IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070406

00:02.46MatthewSdefine raiding
00:03.23Skyfirethat's specific
00:03.39MatthewSwell, i have a mage at 70. he drops into K now and then.  nothing regular though
00:03.54KirkburnWait, did someone say .co is a second level domain
00:04.00MatthewSit can be
00:04.01Skyfirewho? is an ending, like .com
00:04.31KirkburnIt's the UK equivalent of .com
00:04.55MatthewSit's also colombia
00:06.35Skyfirethen i think you should beat that editor over the head with a big stick
00:09.20cheesewedgei thought about starting a mage
00:10.00Skyfiremages ftw
00:10.06Skyfireeven if we are a bitchy bunch :]
00:12.45Skyfirekirkburn > angry ogre
00:13.00KirkburnThat was quick
00:13.11Skyfireoh, i'm a rc spammer ;P
00:13.27SkyfireF5 ftw!
00:14.53cheesewedgeis the undead a better a better class for mages?
00:15.31Skyfireits generally seen as the best for a mage, yes
00:15.46Skyfirethey all have their perques (perks?)
00:18.58KirkburnMind if I remove the black bar from all the class articles? It's completely pointless
00:19.02Skyfirenow how the hell...
00:19.07Skyfirefeel free
00:19.11Skyfirei've been thinking the same thing
00:19.52Skyfirenotice anything unusual about the tooltip on this item?
00:20.10KirkburnSky, you planning on redoing other class articles?
00:20.19KirkburnOr was that a one off?
00:20.32KirkburnArgh, can you help remove the banners, getting slowness
00:20.36Skyfiresomething like the former; i'll fix grammar and such
00:21.00Skyfirei did mage primarily because its the class i know best :]
00:21.33Skyfirethe banner's not a template, is it?
00:22.26Skyfirehmm... i actually had an idea for a new template... >:)
00:23.31Skyfireme2, me2
00:23.47Skyfireand im hungr -_-
00:24.18Skyfireokie dokie, paladins getting an overhaul
00:25.13Skyfirei wonder...
00:25.17KirkburnI really need to sleep, so I'll leave you with that :)
00:25.24Skyfireyou're just lazy :P
00:26.47SkyfirePriest is broken...
00:27.15KirkburnIt might be a good idea to get the class icon on there somewhere I suppose
00:28.42Skyfireit's on the header on the right ;P
00:30.42Skyfirei'm not so sure about getting rid of {{icon}} outside of the template
00:30.55Skyfireconsider every talent page :/
00:31.06Skyfireand it could be useful here as well
00:32.18KirkburnI have no idea what you're talking about
00:35.52Skyfirethere's something on every page i'd like to incorporate
00:35.55Skyfirethis could be fun
00:46.51*** join/#wowwiki Kitan (
00:47.36Skyfirehiiiiiiiiiii kitan
00:49.38KirkburnIf you find that black band elsewhere, get rid of it
00:49.58KirkburnThat whole design thing is like 2 years old and awful ... AWFUL :(
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00:52.23KarriusAnyone know how Judgement of the Crusader works? Is it equivalent to getting +Spell Damage gear?
00:52.32Adysyes karrius
00:52.34Adysi believe
00:52.47KarriusAnd I assume, then, that Retribution Aura has no coefficient.
00:53.17Skyfirei think that is correct
00:53.41Adysdont think retrib aura gains from spelldmg
00:54.05KarriusI just got Ret Aura, and I noticed Judgement of the Crusader wasn't upping its damage
00:54.36Skyfirebooooooo kirk ;p
00:54.40KitanAdys, is there any caveat to the elinksquest bot request update like there was with Quality?
00:54.48Adyshow you mean?
00:55.15Skyfirehmm, do we have it said anywhere that "If you notice someone activvely editing a page, please try to refrain from editing it yourself"?
00:55.19KitanWell I should wait so I don't do useless edits for quality
00:55.33Kitanwondering if there is anything similar for elinksquest etc
00:55.42Skyfireas a matter of courtesy
00:55.55AdysKitan, nah
00:56.08AdysGo ahead, only if you're bored
00:56.32Kitanonly if I am bored?
00:56.37Adysyes :P
00:57.09Skyfirewell, having to merge text into someone else's edit adys, is not only annoying, but can also be painstaking. I usually just copy paste over theirs, but sometimes that just isn't possible.
00:57.27Kitanwell there are a couple of mods I need to do to the bot.  But I think after elinks it will be mostly algorithms and not so much bot changes.
00:57.44AdysSkyfire: thats mediawiki sucking, mostly
00:58.07Kitanspeaking of that... showing my ignorance here.. but templates are either all lower case or Upper first letter and then lower the rest of the word generally?  I made the assumption they could be any combination of case and that was definately not the way the clubs worked
00:58.38Skyfirethey can be any combination, but its good policy to leave them all lowercase
00:58.45Skyfireit says that somewhere :/
00:58.50KirkburnThe first letter does not matter
00:59.12Kitan{{500ClUb}} would not template out like {{500club}}
00:59.29KirkburnBut as a general rule, lowercase the first letter
00:59.40AdysWell depends
00:59.43Skyfiremost templates are case sensitive
00:59.49Adysin templates with a LOT of named arguments
00:59.52Skyfirethere is a function to not make it case sensitive
00:59.59Skyfirelet me see if i can find it
01:00.07Adysits nice having the template calls {{Uppercase}} since all the args are {{{lowercase}}}
01:00.22AdysSee {{tooltip}}
01:00.38Skyfire{{Tooltip}} works as well as {{tooltip}}
01:00.44KirkburnBah, I should be sleeping
01:00.49AdysNot what i meant skyfire
01:00.52Skyfirewe know
01:00.53KirkburnMaybe ttyl 2moro, who knows
01:00.56AdysSee the code of the template tooltip
01:00.57Skyfirethat's what i thought :/
01:00.59Adyslaters kirk
01:01.03Adysill try and check up ww:el
01:01.22Kitanactually case sensitive is easier for me
01:01.26KitanI just assumed for it not to be
01:01.34Kitanltaer Kirk
01:01.48Skyfire it seems fandyllic would appreciate an answer :)
01:02.33Skyfireother than that, have a good nite kirk
01:03.45*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | 2.0.12 notes: | Current project: edit and organise class pages!
01:04.45KirkburnFormer, I think
01:05.11Skyfirewhat's the name of that function?
01:05.30Skyfirethe one to make a template non-case sensitive
01:05.32*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
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01:05.53Adystheres some shit like that, i dont think its for templates tho
01:05.55KitanI don't need a non case sensitive one.
01:06.15Skyfireit's included in more than a few adys
01:06.18Skyfirewe know kitan
01:06.21Kitanno need to look.. I just thought that they were and didn't want to miss it if someone put {{500ClUb}} or some such in there
01:06.22Kitanoh ok
01:06.24Skyfireit's just bugging me :)
01:06.38KitanI did miss Hob's personal template
01:06.52Adyswhere, skyfire?
01:07.34Skyfirenvm... i know its out there though
01:07.38Adysincluded where?
01:07.38Skyfirelet me dig around :)
01:09.31Skyfireit was a chat between vyso and zeal, or possibly zeal and vargh. somewhere... argh
01:10.06Skyfiregot it
01:10.18Skyfireit must be quality
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01:11.15Adysheya skosiris
01:12.00Skyfireno.... not quality
01:12.35Skyfire{{lc}} Adys
01:15.29*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
01:15.42AdysI see yes
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01:47.09Kitanskyfire are you Sky on the wiki?
01:56.41TekkubHey Adys
01:56.52Tekkub'site' is not meant to be optional :)
01:57.12Adysit is, if 2 exists then site shouldnt exist
01:58.00Tekkubwell 2 can prolly be dropped
01:58.16Adysooh i think i see
01:58.29TekkubI was aiming for {{Elink|http://...|site name|Description goes here}}
01:58.38Tekkubbut '=' in a link fucks it up
01:58.44Tekkubso it has to be link=blah
01:58.59Adyshehe, i use tinyurl generally for that
01:59.00Tekkubso I made em all named... so number could be nixed entirely
01:59.27Tekkuba tinyurl for an elink doesn't sound good
01:59.38AdysSo {{{site|External link}}} ?
01:59.42Tekkubalmost sounds like you're trying to hide the real domain...
01:59.45*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
02:00.00Tekkubif you want, but I think lite name should be required
02:00.06Gryphenalso have to think beyond what you use, not a lot of tinyurl used
02:00.14Tekkubwe want people to know where they're going
02:00.26Adysit wasnt really a solution proposal ;)
02:00.38Adystinyurls are not always fiable either
02:00.41AdysI just use that
02:00.43Tekkubwell if it wasn't a problem, why'd ya go fixing it? :)
02:00.54AdysNo, the tinyurl stuff tekk :P
02:01.04Tekkubmeslow today
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02:37.25Kitanhello too
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02:41.02Bagginswwhmm us servers are down?
02:51.40Hobinheim|workkitan, what template did i do?
02:52.11Kitanyou had {{Hobinheim/bio}} and my bot didn't follow the template to modify your {{2500club}}
02:52.38KitanBaggins... my wife and mother in law are playing now
02:53.26Kitanon us servers
02:53.46Hobinheim|playi don't follo
02:55.37Adysah got it
02:55.41Adyswas an includeonly
02:56.55KitanMy bot was changing {{2500club}} to {{Wwclub|2500}}
02:57.12Kitansince your template had it as include only it only showed on the whatlinkshere page as your user page.
02:57.14Adyscomp melting up, and brains aswell
02:57.16Adysnn peeps
02:57.20Kitanand my bot didn't follow your template link
02:57.30Kitanto modify the template you were using
02:57.31Kitanlater adys
02:58.39Kitanunderstand now? :)
02:58.45KitanI think you were a 2500
02:58.50Kitanbut possibly not
03:00.43Kitannods anyway?
03:00.43Hobinheim|playyes very interesting
03:00.45Kitancome on hob!
03:01.40Kitanthough the switch to lighttpd totally horked me for a few hours
03:01.44KitanI was confused as freeb
04:18.50*** join/#wowwiki Viper007Bond (
04:24.56Shirikpotters? As in someone who makes a pot?
04:25.34Shirikso I would assume "to potter" means to make someone who makes a pot?
04:25.40ShirikHe must be a mad scientist
04:26.41Psyker7It wasn't me... I swear....
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04:59.04JunkHead-WorkI r @ wrk now!
05:23.45*** join/#wowwiki Skyfire (
05:26.31Shiriks'il te plait, parler français ou anglais; je ne peux pas comprendre otres langues
05:31.25Skyfiregryphen , tekkub , hobinheim|play , or kirkburn|afk ?
05:31.37Shiriksure, not me :(
05:31.39ShirikI see how it is
05:31.52Skyfireyou =! admin
05:32.06Shirik=! will give you = (!admin)
05:32.42Skyfiretimes like these i wouldn't mind being an admin blgh
05:34.35Skyfirewtb admin, pst
05:34.44*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
05:35.38Skyfirevandals are funnnnnny
05:35.48Skyfirethis change actually made me laugh
05:36.00Skyfirehe's got a point :D
05:40.04KarriusIt seems to me like you shouldn't have those other statements without proof, not that you should remove them when you find proof otherwise...
05:40.26Skyfirehe edited the vandals list to say that i'm the one vandalizing the pages
05:40.50Skyfiregoddamn admins
05:40.56Skyfirenever on when you need them
05:42.41Skyfirety gryphen
05:42.52Skyfirecan you delete his talk page too :x
05:43.04Skyfirethough I must say, it was entertaining
05:58.07sancusyeah that talk page is kinda backwards
05:58.20sancusYou need proof to make claims, not to deny them :P
05:59.52Skyfireoh well
06:00.06Skyfirei still thought the thing was funny after he found the vandals page
06:00.18Skyfirewhile i was watching, no less.
06:00.18sancusthat edit is funny
06:00.34sancusalthough tbh I'm not even sure the orange sword isnt still the best tank weapon
06:00.38sancusit might be
06:00.53KarriusIt's not, really.
06:00.55Skyfirei don't think so
06:01.00Skyfirethe proc got nerfed in .10
06:01.20Skyfiredon't know how much, but probably a significant amount
06:01.49sancusI realize the proc got nerfed
06:02.03sancusIt was the best pre-tbc tank weapon by leaps and bounds, anyway
06:02.07KarriusHonestly, it's more something I might want on a rogue, really.
06:02.18KarriusThere are too many good tanking weapons, even though the proc is badass
06:02.19sancusno, it doesn't do much dps compared to a real weapon
06:02.29KarriusEh, maybe not a rogue.
06:02.29sancusno there's not
06:02.37KarriusNo there's not good tanking weapons?
06:02.51sancusThere was nothing even close to TF pre-tbc
06:03.00KarriusI'm not talking pre.
06:03.12sancuspost-tbc, the weapon is useless if its not the best tank weapon anymore
06:03.22sancusBecause it wasn't any good for a rogue or dps warrior even before tbc
06:03.33sancusnaxx weapons were significantly superior
06:03.49KarriusThe issue more is: a 20% reduced attack speed proc is totally badass, but there are tank weapons that have some major stats on them.
06:04.11sancusthat's not the issue :)
06:04.20KarriusI get what you're saying.
06:04.21KarriusDPS is too low.
06:05.12sancusthe slow isnt even why it was good
06:05.22sancusthat stopped being the real reason when they made Thunder Clap comparable
06:05.31sancusI think it's actually better now, heh
06:05.36sancus(they dont stack)
06:05.51Skyfirei lyke the orangeness, and the general look of the weapon... :O
06:06.24sancusThe reason it ruled was because a tank with TF produced far more threat than any other tank could ever hope to
06:06.39sancusBecause the proc produced considerably more threat than its actual dps implied it should
06:06.53*** join/#wowwiki |Pixel| (i=pixel@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Pixel)
06:08.05sancusthat's why they nerfed it in .10
06:08.36KarriusSpeaking of big, heavy weapons... do we have any pally players hear tonight?
06:09.58KarriusEven if it's just mid-level
06:13.21Skyfirewarlock qqing = rogue pewpewing
06:15.47Karriuslol wut
06:16.09Skyfiresee above link
06:16.22Karriuslol wut
06:17.00*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
06:17.48KarriusOk, I have to say.
06:17.57KarriusWho the hell designed the paladin class? He had to have been on crack.
06:18.19Skyfireit was different in beta... so blame the sony devs :]
06:18.36KarriusIt's not so much the usual complaints, no, it's far geekier.
06:18.47KarriusPaladins have a lot of seals, judgements, and blessings that give +s to other effects
06:18.58KarriusSome of these +s are PRE spell coefficient. Some are POST spell coefficient.
06:19.02KarriusThere's no telling which is which.
06:19.18Skyfirel2p nub lol
06:19.27Karriuslol wut
06:19.27Skyfirepoke around on the Paladin forums
06:19.33KarriusI might catch something.
06:20.19Skyfiresrsly, they won't bite
06:20.59Skyfireat least look for a guide; if they don't have one, then post something "I was wondering about the auras and judgments and shit"
06:21.29JunkHead-WorkPaladin questions?
06:21.46JunkHead-WorkI doubt I can help but I'll try.
06:21.52KarriusI'm trying to get a handle on the math and the build suggestions for a paladin.
06:21.54KarriusWell, for starters.
06:22.09KarriusI'm leveling retribution, obviously.
06:22.16JunkHead-WorkI can't help on math.
06:22.28JunkHead-WorkI let people with far more time than I do come up with that crap.
06:22.33KarriusIs Vindication worth it? How much do monsters really rely on str and agil?
06:22.47KarriusShirik- Heh, I've seen that before.
06:22.54JunkHead-WorkYup. I figured I wouldn't be able to help you. I was right.
06:22.57JunkHead-Work<-- Holy.
06:23.05KarriusYou leveled holy?
06:23.08Skyfireholy > ret
06:23.10JunkHead-WorkYes I did.
06:23.12Skyfirefor leveling too ^^
06:23.19Skyfiremy brother did it that way :]
06:23.20KarriusYou'd suggest it, then?
06:23.26JunkHead-WorkI leveled from 1-70 almost all holy.
06:23.29KarriusOr is this like what I did with my warrior, and leveled prot?
06:23.35JunkHead-WorkI won't suggest it.
06:23.44JunkHead-WorkBecause it's all I've done.
06:23.46KarriusI likewise won't suggest leveling a prot warrior.
06:23.52JunkHead-WorkI have no idea if prot or ret is better.
06:24.04JunkHead-WorkI have nothing to compare it to.
06:24.15Skyfirekarrius, it should be a ret/holy mix i think. i can check with my bro later
06:24.18KarriusHow good were you? Able to handle elite mobs?
06:24.26JunkHead-WorkIf you want to lvl fast, don't go holy grind.
06:24.32KarriusSky- I'm level 17 right now. I'm probablly just going to be one spec for now.
06:24.35JunkHead-WorkIf you want to be hard to kill... holy is fine.
06:24.49KarriusI sure as heck intend to get holy stuff way later on, and maybe respec if I ever do hit 70
06:24.52JunkHead-WorkAnd yes I can usually handle an elite of my lvl or 1 lvl below me.
06:25.12JunkHead-WorkAlso today, I did quests in Shadowmoon Valley.
06:25.30JunkHead-WorkYou know those Blood Elf guys on the temple, the ones that duel each other?
06:25.39JunkHead-WorkI managed to get 5-6 of thos eon me at once.
06:25.49JunkHead-WorkBy accident.
06:25.52JunkHead-WorkBut I still lived.
06:25.56KarriusMy paladin is intended to be a "Level when noone needs a Mage, and eventually heal, maybe."
06:26.09JunkHead-WorkWas out of mana but I still have 1500-2000 hp left.
06:26.12Skyfirelern2aoegrind ;P
06:26.17Skyfiremages love healer
06:26.56JunkHead-WorkMy Mage was specced for AOE, but I respecced her recently.
06:27.21*** join/#wowwiki LadySerena (
06:28.06KarriusMy current main is a mage, and I feel like beating shit with a sword once again.
06:28.14KarriusAnd paladin is the only class I didn't really try out for long.
06:28.27JunkHead-WorkMy Paladin doesn't hit very hard.
06:28.39KarriusLeveling druid was boring, priest was so much fun for WSG but I'm not doing that again, did a warrior on another server...
06:28.41JunkHead-WorkBut still manages to take down mobs due to seal of vengeance and such.
06:29.10JunkHead-WorkAnd Holy Shock helps too of course.
06:29.13Skyfireleveling a druid was boring... have fun with a paladin... not. :X
06:29.49KarriusPaladin isn't bad so far.
06:29.55*** join/#wowwiki drin (
06:30.17JunkHead-WorkPaladin grinding is easy. Or at least for me it was. It was slow, but relatively easy.
06:32.13Karrius...ok, this is probablly something that shouldn't belong, but.
06:32.17KarriusWoWWiki, on Seal of Blood:
06:32.17KarriusThe Paladin Retribution talents Sanctity Aura, Vengeance, and Crusade all affect the damage dealt by this seal, and also doubly affect the returned damage component of this seal, making the returned damage more than the 10% stated on this seal's tooltip. This has been regarded as a feature, not a bug.
06:33.47JunkHead-WorkI don't even know what Seal of Blood does.
06:33.57JunkHead-WorkAlliance's Seal is different.
06:34.06KarriusHorde seal. It gives you a large holy damage buff, but you take 10% of the damage in return
06:34.08*** part/#wowwiki MatthewS (
06:35.40JunkHead-WorkThe Ally seal is a debuff that stacks.
06:35.56JunkHead-WorkAnd it does a DOT depending on how many are stacked.
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11:32.05Kirkburn|afkRight, I'm off
11:32.14Kirkburn|afkNo idea when I'll be back
11:32.18Kirkburn|afkMonday probably
11:32.22JunkHead-WorkBye bye!
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13:13.18AdysExpanded a bit ~
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14:29.05Kitanhello all
14:29.21Tuqui-tuquihi Kitan :)
14:34.22Kitanwhat is wrong with the file?
14:34.32Teomyrit's in jpeg format
14:34.54Teomyricons should be in PNG format, and there is already a png version
14:35.14Teomyrthat's the reaction i expected
14:35.50Teomyrlol @ RC
14:35.51Kitanmy bad
14:36.19Adysthats why i insisted to get {{icon}} a default extension and different ones with ext=
14:37.34*** join/#wowwiki LSerena (
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14:47.20LysistrataDoes anyone know how much Dwarf Rep all the Uldaman QUests give?
14:52.02Adysmost quests gave 200 rep while i was still low level, but i think its been upped since the patch
14:52.16LysistrataHmmm OK, thanks ^^
14:52.26LysistrataSo I guess it will be 350 like many other ...
14:52.45LysistrataDamn that will just be 2100 REP >_< Geee ... gotta search for more dwarf quests %)
14:54.55*** join/#wowwiki schlort (
14:57.11KitanAdys I have a questoin?
14:57.15Kitanone minute
14:58.12Kitanso right now {{elinksquest}} needs to be replaced with {{elinks-quest}}
14:58.44Kitanwhich in theory should be {{elinks|links={{elinks-quest|1234}}}}
14:59.13Adys== External links == {{elinks-quest|1234}}
14:59.22Kitanit refers to the elinks template
14:59.28Adysdont bother with {{elinks}} it will probably be removed soon
14:59.32Adysaye but its what we use atm
15:00.02Kitanso it should just be replaced with == External links == {{}} ok... and any other external links should just be left under it?
15:00.39Kitanlike goblin workshop is there
15:00.46Kitanunderneath elinksquest
15:01.04Adyskill gws links
15:01.38Adysits a shit database, using names instead of IDs
15:02.24Adysthere we go
15:02.35Kitankill all other external links near elinksquest?
15:02.39Kitanor just gws?
15:03.05Adyshm, well
15:03.13Adysi doubt any external link can be useful for quests
15:03.22Adysand theres really not that many, a hundred if not less
15:03.30Adysso just kill all external links
15:03.44AdysSpeaking of external links
15:03.52AdysTekkub, Gryphen, ping
15:04.04AdysExternal links should allow the user to see different opinions and/or informations about something specific in the game. If the website linked contains only information already present on the wiki, the link should not be present. If the information comes specifically from a certain website, the website should be cited as a source link at the end of the section concerned.
15:04.04AdysWhile we do want as much information as possible on the wiki, inaccuracy (such as droprates) or opinions (such as discussions about speculations) should be reserved for outside websites. The {{discussiontab}} page should be used only to discuss which version is the most neutral and will be present on the main article.
15:04.07AdysLinked websites are under the [[WW:DNP|DNP]] policy aswell, and links will be removed if the website is considered as violating this policy.
15:04.21AdysFrom WW:EL
15:04.49Kitanyeha I just scanned that
15:04.53Kitanpage... when reading it
15:04.57Kitanfigured it applied here
15:05.28Tekkubfine by me
15:07.03*** join/#wowwiki amro_ (n=amro@
15:09.56Kitanwhy is {{elinks}} going away soon?
15:10.44Kitanalso, I hate to be picky Adys but you didn't put the == External Links == on the page you changed for me as an example.  I just want to get the bot algorithm correct is all. :)
15:10.55Kitanno reason to propogate badness
15:11.03Adysno my bad :P
15:11.28Kitanheh.. I could just see me saying, Hey guys I modded 12313423512353426 quest pages... and have someone say that they are all wrong. :-P
15:11.55Adyslowercase L btw
15:11.59Adys== External links ==
15:18.31*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|play (
15:18.40Hobinheim|playmy internet is cutting out again
15:18.42Hobinheim|playi can barely stay online =(
15:18.53Hobinheim|workthe fact that i just typed that is a miracle
15:18.56Hobinheim|workon 34th st
15:19.30Kitanwas santa there ?  Did you sit on his lap while you typed it?
15:19.30AdysTeomyr, ping
15:19.45Hobinheim|worksanta had an affair with my mom and left my home in shambles. it's just me, dad, and my dog sparky
15:19.57Kitansorry to here that :)
15:20.01Hobinheim|workdon't smile!
15:20.08Hobinheim|worksanta has the same letters as satan
15:20.10Kitanmy bad :(
15:20.35Hobinheim|workcome to think of it, kitan sounds like satan
15:24.57Kitanok another question... what about pages like,, which use questbox?
15:25.09TeomyrAdys, pong
15:25.14Adysanyone able to see ?
15:25.20Adyskitan ill check in a sec
15:25.29Adysteomyr, question
15:25.42AdysWhen you click an item link
15:25.57Adyswhy should you have stuff like the crafter, charges left or locked/open informations
15:26.08Adyswhen this doesnt appear on the tooltip?
15:26.19KitanI get a JavaScript error on that page Adys
15:27.32Teomyradys, i don't quite get what you mean. in-game item links in chat?
15:27.40Adysok sec
15:28.59Adyswhy should these informations be present on the tooltip?
15:29.12Teomyri doubt they are
15:30.09Teomyrthat information is normally only shown if you inspect someone, for example, which doesn't use item links
15:31.01AdysIll do a test, im in game atm
15:33.36Adysteomyr, ping
15:33.42Teomyrthe comment at the bottom of the page makes sense. it might be a reference to an internal record with extra information, which may or may not be visible to players
15:33.48AdysOk basically
15:33.59AdysI linked an item with the /run function in [[ItemLink]]
15:34.10Adys17:33:36 "|cff1eff00|Hitem:22462:0:0:0:0:0:0:265030345|h[Runed Adamantite Rod]|h|r"
15:34.31Hobinheim|worksomeone keeps adding stuff to the settableall templates
15:34.38Hobinheim|workand it's making it look more ugly than it already is
15:35.09Hobinheim|workthey're supposed to be stripey and sexy, not bloated
15:35.22AdysIll do another test
15:35.47AdysIll first link a boe item not bound yet, and then bind it and link it again
15:35.53Hobinheim|workit's not a matter of the information needing to be in the tooltip
15:36.02Hobinheim|workbut infomation useful forthe game and developers to track items
15:37.52Adys17:37:17 Here's what it really looks like: "|cff1eff00|Hitem:25055:0:0:0:0:0:-16:-2047279074|h[Alexandrite Ring of Stamina]|h|r"
15:37.52Adys17:37:30 [Guild] <AFK>[Adys]: [Alexandrite Ring of Stamina]
15:37.52Adys17:37:31 Here's what it really looks like: "|cff1eff00|Hitem:25055:0:0:0:0:0:-16:-2047279074|h[Alexandrite Ring of Stamina]|h|r"
15:38.05Adyswtf is the -16 for?
15:40.00Teomyrstrange. the suffixid is positive, normally
15:40.15Hobinheim|workwhat item did you link
15:40.27Adys+45 stamina
15:40.54Teomyrthe suffixid being negative is explained on
15:41.47Adyswhat the hell does that mean?
15:42.33Adysdoes that mean it gathers the bonus from the server?
15:42.39Adysinstead of getting it from the client?
15:42.48Teomyrno, only that it's calculated differently
15:42.53Hobinheim|workno the suffix factor base is inside of the unique id
15:42.57Teomyraah, i think i got it. let me check
15:42.59Hobinheim|workit's K times scale
15:43.07Hobinheim|workwhere K is a derived number from unique id
15:43.15Hobinheim|workthe same as before, just different sources of numbers
15:43.36Adysthe uniqueID, thats the last one right?
15:43.57Adysthat would explain why it does have one
15:44.08Adysbut then
15:44.16Adyshow the fuck is it calculated?
15:44.32Hobinheim|workit's explained there in that code paragraph
15:44.42Adysive read it, i still dont get it
15:44.49Hobinheim|workyou extract the new IDs from the unique IDs and use that to recalculate the bonus, new style
15:44.50Teomyrlooks like the suffixFactor is a 2-byte integer
15:45.01Teomyrthat is within the unique ID
15:45.18Teomyrbut i'm getting bogus values
15:49.57Teomyrah, got it! :)
15:50.31*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
15:50.42Teomyron that item, you have a unique-id of -2047279074, which is 0x1e00f985 in hex
15:51.42Teomyron that hex value, the value 0xFFFF0000 is applied using a bitwise AND operation. that means, you get only the first part: 0x1e00
15:52.30Teomyris it wrong? :P
15:55.42Teomyror let's say you get 0x1e000000, which gives the same result. that's 30, and from the ItemRandomSuffix table you get the formula: Enchant 2803: +(suffixFactor * 1.5) Stamina
15:56.12Teomyret voilà, 30*1.5 = 45
15:56.33Teomyrso this number (also) stores the random property of new burning crusade items
15:57.25Teomyror, it could also be that i'm completely wrong and this is just a coincidence :P
15:58.11Hobinheim|workc'mon adys don't you guys have maths at university
16:01.15Teomyrwhat could the other 2 bytes be used for? the ones that are masked out
16:07.27*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
16:16.48Hobinheim|workmaths maths maths
16:16.48Hobinheim|workooga chaka ooga ooga ooga chaka
16:20.52*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
16:21.05Hobinheim|VoodooVOOO DOOOOOO
16:21.24Adys./nick Hobinheim|Drunkagain
16:21.54Hobinheim|Voodootrolls don't drink, do they?
16:22.04Hobinheim|Voodoodwarves drink, absolutely
16:22.15Adystrolls drink weird stuff
16:22.24Adysdwarves smash their faces with booze
16:23.30KitanHob is at work
16:23.35Kitanhe shouldn't be drunk! :)
16:23.42Kitanor his nick had |work before
16:25.09Hobinheim|Voodooi'm not at work anymore
16:25.14Hobinheim|VoodooI'M AT DA VOODOOO!!!!!
16:25.21Hobinheim|Voodooi liked this one too
16:27.06*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|SPAACE (
16:28.30Kitanspace huh hob? :)
16:29.32Hobinheim|SPAACEmy net keeps cutting out
16:30.07KitanI hate tgat
16:31.47ClydeJrlooks like wowhead went down, their links were wonky this morning
16:39.21Teomyrhow dare they
16:42.17Kitanisn't there an unofficial template team?
16:42.45Teomyrthere is an official one
16:44.24Adysfinally getting answers
16:46.07Teomyrthat sounds... really strange oO
16:46.32Hobinheim|SPAACEwhen will the new teams be in place?
16:46.54Hobinheim|SPAACEwait why are there diff languages?
16:46.57Hobinheim|SPAACEare they all seperate threads?
16:47.11Hobinheim|SPAACEif i click french does it automatically translate everyone's posts?
16:47.40Teomyrhave you never been to the european forums?
16:48.01Hobinheim|SPAACEyou shouldn't be sorry that you'r efrench. never be sorry!
16:50.46*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:08.57Teomyri wonder how that poster even got beyond the age verification
17:09.55AdysI wonder how that poster even got beyong starting the computer
17:10.21Teomyri wonder how that poster even got to level 70
17:10.45AdysI wonder how that poster is still alive
17:13.23KitanI wonder how that poster was allowed to be concieved?
17:13.36Kitanwasn't sure out to beat you there Adys
17:14.48Kitancan anyone tell me why Elinks-quest only takes one param id in but elinksquest took two?
17:17.08Adysbecause thottbot used to have selfmade IDs
17:17.21Kitanand no longer does?
17:17.27Kitanthanks Adys
17:55.23*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
17:55.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
18:25.30*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
18:25.30*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
18:29.40*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
18:29.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
18:44.18Hobinheim|SPAACEwhy is there an elinks quest anywya
18:44.23Hobinheim|SPAACEis questbox not good enough?
18:45.31Hobinheim|SPAACEsometimes i think immature people on the internet are actually piloted by highly-intelligent people that like to mix it up
18:45.38Hobinheim|SPAACEi.e. there aren't really any 13 yos on the internet
18:48.34Teomyrmy brother enjoys trolling on the forums, with bad spelling and OMGWTFNERF posts on purpose, just for fun
18:59.48*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
19:15.01ben___"API StartDuelUnit" seems to document a function that does not exist.
19:16.01Teomyrno longer, maybe
19:27.45ben___Do I just remove the link from API?
19:29.47Teomyrno, don't remove it
19:29.58ben___Why not? It is useless and misleading.
19:30.04ben___It is not part of the API.
19:30.21Teomyrput a "REMOVED" in front of it in the api function list
19:30.23ClydeJrMight want to create a section for obsolete functions
19:30.35ClydeJror do that :)
19:30.51Teomyrand there is a category for such functions
19:32.30ben___I guess that is going to come in useful if Blizzard ever reverts to 14 patches ago
19:34.53winkille1Teomyr: sorry I didn't respond earlier - but I meant: I have only enGB atm anf some downloaded some slim installer, which won't install deDE
19:37.23Teomyrslim installer? the ELP?
19:44.00Teomyrseems like there is a new version for wow 2.x, which deprecates the ELP for 1.12. do you have the right one?
19:49.27KitanI am not sure about the elinks quest hob
19:49.30winkille1ughm, there's only 1 download
19:49.32winkille1no ELP anymore
19:49.34*** join/#wowwiki schlort (
19:49.56KitanI think they want something at the bottom as well?
19:51.14Teomyrwinkiller: the account management still has ELPs for all language versions, i don't know whether they're compatible with BC (or if they're still the old ones for 1.12 and below)
19:51.47winkillerbut I don't want an ELP, I want just another install
19:51.57winkillerguess I'll have to install on laptop and copy
19:52.06Teomyrbut for that, you will need the deDE mpq files
19:53.35winkillerwell, I think I have the installer
19:53.36winkilleror blizz's page is misleading
19:53.49Teomyrwell, what's the problem with that installer then?
19:53.49Teomyr<-- slightly confused
19:53.50winkillerit won't install :)
19:54.46winkillerlooks like a check for "already installed"
19:56.47Teomyrthe installer says it's already installed?
20:15.26*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata124 (
20:18.50*** join/#wowwiki nemppu- (
20:20.38winkillernvm, forget it
20:23.31*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:31.24*** join/#wowwiki schlort (
20:56.28*** join/#wowwiki Skyfire (
21:07.15Skyfirethis will be fun
21:26.39Kitanwhat will be fun?
21:28.38Skyfiremaking a template :]
21:29.47Skyfirewhat's a mage's fire armor called?
21:30.06Skyfiremolten armor
21:39.04Skyfirethis should be interesting
21:39.51Hobinheim|SPAACEnot me
21:39.57Skyfireyes, you
21:40.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
21:40.16Hobinheimsorry trillian is identifying me as something else
21:40.17Hobinheimwhat's up
21:40.27Skyfireforcetoc literally forces a toc
21:40.36Skyfireon that page, it's used because of bad coding
21:40.52Skyfirecheck the diff
21:40.59Skyfirethere should be two tocs, i think
21:41.15Skyfirecould be wrong...
21:41.33Hobinheimof course there's a time and place for tokens
21:41.37Hobinheimwritten __LIKETHIS__
21:41.41Hobinheimbut that wasn't a token, it was a template
21:41.53Hobinheimif anything __FORCETOC__
21:42.41Skyfireits like tocleft and right..
21:42.50Hobinheimforcetoc works...
21:43.31Hobinheimtocleft and tocright aren't tokens, they're templates
21:45.16Hobinheimjust trying to prevent discussions of zealot proportions
21:45.25Hobinheim%20 IS A SPACE KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN
21:45.43Hobinheimwere you there for that?
21:45.46Teomyrwtf hax
21:46.05Skyfireyeah, i was here :)
21:46.05Hobinheimtrillian says i'm voodoo
21:47.13Skyfireimo, classfooter is going out of style
21:47.35Skyfiresay hello to v1.0!
21:47.57Hobinheimugh what
21:48.08Hobinheimthat's a bit... =(
21:48.30Skyfirea bit?...
21:49.11Teomyryes, a bit. 7 more and you got a byte!
21:50.52Skyfireaw crud
21:55.47Skyfireit wasn't me
21:55.58Teomyryou no break wiki!
21:57.21Skyfireme no break wiki!
21:57.54Skyfireoh god
22:00.02*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
22:05.14Skyfireill ask kb later, i think
22:14.08Hobinheimi think that mage template is overkill
22:14.40Hobinheimand if it strikes fear in you at all it's not what i intended with that style of template, originally
22:14.44Hobinheimbut i realize that times change
22:18.42Skyfireoriginally, [my] idea was to make a template just for mage spells. but then i decided to add the top bits, to consolidate mage information
22:19.15Skyfireit was supposed to be able to replace
22:19.20Skyfireas well*
22:23.44Hobinheimclassnav might need some pruning, but i wouldn't change it
22:25.39SkyfireI'm think that maybe i should just make it for spells... hmm
22:25.50Skyfireclassfooter really isn't that helpful :/
22:27.02Hobinheimjust... go easy
22:27.07Hobinheimit's... really easy to go overboard
22:27.14Hobinheimand i'm already starting to regret some of the stuff i've made
22:27.18Hobinheimor some of the things its spawned
22:27.24Hobinheimjust cuz we can don't make it a great idea
22:28.01Hobinheimand not comprehensiveness
22:29.01SkyfireI guess wikipedia people can have fun :D
23:04.41Skyfireor Tekkub
23:40.43*** join/#wowwiki erfg (
23:41.13erfgwhats new
23:42.19*** join/#wowwiki snaked (
23:42.33*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (

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