IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070409

00:14.40Adystoo late
00:14.58Adyswhat do we do about elinks, do we keep the list dots or remove them?
00:15.07Tekkubremove em
00:15.21Adyswiki gonna go down then
00:15.23TekkubI just have no clue when I'm "allowed" to make such a painful edit
00:15.30Adysnow is fine
00:15.34Adysits little load
00:15.38Tekkubcause last time people bitched at me :P  damn EUs
00:15.44Adysits 2am in EU
00:16.49Teomyrwhich makes me think about going to bed
00:17.08Adysnot hardcore teo!
00:19.46Teomyrto my family, that's already hardcore :D
00:36.00Teomyrgood night
00:41.13Tekkubare we going to consider videos elinks?
00:41.43TekkubI moved some into sub-sections of == External Links == and someone undid that change..
00:44.41Adysi re-undid it
00:46.19Tekkubokey, thank you, just want backing
00:46.34TekkubI don't like declaring things and reverting when I'm the only one that thinks so :)
00:49.54Adysmovies should be in external links anyways
00:50.05Adysi dont think the === subsection === is necessary tho, if we have the icons
00:50.29*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
00:50.33AdysWe could have something tho
00:51.41*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
00:51.41Adystype=movie defaults icon to the movie one (unless {{{icon}}} is precised)
00:51.45Adysand title=movie
00:52.22Tekkubwell if we don't subsection it they'll be subject to alpha order with the other sites...
00:52.59Adysor we could make a different policy for downloads?
00:53.01TekkubI think it's more logical to group the vids together
00:53.05Adysy me too
00:53.13Adysbut without the subsection should be poss?
00:53.31Tekkubjust a <hr> then?
00:53.51Adyswell i was thinking, the way it is atm its fine
00:53.55Adysthe icon describes its a movie
00:53.58Adyslemme do something
00:54.37Adys[[Image:Icon-{{{icon|external}}}-22x22.png| what happens if there is a param named external= ?
00:55.24Tekkubthat's not a param
00:55.29Tekkubthat's plain text
00:55.40Tekkubyou're thinking {{{icon|{{{external}}}}}}
00:55.57Adyshrm i see
00:56.22Tekkubif not {{{icon}} then [[Image:Icon-external-22x22.png]]
00:59.48Adystekkub, how about that?
00:59.57Adys[[Image:Icon-{{{icon|{{If|{{Equal|video|{{{type}}}}}|then=Movie|else=external}}}}}-22x22.png|{{{site|{{{2|{{{type|External link}}}}}}}}}]] [{{{link|{{{1}}}}}} {{{site|{{{2}}}}}}] {{{desc|{{{3|}}}}}}<br/>
01:00.12Adysthere is probably a simpler way to do it lol
01:00.36Tekkubno that should be right...
01:01.10Tekkubyou sure you've got the right icon name theough?
01:01.23TekkubI thought it was Icon-video-22x22
01:01.36Adysread carefully ^^
01:01.43AdysOH SHIT
01:02.01Adysforget what i said lmao
01:02.04Tekkubyea I read "if type == 'video' then Icon-Movie-22x22
01:02.35Adysill redo that one sec
01:03.18Tekkubtho I don't see much advantage to changing one arg for another... "icon=video" --> "type=movie"
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01:04.51Adysffs, why isnt {{{if}}} and {{{equal}}} integrated functions
01:06.38Adysis MW 1.9.2 any good over current version?
01:06.51Adyswell i bet it is...
01:07.41Adys this should be better
01:08.24*** join/#wowwiki deadCow (
01:09.22Adysok, added title=
01:09.26Adysfor icon subtitle
01:10.08Adysoh btw
01:10.15Adystechnical question
01:10.23AdysSay we do a template
01:10.37Adyscalled, for example, Template:Tooltip/Descr
01:10.54Adysthat we <includeonly> this template in {{Tooltip}}
01:11.02Adysthe content would be the description of the template
01:11.16Adysif we change {{tooltip/Descr}}, does it kill the wiki?
01:12.39Tekkubprobably yes
01:12.52Tekkubbecause it changes the pages it's transcluded into
01:13.04Tekkubwhich is why we should push that shit into the talk page
01:13.11Tekkubbut zeal fought me over that
01:13.32Adyswell its already not normal it kills the wiki tbh
01:13.37Adys{{Elink||link=|desc=German Strategy Guide}}
01:13.41Adysdoesnt belong on the wiki
01:13.43Tekkubfor common templates, the only stuff in the main page should be the template code, a link to talk, and the cats
01:13.52Bagginswwanyone experts on ingame translator parsers?
01:13.53Tekkubwhy not?
01:13.59AdysGerman content
01:14.00Tekkubif it's on the de wiki yes
01:14.15Tekkubif it's not, well I don't think we should delete it
01:14.28Tekkubwe never said we were engrish only did we?
01:14.30BagginswwI notice there is a claim that Draconic, Demonic, Titan, and now possibly draenei share the same word lists
01:14.37Adysnon english content is dnp
01:14.46Tekkubit is?
01:14.53Adysy, except for guilds
01:15.05Tekkubwell then buhbye
01:15.16Tekkubpoint that guy at the dewiki
01:15.26Adysbeen added ages ago
01:17.20AdysAttumen the Huntsman
01:17.21AdysTimes Looted   12
01:17.27AdysAmpWoW is sooo useful..
01:17.39Adysremind me why we put up with these guys
01:18.12Tekkubcause we're supposed to be unbiased
01:18.25Adysgoblinworkshop come on man
01:18.31Tekkubadd them in
01:18.40Tekkubif you like the page, add the elinks
01:18.52Adysy but ampwow is autoadded
01:18.58Adyson every mob and item
01:19.39Adysthe fact anyone can actually make a database using blizzards IDs doesnt justify the fact we should add them in tbh
01:19.52Adysthey came up on irc and since someone had put it on elinksmob i added it to elinksitem
01:19.58Tekkubsee now, I see it the other way around
01:20.08Tekkubthe wiki is a one-stop info site to me
01:20.33Tekkubif it doesn't have the info I want, it should have easy links to other sites for the user to go to their preference
01:20.54Tekkubif a site is smart enough to use the common ID, there's no reason they shouldn't get links on many pages
01:21.12Adystbh ive had a couple of concerns with ampwow
01:21.22Tekkubit's almost incentive to do things by the defacto starnard, instead of doing your own thing like thott liked to do
01:21.22Adysthey are very unpopular, and almost unused, making them a bad database
01:21.35Adysand some of them ads are actually agressive ads
01:21.37Tekkubso you have issues, good for you
01:21.51Tekkublet users find the site they like and make that cooice themselves
01:22.08Adysi dont know
01:22.12Tekkubif I could remove sites I though sucked, I'd remove thott
01:22.13*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
01:22.34TekkubI'd make head the only links
01:22.37Adysthott and allak will disappear
01:22.39Tekkuband remove movies
01:24.05Adysits not because we are neutral that we have to be open to everything and everyone, in my opinion
01:24.40Tekkubokey, I don't think we have to go out and FIND sites to add in
01:24.43Adysampwow plainly sucks, because their data is WAY off
01:24.53Adyshere is the thing
01:24.57Adysif you want your website in
01:25.03Adysit has to 1/ meet the standards
01:25.07Tekkubbut if a site comes along and starts adding in elinks, and they just so happen to use our standard, we should welcome them into the template
01:25.10Adys2/ go through a vote
01:25.28Tekkubokey, I'll agree to votes
01:25.53AdysHere is what we are going to do
01:25.55Tekkubtotally fine with that :)
01:25.58AdysOr at least my idea
01:26.06Tekkubvote on inclusion and order?
01:26.20AdysOrder will be sorted after inclusion
01:26.31AdysAllakhazam: Keep/Remove
01:26.31Tekkubyea, I just mean votes for each
01:26.47AdysHead:Keep/Remove (if this one doesnt pass I veto it >.>)
01:27.16AdysAnd ofc same for ampwow
01:27.18Tekkubmake it clear that removal from the template does not mean removal of manual elinks also
01:27.34Adysmanual ones are welcome
01:27.43Adysstill i wonder
01:27.55Adysif we actually plan to use a wowhead/wowwiki database for items
01:27.59Adysand probably npcs
01:28.01Adyslike suggested
01:28.10Adyswe are probably going to stop using external links altogether
01:28.19Adyssince the page basically wont be "ours" anymore kind of
01:28.23TekkubI think people would be all over it if it was possible right now
01:28.42AdysOk, Im starting up the votes then
01:28.45Adysgive me a couple of mins
01:28.52Tekkubbut since we've got to get root admin interest in maintaining the wiki first...
01:29.01Tekkub*cough cough*
01:29.20TekkubSome days I feel like I work for a huge corporation here
01:29.37Tekkubto get anything done you have to fight with management that just doesn't care about you
01:36.11AdysHow does that look
01:37.10Adysfeel free to improve, im copypasting after that for ampwow and thottbot
01:37.20Adysif someone has the guts to propose wowhead, clap your hands
01:50.56nemppuid vote keep
01:50.59nemppulike. why not keep?
01:51.34Adysbecause these websites suck, with all my neutrality inside
01:52.03nempputhottbot is very much lovely o,
01:52.14nemppuof all the pages i like thottbot the most
01:52.47nemppuok i admit some bit of my liking towards thottbot might be how it looks and maybe some nostalgy involved
01:53.02AdysDisenchant into morrowgrain yayaya
01:53.04nemppubut, as far as im concerned its the most clear and works great
01:53.26nempputhough when looking for heroic mode boss drops wowhead tends to be a lot helpful
01:53.31nemppubut usually <3 thottbot
01:57.12AdysBEEP BEEP
01:57.18AdysCheck out WW:EL
02:00.34Tekkubspam is so funny
02:00.42Tekkub"Get a visit from the big dick fairy"
02:00.50Tekkubthat has so many interpretations...
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02:05.38Adysok i give up
02:05.41Adysits gone just too slox
02:07.31Bleeteryou guys should really get your provider to move you to lighttpd instead of using bloatware apache
02:07.50Bleeter(if what I'm reading of your server type is correct)
02:08.14Adysits always been slow
02:08.16BleeterI'm 99.9% convinced it'd help out in the slowness areas
02:08.40Bleeterwhat's the backend? MySQL on the same machine? 'coz that wouldn't help much either, imo
02:10.38*** topic/#wowwiki by Adys -> Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | Current project: edit and organise class pages! | Go vote!
02:13.13Adysoff to bed
02:13.15Adysnn peeps
02:13.19Adysand GO VOTE
02:18.41Skosirisam I allowed to vote?
02:19.37BleeterI voted, and I'm barely a user of the site
02:22.08SkosirisTekkub: could you tell me more about the votes?
02:22.55TekkubI don't see why you can't
02:23.00TekkubI mean, you are a user
02:23.14SkosirisTekkub: I'm wondering why Wowhead doesn't have its own removal vote (not that I want one.. :P)
02:23.30Tekkubcause adys was too pussy to make one :)
02:25.40Skosiriswhat would the result be if all sites are removed but Wowhead ?
02:26.08Tekkuball the other sites would have to manually add in elinks to pages
02:26.21Tekkubif they wanted their "free advertising" :)
02:44.39Shadowedwhat was the reason behind moving everything except wowhead anyway
02:45.53Shadowedreading too!
02:48.08ShadowedWhy does wowwiki support items anyway? Unless it has some base in lore it seems pointless to record it when the sites like wowhead keep it up to date and gives you better data anyway
02:52.26*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete_ (
02:56.24BleeterShadowed: that's the point afaik. the item info stuff is grabbed from wowhead. so, the argument goes, the 'official' external link should be wowhead, and others are invited to add their own
02:56.37Bleeterat least, that's what I took from the brief discussion I saw earlier
02:57.21ShadowedYeah wasn't really sure if it would require manually adding new items, or if it would just draw from wowhead if X page is called
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05:05.17Skyfirelot's of stuff goin on in dis hear thred!
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05:07.57Skyfirenot even a reply...
05:10.23*** join/#wowwiki Nephilim (n=nasda@
05:18.03Skyfiredamn europeans.
05:19.17JunkHead-WorkUmm... no.
05:20.19SkosirisSkyfire: don't forget to cast your votes!
05:27.40Skyfirewhere am I voting, and why are you telling me...?
05:27.51Skyfireso, where are you... if not eruope? aussieland?
05:28.44Skosiris[22:13] <Adys> Aight
05:28.44Skosiris[22:13] <Adys> off to bed
05:28.44Skosiris[22:13] <Adys> nn peeps
05:28.44Skosiris[22:13] <Adys> and GO VOTE
05:28.44Skosiris[22:13] <Adys>
05:29.21SkyfireI wasn't here for that...
05:29.44Skyfirei actually did see all the edits earlier
05:29.57Skyfirei personally prefer thottbot to allakhazam
05:30.03Skyfirethat'll be interesting
05:30.43Bleeter15:17 < Skyfire> morning?... <<
05:32.18JunkHead-WorkWell, actualy, it is morning here now.:P
05:32.33Skyfireyou ppl...
05:32.41JunkHead-WorkIt's 12:35
05:32.47JunkHead-WorkThat's considered morning.
05:33.13Skyfiredamn central time standard xd (that is central, isn't it?)
05:41.41JunkHead-Work  <-- Hmm...
07:11.45tekcubhrm... I don't like Oxhorn anymore
07:12.34tekcubI mean, he's a flaming homo in all his videos, and a bear to boot, yet he's aparently, like, one of those freaky christian uptight bitches over gay marriage
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08:40.25Apollozeuscome on people
08:40.53Apollozeuswe need more comments at
08:55.44foxlitPushing featured article section to frontpage with two features articles was silly.
08:58.07Apollozeusalso, they aren't really featured articles
08:58.18Apollozeusthey aren't in the list, nor was there ever discussion to add them there
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11:07.42Adysheya teo
11:07.52Adys"go vote"
11:08.31Bleeter18:40 <+Apollozeus> we need more comments at
11:08.39BleeterAdys: I voted :D
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12:52.52Adys{{cleanup}} now supports images too
12:53.16*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
12:57.13MikkAdys: On a sidenote, allakhazam has much more accurate drop rate readings than wowhead for hte simple reason that there's so many more people running allakhazam
12:57.23MikkEspecially for lower level content
12:57.27Adyshm i would have agreed three months ago, tbh
12:57.56MikkMkay? I was trying to get some drop rate readings no lower level crafting stuff just the other day, and it had figures like "1 out of 15"
12:58.10AdysBut WoWHead handles drops much better, fixes incorrect droprates due to double loot etc
12:58.12MikkAnyway. Just my personal opinion. Just thought I'd share it
12:58.19AdysAye i understand
12:59.07AdysVysogota does have a point
12:59.20AdysAllakhazam has "new stuff" faster than wowhead
12:59.34MikkYeah goes back to the # of people runnign the alla collector
12:59.39MikkI imagine it'll change over time tho
12:59.49Teomyrbut that could also mean that it has "wrong stuff" faster than wowhead ;)
12:59.52Adyshm, would say more like which people run the alla collector
13:00.08Adysvery high end guilds not running wowhead etc
13:00.16MikkThat too
13:00.48Adyshm, im wondering what we are going to do with all these images
13:03.51AdysThis page has been accessed 378 times.
13:04.18Adysthis is just *not* the way to go
13:05.14AdysIm really sure we could get to something superb if WoWHead and WoWWiki would be linked somehow
13:09.09Adys lol, i think we are being mean even putting up a vote
13:09.38Mikkampwow is actually underestimated, i think
13:09.43Mikkthey have lots of nice utilities
13:10.01Adysyeah but not for stuff we use in elinks-item etc
13:10.09Mikkvery true
13:10.11Mikk <- wow
13:10.26Adysi mean, they do, but {{elink}} ftw
13:11.48Mikk(heck, i voted for removing ampwow too)
13:14.42Adysargh sorry, now
13:16.51Teomyri think ampwow could use a little more styling
13:17.02Adyshow ya mean?
13:17.08AdysI just go type=ampwow
13:17.28Teomyri mean, the site, not on our wiki :P
13:21.15*** join/#wowwiki Viper007Bond (
13:30.42Adys yayaya
13:37.49MikkAdys: How about making the default for "title" something along the lines of "This link takes you to an external site outside WoWWiki"?
13:38.05MikkAnd NOT defaulting to whatever "site=" is set to? (Which tbh it always will be)
13:38.21Adysits defaulted to "External link" isnt it?
13:38.27Adysat least it should be
13:38.32Mikkno, it's defaulted to what "site" is set to, if set
13:38.37MikkOTHERWISE "External link"
13:38.42Mikkbut site is always set =P
13:38.48Adysi screwed up
13:39.04MikkI noticed it when I added an example to the page
13:39.21Adysjust one sec ill modify that
13:40.31AdysHow about now?
13:40.45*** join/#wowwiki Tuqui-tuqui (
13:41.06Adysgah timed out
13:41.58Mikk"WoWWiki has a problem" ftw
13:43.02MikkEditing global templates is so much fun
13:43.50*** join/#wowwiki Shirik|Ecole (n=nospam@
13:46.08Adys i think we need commented linebreaks =P
13:47.32*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
14:15.53*** join/#wowwiki Kaos_ (
14:17.08*** join/#wowwiki trik (
14:26.55Adystried to simplify with switch
14:27.20Adysi think i fucked up somewhere tho =P
14:28.25Mikkjust remove the type stuff
14:29.05Mikkthe right way is to just make a elink-typehere templates that pre-fill some of the params
14:29.58Adysim kinda a fan of having only one template for multiple stuff
14:30.22Mikkit also gets messy as hell when you're not using a proper programming language =P
14:30.28Adystrue :P
14:30.45Adysill see if i can fix that, and if not ill remove it aye
14:33.07Adysit seems like every case in title is blank
14:33.42Mikkand ofc another problem with coding overly-complex stuff is that everyone else becomes too scared to change it
14:33.54Mikklike me not even wanting to touch it to fix the "External Links" text =)
14:33.57Adys{{tooltip}} ftw
14:35.37Adysits default
14:35.40Adysnot case default
14:35.58Mikkyeah, {{tooltip}} makes me want to cry =(
14:36.10Adysi love these templates tbh
14:36.15MikkDon't get me wrong. I've been programming for 23 years.
14:36.22Mikk10 years ago, I'd prolly have been all for it
14:36.33MikkBut these days I subscribe more to an "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" mentailty
14:37.13*** join/#wowwiki Kaos (
14:37.20Hobinheim|Voodoodid someone say they don't like tooltip?
14:37.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
14:45.48AdysBagginsww: beep
14:46.04Adysfrom User talk:Varghedin
14:46.12AdysIm pretty sure i saw something around these lines
14:46.14Adysa while ago
14:46.27Adysfor draenei i cant say since it wasnt in game
14:46.38Adysbut i believe draconic and demonic do share the same language
14:46.41Adyspossibly Titan too
14:46.57BagginswwYa, I think it would help if we have examples though.
14:47.15Adyswell dbcs ftw =P
14:47.15BagginswwI need to find a warlock friend to cast curse of tongues on eme heh
14:47.27Adyslet me find you something
14:48.39AdysLanguages.dbc: Orcish, Darnassian, Taurahe, Dwarvish, Common, Demonic, Titan, Thalassian, Draconic, Kalimag, Gnomish, Troll, Gutterspeak, Draenei
14:48.46AdysLanguageWords.dbc.. let me see
14:49.39AdysDemonic is 8, titan is 9, draconix 11, kalimag 12, draenei 35
14:49.58Bagginswwoh sweet, can you break down all those?
14:50.26BagginswwWell it would be cool to have the word lists for all the languages
14:50.33*** part/#wowwiki Shirik (
14:50.47BagginswwVarg's list draenei was a very nice addition
14:52.14Adysfirst number is the line (id)
14:52.19Adyssecond number is the language
14:52.26Adysthird param is the word
14:53.23Adys7=Common, 8=Demonic, 9=Titan, 10=Thalassian, 11=Draconic, 12=Kalimag, 13=Gnomish, 14=Troll, 33=Gutterspeak, 35=Draenei
14:53.29*** join/#wowwiki Kitan (n=a158ff8b@
14:53.40Tuqui-tuquidid you write all that Adys?
14:53.40Bagginswwok copying this down, for later
14:53.53Adysyeah I got only that to do :P
14:53.55Adysheya kitan
14:54.01Tuqui-tuquihihi :)
14:54.06Tuqui-tuquiimpressive :o~~
14:55.04BagginswwAdys, great work. This is interesting
14:55.41Bagginswwhave to head to my anthro class right now, I'll have to digest it later.
14:58.56Adysadk a bit
14:59.15Bagginswwok, ttyl.
15:00.34foxlit"This fight is trivially more difficult than normal mode "
15:00.44foxlitAdjective failure.
15:00.55Adysim not sure what the guy meant
15:01.12Adysif he meant its not any harder or if he meant it is much harder
15:01.57KitanWell.. I read it as it isn't any harder
15:02.08Kitanor if it is so little you can't tell.
15:02.47Adysgetting interesting answers
15:03.11foxlit"Wow is dying?"
15:03.34foxlitBecause people can't spell present continous of die, probably
15:03.47Adysboth are accepted, afaik
15:05.01Bagginswwdefinitely some overlap with draconic, and demonic, and draenei, Titan, if not exact same word lists
15:05.10Bagginswwthere are some differences
15:05.20Bagginswwbut alot of words are the same
15:05.23*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
15:05.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
15:05.33Adysfreekin miranda
15:05.40Adysanyways, both are accepted afaik
15:08.25Adysfixed anyways
15:09.25Kitandying is wrong?
15:09.28Kitanhowis that wrong?
15:11.39Adysno, dieing is not wrong, afaik
15:11.39Adysbu i cant be sure, so
15:11.39Adysi meant that both are accepted
15:14.34KitanAdys, which do you think is more important the Icon removal request or the Quality request?
15:14.48Adysquality request
15:14.56foxlitdieing is a redirect, dying is an entry :P
15:15.16Adysicon removal should not be done until all the tooltips are {{tooltip}}'d
15:16.45KitanWhen a request is complete and a template may be deprecated just say so on the village pump?  I did so anyway.
15:17.37Adysno need
15:17.53Kitanum ok... well I won't from now on.
15:18.02Adysunless its a really major template
15:18.12Adysbut its not elinksquest's case
15:18.22Kitanthere a few places that link to but don't use the elinksquest template left but that is it
15:18.28Kitanit was only 380ish pages
15:18.39Adys#REDIRECT {{Elinks-quest}}
15:18.44Adyswill be fine
15:18.48Kitanit is already set to that I think
15:19.12*** join/#wowwiki ClydeJr (n=86a3ff0d@
15:19.21*** mode/#wowwiki [+v ClydeJr] by Adys
15:19.29Adysyeah it has kitan
15:19.34dottedgief voice!!11 onoololol'
15:19.57dottedyou dare not!!!
15:20.07Adysyou bet i do
15:20.08Adysafk a bit :)
15:22.00Adysah kitan
15:22.16Adysi know its already in the works
15:22.37Adysbut if you could do the deprecation of ab mark/av mark/wsg mark for cost
15:22.39Adysit'd be great
15:22.42AdysDeprecate {{AB Mark}} / {{AV Mark}} / {{WSG Mark}} for {{Cost}} (Watchoutbot is working on this)
15:23.02Adysif you're bored ^^
15:23.12Adysanyways afk =)
15:24.39Kitanbut Watchoutbot is working on that! :)
15:37.08*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
15:37.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
15:38.51ClydeJrstupid wiki question: what's the difference between <br> and <br />?
15:40.03Hobinheim|workadys, where did those words come from, in that language words file?
15:41.36AdysClydeJr: xhtml standards
15:41.37Adys<br/> is actually the one to use
15:44.08ClydeJrok, been using <br /> since that's what I've been seeing in most of the boilerplates/templates, but was just curious on the difference.
15:44.46Adyswell the thing is every markup that is opened should be closed, if you want to follow the standards
15:45.09Hobinheim|workthere's no functional difference
15:45.09Adysand since <br> has no closing markup (nfc how its called in english) its <br/>
15:45.16Hobinheim|workit's just difference ways of expressing the same concept
15:45.30Hobinheim|workone is a formality and highly recommended, the other is a more lax, blah version, old way
15:45.33ClydeJrso <br /> is like <br> and </br> combined?
15:45.35Hobinheim|workso we actively recommend the new way
15:45.51ClydeJrthanks for the clarification
15:46.18Kitanit is from the xhtml standard... and from xml
15:46.34Kitanmy bot uses an xml dump to let me know what happened on each page up date
15:46.40Kitanif i want to look at them all
15:46.44Hobinheim|workugh so complicated
15:46.46equiraptorFor my dumb question: Is there a difference between <br/> and <br /> ?
15:46.50Hobinheim|workbe like my bot and just go CRAZY!
15:46.57Hobinheim|workequiraptor, no
15:47.00Hobinheim|workthe space is optional
15:47.06equiraptorGreat, thanks.
15:47.07Kitan<br>'s are killing me.. I had to change them too &lt; and &gt;s
15:47.19Hobinheim|worksome people recommend <br /> for really retarded parsers, but <br/> is just fine nowadays
15:47.19Adysthe space is made for "old browsers"
15:47.38foxlit"Common pitfalls in the fight are the Nethermancer's Conflagarate" :(
15:47.39Kitanand or "retarded" according to Hob ;)
15:47.47foxlitDragon's Breath, ffs.
15:49.10Kitanalso Adys, wouldn't it be rude if I did the {{WSG Mark}} to {{Cost}} since Watchout is on it?
15:49.18Adysdont worry about it
15:49.29Adyswatchout is actually gone inactive again afaik
15:49.47Kitandon't worry about being rude? :-P
15:49.53Adysmm :P
15:50.03Adysyou'll be fine :)
15:54.30Adyswow nice website
15:55.52Kitan|WorkI love the pets
15:57.35Hobinheim|worklol nice site
15:57.40Hobinheim|workorc's best friend is worg
15:57.45Hobinheim|workdwarf's best friend is beer
15:58.05*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
16:08.26Hobinheim|workoh jeez we have a problem
16:08.30Hobinheim|worki haven't seen that message in a long time
16:09.07Hobinheim|workplease tell me we aren't using exists
16:09.07Hobinheim|workor someone is editing tooltip
16:11.06Adysno its me
16:11.09Adysim editing elink
16:11.21AdysI need a couple of things
16:11.29Adysan icon, 22x22, under png format for:
16:11.33Adyswow US
16:11.35AdysWoW EU
16:11.49Gryphentype more, enter less
16:12.12Kitan|WorkAdys... you told me not to use Elink for the elinksquest because elink was goign away?
16:12.17Gryphenaww, but i love your Adys :(
16:12.24Adys:) so do i
16:12.26Kitan|WorkI love my Adys too
16:12.44AdysKitan|Work: don't use {{elinks}}, but {{elink}}!={{elinks}}
16:13.19Kitan|Workit used == External links == {{elink-quest}} per our discussion
16:13.36Kitan|Workand i will start on the marks -> {{Cost}} thing in a day or so
16:14.51*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
16:15.14DuTempeteAnybody around to answer a template question?
16:15.53Kitan|WorkA few of them
16:16.00Kitan|Workthey all got quiet all of a sudden. :)
16:16.30Hobinheim|workjust ask it
16:16.37DuTempeteWell I'm trying to put together this table template
16:16.45DuTempetejeez... I'm getting to it =P
16:17.22DuTempeteAnyway... I'm trying to figure out how to write the template so that a cell's default value make the cell hidden
16:17.58DuTempeteThe questbox is a great example of hidden rows... but I can't seem to find the original coding for it
16:24.01DuTempetespecifically, it would be a spell ranks table, probably 3 different templates: 1 for the header, 1 for the first row color, 1 for the second row color
16:24.36DuTempeteit would have a selection of column values, for all the different spell information possible
16:31.39Hobinheim|workuse the if template
16:32.00Hobinheim|workthat's how questbox does it, just look at the source
16:35.29Gryphenno wowhead vote lol, hello bias, how are you
16:37.05Adysyou can set one up gryph :)
16:37.34AdysAnd if all 4 are voted for remove, we will set a new vote for the only one to stay
16:38.16ClydeJrI'm not going to vote for any of the current ones (no strong feeling about keeping or removing any of them) but I would definitely vote to keep wowhead
16:38.37Adysit seems to be the general opinion y
16:38.43Adysso i didnt bother setting a wowhead vote up
16:38.46Adysfeel free to do so
16:38.57DuTempetesorry about the afk, Hobinheim... puppy was demanding my attention =P  I can't find the source of the questbox... the if template is in the
16:39.09ClydeJrMight be a good idea in general fairness to set one up
16:39.13DuTempetethe if template is in the general template category?
16:39.19Grypheni know the results too, but seems quite lame to me
16:39.46Hobinheim|workhow can you not see how questbox works?
16:39.51Hobinheim|workisn't there a view source tab?
16:39.55Gryphenthere is a clear petition to deny the non-wiki popularity of the current elinks
16:40.11AdysGryphen, check WW:EL please
16:40.32Adysits the policy we're trying to implement, and i want to be stricter on what we are going to allow in the elinks templates
16:40.47Adysthe guys from ampwow pissed me off
16:41.12Adysthey came up on irc and said yaddi yadda we're modifying it so yes they were welcome
16:41.21Adysbut as you said theres more popular websites not in the elinks
16:41.39Gryphenmore popular than wowhead too not in elinks
16:41.47AdysNext websites are going to have to pass up a vote if they want to be in the elinks
16:42.09Adysthats why im making thott alla and ampwow pass one atm
16:42.21AdysAs i said yesterday on irc, personally im not starting the wowhead vote
16:42.26Adysif anyone wants to do so, do so!
16:42.57Adysas for databases more popular than wowhead, afaik theres only zam and thott
16:43.34DuTempeteNo, Hobin, no view source tab on either, or it's code subpage
16:45.42DuTempeteack, I didn't scroll all the way down. :( *slaps self*
16:46.20*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
16:47.03DuTempeteOy, that's scary looking, that's gonna take me more time to sort out than I thought it would. =P
16:47.09DuTempeteThanks Adys
16:48.06Hobinheim|workDuTempete, it's not so hard
16:48.12Hobinheim|workjust look at how the if block is used
16:48.13AdysClydeJr: Quest Starting Items are already Quest Items
16:48.29Hobinheim|workand pay atten to what table code is being kept and used
16:48.44Hobinheim|workalso, table brackets inside of if statements turn into {{!}}
16:48.45DuTempeteNo, it wont be that hard, it'll just give me a headache trying to analyze it.
16:49.08Hobinheim|worki don't understand how you didn't find the view source link
16:49.11Hobinheim|workisn't it at the top of every page?
16:49.39Hobinheim|workor edit
16:49.43Hobinheim|workquestbox isn't protected =(
16:49.47DuTempetewell on the page I linked, it's actually "edit this page" and I was expecting the source code to be at the top of the page, so I didn't scroll all the way down to where it was. =P
16:50.10DuTempeteyeah, it's a long page
16:50.14ClydeJrAhh, didn't realize that, thanks for pointing it out
16:50.20Hobinheim|workbut the tabs are at the top of every page
16:50.30Hobinheim|workare we not looking at the same thing?
16:50.32DuTempeteno, I mean on the source page
16:50.50DuTempetethe actual template code is waaaay down at the botom
16:51.46Adyswhats the use of
16:51.50Adyswhen we have
16:52.24DuTempeteshorter code, probably
16:52.38DuTempeteI'd rather type {{!!}}, than {{!}}{{!}}
16:52.55Adysit looks like boobs
16:53.03DuTempetestrange boobs
16:53.10Adysspikey ones
16:53.18DuTempeteit's really cold
16:55.17DuTempeteokies, I've got to run, but I'm sure I'll be around later in case I need more help with this template
16:57.35*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
16:57.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by ChanServ
16:57.57Adysheya skosiris
17:03.30*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
17:03.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
17:03.56Adysheya kirk :)
17:04.03Adysgo vote!
17:04.38KirkburnOn what!? I've only just got online since friday?
17:04.47KirkburnDidn't anyone read the note on my talk page? :P
17:04.49AdysExternal links
17:04.51AdysI did !
17:05.31Adysand check out WW:EL changes
17:06.31KirkburnI'll take a look later
17:06.38KirkburnAnything else much happened?
17:06.52Adysnot really, mainly these external links votes
17:08.10KirkburnSo how was everyone's Easter?
17:08.47Adysfull of eggs
17:12.35*** join/#wowwiki kbrosnan (
17:12.36*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:14.48KirkburnI went to Wales :)
17:15.11KirkburnTo orienteer, specifically. Not many eggs though :(
17:19.10Adysnice ^^
17:36.38*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
17:36.47dottedSkosiris i give up :(
17:39.57Skosirisit's all right, I'll just stick to good ol' tables :)
17:54.38Bagginswwadys could I have a link to that word list again?
17:54.50*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:54.55Adys iirc
17:55.44dottedwhats that for? *curious mode on*
17:56.07BagginswwI'm making tables for each language page
17:56.17Bagginswwthat lists all available words in parsers
17:56.29Bagginswwso that people can compare the differences
17:56.41Bagginswwor see which words are shared across languages :p
17:56.56BagginswwTitan, Demonic, Draenei, Draconic all seem to share many of the same words
17:57.07Bagginswwalthough there are minor differences
17:57.53Bagginswwit basically is more proof that in game parsers don't represent actual languages :p
17:58.10Bagginswwjust random words to look like another language
17:58.18Bagginswwbah who killed wowwiki LOL
18:00.28KirkburnYou, I bet
18:01.05*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:01.33KirkburnBagginsww, make sure it doesn't appear like a inter-faction translation aid, though I'm sure it won't
18:01.42Bagginswwuh it won't work
18:01.53Bagginswweach language is tied to its own
18:02.04Bagginswwthere is no way to translate between factions :p
18:02.40Bagginswwbasically these words are randomly generated to mask anything we type
18:02.48Bagginswwthere is no direct translations
18:03.37Kirkburnwoot :P
18:03.55sancusisnt that pretty much super mold news?
18:04.14sancusY OU L O S E
18:04.17Bagginswwonly tihng I'm adding is the word lists
18:04.39Bagginswwso people can compare
18:06.02sancusyou can pretty much say the only important things
18:06.48sancuswhich is funny, because I'm pretty sure the poorly-conceived language separation exists to prevent that ;p
18:07.02*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
18:07.02*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:07.21*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:07.48sancusI've heard it claimed before, I can't remember if a Blizzard person actually said it, that it's intended to increase the friction between factions
18:07.58sancusBut that's such a ridiculous notion I can't imagine why anyone would believe it
18:08.31BagginswwLOL it was actually created to stop friction
18:08.41Bagginswwpeople were cursing each other out
18:08.58Bagginswwback when they could communicate
18:09.01sancuswhich, of course, you still can
18:09.08Bagginswwnot directly
18:09.15sancussure directly
18:09.19Bagginswwnot like you tell people, to Fuck off
18:09.23sancusYou can say all sorts of nasty things through the language filter
18:09.28sancusYou can't use whispers, no, you can use says and yells though
18:10.09sancusI think you can actually say fuck off, I'm not an expert on flaming people through the filter though
18:10.47sancusin beta I rarely experienced people cussing eachother out though, and I was undead before they ruined it
18:11.05sancusalthough why you would want to stop that still confuses me
18:11.16sancusThere's more reason to cuss out people on your own faction, tbh :P
18:11.33sancusAt least you can kill the idiots on the other one
18:12.03BagginswwI think it was later that they wanted to stop people from helping each other out cause it screwed up PVP, and imbalanced quests :p
18:12.31BagginswwI mean cross-faction quest completion
18:12.31sancusit made pvp slightly more interesting
18:12.42Bagginswwgranted I've still helped people out
18:12.55sancusI don't think it impedes that
18:12.55BagginswwI help lowbies
18:13.04BagginswwI hate ganking
18:13.08sancusI think the main reason for it is the main reason Blizzard does most things related to player behaviour
18:13.25sancuswhich is that it was generating CS petitions they didn't want to pay for
18:14.15sancusprobably their entire rule system is based on minimizing petitions because CS is expensive
18:14.33ClydeJrwhen I played Planetside, the amount of tells you got from players on the other side when you killed them or they killed you was obnoxious. I'm glad the sides can't talk in WoW
18:15.18sancusIt's just another example of the mindset of why I don't play WoW, I don't want the developers to protect me from bad people, the entire reason I PLAY mmogs is because bad people are fun.
18:15.55Bagginswwgranted I think it would be kind of cool if RPers could do huge number of quests that could change your faction
18:16.07Bagginswwin other words you could be a traitor to the alliance
18:16.11Bagginswwor vice versa
18:16.17sancusthat would be bad
18:16.21sancusThere's no social depth to WoW for a reason
18:17.00Bagginswwwell they originally wanted some kind of way to become traitor to your own kind in early types of PVP but it never worked out
18:17.14Bagginswwgranted that system would never work now
18:17.29BagginswwI prefer the honorless system now
18:17.40sancussocial depth is hard, and requires a certain attitude that the game is not only about fun
18:17.59BagginswwIts awesome in single player games though heh heh
18:18.09sancusIt's rare in North American mmogs
18:18.27sancusyet common in asian ones
18:18.39sancusIt would be an interesting psychological study on why we dislike social depth in our games
18:18.42Bagginswwit was a huge part in pen and paper
18:18.49sancusonline ones, anyway
18:19.08sancusit is, P&P is a very small market though
18:19.22Bagginswwbut I think it would be cool if you could go through the rpg paradigms of allightment
18:19.46Bagginswwdo bad things, turn evil
18:19.59Bagginswwgo through a stage of neutrality of course before you get there
18:20.10Bagginswwbut ultimatemly go in that direction
18:20.27Bagginswwbut if you remain almost just style of evil, you can be "lawful evil"
18:21.15sancusYou don't really need alignment, all you really need is the capability to hold something of value, the capability for someone else to take it away, communication, and you'll have as much "evil" as you could possibly want
18:22.44Bagginswwwell, I mean somehting along hte lines if you do stuff for the Burning Leigon you could ultimately side with them
18:23.04Bagginswwbut you'd have a huge chunk of Holy Light turning on you
18:23.34foxlitescapist had a cute article on alignment systems in modern rpgs
18:23.47Bagginswwso you'd have certain alliance towns that wouldn't let you near them
18:24.15Bagginswwpossibly have certain alliance players be able to flag pvp on your butt, :)
18:24.28Bagginswwor vice versa if your horde
18:24.54BagginswwWoW is too simplistic to allow for something like that though
18:25.20Bagginswwalthough its possible to change allignment with independent factions
18:43.26Kitan|WorkAdys | you around?
18:43.28Bagginswwso Adys, Draconic is called Draconix in the text file?
18:43.45Adyswhats with the sudden sexual attrayances?
18:43.56Adyskitan, i am
18:43.59Adysbaggins, i dont think so?
18:44.10Bagginswwoh you must have mispelled then
18:44.11Tekkubbig word!
18:44.13Adysy prob
18:44.23BagginswwAdys> LanguageWords.dbc.. let me see
18:44.24Bagginsww<Adys> Demonic is 8, titan is 9, draconix 11, kalimag 12, draenei 35
18:44.30AdysDraconic aye
18:44.41Adysx is next to the c on azerty
18:44.43Kitan|WorkWouldn't {{WSG Mark}} etc be in a lot of the tool tips?  I assume I would only change them if they weren't in Tooltipcss?
18:44.47Bagginswwoh LOL
18:44.47Adystho i believe its same on qwerty
18:45.03Adysno kitan, its only used in the == Source == sections i believe
18:45.33Bagginswwits called Dwarvish in the file?
18:45.43Bagginswwbut Dwarven in game :(
18:45.48Adysuhm no?
18:45.49Bagginsww*hmm I mean
18:46.27Adyslet me check
18:46.45Bagginswwso no ingame goblin text eh? shame :p
18:47.59BagginswwLOL so it does call it Dwarvish
18:48.08Adysafaik its the ingame use
18:48.13Adysmy provider kitan..
18:48.21Bagginswwadys its Dwarven in game :)
18:48.25Bagginswwat least in NA version
18:48.31AdysI need to check that
18:49.02Adysill check, asking guild
18:49.15Bagginswwlogging into my dwarf
18:49.57Bagginswwin anycase I'm definitley going to make note of Dwarvish once I get around to updating the files
18:50.04Bagginswwerm updating the Dwarven article
18:50.16*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
18:51.40Adysdwarvish in game
18:52.26Adysi had some troubles making the guy understand what i wanted
18:52.32Adyshe's danish, so he started talking danish
18:56.08Bagginswwso there are differences in versions
18:56.08Bagginswwits dwarven in game to me
18:56.15BagginswwI can get you a screenshot if you like :)
18:56.40Bagginswwalthough this would be interesting to mention in the articles heh
18:57.18Kitan|Workwhich versions ar eyou playing?
18:57.36*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:57.59BagginswwNorth american
18:58.18BagginswwI went to my Dwarf's skill list
18:58.33Bagginsww"It lists under language section, Common 300/300
18:58.37Bagginswwand Dwarven 300/300
18:58.50Adystry and speak it?
18:58.56Bagginswwgood point
18:58.56Adysit shows [Dwarvish] blah
18:59.01Bagginswwmaybe uses both terms
18:59.10Bagginswwwhat's the command?
18:59.16Adys.. nooo idea
18:59.25BagginswwI like never use alternate languages LOL
18:59.36AdysIve been human for years :P
18:59.51Bagginswwheh heh, gnome for me
19:02.32Bagginswwabsolutely no idea how to switch to alternate language :p
19:03.41Adysits somewhere in the chat options iirc
19:03.51*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:05.09*** join/#wowwiki Kaos_ (
19:05.38dottedif you use default UI there is a button at the General chat frame, its a bubble iirc. there is an option for alternate language
19:06.47Bagginswwfound it
19:07.06Bagginswwyep so its called Dwarvish and Dwarven in game
19:10.08*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:16.37Kitan|Workdoes anyone know why occasionally when I click on a link I get the main page and it says I am logged out and the font is all horked?
19:17.24equiraptorOff the top of my head, could it be a cache and/or proxy issue?
19:17.54ClydeJrI think that usually happens when people are messing with popular templates
19:18.21Kitan|Workooh... let me go modify bot to randomly modify popular templates by a single character over and over. ;)
19:23.06Kitan|Worknot even kind of funny?
19:23.09Kitan|Workyou guys suck. :)
19:27.44Bagginswwcontemplates creating an article about Gremlins...
19:28.07Bagginswwhow they cause Wowwiki not to work
19:29.42Kitan|Workso {{WSG Mark}} says it links an image but it really doesn't?
19:29.58Kitan|Workunless the image is screwing up on my screen or something
19:37.32KirkburnUh, the image probably got deleted again?
19:37.34Kitan|WorkKirk, do you know?
19:37.56KirkburnCause of the way those templates were made, with imagelink, they didn't show as used
19:37.58Kitan|WorkAdys asked me to just do that bot request next as he thought Watchout was inactive
19:38.03KirkburnSo they got cleared out
19:38.11KirkburnThe normal version should exist without the _15 bit
19:38.24Kitan|Workhrm ok
19:38.32KirkburnThis is from memory, I think that's how it works?
19:38.40Kitan|Workwell that makes sense then... was looking at the pages to try to come up with an algorithm
19:38.47Kitan|Workwell it definately is just an image template
19:38.51Kitan|Workall the marks are
19:38.52KirkburnImagelink ftl :P
19:38.58Bagginswwfascinating, Ignan, is not only in the RPG, but shows up as a random word in Kalimag file
19:39.02Kitan|Workand on the few pages, 5ish, I looked
19:39.05*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
19:39.14Kitan|Workthere was no image
19:39.19Bagginswwalthough probably a tie to Latin
19:39.44KirkburnIn random news, I'm going to be busy still until about wednesday - I'm currently entertaining a guy from the Czech republic, which, not coincidentally, is what I am 1/16th
19:40.01DuTempeteooooh 1/16...
19:40.21DuTempeteI usually just ignore those
19:40.21KirkburnMy surname is Pribul, his if Pribyl, but we aren't sure if we're related
19:40.53DuTempetewell I ignore the small ones, unless I'm bragging about my l33t drinking skills
19:40.56KirkburnMy dad has been researching a lot, we found this guy via an orienteering event :)
19:41.10KirkburnDuTempete, lol
19:41.12DuTempetein which case they are rather valid: german, irish, scottish
19:41.29DuTempeteand I'm mostly cuban italian
19:41.32KirkburnGood way of ingratiating yourself in Irish bars
19:41.38DuTempetedamn skippy
19:41.50Kirkburnthe bush kangarooo?
19:42.11KirkburnNext you'll be complaining about poor Lassie :(
19:42.16DuTempetelol I have no idea what you're talking about =P
19:42.30KirkburnYou've never heard of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo?!?!
19:42.37DuTempetethat aussie for "mutt"?
19:42.54Kirkburn'ere, this guy's a philistine, wot ;P
19:43.17KirkburnSkippeeee, skippeeee, skippy the bush kangaroooooo
19:43.44DuTempetedefinitely never heard of skippy the bush kangaroo... I have heard of Captain Kangaroo
19:44.04KirkburnI could have gone for the other choice and said you were complaining about the peanut butter brand, but then I wouldn't be able to involve our Oceanic friends
19:44.20Kirkburn~poke Bleeter
19:44.22infobotACTION cuts down a small tree, sneaks up behind Bleeter, pokes Bleeter repeatedly, hilarity ensues.
19:44.35MikkAdys: I'll see if I can't get those icons done
19:44.42Adysthanks :)
19:45.05DuTempeteHey, I need a hand filling in the blank spots in my memory
19:45.12DuTempete(there are lots of them)
19:45.18KirkburnNoooooo, Miiiikk!
19:45.30KirkburnDuTempete, all that drinking, eh, even the small ones
19:45.35DuTempeteI'm trying to think of all the categories of spell effects.  What I have so far:
19:45.46DuTempeteDebuff, Heal, Buff, DD, DoT, Duration
19:45.53DuTempeteam I missing any?
19:45.54KirkburnYou forgot "Burny stuff"
19:46.03DuTempetemmm... burny stuff
19:46.15KirkburnThis including stuff like AoE?
19:46.18Bagginswwgg... wowwiki crashed again... while I was trying to edit something
19:46.30DuTempeteI'm trying to think up all the different possible column headers for a spell ranks table
19:46.33DuTempeteooh forgot AoE
19:46.39BagginswwI blaim it on everyone's bots, :)
19:46.45KirkburnIf you're doing a bit edit try to remember to copy all the text before submitting
19:46.58KirkburnThere's more than one type of AoE
19:47.11KirkburnI think they're mentioned on the AoE article
19:47.15KirkburnOne is targeted, one isn't
19:47.19DuTempeteright, would just have possible values of PBAoE or TAoE
19:47.38KirkburnAre all AoEs channelled?
19:47.48KirkburnBooring :(
19:48.02DuTempetewell I think the Hunter AoE is instant...
19:48.08DuTempetejust one wave
19:48.12KirkburnOh trap stuff?
19:48.20DuTempeteactually, I can think of more than one, now, that's instant
19:48.30DuTempeteone of the lock talents in an instnat, too
19:48.36KirkburnYo sancus
19:48.36DuTempetebut that would go under cast time
19:48.37sancusthere are two mage aoes that are not channeled lol
19:48.45sancusthree, really
19:48.54DuTempeteyeah, I realized I was wrong ;)
19:49.05DuTempetethey're instnat, though, yes?
19:49.09DuTempetelike frost nova
19:49.15sancusFlame Strike is just normally cast
19:49.21sancusmost of them are instant, though, yeah
19:49.35DuTempeteoh, I'm confusing myself, and everyone else... I mean, one wave
19:49.52sancusFlame Strike is a wave of damage and then a dot effect on the ground
19:49.59DuTempeteso it should probably get it's own special category: channeled or DD
19:50.18DuTempetewow, this is getting interesting
19:50.31sancusConsecration is a wave of damage and then a dot effect that stays on the targets that were hit, I THINK
19:50.34sancusthough it might be on the ground, not sure
19:51.07DuTempeteI doubt it would be ground, since it's a PBAoE
19:51.27KirkburnPB = ?
19:51.33DuTempetebut consecration is something you typically do to an area
19:51.37DuTempetepoint blank
19:51.39DuTempeteno target
19:51.44KirkburnOh of course
19:51.48DuTempeteTAoE is targetted, meaning you have to select a target area
19:51.52sancusactually I think consecration is on the ground
19:51.56KirkburnWhat about player targeted?
19:52.06KirkburnLike a "thrown" PB
19:52.12DuTempetecan't think of any target targeted AoEs
19:52.13sancusthere's also the half-cast warlock targeted DD thing
19:52.24DuTempeteWhat do you mean, sancus?
19:52.34sancusthe 41pt destruction talent
19:52.44sancusit has a 0.5 second cast time but it has a 0.5s global cooldown as well, specially
19:52.54sancusSo it effectively has no gcd
19:52.57DuTempetenot sure what you're talking about... lemme go look it up, I would've had it at some point
19:53.03DuTempete<-- warlock
19:53.09sancusthe ranged stun aoe :P
19:53.13sancusI dont remember the name
19:54.38DuTempeteOh, Shadowfury... it's TAoE, one wave DD and stun
19:54.51Bagginswwhmm adys I wonder where they keep the Furbolg list
19:54.57sancusBut it's not instant, and not a normal casting time spell either
19:55.01DuTempetejust like any other TAoE, cept it has a short casting time
19:55.16DuTempeteright, I didn't mean instant as in cast time, I meant it as in DD, one wave
19:55.21sancusah ok
19:55.22DuTempeteI was confused :)
19:55.32sancusI thought you were talking about casting times
19:55.38KirkburnAdys, btw, don't you dare quit otherwise I'll come around your house and set Skippy on you.
19:55.45sancusIt's technically a casting time spell but it's the only one that has a short gcd
19:55.50DuTempeteAck! Not Skippy!
19:56.45DuTempetethe cooldown is still 20 secs
19:57.02Adyssec brb
19:57.49sancusKirkburn: is mysqld crashing regularly now or something?
19:58.06Kirkburnsancus, no idea, I've been away for the weekend
19:58.17KirkburnSorry :)
19:58.23sancusI had thought everything was working happy since we switched to lighty
19:58.24sancusguess not
19:58.26DuTempeteso... would a channeled AoE be classified as a DOT? or should I use a whole different category for it?  Like Wave Damage?
19:59.18*** join/#wowwiki Gryphon (
19:59.24DuTempeteHoly crap... Skippy was the Australian Lassie? =P
19:59.25sancusIt's not a DoT
19:59.39sancusDoTs tick automatically without intervention of the caster and can't be stopped
19:59.41DuTempeteRight, I know that, I'm just trying to figure out how best to classify it
19:59.43sancusit's repeated direct damage
19:59.48DuTempetein a table
19:59.54sancusso yeah I would classify it separately
20:00.03Tekkubokey, maybe I'm an dink but....
20:00.04DuTempetew/o having 3bajillian parameters
20:00.06sancustbh you can classify based on the effect-types they use
20:00.07sancusin the database
20:00.33Tekkubshouldn't "Original Soundtrack - Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters" be "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters Dash Original Soundtrack" ?
20:00.38DuTempeteah, dunno what those are, hehe
20:01.04KirkburnTekkub, far too many colons for my liking
20:01.13Tekkubonly one colon
20:01.15DuTempetewhat's the point of having movie film for theaters?
20:01.16Tekkuband a dash
20:01.28TekkubDuT, you don't get it :)
20:01.39DuTempeteI don't get much =P
20:01.46DuTempeteI'm still trying to figger out SKippy
20:02.05KirkburnDidn't you watch the YouTube clip? :)
20:02.12DuTempeteYou meaning Alpha-wise?
20:02.20DuTempeteLaptop doesn't have a soundcard :(
20:02.21Bagginsww added the Kalimag list someone can put it into a template later :p
20:02.32KirkburnTekkub, isn't Movie Film rendundant?
20:02.46KirkburnPersonal PIN number ftw
20:02.46Tekkubscrew you all
20:02.50DuTempeteHAHA that's what I said!!
20:03.06TekkubI'm going to go experiment more with draino and the clothes washer
20:03.17KirkburnStay away from the colons!
20:03.22DuTempeteIf you were trying to name it for alphabetization, I'd put the original soundtrack last
20:03.34DuTempeteName of the album first
20:03.42TekkubI'm wearing that shirt right now :)
20:03.53KirkburnThat's sooooo 80s
20:04.06Kirkburn(and awesome)
20:04.07Tekkubit was accidental
20:04.16Tekkuband yea, the shirt fucking rocks now
20:04.35KirkburnIs it just completely bleached?
20:04.56Tekkubwell not completely or it'd be solid orangish
20:04.58DuTempeteDraino's gonna eat the shirt, not bleach it
20:05.12Tekkubno, it bleached it
20:05.37Tekkubthe tan khaki pants didn't fair so well
20:05.49Tekkubit's a nice mix of puke tan and puke green
20:06.06KirkburnMmm, tasty
20:06.32DuTempetefrom the black shirt, amybe?
20:06.39Tekkubwho knows
20:06.43KirkburnYou reminded me of when I was in italy once - this guy was wearing white, yes, WHITE swim shorts
20:06.47Tekkubalready threw that out
20:07.07Tekkubokey the elinks votes are funny....
20:07.09DuTempeteBut, you're lucky they weren't white speedos
20:07.13TekkubHead: all keep
20:07.17KirkburnDuTempete, I know :/
20:07.20Tekkubamp: all remove
20:07.28Tekkubthott: 50/50
20:07.40DuTempetelotta people still actually use thott
20:07.45DuTempeteand Alla's
20:07.51Tekkuballa: 70/30
20:07.57KirkburnTo keep?
20:08.01DuTempeteI have a hard time NOT using alla's just because of the nostalgia from EQ
20:08.07Tekkubso? more people want alla than thott :)
20:08.13Tekkubyea kirk
20:08.18KirkburnBut everyone wants Head :)
20:08.19DuTempeteBut both sites suck for following quest lines
20:08.26Tekkuballa's 8 votes to 6
20:08.30Tekkubthott's 6/6
20:08.31BagginswwI have ot use a combination of several sites because some are incomplete ? is that the addy?
20:08.38Tekkubthe others are unamimos
20:08.47DuTempeteI know what you mean, Baggins
20:08.52KirkburnI like Head.
20:09.02TekkubI like head too
20:09.10winkillerhead used to suck
20:09.17DuTempeteI hadn't heard of head until I started using WW
20:09.25winkillerbefore they actually got some comments
20:09.30winkillerstarted like 3 months ago
20:09.34KirkburnOnce you've tried Head, you'll never go back
20:09.46Tekkubno kirk
20:09.50DuTempeteGod this sounds really dirty...
20:09.52Tekkub"Once you've gotten head"
20:09.56Kitan|WorkI have gone to wowhead
20:09.57KirkburnEr, yeah
20:10.01Kitan|Workdoesn't impress me that much
20:10.22KirkburnTekkub, do you like it black?
20:10.37Tekkub"I run faster too!"
20:10.45DuTempeteWhat pisses me off about Alla's is they used to have an in game team making sure everything worked right, and the quests were all correct
20:11.01DuTempetenow, I think they just rely on an addon to gather info, that barely anybody uses.
20:11.13DuTempeteand there's no QA team to double-check everything
20:11.30Tekkubthere is no team, DarQ does most of it
20:11.39Tekkubat least the admin/cleanup
20:11.46Tekkubsomeone else does the client
20:12.09DuTempeteI'm talking in EQ... there was a community effort in keeping the site accurate
20:12.22Tekkuballa's "community" blows :)
20:12.45Tekkubseriously, I was one of the guild founders for the alla WoW guild
20:12.59DuTempeteWhat guild was that?
20:12.59Tekkubwe had our own forums cause we hate alla's "Community"
20:13.07Tekkub<Kharma Trolls> on Illidan
20:13.37Tekkubabout all we were good for on alla's forum was nuking people's karma and making any topic go off topic on page one
20:13.47DuTempeteI didn't really follow any of the crossover guilds when I started playing WoW
20:14.00Tekkubwe weren't exactly crossover
20:14.16Tekkubthe founders were all FFXI refugees before open beta even started
20:14.23DuTempeteeeeew FFXI
20:14.30Tekkubthen they hit endgame and, surprize, imploded
20:14.31DuTempeteI tried that for about 30 minutes
20:14.46Tekkuball the leaders left, they handed me GM and /gquit
20:14.59Tekkubthat's the worst thing you can do to someone
20:15.07DuTempeteOh, I know.
20:15.24TekkubI never leveled past 35 there either, I dispised PvP
20:15.33Tekkubnever went out into contested territory
20:15.44DuTempeteIllidan is PvP? or are you talking about the general feel of the game?
20:15.56Tekkubit's PvP
20:16.11DuTempeteYeah, after I quit WoW the first time, my friends joined a pvp server
20:16.16DuTempeteIt can really suck ass at times
20:16.19Tekkubif it wasn't $25/ea I'd move my 30ish's off there
20:16.23DuTempetebut I take it out on them
20:16.28Tekkubthey should prorate transfers
20:16.44Tekkubwith a min req of like lv 20
20:16.56KirkburnSkipinder the Punjabi Kangaroo :P
20:17.04DuTempetelol Kirk
20:22.40SkosirisTeomyr: The format of the tooltips in the xml feeds is now final. Please let me know when you start working on this, I will send you the CSS file you need so tooltips are displayed correctly
20:23.07Teomyrokay, thanks :)
20:24.03Teomyri'm still thinking about what would be the best syntax to use to call the tooltips
20:24.54Teomyrthe <tooltip ...>...</tooltip> syntax (parser extension) has a serious issue, namely you can't use templates within the tooltip's anchor or content
20:25.20Teomyrsince they were never intended to be parsed. you'd need an ugly patch to mediawiki for that
20:27.07DuTempeteok, on the AoE categorizing... AoE type, cooldown, and cast time don't change per raink that I know of... can anyone think of a spell in which it does w/o talents?
20:29.39DuTempeteSo what I think is that I'll just have a parameter for wave/AoE dmg, to differentiate from DD and DoT dmg
20:30.03DuTempetesince DD's are one shot, and DoTs are described with the total damage they deal... AoEs are described using the dmg per wave
20:30.38DuTempeteAm I right about that?
20:30.51Kirkburn<kid standing in pouring rain having run outside to see Skipinder> "C'mon Skip, what did you want to show me?" ..... "It's raining! Hahahahaha!" <Skipinder runs off>
20:31.27TeomyrDuTempete: i think so
20:31.56DuTempeteDammit Kirk... you're going to make me install my IRC client on my desktop PC, aren't you...
20:32.11KirkburnYou need that to watch YouTube?
20:36.14*** join/#wowwiki infobot (i=ibot@pdpc/supporter/active/TimRiker/bot/apt)
20:36.14*** topic/#wowwiki is Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | Current project: edit and organise class pages! | Go vote!
20:36.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+v infobot] by ChanServ
20:37.45DuTempeteKirk... you should make a video where Lassie and Skippy duke it out.
20:37.51Adysinfobot, good morning
20:38.01infobotGood morning, good! Have a cookie... oh no! The cookie jar is dry!
20:38.04Kirkburn~slap Kitan|Work
20:38.20infobotACTION slaps Kitan|Work, keep your grubby fingers to yourself!
20:38.23Teomyr<-- needs a world clock widget or something
20:45.14winkillerI love Necrosis, you just have to change the summon messages
20:45.45winkillerlike for fel: What do you get when you mix Lassie and a Gnome Mage? Kiiyum of course...
20:54.13DuTempeteHrmm... can a template parameter have more than one argument?
20:54.15DuTempetewell, more than one value
20:54.39DuTempeteto use the correct lingo
20:55.10DuTempetelike {{{param1,param2,param3}}} ?
20:55.50DuTempeteor |Param= 1,2,3?
20:58.36*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:58.50KirkburnThese are absolutely awesome -
21:12.51*** join/#wowwiki Gak (
21:25.57foxlitHm, rather than removing DB sites from elinks, should just use a single row of logos for every site that cares to use standard ids
21:30.58*** part/#wowwiki Kaos_ (
21:33.15Kirkburnfoxlit, intriguing idea
21:37.59Hobinheim|workomg skippy should kick that kid
21:58.37winkilleroh yeah!
21:58.41winkillerTunic of Assassination
21:58.53winkillerafter 3 runs and 3 weeks of trying to get a grouop together
22:04.25Adys <3
22:10.12Kirkburn2.1.0 professions preview!
22:10.19KirkburnThe fishing changes are yay!
22:10.41KirkburnAdys, nice work :P
22:16.10sancushaha, epic engineering goggles
22:16.24Teomyrfishing changes ftw!
22:17.56Teomyr<span title="#tooltip_1234">This shows the tooltip on mouseover</span> <div id="tooltip_1234" class="tooltip">This is the tooltip's content</div>
22:18.01Teomyrwhat do you think about that syntax?
22:18.18Teomyri have to abuse the 'title' tag a little
22:18.49Teomyri'd love to use xml namespaces, but xhtml doesn't permit it
22:19.55*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
22:19.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
22:22.03*** join/#wowwiki Skyfire (
22:22.26Skyfirehas everyone seen ?
22:28.16foxlit"Fishing has been removed from Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley. " cry!
22:29.03Skyfiregg honor farmers (or w/e you call them these days)
22:29.27foxlit<3 Skinning higher level creatures will give more leather; you will no longer get a single leather scrap.
22:30.33foxlitAlthough LW is still pretty annoying past 365
22:35.59winkillerlol, I skinned the Kara random beast boss for 1 scrap 2 days ago
22:36.13foxlitOnly place that's been decent is BM
22:36.47foxlitAnd that's probably because it's an instance
22:41.20Skyfireok, who killed the wiki?!
22:43.04*** join/#wowwiki DuTempete (
22:45.44Bleeterme! it failed to deliver coffee
22:45.53Skyfirethat's mean
22:46.02Skyfiredutempete, did you have alook at that infobox?
22:46.22DuTempetewhat do you mean?
22:46.34DuTempetewait, which infobox?
22:46.35Skyfirehave a look at the discussion for the warlock project
22:46.58DuTempeteI was just waiting for my watchlist to load =P
22:47.16DuTempeteHeh... still waiting...
22:47.39DuTempetegogo, speedywiki!!
22:47.46Skyfireyeah... someone killed the wiki!
22:47.54Skyfirebleeter confessed...
22:49.05*** join/#wowwiki Sky2042 (
22:49.42DuTempeteOh yeah, it's really broken
22:49.51DuTempetehey Sky2042
22:50.21DuTempetemain page isn't loaded right, and login keeps taking me to the fuxxored main page
22:50.32Sky2042i made it work
22:50.42DuTempeteoh, much better now
22:51.06DuTempeteWhat did  you do to break it? =P
22:51.12DuTempeteI know I know, I'm trying to get there! =P
22:51.27Sky2042click the link!
22:52.06DuTempeteOoh, we've been found by Kitanbot!
22:54.06DuTempeteOh yeah, I saw that infobox earlier today, it's pretty good.
22:54.36DuTempeteI was gonna wait to see what others said about it before I went and slapped a link on the project page
22:55.05DuTempeteActually, I'll go and throw it on the discussion page
23:12.50DuTempeteOn the kitanbot thing, we just had a couple pages that the bot changed from elinks to elinks-quest
23:12.57Skyfireruh roh
23:18.01KirkburnIs that a mistake or what?
23:18.47KirkburnActually, I'm off for now
23:24.35*** join/#wowwiki Shadowed (n=outlaw@
23:29.16Adysnn ppl
23:39.34Teomyr"horde orcs are cool" wow, how descriptive
23:40.13Skyfireyou should look at
23:40.22Skyfirei are reverting
23:40.46Skyfireoh, and can you ban the uploader? he vandalized
23:42.04Skosirisis this kind of vandalism frequent?
23:42.26Teomyri remember someone moving "Gruul the Dragonslayer" to "Gruul the STUPID DragonFUCKER"
23:42.41Skyfirei think that was the on wheels vandal
23:43.05Skyfireyes, skosiris, it's even expected of wikis... you should look at what happens on wikipedia
23:43.07*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:45.25Skosirisit shouldn't be allowed to "shorten" an article that much
23:45.31*** join/#wowwiki Kept (n=htr@
23:45.51Skosirisunless the user is an admin, of course
23:46.11Skyfirecan't do much about it
23:46.18Teomyrwell, sometimes that is necessary, for example for archiving discussions, splitting up pages, redirecting...
23:46.32Skyfireunless there is (somewhere inbetween mediawiki 1.6 and 1.9) a change to that
23:46.58Teomyrit would be a lot worse if wowwiki didn't require registration :P
23:47.22Skyfirehowever, 1.9 does have that neat feature that allows you to see on the RC list how many bytes have been removed or added in the article.
23:47.29Skyfirethat's what i really want/
23:47.53sancusUPDATE articles set content=NULL;
23:47.59sancusshort enough?!?!?
23:48.19Teomyr is a good start
23:48.44foxlitA large part of my editing would show up as removes, really.
23:48.59foxlitToo much redundant content in some articles.
23:49.08Skyfirewho are you, btw?
23:49.32foxlitOn RC/Skip anyway, so you don't see me.
23:49.32Skyfirethought so
23:50.05foxlitGuilty of making [[Argent Dawn]] a giant mess :P
23:51.44foxlitHm, that page needs some serious fixing
23:52.26Skyfiremy god
23:52.30Skyfirethat is the truth
23:52.46foxlitKeep in mind, most of that was around 1.11
23:52.56foxlitSo fancy reputation tables weren't around :P
23:53.07Skyfirebut still
23:55.10foxlit was uglier
23:55.26foxlitSo overall it's a positive change
23:56.42foxlitLinkfarm articles are overrated
23:57.33foxlitAnd makes me weep
23:58.18Bleeterwtf?! "This article concerns content exclusive to The Burning Crusade."
23:59.35DuTempetespeaking of the TBC template...
23:59.44DuTempeteWhat qualifies for that?
23:59.44foxlit"In order to give players some of the content they'd need for the expansion, including the new honor system and the new LFG system, patch 2.0.1 was released December 5th, 2006[1]
23:59.45Skyfirenot on items dutempete
23:59.51Skyfirenot on quests either, i think

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