia, and we have slightly different ways of doing things.
11:50.02Bagginswwits in the "ABout secton"
11:50.06AdysW.O.W.W.I.K.I stands for "Woah Our Warcraft Wiki Is Kompletly Imba"
11:50.16AdysWhere do you see any mention of wow there?
11:50.18foxlitLies, the purpose of wowwiki is to document API calls so that I can whine about them not working!
11:50.19FISKER_Qbtw Adys or Bagginsww
11:51.11BagginswwAdys I don't know if can be done, but it would be kind of cool if an article could cycle through pictures, so each time you loaded it you'd get a random official pic.
11:51.12FISKER_Q <-perhaps you should take a look at that :P
11:51.47Bagginswwthat's uh alot of uh
11:52.05Bagginswwanything specific?
11:52.19BagginswwI notice a few fanfic stuff probably be folded into his user page
11:52.21FISKER_Q"Manuelwow's idea of war of the gods"
11:52.23FISKER_Qor something
11:52.28Bagginswwya that should be folded
11:52.40BagginswwI'm too tired right now :p
11:53.02FISKER_QI told him to put it on his userpage but he still has the other articles there i think
11:53.06BagginswwI only got up, cause the orange juice I drank a few hours before I went to bed is disagreeing with me :p
11:53.15dottedit is folded
11:53.41FISKER_Qdotted he has other contribs as well fool
11:53.46Bagginswwoh then it just needs to be deleted
11:53.48FISKER_Qhe only folded it because i told him too
11:53.51*** join/#wowwiki Qaletaqa (n=conrad@
11:54.45Bagginswwmost people don't even know how to fold or when to hold :p (sorry)
11:55.28Apollozeusthat's a whole lot of fancraft
11:55.32Apollozeusshould be in userpage
11:55.53FISKER_QShould also have some categories
11:56.08FISKER_Qwell that one has
11:56.13FISKER_Qbut the other one he had didn't :P
11:56.36FISKER_Qforums and servers screwed over :/
11:56.40Apollozeushe didn't create that
11:56.46Bagginswwwell apollo looks like he wanted that article to be fan contributed to
11:56.49Apollozeusforums have been screwed over since the dawn of time
11:57.11Qaletaqammm patch
11:57.15Bagginswwwhereas if it goes to his user page, traditionally only he is tupposed to edit it.
11:57.23FISKER_Qnew patch is a failpatch :P
11:57.26BagginswwThis page is for the proposition of plot ideas for the Warcraft Movie. The plot of the film has not yet been announced, so most suggestions will be acceptable.
11:57.27BagginswwIf you wish to discuss what actors you would like to see in the film, please refer to Warcraft Movie Actors. Please try to propose plausible plots and established characters- we don't want to see "How Dalaran's flying Sheep saved Azeroth" starring "the Son of Kil'jaeden."
11:57.35FISKER_QThey didn't change revision numbers
11:57.37FISKER_Qthe fools!
11:57.43ApollozeusI know, but is that what WoWWiki is for? Fan stories?
11:58.07foxlitIf that was, at some point, a significant forum thing, then yes.
11:58.12foxlitWe archive quite a few of those islands.
11:58.31Bagginswwwell apollow its similar to the expansion ideas article, or the future race ideas
11:58.41BagginswwI moved it to Warcraft screenplay ideas
11:59.05Bagginswwso it doesn't trick people into thinking it is an actual screenplay :p
11:59.30Apollozeuswell, as opposed to rumours regarding new classes and races..
11:59.40Qaletaqagod, you guys should see the things that "real" RPers on the RP servers try to pass off as "lore"
11:59.44Apollozeusthe possibilities for a screenplay are infinite
11:59.49BagginswwLOL ya
11:59.56Apollozeusyou could list virtually anything in that article
12:00.03Apollozeusit will never reach a state of "completeness"
12:00.10Bagginswwinfinite number of expansion ideas too, :P, but its worse for race one :p
12:00.13Apollozeusthere are only x classes and x races in WoW
12:00.24Bagginswwrace one is already kind of long
12:00.39QaletaqaOMG RACISM OMG
12:00.39Apollozeusno, there's not an infinite number of expansion idea
12:00.41Qaletaqawait what
12:00.51ApollozeusWe hate blacks Qaletaqa, get over it\
12:00.58QaletaqaI know! ;o
12:01.22Bagginswwwell I'e read some fairly silly ones added to that page, like the one for the "Black Dragonflight" and it talks about new areas in the burning steppes :p
12:01.49Bagginswwit can be as long as people have imagination for them :p
12:01.55Apollozeusthe black dragonflight inside wow could use some work though
12:02.09Apollozeuswe still haven't seen Deathwing ingame
12:02.36Bagginswwya, but I don't think current areas will be overhauled that much. Although there is a zone to the side of BS, that could be added
12:02.40Qaletaqasorry, just thinking about seeing deathwing in-game
12:02.53ApollozeusI don't think Azeroth zones will be overhauled at all
12:03.03Apollozeusonly thing I'd see added is Grim Batol
12:03.13Qaletaqagreymane! add greymane damn it! :[
12:03.19Bagginswwwell, there was a blue post kirkburn mentioned the other day that we might get some minor clean up of random zones
12:03.40Apollozeuscleanup of midlevel zones
12:03.49Apollozeusbut that doesn't mean they'll get an overhaul
12:03.53Apollozeusmaybe some new mobs and quests
12:04.08Bagginswwya if lady vashj model gets reused later, she'd have to go.
12:04.43Adysdoubt it would
12:04.45Adysbut aye
12:04.51Bagginswwalthough there are times where B&W is superoir to color art
12:04.58Bagginswwso its a judgement call
12:04.59Apollozeusblizzard doesn't reuse models of bosses
12:05.05Bagginswwactually they did
12:05.15Apollozeuswhat boss?
12:05.15Bagginswwapollo prophet skeram's model is reused
12:05.21Bagginswwcthun too
12:05.29Bagginswwuh the spider boss in naxx
12:05.34Adysskeram wasnt an unique model at first baggins
12:05.39Adysa few trash mobs were sharing it
12:05.43Adysand yeah maexxna got reused too
12:05.43[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
12:05.52Bagginswwwell adys there is concept art that lists him as skerem
12:05.53Adysaswell as sapphiron
12:05.53Apollozeusnvm >_<
12:06.03Adysbut vashj... doubtful
12:06.25Bagginswwwell not until we see more sea witches in maelstrom
12:06.51Bagginswwthen she'll probably be used as a generic model :p
12:07.04Qaletaqawho got sapph's model? that makes me sad, i've stood next to sapph's corpse after many a late night "we've barely got the gear for this" run
12:07.20BagginswwI don't think there is any artwork for vashj t hough? well there is one, but its only the side of her face...
12:07.29dottedcthun reused where?
12:07.31Bagginswwingame model definitely looks better
12:07.40Bagginswwcheck out ancient and powerful evil
12:08.04Bagginswwor look under "old gods" category
12:08.07Qaletaqa"c'thun" is being summoned in south shadowmoon
12:08.25Qaletaqathey refer to him as just an "ancient evil" not by name but sho' nuff that's c'thun.
12:08.40Bagginswwits not necessarily c'thun
12:08.44Bagginswwbut another of his kind
12:09.01Qaletaqawutever, the model is reused
12:09.01Bagginswwlike the creature arthas defeated in Northrend
12:09.13Qaletaqa(and it's c'thun ;ppppp)
12:09.26Apollozeus14:03, 30 May 2007 Apollozeus (Talk | contribs) m (Merge moved to WoWWiki:Merging policy: this should be a policy) <-- that was long overdue
12:09.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+v |Pixel|] by Adys
12:09.39Qaletaqaoh ffs the last 256k of the patch won't download
12:09.48AdysQaletaqa: reboot the downloader
12:09.51Bagginswwadys mind if I alter one of the comments you said?
12:09.58Bagginswwto clarify, "special unique model"
12:10.28Qaletaqawow what a steaming pile this downloader is :[
12:10.32JunkHead-WorkBoss models being reused?
12:10.35Qaletaqathanks adys
12:10.44JunkHead-WorkWhat about Maiden Of Virtue?
12:10.56Adysthat wasnt an unique model at start
12:11.00Qaletaqadepends on how big her virtues are
12:11.02JunkHead-WorkOh ok.
12:11.03Adysironaya been in game for ages
12:11.31*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
12:11.46FISKER_Qyou mean her tits Qaletaqa?
12:12.05Qaletaqawell yes
12:12.11BagginswwCinematic Screenshot
12:12.11BagginswwIngame model (only if the NPC has a special unique model for itself - example: Yes for Lady Vashj, no for Tyri)
12:12.11BagginswwOfficial colored art, followed by official B&W art (exception being if B&W is of higher quality, or better detail)
12:12.11BagginswwIngame non-unique model screenshot
12:12.14Apollozeusthis has got to be the least useful article in Wowwiki history
12:12.14FISKER_Qi lol'd
12:12.36FISKER_QWhy not make something like Blizzard:Something
12:12.41|Pixel|want me to upload my NDA from my contract ? :)
12:12.49FISKER_QTo write about non-wow related stuff that is still blizzard related
12:12.53FISKER_Q|Pixel| fix my forums!
12:12.58|Pixel|which ?
12:13.05FISKER_Qthem all :P
12:13.06FISKER_QSlow :(
12:13.07Apollozeusthis is not even Blizzard related
12:13.07AdysPixel, repares les servs et je te donnes +o pendant 5 minutes
12:13.16FISKER_QWell it is somewhat
12:13.20ApollozeusNDA is mauch, much broader than that
12:13.25FISKER_QWhy is |Pixel| getting +o?
12:13.28Bagginswwonly reason I brought up the exceptions for choosnig B&W if color exists, is that in some cases black and white article is more aesthetically pleasing than later artists color renditions
12:13.28FISKER_QI want one too :(
12:13.34|Pixel|Adys: osef :P
12:13.38Apollozeus+v, FISKER_Q
12:13.48Apollozeus+v is just a fancy status
12:13.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Apollozeus] by Adys
12:13.56Adysits for epeen
12:13.56FISKER_Qof course Apollozeus but just in sense of how it's related to Blizzard
12:14.05Bagginswwan additional thing i've noticed is sometimes the first artwork made for a character seems to be the most original and interesting.
12:14.12Apollozeuswrite an article about it
12:14.16dotted~karma FISKER_Q
12:14.16infobotfisker_q has neutral karma
12:14.21dotted~karma FISKER-
12:14.22infobotfisker- has karma of -5
12:14.27BagginswwI prefer the Warcraft II version of Kargath for example over the version used in-game :p
12:14.27Apollozeusotherwise, will be a redirect
12:14.30Apollozeus~karma Apollozeus
12:14.31infobotapollozeus has neutral karma
12:14.46dottedinfobot, FISKER_Q--
12:14.55Adysinfobot, Fisker- --
12:15.19Fisker-btw |Pixel| do you know when guild tags on the forums are updated?
12:15.19dotted~karma FISKER-
12:15.19infobotfisker- has karma of -5
12:15.19Qaletaqahere's what i did to update my guild tag:
12:15.19|Pixel|should be once per day
12:15.26Bagginswwoh adys, you should also put down suggest dimensios of pictures
12:15.30Qaletaqai switched to a different character, made a post on the test forum, then switched back to my character with the funked-up guild
12:15.31dottedAdys: infobot, Fisker---
12:15.34Bagginswwso we have a kind of standard
12:15.35dottedno space
12:15.40Qaletaqathen it was updated
12:15.47Adysinfobot, dotted--
12:15.47Fisker-should be named Fisker+
12:15.56dotted~karma dotted
12:15.56infobotdotted has neutral karma
12:16.02dottedaw :(
12:16.04Adysinfobot, dotted --
12:16.07Bagginswwreally tall pictures hsould be avoided if possible, and really squat pictures too, and super wides
12:16.18dottedAdys doesnt work with space you nub
12:16.18Adys~seen dudeofdoom
12:16.56infobotAdys: i haven't seen 'dudeofdoom'
12:16.56Adys~seen stevejobs
12:17.10infobotAdys: i haven't seen 'stevejobs'
12:17.10Adys~seen billgates
12:17.18infobotbillgates <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 12d 10h 52m 40s ago, saying: '~seen billgates'.
12:17.18Adys~seen miranda
12:17.21infobotmiranda <n=miranda@> was last seen on IRC in channel #debian-br, 385d 16h 16m 20s ago, saying: 'depois eu volto'.
12:17.21BagginswwTCG pictures for example look really bad if you move from computer to computer since their dimensions are so squat
12:17.27Adysomg noob
12:17.27Bagginsww atually adys I like that artwork
12:17.27Adysnot even in debian?
12:17.27Bagginswwif that's official
12:17.29*** join/#wowwiki [NewzBot] (
12:17.30*** join/#wowwiki Zwarn (i=FreeStyl@
12:17.46Zwarnhi all
12:17.58AdysBagginsww: looks official to me
12:18.01Fisker-I think so Bagginsww
12:18.05Qaletaqalooks like good artwork to me
12:18.19Bagginswwya in that case definitely choose artwork over ingame model for detail reasons
12:18.22Fisker-I believe it was part of a bigger picture with kael'thas on it as well as some other pictures
12:18.28BagginswwI see
12:18.29*** join/#wowwiki dotted^2 (
12:18.41Bagginswwkind of like the pic of akama I cut from a pic of Illidan
12:19.04dotted^2MY NET IS SHIT!
12:19.12*** mode/#wowwiki [+v dotted] by ChanServ
12:24.15*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
12:24.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
12:24.18Fisker-is she missing an arm? :O
12:24.29AdysBagginsww: maybe vashj would fall in the category of having a page for its ingame stuff and a page for its lore stuff
12:24.37Bagginswwof course
12:24.42Bagginswwits a boss fight :)
12:25.16BagginswwI'd say that would be best seperating boss fights and lore pages more often, and puting up lore pictures on lore page, and ingame model on the tactics page
12:25.55QaletaqaI'm glad I'm just here to hang with the cool kids, I write enough policy at work that trying to write policy for a wiki would make me emo.
12:27.14Qaletaqa(but y'all are doing a hell of a job at it, fwiw, imo)
12:28.51Fisker-I got a couple of people to use the wiki for the server stuff :P
12:29.03Fisker-Now i just gotta complete the guild progress and the crafter pages
12:31.34*** join/#wowwiki Ripdoom (
12:31.50Ripdoomhey everyone
12:32.25Ripdoomdecided to get interacted more into the wowikki community then just using the page ^^
12:34.44amrohey Ripdoom, and welcome :)
12:35.28Ripdoomive done some info on the realm shattered halls, playing there mainly atm
12:37.07WyriHaximus2ndOw no it's Ripdoom !!!!!!!!!
12:37.35Ripdoomwyrihaximus xd
12:37.55WyriHaximus2ndsup how are you? :)
12:38.05*** join/#wowwiki FISKER_Q (
12:38.23Ripdoomlooking for a nice alliance server to transfer my lock too and lvl him
12:38.25Ripdoom(46 atm)
12:38.30WyriHaximus2ndgood to hear, long time ago we last talked :)
12:38.33Ripdoomprobaly will play on him mainlu
12:38.36Ripdoomyeah indeed
12:38.46Ripdoomwhere have you been ?! :D ive been raiding on my BE pally on shattered halls
12:39.00FISKER_Qbtw |Pixel| do you have anything to do with the forums at all btw?
12:39.19|Pixel|I do have something to do with their configuration & hardware
12:39.36|Pixel|I don't have anything to do (officially) with their code
12:39.58WyriHaximus2ndWell working working working :D, got a great job, going to move into a great new appertment in about 4 to 6 months and still killing Alliance with great pleasure in BG :D!
12:40.06amroASP *shudder-
12:40.09FISKER_QThen you can't help me i guess :P
12:40.13Ripdoomon skullcrusher on ur rogue?
12:40.18|Pixel|what's your problem ?
12:40.43[NewzBot]WOW Insider:
12:40.52WyriHaximus2ndRipdoom, yeah still playing it ^^
12:41.23Ripdoomi would level my mage from time to time but having no epic mount is a pain
12:41.28Ripdoomonly 160 gold =/
12:41.36*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
12:41.56|Pixel|can't really help that kind of trouble I guess :P
12:41.57Fisker-Just got disconnected
12:42.07WyriHaximus2ndRipdoom, easy just grind Motes 1 hour a day and you can make from 50g to 150g a day with only 1 hour of grinding :)
12:42.08Fisker-anyways just gonna upload quick picture
12:42.24Ripdoomat lvl 62? :P
12:42.53Fisker- <-upper right corner
12:42.54Ripdoommeh, i will probaly transfer my paladin to skullcrusher
12:43.02Fisker-If i mark the section the text appears fine
12:43.08Fisker-But only until i mark the section
12:43.15Fisker-and it doesn't happen on other charaters
12:45.05Ripdoomnice my realm is up
12:45.35WyriHaximus2ndjust now?
12:45.41Ripdoomye think so
12:45.43WyriHaximus2ndOw erhm at lvl 70 :P
12:45.46Ripdoomonly 5-6 realms are up
12:45.52WyriHaximus2ndbut the mobs I grind are lvl 64 so :P
12:46.02WyriHaximus2ndlol? extended or did something go wrong?
12:46.16Ripdoomsomething went wrong
12:46.19Ripdoomtheyre investigating
12:47.11Adyssomething went wrong three years ago
12:47.15Adysthey still are investigating
12:47.32*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
12:47.43Ripdoomrealms r screwed
12:47.48WyriHaximus2ndo well as long as they are up when I get home :P
12:47.50Ripdoomi get kicked back to log in screen
12:48.04Ripdoomgood old skullcrusher days
12:48.10WyriHaximus2ndI rather have them offline when broke then running then broke. to many scary things can happen when t hey run :P
12:48.12WyriHaximus2ndYeah :)
12:48.13AdysRipdoom: your realm works fine, blizz just autokicks you to make it fair for the ones having a realm not working
12:49.17Ripdoomthis reminds me of old skullcrusher days so much
12:49.25Ripdoomlag and login problems every evening
12:49.48WyriHaximus2ndor 500 people queue :')
12:49.50Adysfunnily Stormrage must be one of the realms with the least problems since the release
12:50.04ApollozeusStormrage is up and running
12:50.08Adys|Pixel|: do you actually have some statistics about that?
12:50.23WyriHaximus2ndAlthough I rather have SC of then then the one now. IT's just so silent. I realy want the LFG channel back the way it was :(
12:50.34Ripdoomi got scared like hell
12:50.40Ripdoomi got in on my paladin
12:50.42WyriHaximus2ndyour chars are gone?
12:50.44Ripdoombut he was completely naked
12:50.51Ripdoomi was like "OMFG I GOT HACKED"
12:50.58Adyshackers during maintenances ftw
12:51.01Ripdoombut then items appeared and it appeared to be lag
12:51.25Ripdoomthat was really scary moment :P
12:51.34|Pixel|about outages ?
12:51.52Ripdoomi havent been hacked since i play... and thats since beta ^^ phew
12:51.52Adyswell, what server would you say is actually the "cleanest"?
12:52.04Adysle moins down, le plus performant
12:52.06|Pixel|honestly, there's basically none
12:52.11Adysthey all suck?
12:52.26RipdoomShattered Halls never lag
12:52.34Adystu va pas me dire que y'a pas de la confiture qui traine dans un serv
12:52.34|Pixel|we have a few realms which has constant crashes and stuff
12:52.43Apollozeusdunno, I rarely go outside Stormrage
12:52.45|Pixel|but hell, there's like 300 realms
12:52.58AdysApollozeus: get a life
12:52.59Apollozeusgot a few hordies 12-17 on Aszune but that's about it
12:53.02Adyssorry, I needed to say it
12:53.16ApollozeusAdys, whenever I am on WoW I rarely go outside Stormrage :P
12:53.50Ripdoomis Stormrage a pvp server?
12:54.02Ripdoomah ok
12:54.11Ripdoomim looking for a good pvp realm to transfer my 46 lock to
12:54.23WyriHaximus2ndRipdoom, you know what I mis? The whole realm talking together in the LFG channel. You could go to an instance in a moment instead of waiting a hour before a group is formed. The realm was so much more alive back then :(
12:54.52Ripdoomgood old skullcrusher was by far my most fun time in wow
12:55.06WyriHaximus2ndIt's a bit like Blizzard to 1/4 of the WoW out of WoW :(
12:55.08Adysservers up: Auchindoun, Karazhan, Nagrand, Shattered Halls, Sporeggar, The Sha'tar, Ghostlands, Hellfire, The Consortium, The Aldor, Shattrath, Zangarmarsh, Eversong, Black Temple, DO I SENSE COINCIDENCE?!
12:55.52*** join/#wowwiki Lopen|Work (n=chatzill@
12:55.57*** join/#wowwiki [NewsBot] (
12:55.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+v [NewsBot]] by ChanServ
12:58.28ApollozeusBC REALMS LOLZ
12:59.10AdysOutland, Netherstorm
12:59.42Adysoff for a bit anyway
13:01.24Bagginswwfinally got around to updating stratholme history
13:03.25Adys|afkBagginsww: source?
13:03.55Bagginswwthat's from an official Warcraft III map I think
13:04.01mxsOk, this is just funny. There seems to be a downloader out there that doesn't understand redirect HTTP status codes and retries. Forever. This particular one has retried 32 thousand times and gotten a redirect to the file location EVERY time.
13:04.21mxsyay patch mirroring :)
13:05.53WyriHaximus2ndWhats the using in writing a downloader that doesn't know how HTTP status codes and headers work ...
13:06.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
13:06.27mxsIt also always identifies itself as "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.00; Windows 98)"
13:06.48mxswhich I still haven't figured out what it belongs to. I found that thing multiple times in the past doing "bad" stuff
13:07.04mxsusually from Serbia or China
13:07.22mxswow, the German patchnotes are even better than the English ones
13:07.30mxsEnglish ones say a crashbug was fixed
13:07.45mxsGermans say, literally, "A bug was fixed."
13:08.11Bagginswwsigh pcitures and templates are screwing up on the stratholme page :p
13:08.12QaletaqaI hate to link loots and such but I just got the Etherium Runed Blade pattern as a world drop.
13:08.18Qaletaqaepix imo
13:09.03Qaletaqa(just thought i'd share)
13:09.58the_squidwhat sort of resistance gear would I be best off getting for kara?
13:10.12Ripdoomi still have to find an epic world drop on this pally -.-
13:12.01QaletaqaRip: :[
13:12.35Fisker-btw is it possible to make a warning box on the wiki?
13:12.44Fisker-i.e. is there a template :P
13:12.55Adys|afk"box" no
13:12.58Adys|afkwarning note yes
13:13.04Bagginsww best I could do
13:13.13Fisker-got me a link Adys|afk?
13:13.25Adystrying to find it
13:16.21BagginswwSo, if decently geared what's the highest  level dungeon that can be soloed as a fire mage?
13:17.24Adyssoloed up to the end Bagginsww?
13:17.41AdysStratholme/Scholo I'd say, though scholo not so sure since you gotta kill barov
13:17.42Bagginswwme? No
13:17.42Ripdoomi soloed up to blood furnace 1st boss on my pala
13:17.48Ripdoomwhen i was prot specced
13:17.51BagginswwI just wanted to solo a dungeon for fun
13:17.56Adystry scholo
13:18.01NooNoodeadmines ;)
13:18.07Bagginswwdeadmines was easy at 60
13:18.09Adysstratholme sorry
13:18.16Adyswell yeah Bagginsww :P
13:18.25Adysdeadmines hard at 60 I dont see that happening :P
13:18.26BagginswwI still do deadmines for fun every now and then
13:18.50BagginswwI s hould go back and do kraul again.
13:19.10Qaletaqamy brother flasks up in deadmines
13:19.28Qaletaqahe's a 66 mage that farms DM for greens
13:19.52Qaletaqa... and one time I saw him in DM he had the supreme power flask on that i gave him
13:20.06NooNoooh dear god
13:20.13Qaletaqawell, I have about sixty of them
13:21.15Qaletaqamy brother is actually the best mage i know for his level, and its not like he was like <noob> lawl a flask </noob>  I think he knew I wouldn't be pissed really
13:21.19Adysafk then
13:21.27Bagginswwyou know I wish I could solo dire maul ogre section.
13:21.46Bagginswwget to the king
13:21.51Bagginswwdo tribue solo
13:21.59Bagginswwwonder if its possible
13:22.13Qaletaqai've been told that the tribute run doesn't work properly if you're level 60+
13:22.27NooNooonly one way to find out
13:22.41mxsit does not.
13:22.45mxsIt hasn't since TBC came out.
13:22.52Bagginswwhow does it bug out?
13:23.00mxsAnd in a recent patch they added that the buffs are no longer available for 61+
13:23.10mxsBagginsww: it quite simply does not give you the king buff
13:23.17mxsso you get no tribute chest and no buffs
13:23.18Bagginswwthat's not fair
13:23.33mxsone might argue that my bear beating the instance solo is not fair, either ;)
13:23.47Qaletaqatrue dat
13:24.08Bagginswwwell I think at that point in time, it should be just for fun
13:24.12Qaletaqai've been doing a lot of solo grinding in my bear tank gear instead of my +attack power gear
13:24.14Qaletaqais that wrong? :[
13:24.22Bagginswwnot like you can get much out of it, besides some farmed items
13:24.24Qaletaqacat form of course
13:25.54*** join/#wowwiki chemosh_ (
13:27.54Fisker- <-hard days work
13:31.12Bagginswwappolo the "faction" sectio doesn't show up
13:31.20Bagginswwthere is only "affiliation
13:32.19Bagginswwso you can't see where you moved the info
13:33.09BagginswwMaybe Thaddeus is a half-orc, ;)
13:43.14*** join/#wowwiki Bibi`ouF (
13:45.11BagginswwI made an article for Gnomeregegan Gnews Gnetwork, as there wasn't one previously, and they do get mention in the game too from time to time.
13:47.29the_squidif i get more shadow resist, will it make me less likely to cop fears from NPC's/mobs?
13:56.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
13:57.21*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
13:57.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
13:58.46Fisker-btw Bagginsww should the server be categorized as "Server: Ravencrest Europe"?
13:58.57Fisker-because the category doesn't exist, well the page for it doesn't :P
13:59.18Fisker- <-as you can see in the bottom
14:01.02*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsw (
14:02.12Fisker-you disconnected on purpose!
14:02.14*** join/#wowwiki Telrin (
14:06.14Fisker-Ravencrest still down :(
14:06.52Adys hehe i finally found it
14:08.02Pac2722hi ppl can some1 tell me where is the best plce  to put my talent points my a 27 humen lock?
14:08.19Fisker-on your characters
14:08.39Pac2722yer but wat into?
14:10.07*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsw (
14:11.05Bagginswso uh how do I log in to my nick if its already logged in?
14:11.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
14:11.52equiraptorOn this network? If you've registered it, you can have nickserv change the name of the other. /msg nickserv help to find out how (it's different with different services)
14:12.27*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
14:12.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
14:16.13NooNooBagginsww, /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>
14:16.36HJTwow, seems as my server is already up again :D
14:16.52Bagginswwahh well I was doing that but it wasn't switching me on.
14:17.18BagginswwI just waited for the sserver to drop it, and then I was finally able to log in
14:17.36Fisker-/msg nickserv ghost
14:17.44Fisker-for that
14:20.17*** part/#wowwiki Ripdoom (
14:25.06*** join/#wowwiki thrice|tubrick` (
14:25.15foxlitwowhead should add an import-from-armory option to their talent calculators :P
14:25.53equiraptorYes. Yes it should.
14:26.09equiraptorThere was a way to give them suggestions...
14:26.40equiraptor(A way I can get my talents from my characters in there without actually having to go to the armory would be nice, as the armory is blocked from work and WoWHead isn't)
14:27.47foxlitFeedback, suggestions and/or questions are more than welcome! Feel free to send yours to; we read every mail we receive!
14:28.57Apollozeusany admins around?
14:29.38winkillerI can be everything you want me to be
14:30.04foxlitA working BigNum implementation with blazing speed?
14:30.25*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
14:30.28winkillerno, I don't do numbers
14:35.56ApollozeusI got a list for you
14:36.24[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
14:37.15Adysyeah Apollozeus?
14:37.15foxlitpicture of that lady with a tiger?
14:37.22*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus3rd (
14:47.14*** join/#wowwiki negatendo (
14:56.05[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Wow Regional Finals -
15:06.24[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
15:14.31*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire_ (
15:16.24*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
15:37.33*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
15:38.01*** join/#wowwiki Pzyk (
15:39.25*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
15:41.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
15:45.07foxlitWOW Insider, meet 2006. 2006, meet WOW Insider.
15:52.50*** join/#wowwiki WyriHaximus3rd (n=WyriHaxi@
15:57.40*** join/#wowwiki Zeal (
15:59.05*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul (n=c@
16:06.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:07.50*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
16:07.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:11.22[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:17.22[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Shade of Akama movie by Nihilum -
16:17.35Kirkburn|afkZeal, anyone else, I'm sleeping atm - can chat l8r! =)
16:17.54Zealmessage me on msn when i'm on when you wake up :(
16:18.05Zealit's about clear font mainly.
16:18.15*** part/#wowwiki Zeal (
16:25.36*** join/#wowwiki ggilbert (
16:26.09*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
16:26.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
16:34.08*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
16:51.27*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
16:51.50GryphenSending.... you have no need to virus scan it, it is not a keylogger.
16:52.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
16:59.17*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
16:59.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
17:02.38HrakgrorAfternoon People
17:03.56Hrakgrorwhats new
17:06.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
17:07.01chemosh_Eu server fuckage, but that ain't new :p
17:10.29Devilkoulkael drop?
17:11.20Devilkoulnvm, guess that's the current rumor
17:20.05Fisker-would've dropped then imo
17:20.23Fisker-and it will soon then if not already
17:20.41Fisker-Everytime when hearing about some awesome legendary it has always dropped right in the start
17:20.55Fisker-Like the baron mount
17:21.10Fisker-someone got it after a couple of months since the servers went up
17:21.15deltronhmm what's the item?
17:21.22Fisker-I've only seen 1 on the mount after that
17:22.57deltronDevilkoul: what item was that?
17:23.21deltronphoenix mount?
17:23.39deltronthat's awesome
17:24.42HrakgrorMan I hope I rerolled ona good server
17:24.42Hrakgroranyone got any htoughts on Mug'thol
17:29.49deltronno clue
17:31.02Hrakgrorfair enough
17:31.18Qaletaqamug'thol has some good raiding on it
17:31.21Qaletaqaif that's what you're into
17:31.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
17:32.42Hrakgrorwell thats what I want
17:33.02HrakgrorI stopped playing when I couldn't get into Kara as the 2nd best hunter on my server
17:34.40Fisker- <-fucking fail
17:36.03*** join/#wowwiki sannse (n=me@wikimedia/
17:36.15Fisker-"omg omg i didn't modify these files i spawned them on a private server"
17:36.17Fisker-oh really?
17:36.22Fisker-Guess who modified those fucking files for you?
17:37.00Fisker-And Sargeras is a Titan and they show the Kazzak model
17:37.02Fisker-i so much lol'd
17:39.10HrakgrorI guess I'd have to know something about lore to get it
17:39.10Fisker-Sargeras is a Titan
17:39.16chemosh_Archimonde is killable in the battle for hyjal aint he?
17:39.42Fisker-Kazzak is a doomguard
17:40.16chemosh_So he doesn't get destroyed by the wisps in WoW? sigh
17:40.42Fisker-so yes he was destroyed
17:41.08Fisker-And Kil'Jaeden like Archimonde is just like every other Eredar
17:41.20HrakgrorI stopped learning lore in Warcraft 2 for a reason
17:41.29Fisker-so making a believable model isn't hard as there is no reason to use any other than the ones already in place
17:41.30HrakgrorIt makes my head explode
17:42.31chemosh_mm, right there with you :p
17:44.18*** join/#wowwiki Flugeleendje (
17:44.35Apollozeusthe thing that is most peculiar about the Hyjal instance
17:44.36Fisker-Oh and Tichondrius is dead
17:44.40Apollozeusthere are no infinite dragons there :s
17:44.52Fisker-not as bossfights
17:44.55Hrakgrorwho is Tichondrius?
17:45.05Apollozeushmm.. so there are there, Fisker-?
17:45.09Fisker-A dreadlord
17:45.37Fisker-During the PTR's i read about the infinite dragonflight trying to influence the events
17:46.02Fisker-Something about making archimonde stop attacking to save him
17:46.53HrakgrorI think I remember hearing something about that aswell
17:46.59*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
17:46.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+v dotted] by ChanServ
17:47.32Apollozeus:s Hyjal is supposed to be the "most critical" situation according to the Wardens of Time
17:47.39Apollozeusand then infinite dragons are not bosses
17:47.52Apollozeuspretty weird
17:48.52Apollozeuswhat the hell
17:49.01Apollozeussome asshole is trying to keep all the offtopic articles
17:49.52QaletaqaI think you should cockpunch that guy.
17:49.54Qaletaqato be honest
17:50.11Qaletaqawell, yes
17:51.39*** join/#wowwiki [Liquidor] (n=denras19@
17:52.11*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:52.55Bagginswwarchimonde at mount hyjal? Lawl...
17:53.17Bagginswwcan't wait to fight the hyjal battle to see him
17:53.40Bagginswwbut tichondrious ya he's supposed to be dead
17:54.15ApollozeusBlizzard regarly resurrects dead characters
17:54.29Apollozeuseither as ghosts, undead or they just happen to have survived
17:54.41Bagginswwya only problem was Tichonderious death was actually a major event in the story
17:54.51Bagginswwthey actually bothered to replace hinm
17:55.02Bagginswwand everyone says he's dead :p
17:55.13Apollozeusmaybe he's undead then
17:55.34BagginswwIts not quite like maggy where you defeat him, and then they don't bother talkinga bout him again
17:56.06ApollozeusIllidan had also been killed by Arthas
17:56.21Fisker-he was still breathing when he was defeated
17:56.24Fisker-he wasn't dead
17:56.31Bagginswwactually if you hack the sound files you can find cutscen that didn't make it in
17:56.37Bagginswwwhere you find out he survive
17:56.46Apollozeusthat's what they later made out of it
17:56.51*** join/#wowwiki Vermathrax (
17:57.01Bagginswwsomeone needs to get the quotes though from the game and put them in wowwiki
17:57.06Fisker-As far as i remember his stomach was moving like he was breething in the cutscene
17:57.28Apollozeusyes, in the cut scene that did make it
17:57.39Bagginswwand then it flashes away before showing him "dieing"
17:57.47*** part/#wowwiki Vermathrax (
17:57.48Bagginswwto arthas climing hte mountain
17:57.55Bagginswwicecrown citadel
17:58.03Apollozeusyou know what warcraft needs
17:58.06Apollozeusa gay character
17:58.10Hrakgrorsomeone needs to post the cutscenes
17:58.11Bagginswwit has lebisans
17:58.23Bagginswwread warrior lore
17:58.29Bagginswwunder quilboar
17:58.35Qaletaqawait what?
17:58.36Fisker-"No illidan you gave buttsechs to kael'thas, I TRUSTED YOU!!!"
17:58.43Bagginswwya I kid you not
17:58.52HrakgrorWTB Harpy on Succy action 5g
17:59.32BagginswwQuilboar males grow taller, heavier, and stronger than females. For this reason, only males take up the path of warrior. Females feel no resentment over this fact, and, indeed, the males do not see themselves as superior. Female quilboar possess such strong tribal instincts that most do not even desire to follow the males' path. On occasion, a female child displays such unnatural strength that the shaman deems her a man. She
18:00.14Qaletaqai guess
18:00.15Apollozeustwo lesbian boar give birth to a child?
18:00.20BagginswwI have no idea...
18:00.27Apollozeusthat's just.. biologically impossible
18:00.27Hrakgrorit sounds like bad fanfiction
18:00.30Bagginswwshamans are whacked
18:00.39Qaletaqabiologically IMPROBABLE :D
18:00.52Bagginswwit sounds like standard shaman tradition... really weird stories like that all over the world.
18:00.54Hrakgrormaybe not
18:00.54Hrakgrorfair enough
18:01.04Fisker-valve is releasing "free games" to ATi owners
18:01.10Qaletaqauh huh
18:01.10BagginswwI bet you quilboar was dating someone on the side
18:01.11deltronFisker-: lolwut?
18:01.20Fisker-but only Lost Coast and HL2:MP
18:01.24Bagginswwfurther reasons to hate valbe?
18:01.29Fisker-i.e. nothing of value anyways
18:01.33deltroni've had those forever
18:01.43Bagginswwboth were free tome since I owned the games :p
18:01.58Hrakgroryou can't have a bigger reason to hate valve after TF2
18:02.12Bagginswwbut ya immacule conception stories are pretty common
18:02.34Bagginswwoh some tribes in africa have ritual lesbianism too
18:02.52Hrakgroryeah but africa sucks
18:02.53Bagginswwbecause not enough men exist, women get together with one of them acting as a Male
18:03.15Bagginswwhappens with men though too in other tribes in africa and other places
18:03.25Bagginswwman marries a young boy
18:03.33Bagginswwwho is treated as the women of the house
18:03.35Hrakgrorso ritual homosexuality
18:03.50Bagginswwits not always sexual though
18:04.20Bagginswwusually its just more like houshold hierarchy
18:04.41Bagginswwsomeone does the hunting, while someone takes care of the house while the "man" is away
18:05.52BagginswwIts funny though true heterosexuality monagamy is probably the rarerest form of relationship in the world.
18:06.19Bagginswwalthough its starting to become more common
18:06.32Qaletaqayeah, bummer
18:06.36Bagginswwas western thought is spread
18:06.37HrakgrorThats why marriage is a special bond
18:07.11TecnoBratAnyone here familar with serpentshrine? Our guild just killed Mag for the 3rd time, and are looking to go into SSC, anyone have any suggestions on what bosses we should attempt?
18:07.29Kasonot hydross
18:07.30BagginswwI'm sure some would like to "bond" with more than one woman. Though I doubt woman bonding with more than one man would catch on in any western countries ;)
18:07.57HrakgrorI doubt many would want too
18:08.14TecnoBratKaso, any of the others are fine though?
18:08.37Bagginswwalthough from a logistics standpoint I really understand the tibeten practice of polyandry
18:08.53Bagginswwit does keep land in the family, without it breaking down to too small of parcels
18:09.10Bagginswwthat couldn't support individual familes
18:09.31KasoLurker prob be a good place to start.
18:10.47Kasomight as well take a peek at hydross, a few goes to get a feel of what you will need to beat him, just don get too upset when you fail :>
18:11.19TecnoBratKaso, thanks dude, appreciate the suggestion :)
18:12.13TecnoBratTime to go pound the strat into some people's heads
18:17.52TecnoBratso ... Lurker = Rag + C'Thun?
18:18.16Fisker-sounds like fun
18:18.31TecnoBratSounds like he has a Dark Glare like ability
18:18.35TecnoBratand summons adds like rag does
18:19.03Fisker-c'thun spawns adds too :P
18:19.17TecnoBratBut he submerges like rag does
18:19.42TecnoBratand also does a knockback throwing you into the air, like rag. Except its just melee only
18:20.30Fisker-rag was melee only too
18:20.35Fisker-infact it was tank only
18:20.36TecnoBratnah, he wasnt
18:20.44Fisker-he was
18:20.45TecnoBratno ...
18:20.59TecnoBrathe had a single target attack that knocked anyone else in range of you into the air
18:21.40TecnoBratHammer of Ragnaros - Ranged Knockback and Damage
18:21.40TecnoBrat20–30s cooldown. "By fire be purged!" This attack targets a random player with a mana bar and knocks back all players (excluding the target) within ~20 yards. They are knocked back from the impact point which is at the foot of the target.
18:22.07Fisker-ah yeah
18:22.14Fisker-he also has a melee one though :(
18:22.19TecnoBratwell yea
18:22.43Fisker-We were both wrong! :P
18:23.02TecnoBratNo, all I said was "Except its just melee only"
18:23.25TecnoBratand you said that rag's was tank only, which is also incorrect :P
18:23.28*** join/#wowwiki SiTRiC (n=sitricli@
18:23.37Fisker-but you were wrong too :P
18:23.37Bibi`ouFtheorycrafting Ragnaros ? hardcore gaming to its best.
18:23.46Fisker-Forgot it was melee since i always went out
18:23.48Fisker-well almost always
18:23.53SiTRiCi need to know which is the best UI mod...
18:23.58Fisker-<3 dying 3 times during a ragnaros kill
18:24.05SiTRiCwhich also has the coordinate facility
18:24.25TecnoBrat"UI mod" doesnt tell us much
18:24.29TecnoBratyou want a map mod?
18:24.39TecnoBratcartographer is the best, IMO
18:25.00HrakgrorI use CTmod because I'm too lazy to find something else
18:25.18Fisker- <-that's me btw :P
18:26.07SiTRiCcartographer is a mapmod?
18:26.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:26.43TecnoBrat^^ I'm that Paladin btw :P
18:28.08Fisker-yeah me too as well :P
18:28.20Fisker-nah i did do my evasion tanking pretty good
18:28.20SiTRiChey, also is there a mod, in which i can lineup my attacks and assign a hotkey to the sequence?
18:28.32Fisker-Rogue getting aggro > healer getting aggro
18:29.00Fisker-a command
18:30.21SiTRiCdoes the cartographer mod also reveal all the unexplored stuff?
18:33.56BagginswwAmong the Horde, primals are at the same time mistrusted for their incomprehensible connection to the beast within and admired for their sharp instincts and feral bestiality. did the use the right term there?
18:34.12TecnoBratFisker-, was this you too?
18:34.44BagginswwMain Entry: bes·ti·al·i·ty
18:34.44BagginswwPronunciation: "bes-chE-'a-l&-tE, "besh-, "bEs-, "bEsh-
18:34.44BagginswwFunction: noun
18:34.44BagginswwInflected Form(s): plural -ties
18:34.45Bagginsww1 : the condition or status of a lower animal
18:34.47Bagginsww2 : display or gratification of bestial traits or impulses
18:34.49Bagginsww3 : sexual relations between a human being and a lower animal
18:34.51BagginswwI guess so
18:34.57Bagginsww2 fits
18:40.30*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
18:41.11*** join/#wowwiki roxutee (
18:44.24TecnoBratits funny that rag has been bugged since launch
18:44.30TecnoBratand still doesnt submerge
18:45.08KasoYah, actually what is with that.
18:45.21TecnoBrathe goes into the lava, and pops right back up
18:45.23TecnoBratand stands there
18:45.40TecnoBratuntil the sons are dead, and then does the popup animation again, and starts attacking
18:45.45KasoI think i remeber i time in the olden days when he stayed down
18:45.50TecnoBrathe doesnt actually "stay down"
18:45.59Kasobut i may have confabulated that
18:46.00TecnoBratyea .. I think it was like the first week
18:46.15TecnoBratthere was a bug, where he wouldnt come back up, or something
18:46.24TecnoBratand when they fixed that, they broke it
18:46.26QaletaqaI've never seen ragnaros bug out
18:46.35TecnoBratQaletaqa, I'm sure you have
18:46.42TecnoBratif he under the lava during the son phase?
18:46.51Qaletaqahe goes down into the lava
18:46.58Qaletaqaas the sons come out
18:47.08TecnoBratyes, but he pops back out instantly
18:47.10Qaletaqathen he comes back up after some length of time
18:47.18TecnoBratand as you are fighting the sons, hes standing there
18:47.21TecnoBratbut not attacking
18:47.54*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:49.02Qaletaqai'm axin' my wife, 'cause I was always a healer against the south wall so unless rag was up i was never paying much attention
18:49.11Qaletaqahuh, how about that
18:49.18Qaletaqashe says most of the time he bugged
18:49.28Kasocheck any of the videos on youtube if you wanna see for your own eyes :>
18:49.40TecnoBratheh, yea
18:50.04Qaletaqaoh, you guys are almost certainly right, i just stopped paying attention at submerge time and i was always focused on getting back to my spot, paying zero attention to rag
18:51.17KasoI still thing raggy was the most "OMG AWESOME" boss ever.
18:51.56*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:51.57Apollozeushe was ripped off for TBC
18:52.03TecnoBrat"Ragnaros will reset properly if the raid wipes while submerged."
18:52.07TecnoBratthats when they broke it
18:52.45Qaletaqamy favorite fight in BWL is still vael
18:52.55Qaletaqai like fights that completely change game mechanics
18:53.03TecnoBratI loved Rag
18:53.12TecnoBratI did Rag on my mage the first time
18:53.19*** join/#wowwiki Colamage (
18:53.23Qaletaqafrost i should think :p
18:53.24TecnoBratI did like 14% of his health
18:53.29TecnoBratAP / Frost
18:53.31ColamageHeya, does anyone know how mages learn to use daggers etc? O_O
18:53.49Qaletaqago to the weapons trainer that does daggers
18:53.50Kasowhich side? horde alliance?
18:53.51TecnoBratColamage, weapon trainers in capital cities
18:53.54Qaletaqawould be my guess
18:54.01Colamagealliance, and thanks =]
18:54.35Qaletaqago to IF
18:54.44TecnoBratIF, Darn, SW, and Exodar all do it
18:54.49Qaletaqaor, really, any large city
18:54.58Qaletaqabut lets face it, you're probably going to IF
18:55.28TecnoBratUnless hes a level 10 Drainei :P
18:55.31KasoRemeber when the AV arrows + ragnagros / any large boss was just pure awesome.
18:56.08ApollozeusI hate low level draenei
18:56.20Apollozeus"hey m8 can u maek portal to SW plz"
18:56.27Qaletaqaand now, when things go horribly wrong, you get a news story with this as the final sentence: "The bride's mother said her family would keep the intestines as a reminder of God's greatness."
18:57.33Qaletaqayeah, that's what i said too:  <silence>
19:01.08Colamageand btw, im a level 26 mage ;P
19:01.36Fisker- <-shouldn't some of this be removed?
19:04.45Kasowhich bits?
19:04.59Kasoits a long article i dont feel like reading throught it all.
19:05.07Fisker-The programs
19:05.35Fisker-i.e. the hotkey one
19:05.46Fisker-and also the other one a bit
19:06.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:07.08KasoHmm, i agree it could do with some discussion, but im not sure myself.
19:10.48KasoAlso the fact that that entire page is just a copy paste of a third party article is a bit crappy
19:10.57Qaletaqaoh, yeah.
19:11.13Qaletaqai'd nix it based entirely on that but that's why i'm not an editor :]
19:16.10SiTRiChey how do i install the cartographer mod?
19:16.52Kasounzip the zip file, then copy the Cartographer directory to your World Of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns
19:18.01Bibi`ouFIt's official
19:18.03Bibi`ouFVista sucks.
19:18.35amrodon't let kirkburn hear you say that :P
19:18.44Bibi`ouFwell Kirkburn sucks too
19:18.47Kasowhats more annoying is microsoft are being bitches and making halo2 vista only.
19:19.01Kasowhich is really shitty imo
19:19.04amrothat was to be expected
19:19.09Skosirislol, vista only
19:19.47Bibi`ouFseriously, there is a service handling the "audio"
19:19.58Bibi`ouFit takes up to 15% of my CPU :/
19:19.59Bibi`ouFwtf :/
19:20.24Bibi`ouFand sometimes it just starts doing weird electronic noises over my MP3s
19:20.31Bibi`ouFand I need to restart the service
19:21.34Bagginsww updated Tyr's Hand to include info from WArcraft II
19:21.57Apollozeusnice teabaggins
19:22.33Gryphenvista only because Live is vista only
19:23.14Bagginsww I completed stratholme last night
19:23.18Apollozeusvista is the most superfluous OS of all time
19:24.12Bibi`ouFyup but I can't use XP anymore
19:24.26Colamagecan you even play WoW on vista?
19:24.49Bibi`ouFtechnically, yes
19:24.51Bibi`ouFbut my computer isn't powerful enough
19:24.59Colamageon the box it doesnt say you can ;P
19:25.12Colamagebut thats probably because BC came out basically the same time as vista
19:25.32Apollozeus<Bibi`ouF> yup but I can't use XP anymore <-- why is that?
19:26.01Bibi`ouFhard drive not working, don't have time to find a proper fix
19:26.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:26.30Colamageooer it is?
19:26.45Fisker-plothole Bagginsww
19:26.48Colamagei so want a pehonix mount
19:26.57Bagginswwthere always are, :p
19:28.08Fisker-well the cauldrons should poison the land regardless of how well defended the town is
19:28.25Fisker-oh and btw in b4 people starts "WTF IS BLIZZARD USING MY MONEY FOR"-topics
19:28.43Bagginswwfisker cauldrons?
19:28.51Fisker-In the Western Plaguelands
19:29.00Bagginswwis that mentioned in the article?
19:29.04BagginswwI wasn't writing that part
19:29.16Fisker-no it's not mentioned in that artcile :P
19:29.38Fisker-but the cauldrons are responsible for a deteriation in the wildlife and the nature around it
19:29.43amroBibi`ouF: why don't you install XP on vista's partition?
19:29.43Fisker-atleast lorewise
19:29.55Bagginswwalthough the cauldrons are kinda new
19:30.01Bibi`ouFamro : I don't think I can "downgrade" windows
19:30.04GryphenColamage works just fine on Vista, even better FPS since switch from XP for me
19:30.11amroBibi`ouF: format the partition and install anew
19:30.13Bagginswwmost of the blight issues were cause durin g the third war by initial plague
19:30.18Bibi`ouFI can't, because of the hard drive issues
19:30.28Bagginswwcauldrons were placed later
19:30.42amroweird issues... you can't even format it?
19:30.59amroI've had problems resizing NTFS but I could always format
19:31.16Bagginswwstill need to get around to updating Tarren Mill most likely
19:32.19Fisker-and his guild is attention whores "omg look at us we got legendariez lol"
19:33.30Skosirishey, what if gold was soulbound? there wouldn't be any gold sellers!
19:33.41Apollozeusthere'd also be no AH
19:34.47amroGMs just need to PM people in common farming spots and see if they get a coherent response
19:36.56Bibi`ouFamro : it's a bios error
19:37.06Bibi`ouFmostly because XP doesnt have the raid drivers , and Vista does I guess
19:37.24Fisker-why can't you transfer guild leadership to offline people? :(
19:38.08amrothey might belong to an inactive account
19:39.39Fisker-no they're not
19:41.08foxlit_Why can't you do guild invites by mail?
19:41.28foxlit_i.e. invite your own alts to your own guild
19:43.07KasoYah its annoying that foxlit
19:43.51amroFisker-: I meant the game doesn't allow you to do that because they might be, and it's too much of a hassle to check
19:43.55*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:45.24Fisker-ah ok
19:45.55*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:50.18*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire_ (
19:53.57*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire_ (
19:54.36Bagginswwno one confirmed an existence of an undead dragonflight by name
19:54.53Bagginswwso I"m going to modify the article to be about "undead dragons" in general
19:56.23*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire_ (
20:03.21*** join/#wowwiki ClydeJr (i=86a3ff0d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:03.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+v ClydeJr] by ChanServ
20:08.14Kirkburn|afkGood morning
20:08.50Bibi`ouFProbably because Vista makes me smell
20:08.54*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul (n=c@
20:09.12Kirkburn|afkI should have been on |sleep for the last few hours, if you were wondering where I was :P
20:09.25amroI'm considering installing vista
20:09.29amro(not for me though)
20:09.38HrakgrorI would
20:09.43Hrakgrorif they have the specs to back it
20:09.51Kirkburn|afkHmm, weird that I didn't seem to be getting beeped when I was pinged tho ... probably need a restart
20:10.03Kirkburn|afkVista runs fine on most specs
20:10.14Kirkburn|afkMy 3 year old desktop runs it without trouble :)
20:10.15Hrakgrornot on a PIII it doesn't :)
20:10.18amroHrakgror: its for my sister and she complains about the slightest change. im checking to see if vista won't freak her out
20:10.35Hrakgrordoes she need to change OS's for some reason?
20:10.38Kirkburn|afkWell PIII is ancient, man. P4 would be fine though
20:10.44amroyes, I destroyed her XP install
20:10.51Hrakgrorso reinstall it
20:10.55Kirkburn|afkVista is not a huge change from XP, especially for non power-users
20:11.05amroyeah, but I'm considering vista instead
20:11.08HrakgrorI hate the new start menu
20:11.22Kirkburn|afkIt's barely any different ...
20:11.35Hrakgrorslight differences annoy me
20:11.46Kirkburn|afkFair enough
20:12.03amroKirkburn|afk: she stopped playing wow when I installed a simple UI addon until I setup a way to remove it (before they added the disable thingy)
20:12.59amroKirkburn|afk: how good is the installer? do I have to intervene halfway through like the stupid XP installer?
20:13.09Hrakgrorfor raid drivers?
20:13.24Kirkburn|afkNah, it's almost all automatic
20:13.38Kirkburn|afkI think you define about 3 things at the start, and that's it
20:13.43amroHrakgror: it stops you halfway through for regional settings and network setup
20:13.54HrakgrorI need those :(
20:13.59amrooh yeah, I remember a longhorn install only required work at the beginning
20:14.17HrakgrorI sitll don't get why Windows XP Pro is more expensive then Vista Ultimate
20:14.35Kirkburn|afkI've installed Vista 4 times I think :P Really easy
20:14.50Kirkburn|afk(betas are great fun)
20:17.51Hrakgrorsweet jesus
20:18.00Hrakgrormy neighbors horse just got put down
20:18.07Hrakgrori had no idea it was 35 years old
20:19.30Apollozeussour jesus!
20:19.34Apollozeusthat's almost twice my ago
20:19.44Hrakgrorthats wicked old for a horse
20:20.09Bagginswwhorses live how long on average?
20:20.12Hrakgroralmost twice mine too
20:20.56Hrakgrorapparently its 20-25
20:21.19Bagginswwwow, i'd be dead already :p
20:21.23Bagginswwif I was a horse
20:21.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:21.43Hrakgrorjesus the oldest horse ever was 64
20:22.53Hrakgrorit was during the 1700s so they prolly fudged the numbers a little
20:22.55Bagginswwthat's like what living to 130 in human years?
20:23.02HrakgrorI guess
20:23.24Hrakgrorbasically 2-1 human years to horse years
20:24.50BagginswwI see
20:27.09Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, you're ooooooollllddd!
20:27.27Bagginswwya, 27 is old :p
20:28.32Kirkburn|afkYou're 7 years younger than the average age of mages though
20:28.45Kirkburn|afkAnd 11 years older than the average age of rogues
20:29.01Kirkburn|afkI do not make these numbers up :)
20:29.29TecnoBratKaso, do you have to fish up Lurker?
20:29.59Bagginsww that needs to be renamed...
20:30.06BagginswwI mean they aren't just second war anymore...
20:30.35BagginswwI'd suggest just merging them with main death knight article and explaining hte different between the two by section
20:31.04Bagginswwlike we do with other 'class'  or species that share the same name
20:33.45Kirkburn|afk"How old are those playing your class"
20:33.56*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:34.59Kirkburn|afkWarrior, 24 ... Paladin: 23 .... Shaman: 25 ... Druid: 22 ... Priest: 26 ... Warlock: 26 ... Mage: 35 ... Rogue: 16 ... Hunter: 25
20:35.28BagginswwI see
20:35.57*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:37.01Kirkburn|afkAccording to that, I should be a druid :)
20:38.04WyriHaximus3rdNice the anti crash patch made my client crash :')
20:38.39TecnoBratMages are old
20:38.42TecnoBratRogues are young
20:39.13TecnoBratI'm 25, I play a Paladin, Druid and Shaman
20:39.27TecnoBratmain is my Paladin though
20:39.50WyriHaximus3rdffs my class is 16 :/
20:39.57WyriHaximus3rdThat makes me 8 years over age :/
20:41.46Kirkburn|afkThat sample was 200, split between classes, so it's not the most comprehensive list
20:41.57WyriHaximus3rdTrue :)
20:42.05Bagginswwteron gorefien is allied with Illidari right?
20:42.12Kirkburn|afkBut the main gist is that melee is generally younger than casters - which doesn't surprise me
20:42.30Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, yep, he's in BT
20:42.36WyriHaximus3rdMore fast action rather then boring waiting for casts :P
20:42.40Bagginswwok just updating that
20:43.21Bagginswwand if someone will just update the "fate following sectin ;)
20:44.38Kirkburn|afkI guess that Teron ius probably dead now
20:45.01Bagginswwor his wheel is on a new cycle :p
20:45.11Bagginswwto be regenerated again someday :p
20:46.58Hrakgrori wonder what the average age of hunters is :(
20:47.05Hrakgroroh wow really?
20:49.04Kirkburn|afkoooh, cool pic -
20:49.20Kirkburn|afkHrakgror, doesn't include those who don't talk on the forums =)
20:49.29Bagginswwwow, it looks like a painting
20:51.29[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:57.46BagginswwBaron Morte, reminds me of Baron Mordis, LOL
21:07.28*** join/#wowwiki Nyri (
21:07.46dottedFisker- i left the guild happy now :P?
21:08.26Fisker-what guild was it?
21:08.37dotted!armory eu trollbane karrigan
21:08.37[NewsBot]Karrigan's Armory Profile:
21:11.03Fisker-join TUW faggot
21:11.04dotted llooloolololo
21:11.18Fisker-because i called you a faggot :(
21:14.08Fisker-operation find the phoenix mount item id is a go
21:15.06dottedthought it was already found??
21:16.37Fisker-but now that someone has it ingame we might be able to find it on the armory
21:17.49deltron!armory us suramar diode
21:17.49[NewsBot]Diode's Armory Profile:
21:22.27dottedFisker- meh can you see mounts on armory?
21:24.41dottedFisker- his armory profile
21:25.02*** join/#wowwiki Kaaz (i=Kaaz@
21:27.57*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:33.47*** join/#wowwiki gerber^azazoth|h (
21:36.41dottedyour bot whats the lik to the page where you pull data from?
21:36.55Kasoall on there
21:37.05*** join/#wowwiki Beer-Bot_v8-18 (
21:37.52KasoI should really get him going again, patch rush has well and truely died down by now.
21:38.11Kasotommorrow i shall
21:44.14Bagginsww blah another article I should update if I ever have the itme :p
21:48.20dotted heh
21:51.24KasoI love that item
21:54.19winkilleron eu-rogue forums someone wanted to start a roguewiki and when someone mentioned wowwiki, he/she turned it down for being too general
21:55.49Fisker-Blizzard will not EVADE me
21:55.50Kasowinkiller, some might say that the rogue class alone doesnt have nearly enough material to warrent a wiki.
21:55.52[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Starcraft 2 - MSNBC interviews Rob Pardo -
21:55.55Fisker-i have set up a shell script to datamine their armory
21:56.01Fisker-i'm gonna find that phoenix tonight!
21:56.33dottedFisker- thought it would be easier to ask Skosiris to see if wowhead has got something
21:57.18dottedi was talking about submitted items not on the site yet
21:57.21winkillerKaso: yeah, well, I also don't get it
21:58.56Fisker-oh dotted :o
21:58.59Fisker-dunno about that
21:59.14Fisker-thought uploading was automated
21:59.16dottedobviously not
21:59.30Fisker-Skosiris failed to answer my question then!
21:59.34Fisker-Like 1 year back :P
21:59.54*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
21:59.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
22:00.57dottedfuck i hate wow community
22:01.47Fisker-then you hate yourself lol
22:02.36Fisker-i knew it though
22:02.42Fisker-i told you there was gonna be a post like that
22:03.50dottedim not part of _that_ community
22:03.57Fisker-well it is the US community
22:04.01Fisker-oh snap at all you us guys
22:04.19winkillerdotted: look at his guildname
22:04.26Beer-Bot_v8-18is epheonix that kid with cancer?
22:04.28winkillerCombat 18 is a Hitler reference
22:04.35winkillerhe's a prick anyway
22:04.42dottedBeer-Bot_v8-18 yup
22:04.57Beer-Bot_v8-18I think the kid was a huge nerd for having that as his dying wish
22:05.02dottedhe has the phoenix mount aswell
22:05.13Beer-Bot_v8-18oh wow, did blizz give it to him?
22:05.14dottedlol die you prick
22:05.36Beer-Bot_v8-18what, everyone dies
22:05.52Beer-Bot_v8-18its tragic that some people die young
22:06.19dottedthat fucking doesnt justify what you said you son of a bitch¨
22:06.27Beer-Bot_v8-18he's like 10
22:06.59Beer-Bot_v8-18He prolly never played Warcraft, Diablo, ect ect
22:07.31Beer-Bot_v8-18so his dying wish was WoW related
22:07.33winkillerright now I don't get your problem, dotted
22:07.36Beer-Bot_v8-18it devalues his life
22:07.42Beer-Bot_v8-18if thats his biggest concern
22:07.50Beer-Bot_v8-18if i found out i was dying
22:07.55dottedget a grib
22:08.02Beer-Bot_v8-18i wouldn't be like "omg i gotta see blizzards complex before I go"
22:08.14dottedbut you arent 9 years old
22:08.28Beer-Bot_v8-18you can't even legally buy wow when your 9
22:08.44dottedgive me a break
22:08.45Beer-Bot_v8-18his dying wish should be like, to ride a fire truck
22:09.14dottedyou are fucking clueless
22:09.18Gryphenhis dying wish is his dying wish, there is no should be about it
22:09.28*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
22:09.57Beer-Bot_v8-18I'm saying that if his biggest concern in life is WoW, it speaks for itself
22:10.15dottedbut if his biggest concern is a firetruck???
22:10.19Gryphenso does your concern for it
22:10.36Beer-Bot_v8-18that would be normal
22:10.41Gryphenfor you
22:10.45Beer-Bot_v8-18and something related to reality
22:10.51Fisker-omg lol
22:11.05Beer-Bot_v8-18its like saying my final wish is to see monopoly headquarters
22:11.20Fisker-If that's your wish then that's your wish
22:11.22winkillerothers would go to a whorehouse and get drunk
22:11.27Beer-Bot_v8-18and it would still be stupid
22:11.28winkillerwow, nice reality you got there
22:11.32Fisker-and nobody should diminish your wish because you want to see the monopoly headquarters
22:11.37Fisker-so would seeing a firetruck
22:11.51Beer-Bot_v8-18seeing a firetruck would be a normal thing
22:12.00Beer-Bot_v8-18wanting to see an office where a video game is run from
22:12.02dottedaccording to you
22:12.03winkillerit's nothing hard.
22:12.07Beer-Bot_v8-18is frivilous
22:12.08Gryphenfor you it is normal
22:12.10winkillerI've been on secveral firetrucks
22:12.15winkillerjust fucking ask
22:12.23Beer-Bot_v8-18who hasn't
22:13.13dottedthe kid has a pashion for wow, so an obvious choice for him is to see blizz, someone who have a pashion firefighters would go there etc
22:13.26dottedwho the fuck are you to judge him anyway?
22:13.30Kirkburn|afkAdys, you around?
22:13.57Beer-Bot_v8-18So your saying it isn't A) nerdy and B) odd that a 9 year olds dying wish is to see Blizzards office?
22:14.07*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
22:14.32Gryphen<Beer-Bot_v8-18> He prolly never played Warcraft, Diablo, ect ect
22:14.35Gryphen^^ that is nerdy
22:14.41dottedaye tru dat
22:15.13dottedBeer-Bot_v8-18 he is 9 years old. get it all ready 9 fucking years
22:15.21dottedhe doesnt think the same way as you
22:15.38dottedhe doesnt share the same concerns as you for your future
22:15.57Beer-Bot_v8-18no kidding, but even for a 9 year old thats wierd
22:16.15Beer-Bot_v8-18how many 9 year olds do you know that play and love wow
22:16.23Beer-Bot_v8-18and who's dying wish would be to do something wow related
22:16.33Beer-Bot_v8-18hell, substitute wow with any video game
22:16.36dottednot you are fucking retarded
22:16.44Gryphendont have to know them for them to exist
22:17.11dottedand its not like it was a dieing wish
22:19.37dottedheck it not certain he will die
22:19.47dottedso get a clue
22:21.28Beer-Bot_v8-18way to change the direction of the arguement
22:23.01foxlit_I don't see why not; what would you wish for?
22:23.43Beer-Bot_v8-18I'd like to go on safari
22:23.57Fisker-found it
22:23.58Fisker-I FUCKING WIN
22:24.03Fisker-and it drops from al'ar then
22:24.07Grypheni wouldnt want to go on a safari, does that make your idea lame?
22:24.23foxlit_What sort of a safari?
22:24.39foxlit_As in, what would you do?
22:25.17Beer-Bot_v8-18look at animals I havn't seen before in the wild, maybe take a quick flight to egypt on the way there or back and see the pyramids
22:26.05Beer-Bot_v8-18see parts of existance that are different from my own, you know, that thing
22:26.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:26.46Fisker-Skosiris you should put in for maximum epix
22:26.54Beer-Bot_v8-18because its part of reality I havn't experienced before
22:26.59Beer-Bot_v8-18its exotic
22:27.55dottedfuk thats an extremely unnormal and nerdy dieing wish
22:28.06foxlit_What would that achieve, anyway?
22:28.46foxlit_By seeing other animals?
22:29.20foxlit_Fundamentally boring; you won't discover anything really new.
22:29.21Beer-Bot_v8-18by experience what I havn't before, and so different from my own
22:29.50foxlit_I think you're overrating experience gained on a safari
22:31.12foxlit_Yeah, so there are lions. And elephants. And stuff. So what?
22:31.44Beer-Bot_v8-18Other cultures?
22:31.52foxlit_On a safari?
22:32.09Beer-Bot_v8-18It is in Africa
22:32.39foxlit_You can't get culture in a day
22:32.43foxlit_Not even in a month.
22:33.00Beer-Bot_v8-18who said I was "getting" cultures
22:33.06Beer-Bot_v8-18I said experience
22:33.26dottedif you want enlightment you would go travel for a year, help kids in third world countris - not a safari
22:33.29foxlit_"lolz, this place is strange and foreign."
22:33.38Beer-Bot_v8-18basically foxlit_
22:33.38foxlit_"Ah well, out of time, back on my plane"
22:40.58*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
22:41.23[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:47.24Fisker-btw Bagginsww is it against the rules posting stuff gathered from the WoW Armory
22:47.38Bagginswwuh I don't know
22:47.54Bagginswwsorry :(
22:47.55KasoWell techincally all the item pages i use are from the armory
22:48.02dottedlolololololol zeeg
22:48.05Kasobut what do you mean Fisker- ?
22:48.26Fisker-I used my server to run through a script
22:48.42Fisker-basically downloading item-tooltip.xml?i=1-99999
22:48.50KasoYah feel free to post it
22:48.54Fisker-searched the data and found the phoenix mount in it
22:49.08Kasoif you like ill set it for auto-processing tommorrow though
22:49.25Fisker- <-put it up already
22:49.26Kasomy bot is designed to parse armory pages then make item stubs from em
22:49.30Kasoah cool
22:49.54Fisker-My first item though so don't know if i ripped it off incorrectly :P
22:49.58KasoMight as well put elinks in
22:50.23Kasoand do a {{spelllink}} for the spell Gryphen just linked too
22:50.25Fisker-oh wait
22:50.31Fisker-forgot the flavor text
22:50.33Fisker-how do i put that in? :P
22:50.34WyriHaximus3rdgoodnight guys
22:51.26*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
22:52.58Fisker- <-The spell isn't on the wiki yet?
22:53.16KasoThen make it dear eizer
22:53.34Fisker-eizer? :O
22:54.24KasoWhat the hell!?
22:54.36KasoI just googled the song, its "Liza" not eizer like ive thought all these years
22:54.46Grypheni thought that might be what you meant
22:54.56Gryphenthere's a hole in the bucket
22:55.34KasoI cant believe i've been singing it wrong all these years
22:56.34Sandwichman2448...And lady mondegreen....
22:59.58*** join/#wowwiki LordRhys (
23:00.49LordRhysHi anybody here that assist me with a tooltip:SetOwner(frame) problem?
23:01.03Gryphentry #wowi-lounge
23:01.11LordRhysok thanks
23:01.20*** part/#wowwiki LordRhys (
23:12.23*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
23:43.16*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:43.33*** join/#wowwiki NimbleRabit (
23:43.40*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Karen@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
23:43.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ

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