IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070506

00:03.18foxlitUncyclopedia's other languages are just too hilarious
00:04.06foxlitWhile the english one is funny, the danish article on USA has some sort of meta-irony to it.
00:06.09Sandwichman2448I like tacos.
00:07.19Sandwichman2448The wiki will not allow me to uplaod a file. it says it it too big but thee are bigger.
00:07.44KirkburnI note MW 1.10 still isn't final
00:08.04KirkburnWhat size is it Sandwichman2448?
00:08.21Kirkburn(MediaWiki 1.10, the next wiki software release, it's over a month late)
00:08.57Sandwichman24482.19 MB
00:09.24KirkburnEr, yeah, that's /way/ too big
00:09.35KirkburnIf there's anything that big on the wiki, I will hit it with a big stick
00:09.50KirkburnIt needs to be at least under 500k tbh
00:10.23Sandwichman2448Nuff said
00:15.41Sandwichman2448Umm... Sir?
00:16.21winkillerthat lineage
00:16.29winkillerGNomes descendendant from Giants?
00:17.12winkillerit has 106kb btw
00:17.15Sandwichman2448Yeah... Big heads 4 fingers... Dwarf cousins... Giants and eathen related... It fits.
00:17.30winkillerit doesn't even fit remotely
00:17.51Sandwichman2448I erased gnolls that is all!
00:22.42Sandwichman2448 Why does no one comment? Joshmaul even!
00:36.02*** join/#wowwiki Mikma (
00:36.41Mikmahi all. got a nice DB error with this page -> A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:
00:39.36KirkburnMikma, the rest ...?
00:39.54KirkburnIf it was the deadlock one, a refresh normally helps
00:40.06[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 0
00:40.30Mikmadon't know what it was, i tried some other pages and now it worked. and yes, i did actually try refreshing it couple of times within 5min :)
00:40.32KirkburnSandwichman2448, mention it on the Village pump or something? :)
00:40.47Mikma(SQL query hidden)
00:40.50Mikmathis was the rest :D
00:41.00KirkburnLogged out?
00:41.25Mikmame? wasn't even logged in
00:41.50KirkburnIt's noted :)
00:42.08KirkburnMikma, I've done a "fake edit" on it just in case
00:42.22Kirkburn(it normally helps)
00:42.42MikmaKirkburn: okies :)
00:46.49foxlitI think it's missing something
00:47.29Sandwichman2448WHATWHATWHAT? Tellme!
00:48.16Sandwichman2448A stub?
00:48.20KirkburnAnyone on Facebook here?
00:48.29Sandwichman2448No... :(
00:48.51foxlitThat's a tier 5 raiding drop with +22 Stamina and + 21 Intellect.
00:48.55*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | MW updated to 1.9.3, its pruning time! | On Facebook? Join "WoWWiki Addicts"!
00:48.59foxlitSpider sense tingling!
00:49.33Sandwichman2448SoI it sucks? So what? You think the stats are wrong?
00:50.10foxlitNothing sucks that much.
00:50.31foxlitStats are definitely wrong; the question is whether it's a display issue with the template or not.
00:51.05foxlitSame with
00:51.23foxlitT5 drops are not _that_ crap, something is going wrong with formatting of spell-link effects.
00:52.40Sandwichman2448I BROKE IT!
00:54.02Sandwichman2448ME FIX!
00:55.03foxlit"Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 19.Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 16.
00:56.43Sandwichman2448(Climbs out of the shark pit missing his left arm, legs, and lower torso, bleeding profusly) Pick one.
01:01.47Sandwichman2448(In his final breath he wheezes "post on ..."
01:04.41Sandwichman2448(as a ghost now) Is it 32 or 32?
01:06.45Kirkburnfoxlit, fixed, I guess?
01:10.38KirkburnNo, I mean I fixed it, but I think the Spell itself may need updating
01:10.58KirkburnAdded a whole bunch of stuff to WoWWiki:About :)
01:12.35Sandwichman2448The al'ar band still is broken
01:14.22Sandwichman2448 is BRKE BY ME!
01:14.35KirkburnFixed, sort of, again
01:14.54Sandwichman2448Sure it is 32 qand not 34?
01:15.24Sandwichman2448Check the external links
01:15.32KirkburnNo, I'm not, I just fixed the page - the spell itself will need changing
01:15.47KirkburnClick on the spell effect
01:15.57Sandwichman2448Well, thanks sir.
01:16.19KirkburnI think they changed the spell used then
01:17.11Sandwichman2448STILL NO ONE HAS POSTED ON MY PAGE!
01:17.25Sandwichman2448Good luck with that wish sir.
01:17.49KirkburnGawd, they're out or asleep Sandwichman2448 :P
01:17.54KirkburnAs shall I be soon
01:19.25Sandwichman2448Fine... Bye!
01:19.30*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
01:21.28SkosirisKirkburn: hey, what's with the sandwich guy? he seems to be more of an annoyance than anything else.
01:21.49KirkburnI'm not used to people calling me "sir", that's for sure
01:22.01KirkburnEveryone is different, gotta live with that :)
01:23.04Skosirisoh yeah :P
01:23.04sancusI could.. make him disappear
01:25.23*** join/#wowwiki gerber^azazoth|h (
01:27.57Kirkburnsancus, lol
01:28.08KirkburnDisappearing people is fun!
01:28.53sancusah new doctor who
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02:15.08KaoS` <-- this real?
02:17.05KirkburnThat about Starcraft?
02:17.54KirkburnChrist, did you notice the glaring mistake in the article?
02:18.04Kirkburn"World of Warcraft has topped 6 million subscribers"
02:19.08KirkburnOnly two and a half million out ...
02:19.48KaoS`well they are announcing something on may 19th right?
03:06.23KirkburnLol, I thought Moonfire :)
03:10.44*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|sleep (
03:11.38Hobinheim|sleepdo we allow animated gifs?
03:19.47KirkburnI was going to say yes ....
03:38.08KirkburnAppropriate Link Shocker!
03:38.40Kirkburn^ Tier 7 :)
04:15.03*** join/#wowwiki Moohunter (
04:24.39*** join/#wowwiki Cho_Seung_hui (
04:24.53Cho_Seung_huihow do i learn a new weapon skill??????
04:25.08Kirkburn|afkFind a weapon master in a city
04:25.08Cho_Seung_huiim an orc hunter but it wont let me use a gun
04:25.35Tekkubdiffeernt cities have different skills
04:25.59Cho_Seung_huiwhat about ogrimmar?
04:26.08Cho_Seung_huior the undercity
04:26.17Cho_Seung_huithose are the only cities i have access to
04:26.23Tekkubdon't know which skills are where, the trainer will tell you
04:26.28Kirkburn|afkI only know Alliance ones :(
04:26.40Tekkubguns is probably bluff since tauren hunters start with guns
04:42.44*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
04:46.33Kirkburn|afkNight all!
04:46.35Tekkubhow the hell is {{Qif}} supposed to work?
04:46.46Kirkburn|afkI was wondering that earlier :P
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07:19.46Adysah nice
07:21.21*** join/#wowwiki elleshar (n=chatzill@77-105-52-240.adsl-1.sezampro.yu)
07:32.15AdysThere are 99,965 registered users, of which 16 (or 0.02%) are Sysops. hehe
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08:04.53TekkubTekkub's husband is re-un-employed, again
08:05.59[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 54
08:09.06Adysjobsearch eh?
08:17.17[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 640
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08:40.08Adysno one talking, what can i say
08:57.40Tekkubit feels so gheto...
08:57.55TekkubI think it's the narrator, he doesn't have a deep enough voice
08:58.32Tekkubhis voice doesn't impart "epic story" but rather "nerds playing DnD"
09:00.06Tekkub<DND>: Do you really think I have two other people out here in the middle of nowhere to summon you?
09:22.08*** join/#wowwiki roxutee (
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09:29.33Adyslo teo
09:34.35*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|sleep (
09:43.51TekkubWhite Zin
09:44.20TekkubI need to be a better wine coinoisuer (sp?)... I just find a cheap big bottle of table wine and I'm happy
09:47.23Tekkubyou gonna shag me or should I move on?
09:47.46*** join/#wowwiki Emerged (
09:48.25TekkubI like haggling this teabag guy
09:48.49TekkubI'm sorry, "Teabingh"
09:48.57TekkubI still read "Teabag" every time :)
09:51.58sancustekkub wants to be teabagged
09:52.25*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
09:52.29Tekkubyes please
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09:53.10dottedmy breakfast is imba
09:53.21dottedsoiur cream and onion potato chips
09:54.19*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
10:01.20Hobinheim|sleepdotted, nice job
10:01.33Hobinheim|sleepuhh not on breakfast though :psyduck:
10:05.40Tekkubhehe, that is so creepy
10:05.59Tekkubreading an old bear-friend's resume
10:06.13TekkubI was halfway going out with him when I graduated HS in 2000....
10:06.27Tekkubhe _started _ college in 1982, year I was born
10:06.52Tekkubhe bounced between 5 schools until 1995
10:07.07Tekkubat which point he went to tibet for a few years
10:07.15Tekkubwacky ass shit
10:08.13Tekkubhis name's Thubten :)
10:09.18dotted <- LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
10:09.35dottedthat bald dude is a fucking retard
10:10.42TekkubDOWN WITH ENGLAND!
10:11.59*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
10:12.43Tekkub2 min of stupid clip :P
10:13.17Tekkubblah blah blah... the silly accents are all that's keeping me
10:13.46Tekkubhe's gay
10:14.15Tekkubcoldplay and elton john... yup.. evil
10:14.54Adyslo mikk
10:15.33Adysor not :/
10:16.48Tekkubthat guys is soooo gay
10:16.54Teomyradys is hallucinating
10:17.04Adysmiranda is hallucinating
10:17.09Hobinheim|sleepcould we make a subst-only policy on sigs?
10:17.17AdysNo hob ><
10:17.18Tekkubno, we can't
10:17.26Hobinheim|sleepso that the inclusion index doesn't need to be updated... :(
10:17.27TekkubI want me sig to update :P
10:17.35Adysplease no 4lines of a signature 20 times in the village pump
10:18.09Tekkubthese brits are boring... why am I watching this again?
10:18.09Hobinheim|sleepbe cool like me!
10:18.18TekkubI hate you dot
10:18.35Adys<span style="font-style:oblique"><span style="color:#A0DC28">// </span>[[User:Patrigan|<span style="cursor:help" title="World Dominator©">'''<span style="color:#A0DC28">P</span><span style="color:#A0C828;">a</span><span style="color:#A0B428">t</span><span style="color:#A0A028">r</span><span style="color:#A08C28">i</span><span style="color:#A07828">g</span><span style="color:#A06428">a</span><span style="color:#A05028">n</span>'
10:18.35Adysbsolute;font-size:12pt;font-weight: bold">|</span> [[User_talk:Patrigan|<sup><span style="color:#A0DC28;margin-left: 0.9em">Talk</span></sup>]]<span style="color:#A06428;position:absolute;font-size:12pt;font-weight: bold">/</span>[[Special:Contributions/Patrigan|<sub><span style="color:#A0DC28"> Contr</span></sub>]]<span style="color:#A0DC28"> \\</span></span>
10:18.39AdysThats ONE sig
10:19.06Hobinheim|sleepsigs in template indexes is spam :mad:
10:19.26Teomyrthis is madness!
10:19.36Tekkubif they're consistantly named it's easy to skip over :P
10:19.39Hobinheim|sleepthis... is.... SPAAAARTAAA!!!!
10:20.03Hobinheim|sleepspam  to the inclusion index. who was the editor that scrapped all of the sigs that one time?
10:20.13Tekkubokey you've wasted 15 min of my life, I'm going to bed
10:21.23Adyswe could make a no-sig policy for the pump
10:21.26Adysbecause of load
10:21.34TeomyrI sign, therefore I am.
10:21.34AdysWhat mikk did basically
10:21.44Adysstandard sigs teo
10:22.14dottedcreate an extension that enforces standard sigs :p
10:22.26Adysmake mikkbot change sigs regularly in the pump?
10:22.37AdysMIKK WHERE ARE YOU?!
10:22.42Hobinheim|sleepor maybe you fancy pants folks should stop transcluding your wackiness
10:23.13dottedand get an unreadable VP :/?
10:23.24Hobinheim|sleepyou don't read the code
10:23.28Hobinheim|sleepyou just edit and add
10:24.11dottedcan be annoying enough to dind the right spot to add something if its full of crap
10:25.20Hobinheim|sleephow come teabingh isn't in the chat
10:25.44dottedask him
10:25.50dottednot us :p
10:27.00Hobinheim|sleepTeomyr, why not?
10:27.14dottedwe cant talk trash about him then :p
10:28.06Hobinheim|sleepsmack talk about other editors is largely unnecessary
10:28.36dottedalways necessary when its teabingh :p
10:29.34foxlitUm, the reputation-header images from are ugly :/
10:30.47dottedthey shouldnt be there
10:30.52foxlitHeader style sort of doesn't fit with the rest of the article, and they look completely silly.
10:31.05dottedi'd remove em'
10:32.48dottedjust took a look at my guild forum
10:33.00dottedalmost all officers have left my guild ;(
10:38.00Hobinheim|sleepsounds like it's time to jump ship
10:38.54*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
10:42.55*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim|sleep (
10:50.49foxlitHm, there's a lot of either-or disambiguation pages
10:51.16foxlitShould just redirect to whichever is more significant, then add a "Did you mean ...?" to the top of that
11:01.15*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
11:14.02Adys13:13:21 Talon King Ikiss's Blink was resisted.
11:17.28Adysyou ok dotted
11:17.42dottedhigh on caffein again
11:18.11dottedi have had 7,5 litres of cola this weekend
11:19.25foxlit15:23 Argent Dawn? (9 changes; (-7,145) Page history) [Starlightblunder? (9×)]
11:19.36foxlitzomg, vandal! :P
11:20.17foxlit(kidding - but am trimming that page a bit)
11:41.59foxlitCover in fear!
11:45.21Adysugly ugly ugly
11:45.24Adyswtb {{tooltip}}
11:46.03Adysbracers of subterfuge are.. weird
11:46.14foxlitWell, you can do that :P
11:46.38foxlitThe scary part is that 10 of those 12 included the whole page just a few minutes ago
11:49.38foxlitWhat the heck is up with that revision history?
11:49.45*** join/#wowwiki Liontiger (
11:50.15foxlitBtw, elink does not appear to show if effect is blank
11:50.33foxlitSo a heckload of items look rather odd at the moment
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13:32.40*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
13:45.27the_squidhow long should SL take?
13:47.13*** join/#wowwiki adjhe (
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13:52.37*** part/#wowwiki Mikma (
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14:45.56*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
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15:02.54*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|sleep (
15:07.43Hobinheim|sleepanybody watch death note?
15:26.39*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
15:26.39*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
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15:52.24*** join/#wowwiki Liontiger (
16:05.23[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 4,724
16:16.58KirkburnWhat's on the job queue?!
16:32.47[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 4,098
16:33.51KirkburnAh, I notice many of the final "if" calls are done by un-upgraded tooltips
16:34.01KirkburnWe need to get Kaso back in finishing that off
16:37.22Adyswho made the job queue go up 4k ? oO
16:38.02KirkburnYou! I bet :P
16:38.43KirkburnSeems qif is the next lot to fix?
16:39.22KirkburnWhat is the difference between if and qif?
16:41.24Adysqif is more like switch, iirc
16:41.32KirkburnAdys, NPCBox made it go up
16:42.20KirkburnA hell of a lot of NPC pages use it these days, apparently :)
16:48.15*** join/#wowwiki dotted ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:48.15*** join/#wowwiki barduck (n=barduck@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:48.15*** join/#wowwiki Boubouille ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:48.16*** join/#wowwiki equiraptor (i=equirapt@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:48.16*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
16:48.16*** join/#wowwiki prasys (n=prasys@pdpc/supporter/student/prasys) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:48.16*** join/#wowwiki jouse ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:48.16*** join/#wowwiki |FF|Im2good4u ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:48.16*** join/#wowwiki Peter (i=peter@about/uk/about/fish/pdpc.student.Peter) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:48.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+vv dotted Boubouille] by
16:51.45KirkburnThe new blocking stuff seems to work quite well
16:52.04KirkburnWe have to make sure that we tick the right options though
16:52.38*** join/#wowwiki Legorol (
16:56.04Adysstop poking me
16:57.11*** join/#wowwiki Scrapy (
16:57.51Adysthat reminds me of Mikk getting blocked after blocking Mikkbot
16:58.09foxlitStill want to know about effect/elink on Template:Tooltip
16:58.38foxlitQuite a few item appear to have effect blank, and elink with {{Spelllink}}, it simply eats them.
16:58.44foxlitSomeone either needs to bot that, or fix the template
16:59.53KirkburnAdys, that option has already worked 3 times since the update :)
17:01.38[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 3,410
17:02.39Kirkburnvlad_, a quick question - has the average load on the wiki gone down at all?
17:11.42Hobinheimi did
17:11.47Hobinheimi made the jbo queue go up this morning
17:11.49Hobinheimquestbox + npcbox
17:13.05Adysi slapped zeal for putting If's all around when he could just put {{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}}
17:13.23Hobinheimyeah i saw a handful of those
17:20.19Hobinheimnow that i have a working desk, i'm sort of overwhelmed... so much life to get to. so much wow to play
17:23.09Hobinheimhey does anyone know how to use template:spelllink? adys?
17:23.26Hobinheimwhat is the testsocket value used for/
17:23.38Hobinheimthere's a qif template used there as a switch/if
17:24.00Hobinheimas a switch, really...
17:26.02Adysits for linking socket bonuses
17:26.07Adysits useless afaik
17:26.17Adyssince the system we use doesnt handle it
17:26.20Hobinheimis it? i'll get rid of it?
17:26.23Hobinheimerr you wanna get rid of it?
17:27.04Hobinheimi'll scrap the call and just sub in the color 0F0?
17:33.57KirkburnAdys, so not voted?
17:34.09AdysUnderaged remember?
17:34.26KirkburnOh yeah :)
17:35.07Kirkburnim rechargin!
17:36.46Hobinheimeu elections or something/
17:36.59Hobinheimadys i'm gonna nix that socket fork then
17:37.09Adysim not sure its unused
17:37.16AdysI know its useless
17:37.19Adysbut not sure its unused :P
17:37.24Hobinheimok well i'll code it off at least
17:37.26Hobinheimkeep the functionality
17:37.49Hobinheimmy first ever ifeq
17:37.57Hobinheimhold back your excitement, everybody
17:39.59KirkburnFrench presidency, Hob
17:40.34[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 3,142
17:41.59infobotSir! Too much booty in the pants, sir!
17:43.56Hobinheimdotted, that's a really great, practical add-on, the job queue
17:45.04dottedHobinheim np, gief me more ideas for stuff to code plix plix
17:47.00dottedthats spam
17:47.14dottedand should be on client side
17:48.51HobinheimKirkburn, do you know who made the WW:KV page?
17:49.01Hobinheimevery time i edit that page, i'm like man this row system is genius
17:49.41[NewsBot]dotted rolled 72
17:49.41*** join/#wowwiki [Gangre]Kirochi (
17:49.59[NewsBot]Hobinheim rolled 58
17:50.15KirochiLong live Sarkozy !!!!!
17:50.44Hobinheimdo any of you guys work with mediawiki installs elsewhere/
17:51.07[NewsBot]dotted rolled 64
17:51.11[NewsBot]dotted rolled 87
17:51.12[NewsBot]dotted rolled 88
17:51.19Kirochi!rand 1-100
17:51.24KirkburnHobinheim, lol
17:51.45KirochiWithin ten minutes we'll finally know who our President is!
17:51.58Hobinheimzoh god
17:52.39KirochiPardon my poor English.
17:53.10Hobinheimit wasn't a jab at your english
17:53.14Hobinheimit was a jab at our president
17:53.29KirochiYour ?
17:53.48KirochiYou mean, you're not happy with George W. Bush ?
17:53.56Hobinheimumm... who is?
17:54.20KirochiExcept for the war, what's so dramatic with him?
17:54.29KirochiIn France, "liberal" means right wing
17:54.44KirochiIn every Anglo-saxon country it seems to be the opposite
17:55.12Hobinheimhe's stupid
17:55.18Hobinheimand he probably hates faggots, so...
17:55.25equiraptorThere's a lot wrong with Bush other than the war.
17:55.32dottedBush is an out right retard
17:55.34Hobinheimno child left behind
17:55.36equiraptorHe has a pro-Christian pro-discrimination policy.
17:55.42equiraptorOr, should I say anti-non-Christian.
17:55.42Hobinheimthe whole 911 thing
17:55.45KirochiWhich I don't know, that's why I'm asking.
17:55.51Hobinheimthe entire world dosen't like him
17:56.08equiraptorHe's also approved / allowed lots of potentially illegal activities, including wiretaps that go against our laws.
17:56.09Hobinheimif you aren't on bush's side, you're a terrorist
17:56.24KirochiThat doesn't mean anything, there are a lot of morons everywhere.
17:56.32equiraptorWire taps may actually be place in this country, legally, without a judge's permission, so long as a judge's permission is sought.
17:56.34Kirochi(not talking about you, heh)
17:56.36equiraptorBush doesn't even bother to do *that*.
17:56.46Kirochiwire taps ?
17:56.54equiraptorListening to phone conversations.
17:57.05equiraptor*private* phone conversations.
17:57.18KirochiIt's very expensive and barely illegal, afaik.
17:57.29equiraptorBarely illegal?
17:57.54equiraptorIt would be extremely easy for him to get a judge's permission for the wire taps he does, if he has a valid, legal reason to do them.
17:58.09equiraptorThe fact that he doesn't even ask implies that it's not for our safety.
17:58.09KirochiIn France you don't need headaching authorizations to do it, but it's very very expensive
17:58.39equiraptorHere, you must have authorization from a judge, at some point. However, the authorization can come after you place the tap (but before you use the evidence in court).
17:58.56equiraptorSo you can still place your tap in a timely fashion, so you can still get the evidence you need.
17:58.58Kirochiin France the auth has to come from the police
17:59.23equiraptorThere's no reason to not ask a judge, unless you have unconstitutional reasons (IE illegal) for wanting the top.
18:00.02equiraptorI'm more disappointed in all the people who voted for Bush in 2004 than I am in Bush himself.
18:00.29BoubouilleSarkozy 53%
18:00.34equiraptorI don't think he believes a lot of the things he claims, and I don't think he's as stupid as he makes himself look. I think he says what he says and does what he does because that image gets him elected in this incredibly stupid country.
18:00.53equiraptor(Lots of Americans are smart, don't get me wrong. But there are enough idiots voting to screw the smart ones)
18:01.14equiraptorOk, end ranting. :)
18:05.01AdysBoubouille: trying to do Worldfirst-journalism in this chan too?:P
18:05.23KirochiOmg so we're three froggies up there
18:08.56Hobinheimthree too many
18:12.22TecnoBratIt appears that Shimmering Flats is the hunter bot capital of Azeroth
18:12.31TecnoBratI've seen 5 bots in the last hour there
18:15.17KirkburnReport them!
18:16.09TecnoBratAlready done
18:16.51*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
18:18.01Sandwichman2448Greetings, party peoples in the place to be!
18:20.32KirkburnWow, high turnout for the election
18:22.00KirochiI don't usually report them
18:22.12KirochiI log my ally alt & kill them
18:22.25Kirochieven low levels match them in PvP
18:24.11Kirochionce you've killed the pet they don't even bother looking at you
18:24.14TecnoBratlol yea, I killed them about 5 times each on my 34 shaman
18:25.16*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
18:26.24Kirochihunter bot=pleonasm
18:29.35*** join/#wowwiki barduck (
18:30.15Kirochihow much time has it been since dok3dal connect ?
18:30.23Kirochiconnected* darn
18:30.40TecnoBrat~seen dok3dal
18:30.46infobotdok3dal is currently on #wowwiki (4h 30m 53s), last said: 'need the new mongoose !'.
18:36.58TecnoBratWow, blizzards GMs must be swamped
18:37.12TecnoBratTook like an hour for that ticket
18:37.19TecnoBratand the one i opened last night was like 50 mins
18:37.58*** join/#wowwiki Adys3521 (
18:38.24*** join/#wowwiki Adys|laptop (
18:39.36*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
18:40.15*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
18:40.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
18:40.28Adyswow, weird
18:43.12KirkburnDisconnection fun?
18:43.48KirkburnTecnoBrat, it's all those auto-reporting addons :)
18:44.26TecnoBratThey should really of created a separate category for spammers and bots
18:44.32TecnoBratsince they can be batch handled separately
18:44.38TecnoBratand dont really need a response
18:46.11KirkburnBtw, we've hit 100,000 users!
18:46.22*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | MW updated to 1.9.3, its pruning time! | On Facebook? Join "WoWWiki Addicts"! | 100,000 users and counting!
18:46.59dottedbig ding
18:48.01KirkburnBy comparison, Wikia has 125,961 users
18:49.35*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
18:49.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
18:49.42TecnoBrat(wow was taken, so I had to use "nice")
18:50.56KirkburnHowever, note you don't have to create an account o edit there
18:51.17Kirkburn(I'm sure we can keep the no-anon edits rule for WW, don't worry)
18:51.37TecnoBratYea, the spam would be too crazy
18:51.50KirkburnI'll ask later
18:56.15Adys|laptopsee wikipedia
18:56.21Adys|laptopthey dont need an account to edit there either
18:56.42*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:56.51KirkburnI've asked
18:57.21Adys|laptopbut, moving to wikia doesnt imply that rustak will lose administrationship
18:57.28KirkburnCertainly not
18:57.33Adys|laptopand these things are sorted through the software itself
18:57.46Adys|laptopso i dont see how they would want to activate this or that
18:57.57Adys|laptopsame thing for the domain name
18:58.00vlad_I'd actually like to turn on anon edits, with a captcha
18:58.08vlad_and see how that goes
18:58.25KirkburnWell I've asked them if it will have to change anyway :)
18:58.42Adys|laptopvlad: might imply getting a couple more admins then
18:58.52vlad_because if it works, it would give us more one-off contributors
18:58.55*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
18:58.57KirkburnWe'll likely gain a fair number of experienced people from the move
18:59.14Kirkburnvlad_, true, and the latest upgrades make blocking much effective
18:59.46Sandwichman2448I am humbled to be in your presence.
18:59.53Adys|laptophey sand
19:00.03Adys|laptopKirkburn: you able to get my pms? I didnt register this nick
19:00.15vlad_hm, I was planning on doing some massive reorganization of the furniture in my living room
19:00.21*** kick/#wowwiki [Adys!] by Adys|laptop (foff)
19:00.22*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
19:00.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
19:00.23vlad_but as I look around, I don't /really/ want to get started :(
19:00.31Sandwichman2448Teabingeh is a little insane.
19:02.01KirkburnA LITTLE?
19:02.16*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
19:02.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
19:02.25Sandwichman2448He does make me look normal...
19:02.34AdysKirkburn: got my pm this time?
19:02.37Sandwichman2448have you seen the edits to dalaran?
19:02.39Adyscrashed >>
19:05.17KirkburnSandwichman2448, please don't add exploit info
19:05.56KirkburnYou added info about how to get into Dalaran
19:06.31Sandwichman2448ragestorm helped
19:06.39KirkburnHuh, what?
19:06.47Adysuhm its DNP
19:06.54Adysslightly only, but still dnp
19:06.59KirkburnNo one has readded it :/
19:07.04Adysand still, its the kind of content that gets people to post more etc
19:07.14KirkburnYou readded it from being deleted Sandwichman2448 ?
19:07.24Sandwichman2448Yes Sirs... <:(
19:07.38KirkburnAh, okay
19:07.56KirkburnTeabingh was right to remove it originally
19:08.03AdysSandwichman2448: Im banning you for a year for readding dnp content
19:08.20Sandwichman2448Yes Sir
19:08.24*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
19:08.24Teomyromg adys
19:08.34Teomyrthat's so unjustified
19:08.42Teomyrshould have been 2 years at least!
19:08.49KirkburnAdys, ffs, haven't you worked out he's quite ... something
19:09.08AdysTeomyr, Im banning you permanently for not agreeing with my decisions
19:09.17*** kick/#wowwiki [Teomyr!] by Adys (And you're out of here too!)
19:09.18*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
19:09.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Teomyr] by ChanServ
19:09.25Adysafk a bit :)
19:09.33*** part/#wowwiki Teomyr (
19:09.52*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
19:09.52*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Teomyr] by ChanServ
19:10.10[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 897
19:10.13KirkburnAdys, he believe you, y'know
19:10.13foxlitPage History = <3
19:14.58*** join/#wowwiki Adys2010 (
19:18.05foxlitWoah, people just [[link]] every [[second]] word in some [[articles]].
19:18.31KirkburnLink spam :(
19:18.42KirkburnWhat article you looking at?
19:19.01KirkburnI had a hell of a time undoing the damage to the Blue dragonflight article a while back
19:19.04*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys|Fix] by Adys
19:19.34KirkburnSomeone decided to do a replace all on ALL linkable words
19:19.52KirkburnSo the entire was like your sentence
19:19.59Kirkburn*entire article
19:20.03foxlitJust removed a few excessive ones from [[Exploit]], but it's just a general trend I notice while editing.
19:20.49foxlitSomeone should go on some sort of [[World of Warcraft]] removing jihad!
19:27.58[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 480
19:29.31foxlitMeh, getting deadlocks, though
19:30.31KirkburnI know
19:34.17AdysKirkburn: which page has the text for special:statistics?
19:34.21Adystheres a typo on November
19:35.31Adys|Fixfrom within function "SiteStatsUpdate::doUpdate". MySQL returned error "1213: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction (localhost)".
19:35.42Adys|FixSiteStatsUpdate eh
19:35.44KirkburnYes, just refresh
19:36.08Adys|Fixsounds like {{numberofarticles}} couldnt update or something alike
19:36.15Adys|Fixjust thinking
19:38.02KirkburnIf you have an idea, tell :)
19:38.26Adys|Fixless than 2500 if inclusions
19:38.57Adys|Fix needs to be updated
19:39.04Adys|Fixand actually, all templates need to be merged into one
19:40.08KirkburnAdys, many of the rest of the ifs we need Kasobot for
19:40.17Adys|Fixi know
19:40.21Adys|Fixtheres a bit more
19:41.17Adys|Fixk btw
19:41.28Adys|FixALL article type templates should end with this line
19:41.54Adys|Fix<includeonly>{{{doc|[[Category:Category for the article|{{{1|PAGENAME}}}}}]]}}}</includeonly>
19:43.34Adys|FixOmfg this Teabingh is seriously annoying now
19:45.39[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 142
19:46.26dottedKirkburn is there a lighter page of seeing the jobqueue?
19:46.41KirkburnNot that I know of
19:47.06KirkburnDoesn't mean one doesn't exist!
19:47.23Adysvlad or sancus might be able to set something up for that
19:48.05AdysOk btw;
19:48.19AdysWe need to revamp the BC template
19:48.29Adysand include it again on only the very very new features of the expansion
19:48.34vlad_special:statistics is pretty lightweight
19:50.59KirkburnAdys, I've removed the somewhat personal info from those pages :/
19:51.10Adyswhich pages?
19:51.15KirkburnThe EU CMs
19:51.43KirkburnFirstly he (Teabingh) wants them listed under their real names
19:51.49Adysif they let the info public i dont see the problem, unless its npov etc
19:51.50KirkburnAnd he added info about where they live
19:51.51dottedlol teabag is a bigger idiot than i first thought
19:52.01dottedperma ban him
19:52.06Adyswhere they live etc is silly
19:52.15KirkburnTheir names are /not/ for us to reveal
19:52.38foxlitAre we talking continents or street numbers?
19:52.42KirkburnAnd especially not for us to make public knowledge
19:52.51dottedfoxlit city
19:53.08KirkburnIt's still not relevant, and not a road to go down
19:53.20Adyskinda disagree on that tbh but okay
19:53.45KirkburnIf they list their names somewhere, they can be added to the article
19:53.54Adyswell yeah
19:53.55KirkburnBut the articles certainly shouldn't be moved to that name
19:53.55foxlitQuestion: how does he know?
19:53.56Adysthats what i meant
19:54.22KirkburnEr, what level do you get your first talent point?
19:54.32KirkburnYeah, so ... er ... not nine?
19:54.44foxlit10 is not 9, that's true
19:54.51KirkburnTeabingh ftw
19:55.09TecnoBratThis category includes:
19:55.09TecnoBrat* Releasing any real-life information about other players or Blizzard Entertainment employees
19:55.09TecnoBratIf a player is found to have participated in such actions, he/she will:
19:55.09TecnoBrat* Be permanently banned from the World of Warcraft forums
19:55.23TecnoBratI'd say .. its a bad idea to do on the wiki too
19:55.32Teomyr"Magi begin spending talent points at level nine, not ten." LOL
19:55.43Adyswhere teomyr?
19:55.54Adysok i had enough
19:56.00Adysim giving him a warning
19:56.00foxlitIt's the 60-9=51!!!
19:56.01KirochiI recently added
19:56.15Kirochia lot of info on Ley walkers on WoWwiki
19:56.20KirkburnI want to throttle him
19:56.22Kirochitotally quoted from MM&M
19:56.32KirkburnKirochi, cited, I hope! :)
19:56.34foxlitSee, 51 talent points, 60 levels, means first talent point is at level 9. Spot the mistake!
19:57.02Kirochiyay, in fact, the template "cite" was the only line on the article before I arrived
19:57.04foxlitAnd the guy is odd enough to make it, too.
19:57.10Kirochinow it's the end of the page
19:57.39KirochiBut I mean, I copy/pasted the whole text and even added the image
19:57.40Teomyrthe CMs' names are listed in the credits
19:57.41Kirochiis it legal ?
19:57.50KirkburnTeomyr, not specifying who, though
19:58.09KirkburnKirochi, as long as it's not a huge amount, it should be okay
19:58.17Kirochiit's said who precisely wrote the article on ley walkers
19:58.19KirkburnAnd as long as it is all cited and shown to be quotes
19:58.25Kirochiwell, that was the fact I was bringing up
19:58.31Kirochiit's quite large a text
19:58.57foxlitHay, I win
19:59.04dottedfixed Thundgot article
20:00.55Adys wth?
20:01.54dottedAdys its a user, retarded edit yes but you spelled wrong
20:02.22foxlit"a user" sounds better :P
20:02.45dottednot only that, its the right spelling aswell
20:02.46foxlitSo we'll bend that rule of grammar for that word as well. Just like "an hour" is use drather than "a hour" :P
20:02.59Kirochiok guys
20:03.02KirochiI must be going
20:03.03foxlitOkay, fail at typing :P
20:03.09KirkburnSee ya, Kirochi!
20:03.13AdysI think you meant spelt, btw, dotted
20:03.19Adysbut im not sure
20:03.32Adysspelled sounds, weird
20:03.51dottedAdys an/a is decide on pronounciation(sp?) not letter :D
20:03.59dottedim better at grammer really
20:04.12*** kick/#wowwiki [dotted!] by Adys (Grammar*)
20:04.24*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
20:04.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+v dotted] by ChanServ
20:04.28dottedlol wut?
20:04.37Adysnah im picky today
20:04.44Adysthis teabingh is freaking me out
20:04.53*** kick/#wowwiki [foxlit!] by Adys (I MAKE THE RULES K)
20:05.01*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
20:05.11dottedvelkommen tilbage foxlit
20:05.31AdysKirkburn, had a look at what i posted on tea's talkpage?
20:05.34foxlitHah, I need a hostmask :P
20:06.28KirkburnI replied!
20:06.32Adysnvm, WTF is going on with his system
20:06.50Adyshes deleting stuff out ffs
20:07.18dottedperma ban him already
20:07.25foxlitThink he's moving stuff onder the H1
20:07.29KirkburnNo, no permaban
20:07.46Adyshe'll get 6-12 months if any
20:07.54Adyshe reminds me of Theron, somehow
20:08.16Adysby the way
20:08.27KirkburnGive him a week off if this continues
20:08.38foxlitMeh, [[Mage lore]]
20:08.57Adysshould the Inner Sanctum in Silvermoon City be considered as a reference to the guild Inner Sanctum on Silvermoon?
20:09.04foxlitMust he really change every possible sentance structure to fit the plural of mage into it?
20:09.10TecnoBratSomeone with a little more power than me should link that and tell him that he has to do that for CMs if he feels he wants to post their RL names .. aka .. SOURCE IT.
20:09.40KirkburnOkay, people do NOT start throwing insults around
20:10.00TecnoBratIf they admit in a public interview that that is their name, then yea .. its fair game
20:10.10Adysagreed with tecno
20:10.42Adysis he calling me Andy now?
20:11.05KirkburnTom Chilton goes by the name for most interviews
20:11.20Teomyri've got a screenie of an interview with vaneck, showing his real name
20:11.32KirkburnHe's almost certainly also publically listed for Blizzard under that name
20:12.08Kirkburn(Whereas the CMs generally go by their forum name)
20:12.35TecnoBratKirkburn, thats exactly my point :)
20:13.00KirkburnTeomyr, if they are listed in that way, then yes, sounds fair to me
20:13.05dottedim like vael now, altho im able to control my erage towards teabag
20:13.10KirkburnWould need citation though
20:13.20dottedyet that is
20:13.26TecnoBratyep, would definately need the citation
20:14.01foxlitLook up "Lead Game Designer" in game manual, read "I am the Lead Game Designer" in forum post, done :)
20:14.31foxlit[assuming the lead game designer is a unique title that did not change ownership between the post and manual print date]
20:14.36TecnoBrathey andy!
20:14.57Teomyr not a very nice picture, though
20:14.59dottedKirkburn can we o whatever we want on our user tslk page :/?
20:15.11KirkburnWithin reason
20:15.18KirkburnNo-one has to follow your 'rules'
20:15.31AdysUser talk isn't as public as user and user subpages
20:15.35TecnoBratI'm confused
20:15.42Adysbecause others are actually meant to edit it too
20:15.46TecnoBratisnt there global "rules" about talk pages?
20:15.53TecnoBratbecause of what Adys said
20:15.54KirkburnGuidelines, yeah
20:16.03dottedimo we should create a user talk policy just to annoy teabag
20:16.46Adyswe should make a new section for user talk pages
20:17.00KirkburnThere's already a reasonable description on there
20:17.10KirkburnExactly :)
20:17.47foxlitMy User Talk: is blank :/
20:18.08Teomyrlol andy
20:18.23Teomyri suppose that's what we get from calling him teabag
20:18.48Adysi never called him like that
20:18.55KirkburnPersonal insults get us nowhere
20:19.05KirkburnAdys, I know, it wasn't you :)
20:19.27Teomyromg, GMs!
20:19.42Adyswow this guy is fat.
20:19.48Adysthe one on the right
20:20.03TecnoBratTeomyr, thats of blizz's office?
20:21.02foxlitBut... there's no wow clients in there!
20:21.25|Pixel|of course not
20:21.33TecnoBratfar monitor looks like it might be running wow
20:21.39|Pixel|why would you need a wow client to be a GM ?
20:22.03Teomyri'd love to know which software is running on those screens
20:22.17|Pixel|that is called "GMTool"
20:22.21|Pixel|custom, internal software
20:22.43foxlitPart of that looks like the .net toolbar style, U'd guess at least part of that is outlook
20:22.47foxlitWhy, Pixel?
20:22.56|Pixel|why what ?
20:23.10foxlitWhy assume the need for custom internal software?
20:23.15KirkburnOkay, check the Village pump [[WW:VP]] for personal info discussion.
20:23.17|Pixel|I am not assuming :)
20:23.34foxlitConsider the question suitably ammended.
20:23.38TecnoBrat|Pixel|, hehe
20:23.50TecnoBratused to work there did you? (or still do)
20:23.57|Pixel|I still do, indeed
20:24.15|Pixel|think of it as a big IRC client, that's all about it
20:24.29foxlitNo world interaction, then?
20:24.31TecnoBratI'm sure there is cases when you have to login to the game tho eh?
20:24.32Teomyri seriously doubt that a GM would talk about this in public IRC chats
20:24.51TecnoBratIts not exactly confidential info
20:25.05|Pixel|that's indeed not that much confidential
20:25.23|Pixel|just breaking some wrong assumption lots of people are making about how to be a GM
20:25.45|Pixel|there's no such thing as "one GM per realm"
20:25.55foxlitduh :P
20:26.05|Pixel|that's the most common wrong assumption
20:28.18KirkburnGod, that'd be stupid
20:28.18TecnoBrat|Pixel|, tell your bosses they need to put a category for bots/spam, and batch handle that crap later
20:28.18dottedthe most common would be the "gm commands"
20:28.28TecnoBratso my damn "stuck" petition doesnt take an hour!
20:28.41Kirkburn|Pixel|, more like several GMs per group of servers?
20:29.06|Pixel|Kirkburn: i s more like one GM can handle any ticket from any realm
20:29.12KirkburnWaiiit, you're not working now are you?
20:29.15Teomyri still can't believe we have a GM here. prove yourself! :P
20:29.24|Pixel|I am not :)
20:29.24dottedKirkburn fifo
20:29.32|Pixel|and I am not a GM either
20:30.01Kirkburn|Pixel|, do you wish all SpamSentry people would add a damn NOREPLY note? :P
20:30.16|Pixel|Kirkburn: tbh, I fucking don't care :p
20:30.34KirkburnIs this like 20 questions to find out your job? ;)
20:30.39|Pixel|HA HA
20:31.00|Pixel|I'd hand that over pretty much quickly: I'm one of the web-admin
20:31.36|Pixel|so I'm the one you can beat an inch within my life whenever the account management page goes into 503
20:32.10dottedyou deserve quite a beating then oO
20:32.15|Pixel|hehehe :)
20:32.57|Pixel|so, sorry, but I do not have any kind of super-GM-power or anything
20:33.11|Pixel|nor can I alter anything in the game in any way
20:33.32dottedall blizz amployes can .kill and .add :p
20:33.37foxlitChanging the warlock page to read something different would suffice :P
20:34.16|Pixel|foxlit: I'm playing a warlock, ffs :p
20:34.27foxlitIsn't everyone?
20:34.38|Pixel|dotted: actually, it used to be that way
20:34.41|Pixel|not anymore :)
20:34.42foxlitI've almost had a BG match versus a pure Rogue/Warlock team. 13 / 15
20:35.37dotted|Pixel| lol wut?
20:35.40dotted :D:D:
20:35.44KirkburnSneak something onto the website for us, to prove it =)
20:36.22|Pixel|gimme a minute
20:37.22foxlitCould just fix the 404
20:37.54|Pixel|oh ?
20:37.58|Pixel|wait a minute
20:41.34[NewsBot]The job queue length is currently 0
20:42.16|Pixel|the right URL seems to be
20:42.23|Pixel|where is it linked from ?
20:42.39Adysi guess the warlock talent calculator
20:42.42Adyswild guess
20:42.43foxlitClass pages - image links to talent calculators are broken
20:42.58KirkburnAdys, oooh, burn
20:43.06foxlit and stuff
20:43.36|Pixel|oh, dammit
20:43.55|Pixel|'sbreath.jpg is broken too -_-
20:44.07|Pixel|etc... okay, I know what's going on
20:44.14|Pixel|I'll have to flame down some editors
20:44.25AdysPixel, instead, flame the guys that pack up the MPQs
20:44.35|Pixel|too far from my desktop :)
20:44.37Adystell them to have some kind of normalization into that mess ><
20:44.51|Pixel|so, anyway
20:44.51KirkburnAdys "1) slang: to disrespect someone (to diss); to make fun of someone; used by a third party after a first party makes fun of a second party."
20:45.25KirkburnYou are first party, |Pixel| is second, I am third
20:45.26Adyswhat are you talking about :P
20:45.53KirkburnTotally ruins it when I have to explain it :(
20:46.00Adysyeah doesnt it
20:46.13Adysyou got 4000 Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs in your mailbox btw
20:46.27KirkburnForce me to level why don't you :)
20:46.38Adyslvl 37 req!
20:47.42dottedthat could have been there since forever :p
20:47.49|Pixel|okay, let's change it then
20:47.59dottedput a quote from the chat in there
20:48.11dottedpultiples to be preffered
20:48.23Adys|Pixel| : promise me you delete that stuff after, it FREAKS ME OUT when I see irregularities anywhere
20:48.43AdysIm a weirdo
20:48.43dottedAdys whatever you say Andy
20:48.47|Pixel|Adys: if you'd knew the number of irregularities... :)
20:48.55Adysmy point, exactly
20:48.56|Pixel|so, there dotted
20:49.17AdysGive me the password and Ill fix you the irregularities ;)
20:49.30|Pixel|sorry, can't give you my RSA-key :)
20:49.39Adysyou can, you just dont want to =P
20:49.51|Pixel|that's sorta the same ;)
20:49.59|Pixel|allright, deleting it now
20:50.32|Pixel|you welcome :p
20:51.04Adysi guess wow-europe and are different for the editors
20:51.33Adystell them to update that =P
20:51.47Adysits way out of date :(
20:52.02|Pixel|"The flight map will be updated in a near future."
20:52.04|Pixel|yeah, right -_-
20:52.30dottedatleast you can admit to it :D
20:52.57|Pixel|admit what ? :P
20:53.56dottedthat blizzard is fucking lazy :p
20:54.13Adysblizzard is IRREGULAR, argh
20:54.48Adysi wonder
20:55.15Adysif i just had the entire packed up code of wow, including the server data etc
20:55.26Adysand searched how many inclusions of "Outlands" there is
20:55.46Adysoh god that would be sweet
20:56.02KirkburnOoh, /me likes Buffalo (addon)
20:56.08AdysPixel, because you let me bug you
20:56.28Adyswhen are we gonna see characters linked to a single avatar on forums for different posters :p
20:56.30dottedwhat if the unlikely scenario would happen and you'd get 0 results?
20:56.32Adysive been whining for that for ages
20:56.44|Pixel|I'm not at all linked with any developper :0
20:56.52KirkburnAargh! That Primordial Core you sent me crashed my client :/
20:56.55Teomyrdotted: then he would still have the source code and could blackmail blizzard
20:57.10Adysdotted: im sure someone wrote it once.. in a filename, in a source comment.. anything
20:57.36AdysPixel, can you give me epix
20:57.48AdysWhy?! <cry>
20:57.54AdysDotted stfu :P
20:58.47AdysWhen does the patch go live omg?!
20:58.51Adysok, ill stop
20:59.02Adysbefore you think my questions are serious
20:59.05|Pixel|that is something I know but can not communicate :)
20:59.27AdysI wonder if giving you voice will help
20:59.29Adysit did for dotted
20:59.34|Pixel|nope ^^
20:59.50Teomyrwell, then... no voice for you! ha!
20:59.55Adyslol teo
20:59.57|Pixel|*shrugs* :)
21:00.17|Pixel|I can nuke your account though :)
21:00.35dotteddo plx
21:00.40Adys"I just need your password"
21:00.50|Pixel|nope, no need ^^
21:00.58Adysyou still need the account name :<
21:01.05Adysoh shit, i got all my char info on wowwiki
21:01.09|Pixel|or a character name / realm
21:01.20Adystheres two lvl 70 adys in europe :/
21:01.29dottedpwnt Adys on Stormrage
21:01.30Teomyrbut only one on stormrage
21:01.33Adyscan you nuke the other one? hes always above me in the fucking armory
21:01.58KirkburnLevel 30 ... wonder where I should go next
21:02.12Adysdesolace i guess
21:02.13foxlitFaction, where have you been?
21:02.32dotted|Pixel| what would happen if i went to gm island, and petitioned a gm for a tour?
21:02.42|Pixel|you'd be banned
21:02.50|Pixel|(already happened)
21:02.54AdysI could have answered that
21:03.20KirkburnOoh, got my GM ticker answered in about 5 mins :)
21:03.30dottedi actually bought a second accout to try it, but never got around doing it :(
21:03.36AdysI got a goldseller one answered within a minute today
21:03.42Adyswas freeky
21:04.06Kirkburnfoxlit, I want SW rep :P
21:04.22Adysthat was just obvious
21:04.44foxlitDid the king questline?
21:04.46KirkburnI never did most Duskwood quests, maybe when I get my ... mount
21:04.51KirkburnWhatever mount that might be :P
21:04.59Adyscmon :>
21:05.18Adysyeah draeneis on horsies look cool :)
21:05.20dottedi hope you are a female then
21:05.25KirkburnMale :(
21:05.29dottedfor the love of god
21:05.48KirkburnI didn't want to go with the crowd
21:06.12KirkburnI've already made a few females ... but frankly, who wouldn't want to stare at a man's ass all day long?
21:06.24*** kick/#wowwiki [Kirkburn!] by Adys (Sicko)
21:06.24*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
21:06.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
21:06.58dottedfrench wako
21:07.07Adysmale characters are uncomfortable to play for me
21:07.18Adyshuman males are plain ugly
21:07.41Adysgnomes fit both genders but i don't like their size, makes the camera go weird
21:07.50Adysdwarves, orcs, i just dont play them
21:08.01Adystauren are decent as male, i wouldnt play a female one
21:08.36Adyselves, both BEs and NEs are gay for the male version and way too feminine for the female one, but both are actually "playable" because they are kinda parodic
21:08.48Adys(tho playing a male BE priest is a pain and makes me wanna puke)
21:09.24Adysdraenei are uncomfortable in general, its not nice thinking your gf has a tail and hooves
21:10.10dottedhorns are sexy
21:10.15AdysUDs are decent, female version is just better but the male version is prob the only decent one to play
21:11.04dottedi miss my orbed female ud
21:11.26dottedman i hate blizz for nerfing sex change
21:12.15Adys"man i hate blizz for nerfing sex" would have been too awesome
21:12.39dottedisnt nerfed
21:12.48dottedcan still do that
21:12.50AdysPixel, nerf Dotted's sex
21:13.25|Pixel|btw people
21:13.27|Pixel|I have one question
21:13.37|Pixel|I'm watching TV right now (I'm french actually)
21:13.55Adysthe invasion will start tomorrow
21:13.55|Pixel|I'd like to know how does foreigners feel right now about our new president
21:14.08dottedwho is it?
21:14.09foxlitWho _is_ your new president?
21:14.19|Pixel|Nicolas Sarkozy
21:14.20dottedwho is it?¨
21:14.25|Pixel|a fool
21:14.29dottedwhat wing¨
21:14.32dottedi menat
21:14.45dottedhe is a cunt
21:14.50foxlitAnd on a political scale that isn't relative?
21:14.54*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
21:14.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
21:16.07KirkburnAdys, did I read this right? "<Adys> draenei are uncomfortable in general, its not nice thinking your gf has a tail and hooves"
21:16.39AdysI wasnt speaking of you
21:16.57Adysbut my gf plays a draenei and its very uncomfortable :P
21:16.58KirkburnHeh, I wasn't even meaning that!
21:17.10KirkburnSounds like you RP a leeeetle bit too much =)
21:17.31Adysit doesnt help the cyber sessions
21:17.35Adyswtf, did i say that out loud
21:17.53KirkburnJust a leetle
21:18.22dottedhave there been more teabagism on the wiki?
21:19.28dottedass hat
21:20.04Kirkburnlet's just not get into an edit war, okay?
21:20.25KirkburnHe has at least added a source now
21:20.41KirkburnWho on earth was first in his eyes I wonder?
21:20.50Adys|Pixel| : Im french aswell so cant give an "outsider" opinion but i think both candidates were just as valuable as eachother for once
21:21.08|Pixel|ah, tiens :)
21:21.16dottedKirkburn probably Aeus who is a CR
21:21.21KirkburnOh god, not more frenchies!
21:21.59Adys|Pixel| : does being french increase my chances of getting access to's servers? =P
21:22.13Adysuseless country
21:22.18KirkburnWould not being french help?
21:22.19|Pixel|except if you're a nice girl, maybe
21:22.24AdysOh, I am..
21:22.30AdysKirk can confirm you that <pokes>
21:22.38KirkburnAdys is definatelt the girl in our relationship
21:25.08KirkburnSkosiris, bug!
21:26.11Skosiristhanks! 'will fix this right away
21:27.37Adyshow about fixing the ten other bugs I reported you =P
21:28.02Skosiris10 o_O
21:28.12Skosirisplease list them all
21:28.15Teomyrand how about finishing the wiki system! and ...!
21:28.38Adysyou want me to?
21:28.47Adyslets see
21:29.00Adys is located in Old Hillsbrad Foothills
21:29.07Adys is a 100% droprate
21:29.19Adys is a 100% droprate off The Husk
21:29.28Adys should NOT be found in Stratholme
21:29.38Adys His health is fucked up
21:29.49Adys health fucked up again
21:29.57Adys same again
21:30.09Adys The Twisting Nether exists
21:30.24*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
21:30.35Adysshould I keep going? :P
21:30.40Skosirisyes, sure
21:30.45Teomyrterrible bugs. skosiris, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!
21:30.59Adys fix that as a 100% droprate off Kel Thuzad
21:30.59Sandwichman2448Adys, I would hate you if i did not idolize and respect you so.
21:31.10*** kick/#wowwiki [Sandwichman2448!] by Adys (I love you too)
21:31.34Adys should be a noloc
21:32.02Adys should be a noloc
21:32.44dottedTHE BUGS! IT BURNS US
21:33.02AdysI think I hurt Sandwichman's feelings
21:33.10Teomyri think so too
21:33.22Teomyrwas it really necessary to kick him?
21:33.25AdysI should send him some ketchup
21:34.20SkosirisAdys: thanks
21:35.02KirkburnLol, I was wondering why I wasn't hitting anything with my bow
21:35.13KirkburnThat'd be because I had NO skill in bows
21:35.45Teomyryou don't have any skill at all!
21:37.54Adystekkub ?
21:41.18*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
21:41.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
21:41.32Adyslo kaso :)
21:41.36KasoHey adys
21:42.58KasoI feel so lonely tonight, my guild are all in kara without me, noone is talking on irc much
21:43.14Kasoand no matter how hard i serach i cant find this band on the net!
21:43.31Adysirc was quite active until 5-10 mins earlier
21:43.52KasoAny iTunes music store sucks arse!
21:44.41TecnoBratI've gotten 32 spam messages today
21:44.52Adys2 here
21:44.55Adysand been online all day
21:44.57KasoIn game mails you mean?
21:45.01Teomyr5 pages
21:45.04TecnoBratin-game tells
21:45.10Kasoonly got 2 over this weekend
21:45.13Kasoah tells
21:45.17Kasowell thats different
21:45.27KasoYou need my awesome new addon JSpam!
21:45.41TecnoBratI use spamsentry is gonna expire soon >.<
21:46.00TecnoBratthats how I knew there was 32
21:46.03KasoI didnt like any of the existing spam blocker addons, so i wrote my own :> love knowing lua
21:46.20TecnoBratspamsentry is nice
21:46.35Adyscann me andy
21:46.39TecnoBratYou mean Anddddddddddddddddddddddddy
21:46.48Adys sweetie you see this
21:46.55KirkburnAdys got there first :(
21:47.06KasoYou want to bot out ever {{if}} !?!
21:47.21KirkburnThose pages need updated tooltips
21:47.26Adysbut most of the current inclusions are the old {{tooltipcss}} tooltips
21:47.41Adysif pagename then tooltipcss else smalltooltipcss
21:47.47Kasoas i said on friday, kasobot should be up and running on monday :>
21:47.59Adysthat means in 12 minutes?! :)
21:48.06Kaso1hour 12min here!
21:48.14Kasoand i mean after ive slept tonight
21:48.19Tekkubwe need our real CSS damnit :)
21:48.32ThraeI suggest using LISP formats for everything. There's nothing more intuitive then {{ttlp}} (Tooltip recursive)
21:49.35KasoKirkburn, you didnt happen to watch Transmisson on channel 4 this friday did you?
21:50.01Kasothere was a band on it and i cant find anything on the internet almost, i think ive spelt the name wrong >.<
21:50.54KirkburnCan't help :(
21:51.00dottedwhat do you spell
21:51.14Kaso"Blonde de Role"
21:51.23dotteddunno then
21:51.30Kasobut all i can find is a few people mentioning it in thier myspace, no offical band page
21:51.34KirkburnAww, I thought this was like Sesame Street :(
21:54.51Adys any idea what that could be?
21:55.09KasoRats in MC, sounds fun!
21:59.48Teomyrcore rat... lol
22:03.37*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
22:06.10Adyswas thinking the same thing, kaso
22:06.24Adyssome kind of untargettable crap in mc
22:07.51KasoI also suspect gnomergan, that place seems more likely to have rats, and it has a "core" (eg computer core)
22:07.52dottedsomeone yelled leroy jenkins on tv
22:08.14Adysgnomergan eh
22:08.21Adysnew spelling every day ^^
22:08.45TekkubGnome Ragan
22:08.47Adysand these "core rats" sound more like some kind of weird lava stuff or anything
22:08.57Adysi dont know
22:09.00Adysdecorative shit
22:09.05Tekkubwait that was wrong
22:09.11TekkubGnome Reagan
22:09.12Teomyrgnomeregan is called "gnomeragon" in the mpqs
22:09.18Adysyes :D
22:09.38Adysi call all gnomes "Nogmes" since i heard the term
22:11.01*** join/#wowwiki sineP (
22:12.08sinePcan someone help me typing a macro?
22:12.20Kasojoin #wowi-lounge and i will
22:12.29Adyshes there
22:18.33Kasoi finally found a copy of the film "primer" on dvd this weekend, im rather happy
22:37.40*** join/#wowwiki Gramzon (
22:38.44*** join/#wowwiki Gramzon (
22:39.12*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
22:39.16Adysill be back tomorrow, nn peeps, and you kaso go run your bot :>
22:54.22*** join/#wowwiki Karrion (
22:56.53Gramzonhey quick ? ... is there a way on WoWwiki where i can c all the animated gifs at once?
22:57.27KasoIm not sure there would be a catagory for that.
22:57.40KasoHow many animated gifs do we have?
22:57.46Gramzonidk lol.
22:58.20Kasogood luck :>
22:58.33Gramzoni have a widget that displays pics on the desktop..and i wanted it to be animated Warcraft pics
23:01.21Gramzonthe avatars was a good help thx.
23:01.30*** join/#wowwiki Scrapy (
23:02.16*** join/#wowwiki Scrapy (
23:06.42*** join/#wowwiki Scrapy (
23:08.57*** join/#wowwiki arson (
23:09.36arsonis there a reason why i cant wear mail armor?
23:11.35Kasocos you're not a hunter/shaman/paladin/warrior ?
23:12.22KasoWhat class are you?
23:20.10*** join/#wowwiki Gramzon (
23:34.17*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
23:34.35Sandwichman2448HELLO! IT IS I! NOT BANNED!
23:35.13Sandwichman2448Sorry Adys for the Dalaran edit.
23:35.23Sandwichman2448It will never happen again.
23:35.55KasoHey gimmick man
23:36.29arsonKaso, i'm Warlock
23:37.16KasoThen you're stuck with cloth for life im afraid, perhaps take a read of lots of interesting info about your class there
23:41.29*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:47.50Sandwichman2448... am I gimmick man?
23:50.59KasoI seem to think so
23:53.31KasoBecause the way you act can't be serious in my opinon
23:54.08Sandwichman2448I act very serious.
23:54.28Sandwichman2448Name one occation where I have not.
23:54.44SkosirisSandwichman2448: Which do you prefer between Thottbot, Allakhazam and Wowhead?
23:57.39KasoSandwichman2448, you constant "respecting the admins" behavour seems to me as if you're some sort of "lol admins suck" type gimmick playing a ultra-obediant charater to mock that position
23:57.51Kasobut perhaps i am over-reading and you're just a little quirky
23:59.05Sandwichman2448I DO respect them.

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