IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070518

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00:34.32TecnoBratlook at that post
00:34.52TecnoBratTseric quit/got fired
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00:35.16MatthewSran out of whiskey?
00:36.08MatthewSi can't imagine how thankless a job being a moderator there is
00:36.33ThraeI was a moderator once. It was a good ego trip for a while
00:36.53TecnoBratmoderator where?
00:38.00ThraeThe unofficial/official board for the Gamepark handheld devices. It was pretty active, tons and tons of posts to moderate.
00:38.14zeegThrae: always fun slapping someone eh? :)
00:38.33ThraeWhen I got bored of moderating blatant posts, I would start to nitpick ;)
00:38.58Thrae"Your grammar was horrible in that post. You shall be banned for 4 years."
00:39.40TecnoBratyou are supposed to say "You're grammar was horrible in that post. You shall be banned for 4 years."
00:39.57TecnoBratthen you ban everyone that flames you
00:40.08ThraeActually, I didn't ban often.
00:40.34ThraeOne of my few bans was for someone who had a picture of a penis as their avatar, which they said was their own penis, and refused to change it.
00:41.22ThraePersonally, I think it was too big to be their own penis.
00:41.41[NewsBot]any of you know what post tseric wrote that made the us forum trolls pop emo-rage?
00:41.49ThraePeople with big penises don't have the time to go trolling around forums.
00:42.00TecnoBratthe shaman one
00:42.03Thrae[NewsBot]: You're the bot, go spider it!
00:42.21[NewsBot]TecnoBrat plenty of those :p
00:42.36zeegtheres a search on our tracker now
00:42.39[NewsBot]Thrae i only supply what zeeg feeds
00:42.44zeeg@author tseric
00:42.58zeegdoesnt work
00:42.58[NewsBot]and get a billion zillion results :D
00:43.09zeegonly 111
00:43.11[NewsBot]lern2code srsly
00:43.31zeeghas to be this thread
00:43.40Thrae[NewsBot]: BlueTracker has a RSS feed...
00:44.23zeegThrae: ya but they only provide one
00:44.25[NewsBot]Thrae yes, but the site is hopeless
00:44.26zeegCurse has like 8000
00:45.10TecnoBrator .. maybe this one?
00:46.01Thrae"Then, why are retnoobs so upset?" -- Tseric
00:46.22TecnoBrat ^^ BT version of above post
00:47.46TecnoBratI think its a combination of all of the above
00:48.55ThraeTecnoBrat: And people wonder why the CMs never talk about their meetings.
00:49.00TecnoBratheh, yea
00:49.01[NewsBot]meh us ppl are hopeless
00:49.24ThraeCMs Talking == Flame more, CMs Not Talking == Flame, but flame less
00:49.30TecnoBrat[NewsBot] = dotted?
00:49.48TecnoBratThrae, yea
00:52.34zeegaka newbie
00:53.47Adysdnd = do not delete
00:54.00AdysIm a fucking idiot
00:54.22ThraeWhat else could DND mean outside of chat?
00:55.02TecnoBratwe were trying to figure that out yesterday or whevrer it was
00:55.11Adysi know
00:55.14Adysit was me who asked
00:55.27Adysthats why Im a fucking idiot
00:55.39TecnoBratlol I couldnt figure it out either
00:55.44zeegi never thought about that
00:55.47zeegit must be do not delete
00:56.02AdysIm sure its that
00:58.19Thrae2nd hit has it...
00:58.33Adysou think I havent done that? :P
00:58.45ThraeThe 2nd hit in there says "Do Not Delete".
00:58.55ThraeYou may have Google'd, but you did not do it correctly ;)
00:59.18Adystwenty times more definition but not the fucking good one
00:59.34[NewsBot]#wowwiki stats:
01:00.08AdysKirkburn spoke a total of 10000 words!
01:00.24ThraeAdys: Hit #2 has it, that's good for Google.
01:00.41AdysYeah whatever, I checked most pages
01:00.52ThraeIt was the 2nd hit!
01:00.53Adys"do not ..." wasnt right in my mind
01:01.10ThraeWell, DND commonly means Do Not Disturb. WoW has DND status.
01:01.51AdysDo Not Disturb or Do Not Distribute were the only ones in my mind
01:02.01AdysI should have thought about Do Not Delete
01:02.04ThraeYou just said "Do not ..." wasn't on your mind ;)
01:02.17AdysI said it wasnt right in my mind
01:02.22Adysas in, it wasnt the correct thing
01:04.21Adysits scary the number of spells and other dummies they needed to get the chess event in karazhan working
01:20.40Adys~seen slouken
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01:21.42Thraecya indeed...famous last words!
01:21.46zeeghe got tired of you stalking him :)
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01:22.32Adysfamous last words eh?
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01:23.48steveballmeraka monkey boy
01:24.22billgates[03:23] Notice from NickServ (FreeNode): This nickname is owned by someone else
01:24.24billgatesthat sucks!
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01:25.43Thraebillgates: Try asking purl.
01:25.43ThraeHey wait a minute...
01:25.43Adys~emulate purl
01:25.55infobotACTION tries to look like herself.
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01:26.02steveballmer~emulate Adys
01:26.12Adys~emulate kirkburn
01:26.14infobotYes, Microsoft! Harder!
01:27.42CairennI'm not Cairenn, but infobot will quote me anyway! I'm really slouken's girlfriend.
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01:29.19Adys#debian is full of weirdos
01:29.22Adys~seen weirdo
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01:29.37ThraeSeems the weirdo's are in this channel ;)
01:29.43JesusPraise me!
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01:29.58Adystoo late
01:29.58AdysI wanted to kick jesus
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01:30.35ThraeWow, God is so powerful, he is in the empty channel.
01:30.44Adyswhat did I say about #debian
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01:30.59infoboti haven't seen 'antichrist', [NewsBot]
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01:31.06infobot[NewsBot]: i haven't seen 'anti-christ'
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01:31.23infobotThrae: i haven't seen 'lronhubbard'
01:31.37ThraeDamien is a real name >.<
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01:31.41infoboti haven't seen 'seen', [NewsBot]
01:31.53zeegitunes wont close
01:31.54Thrae~seen you
01:31.57infoboti haven't seen 'you', Thrae
01:31.57zeegit reopens when I close it :<
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01:32.42Adys(on a friends request..)
01:32.57Thrae~seen debian
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01:33.35[NewsBot][NewsBot] > infobot
01:34.03zeegs~/infobot/a newbie
01:34.07zeegs/infobot/a newbie
01:34.14zeegitunes opened when i said that
01:34.18zeegI thought I had won
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01:40.20AdysI knew that, I just knew it
01:40.34Adysbut its impressive that in three years no one bothered getting that nickname up
01:45.29zeegcant change to nick
01:45.45[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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02:20.47Adys cleaned up etc
02:22.46TecnoBratI need an arena team name
02:22.50TecnoBratwarrior and a paladin
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02:30.00AdysTecnoBrat: Mind the Cans
02:30.27TecnoBratwe chose something more lame, "Shootin Blanks"
02:31.25TecnoBratI wish you got points for being in each one of your arenas
02:31.35TecnoBratinstead of the highest point gaining one
02:50.57[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
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03:38.15Adysnn ppl
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04:34.39Sky2042kirkburn|afk, request of you
04:35.46SkosirisKirk went to bed a few hours ago :(
04:36.01Sky2042tekkub or gryphen then, request!
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04:36.23earthmeLonhey hey hey
04:36.37Sky2042hey hey
04:37.06earthmeLonI'm trying to learn how to write some macros for WoW ^_^. I'm looking at the guide, and i cant find what I need.
04:37.19earthmeLonIm trying to find a way to mark a target with raid marks
04:37.24earthmeLonis there any way for that?
04:37.52Sky2042a macro which does it?
04:37.59earthmeLonYeah, i want to write one
04:38.01earthmeLonI want it to
04:38.09Sky2042actually, i'd suggest you join #wowi-lounge :)
04:38.14earthmeLonmark my current target with, lets say Triangle
04:38.20earthmeLonand then do /p ATTACK TRIANGLE
04:38.22earthmeLonya know?
04:38.25earthmeLonokay, thanks ^_^
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04:49.33Devilkoultseric got fired D:
04:50.13Devilkoulanyone have mirror link to supposed rant?
04:50.25Sky2042lol, rly?
04:50.30Sky2042GREASE LIGHTNING!
04:52.58TecnoBratlol I resed my warrior in my 2v2
04:53.20Sky2042post number 189 tseric makes a good point
04:53.33Kaydeethreehe made a lot of good points in that thread
04:53.34Sky2042that, out of the rant, seems most legit
04:53.43Sky2042i haven't gotten to the end
04:56.04Sky2042last post: tseric > poster
05:02.05Devilkoulhmm, i could see him at a circle K
05:03.05Devilkoulsecond from L
05:03.30Sky2042thought so. i think that's tseric, iirc (i've seen their pics before)
05:04.02Devilkoulassuming caption is correct
05:04.11Sky2042gryphen or tekkub? art thou there?
05:05.13Sky20426.5 min mile x 3 seems a little fast for me atm
05:05.26Sky2042but otherwise, it seems fine to me
05:06.57Sky2042inducted into the usna in the end of june
05:07.30Sky2042HAND JIVE!
05:16.55*** join/#wowwiki Karrius (
05:19.03Sky2042gryphen or tekkub... earth to you!
05:27.36Sky2042who put the bop in the bop de bop de bop?!
05:27.53Sky2042who put the ram in the ram-a-lama-ding-dong?!
05:28.06*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
05:29.53Sky2042skosiris, can you tell the difference between and ?
05:30.04*** join/#wowwiki JunkHead-Work (
05:30.11Sky2042so far as i can tell, the only difference is the range...
05:30.22Skosirisone is instant cast
05:30.28Sky2042ah yes
05:30.44Sky2042i wonder..
05:31.14Sky2042wiki doesn't say which is the right one
05:33.12Sky2042so t was fired and/or moved
05:34.02SkosirisI hear he got fired
05:34.23Sky2042On the May 17th 2007, The following Thursday, Eyonix revealed that Tseric had indeed "moved on" to different things. No further information was given. [7]
05:34.27Kaydeethreethey're never gonna say. I personally think he handed in his 2 weeks some time ago and posted that has his goodbye
05:34.57Skosiris"Tseric is now pursuing other opportunities and we wish him the best in his future endeavors."
05:35.14Sky2042either way, he's not cming any more
05:35.19Skosiristhat is the polite/subtle way of saying he got fired//had no other choice but to resign
05:37.55Sky2042he made sense in some cases, but refused to see sense in others
05:37.56Sky2042ah well; i hope the best for him
05:59.55JunkHead-WorkI don't really have anything to talk about tonight it seems.
06:01.09Sky2042you done nightbane before?
06:01.29JunkHead-WorkWe are either doing Shade or Prince today.
06:01.36JunkHead-WorkI've never done either really.
06:01.43JunkHead-WorkAll we did today was Curator.
06:01.43Sky2042good luck!
06:02.27JunkHead-WorkWe did great  wednesday, but thursday we got to Curator in decent time, but then wiped once, so after we killed him we were kidna low on time.
06:02.29TekkubFandyllic has no sense of humor
06:02.41JunkHead-WorkSo we decided to call it early and save the trash to today (Friday).
06:02.50JunkHead-Worktrash for today*
06:03.35Sky2042lol tekkub, truth
06:06.13Bleeterbummer about Tseric. With such a small pool of inteligence in the US General Forums, I suspect the average IQ has dropped significantly
06:06.30Bleeter(whether he was right or wrong to speak the way he did, he was far far far from stupid)
06:06.53Bleeterand tbh, I was amazed he stuck it out as long as he did. Being a CM would suck balls bigtime.
06:06.59Tekkubhrm?  His lil outburst against the forum trolls?
06:07.07Sky2042he was fired or he's resigned
06:07.13Tekkuboh dang
06:07.28Sky2042see for more info!
06:07.29JunkHead-WorkI read about Tseric. I thought he was funny.
06:07.33Tekkubhe was prolly sick of it, hence the outburst, a final goodbye :)
06:07.43BleeterWouldn't be suprised if it were a Monday Morning 'screw this for a bunch of monkies, you guys can never pay me enough for this shit anymore'
06:07.49JunkHead-WorkAnd about his Troll encounter, Hell, someone needs to do something about it.
06:08.15Bleeteras inevitably seems to happen a lot in Tech Luser support ;)
06:09.50TekkubI lasted 3 months in tech support
06:10.26BleeterI was saying the other day in #pidgin, that our users should consider themselves lucky I don't live in the US
06:10.30TekkubI think, aside from the UI forum, which has very valid reason to exist, the rest of the shouldn't exist
06:10.35Bleeteras I'd be getting a gun, tracing IPs and haking house calls
06:10.44KarriusA gun?!
06:10.49KarriusBaseball bats are much more satisfying.
06:10.54Tekkubclubings are more gratifying
06:11.00BleeterTekkub: I beleve class forums and realm forums are valuable
06:11.06Bleeterand cheaper, I guess
06:11.15Tekkuband you don't have to wait
06:12.10Sky2042baseball bats are a bit more dangerous; better hope he doesn't have a knife or two on him... ;P
06:12.17Sky2042or even another weapon...
06:12.37Bleeterhmmm, point
06:12.48Bleetersome device that shoots baseball bats then, maybe
06:13.15BleeterI'd also put some golf balls into the mix, to make things... a little more entertaining
06:13.19Sky2042would you prefer them to spire along the lateral axis or the vertical?
06:13.29Bleeterdodging baseball bats and golfballs moving at 200mph
06:13.51BleeterI'd prefer them through the head of whichever luser was pissing me off ;)
06:14.09Bleetervertical, horizontal, diaganol.. couldn't give a #$^@
06:16.13Bleeteranyways, I'm just a bit miffed I can't give Tseric a suitable send off, with thanks and appreciation
06:19.12TecnoBratWOW @ ... I know its old, and you have all read it I bet
06:19.16TecnoBratbut ... thats crazy
06:22.11Sky2042yes tecno, that's old; yes, we have read it; no, we don't mind you bringing it up again. :)
06:22.40Sky2042is there an opposing faction ability to Will of the Forsaken, or is avoiding the fear undead only?
06:23.37TecnoBratI didnt actually read that whole thread until tonight
06:23.38KarriusUndead only, although there is Fear Ward
06:23.41TecnoBratword for word
06:23.58TecnoBratI wanna see the citation of this one tho "This one time, I was in a group with a shaman. He had pretty good gear and he was happy with his class, and I was like LOL LETS CHANGE THAT."
06:25.16Sky2042that's humorous
06:25.37sancusthe wow community rules
06:25.43sancusthat's two CMs they've driven insane so far
06:25.50sancusaltho fang was arguably insane to begin with
06:25.55TecnoBratI wouldnt want to do that job
06:26.01KarriusMurloc avatar = legally insane.
06:26.03sancusno well-adjusted person would want to do it
06:26.20Skosirismay I have your attention for a minute? :P
06:26.39Tekkubtech support people are either desperate or hoping it use it to "get their shoe in" to a better job
06:26.44Tekkubor insane, yes
06:26.52KarriusMostly insane.
06:27.01Tekkubbut in most cases I tihnk it satrt as one of the other and turns to insane
06:27.23Tekkubsometimes it's the "insane to keep putting up with this shit"
06:27.29Tekkuband sometime it's just postal
06:28.08TecnoBratSkosiris, whats up?
06:32.20TecnoBratI used to work in support at the company I work at still ... it drove me nuts
06:32.23Skosirisremember, this is only temporary until we add the full item history
06:32.28TecnoBratI did it for 3 years
06:32.46Skosirisis this fine? I wanted a simple way to display the previous (pre 2.1) version of the item
06:33.07TecnoBratTemporarily, yes, its fine :)
06:33.08JunkHead-WorkI like it.
06:33.28TecnoBratIf you are adding full item histories later, I wouldn't worry too much about it :)
06:33.34TecnoBratI like that the info is there :)
06:33.41Skosirisaight, thanks!
06:34.09TecnoBratFull item history will rock
06:34.15JunkHead-WorkOk, I get a feeling I might be alone on this one, but has anyone else here heard the new Maroon 5 album?
06:34.19TecnoBratbe sure to include the wow version in that history .. if you can.
06:34.40Skosirisof course
06:34.51Sky2042what about a tab like an items tab for an NPC, where the description for each is the length of time that the item had those stats (eg, 2.0.1 to 2.0.10. next description would be 2.0.10 to patch 2.1)?
06:34.52TecnoBratawesome :)
06:35.06TecnoBrat-23:31:56- (+Skosiris) remember, this is only temporary until we add the full item history
06:35.27JunkHead-WorkFigured as much.
06:35.35TecnoBratI'm assuming thats what hes planning later, maybe I'm wrong though
06:35.53TecnoBratJunkHead-Work, Maroon who?
06:36.27Sky2042that was mean!
06:36.32JunkHead-WorkI don't know too many males who like them very much.
06:36.49Sky2042i like a song here and there; i haven't listened to all of them though...
06:37.03TecnoBratI honestly have never heard of them
06:37.20JunkHead-WorkEh... They're a pop band.
06:37.36TecnoBratI'm not a big music person
06:37.51TecnoBratI abuse
06:38.11TecnoBratand just auto play a bunch of songs that I like, but dont pay much attention to authors
06:43.11*** part/#wowwiki Karrion (
06:49.05TekkubI would use pandora a lot more if it had a standalone player
06:51.21JunkHead-WorkUrgh, this sucks.
07:00.09Skosirisblizz should be updating their homepage any time now
07:00.18Sky2042friday is now, isn't it? :)
07:00.36Skosiris3 AM EST, midnight PST
07:00.38Sky2042but it's still only the 18th...
07:00.46Sky2042isn't it on the 19th we here about it?
07:01.01KarriusIt's turning midnight their time right... now.
07:01.02Skosiristoday's WoW
07:01.04BleeterFri May 18 17:00:49 EST 2007
07:01.16Bleeteronly 7 hours to do :P
07:02.37Bleeterwut euros?
07:03.58Bleeterfwiw, .au is the first place on the planet that utilizes any hour that falls into EST, so.. the rest can go hang ;)
07:04.59Bleetergotta catch up to us before you can damn us in our own time! :P
07:05.18Bleeteryou bunch of backwards US and EU freaks! :P
07:06.12SkosirisWoW splash page up:
07:06.19Skosiris(CTRL-F5 as needed)
07:07.50Karrius24 hours.
07:07.59KarriusI think I'm going to hyperventalite before then
07:09.29Sky2042i still think it's going to be that canceled warcraft adventures game
07:09.29KarriusI dare say it's "obvious" it's going to be SC2
07:09.29Sky2042bah, screw SC
07:09.29Sky2042could be diablo
07:09.32KarriusAlthough I have a vague (hope?) that it's going to be a new franchise
07:09.35Sky2042hell, it could be the next expansion. lol
07:09.48Sky2042get everyone's hopes up just to let them all down ;
07:14.28Tekkubwoot, muTorrent finnaly support USEFUL ep filters on the RSS stuff
07:15.00TekkubI can make it stop going on psycho download binges that download whole seasons I've already seen
07:15.21Tekkublike it did yesterday :)
07:40.43*** join/#wowwiki test_test_1_ (n=a@
07:49.04*** part/#wowwiki erdimus (n=a@
08:00.01*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
08:18.03*** join/#wowwiki Kaos_ (
08:36.41*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix- (
08:49.43Tekkubheh, still getting the DB error on Wikia :)
08:50.20*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
08:50.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Boubouille] by ChanServ
08:54.36*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
09:15.23*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
09:31.16*** join/#wowwiki laurly (
09:45.16*** join/#wowwiki beerke (
09:45.16laurlyis the site laging or is it me?
10:04.47*** join/#wowwiki InfinityX (
10:04.54InfinityXhey guys
10:05.01InfinityXany of the wowhead editors online tonight?
10:06.35amro[10:55] <-- Skosiris has left this server.
10:06.36amro[11:04] --> InfinityX has joined this channel (
10:06.45amro10 minutes late
10:07.03InfinityXi talk to skosiris on msn, i was just wondering if anyone had already started writing the article for the curator
10:07.17InfinityXi just got done with the malchezaar and gruul articles
10:10.22[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: The Road to Worldwide Invitationals - Day 6 -
10:19.52laurlyany way to get mouse over text on an image?  [[{{Icon|INV_Fabric_Silk_03||3 |4}} | Bolt of Silk Cloth]] this doesnt work
10:27.25*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
10:27.40Kirkburn|afkMatthewS, problems with the wiki!
10:28.10KarriusDanger, Danger! -runs around and flails robotic arms-
10:31.48laurlywell at least its not just me thats haveing problems :)
10:31.53*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn|afk -> Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | MW updated to 1.9.3, its pruning time! | On Facebook? Join "WoWWiki Addicts"! | 30,000 articles, 100,000 users! | Tseric, we will miss you.
10:48.50sancusI disagree with the topic strongly :p
10:49.19KarriusThere are, in fact, only 99,999 users.
10:49.30sancusMostly because I know people who had the guts to handle CM positions for other games far longer than Tseric did, and still do it, they deserve my respect. Pussy quitter doesn't.
10:49.52KarriusIf a guy doesn't enjoy a job, there's nothing wrong with quitting it.
10:49.59KarriusIt's, uh... the intelligent, rational thing to do.
10:50.08sancusI don't believe he quit
10:50.14sancusOr rather
10:50.26sancusHe probably "resigned".
10:50.57amroThere's nothing wrong with it... I can barely stand the idiots on the WoW forums without reading them for a living
10:51.11sancusThere's nothing wrong with quitting, no.
10:51.29sancusThere's something wrong with getting into a flame war blatantly obviously and *then* "quitting".
10:51.50amrofor all we know, he could have been contemplating quitting before and that's why he got into a flame war
10:52.01KarriusOr have already given his notice.
10:52.32amroit was way too sudden for him to behave like that. oh well, doesn't matter
10:52.47sancusdoesnt matter
10:53.03sancusflame war was irresponsible and lame, and I don't care how pissed off you are with your job, doing that makes you unworthy of respect
10:53.17*** join/#wowwiki Mikk (
10:53.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Mikk] by ChanServ
10:53.40KarriusTo be quite honest, I didn't really see what he did as a "flame war"... but then, I'm well known elsewhere for exploding against certain people.
10:54.04sancusNot that I really respect any of the CMs :P
10:54.36sancusbut in most cases it's more of a 'hmm, they're pretty incompetent' sort of disrespect
10:55.06sancusTseric joins incompetence with irresponsibility in a union of hotness!
10:55.06amroWoW is a retard magnet. they probably deal with so much stupid every day they eventually get contaminated
10:55.13sancuswow is not a retard magnet
10:55.26sancuswow has the same percentage of retards as any other mmo on the market with maybe a couple of very niche exceptions
10:55.35sancus(big maybe)
10:55.38KarriusCome sit in the Suramar Horde trade channel for a bit.
10:55.41KarriusMaybe five minutes.
10:55.42amroexcept that idiots on wow get to manifest themselves more
10:55.46KarriusThen I dare you to say that again.
10:55.51sancusthere's more retards just because there's more people
10:55.52sancusthat's all
10:55.52amrowow is more of a global community
10:55.56sancusit doesnt really matter
10:56.00amroso you get to see the idiots
10:56.08sancushow is wow a global community
10:56.16sancuswow is very segregated, not international at all
10:56.18sancusit's horribly national in fact
10:56.21amroI said more of a global community
10:56.29amroglobal was the wrong word
10:56.31amrowhat I meant was
10:56.33MikkWoW attracts lots more teenagers. Many teenagers appear to be retards until they grow up =P
10:56.47KarriusMikk- Then they don't just "appear" to be, but are, in fact, retards?
10:56.52amroit's not split up into different communities like other games
10:57.06sancusum, yea it is
10:57.22sancusthe euro wow community, chinese wow community, and na wow communities are mostly separate, especially the chinese one, that may as well be some other planet for all we know
10:57.23amrouhm, no, it isn't. im talking fps games, rts games here
10:57.24MikkKarrius: Depends on which definition of retard you'er using :>
10:57.31amrosancus, that is not my point
10:57.32sancusfuck those games :p
10:57.34sancusI"m talking about mmos here
10:57.41amrodoesn't matter if we're seperated from the chinese, its not like we can communicate
10:57.43sancuswhenever did I say games in general
10:57.50KarriusFlame waaaaar
10:57.57sancus<sancus> wow has the same percentage of retards as any other mmo on the market
10:58.16amrookay, let me change that to
10:58.29amroMMOs are retard magnets. they probably deal with so much stupid every day they eventually get contaminated
10:58.36sancussure, they are
10:58.41KarriusI don't have much experience with other MMOs, but I have to say, the AO forums are actually usable in my experience.
10:58.47sancusbut as I said, there's real people who did community management and MADE something of it
10:58.49sancusthat deserve respect
10:58.51sancustseric ain't one of 'em
10:58.56sancustry Sanya Thomas -- that woman deserves respect
10:59.14sancusshe basically invented what Blizzard's CM do - very poorly - every day.
10:59.16Kirkburn|afkFine, have your opinion. You're outnumbered, though.
10:59.27KarriusI have a rebuttal.
10:59.29Karriuslol wut?
10:59.31sancusKirkburn: That just makes it more likely that I'm right :)
11:00.06amrosancus, you've got pretty high standards
11:00.28Kirkburn|afkTwo years + of continually being insulted and trashed? Yeah, I'm sure that's fun.
11:00.30sancusI won't deny that :)
11:00.36amrounless you've worked as a CM for a long time, you should try and be more understanding
11:01.16KarriusI wonder if they get discount therapy. Like, a group rate.
11:03.48KarriusGo down as a group to the aslyum every weekend, get their sessions in, visit fangtooth (He stays there after he tried to mate with Tristan Pope), lay off some stress from the forums.
11:11.38Kirkburn|afkIn any case, I've done some tidying to ... we need to watch it throughout the day for when the trolls come.
11:13.22InfinityXdid someone say... fangtooth?!
11:13.53InfinityXi think the priest community as a whole was scarred by him
11:14.14InfinityXthat phrase haunts us
11:14.20Karriuslol wut.
11:14.42InfinityXit was a long time ago
11:15.06InfinityXhe made a long post about the patch that *GASP* reduced the cooldown of holy nova to 30 seconds
11:15.36InfinityXand went on to explain a lot of stuff we already knew and presented it to us like we had never known we had these abilities
11:16.39Kirkburn|afkYou speak of "we" as if the community is one thing
11:17.20KarriusWe are not amused by plural pronouns.
11:18.10InfinityXi apologize for trying to be a part of a group
11:18.27InfinityXthe responses to fangtooth's post were unanimously negative
11:19.00InfinityXi believe i wouldn't be too off-base by referring to the priest community as "we"
11:19.18InfinityXwhile i do understand that everyone is their own individual
11:21.18Kirkburn|afkTalking of everybody as a community reduces them to one viewpoint and one voice. People do it all the time ... e.g. "the muslim community". You have to be very wary of doing it.
11:21.53Kirkburn|afkYou can say that the majority of responses were negative, but not that "the community disagreed"
11:21.59KarriusKirk- Would you say the intellectual community looks down on that sorta thing?
11:22.07InfinityXi never said the community disagreed
11:22.28Kirkburn|afkI'm just making the point :)
11:23.15Kirkburn|afkEven worse is when people say that someone is a "spokesperson" for the community. It means absolutely nothing.
11:23.23InfinityXdefinitely agreed
11:23.36InfinityXthat's just flat out ridiculous
11:23.48Kirkburn|afkJournalists do love to speak to "community leaders" :/
11:24.19amrogood point Kirkburn|afk
11:26.02*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
11:26.02*** mode/#wowwiki [+v dotted] by ChanServ
11:26.57*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
11:28.23Kirkburn|afkI picked up this stuff from a book I've been reading, it's extremely insightful - it's called "Unspeak". I really recommend it. (Unless you like the current US administration, in which case half the book will annoy you)
11:28.44KarriusWho's the author?
11:28.50Kirkburn|afkSteven Poole
11:28.55*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
11:29.25Kirkburn|afkIt's a UK book
11:29.56KarriusSilly brits and your written text.
11:31.14dottedThis one time, I was in a group with a shaman. He had pretty good gear and he was happy with his class, and I was like LOL LETS CHANGE THAT.
11:31.24dottedthat quote is win
11:31.26InfinityXread? i'd rather smash elves all day
11:32.57InfinityXi'm honestly having a lot of fun with these wowhead articles
11:33.31InfinityXwith wowwiki providing quality information on which to base our articles, it's really turning out nicely
11:33.41InfinityXi've always been an avid user of both sites
11:34.16InfinityXjust got done with the malchezaar, gruul, and curator articles
11:34.22InfinityXand i'm going to sleep like a brick
11:34.27InfinityXlater guys
12:00.47[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
12:05.54Kirkburn|afklaurly, you're making the tailoring section incredibly complicated :/
12:09.45[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: 2007 Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals Schedule -
12:09.45[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Forums Changes ?!! -
12:15.40Kirkburn|afk^ read that last one, it's ... intiguing
12:17.07Kirkburn|afkIt seems the WoW CMs will be overseeing all forums - "On Monday, 5/21, our Community Team (the same Community Team on our World of Warcraft Forums) will be coming over to the forums"
12:19.30Kirkburn|afk(sorry, didn't mean specifically CMs)
12:20.03*** join/#wowwiki MortSavage (i=hidden-u@
12:21.28*** part/#wowwiki MortSavage (i=hidden-u@
12:21.36*** join/#wowwiki MortSavage (i=hidden-u@
12:42.09*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
12:43.33*** part/#wowwiki Mikk (
13:22.55*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
13:22.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
13:23.10AdysNice work on the Tseric page kirk & tek
13:23.27*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
13:24.49*** join/#wowwiki windmeLon (
13:28.18Kirkburn|afkAdys :D
13:28.24Adyslo love
13:28.53Kirkburn|afknerf laurly and the tailoring pages ^^
13:29.47Kirkburn|afkAnyway, what did you thank Tek for, he just removed a line space! :P
13:30.45amrothat's enough to take half the credit for what you did kirk, nobody bothers to check the diffs :P
13:31.12Kirkburn|afkHey, the view count, etc from the page ends have gone
13:31.15Adyswhat amro said
13:34.13AdysBy the way Kirkburn|afk
13:34.31AdysI made a template for forum posters, check
13:34.47laurlyLOL kirk :)
13:35.02Adysneeds improvement etc tho
13:35.04laurlywas kinda fun last night i could watch our karazan wipes by my changes to wikki
13:36.03laurlyserver down again?
13:51.40laurlythis is going to take forever ...
13:52.38MatthewSserver issues?
13:53.57laurlyno adding components to tailoring recipes.... theres a lot
13:55.45dottedAdys needs RL picz tbh
13:56.01*** kick/#wowwiki [dotted!] by Adys (Adys)
13:56.07*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
13:56.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+v dotted] by ChanServ
13:56.41Adysdotted stop it
13:56.46[NewsBot]already did
13:56.51[NewsBot]freenode lags :D
13:56.58[NewsBot]soon over
13:57.05Adysthat was seriously just useless
13:57.19Kirkburn|afkMatthewS, yes, there have been server issues
13:57.24[NewsBot]no it was ver sophicticated actions
13:58.22Kirkburn|afkMatthewS, the wiki has been responding very slowly at some points, and someone got a deadlock error earlier -
13:59.23Kirkburn|afk(the same deadlock error from before the move regarding SiteStatsUpdate
13:59.25dottedgood thing is we finally got a timezone on signatures that makes sene rather than that amercian shit
14:00.16Kirkburn|afkWell, it certainly makes it better for me )
14:00.27AdysUTC is what, compared to GMT?
14:00.45Adysah cool
14:00.56Kirkburn|afkJust that UTC is less ... uh ... British?
14:01.11Kirkburn|afkGreenwich Meridian Time ftw :P
14:01.44Kirkburn|afk(or "Mean")
14:03.59*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
14:04.28foxlit"Tseric is now pursuing other opportunities and we wish him the best in his future endeavors.
14:04.33foxlitHah :P
14:05.14foxlit(Not that I'm happy he's gone; more of an I-told-you-so moment from last night)
14:05.38dottedyears behind foxlit
14:05.47[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
14:05.53equiraptorThere's some tiny, mostly insignificant difference between UTC and GMT that only matters when there are leap seconds and when you're one of those people who needs to deal with leap seconds.
14:06.22amroin other words, they're the same :P
14:06.22*** join/#wowwiki roxutee (
14:06.28equiraptorOne follows the earth, one follows our measured atomic second. I forget which is which.
14:06.33foxlitAnd be off by as much as 1.5s? :)
14:06.45equiraptoramro: Yeah, I'm just one of those pedants who refuses to call them the same!
14:09.41dottedbecause they arent :P
14:10.15dottedjust like saying twins are the same, while they in reality have minor differences
14:11.12amroright, but in terms of timezones, they're the same (which is what I meant)
14:11.23amroUTC+1 is the same timezone as GMT+1
14:15.09Kirkburn|afkSay "indeed", ffs!
14:15.26*** kick/#wowwiki [dotted!] by Kirkburn|afk (rawr)
14:15.27equiraptorThat depends on how much of a pedant you are, but yes. :) If you wanted to get really picky, you could claim that they're different because of the drift difference, but most people use them interchangably (including me, honestly).
14:15.31|Pixel|17 hours left :P
14:15.34*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
14:15.34*** mode/#wowwiki [+v dotted] by ChanServ
14:15.38dottedHEY YOU
14:15.53Kirkburn|afk has actually developed into quite a reasonable page
14:17.39dottedits semilocked
14:18.30MatthewSKirk: ok, sorry about that.  the DB was being setup for replication to another machine
14:18.53MatthewSalso, you may notice, site counters are disabled right now
14:19.13MatthewSthey should be re-enabled when the db replication is fully setup
14:19.21Kirkburn|afkAh, k
14:19.35Kirkburn|afkWhat else is coming up for the wiki?
14:19.57MatthewSsorry, didn't realize the db replication stuff would have that much impact on the site.
14:20.18MatthewSin the next week?  1.10 upgrades. haven't got an exact date yet though.
14:21.32MatthewSwe need to do a user merge as well at some point
14:22.49Kirkburn|afkWarn me/someone when that's planned, cause it would probably help to have a VP post about it
14:23.38MatthewSyeah, that one is going to take a bit more careful tending
14:28.23foxlit|Pixel|: how about you spill the news, and we see how fast it leaks out of here? :)
14:30.51TecnoBrat|Pixel|, will the site be launched at the same time as the annoucement made in Korea? Or a little before/after?
14:31.20*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
14:31.34TecnoBratI'm going to a ball tourney tonight, so I'm wondering if I will find out about it tonight, or wait until Monday, heh
14:31.55foxlitDoesn't even have to be real; I want to see what news viscosity is around here.
14:32.13|Pixel|same time
14:32.19*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
14:32.27|Pixel|will be updated saturday morning at 9am, CEST
14:32.52foxlitFinally a man with a sensible timezone!
14:32.52|Pixel|(and I just saw the pre-rendered intro movie - kicks ass!)
14:34.07foxlitThoughts on ?
14:34.20TecnoBratWhat time is it CEST right now?
14:34.37TecnoBratWe all know its Barbie Dream House 4
14:34.59TecnoBratActually, thats kinda a funny story, a guildmate of mine makes those games
14:35.09TecnoBratHe posted that he is in crunch time at work on the forum
14:35.28TecnoBratand I post "OMG BARBIE DREAM HOUSE 3 OMG I CAN'T WAIT"
14:35.34foxlitI'm thinking of changing that page into something like , but I still want to hear opinions on us replicating blizzard's website pages 1:1 around here
14:35.48[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
14:37.22*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
14:38.43foxlitNo thoughts?
14:39.26TecnoBrat|Pixel| might actually have an opinion different to mine, but making sure that the credit is given that it was created by and copyright blizzard, is probably enough.
14:40.21TecnoBrati mean, its a joke, april fools one at that .. and its not an actual product. It doesnt take anything away from blizzard by having the content on the wiki
14:40.48|Pixel|there's a "fan website kit"
14:40.57|Pixel|which has a copyleft on some graphical materials
14:41.39|Pixel|apart of these, everthing else is copyrighted, and no reproduction rights are allowed, of course :)
14:42.37foxlitIt's not so much the copyright as the wiki layout that bothers me slightly
14:43.03foxlitIt's unlikely that blizzard will ever decide to enforce it in this case; and even if they do, it gets solved with a takedown request and nobody loses anything.
14:43.48foxlitProblem is our replication of those pages looks positively ugly as we have a dark background and main website has a light one, so everything more or less clashes
14:45.20foxlitAnd someone should really pudate that fansite kit
14:45.48foxlit"Your skill in Holy Magic has increased to 4" in one of the screenshots :P
14:50.07*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
14:54.12xb95rabble rabble?
14:54.57abecxrabble rabble rabble rabble!
14:55.31xb95Pretty much.
15:00.26*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
15:00.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
15:00.49Adyswait, what the hell
15:01.49Fisker-poor tseric :(
15:05.09TecnoBratFisker-, I agree.
15:05.46[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
15:09.13laurlyok thats it im done no more tailoring changes
15:09.13foxlitCan someone figure out why there's no E displaying at, btw?
15:09.54Adyswhat "e"?
15:10.19Adysit shows to me
15:10.44foxlitNot in IE7, in any case.
15:10.59foxlitInterferes with text below it in FF, though?
15:13.12laurlylooks fine in FF
15:13.43*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
15:14.01laurlycheck the default font size you have in fire fox that can muck it up sometimes
15:15.17foxlitSet to normal.
15:15.26foxlitOf course, can decrease it and fix the float, but it's still silly.
15:15.42*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
15:16.06laurlyhehe that page is funny :)
15:17.28laurlyFF<>IE sometimes the diffrences are strange and silly
15:19.39Fisker-btw |Pixel| i hacked your computer
15:19.42Fisker-it's warcraft 4!!
15:19.49|Pixel|sure :)
15:21.39foxlitBah, this would be a lot easier with the source PSDs
15:22.02Adysim still wondering if theres the slightest hope of it being d3
15:22.43Fisker-there is :Pƅ
15:22.50Adysyeah right
15:23.22TecnoBratis diablo big in korea?
15:23.49Adyshe's big in game, i dont know irl
15:24.38Fisker-but come on |Pixel| atleast give us the name of the html file you'll make
15:24.55Fisker-ehhe, the trap is set
15:25.10Fisker-unless it's gonna be splash_newgame.htm
15:25.53TecnoBratAdys *slaps hand on forehead*
15:26.00|Pixel|I'm working on JSP files :D
15:26.17|Pixel|and in all cases
15:26.24|Pixel|I'm not writing any html or jsp or anything
15:26.52|Pixel|I'm maintaining the servers, configuration-wise, deployment scripts, restarting scripts, monitoring scripts and stuff like that, that's something different :)
15:27.10TecnoBratso you have the cron setup to deploy automatically tho right?
15:27.21TecnoBratso you probably named the script like "" didnt you?
15:27.46|Pixel|somebody will have to wake up tomorrow morning to run the script that I just wrote :)
15:27.47Fisker-remember to set the cronjob for 8am tomorrow!
15:27.49TecnoBratoh, I guess its only like 9am there
15:27.55|Pixel|and it's not going to be me :D
15:28.07Fisker-tell me the script and i'll run it!
15:28.12|Pixel|I can't :)
15:28.25|Pixel|since it has a too much obvious hint in its name :D
15:28.31Fisker-but i'm Emonix!
15:28.53TecnoBratis it named the same as the game .. or did you do one of your slick admin naming schemes
15:29.17TecnoBratlike "" cause its diablo :P
15:29.18|Pixel|it's simply :P
15:29.26TecnoBratawww thats no fun
15:29.42|Pixel|with XYZ beeing the hint, of course
15:29.46TecnoBratdoes blizzard name their servers characters in their game?
15:29.55|Pixel|huh ?
15:30.06Adyswhy do you pick XYZ as random letters?
15:30.10TecnoBratall of our servers here are named hockey players, lotr characters, etc
15:30.15AdysI would have picked something like WOS
15:30.42Fisker-All blizzard servers are named after me
15:30.51TecnoBratlike do you name them ""
15:30.57|Pixel|we have server names such as shaman, grunt, maelestrom, ...
15:31.06TecnoBratahh yea, figured as much
15:31.16|Pixel|apart of that, it's very straighforward :)
15:31.27Adysis there one named "outlands"?
15:31.29|Pixel|such as ew1-web-nfs01
15:31.29Adysjust curious
15:31.38|Pixel|Adys: we have a conf rool called that way :P
15:31.39TecnoBratnames are easier to remember than
15:31.46Adyswith the s?
15:31.49Fisker-is your root password also shaman?
15:31.56Adyslol fisker
15:31.59|Pixel|Fisker-: no :P
15:32.15|Pixel|Adys: actually, all the room here are named after wow or random blizzard games
15:32.16Adyseveryone knows its not shaman
15:32.19Adysits warlock anyways.
15:32.23|Pixel|we have the "Lost Vikings" room
15:32.26|Pixel|Adys: *aheum*
15:32.50|Pixel|we *actually* do have a password somewhere which is somewhat linked to warlockftw :)
15:33.02|Pixel|not a very useful password anyway :D
15:33.04Fisker-any chance you can get the EU PTR site up? :(
15:33.10|Pixel|but it made me laugh out loud when I saw it
15:33.11|Pixel|huh ?
15:33.14|Pixel|is it down ?
15:33.22xb95but the webservers are lame myeve01 myeve02 etc
15:33.31TecnoBrat|Pixel|, you need to find tseric, and tell him that some of the wow community actually liked his "wit" :P
15:33.35Fisker-just got up again :P
15:33.37xb95all our meeting rooms are named after eve expansions, databases after LotR characters, and webservers are lame myeve01 myeve02 etc
15:33.53|Pixel|TecnoBrat: hehe
15:33.54xb95at six apart the meeting rooms were named after disney rides, lol
15:35.12foxlitWhat the heck is that rendering engine thinking?
15:36.12TecnoBratwe have like 250 servers
15:38.04TecnoBratlike arwen, elrond, frodo, sam, bilbo, ronning, salo, may, linden, chubarov
15:38.12TecnoBratthen our routers are named constellations
15:38.34TecnoBratand we have the all powerful "godzilla" which is our huge loadbalancer, lol
15:40.29xb95good stuff
15:41.54AdysI just saw a few google ads on
15:42.02Adys"WoW Fast Power Leveling"
15:42.16TecnoBratCheapest Warcraft Gold
15:42.16TecnoBratDirectly from Gamers. All Servers. Fast Delivery. Save up to 50% Now!
15:42.17Adys"Cheap safe WoW gold fast delivery"
15:42.23Adys"Buying gold is Stupid"
15:42.25TecnoBratWoW Gold - Delivered 24/7
15:42.25TecnoBratWoW Gold Available On All Servers Fast & Secure Delivery Guaranteed
15:42.53AdysBuying Gold is Stupid.
15:42.53AdysHow to Make 100 Gold per Hour in World of Warcraft.
15:43.03AdysI find it funny they put that in google ads
15:43.07TecnoBratgood thing that isnt the official site eh?
15:44.33TecnoBratAnyone other than myself ever seen this?
15:44.33foxlitI present to you
15:44.33TecnoBratI always shook it off as "oh, he must of got hit for the same amount as my heal"
15:44.33TecnoBratbut ... I dunno
15:45.19foxlitNow shinier than ever before :P
15:45.47[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
15:46.05*** join/#wowwiki ClydeJr (i=86a3ff0d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:46.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+v ClydeJr] by ChanServ
15:50.48TecnoBratMan, I love Kalgan
15:51.11TecnoBratHe debates things with logic, its amazing
15:52.29TecnoBratVersus... listening to ineffective warriors when it comes to making a decision regarding the use of a pvp item during pvp?"
15:52.46TecnoBratfavorite quote .. heh
15:52.50*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
15:52.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
15:54.23*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul (n=c@
16:03.40Fisker-imo kalgan isn't that smart
16:03.40foxlitHm, name of the dwarf in the tinfoil crafting screenshot is "Sparta"
16:03.40TecnoBratFisker-, why do you say that?
16:03.40foxlitBunch of other references to 300 in those shots too
16:04.56*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
16:05.44*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
16:05.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
16:05.44Adyshey tek
16:05.47[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:05.58TekkubI think I just had a fat person wet dream
16:06.14Tekkubwas dreaming about the local marble slab ice cream place.... work up in a puddle of drool
16:06.27TecnoBratI know none of you are dumb enough to fall for this .. but read
16:06.44TecnoBratsome fake email being sent out, saying you are banned, send your info to X person
16:08.27foxlit"this conflicts with the EULA and Terms of Agreement"
16:08.29Tekkubwhy are humans so fucking stupid
16:10.49TecnoBratits why social engineering works
16:19.22*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata124 (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
16:19.42*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
16:22.54zeegbtw dotted I fixed the XML feeds on the dev tracker
16:23.00zeegsome of them were throwing errors due to non-english characters
16:28.44Adyswth is going on with my irc client
16:29.00foxlitIf I wanted to add an index of April Fools jokes, would I do so on [[Category:April Fools]] or [[April Fools]]?
16:29.14foxlit(i.e. something beyond the title-only listing in category)
16:29.14AdysCategory:April Fools
16:29.42*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
16:35.32*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
16:35.48Adys ->
16:35.52Adyswithin 24 hours
16:36.51Adysquite impressive tbh
16:36.51Gryphenwhy people care...
16:36.52Hobinheim|workwe have a repeat vanadalism header?
16:37.08Adysgryphen, why wouldnt they
16:37.24Kirkburn|afkThe header currently means bugger all, but it puts people off vandalism :P
16:37.28Adysits not because you dont have to care that you shouldnt care
16:37.39Hobinheim|worklol stiff penalties
16:37.43Hobinheim|workwho wrote that, tekkub?
16:37.49AdysMikk i think
16:37.59Hobinheim|worksexy violation
16:38.09foxlitLink the diff, Adys :)
16:38.13foxlitcba to compare two pages
16:38.52Gryphenhow people fawn all over the cm's is dumb
16:39.36Hobinheim|workit's their only chance, really
16:39.42Hobinheim|workan encounter with god
16:39.47Hobinheim|workwhere god is multiple blue people
16:39.51Hobinheim|worksorta like smurfs
16:39.58Hobinheim|workonly less useful
16:40.26Devilkouldumb yes, but it's not a suprise
16:40.39Adystheres a hell of a difference beetween caring about something happening and being a mindless dumb fanboi
16:40.54AdysSeems some people cant make this difference..
16:40.58TecnoBratI feel sorry for the guy as a person
16:41.05TecnoBratthat can't be an easy job
16:41.13Gryphenpeople have no depth to understand that they arent any different than anyone else on the boards
16:41.17TecnoBratand the wow community are idiots as a whole
16:41.40TecnoBratwell, the wow forum community
16:42.49Adysnot any more than the wow community, tecno
16:43.07Adysits the same ones, but people follow the trend
16:43.32TecnoBratyea, good point
16:45.47[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
16:47.32Devilkouli actually bookmarked a WI article
16:48.40*** join/#wowwiki Apollozeus (
16:48.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Apollozeus] by ChanServ
16:49.03foxlitBlood Furnacy is easy? What are they smoking, some of those pulls have sweeping strikes madness!
16:49.30ApollozeusBlood Furnace is easy
16:49.34Tekkubblah blah blah your dad is easy
16:49.50Apollozeuseven with a group with level 61-64
16:50.31Apollozeusnot revered with Honor Hold yet
16:50.58AdysBF is easy, but not easier than SP
16:51.07AdysMechanar is harder than both
16:51.13Adysrest is aight
16:51.21Apollozeusonly did Mech on heroic
16:51.21foxlitMech is easy except for one extremely stupid encounter
16:51.26Apollozeusboth times with a crappy healer
16:51.37Apollozeusthe one right after the stairs, fox?
16:51.57foxlitYes, Lady "I'll-cc-the-MT-and-go-chase-down-some-clothie"
16:52.48Hobinheim|workis there like a wowwiki server
16:53.01Hobinheim|workand i don't feel like rolling alliance scum with Tek
16:53.07TekkubArea 52 Ally
16:53.17Tekkubbah, Draenei are woofy
16:53.55Apollozeusdraenei's emotes are fucking annoying
16:54.02TekkubI'd like a hordie somewhere, but I'd need a leveling partner
16:54.09Apollozeusleveled a draenei to 70, I can't hear the "lol" emote anymore
16:54.14Apollozeusit drives me nuts
16:54.21Tekkubthe laugh is aweful, yes
16:54.31Tekkubbut the jewels compensate
16:55.51Tekkub"if you could get your hands on my family jewels..."
16:56.29Apollozeusthey removed those sexually explicit /silly's
16:56.46Apollozeus"Do gnomes come with a vibrate setting"
16:56.57Apollozeus"You know the Exodar, now let me show you the Sexodar"
16:57.14Tekkuboh the females don't count. Draenei need to be like galkas and be all male
16:57.30Hobinheim|workhow does it laugh?
16:57.40Hobinheim|worklike... mwahaha or...
16:57.44Apollozeusno, like 'ah ah ah ah'
16:57.45Hobinheim|workor like mbison?
16:57.53Apollozeusno, not evil at all
16:58.00Hobinheim|worki like my blood elves
16:58.02Apollozeusjust like an annoying eastern european
16:58.02Hobinheim|workthey're so metrosexual
16:58.05Tekkubit's like.... ugh how to describe
16:58.12Tekkubit borders on shrill
16:58.14Hobinheim|work"i OUT of RANGE" like a pissy girl
16:58.26Tekkubbelfs are too gay
16:58.29Hobinheim|workLOVE IT
16:58.29ApollozeusAnu belore belanar
16:58.43TekkubI just want to punch them
16:58.52Hobinheim|workash vala no
16:59.02Apollozeusremember the sunwell!
16:59.11Adysneed more rage
16:59.14ApollozeusVictory lies ahead
16:59.29Apollozeusthe dark times will pass
16:59.37Apollozeus<-- allied with the scryers
16:59.42Apollozeusheard those things too often
16:59.55Adyswhat is it with all the draeneis going scryer
17:00.08Adysdishii, you..
17:00.08Hobinheim|workbelfs will NEVER say need more rage
17:00.14Apollozeusit's like..
17:00.16Hobinheim|workalthough it would be awesome to have that warrior class bug on a belf
17:00.19Apollozeusgiving the finger to blizzard
17:00.21*** kick/#wowwiki [Hobinheim|work!] by Adys (NEED MORE RAGE)
17:00.21*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
17:02.09TecnoBratwhich bug hob?
17:02.34foxlitWTB [[Category:Image_requests]] split over zones
17:02.38Hobinheim|workthat guy that did that thing
17:02.43Hobinheim|workhe made fun of classes
17:02.48Hobinheim|workand that class would do something for him
17:03.09Hobinheim|worksomehow it wasn't rigged to support character levels > 60 (how that's explainable programmer wise, i couldn't tell you)
17:03.21Hobinheim|workwhat ended up happening is that the class parameter of each player got hard coded to warrior
17:03.26Hobinheim|workso then priests would wear plate
17:03.29Hobinheim|workbut not cast anything
17:03.32Hobinheim|workand it would say NEED MORE RAGE
17:03.35Hobinheim|workfor anything they clicked on
17:04.10Hobinheim|workthat's almost as bad as getting kicked into a different realm when cross realm battlegroups first came out
17:04.23Hobinheim|workthis guy was like OMG I'M ON A DIFFERENT SERVER HELLO IS ANYONE OUT THERE?
17:04.37Tekkub"Need more rage" should be "I'm not pissed off enough"
17:04.41Hobinheim|workwhich is almost as cool as that one time this guy got flagged for GM access privelages and could talk to both factions
17:05.00Hobinheim|work"need more prada" blood elf warriors are fueled by designer goods
17:06.01Hobinheim|workNEED MORE VESPENE GAS
17:06.07Hobinheim|workwe require. more. minerals.
17:06.14Hobinheim|workGI OUSH
17:06.52TecnoBratI like when you repeatedly click on peons :P
17:07.27TekkubIf I ever made a human (never would) I'd name him Whatmorework
17:07.50Hobinheim|worki dunno all i hear in my head is unintelligible frustration from zerg units and robotic units
17:08.11Hobinheim|workthe observer actually sounds pissed, haha
17:08.15Hobinheim|worklittle guy doesn't even talk
17:15.29TecnoBratTseric's avatar is ... fitting .. now
17:17.10Hobinheim|workooo oo
17:17.12Hobinheim|worki just thought of something
17:17.17Hobinheim|workcan we get a refs module installed
17:17.22*** join/#wowwiki Chibs (
17:17.59*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:19.22TecnoBratlike a penalty box and everything?
17:20.00TecnoBratYOU THERE, USER SKY02320012 2 MINS
17:20.14*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:22.33TecnoBrato.O, i like this quote
17:22.34TecnoBrat"Random does not mean fair, and past results do not influence future occurrences." - Corbenn
17:24.01[NewsBot]dotted rolled 58
17:24.30TecnoBratI love all of the "loot seed" ideas :P
17:27.00[NewsBot]Fisker- rolled 75
17:27.12Fisker-i win
17:27.24[NewsBot]dotted rolled 78
17:27.33Fisker-loot is predetermined by some factor in any case
17:27.35[NewsBot]Fisker- rolled 50
17:27.39Fisker-fuck this shit
17:27.57[NewsBot]dotted rolled 41
17:28.01[NewsBot]Fisker- rolled 82
17:28.07[NewsBot]dotted rolled 44
17:28.09[NewsBot]dotted rolled 89
17:28.11[NewsBot]Fisker- rolled 67
17:28.13[NewsBot]Fisker- rolled 11
17:28.24Fisker-we should stop
17:29.33dottedso 9,5-11,5 hours till we know what the next game is yeah?
17:30.30TecnoBrat[Warlock] Soulstones: Soulstones can no longer be used on targets not in your party or raid. In addition, the soulstone buff will now be removed if the target or caster leaves the party or raid.
17:30.42TecnoBratNoooo method can no longer kill vashj!
17:31.35amrostupid unrealistic mechanics ftl
17:34.15amrowow is becoming further detached from the gameworld and attached to the game interface -> Soulstones can no longer be used on targets not in your party or raid. In addition, the soulstone buff will now be removed if the target or caster leaves the party or raid.
17:34.28Kirkburn|afkJust imagine that the warlock has to help the SS to work
17:34.37TecnoBratcount the number of SS availables
17:34.41Kirkburn|afkHe can't if he's not there
17:34.52amroexcept if the warlock dies it still works
17:35.00Kirkburn|afkHe's there in spirit :)
17:35.14amrowell, its only one in a hundred such things
17:35.34amrothey kill suspension of disbelief. and worst they're almost all because of raiding, something I don't do
17:35.40TecnoBratI count 8 SS's. Its clearly exploiting game mechanics when you send 25 level 18 warlocks to the entrance of a level 70 25 man end game raid, to SS every member of teh raid...
17:35.51[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
17:36.10amroTecnoBrat: im not talking about the vashj thing
17:36.24amroi have no idea what it is, and that's not my point
17:36.27TecnoBratThats the reason for that patch though.
17:36.33amroyeah, its related to raids
17:36.38amrobut it makes the game feel more fake
17:37.18TecnoBratwhat would you rather them do? balance raids around the fact that everyone is going to have a SS?
17:37.40Tekkubsad thing is, I know that's incomplete
17:38.38TecnoBratand if you dont raid, the SS change doesnt effect you anyways .. you think a random warlock is going to SS you as you run by them in SW?
17:38.57amroTecnoBrat: you missed my point
17:39.05TecnoBrataparantly I did
17:40.43amroits not about it affecting my gameplay directly
17:40.43amroit just makes it so artificial
17:40.53amroalso, they could remove SSes not from your raid only if you're in raid instance, etc
17:41.10MatthewSquick site issue, sorry about that.
17:41.40TecnoBrathow dare you!
17:42.18TecnoBratamro, there are a lot of things "not real" aka .. why does it take me 14 kills to get a bear paw? and why do I only get 1? they have 4!!
17:42.46amrohence why [18:34] <amro> well, its only one in a hundred such things
17:43.09TecnoBratthose things don't bother me, its a fantasy game.
17:43.17amroright, but they bother me
17:43.37amroeven more so because its a fantasy game
17:43.38Kirkburn|afkTekkub, wow
17:44.53Tekkubthat doesn't have the old titan ones either :)
17:45.06Tekkubmost got converted to foob
17:55.50Kirkburn|afkTecnoBrat, I sourced "IM IN UR AKOUNT SHARDING UR PURPLZ" :D
18:05.59[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:07.13TecnoBratKirkburn|afk, cool :)
18:08.40TecnoBratKirkburn|afk, I added the bluetracker version :)
18:09.19TecnoBratreskar deleted the one ''This one time, I was in a group with a shaman. He had pretty good gear and he was happy with his class, and I was like LOL LETS CHANGE THAT.''
18:09.34TecnoBratanyone know if he really said that, reskar says he didnt
18:09.43TecnoBrathowever I saw it in some peoples sigs on the forums too
18:11.20Boubouille[20:05:34] <[NewsBot]> WOW Insider:
18:11.21Boubouillewtf ?
18:14.30Kirkburn|afkTecnoBrat, can't find the source :/ Lots of quotes on the forum, but no source
18:14.36zeegDiablo 3 tonight!
18:14.55Kirkburn|afk <--- correct link Boubouille
18:15.39TecnoBratKirkburn|afk, same
18:15.41Kirkburn|afkzeeg, is this another of your inside sources? :P
18:15.46zeegits probably sc2
18:15.48zeegbut i vote d3
18:15.50[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
18:16.02Kirkburn|afkOh [NewsBot], you're so predictable
18:16.13BoubouilleIt's diablo 4, look, is registered
18:19.08Tekkubis registered to who?
18:19.56amroshould look at registered trademarks first
18:20.02TecnoBratperson: Isaac Matarasso
18:20.02TecnoBrataddress: Blizzard Entertainment
18:20.49TecnoBratthere are no new registered trademarks
18:20.53TecnoBratI checked :P
18:21.32amroergh I HATAE MSN
18:21.37amroHATE. dammit
18:22.37amroworst part is that too many people use it
18:22.47Tekkub<farnsworth>Good news everybody!</farnsworth>
18:22.57amroah! bad news incoming!
18:23.12TecnoBratsomeone who can read french ..
18:23.12Tekkubhubby's got a job
18:23.34TecnoBratTekkub = girl!?
18:23.52Tekkubthat gets old
18:23.55amroTecnoBrat: check us tms first
18:24.04TecnoBratamro, already did, nothing
18:24.28TecnoBratgirls aren't programmers! :P
18:24.59TecnoBratactually, we had this one female programmer, she lasted a day.
18:25.51TecnoBratshe was overqualified, and then when she got here, she decided the project was too big for her
18:26.14Tekkubnothing's too big for me
18:26.21TekkubI like em thick
18:27.04Tekkubbeercan ^^
18:27.47TecnoBrathaha, anyways .. what kind of job did your hubby get?
18:27.58Tekkubdispatch/data entry
18:28.20TecnoBratfor like police/fire/etc?
18:28.32TecnoBrator a trucking company or something?
18:28.37Tekkubsome food distributor or something
18:28.44TecnoBratahhh cool
18:28.49TecnoBrathe not a computer buff like yourself?
18:29.13Tekkubnot as much, he does spend his free time on a computer always like me
18:29.20Tekkubbut he's mostly bored when he does
18:29.29Tekkubhe's become a craigslist whore
18:29.43dottedIt seems that Sandwichman2448's shift-key is hanging: 11.0% of the time he/she wrote UPPERCASE.
18:29.43dottedFor example, like this:
18:29.43dotted<Sandwichman2448> PIE IS COOL
18:30.03TekkubPI is cooler
18:30.23Tekkubor that stupid "TURN" thing someone tried to invent
18:30.27TecnoBratso, I got this message on march 14th that it was pie day, and we were going to eat pie
18:30.31TecnoBratI was like .. okay
18:30.39TecnoBratthis was a programmer here who told me this
18:30.42dottedThe Proto-Indo-European language (PIE) is the hypothetical common ancestor of the Indo-European languages. Although the existence of such a language has been accepted by linguists for a long time, there has been debate about many specific details.
18:30.47TecnoBratwhat he really meant was .. it was "PI day"
18:31.50Hobinheim|workhey what wow client has a toc of 20006
18:31.52Tekkubthe 3rd at 3:23:53.60496?
18:32.02TecnoBratMarch 14 at 1:59 p.m = pi minute
18:32.07TecnoBratMarch 14 at 1:59:26 p.m = pi second
18:32.17Hobinheim|workis 2.0.6 the latest client?
18:32.19Tekkubnot really techno
18:32.56Tekkubthat's 14.600694444
18:33.26TecnoBratif you are using military time ... yea i guess so
18:33.34Tekkubwhat year?
18:33.36TecnoBrat24 hour clock rather
18:34.19Tekkubif 2007, then that's 39155.58
18:34.26TecnoBratHobinheim|work, I do not believe the UI has changed since the 2.0.6 patch
18:34.35TecnoBratonly when the ui changes do they increment the toc
18:34.39Tekkubcurrent TOC is 20003
18:34.49[NewsBot]MMO Champion: Archimonde loot table completed ? -
18:34.50Tekkubeven tho current version ts 2.0.12
18:35.26TecnoBratcome on mmo-champion!
18:35.28TecnoBratyou can do it!
18:35.42Hobinheim|workso who tf is uploading things with a toc of 20006
18:35.47Hobinheim|workbongos and what's its face
18:35.52Tekkubugh, I thought I finnaly had spambot blocked
18:36.59octoberis there a page that tells you when hunters get certain abilities?  (at what levels?)
18:36.59Tekkubmaybe that'll work
18:37.03Tekkubmore wildcards!
18:37.05octobertrying to see when I get pet mend
18:37.06TecnoBratload "*",8,1
18:37.15TecnoBratGO GO mmo-champion!
18:38.12TecnoBrataparantly mmo-champion isnt actually running on a commodore
18:38.19TecnoBratsince my commands didnt make it load
18:39.29TecnoBratAnyone ever play on the commodore?
18:39.35TecnoBratChoplifter was the best game ever
18:40.26Kirkburn|afkWow, "The UK's new nationwide law enforcement agency says it seized one fifth of Europe's cocaine supply in its first year of operation."
18:40.56*** join/#wowwiki Adys2010 (
18:41.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
18:44.25Kirkburn|afkNooooooo! "Australian soap opera Neighbours will move to Five after the BBC pulls out of bidding for the programme."
18:44.46TekkubI read "soup opera"
18:44.56BoubouilleTecnoBrat : one of the server keep crashing
18:44.58Boubouilledon't know why :/
18:44.59Tekkubdamn brainpain needs to go away
18:49.05Adys~seen miranda
18:49.39infobotmiranda <n=miranda@> was last seen on IRC in channel #debian-br, 373d 22h 48m 38s ago, saying: 'depois eu volto'.
18:49.51Adyshah, debian again
18:49.58Kirkburn|afkBtw, the next [NewsBot] post will be quite interesting methinks
18:50.57ClydeJrI had a C-64. Don't know how many tims I stayed up all night playing Bard's Tale II
18:51.03Kirkburn|afk(I have no idea when it'll pick up the post, but it'll come)
18:51.36Adys ?
18:53.37AdysI dont get it then :<
19:01.18dottedwhy did it go so silent all of a sudden?
19:02.03Kirkburn|afkCause I'm waiting for [NewsBot] to make a post :P
19:02.42Kirkburn|afkdotted, heh, already seen the link
19:02.50Kirkburn|afkCertainly an interesting idea
19:03.05Kirkburn|afkCouldn't quite bring myself to sign up though ...
19:04.00dottedlol Kirkburn|afk
19:04.01Fisker-y helo thar
19:04.19Kirkburn|afkSeen that link too =)
19:04.42Kirkburn|afkGreat thing is, the website doesn't work >_<
19:04.57*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
19:05.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
19:05.10Kirkburn|afkIt's quite hard to read an article in a 50px wide navigation column.
19:05.26Kirkburn|afkSkosiris, Fisker-, hullo
19:05.48[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:05.59dottedthere you go Kirkburn|afk
19:06.12SkosirisKirkburn, huh
19:06.30Kirkburn|afkStill not the one, dotted :)
19:06.41Kirkburn|afkSkosiris, just saying hello
19:06.57TecnoBratBoubouille, hehe, I was just playing around .. I'm in one of those moods :)
19:06.59Kirkburn|afkNo more quest links yet today
19:06.59dottedwhat then which site?
19:08.10Gryphenthe content opens in the menu frame
19:08.33Kirkburn|afkGryphen, great, innit
19:09.25[NewsBot]Blizzplanet: Medusa Demo at South Korea? -
19:11.47Kirkburn|afk^ that was the link
19:11.47TecnoBratA-ha! 1UP user merc84 may have actually solved the riddle for us. Take a look at this famous StarCraft quote by Sarah Kerrigan:
19:11.47TecnoBrat"I am the Queen of Blades. And my stare alone would reduce you to ashes."
19:12.29Kirkburn|afkSo anyway, it's hardly definite, but it can be taken as a hint
19:12.43TecnoBratthere is also a Medusa's Gaze item in diablo
19:12.53*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
19:12.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
19:12.53Kirkburn|afkNow we just have to wait for someone to tell us it's the name of the engine or something
19:13.09dottedLady Vashj looks like a Medusa charecter
19:13.49Kirkburn|afkTrue, but what's the point in showing off something you've already got in WoW?
19:13.57ClydeJrThey're remaking the movie Class of the Titans! Woo! ...... no?
19:14.31Kirkburn|afkI suppose it could be an advanced version of a medusa model.
19:14.50Kirkburn|afk|Pixel|, pokepokepoke ;)
19:15.03Kirkburn|afkI know you can't say anything, but it's fun anyway
19:16.05TecnoBratI'm sure |Pixel| has fun listening to us guess
19:16.15dottedi hope for blizzards sake that it isnt WC4 :p
19:16.22*** kick/#wowwiki [dotted!] by Kirkburn|afk (You said idd!)
19:16.35*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
19:16.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+v dotted] by ChanServ
19:17.06Kirkburn|afk5 mins ago.
19:17.18TecnoBrat-12:10:22- (+dotted) idd
19:17.20dottedor is Kirkburn|afk just a clueless r-tard?
19:17.31dottedStay tuned for the next episode...
19:17.37dottedof WoWWiki chat!
19:18.13foxlitChanServ sucks :/
19:18.14Kirkburn|afkWho is SoothingR?
19:18.33Kirkburn|afkI turned on notices for openness
19:18.44dotted[21:18:52] ::: No such nickname: SoothingR
19:18.51Kirkburn|afk~seen SoothingR
19:19.21infobotsoothingr <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 146d 6h 51m 7s ago, saying: 'perhaps I should switch to my wowwiki name >_>'.
19:19.21Kirkburn|afkI think it was someone like Varg or Rage
19:19.34Kirkburn|afkNow that doesn't help!
19:19.43TecnoBrat'perhaps I should switch to my wowwiki name >_>'
19:20.00TecnoBratI think with that quote, you can delete them :P
19:20.11dottedKirkburn|afk its Apollozeus
19:20.24dotted[21:20:28] ::: Address:
19:20.30dottedsoothingr <>
19:21.02Kirkburn|afkOkay, how about "apt"
19:21.18dotted~seen apt
19:21.31infobotapt is currently on #debian (7d 1h 56m 36s) ##icf (7d 1h 56m 36s) #elive (7d 1h 56m 36s) #htc-linux (7d 1h 56m 36s) #kde (7d 1h 56m 36s) #wowroster (7d 1h 56m 36s) #openmoko (7d 1h 56m 36s) #gnu-kbsd (7d 1h 56m 36s) #slug (7d 1h 56m 36s) #lugwv (7d 1h 56m 36s) #idlerpg (7d 1h 56m ...
19:21.37TecnoBratapt is a bot
19:21.55TecnoBratI believe its a infobot clone
19:22.04Kirkburn|afkThat's weird
19:22.13dotted[21:22:19] •››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››› ››››› ››› ›› ›› ›› › ›
19:22.15dotted[21:22:19] ::: Whois report for apt (TimRiker's blootbot)
19:22.17dotted[21:22:19] ::: Address: i=ibot@pdpc/supporter/active/TimRiker/bot/apt
19:22.19dotted[21:22:19] ::: Server:,
19:22.22dotted[21:22:19] ::: apt is identified to services
19:22.23dotted[21:22:19] •››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››››› ››››› ››› ›› ›› ›› › ›
19:22.28dottedso yeah
19:22.41Kirkburn|afkIt's over a week since and san.cus identified
19:22.42TecnoBrat-12:20:20- infobot is "TimRiker's blootbot"
19:22.43TecnoBrat-12:20:20- infobot is i=ibot@pdpc/supporter/active/TimRiker/bot/apt
19:23.04dottedKirkburn|afk you mean vlad_ and sancus :D?
19:23.27Kirkburn|afkGryphen, should I remove gryphon from the list?
19:23.27Kirkburn|afkdotted, please don't ><
19:23.53Kirkburn|afkK, that's the list tidied up
19:23.53dottedwell Kirkburn|afk if they dont want to be highlighted then they should log off, plain and simple
19:24.32sancusI don't log off IRC ever
19:24.35sancusprecisely so that I see anything that someone might want
19:25.05Kirkburn|afk24 names are on the access list :)
19:25.11dottedthen you'll just have to accept the random highlight every once in a while :D
19:25.17sancusoh I do
19:25.23sancusit's polite not to do it deliberately, though :)
19:25.28sancusbut w/e
19:25.41sancusif i was pissed off I'd just kick you ;)
19:25.56dottedlike i care, i get abused all the time :D
19:26.04sancusused to it huh
19:26.08Kirkburn|afk"This ain't a scene, it's a goddamn arms race!" ... great song :)
19:26.39dottedidd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd idd
19:26.47dottedsancus see what happens now
19:26.49Kirkburn|afkOi, stop
19:27.03*** kick/#WOWWIKI [dotted!] by Gryphen (OWNED - 203 Kicks -)
19:27.12*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
19:27.12*** mode/#wowwiki [+v dotted] by ChanServ
19:27.19dottedas i said
19:27.28Kirkburn|afkThere's a point where the fun stops and it just becomes annoying
19:27.31dottedim abused quite often
19:27.40Hobinheim|workKirkburn|afk, you like fallout boy?
19:27.49Hobinheim|workzomg is there an international equivalent to emo
19:27.55dottedi was just prooving a point here Kirkburn|afk, not trying to be funny :P
19:27.56Hobinheim|worklike a chav but MORE annoying
19:27.59Kirkburn|afkSpamming "dotted slaps Adys around a bit with a small Imperial-Class Stardestroyer" thirty time is excessive
19:28.21Adysah wasnt for me
19:28.22dottedyes that was an isolated insident
19:28.23Kirkburn|afkFallout Boy is emo?
19:28.41dottedKirkburn|afk atleast one of the band members are
19:28.59dottedits tru
19:30.15Kirkburn|afkNow I'm listening to Avril Lavigne!
19:30.24Kirkburn|afkThat okay, right?
19:30.49Adysits not
19:31.06dottedIt's guess an emo time, with your host Dotted!
19:31.06Kirkburn|afkHobinheim|work, identify dammit
19:31.25Kirkburn|afkGood thing I'm listening to a Hot Chip remix album then
19:32.18TecnoBratKirkburn is too slow
19:32.45dottedstop making me say the obvious TecnoBrat :((
19:33.08Hobinheim|workno it's not Kirkburn|afk! it's not okay!
19:33.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
19:33.23Kirkburn|afkHave you linked the |work one?
19:33.34Kirkburn|afkThen you didn't need to switch to identify :P
19:33.41Hobinheim|workzug already identified
19:33.46Hobinheim|workoh linked formally, no
19:33.52Hobinheim|workit got weird on me, never did it
19:34.37TecnoBrat|Pixel|, accidentally run that script
19:35.02TecnoBratI wont be near a computer when the annoucement goes live :(
19:35.06TecnoBratI neeeds to knooow
19:35.16TecnoBratI'll be camping until monday
19:35.48Kirkburn|afkWhat script?!
19:36.00dottedthat updates the site with the new game
19:36.12TecnoBrathe told us he wrote the deploy script for the new site for the new game
19:37.26dotted[21:12:25] [+[NewsBot]]: EU: Off-Topic: PAFF - People's Anti-Flaming Front -
19:37.26dotted[21:12:26] [+[NewsBot]]: EU: Off-Topic: People's Anti-Flaming Front, PAFF. -
19:38.05Kirkburn|afkof Judea?
19:38.43dotted::: Simple Plan - Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me?) : 03:28 : 192kbps : Joint Stereo :::
19:40.25TecnoBratI love that post
19:40.25dotted::: David Hasselhoff - Du : 04:41 : 202kbps : Joint Stereo :::
19:41.44Kirkburn|afkHot Chip is awesome.
19:43.44dotted::: The Vengaboys - We Like To Party : 03:42 : 224kbps : Joint Stereo :::
19:44.17Gryphen::: Eyeball Skeleton :::
19:44.37dottedoh oh oh heres a good one
19:44.40dotted::: Spice Girls - Who Do You Think You Are : 04:00 : 264kbps : Joint Stereo :::
19:44.53dottedrl gurl powah
19:45.40dottedwoop woop
19:45.48[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
19:46.40dottedFisker- its between 06:00 - 08:00 CEST the announcement will be right?
19:47.42TecnoBrat|Pixel| said 8:00am CEST the site will go live
19:48.22TecnoBratWhat time is it CEST now again?
19:49.00Kirkburn|afkCentral European Summer Time?
19:49.20Kirkburn|afkCEST is 2 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
19:49.56dotted"Iiiiiii wiiillll eeeaaatttt yyyyooooouuuuurrrr ssooooooouuuuuulllllllll"
19:50.35Fisker-(21:49:49) <dotted> 21:50:27
19:50.39amroer what's with all the times? expecting something?
19:50.44dotted[21:50:27] [+dotted]: 21:50:27
19:50.45Kirkburn|afkFisker-, your time is off
19:50.58Kirkburn|afkI agree with dotted :)
19:51.14Kirkburn|afkTime to synchronise
19:51.19dottedFisker- just lern2syncronise time
19:51.28TecnoBratwow, so the annoucement is in like 10 hours
19:51.44amroblizz announcement?
19:51.54TecnoBratamro, yes
19:51.56TecnoBratnew game
19:52.01amrothey're gonna be like, PSYCH!
19:52.08Kirkburn|afk"Synchronisation can only occur when connected to the internet" .... orly?
19:52.13amrowe make too much money from WoW to care
19:52.28dottedyes Kirkburn|afk this is actually happening on your computer only
19:52.43Kirkburn|afkIt's refusing to synch :(
19:52.49dottedhere aswell
19:53.03dotted::: The Immortals - Mortal Kombat (Techno-Syndrome 7" Mix) : 03:24 : 224kbps : Joint Stereo :::
19:53.37Kirkburn|afkTrying all sorts of sites, no luck
20:01.47Fisker-we were just at the second boss in shadow labs heroic
20:01.53Fisker-then we aggroed 3 assasins
20:02.18dottedand then Xenu wtfbbqpwned everything?
20:03.40*** part/#wowwiki Kaos_ (
20:03.59zeegok it works now dotted
20:04.16dottedok that was pretty random
20:04.44Tekkubdamn iriel and his change threads
20:04.51Tekkubthey're such a bitch to keep updateh
20:04.54dottedidd pretty spammy
20:04.58Tekkubneeds moved to the wiki
20:05.22dotted::: Television Theme Songs - Go Go Power Rangers : 04:34 : 217kbps : Joint Stereo :::
20:05.47amrodotted, you have the weirdest mix of music I've ever seen
20:06.03dottedytmnd soundtrack
20:06.16dottedfun to listen to sometimes
20:06.50amrocould affect your sanity
20:07.15dottedyou think?
20:07.31*** join/#wowwiki Delexo (
20:07.45dotted::: Rich Mullins - Awesome God [YTMND Soundtrack - Volume 07] : 04:32 : 160kbps : Joint Stereo :::
20:08.05*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
20:08.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Teomyr] by ChanServ
20:08.24Adysello teo
20:08.36dottedello quote machine
20:09.02Teomyrgood evening!
20:10.59dottedim watching x-files
20:11.05dotted@season 3
20:11.40Skosirisis the "New in The Burning Crusade" still relevant to some people?
20:11.49*** part/#wowwiki Delexo (
20:12.03Gryphenof course :)
20:12.03SkosirisI've changed it to "New in patch 2.1"  (;crs=1;crv=0) , but 1 person complained via email
20:12.04dottedbecuase $me == all ppl
20:12.31dottedi would think it would be relevant to those who doesnt have TBC
20:12.54Skosiriswho doesn't have TBC?
20:13.08dotted~5 million ppl
20:13.12Gryphenprobably lots of people
20:13.22Kirkburn|afkChina still doesn't have it?
20:13.26dottedonly sold 3.5 million copies of TBC
20:13.34*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
20:13.41Gryphenand those who dont buy it might like the designation
20:13.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042] by ChanServ
20:13.59Kirkburn|afkIs it out in china is the important question
20:14.07Kirkburn|afkThey don't sell copies in china
20:14.07Sky2042que hablamos nosotros?
20:14.24Fisker-should be difference in live servers and test servers
20:14.24Kirkburn|afkSo 3.5 million copies is nearly everyone in the US and EU
20:14.34Kirkburn|afkSkosiris, is it possible to have both?
20:14.39Skosirisof course
20:14.39Fisker-bought for like 100 mana potions because i heard the mats were expensive and they were cheap on ah
20:14.59Fisker-turns out it was because in 2.1 the mats were reversed with health potions
20:14.59Kirkburn|afkI would suggest having both ... for now
20:15.12dottedimo some sort of BC mark should be there
20:15.15foxlitReversed mats = <3
20:15.16TeomyrNew in Patch 2.0, 2.1, ...
20:15.30Gryphenlooks like it is out in china
20:15.39foxlitSince the mana pot is now a lower level herb
20:15.40Teomyrmake it an option with a sub-option... bc equals 2.0 anyway, doesn't it?
20:15.49dottedcould be intresting to see in the future after expansion 3 or 4 what items came from which expansion
20:15.49Kirkburn|afkTBC is /not/ out in China btw
20:15.53Sky2042bs is 2.0.3
20:16.02Sky2042patch prior to it was 2.0.1, iirc
20:16.12Gryphenbc graphics and installer download
20:16.24dottedtaiwan is not really china
20:16.35amroits the republic of china :
20:16.44Grypheni see
20:16.45Kirkburn|afk"Some files on the hybrid DVD disc for the Collector's Edition had the "hidden" attribute flag set. Some users were unable to install the game until they changed the way Windows handled the viewing of hidden files" ... I never heard of that
20:17.00foxlit"and April 3rd, 2007 in China"
20:17.09Kirkburn|afk"It was available by 2 February 2007 in South Korea, and it was available by 3 April 2007 in the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau"
20:17.24Kirkburn|afk"Availability for mainland China will be announced in the near future"
20:17.36Kirkburn|afkfoxlit, where did you read that?
20:17.37dottedcurrent patch is 1.12.3
20:17.44dottedchina patch
20:17.46Kaydeethreeoh that's annoying. wow-taiwan is a flash site
20:17.57Kirkburn|afkBecause Taiwan and Hong Kong ain't China proper :P
20:18.24Teomyrhmm... i remember there was a playtime reduction feature active on the 2.0.x ptr (pre-bc)
20:18.32Teomyrwasn't that intended for china?
20:18.50Kaydeethreehalf-xp/loot after a few hours and none after a few more
20:18.52Teomyrand yet they're still at 1.12? oO
20:18.57Tekkubpfft, it's all the same
20:19.14Tekkubchina, japan, taiwan, same thing
20:21.00*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:21.03Kirkburn|afkWe didn't have a 1.12.3 remember ... perhaps the functionality was backported
20:21.13TecnoBratit was .. yea
20:21.44dottedTekkub yead canada, us, argentina - same thing
20:22.04Tekkubit's CA/US/Mex
20:22.09Tekkubget it right
20:22.16foxlitHm, I should fix my [[Burning Crusade]] edit
20:22.33foxlitQuoting wikipedia as a reliable source was a mistake :/
20:22.56Tekkubmexicans invading US, americans invading canada... canadiens... uh... moving more north?
20:23.08TecnoBratfoxlit, thats like quoting wowwiki as a source
20:23.15dottedTekkub oficially Taiwan is under Chinese control, but Japan is something completely different - i realise the US/Canada reference is alittle off but you get the idea
20:23.23foxlitI'd presume we're accurate!
20:23.31TecnoBratTekkub, you are so wrong .. its "mexicans invading US, americans invading canada... canadiens... eh... moving more north?"
20:23.32Tekkubdot, :P
20:23.44Tekkubcanadiens invading nunuvit?
20:23.51TecnoBrat"eh" :P
20:23.52dottedwhy not
20:23.57Tekkubwhat are you canadiens invading again?
20:24.07dottedhans island
20:24.08Tekkubdamnit Cairenn|afk stop being afk
20:24.09TecnoBratbecause they want to separate
20:24.19dottedtrying to steal it drom denmark, fucking assholes
20:24.30Boubouilleanyone know when exactly the new game will be announced ?
20:24.34Tekkubdanishes are funny
20:24.41TekkubI miss foreign Toby
20:24.57TecnoBratthe whole time the Quebec separation vote was going on .. I kept thinking to myself, "what are they gonna get big saws and break off and float into the ocean?"
20:25.03dottedBoubouille 08:00 in the morning CEST (UTC+2)
20:25.24TekkubQuebec and California could be their own country
20:25.24dottedat least thats when |Pixel| says the site will update
20:25.32Tekkubneither country would miss em
20:25.41Fisker-y helo thar
20:25.45|Pixel|not 8
20:26.00Tekkuboh just tell us pix, then we'll leave you alone
20:26.09|Pixel|I'll tell you:
20:26.11Tekkubit's LV2 isn't it?
20:26.12|Pixel|I'm single
20:26.19Sky2042are you looking?
20:26.31|Pixel|what ? that's not what you were hoping as a leak ?
20:26.50Tekkuboh so you leak he?
20:27.00|Pixel|Sky2042: depends :P
20:27.02TecnoBrat|Pixel|, its Barbie House Extreme MMO
20:27.03TecnoBratisnt it?
20:27.11|Pixel|sorry, can't tell
20:27.15TekkubHelo kitty!
20:27.25Kirkburn|afk|Pixel|, give us something completely cryptic that'll only make sense after the announcement :P
20:27.29|Pixel|did you see that comics about mike ?
20:27.31dottedits Lost Viking MMO - get it already ffs
20:27.38|Pixel|yeah, that one dotted :P
20:27.45Sky2042damn you, it's gonna be warcraft adventures
20:27.48TekkubI would so play WoLV
20:27.50dottedOMG WE HAVE A LEAK
20:28.13dottedi have yet to play the original
20:28.42TecnoBratwoot, my GM will be thrilled
20:28.52TecnoBrathe's a RL viking!
20:28.55Tekkublol.... cat jumps on desk, misses back feet, falls off
20:28.59Teomyri wonder how well blizzard employees can shut up about the next game, while they don't hesitate to pre-release unannounced content from the next wow expansion :D
20:29.08Tekkubcome around to other side, jumps to my chair/lap...
20:29.09|Pixel|ha ha ha ha :D
20:29.15Tekkubmissies with back feet
20:29.17*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_ (
20:29.21Tekkubcatches claws in pants
20:29.23Teomyrit was probably just to fool us
20:29.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042_] by ChanServ
20:29.49*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
20:29.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
20:29.59*** mode/#wowwiki [-v Kirkburn] by Tekkub
20:30.01TecnoBratlol |Pixel|
20:30.01KirkburnBloody DCs
20:30.19*** kick/#wowwiki [Kirkburn|afk!] by Kirkburn (bye)
20:30.33KirkburnWhat did I miss?!
20:30.47TecnoBratKirkburn, |Pixel| told us what the game is
20:30.47*** mode/#wowwiki [-v Tekkub] by Kirkburn
20:30.56Teomyrbut we won't tell you
20:31.03*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Tekkub] by Tekkub
20:31.24*** mode/#wowwiki [-o Tekkub] by Kirkburn
20:31.42*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
20:31.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
20:31.51TecnoBratI HATE YOU
20:31.55*** mode/#wowwiki [-oo Kirkburn Tekkub] by ChanServ
20:32.11Sky2042_kirkburn, can you kick Sky2042?
20:32.21Tekkubdamnit just when I _ACTUALLY_ need to kick someone
20:32.22*** kick/#wowwiki [Sky2042_!] by Adys (i can)
20:32.22*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042_ (
20:32.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042_] by ChanServ
20:32.23|Pixel|anyway, if you really want a hint about what the release will be
20:32.28Sky2042_wrong one sigh
20:32.30|Pixel|I can tell it's gonna be a sequel :P
20:32.32Sky2042_kick the other one
20:32.38*** kick/#WOWWIKI [Sky2042!] by Gryphen (OWNED - 204 Kicks -)
20:32.39Sky2042_we knew that
20:32.54KirkburnLV2, D3, SC2, or WC4.
20:32.59Sky2042_not the last
20:33.00KirkburnAnything I missed?
20:33.14|Pixel|there is a very, very big hint on the screen
20:33.22|Pixel|the splash screen I mean
20:33.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
20:33.39Adysitll be wow2 eh
20:33.51|Pixel|if someone has all the blizzard games (as I do)
20:33.52Kaydeethreethey changed it each day for the past link
20:34.01Kaydeethreeclick some of the dates at the bottom
20:34.05|Pixel|just put all the cd-boxes next each other
20:34.31|Pixel|warcraf3, frozen throne, diablo 2, lord of destruction, and world of warcraft
20:34.31TekkubIt's the first letter of each quote!
20:34.57Hobinheim|workis pixel teasing
20:35.01dottedi will be disappointedif it warctaft based tbh
20:35.07Sky2042_it won't be
20:35.17Sky2042_it'll be sc or diablo
20:35.29dottedor if it diablo
20:35.49abecxplz diablo
20:35.50[NewsBot]WOW Insider:
20:36.14dottedblizzard should die if its diablo of warcraft based
20:36.16TecnoBrat|Pixel|, you are having WAYYYYYYYYYY too much fun with this aren't you?
20:36.26Adysofc he is
20:36.43AdysId kick him off the chan but he might actually give a hint so i wont
20:37.02TecnoBratbut but but ...
20:37.06Sky2042_well, imo, dotted, tbh... if it's sc or diablo, it needs to diaf
20:37.11TecnoBratthose are 4 different types!
20:37.20Sky2042_lol tecno ftw
20:37.32Sky2042_i think there's 3 types of the star craft box also
20:37.40TecnoBratpretty sure there was
20:37.52Sky2042_and 4 boxes for tft
20:40.53|Pixel|the hint is maybe so obvious you can't see it :)
20:40.59*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
20:41.09|Pixel|as we say in french, "c'est comme le nez au milieu de la figure"
20:41.28BoubouilleMeme pas vrai.
20:41.44Gryphenthe timeline image is kind of techno, figure SC
20:42.04dottedand the medusa / kerrigan thing
20:42.28Adystell you the hint.
20:42.35|Pixel|"medusa" ?
20:42.43Adystheres a big "BLIZZARD entertainment" at the bottom of the page
20:42.48AdysI think its gonna be a blizzard game
20:43.40*** part/#wowwiki Kaos (
20:43.52TecnoBrat|Pixel|, aparantly its being called "medusa" in korea
20:44.07KirkburnI think it's a banana.
20:44.20[NewsBot][21:09:02] Blizzplanet: Medusa Demo at South Korea? -
20:44.59Kirkburndotted, totally.
20:45.20TecnoBratI still like that its an expansion for wow
20:45.25|Pixel|somebody leaked that ?!
20:45.42TecnoBratthat makes starcraft characters crash into the outlands
20:46.51TecnoBrat|Pixel|, can you tell us if the hint on teh splash screen is in the images or the text? :P
20:47.15|Pixel|no :)
20:47.39AdysBet ya theres no other hint than the fact its a blizzard game :P
20:47.44Sky2042_Sounds a bit like Medusa, doesn't it?
20:47.44Tekkubhrm... so first wow expansion is space shaman
20:47.47AdysI stand my position, I won
20:47.53Tekkubsecond is battleground zerg?
20:48.04TecnoBratyes Tekkub
20:48.20*** kick/#wowwiki [TecnoBrat!] by Adys (Outland*)
20:48.20*** join/#wowwiki TecnoBrat (
20:48.23AdysSorry i was slow
20:48.26AdysI wasnt reading
20:48.53[NewsBot]#wowwiki stats:
20:49.08*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
20:49.18Tekkubbai bai workenheim
20:49.19TecnoBratdammit, this is gonna bug me since I won't find out until monday
20:50.16Sky2042must catch dotted.
20:50.21TecnoBratSomeone I will call "Anonymous" has contacted me after reading this news. Anonymous says there are two projects: Medusa and "censored". These are code-names assigned "internally" to the unannounced games. I'm not sure how accurate this is. Take it as rumor. I think this is a very critical info if true. I don't dare say much further about which Teams the codenames belong to.
20:50.35|Pixel|duh :)
20:50.46dottedfortuneatly for me Sky2042 i got access to the log files :D
20:51.14TecnoBratUPDATE: I opted to remove the second project's codename. Sorry.
20:51.23TecnoBrati wanna know what the other codename was
20:51.36Sky2042uh huh
20:51.37Adyshundreds of people saw it lol
20:51.45TecnoBratI didnt :P
20:51.52TecnoBratbut thanks :)
20:52.35KirkburnProbably best not to help spread it.
20:52.35Adysomgleak, theres hydras and meduses in the next blizzard game
20:52.46|Pixel|re-duh :)
20:53.36AdysI know, its the great sea related expansion they are announcing
20:53.46foxlitDon't go there.
20:53.55Gryphencept they didnt have bc expansion in splashes
20:54.07foxlit#WoWRadio already spams Naga Naga Naga Naga Naga every time someone mentions expansion
20:54.42TecnoBrat|Pixel|, what was world of warcraft and the expansion codenames?
20:54.51abecxWell known n.gas
20:54.51abecx* Anantha: seat of Sri MahaVishnu (Anantha is also refered to a Sesha). * Balarama: a incarnation of Vishnu. * Karkotaka: controls weather.
20:54.54|Pixel|can't tell ^^
20:55.00abecxwell known naga's
20:55.07Adyslets spam 09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C0 every time someone says "hydra" or "medusa"
20:55.26foxlit~rot13 09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C0
20:55.56TecnoBrataparantly, those give it away too eh? :P
20:56.11Adysinfobot, hydra?
20:56.50foxlitHm, wtb hash such that md5(hash) == hash
20:57.14TecnoBrat~md5 cat
20:57.55*** join/#wowwiki InfinityX (
20:58.02foxlitWould calling md5 on md5 output result in a cyclic or transcendent pattern?
20:58.04dotted~sha-512 09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C0
20:58.10dotted~sha512 09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C0
20:58.20zeeg~sha1 hi
20:58.33Adys~cyber zeeg
21:01.45TecnoBrat|afkactually, I know what medusa and hydra are
21:01.58TecnoBrat|afkmedusa = categorization system for categorizing ads
21:02.17TecnoBrat|afkhydra = backend system for managing a web hosting platform
21:02.26TecnoBrat|afkthey are both internal projects here :P
21:02.49Sky2042infobot, hydra
21:02.57|Pixel|23:01 < TecnoBrat|afk> hydra = backend system for managing a web hosting platform
21:03.02|Pixel|this has another name
21:03.35TecnoBrat|afkso the leak of hydra is incorrect then?
21:03.43AdysOMG LEAK WHERE?
21:03.44|Pixel|this one is incorrect
21:03.55TecnoBrat|afkwell, there you have it :)
21:04.15TecnoBrat|afkproves that the internet is full of people who work for blizzard, haha
21:04.27Sky2042lern2spincontrol techno
21:04.29AdysI work for blizzard didnt I tell you?
21:05.11Devilkouli mow their lawn
21:05.23TecnoBrat|afkwell you know none of us would of believed |Pixel| unless he proved it like he did
21:06.03TekkubI work for blizzard, they just don't pay me
21:06.12Adysso true
21:06.12Devilkoulyou pay them?
21:06.13TecnoBrat|afkhe posted a log of our irc chat on the wow-europe site
21:06.19Tekkub*points at addon list*
21:06.29Sky2042can i see where this log is?
21:06.37TecnoBrat|afkhe deleted it
21:06.43Adyson /my/ request
21:06.44Devilkoulblackmail imo
21:07.08TecnoBrat|afkAdys saw it, so did a bunch of others
21:14.06Tekkubclad needs to use that one "microblog" thing instead of constantly updating his nick... twitter or somethi/
21:14.22KirkburnBah, twitter is for twits
21:14.37clad|dinnergood call
21:14.40clad|dinnerbut i h8 the twitter
21:15.51Teomyr[22:40:53] <|Pixel|> as we say in french, "c'est comme le nez au milieu de la figure"
21:15.52Tekkubseriously, it's like... clad|sleep Clad|shower clad|shave clad|commute clad|work clad|lunch clad|smokebreak clad|commute clad|dinner clad|vegoncouch
21:16.00Teomyrmaybe we should take that literally
21:16.08Tekkubclad|sex clad|shower clad|sleep
21:16.14clad|dinneri have my linked nicks already full =(
21:16.59clad|dinneri only do it three times a day =)
21:17.03clad|dinnerfour if i get online before my showeer
21:17.25Tekkubgod damnit
21:17.34Grypheni dont think nick tags really matter, people still try and talk to you no matter what it says
21:17.37Tekkubwhat happened to "5 eps a week" for Afterworld
21:17.50Tekkubit's like... 2 a week right now
21:18.16Tekkubsave a bit of power, people can email me
21:18.58TecnoBrat|afkwhy don't you use clad|food instead of clad|dinner?
21:19.15Adysat clad*
21:19.17clad|dinneri do, when i'm getting food
21:19.20clad|dinnerdinner means i'm leaving
21:19.24TekkubI'd just use clad and notclad
21:19.27winkillergo away then :P
21:19.28Tekkubsimple enough
21:19.32clad|dinnerand with that, i'm off
21:19.34Adysjeez you were bored
21:19.39*** mode/#wowwiki [+v clad|dinner] by Adys
21:19.42Tekkubyou're here or not, we don't care that you're in the shower
21:20.18Tekkubwell, we might, but maybe the thought of us fantasizing about you in the shower would deter you from telling us
21:20.26Adysclad|wedding - how often you use this one
21:20.28Tekkubbut he probably enjoys the attention
21:25.16*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:29.35amrothe japanese never cease to amuse me...
21:30.38amrocheck out the guy with the glasses
21:30.57amromore like visor though
21:31.07Devilkoulneed on the glasses
21:31.44*** join/#wowwiki Machoul (
21:32.03Machoulfirst time on IRC
21:32.10winkilleryou made it!
21:32.15winkillerI'm so proud of you :P
21:32.16Machoulnot sure how it works
21:32.24winkillertype random insults
21:32.32MachoulI put on my robe and wizard hat
21:32.53Machoulgod i love this
21:33.43Devilkoulthis is actually yahoo! chat
21:33.44Devilkoultry again
21:33.44Machoulall of you play WoW right?
21:33.47Machoulanyone play on either Dunemaul or Agamaggan?
21:34.05Machoulk noone...
21:34.14Machoulhow do i join servers
21:34.30Devilkoulthe guy with the glasses needs a good dental exam
21:34.35Devilkoulin that vid
21:34.57*** part/#wowwiki Machoul (
21:35.04amrothey all need mental examination
21:35.17amroasian afro = fail
21:37.29*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:46.58Adys warning, cuteness inside
21:47.41*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
21:47.41Skosirisnot quite what I was expecting, but.. whoa!
21:52.52Sky2042that kitty was scary, wasn't it?!
21:53.36Skosirisis it real?
21:54.05Gryphenkitty probably, size probably not :p
21:54.32Devilkoulum there this thing called photoshop
22:02.57KirkburnNo, it's a photoshop :)
22:11.08Adysso uhm yeah
22:11.24AdysI was going to post on his talk page
22:11.59Kasonuthing wrong with that user talk page imo
22:12.17Adysi got pissed because sandwichman was faster
22:13.04Kasothe big spammer
22:13.24*** join/#wowwiki FISKER_Q (
22:15.23amrorofl Adys exactly what I thought of doing when I saw the user page
22:15.46Adyssame lol
22:21.40*** join/#wowwiki InfinityX (
22:23.16Kasowhat event is that from?
22:23.39FISKER_Qafter you complete the netherstorm rocket questline i believe
22:23.55FISKER_Qprobably after "You, Robot"
22:24.59Kasoreally? never noticed that before
22:27.46*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
22:28.32Kasoit amuses me when people fail that quest
22:37.24*** join/#wowwiki Bibi`ouF (
22:40.56dotted::: Unexist - Smash [The Ultimate Hardcore Top 100 Cd4] : 04:36 : 259kbps : Joint Stereo :::
22:43.21Adysmake yourself useful and improve
22:43.30AdysI dont know what else to put in it
22:43.31*** join/#wowwiki Viper007Bond (
22:43.40Tekkubbusy, bugger off
22:56.39*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
22:56.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042] by ChanServ
22:58.19*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
22:58.38*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
22:59.01BagginswwGryph I agree, the idea to put player articles as sub-articles of a server doesn't sound like a bad idea.
23:00.55AdysAnd guilds ..
23:01.25Sky2042nuh uh, not guilds
23:01.27Bagginswwguilds are annoying :p
23:01.31Sky2042we've already had this discussion -_-
23:01.39Bagginswwmore than one guild share the same name and bam :p
23:01.46Grypheni think guilds are fine
23:01.54Bagginswwand the guilds that name themselves after lore, or similar to a lore term
23:01.58Adysheh, I got the feeling its not the real aguilar but meh
23:02.20Sky2042guilds r fine, lrn 2 plai
23:02.45Bagginswwlearn to spell, :p
23:02.59Bagginswwloves sarcasm :)
23:03.02Sky2042the misspelling was deliberate.
23:03.11BagginswwI figured as much :)
23:03.57Bagginswwanycase I hate guilds that have name slike Orders of the Silver Hand, or simimilar like sounding names to actual lore organizations, people, or things
23:04.13Sky2042hello, Guild: namespace. meet bagginsww
23:04.20Sky2042bagginsww, meet Guild:
23:04.41Guildhi bagginsww, how are you?
23:04.42Bagginswwtry to do a search for lore bit and get linked to some guild article :p
23:05.17Adyssancus ping
23:05.40GuildI'm fine, ty much Bagginsww. Now, what were you saying about getting them mixed up?
23:08.21Bagginswwstarted reading Silmirillion, got past the first story. Very poetic, and beautiful writing.
23:08.46dotted loooooooooool Holland ftw :D
23:08.55Bagginswwreminds me of the "fall of Lucifer" story.
23:09.06Bagginswwwell its kind of pre-genesis
23:09.17Sky2042Silmarillion is awesome through and through
23:09.18Bagginswwslight touch of the creation towards the end
23:09.57Sky2042of course, lotr junkies, i've heard, hate the fact that not all of it was jrrtolkiens writing, but i think his son managed to mesh it pretty decently. :)
23:10.10Sky2042writing. I think...
23:10.22BagginswwOh I don't mind he had to add a few paragraphs here or there, and rewrite others
23:10.35Bagginswwhe made sure the style meshed
23:10.57BagginswwI've got some of the History of Middle-Earth books he goes into detail how much he had to add/modify
23:11.36Sky2042i don't, but i still love the story of the silmarillion
23:12.37Bagginswwwell the nice thing is at least the son, was entirely honest about what he had to fix in order to complete/bridge the storyline
23:12.53Bagginswwand if you want to read the incomplete stuff he has given access to it, in the later books
23:13.34Bagginswwespecially books 7-9 or so of the HoME
23:13.44Bagginswwand a bit in Unfinished Tales
23:14.11*** join/#wowwiki trik (
23:16.08Bagginswwwhat I've noticed, he seemed to keep the thematic styling, and Tolkien's style of writing as best as possible, and didn't introduce any truly "non-Tolkien" material.
23:16.09[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 289
23:16.09Bagginswwmostly just editorial work.
23:16.09BagginswwBTW, I picked up Peoples of Middle Earth, HoME, 12. Very cool book.
23:16.09Bagginswwlove the chapter on The New Shadow, the languages of the dwarves, and some of the other stories.
23:16.16Bagginswwmostly just skim-read it so far
23:16.18trikis anyone watching The Human Giant ( Live on MTV right now? roflmao...
23:18.35Skosirislol @
23:19.05Adysyou just noticed him? :P
23:19.42Bagginswwwhat is that?
23:20.01Bagginswwwhy does archimonde have Rhonin's robes?
23:20.46AdysHe probably raped him and blizzard didn't tell anyone because of the age restrictions.
23:22.23Skosiris  <--- isn't it weird that one of the party members is a horde character? =/
23:22.28BagginswwArchy: Rhonin, you know that pretty girl you slept with last week? That was me, muahahah, I deceived you.
23:22.33Adystoo bad teomyr isnt there to quote that :<
23:23.13Adysi dont see any horde
23:23.28Skosiristhere's an orc
23:23.30Adysbut if any, orb of deception
23:23.36Adyshe looks like a human to me
23:23.49SkosirisChops is his name
23:23.57Adysah wait, yeah
23:24.02Adysuhm orb yeh
23:24.05Adysoh wait
23:24.11Adysuh, no clue
23:24.33Adysbut it sounds like a private server seeing the chat :P
23:24.38Adys"tp me please" not often you see that
23:25.25*** join/#wowwiki Thrae (
23:25.39Adysi wish i was there
23:25.47Adysto tell him "teleport yourself cretin" or something
23:26.05DevilkoulSkosiris: you can edit the wow model files, atleast you used to be able to
23:26.13BagginswwI ownder if my children of Hurin will come today :p
23:26.14Devilkouli ran around as an undea human for a while
23:26.19Sky2042doing so now gets you a ban devil
23:26.32Sky2042in any case, i think it only affects client side, not server side
23:26.38Sky2042if you were to do so
23:26.42Devilkoulgood poiint
23:26.43SkosirisDevilkoul: still. it's not just about the orc model, there's also the Horde shield over the character's portrait
23:27.19Devilkoulum if you edit one model (for a race) in the mpq it changed all models when rendered for that race
23:27.23Devilkoulif i recall
23:27.32Devilkouland portraits were edited too
23:27.42AdysThe horde shield isn't part of the model
23:27.58Devilkoulwell then you explain it
23:28.31Adysdoes that fit or?
23:28.48Devilkoulthat would explain a 5 man gluth me thinks
23:29.01AdysI pwns at explaining thing
23:29.14Teomyrand why the rogue wears shadowcraft in naxxramas
23:29.24AdysAnd the warrior valor ^^
23:29.31Teomyryet is as well-equipped as having 4 18-slot bags
23:30.11AdysAnd having a total of 13 action buttons as rogue
23:30.22Adysincluding one for the mount and one for... shadowmeld wtf?
23:30.27Devilkoulwith default key assignments
23:34.18*** join/#wowwiki infobot (i=ibot@pdpc/supporter/active/TimRiker/bot/apt)
23:34.18*** topic/#wowwiki is Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | MW updated to 1.9.3, its pruning time! | On Facebook? Join "WoWWiki Addicts"! | 30,000 articles, 100,000 users! | Tseric, we will miss you.
23:34.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+v infobot] by ChanServ
23:39.02Adysinfobot, beer for teomyr
23:39.13infobotACTION pulls out a exquisite Piraat for for teomyr
23:42.18*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:47.25*** join/#wowwiki infobot (i=ibot@pdpc/supporter/active/TimRiker/bot/apt)
23:47.25*** topic/#wowwiki is Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | MW updated to 1.9.3, its pruning time! | On Facebook? Join "WoWWiki Addicts"! | 30,000 articles, 100,000 users! | Tseric, we will miss you.
23:47.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+v infobot] by ChanServ
23:48.59AdysWhats the difference beetween a community manager and a community representative?
23:50.39foxlitOne hoses down the angry mob, the other attempts to reason with people the angry mob is angry at?
23:52.47TekkubCM manages the CRs?

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