IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070428

00:04.50Kirkburn|afkggilbert, I only have a 70 warlock and 42 pally (and two 20 hunters)
00:05.30Kirkburn|afkI like the way I was honored to all alliance races before I even left Bloodmyst Isle (and revered to Exodar)
00:16.52TecnoBratdammit, fricken only get 1 argent dawn rep per kill for a non-elite, or elite in EPL/WPL/Strath/Scholo
00:16.57TecnoBratat level 70
00:26.35deltronthe rep is probably the same
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01:22.58TecnoBratYea Kitan
01:23.02TecnoBratIt says 1 rep...
01:23.07TecnoBratwhere you reading 0?
01:23.19TecnoBrat"At level 70 you only receive 1 reputation for every elite or non-elite undead kill. Even elites in Scholomance / Stratholme only yield 1 reputation"
01:23.27Kitanmy bad
01:23.34Kitanno... just wanted to pop on adn say something
01:23.42Kitanamussingly I thought.. I should probably verify
01:23.47Kitanbad day I am having
01:23.56TecnoBratoh, my comment on my edit said none
01:23.58Kitanat least I didn't do somethign stupid like revert
01:24.07TecnoBratyea, the actual edit says 1
01:24.12TecnoBratbut my comment said none
01:24.14TecnoBratsorry my bad
01:26.23Kitanwell your comment isn't the important part... adn 1 rep is essentially nothing anyway. :-P
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02:08.40TecnoBratAnyone here have much experience in SSC?
02:10.11TecnoBratserpentshrine cavern
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02:34.16Tekkubskos, I fucking love you
02:34.33Tekkub*doubleclicks an item's icon on head*
02:35.50Tekkubhowever it does all lower case
02:37.02Skosirisyeah this "feature" has been there for a while :)
02:37.28Skosirisbecause of so many inconsistencies in the filenames I decided to lowercase them all
02:38.15Tekkubit makes it all lowercase though
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02:41.42TecnoBrathahaaha so there is this trash mob in serpentshrine
02:41.51TecnoBrathe does this weird quake thing
02:41.59TecnoBratand a debuff that does aoe dmg after 1 sec
02:42.13TecnoBratwell, we almost wiped, 2 prot warriors, a shadow priest, and 2 paladins lived
02:42.23TecnoBratthen you kill him, he spawns like 20 little adds
02:42.26TecnoBratwhich own us
02:42.57TecnoBrat5 manned it from 30%, we were like "YAAAAAAAAAAAAA", and then "OH SHIIIIIIIITTT"
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05:30.20SkosirisJunk, you wake up early.
05:31.46JunkHead-WorkI woke up at 11pm.:P
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05:36.49JunkHead-Work8 Yr Old kid playing guitar hero 2.
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06:46.38Skosiris"Bound to Blade's Edge Mountains"
06:46.47Skosirisdoes this wording make sense?
06:47.43Skosiristhis would mean the item will disappear if you leave the zone
06:48.19Skosiriswhat do you suggest Tek? :)
06:48.27Tekkubdo a hovertip like the "Party Loot"
06:48.52Skosiriswhat would the hovertip say?
06:49.16Tekkub"Dissappears if you leave the zone!"
06:50.43SkosirisTekkub: you may hit F5
06:50.51Tekkubdon't wanna
06:51.00Skosirisyou don't have much of a choice here
06:51.06Tekkubtoo late
07:13.49JunkHead-WorkCan someone explain something to me about raid timers/resets?
07:14.54JunkHead-WorkWhen you got into a raid instance with a group, you get saved to that particular instance. What is this based on? Raid leader?
07:26.51Tekkubfirst boss that's killed everyone gets saved to that raidID
07:27.13Tekkubif you go in an instance with one raid, you're in their raidID, but not saved
07:27.30Tekkubif you don't kill a boss you can leave and join a different raid and get in THEIR raidID
07:27.42Tekkubas soon as you take down a boss, you're saved there
07:27.47JunkHead-WorkI'm kinda new to instances that have those.
07:27.51JunkHead-WorkBut say like...
07:28.27JunkHead-WorkYou go into Kara with a group on Tuesday
07:28.46JunkHead-WorkAnd you kill a boss, you can't join another group until neext tuesday right?
07:28.57Tekkubif that's when it resets, basically
07:29.09Tekkubyou "can" go in again, but you'll be in the same one
07:29.15JunkHead-WorkHa, then my guild has more problems than they thought.
07:29.22Tekkubif you take people that weren't raid locked, they'll lock to that ID
07:29.29JunkHead-WorkIf you're ina  totally new group, you'll be alone in the insatnce.
07:29.38Tekkubif they are locked to a different ID, they can't go with you
07:29.59JunkHead-WorkOh you can't go in at all?
07:29.59Tekkubif they're all free they can go in yours with you
07:30.30Tekkubbut bosses will already be down and the rest of your group will not be happy if they were going to continue
07:31.00JunkHead-WorkWell I went with a group tuesday, and my guild was planning on going  tonight (friday)
07:31.13JunkHead-WorkSo if they had went, I could not have gone anyway right?
07:31.34JunkHead-WorkBecause I was already saved to the previous group's instance.
07:31.55Tekkubif your guild is raiding and you intend to raid with them, don't raid with other people on that instance
07:32.12Tekkubyou would have been locked out of your guild's raid
07:32.23JunkHead-WorkMy guild hasn't officially started Kara.
07:32.38JunkHead-WorkThey keep saying they are, and have been planning on it for like, 2 weeks.
07:32.52JunkHead-WorkBut haven't yet, due to people still getting attuned.
07:32.54Tekkubyea... good luck with them :)
07:33.12JunkHead-WorkI've already been just to learn it a bit.
07:33.37JunkHead-WorkThey just would've been screwed if they had gone tonight.
07:33.59JunkHead-WorkThey would've been without 2 holy Paladins, a Rogue and a Mage.
07:34.27JunkHead-WorkOh and a Prot Warrior, since he had gone with someone else also.
07:34.49Tekkubthey should focus on keying a good group instead of making raid plans 2wk in advance
07:35.22Tekkubget the group all doing 5-mans together on a raid-like schedule, then move up when you're all going good on that
07:36.06JunkHead-WorkYou're close.
07:36.06JunkHead-WorkThey didn't plan it two weeks in advance.
07:36.06JunkHead-WorkThey just keep planning it.
07:36.06JunkHead-WorkAnd it never happens.:P
07:36.06Tekkubthey're perpetually aiming for being there in two weeks?
07:36.16JunkHead-WorkThey aim for every tuesday and friday i think.
07:36.26JunkHead-WorkAnd every tuesday and friday, we still aren't ready.
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07:37.19JunkHead-WorkWe have a post on our forums for tracking who is attuned and all.
07:37.32JunkHead-WorkI think one name has been added in the past 2-3 days.
07:37.52Tekkubgod I wish I had a 70 healer, I want to instanciate again
07:37.56Tekkubnoone wants 65ish instances when the hubby actually wants to play
07:38.03JunkHead-Work<-- 70 Healer
07:38.18Tekkub<---38 priest
07:38.25Tekkub<--- 65 hunter I hate
07:39.37JunkHead-WorkI'm still leveling my mage, My god mid 50's are boring.
07:39.58JunkHead-WorkIt took 2 people helping me just to get to 54 due to how crappy it was.
07:40.11JunkHead-WorkFriends made it fun enough to do it.
07:41.34Tekkubyes, I can't solo
07:42.07Tekkubyet my dipshit roommate can, and he constantly fails to understand rolling an alt to play solo and level his shaman with me only
07:43.32JunkHead-WorkI remember when I leveled my Paladin, I didn't mind WPL and EPL. But now, wow they suck.
07:43.46JunkHead-WorkMy mage is in Winterspring questing now.
07:44.01JunkHead-WorkI couldn't take Plaguelands. And Felwood is just horrible.
07:45.27Teomyri hate EPL. you can't get anywhere there without aggroing 200 mobs, and fighting one enemy there gives you like 50 debuffs already
07:45.55JunkHead-WorkSounds like me in Silithus.
07:46.07Teomyrmy favorite is the -10% chance to hit debuff for 10 minutes
07:47.02Teomyrhave you ever been to the twilight cavern in the north of silithus?
07:47.03JunkHead-WorkPlus my mage has to drink every 1 or 2 fights.
07:47.11JunkHead-WorkNah, I didn't stay there long.
07:47.18JunkHead-WorkI got the hell out as soon as I could.
07:47.56TekkubWinterspring is the best
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07:48.16Tekkubfelwood would be tollerable if there was a second FP, or on mid-zone one
07:48.18JunkHead-WorkYeah I'm doing ok so far.
07:48.49Tekkubungoru is better now that it has a FP
07:48.58JunkHead-WorkThey should really add some mroe quests to the old world.
07:49.07JunkHead-WorkI'm spoiled by outland.
07:49.20Tekkubthey need to tweak the 50-60 zones really
07:49.21JunkHead-WorkGoing to a town and getting 10 quests at once.
07:49.30Tekkubargent dawn commission needs to go away
07:49.37JunkHead-WorkThen on the way to a quest spot, getting 2 more... finding an item that starts a quest...
07:49.43JunkHead-WorkThen turning in 5 at a time.
07:49.55JunkHead-WorkAnd Outland quest rewards are nice.
07:50.15JunkHead-WorkI don't rememebr the last time I used a quest reward from the old world for anything other than DE'ing or selling.
07:50.55MikkTekkub: felwood gets a new fp in 2.1
07:50.59Mikk(zomg, already)
07:51.09Tekkubdidn't see that
07:51.17JunkHead-WorkLet me guess... That southern little building?
07:51.24Mikkyeah the quest hub
07:51.32Mikki.e. exactly where you want it
07:51.36JunkHead-WorkHell yeah.
07:51.41JunkHead-WorkAbout damn time.
07:51.53Tekkuband before I'm questing there, perfect
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08:24.17JunkHead-WorkWhat spec is best for leveling a shaman?
08:32.14Tekkubbest edit comment EVAR!
08:46.02Mikk  <- puh. if that doesn't get their interest....
08:46.48MikkTekkub: "I deserve to be shot for this" <- besterer :-P
08:47.21TekkubI see a pattern in the prospecting results, I'm going to make some generalizations
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08:57.41JunkHead-WorkThat thread makes my head hurt.
08:58.59Mikkaye, thar be forum trolls aplenty there =)
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10:00.43TekkubBen & Jerry's - Cinnamon Bun
10:01.19TekkubIs now the smecksie --->
10:06.54Mikkniiice tekk
10:07.03Tekkubjew likey?
10:07.12Tekkubneed to get those numbers in an addon too
10:07.21TekkubPT3 can do it perfectly
10:07.50Tekkubnymbia's not on, remind me to pester tomorrow
10:09.28Mikk   ok. he deserved it. =P
10:10.01Tekkub"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, the road to Azeroth is paved with Draenei skulls."
10:10.03Tekkubfunny but true
10:10.42Tekkubas for the rest of the thread, not gonna bother :P
10:10.44Mikkthat wasn't his message. it's his sig.
10:11.02Mikk"Specialist Elitism > Total Anarchy" <- his message
10:11.08TekkubI hate *snippet quote* *reply* *snippet quote* *reply* *snippet quote* *reply* conversations
10:12.06MikkBut they allow me to leave out bits and pieces I can't be arsed to respond to! \o/
10:13.02TekkubKerrah is a familiar name... addon dev?
10:13.09MikkIsn't that karrah?
10:13.50Mikkor something
10:14.04Tekkubwe'll justblame kergoth and be happy
10:16.49MikkAnyway, I'm properly done with that thread. I realize chances are low-low to get any of them interested in wowwiki since they've spent the past two years doing the "we > them" thing on that board.
10:17.01MikkBut, hey, if we get one or two to start contributing, it was worth it.
10:17.41Tekkubif you say so
10:18.13Tekkubwhy is {{loot|junk|blah}} not colored right?
10:18.17Tekkub*digs up the hex*
10:18.48Tekkubcause it's "poor" eh... *adds a redirect*
10:21.00Tekkubwhat's the one gray crap that's a quest item again?
10:22.00Adys|busytekkub: which one?
10:22.06Tekkubthe only one
10:22.14Adys|busyI dont see what you mean
10:22.21Tekkubthere's a single grey item that is used in a quest
10:22.23Adys|busythe ex darkmoon faire stuff?
10:22.26Tekkubthat *should* be white
10:22.32Tekkubno those are white now
10:22.40Adys|busylets see
10:22.45Tekkubsome club
10:22.51MikkWell... spicy crawdad is made from a grey
10:23.00Mikkwowhead will let you find it tbph
10:23.48Adys|busythey are quest items, but have no use
10:25.04Adys|busythats a white :P
10:25.13Tekkubyea that's white you colorblind bitch
10:25.30Mikkcould have sworn it's grey in game
10:26.50JunkHead-WorkI might work on my fishing today a little bit.
10:27.01JunkHead-WorkAs much as I hate it, I have nothing else to do.
10:27.28Mikkah doh, no, it's not grey. it's just the reagent window is grayed out because i don't have any so the text appears grey >.<
10:28.28Adys|busywhat the hell is the difference beetween gray and grey ? oO
10:28.37JunkHead-Worka and e of course.
10:28.49Adys|busywhatever >>
10:28.51TekkubI never figured that one out myself
10:28.52Mikkone is american english. one is brittish english.
10:28.53Mikk;cr=87;crs=11  <- hrm
10:28.58Slagertthe good old UK <> US debate ;)
10:29.05Slagertlike color and colour ;)
10:29.10Adys|busywhich one's english? =P
10:29.15Mikkboth? =)
10:29.15JunkHead-WorkI live in the US but I still spell it "grey".
10:29.19JunkHead-WorkGray = US.
10:29.27JunkHead-WorkI just like "Grey" better
10:29.30TekkubI mastered their there they're in like 3rd grade.. but I still don't get græy
10:30.08MikkWhoa. You're miles ahead of joe forum troll. They're like 15 and still don't get it :>
10:30.08Adys|busytheir they're there is something I had since 12yo oO
10:30.20JunkHead-WorkOk on a related note...
10:30.25JunkHead-WorkIf something is tolerable..
10:30.28Slagert ;)
10:30.33JunkHead-WorkIs it "Barable" or "Bearable"?
10:30.40JunkHead-WorkI haven't used that word in a while.
10:30.49JunkHead-WorkI thought so but wasn't 100% sure.
10:30.50MikkWell it's bear -> bearable innit?
10:31.02Mikki hate that one too
10:31.05Mikkm-wing it..
10:31.06Adys|busyIt's bear -> reroll balance n00b
10:31.11Slagert.. innit - you must be American ;)
10:31.28MikkSlagert: You lose. I'm Swedish =P
10:31.37Adys|busyYou are? oO
10:31.41Slagertknäckebröd ftw
10:31.50MikkAdys|busy: yup
10:31.53Adys|busydamnit I thought you were English Mikk :<
10:32.10Mikkever so sorry ;)
10:32.17Adys|busyts'ok sweety
10:32.18Slagertwell Adys|busy, you eat snails :P
10:32.33Adys|busyinfobot, who is slagert?
10:32.37infobotAdys|busy: I think you lost me on that one
10:32.38Mikkaye, i'd have thought being swedish > being english for teh frog eaters :S
10:32.42Adys|busywhatever the f
10:32.47infobotextra, extra, read all about it, slagert is a tree in disguise
10:33.09Slagertreally gotta level that poor tree a bit
10:33.23Slagertbut healing stuff to death might be painful
10:33.59Mikkheh. got a druid in my guild who levelled 60-70 100% resto
10:34.02Mikki still think he's nuts
10:34.26Mikkgranted, he was mostly running around with a warrior while levelling
10:34.34Mikkone who levelled 60-70 full prot >.<
10:34.47Mikkthey didn't do a lot of dying tho :>
10:35.11Slagertboring mobs to death ftw ;)
10:35.16Mikksomething like that yeah =)
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10:39.28*** join/#wowwiki Galmod_ (
10:39.37Galmod_any1 here that can help me?? you know how I get one macro to trigger another
10:41.10*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
10:41.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
10:42.04OutlandsOk basically.
10:42.16OutlandsNow, when anyone says "Outlands"
10:42.19OutlandsI'll know.
10:43.42Galmod_Outlands ^^ do you know how I get a macro to trigger another
10:43.56Galmod_like i press one macr and its activates 2
10:44.01OutlandsNope, but maybe #wowi-lounge will be more helpful than me on that
10:44.09OutlandsIts outland, btw
10:45.34*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
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10:45.52KirkburnAdys, lol, nice
10:46.32*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
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10:58.06dottedMikk just start linking to SoL and eventually you might get SoL members on wowwiki, i know im stredging(sp? :/) it
10:58.52MikkGood point tbh
10:59.20Mikk(n it's "stretching" =))
11:00.00MikkGalmod_: Activating two macros from one is not possible.
11:00.20MikkAnd as of 2.0 there's gobloads of abilities that can only be activated from inside macros
11:00.23Mikk(Or action buttons)
11:00.43MikkRephrase.... anything you'd call an "ability" is macro/action button only
11:01.10KasoMikk: i anwsered his question in wowi using /click, doesnt that work?
11:01.42Adysi wonder if my graphiccard's fan is even having any effect
11:01.43KirkburnYou couldn't do two from one click, surely
11:02.02AdysIm tempted to stop it to see the heat increase but I dont think its a good idea >>
11:02.49KirkburnWhat do you mean by linking to SoL?
11:03.12MikkLinking from lore arcitles to relevant threads on SoL
11:03.20KirkburnGood idea :)
11:03.31KirkburnGot an icon?
11:03.35MikkCould make one
11:03.47Adysyeah nice idea
11:03.52AdysIm adding it to elink now
11:05.47dottedMikk i mean judging from the thread of yours you aint gonna have much luck other then show them good faith
11:06.53Mikkwell, luckily the guys spewing gall isn't everyone reading the forum
11:07.05Mikkand those that think differently are mostly gonna shut the hell up due to group mentality
11:07.13Mikk(but might act differently in the end =))
11:07.14Tekkubwe need a map icon in elink
11:07.34Tekkubsince noone liked my Trowel
11:07.40Tekkubget me a map icon
11:08.29Tekkubokey.... ultra stupid question time....
11:08.46Tekkubwhy is it {{Horde Icon Small}} and not just {{Horde}}?
11:09.03dottedKirkburn find the larger version of and you have an icon :p
11:09.34AdysWhat the hell is that useful for? oO
11:09.43KirkburnJunkHead-Work, if he hadn't named the main character Zarqawi, it would have been better I reckon :)
11:09.46Adyswhy not just make it |18px ?
11:09.55Tekkublook at what uses it
11:10.27KirkburnPNGs are crap at resizing on a wiki
11:10.37Adysthis one doesnt have transparency
11:10.45TekkubPNGs are just crap!
11:10.53*** kick/#wowwiki [Tekkub!] by Adys (Adys)
11:10.59dottedthx Adys
11:11.19dottedpng haters should be shot
11:11.34Adyshe doesn't have autorejoin? oO
11:11.49dottedauto-rejoiners should shot
11:11.54dotted*be shot
11:12.13AdysI wonder what my stats are on kick/kicked list
11:13.17infobotSince Fri Apr 13 16:14:28 2007, there have been 160 modifications, 2092 questions, 0 dunnos, 0 morons and 1644 commands.  I have been awake for 14d 18h 58m 37s this session, and currently reference 112905 factoids.  I'm using about 19316 kB of memory. With 0 active forks. Process time user/system 63653.92/3381.95 child 0.03/0.05
11:13.19Teomyrproblem is that GD doesn't seem to have high-quality image resampling algorithms
11:13.22*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
11:13.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
11:13.26Kirkburndotted, are /you/ a autorejoiner?
11:13.29Adysinffy doesnt register #wowwiki stats :/
11:13.32Tekkubhrm... seXchat got auto-rejoin..
11:14.07dottedKirkburn ofc not
11:14.22*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
11:14.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
11:14.23KirkburnCan we test? :P
11:14.28Teomyrwe need something like for our channel
11:14.44KirkburnHow!? HOW!?
11:14.48AdysI WANNA KNOW :<
11:14.56dottedKirkburn when did ops in an irc channel have to ask to kick someone :/?
11:15.13AdysI never ask
11:15.29JunkHead-Work  <-- Wow.
11:15.30dottedKirkburn does it seems
11:15.36Adysthe list of most used words in #wowi-lounge is interesting
11:15.49Adys"there would people about frame think could first really aggro" almost makes a decent sentence
11:16.06Adysit could be..
11:16.24Adys"There would be people thinking about frames first that couldn't really aggro"
11:16.28*** kick/#wowwiki [Adys!n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub] by Tekkub (I never ask either)
11:16.28*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
11:16.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
11:16.41Adysslow, tek
11:16.43dottedAdys should be shot!
11:16.49Tekkubhubby aggro :P
11:16.53*** kick/#wowwiki [dotted!] by Adys (not if i shoot you first)
11:17.00*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
11:17.14*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
11:17.17Tekkubthere should be a /kickall :)
11:17.26Adysinfobot, kick everyone
11:17.36infobotACTION kicks everyone
11:17.36ZiconWhat, you mean your clients don't have that functionality?
11:17.36dottedTekkub can be easily scripted in mirc
11:17.50Tekkubmirc is for Win95 lovers
11:17.59dottedim a win95 lovers :(?
11:18.06TekkubI gave up mIRC when I was like 13
11:18.13TekkubvIRC FTFW!
11:18.34dottedi want a client called "jIRC off
11:18.44AdysIt seems that hugo's shift-key is hanging: 5.2% of the time he/she wrote UPPERCASE.
11:18.44AdysFor example, like this:
11:19.09Tekkubthat's just scary...
11:20.15KasoHe looks alot better in the workd i think
11:20.27KirkburnAaah! Mullet attack!
11:20.40JunkHead-WorkPuberty must be pure hell on orcs...
11:20.42dottedTekkub nah i'm gonna stick with my NNS+mIRC combo
11:20.48KirkburnAhmagad, the 80s have come to kill us all!
11:21.59KirkburnJunkHead-Work, looked at th guy's armory listings
11:22.13Kirkburn8 in herbalism, and no second profession :/
11:23.00KirkburnAnd he managed to log out without any buffs on, that's just not normal for a drood
11:23.31Tekkubholy shitfuck....
11:23.41Tekkubthat reminds me of bear code
11:23.55dottedyears behind Tekkub :D?
11:24.11dottedyes years behind
11:24.57KirkburnF*CKING HELL
11:25.03KirkburnMy IE just got locked in a loop
11:25.14dottedIE users should be shot!
11:25.19KirkburnIt wouldn't stop loading more and MORE and MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE pages
11:25.23Tekkub<----- B6 c f- g++ k q- r- w
11:25.37KirkburnI couldn't frakking stop it for like a minute
11:25.45TekkubKirk... lesse got an AbFab quote that's perfect...
11:26.37TekkubEddie: Mother, are you still on the computer?
11:26.37TekkubGran: Yes, dear. Sometimes you get into a porn loop and just can't get out.
11:27.01JunkHead-WorkStormrage is practically famous for its lack of Horde, and alarming Alliance-to-Horde ratio - something close to 4 to 1. For this reason, world PvP is all but non-existent (Even for a PvE server) and before the cross-realm battlegrounds of patch 1.12, battlegrounds had over 3 hour wait times for the Alliance.
11:27.09JunkHead-WorkThis is all we are famous for?
11:27.13JunkHead-WorkGood lord we suck...
11:27.39dottedStormrage is famous?
11:27.54dottedand put a {{fact}} in there for the ratio
11:27.55Tekkubfamous in their heads
11:28.26winkillersame for Aggramar EU
11:28.33winkiller3:1 Ally:Horde
11:28.39JunkHead-WorkI remember once seeing a thread called "what is your server famous for?"
11:28.45JunkHead-WorkI read it for 18 pages.
11:28.56JunkHead-WorkOnly one person mentioned Stormrage.
11:29.04JunkHead-WorkAnd it was saying there was no pvp or something.
11:30.32dottedi personally dont believe any server has more than 2:1 ratio either way
11:31.15Tekkubwell the armory might be able to clear it up, but census numbers are bunk :)
11:31.31Tekkubit's probably a 4:1 ratio of census mod users
11:31.39Tekkublike, there's only 1 horde user :)
11:31.57dottedyou dont need census to be on the census site
11:32.09Tekkubno, you don't :P
11:32.19Tekkubyou don't get what Imma sayin
11:32.25dottedyou are right
11:33.04TekkubI'm saying that the ally side of the server is probably updated more often, therefore has a much more accurate list of players
11:35.53AdysWhy when they talk about stormrage its Stormrage US!
11:37.15dotted <- should be concerned?
11:38.53*** part/#wowwiki Kaso (
11:38.57*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
11:38.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by ChanServ
11:39.34*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|dead (
11:41.16dottedanyone tried Last Chaos?
11:46.40Adysdotted: thats some seriously fucked up amount of channels tbfh
11:47.22Adysthe nogg aholic chan is still alive eh?
11:47.25dottedobviosly you havent seen my 2 other clients running then =D
11:47.31*** join/#wowwiki Juido (
11:48.18dottedbut nogg is more like a idle chan now
11:48.33Adysi bet
11:48.43dottedi got voice in there so i idle in there for bragging rights
11:48.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+v dotted] by Adys
11:49.05*** mode/#wowwiki [-v dotted] by Adys
11:49.24dottedi really have no clue why i'm voiced, besides i have been in there since around the beginning
11:49.46dottedyou took something away i really didnt have in the first place :D?
11:50.04dottedhardly bein mean, its just means you have nothing better to do
11:50.08dottedand neither have I :P
11:52.21dottedi was more about memory usage on that screeny tho
11:53.19*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr_ (
11:53.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Teomyr] by ChanServ
11:56.36dottedwhy dont pages automatically get patrolled marked when i enter them?
11:57.12dottedand then have a button like Don'T mark as patrolled, if i want others RC Patrollers to look at it
11:57.35dottedwould make WW:RC more useaqble imo
11:57.51dottedMikk nice one, g
12:05.53KirkburnYeah, v nice
12:08.29dottedi'm off - gonna install Windows Home Server on my server
12:14.39*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
12:15.53Hobinheim|deadwhat does SoL mean?
12:17.17Hobinheim|dead*sniff* it's hard to bot those icon thingies..
12:18.23Hobinheim|deadKirkburn, are you near the Nocturne bridge?
12:19.37KirkburnThe what?
12:22.48Mikkah barf
12:22.54Mikkhe logged
12:22.59Mikkteh inconsiderate bastidh
12:27.18KirkburnSome people, eh
12:48.41Mikk  <- Ok, I'm not beyond veiled flames myself =P
13:13.38*** join/#wowwiki Royal- (
13:37.20*** part/#wowwiki Mikk (
13:53.04*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
14:57.55*** join/#wowwiki Kitan (
15:17.53KirkburnDoes anyone know if Wowhead has a test-server section, or if not, why?
15:30.57Bibi`ouFthey don't
15:31.00Bibi`ouFbut I don't know why :p
15:31.25Bibi`ouFbut i'm sure they don't because I uploaded 99% of the PTR items that are currently in the database
15:31.52*** join/#wowwiki EyaLL (
15:32.27EyaLLneed link to tbc version 2.8.0 i have the game with the patche 1.12.1 pme
15:35.21TecnoBrat~seen Skosiris
15:35.49infobotskosiris <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 7h 37m ago, saying: '(S)'.
15:37.28Bibi`ouF ^^
15:38.28TecnoBratoh, so they dont have a test server, they just add all items into their giant db?
15:38.31*** join/#wowwiki Kitan (
15:38.54*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
15:39.01Teomyrhow did you get them into the wdb? did the server allow you to link them?
15:39.03Bibi`ouFEyaLL :
15:39.12TecnoBratthats kinda annoying .. since you cant tell if its on live or not
15:39.17Bibi`ouFyes Teomyr , try every item ID until you get the right one.
16:51.58Kirkburn|afkOff out, bbl! Adys, hope Naxx is going well :)
16:52.07Adysaye it is
16:53.13Adysplague / spider cleared
16:53.13Adyspatch down
16:53.14Adys2 bosswipes 2 trashwipes so far :P
16:53.14Teomyromg noobs!
16:53.22Kirkburn|afkAll 70s?
16:58.00Slagertretarded amounts of kitty movies: (best viewed when mildly intoxicated at least)
17:00.39AdysKirkburn|afk: 39 70s, one 60
17:15.11Adysawesome thread
17:23.34*** join/#wowwiki Mekta (
17:25.12Kiltekevening guys
17:32.18Adysturning off irc
18:12.17*** join/#wowwiki infobot (i=ibot@pdpc/supporter/active/TimRiker/bot/apt)
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18:27.07*** join/#wowwiki roxutee (
18:28.16*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Owner@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
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18:36.30*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Owner@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
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18:37.10*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:50.40*** join/#wowwiki usd22320_ (
18:59.38*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
19:00.24*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul (
19:01.24*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:05.24*** join/#wowwiki Kaos_ (
19:25.48*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
19:28.15*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
19:28.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
19:40.16*** join/#wowwiki usd22320_ (
19:54.04dottedwhere is the PTR section on wowhead?
19:55.36Skosirisnew items in patch 2.1 can be found on this page
19:55.43dottedimo live and PTR info should be seperated :p
19:56.17dottedbut you cant really see if its live or ptr info?
19:56.34Skosirisnope :p
19:57.03Skosiriswe did a separate site back when BC was in beta, because it was worth it considering the beta lasted months
19:57.05dottedWOWHEAD HAS A FLAW
19:57.18Skosirisbut this PTR will soon be live, we didn't bother duplicating the site
19:57.23dottedfianlly i can point and laugh at Skosiris :p
19:57.56dottedwell a ptr "tag" on the ptr items would be a good idea
19:59.04Bagginswwok so if the faction is gone, wouldn't that make the dwarves automatically green with the "alliance"
19:59.13Bagginswwor are they still yellow?
19:59.33dottedif you can, i mean sort out those items with non-visable changes
20:18.58TeomyrSkosiris: by the way
20:18.58TeomyrSkosiris: how do you validate the submitted data?
20:18.59TeomyrSkosiris: especially itemcache.wdb
20:18.59Bagginswwalright, so wildhammer in hinterlands are still "neutral"
20:18.59Bagginswwalthough there is no way to make them green now?
20:18.59*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
20:18.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
20:18.59SkosirisTeomyr, we check each new items manually to make sure they are legit. Doing so isn't too extensive considering there are usually 2 new items per 2 days.
20:18.59Skosiriswe often end up deleting those "Project Silvermoon" fake items (probably from a unofficial server)
20:20.40Teomyrproject silvermoon? oO
20:20.46*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul2 (
20:21.38Skosirisever heard of them? =/
20:24.24Tekkub"Microsoft Australia has defended the company's User Account Control (UAC) system as being "misunderstood" and said it should be the type of technology that all operating systems aspire towards."
20:24.32TekkubI think I just pissed myself laughing
20:26.10TeomyrSkosiris: no, tell me about it :D
20:26.29Tekkubof course the idea is a MS original, I don't see why other OS's don't do something similar.  MS's design would be the better one anyway, if there was competition out there
20:31.47SkosirisTeo: I don't know much about them
20:31.53Skosiris[16:24] <dotted>
20:31.53Skosiris[16:24] <dotted> i dare not post in the chan :d
20:32.27Skosiriswait wait, did I just reveal some private information? :P
20:34.09*** join/#wowwiki infobot (i=ibot@pdpc/supporter/active/TimRiker/bot/apt)
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20:34.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+v infobot] by ChanServ
20:36.43dottedinfobot, kill Skosiris
20:36.45infobotACTION shoots a magneto-ionized pseudoproton gun at Skosiris
20:38.13infobotmethinks skosiris is playing with his cache.
20:40.24Teomyr~emulate Skosiris
20:42.20*** join/#wowwiki uytuytuyt (i=uytuytuy@adsl-209-195.eunet.yu)
20:48.51*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
20:51.15Tekkublove that engrish
21:04.04*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
21:16.51*** join/#wowwiki schlort (n=schlort@
21:32.23*** join/#wowwiki gerber^azazoth|h (
21:40.52Tekkubwe need to start archiving iriel's API change lists with the patch notes too
21:41.03Tekkubsince they like to dissappear after some time
21:43.57*** join/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
21:44.44foxlitI think we already do
21:46.02Sandwichman2448This program keeps DC me...
21:46.58TekkubI've never seen the API change threads in the wiki, just official patch notes
21:48.05Tekkuberm, there's one for 2.0 but it's out of date :P
21:48.45dottedwell Tekkub you are the UI guy anyway gogogo
21:52.13Sandwichman2448I chainged the Rumored races test to not just be BC compatable... Did i vandalize it?
21:53.36Sandwichman2448Your thoughts?
21:55.56*** part/#wowwiki Sandwichman2448 (
22:06.22TekkubI wonder what it would take to get Iriel to stop making those nasty multi-post threads of UI changes and just start maintaining a proper wiki page
22:06.25Bagginsww what happened to the picture?
22:07.18Bagginswwfound it
22:21.23*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
22:35.02TecnoBratTotal time played on all chars: 250d 22h 35m
22:35.19*** part/#wowwiki gerber^azazoth|h (
22:55.22*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
22:55.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
23:00.18*** part/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Owner@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
23:01.59Bagginswwwhat article has the map that shows both outland and azeroth?
23:40.26*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (

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