IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070526

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00:34.40Kirkburn|afkdotted, thanks for the Manualist link :D
00:35.36zeeg[5:33pm] zinor: David says: (5:32:46 PM)
00:35.36zeeg[5:33pm] zinor:
00:35.37zeegclick those plz
00:35.38zeegneed test data
00:35.52zeegits ip-locked so i ccant have more people here do it :)
00:36.36zeegactually ill just push it live
00:36.38zeegthat'll give me test data
00:39.18zeegyou're silly feature is live
00:39.45zeegenlarging the search box now
00:40.40dottedbut where are the suggestions of what i could be searhing for? oO
00:40.55zeegthey're propogating :P
00:41.35zeegoh wait maybe our temp servers are still up
00:42.15deltronsearch for anything?
00:42.36Kirkburn|afkThe WoW dances matched with the real thing (yes, it's been linked before)
00:43.27deltronthat's pretty well done
00:43.57deltronlmao @ mc hammer
00:43.58zeegoh i forgot to commit js
00:47.30dottedhe quit before i could call him nub one last time
00:47.45deltronthen I get to call you nub
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01:25.57Adysgreat movie Kirkburn|afk
01:26.42Kirkburn|afkI'm escorting Homing Robot OOX-17/TN atm :)
01:38.31dotted loooooooooooooooooool
02:10.00[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Scmdraft 0.8.0 released -
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02:15.14Kirkburn|afkQuestion: "What were you doing when WoW crashed?" Answer: "F*ck all"
02:15.35Kirkburn|afkApart from being in the middle of attacking a mob, of course
02:17.43ThraeWoW Server code revealed! ... if UnitIsAttackingMob(unitId) && UnitHealth < 0.3 then SendClientInstruction("1/0", "execute"); end
02:20.24dottedhuh wut?
02:21.05Kirkburn|afkThrae, LOL
02:28.45dottedsome one feeling like sponsoring a trip for me down there ;D?
02:49.33TecnoBratwow ...
02:49.40TecnoBratblizzard is suing peons4hire
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03:06.22Kirkburn|afk(and yay another WoW crash ... about 2 seconds before I was about to click logout)
03:40.07Kirkburn|sleepYeah, it should be <br/><br/>
03:40.47Kirkburn|sleepI like your economy btw, one stab per <br>
04:22.15AdysTekkub : we should bot the <br> -> <br/>
04:27.55Gryphenya cause <br> breaks everything!
04:28.01Gryphenget it?
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04:36.16LilythmagebornNow that Blizz has added the limitation to potions with the Guardian/Battle system, do you think we should go through and add new coloumns to the tables on the potion pages to signify whether they are guardian or battle?
04:36.44ThraeOoo, Guardian/Battle? Is that an instance event, or some weird new system?
04:37.09LilythmagebornIt's a new system limiting you to only two potions.  You can only have one Guardian pot on, and one Battle pot on.
04:37.26ThraeAh, kinda like Shaman totems.
04:37.33LilythmagebornIn a way, yes.
04:37.59ThraeMakes sense to me -- people with uber amounts of money (aka, people with no life or who buy gold), had an insane amount of potion buffs in both PvP and PvE.
04:38.29LilythmagebornYeah, I was thinking people most likely were complaining about it in PvP, people coming out with this insane line of pot buffs under the portraits.
04:38.46LilythmagebornI know I've done it ;)
04:39.37LilythmagebornIt will take me some time to figure out which ones are which though.  I don't have an alchemist and the patch is still so new that Alla and Thot don't yet have enough of the new information.
04:39.59ThraeYeah, and don't forget twinking too. This is a huge blow to them.
04:40.28ThraeEspecially since a Swiftness Pot probably falls into one of the two catagories, meaning they'd need to overwrite one of the buffs...
04:41.24ThraeActually, that's a good question which, if any, catagory a Swiftness Pot falls in. It has both Defensive and Offensive uses.
04:43.44LilythmagebornHonestly I'm not sure whether or not any of the new reduced flask benefits and materials are updated yet either.
04:45.31LilythmagebornI'm beginning to spend more time on WoWWiki than on WoW... does that make me an official member?  Lol.
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06:17.42Sky2042gg w6. gg
06:19.41Sky2042stupid game
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06:50.36Apollozeuslol, Nihilum must have had a fun night yesterday
06:50.46Apollozeusthey achieved world first kills
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06:53.06Apollozeusfour of them even
07:06.19LilythmagebornI only see two on their wiki page.
07:07.02Apollozeuswell, check MMO Champion
07:07.16ApollozeusThey downed Kael, Rage Winterchill and two Black Temple bosses
07:07.37LilythmagebornOh, they just haven't updated their BT progression then
07:07.56ApollozeusI tell ya, they are quickly making Death and Taxes irrelevant
07:09.07LilythmagebornDefinitely, they have more EU firsts than D&T has US firsts.
07:10.09ApollozeusPost-BC, world firsts too
07:10.28LilythmagebornI donno how hard it is to achieve EU firsts though, lol.  Depends on their player population.
07:10.33TecnoBratthey have lots of US and world kills
07:11.49TecnoBrat8/17 of the listed bosses are world firsts
07:12.21Apollozeuswell Tecno
07:12.37Apollozeusall The Eye bosses were downed first by Nihilum
07:13.12ApollozeusI've just counted them, since the release of the Burning Crusade, Nihilum has achieved 10 world firsts as opposed to 6 for Death and Taxes
07:13.31Apollozeusall the recent 'firsts' have been done by Nihilum
07:18.28LilythmagebornI really can't fathom being that hardcore.
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08:23.25Apollozeusmeh, what should I do
08:23.30Apollozeus- ogri'la quests
08:23.37Apollozeus- children's week quests
08:23.43Apollozeus- ethereum quests
08:23.59Apollozeustoo much 2.1 content to pick from..
08:24.42Adysnetherwing questline is fun
08:26.05LilythmagebornI should honestly have been trying to get a Black Morass group... but it's sort of 4:30 AM now <.<
08:28.45AdysNetherwing:1797/21000 (8.56%) Currently Revered with 19203 to go
08:29.01Adyseggs! agagah
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08:33.07Apollozeusmeh, netherwing
08:33.20ApollozeusI first need those fucking 5000 bucks to buy the riding skill
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08:43.47KirochiI'd like to speak with someone who possesses a copy of Rise of the Horde
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09:12.52KirochiI'm ally
09:13.37amromakes sense. the french don't play horde :P
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09:24.15Kirochiof course they do
09:24.37Kirochiclichés about Horde & Alliance also exist in France
09:27.14KirochiHorde: animals, smug elitists that think maturity is above intelligence, left-sided assholes
09:28.05KirochiAlliance: immature fanboys, unskilled and cheating bastards, wankers, gankers
09:28.26Kirochiaoh, I forgot sometimes "racists"
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10:20.16KirochiIn fact, only NPCs are suitable in WoW
10:20.51Apollozeuswhat do you mean by 'suitable'?
10:21.26amroi'm guessing not any of the negative things mentioned about horde and alliance
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10:23.34ApollozeusI see
10:23.34Kirochi"that can be talked to without any prejudice"
10:23.52Apollozeusall NPCs except Hogger
10:23.58Apollozeusand Mankirk's wife
10:24.01Kirochiyeah, he's a ganking bastard
10:24.08Kirochiwhy Mankrik's wife ?
10:24.10Kirochiisn't she dead ?
10:24.14ApollozeusBarrens chat
10:24.31Apollozeusyeah, she's the "Beaten corpse|
10:24.38Apollozeusif I recall correctly
10:24.55KirochiMankrik's wife
10:25.50ApollozeusI tried to kill the corpse with my Draenei
10:26.00Apollozeusbut it is non-attackable
10:26.49Kirochiwhat the HELL
10:27.03Kirochiwhat's this "deceased" category ?
10:27.11Kirochioh, he's not on
10:27.16Kirochi~seen Varghedin
10:27.57infobotvarghedin <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 5d 45m 27s ago, saying: 'Woopsie :P'.
10:27.57ApollozeusI SEE DEAD PEOPLE
10:27.58Kirochiit's just the beginning
10:28.12Kirochifive days
10:28.13Kirochioh my
10:28.23Kirochiworking on silly categories
10:28.34Kirochicat projects R T3H 3V1L
10:29.55Kirochi(New page: This category contains articles on characters who are confirmed deceased. Undead, who have not truly passed on, should not be included here, nor should characters whose fate remains unknow...)
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11:26.15chemosh_policy question: do guild stubs get delete after 30 days?
11:27.30chemosh_doh, nvm. Reading the wrong policy, zzz
11:34.03Kirochigo delete IRL
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11:55.13dotted::: Rednex - wild and free [Sex & Violins] : 03:37 : 192kbps : Joint Stereo :::
12:03.06[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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13:13.06[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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13:25.07dottedhow do i get a hostname like yours?
13:40.43FISKER_Qsuck my cock
13:40.59FISKER_Qguaranteed to work
13:45.12dottedgider sku da ikke have en pilnet host
13:46.51FISKER_Qlet's rickroll Tekkub's userpage
13:47.27FISKER_Qoh if only you could still rickroll wikipedia
13:47.36FISKER_Qi.e. change the mainpage
13:50.47FISKER_Q <-wonder why that page was protected
13:52.13FISKER_Qah probably more due to the fact that family guy was aired with the song as well
14:03.06[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
14:08.47dottedFISKER_Q /flex
14:25.06dottedFISKER_Q /flex
14:25.07dottedFISKER_Q /flex
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15:01.16KirkburnMorning Adys
15:08.07[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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15:13.16FISKER_Q <-am i doing it right or should i post it somewhere else? :P
15:20.29BagginswwSo I finally found my Warcraft I manual, I thought I lost for good, :p... It somehow fell behind some furniture :p.
15:21.03Bagginswwbut its fine :)
15:22.09Bagginswwoh and Fisker, your "talk" comment seems fine, you just need to sign it
15:22.54FISKER_Qof course
15:22.56Bagginswwand I'm confused, is season 2 eliminating gear from season 1, and getting total replacement? or are they just adding new gear?
15:23.16FISKER_QThey're not saying much more than "new arena rewards"
15:23.28FISKER_Qi guess they mean gear to compliment the existing
15:23.35FISKER_Qbut perhaps more expensive
15:23.49Bagginswwwell if they aren't replacing the old ones and just adding new ones I wouldn't recommend splitting the page.
15:25.06FISKER_Q"New high end epic Arena rewards will also be added to coincide with the start of the second Arena Season, as well as new epic Honor rewards."
15:25.18Bagginswwarena is one of those things I don't bother with... I know moment I start it, I'd have to devote my time to it once or whatever each week... I don't to be locked in to that routine when I have more important things to do :p
15:25.55FISKER_QI haven't played arena at all anyways :P
15:26.05BagginswwI might do 'practice matches" for fun though
15:26.22Bagginswwto check out the arena designs
15:27.20Bagginsww I have to say I hate the long form templates that are put on the side of pages
15:27.21FISKER_QThe lordaeron arena sounds cool
15:27.29Bagginswwthe ones that fit at the bottom are better imo :p
15:27.33Bagginswwya that one interests me
15:28.27FISKER_Qwhat has that guy been doing? :o
15:28.37FISKER_QCan't tell the difference really
15:29.10Bagginswwhe added a picture
15:30.28Bagginswwbut back to the templates... They are really bad in the case of characters we actually have enough info to create a characterbox for.
15:30.45Bagginswwbecause both are verticle and want to share the same position :p
15:31.01*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
15:32.05BagginswwI say we say no to verticle templates (except race/faction/character lore  boxes) and make boss templates horizontal and pace them at the bottom of the pages they go to.
15:32.11FISKER_Qi think it's cheating that Adys can protect his sig :(
15:32.52BagginswwOnly pages I protected were a couple of timeline pages that people kept on trying to "correct"
15:33.21FISKER_QMy signature really should be preserved, as it is the only one worth preserving :P
15:33.28Bagginswwwhen hte pages were intended to be direct quotes, and show where later timelines have changed :p
15:33.51BagginswwIs your name, based on scissors?
15:34.26FISKER_Qno :(
15:34.33FISKER_QIt's a guy who fishes!
15:34.38Bagginswwhey they are great scissors, :)
15:37.46[NewsBot]#wowwiki stats:
15:38.04Adyshey why is my nickname red?
15:38.24FISKER_QHow do you do the redirect thingy i see on some wikis?
15:38.37Adys#REDIRECT [[Pagename]]
15:44.09dottedAdys becuase you are ghey
15:44.17*** kick/#wowwiki [dotted!] by Adys (Adys)
15:44.25*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
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15:44.26FISKER_QTake his sig and kill him!
15:44.27dottedBTW messages from Teabag
15:44.38FISKER_Qit's Teabingh
15:44.41TecnoBrato.O where!!
15:45.23FISKER_QAnyone remember the random latin you spout on test-pages?
15:45.56dottedshame i was never online while he was on TB :(
15:45.59FISKER_Qwhat realm you on?
15:46.42TecnoBratwow cool .. now you can get him banned from wow for harassment!
15:47.36[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Blizzard Sues Gold Farm Site -
15:49.44TecnoBratblizzplanet, you are so yesterday
15:50.18FISKER_Qbtw my user-page > dotted's
15:51.08FISKER_Qbtw fail dotted
15:51.16FISKER_QDr. Zoidberg is a crab not a squid
15:54.07dottedthey both have octupus faces
15:54.24dottedinc spam
15:54.33dottedjust need to get this formulated the right way
15:54.35dottedHello there
15:54.37dottedI have been harrased by the player Teabingh who seems to have transfered to the Bloodhoof realm.
15:54.39dottedHe mailed to me that he had written in general chat that whoever whispered me a 100 times would recieve 100 gold.
15:54.41dottedNow since i haven't been online very much lately i didn't recieve that much spam, 1 player whispered me however - but i feel this player shouldnt be penalized, we only had a chat.
15:54.43dottedI want to let you know that the harrasment began on one of your fansites, wowwiki.
15:56.32dottedTecnoBrat halp
15:56.50dottedi dont think its formulated to teabag gets maximum penalty :(
15:57.02dotted*evul grin*
15:57.47FISKER_Qat worst he'll get a warning
15:57.57dottedhe must be banned!
15:58.05dottedi require this of him!
15:58.07TecnoBratI would wait until he did something worse :P
15:58.10FISKER_Qat best you'll get told to ignore it unless further harassmant is done
15:58.10dottedthem or whatever
15:58.39dottedTecnoBrat highly unlikely that wilol happen since he is on bloodhoof now
15:58.59dottedjust gonna submit it the way it is
15:59.12FISKER_Qisn't my signature 1337 btw dotted?
15:59.13dottedhopefully iam online by the time GM gets to me
15:59.43dottedyou know what would be evul?
15:59.53dottedhave sound in your sig
16:00.01dottedlike on my userpage
16:00.03FISKER_Qyou mean liek rickrolled?
16:00.15FISKER_QPerhaps my sig should just be rickrolled
16:00.18dottedno bubble bobble music on my userpage
16:00.25FISKER_Qi heard it :(
16:00.31FISKER_Qi want moar rickrolling
16:00.53dottedand on VP where you have signed 5 billion times, you will get 5 billion bubble bobble music playin
16:01.10FISKER_Qmake a tooltip for mine
16:01.14FISKER_Qwithout a silly background
16:01.44*** join/#wowwiki KaoS` (n=[KaoS]`@about/apple/macbookpro/KaoS)
16:02.47dottedyou mind if i actually dic your sig all together?
16:03.06[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:03.27FISKER_Qit's fine
16:03.33FISKER_Qone of the best sigs on WoWWiki
16:03.56FISKER_Qit's a night elf
16:05.55dottedi was talking about the html
16:10.51dottedwith tooltip
16:13.28dottedyou like it?
16:13.51FISKER_Qnow i do
16:14.11FISKER_Qwhat's the gibberish you write for >?
16:15.03dotted<nohtml>></nohtml> :D?
16:16.13FISKER_QSomeone should write a IE7 addon for wikis :P
16:16.23TecnoBratwow, lots of gold spam tho dotted
16:23.40*** join/#wowwiki |beerke| (
16:28.44KaoS`eww IE 7..
16:29.50dottedTecnoBrat aye havent been on the char for months
16:30.39dottedmy GM ticket will be serviced soon
16:32.19KaoS`eww microsoft..
16:33.15dotted~emulate Kirkburn
16:33.30infobotYes, Microsoft! Harder!
16:33.32dottedKirkburn and FISKER_Q must be good friends
16:34.51dottedthe GM wrote: .thanks
16:35.00dottedi thought they only worked on emu servers
16:35.15dotted|Pixel| knows.
16:35.50dottedfunny thing is he didnt really use macroes
16:35.51FISKER_QGM's do not use commands via chat channels no
16:36.11dottedonly when he used the goodbye msg
16:36.26dottedFISKER_Q you are a GM be chance?
16:37.06dottedthen stfu
16:38.18FISKER_QBut obviously you will never know for certain yourself
16:38.31FISKER_Qand |Pixel| isn't allowed to tell you how it works
16:39.37*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
16:39.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Teomyr] by ChanServ
16:39.51Adyslo :>
16:46.09*** join/#wowwiki clad|sleep (n=cladhair@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
16:47.49[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Nihilum reaches Black Temple -
16:47.49[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Arena Season 2 on June 12 -
16:57.43*** join/#wowwiki Bibi`ouF (
16:57.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Bibi`ouF] by ChanServ
16:59.25FISKER_Qit's a Bibi`ouF
16:59.33Bibi`ouFa sad Bibi`ouF
16:59.41Bibi`ouFspent the last three days trying to fix my computer
16:59.53dotteddid nimloth hurt your feelings again?
16:59.55Bibi`ouFand now, i've got to use Vista if I want something that work :/
17:00.03Bibi`ouFand Vista hurts a lot more than Nimloth
17:00.10Bibi`ouF"copy this file here !"
17:00.13Bibi`ouF"Are you sure ?"
17:00.20Bibi`ouF"Are you, really, really, sure ?"
17:01.03FISKER_Qi see you got vista
17:01.06FISKER_Qi see you wrote that
17:03.09*** join/#wowwiki barduck_ (
17:06.07Teomyrwtf is up with my system
17:06.22Teomyrmy running applications are taking turns in using up all available CPU power
17:06.37FISKER_QMust because you're not augmenting Itemstats to support wowhead
17:06.43FISKER_Qoh wait, did i say that out loud >_<
17:06.56KirkburnBibi`ouF, Vista isn't that bad :/
17:08.06[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
17:09.42Bibi`ouFKirkburn : nop, nearly killed myself 17 times today
17:09.45Bibi`ouFi expected 25
17:09.53Bibi`ouFbut hey, it's only 19:00 here
17:10.37KirkburnWhat problems are you having?
17:12.32FISKER_Qomfg Kirkburn
17:12.33FISKER_Qi fucking lol'd
17:12.49Bibi`ouFKirkburn : the new file explorer really suck :/
17:13.11Bibi`ouFi want my old adress bar back, and my "parent directory" button too
17:13.32KirkburnYou realise that if you click on the address bar, it shows the "normal" one?
17:13.42KirkburnAnd to go to a parent dir you just click on it's name?
17:14.12Bibi`ouFmore clicks than xp.
17:14.19KirkburnEr ... no?
17:14.48amroKirkburn: I find the "Up" button to be faster since it's always in the same place
17:15.30KirkburnThat's fair, but once you're used to the lack of it, you hardly notice
17:15.30FISKER_QI don't like the new adress bar either
17:15.30FISKER_Qi believe you can make it "normal" though
17:15.37Bibi`ouFoh and i hate the thumbnails on the image files
17:15.39amromost other file explorers use it as well
17:15.41amrolike nautilus
17:15.41KirkburnIt's certainly not more clicks than XP though, and you can do more with it
17:15.49amroand I think newer versions of konqueror
17:15.50Bibi`ouFI'm used to find them on my desktop because there is a big red irfanview icon on them
17:16.19KirkburnYou don't want thumbnails?
17:16.42KirkburnSo turn them off?
17:16.42amroI think you can disable them...
17:16.53Bibi`ouFwell, I installed vista less than 24 hours ago
17:16.54KirkburnIt's the first option if Folder Options --> View :P
17:16.56Bibi`ouFand i've got to update the site :/
17:17.22KirkburnK, well reserve judgement on Vista until you've used it for a little while =) And gl, hope it doesn't take too long
17:18.21*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
17:18.21Bibi`ouFand actually, i can't even find folder options
17:18.26amroyes, it should start deleting your files randomly soon :P
17:25.12FISKER_Qdelete system32 folder for faster internets
17:25.21FISKER_Qanyways go into a file explorer
17:25.27FISKER_Qthen view->folder options
17:25.34*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:25.41FISKER_QTools->Folder Options
17:26.59FISKER_Qi believe you check "Do not cache thumbnails"
17:28.19KirkburnTo get the file menus in any window, hold alt
17:28.19KirkburnPress, I mean
17:28.19KirkburnThey're normally hidden
17:28.19FISKER_Qoh yeah
17:28.20FISKER_Qvista also introduced hiding menus
17:28.26FISKER_Qanother change i don't like either :P
17:28.45amroI think you change that too...
17:29.08FISKER_Qyeah i think you can
17:29.11FISKER_Qatleast you can in IE
17:33.01*** join/#wowwiki infobot (i=ibot@pdpc/supporter/active/TimRiker/bot/apt)
17:33.01*** topic/#wowwiki is Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | On Facebook? Join "WoWWiki Addicts" | WoWWiki is now on Wikia! | 2.1 is live!
17:33.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+v infobot] by ChanServ
17:35.02dottedinfobot, you suck.
17:35.22infobotand very well I might add
17:36.22foxlitIs the tooltip background hardcoded?
17:46.11*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
17:49.06[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Gurtogg Bloodboil and Shade of Akama world first kill by Nihilum -
17:53.16*** join/#wowwiki Lorim (
18:04.00*** join/#wowwiki Lilythmageborn (n=lilythma@
18:08.07[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:12.34*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:22.11KirkburnFinally, for the first time I heard the boat ding when it reached dock
18:23.06LilythmagebornDo zeps do anything?
18:23.18*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
18:23.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:34.34FISKER_Qthey transport you from one place to another
18:35.03Teomyro rly
18:35.20*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul (n=b@
18:38.03KirkburnLilythmageborn, I *think* they do the same :P
18:47.46*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Karen@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
18:47.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
18:48.19dotted[@Kirkburn]: Finally, for the first time I heard the boat ding when it reached dock <- it does oO?
18:51.03FISKER_Qdoesn't say anything at the zeps apparently
18:51.27FISKER_Qnope nothing
18:51.41LilythmagebornThe zep should explode upon arrival at destination and you barely escape, unscathed.
18:51.57FISKER_Qconsistancy was never Blizzard's area of expertise
18:52.57Adysno shit.
18:55.07LilythmagebornThe reason this article needs to be cleaned up... is it because of the "public reaction" section lacking citation?
18:58.38FISKER_QI think it just haven't been removed
18:59.09*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
18:59.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:59.21LilythmagebornYeah, I was going to edit it and remove that section.
18:59.45LilythmagebornUnless the citation is unnessecary... I donno.
19:00.19*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:02.13KirkburnPersonally I would remove it
19:02.34*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:03.07[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:04.22KirkburnI can imagine that the US would have more of a problem with it than the EU
19:06.54FISKER_Qbesides for the fact that it's giant lightbeacon i don't hate it that much
19:07.00KirkburnBah, I'm just removing it. I bet I'll get whined at.
19:07.09FISKER_Qespecially with the lightfathom scepter + the shield
19:08.56KirkburnI know that some people say they dislike it cause it looks like a Power Ranger suit, but I'm sure many of them really want to say "I'm homophobic, and I bet every will call me gay if I wear this, and my life will be ruined!"
19:10.33FISKER_Qi like it because it looks like a power ranger suit
19:10.45FISKER_Qi was fucking pissed when they changed the rogue power ranger suit in AQ40
19:10.46KirkburnHell yeah :)
19:12.42*** join/#wowwiki Colamage (
19:14.35Colamagecould anyone offer a noob some advice? x]
19:15.32Colamagewell.. im a level 24 gnome mage and I have no idea where to grind / do quests, ive been grinding in redridge for a little bit and ive done all the quests possible for me atm in redridge, and I have no idea where to go now.. I tried duskwood but most of the quests are to hard and I tried grinding at raven hill and it didnt go very well =S Any ideas?
19:16.14FISKER_QIsn't wetlands a level 20+ area?
19:16.23LilythmagebornNah, it's 10-20ish
19:16.37LilythmagebornGo to Southshore.
19:16.42Colamagei thought wetlands was 20-30?
19:16.50Colamagesouthshore? wheres abouts is that?
19:16.52LilythmagebornYeah, Wetlands is.
19:17.14LilythmagebornSouthshore is in Hillsbrad Foothills.  You'll have to run there from Wetlands through Arathi.
19:17.38LilythmagebornBut don't quote me on any of this, I don't play Alliance often :)
19:17.53Colamageill have a look on mapwow :P
19:18.00LilythmagebornThere's also Ashenvale.  With the new stuff in Forest Song their quests scale a little higher.
19:18.44FISKER_QToo soon, Economy, you are ruining my Shadowcloth prices too sooN!
19:18.49Colamageyea somebody else told me to try the quests there but I had no idea how to get there either LOL, I forgot to look it up actually, ill look now x]
19:18.55Colamagethanks for all the help btw
19:19.37LilythmagebornYou can get to Ashenvale by taking the boat out of Menethil Harbor in Wetlands to Darkshore and then running south along the road.
19:20.02LilythmagebornBe sure to check WoW Wiki for travel guides and leveling information, I'm sure there is something on this there :)
19:20.54LilythmagebornAnyone know why's_Manual is flagged for cleanup?  I checked spelling and grammar and it seems to be find (it's all referenced from an item in game anyway) and don't see any other pressing issues.
19:20.59Colamagei have been looking :p thats why i decided to come here, ill look at travel guides now
19:21.08Colamagebtw is there a gryphon at southshore?
19:21.29Teomyri doubt that hillsbrad foothills is a good alliance questing place. there's plenty of horde quests as far as i know, but not that much alliance content
19:21.43Teomyrbesides, you have to get through arathi on your way there, which is 30+
19:22.01Colamageill give it a go, and ill just get one of my friends to take me there :P
19:22.02FISKER_QI like southshore
19:22.07Colamagethen I can just get the gryphon there from then on
19:22.08FISKER_Qon behalf of all alliance i gank
19:23.52*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
19:24.12Teomyrmy friends already expect me to get even their <lvl28 alts to southshore and through all of scarlet monastery... ridiculous
19:24.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042] by ChanServ
19:24.50Sky2042some friends
19:24.58Sky2042now where is skosiris? :/
19:24.59Colamagelol my friends are nice though, so hopefully they will x]
19:25.50Colamagei might train in wetlands before i go to southshore though, aint trained there before :P
19:26.57FISKER_QAre there any good lowlevel places that give horde rep or darkspear rep?
19:27.10LilythmagebornBesides Durotar?
19:27.57Colamageare most of you here horde then? x]
19:28.01FISKER_Qalready done most of desolace and hinterlands i believe
19:28.12Colamageon my server its like 70% alliance xP
19:28.12LilythmagebornNot really.  There are one or two trolls in Barrens, and that's about it as far as low level.  Your only bet is to do all of the Horde quests because you will get rollover rep.
19:28.38LilythmagebornHinterlands doesn't give any rep I thought?
19:28.44FISKER_Qonly 2k from exalted anyways
19:28.54FISKER_Qoh yeah but there are trolls down there
19:29.01FISKER_Qi can't remember anymore actually
19:29.16FISKER_Qthere was a seperate faction like the wildhammer clan but it was removed with 2.0 i believe
19:29.33LilythmagebornI know they used to be their own faction, but that got removed, and then when I went there to quest on my warlock I got no rep from the quests.
19:30.30LilythmagebornIf you're that close to exalted you're better off farming runecloth lol.
19:30.39LilythmagebornBut you can always go do Ghostlands for rollover rep.
19:31.03LilythmagebornMy husband was exalted with all Horde factions at level 50.  He did every Horde quest .-.
19:32.24LilythmagebornPost BC of course, since they seem to have done something to rep post BC that makes you get more... or maybe it's only on Blood Elves *shrug*
19:32.25FISKER_QI'm a blood elf, already did all ghostlands quests :P
19:32.25FISKER_Qhence why i'm almost exalted with all horde factions
19:32.33LilythmagebornI think it's funny he has like 10 slots taken up already with his damn mounts.
19:33.00FISKER_QI played AV for like a week so i could become exalted with Silvermoon
19:33.05FISKER_Qjust to reroll on launch day
19:34.48Teomyrhm... i think curse needs to add some context-sensitivity to their ads
19:35.10foxlitDunno, think that'll end up as "buy gold now"
19:35.37Teomyrwell, i don't think the average wow player is interested in the swedish StayFriends site or a lesbian flirt community either
19:35.59foxlitBet they per / show, not / click :)
19:36.50Sky2042who do you purchase the mounts from for the sha'tari skyguards?>
19:38.02*** join/#wowwiki Viper007Bond (
19:43.25TecnoBratthe quatermaster in sketis
19:43.54Sky2042whose name is?...
19:44.23KirkburnLilythmageborn, I was exalted with all Alliance factions (except Gnomey) before 40 =)
19:44.59Sky2042you -do- like to gloat, don't you kirk?
19:45.20Colamagegod im suprised, ive been in tons of WoW discussion IRC channels and hardly nobody ever talks ;P total opposite with this one ;D
19:45.29Sky2042we're strange, is all
19:45.33KirkburnCan't decide whether to bother with Gnome stuff much - I'm almost 70% thru revered on them, but I can't ride their mount anyway
19:45.35Sky2042none of us -actually- play, you know? ;P
19:45.54TecnoBratpeople here maintain a wiki .. I think thats the definition of liking to write, heh
19:45.56KirkburnHah, normally this channel is quiet as a mouse. A mute mouse.
19:46.23KirkburnBeware of dotted, though, he likes to carry conversations all on his lonesome :P
19:46.26Colamageits a wow wiki ;)
19:46.37Sky2042wowwiki, nub!
19:47.09Colamagesaying "its a wowwiki" would look weird though, cause thats the site name..
19:47.31amrothere's more than one wow wiki
19:47.35KirkburnIt's not irrelevant, it's a hippopotamus!
19:47.37amrobut wowwiki owns them all
19:47.57TecnoBratits "the wowwiki" and "a wow wiki" :P
19:48.03amrohm I think it was around back in beta, wasn't it?
19:48.17KirkburnYou're all wrong, it's "WoWWiki". Caps ftw.
19:48.33Sky2042lern2domain name
19:48.38Sky2042that won't get you to our wiki
19:48.47Sky2042oh shit
19:48.51Colamageyes it will..
19:49.24Jas0nmy IRC name is registered =\
19:49.46KirkburnI've just started Un'goro Crater, such a cool area. Can't wait for Sholazar Basin :D
19:50.12LilythmagebornI hate that place.  The amount of quests there is insane.  You're never finished.
19:50.37Colamageok im going to play WoW and hopefully bug one of my loving friends into taking me to southshore =D
19:50.37ColamageCya guys <3
19:50.37BagginswwKirkburn you have never been to "Un-goro?
19:50.40KirkburnOn my new char :P
19:50.50Sky2042Un'Goro is awesome.
19:51.01KirkburnSecond time overall
19:51.09KirkburnMy first time was ... hmm ... 2 years ago?
19:51.10Sky2042except for the friendly neighborhood tyrannasaurs that move as quietly as mice.
19:51.34LilythmagebornAnd why does it seem that if a devilsaur is coming towards you and you move out of the way... it moves in the same direction?  I was trying to get ooze samples for UC and had to kill three devilsaurs because of that.
19:51.36KirkburnIt's nice to go through these areas and know where everything is
19:52.18KirkburnThey look pretty damn cool. One has to wonder how they got to Outland, though.
19:52.48KirkburnI guess WoW does have one excellent method of solving the problem ... blame the Titans.
19:52.51Sky2042devilsaurs in outland?...
19:53.10Teomyrthey're now called fel reavers and look slightly different
19:53.20KirkburnI miss the bear reaver :(
19:54.15LilythmagebornI don't know why people say fel reavers sneak up on them.  The ground shaking and the horrible noise they make are clue enough for me...
19:54.35Kirkburniirc, there's a dinosaur in there?
19:55.10Bibi`ouFit's the north one ?
19:55.21Bibi`ouFif it is, yup there's a huge t-rex for a quest here
19:55.30KirkburnNew quest, no?
19:57.41*** join/#wowwiki roxutee (
19:57.55TecnoBratKirkburn, do any mounts look good for a draenei?
19:58.27KirkburnRam and sabers do
19:58.38KirkburnHorses ... not so much. Too small.
19:58.42TecnoBrathorse looks goofy
19:58.51KirkburnI still have my black stallion on my random mount macro though
20:00.02FISKER_Qwant a pedicure with your discussion?
20:01.13KirkburnSky2042, why?
20:01.33Sky2042bug report, mostly
20:01.49Sky2042if that
20:11.11Sky2042we need one of those templates for terrokar
20:11.13*** join/#wowwiki Fisker- (
20:11.17LilythmagebornIs there any rule that we can't post images from other sites, that they must be original?
20:11.31KirkburnDepends on the site, really
20:11.32Sky2042how so?
20:11.36Sky2042aye, that too
20:11.56LilythmagebornI'm looking at trying to figure out where to begin editing it (it has an insane number of external links).
20:12.51LilythmagebornSky2042, I can make a template for that hehe.  I made one for Naxx anmd Org yesterday ;)
20:13.06KirkburnMost of the time it's okay to repost screenshots, but in you're uncertain about one, just cite the source when uploading
20:13.15Sky2042nah, it's not hard to make the template
20:13.24Sky2042i just am not incited to do it myself ;P
20:15.14Sky2042you're such a liar kirkburn
20:15.29Kirkburn|afkEating! :(
20:15.39Teomyrwhy can't people spell maraudon
20:16.20Teomyrmauraudon, mauradon, muradon, murudon, marudon...
20:16.34Sky2042murudon and muradon?
20:16.56Sky2042getting the letters mixed up, or leaving out the second 'u' i can understand...
20:18.02Sky2042bad kirkburn
20:18.06Sky2042what do you mean?
20:18.43Kirkburn|afkThat I've not been to it?
20:19.27Sky2042BAD KIRKBURN
20:19.41Sky2042maraudon is an awesome instance
20:20.10Fisker-I disagree
20:20.15Sky2042that's nice
20:20.29Kirkburn|afkI rarely see the Alliance go there
20:20.48Sky2042at the both of you.
20:21.22Fisker-i'm the no-man
20:22.06Kirkburn|afkNo you aren't
20:22.16Sky2042yes he is
20:23.56Fisker-no i'm not
20:24.05Fisker-that's how much the no-man i am
20:24.39[NewsBot]#wowwiki stats:
20:24.53Sky2042almost caught dotted
20:25.32*** join/#wowwiki fridgid (n=fridgid@
20:25.58Sky2042now why do i have one of the most referenced nicks? :/
20:26.21Sky2042oh fuck yes
20:26.26Sky2042a tetris game i can win
20:27.12*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_ (
20:27.21*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042_] by ChanServ
20:30.06dotted[@Kirkburn]: Beware of dotted, though, he likes to carry conversations all on his lonesome :P <- lol wut?
20:30.25dotted[+Sky2042]: almost caught dotted <- you will never catch me
20:30.25Sky2042_dotted got owned
20:30.29Sky2042_bring it!
20:30.31Sky2042_force an update
20:31.01dottedshould upload a new version very soon
20:31.05Sky2042_now, fiend!
20:31.35[NewsBot]#wowwiki stats:
20:31.41dottedwait you noob
20:32.12Sky2042_and tecnobrat, it isn't the most annoying mechanic ever.
20:32.18Sky2042_i love meteor. :)
20:32.40Sky2042_lol, dotted just fucked me over
20:32.56dotted"Poor Adys, nobody likes her. She was attacked 17 times."
20:33.43dottedoh man Sky2042 beats me on moth referenced nick by 3 :D
20:33.53Sky2042_brings me memories of watching the lone hunter mount up and ride out to pull an anubisath defenders :)
20:34.06Sky2042_and then getting fucked up the ass when a 12k meteor comes down on his head.
20:35.01dottedSky2042 cheats tbh
20:35.15Sky2042_orly, nublet?
20:35.25dottedhaving 2 nicks is cheat tbh
20:35.37Sky2042_lern2dc, imo
20:35.51Sky2042_i can get on a third that isn't identified, if you would like :)
20:36.17dottedbut aint bothered
20:36.56Sky2042_i hope that bliz made a cock block in the black temple somewhere
20:37.15dottedyeah illidan :D
20:37.43*** join/#wowwiki equiraptor (i=equirapt@
20:38.13Sky2042_dotted, you need to make baggins and apollozeus and mikk blue on !wwstats
20:38.53dottedthey have more than 1 nick?
20:39.05TecnoBratheh DnT are in kara atm ... wtf slackers!
20:39.08Sky2042_no... why are they blue?
20:39.11Sky2042_lol, truth
20:39.17Sky2042_they're nobodies now :)
20:39.31Sky2042_europes raping the us now >.>
20:39.34Fisker-dotted you idiot
20:39.40Fisker-illidan can't be a cockblock :(
20:39.43LilythmagebornKorea still rapes in PvP
20:39.49Sky2042_koreans are nuts
20:40.21TecnoBratboth DnT and Overated killed Vashj this week, hopefully they will both be in Black Temple and Hyjal
20:40.25dottedSky2042 if you want to wtfblue them modify <user nick="Joe" alias="Joe^away Joe^work" pic="joe.jpg" link="" sex="m"> so it fits their profile
20:40.26Sky2042_and why is adys's name red? ;o
20:40.40dottedbecuase he is gay
20:41.35dotted"Poor Adys, nobody likes her. She was attacked 17 times." <- !!!!!!!!
20:42.52dotteddoesnt matter what he really is, what matters is what i think he is :D
20:44.50Bagginswwhas Kirochi gone mad :p
20:44.57Sky2042_maybe so
20:46.20Fisker-I wonder if i should make a signature like kirkburns
20:46.51Fisker-and make a title called "Outlands, Outlands, Outlands!" and fill it out with "Outlands, Outlands, Outlands..."
20:47.18Sky2042_ragestorm would come after you with a long, sharp thing.
20:49.06[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Teron Gorefiend world first kill by Nihilum, Anetheron world first kill by Forte -
20:49.13Fisker-Has anyone noticed how BT attunement is like the easiest of them all? :P
20:50.03BagginswwMight be interesting if life on planets was based on vanir vs. aesir. By which I mean, what if Aeser created pointy eared species, and Vanir created the rounded eared species?
20:50.51Bagginswwhumans, gnomes and dwarves apparently were created by the Vanir, Khaz'goroth.
20:51.21Bagginswwand we know pointy eared sea giants were made by Aeser.
20:51.54Bagginswwso maybe ear shape was just artistic choice made by the titans?
20:52.36Bagginswwya I know it doesn't quite work for troggs :p
20:53.07[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:57.11Sky2042my god they're still using tfs at level 70 in btr
20:57.53Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, lol, yes, we sure don't want to encourage children to engage in bestality now, do we :P (
20:58.10Bagginswwindeed, LOL
20:58.10Sky2042bestiality is human
20:58.10Kirkburn|afk*bestiality ><
20:58.30Kirkburn|afkThat's an odd way of putting it
20:58.35Bagginswwya usually the more depraived humans ;)
20:58.39Kirkburn|afk(... that's what she said!)
21:00.25Bagginswwsince people seem to be curious, I'm going to create a lifespans article
21:00.54Bagginswwthat lists the RPG dice-role based lifespans, but converted into standard speech :p
21:01.17Bagginswwnone of that 2d10 crap :p
21:02.10Sky2042that's nice
21:02.24Sky2042kirkburn|afk, what's the template you stick on page when it becomes outdated?
21:03.15Bagginswwoh what is the number on current D&D die rules?
21:03.27Bagginswwhow many sides per the die?
21:04.35Sky2042we would know... why?
21:04.47BagginswwLOL, me either :p
21:04.57Bagginswwcan't do the math unless I know what a standard dice is
21:05.31Bagginswwahh ok found the page that talks about it
21:05.43Bagginswwwhen they say d4 it means 4 sided dice
21:05.54Bagginswwif it says d10 its a 10 sided dice, etc
21:06.26BagginswwI have no idea...
21:06.50Bagginswwso if I understand this right if it says d4x10 years
21:06.58Bagginswwthat means 4 x 10 posibilities
21:07.24Sky2042how about 40 years baggins? :/
21:07.42Bagginswwwell ya, exactly
21:07.49Bagginswwthat's what I've got to convert each to
21:07.58Bagginswwactuall its more like +40 years
21:08.19Bagginswwso I take the venerable age and add the + number
21:08.20Sky2042lol, kirkburn|afk
21:08.22AdysSky2042: {{ood}}
21:08.31Sky2042or {{Outofdate}}
21:08.35Sky2042yeah, i know
21:08.37Bagginswwto find the "range" of maxim age.
21:09.01Sky2042 kirkburn (don't post anything telling them we're superior in every way shape and form... ;P)
21:09.52Bagginswwand if it uses d%, percentile die, I have no clue whatosever...
21:10.33Bagginswwmust research what a % die is :p
21:10.38Kirkburn|afkSky2042, I don't care any more. Maybe I'll go back there one day, but it won't be for a while. :/
21:10.52Kirkburn|afkBut I can at least say "the saga continues"
21:10.55Sky2042i just think it's funny that they're having such a hard time getting their lore off the ground
21:10.58Sky2042lore page*
21:11.14Bagginswwok, let's look at goblins
21:11.27Bagginswwthey are venerable at 73 years
21:11.40*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (
21:12.05Sky2042are you sure venerable is the correct word to be using, baggins?...
21:12.20Kirkburn|afk"Wise"? ;)
21:12.24Bagginswwtheir maximum age is +2d10 yrs, in straight terms that is between 2 and 20 years.
21:12.28BagginswwUh I was using the term it uses
21:12.29Sky2042venerable =! wise
21:12.45Bagginswwmiddle age, old, venerable, max age
21:13.02*** join/#wowwiki tRens (
21:13.04Sky2042the rpg is so wierd
21:13.14tRenswhere do i go on the wowwiki to find info on the arena point thing
21:13.16Bagginswwso a goblin lives between 75 and 93 years.
21:13.26tRensim being told that if you're a member of more than 1 arena team
21:13.28tRensyou get more points
21:13.33Bagginsww80 being right in the middle
21:13.44Bagginswweasiest to just double middle age, LOL
21:13.46tRensdon't you only get the points from the team that gives you the most points per week no matter what?
21:14.38TecnoBrat84 would be right in the middle, lol
21:14.52TeomyrtRens: theres some info at
21:25.25*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
21:25.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
21:26.49Bagginswwalright that's what I could get so far. Still need to figure out how many sides and what kinds of sides are on a percentile die :p
21:27.27Kirkburn|afkHmm, could be a candidate for a graphical addition?
21:27.42foxlitNo more naked gnomes, Kirk!
21:28.48foxlitI mean, {{silly}}, c'mon!
21:29.09Bagginswwadding wildhammer half-elfs and furbolgs from APG next
21:32.46Bagginswwalright now to add half-ogres, half-orcs, forest trolls
21:36.44Bagginswwnow backt o finding out what a percent die is :p
21:37.05*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:37.19*** join/#wowwiki amro_ (n=amro@
21:37.22Bagginswwgg.. math
21:38.40Bagginswwok so its basically 1-100
21:38.44Bagginswwnot too bad
21:44.12*** part/#wowwiki tRens (
21:44.16Kirkburn|afk :D
21:46.19Bagginswwarlight updated
21:47.10foxlitMake it a table?
21:47.23foxlitRace||Adulthood||Max Lifespan
21:47.36Bagginswwya someone should, I'll probably add in the middle age, and venerable stuf flater
21:48.25Bagginswwbut ya kirkburn, it would seem that angry ogre's arguement against the table and what was said in the half-orc info was flawed, :)
21:49.14Bagginswwits true half-orcs can live longer than orcs, and live shorter than humans :)
22:01.06Bagginswwok its ready to be tabled
22:06.10*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
22:10.25Fisker-wasn't the night elves immortal before the world tree was destroyed?
22:12.21*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
22:12.27Sky2042bagginsww, question
22:12.54Sky2042how is it that tyrande has lived for 10k years, while the rpg states the max lifespan is 1.2k? :)
22:13.04Bagginswwshe was immortal
22:13.17Bagginswwthey only recently lot their immortality
22:13.24Fisker-The worldtree provides immortality to the night elves
22:13.35Fisker-The current world tree is corrupt and therefor does not provide immortality
22:13.35Sky2042that should be noted in that
22:13.48Fisker-That was kinda my point :P
22:14.08BagginswwI'd assume tyrande had the body of a healthy adult, probably around 300
22:14.31Fisker-i'd hit it
22:14.31Bagginswwso she probably has least another 400 years of life in her :)
22:15.04Bagginswwyou have characters like grom who's life was extended unaturally by demonic energy
22:15.16Bagginswwso he may have been around 150 when he died
22:15.24Bagginswwif one does the math
22:15.59Sky2042not with the shortened timeline, i don't think
22:16.04Sky2042110-120, maybe
22:16.29Bagginswwproblem is books are sitll using a "longer timeline"
22:17.04Bagginswwthere are so many issues with timelines, that we have no idea which is being followed by whom :p
22:17.07Sky2042roth didn't, so far as i can tell
22:17.08Sky2042lol truth
22:17.22Bagginswwwell ya ROTH and HPG were written at the same time :p
22:17.52BagginswwI hear upcoming book is using the player's guides timelins
22:18.00Bagginswwits finished just needs the artwork
22:18.17Bagginswwso like I said every author has their own opinion :p
22:19.36Bagginswwya sky, 110, 120 might still fit on the PG timelin
22:19.43BagginswwI was rounding
22:20.15Sky2042you cant math, can you?
22:20.23BagginswwI meant between 100 and 150
22:20.52Bagginswwwhat I'm saying is the timeline during that period is fairly unclear
22:21.01Bagginswwthey don't give exact numbers
22:21.23Bagginswwexcept for those particular quotes there.
22:21.33BagginswwROTH avoided numbers even more :p
22:21.57Bagginswwmany moons had passed, blah blah
22:23.15Sky2042btw, i'm tabling your lifespans page
22:23.22Sky2042no edits, you hear?!
22:23.44Bagginswwnot planning too
22:24.02Bagginswwbesides havent' found any other races that have similar tables
22:24.31*** join/#wowwiki chemosh_ (
22:24.47*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
22:24.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
22:26.57Bagginswwoh ya still need to update forsake lifespan
22:27.10Bagginswwthat one could actually have a whole paragraph
22:27.14Bagginswwso you might want to leave it out of the table
22:28.55Sky2042you can tweak it to your desring after i'm done
22:29.20*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
22:30.20Bagginswwwell I'll type the info here
22:30.23Bagginswwand you can add it in
22:32.51Sky2042one sec
22:33.28Bagginswwhaven't found it yet anyways
22:34.22Bagginsww"forsaken do not age, as they are already dead"
22:34.26Bagginswwthat's from WoWRPG book
22:34.37Fisker-What about just undead? :P
22:34.49Bagginswwbrann discusses something similar to aging in HPG
22:35.02Bagginswwwell there is no playable scourge race that has a table yet
22:35.10Bagginswwage table I mean
22:35.29Fisker-furbolgs are playable?
22:36.06Bagginswwin the RPG ya
22:36.06Hobinheim|undeadsounds like a prime idea for a fake race. brains.
22:36.23Bagginswwa race of brains?
22:36.36Bagginswwalmost like oh uh floating eyes?
22:36.42Fisker-but still forsaken are just undeads anyways
22:36.43Tekkubwhat's the max row size of a gallery, 4?
22:37.00Fisker-But unlike the scourge they can't get power from the lich king
22:37.13Fisker-so in a sense the scourge can become stronger and live longer than forever
22:37.23Sky2042i think so tekkub
22:37.24BagginswwI believe that HPG says that forsaken can still decompose
22:37.35Bagginswwso it could be assumed in time they'd just stop functioning
22:37.38Sky2042the rest wrap or w/e
22:37.41Bagginswwwhich would be kinda like "death"?
22:38.07Bagginswwthere just is a set period of time for that
22:38.08Fisker-is the mainpage protected btw?
22:38.57Sky2042yes fisker
22:39.05Bagginswwso uh sky why not put them all on the same table?
22:39.13Sky2042because of citing issues ;)
22:39.21Sky2042and so you can tweak the top bit atm
22:39.34Sky2042have a look at the note thing i did
22:39.44Bagginswwuh just make a ==Sources Cited== section
22:40.10Sky2042put your note in, you goose
22:40.48Bagginswwahh well you also deleted the note about adulthood too
22:40.59Bagginswwthe one that states they don't have an "adulthood"
22:41.05Bagginswwthey become forsaken upon death
22:41.12Fisker-you're doing it wrong imo Sky2042
22:41.23Fisker-Why not include notes in the table itself?
22:41.32Bagginswwscroll over notes? is that possible?
22:42.28Sky2042because, fisker, quotes just don't work in tables
22:42.36Sky2042and baggins likes his quotes
22:46.43Hobinheim|undeadnever make a Sources Cited section, ever
22:46.55Hobinheim|undeadbecause you should be making a == Sources cited == section instead
22:49.24Sky2042besides, Bagginsww, the note is still there; it's just seen as "None" instead of no adulthood.
22:49.57Bagginswwwell you mixed part of the note into "maximum" :p
22:50.03Bagginswwand doesn't make sense over there
22:50.15Sky2042ew, necrophiliac
22:50.37Sky2042then change that to none, leave the number there, and put your note at the bottom of the page
22:50.49BagginswwPirates of the Carribean the story of necrophiliacs in love.
22:50.54Sky2042next to the 1.
22:50.59Bagginswwif one takes the entire trilogy into context
22:51.13Sky2042Pirates of the Caribbean: Necrophiliacs in Love
22:51.27Sky2042Coming to you in theatres June, 2009
22:53.39BagginswwI highly recommend merging hte tables.. those headings suck...
22:55.23Adysdinged 300 days played today :D
22:55.23Adys00:54:33 Total time played: 300 days, 5 hours, 14 minutes, 36 second
22:55.42Sky2042yeah... 8h a day isn't healthy for you adys
22:56.01Sky2042every day, no less
22:56.23Adysi took a month break actually
22:56.55Sky2042that makes the math harder... when did you start that character?
23:01.54Bagginswwnow if someone wants to split it up by Horde & Alliance and independents later, that's up to them :)
23:13.36*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:44.06*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:54.09*** join/#wowwiki NimbleRabit (
23:55.00chemosh_everyone sleeping? -.-
23:58.32winkillerbut off now :P
23:59.49chemosh_nn :p

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