IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070529

00:20.50Kirkburn|afkI want a Holy Strider, just so I can yell out "STRRIIIIIIIDEEEERRRR!!!"
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02:36.08Kirkburn|afkThis is sort of lol -
02:37.23KarrionKirkburn|afk: subtle
02:40.05Karrionadopt that as the new wowwiki voting system imo
02:40.33Bagginswwwhy not "ja" and "yes" option, no "no" or NO, and "no" for things we dont' want passed
02:41.03Karrion... does Godwin's law apply to irc channels? >.>
02:41.09Bagginswwya kinda
02:41.16Bagginswwbut we aren't argueing
02:41.19Bagginswwor debating
02:41.36Bagginswwso it can't caust a debate to come to a close
02:42.25Bagginswwadded quilboar
02:43.47Bagginswwoh guess what quilboars have lesbians
02:48.38BagginswwQuilboar males grow taller, heavier, and stronger than females. For this reason, only males take up the path of warrior. Females feel no resentment over this fact, and, indeed, the males do not see themselves as superior. Female quilboar possess such strong tribal instincts that most do not even desire to follow the males' path. ON occasion, a female child displays such unnatural strength that the shaman deems her a man. She
02:50.03BagginswwTribal legend holds that such unions have occasionally produced an exceptional quilboar warrior (though no scholar has confirmed the tale), so there is little or no stigma attached to such situations.MG
02:50.20Bagginswwum lesbians that reproduce...
02:56.49Karrionsounds more like transsexual than lesbian
02:58.00Bagginswwya, well apparently the quilboar was physically female, but "larger"
03:16.14Bagginswwahh found more age tables
03:17.44Bagginswwcentaur, ogre, ogre mage
03:18.06Boubouille[04:43:18] <Bagginsww> oh guess what quilboars have lesbians
03:18.07Boubouillethis is why I stay on this channel.
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03:18.26Boubouilleexclusive informations about WoW lore.
03:19.58Bagginswwheh heh
03:27.05Fisker-Boubouille !
03:27.14Boubouillei'm not your friend
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05:49.31Kirkburn|afkOoh, wow, our traffic rank has shot up recently
05:50.22Kirkburn|afkIt'll be 2.1 wot done it :)
05:51.00Kirkburn|afkThat damn Wowhead is beating us though :(
05:51.35Skosiriswant to have some good laughs?
05:54.00Skosirisoops, might want to start from Page 1
05:55.18BagginswwWell I think I have maybe 7-10 more classes to unstub :p
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06:00.42BagginswwNot entirely sure but I think spell breaker might be an upcoming RPG class, in dark factions
06:00.59Bagginswwso we might get some lore about the class
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06:07.29Kirkburn|afkSkosiris, try readin this poem :P
06:09.04Kirkburn|afkLol @ this -
06:20.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
06:23.20Bagginswweuroengrish :p
06:23.43Kirkburn|afkWhat Movies Teach Us:
06:23.48Kirkburn|afkAll grocery shopping bags contain at least one loaf of French Bread.
06:23.53Kirkburn|afkShould you wish to pass yourself off as a German officer, it will not be necessary to speak the language. A German accent will do.
06:24.00Kirkburn|afkWhen paying for a taxi, don't look at your wallet as you take out a bill - just grab one at random and hand it over. It will always be the exact fare.
06:24.44BagginswwKirkburn depends on the movie in some cases an english accient will do in a pinch :p
06:24.54Kirkburn|afkActually one of them is somewhat misguided "Medieval peasants had perfect teeth." .... they quite probably did have good teeth, since they didn't stuff themselves with sugar.
06:25.15BagginswwI've seen enough ww2 films where nazis had british accents :p
06:26.32Kirkburn|afkIt's one of those weird misconceptions of the Middle Ages, that we're always told that they were covered in mud, lived to about 25, had no freedoms, no concept of cleanliness, etc, etc ... when frankly, they weren't a huge amount different to us.
06:27.15Bagginswwit was kind of the fault of romance novels written by authors and historians that didn't have much info about ath time...
06:27.34Kirkburn|afkTrue, true
06:27.42Kirkburn|afkAnd that Shakespear fellow
06:27.50Bagginswwarchaeologists found evidence that they probably did take baths, at least the rich did. since it was a nice luxury
06:28.18Bagginswwand they certainly would have cared about smells
06:28.47BagginswwRich lived pretty much like today's middle class or better
06:30.24BagginswwBut we know more about how people lived in castles than peasens simply because castles have held up alot longer :p
06:30.55Bagginswwahh my eyes are getting blurry, I better get some rest LOL
06:40.23Bagginswwapparently shamans and druids are both shamans in furbolg society. They don't see any distinction between the two
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06:48.42Skosirisok then, I'll kill it myself
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07:18.13MatthewSwarning, warning. there will be a temporary outage of wowwiki imminently!
07:20.14MatthewSall done
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07:38.35Hobinheimanybody awake
07:44.00Hobinheimi'm going delirious from the heat...
07:44.06Hobinheimi had a wow-related nightmare
07:45.37Bagginswwyou deleted your characters?
07:45.43Aikanaronlol :)
07:46.14Hobinheimi dreamt i was going 100mph (super illegal) on a highway and then a cop pulls me over...
07:46.17Hobinheimsomehow i mention wow
07:46.28Hobinheimthen he's like funny you mention wow and then you're going 100mph
07:46.39Hobinheimwhatever, i woke up in like a deep sweat
07:46.48Hobinheimit is hot over here... and i have no AC in my room
07:46.58AikanaronNasty business
07:47.07Hobinheimi feel ill
07:47.15Hobinheimi dunno how to stay cool, i think i'm going crazy
07:48.33Aikanarondude, you should come and live in holland
07:48.44Aikanaronits like thirteen degrees or something
07:49.19Aikanaronas opposed to being fried
07:56.24JunkHead-WorkOk I can finally say hello now.
07:58.05AikanaronHurrah!...Hello to you too
08:00.52JunkHead-WorkSomeone in the lounge channel was mention problems with instance groups today.
08:01.00JunkHead-WorkI had an odd experience also.
08:02.18JunkHead-WorkI got invited to go to Ramparts on my mage
08:02.33JunkHead-WorkAfter waiting for the paladin to make gold to respec to holy...
08:02.45JunkHead-WorkWe finally got inside... blood furnace.
08:03.10JunkHead-Workthe hunter fell off the platform on the way to the instance and got stuck.
08:03.21JunkHead-Workthe other guys went back to the stone to summon him.
08:03.32JunkHead-WorkThe hunter also kept calling the tank "Dad"
08:03.42JunkHead-WorkAnd the rogue died at least 7 times during the run.
08:03.56JunkHead-WorkAt one point, he survived a fight, and the paladin noticed.
08:04.05JunkHead-Work"Hey the guy who dies every fight didn't die!"
08:04.21JunkHead-Workthe rigue responds by saying "when i'm on my game, i never die."
08:04.32JunkHead-Workhe then died 5 minutes later to a mob's posion.
08:05.01JunkHead-WorkHe also went AFk 3 times during the run without saying anything. Each time he was gone for between 5-10 minutes.
08:08.54AikanaronHmm, nasty
08:10.08AikanaronRamparts, is that an easy/medium/hard thing to come into as a healer?
08:11.08Aikanaronim lvl 62 shadowpriest...and im thinking of switching to healing, because that seems to be the next thing.
08:11.37JunkHead-WorkWell, at 60-61 you might have a couple of tough pulls as a healer.
08:11.44JunkHead-Workbut 62 and up you should be fine.
08:12.09JunkHead-WorkIn Blood Furnace our healer was the holy paladin, he was 60 or 61 and had never been a healer before.
08:12.23JunkHead-WorkWe had some deaths, but it wasn't too bad. Our tank was 70 though.
08:12.39Aikanaronthat sounds ok, given the fact i almost have never healed before :)
08:12.54Aikanaronbeen a shadowpriest from the start
08:18.58AikanaronShould i be ashamed for not using a priest for what he is made for, healing?
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08:38.57AyZocan someone here help with commands?
08:44.59AikanaronWe did not realize, but in our own language...Exodar means: defective Elekk turd...
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09:26.20winkillerwiki down?
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10:35.40[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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11:21.21Toiletduckhi dotted
11:21.25Toiletducki have some questions
11:21.35dottedshoot :)
11:22.27Toiletduckmust i ask the ? here or where
11:22.38AikanaronJust shoot :)
11:22.52ToiletduckThere is website gamersking they where u buy gold is it legal on venture co
11:23.06Toiletducki was browsing in th net and i saw that
11:23.36Toiletduckis it considering cheating
11:24.11Aikanaronpff good question.
11:24.15Aikanarondunno really
11:24.31Toiletducku can to to that site
11:24.54Aikanaronissen't there anything on the official wow site on this topic?
11:25.27dottedits illigal
11:25.38dottedon any server to buy gold
11:25.44Toiletduckokay thanx dotted
11:26.17Toiletducki was just asking
11:26.25Toiletduckdoes anyone play as hunter
11:26.29Toiletducknight elf hunter
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11:46.42ggilbertanyone happen to know if daily quests reset after server restart?
11:54.59winkillerno clue
11:57.17Adysggilbert: on my server (Stormrage Europe) they reset at 4am every day, and server restart doesnt affect it
11:57.17ggilberthere's hoping
11:57.25Adysno idea if it actually does on others
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11:58.01ggilbertoh well.
11:59.45AdysColamage: hello
12:05.40[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
12:19.12foxlitWoWInsider must have some pretty depressing breakfasts
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13:05.42[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
13:07.02QaletaqaI like how the Horde orphan is supposed to grow up to do something evil and the Alliance orphan isn't.
13:07.25*** join/#wowwiki the_squid (
13:09.39ggilbertQaletaqa: The alliance orphan might end up being evil through inaction though.
13:12.21Qaletaqaeh.  i guess.  as metagame as it is, i'm not real pleased with blizzard's blood elf storyline, or at least their decision to bring them into the horde fold as they are, or their decision to make it very clear that blood elves are at least moderately evil in their own right.
13:12.49Qaletaqahopefully the alliance gets crack-addled pedophile pandaren or something to balance it out.
13:14.25Qaletaqait's pretty hard to explain to people that the horde is not the bad guys (when I'm trying to get someone who just got the game to roll horde) when all of the horde races look like classic "evil" races (or are just plain huge and beastly) except for the blood elves, who are like cokeheads.
13:14.56Qaletaqa"Ignore the incapacitating addiction, they're totally cool.  except that one thing, with the naaru in silvermoon, yeah just ignore that."
13:40.10[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Warcraft Comic Book Free to Read Online -
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13:59.46Qaletaqabummer hob
13:59.59QaletaqaI think they make a cream for that :X
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14:01.20equiraptorMy mind is in a bad place.
14:01.29Hobinheim|worklike... outlands?
14:01.38equiraptorUmmm... Kinda.
14:01.40[NewsBot]MMO Champion: New items, Nihilum trilogy, website informations. -
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14:01.56dottedsee what Hobinheim|work just wrote
14:02.40dottedbah i wanted Adys to kick you :(
14:04.25Qaletaqaokay, for those of you who troll the forums regularly during maintenance, is there a maintenance window where the forums are explodededed and return a "Server is busy, please try again" and then things return to normal or is this just the mass of people QQ'ing over maintenance causing the forums to implode?
14:04.55Qaletaqai.e. is this just "omg lots of users" volume downtime or is there a forum maintenance downtime?
14:05.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
14:06.58*** join/#wowwiki chemosh_ (
14:09.38QaletaqaOkay, can anyone confirm whether "rogues are able to sap you without the sap flagging them for pvp" is actually true or whether I'm just smoking crack?
14:10.02QaletaqaI've been sapped, twice, by low level unflagged rogues and it didn't flag them, and others I've heard complain about it as well.
14:10.26Qaletaqaat least,that's my perception as of 2.1
14:12.52*** join/#wowwiki trik (
14:13.49LorielThis email confirmation thing is quite aggravating.
14:14.31LorielIn that I do not seem to get a mail. To confirm.
14:16.48Loriel/starfire >:(
14:17.27Qaletaqaare you alliance? :|
14:17.39Qaletaqaa durid?
14:17.46LorielA druid, actually.
14:18.02Qaletaqaso, a durid.    I suggest:  /cast Teleport Moonglade()
14:18.13LorielI do not, however, usually resort to Starfire.
14:18.14QaletaqaI'm a durid too!
14:18.28Qaletaqame either. feral durid are for fite and tank, not for lasers.
14:18.48Loriel443 defense \o/ in quite a bit I can drop the points in sotf!
14:19.42QaletaqaI got my first heroic epic on Sunday, that was cool
14:20.03Qaletaqathe epic tank gem off darkweaver syth in sethekk halls.
14:20.05LorielI got heroic pants which actually are worse than the X-52 Pilot's Leggings, even with some gems.
14:20.25LorielThen I almost got Tree-Mender's Belt, but accidentally greeded, so the warlock got it.
14:20.28Qaletaqawhere does sethekk halls fall in the range of heroic instances, difficulty-wise?
14:20.52LorielI have really no idea. I pretty much aggro rooms and rely on the rest of the party to deal with it.
14:21.17LorielI only did it once, and most pulls seemed relatively managable with a shadow priest to shackle the occasional undead.
14:21.47QaletaqaI play "kill the mage" in heroics, but that's because my brother is the mage in question.
14:22.05ggilbertnot like it's hard to get a mage to die
14:22.09ggilbertjust pull :)
14:22.19LorielI try to get hunters killed by cancelling misdirection before the pull. :o
14:22.47Qaletaqasounds like a fun idea
14:23.04LorielWell, feign death ruins my plan most of the time.
14:23.05*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
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14:23.39ggilbertI prefer a rousing game of "will they notice amplify magic?"
14:23.43Qaletaqado you ever regrowth and rejuve yourself as the pull happens?
14:23.55LorielMost of the time I do not.
14:24.16Qaletaqai usually do, but then again I enjoy the sequel to "kill the mage" called "LOL WHAT MANA?"
14:24.22LorielI suppose Regrowth ticks might give me a small bit of AoE threat, but I think heroic mobs hit way too hard for that to matter at all.
14:25.30QaletaqaI use it as a small buffer between the pull and when I need the first heal, in multi-mob tanking pulls, so that I can get a lacerate and/or mangle off on both mobs, guaranteed, before I need to take a heal (and kill the healer if the lacerates didn't land, omgz)
14:26.03QaletaqaI'm in a world of warcraft IRC channel because the servers are down. What have I done with my life? :3
14:26.17LorielHaha, our servers are not done.
14:26.19Lorieldown, even.
14:26.37LorielYou should sign up for an EU account so you can keep playing on tuesdays.
14:26.55*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
14:26.57Qaletaqathe servers are down when I am at work, though
14:27.06Qaletaqaso at least right now I'm able to get some real work done
14:30.19Qaletaqareal work like making a news post!
14:30.28Qaletaqaon my ... uh .. guild site
14:30.47LorielI do not have a guild :(
14:30.47ggilbertWhen do the servers normally come back up?
14:30.51LorielLike, an own one.
14:30.52Aikanaronsame here, well, i could get some work done, if i wassen't reading fora and irc channels related to wow
14:31.05LorielSomeone needs to write shell scripts for my physics homework.
14:31.13ggilbertI'm generally at work not caring
14:31.25equiraptorSorry, don't know enough about physics to write them for you. :(
14:31.33QaletaqaI am a network manager.  sorta kinda.
14:31.38equiraptorI set up the shell scripts to need a certain level of skill (but minimal time) to run.
14:31.41LorielI thought you were a druid.
14:31.55QaletaqaI manage a network of druids.
14:32.29Qaletaqadruid engineers.   yeah.  they use the teleport: moonglade to send data packets across long distances.
14:32.41Qaletaqathey capture the packets using gnomish inter-nets.
14:33.00LorielBut you can only ever get packages out of Moonglade once an hour when your hearthstone has cooled down >:(
14:33.07LorielBy packages I mean packets.
14:33.26equiraptorOr you can move them the slow way - fly.
14:33.35Qaletaqathat's why we hired mages, of course.  we set up inter-net nodes all over, and people don't really call it the druid network, they just call them inter-nets.
14:33.57LorielWhy do you not just use mail
14:33.59Lorielit is instant
14:34.13Lorieland 30s/mail is probably cheaper than 9s/runeofteleportation
14:34.16Loriel30c, even
14:34.45Qaletaqayou've been fooled, of course.   mailboxes are just inter-net nodes, and that mail you're sending?  100% subsidized.
14:34.56*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
14:35.07Qaletaqaplus then the gnomes just pocket the extra 30 copper as well
14:35.24Qaletaqano oversight committee whatsoever.   same thing that happened to gnomeregan.
14:37.13LorielEntirely unrelated issue, is there an utility of some sort that allows me to download and locally store Armory profiles? Like pretend I want to show off my awesome feral gear AND my tuxedo at the same time but armory will only ever display one at the same time
14:37.13Qaletaqanot that i'm complaining, mind you.  nobody else gets a free trip to a tranquil vacation spot whenever they want.
14:37.49QaletaqaI know of only one utility that would do something like that
14:37.55Qaletaqait's called Print Screen, it makes a screenshot ;p
14:38.08LorielYou cannot effectively mouseover my items in a screenshot >:(
14:38.22Qaletaqasure you can!   just point the mouse at your gear and talk!
14:38.31Qaletaqa"okay, see the thing my mouse is over?  that's a hat."
14:38.41Qaletaqamouse over ftw!
14:40.27LorielThat does not quite reach the requested degree of convenience!
14:41.00LorielAnyway, any suggestions for tanking head and shoulders gear beyond the purple hat and assassination shoulders, but below tier 4?
14:44.26Qaletaqapersonally, until i get something better I am currently using the blue crafted 40-something stamina stylin hat and the gladiator shoulders with aldor exalted tanking enchant and an epic gem
14:44.39Qaletaqathen again i'm not in a raiding guild, so
14:45.18Qaletaqai miss my tier 3 shoulders :[
14:47.01LorielI never got any tier 3 :(
14:47.22*** join/#wowwiki Ryu- (
14:47.33LorielMy guild is in SSC right now but I only play like a few hours a week so I do not quite have access to what they have access to.
14:48.13LorielBy "in SSC" I want to say "we are all attuned but do not really get any of the bosses down, except perhaps Hydross when the stars align and our main tank is actually online"
14:48.13Ryu-Hello all.
14:48.18Qaletaqascrew the following bosses:  loatheb (shadow pots?  every week?  why yes!)  gothik (wonderful for making the casters blame the melee and vice versa!) and heigan (if anyone lags, they die)
14:48.25LorielHello Ryu- how are you this fine day
14:48.47Ryu-Not too bad, just looking at the Bosses in Black temple.
14:49.11LorielQuite bad! Lots of homework! D:
14:49.19LorielAlso no awesome tanking hat.
14:50.31*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
14:50.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
14:50.44*** join/#wowwiki negatendo (
14:50.52LorielQaletaqa: We signed up for a 2v2 arena team last night but so far we have lost eight out of ten games, so I do not expect to get gladiator shoulders anytime soon :(
14:51.23Qaletaqai got my shoulders in 4-5 weeks on a 2v2 team that only won 4 games in total.
14:51.33Qaletaqathen i scrapped that team, reformed it with a pvp rogue, and we raped face.
14:51.41Aikanaronwhats the best 2v2 team? Class wise i mean
14:51.41LorielI am with a pve rogue D:
14:51.48Qaletaqayeah you're SOL
14:51.55Qaletaqabest 2v2 team?  paladin warrior
14:52.05Qaletaqaif they are specced right and know how to play
14:52.15Qaletaqaalso ridiculous: warlock/warlock, hunter/hunter, warlock/hunter
14:52.22LorielIt usually starts with some random opener, the rogue getting killed quite quick, followed by five minutes of the other team gnawing on pve tank gear. D:
14:52.25Ryu-I made a 3v3 with a Pally,Druid,Warrior (Me)
14:52.59Aikanaronwould a priest stand a chance in pvp thingys like team battle?
14:53.06Ryu-Got ripped apart by geared teams.
14:53.25Qaletaqame and the other rogue, when we were both pvp spec, would just both open up on the same guy and hope we could dps him down before his healer could do anytihng about it.  once that one guy was dead, we were golden.
14:53.56Ryu-You horde?
14:53.58Qaletaqai vastly prefer BGs to arenas for pvp, BGs are all about min/maxing the perfect team, gear, and strat and then loading up on gear and enchants.
14:54.00LorielHow does pvp spec look like for druids?
14:54.29Qaletaqawhereas BGs allow a single player to kill two or three people in a row without dying if he's pretty good
14:54.42Qaletaqaya i'm horde btw a priest...want to start pvping...but dunno were to begin :) Ppl told me that it would be no good for me to start doing that
14:55.41Ryu-I've seen good video's with Priest PvPing.
14:55.53Ryu-Just watched some 5v5 teams through Priests view.
14:55.55*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
14:55.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
14:56.04Qaletaqaholy priests are not so good in solo pvp but in team pvp they are godly
14:56.26QaletaqaI've tried a few different pvp specs but what I usually ended up going with was at least one point in nature's grasp, points in resto to get improved HT and omen of clarity (absolutely an essential feral talent) and putting the rest into feral
14:56.28Ryu-Are you a warrior Qaletaqa?
14:56.32Qaletaqano, I'm a durid
14:56.40Ryu-Ingame name?
14:57.06LorielBy improved ht you mean Naturalist?
14:57.28Qaletaqayeah, naturalist.  that's what I meant
14:57.34QaletaqaFarstriders is my server
14:57.50Qaletaqaright now I have a PvE build, 'cause I R TANK
14:58.04Ryu-Epic flying mount. ;/
14:58.20Qaletaqamy wife farmed 15,000 gold in 3 days
14:58.22Qaletaqagood times
14:58.32LorielRequesting details
14:58.34Qaletaqalook up imala on farstriders
14:59.00Qaletaqashe's lazer spec
14:59.07Ryu-I need my epic. ;/
14:59.10Qaletaqai think.  i don't know what spec she is right now.
14:59.12Ryu-And gear ofc.
14:59.25LorielYeah but did she just kill a lot of I do not know elementals that drop motes of money or something?
14:59.32Aikanaronhow do you farm 15.000 gold in 3 days? :)
14:59.35Loriel15000 gold in 3 days
15:00.09Qaletaqashadow council warlocks in legion hold
15:00.23Loriel208 gold per hour
15:00.36Ryu-7538 hp? ;/
15:00.42LorielAssuming your wife is a robot or similar artificial life form that does not require sleep and/or nutrition
15:00.53Lorielwhich would be quite awesome but probably not quite legal
15:01.03Qaletaqaher guild player note is "chinese on the weekends"
15:01.25LorielHay Qaletaqa comment on my build for pvp purposes
15:02.00QaletaqaImala's gear is pretty decent considering she hasn't been playing the character much lately, she's leveling a hunter (her first ever character was a night elf hunter and she makes people cry with it.)
15:02.05dotted!armory eu the venture co ilfirin
15:02.06[NewsBot]Ilfirin's Armory Profile:
15:02.13dottedit works =)
15:02.26Qaletaqa!armory us farstriders qaletaqa
15:02.27[NewsBot]Qaletaqa's Armory Profile:
15:02.54LorielQaletaqa: Requesting more details on farming gold that fast.
15:03.04Qaletaqaexploit and abuse the AH
15:03.05Ryu-Do tell.
15:03.10LorielThat is not farming >:(
15:03.21Qaletaqasure it is, farm gold, abuse the AH with it
15:03.25Qaletaqafarm more gold, more abuse
15:03.36LorielMeh, you can just skip the farm step once you got any amount of gold.
15:03.51Qaletaqanah, legion hold warlocks are the easiest farming spot in the game.
15:04.05Qaletaqai got 3 300+g bop jc patterns there
15:04.23Qaletaqaplus an alchemy recipe bop!
15:04.54dottedso luck really :(
15:05.04dottedluck is stupid :(
15:05.17Qaletaqathe warlocks have a recockulous respawn rate
15:05.31Qaletaqathere are packs of four of them, and they respawn about as quickly as you can wipe out the three packs of four
15:05.51Qaletaqayou only have to worry about the patting elite, and there's a spot near the back on the right side where you can stand and not aggro the elite.
15:06.02LorielWhat does the elite drop?
15:06.25Qaletaqastandard loot table, he's a quest mob
15:07.33Qaletaqalookin' at your profile now
15:07.58Qaletaqaoh, intensity is hella nice
15:08.05Qaletaqayou might want to look at 3/3 in intensity
15:08.14Qaletaqayou can shift and instantly feral charge
15:08.16LorielIt is also hella-not-3-in-swiftshifting
15:08.20LorielI can already do that
15:08.27LorielThanks to furor
15:08.46Qaletaqaoh wait a minute what am i thinking
15:08.50Qaletaqai got the two confused
15:09.24QaletaqaI use the furor to feral charge and pop enrage while charging, so I can bash instantly on arrival
15:11.26Qaletaqaso, any feral tanks ever have things go totally to hell, nothing is aggroed on you, and you pop out of bear form and cast tranquility just to get aggro?
15:11.38LorielNo :)
15:12.01Qaletaqawell if it ever happens, just go with it
15:12.56*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (
15:14.47Qaletaqa1/39/21 is not a bad group pvp build either
15:31.27Qaletaqaah, i love the comic xkcd.. "i'm here from the internet" "what are you doing?" "gluing captions to your cats"
15:32.03LorielMeh, xkcd is getting rather boring lately.
15:32.32Qaletaqacome on now, "you're a kitty" is HILARIOUS.
15:33.49Qaletaqabtw you do read the tooltip on each comic, right?
15:34.07LorielI wrote a ruby script to create a new html file that lists the tooltip right below the comic so I do not have to mouseover
15:34.31LorielI do think is quite awesome though.
15:35.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
15:37.04Qaletaqahot damn
15:37.45trikwho's azgalor?
15:38.16Qaletaqahyjal boos it looks like
15:38.31Qaletaqayep, last one before archimonde
15:39.01*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul (n=c@
15:39.04trikarchimonde? is he the boss in warcraft 3? reign of fire?
15:39.40*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter_ (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
15:39.58triki wonder how he looks in wow
15:40.34Qaletaqamy guess?  "omg"
15:43.38trikhis like a giant in wc3
15:44.16trikwould hyjal be > black temple?
15:44.43Qaletaqano clue
15:45.07trikor do you need to get into hyjal before getting into black temple?
15:45.17trikany guilds been in to black temple, yet?
15:45.49LorielI am pretty sure that Nihilum and friends are.
15:45.57Qaletaqai have no idea.  i play on an RP server, and the "raiding guilds" on my server are like "LOL KARAZHAN!"
15:46.13LorielMine are like "YOU ARE NOT GETTING KAZZAK OMG"
15:46.27Qaletaqaso i flew over the area where doom lord kazzak is
15:46.27Ryu-There's a video of a guild downing Supremus in Black Temple.
15:46.35LorielActually that does not make any sense, what I said above.
15:46.37Ryu-Only known kill.
15:46.39LorielRyu-: On test server or lfie?
15:46.45Ryu-Real I believe.
15:46.51Ryu-A lot of hype around it.
15:46.53Qaletaqaand got pwned on my flying mount, and had to spirit rez :[
15:46.55Devilkoulyou have to kill the first boss in hyjal for BT attune
15:47.12LorielOkay I really have no idea ^_^
15:47.24Ryu-Anyone here have a 19 twink?
15:48.49Ryu-Guess not..
15:49.29QaletaqaNo, I don't.
15:49.48QaletaqaAlso, would the people on RP servers please stop using the phrase "smiles softly"?  What the hell does that mean?
15:50.26Ryu-I know nothing about RP servers.
15:50.27Ryu-So yea.
15:50.29TecnoBratits a flirty smile
15:50.49trikanyone have any clue of the new arena gears for the next patch?
15:50.56QaletaqaI know what they're trying to say, but the phrase so and so smiles softly makes no sense >:|
15:51.02TecnoBratits a soft, small little smile .. normally with a little headturn ... :P
15:51.10trikis there really new arena gears for the next patch?
15:51.12LorielI play on a RP server!
15:51.30Ryu-What's the point of RP servers?
15:51.32Qaletaqaso do I
15:51.33Devilkoultrik: the arena gear was buffed in 2.1
15:51.39QaletaqaFarstriders is RP-PvE
15:51.50*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter__ (
15:51.59Qaletaqathe point in RP servers is ... uh ... roleplay
15:51.59TecnoBratyes, there is new arena gear when the new season opens
15:52.00LorielTVC is RP-PvP.
15:52.12LorielWe basically get to use the PvP rulest, AND we get to report people with retarded names.
15:52.33TecnoBratblizzard said a while back, the arena gear will be upgraded to match PVE progression (aka, it will be t5/t6 level gear)
15:52.43LorielTecnoBrat: Will arena points carry over?
15:52.44trikis it true top 5 teams gets epic flying netherdrake arena mount?3
15:52.50TecnoBratLoriel, yes
15:52.56TecnoBratdon't you guys read the forums?
15:53.06LorielAre you serious
15:53.09TecnoBratratings are reset, teams stay the same .. and points carry forward
15:53.18LorielSo basically I am better off accumulating points right now and buying stuff next season?
15:53.19Qaletaqayou can only stockpile 5000 arena points btw though
15:53.28LorielOh well I only have 800 so far.
15:53.29*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
15:53.39TecnoBratgogo read
15:53.39Qaletaqai have 850 short of my second piece
15:53.46LorielYou are not making me read the forums
15:54.47QaletaqaOkay, I'll paste the relevant sentence:
15:54.59QaletaqaDrysc says:  Everyone but Loriel gets to keep their arena points.
15:57.08Ryu-trik -
15:57.51Qaletaqa310% speed mount
15:58.01Devilkoulwhoa Nihilum was killed 5 bosses in BT so far
15:58.09Devilkoulthat's cookin
15:58.20Qaletaqawell yeah :P
15:58.43Qaletaqathat's what happens when you get a group of people together who know how to l2p
15:59.03Qaletaqain fact, they all lerned2play a while back I'd wager ;p
15:59.36ggilbertNice. Daily quests do in fact reset after maintenance.
15:59.45LorielQaletaqa: I am going to suspect it is mostly because they hw2mt2play
15:59.51*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
16:01.10Ryu-Illidan first stage you don't even have to fight I hear..
16:02.21*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
16:02.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
16:02.32Adyshey sko
16:03.24Ryu- - What GM's really do.
16:03.31Ryu-No wonder it takes 3 hours to get help.
16:04.11[NewsBot]#wowwiki stats:
16:04.57LorielRight, like those are actual GMs.
16:05.24trikanyone know anything about Arthas since he is the undead king? (i think) is he in World of Warcraft, yet?
16:05.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:05.42LorielHe is not in game.
16:06.43BagginswwHe isn't in the game, because northrend isn't in the game yet
16:09.10LorielWell for all we know the burning legion could have abducted him to Outland.
16:11.34Ryu-Ah, the Supremus downing was on a public test realm.
16:11.39Ryu-Everyone was wearing tier 5.
16:12.00Ryu-10 minute fight.
16:13.52Ryu-High Warlord Naj'entus has like 7.5m HP.
16:16.45QaletaqaReminds me of the story my uncle Bilbo told me about how he found that old ring. He said he picked it up in a dark cavern, just like this one. He was so reluctant to give it away... He would always take it out and admired it, no matter what.
16:16.52QaletaqaHe refused to listen when we told him it was hobbit fawning.
16:23.53zeegAnyone here have the zhTW, zhCN, or koKR clients? :)
16:27.35Qaletaqanot me!
16:27.40Qaletaqasorry! :[
16:35.19QaletaqaI'd mana-tap it.
16:36.36TecnoBratman, I hate dkp
16:36.39TecnoBratand I also love it
16:37.24QaletaqaI've done some casual raiding recently and I particularly enjoy the "friendly discussion amongst friends" loot system.
16:37.30TecnoBratout of the people who raid here .. what loot system do you use?
16:37.38TecnoBratQaletaqa, we use that in kara
16:37.40Adyszeeg, I got some of its installers
16:37.44AdysBC beta ones tho
16:37.49TecnoBratbut we don't / can't for 25 mans
16:37.53Qaletaqawhen I was in an endgame raiding guild we used DKP
16:38.00AdyszhCN and koKR
16:38.26TecnoBratQaletaqa, what kind of dkp? zero sum? etc
16:38.31zeegAdys: need latest data :<
16:38.39Adyssoz dont have that :P
16:38.59Qaletaqathe crappy guild I was in used zero sum and the other guild that was clearing naxx completely by the time BC came out, they used ... uh
16:39.01Qaletaqanot zero sum
16:39.05Qaletaqajust straight DKP i guess
16:39.43*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul (n=c@
16:39.44TecnoBratstraight cost of items .. and earn X per boss?
16:39.44Qaletaqabid system, X per boss
16:39.46Qaletaqano max or min
16:40.26*** part/#wowwiki Loriel (
16:40.26Qaletaqathe wikipedia DKP article has a pretty good analysis of each of the common DKP systems
16:40.26TecnoBratsilent, or public bidding?
16:40.26TecnoBratdid you like it?
16:40.35TecnoBratoh, I'm aware it does :) I'm looking for real people's opinions tho :)
16:40.46Qaletaqai'm not the right person to ask, I hated the whole thing because people were being selfish and dropping DKP bombs on items they really should have passed on completely for the good of progression.
16:41.27Qaletaqathat's one of the many reasons I left the server and transferred from a dramatastic PvP server to an RP-PvE server
16:41.42TecnoBratQaletaqa, thats exactly the issue I am encountering
16:41.49Qaletaqalet me give you an example
16:42.02Qaletaqayou know the ghost skin tunic in Naxx, the BoP trash drop?
16:42.02TecnoBratwe are using zero sum, and we had a shadow priest loot the healing staff off Mag
16:42.05TecnoBratbecause he had most dkp
16:42.09TecnoBratwhich made no sense
16:42.16TecnoBrat(and I smacked the officer who did it later)
16:42.24TecnoBratyea I know the one Qaletaqa
16:42.56Qaletaqathis was in the crap guild I left to join the other, progressionwise-better guild...   the guild leader had brought his alt, a feral spec bear, into naxx to complete the Echoes of War quest
16:43.11Qaletaqaat the time, feral spec was 100% forbidden for raiding
16:43.18BagginswwI think we could probably expand on "druid lore" and switch to individual articles for at least half of the druid sects.
16:43.20Qaletaqaresto was the only allowed spec
16:43.33Bagginswwhave the druid lore article link to those
16:43.55Qaletaqaso all of the actively-raiding druids agreed to bid minimum and then roll on it
16:44.05Qaletaqathe guild leader drops max and loots the feral piece to his alt
16:44.41TecnoBratugh, thats why I hate bidding
16:44.43Qaletaqaimo some actively-raiding druid should have gotten that piece, regardless of spec.   i would rather have seen that piece go to a healer than someone's alt.
16:44.49TecnoBratso easy to manipulate the system
16:45.01Qaletaqaalso, shadow spec was forbidden for priests
16:45.16Qaletaqaso the guild leader, who had a priest, starts taking all of the shadow items to "test out" shadow
16:45.31Qaletaqahe had never missed a single raid, so he had like 5x the DKP of everyone else
16:46.11Qaletaqaand then to counter my arguments about the fact that the druids had already decided how we were going to do the ghost skin tunic thing, a new rule was passed: no colluding on loot
16:46.23*** join/#wowwiki Boggs (
16:46.34Qaletaqalike, people were forbidden from discussing ways in which to bypass the DKP system to distribute loot, even class-specific loot.
16:47.13Qaletaqaas far as i'm concerned, a system that forbids a small portion of your raid, the only people even eligible for loot, from distributing it however they see fit is fundamentally broken.
16:47.32Qaletaqatherefore, i'm just going to stick with "friendly discussion amongst friends" and if that doesn't work I'll just go to WSG
16:47.42TecnoBratkinda, except that you guys are making it unfair for other healing classes
16:47.46TecnoBratwhen a healing ring drops
16:47.55TecnoBratthe druids will have 10x more dkp than the priests
16:47.57Qaletaqais there a healing ring that says "Classes: Druid"?
16:48.04TecnoBratbecause of you guys min bidding everything
16:48.18QaletaqaI'm at the moment just talking about, like, druid loot
16:48.23Qaletaqawe were all OK with paying max
16:48.28Qaletaqabut discussing it
16:48.36Qaletaqa"who gets to pay max for the loot this time?"
16:48.47Qaletaqathis was more a guild management issue than anything, to be honest
16:49.35Qaletaqaanyways, like i said, i'm done with that.  no more dkp whoring, no more dkp tampering by officers, no more etc etc etc.
16:51.36Qaletaqathe dkp tampering was the best part, the officers would sometimes wait days or even weeks to penalize someone for something just so they could play the DKP game to deny people loot.
16:51.54Qaletaqalike i said, that was more a guild management problem than anything but it all stemmed from greed.
16:54.31QaletaqaThe US servers are back up btw
16:55.18*** join/#wowwiki clad|work (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
16:55.25Qaletaqaclad hates us :[
16:58.53Qaletaqa[11:54] * clad|work (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire) Quit ("kthxbai")
17:00.18clad|worksadly, thats my default quit message
17:00.32clad|workif i actively quit, its "It Kirkburns when I pee"
17:00.44Q-Lunchthat makes me want to /killself just thinkin' about it
17:02.58*** join/#wowwiki Srosh (
17:04.07*** join/#wowwiki Kaso_ (
17:05.44[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
17:06.19*** join/#wowwiki Trae (
17:06.39*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
17:16.18Devilkoulwater the game down some more, plz k thx
17:30.54TecnoBratDevilkoul, wtf?
17:30.56TecnoBratwhere was that?
17:32.07trikFourth boss of Hyjal down first by Curse! -
17:36.31TecnoBrat <= wowhead vs thott vs allakhazam
17:36.37TecnoBratwowhead wins ... heh
17:38.03Kirkburn|afkclad|work, I can't believe you've still got it set to that :(
17:39.06SkosirisTecnoBrat: this thread is hilarious
17:41.08TecnoBratSkosiris, sure is, lol
17:41.08TecnoBratSkosiris, any idea when you are going to have a weighting system for searching? like ordering items by their DPS, etc? :)
17:41.22TecnoBratI wanna plan our my gear for my shaman .. and thats a really useful feature :)
17:44.24TecnoBratgod dammit, why did blizzard have to make the key to black temple a neckpiece ..
17:44.39TecnoBratdidnt they learn from onyxia that people dont want non-key keys?
17:47.02Beer-Bot_v8-18well, if it was useful I don't think people would mind
17:47.14Beer-Bot_v8-18toss a +xp gain on that sucker :)
17:49.28TecnoBratDevilkoul, ugh
17:50.04Beer-Bot_v8-18I can see them having a seperate account process
17:50.38Beer-Bot_v8-18you rent or recieve a level 70 on your account
17:50.58Beer-Bot_v8-18but can't leave main towns or something
17:51.26Devilkoulbut can still compete against people that dont pay extra?
17:51.37Beer-Bot_v8-18I didn't say anything about it costing more
17:51.40Devilkoulit's pretty touchy, i'd be suprised if they tried that
17:51.48Beer-Bot_v8-18I could see them having it the same price
17:52.04Beer-Bot_v8-18but you can't do anything besides run around in Org and PvP
17:52.15Devilkouli saw rent and assumed you meant extra $$
17:52.46Beer-Bot_v8-18no, I mean you can't do anything on the account, but they have a premade 70 on it
17:53.09Devilkoulthat guy (dev) probably got reemed for phrasing it that way.
17:54.08HrakgrorI'm debating making a WoW comeback
17:54.14Devilkouli woudlnt want to compete against someone who is using a premade and didnt put forth any effort with my normal char.
17:54.36HrakgrorMaybe they'd have seperate servers?
17:54.42Devilkoulwould have to
17:54.43Devilkoulme thinks
17:54.49Devilkoulif they even take it that far
17:55.35HrakgrorI think the esports aspect would have to get pretty big, because now if someone wants to compete, they give blizzard a good amount of money
17:56.12Hrakgrorso blizzard would want to be able to make sure they'd make more revenue off more players by changing the current system
17:59.07HrakgrorBlizzard is gonna hook me again, so tempting now that I can get into raids as a hunter
17:59.51HrakgrorQuit back in March, server (Anub'Arak) was dying and I couldn't get into Kara :(
18:00.14zeegjust fyi (for those concerned) we updated our devtracker rss feeds to include posts
18:05.41[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:10.45*** join/#wowwiki pogie (
18:14.32QaletaqaI certainly hope Blizz doesn't implement professional PvP arenas. :|
18:15.00Qaletaqa'cause I'm not real sure what they've got in mind re:
18:15.37Qaletaqa"We are going to make some changes to accommodate the professional players in the future; we want them to compete, we want them to use World of Warcraft."
18:38.25*** join/#wowwiki FtH|Daemona (
18:40.22*** join/#wowwiki Beer-Bot_v8-18 (
19:00.19QaletaqaOkay so you do the Etereal rep grind at Etherium Prison, is there a separate reward system for etherium prison or what?
19:02.10dotted~seen Tekkub
19:02.55infobottekkub is currently on #wowace (5h 9m 11s) #wowwiki (5h 9m 11s), last said: 'Sorry, run, aggro!'.
19:03.15dottedbah doesnt say when he last said anything :(
19:03.36Bagginswwdid a little clean up of sorts
19:05.43[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:16.17foxlitzomg: lurker below is an awesome event.
19:16.26foxlitI like my title better :P
19:16.54foxlitExcept it's not about that :/
19:19.21chemosh_2 hours of fishing and only reaching skill lvl 19? You doing something completely wrong then :p
19:24.21Devilkoul"fishing in Darnassus" heh
19:26.07chemosh_fishing ain't so bad tbh. You can max out fishing in 2 days
19:29.13Devilkoul"What if engineers could craft special fishing machines that attracted and caught fish, like steam tonks, only boats or submarines instead of tanks"
19:29.26Devilkoulyea! screw northrend! i want a submarine!
19:29.48Devilkoulwtf, my mom might as well blog for wow insider
19:31.01chemosh_Don't enjoy fishing? Go try pure water pools, 20-30g an hour :p
19:31.08chemosh_At night tho
19:33.39Devilkoulshh, dont let everyone know
19:36.01[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:10.44[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:22.35*** join/#wowwiki StarmanDX (
20:34.38Devilkoulyay for net admins getting paychecks?
20:38.14*** join/#wowwiki Mike-N-Go (n=MikeNGoS@
20:47.13foxlitServer security is a design thing
20:47.23foxlitAnd "saving you from keyloggers" is a very odd job description
20:50.00amro<foxlit> Server security is a design thing <- so true, the world will be a better place when all developers realize that
20:52.54*** join/#wowwiki FISKER_Q (
21:00.24TecnoBratzeeg, bug report ..
21:00.31TecnoBratit chopped eyonix's post off
21:00.33TecnoBrat"If rating<=1500 then "
21:00.46zeegblizzards forums are bad.. i see
21:00.48TecnoBratthe < looks like
21:01.31TecnoBrathaha np
21:02.45*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
21:05.42[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
21:10.30Devilkoul"Every time you sent a piece of mail, you had to manually fill in the subject. "
21:10.32Devilkouloh the whore
21:10.35amro"Quest tracking was unheard of." huh? I'm sure cosmos was around with their quest thingy
21:11.57amro"1. There have been quest tracking addons since beta. That was one of the very first things that the original Cosmos added." ah so im right
21:15.20TecnoBratbut ...
21:15.23TecnoBratnot INGAME by default
21:15.27TecnoBratthat was added after :P
21:15.57Devilkoul"unheard of"
21:16.38Devilkoul  ... explains a lot
21:16.44Devilkoultoo much rp, more lvln imo
21:24.47*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Boubouille] by ChanServ
21:27.59*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter_ (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
21:36.58zeeganother site sells out to IGE -.-
21:41.30*** join/#wowwiki Cazuza (n=Valmont@
21:41.45Cazuzaare the servers down?
21:43.01Devilkoulthey were up around noon pst
21:43.06Devilkouldunno atm
21:43.33Cazuzai've got troubles logging in for the past couple of hours
21:43.42Cazuzathats not working too
21:44.08*** part/#wowwiki Kaos (
21:51.00dottedThrae i think Curse is coded in lolcode
21:52.50zeegmore like
21:52.52zeegsuper awesome code
21:53.21TecnoBratIM IN YR LOOP
21:55.09TecnoBratGIMMEH VAR
21:56.14Kasois lolcode on slashdot or something today? thats the second time ive seen it linked today
21:58.50TecnoBratdigg is the new slashdot
21:58.54TecnoBratget on with the times!
21:59.00TecnoBratand yes, its on digg
21:59.42Kasodigg has half the average IQ i think
21:59.54ThraeWait, digg now contains a bunch of no-nothing elitist, biogoted, biased jerks?
22:01.05dotted/. > Digg
22:01.23Kasoi think you just gave a description of 90% of the internet Thrae
22:05.42[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
22:09.23*** join/#wowwiki harldephin (
22:30.22TecnoBratyou can do it!
22:36.24Skosiris|afkhell yeah we can!
22:37.37*** join/#wowwiki Tusva (
22:37.54TecnoBrat-15:35:07- (@Adys) Tusva!
22:37.54TecnoBrat-15:35:11- Join» (Tusva) (
22:37.54TecnoBrat-15:35:13- (@Adys) Tusva!
22:38.03Adyshehe yeah, skills
22:38.42MatthewShey, so how do you think people would react to putting wowwiki on something like an akamai cache?
22:39.01Adyswhat would that mean? oO
22:39.26MatthewSgenerally: static content loads much faster
22:39.36Tusvadefine static
22:39.38Adysand the inconvenients?
22:39.51MatthewSimages, pages that aren't edited constantly, etc
22:40.02Tusvaon a wiki?
22:40.02MatthewSchanges for pages would take longer to propagate
22:40.17MatthewSby constantly i mean, more than 5 times in an hour
22:40.46Adysthere isnt alot of pages edited 5 times a hour
22:40.49MatthewSwe are experimenting with being on this kind of system
22:40.50Adysor its by the same editor
22:41.28TecnoBrat-15:38:24- (@Adys) or its by the same editor
22:41.33TecnoBratthats the problem I see
22:41.42[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Arena points change. -
22:42.03MatthewSthe images, text, js, css are all loaded from a copy that is nearer to the end user
22:42.17MatthewSthe servers for the site all reside in california or florida right now.
22:42.33MatthewSworks fine if you are in the us/canada region
22:42.46MatthewSeuropean users would have a faster overall experience
22:44.33MatthewSerr, european users would have a faster experience with a cached version
23:03.44*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
23:05.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+o tekcub] by Adys
23:16.39Devilkoullawl at points change
23:19.24Tusvayou mean I can't lose 10 arena games in 2v2 and still get lotsa points? RAGE
23:21.15Devilkoulwtb 3 peices of gear a week
23:21.53Tusvathough it is kind of sneaky of them to mention the change a week after the patch :P
23:26.32Bagginswwwhat kind of change?
23:27.31Tusvabasically if you have below 1500 rating, you earn less points overall
23:30.09Devilkouland high rated teams lose lots
23:30.13Devilkoulcompared to previous
23:30.32Tusvabut that balances out if low low rated teams barely get any
23:31.10Devilkoulin essence, ye
23:31.10Tusvabut i can understand their frustration at finding out after the fact
23:32.06BagginswwI see.
23:32.36Bagginswwbecomes more of a bell curve.
23:32.51Tusvafunny that this came out as I was expanding the hell out of the Arena article :P
23:43.26*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:45.53*** join/#wowwiki tispe (
23:46.04tispeoh hello
23:46.10tispelong time no see
23:46.51Devilkoultill next time!
23:46.55*** join/#wowwiki tispe (
23:47.18tispelol sry trying to figure this nonsense out

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