IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070415

00:03.31dottedSkosiris thx, tho i did lend some of it from Kirknurn tho ;)
00:05.39Bagginsww is that latin?
00:06.00BagginswwDeo Gracie something something
00:06.22KirkburnSkosiris, he stole the damn sig from me! :P
00:07.04Kirkburnlol, he just said that
00:07.53KirkburnI should mention, the profanity filter is /not/ an excuse to profane - it is to block it when people decide to break the ban
00:08.29KirkburnIt shouldn't affect private channels, but guilds are not quite the same - you have to make sure everyone knows what the guild channel is like
00:08.56KirkburnIf someone was being homophobic in my guild, I'd report them
00:10.32KirkburnDeo Gracias, I think, Bagginsww
00:10.43KirkburnAppears to be from a hymn
00:11.28Kirkburnwarhero, "If they're offended by a word, it's their fault though." ... you're kidding, right?
00:13.04BagginswwThat means, "God's Gracious?
00:13.19BagginswwGod is Gracious
00:13.40*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (
00:13.44Kirochihi there
00:13.51Kirochiis Bagginsww on ?
00:14.06KirochiI'd like to know
00:14.21Bagginswwwhat did I do something wrong? paranoia begins
00:14.25Kirochiwhy your recently posted .wav links made my computer crash twice
00:14.33Kirochion IE & FF
00:14.39Bagginswwhmm that's weird
00:14.43Bagginswwthey work fine on mine
00:14.56KirochiAaaaaaall my PC is messed up now
00:15.12KirochiIf I were a bitch I'd sue you
00:15.23KirkburnFine on my Vista PC
00:15.39KirochiYep but Vista makes baby pandas cry.²
00:15.44Bagginswwhmm probably "Thank you god"
00:15.49KirkburnFine on my laptop
00:16.08KirkburnGoogle "Deo Gracias"
00:16.33Bagginswwwell gracias is thank you
00:16.38Bagginswwdeo is god
00:18.07Bagginsww, little bit of fun :)
00:18.34KirkburnBlack Temple needs a tidy up, I reckon
00:18.55KirkburnNice, Bagginsww :)
00:19.06BagginswwKind of an easter egg in the wiki ;)
00:19.29BagginswwI mean if its translatable in english, it diserves its palce, :)
00:19.45BagginswwI tossed in En Feugo in "Zandali" primer heh heh
00:19.48Kirochiare your audio files particularly heavy, Bagginsww ?
00:20.00Bagginswwnot my audio files
00:20.08BagginswwI found a link
00:20.18BagginswwI'd upload them as oggs if we had that support
00:20.59Bagginsww alright can someone make that out?
00:21.07KirkburnFound a proper translation: "Give thanks unto God"
00:21.15Kirkburn(source in article)
00:21.24Kirochiactually, to be true latin it'd need to be "Deo gratias"
00:21.40KirkburnIt's Anglicised latin
00:21.43Kirochi"gracias" is Spanish and differs a bit from the Latin meaning
00:21.58Bagginswwahh I see
00:21.59KirkburnKirochi, google "Deo gracias"
00:22.58Kirochilet's say Latino instead of Latin :)
00:22.58KirkburnDeo gracias Anglia, redde pro victoria
00:22.58KirkburnGive thanks unto God, O England, for victory
00:22.58BagginswwAnglia is "england"?
00:22.58Kirochiaw, clever boy
00:23.11KirkburnKirochi, I did say /google/ it :P
00:23.27Bagginswwnow if we can figure out what mages are saying LOL
00:23.40KirochiKirkburn you did
00:23.51KirochiAnd I'm on that page
00:24.49Kirochifucked up Latin, I guess
00:25.20KirochiDomesday=Sunday ?
00:25.40KirkburnSomething like "Une male vale ma tuos"
00:25.53Bagginswwthought the last part was deus
00:26.01KirkburnThat'd be better
00:26.17KirkburnKirochi, Google "Domesday book" :)
00:26.19Bagginswwla me deuse
00:27.01Kirochiaye, I understand now
00:27.37Bagginswwhmm, might be Une mal de me deus
00:28.03Bagginswwfrench connection, where's adys :p
00:28.16Bagginswwgoogle is tossing up french to me LOL
00:28.44KirkburnUne male vale ma deus?
00:29.19Teomyrthat doesn't make sense in french
00:29.25KirkburnOh god I just searched for "Latin male"
00:29.28BagginswwUne Maiv lema dues
00:29.33Teomyrlol kirk
00:29.47Kirkburn"Latin male & uncut cock", yeah, thanks
00:30.19Kirkburn"vale ma deus" sounds like "greet my God"
00:30.46KirkburnOne bad meet my god?
00:30.56Kirkburni.e. Bitch, meet your maker!
00:31.10Bagginswwya that's what I was coming across LOL
00:31.13Bagginswwif its mal
00:31.45KirkburnHe be sleeping
00:31.53Kirochihe is
00:31.57Kirochithe man that never sleeps
00:32.18Bagginswwwe'll have to ask him later
00:32.25Kirochiaw my new gf just can't stop telling me about buffy the vampire slayer
00:32.35Bagginswwuh old news...
00:32.45Bagginswwlike 3-4 years mold
00:32.57KirkburnEw, that's old mold
00:33.30KirkburnKirochi, I wouldn't mind if she was suggesting that she ... uh ... "likes" Buffy
00:33.36KirochiI know something else that's mold
00:34.03Teomyrwhat do you want to ask him?
00:34.42Bagginsww what he thinks is being said in that file
00:35.21Bagginsww wonder if that's translatable too, LOL
00:35.22Kirochiis it in French ?
00:35.37Bagginswwnot sure kirochi, might have latin undertones too
00:35.44Teomyrdoesn't sound like french at all
00:35.46KirkburnI think it's all latin :)
00:35.59KirochiI've studied latin for a while
00:36.08Kirochithough it might be far away by now
00:36.18Bagginswwya I think its latin too
00:36.29Bagginswwgoogle was just sending me to french websites :p
00:36.31KirkburnI studied it for 5 years :)
00:37.04Bagginswwthat temple of the damned phrase, sounds like Corpus something something Torok
00:37.45Bagginswwso uh Dead, something something?
00:37.59Bagginswwor is it corpse?, or flesh?
00:38.28KirkburnCorpus gorok torok?
00:38.30Kirochilatin's closer to french & spanish
00:38.38KirochiI might understand oral latin better
00:40.39Bagginswwwell Corpus sounds latin the last two sound uh, orcish :p
00:41.49KirochiI have a degree in advanced orcish
00:41.55Kirochiand in Zandali too
00:42.00Bagginswwso ya?
00:42.21KirochiI must acknowledge that I'm not as good in Khuzdul, though
00:43.17Bagginswwtranslate the orc song ;)
00:43.41Kirochistill not working
00:43.49Kirochiand I've avoided the crash
00:43.55Bagginswwso ya I want to fit the "The other elves don't touch me like that" sound into the half-elves article somehow LOL
00:43.57Kirochiby alt+F4
00:44.21Bagginswwtry downloading the file and loading it with another program?
00:44.36BagginswwIts something Alleria says LOL
00:44.52Bagginswwwhich is funny now that we know about Turiyon
00:45.42KirochiTuralyon is a wuss
00:46.00Kirochimarrying a Nelf when he could just make love to her
00:46.24Kirochipaladins get all the chicks
00:47.07BagginswwYou think Lothar's Death was my fault, don't you?
00:47.38Kirochiwho says that ?
00:47.56Kirochidoes this sound come from W2 ?
00:48.02BagginswwThey should use these old sound files on their related character in game, it would be hilarious
00:48.27Kirochiyup but Alleria and Turalyon are missing
00:48.30Bagginswwjust think about if danath had these pricesless quotes;
00:48.42BagginswwNeed Something?
00:48.45Kirochiold voices arising from skeletons ?
00:48.51BagginswwBrig it on.
00:48.55BagginswwFollow me
00:49.02BagginswwStep aside, junior
00:49.09BagginswwDraw Steel, boys
00:49.18BagginswwYou talking to me?
00:49.24BagginswwHands off, Grubber
00:49.30BagginswwDon't waste my time
00:49.54Bagginswwsee if danath said those things, rather than generic human voice overs he currenlty has, we as fans would be rejoicing
00:49.54KirochiI play on a cracked version of W2 => no sounds
00:50.05Bagginswwapparently yes, that's why it crashes your computer :p
00:50.27Kirochiso my computer hates w2 sounds ?
00:51.03Kirochihas anyone seen the last South Park episodes ?
00:51.04Bagginswwbut ya kirkburn wouldn't it be great if bliz replaced Danath's current soudns with is old W2 sounds?
00:51.24Bagginswwmaybe add a few new lines
00:52.18BagginswwMe not that kinda orc.
00:52.18Kirochitiens, Adys se réveille de ses deux heures de sommeil quotidien
00:52.21BagginswwHi adys
00:52.26Adystrois heures
00:52.32Kirochipardon :x
00:52.35Adyspresque quatre
00:52.41Kirochigg \o/
00:52.54Adys96% teo ^^
00:53.06Bagginsww Adys wondering what you think is being said?
00:53.17AdysIll check, sec
00:53.18Bagginswwcertainly seems to be latin in there
00:53.53Kirochidamn you Bagginsww
00:53.59Kirochimozilla just won't open
00:54.03Adysy latin or gibberish
00:54.04Kirochibecause of your files
00:54.22KirochiI H4T3Z j00
00:54.23Adysis it some kind of daemonic or something
00:55.01Bagginswwsomething said in mage towers in warcraft II
00:55.16Bagginswwlast word sounds like Deus to me
00:55.21Adys ffs
00:55.41Adys12 edits for a vote on a closed archive
00:56.00Kirochiadys ffs ! on a une performance
00:56.25Kirochiour lvl 15 paladins have explored the whole world, naked and bare handed
00:56.26Bagginsww major upgrade to that for anyone who missed it earlier
00:56.50Bagginswwlevel 1-60 without armor, weapons or items LOL
00:56.55Bagginswwthen make it to 70
00:57.03Kirochiwe've been
00:57.07Kirochito karazhan
00:57.10Kirochito orgrimmar
00:57.15Kirochiwe've taken Halaa
00:57.25Kirochi(full of Hordies, I must say)
00:57.45Kirochiwe've been to uther's tomb (pilgrimage)
00:57.51KirkburnBagginsww, very nice
00:58.10Kirochiashenvale, darnassus, moonglade
00:58.12BagginswwWell kirkburn you've seen it :). Mostly directed at Kirochi or Adys
00:58.18Kirochiif & sw, of course
00:58.24KirkburnI, uh, hadn't
00:58.30Adysseen the guy Butt naked to 70
00:58.38Adys70 page thread on EU forums
00:58.54KirkburnHe's hit 70?
01:00.09Kirochiwe're on our way to level 70 ...
01:00.20*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
01:01.49Adysfrom forums
01:02.08Adys"Illidan doesn't die, he's a Demon Hunter. He'll just feign death."
01:02.32*** part/#wowwiki Punkie` (
01:02.35Kirochihe'll just Felfeign death
01:03.33Kirochiwe are the true paladins
01:04.05Kirochiwe only wear our black shirt from the lunar festival when we enter a city
01:04.16Kirochinot to scare ladies by our nudity
01:04.26DuTempetescare them?
01:04.35DuTempeteare you saying you're fugly?
01:05.02DuTempeteWell, then I say give us a show!
01:05.05Kirochibut nudity is not appropriated towards good ladies of Stormwind
01:05.41DuTempeteoh wait... you said *good* ladies...
01:05.46AdysTeomyr: complete
01:05.48DuTempetethose exist?
01:06.37*** join/#wowwiki buelldm (
01:06.45TeomyrAdys: thank you very much :)
01:06.56buelldmi got a question
01:06.56KirkburnKirochi, I'm not a lady. I will cope, and I can pass on the photos :P
01:07.12Adysyou're not sweety? wtf
01:07.28Kirkburnlol @ Adys
01:07.39buelldmcan someone help me with something really quick
01:07.40*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
01:07.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
01:07.41DuTempeteask away, Buell
01:07.42KirochiWe do not want to offend fair maidens by our nakedness
01:07.45buelldmim kind of a noob
01:08.20KirkburnI'm a freak. Whachagonnado
01:08.33infobotI heard his gear was hacked by DuTempete, and now he's chatting with us naked.
01:09.03Kirochiwhen they come for you ?
01:09.05KirkburnAsk the bloody question! :)
01:09.16buelldmcan horde and alliance quest with each other
01:09.19DuTempetelet's not get fiesty, buelldm.  I've already told you to ask, not like it' snecessary for you to wait.
01:09.21KirkburnDuTempete, you cheeky bugger
01:09.42KirkburnYou got rid of the previous comment :/
01:09.53DuTempeteyes and no, buelldm.
01:10.02buelldmwell how can i
01:10.08buelldmi just went on a normal server
01:10.10DuTempetewell it was cheeky, kirkburn.  and egotistical.  So I made it better.
01:10.14buelldmand made a blood elf
01:10.21buelldmbut my friend likes his dranai better
01:10.32DuTempeteYou cannot group with horde, and therefore cannot complete quests as a group.
01:10.45DuTempeteBut there isn't anything stopping you from assisting each other.
01:11.25DuTempeteYou wont be able to speak to each other, either, buelldm.
01:11.54Kirochiwell guys
01:12.04buelldmi thought there was a way to talk
01:12.06KirochiTomorrow I have a GameCon
01:12.08KirochiI mus t be going
01:12.08buelldmto learn the language
01:12.18DuTempeteThere is no way, buelldm.
01:12.40KirkburnKirochi, enjoy!
01:12.48DuTempetenice ;)
01:12.53DuTempetesee you around, kirochi.
01:12.58Kirkburnbuelldm, it was once an idea, but it never appeared in the final game
01:13.26DuTempeteAye, Blizz considered it during the Beta.  That may be how you heard that rumor, buelldm.
01:13.37KirkburnI'm off to bed
01:13.46foxlitYou can sort of do it through addons
01:13.49buelldmare all quests do able from both sides
01:13.50DuTempetepsh... who needs sleep?
01:14.01foxlitSince language encoding is length-based, you can communicate based on the length of strings
01:14.27foxlitEach word gives you 3 bits, sort of slow.
01:14.28buelldmhow about you hack these nuts you faggot
01:14.28KirkburnLooks like it's "the Emperor's Clothes" tonight
01:14.29Teomyrbuelldm: not all of them, but most
01:14.42Kirkburnbuelldm, uh, what?
01:14.45DuTempeteexcuse me?
01:14.59Teomyrfoxlit: you could also simply use a packet logger
01:15.06Kirkburnbuelldm, that kind of language ain't welcome here, period.
01:15.13foxlitYeah, but, see, that's against ToU and detectable
01:15.16buelldmyour not welcome here
01:15.35buelldmthese channels are very good
01:15.38buelldmdo you know why
01:15.46KirkburnBecause *I* run it?
01:15.47foxlitenlighten us.
01:16.23buelldmno becasue they suck
01:16.55buelldmno but look
01:16.59buelldmthese channels suck
01:17.10buelldmbecasue i spent hours trying to find a channel
01:17.14buelldmto get isos
01:17.15foxlitI get it! They're good because they suck!
01:17.23DuTempetelol foxlit
01:17.33buelldmand no one answered
01:17.44Kirkburnfoxlit, my atheist god! You're a genius!
01:17.54DuTempeteatheist... god...
01:18.43buelldmno look tho
01:18.45buelldmthey suck ass
01:18.45KirkburnYay, pseudo-clothes
01:18.49buelldmno one talks on them
01:18.53buelldmyou have like 50 people here
01:19.01buelldmand they all are just sitting under the desk sucking dick
01:19.14KirkburnI know, I like the cover
01:19.17foxlitI'm sure that's because all 46 of them are silently waiting to see the bline.
01:19.29KirkburnPlus it's more fun to sit on the floor when you're typing on your laptop
01:19.48DuTempeteIf they suck ass, it's because we don't prevent neck-farts like you from logging in.
01:19.49KirkburnAlso, handy in case of nuclear attack
01:20.17buelldmat least im talking
01:20.31KirkburnUnfortunate, isn't it
01:20.40*** kick/#wowwiki [buelldm!] by Adys (you sir are too leet for this channel, join #wowelite)
01:20.48AdysI just woke up
01:20.54DuTempete<3 Adys
01:21.03AdysWhat the hell was this kid about? :p
01:21.04KirkburnI wanted to insult him more
01:21.16*** join/#wowwiki buelldm (
01:21.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+b buelldm!*@*] by Kirkburn
01:21.29Adyswelcome back, you seem to like us that much
01:21.31*** kick/#wowwiki [buelldm!] by Kirkburn (Kirkburn)
01:21.49Adysyou could let me finish kirk :<
01:21.53DuTempeteWell, I was quite pleased by my use of "neck-fart"
01:22.03KirkburnHey, you didn't ask me either ;)
01:22.17KirkburnHe'll probably be back under a new nick anyway
01:22.31DuTempeteI won't be surprised.
01:22.35KirkburnI just wanted to +b for the first time
01:22.50Adysgrats kirk ^.^
01:23.47KirkburnWell as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted
01:24.01KirkburnI'm going to bed (nudie-style, apparently)
01:24.39KirkburnDuTempete, I do hope you enjoy the view from the several spy cams you've so obviously placed around my abode :)
01:24.44Adysone more guild disbanded on my serv heh
01:25.09Kitannudie talk now huh?
01:25.09DuTempeteHow many is that, now?
01:25.17DuTempeteKirkburn started it.
01:25.18KirkburnI counted 24
01:25.37KirkburnI wasn't sure why you needed 10 in the shower, but hey
01:26.01Adys"I wasn't sure why you even needed any in the shower since you never take any"
01:26.09AdysHow to translate Kirkburn, v1.0
01:26.22KitanI never take any
01:26.29KitanKirkburn tranlsation v1.1
01:26.42KirkburnKitan, the fun point is working out where the truth ends and the lies begin
01:26.54Kitanso 24
01:26.58KitanI am thinking that that is a lot of bandwidth
01:27.05DuTempeteWait, now I'm confused.
01:27.07Kitantrasmitting HD quality accross the pond
01:27.28Adysfallout 3
01:27.30DuTempeteI wsa asking Adys how many guilds disbanded on his server, but I think Kirkburn is talking about how many webcams I've placed in his home...
01:27.41KitanI think Kirk was too Dut
01:27.49Adys7 the last month DT
01:27.59KitanDu may be a better nickname than Dut
01:28.01DuTempeteThat's a lot, Adys.
01:28.05KirkburnDuTempete, you talk to other people now?!
01:28.28AdysCan I try +b on you kirk too ? =P
01:28.30DuTempeteSorry, Kirk.  You're not the one and only.
01:28.35DuTempeteOoooh, do it!
01:28.40Bagginsww heh thrall takes on Alextrasza :)
01:29.59AdysHe surely means Kirkburn|porn or something
01:31.58DuTempetewit... what's the ui channel?
01:32.12Kirkburn|nekkid#wowace for Ace
01:32.34Kirkburn|nekkidList on the channel info page (see the topic)
01:32.48Kirkburn|pr0nIm in the other channels too, just here to play
01:33.29Adys|pr0nstarWell hullo there Kirk|spyingonyou
01:33.39Kirk|spyingonyouHeya Sweety
01:33.56Adys|pr0nstarBagsie on top  (*sigh*)
01:34.18Adys|pr0nstarYou can't take anything else!
01:34.59Du|hackingurgearEeew... Adys's undies have streaks!!!
01:35.10Adys|pr0nstarI know, I don't use a toilet
01:35.48*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
01:35.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
01:35.55Adys|pr0nstarAaah, clone!
01:36.04*** kick/#wowwiki [Adys|pr0nstar!] by Adys (Adys)
01:36.14AdysNo pornstars here
01:36.14*** join/#wowwiki Adys|pr0nstar (
01:36.20AdysI said no pornstars here!
01:36.22Adys|pr0nstarBloody clones
01:36.38Adys|notpr0nstar(but is really)
01:36.43foxlitAre those (Adys)/(Kickburn) messages your ways of saying PIKAAA!?
01:36.52*** join/#wowwiki BigMamaSlam (
01:37.10BigMamaSlamu i
01:37.16BigMamaSlamsuck t
01:37.18BigMamaSlamfat ass
01:37.29BigMamaSlamguess who it is
01:37.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
01:37.35BigMamaSlamyou just banned me
01:37.38*** kick/#wowwiki [BigMamaSlam!] by Kirkburn (Kirkburn)
01:37.44AdysI was typing that!
01:37.46KirkburnNo really
01:37.47foxlitThat... took a while
01:37.54KirkburnWe weren't identified :/
01:37.55Du|hackingurgearawww... I wanna join the banning fun :(
01:37.59AdysI was
01:38.05foxlitHim changing nick, I meant
01:38.08KirkburnThen you're just slow
01:38.18*** kick/#wowwiki [DuTempete!] by Adys (My pleasure)
01:38.22Kirkburnfoxlit, aye, true
01:38.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+b BigMamaSlam!*@*] by Kirkburn
01:38.57Adys[15 Apr 07 03:38] * Du|hackingurgear * awww... I wanna join the banning fun :(
01:39.06Adysaint that asking for you?!
01:39.09Adysfor it..
01:39.16Adysnot for you, nasty typo
01:39.18*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
01:39.23Teomyrwe need an irc quote page on the wiki
01:39.28AdysYou asked for it!
01:39.28KirkburnHe had a new IP too
01:39.42KirkburnTeomyr, make one!
01:39.52KirkburnSubpage of the IRC page or something
01:39.54DuTempetefirst entry "nickwars"
01:40.18Adys#wowace finally reacted to the nick changes :p
01:44.29DuTempeteguess who's sitting in wowi-lounge, guys?
01:45.34Adys|AndMuchMorethe idiot of earlier on
01:48.58Bagginsww love that version fo gazlowe
01:49.39Teomyrcya all
01:49.59Kirk|inCanadasee ya
01:51.31Bagginswwwatch as rend and maim melt before your eyes
01:53.07*** join/#wowwiki SportChick (n=essy@freenode/staff/sportchick)
01:55.28Adysafk a bit
02:50.09*** join/#wowwiki Shadowed (n=outlaw@
02:55.06*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
03:03.03*** join/#wowwiki Adys2010 (
03:13.23*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
03:13.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
03:20.45*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
03:20.45*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
03:22.44*** join/#wowwiki Kept (
03:22.55*** part/#wowwiki Kept (
04:10.01*** join/#wowwiki qwdqwhjy (
04:11.55*** part/#wowwiki qwdqwhjy (
04:46.06*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
05:00.21*** join/#wowwiki JunkHead-Work (
05:06.45Bagginswwgg, someone questioning correclty cited material...
05:07.33Kitanhello JunkHead
05:08.36KitanI don't think it is that bad to ask Baggins
05:08.55Kitanif they continue to freak out then maybe but... this should nip the sources question in the bud as it were
05:27.31Bagginswwthey should learn to click on citations
05:27.38Bagginswwinstead of asking "where is this from"
05:32.21*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
05:35.04*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
05:35.04*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
05:35.16Kitanyou just gave them that instruction :)
05:40.01Kitanok night all, and baggins
05:45.21*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
06:28.01*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
06:28.28Adys2010heya sko
06:28.40Skosiris2010, heh?
06:28.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
06:28.46Adys2010wth >.>
06:28.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
06:30.36*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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06:32.50SkosirisHello Tek!
06:37.08*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
06:37.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
06:38.15Skosiris~ping ?
06:38.23Skosiris------------- ping
06:38.34Skosiris------------- ~ping
06:38.45AdysI think infobot doesnt like you Skosiris
06:43.16JunkHead-WorkSo how has everyone's day been?
06:44.01AdysIts not even 9am here
06:44.04Bagginswwpretty good
06:44.10JunkHead-WorkOk how was yesterday then?
06:44.13AdysBut I woke up at like 2am after 4 hrs sleep :<
06:44.31AdysAnd Im happy and feeling good :) not sure why
06:45.47Bagginswwjust banned two people...
06:47.11Bagginswwthat's a new record, LOL 2 in less than 5 minutes :p
07:04.50*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
07:05.22DuTempeteI was just thinking: How neat would it be to have a changelog in each article
07:05.51DuTempeteSomething that would detail all the changes that were made to each item/quest/spell/whatever
07:06.15DuTempeteWould be one helluva bitch to go through all those old patch notes, though.
07:07.43AdysAnyone knows what the hell Apply Aura: Hover is?
07:14.45Skosirismaybe the levitation effect
07:22.38Bagginswwdutempte the hardest things would be uncredited changes.
07:36.29DuTempeteAye, Bagginsww.  But those are usually quite minor, and don't really fall into the nostalgia of "the way it was"
07:38.58Skosiriswe've never been so close to Alla ->
07:39.29AdysWheres alla? oO
07:40.29AdysI see only one graph :P
07:40.48Adysah there
07:42.31Adystraffic rank and page views you're higher now
07:43.06Adysquite funny to see how in the middle of january it increases
07:43.14Adyssame for thott
07:43.29Adysbc ftw
07:43.58Skosirisyup! :)
07:45.00Adysif you are to trust the graphics.. around mid january every database rank has increased extremely highly, and since april, thottbot and allakhazam are loosing much traffic while wowhead gets some
07:45.19Adyswow, did alexa improve their graphic system? I remember it being shite
07:45.21*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
07:45.55Skosiriswell, lines are anti-aliased, but that's pretty much it
07:46.45*** join/#wowwiki Ragamuffin (
07:47.16AdysJust for fun :p
07:47.50Adysyeah its that boring...
07:49.53Adysright im off to bed for a bit again
07:49.58Adysill be back in a bit
07:54.17*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
09:04.01*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
09:04.01*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Teomyr] by ChanServ
09:45.54*** join/#wowwiki Graeme (
10:17.01*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr_ (i=teo@
10:17.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Teomyr] by ChanServ
10:21.28*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
10:21.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
10:24.56*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
10:29.10*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
10:32.48*** join/#wowwiki roxutee (
11:04.13*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
11:36.01*** join/#wowwiki Punkie` (
11:39.14*** join/#wowwiki Kept (
11:41.15*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
11:45.56*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
11:46.22*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
11:55.16*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (i=teo@
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11:57.32*** join/#wowwiki steino_ (
12:03.05*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
12:03.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
12:10.19*** join/#wowwiki Kept (
12:10.30*** part/#wowwiki Kept (
13:24.49*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
13:24.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
13:25.06Adyslo kinky
13:25.26Adys :]
13:25.36KirkburnJust looking at it now :)
13:25.48KirkburnLots of undocumented stuff :D
13:25.53Adysnot all changes are confirmed, im just grabbing what i find on the forums
13:26.46KirkburnOh awesome at the /who change
13:26.49KirkburnLong overdue
13:27.11Adysya, and the mail one
13:28.15KirkburnItem stacking? V nice
13:28.26KirkburnOoh, boat bells!
13:28.30Adysya :D
13:28.35AdysWindowed mode ftw^^
13:29.00KirkburnDemons on the char screen!
13:29.28winkilleruseless crap mostly
13:29.29winkillerbut near
13:29.46KirkburnUp yours :)
13:30.01Kirkburn(Adys, cross posting is teh fun)
13:30.23Kirkburnwinkiller, might be useless crap to you, but to me it's all awesome :P
13:30.32KirkburnAdys, you've not looked at the other channels?
13:30.46AdysI rarely look at them =P
13:30.55winkillerKirkburn: I prefer imminent needed bugfixes, not eyecandy
13:31.14winkillerbetter remove the fun-killers than add extra fun :P
13:31.22winkillerbut some changes are awesome, I agree
13:31.30KirkburnArcane missiles is fixed finally, no?
13:31.38winkillerhave no mage
13:31.44Adysah wait was that a serious question
13:31.57Adysarcane missiles must have been the spell that has been the most changed ever since the release
13:31.58KirkburnThey made lots of changes to it
13:33.09KirkburnDeath coil, SB and Fel armor new anims :)
13:33.28KirkburnThis patch it literally MASSIVE
13:33.52KirkburnIf they add more it's pretty much (non-Blizzard) expansion pack standard
13:34.15Adystheres sod all new content
13:34.24Adysa lot of changes but no new content
13:36.29KirkburnAre you reading the same patch notes as me?
13:36.43Adyswhats the new content?
13:36.48AdysOgri La
13:36.52KirkburnBlack Temple
13:36.55Adysand the netherdrake stuff, and BT
13:36.57Adysthats it
13:37.10Adysone instance and three quest hubs
13:37.11KirkburnAnd Ethereum Prison
13:37.17Adysha, four quest hubs
13:37.23Adysthe expansion was what?
13:37.26KirkburnAnd a new arena
13:37.39Adystwo new races, 12 new zones, a hundred quest hubs, 10 levels, a new proff
13:37.44Adysand thousands of new bugs
13:37.58KirkburnI didn't say it was a Blizzard standard expansion pack
13:38.03KirkburnFor other companies it is
13:38.18Adysyea maybe
13:40.21KirkburnPaladin blessings changed again?
13:40.36Adyscheck the screenshot for spellreflect
13:40.39Adysit made me laugh
13:40.54Adys"DONT HIT ME! DONT HIT ME!"
13:41.52Adys"2.1.0, New warrior buff, Spell Reflection now increases stealth detection by 500%"
13:42.49Adysit has a sound aswell :P
13:43.14KirkburnThe warlock helmet change thingy - I see /absolutely/ no difference
13:43.21Adysthe glow, kirk
13:44.12Adysthey are nerfing pitchlimit too =/
13:44.42KirkburnEr, what exactly is that about anyway?
13:44.48Adystry it
13:44.55Adys./console pitchlimit blah
13:45.01Adysdefault is 90
13:45.09Adys0 is plain, 360 is two full turns
13:45.13KirkburnAh, prevents you going upside down?
13:45.36KirkburnYeah, does sometimes annoy me, that
13:45.42winkillerflying rocks upward down
13:45.55Adysfew beautiful screenies :)
13:46.32Adys -
13:46.32Bibi`ouFhey, wiki addicts
13:46.36Bibi`ouFanyone has informations about new spells ?
13:46.46Bibi`ouF(i mean a lot of new spells, like 15)
13:47.16Adysthottbot has that kind of stuff usually
13:47.45Bibi`ouFprobably, just trying to know if people actually know if there is a change ingame concerning these spells :p
13:48.04Adysclass spells?
13:48.57Bibi`ouFyeah, kinda
13:49.01KirkburnAdys, nice pics
13:49.03Bibi`ouFwill post about it on my site soon
13:49.21Adystheres no new class spells afaik
13:49.28Adysbar the new mage's ice barrier rank
13:49.29Bibi`ouFwell, it look like a boss event to me
13:49.38Adysmore likely y
13:49.41Bibi`ouFthat may change your spells
13:49.49Bibi`ouFbut you'll understand when you see it
13:49.56Adysjust link me, i dont get it
13:50.05Adysbosses and mobs have alot of spells
13:50.14Adystheres like 300 spells added every patch
13:50.19Bibi`ouFwell, it look like a boss will change all your fire spells to frost spells
13:51.11KirkburnTeomyr, nice sig btw
13:51.22TeomyrKirkburn: thanks :D
13:52.26Adys[01:32 11.04.2007] <@Kirkburn> "Miranda is currently busy with Jesus right now. Please try again later."
13:53.19Adysthat should have been said in #heaven tho
13:53.44Adysyou were there yesterday when we were talking about #heaven btw? :P
13:54.18Teomyrprobably not
13:55.53Teomyroh, i was! it was in #wowace :P
14:10.56KirkburnNew stuff added to 2.1.0
14:11.10Kirkburn(undocumented stuff)
14:11.17Teomyrlink plx!
14:11.27KirkburnSee topic, nub
14:14.41Teomyras if the list of changes wasn't big enough
14:18.10Teomyrmore silly quotes added
14:20.22KirkburnWe need a new featured article!
14:21.01Adys# Tooltips for players now show the player's guild name.  figuring twice >.>
14:21.18Kirkburnoops :)
14:23.45KirkburnAdys, did you at first just take the undocumented changes thread list and resort?
14:24.01Adysbeen through the 12 pages too
14:24.06Adysits not up to date
14:24.06KirkburnAh, cool :)
14:24.18KirkburnYeah, I just looked at the latest posts
14:25.57Teomyr"When healing a target, the amount of health that you healed them by now appears above the effected ally's character similar to damaging an enemy."
14:26.14Teomyrthat's a duplicate too
14:26.25Teomyrkirk, you fail
14:26.27KirkburnAlready in patch notes, no?
14:26.42Teomyr"You can now display the amount of healing you do to a target in the gamefield. This option can be turned on with the "Healing" option in the floating combat text section of interface options."
14:26.53KirkburnThat was Adys :)
14:27.01Teomyradys, you fail
14:27.08*** kick/#wowwiki [Teomyr!] by Adys (Adys)
14:27.15AdysI like this green dot
14:27.17*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (i=teo@
14:27.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Teomyr] by ChanServ
14:27.37Adysstop beeping me!
14:27.51Teomyrokay, adys, i'll stop
14:39.44KirkburnI've run out of undocumented stuff now :(
14:45.29KirkburnUpdated WW:EL, check the sorting info
14:48.40AdysWhen do we vote on ww:el :<
14:48.46AdysI like votes!
14:49.19KirkburnStart one now if you like?
14:49.51Adysim so lazy
14:50.40Kirkburnbtw, how big is my sig on other people's PCs?
14:50.48Adysnot really bi
14:58.24*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
14:58.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
14:58.30AdysAdded news on frontpage
14:58.54*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
14:59.47Adysfix my frenchism if needed kirk plx
15:01.05AdysIm into chain edits nowadays
15:01.08Adysneed to l2preview
15:01.27Adysdont you wish you could sometimes delete edits you do
15:01.31Adysinstead of redoing them every time
15:10.39KirkburnI'd love to know why my sig looks odd in FF2
15:15.18Teomyrnot that much of an issue. looks nice anyway :)
15:30.53KirkburnI've changed the Main Page Garona text
15:31.04Kirkburnprevious stuff was not our best work :/
15:49.50Bagginswwya I feel we have improved Garona, :p... I don't understand why the whole "parentage" stuff came before her history LOL
15:50.57Bagginswwdon't even understand why julzewinfield reverted all my changes...
15:51.52Bagginswwgoing to have to go through and add back "new stuff" that he added, and warn him not to remove stuff :p
15:52.01Bagginswwthat makes harder work for me :p
15:54.09KirkburnThis video ... has quite a build up ...
15:54.58KirkburnWeird, Bagginsww
15:55.36Bagginswwand it wasn't a total reversion, he just "removed" stuff
15:55.56KirkburnTo you (and others), when posting for the first time on someone's talk page, please add {{subst:signedwelcome|Baggins}}
15:55.58Bagginswwbest I can tell, maybe to make it look like pandaren could go any way
15:56.36Bagginswwum, I hope I remember that, LOL
15:56.56Bagginswwso many templates :p
15:58.49BagginswwI know there are alot of fans that think Pandaren should join the horde, because of Chen Stormstout. So best I can figure Julz is probaby one of those. He probably rmoved everything that went against his favor :p LOL
15:58.50Kirkburn"Although one is known to have joined sides with Illidan's faction of blood elves of Outland, most pandaren do not like blood elves, seeing them as evil magic users.</font>{{Cite|AH&C|75}}"
15:58.56KirkburnWho be that!?
15:59.13Bagginswwsome random named pandaren
16:01.00KirkburnWait, why is that page even a table these days?
16:01.23Bagginswwoh its horrible
16:01.30BagginswwI think it should be split by sections
16:01.34Bagginswwso its easier ot edit
16:01.49KirkburnHmm, I think I might have a hack at it later
16:02.24KirkburnI'll probably just take it all out of the table
16:02.24Bagginsww- Most are friends of the dwarves of Bael Modan, and helped them dig up the land to find Titan artifacts near that location.AH&C 75 It is likely that the tauren who were forced from their ancestral lands near the city would therefore distrust - even hate - the pandaren as they do the dwarves and gnomes.
16:02.28Bagginswwisn't that logical?
16:03.19Bagginswwya, I really think he removed it because he wanted it to look like Pandaren have a better chance of joining them LOL :p
16:03.26Bagginswwto be honest I doubt they'll join anyone
16:03.40Bagginswwprobably end up as a faction NPC if they ever show up in a game
16:04.15Bagginswwthere is possibly two factions of Pandaren.
16:04.25Bagginswwthe colonists and the ones on Pandaria
16:05.35Bibi`ouFgot a doubt, there is a spell with a volcano-like icon, right ? can't find it :/
16:06.31Bagginswwfont color=#FF2222>- They find trolls puzzling as they use divine magic in ways that doesn't coincide with their philosophy, and they could consider them 'evil'.</font>{{Cite|AH&C|75}}
16:07.07KirkburnBagginsww, my edit to that okay?
16:07.14KirkburnBibi`ouF, nope, no idea sorry
16:07.21BagginswwI think it was more about the way they use  magic that hey find evil, not necessarily the trolls themselves. Although that's argueing symantics
16:07.29KirkburnAh, I wasn't sure
16:07.41Bagginswwjust clarifying with you.
16:08.49Bibi`ouFthis icon
16:09.04BagginswwTo be honest Dark Shadow goes against the whole horde's philosophies , they need to perge those bastards at some time ;)
16:09.16Bagginswwbefore they become a danger
16:09.29KirkburnBibi`ouF, unused on the wiki atm
16:09.38Bibi`ouFok thanks
16:09.39KirkburnDoesn't mean it's not used, of course
16:09.40Bagginswwyou those who practice forgotten shadow are learning how to Ascend?
16:09.51Bagginswwbecoming more powerful than you can possible imagine :p
16:09.56Bibi`ouFjust asking because there is a new version of the icon in the patch
16:10.11Bagginswwand they all hate life
16:10.44Bagginswwthey are only being held in check, because it isn't time to stab their allies back, until scourge is gone.
16:11.08Bagginsww*in the back
16:15.49Bagginswwwow they put everything on a table including the notes, relevent pages, and credits :p
16:16.08Bagginswwis this one of Vargs specials? :p
16:20.52KirkburnBagginsww, you're still talking about the RR page?
16:21.09Bagginswwrace page, ya I can't find any "edit" options for any of the sections
16:21.20Bagginswwso its all on the same table?
16:21.22KirkburnI'm working on a table-less version atm
16:25.51BagginswwYou know when I'm finished I think Wowwiki will have the most complete information on what would have happened in Warcraft Adventures, and hopefully fans will appreciate that :p
16:26.09KirkburnShould be done in a few mins :)
16:26.13*** join/#wowwiki Da3X (
16:26.17KirkburnBagginsww, yeah, shall be awesome
16:26.36Bagginswwstarted readsing Lord of the Clans so I can better compare them
16:30.59Bagginswwso anyone have old order forms in their blizzard collections? I think their might have been a few unique pictures from the Warcraft Adventures in one of those
16:31.05Bagginswwincluding the one with the Death Knight
16:33.00*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
16:33.20DuTempeteAdys: poke!
16:33.38DuTempeteI think you need to take a look at the alla's vote
16:33.58DuTempetesomeone brought up a really good point about having *criteria* for qualifying elinks
16:34.53DuTempeteI might even put forth a proposal for that myself...
16:35.40DuTempeteEverybody: What can we suggest as the qualifying criteria?
16:35.50DuTempeteI'm thinking:
16:36.10DuTempeteAccuracy of information
16:36.21DuTempetenot harmful to the user
16:36.54DuTempetecontains information outside of what wowwiki would normally carry, such as opinion
16:37.30*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (
16:37.32DuTempeteregular maintenance by the webmasters
16:40.54*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix- (
16:41.24*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
16:44.22BagginswwThis version of Alexstrasza is the polar opposite of the canonical version.
16:44.37BagginswwAlexstrasza is easily the most powerful individual on Azeroth. She's a huge red dragon who could just as easily crush an army as cunningly manipulate its leaders to her own ends. She has a brilliant intellect and delights in toying with the lesser creatures who cross her path.
16:44.47Bagginswwwell I think Ragestorm's description is mostly right
16:44.56Bagginswwalthough she does tend to toy with people who try to fight her.
16:45.15BagginswwThat is she fights them, puts on a show
16:45.22Bagginswwand then gives them a chance to run :)
16:45.39Bagginswwaccording to the RPG
16:45.41DuTempetemy goodness, you ahve a one-track mind, bagginsww =P
16:45.47KirkburnCheck out
16:46.02DuTempeteWhat's new there, Kirkburn?
16:46.04Bagginswwuh dutempete well if I have to have one track mind for this project
16:46.10Bagginswwif I'm to complete it
16:46.17Bagginswwits going to take some time :p
16:46.20KirkburnDuTempete, I de-tabled the page and cleaned it up
16:46.34KirkburnI got rid of all the empty headers too
16:47.09Bagginswwagain anyone have order forms by blizzard released some of the diablo or starcraft, and warcraft collections that have pictures from Warcraft Adventures?
16:47.33DuTempeteIt looks alright, although I think, as someone mentioned, that maybe it should be split, and the page used as a reference to the individual discussions.
16:48.29DuTempeteAny thoughts on this elinks criteria thing, Kirkburn?
16:49.08KirkburnSeen WW:EL?
16:49.15*** part/#wowwiki Da3X (
16:50.03DuTempeteIt mentions that the site should contain infomration outside of the realm of wowwiki...
16:50.17DuTempetebut are any of the votes on them about that?
16:51.06KirkburnThe cover different aspects - the votes are for the autogenerated elinks
16:51.22KirkburnThere really isn't anything outside of alla, thott and wowhead that could qualify for it
16:51.40KirkburnTimski seems to be talking more about the WW:EL policy we're making
16:51.44DuTempeteand, frankly, what is outside the realm of wowwiki anyway?  There are subsections, and Guides that contain opinion...
16:51.56KirkburnData, drop rates, etc
16:52.12DuTempetetrue, we don't track droprates
16:52.36*** join/#wowwiki Kept (
16:52.55DuTempeteI still don't understand why there isn't criteria on what goes in the template...
16:53.07DuTempeteIt bothers me that what's going on is a popularity vote.
16:54.25DuTempeteIt's not likely that whomever we vote off the island is going to go in and manually link themselves, and I think we already see a lot of {{elinks}} use, so will users really bother to manually add in the other sites?
16:56.51DuTempeteIt already appears that when this is all done, there will be *one* link left... why would be have a template for one link?
16:57.25DuTempeteWhat was the original purpose for creating the template?  To make linking all those sites with IDs easier?
17:04.30KirkburnI don't personally see a reason to remove Thott or Alla despite the votes
17:04.53KirkburnThey're close enough not to really give us reason to remove them
17:05.08KirkburnDuTempete, yeah, it was to make it easier
17:05.09*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
17:05.29KirkburnWe can use the vote to reorder them though probably
17:05.30*** join/#wowwiki Da3X (
17:05.43KirkburnSkosiris, hullo
17:05.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
17:05.56Adyshes come just on time eh :P
17:06.00Skosirisehllo therr
17:06.04DuTempetehas he?
17:06.18DuTempeteAre you looking for someone to disagree with us? =P
17:06.49*** part/#wowwiki Da3X (
17:07.50KirkburnIn my view, the best thing to do will be ... reorder the elinks according to the vote, keep Alla and Thott (since it's not a definitive vote), and implement WW:EL
17:08.15KirkburnWhat do the other admins think?
17:09.40Skosirisdo you guys all not use IE6 and have a screen resolution higher than 1024x768 ?
17:09.55KirkburnSkosiris, ?
17:10.01Adyskirk, kill allakhazam
17:10.12Adysthottbot has the popularity
17:10.17Adysill pass on that
17:10.21SkosirisKirk: just out of curiousity :P
17:10.23Adysbut allakhazam gets crappier every update
17:10.39KirkburnI can't go completely against the vote
17:11.00DuTempeteIE6 is for newbs, and bigscreen monitors are FTW!
17:11.14SkosirisKirk: the new strechable layout for "widescreens" doesn't work on IE6, and unleashes its full potential when the resolution width is > 1024
17:11.27DuTempeteAlla's has the popularity too.
17:11.36SkosirisKirk: but I'm looking forward to adding new columns to listings anyway
17:11.53DuTempeteI know just as many people who swear by it, as people who swear by Thott.
17:12.13KirkburnSkosiris, what are you talking about?
17:12.55AdysKirkburn: ya but i dont think allak will win
17:12.59KirkburnIE6 doesn't follow max or min-width :(
17:13.53DuTempeteAlla's has maintained the same difference in votes for about a week, now.
17:14.21DuTempeteIf you like, I can summon a bunch of people to make an account and vote for keep. =P
17:14.34KirkburnAdys, but neither will Thott, and we can't suddenly turn round and say, "well, I like it more so byebye"
17:14.38DuTempetew/o browbeating them. =P
17:14.46AdysWe can do a revote
17:15.08AdysWe will see for thott
17:15.11DuTempeteon what grounds, Adys?  Change the purpose?
17:18.57DuTempeteAck... I saw postulating about fictional characters in not previously authored circumstances, Bagginsww, and I lost interest...
17:22.16DuTempeteokies, I'm off to do homework... <3 all
17:22.30KirkburnIt's interesting looking at the /really/ old patch notes
17:22.58KirkburnIn Patch 0.6 they added a skill points system
17:23.22KirkburnEventually removed, it allowed you to spend the points on weapon proficiency, tradeskills, etc
17:23.52KirkburnDoes anyone have patch notes prior to 0.6?
17:24.07Bagginswwhmm, deed system is almost like a skill points system in LOTR
17:24.13Bagginsww*traits" I mean
17:24.18Bagginswwdeeds earn you "traits"
17:24.32Bagginswwwhich you can assign to various things
17:24.53Bagginswwdifferent types of traits soem help weapon proficenty, others tradeskils, etc
17:24.59Bagginswwit also replaces talents
17:25.04Bagginsww*concept of talents
17:25.08Adyskirkburn, yeah i might
17:25.20Bagginswwyou have to go find these deeds, and complete the objectives
17:25.43Bagginswwyou can have alot of deeds completed, and earn alot of "traits' but you have a limit to the amount you can put on your character
17:26.06Bagginswwsome traits stack though, or rather "level" up
17:26.44Bagginswwso if you complete for instance "Kill 100 wolves" deed, you earn "+1 weaposn profiency"
17:27.21Bagginswwthen later you go to another area, and do a "Kill 100 wolves" deed ni that area, you'll get "+1 weapons profiency" for that area
17:27.32Bagginswwnow you have +2 profiency
17:27.51BagginswwHave to go to a bard to have that assigned to your traits slots
17:29.50BagginswwIts kinda of cool because it gives a more "epic" reason to go kill things.
17:31.06Adysin instance atm, not following, so if anything happens beep me
17:31.54*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:38.12Kirkburn0,6 opened SoS, Dustwallow, Desolace and Badlands
17:38.42AdysKirkburn btw
17:38.56Adysthat might be newer than 0.6
17:39.00Adysthey were not named by then :<
17:39.26KirkburnNah, those are 0.6
17:39.45BagginswwWhen Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans was canceled, it had been in development for over a year and was almost complete. Nearly all features, puzzles, and areas were in place, and the voice acting had been recorded. Another round of development, involving the implementation of new puzzles, tweaked areas, and more recording, was about to start before E3, in May of 1998, but before that could happen the game was cancele
17:40.07KirkburnLol "d."
17:40.20Adysolderst one I have :/
17:40.23BagginswwWhat I would do to uh get a copy of that alpha biuild :p
17:40.29KirkburnBagginsww, heh :)
17:40.37Bagginswwwarcraft holy grail...
17:40.52Adyssame tbh
17:40.58BagginswwI hope blizzard didn't just "throw" all their hardwork away.
17:41.07Adysdoubt they did
17:41.20Adyswith all the shit thats in the wow mpqs and not implemented it might be there anyways >.>
17:41.26Bagginsww40 man raid blizzard
17:41.38Kirkburn0.6 introduced druids :D
17:41.53Bagginswwany of the versions have "necromancer"?
17:42.21Bagginswwaccording to necromancer page, blizzard worked on them apparently?
17:42.24Bagginswwor was it just talk?
17:42.38KirkburnNot in 0.6
17:49.06LysistrataI've seen an WoW Alpha once, IF was totally different. Somehow more like i'd expect a dwarfen city to be...
17:50.00Bagginswwhmm, anyone have collector's edition of Warcraft III, didn't have some WoW previews on the DVD?
17:50.19Bagginswwwonder what version that was LOL
17:51.30LysistrataWasn't Blizz planning to have some kind of survival skill? I think I read once something about it, it should've been in some way connected to your ability to make a campfire and such things. Was that WoW or another game?
17:52.30Bagginswwya itwas merged into cooking
17:52.45Bagginswwcampfire used to be its on profession LOL
17:53.04KirkburnYeah, I recall something like that
17:53.18AdysDwarf mages
17:53.25BagginswwDwarf mages make sense though
17:53.35Adysoh, and goldshire 10 times its size :)
17:53.44Bagginswwgoldshire was larger?
17:53.48Adysya, much larger
17:53.59Bagginswwscale of the game was different?
17:54.00Adyswith roads, houses, etc
17:54.03KirkburnOh yeah
17:54.09KirkburnGoldshire was really big
17:54.11Adysthat was seriously fucking early tho
17:54.18Bagginswwwhat about lands around it?
17:54.22KirkburnTotally different design too
17:54.25Bagginswwgoldshire was its own land?
17:54.37KirkburnNah, just a huge town
17:54.59Adysthey probably made it smaller when they realized they were too lazy to do the same for the other races
17:55.06Bagginswwthere are still Dwarf Magi items dropped in the game its funny
17:55.08Adysseriously a shame :(
17:55.16Adyshow so baggins?
17:55.31BagginswwDwarven Staff of the Magi of the blah blah
17:55.39Bagginswwgreen items
17:55.43Adysah lol
17:55.56Bagginswwbut ya magi make sense if you look at the history of the dwarves
17:55.56KirkburnGoldshire -
17:56.01Bagginswwall dwarves used to be one group
17:56.09Kirkburn(old female human model too)
17:56.14Adyshaha, the racers from mirage raceway
17:56.16Bagginswwnot all who practiced magic sided with the dark irons
17:56.18Adysthey changed like.. 10 times each
17:56.23Adysthey changed again in BC
17:56.35LysistrataThe old Models have been more realistic it seems. Not something bad IMO ...
17:56.47Bagginswwwow that goldshire is awesome
17:56.52Bagginswwhow much of the map did it take up?
17:57.09Bagginswwoh old models were cool, there were fat, skinny, old, young etc
17:57.20Bagginswwonly reason they left them out I think was because they were too lazy to make them for every race
17:57.30Bagginswwat least we got osme in Old Hillsbrad
17:57.48Adysya ^^
17:57.51Adysthey are all still in game
17:57.53Adyssince ages
17:58.01Adysnever been taken out
17:58.07AdysI was like wtf, when i saw them in old hillsbrad
17:58.39LysistrataI think its a shame they left out the possibility to learn new languages ... just something I rememberd while looking trhough those screens.
17:58.57Adys gah
17:59.22Bagginswwthough I think they should put some of these other model in modern times too imo
17:59.36Bagginswwand they really need to make unique models for every important character
17:59.46BagginswwI mean truly unique not just retextures
18:00.03Adys haha, i remember that
18:00.54Adys another of elwynn forest
18:01.26Bagginswwbut ya adys when I was speaking of alpha build I meant that nearly complete verison of Warcraft Adventures
18:01.34Bagginswwthat's what I would love to have ;)
18:01.37Adysyes, i understood
18:01.42Adysand i meant same :P
18:01.46Bagginswwheh heh
18:01.54Bagginswwso ya we should go raid the offices, ;)
18:02.03Adys and HERE is something old
18:02.06Bagginswwwhat not rogues?
18:02.29LysistrataWarCraft Adventures, StarCraft Ghost ... too bad bother probably won't ever be released :(
18:02.52Bagginswwya, although I'm more intersted in Adventures
18:02.56Bagginswwghost looked bad IMO
18:03.02Bagginswwlike really generic
18:03.08KirkburnBagginsww, the article needs expansion of the cancellation I reckon
18:03.11BagginswwWarcraft Adventures looked like a classic adventure
18:03.22Bagginswwya, its never had a cancellation section
18:03.26KirkburnI know there are articles out there with explanation of it all
18:03.43Bagginswwwell actually best article is linked at bottom of the page
18:03.56Bagginswwroper goes into it in detail
18:04.02KirkburnAh yeah, I think that's the one
18:04.25Bagginswwthat's awesome
18:04.28Bagginswwit gives it character
18:04.38Bagginswwrather than the copy paste look that it currently has :p
18:04.42LysistrataYeha Adventures looked really great. I don't think Ghost looked that bad as it would've been released for Consoles some of the things that have been public e.g. the Protoss Flagship have been really impressiv.
18:05.06Bagginswwwell it looked like a copy cat of other platformers at the time
18:05.27Bagginswwlike almost like bounty hunter game
18:05.39Bagginswwjango fett bounty hunter
18:05.44Bagginswwwith the jetpack abilities and stuff
18:05.57Bagginswwstealth levels would have been pretty cool though
18:05.59*** join/#wowwiki Billy (
18:06.19Bagginswwif it was implemented like say Thief or Splinter Cell :p
18:06.27Bagginswweven Riddick
18:06.34Bagginswwbut most games have lousy stealth interfaces
18:06.45Bagginswwhalf-heartedly tacked on
18:06.49LysistrataThief ... the last XBox to PC Converted Version was soooooo bad.
18:07.20Bagginswwthat game as good...
18:07.35Bagginswwonly thing that hurt it was they made it to be cross platform
18:07.44Bagginswwstory was great, the mood was great
18:07.52*** join/#wowwiki akeripper (
18:07.55Bagginswwonly thing I missed was swimming and ropes
18:08.01Bagginswwbut otherwise it had the same feel
18:08.10Bagginswwand it had one of the best levels of the series
18:08.22BagginswwShalebridge Cradle
18:08.33Bagginswwand ggreat storyline
18:08.41LysistrataNo it didn
18:08.50BagginswwI've played all the games including gold
18:08.51Lysistrata't have the same feeling, the levels have been much to smaal
18:09.00Lysistrataat leasst for a PC Version.
18:09.03Bagginswwthat was actually fault of the engine
18:09.07BagginswwI played the PC version
18:09.26Bagginswwbut ya the graphics pushed things too much it couldn't handle large levels
18:09.39Bagginswwthere is amod team working on trying to overcome that though for fan levels
18:09.42Bagginsww*mod teams
18:09.50Bagginswwand reimplement hte ropes that were taken out
18:10.05Bagginswwropes were going to be in it, but engine didn't like them well
18:10.08Bagginswwthey glitched up
18:10.49Bagginswwbtw for anyone who didn't play the game, a level was composed of a bunch of mini-levels that loaded when you crossed barriers
18:11.01Bagginswwusually a level was made up of two main sections
18:11.02LysistrataThere is already a great mod which changes all the lousy Xbox textures to something that is more suitable for a PC but still it deson't change something about the fact that the levels are way to small for a PC. Though they're probably just fine on a XBox
18:11.53Bagginswwwell the engine a PC engine, but it was never good for very large levels
18:12.12Bagginswwwas only used for small arena stuff
18:12.35BagginswwIt was using one of the Unreal versions as I recall
18:12.52BagginswwDoom that game had small levels :p
18:12.55BagginswwDoom 3
18:12.56BagginswwI mean
18:13.02Bagginswwalso had limitations, :p
18:13.22Bagginswwcertain mix of graphics vs. level design :p
18:13.35Bagginswwcool thing about old Dark engine? It was made from scratch to be large levels
18:13.53Bagginswwlow poly counts helped alot
18:14.08Bagginswwthey had to do things with exaggerated angles to make places seem realistic
18:14.20Bagginswwyou play gold version though?
18:14.44Bagginswwin mansion level, they added an area that totally screws systems :p
18:14.59Bagginswwbasically its a room to a scale of a giant
18:15.08Bagginswwlike you are a ant in a giant house
18:15.16Bagginswwvery large wide open area
18:15.30Kirkburn^ a big thing
18:15.34Bagginswwit still slows down on moderm systems, asusming you can get the gmame to work on it
18:15.35LysistrataI played 1, 1 Gold and Metal Age
18:15.53LysistrataAnd of course 3 ;)
18:16.01BagginswwYes I've played all.
18:16.35Bagginswwyes I agree 3 has flaws
18:16.35BagginswwI still think its a great game though
18:16.35Bagginswwbetter than alot of other trash out there
18:16.36Bagginswwreally at least we go tit... we almost didn't get 3
18:16.52Bagginswwand it brings some closure to the story.
18:16.56Bagginswwbrings it full circle
18:17.32LysistrataThats a nice video!
18:17.35Bagginswwthief series has a kind of cult following don't think it was entirely popular with the masses.
18:18.12BagginswwI'm not sure why secret airport is listed on the blast from the past LOL
18:18.17BagginswwI can still get there :p
18:18.20KirkburnY'know, we should probably rename the Patch pages without the silly {Release Notes} bit
18:18.25LysistrataThief was "to early" if it would've been released together with lets say Splinter cell it would've been more popular
18:18.43AdysKirkburn: No kidding
18:18.44Bagginswwif had the graphics of Splinter Cell
18:19.00Bagginswwsadly Splinter Cell caught on because of graphic whores
18:19.11Bagginswwit pushed many limits
18:19.15Bagginswwin realism and lighting
18:19.45Bagginsww lol
18:20.59KirkburnAdys, suggested it on the Village pump :)
18:21.27Bagginsww that bridge nice
18:22.05Bagginswwbtw, one thing to like about LOTR, they made sure that every area looks different, its not so cookie cutter
18:22.12Bagginswweach town is unique
18:22.26KirkburnThe comment on that vid Lysistrata - "Yeah, the Warhammer alpha looks a lot... smoother, realistic, and orcs actually look like orcs" ... well duh, it's only 5 years old!
18:22.27Bagginswwif only blizzard wasn't lazy ;)
18:23.02KirkburnHey, most towns looks different in WoW! :(
18:23.48Bagginswwuh well especially in Outland ;)
18:24.14Bagginswwbut I mean Goldshire, Duskwood, Soutshore etc, share the same layout pretty much
18:24.26Bagginswwalot of horde towns same way
18:24.42Bagginswwonly differences is maybe a wall or fountain etc
18:25.10Bagginswwbasically you have humanish towns, in undead or alive look
18:25.18Bagginswwthe orc towns
18:25.30Bagginswwnight elf towns
18:25.37Bagginswwdwarf towns
18:25.48Bagginswwyes there are some that look different
18:26.20Bagginswwbut I mean in LOTR they add alot and I mean alot to add character to each town
18:26.32Bagginswwtake the Shire for example its loaded with hobbit towns
18:26.40Bagginswweach one has something unique about it
18:27.00Bagginswwthe shape of the raods too
18:27.06Bagginswwand there are "landmarks" in many of them
18:27.40KirkburnHey, I've never seen the TBC gameplay vid
18:27.54KirkburnBagginsww, nice :)
18:27.58KirkburnI'm thinking about trying it out
18:28.30Bagginswwya kirkburn you better preorder now :p
18:28.37Bagginswwonly like 7 more days until release
18:28.47Bagginswwto try the beta out :p
18:28.49KirkburnNot until after the Uni year is over of course
18:29.17Bagginswwahh well you'll miss out on the free try out, and chance at good monthly deals
18:29.30Bagginsww9.99 a month as a opposed to 15.99
18:29.47KirkburnI'll cope :)
18:30.08Bagginswwthe one I like is the $199 lifetime, its about 15 months at the 9.99
18:30.17Bagginswwor 12 monthas at 15.99
18:30.22Bagginswwand never have to pay again
18:30.41Bagginswwalready planning to go that route :)
18:31.16Bagginswwthat way in a year I won't have it competing for funds with Wow :p which I alreayd pay about 160 a year :p
18:32.00Bagginswwbtw I don't have a clue what the conversion in price in pounds :p
18:32.05*** join/#wowwiki subbawt (n=biggy@
18:32.32Bagginswwanycase I chose to order special edition. comes with the soundtrack cd. and I have tos ay the game has some of the best music in a game that I've heard in a long time
18:32.59LysistrataI think Blizz had it reasons to make towns that "generic" simply because players are stupid and getting lost or frustated if they can't find something easily. Just think about all those kids always asking for quests etc. if its just in their quest log. (Old IF: )
18:33.09Bagginswwit changes alot, lets you know when you get into a fight or aggroed.
18:33.26Bagginswwlystistra I get lost in large cities because the roads look the same, :p
18:33.45KirkburnPretty much $2 = £1
18:33.48Bagginswwlandmarks hel LOL
18:34.20Bibi`ouFSomeone asked something stupid on my forums and ...
18:34.28Bibi`ouFI can't answer because i'm stupid too :/
18:34.34Bibi`ouFWhy do we actually have to kill Illidan ?
18:34.53Bibi`ouFHe's just being mad and not-so-dangerous in his temple right ?
18:35.10Bagginswwthere yu go kirkburn
18:35.15LysistrataAre we really killing Illidan?
18:35.39BagginswwI think you weaken him, and then apparently maiv runs in
18:35.44Bibi`ouFwell, you bring 25 people to do it, at least it means you want to kill him
18:35.46Bagginswwjudging by his quotes
18:35.49Bibi`ouFand i don't know why
18:36.08Bagginswwand in his "death animation" he looks like he's kneeling
18:36.09*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:36.15Bagginsww"i'm not dead yet" lol
18:36.24Bibi`ouF"Finish him !"
18:36.37subbawtIs this the right place to report an inaccuracy on wowwiki?
18:36.43Bagginswwwhat happened?
18:37.20Bagginsww*landmarks help" to figure out where you are at.
18:37.49subbawt doesn't mention that the variable screenshotFormat only works on Macs.
18:37.59LysistrataI've never been to Kel'thuzad do we kill him?
18:38.08Bagginswwhmm, you can add that subbawt
18:38.18subbawtThat would require me signing up :(
18:38.21KirkburnWow, old IF was .... different
18:38.22Bagginswwits community thing
18:38.28Bagginswwand you don't sign up why?
18:38.47Bagginswwsigning up doesn't mean you have to contribute all the time.
18:39.00Bagginswwpicture of old IF?
18:39.32LysistrataI've never seen Pictures of Old IF just that YOutube video.
18:40.14Bagginswwoh, link?
18:40.26Bagginswwand I better save the link, because this computer crashes in youtube :p
18:41.05Bagginswwwonder if I can still blink into old zg
18:41.14Lysistratasubbawt maybe you should wait until 2.1 the changelog says there will be JPG Screenshots even on WIndows so maybe with 2.1 this option/change would be obsolete anyway.
18:41.15Bagginswwits way different than instance zg
18:41.43Bagginswwwell i'm off everyone
18:41.47Bagginswwtake care
18:41.57subbawtLysistrata: I'm testing it on the PTR, the variable still doesn't work on windows.
18:42.12LysistrataHmmmm OK.
18:42.22LysistrataCu Bagginsww
18:43.12KirkburnHunter were only added on 17th August 2004
18:43.23KirkburnSee ya later Bagginsww
18:46.20winkilleranyone got an idea if 2.1.0 will let Rogues spen talent points again? the sap change would let like 50% repsec
18:46.45Adysthats usually included in the patchnote
18:46.55winkillerhm, so I guess not
18:49.22KirkburnYeah, it's very unlikely
18:50.40*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
18:50.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:53.42KirkburnHey Tekkub
19:21.27Bagginswwvarg has no sense of humor LOL
19:22.25*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:33.09*** join/#wowwiki Bibi` (
19:35.00Bagginswwmy post
19:39.44BagginswwWonders if I should add Lucasfilm's official defintions ot huttese for fun LOL
19:40.05BagginswwI have the translation book from back when I aws a huge star wars fan :p
19:40.24Bagginswwkind of got tired of collecting though
19:53.18Adysreading Kirkburn/dev
19:53.19Adys+ In a concept art of Booty Bay, numerous buildings were marked with the word "Naga Entrances".AoWoW 157
19:55.12*** join/#wowwiki Kitan (
19:55.23Kitanhello all
19:56.15KirkburnAdys, Dev is now Future race ideas
19:56.20KirkburnKitan, heya
19:56.45KirkburnI always read that as "why?" :(
19:58.38Adysread it as "ya"
19:58.57Adysdont read the letter, read the word
19:59.49Adysreading the Dev, it seems furbolgs are the most logical race to come. =)
20:00.06Adysand the ogres
20:00.23Kirkburny o y o y ... that's what I think
20:00.31Bagginswwtrying to think of a humor caption for Arator photo, LOL
20:00.41BagginswwIn half elf page
20:01.02BagginswwArator, Son of Alleria and Turalon (Its obvious that Turalyon "never touched the other elves like he did Alleria."]
20:01.46BagginswwIs that too much?
20:02.10Bagginswwtrying to make lite of the funny wc2 saying
20:07.01*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata124 (
20:11.33KirkburnBagginsww, lol
20:11.45Bagginswwposted a version of that
20:11.48Bagginswwcheck it out
20:12.02BagginswwArator (Turalyon never touched the other elves the same way as Alleria.[1])
20:12.33Bagginswwif you think it can be reworded to run a bit smoother go ahead
20:13.57Adyswhat the hell are these quotes lol
20:15.04Bagginswwfrom warcraft 2
20:15.29Bagginswwif you click on allerian enough times, she says, "You never touch the other elvels like that"
20:16.02Adyslearning more every day aint we
20:16.40*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:17.37Bagginswwheh heh
20:17.40Bagginswwcheck out this orc one
20:18.02BagginswwI tossed that one into half-orc page as an easter egg
20:18.20BagginswwNot all half-orcs are born to abused or victimized parents; some are the children of clandestine love[1].
20:18.37BagginswwI hope someone finds a chuckle out of it
20:22.18Bagginswwin a perfect wiki, it would be funny if there wre interactive links.
20:22.24Bagginswwif you scroll over them they say something heh heh
20:22.49Bagginswwso we could toss in all sorts of easter eggs or related quotes
20:32.31winkillerthat's exactly the reason most people block flahsads
20:32.40winkillerjust because of the disturbing mouseoversounds
20:35.01BagginswwImo WOW needs a "hide shoes" option
20:35.10Bagginswwsome heroes like to go barefoot, :)
20:38.19Bagginswwwinkiller it should be an option to turn on or off yes
20:38.36Bagginswwno one should be forced to listen to interactive articles if they don't want to
20:39.38Bagginswwanycase inbedded links are good enough. Thoug an inbedded "play" button would be even better
20:39.59Bagginswwso it would play the sound without loading another page
20:40.05Bagginswwif you so choose to
20:40.20BagginswwIs it possible to imbed jukebox controls?
20:41.02AdysHide shoes lol
20:42.55BagginswwHeh heh
20:43.24BagginswwIts a fun option in LOTR Though, because most hobbits do nto wear shoes
20:44.55*** join/#wowwiki Skyfire (
20:45.04Skyfireok. who killed my wiki?
20:45.48Skyfirei hated that movie
20:45.51BagginswwAzeroth Gremlins, no one knows about them but they are real I tell you
20:46.01Bagginswwprobably related to Grell
20:46.49Bibi`you can't kill wowwiki, i needed it. :/
20:46.57Skyfirewonder who edited a template
20:47.04Skyfirei'll get you for this, whoever you are!
20:47.07*** join/#wowwiki Lir (n=proverka@
20:47.20Bibi`thanks, whoever you are.
20:48.10BagginswwVegalocraptor, LOL
20:48.27Skyfireits back
20:48.39Skyfirefandyllic killed it
20:49.47*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
20:51.16AdysWhy did he have to move Keepers of Time and Tranquillien...
20:51.40Skyfireno se
20:51.45Skyfireask him :/
20:51.50Skyfiretoo bad he doesn't use irc...
20:54.48AdysThe Warcraft pump was my idea
20:54.52Adysyou meanie
20:54.55*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:54.56cladhairemy mom was your idea
20:55.02Skyfirepatty doesn't think so
20:55.15Skyfireclad, why did you just diss onn your mom?!
20:55.23cladhairelol =)
20:55.50KirkburnAdys, I didn't take credit :(
20:55.56AdysYou did!
20:56.15Adyswhy isnt kaso here! hes in wowi
20:56.31Adyswowi lounge
20:57.16KirkburnWhere @ the other thing
21:02.16Teomyrcomments plx! :D
21:03.10*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:09.05Skyfirefucking sweet teomyr
21:09.10Skyfireholy fucking shit i like that
21:09.48Skyfireit, i think, would laso improve quality on our articles
21:09.57Skyfirei <3 you skosiris
21:11.51Skyfireofficial opinion posted
21:21.16*** part/#wowwiki Lir (n=proverka@
21:26.26*** join/#wowwiki Cosmo_ (n=cosmo@
21:34.04Skyfireactually, it could probably be implemented better does the same thing as what you're planning to do
21:35.10Skosiriswhat do you mean?
21:36.57Skyfirethey copy paste the information from wikipedia, but instead of having to search for the links on the sight, they have it set up so that you stay onsight on
21:37.08Skyfireon site*
21:37.53Skyfireok, not
21:38.39Skyfirescroll down a bit
21:38.49Skyfireall the links stay on
21:39.24winkillerwtf is offline/online?
21:39.36winkillerare you supposed to edit that manually?
21:40.20Teomyrwinkiller: correct
21:40.51winkillerthat has got to win the stupidest idea award...
21:41.04winkillerlike 30 years of computer aided anything.. blown away
21:42.22Skosirisas I don't want to copy the full articles, but only the essential parts, there's no way a bot can know what to include and what not to include in the summary
21:43.03Skyfireyeah... i was talking about the links in the summary, not the full article :o
21:43.05Skosirisanyway, there are only 46 dungeons/raids and 53 factions, a single person could do this easily
21:43.33Skosiris(plus a couple of important NPCs -> bosses)
21:43.42SkosirisSky: I was replying to winkiller :P
21:45.20Teomyri think winkiller was referring to the online/offline indicator on user pages
21:45.30Adysand i agree with him
21:45.52winkillerI love the wowwiki-wowhead integration thing
21:45.54Skosirisoh hehe, sorry for the confusion
21:46.02winkillerjust if anyone mixes up anything :)
21:46.38winkiller[[online}} should be a cookie/loginbased automatic mod
21:46.41winkillernot manually
21:47.26Skosirisdoes anyone run Linux/Mac OS X?
21:47.43winkillernot right now
21:49.46Skyfireisn't the page you just edited datamined info?
21:52.59Adysblizzard should make it so if you link a "Profession link" you dont have, you get dc'd
21:53.06Adysnot as in linking the item
21:53.09Adysbut linking the mats
21:53.16Adyswould be a great thing against scammers tbh
21:53.43Teomyrgood idea
21:55.53Adysima post it on the suggestion forums
21:57.25*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
22:01.34dottedgood idea if it was possible
22:10.18Teomyrgood night everyone
22:51.22*** part/#wowwiki Punkie` (
23:02.06*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
23:11.43*** join/#wowwiki Karrion (
23:21.45Tekkubshould mob pages get a section for changes made by blizzy?
23:21.55Tekkubso we can see the history of the encounter
23:22.16Tekkublike there's a nightbane video "post changes" and I don't know what changed
23:25.21Adysif it gets long, you split, but there should definetly be comments about how the mobs/bosses were before, when and how they got changed, etc
23:27.15DuTempeteI totally agree with that
23:27.24KirkburnLily Allen - Smile .... IN SIMLISH!
23:27.29DuTempeteI'm kind of excited abot looking up past changes for the warlock project
23:27.44DuTempetebut it's low priority, so I have to hold myself down. =P
23:32.18KirkburnMore Simlish -
23:33.09DuTempeteOooh, I have company in #hell
23:39.55*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:40.27KirkburnBtw, this is Simlish -
23:52.43KirkburnJon Swift ftw (satirical spam inc.):
23:52.44KirkburnSince abstinence-only sex education classes usually don't even discuss homosexuality, many gay kids don't know enough about their feelings to act on them, so they usually channel them into excelling in high school musical performances or band, activities that bring delight to other students. Then when they are older they can enroll in ex-gay therapy or become priests. If more heterosexual students were kept in the dark

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