IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070423

00:04.48Hobinheimugh can't use computer w/o furniture
00:04.53Hobinheimgetting very painful very fast
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01:01.35Kirkburn|afkMikk, you're right, it's not MikkBot, but that still doesn't explain the lack of edits over the hour. Really odd, and glad it ain't you :)
01:03.22SkosirisKirk: people don't like changes =/
01:03.32Hobinheimyes, people generally don't
01:03.32Kirkburn|afkStupid people :(
01:03.35Hobinheimeven in the name of progress
01:03.46Hobinheimthat's why my personal philosophy has been to keep changes small and ninja
01:04.06Tekkubokey, make up your goddamn minds
01:04.17Tekkubare wovies a seperate section of elinks or not?
01:04.23Adysthey are not
01:04.33Adysthey are apart, but they are not in another section
01:04.41Hobinheimmovies? :confused:
01:05.08Adysrolled back
01:05.49Kirkburn|afkBtw, how's the wiki been acting over the last few hours?
01:06.08Kirkburn|afkI've still not noticed edits at the turn of an hour, but that could be coincidence
01:06.08AdysKirkburn|afk: seen the thing about flight path?
01:07.32Adysthe cost template was being horrible
01:07.43Adysso had to force the remove of half the [[Flight path]] page
01:07.52Adysand delete the corrupted history
01:09.39Kirkburn|afkThat's weird
01:11.26Kirkburn|afkYou could have just restored the table's old format y'know
01:12.09Kirkburn|afkPerhaps manual conversion might work better
01:12.20Kirkburn|afkIt might be that the sheer number of change's overloads the wiki
01:12.38Kirkburn|afkSo it's sitting there trying to work them out, and timing out
01:12.44Kirkburn|afkIn small steps it might work better?
01:12.52Bibi`ouFBah, I suck :/
01:13.02Bibi`ouFDeleted my Itemsync database with all the tier 6 in it
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02:04.59Hobinheimthat's what i've been singing to myself as i built this city
02:10.45Sky2042_they hate me
02:10.47Sky2042_i know they do
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02:12.03Sky2042ok, kirkburn
02:12.45Sky2042kirk isn't oN!
02:13.28Sky2042how is a guild master different from a guild leader, and why would GM include guild leader as a disambiguation?
02:16.40Sky2042i think kirkburn stalks me..
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02:42.09Mikkobviously a guild master = guild leader
02:43.02Mikkhrm, when i put that in there, it said ("also commonly refered to as GM") or something
03:13.13Hobinheimif you have an athletic cup, but never use it... would you still keep it/
03:20.03Sky2042night hobin
03:33.59Sky2042hey skosiris
03:34.14Sky2042why not let ppl vote on the new icon?
03:34.28Sky2042their choice from your top 10
03:36.48Skosiriswell, most logos don't look good enough to be used :P
03:37.38Skosirisdo you really think we'd change the logo to this one, for instance:
03:37.47Skosirisif this one has been rejected:
03:38.33Skosirissure the murloc is cute..
03:39.24Sky2042bad drawing of a murloc
03:39.31Sky2042maybe you should change the logo every month ^^
03:39.38Sky2042take an in game photo of a murloc
03:39.50Skosirisdo you like the current (original) logo ?
03:40.10Sky2042yeah... i've come to associate the little rocket with wowhead.
03:40.35Skosirismaybe we could either keep the original logo
03:40.51Skosirisor request the LFG guy to create a revamped version of the original logo
03:41.09Skosiris(an improved/better version of the same logo, not a different version)
03:42.18Skosirisfrom what I've gathered, most people seem to like the original logo, why change it :)
03:42.20Sky2042that would work
03:43.23Sky2042(if i end up saying random text, don't freak out; i'm copy pasting some stuff)
03:44.49Sky2042btw, i found an addictive game for you: (it trumps desktop td, imo)
03:46.23Skosirislooks like an interesting game
03:46.43Skosirisbut it must be quite time consuming =/
03:47.20Sky2042at the beginning and after you hit "endgame", sure
03:47.27Sky2042middle's pretty boring though.
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04:00.04Adysskosiris: the first logo is a phallus, here is why you should change it
04:01.06AdysI quite like  btw
04:02.11Skosirisphallus huh?
04:02.52Sky2042an image of the male reproductive organ, esp. that carried in procession in ancient festivals of Dionysus, or Bacchus, symbolizing the generative power in nature.
04:03.17Adysits not me saying it
04:03.35AdysIm just giving you a reason!
04:03.48Skosiriswell, only 2 or 3 people so far sent us a email about this :P
04:04.00Skosiristhey must be some jerks or obsessed folks, that's not a big deal :)
04:04.05Adyswant me to send you 15 emails about it?
04:05.00Adysinfobot, entertain me
04:05.05infobotACTION grabs 5 random objects and begins to weave them through the air in a display of superior juggling skill for adys's entertainment whilst whistling Einzug der Gladiatoren by Julius Fu?ík
04:05.36Skosirisinfobot, do you like the new logo? or would you rather us keep the original, phallic logo?
04:05.38infobotyes, I like the new logo? or would you rather us keep the original, phallic logo.
04:05.48infobotgrammar is, like, a system of pitfalls thoughtfully prepared for the feet for the self-made man, along the path by which he advances to distinction.
04:06.58Adysfor fuck sake I got 12 mage signups for the naxx pug
04:08.13Sky2042my server's doing a naxx pug
04:08.22Sky2042that might be kind of fun... but i cant go do it :(
04:08.31Sky2042bc no tengo bc!
04:09.32Sky2042you aren't female, are you?
04:09.54AdysNo >.>
04:10.13Sky2042didn't think so
04:10.25Sky2042so why are you staring at a chick's ass for 2 hours a day?
04:10.34Sky2042bad question
04:11.06Adys2 hours a day? you sir are nice
04:11.13AdysIm online 15-16 hours a day
04:11.15Adysand got no alt
04:11.27Adys06:11:22 Total time played: 283 days, 15 hours, 38 minutes, 56 seconds
04:11.48Sky2042so... when do you sleep?
04:11.54Adysthe other 8 hours
04:12.17Adysyou thought I had a job with that?
04:12.24Sky2042how long since you had a job? i'd guess since naxx, but what do i know
04:12.29Sky2042i was wondering...
04:12.47AdysI didn't have anything regular going on for two years almost :P
04:12.54Adysrl breaks ftl
04:13.08Sky2042i wish i could do that
04:13.21Sky2042all i have to look forward to is another year of high school and 5 or 6 years of college ;(
04:16.29Sky2042adys, i'd just go with gear quality
04:16.42Adystoo late, Ive got 38 reserved spots
04:16.54Sky2042wait, what?
04:16.59Sky2042so you have 2 spots for 12 mages?
04:17.05Sky2042or something else i'm not getting?
04:18.21AdysDruid (5) Hunter (5) Warrior (3) Warlock (4) Shaman (4) Rogue (2) Priest (7) Paladin (3) Mage (6) Total reserved: 39
04:18.29AdysHah, 39.
04:18.42Adyshope to find a warrior or rogue to fill the last spot ~~~
04:19.01AdysIve got 80 signups in total almost but most are worthless
04:19.26Sky2042yeah... unless you plan with tanking with 2 on 4h (if you get that far), have fun
04:19.49Sky2042why are most useless? crap gear?
04:20.51Adyscrap gear, i don't know them, or theres better in the other 39
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04:21.19KirkburnEarthland Realms ftw ... you gotta see the latest episode of The Simpsons :D It parodies WoW!
04:21.28Kirkburn(and other MMOs)
04:21.29Adysbesides if we reach 4hm im pretty sure we wont have any problems with them
04:21.36AdysKirkburn: okay oO
04:22.44AdysLol i just noticed
04:22.46Adys"Should you be wondering, the pictured monitor is 60"."
04:23.13KirkburnJesu christe
04:23.20Sky2042i wish i had that big of a monitor
04:23.23KirkburnMe too
04:23.32Sky2042in fact, i wish i had that big of a tv
04:23.48Sky2042our biggest tv is 42"
04:24.19Depheriostoo... big...
04:24.31DepheriosI've played games on huge screens... your eyes have to wander far too much
04:24.37Adyshow large would that be?
04:24.47Adysin centimeters
04:24.58Adys(french, mkay?)
04:25.40Depheriosuh... 130?
04:26.07*** join/#wowwiki rophy2 (
04:26.25Sky2042about 130
04:26.32KirkburnDepends on how far away you are from the monitor, and how much you negate the point of it being huge :P
04:26.33Sky2042more than that
04:27.00Adysfucking christ
04:27.05Adys1 meter 30?
04:27.16KirkburnWoah! The map in The Simpsons is a /direct/ copy of WoW's :P
04:27.24Adysscreen plx
04:27.33KirkburnDay/night indicator, + - buttons
04:27.48KirkburnTorrent :)
04:28.39KirkburnNaturally, the website goes down the moment I link it
04:29.18KirkburnYou'll never guess who plays the MMO though :P
04:29.48*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | Go vote! | Nominate a Featured Article today! WW:FA | Watch The Simpsons S18E17!
04:31.19KirkburnApart from him :P
04:31.19KirkburnOoh, got a screenshot, gonna upload
04:31.38Tekkubwhy havn't they done away with the AD commission?
04:31.47SkosirisKirk: did the episode just air for the first time? or is it available on youtube/google video already? ;)
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04:32.08Kirkburn|afkOnly just aired
04:32.20Tekkubit was the first rep-turnin items thing, they know it works, and that the whole "conditional" item pickup sucks, why not just drop the commission and make them always drop?
04:32.57Kirkburn|afkArgent Dawn?
04:33.09Kirkburn|afkWho cares about the Argent Dawn!? :P
04:33.31Tekkubexactly, why have special equipment for them?
04:33.43Tekkubnoone will pickup stones now
04:33.55Kirkburn|afkAh, I see what you mean
04:34.33Tekkubit was a great idea, they reused it for every other rep, which has become a core design... just the equipment bit is shitty
04:34.40Tekkubso fix it to be like all the others
04:34.54KirkburnFirst, what do you think of The Simpsons MMO? :)
04:35.07Tekkub*shrug*, need context
04:35.22KirkburnThen watch the episode
04:35.31TekkubI will, someday
04:35.47TekkubI'm a TiVo child, air dates are meaningless to me
04:37.06Skosirishere's a preview of the episode :)
04:37.45TekkubI'm busy, stop trying to distract me!
04:37.52Tekkubcoding trances are a delicate thing
04:38.05TekkubI'm making long-needed enhancements to corkfu
04:38.27MikkDo they include magic buffing when you click?
04:38.43KirkburnWot Mikk sed
04:38.46MikkAnd automagic selection of group buffs if enough people are unbuffed in a gropu?
04:38.47*** join/#wowwiki rophy (n=Miranda@
04:38.54TekkubMikk... uh... that's what cork IS
04:39.08MikkWell um it doesn't do squat today :>
04:39.15Depherioswell right now it's just a little box that goes "hey... uh... you know, you need to do this"
04:39.18TekkubI don't know what you're smoking
04:39.24MikkIt shows me lots
04:39.25Tekkubit's always done that shit
04:39.34MikkBut doesn't _DO_ anything
04:39.35MikkAs far as I can tell
04:39.39DepheriosI'm running it for that anyway, because it makes me remember my minipets
04:39.44Tekkubwell you need to get better
04:40.13Mikki do that :S
04:40.47Tekkubif you're saying "I click on the tablet" then no, that's not what you're doing
04:40.48Sky2042can someone delete
04:41.04KirkburnTekkub, just in case - I'm running the version on the Ace rep, and clicking on the Fubar stuff
04:41.05Tekkubtablet is permanently not clicky thanks to ckk
04:41.24Tekkubthe fubar stuff is not "/click CorkFuFrame"
04:41.26Tekkubmake a macro
04:41.34KirkburnAh, okies :)
04:41.36Tekkuband bitch out ckk about the tablet clicking
04:41.42KirkburnSorry, I should read readmes
04:41.42Mikkthere's other tablets that are clickable
04:41.53Tekkubclickable that do protected functions?
04:42.04Mikkno =P
04:42.17Tekkubcause back in the day ckk said he wasn't gonna do secure shit with tablet
04:42.38Tekkubso until I get around to writing my own replacement GUI (never) that feature is dead
04:42.47Tekkubonly a "all in one macro" will work
04:43.04Mikkcan't you liek cheat and find out where the tablet is bein displayed and chuck a button on top of it? =P
04:43.25Tekkubthat's hackjob... writing a proper GUI is clean, I like clean
04:44.00Tekkuband now you've done ruined the coding trance, I hate you all
04:44.01Mikkbah, i'd like to call it "working my way around api quirks" :>
04:44.08Mikksorry =(
04:44.29Mikkanyway em... corkfu really needs a hint somewhere in the ui about this
04:44.31TekkubAPI quirks, sure, ckk's refusal to rewrite for a new API... nah I'm not playing that game
04:44.47Mikkcos well.. i suck at readmes >.<
04:44.57TekkubI need to just remove all the clicks on the tablet and make a macro generator
04:45.33Tekkubthere's no readme, it was a quickie fix for 2.0 that I never advertised cause the mod is still alpha :)
04:45.58Tekkubbut as "it works okey" my prioritey is getting in features first
04:46.15Tekkubthen I can attack the GUI and converting to dongle
04:46.20*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
04:46.42Tekkubpay attention, I'm gonna add some good shit shortly
04:46.49Tekkubclam shucker's already written
04:47.11Tekkubworking on a module to always cast a certain spell in combat, since the logics are disabled
04:49.42TekkubI was actually thinking I could encode the current cast list into a castsequence on enter combat
04:49.54Tekkubbut I don't like that idea at all, I want people to buff OOC
04:50.09Tekkuband with shaman, I lose my shield a lot in combat and want to cast it
04:50.46Mikkhmm.. what are other examples of useful in-combat buffs?
04:50.53Mikkpriest inner focus i suppose
04:51.03TekkubI dunno, but it's a text field so you can put in any spell
04:51.10Mikksmells mostly self-only i suppose
04:51.21KirkburnAll this time I've not been using PG2, what a fool I am!
04:51.22Mikkor possible dorf priests fearwarding a tank
04:51.28Mikkwhat's pg2? o.O
04:51.34KirkburnPeer Guardian
04:52.16KirkburnI'm not particularly worried anyway, since this ain't the US :P
04:52.17Sky2042arcane power
04:52.54KirkburnAww he looks so cute when he roars!
04:53.16Sky2042excuse me
04:55.51KirkburnGonna lick your paws too? :P
04:57.44KirkburnPritty pikture!
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05:05.40JunkHead-WorkI went to Karazhan again today. Got a new shield and belt.:D
05:08.41Adysgrats ^^
05:09.41Adyscute piccy indeed kirk^^
05:11.22Skosirissay wowhead was to implement some "wishlist" feature
05:11.50Skosiriswould there be a point in adding NPCs to your wishlist?
05:12.03Skosiris(actually, anything that is not an item)
05:12.15AdysYeah. I want a Johnny McWeaksauce on the live realms. Does that count?
05:12.40Adysyou know, the guy selling t5 for free :
05:12.51KirkburnSkosiris, not really
05:13.00SkosirisAdys: yeah, the thing is that you can only add things that exist to your wishlist :)
05:13.10KirkburnQuests addable?
05:13.11Adyshe exists! he has an official ID!
05:13.24Adysid go with quests, factions and .. hmm
05:14.10Kirkburn"Hmm" doesn't exists, you fool
05:14.20*** kick/#wowwiki [Kirkburn!] by Adys (it does!)
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05:14.28Adysmissed doing that sweety <3
05:14.42Adysthe s go to doesn't
05:14.54AdysIm off to bed I think
05:15.23Adysfactions, not even sure
05:15.26Adysquests, definetly tho
05:15.33Adyssome kind of questline thingy
05:16.21SkosirisI guess the feature will need to be called "Bookmarks" then :p
05:16.33SkosirisA wishlist containing quests wouldn't make sense
05:16.53Adyscontaining quests you want to do
05:17.01Adysi guess
05:17.37Adysbtw if you can only add existing stuff that sucks!
05:17.46AdysI want my peep!
05:18.24Adys~seen Fin
05:19.23infobotfin is currently on #wowi-lounge (5h 17m 12s) #wowace (5h 17m 12s), last said: 'does that make sense in whatever context RTFPN was used?'.
05:19.36AdysI probably killed him
05:29.31KirkburnAdys, if you were wondering, it meant Read The Fluffy Patch Notes
05:29.31KirkburnYes, thank you
05:29.31AdysAnd I perfectly knew about it
05:29.31AdysIll never forget slouken saying "it's in the patchnotes..."
05:29.31KirkburnI wonder if 2.1 will be this week
05:29.31JunkHead-WorkI hope not.
05:29.31Adysdoubt it
05:38.40AdysEditing elinks-item: reorder following the vote
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05:39.39*** part/#wowwiki James_home (i=jmichelz@
05:40.33AdysThe job queue length is currently 7,988.  ><
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06:10.48*** join/#wowwiki dotted (n=me@
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06:43.26KirkburnAdys, at least the job queue works :P
06:44.38KirkburnYay my UI is under 30MB again
06:45.03KirkburnAnd that's with about 100 addons I think
06:45.53Adyswhy do things complicated tbh
06:46.00KirkburnMaking a screenie :D
06:46.59Adys /
06:47.17Adysthats with 20ish addons, top
06:47.28Adysi wouldnt even say 15
06:47.36Depherios <-- took that earlier today, running crap I'm testing
06:47.44Depheriosnote my memory usage XD
06:47.57Depheriosoh wow... 61!? that's not bad!
06:48.35Kirkburn61 with just that!?
06:48.40DepheriosI'm at 95 right now in the actual game
06:48.46*** join/#wowwiki HJT (
06:48.51KirkburnBloody hell, what on earth do you use?
06:48.54DepheriosKirkburn DUF is running, as I'm rearranging things and trying out frame styles to make my own copy
06:48.55HJTgood morning!
06:49.05KirkburnHere's mine:
06:49.32Depheriosmy old frames just don't work with the second screen... so I'm going to make some kind of HUD... using DUF to test shapes forms and things...
06:49.49Adys100 addons just for that kirk?
06:49.55Adysdoenst seem like it
06:50.07*** join/#wowwiki Koper (
06:50.07KirkburnFubar, and a fair few are hidden
06:50.15Adysi see
06:50.20Adysi see, they are hidden
06:50.26Koperhey, uh.. I forgot my wowwiki password AND email address
06:50.27AdysI see what is hidden, eh?
06:50.32Depheriostop bar mouseover? Kirk?
06:50.58Depherioserr n/m I see the rested icon
06:51.10KirkburnSec, gonna look up what you can't see :)
06:51.24KirkburnKoper, someone may be able to help you in a few hours
06:51.46Tekkubquest traker down in the bottom, kinda like taht
06:51.48Koperaww i was gonna go to sleep :(
06:51.56Tekkubtoo bad I have too make frames there already
06:52.09Depheriosthat was how I was doing it before...
06:52.45KirkburnI just made that UI today ... can't remember which addon the quest tracker is :/
06:52.52KirkburnAh, nQuestLog
06:52.53KoperWell i'll guess i'll try and wait
06:52.58Depherios <-- that was ages ago :D
06:53.05KirkburnKoper, sorry we can't help you atm :(
06:53.10KoperWho am i waiting for though? :O
06:53.33Kirkburnsancus is the only one around who can help you, he's asleep
06:53.41KirkburnThe other guy is in Hawaii :/
06:53.42AdysSancus, same thing
06:53.46Tekkubprimary colors FTW!
06:53.48Koperok i see tnx
06:54.12DepheriosIf you're talking to me Tekkub that's me dying XD
06:54.36Depheriosand the unit frames... I like colorful... like to know info quickly. healthbars by reaction, and mana bars by class
06:54.49KoperI'd just register another account i didn't make a lot of edits but meh :( I like Koper as a nickname
06:55.17KirkburnAh, stuff you can't see: Aloft, Baggins, Cartographer, Chronometer, CloseUp, ColaLight, DoubleWide, EQCompare, InFlight, MSBT, OmniCC, Postal, RatingBuster, TC2, XLoot and more
06:56.18KirkburnYeah, I like colourful as well :P Not quite so much, but some colour is nice
06:56.37*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
06:56.44KirkburnBanzai aggro monitoring is awesome
06:56.53KirkburnA godsend, in fact
06:59.03KirkburnI've hidden all the boring buttons on my UI too ... silly tradeskills, I don't need you in combat!
07:04.06DepheriosI got in the habit of hiding a lot
07:04.13Depheriostrying to get out of it now that I have a whole second screen for junk
07:04.29Depheriosstill hiding all my tradeskill buttons... combat logs and everything...
07:08.47KirkburnIs that DreamChat?
07:09.22Depheriosyes it was
07:09.57Depheriosnot running it now, but just because none of my chat addons work for it (cleanchat)
07:10.30MikkSpeaking of chat
07:10.35MikkAh no, wrong channel
07:10.49MikkWell ok I can mention it here too
07:11.13MikkI'm trying to put together a "ChatHookLib" that chat addons (filters as well frames & notifiers) can use so that stuff just Automagically Works(tm) with eachother
07:16.53dottedgood luck :>
07:18.12MikkWell, I somehow managed to get oodles of addons to run ChatThrottleLib so I figure what the heck =P
07:18.45AdysMikk, do you know of any "watcher" addon that would regularly update the friendlist and tell when there is an update?
07:18.56Adyssuch as an afk tag changing, a zone changing, a level changing
07:19.36Mikknot off the top of my head no
07:19.55Adyshpp =(
07:20.01Mikki'm not sure it needs to do much polling tho
07:20.03Adysbeen searching for that for a while
07:20.13Mikkyou get served events when stuff in the friend list changes
07:20.48Adysi believe tek said it cant be updated more than every 15 sec
07:21.47Adysinfobot, play with Tekkub's fur
07:22.09Tekkubyou can call the update as much as you want
07:22.18Tekkubwhen it actually updates it fires an event
07:22.28Tekkuband that update rate is throttled
07:22.55Tekkubrun the update OnUpdate and watch the event
07:23.06Tekkubyou'll see it
07:23.21Adysand wtb a chatlog parser :<
07:23.29Adysor an open source one
07:24.02KirkburnMikk, anything happening with that emulation thing of yours the name of which I can't remember right now grr very annoying
07:24.34Adys (noob)
07:25.02KirkburnWow, that was longer ago than I remember
07:33.22Mikki keep meaning to
07:33.28Mikkbut keep finding more fun things to do >.<
07:34.21KirkburnMikk, haha, can't blame you
07:44.44Adysneed more sleep, bbl
08:02.50dottedWTB Old CorkFu :((
08:03.15dottedTekkub fork dewdrop and give us back old school corkfu :D
08:18.42HJTcan some1 pls add ext. links and categories to:
08:28.32HJTwhats corkfu?
08:41.47Kirkburndotted, what's wrong with current?
08:42.04KirkburnHJT, a self-buff 'monitor'
08:43.16HJTKirkburn: thx
08:44.11dottedKirkburn you have to use a macro, last i checked anyway
08:44.27KirkburnAh, yeah
08:47.19Depherioswhat's wrong is it's a "monitor" instead of an actual self buffer, unless you use the macro XD
08:53.43dottedsomething about dewdrop not being secure
08:54.04dottedas in secureheaders/hooks or whatever
08:54.34Depheriosmeh, I never used it as a smart cast anyway... but that was just because it doesn't do Shadowguard
08:58.12Mikkwasn't dewdrop, was tabletlib
08:58.37Mikkdewdrop = dropdown menu. tablet = doowinkle in your fubar and/or attached to your minimap
08:59.01Mikk(gawdz, for someone that's never used this stuff i do know it well :-P)
08:59.32*** join/#wowwiki whiteknight (
09:00.36whiteknightWow, this is deffinitely not Barrens or Nagrand
09:10.28*** join/#wowwiki Awaa (
09:11.24MikkCHUCK NORRIS!
09:11.33Mikk... There. Feel more at home now? =P
09:14.54whiteknightslightly :)
09:15.18whiteknightis it always this quiet?
09:15.42whiteknightor did is it just that apparent that I didn't put on deoderant today? :/
09:18.11Tekkubyou big and furry?
09:19.52whiteknightmeh, mid-sized and about average on furry-ness.
09:20.11Tekkubhrm... slightly bearish and musky then, I guess you'll do
09:20.34Mikknah, it's just that most europeans are at work (gasp) and most US people are sleeping (gasp again) =P
09:21.20Mikkwell, ok, it's not #randomwarezchannel on dalnet either ;)
09:21.26whiteknightahh, fair enough. no middle ground
09:21.34Mikkoups sorry, they don't have warez channels. only fan channels ;)
09:26.52Tekkubbah la la lum
09:27.01Tekkubget this shitty cover song out of my head!
09:28.06Mikk  <- wtfuck? o.O
09:28.41TekkubMeatsmith, I like that
09:29.06MikkPHAT LOOT: "Meatloaf Helmet", "Gnollish Autoplugger"
09:29.34KirkburnMikk, I must say, I'm glad to see you're keeping freaky sleeping hours too still :P
09:30.23Kirkburnwhiteknight, were you seriously asking why it's quiet when it's only just gone 10am in Europe, let alone the US? :P
09:31.06Kirkburn^ before Mikk sets rabid dogs on me
09:32.19whiteknightWell, most other chats I've been in, no matter where they were, always had someone talking in them at sometime or another :P)
09:32.47whiteknightI just figured one attached to gaming would surely have people talking their brains out
09:33.01whiteknight4:30am here, btw. :)
09:33.26KirkburnI got up at midnight, you can't impress me =)
09:33.49whiteknighthehe, I haven't been to sleep since I woke up Friday >:)
09:34.06KirkburnTbh, I'd like to think whenever it's quiet it means everyone is either fiddling with the wiki or coding addons.
09:34.23KirkburnOkay, that should mean you're now nearing death
09:35.59*** join/#wowwiki c0lt (
09:36.32KirkburnWhat did I say!?
09:38.30*** join/#wowwiki whiteknight (
09:46.56*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
09:47.33Kirkburnwhiteknight, I thought we'd lost you :P
09:52.44MikkActually, I'm playing KoL
09:54.02KirkburnKingdom of Loathing?
09:55.10KirkburnMethinks it's time for dinner
10:02.00whiteknightNo, I have connection issues when it rains
10:02.25whiteknightthey're still trying to redo a bunch of the phone boxes in the area becuase they get a lot of moisture in them - it hasn't helped yet.
10:02.38whiteknightheavy fog = disconnect for me -_-
10:08.17Kirkburnwhiteknight, ouch
10:08.32KirkburnSinger Sheryl Crow has said the amount of toilet paper we use should be limited to help the environment.
10:08.32KirkburnCrow suggests using "only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where two to three could be required".
10:09.14KirkburnI would love to know how /anyone/ could use only one square per restroom visit, unless they have serious defects
10:11.51HJTwell, at least for males, seen over time, u may get near
10:12.47KirkburnTrue, though depends on if you're a "dabber" or a "shaker". She probably doesn't like dabbers.
10:14.25HJTat least at work theres anyway only recycled toilet paper :s
10:14.57*** join/#wowwiki uytuytuyt (i=uytuytuy@adsl-212-20.eunet.yu)
10:15.19uytuytuytis there anybody out there?
10:15.54*** part/#wowwiki uytuytuyt (i=uytuytuy@adsl-212-20.eunet.yu)
10:19.01IndustrialI'm looking for the url to that flash presentation of the history of electronic music. Does anyone know what I mean and/or has the url?
10:20.21KirkburnI'm so sad, I set up a vote -
10:20.31KirkburnIndustrial, never heard of it Indy :(
10:20.47Industrialnev has the url in a sec i hope ill paste it hurrr :D
10:20.51Industrialits very cool.
10:20.56KirkburnIndie music :P
10:20.57*** join/#wowwiki Mekta (
10:21.43Industrialyeah thats in there too
10:21.48IndustrialIndustrial Techno.
10:22.05KirkburnStardust :D French funk house ftw
10:22.31Kirkburnlol @ Jpop
10:22.41MikkLimit... toilet ... paper ....
10:23.00MikkOutlaw dead forest spam in my postbox instead
10:23.06MikkSaves like 100x the amount of paper
10:23.11MikkAnd makes me happier
10:23.36KirkburnDamn right
10:24.52winkillermaybe she's using a diet that makes her output guinea pig droppings
10:25.03Kiltekso rude when people insta-delete your message to them :<
10:26.17whiteknightshe should be more worried about people tearing down perfectly good structures to put up new ones, of the exact same size and shape, and needing more materials to do so. that would eliminate a crapload(pun intended) of senseless clear-cutting :)
10:27.50winkillerI'd rather ban championships in playcardhouses or such, not toilet paper, stupid slut
10:29.33Industrialgot it, thx
10:29.39Industrialebm, electro industrial, psychidelic \o/
10:33.23whiteknightIndustrial, thanks for asking for that link - and Mikk, thank's for providing it ^_^
10:33.31Industrial:) is awesome
10:34.17whiteknightnicely done site, love the description on Happy Hardcore :P  "Happy Hardcore is like the spoiled little sibling of the Hardcore family..." D
10:35.18KiltekHappy Hardcore makes me anything other than Happ
10:35.40whiteknightI listen to it all - if it has a beat, I listen.
10:35.52whiteknightFrom Mozart to Manson.
10:39.12MikkOoooh, inspired...
10:39.45Mikk(yes, i own the CDs too, sod off =P)
10:40.09IndustrialMikk: \o/
10:40.13KirkburnWow, there's a lot of shit out there
10:40.22*** join/#wowwiki Chompers (
10:40.33KirkburnSo far I've only really found that I can bear funky house
10:40.44MikkYou need more Front 242
10:40.47Industrialthey need something like that for metal
10:40.55Industrialwe,, we need it.
10:41.21MikkOk, pop quiz: On which of those two sites does Panthera belong? ;)
10:41.27MikkBoth? =P
10:41.49KirkburnGroove metal, says wikipedia
10:42.11MikkTheir drummer sodding outdrums drum machines =P
10:42.52Industrial"groove" + "metal" ?
10:42.56KirkburnAh, I recall the Dimebag Dirtbag stuff
10:43.26KirkburnDimebag Darrell (what is going on in my mind?)
10:43.42IndustrialChildren of Bodom, Sabatin, Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, etc :-)
10:43.51MikkAhh there we go.. Leaether Strip - Evil Speaks
10:44.15Industrialhave a joint :3
10:44.32Industrialer, back to school work. bbl
10:45.15whiteknightThat's one cool thing about my area - Panthera's haunted house is less than an hour from my house :)
10:45.47Kiltekwho? << Panthera's HauntedHouse in New Orleans
10:46.12Kiltekhah, how cool
10:46.23whiteknightyeah, it's friggin' awesome
10:46.55whiteknightthey used the art students from all the surrounding colleges/highschools to do the design - it's a hugee warehouse - takes about 20 minutes to get through the line and about 40 minutes to go through the haunt
10:47.33whiteknightmost of the people that work it are acting students from the colleges/highschools as well -- and the guys from Pantera will occasionally show up and do some performances too ^_^
10:47.39whiteknightnot a bad thing for 15$
10:47.55Kiltekvisual effects look lame, but might be cause someone's using a flash camera in an obviously low light area... looks a laugh though!
10:48.16whiteknightit is, one of the best haunts I've been to in a long time
10:48.33whiteknightthey put a disclaimer at the front that if you don't want to be grabbed or touched - you can't go through the door :P
10:48.54whiteknightbecuase they people WILL grab you and touch you and possibly drag you out of line and screw with you before letting you go back on your way
10:48.59Kiltekhaha, always amuses me when people get arsey about being touched in haunts
10:49.11KiltekI remember when I was younger doing the haunted house in Paris Disney Land
10:49.49Kiltekpeople were just getting so arsey about being touched
10:50.05whiteknightI went to one up in Alexandria Louisiana a few years back - they had a chunk cut in the wall with a slide-away plate, something you could obviously tell was going to open and something pop out ... this group of high-school kids was walking by, it dropped open, a clown popped out, one of the kids decked him.. -_- ..
10:50.29whiteknightcops got called, haunt got put on hold.. we got our money back and went to the cafe.
10:50.55Kiltekalways fun when nolifers come and ruin things
10:51.13whiteknightabsolutely :P
11:25.36*** join/#wowwiki Maza|w0rk (n=irc_by@
11:25.47*** part/#wowwiki Maza|w0rk (n=irc_by@
11:27.27KirkburnCourtesy of abyssichate on #wowace ...
11:37.43whiteknightI totally believe that.
11:39.08whiteknightI had one once who told me he would deal damage swiftly with his Hammer of HolyZOMGWTFPWNGE Smiting.. when I asked him if that was Epic of Legendary, he said Legendary, it gave a +(random long number here) to all stats, but he had the hardest time trying to 1hit a lvl 1 character :P
11:39.19whiteknight-of +or
11:39.40*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
11:52.57Bibi`ouFi don't know what to update today on my 2.1.0 post
11:53.02Bibi`ouFKirkburn, find an idea, fast !
12:09.17KirkburnHow geeky are YOU!
12:09.21Kirkburn<-- 70%
12:16.26JunkHead-WorkKinda odd though, considering I was at like, 5% for the first 10 or so questions.
12:16.51IndustrialI say pwned, lol, hax, etc. Does that make me a geek?
12:18.57JunkHead-WorkYou say "pwned" out loud?
12:19.09JunkHead-WorkI'm not sure what that makes you.
12:19.23Industrialwell, not to not-geeks ;/P
12:19.39*** join/#wowwiki ^raVen^ (
12:19.48^raVen^omg! Wowwiki has a chan?! didn't know that ^_^
12:20.09Industrialwhen someone throws a paper ball in the trashcan from a big distance i shout "omg hax!"
12:20.17Industrialmost understand.
12:20.37JunkHead-WorkDo you say "oh my god Hacks"? or do you say "Oh Em Jee Hacks"?
12:20.43^raVen^nah, omg aimbot
12:20.55^raVen^it's like "Oh Emm Gee Hagz!"
12:21.17Industrialno, more like "omguh"
12:21.54^raVen^you could also say "OhmG Hax" (ohmg being one sound)
12:21.56IndustrialYou are 61% Geek!
12:22.06Industrial^raVen^: thats what i mean
12:24.12*** join/#wowwiki roxutee (
12:24.30KirkburnSo you know what the hell the percentage is for: How geeky are YOU!
12:24.43^raVen^mmm, sec
12:30.23*** join/#wowwiki the_squid (
12:32.28whiteknight:/ .. 81%
12:33.30^raVen^you win
12:34.17whiteknightmmm.. a cookie.
12:34.20^raVen^tasty ^_^
12:34.24whiteknightI'm surprised you didn't eated it :P
12:34.44^raVen^I was going to, but my geekiness pales compared to yours
12:34.52^raVen^you truly deserveded it  -- for those of you who don't know.
12:35.12^raVen^now, geek, tell me! Do you know any Web-based OS' or prototypes?
12:35.29^raVen^I've been on google / wikipedia all night
12:35.43^raVen^all I've found were desktop emulators, different, but same concept
12:35.44whiteknightnot offhand, no, but as soon as I finish dimensioning this layout, gimme a few and I'll see what I can find.
12:35.56whiteknightwhat do you want it for?
12:36.01whiteknightif you don't mind me asking*
12:36.28^raVen^and I'm thinking of something along the lines of a microkernel-based system, that would primarily run off a remote server... desktop emus require too much OS from the local machine
12:36.52^raVen^well... >_> it's for a research paper tbh, but it's more about curiousity :D
12:38.28^raVen^although, those desktop emus are pretty neat, I admit :D
12:38.28^raVen^afk a few
12:38.28whiteknighthmm, wouldn't that be something like the OS you install on a centralized server (in home) and then dial into it via nodes around the house? -_^
12:38.28*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
12:38.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
12:39.27*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
12:39.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
12:40.45BagginswwSo ya, I pwned Eurayale and got her head (GOWII). It must have taken me like 10 tries until I learned her attacks :p
12:42.02Bagginswwalthough in final try I was pretty much full healthy by the time I got into her third attack style.
12:42.07Bagginsww*full health
12:42.47BagginswwI unloaded on her in  Rage of the Titans mode heh.
12:44.29whiteknightwhat'd she drop?
12:50.12BagginswwUh, her head, :)
12:50.29Bagginswwnow I can freeze enemies and shatter them heh heh
12:53.42BagginswwBut ya God of War gams are so much fun.
12:55.06Bagginswwbtw, Eurayale is one of the sisters of Medusa, for anyone that didn't know.
12:58.54^raVen^whiteknight, yeah, something like that
12:58.59^raVen^but on a bigger scale
12:59.15^raVen^i.e. a phatt server for many users and a sort of VM for each one I suppose
12:59.57^raVen^make it a cluster of phatt servers for sanity's sake
13:03.12^raVen^I would be surprised if there are no developments in that area
13:03.31whiteknightOnly thing I can think of off the top of my head, without delving into it, is object oriented web-based programs, like Javascript and PERL, that act like an operating system, but not.. if that makes sense?
13:03.33^raVen^just I can't find anything
13:03.57Hobinheim|workwow adys really went to town on the flight path article :(
13:04.08whiteknightyeah, I'd have to go on a search for it -- but I don't think I've ever heard of anything like what you're talking to :/
13:04.09Hobinheim|workif i convert those sc templates again, will it break?
13:04.50Hobinheim|workok, there might be slow wiki again...
13:06.29Hobinheim|workok i edited flight path again... :(
13:07.22^raVen^new flight path Shatt -> HH
13:08.01^raVen^I am still hoping they'd decrease cost of t2 BS craftables
13:12.34Hobinheim|workok clearly didn't work
13:12.39Hobinheim|worki'm gonna try a regular gsc template
13:13.25Kiltekwhat's the policy on personal image hosting btw?
13:14.26^raVen^anyone on Dunemaul server?
13:14.29Hobinheim|workdon't go crazy and make sure it's related to wow?
13:15.02*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
13:15.03Kilteknah I mean images that aren't linked to any pages?
13:15.17Hobinheim|workping Kirkburn
13:16.08Hobinheim|workthere seems to be a problem with the cost template
13:16.18Hobinheim|workit's incurring some sort of abnormal server load, apparent most in the flight path article
13:16.30Hobinheim|workmy recommendation is to restore a tailored version of GSC
13:16.34Hobinheim|workfor money-only situations
13:16.47Hobinheim|workand to keep cost for alternative tokens and hybrid payments, like combat potions
13:17.22Hobinheim|workhybrid payment = money + token, like 5 silver + 10 honor
13:17.34Kiltek ? you're right... but I dont think it's the template
13:17.38Kiltekit's called A LOT on that page
13:17.49Hobinheim|workit probably is the template
13:17.51Hobinheim|workit doesn't scale well
13:17.57Hobinheim|workwhen we use sc or the new gsc, it loads fine
13:18.02Hobinheim|workwhen we use cost, it doesn't load at all
13:18.07Hobinheim|workand it brings down the rest of the server
13:18.21KirkburnIf it's changed all at once
13:18.27KirkburnPerhaps if it's done in sections?
13:18.32Kiltektime to split the template ?
13:18.55Hobinheim|worksplit how
13:19.01Hobinheim|workit's a sort of jack of all tokens
13:19.16Hobinheim|worki was thinking maybe we could divide the template into how often and it what stlye the tokens are hybridized
13:19.20Hobinheim|workbut that's complicated and dynamic
13:20.11Hobinheim|workbtw Kirkburn, new policy
13:20.17Hobinheim|worksigs must be subst'ed
13:20.23Hobinheim|workit's a performance thing again
13:20.27Hobinheim|workjust my 2c
13:23.04Hobinheim|workso, thoughts?
13:23.32Kiltekwith the cost templates algorithm, I'm guessing it goes through every one of those arguements until it reaches the end, since it supports multiple arguements.. ?
13:24.02Hobinheim|workbut... as i understand the templates, it shouldn't be like... it shouldn't be that bad
13:24.09Hobinheim|worki guess i don't understand them well enough, haha
13:24.39Hobinheim|worki think it's a slightly complex template that takes a little bit longer to load... but somehow when there are that many on one page, it brings it crashing down
13:24.44Hobinheim|workagain, a scale issue, very weird
13:24.45*** join/#wowwiki jarichardson (n=jarichar@
13:24.57jarichardsoni have a suggestion for one of the kara pages
13:25.20Kilteknah it's logical, if it goes through the WHOLE template every time it's called... that's pretty big!
13:25.40jarichardsonRESETTING OPERA EVENTS IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE. NOTE: As of 03/19/07 you can reset this encounter, as well as any other Opera House encounter, by jumping over the edge of the balcony towards the aud.....
13:26.06jarichardsonif resetting is no longer possible the rest of the explination should be removed... it is just confusing to leave the rest there
13:26.21Hobinheim|workjarichardson, if you think it should be removed, just remove it
13:26.31Hobinheim|workif you feel like discussing it, post on the talk page
13:26.36Kiltekif there was some way to count the amount of arguements in the template call, then use a while arguement, you could halt the template once the amount of arguements are reached - but I'm not sure templates are that diverse
13:26.44*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
13:26.49Hobinheim|workKiltek, yeah not possible
13:26.51jarichardsonmeh i dont have an account
13:26.57Kiltekjarichardson this place is just for geeks =P
13:27.11Hobinheim|workjarichardson, i'll take a look
13:27.26Hobinheim|workso remove the tips section?
13:27.30Hobinheim|workabout reseting the encounter?
13:27.45jarichardsonit is no longer rest-able
13:27.52jarichardsonso at least state that
13:28.00jarichardsonbecuase some people will still think you can
13:28.15Kiltekthe balcony jump is an exploit, and shouldnt be there anyway, I've removed it once before
13:28.19jarichardsonbut the whole shebang about how to rest should be remove
13:28.53jarichardsoni think leaving "RESETTING OPERA EVENTS IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE" and removing the rest will do
13:29.15jarichardsoni had to do a version diff to even see when that was added
13:29.30jarichardsoncus i was wondering when that statement was added
13:30.17KiltekI hate capitals, so '''Please Note:''' Resetting of the Opera Event is no longer possible - is much nicer ;)
13:30.32jarichardsonyes very nice ;)
13:31.12Hobinheim|workit's unfortunate...
13:31.18Hobinheim|workif cost doesn't scale, it almost sounds like a bad idea
13:31.29Hobinheim|workat least for prices that aren't hybridized, again
13:31.46*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
13:32.38jarichardsonit sucked attemtping that boss without a lock
13:32.44jarichardsonno chain fearing... ftw
13:32.57jarichardsonFTL more like it
13:33.20KiltekOpera Event is easy and fun ;) unless they made it harder, not done Karazhan in a long time
13:33.41jarichardsonanother thing about that page...
13:33.49jarichardsonyou can not use rank 1 frost bolts
13:33.59jarichardsonat least my mages were saying it didnt work
13:34.39Kiltekiirc frostbolts weren't working at all when I did it
13:36.03Hobinheim|workwe don't have a rfc template?
13:36.30Hobinheim|workoh peerreview...
13:36.34Hobinheim|workf it . i'm making RFC
13:37.14Kiltekwe have no RFC page?
13:38.11KirkburnI still don't believe the sigs have that much of an effect
13:38.43KirkburnBut, uh, back to work with me
13:38.55Hobinheim|workit adds up
13:38.58Hobinheim|workit's like slow death
13:39.00Hobinheim|worklike AFFLICTION!
13:39.53Kiltekwell I just wasted 40 mins of my life on a Gartner press call...
13:41.07Hobinheim|worki'm adding WW:VP and WW:RFC
13:41.14Hobinheim|workand no, it's not ragefire chasm...
13:42.16dottedrequest for comments :o?
13:42.51foxlitPeer review.
13:43.16foxlitMeh, that process has gone the way of the dodo.
13:43.38Hobinheim|workwe can revive it!
13:43.40Hobinheim|workas long as you BELIEVE
13:43.53Hobinheim|workanything is possible if YOU BELIEVE
13:44.13dottedI WANT TO BELIEVE
13:44.51Hobinheim|workbelieve, brother. believe!!!
13:45.31foxlit"Your Believe is resisted by WW:RFC. WW:RFC dies."
13:45.55dottedthat doesnt really make any sense tho foxlit
13:46.21foxlitStranger things occur in combat logs.
13:46.49foxlitAnd I'm still waiting on resists for beneficial spells. That'd open up for a whole new realm of fun while raiding.
13:46.53Hobinheim|workinfernals really have immolation, but it isn't listed anywhere
13:46.56Hobinheim|workthat's in the combat log
13:47.02Hobinheim|workfun = killyerself
13:48.03foxlitThat's what raiding is all about, tbh.
13:48.48Hobinheim|worki thought it was about killing the enemy and phat purpz
13:49.05foxlitNono, that's what you do in breaks between wiping at the next enemy and repairing phat purpz
13:50.12Hobinheim|worki once disenchanted a world purp
13:50.15Hobinheim|worknot as exciting as you think
13:50.34Hobinheim|workand then i once sold a pre-tbc fire caster item... for 90 gold
13:50.42Hobinheim|workwhy would anyone need an item like that
13:50.52foxlitIt could be even more awesome than Lady Vashj's mind control!
13:50.53Hobinheim|workit's like the Eye of Stupid or something. +72 fire damage or something crazy
13:54.48Hobinheim|workhas our slogan always been the warcraft wiki?
14:05.07Kirkburn|afkBtw, Boris Yeltsin has just died
14:14.20dottedhe was like my hero or somethin
14:14.44dottedbest picture ever of him lol
14:16.42*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
14:16.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Teomyr] by ChanServ
14:18.53*** join/#wowwiki Tuqui-tuqui (
14:21.05jarichardsonlets not mock great historical people man
14:21.13jarichardsonhe deserves some respect
14:24.51*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (n=yousuck@unaffiliated/lysistrata)
14:37.55Hobinheim|workdid someone delete the old gsc
14:37.57Hobinheim|worki can't find the old edits
14:38.05Hobinheim|worknm i can't read
14:42.05dottedlol @ new wowhead logo
14:42.14dottedmassive fail imo
14:42.27dottedit looks cool and all, but its not a logo :/
14:43.53dottedit kinda looks like a giant-"monster"-on-fire penis
14:44.22Industrialew. :|
14:44.39Tezaawell i like it personnaly
14:44.51Tezaabut ppl dont like changes
14:44.55Industrialnot as a logo..
14:45.12dottedi think its cool by it self, but not as a logo nor doesnmt it fit the style of wowhead imo
14:45.27Tezaawill be smaller i think
14:45.33Tezaaif it goes live
14:46.27dottedim gonna adblock the logo if it goes live :/
14:47.06Hobinheim|workwiki formatting is so redonkulous
14:47.29Industrialyeah lets use lisp instead
14:47.54Hobinheim|workindy, you know lisp?
14:48.17Industrialno, but I know how it looks =D
14:48.32IndustrialI once did a tiny bit of Scheme but didnt get far
14:49.42Industrialwhy :>
14:58.41*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
15:01.16dottedwow quakenet have become unreliable the past few days oO
15:04.45dottedTezaa you here?
15:05.22Tezaaquakenet is fucked since today
15:05.51dotted[NewsBot] is bugging on me, it claims it takes to long to read the WoR feed - so expect it to be silent for the time being :/
15:07.21Tuqui-tuquiwe downed murmur last night for the first time :D
15:07.42Tuqui-tuquivery easy boss once you learn the timing
15:07.50dottedehh gz oO
15:09.28dottedon heroic mode?
15:09.44Tuqui-tuquino... =\
15:10.42dottedyou fail at wow =D
15:10.49dottedon the other hand
15:10.54Tuqui-tuquiis true :<
15:11.00dottedi have not done any heroics yet
15:11.08Tuqui-tuquithat shows how carebear my server is
15:11.18Tuqui-tuquimy guild is 8th in experience >.>
15:18.15Kirkburn|afkFa-HINALLY done with my Uni project. Hopefully.
15:18.37Kirkburn|afkI so want to crawl into bed now
15:18.55Kirkburn|afkIs it bad that I'm listening to Beyonce?
15:21.58Tuqui-tuquiunless you are looking at her sexy videos
15:22.01Tuqui-tuquithen you are borderline
15:22.10Tuqui-tuquijust make sure no one seees you
15:29.16*** part/#wowwiki Scre3m (
15:37.21Kirkburn|afkI think you meant "her" "sexy" "videos" ... judging by the selection available online anyway
15:38.25Kirkburn|afkMore accurate would be "lookalike" "porn" "viruses"
15:40.22*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
15:40.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
15:47.44*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
15:47.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
15:49.55^raVen^if you want heroics, do Slave Pens
15:49.57^raVen^it's such cake
15:50.11^raVen^as long as you have a decent warrior and a kiter (I even had a mage kite), it's gg
15:50.34^raVen^and I actually MADE money on it O_O OMG considering I lose money on non-heroics (being a warrior n all)
15:52.57Tuqui-tuquithese instances are starting to cost me too much mullah
15:53.15Tuqui-tuquiI make about 10g in items, but I spend 20-30 g in repairs XD
16:04.42^raVen^get better groups :P
16:04.58^raVen^it takes me like 4 hrs to get a group, but I've whiped once out of 5 heroics I've done so far ^_^
16:04.59Tuqui-tuquiheh ^_^
16:11.40Kirkburn|afkRoses are #FF0000
16:11.40Kirkburn|afkViolets are #0000FF
16:11.40Kirkburn|afkAll my base are belong to you
16:15.31TecnoBrathmmm its kinda odd that the guild page naming policy is "Guild:<Guildname> (<Servername> <CC>)", however the servers pages are named “Server:<Servername> <US/Europe>”
16:15.50TecnoBratNote, the US/Europe vs US/EU
16:16.42Kirkburn|afkThere's a discussion on the Village pump
16:19.15Gryphenservers were the first thing named Europe, since then EU has been used for most everything else
16:22.49TecnoBrataww man, how come I always miss things on VP?
16:28.59^raVen^any warriors around? :D
16:29.05^raVen^I wanna make babies
16:29.18^raVen^we can breed a race of superwarriors
16:35.13TecnoBratlol wtf
16:35.48^raVen^didn't sleep all night
16:38.22^raVen^do you play WoW? or just into lore? :D
16:52.11Kirkburn|afkYeah, suuuure
16:52.20Kirkburn|afkMeanwhile, I'm the Queen of Sheba
16:52.25^raVen^that's cool
16:52.38^raVen^are you really?! ^_^
16:52.38Kirkburn|afk^raVen^, a fair few people on here are into the lore, rather than the game :)
16:52.55^raVen^<3 lore, but <3 PvP as well hahaha
16:53.04^raVen^played every WC game since the first one
16:53.55^raVen^I love Outlands for the amount of lore characters they put in there
16:54.01Kirkburn|afkSame here, except I normally get bored, cheat and never finish them :( Not the game's fault, mine only
16:54.09^raVen^and CoT is awesome too
16:54.14Kirkburn|afkWoW, however, I absolutely adore
16:54.23^raVen^I love CoT instances
16:54.38^raVen^running around Hillsbrad Foothills before Thrall escapes Durnholde :D
16:54.39Kirkburn|afkOnly done Durnholde so far
16:54.46^raVen^get to see Kel'Thuzad in his human form
16:54.55^raVen^and the creation of the ashbringer
16:55.02^raVen^rather, the ore for it
16:55.27^raVen^I find it a little weak how they start casting light spells on it, and BAM all of a sudden it becomes creation of pure light
16:55.37^raVen^but meh
16:57.37Kirkburn|afkHeh, I spent ages in there doing that stuff
16:57.57Kirkburn|afkGoing afk for a while, bbl
16:59.11*** join/#wowwiki Cairen1 (
17:00.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cair] by ChanServ
17:01.34*** join/#wowwiki zeeg (n=zeeg@
17:14.04*** join/#wowwiki Royal- (
17:14.56*** join/#wowwiki Bibi`ouF (
17:21.57abecxanyone know anything about ashbringer questline
17:22.03abecxdid they touch it at all in 2.1
17:23.27dottedTecnoBrat i replied to you on VP
17:43.03Koper[13:42:44] *** sancus idle 1 day 15 hr 17 min 52 s, signed on «Wed 4th Apr 2007 05:26p»
17:43.14BagginswwSo we watched Bamboozled for our final in cultural anthropology class. That movie is deep.
18:05.13*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
18:05.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
18:21.52*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
18:24.50*** join/#wowwiki Tuqui-tuqui (
18:29.20*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
18:29.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
18:33.43Hobinheim|workanyone here a coder
18:48.28dottedSkosiris i hope you are not considdering that giant-"monster"-penis as a logo :<
18:49.42Hobinheim|workit's like the entire internet is crit-shotting Skosiris... take it easy
18:49.58Hobinheim|workthere aren't enough power word shields or flame proof boots in the world
18:50.30dotted[@Hobinheim|work]: it's like the entire internet is crit-shotting Skosiris... take it easy <- NEVER!!!! :D
18:59.06*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
18:59.32DuTempeteHow's everyone?
18:59.50TecnoBratbusy as hell, you?
19:00.15DuTempeteYou know if you can summon someone to Arcatraz w/o them having a flying mount?
19:00.42TecnoBratmigrating 45 publishers and average of 4 ad sizes per publisher over to a new adserver = fun .. amirite?
19:00.44DuTempeteno summoning stone at the entrance?
19:01.01TecnoBratthe summoning stone is on the ground
19:01.05DuTempeteHeh... end of the semester grind, for me.
19:01.17DuTempeteWhere is the graveyard, then?
19:01.23TecnoBraton the ground
19:01.35TecnoBratwhen you die inside, you release and are alive at the GY
19:01.45TecnoBratwhen you die outside, you spirit res
19:01.58DuTempetewell wtf... I'm broke, and I need my Kara key :(
19:02.09TecnoBratgogo druid!
19:02.23DuTempetehrm... a lock could summon you, couldn't they?
19:02.55*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
19:02.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
19:02.57DuTempeteJust means it would have to be a two-lock group
19:03.01DuTempetehey Tekkub ;)
19:03.44DuTempeteuntil you get the new purple =P
19:04.32dotted[New green] is the new [Old purple]
19:16.08*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
19:35.12*** part/#wowwiki Industrial (
19:36.39*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
19:53.18foxlitDuTempete: I'm under the impression warlock summons don't work in netherstorm?
19:53.31DuTempeteYeah, I just heard that...
19:53.43DuTempeteI'm brainstorming a way to make 700g in two levels, now...
19:54.00foxlitWhat did you do with all the quest gold?
19:54.02*** join/#wowwiki clad|sleep (n=jnwhiteh@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
19:54.05DuTempeteStill sorely dissapointed I can't get my Kara key until 70
19:54.53DuTempeteI was 58 when the expansion came out, so I've been leveling straight through... my money's been spent on bags and tradeskills
19:55.08DuTempetentm, I've been rested the whole way through, and instancing a lot
19:55.16DuTempeteso I didn't make quite as much money as I could ahve
19:57.43*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
20:09.54*** join/#wowwiki Slenesh (
20:10.21Sleneshthis is for WOW as in warcraft aye?
20:10.24Sleneshjust to make sure like:D
20:10.28Tuqui-tuquiyes :)
20:10.29Sleneshah cool
20:10.43Sleneshive been around a few wow channels im trying to find someone who might know a mod from a screenshot
20:10.52Sleneshi only have a pic to go on and no name:/
20:11.15Sleneshits mainly the glowing xp style bars and the player picture areas
20:11.45Sleneshalso that square map looks diff to any ive seen, ive had a good look but thought maybe someone else may know um
20:12.25Teomyrthe minimap
20:12.32Slenesho? :D will look
20:12.48Sleneshahha! cool thanks very much
20:13.34Teomyras for the xp bar, no idea. the unit frames might be something like agUF or pitbull, not sure
20:13.36Teomyrwb sko
20:13.48Sleneshah ok i will check those out thanks
20:13.59Gryphenmight check with #wowi-lounge too
20:14.20Sleneshok will do
20:14.57*** join/#wowwiki ClydeJr (i=86a3ff0d@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
20:15.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+v ClydeJr] by ChanServ
20:18.41TecnoBratthats the xp bar
20:18.48TecnoBratand squeenix is on that page too
20:19.16*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
20:19.31TecnoBratyou would need to get FuBar as well
20:20.34Sleneshahh ok
20:20.40Sleneshthanks very much for the help:D
20:24.18*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
20:39.47Tezaabest pic ever of Illidan on PTR:
20:51.05Tuqui-tuquiooh :o
20:51.06Tuqui-tuquinice pic
21:21.44*** join/#wowwiki steino_ (
21:24.06Adystime to work
21:24.13Adyslets see
21:24.23Adysonce the parser functions are installed
21:24.30Adys lets test them here
21:24.35*** join/#wowwiki Deph (
21:25.37AdysI need some action
21:26.09Adysfirst off
21:26.19Adys why doesnt it colorize correctly?
21:27.05AdysI think I missed my span there but cant figure out how
21:30.36AdysSecond thing, is there a possibility to force the targetting of an "untargettable" mob?
21:30.54AdysSuch as for example Taerar in its banished form
21:31.24Teomyradys: there was a whitespace character, resulting in style="color: white&nbsp;;"
21:31.33Adysahh kk
21:36.35AdysI do have this theory
21:36.59Adysthat anything that ends up in the WDBs can be reproduced on the interface
21:37.06Adysand sort of "detected"
21:37.22Adyssuch as "invisible" spells, untargettable mobs, etc
21:41.45Teomyri don't think you can access it through the interface api, at least not all of them
21:42.37KoperWhat do you mean Adys?
21:42.47Adysfor example..
21:43.00KoperMaybe there's a way to target untargettable mobs
21:43.03KoperBut you can't attack them anyway
21:43.12KoperBecause there's a server check too for sure
21:43.20AdysI dont think they are attackable
21:43.26AdysI dont care for that matter :)
21:44.22^raVen^example of an untargettable mob?
21:44.22KoperThere are tons
21:44.22Teomyrthe npcs in arathi basin
21:44.22KoperLike i don't know, the first boss of shadow labs
21:44.22KoperBefore you kill the adds
21:44.22KoperTeomyr i don't think that the npcs in arathi basic are "mobs"
21:44.22KoperI think they are scripted client-side
21:44.29KoperBecause if you get dc they still move
21:44.52Adysi dont think that matters actually
21:45.00Teomyrcan't really explain that... maybe their path has been transferred to the client?
21:45.09Adyshehe bingo
21:45.18KoperThey are probably just part of the map
21:45.25AdysNo definetly not :)
21:45.27Teomyrbut they're mobs. if you click them, they say their "hello" phrases like normal ones (at least they did)
21:45.35Adysthey still do
21:45.42KoperHow can you click them if they are not targettable? O.o
21:45.52^raVen^ah, like the peasant
21:45.58Teomyryou can click them, but you won't have them as a target then ;)
21:46.04Adysyeah what teo said
21:46.11Koperhmm i see then
21:46.52KoperWell uhh they probably keep moving when you dc because wow just sends packets like "X started moving to Y" and when they stop "X stopped moving"
21:47.05Adyskind of untrue
21:47.06KoperSo when you dc you miss the "X stopped moving" packet
21:47.30Adysfor npcs, they move from x to y, the path is sent and sometimes even generated
21:47.31Teomyryes. that's true for all mobs and players. if you get dc'd, everyone starts moving against the walls :P
21:47.41AdysFor example
21:47.46Teomyrwell, might be different for mobs
21:47.49AdysYou have aggro on say Garr
21:47.55*** join/#wowwiki Bejitt (
21:47.57Adysyou're at 100 yards range
21:48.06Adysyou disconnect
21:48.15Adysgarr will keep moving towards you, until he reached you
21:48.20Adysand then will stop acting
21:48.31Teomyrright, forgot about that :P
21:48.33Adysthats an example of auto generation
21:48.40Adyshere is another example
21:48.56AdysGarr's adds patrol around him
21:49.05Adysthough, if you get dc'd they will keep patrolling
21:49.12Adysthe patrol route comes with the npc in this case
21:49.25Adyshowever, it's not true for all mobs
21:49.26Koperhmm interesting
21:49.36Adysbecause some mobs have "random" patrol routes (most in fact)
21:49.44Adysthats how I see and understand it
21:50.00Teomyrpacket sniffing would be soo interesting, too bad it's encrypted and forbidden :/
21:50.10Adystoo bad huh :P
21:50.11KoperI coded a working packet sniffer
21:50.21KoperToo bad that oh well most of the packets are unknown
21:50.37KoperAnd figuring out what they do is not exactly easy
21:51.09Teomyrthe difficult thing about packet sniffing in wow would be that the packet's headers are encrypted, with changing keys
21:51.21KoperYeah i know
21:51.23KoperBut you can decrypt them
21:52.14KoperI'm not registered on IRc and i can't send pm's Teomyr
21:52.16Koper1 second
21:52.50Koper <-- That's a very old packet dump..
21:53.05KoperThe account name in there is just a trial so don't bother hacking it :P
21:53.29TeomyroO interesting
21:54.13Koper`[17:53:51] -NickServ- The nickname [Koper] is already registered
21:55.47*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
21:56.26Koper`2006/11/25 02:03:21 AM): [Received (51)]: SMSG_MONSTER_MOVE
21:56.29Koper`It's not
21:56.31Koper`(2006/11/25 02:03:25 AM): [Sent (34)]: MSG_MOVE_START_FORWARD
21:56.38Koper`Like it is for clients
21:58.08*** part/#wowwiki jarichardson (n=jarichar@
22:01.55Koper`Anyway i was thinking.. There are too many "useless" disambiguation pages on the wiki :/ For example.. imo this one should just redirect to Arathi Basin and on the Arathi Basin page there should be a notel ike: Did you mean [[Arcane Brilliance]]?
22:02.44Koper`And should just redirect to Agility
22:02.49Teomyrright... personally, i'd never associate AB with Arcane Brilliance first
22:03.08Teomyrbut i'm off for to day. see ya :D
22:03.14TecnoBratWhat else would AGI be?
22:03.36Koper`Agi is not a disambiguation page
22:03.36TecnoBratI guess I could click the link
22:03.44Koper`It just says Abbreviation for [[Agility]].
22:03.45TecnoBratOh, wtf?
22:03.47Koper`And it's kinda stupid
22:04.36TecnoBratSame goes for Str, Int, Sta, etc I bet
22:04.58TecnoBratwhat the .. Int => Intellect or Arcane Intellect
22:05.36^raVen^btw, <3 whoever keeps up and works on wowwiki
22:06.18Koper`btw meh
22:06.30Koper`I really wish there was someone who could recover my forgotten password :((
22:10.30Adysscreening npcs is fun
22:10.34Adysi start understanding varg
22:10.35Koper`uhh btw imo another thing that doesn't make much sense is that like.. There is a 4-5 lines paragraph explaining something
22:10.37Koper`And then
22:11.03Koper`"The information above is out of date and it's no longer true since patch 1.8"
22:11.10Koper`Why not just delete it? :O
22:13.13foxlitlink page?
22:14.02Koper`Well i don't remember all the pages
22:14.04Koper`But for example
22:14.16nemppuis there nothing else to violet eye exalted than this crappy ring upgrade?
22:14.21Koper`[text text text] That was consistent before patch 2.0.1
22:14.33Koper`Or Wildhammer Clan [...] This faction was removed as of patch 2.0.3
22:15.08Adysnow it is
22:15.42Adyswas scrolled up >.>
22:15.42Koper`nemppu: :P
22:15.42nemppuyeah i looked at it
22:15.42Koper`But yeah
22:15.42Koper`There's nothing else
22:15.44nemppuhow bore t_t
22:15.49Koper`There's a very nice quest reward though
22:15.51KarrionKoper`: and there's an accuracy stub notice on Reputation for someone to fix it; generally it should be changed to reflect current information, then with a historical note that includes the old stuff
22:15.52Koper`If you kill nightbane
22:15.55nemppui want tabards and hookers and cash \o/
22:16.11foxlit"no longer applies" should go on top of text, tbh.
22:16.23Koper`yeah that's what i was saying :/
22:16.27foxlitPutting it on the bottom is like putting spoiler tags below the spoiler text
22:16.37Koper`I don't really remember the article but i like read 25 lines of text
22:16.40KarrionWildhammer clan... well depends, is there much lore on it?
22:16.46Koper`And then found out that it was outdated information <_<
22:17.22AdysWildhammer clan should be divided in two pages
22:17.31Koper`The Wildhammer article is fine
22:17.31AdysWildhammer dwarves and Wildhammer Clan
22:17.41Koper`But it should be removed from the "Factions" template
22:17.45Koper`Or whatever it's called
22:17.48Karrionhm there's a {{removedfromgame}}
22:17.53Koper`(The one that lists all factions with gainable reputation)
22:18.19AdysI disagree
22:18.34Adysin fact, the factions template should be revamped a bit
22:18.51Adysno, in fact, wtb js use in templates
22:22.06Adysis it me or is the stormspire a HUGE easter egg by itself?
22:22.29AdysDealers Sadaqat and Rashaad
22:22.33AdysZuben Elgenubi
22:22.36AdysZuben Eschamali
22:23.17dottedexcept for the last, i have no clue
22:23.32Adyscheck google/wikipedia for zuben
22:23.56Adysthis whole hellhole is a complete arabic easter egg :p
22:24.35nemppuhi adys
22:24.46nemppuhow are you today?
22:24.54Adysfine, who are you oO
22:25.27nemppuI am i lurker
22:25.32nemppui follow you home
22:25.34nemppuin a black car
22:25.49nemppuhow far is your guild in PvE progression?
22:25.50AdysI got fanboys <3
22:25.59Adysno clue, i stopped raiding with them
22:26.05Adyskarazhan almost cleared i think
22:26.18nemppuwhy did you stop raiding with them?
22:26.34Adysbecause raiding rhymes with boring, do you want a better reason oO
22:26.59nemppubecause i think raiding is very fun
22:27.15nemppui am currrently in karazhan
22:27.30Adysnot for me, everyone's their tastes tbh >.>
22:27.37nemppuprince malchezaar very intense fight also based some on luck because infernal spawn on different place time you now know :(
22:27.42nemppuwhat do you like then pvp?
22:27.50AdysI dont like the game
22:27.57Koper`wow IS raiding :)
22:28.02nemppuyou like the people?
22:28.06Koper`If you don't like raiding well you don't like wow :P
22:28.18Adyspeople and game mechanics
22:28.18nemppui like raiding
22:28.20nemppuim a raid leader
22:28.21AdysI leave lore to baggins <3
22:28.25Adysso am i
22:28.31Adysdoesnt mean i like raidin
22:29.03Koper`What i don't like it's that finding a good raiding guild is not easy at all
22:29.04Adys <- THIS is fun, bc is shit
22:29.58KiltekRagestorms sig is broken :/
22:30.39KiltekI think...
22:31.07Kiltekoh that's odd it's just that article...
22:31.26*** join/#wowwiki clad|sleep (n=jnwhiteh@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
23:04.49*** join/#wowwiki gerber^azazoth|h (
23:10.52*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
23:22.43*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:26.33Adys QQ I hate falling on silly stuff
23:27.01*** join/#wowwiki k_d|resnet`hell (
23:44.59*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (

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