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00:03.49foxlitC'mon, nnobody would use that as a password
00:04.59foxlitmuch more plausable
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00:41.28TecnoBratDoes this make sense to anyone else?
00:42.40cladhaireTecnoBrat: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH
00:42.49cladhairei think thats the best thing I've ever read.
00:44.28sancusit makes sense, the author is clearly declaring that they are too stupid to remain alive and should be executed asap
00:44.33TecnoBratYea ... it boggles my mind how people can write for a newspaper when they write things like that
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00:44.44cladhairewell that san editorial
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00:44.53cladhairewhich makes it _so_ much better imo
00:45.08TecnoBratDamn congress for adding an extra hour of daylight and increasing the temperature of the earth
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01:30.04chuckg_Try that.
01:30.06chuckg_True that.
01:30.10chuckg_I'm just full of typos today.
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02:22.05Sky2042tekkubs on the move
02:28.23Sky2042lol iiiiii bork the wiiikiiiiii i bork the wikkiiiiii
02:33.33winkilleryay, my first silly article!
02:35.13Sky2042that is sad winkiller
02:35.17Sky2042just... sad
02:35.27winkillerno, no, it was inevitable
02:35.34Sky2042say it wiht me
02:35.45winkillerevery silly article should aggro other articles in 40yd radius
02:35.47winkillerit makes sense
02:51.27Sky2042nvm baggins
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03:01.45marco0009I updated the High Astromancer page to reflect Death Wish's kill, but I have no idea how to do the loot. If someone knows how to properly do it, would make the page look better.
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03:29.04Sky2042solarian is dead?
03:30.20Sky2042ppl are still using tf...
03:30.41sancusit's still really, really good
03:31.24Sky2042i think i count three... might be two
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03:34.41Sky2042full thread:
03:39.28Sky2042i'll do the loot marco
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04:21.32Kirkburn|afkWhat have I missed? :)
04:22.51Kirkburn|afkI saw you added a new extension at least
04:22.59sancusyeah and then I hacked to do something completely different
04:23.03sancuser hacked it
04:23.49Kirkburn|afkDoes this part of the topic "Yes, the wiki is having problems. We know :)" still apply? :P
04:24.03sancusI don't know?
04:24.08sancusI don't think so
04:24.12sancusIt doesn't seem to be having problems, at least :P
04:25.00*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn|afk -> Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | Go vote! | Nominate a Featured Article today! WW:FA | Watch The Simpsons S18E17!
04:25.38sancusthat simpsons episode also sucks
04:25.42Kirkburn|afkOoh, wow @
04:27.13Kirkburn|afkWhat does it work with? Only DM?
04:27.33sancusit's just an embedded object tag
04:27.38sancusso you can technically put whatever in it
04:28.06sancusany of the video sites should work
04:31.21sancusit used to be a flash player that would play .flv files hosted elsewhere
04:31.35sancusbut I couldn't figure out how to get the actual flv link to a DM video to work
04:31.41sancusso I changed it to a simple object tag replacement
04:35.19chuckgCouldn't you just have used my old control and an httpd link elsewhere? :|
04:35.40SkosirisHey, did you guys read this?
04:35.58Skosirissomeone claims we use some "smear campaign" to promote the site
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04:36.37Rilenatoranyone there?
04:38.36Rilenatordoes anyone here know how many Warcraft Novels there are? cos i wanna buy em
04:38.36SkosirisI'm trying to find some sample posts he might be referring to but couldn't find any
04:38.36Kirkburn|afkSkosiris, I wouldn't worry about it
04:38.36Kirkburn|afkAnyone with sense realises it's not you
04:39.20Kirkburn|afkIt's just sad that people have to resort to conspiracy stories when something doesn't fit with their world view
04:39.36Rilenatorwhats everybody talking about?
04:41.05Kirkburn|afkRilenator, oh some people accusing Wowhead of a smear campain
04:41.21Kirkburn|afkI think there's a list on the wiki, Rilenator
04:41.30Kirkburn|afkShall look it up
04:41.31Rilenatora....smear campain?
04:41.38Rilenatorwhats that?
04:42.07SkosirisYou can read the full post, including the guy's claim on this page ->
04:43.00Kirkburn|afkMore specifically,
04:44.19Kirkburn|afknp =)
04:44.35Kirkburn|afkI got them all over christmas, excellent reading
04:46.01RilenatorIve allready got Day of the Dragon and Lord of the Clans
04:46.07Kirkburn|afkTekkub, what the hell is a "shucker"?
04:46.11Rilenatori wanna get the Manga
04:46.26Rilenatorbut i dont think its available in Australia
04:46.27Kirkburn|afkI'm still waiting for volume 3 of that, Amazon are taking ages :/
04:46.58Rilenatorallrighty, im off to play WoW
04:47.28Kirkburn|afkTekkub :(
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04:48.17AdysLo peeps :D
04:56.59Adyslo sweety :D
04:57.30Kirkburn|afkRead me :)
04:57.33Adyswill do :)
04:57.50Kirkburn|afkOh bugger, downtime!
04:59.29Kirkburn|afkbum bum bum bum bum bum
04:59.50Adyskick kick kick kick kick kick
04:59.54Adys(get the pun?)
05:00.04*** kick/#wowwiki [Adys!] by Kirkburn|afk (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha)
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05:00.25Kirkburn|afkMy highest level char I can access atm is 14 :/
05:00.57AdysI thought it was rolling restarts this week?
05:01.04Kirkburn|afkYeah, but not for Stormrage
05:01.09Kirkburn|afkOr Dragonblight
05:01.11Adysbah :<
05:01.15Kirkburn|afkAnother hour for them
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05:02.27Adysis it me
05:02.35Kirkburn|afkit IS you!
05:02.36Adysor is there a realm called EU Event Realm 1?
05:03.15Mikki'm seeing it too
05:03.31Adys"Creation of that race or class is currently disabled" when trying to make a char
05:04.19AdysI wanna see whats going on on it :
05:05.40Kirkburn|afkMorning Mikk
05:05.49Tekkubyou know what we need
05:06.10TekkubI lil template like {{See also}} for "this was changed in patch x" notes
05:06.29Tekkub{{Patched|2.1|This quest is now a daily quest}}
05:06.34Tekkubwith a lil icon and everything
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05:09.08Adysinfobot, explain
05:09.16Sky2042ie7 works though
05:09.28Adysinfobot, explain everything to Sky
05:09.42Adysinfobot, you suck
05:09.46infobotand very well I might add
05:10.56Adys Lol at the first post in there
05:10.58AdysThott and Alla
05:12.18Kirkburn|afk"Natural bust: No" ... and it was going so well
05:12.53Kirkburn|afkAh, you saw that post cause of Brochai?
05:13.01Kirkburn|afkSomeone buy him a [Tin Foil Hat]
05:13.22Kirkburn|afkOh, no waut, that /is/ the Brochai post
05:13.24Kirkburn|afknvm me :)
05:14.01Kirkburn|afkHe should have chosen
05:27.23Skosirisplease allow me to copy/paste the following
05:27.45Skosiris(taken from some post in the very interesting thread I linked 45 minutes ago)
05:27.51SkosirisHeres a visual:
05:27.51SkosirisThott and Alla
05:28.06Tekkubit's "The scryers"
05:28.14Tekkubwhen in game are they ever singular?
05:28.48SkosirisTekk: tak a look aat teh pics plzxz kkthx
05:29.09Tekkubbah effort, pay attention to my topic
05:30.08Tekkuband after opening those, so?
05:32.12AdysSkosiris, I had linked that a minute ago, you eejit :P
05:32.40Sky2042is it intentional that ranged weapons on wowhead do not display "ranged," as they do in game? such the difference between and (scroll down on second link)?
05:32.50Sky2042btw, solarian is down
05:33.00Sky2042if anyone on here cares
05:36.35Sky2042btw, i beat vysogota to a new item
05:36.41SkosirisSky: no, it is not intentional. the intention was to have tooltips that match the ones you see in-game
05:36.53Skosiris*looks into it
05:37.03Sky2042well, either that UI is different than the base UI, or sko has an issue
05:37.56Sky2042tekkub... you fix the grammar... and then there are still grammar issues with it!
05:38.18Tekkubwhatever, it's still an improvement
05:44.06Sky2042btw, skosiris, i prefer it without the whole "ranged" idea. it's assumed that it's ranged if it is a wand, or a gun, etc...
05:44.11Sky2042but that's just me.
05:47.52Skosirisyeah, well I think the wow interface was not very clear on this
05:48.09SkosirisI think bows have Ranged displayed while guns don't
05:48.19Skosirisor vice-versa
05:48.56Adysu?op ?p?sdn p?u?n? ┤p?dd?l? ?o? ???l
05:48.56Adys?? ?o? ?noq? ll? ??o?s ? s? s??? ?oN
05:49.02AdysAh, fucking miranda again
05:49.03SkosirisAdys: huh?
05:49.05Adysnvm that
05:49.52Sky2042that was a wand sko
05:50.21Skosirislet me check the code, but I think I decided not to included the "Ranged" part on any ranged weapon
05:50.32Skosirisbows, guns, wands, whatever :)
05:53.44Skosirisyup, exactly =/
06:07.47AdysIt almost makes me grateful for the silent ninjas. On my home server, the classic ninja line is "doesn't go to u" followed by leaving the group. What's the worst ninja excuse you've seen?
06:07.59Adys"doesn't go to u" is just awesome tbh
06:08.19Sky2042we used to call em "assplunderers" on my server
06:18.16Sky2042that might do it...
06:18.37AdysMost descriptive blue post ever
06:25.16Sky2042i unbroke
06:26.00Sky2042in IE anyway
06:30.39Sky2042that sucks kirk
06:30.58Kirkburn|afkYou just read my talk page?
06:30.58AdysEuropean servers up
06:31.27Kirkburn|afkJust posted the same thing to their forum, hopefully get some kind of positive response
06:33.09Sky2042btw, you're arrogant
06:33.49Sky2042kikibum... aw, that's so sweet! they had nicknames for you!
06:33.52HJTuh oh, the wiki is back :D
06:36.00Sky2042"Well, that's a relief.
06:36.00Sky2042I mean, I don't really care whether you guys liked him or not. But if he were banned, that would only make us seem like the "bad guys," so to speak.
06:36.00Kirkburn|afkThat's weird, I wonder who Crash Torrian is - single post person saying my 'banning' was different to all others
06:36.34Sky2042i'm reading through the thread you linked, hold on!
06:36.55*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
06:37.13Sky2042you're right
06:37.18Sky2042bunch of liars, i think
06:37.23Sky2042admins, anyway
06:37.32Sky2042bunch of the others are jackasses
06:38.15Kirkburn|afkFirst sign of trouble I saw was when I visited the site and saw I wasn't auto logged in
06:38.24Sky2042uh oh
06:38.29Kirkburn|afkThen I saw "the thread"
06:39.03*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
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06:39.21Kirkburn|afkSuch a weird affect that kind of stuff has ... I was just sitting here silently shaking
06:39.24Sky2042nephalim has a point, middle of the second page
06:39.47Sky2042in defense of you ;)
06:40.15chuckgOk here's a question:
06:40.23chuckgWhat's the difference between:
06:40.56chuckg[[Ropetown]] [[Guild:Ropetown|Ropetown]] and [[Guild:Ropetown (Executus US)|Ropetown]] ?
06:41.10Sky2042except the last follows policy
06:41.55Sky2042i also wonder who crash is
06:42.04Sky2042rouge admin?
06:42.54Sky2042btw, i find it funny they didn't ban the ip. idiots.
06:43.21chuckgSo they all do the same thing?
06:43.53Sky2042what is the exact question you're asking?
06:44.33Sky2042i also find it funny they went and dug through your archives
06:45.46Sky2042btw, you wish it was yours, don't you? :P:P:P
06:46.00Sky2042yes chuckg, they will all do the same thing.
06:46.14Sky2042if the item before the pipe links to a viable page, they will
06:47.26chuckgAre you talking to me?
06:47.28chuckgWish what was mine?
06:47.50Sky2042no, not you chuck
06:48.08Adysnn Skosiris
06:49.13Kirkburn|afkI've requested my account restored, so we'll just have to see what happens. For now, I'm going to make breakfast!
06:49.13TekkubI think this is a song about wow
06:49.18TekkubUnderworld - [Dubnobasswithmyheadman #06] Dirty Epic
06:49.43Sky2042tekkub XD
06:50.27*** join/#wowwiki dotted (n=me@
06:59.46Sky2042it's always nice to read a well composed piece on why blizzard is going about their job in balancing the classes badly.
07:00.38HJTr there cats for priest healing gear / sets / cloth / whatever (for , )
07:02.04Sky2042those should be removed
07:02.24Sky2042the items are not specific to priests
07:02.34Sky2042if you need to, search for "BC healing equipment"
07:02.52HJTi know that article :D
07:03.26HJTso u think no set pages should be there?
07:04.25HJT^awayhm, ok :s
07:04.35HJT^awaybut i like em ;)
07:04.41Sky2042if you enjoy a good read any of you, go through the first page of
07:09.24Adys I wonder if she has a brother called Jow!
07:09.30AdysAnd kirk wru :<
07:09.41Kirkburn|afkBack in a few mins!
07:15.21*** join/#wowwiki Kaos_ (
07:22.17sancuswhich retard removed my link to the illidan video from the tactics page
07:23.07Kirkburn|afkAdys, see #wowace, then you'll know what I was doing
07:24.22sancusTyrsenus, apparently!
07:24.40chuckgClearly it is not relevant sancus.
07:24.47sancuswhat a dumbass, it's not even against the policy he cited
07:25.53chuckgAnti-sancus policy.
07:26.29*** join/#wowwiki Aegus (n=ack@
07:27.07Kirkburn|afkI've already been talking to him about what's allowed and what's not
07:27.30Mikkyou'd think that's pretty obvious from the policy
07:27.38sancusI restored it
07:27.51Aeguscan someone give me a hand
07:27.53sancusIf he removes it again, I will be Unhappy.
07:27.55Kirkburn|afkBasically I said hosting the files (e.g. sound files from BT) is a no-no, but posting their contents isn't really so bad
07:28.41Aegusim trying to use a minimap icon as an on|off switch.. and it dont seem to be working.
07:28.41Aegusi've set a normaltexture and a disabledtexture.
07:29.02sancusKirkburn: The video was taken on the PTR, which is explicitly allowed by WW:DNP
07:29.08Aegusonclick.. i have it self.enableaddon | self.disableaddon
07:29.09sancusalthough it doesn't talk about videos
07:29.13sancussince uh you couldn't post them until today
07:29.53Kirkburn|afkI only just cleared up the DNP policy a few days ago :P
07:30.12sancusoh wait
07:30.14Kirkburn|afk(I added the live and test server stuff, to make it clear)
07:30.15sancushe removed the quotes, too?
07:30.17sancusthat's kinda weak :P
07:30.21Aegusactually is there a way to use a variable in the xml?
07:30.36sancuscould quote from my video, though~! sup
07:30.40Kirkburn|afkAegus, for addon question, I'd recommend going to #wowi-lounge
07:31.08sancusremoving the quotes is really weak though
07:31.18sancusbut I didn't add them so I'm not going to do anything about it
07:33.11sancushalf of those quotes are said in the video though, fwiw
07:33.46*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
07:36.24AdysAkama is such a potion abuser
07:36.25Kirkburn|afkTranscribing sound is hardly is copyright infringment or whatever anyway
07:37.02AdysWTB the cooldown he has on his imba health pots tbh
07:37.08sancushah yeah
07:37.28Adyswhats the debuff btw?
07:37.48Adyshe seems to have his hp reduced every time
07:37.58sancusKirkburn: What is or isn't is pretty frickin arguable, but I have yet to hear of Blizzard ever taking any actual action
07:38.12sancusthey do sling DCMA notices around(and then do nothing about them), though
07:39.37sancusYou have to do some pretty blatant stuff to get one, even. Like posting mass quantities of datamined items :p
07:41.33sancuswhatever happened to zeal, anyway
07:42.34HJT^awaywhere can i see how many edits i have?
07:42.45Tekkubhrm, anyone got a nice small (maybe free) Bin/cue extractor?
07:43.16Kirkburn|afkHJT^away, nope
07:43.18sancusmy user_id is 22
07:43.27sancuskirkburn's is 25652!
07:43.29Kirkburn|afkHJT^away, the only way is to look at your contribs page and count
07:43.42Kirkburn|afkI r young
07:44.03Tekkubkirk's a noob
07:44.15Kirkburn|afkOne month until my WoWWiki birthday :)
07:44.25Kirkburn|afkOne day until my ... birthday :D
07:44.29Tekkubhey sancus, what happened to vlad's lil maint spurt?  he grow tired of it already? :(
07:44.35sancusHe went on vacation
07:44.44Kirkburn|afkGod haven't I said that enough already? :P
07:44.49sancusHe did fix some timeouts and stuff this morning, though
07:44.57Tekkubbah, he's not allowed, call him up and tell him to get his as back here ^^
07:45.05sancusThe big stuff will happen this weekend I think
07:45.49Tekkubnow back to my vital question... BIN/CUE extractor
07:45.51Tekkubu giev?
07:46.05TekkubI don't wanna install crappy Daemon tools for one image
07:46.17Kirkburn|afkHe did stuff today? That man is awesome
07:46.38Kirkburn|afkHe told me it was all going to be margeritas and lazing on the beach :P
07:46.52Tekkubhey sancus, tell him to come over to my place for a special gift after he's all done this weekend
07:46.52sancusback in the day I remember isobuster being free
07:46.54sancusguess it's not anymore
07:47.15Kirkburn|afkPowerISO I /think/ I use
07:47.21sancusyou don't have daemon tools installed by default?!
07:47.22Tekkubfree is not an issue, just small and preferrably something I could toss on my USB key
07:47.33sancusisobuster is like 2.6mb
07:47.49Tekkubno I don't, I don't use it very often and the tardoprogram runs on boot even when you tell it not to
07:47.52sancusdaemon tools is smaller than that though, I think
07:48.00Kirkburn|afkNo, wait, it is daemon toold
07:48.08Tekkubyea but daemon you have to install and restart and blah blah blah
07:48.19TekkubI hate programs that make you restart... WTF?
07:48.27sancusit installs a driver
07:48.28Tekkubhi, this isn't Win95!
07:48.33sancusso it can mount images
07:48.37sancuscan't mount images if you don't install a driver
07:48.46Kirkburn|afkMounting is fun.
07:48.58Tekkubyea but it makes you restart to run the install, it doesn't install then make you restart
07:49.08sancusI believe it installs the driver first
07:49.11sancusthen installs the software
07:49.24Tekkub*shrug* restarting is so last century either way
07:49.36sancusyou can probably find an extraction program that won't require a restart
07:49.44sancuswon't find one that actually mounts, though
07:49.59Tekkubdon't care about the mounting in the end
07:50.09Tekkubjust wanna extract and throw on the file server
07:50.11sancustry kirkburn's thing, or isobuster
07:50.59Kirkburn|afkMy thing is daemon tools :P
07:51.26Tekkubmy thing is |                   | <--- this big
07:51.52Kirkburn|afkWow, that's like less than an inch
07:52.28Tekkubwhich in internet scale is like, 5 inches
07:52.33HJTif u happen to have nero installed, it probaly will do it too
07:52.54TekkubI have no CD software at all installed
07:53.08Tekkublike I said, really want something I could just run from my USB key
07:54.00Adysyour "thing" eh?
07:54.52Adysafk a sec :p
07:54.53Tekkubheh, had some fun tonight with our pally friend that can't tank
07:55.05Tekkubtried to do Fozruk, he couldn't tank a single thing, both me and the roomie died before him...
07:55.15*** join/#wowwiki ALiEN`` ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
07:55.16Kirkburn|afkOh, "internet scale", eh? Is that what you tell your hubby?
07:55.26Tekkubme: "As usual, Jesse can't hold aggro"
07:55.53Tekkubroomie: "It's hard to hold aggro when your hands are full of epic [Wang], have you seen that thing?"
07:56.16sancuspoweriso is a thing that you mentioned that isn't daemon tools but does exist!
07:56.49Kirkburn|afkleik, totally
07:57.32Tekkubwow, quickbooks 2007 uses .Net 1.1.... aren't we up to .Net 3.0?
07:58.18HJTTekkub: yup, they r
07:58.47HJTbut i dunno the changes between 2 & 3, but between 1 & 2, they changed nearly everything
08:01.46sancusI have a userpage now and I made myself an admin. I am certain I'm going to regret this.
08:01.56HJTok, changed is the wrong word: they added for every class another 2.0 class with the same function, but which is far easier to use
08:02.18Tekkubso it's like Ace1 vs Ace2
08:02.37HJTdunno ace
08:02.41Sky2042it's too late sancus
08:03.06Sky2042aw well
08:03.09Sky2042night all
08:04.01HJThow would u store ur holiday movies?
08:04.14sancusI am a wiki newb
08:04.28HJT(my girlfriends mother has about 50+hr and has now filled a 500GB HD with RAW files ;) )
08:05.09HJT(and only a few hours r on that much space :D )
08:05.21sancusapparently "rollback" doesn't have a confirmation message :P
08:08.55TekkubHJT, Mpeg4
08:09.10Tekkubor, don't be a packrat, only save what you'll really watch
08:10.33HJTTekkub: yeahyeah, so far i got, any1 XP with x264?
08:11.10Tekkubnever touched 264 beyond a bit of anime playback
08:13.26*** join/#wowwiki winkille1 (
08:15.02TekkubI hate programs that make desktop shortcuts without asking
08:15.19Tekkuband then you delete it, and then launch the program for the first time ,na d it remakes it
08:15.57HJTTekkub: well, i can also playback x264, and we in switzerland have Zatoo, a P2P internet TV using H264
08:16.21HJToh come on Tekkub, these proggys r soooo cute ;)
08:37.07foxlitCreate a new user with a specific deny privilege to all desktop folders
08:37.19foxlitRun program as that user, problem solved (if it doesn't die, that is)
08:39.25foxlitHm, we need a new API function flag
08:39.26foxlitPROTECTED IN COMBAT, or something like that.
09:03.20*** join/#wowwiki |Pixel|_ (
09:07.05sancusAdys: thx for the category
09:07.13Adysnp :P
09:07.22Adysadded you on WoWWiki:Administrators too
09:10.14sancusme -> sleep for a while
09:24.47Tekkuboh that's good
09:24.56Tekkubguild named Buckfutter
09:25.41TekkubBlizzy demands a rename, they try for Therapists
09:25.41Tekkubno, not creative...
09:26.11Tekkubbut fucking funny regardless
09:26.53Tekkubhrm... can't find it
09:26.53Tekkubbut it's from SNL
09:26.53Tekkub"I'll take the rapists for 100 Trebec!"
09:27.57dottedfuzz blick
09:28.05dottedwould also rock
09:28.13dottedbut its less obvious than most
09:29.19TekkubI just want <Thirteen Inches>
09:32.32*** join/#wowwiki drin (
09:33.12*** join/#wowwiki vlad_ ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
09:33.13*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
09:33.13*** join/#wowwiki Thrae ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
09:33.13*** join/#wowwiki p30n ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
09:33.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+o vlad_] by
09:45.18Tekkub"Each glyph is sold for {{Cost|g=100}}(90 when Revered)."
09:45.23TekkubRedundant much?
09:49.06Tekkub{{hovertip}} FTFW
09:49.22winkiller <- nuxnux added his site (on top) was to instagib it, but it seems to be a valid size
09:49.22Tekkuber, hovernote
09:49.34winkillershould I reorder them to alphabeitcal sorting?
09:51.29Tekkubneed an icon for me patchnote template, like {{See Also}}
09:52.44Tekkuband how should I handle the temporal wording of a future patch....
09:52.52TekkubI don't want to have to update crap...
09:54.28Tekkubcould even make it add categories... [[Category:Changed in patch 2.1]]
09:54.50Tekkubdo we want categories on that tho?
09:57.38Kirkburn|afkSeems like too much work
09:57.53TekkubI think I know how I'll do it
09:58.17Kirkburn|afkYarr, I be level 12
09:58.26Tekkub"[icon]Patch 2.1: Direct flight path to Shattrath city added
09:59.39Tekkubor "[icon] As of {{{date}}}: {{{note}}}"
09:59.39Tekkubbut I need an icon!
09:59.53Kirkburn|afk"[icon]Patch 2.1: Direct flight path to YOUR MOM added"
10:02.03Tekkubkirk, are there more icons from this set?
10:08.44Kirkburn|afkNot sure
10:09.03Kirkburn|afkYes, I think there are
10:09.06Tekkubfound it, you suck, screw you
10:09.15Kirkburn|afkUp yours, you bitch, go die
10:10.22Kirkburn|afkElrox ftw
10:18.36HJTelrox gone wild...
10:24.08sancusI love bliz
10:24.09sancusmake pots with bags full, ???, profit
10:26.46Kirkburn|afkTekkub, that's an .... iron
10:27.11Tekkubno it's not
10:27.15Tekkubgood fucking god
10:27.16HJTwell, it definitly looks like one, but a REALLY outdated one
10:27.40Tekkubwhat's the name of that thing... a traul?
10:27.43HJTlike those u put in the stove to get warm
10:27.47Kirkburn|afkTrowel? :P
10:28.14HJTin german we call it "maurerschaufel"
10:28.14Kirkburn|afkHeh, it's ambiguous, isn't it :)
10:28.15Tekkubso I can't spell, we knew this
10:28.45Kirkburn|afkApart from the ...trowel, looks good!
10:28.58Tekkubfind a better icon and I'll go with it
10:29.10Tekkubbut it makes the most sense to me of the ones I looked at
10:29.12HJTand how should one use it on pages like:
10:29.16Tekkubfind me one!
10:30.41sancusthat shit is finally worthwhile in 2.1~!
10:30.51Kirkburn|afkAww, Mikk, it's all over the floor now
10:32.16HJTcome on kiddies, theres enough paint, paper, crayons and all that stuff for every1...
10:33.19sancusI will RAPE you with a CRAYON
10:33.41Kirkburn|afkHow big?
10:34.02Kirkburn|afkLolz? -
10:34.20sancusLOLZ RP NERD DRAMA FTW
10:34.27sancusoh god
10:34.33sancusthat's SO tacky, kirkburn
10:34.37Kirkburn|afkWell, what else could I do?
10:34.47Kirkburn|afkI got banned/deleted/crashed/burned/whatever
10:35.03sancusdoesn't that mean you're permanently not welcome?
10:35.15sancusI mean, when I ban someone if they make a new username and come back, that's generally when I IP ban them :P
10:35.17Kirkburn|afkNope, at least not according to what the admins said on that thread
10:35.30sancus... so why can't they unban your normal name
10:35.32sancusthat makes no sense
10:35.33Kirkburn|afkThey deny I was banned
10:35.45sancusthat's awesome
10:35.48Kirkburn|afkDunno, it's all kinda weird
10:36.03Kirkburn|afkI didn't come up as banned, my user just ... disappeared
10:36.37Kirkburn|afkAnyway, I do love that the wiki has comprehensive page histories
10:36.52sancusyeah so I can see who edited my shit and put them on The List
10:37.02Kirkburn|afkMakes it so easy to knock down arguments like "you deleted my stuff" ... "er, no we didn't, and look, it's still there"
10:37.14Kirkburn|afkOh noes! The Lisr!
10:37.46sancusdon't worry, you're not on it
10:40.02Kirkburn|afk... yet :)
10:40.20Kirkburn|afkMy Uni is awesome: they ask us to submit our reports electronically yet /somehow/ I'm supposed to sign it
10:40.41Kirkburn|afkNot only that I'm supposed to submit a signed statement at the same time.
10:40.46HJTPGP signature?
10:40.59Kirkburn|afkNone of us would know how
10:41.09Kirkburn|afkit's cause they changed the rules since last year
10:41.32Kirkburn|afkBefore we were supposed to bind and hand them in, but they forgot about the other stuff
10:41.38HJTends always in a big mess :D
10:42.37*** join/#wowwiki squid (
10:43.20winkillerI made the wiki a better place:
10:43.26winkillerthat was seriously missing
10:43.31*** join/#wowwiki Adys2010 (
10:43.33winkillerso much more unique than 120 Energy...
10:43.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
10:44.39sancusskinning a bear should cause your account to be deleted imo
10:44.46sancus<3 bears
10:45.47winkillerI wanted to quote that AYB version
10:45.57winkillerbut silly google cache didn't want to me to find it agaun
10:48.19HJTwhat a pitty blizz deleted that thread... i want to read on!
10:53.59Tekkubsancus is a fellow bruin?
10:54.07sancusa .. what?
10:54.09sancuswhat the fuck
10:54.15Tekkubbruin == bear
10:54.19sancusI got that part.
10:54.30sancusI was totally just joking and making up an excuse to delete peoples' accounts
10:54.35Tekkubyes, I'm 10min slow :P
10:54.48Tekkuboh, so you're not a bear lover, you were just using us...
10:56.40Kirkburn|afkPhew, no overrun charge from my Host this month
10:57.01HJTHA! just got phone my beloved notebook has got a new screen and is ready to pick up!
10:57.12HJTWoW, im back!
10:58.00*** join/#wowwiki IRCMonkey (
10:58.35HJTi thought the repair will take some weeks/months, but now it took not even a week
10:58.46Kirkburn|afksancus, I hate you :)
10:58.48sancusreplacing a screen on a laptop takes like.. 30 minutes
10:58.53sancusso yeah..
10:59.12HJTsure, but maybe u know 'standart tech suport'?
10:59.17sancusyeah :P
10:59.26sancusWELCOME ELLERYA
10:59.50Kirkburn|afkCapitals make kittens cry :(
11:00.23HJTsure, kittyburn
11:00.39infobotAuthor of the phunky font changing addons ClearFont and ClearFont2, and WoWWiki bureaucrat. Also likes kittens.
11:01.09Kirkburn|afkOne day! One day I'll actually have a kitten of my own
11:01.18HJTmy parents have 3
11:01.29HJTand my girlfriend wants one too
11:02.05sancuswho doesnt like kittens
11:02.12sancusthat's like saying 'also likes sex'
11:02.41HJTon myself, oc
11:03.13HJTwhos mage in here? :D
11:03.45sancusand uh adys I think
11:03.52sancusand sky
11:03.59sancusbut he's not in here right now
11:03.59Adysim mage aye
11:04.51Adysrebooting brb
11:05.18Kirkburn|afkYay, I've written 90 words for Uni
11:05.23Kirkburn|afkNow to hand it in :P
11:07.19HJTuh oh, that much? ^^
11:08.56Hobinheim|workninety words on what?
11:09.02Hobinheim|work"why i love wow..."
11:09.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
11:09.09*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
11:09.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
11:10.39Kirkburn|afkAdys, windows wanted an update?
11:10.52AdysNo, my video player started fucking up
11:11.08Mikk(prolly need to reload)
11:11.10Kirkburn|afkMy PCs are rumbling away on updates atm
11:11.27TekkubThat'll do pig
11:11.34Kirkburn|afkMikk, just what I was expecting, nice :)
11:12.12Kirkburn|afkNothing beats an iron though
11:12.27Kirkburn|afkCause that'd just hurt
11:12.39Kirkburn|afkNo, what you want to do is beat someone /with/ an iron
11:12.52Kirkburn|afkIt'd still hurt, but you wouldn't be the one hurting
11:13.04Hobinheimmaybe i'll actually sign on and gain a level
11:13.26Kirkburn|afkYay furniture
11:14.03MikkMy realm has extended maintenance >:<
11:14.23sancuscuz it sucks
11:14.24Hobinheimdid the patch come out or something?
11:14.30sancusgod no
11:14.34Hobinheimi haven't read the forums since last last sunday :(
11:14.39Hobinheimi'm so behind on the internet
11:14.47Kirkburn|afkApparently it's "bugged to hell", or words to that effect
11:15.05sancusnot as bugged as the live servers though
11:15.10*** join/#wowwiki lrsn (
11:15.23Kirkburn|afkBoy's head stuck in toilet seat
11:15.37Kirkburn|afkI almost didn't post the link :P
11:15.45sancusdumb euros
11:16.02Kirkburn|afkBraintree, doesn't surprise me
11:16.09Kirkburn|afk(ironic name)
11:16.20sancus111. Every year 4 people in the UK die putting their trousers on.
11:16.33Hobinheimi was about to link you some horrifying news articles as well
11:16.41Hobinheimman cuts off wenis in crowded restaurant
11:17.09HJTthat we know already
11:17.10Hobinheimthere's an essex county in jersey
11:17.13Hobinheimthat's where i went to school
11:17.29Hobinheimsancus, what does that say about the people from the UK?
11:17.42sancusI believe that's IMPLIED, hob
11:18.10Kirkburn|afkWhat's a wenis?
11:18.33sancuskirkburn is inviting a list of euphemisms
11:18.57Kirkburn|afkI don't "invite", I demand!
11:19.04Hobinheimlol ouch alteration of the word snicker
11:19.35Kirkburn|afkIt's not my fault you can't speak/write /proper/ english
11:19.42Hobinheimproper, eh?
11:19.47Hobinheimthat's all that matters
11:20.02Hobinheim(it's an american flag)
11:20.06Hobinheimjust like this one :911:
11:20.20Hobinheimthat one has a bald eagle, crying, in front of an american flag
11:20.21HobinheimNEVER FORGET
11:20.29Kirkburn|afkAbout what?
11:20.30sancusno no
11:20.46HobinheimKirkburn|afk forgot!!! :shocked: (again, no emote for shocked)
11:20.51Hobinheimhmm lemmme look one up
11:21.01Hobinheimoh i remember
11:21.05Hobinheim:aaa: and :aaaaa:
11:21.11Kirkburn|afkYou realise I don't see these emoticons?
11:21.15sancuswhat the fuck
11:21.17sancusare you using
11:21.19sancusin irc
11:21.24sancusEXPLAIN YOURSELF
11:21.24Hobinheimheh :a2m: as to mouth
11:21.34sancusyou are aware that irc is text, right?
11:21.38Kirkburn|afkIt makes him happy, that's what counts?
11:21.39Hobinheimif you had the something awful emoticon pack, this would be HIGHLARIOUS
11:21.43Hobinheimthank you Kirkburn|afk
11:21.51Hobinheimi put :argh: and :psyduck: on the wiki
11:22.04Hobinheimi can put more up if there's an expression you've been dying to... express
11:22.25HJTi also see only text...
11:22.36Hobinheim[07:21] Hobinheim: if you had the something awful emoticon pack, this would be HIGHLARIOUS
11:22.52sancusif you had a high concentration of crack in your veins, this would be even more HIGHLARIOUS
11:23.11Hobinheimif jimmy cracked corn and no one cared, that would be DEPRESSING
11:23.35Kirkburn|afk^ how about that one
11:23.43Hobinheimdoes not display
11:24.07Kirkburn|afkDoes it even show the text?
11:24.44Hobinheimthat sucks, why does a country have to waste money attaching back the penis of a crazy man
11:24.47Hobinheimyeah i see the text
11:24.49Hobinheimit's just a subst
11:24.56Hobinheimif i have an icon for it it just gets replaced
11:25.06Hobinheim: ) and : D i have icons for
11:25.12Hobinheimsome clients do that automatically
11:25.19Kirkburn|afkI wanted to spend my time doing stuff like :hobsmells:
11:25.30Hobinheimthat's a good one
11:25.51Tekkubour link color is too close to the blizzy poster color
11:25.56Tekkubwe should tweak that :)
11:26.17Kirkburn|afkTotally, let's make it yellow
11:26.41Tekkubpally pink
11:26.55Tekkubwith chamois blue teal for visited
11:27.04Kirkburn|afkI'd love to see the response to changing it to pink :)
11:27.29Kirkburn|afkBut alas, 01/04/2008 is just too far away
11:28.26Hobinheimisn't that a hybrid class? from wciii? chamois?
11:28.27Kirkburn|afkcham-oice :)
11:28.41Hobinheimsham wah
11:28.49Tekkubchamois == "shammy"
11:28.55Kirkburn|afkThere's no need to cry about it Hobinheim
11:28.57Hobinheimfor pink you say :gay:
11:29.06HobinheimPINK SHOCKKKK
11:29.09Kirkburn|afk"Omg, the wiki is leik totally gay! I'm offended and will never visit again!"
11:29.48sancusthe wiki sucks
11:29.49sancusit's slow
11:29.49Kirkburn|afkno u
11:29.49sancusand also
11:29.49sancusvlad is bad at stuff
11:29.49sancusand that sancus guy just sits around in irc and does NOTHING
11:29.52sancusplus fuck kirkburn
11:29.58sancushow dare he post on rp nerd forums
11:30.06*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn|afk -> Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | Go vote! | Nominate a Featured Article today! WW:FA | vlad is bad at stuff and that sancus guy just sits around in irc and does NOTHING - sancus
11:30.41Kirkburn|afkI saw nothing past that point in your rant :P
11:31.03Kirkburn|afkThough that could have been the clouds of red and smoke pouring from my ears
11:31.05sancuskirkburn is such a narcissist he sees no criticism
11:31.06sancusfuck him
11:31.36Kirkburn|afkTo Uni!
11:32.56sancustoo late
11:33.02sancusbetter start scheduling therapy sessions!
11:34.26TekkubMy ex used to call his "rapist" from time to time :)
11:34.52sancuswhat about your rapist?!
11:35.11sancusI realize
11:35.17sancuslike, it's not rocket science here
11:35.28Tekkuband on my bedtime parting note I leave you with this
11:35.33TekkubRape is never funny!
11:35.45sancusRape is almost always funny!
11:40.53Adysoff to bed for a few, back soonish
11:57.13*** join/#wowwiki NikoN (
12:01.17Hobinheimthe rapist
12:03.31*** join/#wowwiki Kirk_Uni (i=89de5caa@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
12:04.32Kirk_UniNo, I'm someone completely different. I do work.
12:05.01Kirk_UniI go all the way to Uni to hand something in, and the hander isn't here :/ (i'm a handee?)
12:06.39Hobinheimyou're the hander inner
12:06.42Hobinheimhe's the handee
12:06.47Hobinheimthe one that receives the hand
12:07.02Kirk_Uniah, yes, that makes sense
12:07.22Kirk_Uni"Unisex lavatories - with blurred glass walls - could help in the battle against school bullies, government guidelines for England suggest."
12:07.56Hobinheimuhh what
12:08.02Hobinheimmore of that UK logic i see
12:08.19foxlitI'm missing some prereq assumption there
12:08.44foxlitYou bully people in bathrooms because nobody can see them through the cardboard?
12:09.21foxlitAnd the unisex part is to increase the chance that someone walks in, making the location less desirable?
12:11.46Kirk_UniPretty much
12:12.24Kirk_UniActually sounds kinda reasonable to me, though I'm not sure of the effects of unisex bathrooms on youngsters
12:12.53Kirk_Uni(especially those with "boundary issues")
12:13.06Kirk_Unigoddamn, this keyboard is awful
12:13.24Kirk_Uni^ that's shift+2
12:13.58Kirk_UniSo anyway,, and I'm off
12:14.38Hobinheimhey it's almost your birthday!
12:15.06*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
12:33.42*** join/#wowwiki the_squid (
12:39.18Kirkburn|afkHobinheim, so it is!
12:42.02Hobinheimhappy preemptive
12:43.52*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
12:43.52*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
12:50.08*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
12:54.33Hobinheimba doo bee dop
12:57.46Hobinheimthey're all married
12:57.51Hobinheimthe young one really let himself go
12:58.00Hobinheimand the middle one still sorta looks like a chick
12:58.27dottedany one preordered lotro in here?
12:59.03Hobinheimi have some news
12:59.14Hobinheimi scored a collector's edition
12:59.14Hobinheimare those still like wanted?
12:59.33Hobinheimare people excited about lotro?
12:59.34dottedspecial or collectors?
12:59.45dotted(just to be sure)
13:00.21Hobinheimworld of warcraft burning crusade collector's edition
13:00.21Hobinheimit's a big, hulking box :(
13:00.22Hobinheimpriests don't have muscle!
13:00.37Hobinheimi'm practically skin and bones! :rimshot:
13:01.38dottedohh i was on about lotro tho :p
13:01.43Hobinheimi know
13:01.54Hobinheimi didn't know they had special editions too
13:02.04Hobinheimi haven't heard anyone besides here talk about it
13:02.20Hobinheimand how could it possibly be better than wow (that's my measuring stick, albeit probably an unfair one)
13:02.44dottedit cant its a copy, but i kinda like the setting to be quite honest
13:03.27Hobinheimi'm still waiting for warcraft IN SPAAACE
13:07.21dottedyes starcraft as an mmofps would rock
13:09.09Hobinheimwould it really though
13:09.12Hobinheimwouldn't it be the same, but different
13:09.32dottedsame how?
13:09.47Hobinheimit would be the same exact wow mechanics with a different skin
13:09.59Hobinheimi dunno anything about mmos. i guess i'm not thinking outside the box
13:10.02equiraptorA different skin tends to keep me entertained...
13:10.21equiraptorAnd if Blizzard does it right, it won't be the same mechanics. I'd hope.
13:10.43Hobinheimit'd have dots, dps, aggro... all the same stuff that i learned in wow
13:10.53dottedif they did startcraft as an mmofps, i'd hope they are gonna do it to fill the gaps WoW lacks atm (like proper pvp) to get new customers, and not take too many away from wow
13:11.12dottedHobinheim you have that in all mmo's no?
13:11.49equiraptorNot in the exact same way, I don't think, but many of the concepts are the same.
13:11.59dottedyet you wouldnt call eve online, a reskined wow
13:12.27equiraptorI mean, hell, you have DPS in a hell of a lot of things. Anything that needs damage over time. :)
13:13.03dottedyou have dps in your average fps - but it is not very meaningful in those games tho :p
13:13.24equiraptorThose are more about burst damage, no?
13:13.35equiraptor(I don't like FPS, so haven't played many)
13:13.46dottedyes but its still dps
13:14.28dottedbut the term dps is meaning less in fps games
13:14.49dottedi mean a headshot in counter strike is basicly an instant kill
13:19.15Kirkburn|afkdotted, Baggins plays Lotro
13:20.45Hobinheimno more feeling ghetto!
13:21.14Hobinheimpvp isn't customer friendly; it induces nerd rage, hence the need for care bear ism
13:22.38*** join/#wowwiki Tuqui-tuqui (
13:22.41equiraptorI remember not having a real bed.
13:37.27Hobinheimmoving a fouton mat, not as easy as it looks
13:37.39Hobinheimequiraptor, did you move into somewhere?
13:38.16equiraptorNo. We just didn't have a real bed because we were happy with just the futon mat, and too cheap to buy a real bed.
13:39.00equiraptorUsed to be.
13:39.12equiraptorThen I got a real job (and a real boyfriend).
13:39.16equiraptornot so much anymore. :-P
13:58.07Hobinheimwhat is a warlock's favorite icecream?
13:59.28Hobinheimdippin' DoTs!
14:05.38Hobinheimdid you know tyra banks is koo-koo for vaseline?
14:16.51Kirkburn|afkI sure didn't!
14:30.28Tuqui-tuquiI dont wanna know what Banks does with her vaseline
14:30.41Tuqui-tuquimaybe she gels up phones and attacks butlers and maids
14:30.48Kirkburn|afkDo you wanna see my last Ace SVN commit message? :)
14:31.01Kirkburn|afkBet she eats them too
14:31.07*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
14:31.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Teomyr] by ChanServ
14:31.21Kirkburn|afkSee this is how I work:
14:31.22Kirkburn|afk<CIA-31> kirkburn * r33732 ClearFont2/ (Changelog.txt Core.lua Design.lua Readme.txt):
14:31.22Kirkburn|afk<CIA-31> ClearFont2:
14:31.22Kirkburn|afk<CIA-31> * Added free cookies
14:31.24Kirkburn|afk<CIA-31> * Updated Readme.txt
14:31.26Kirkburn|afk<CIA-31> * Tidying code for reading ease
14:31.28Kirkburn|afk<CIA-31> * Updated Changelog.txt
14:31.30Kirkburn|afk<CIA-31> * Removed free cookies
14:31.32Kirkburn|afkI giveth, and then I taketh away :)
14:50.54*** join/#wowwiki Tornhoof (
14:51.57Tornhoofsomebody please change that page, the last part about shaman/druid critstrike talents increasing healing to 200% is utter nonsense, since those talents explicitly state critical damage...
14:56.42Kirkburn|afkTornhoof, can't you change it? :)
14:57.45Tornhoofthat email verification thingie aien't coming in ;)
14:57.59Tornhoofor i'm just too dumb to trigger it ;)
14:58.27Tornhoofotherwise that article was heavily cut down in the last few days
14:58.36Tornhoofmaybe wise to lock it anyway
15:00.45Kirkburn|afkNo, locking is never an answer :)
15:01.08Kirkburn|afkWhy your email thing isn't working, I dunno, hrm
15:02.57Tornhooftook another email addy
15:03.06Kirkburn|afkPosted on the VP about it :)
15:03.26Tornhoofthat one worked now
15:03.52Tornhoofactually i don't know why it asked me for email verification now, it worked previously
15:04.39Kirkburn|afkOh, a setting was changed recently
15:07.41Tornhooffixed that critheal nonsense ;)
15:12.22*** join/#wowwiki Kitan (i=a158ff8b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:12.34Kitanhello all
15:15.20*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
15:15.20Tuqui-tuquihello! o/
15:19.11*** join/#wowwiki rophy (
15:27.13Hobinheimquick, what's a good warcraft happy birthday greeting
15:29.30Hobinheimare you that lazy that you can't type congrats?
15:29.39Hobinheimalthough i do feel that /congrats is a bit much
15:31.46*** join/#wowwiki Kitan_ (i=a158ff8b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
15:36.21Kitanyou guys are quiet today
15:39.22Kirkburn|afkWhy are my ears bleeding?
15:39.47Kirkburn|afkMeanwhile ....
15:46.00*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
15:46.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
15:53.31*** join/#wowwiki lrsn ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
15:53.31*** join/#wowwiki Chompers ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
15:53.31*** join/#wowwiki Shadowed (n=outlaw@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
15:54.43*** join/#wowwiki abecx (n=abecx@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
15:54.43*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (i=Dragofix@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
15:54.43*** join/#wowwiki steino (n=stein-iv@
15:54.44*** join/#wowwiki the_squid ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
15:57.12Tornhoofsomeone verify that list, someone edited to remove the dependency on character level for AP, i reedited the shaman part where it is clearly dependent on the AP, some other classes might want to fix that too
16:13.47Kitanoh no
16:13.51Kitannot a hyper chipmunk
16:15.18*** join/#wowwiki ClydeJr (i=86a3ff0d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
16:16.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+v ClydeJr] by ChanServ
16:16.03Hobinheimutilize or utilise
16:16.08Hobinheimis wowwiki written in en-us?
16:16.20TecnoBratheh, thats a good question
16:16.27TecnoBratcolor or colour? :)
16:16.30Hobinheimwikipedia pisses me off
16:16.35Hobinheim"both" has to be the worst policy ever
16:17.10Kitanthey don't do color/colour every time right
16:17.16Hobinheimif an article is written in american style, it's ok
16:17.23KitanThat is the color/colour blue.
16:17.25Hobinheimif an article is written in british style, it's ok
16:17.32Hobinheimit can't be two stlyes in one article
16:17.39Hobinheimbut multiple articles can have different styles each
16:17.42Kitantwo styles in one article would have sent me up a wall
16:17.53Hobinheimmaybe they should make it a display setting
16:18.01Hobinheimhow much difference is there between american english and uk english
16:18.03Kitanand templates
16:18.08TecnoBratAmerican or UK grammer? :P
16:18.23Kitanis there a big grammer difference?
16:18.25Hobinheimi don't believe that en-uk is more popular...
16:18.33Hobinheimit's wrong! it isn't :patriot:
16:18.45TecnoBratUhhh couple major differences
16:19.02TecnoBratAmerican english says "bob has a car" UK says "bob has got a car"
16:19.26HobinheimBOB HAS A CAR, SON
16:19.41Hobinheimi was about to retort with i got my orc slaying gun
16:19.44TecnoBratamericans say "I already had lunch" UK "I've already had lunch"
16:19.44Hobinheimbut that's slang
16:20.16AdysBob has a car is as correct as Bob has got a car, in the first case Do is used. I guess...
16:20.16TecnoBratanyways, those are some common examples :)
16:20.19Grypheni hate the word 'got'
16:20.26Hobinheimthere should be a british fork
16:20.38AdysI got something against Thottbot, Gryphen
16:20.39Hobinheimwikipaedia they can call it
16:20.50KitanYes Adys, we all know that
16:20.58Kitanspeaking of that
16:20.58Grypheni have something against wowhead
16:21.04Adysnvm, was trying to be a smartass
16:21.05Kitanhave we implemented the change to elinks?
16:21.12KitanI know Adys
16:21.17Gryphenyes kitan
16:21.25Kitanreally?  Crap because I just have been to three pages that have thot and all still
16:21.27AdysAllakhazam should be shot, btw
16:21.46AdysKitan, the change's been a reorder
16:21.49Gryphenthey are staying in, just re-ordered based on the votes
16:22.03TecnoBratI like allakhazam's item search, I have ads blocked :P
16:22.03Adysanyways we should delete all item pages.
16:22.11Gryphenwe should delete adys
16:22.18Gryphenhes delete happy
16:22.55AdysWhy would I be sweety?
16:22.58Hobinheimi'm pretty sure ad.ys is a dude
16:23.10Hobinheimcuz you sprinkle words like sweety
16:23.12Kitanthere was that day with the PMS conversation and Hob was booted
16:23.22Hobinheimyeah not cool
16:23.23Kitanit isn't important anyway
16:23.27*** kick/#wowwiki [Hobinheim!] by Adys (Like that?)
16:23.29Gryphenadys is boot happy
16:23.38Kitanyeah... like that :-P
16:23.56*** join/#wowwiki nothob (
16:26.11AdysBtw, I'm not a she
16:26.20Adysbut Im not really a he either, that though is something else
16:27.33TecnoBratWell I'm glad we cleared that up!
16:27.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
16:28.46*** join/#wowwiki Puffz (
16:29.05*** part/#wowwiki Puffz (
16:32.17*** join/#wowwiki Syrius (
16:33.52SyriusHey can someone help me? I installed the US client not knowing there's an EU one and bought the retail CD yesterday.  Seems I can't use my key on my US account so I'm forced to create a EU account.  What I'm wondering is, is it ok to still use the EU client? I changed the to eu instead of us and I found as I logged in with my EU account that I could still select US servers :-/
16:34.27SyriusI don't know if EU are s'posed to be able to go on US servers since I read that about a year ago this was not possible or something
16:35.04TecnoBrathow do you know you are seeing US servers?
16:35.22SyriusCus it says US and Oceanic just like the US version does?
16:35.44SyriusI checked the server list on the EU site though and found the -exact- same server name as my US account is on :-/
16:35.58SyriusHave they changed things so that EU and US are on the same servers now or what? I'm confused]
16:36.06Gryphenno they have the same names
16:36.46SyriusOk so anyways, is it ok to keep the US client and just go by having eu in the ?
16:37.03SyriusAnd would the client actually update when patches are released again or should I install the EU client instead?
16:37.33Gryphennot sure
16:37.43SyriusWell I found I was able to log in ok
16:37.48SyriusBut as I said, it said US and Oceanic
16:37.57SyriusNothing like European or anything
16:39.15Syriusat the moment I'm trying to install my EU version from my CDs though its taking forever >_>
16:39.43SyriusDoes anyone know where I could download the latest client? preferly all its files intact but even if its just an installer, it might go alot better than these CDs are
16:40.22Gryphenit is slow install either way
16:40.53Gryphenyou create your account at
16:41.01*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul (n=c@
16:42.43SyriusSorry, friend phoned my mobile
16:42.44SyriusYeah, I have made an account on it now
16:42.57SyriusAnd btw, the US client wasn't this slow to install >_>
16:43.23Syriusbut also bare in mind that I wasn't trying to get it off a CD or DVD
16:43.32SyriusI just simply downloaded it and installed it
16:44.02SyriusWhats most annoying is I have to keep changing CDs since there's like 5 of em
16:44.18SyriusI don't see why they're not on DVDs now, the 14 day trial was released on DVD
16:44.30TecnoBratdid you create your account at or ?
16:44.32SyriusAlthough for some reason mine won't install properly, I think the disk is faulty
16:44.46SyriusIf you must have an answer for that >_>
16:44.49Grypheni asked that tec
16:45.06TecnoBratwha? both?
16:45.15SyriusI created an account on then found I couldn't use UK retail key on it
16:45.26SyriusTHEN I found out its cus there's an EU site
16:45.36SyriusAnd UK keys only work on EU accounts
16:45.40Gryphenyeah, eu and us accounts dont mix
16:45.50Gryphenus cant post on eu boards and such
16:46.05SyriusSo, I decided to create an account on the EU site
16:46.11*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris|afk (
16:46.11SyriusNow I'm wondering about my US client
16:46.26SyriusI invisgated about it and found that I could simply change the
16:46.29SyriusSo I did
16:46.47SyriusWhen I log in via my EU account, I see US and Oceanic server list tabs
16:46.55Gryphenprobably just best to do it the right way and be done with it :D
16:47.09SyriusNo EU or UK or French or German or any EU related tabs
16:47.26SyriusYes but as I said, this installation is taking forever
16:47.34Syrius"  The installer was unable to read the file "<unknown>". This error may be caused by problems with the media or drive at --for example, a scratched or dirty CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, hard drive corruption, or a networking problem while downloading the installer. (The data being read was "Repack-MPQ\Data#wmo.MPQ\World\wmo\Lorderon\Undercity\Undercity_133.wmo~Patch", and the error code was 38.) If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard
16:47.40SyriusArgh, great, another failure >_<
16:47.56foxlitCongratulations! You've won the faulty disk lottery!
16:47.57SyriusCan someone PLEASE give me a download link for the latest EU client? this is getting annyoing
16:48.06Syriusfoxlit: that twice now :(
16:48.19SyriusFirst it was my DVD trial disk, now its my retail CD disk >_>
16:48.38Gryphendoesnt the wow-eu site have a trial client on their site?
16:49.03Hobinheimruh roh
16:49.13SyriusWell the eu site isn't as straight forward, not to mention it doesn't give you the latest client off the bat
16:49.27foxlitNothing gives you the latest client off the bat, I think.
16:49.31Gryphennone do, you have to upgrade
16:49.35foxlitYou're still going to have to get 2.0, then patch
16:49.37SyriusErm, 2.0.0 thats close enough
16:49.49SyriusIts better than 1.14 >_>
16:50.02SyriusThats what my US one was
16:50.14Syrius* 1.1.4 or whatever
16:50.21foxlitAh, that makes more sense
16:50.36SyriusSo yeah, took like 4 attempts to patch
16:50.41Syrius1 for each new patch >_>
16:50.56Hobinheimw/e at least it's automatic
16:51.00Gryphenstill will :D
16:51.16SyriusThe less to download and patch the better imo
16:51.29SyriusDon't see why they can't keep the damn files updated on the links they provide
16:52.16Hobinheimtoo much work?
16:52.23Hobinheimnot high enough traffic?
16:52.24Gryphenthats what the patches are for :D
16:52.36foxlitEasier to maintain a steady set of swarms
16:52.42Gryphennot a lot of people concerned with it im sure
16:53.32*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul (n=c@
16:53.38SyriusOther sites do it so imo there's no excuses
16:53.59SyriusFor those who haven't got the client yet there should be a most up-to-date download
16:54.04SyriusNot a download 2 years old
16:54.12Grypheni dont think a lot of people download
16:54.17Gryphenjust trial users
16:54.21Gryphenmost people have cds
16:54.30SyriusI find it easier than buying it actually
16:54.38Gryphenyou do
16:54.42SyriusConsidering I am on a 2mb broudband connection
16:55.29SyriusI don't mind about the cost, just don't like having to go out my way when I can simply download and install in the confort of my own home
16:56.03TecnoBratdid you go out an buy the game?
16:56.17Gryphenyou been reading at all tec?
16:56.30TecnoBratit wasnt a serious question :P
16:56.33SyriusGryphen: I don't hink he has >_>
16:56.40TecnoBratI was making a point
16:56.44TecnoBratand aparantly, it failed.
16:56.48SyriusI went out to buy the game for one reason and one reason only ITS CHEAPER
16:57.07SyriusSo yeah, you fail :P
16:57.29Gryphentext doesnt convey speech inflection
16:57.42SyriusBasically the game here is ú14.99 which is about.. $30 almost
16:57.51SyriusThe game online costs $19.99
16:57.59SyriusThere's a catch, you MUSt pay for you first month
16:58.03TecnoBratOh really?
16:58.05SyriusBuy it from your local retailers, you do not
16:58.11TecnoBratwow, its not that cheap here, haha
16:58.28SyriusWell you can get it from my local game store's website for ú9.99
16:58.41SyriusWhich is about $20 almost
16:58.50SyriusAnd yeah, it comes with first month free, of course
16:59.07SyriusSo yeah, I think I'd rather buy it for less than pay for a key online and my first month ontop
16:59.25SyriusThats why I bought it from the local game store, not for the installation
16:59.44SyriusLike I said, I didn't even know I couldn't continue my US trial account from it
17:00.01SyriusSo I was just going to continue happily with my already installed US client if it was possible
17:00.01TecnoBratYea, here its $19.99 for the game, and $14.95 / month
17:00.09SyriusIt seems that it is.. but I got an odd result from trying it
17:00.20SyriusThis is what has confused me and why I am asking
17:00.32SyriusTec: No free first month?
17:00.43TecnoBratYea, it has a free first month
17:00.54SyriusYeah, but thats if you buy it from your local store
17:01.08SyriusTry registering a trial account, then ask for a key online
17:01.27*** part/#wowwiki Tornhoof (
17:01.29Gryphenhow did you come to choose US in the first place?
17:01.38SyriusYou get it telling you you will be charged $19.99 AND an additional $14.95 for your first month O_o
17:01.48SyriusCus I didn't know there was a EU one!
17:01.54SyriusI already explained this, now who's not reading? :P
17:02.15*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
17:02.15SyriusI didn't know there was any real difference with the clients, accounts and servers
17:02.18Grypheni read that, but it seems obvious to me and im not even EU
17:02.18*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
17:02.27SyriusI've played FFXI and never had such problems
17:02.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
17:02.33*** join/#wowwiki Devilkoul (n=c@
17:02.48SyriusBasically I got FFXI US and play it here in the UK along with my friends in this country and other countries
17:03.48SyriusSo I assumed maybe WoW didn't have any issues with EU and US being together like that so I didn't know anything about the EU site nore about the servers or accounts being on seperate databases
17:03.53TecnoBratYea, so if I upgrade a trial online for $19.99, I get a free month
17:04.04SyriusI found it out the hard way when I tried to upgrade my trial acount
17:04.16TecnoBrat"you will be charged a $19.99 activation fee. Your upgraded account will remove all trial restrictions and you will immediately receive a FREE 30 days of World of Warcraft gametime."
17:04.23SyriusTec: not if you order it online for immediate activation
17:04.28SyriusI don't know why but thats how they do it
17:04.29TecnoBratThis is online
17:04.34TecnoBratI just checked
17:04.42SyriusI didn't get this when I tried it
17:04.45TecnoBrat"I understand I will be charged a $19.99 activation fee and that my account will be charged a recurring subscription fee after 30 days."
17:05.02SyriusOh ballocks >_<
17:05.07SyriusOk I didn't see that
17:05.07TecnoBratI dunno, but thats what it says when I go to the online thingy
17:05.30SyriusOk well regardless it would of conflicted later on anyways
17:05.34SyriusSuch as top up cards
17:05.43SyriusI highly doubt UK ones work for US accounts
17:05.48TecnoBratthey dont
17:06.00SyriusThen I did the right thing getting my EU one then :)
17:06.23SyriusNow can we please get back to the real issue at hand?
17:06.30Gryphenwhat the issue?
17:06.33TecnoBratYour CD's not installing? :)
17:06.50SyriusI really hate repeating myself
17:06.55SyriusEspecially when it comes to typing
17:07.10Gryphenwell you will have to, because i thought the issue was resolved
17:07.50SyriusStart from "What I'm wondering is,"
17:08.06SyriusOh and I ment still use the US client sorry
17:08.12GryphenThe whole thing is confusing, why wouldnt it be ok to use the EU client?
17:08.16SyriusNot the EU since the EU isn't installed yet lol
17:08.23SyriusI MENT US
17:08.30TecnoBratI personally would just install the EU client
17:08.35Bagginswwso ok can someone tell me the story behind the weird creature the dark conclave ritialists are summoning? Besides th fact it looks like an old god or old god spawn?
17:08.36GryphenI would install eu
17:08.45Teomyrusing the US client to play on EU realms is a no-no. you'll run into difficulties, at least when patching
17:09.07Gryphenwill it try and patch on us patch day?
17:09.08SyriusThats what I wanted to know! :-D
17:09.19SyriusFinally someone gave me an answer that helps decide on it lol
17:09.30Gryphenwell you had to wait for someone to know to show up syrius
17:09.34Gryphenyou are a little impatient
17:09.37SyriusGryphen: No, it will no doubt get the EU ones
17:09.41Teomyri doubt you can even login correctly
17:09.48SyriusSince it is linking to the EU server
17:09.48Teomyrusing the US client
17:10.02SyriusHoweve, this could cause conflicts since only certain files will be updated/installed
17:10.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
17:10.14Teomyrhey sko
17:10.18Gryphenjust install EU and be done with it
17:10.25SyriusTeomyr: funny thing is, I did
17:10.37SyriusBut I was seeing US and Oceanic tabs
17:10.40Teomyrfunny indeed
17:10.45SyriusSo I got really confused about what the hell was going on
17:10.52Grypheni upgraded my poor lowely work account to Burning Crusade during this whole discussion
17:10.58Gryphenyou could have had EU installed
17:11.02Hobinheimwhat is eurovision
17:11.17SyriusYeah, IF the CDs would damn install
17:11.20SyriusNow I have to wait for a friggin download before I can even install :(
17:11.34Teomyrhob, context?
17:11.42SyriusWhich apparently is going to take about 8 hours O_O
17:11.47SyriusThis is so not my day
17:11.53Devilkoulwelcome to the wild world of software
17:12.10SyriusWTF? now its saying 20 hours
17:12.17SyriusWhere can I get a damn faster download?!
17:12.21Hobinheimfreakin europeans...
17:12.23SyriusTheir downlaod servers are shit
17:12.41SyriusParden my language
17:12.58SyriusBut I just hate it when a big company like Blizzard never tries hard enough to actually provide better service
17:12.59TeomyrHobinheim: "eurovision" in which context?
17:13.12TeomyrSyrius: are you using the blizzard downloader?
17:13.13SyriusI mean c'mon, over 8 million people are paying them what $14.95 a month?!
17:13.20SyriusWhy isn't there a better EU server?!
17:13.23Hobinheimsome sort of weird... contest
17:13.25Hobinheimfor europeans
17:13.35SyriusTeomyr: yeah cus thats what someone gave me on here when I asked for a download
17:13.44Hobinheimthat ain't american!
17:13.46Hobinheimit ain't right!
17:13.53Hobinheimspeaking of things that ain't right, my furniture isn't here yet...
17:13.54Devilkouluh, mmmk
17:14.08TeomyrSyrius: well, that's the official way of distributing it
17:14.08SyriusIt was ither that or a BT download which had only 1 seeder and said it would take 4 days
17:14.13Gryphenthe blizzard downloader is torrent
17:14.27SyriusWell I want an alternative please
17:14.38DevilkoulSyrius: and
17:14.48Gryphenor have patience
17:14.49SyriusFileplanet is just as bad
17:14.56SyriusBut yeah, Filefront might work
17:14.59foxlitEurovision + BBC > *
17:15.17Devilkouli've never had a problem with fileplanet, if you have acct
17:15.54SyriusAnd btw Gryphon, you wouldn't have patience if you waisted 4 days on a game only finding that you have to start over and having so many issues with your account and installation process
17:16.03SyriusSo yeah, WTF-ever to that remark
17:16.23DevilkoulLFinstant gratification
17:16.33Gryphenbut getting in a huff about it isnt going to change anything
17:16.51SyriusOh and you're telling me you're perfect and never get upset about anything?
17:16.56Gryphenpeople here are trying to help
17:17.01SyriusIf so I'd say you're the biggest liar on the planet
17:17.37SyriusI have a reason for being upset, whats your excuse for getting on my case about it?
17:17.52SyriusIts not like I'm taking it out on you, although I am now cus you pratronised and provoked me to
17:19.20Teomyrwoah, the blizzard torrent is... amazingly fast indeed
17:19.23SyriusYes I have issues with my game, and yes I apologise if I'm bothering anyone here for coming in here to let off steam while trying to stress my issue and get help, ok?
17:19.52Syriusimo you get no where if you don't stress your problems anyway
17:20.08SyriusCus no one understands nore cares when it doesn't seem that much of a big deal, but thats just it, it IS a big deal
17:20.22Devilkouldownloading patches is pretty par for the course when it comes to using puters, get used to it
17:20.42SyriusI spent long enough waiting for the US client to download and update and play on, only to find that I had to start over and despite th at I now bought the damn game I can't even install it and play and be happy
17:21.14SyriusDevilkoul, I'd appreciate it of you too didn't mock and patronise me, I have been on the internet no doubt alot longer than most in this room
17:21.24Devilkoulthat's your fault, nobody elses
17:21.33*** join/#wowwiki the_squid (
17:21.33SyriusI am more than used to a few download delays but not constent fuck ups from idiotic companies who have more money than sense
17:21.38Hobinheimyou're done
17:21.45*** kick/#wowwiki [Devilkoul!] by Hobinheim (Kick)
17:21.49SyriusI don't get WTF people pay them for when they clearly don't do a good job
17:21.56Gryphenyou have no idea the age of people in this room
17:22.05Gryphenyou assume
17:22.11SyriusGryphen: I didn't judge on age
17:22.23*** join/#wowwiki |nnate (n=c@
17:22.25SyriusI judged on someone like myself who clearly doesn't have much of a life :P
17:22.31SyriusTake it more as a compliment than an insult
17:22.50Hobinheimi suggest you let it go
17:23.22Syriusimo if you haven't spent 6 years plus on the internet like me, you were most likely blessed, heck even being young and trapped in school sometimes seems like a better option
17:23.40SyriusBut yeah, now th at I have been told to let it go I guess I'll drop it and leave it at that
17:26.00*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
17:26.36equiraptorSyrius: Did you manage to get the patch you needed?
17:26.50SyriusNot yet
17:27.02SyriusFilefront doesn't seem to have it :-/
17:27.06equiraptorWhich patch was it? Scrollback land has me lost.
17:27.23TecnoBratOn a lighter note,
17:27.25SyriusI'm looking for WoW-2.0.0-enGB-Installer.exe file
17:28.05SyriusAnd now that I know the full name of that file..
17:28.08TecnoBratSyrius, are you using the blizzard downloader, or your own bittorrent file?
17:28.19TecnoBraterr bittorrent client*
17:28.36SyriusTec: tried both, and as stated, BT one that I was given on here says it will take 4 days and there's only 1 seeder
17:28.47TecnoBratthe blizzard downloader *IS* a bittorrent client (you may know that)
17:28.47SyriusBlizzard's file that is currently running says it will take over a day
17:28.55SyriusI need a more direct download of it
17:29.01TecnoBratthe torrent file he gave you is the torrent file from the blizzard downlaoder
17:29.02SyriusYou mean the exact same?
17:29.04Teomyrreally? there's a lot more peers on the torrent listet at
17:29.08Bagginswwso where to put that?
17:29.13TecnoBratso the blizzard downlaoder has only 1 seed in it
17:29.23SyriusWeird, cus the Blizzard client is downloading 4 times faster
17:29.36TecnoBratcause it has a HTTP component in it .. but that still sucks
17:29.45GryphenI am getting a 4 hour download esitmate on blizzard downloader
17:29.55equiraptorSyrius: Did you try disabling peer to peer? IIRC, that starts an http download from Blizzard, which may go faster.
17:30.00|nnateBaggin: where's that from?
17:30.01SyriusFor the whole client?
17:30.11SyriusThats probably cus of your location
17:30.22SyriusThe closer you are to the servers providing the client the better the download it seems
17:30.31SyriusThats why BT and P2P always look for closest first
17:30.39equiraptorIt also is related to your local network situation, as well.
17:30.59equiraptorMany people have NAT and firewall issues that make the P2P blizzard downloader a lot slower.
17:31.10Syriusequiraptor: I haveon't got peer to peer on and not sure what you mean by IIRC
17:31.21TecnoBratemphasis on "a lot"
17:31.28equiraptor"if I remember correctly" is IIRC. :)
17:31.30GryphenIIRC if i recall correctly
17:31.51SyriusOh, well it was confusing since we use IRC to chat lol XD
17:31.56equiraptorAnd I assume you've tried the port forwading, etc., for the P2P client?
17:32.00SyriusI was like "Eh? whats the I stand for?" lol
17:32.51Syriusbtw, the HTTP Direct Downoad is in the connection info
17:32.55SyriusBut says Low
17:32.58SyriusOr aka L
17:33.23SyriusIs there any way to force it to just download from that fully?
17:33.35SyriusOr maybe is there a URL I can copy to put into a downloader for it?
17:33.50SyriusIf I can get hold of a direct download URL there wouldn't be a great issue
17:34.08TecnoBratSyrius, yes, disable peer to peer
17:34.11TecnoBratin the downloader
17:34.27TecnoBratUhh, dont know without checking, but its an option somewhere in it
17:34.27equiraptorIt's an option under one of the menus.
17:34.47Syriuslol I feel dumb now
17:35.13Teomyrthe http direct download is something proprietary
17:35.15SyriusIt went down to 10 hours now its  saying 24 :(
17:35.18SyriusThis really sucks
17:35.20Teomyrit's not one file, but small chunks
17:35.25Hobinheimwow it's almost 2:00 still no furniture
17:35.37TeomyrRequest URI: /o16/content/WoW-2.0.0-enGB-Installer.pieces/7195
17:35.51Syriusimo this client and/or their server is not very reliable/stable
17:36.23equiraptorI blame Windows.
17:36.32equiraptorWhich tends to get people pissed at me.
17:36.34Gryphenit is what they use for all the patches as well
17:36.35SyriusReally? I blame Blizzard >_>
17:36.39Teomyrwell, but think about what would happen if everyone wanted to download patches directly via HTTP on patch day
17:36.47equiraptorBut I do, because I had issues with all the patches on my Windows machines. But I've never had an issue on an OS X machine.
17:36.59SyriusGryphen: why do you think I was pissed off when I found I might not be able to use my US client?
17:37.12SyriusI'm thinking of saying "fuck this" and use the damn thing while waiting
17:37.26equiraptorThe different TCP/IP stacks handle NAT differently, and the OS X one is more compatible with the *nix based NAT machines I tend to be behind.
17:37.29Gryphenwell i get excellent download speeds once i configured my router
17:37.41SyriusWhat bothers me though is why I see US tab not EU or UK
17:37.58SyriusIt also has me concerned because I'm worried that if I create a new character it won't go to the right place
17:38.17SyriusI mean surely the tabs would read differently on the other server?
17:38.34SyriusUnless some idiot just made them purely buttons instead of button with a text overlay
17:39.23Teomyri think your client displays the language tabs as the US region tabs
17:39.24SyriusIs anyone here from Europe at all?
17:39.27Gryphenthe problem is, you are asking a question not a lot of people are expirienced in answering here, most people just installed the EU client
17:39.41Teomyrso maybe Oceania = French servers etc.
17:39.48SyriusAre? don't you mean are not? lol
17:40.17Syriusso again, has anyone here installed and is using the EU client?
17:40.21SyriusIf so please tell me what tabs you see the first time you log in from your account
17:40.31SyriusDo you see US and Oceanic or something else?
17:41.04SyriusIf you already bave a character you'll need to select a different realm to see the tabs
17:41.44Teomyri see the tabs Englisch, Deutsch, Franz÷sisch, Spanisch
17:41.55Teomyrcorresponding to English, German, French and Spanish servers
17:42.25Teomyrthat's the EU client's way of displaying the servers. since all US servers are english anyway, they're separated by region
17:42.27TecnoBratDid anyone read my bbc link? :P
17:42.37SyriusOk, I didn't get those tabs
17:42.44Syriusvia using the US client
17:42.52SyriusSo this is why I was weary and confused about using it
17:43.09Teomyrmaybe now you're seeing the servers separated by language, but with the wrong labels
17:43.26|nnateTecno: yea saw that yesterday.  :P  pretty cool
17:43.30Teomyrbtw, what the hell is "EU Event Realm 1" ?
17:43.39SyriusI only see 2 tabs, US and Oceanic
17:43.51TecnoBrat|nnate, I hope they fight superman in some cave somewhere now :P
17:43.54SyriusThe more confusing thing is that apparently both US and EU have the EXACT same server names?
17:43.59Gryphenarenas Teomyr
17:44.05|nnateTecno: haha, yea... LF superman
17:44.32TeomyrSyrius: not all of them, but many
17:44.44SyriusOk name 1 that shouldn't be in the US list
17:44.51SyriusThat way I'll be able to tell if I'm getting the right list
17:45.17Teomyr"EU Event Realm 1" is unlikely to be in the US list, but shows up on my first tab
17:45.31TecnoBratKorgath has a US server, but not a EU one
17:45.51SyriusOk lemme check
17:46.25Bagginswwthat thing is from shadowmoon valley
17:46.35Bagginswwarrakoa are summoning it
17:46.51DevilkoulVery cool
17:47.06Devilkouli miss fighting c'thun
17:47.23TecnoBratWe should take out guild to C'Thun
17:47.28TecnoBratand then gkick anyone who dies
17:47.29Bagginswwapparently Old Gods have more influence in great dark beyond just Azeroth
17:47.35TecnoBratthats not a bad idea actually
17:47.43TeomyrSyrius: the second tab shows the german realms in my client, there should be german names like "Zirkel des Cenarius" and "Blutkessel"
17:48.10*** join/#wowwiki hobcrash (
17:48.11TecnoBrathmmm actually thaddius is better
17:48.24Devilkoulyea, Thun would be a good guild initiation encounter
17:48.38Bagginswwsummone said the creature is called a "Summoned Old God" but I haven't done the quest line to vouch for that
17:48.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
17:48.49SyriusKorgath is not in the list
17:48.51Bagginsww*some one
17:49.20TecnoBratsorry, backlog hell, what quest line?
17:49.36SyriusAnd I see the EU Event Realm 1 server
17:49.57SyriusSo it seems I did manage to log in correctly
17:49.57TecnoBratSyrius, then you are seeing EU servers, just the tabs aren't named properly
17:50.09SyriusJust that I'll be fucked if they update the client before getting the EU one isntalled lol
17:50.19TecnoBratTeomyr, did you have to install a language pack onto the US install?
17:50.34Teomyri never had an US install
17:51.05*** join/#wowwiki ionlydoeyes (
17:51.06Hobinheimconnection crashed
17:51.08Hobinheimtaking a break
17:51.09*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
17:51.20TecnoBratwhat days does EU patch?
17:51.36SyriusSomeone look at that and tell me whether its a dud becausee its to confusing for me
17:51.50SyriusAll the files are different sizes and they got installer downloaders as well as installers
17:51.54Teomyrwednesdays, in morning
17:52.18SyriusOh great, so I gotta get my client by tomorrow morning
17:52.25SyriusHmm, that might not be a problem
17:52.56TecnoBratand .. what time is it there now?
17:53.00Teomyr*in the morning
17:53.05TecnoBrat5:00ish on wed?
17:53.18Teomyrit's wednesday, 7:53pm here
17:53.47Teomyrutc+2 afaik
17:53.55SyriusAlmost 7pm
17:54.01GryphenSyrius this may have helpful info,
17:54.04SyriusAnd its Tuesday here
17:54.09SyriusOh wait
17:54.12SyriusNo Wednesday, my bad
17:54.20Syriuslost track of days lol
17:54.31Teomyrneed to go outside a bit :P
17:54.42SyriusNaww.. outside is boring lol
17:55.25SyriusDoes anyone know the exact URL for Blizzard's HTTP Direct Download?
17:55.38SyriusThe reason I ask is cus my downloader would go 10 times faster than this
17:55.52TecnoBratSyrius, they separate the download into many many pieces
17:55.58foxlitNot the intended use of the HTTP download stream.
17:56.03SyriusSo does my downloer
17:56.10SyriusBut mine does not go this slow
17:56.20Devilkouli just have links to US patches, sorry
17:56.22TecnoBratafaik, its actually like 10,000 files sitting on a http site somewhere
17:56.22GryphenIt is many files, not a single http download
17:56.29TecnoBratthey they hacked it into a BT client
17:56.38SyriusIt says its going at 190kb/s which if my downloader was doing that it would get 3gigs in about 3 hours
17:57.03Teomyrcan't index it, though
17:57.13Teomyrit's one file for each piece
17:57.27Teomyrto make it compatible with the bittorrent downloader
17:57.36SyriusYou don't have permission to access /content/WoW-2.0.0-enGB-Installer.pieces/ on this server.
17:57.43foxlitThey don't have to make it compatible with BT
17:57.44Teomyryes, you can't list them
17:57.59foxlitSince only their client is aware of the HTTP portion
17:58.02Teomyrbut it's for example
17:58.32SyriusOh that works O_o
17:58.45Syriusdo you know all the pieces codes?
17:58.50SyriusLike what numbers it ranges from?
17:58.55Teomyrthey should be named sequentially
17:58.57TecnoBratbut you need the BT client to put them all together
17:59.02TecnoBrator somehow hack it in
17:59.13SyriusFrom 0 to 7000+? x_x
17:59.35Teomyrmaybe 12936 pieces, i'm not sure if i read my bt client's data right
17:59.41SyriusArgh, forget it, I'll look for alternative means
18:00.44SyriusThere has to be a website somewhere that provides the installer client >_>
18:01.18SyriusAnd all google is giving me is god damn bittorrents or foreign ftps that require a username and password
18:02.30foxlitJust leave BT on overnight, it'll come round
18:04.41SyriusI loaf BT >_>
18:05.08SyriusFor all my years on the internet it has got to be thee worst way to download
18:05.33SyriusMainly cus, yeah, I understand that not many are willing to contribute towards it, but then I totally agree on if they don't, simply ban them
18:05.51SyriusHowever, sometimes downloaders can provide parts too so it does help to have leachers as well as seeders in a way
18:07.17SyriusHmm, Blizzard's client says my computer seems to be behind a firewall, but I assume HTTP = port 80 right?
18:07.52SyriusOh, it uses port 3724
18:08.30SyriusAnyways, I'm sure many of you have had enough of me talking about it now so I guess I'll shut up about it :P
18:08.54Syriusbtw, what is the most recommended server for play and community standerds?
18:09.20SyriusI don't s'pose the WoW Wiki has pages that rates the servers like that by the community?
18:10.56Gryphenkind of hard to compare without playing on all the servers
18:12.09*** join/#wowwiki Trae (
18:13.37SyriusGryphen: thats true, but you could just have a voting pole
18:14.04SyriusYa know, for each user to vote their current server 1 to 5 rating or whatever
18:14.05sancusgood luck at arriving at criteria for those things
18:15.15Gryphenimho the userbase is so great that they all kind of balance out for the most part
18:16.43Skosirishey, how's the mediawiki update coming along?
18:17.12sancusvlad is on vacation, not working on it until this weekend
18:18.10SyriusWell Gryphen, I tend to get alot of bad feedback when the very mention of WoW is at hand in which they say stuff like the community is too immature, too many kids playing etc
18:18.31SyriusDue to the ammount of servers available, I doubt ALL servers are as bad as they say
18:18.32sancusthe community is mostly idiots
18:18.34sancusthat goes for any mmo
18:18.56SyriusSancus: I've found some that ain't THAT bad
18:18.59sancusWoW does a poor job of training players to play the game in addition to that, but that's about it
18:19.08sancusothers, like EVE, do an extremely good job of training players to play the game
18:19.11SyriusAnd its funny how WoW gets the top rating for the worst MMO community
18:19.16SyriusYou don't hear that about other games
18:19.16sancusbut the base community is roughly the same
18:19.23sancusit's a matter of volume
18:19.28sancusthe most retarded people tend to be very loud
18:19.35sancusso if you have more of them in the same community, it's more noticeable
18:19.44sancusas a percentage of population, I doubt there's more in any particular community though
18:19.45ClydeJrEVE does a good job because the learning curve is so high. It weeds out a lot the idiots quickly
18:19.47SyriusHmm, you do have a point
18:19.47Gryphenand the very loud are the very few
18:19.59sancusClyde: yea
18:20.16SyriusWhat I was hoping is that MAYBE the ones who weren't so loud had some sense to all move to one server and play together
18:20.25SyriusIf they have I would like to know which one it is
18:20.28sancusnot really
18:20.44sancusa lot of the non-retards are in raid guilds
18:20.57sancusAnd raid guilds are fairly spread out
18:21.03sancusbecause of lag issues in previous years
18:21.21Gryphenhehe, i find there to be more retards in raid guilds
18:21.23ClydeJrPretty much every server is going to have its group of immature people. Just go to the Barrens and ask about Chuck Norris. They'll come out of the woodwork like roaches
18:21.48foxlitSuppose I think an item has changed model in one of the recent patches. Any way I can check that?
18:22.17Syriusfoxlit: check the item?
18:22.30SyriusOr hunt around for a model viewer if thats what you're after
18:22.47foxlitOther way around. The way it looks now on live isn't the way I remember it
18:22.59SyriusI see..
18:23.01foxlitDoes some item database pick up on model changes?
18:23.11SyriusSo basically you want an out-of-date screenshot of that item?
18:23.47SyriusAnd for that question, yes and no
18:23.56SyriusBasically the model is sent out via the update patch to your PC
18:24.16SyriusSo when the packet is sent to the server to request for that item to be identified it replies to the filename which has now been altered
18:24.24SyriusBasically, same filename, different data
18:24.36Teomyrfoxlit: you could compare the records in ItemDisplayInfo.dbc between versions
18:25.01ClydeJrI know if you look at the XML on allakhazam, the displayinfo field is the model. However it doesn't appear that they have histoical data on this
18:25.11Teomyrfoxlit: or see if its WDB record references a new displayinfo id
18:25.43SyriusMy guess is they simply overwritten the previous data file for that model
18:25.58SyriusWhich is stored in your computer
18:26.04ClydeJrwhat item is it?
18:26.49foxlitOr I can go on wowhead and look at screenshots
18:26.50TeomyrSyrius: no, models are shared between several items. the ItemDisplayInfo.dbc that is updated on every patch contains all Model+Texture combinations that are necessary.
18:27.05SyriusI never said that Teo
18:28.07SyriusI said, which is pretty much what you just said in attempt to correct me was that the model he is trying to look for is not really going to be there as it was previously because it has clearly been overwritten via the updated version
18:28.42SyriusI am fully aware that pretty much most, if not all models are never shared between several items
18:29.04SyriusUnless of course you had numerious versions that only changed by texture
18:30.36Devilkoulis hammer of wrath based off melee crit or spell crit?
18:31.07Devilkoulor is it another one of those "physical spells" that has every negative aspect available to it
18:31.12SyriusOh, this is interesting
18:31.29SyriusAlso, Emerald Dream server in US is RPPVP in EU its Normal lol
18:32.08SyriusDevil: Sounds like a spell to me so I'd say probably spell
18:32.15SyriusDoes it require you to have hammer equiped to use it?
18:32.32ClydeJrLooks to be spell, as its based off holy damage
18:33.00SyriusYeah, I reccon its a spell unless it requires a hammer to be equiped then it would be based on your spell and your weapon
18:33.15SyriusAlthough normally spell abilities rely on at least 90% magic skill
18:33.29SyriusSo basically, its most likely spell crit
18:34.55*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
18:36.39DevilkoulYea, that's what i initially thought
18:36.56Devilkoulactually looks like it works off melee criticals just like command.. according to thott
18:37.11Devilkoulbut doesnt seem to be a blue post on it
18:38.00Devilkoul"its a physical attack that does holy damage so armor can't mitigate it but its completely based on melee crit/hit"
18:38.37TecnoBratsame as SoCom
18:39.40Devilkoulim leveling a belf pally
18:40.12*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter_ (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
18:42.31Devilkoulschweet, thx
18:42.58TecnoBratPaladins are fun, btw
18:43.06TecnoBratMy main is paladin :)
18:43.16Devilkoulalways check wowwiki first is the moral of this story :P
18:43.24Devilkoulyea i'm enjoying
18:44.39TecnoBratmost guilds dont take any ret paladins, and only a few will take a prot paladin .. so you will probably end up healing
18:44.47TecnoBratits a good think I enjoy healing, heh
18:45.14KitanRet pallys don't do enough damange?
18:45.15Devilkoulyea, i have a 70 mage/warrior/rogue/priest... probably not gonna raid with this dood, just a hobby of sorts :P
18:45.36Kitanum... wow Devil
18:46.13Devilkoulgnomes ftw
18:46.40*** join/#wowwiki steino_ (
18:47.45Syriusbtw, what is the new Alliance race that was added in the expanion?
18:48.00SyriusI know there are Blood Elves for the Horde but thats about all I know
18:48.19SyriusHmm, I'll look that up on the Wiki to find out more, thanks :)
18:50.15sancusdamn belfs
18:58.22Kitanblood elfs?
18:59.46Syriusohh, heheh
19:00.04SyriusAre they simular to Drow or something?
19:00.12sancusnot.. really
19:02.25sancusthey're emo elves
19:02.26sancusthats about it
19:07.02SyriusI see
19:07.07SyriusWell imo Drow are emo lol
19:07.13SyriusThey're all dark and gothy and what not
19:07.24SyriusMind you I heard blood elves are snobby/high class
19:07.40SyriusThey like to be "pretty" and "well dressed"
19:08.12sancusthey're not really dark and gothy, they're more like high elves with a slight demonic slant than anything else
19:08.16SyriusHmm, can't decide which I prefer, Huntress or Druid so I made both lol
19:08.46sancusthank god they're not dark and gothy
19:08.47SyriusHmm, dark skin, red eyes, white hair, demonic, sounds all gothy to me lol
19:08.48sancusthat's all we need
19:09.21sancusthey don't have dark skin
19:09.26sancusthey have pale skin
19:10.08SyriusWhats most importent about a huntress, her pet or herself?
19:10.20SyriusErm, I think you're thinking of some other elf hun
19:10.25SyriusDrow are definetly dark elves
19:10.37SyriusNo where near pale at all
19:11.16SyriusIf thats pale I'm elvis lol
19:11.47ZiconDrow are black-skinned, yes.
19:12.20ZiconAnd the average blood elf is sane and nice compared to the average drow.
19:13.02chuckgHmm, how do you make sub pages? Like:
19:13.19SyriusWho what when where how?
19:13.26SyriusYou want me to make a sub page for Drow O_o
19:14.25Gryphenjust type into the address bar chuckg
19:14.49*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
19:14.53SyriusHe's asking "how" lol
19:14.57Gryphenwowwiki chan :D
19:14.58sancusI thought you were talking about blood elves not drow
19:15.14SyriusNope, I was talking about Drow hun lol
19:15.15sancusdrow are dark and gothy, belfs are not(thank god)
19:15.36SyriusWell I'm surprised they didn't do Drow instead for Horde lol
19:15.48sancuswell uh drow aren't really Warcraft
19:15.55*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
19:15.55SyriusAnd for some reason this new race for Alliance reminds me of Star Wars lol
19:15.58chuckgThank you.
19:16.09SyriusAnd erm since when was Blood Elves in Warcraft?
19:16.19SyriusI played em and never saw a blood elf like EVER
19:16.33Hobinheimfrozen throne
19:16.39*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
19:16.42SyriusI have it, still don't recall em :-/
19:16.50Hobinheimalliance xpac hero was a blood mage
19:16.53SyriusBut if you say so :)
19:16.55Hobinheimblood elf
19:17.03SyriusBut thats an Alliance O_o
19:17.12Hobinheimspellbreakers are blood elves
19:17.13SyriusStill doesn't make sense, they're Horde in this game
19:17.20Hobinheimthey're a faction group
19:17.26sancusblood elves originated the high elves
19:17.30Hobinheimthat's how you explain anything in warcraft
19:17.34Hobinheim"they're a faction group"
19:17.36Hobinheimsay it with me
19:17.39sancusfor there to be drow, they would need some sort of justification for major physical changes
19:17.45Hobinheim"they're a faction group"
19:17.46sancusand uh
19:17.54sancusit would be really derivative :P
19:18.40SyriusYou mean they go on any side they feel benifits themselves?
19:20.08Hobinheimyeah.... the blood elf faction in wow starts off with the same "distrust bonus" as the forsaken
19:20.13Hobinheimthe forsaken and blood elves trust one another
19:20.19Hobinheimbut no one trusts them back by default
19:20.21Hobinheimkinda neato
19:20.26SyriusI see
19:20.43SyriusGuess its just been a long time since I played WC O_o
19:20.46Hobinheimdragonhawk riders might as well be blood elves...
19:20.48SyriusIt has been like.. 5 years at least
19:21.18Hobinheimmy favorite dota character is the silencer, also the blood elf model
19:21.25Hobinheimno wait that was the spellbreaker model...
19:21.40Hobinheimthe new silencer sucked. the old one was rockin before they nerfed infernals...
19:22.16SyriusI think sometime I'll replay WC3 to recap lol
19:22.49Hobinheimby far the most favorite parts in warcraft iii for me were the fake races
19:22.59Hobinheimfel orcs, corrupted night elves, high elves, draenei, and naga
19:23.53Hobinheimhmm now that i think about it it's kinda weird they made an entire tauren culture...
19:23.53SyriusNight elves have always been my favourite
19:23.53Hobinheimeven though the only tauren in the game were the grunts and the chieftain...
19:24.07SyriusOh Tauren were in WC3
19:24.08Hobinheimall the races are pretty good
19:24.12SyriusJust not as a major part
19:24.15Hobinheimi'm probably the worst with humans though
19:24.27Hobinheimnight elf is like LOLFOCUSFIRE which i like
19:24.34Hobinheimorc i got super good at
19:24.47Hobinheimand undead... oh you wily, alcohol bear...
19:25.36SyriusShould I be worrying about Hobin? lol
19:26.09Hobinheimno, no worries
19:26.28SyriusOk lol
19:26.58*** join/#wowwiki Cairen1 (
19:32.43SyriusErm.. when do Druid get a pet? O_o
19:33.19SyriusOh, it comes from Force of Nature? if I'm reaeding this rightly
19:33.27LysistrataWell I think the Morph Forms?
19:33.38SyriusWell imo thats not a pet >_>
19:33.53LysistrataWell I don't think of a totem as a pet too.
19:34.16SyriusAhh.. found it
19:34.17Syrius"Summons 3 treants to attack the enemy target for 30 seconds'"
19:34.21SyriusFor Force of Nature
19:35.22Teomyronly warlocks and hunters have "real" pets
19:35.32Syrius"Requires 40 points in Balance Talent Tree" Waiste of points >_>
19:35.37Teomyrfor the other classes, they're temporary
19:35.38SyriusI prefer to go for mostly Feral
19:35.56SyriusMy template I created so far goes 14/33/14
19:35.58SyriusFor druid
19:36.06LysistrataWell thats up to you but if you want a "Druid Pet Spell" you need to go all the way.
19:36.19SyriusI don't want it, its not ideal
19:36.37Syriusimo only people who'd want that are kiddies and those who just want it for kicks
19:37.07ClydeJrIts nice for pvp, toss it on someone and they're suddenly surrounded by trees, freaks you out
19:37.17Syrius"Oh look at me, I can summon treants yet I suck cus my Feral isn't trained much" AoE or DOT fire spell anyone?
19:37.26LysistrataSo it's fine then. I just wonder why you brought up the topic about the pets then.
19:37.42SyriusCus I didn't think Druid had any til I read on
19:37.58SyriusJust wondered if someone could enlighten me on it before I realised what the writer actually ment
19:38.11SyriusIn other words, at first it didn't make sense to me
19:38.21LysistrataAh and btw. I heard rumors about people who actually to play WoW to have fun and give a damn about the talent trees and whats waste and whats not.
19:39.02SyriusGood for you, so have I, don't really give a damn
19:39.09SyriusI like to use intelligence over stupidity
19:39.12SyriusThats my moral
19:40.35LysistrataWell I give up I don't want to talk to another "I know everything" person.
19:41.17SyriusThen log out and don't use the internet :P
19:41.21SyriusWe're everywhere ya know
19:41.32SyriusEspecially on the internet since without us you'd have no internet
19:41.46Syriusand btw, you should respect those who do know alot, you'll be working for one if you're not already
19:43.03Adysnn peeps, ill be back during the night
19:43.06Adysand fix plx
19:46.49Kitana lot
19:56.48Kitanit is quiet again
19:56.53Kitanodd how it ebbs and flows
19:57.03*** join/#wowwiki roxutee (
19:59.07SyriusI'm currently leveling huntress
19:59.13SyriusNot sure what I like more, Druid or Huntress
19:59.19SyriusThey both rock in their own right
20:24.22*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
20:35.41SyriusIf its a female its considered a Hunt-RESS >_>
20:36.03Hobinheimi don't think so tim
20:36.12SyriusI do think so Dave
20:36.28SyriusAtalanta, look her up >_>
20:36.32SyriusShe's a HuntRESS
20:36.43HobinheimAtalanta->getUnitClass == "Hunter"
20:36.52SyriusAll female who are hunting class are huntresses
20:37.13sancusnothing is called a huntress in WoW :p
20:37.26Syriusdoes it it look like I give a hoot?
20:37.28sancusno priestesses either!
20:37.38SyriusGo back and play your game and be quiet if all you wanna do is nit pick
20:37.59SyriusGod no wonder Lysistrata says she (or he) hears too much shit about you people
20:38.13SyriusStop picking fights with anyone and everyone who comes in the room
20:38.15*** kick/#wowwiki [Syrius!] by Hobinheim (Kick)
20:38.31*** join/#wowwiki Syrius (
20:38.54Syrius2 words for you and this includes the admin of the room, grow up
20:39.45Gryphenhow grown up of him
20:41.50sancusApparently making jokes about terminology is 'picking a fight now'
20:41.50ClydeJrthank god he's gone, his ego was taking up too much room in here
20:42.10Devilkouli know a few female hunters with chars named "huntress"
20:42.18Hobinheimvery original...
20:42.22Grypheni'd hardly call it ego heh
20:42.40Hobinheimin a goon world, it would have at least cost him ten more dollars to say fuck you to us
20:42.43Hobinheimwe coulda made a profit :(
20:43.31sancusWhen you tell ops in an IRC room that they can't pick fights in their own channel, for that matter, you really are confused about the way things work on IRC :p
20:43.51Hobinheimi dunno i'm not big on IRC so i actually don't know how that stuff usually runs
20:44.22sancusthis channel is nice and polite
20:44.29equiraptor<Syrius> Go back and play your game and be quiet if all you wanna do is nit pick
20:44.29sancusmost of the channels I'm in have on-enter messages like "Enter at your own risk. We reserve the right to kick/ban anyone."
20:44.31Hobinheimas opposed to super flamey?
20:44.34equiraptorFriggin' hypocrit.
20:44.35HobinheimREAD THE CHANNEL NUB
20:44.47Hobinheimerr READ THE MANUAL
20:44.56Hobinheimi dunno. i'm sorta sympathetic to both views
20:45.02equiraptorHe's nit-picking about what, exactly, to call a female of the class hunter, and then yells at people not to nit-pick?
20:45.03Hobinheimi know what CS is like. i know what dumb people are like
20:45.04sancusand generally even speaking out of turn to anyone with ops is enough to get you insta-banned
20:45.06Hobinheimbut i also know what it
20:45.10Hobinheim's like to feel helpless and need help
20:45.29Hobinheimin my book, people who try are always welcome
20:45.39Hobinheimstuff like "well i googled and tried it myself and didn't work, so i'm having trouble..."
20:45.44Devilkouli got kicked earlier for pointing these things out about him Q_______Q
20:45.47Hobinheimbut stuff like WHAT ARE WARRIORS LIKE
20:45.51Hobinheimthat's not... helpful
20:46.01Hobinheimdid i kick you?
20:46.09Hobinheimwere you named something else?
20:46.13Devilkoulit's all good, i came into middle of convo
20:46.38Gryphenyes you kicked him
20:46.38equiraptorDevilkoul had said something negative to Syrius.
20:46.48Grypheni figured you were a little sensitive on that kick
20:46.49equiraptorSyrius deserved it, but you probably saw the negativity and kicked.
20:46.53*** kick/#wowwiki [Hobinheim!] by sancus (predict problematic jerks more effectively)
20:47.08*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
20:47.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
20:47.17sancusyou should really have autorejoin on, btw :P
20:47.18Hobinheimi always get confused when my window closes
20:47.22Hobinheimit's usually from adys
20:47.23equiraptorNice kick message, sancus.
20:47.31Hobinheimi dunno if trillian supports auto rejoin
20:47.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
20:47.52sancusI was completely confused there for a second
20:48.00sancussince I'm used to everyone having autorejoin heh
20:48.00equiraptorI have auto-rejoin off so I actually notice if I get kicked. :-P
20:48.08sancusthen I was like oops
20:48.23sancusequiraptor: status window!
20:48.29equiraptorDude, I never read that thing!
20:48.40equiraptorone of the networks I'm on is really spammy.
20:48.53equiraptor"Give me money! Design a logo for us! Post your picture!"
20:48.56Hobinheimhmmm status window
20:49.22HobinheimDevilkoul, i should have kicked the other guy out sooner
20:49.24equiraptorWow. I just got a spam from 2001.
20:49.33Hobinheimi felt like doing it right after i kicked you
20:49.36Hobinheimcuz he didn't stop
20:49.37equiraptorI didn't even have that email address in 2001!
20:49.45Devilkoulna, i understand.. i'm an op on some other networks. it's kosh
20:49.45*** join/#wowwiki Bibi`ouF (
20:50.00Hobinheimhaha rejoin is an optin
20:50.09Devilkouli was being generally a jerk during a wealth of people trying to help him
20:50.28Hobinheimwhat else would i be the op of...
20:50.35Devilkouli just hate blizz bashers over stupid crap
20:50.59Hobinheimi think people should just stick with the official clients and whatever they got. i'm so so so suspicious of online downloads
20:51.07Hobinheimall these horror storries about hacked accounts and viruses...
20:51.10Hobinheimi mean is it really worth it
20:51.13Hobinheimthat's where i'm coming from
20:51.20Hobinheimthat's why on patch day i'm like why does everyone give a flip
20:51.27equiraptorI wish they'd let us download the patches using our own torrent clients (without us having to find the seed).
20:51.38equiraptorIt would make getting patches a lot easier for a lot of people.
20:51.44Hobinheimlike i don' tknow how leet people are that they can't just use the official
20:51.49Hobinheimit's like the LFG system
20:51.55Hobinheimthe more people that use it, the better
20:51.58equiraptor(Some clients deal better with being behind NAT, or some people could run it on a machine that isn't behind NAT then transfer the file, etc.)
20:52.48Hobinheimthe blizzard downloader is a boiled down torrent program anyway
20:52.48equiraptorYeah. Boiled down. That's the prolem. :)
20:52.48Grypheni dont have any issue with it
20:52.48equiraptorEr, problem.
20:52.59Hobinheimmmm, boiled
20:52.59Teomyrtorrents for the masses!
20:53.00Hobinheimhard boiled eggs are nice
20:53.12equiraptorWe have 4 machines behind one set of NAT, running two different OSes, that need the patches.
20:53.39equiraptorIf I could just run a normal torrent client on my server (in the house) to grab them both, I could not only avoid the whole NAT issue, I could leave it running longer to help others download the patch.
20:53.48Teomyrthat's bad about the blizz downloader :/
20:53.53Teomyrits fixed on port 3724
20:54.32Teomyrdoes it have command line arguments?
20:54.56Hobinheimisn't that the wow port or something?
20:55.13Hobinheimthat's like an elite concern though
20:55.17Hobinheimor at least i think
20:55.31Hobinheimat which point your own torrent would be something to look into
20:55.33Teomyrblizzard's servers listen on port 3724, too
21:00.43foxlitDoes Holy nova affect all raid members, or all party members within x yards?
21:01.26*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
21:01.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
21:02.48TecnoBratwow my work is definately the devil .. we serve way too many ads
21:03.12Devilkoulin a good way?
21:03.17Devilkoulor overloaded
21:04.14Devilkouli'm very unmotivated to design anything today
21:06.55*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
21:06.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
21:07.08TecnoBratDevilkoul, in a .. "DAMN thats a lot of ads" way
21:07.45TecnoBratIn the 26 billion ads in 3.5 years, kinda way :)
21:08.22*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
21:24.48Hobinheimparty abilities don't scale to raid?
21:25.01Hobinheimi.e. big huddle for arcane brilliance!
21:26.52ClydeJrthat's a big gripe for shammy vs paladin. Auras are raid wide, while totems are party only.
21:27.20sancusno they're not
21:27.25chuckgAnd it'll never get changed.
21:27.25TecnoBratI think you mean blessings / totems
21:27.31TecnoBratauras are partywide :)
21:28.21ClydeJrahh... never played a pally so I don't know the exact names of the skills. I just know therewas something pallies had that could be used by the entire raid where totems could only affect the shaman's group
21:28.52TecnoBratyea, all greater blessings can be cast on classes, which buffs the whole raid. Auras are party only tho
21:29.13ClydeJrgotcha, thanks for the clarification
21:29.40TecnoBratbut yea .. sucks for shamans
21:30.31Hobinheimsounds like it's time for...
21:30.39TecnoBratand blizzard seems to like that style, aka, tree aura, moonkin, lotp, hunter auras, totems, pally auras, VT/VE, etc etc
21:30.58Hobinheimdraenei party aura
21:31.41Hobinheimhmm.... if orcs have command aura, why didn't joana roll orc hunter for his speed runs?
21:31.51Hobinheimhow are troll hunters better than orc hunters besides aesthetic?
21:32.02TecnoBratbow skill
21:32.19Hobinheimis bow skill really that important when you're specced BM/Mark?
21:32.33TecnoBrat. /shrug
21:32.43TecnoBratI personally would like the stun resist instead from orc
21:34.15Hobinheimi guess... berserking...
21:34.23Hobinheimno that's stupid orcs have blood fury
21:35.28TecnoBratisnt that melee only?
21:35.36TecnoBrat(I could be talking out my ass)
21:35.41Hobinheimthe new 2.0 blood fury has attacker, hybrid, and caster versions
21:35.49Hobinheimpreviously blood fury 1.0 was a physical attack bonus
21:35.54Hobinheimwhich, as an orc lock, i LOVED
21:35.59Hobinheimcuz it made no sense
21:36.02TecnoBratahhh okay .. I didnt know it got changed
21:36.09Hobinheimnow it makes perfect sense for all classes and i'm not so amused
21:36.13TecnoBratthe old berserking was bad too
21:36.15Hobinheimyeah even the spell got changed
21:36.28Hobinheimso technically, blood fury 1.0 is buried within the game
21:36.44Hobinheimi even wrote most of the article on it
21:43.56Bibi`ouF"hmmmmmmmm" is better
21:44.11Bibi`ouF am i the only one thinking "OMG FROSTMOURNE" on the new sword icon ? :/
21:46.41TecnoBratwierd icon
21:50.22Devilkoulalthough i doubt northrend will be next expac
21:50.38Devilkoulbe cool if it was, but they gotta milk some more outa other things first imo
21:51.32Devilkouli think it'll be Maelstrom :/
21:52.37Devilkoulprobably been debated in here many times :P
22:00.25*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
22:01.02*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Sky2042] by ChanServ
22:08.39*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
22:13.22*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter_ (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
22:18.39Hobinheimno one made a conspiracy about the new felfire icons in 2.0
22:18.46Hobinheimit's like every fire spell in 1.0, but green
22:19.01Hobinheimi for one love each and every one if them
22:21.50Sky2042tseric practically told the warlocks they would have green fire
22:21.58Sky2042-before- tbc
22:26.07Sky2042skosiris, thought of another thing i've seen issue with
22:26.33Sky2042and this might be another inherent inconsistency with blizzard... i dunno though
22:26.55Sky2042sometimes, the weapon is listed as "One-Hand" vs "One Hand"
22:27.22Sky2042this is more noticeable as a difference between tb and wowhead, that i've seen
22:27.32Sky2042i don't know who's correct though :x
22:28.12Skosiriswhat does it say in-game ?
22:29.26Sky2042i don't know
22:29.36Sky2042i haven't seen the insides of warcraft for... 4 months?
22:29.56Sky2042i think checking the armory would be a good idea though
22:30.05Skosirishehe, pretty much the same here
22:30.13Skosiristhough I can still log in and check :)
22:35.50Sky2042warn me next time
22:36.50Sky2042so it's either that thott is wrong, or bliz has an inconsistency
22:37.22SkosirisI think "One-Hand" is used everywhere
22:37.27Skosiriswhere did you see "One Hand" ?
22:38.17Sky2042i know i've seen it
22:38.21Sky2042i'll go dig
22:39.03Bagginswwwell I just activated my lifetime membership to LOTRO heh
22:40.38Bagginswwback to my hobbit :)
22:42.00foxlitBah, I don't like any of the tooltip attachment modes :(
22:42.38Sky2042maybe I was wrong...
22:42.43Sky2042i swear though...
22:43.57Devilkoultis good BAggins?
22:44.01Devilkoulneed to check that puppy out
22:44.14Devilkoulone of my employees store my free beta key from my file planet acct.  :/
22:46.50*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter_ (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
22:49.46Bagginswwya I love the game devilkoul
22:50.19BagginswwIts sticks pretty close to the books
22:50.40Bagginswwwhile expanding into new stuff
22:50.49Devilkoulis there any pvp in it?  kinda a FFA?
22:50.51Devilkoulor are there factions
22:50.56Devilkoulneed to read more into it
22:51.33Bagginswwit has battleground style pvp system
22:51.43Bagginswwshadow vs free peoples
22:51.52Bagginswwwell shadow is claled "monster play"
22:52.12Bagginswwbest part of the game is the storyline though every race has unique story
22:52.19Bagginswwthere are chapters, and cutscenes
22:52.22Bagginswwalmost like NWN
22:52.34Bagginswwbut its definitley MMO
22:52.42Bagginswwin between those things
22:52.56Bagginswwsome of the quest you complete can actually change the world though
22:53.10HobinheimBagginsww, :argh:
22:53.26Hobinheimfurry little lotro people = false ping = forbidden topic!
22:55.03Bagginswwfor example one of the  newb zones is a seperate instance, shared by humans and hobbits, and involves doing a series of quests while learning the ins and outs of the game
22:55.23Bagginswwstory involves saving a village from an attack by brigainds
22:55.44Bagginswwbtw time you finish the quests, you are taken to a story event, where the city is on fire
22:55.52Bagginsww*by the time
22:56.08Bagginswwonce you save the town, next time you see it, its half burned down
22:57.59Devilkoulmonster play sounds interesting
22:58.08BagginswwI haven't tried it out yet
22:58.16BagginswwI'm working on getting my character to 20 without dieing
22:58.21Bagginswwso I can get the 4 special titles
22:58.25Bagginswwwell 5
22:58.54Sky2042baggins, is it really so common for mages to still be wearing nelth's tear?
22:59.15Bagginswwuh some people like the bonuses
22:59.31Bagginswwothers haven't found a good drop maybe
22:59.39Devilkoulit's got nice hit
22:59.41Sky204242 dmg and 28 hit rating? (20 hit?)
23:00.18Devilkouli think
23:00.37Sky2042it was 1% = 8 hit? o.0
23:00.59Bagginswwbut anyways I like how they fit talents into the game. They call them "traits" and you earn them by completing "deeds"
23:01.14Sky2042what is it at 70? something like 12 rating per hit?
23:01.22Bagginswwa deed is a heroic objective, such as killing 30-40 wolves for example
23:01.37Bagginswwwhich may earn you a title or a trait
23:01.44Sky20421.3% hit and 43 damage
23:01.55Bagginswwa trait can be assigned to your character through the bards in the villages
23:02.35Bagginswwprofessions also have chapter event storyline quests
23:02.52Bagginswwso do the character classes
23:03.10Bagginswwbasically you get put into an instance have to copmlete certain objectives
23:03.18Devilkoulyea, sounds like lotta instancing
23:03.33Bagginswwbtw you can replay many of these instance dungeons through a mirror pool
23:04.13Bagginswwya, there are alot of instancing between zones, but load times aren't bad, so I hardly notice it
23:04.54Bagginswwbasically any shop is instanced from the main map.
23:05.03Devilkoulahh i c
23:05.15Bagginswwyou open doors and walk into the instance
23:05.15Devilkoulvideos look good
23:05.21Bagginswwgame is pretty
23:05.25Devilkouli neeed to find some combat/gameplay vids
23:05.36Bagginswwcombat is just like WoW
23:05.50Bagginswwalthough the classes are very different
23:06.12Bagginswwburglar is almost exactly like the rogue, very little difference there.
23:06.17Bagginswwbut there is no "mage" class
23:06.35Bagginswwinstead they opted for a armor based AOE class
23:06.40Bagginswwcalled a champion
23:06.44Sky2042a tank...
23:07.33Bagginswwbasically you can go into a "rage" mode
23:10.14Bagginswwthat stripps him of all his armor
23:10.14Devilkoulsexy ;P
23:10.14Bagginswwability to block, parry etc
23:10.14Devilkoulafk, client
23:10.14Bagginswwwell its basically stats go to O
23:10.14Bagginswwbut while in that mode he's a glass cannon
23:10.15Bagginswwall his damage goes up
23:10.15Bagginswwhe can take on groups of enemies at once
23:10.15Bagginswwits fun up close and person melee aoe heh
23:10.15Bagginswwnow if he's in armor mode, your damage is crap
23:10.15Bagginswwyou don't take much damag,e but you don't dish out much either
23:10.16Bagginswwso you have to balance between both modes
23:10.17BagginswwIts a very fun class though
23:10.17Bagginswwas for pet classes, there are 2, there is loremaster, which is a kind of classic druid class. NO shape changing, but has a few healing spells, damage spells, and pet companion
23:10.17Bagginswwthere is also "Captain"
23:10.39Bagginswwwhich is more of a tank/buffer
23:10.39Bagginswwhas a pet to help him out
23:10.48BagginswwHunter in the game is more of a traditional range DPS archer
23:10.59Bagginswwreplaces the mages's range dps
23:11.33Bagginswwlike a mage its armor is limited, although its a bit better at up close melee if it has ot
23:11.43Bagginswwbut basically think Legolas, LOL
23:11.47Bagginswwit has no pet
23:14.39Devilkoulill have to check it
23:16.03*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
23:16.03*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
23:18.15TecnoBratyay hockey tonight
23:34.52Skosirisoops, I'm 18 minutes late
23:36.11Devilkoulalready early afternoon
23:39.50*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:46.40*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
23:46.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ

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