IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070401

00:37.57Kitanhello everyone
01:05.21LadySerenaI don't think I did that bad this week.
01:05.48LadySerenaMonday: lvl 37 -> Today: lvl 44
01:06.04LadySerenaGold gain during week: > 100g
01:06.39Skosirisis it me or the WoWWiki logo is very similar to that yellow double d one? :P
02:39.08Kitansoooo quiet
02:39.35ShirikWay to break the silence
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05:05.16Skyfirelol @ Skosiris
05:05.20Skyfirefunny april fools ;P
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05:06.25Skyfirekirkburn, ye there?
05:07.37Skyfireok, any admin there? :x
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05:10.33Skyfireargh... tekkub or kirkburn|afk >:(
05:11.15Skosirishehe thanks :)
05:11.56Skyfirethe only thing that clued me in was the fact you planned on getting rid of hunters ;P
05:12.04Kirkburn|afkWhat's up?
05:12.42SkosirisDid you notice the Seal over the logo?
05:12.44Skyfirehave a look at kirk. i don't think they were malicious changes, but i'm not sure they're correct changes
05:12.46Skosiris(just wondering if it's visible enough)
05:13.22Skyfirei don't think it's visibleeough :x
05:13.31Skosirismaybe I could have it blink :P
05:15.52Kirkburn|afkI reverted it
05:17.07Kirkburn|afkBit rude to take over someone else's guidl page
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05:17.38Kirkburn|afkThat's what comes of having your other PC go into sleep mode :/
05:17.53Skyfireattack of the kirkburns
05:18.28LadySerenaattack of the kittens!
05:21.00bleeterhope that guild page change wasn't themselves doing an april fool's joke
05:21.20bleetergiven all the edit is on 1st apr, I'd be checking to see if the editor's IP was from norway first ;)
05:21.50Skyfirei made them a new page
05:21.59Skyfirewe can point them there if it happens again :x
05:22.29bleeterum, you created a US page?
05:22.45bleeterif it happens again, it could still easily be the norwegian guild owner making an april fool's joke
05:23.22bleeterjust odd that the website address didn't change, was my ownly observation
05:24.54bleeterok, so there's a 'broda' on 'Kirin Tor'.. so the editor was an idiot for leaving the old website up there
05:36.26Skyfirewe really need to get that guild naming policy finished up. grr
05:36.33Skyfirewtb your vote, pst!
05:39.58Skyfiretemplate:disambig needs a tweak, in the spirit of the wiki disambig :x
05:41.52Kirkburn|afkWow, this guy really got the joke -
05:47.45Kirkburn|afkAnd another -
05:48.15Kirkburn|afkWhat the hell has happened to everyone's sense of humour :/
05:49.22Skyfirei thought servers had their own disambig...
05:49.29Kirkburn|afkThey should do
05:49.39Kirkburn|afkOh, own template?
05:49.41Skyfireserverdis, right?
05:50.51Skyfirei so didn't make an edit that changed a template
05:51.38Skyfirebtw, did you know that adys got rid of {{wrongname}}?
05:57.31Kirkburn|afkHey, MeoWWiki is reported as one of the April Fools jokes on wikipedia :)
05:58.33Skyfirelink it! :)
05:59.16Kirkburn|afk2/3 down
06:00.07Skyfirei might add wowhead's april fools... :)
06:07.29Skyfiream i the only one on right now?
06:13.19Kirkburn|afkMemory Alpha has an Alexa rank of 26,000, I always expected it to be higher
06:13.39Kirkburn|afkWoWWiki is 2,200, Wookiepedia is 1,500
06:13.51Skyfirestar wars wiki > wc wiki
06:15.20Skyfirealexa says it is... did i agree with alexa though?
06:15.53Kirkburn|afkHuh ... rank 1 means most popular website in the world
06:16.05Kirkburn|afkOh wait
06:16.07Kirkburn|afkMisread :P
06:16.21Kirkburn|afk<-- nub
06:16.49Kirkburn|afkInteresting thing is that we get many more /visitors/ than /editors/ compared to other wikis
06:18.06Skyfireis that a good or a bad thing?
06:18.12Skyfireand how would you know that? :X
06:18.49Kirkburn|afkOr at least we have less 'loyal subjects'
06:19.02Kirkburn|afkGiven our rank, we should have many more people commenting
06:19.53Skyfireyou seem... erratic today :x
06:21.07Skyfirecould ye go vote at in your boredness? the unresolved vote is driving me nuts
06:28.17Kirkburn|afkWatching House atm :)
07:00.55*** join/#wowwiki Bibi`ouF (
07:15.26Kirkburn|afkBtw, Blizzard's day has begun :)
07:19.34Skyfirewhat was their joke? :)
07:22.28Skyfiretinfoil hat ftw
07:23.16Skyfirewant me to throw a tooltip of that together?
07:25.42Kirkburn|afkHeh, why not!
07:26.02*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
07:26.35Kirkburn|afkCheck the forums too
07:27.22Skyfireyou want to add an article on april fools, 2007?
07:27.34Skyfirejust a collection of all of blizzards additions :)
07:29.23JunkHead-WorkToo many April Fools jokes.:\
07:30.17*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
07:32.03Kirkburn|afkYeah, there should probably be an April Fools article, but let's get the stuff up first - already have started
07:34.02Skyfirei'm working on tin hat
07:36.25JunkHead-WorkThis also.
07:36.32*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
07:37.22Skyfireyeah, loved that :D
07:37.54JunkHead-WorkAlso, make a note that if you press CTRL + A on the tin hat page, there is a message on the left side.
07:39.21JunkHead-WorkAnd of course, the forum posters all have blue font.
07:40.12JunkHead-WorkAnd blizzard posters are lvl 1's with normal text, and troll avatars.
07:40.39Skyfiresomeone else can add to the tinfoil hat page
07:42.11JunkHead-WorkMy paladin has the Dwarf Avatar.:(
07:49.24Tekkubokey, Black Temple attunement fucking kicks ass
07:52.28Bibi`ouF has been registered ?
07:52.37Bibi`ouFthis is madness !
07:55.00Bibi`ouFi don't know what's pathetic, the possibility that the guy asking this is serious, or the hundred of people who will awnser with "OMG YOU'RE SO STUPID I UNDERSTOOD IT WAS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE AT THE FIRT SIGHT"
07:56.26Kirkburn|afkLol @  .... look at the UK version (option top right)
07:58.33Skyfirei don't think the op was joking bibi... :x
07:58.36Bibi`ouFdon't steal my hope.
07:59.27Bibi`ouFJunkHead-Work : first laugh of the day, i would hug you if i could
08:00.10Bibi`ouF(and omg, BBC website is ugly :/)
08:00.37Kirkburn|afkI don't think most people visit
08:00.41Kirkburn|afkThey go to
08:01.07Skyfire is dnp, isn't it?
08:09.05JunkHead-WorkOh wow...
08:09.12JunkHead-WorkThis just kicks ass.
08:09.27JunkHead-Work24000x12000 jpeg of the planet.
08:09.35Bibi`ouFThe image blablablablablablabla cannot be displayed because it contains error
08:09.53JunkHead-WorkAww... Broken.:\
08:10.01JunkHead-WorkI'll check back on that oe later.
08:10.13Bibi`ouFit probably insta-killed the bandwith
08:12.36Bibi`ouFactually no, it seems to be quite old :/
08:16.47*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
08:18.04JunkHead-WorkA video of the 2008 expansion leaked.
08:18.05Kirkburn|afkThat image made my commit charge go from 600 to 1400 MB
08:18.23JunkHead-WorkProbably not very funny, but Oh well.
08:19.03*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
08:19.15JunkHead-WorkKirkburn|afk - Did you 'pooter go poof?
08:19.42Kirkburn|afkIt's gone now, but the PC is still messed up
08:20.05JunkHead-WorkDid I burninated it?
08:25.26Bibi`ouFi'm not even sure if it's a joke or not :/
08:27.40JunkHead-WorkThe items offer Holy resistance.
08:27.40Kirkburn|afkHoly resistance?!
08:28.54Shirikholy resistance
08:28.55Shirikyeah right
08:29.30JunkHead-WorkMy paladin would cry.
08:29.39Shirikit.... looks realistic though
08:29.48Shirikbut then again that's how Cairenn caught me this morning :/
08:38.35*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
08:41.27JunkHead-WorkOK maybe not April Fool's related... But damn this is funny.
08:50.16Kirkburn|afkI don't expect many to really get this but,
08:52.08JunkHead-WorkYou're right. I don't get it.
08:53.22Kirkburn|afkHow about this then -
08:53.46Kirkburn|afkIt'll take a while to get, but you'll eventually work out what's going on
08:54.04Kirkburn|afk(I suggest following the links)
08:57.58JunkHead-WorkI followed links.
08:58.03JunkHead-WorkNow I'm stuck.
09:04.31Kirkburn|afkWho the hell is Josh Roberson?
09:05.42JunkHead-WorkI got stumped on the technet post.
09:05.59JunkHead-WorkI made my way to a .nl page. That's where it ends for me.
09:07.13Kirkburn|afkwtf has just happened to my internet
09:07.32Kirkburn|afkOr is it just the wiki?
09:07.54ShirikKirkburn|afk: ?
09:08.03Teomyrmust be the internets
09:08.06ShirikI'm not able to get wowwiki to load atm either if that's what you're saying
09:08.11ShirikI take that back
09:08.11Shirikit's fine
09:08.23ShirikI see numerous bouncing kittens
09:08.59Kirkburn|afkI just had to delete a whole bunch of pages about Josh Roberson
09:09.09Shirikwho's that?
09:09.16Kirkburn|afk<Kirkburn|afk> Who the hell is Josh Roberson?
09:09.42JunkHead-Work[02:03:47] <Skyfire> is dnp, isn't it?
09:09.43JunkHead-Work[02:03:54] <Skyfire> :/
09:09.44Kirkburn|afkCouldn't be bothered with reading all the crap ... looked to be some kind of personal biography
09:09.55JunkHead-WorkFrom over an hour ago.
09:10.04Kirkburn|afkDarn, missed that
09:10.53Kirkburn|afkHmm, I still can't reach the wiki
09:11.31JunkHead-WorkNor can I.
09:12.18JunkHead-WorkHahaha "Gayplay"
09:12.30Shirikwho is Tiyo
09:12.36Shirikand why is he making a bunch of one-word pages
09:14.13Shirikdoesn ot exist :/
09:14.15JunkHead-WorkStill funny though.
09:19.15Kirkburn|afkShirik, not any more he isn't
09:19.29Shirikheh ^^;
09:21.15Kirkburn|afkOdd that people believe that making several usernames will somehow "fool" me
09:21.46Shirikcan't you ban by ip? :/
09:22.29Kirkburn|afkno, strangely
09:23.06Kirkburn|afkThough having said that, it autoblocks people from the same IP once one username is blocked iirc
09:23.42bleeterbut, Kirkburn|afk, you're so easily fooled!
09:24.05bleeter*everone else watch I'll change my nick, abuse him and he won't notice*
09:24.14baaaaaKirkburn|afk is a twat
09:25.21Shirikyou meant to do
09:25.24Kirkburn|afkDarn! I missed him!
09:25.32bleeterwho was that masked sheep?!
09:25.34Shirikif you do this he can't come back:
09:25.41Shiriknow you're safe
09:25.51bleeterdamn right, Shirik
09:29.51Kirkburn|afkLol @ too
09:31.04Shirikyou know, that's one thing I gotta give to Blizzard
09:31.07Shirikthey know how to have fun
09:31.22Shirikit shows in their games, with all the little jokes like "The Stoppable Force" and such
09:31.27Shirikmany companies lose that
09:31.42Shirikespecially if they're as big as Blizzard
09:38.56Kirkburn|afkGo Drysc!
09:55.56*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
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10:36.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Teomyr] by Adys
10:40.05Adyslol Kirk, wtf
10:50.33JunkHead-WorkI just fell asleep.:)
10:51.03Teomyrat work? :P
10:54.48Kirkburn|afkAdys, you clicked it, didn't you :P
10:55.00AdysI hate you :P
10:55.04Adys btw
10:55.06Adysawesome idea :P
10:55.44AdysThis yellow band is disturbing ><
10:56.51Teomyrthere was a forum post once where players complained about people posting with their lvl 1 forum alts
10:57.41Teomyrand guess what happened? a CM posted in that thread, using his own level 2 alt :>
10:57.48Teomyrit appeared in blue
11:06.39*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
11:09.33JunkHead-Work <-- Moo
11:12.15Kirkburn|afkHeh -
11:13.46Adys >.>
11:35.19*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr_ (
11:35.34*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
11:46.34*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|afk (
11:47.34Hobinheim|afkadys, did you happen to spec the spell template changes?
11:47.43Hobinheim|afkmorning btw, haha
11:47.49Hobinheim|afkfor the bot work to be done
11:47.58Hobinheim|afki just wanna make sure i don't go ballistic doing the wrong moves
11:53.00Adyswhat do you mean?
11:53.49AdysAll the pages in Category:Spells by ID need to be moved to Spell:12345
11:53.54Hobinheim|afkthat's it?
11:54.14AdysAnd keep a record of the pages you moved, too
11:54.24Adyslinks to them, they shouldnt be deleted.. yet
11:54.37Adysbut they will be deleted at some point
11:54.57Hobinheim|afkwe cna just use the hobinbot contributions list
11:55.07Hobinheim|afkdeleting the redirects that spawn as a result of the moves, right
11:55.20AdysNo no no not yet
11:55.28Adysfor now the redirects are needed
11:56.03AdysBut in a couple of weeks, I will need to delete them
11:56.12Adysso I'll need a list of links with &redirect=no
11:56.13Hobinheim|afkoh haha ok
11:56.29Hobinheim|afkdon't wanna just delete them en masse?
11:56.42AdysNo, not yet, for now spelllink and effect use the redirects
11:56.48Adyssince they are not modified to use Spell:
11:56.59Hobinheim|afki'll try to work that in
12:00.01*** join/#wowwiki aliquiss (
12:00.19Kirkburn|afkHobinheim|afk, have I managed to fool you this morning?
12:00.36Hobinheim|afkMEGA burn
12:00.36Hobinheim|afkmega... mega burn
12:00.43Kirkburn|afkI take that's a yes :P
12:01.08*** part/#wowwiki aliquiss (
12:01.46Kirkburn|afkAdys, this is why I said I had something else planned :P
12:01.53Adysi figured :P
12:01.55AdysI hate you
12:02.01Kirkburn|afkCame across it on wikipedia about a week ago
12:02.15Kirkburn|afkI fell for it there too :P
12:02.22Hobinheim|afkwhat's WP's april fool's joke?
12:02.34Hobinheim|afkoh inventor of coffee
12:02.37Hobinheim|afkbleh requires READING
12:03.14Kirkburn|afkTheir april fool is to make all the articles LOOK stupid
12:03.21Kirkburn|afkBut everything on the front page is true
12:03.35Kirkburn|afk"A" George Washington did do that
12:03.41Kirkburn|afkBut not "the"
12:04.37Kirkburn|afkSo essentially their april fool is to make people think they're doing an april fool :)
12:05.37Hobinheim|afklol king leonidis vs chuck norris
12:05.40Hobinheim|afki think mr sparta would win
12:05.51*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (
12:06.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Teomyr] by Adys
12:06.15AdysOi kirby
12:06.28Hobinheim|afk"mozilla sues microsoft over tabbed browsing"
12:06.41AdysCan you autovoice Teomyr, Kaso, KasoBot, ClydeJr and Skosiris? ><
12:06.43Kirkburn|afkUnfortunately MeoWWiki is no longer on the wikipedia list since we don't have an article
12:06.57Kirkburn|afkgimme a few mins
12:07.50Hobinheim|afksunday morning cartoons, where are you?!
12:08.42AdysWowhead's AF is they are bought by Blizzard ><
12:08.53AdysBut my preferred one is blizzard's
12:08.58Adysand making all the forum posts blues
12:09.01Adysthat made me giggle
12:09.36|Pixel|did you see the black temple's attunement chart ? :)
12:10.43Adyswas too obvious tbh
12:11.53Kirkburn|afkLol -
12:11.59Adysffs, almost clicked a second time the Pm link
12:12.20Hobinheim|afklol "vista not a seller"
12:12.26Hobinheim|afki'm like... wait a minute. that's true, that's not a joke!
12:13.09Bibistill don't know if this one is an AF or not tbh :/
12:13.26Kirkburn|afkLol @ YTMND -
12:13.52Hobinheim|afkdo you guys like baseball?
12:13.56|Pixel|Bibi: this one is real :)
12:14.05|Pixel|or at least
12:14.07Kirkburn|afkHoly resistance?
12:14.15Bibiit look real, but the holy resistance is surprising
12:14.18Bibibut after all, why not
12:14.28Hobinheim|afkwait are the priests really?
12:14.35Bibidon't know
12:15.04Teomyryspace... rofl
12:15.20|Pixel|this wasn't in the list of the april's fool
12:15.44Hobinheim|afklol [Tinfoil Hat]
12:15.47Bibiit's on mine, but not sure :p
12:15.59Hobinheim|afklol removes player from the armory and blocks mind control techniques
12:16.28Hobinheim|afkepic, ten armor, NEGATIVE ten intellect, ten spirit
12:16.47Hobinheim|afk"allows wearer to see "the truth", may lead to incontrollable urge to share "the truth" with others"
12:17.11Hobinheim|afk"grants the wearer immunity to all forms of mind control... or does it?"
12:17.32Hobinheim|afkhaha also immune to inspection from other players
12:18.27|Pixel|I think I can confirm that Baa'ri isn't a joke :)
12:19.53|Pixel|okay, no
12:20.04|Pixel|that's fine, Baa'ri is part of the joke as well
12:20.05|Pixel|fine :)
12:21.26winkillerhm, is item-tooltips planned? abandoned? why not already in?
12:22.53AdysWhat do you mean?
12:24.12winkillermouseover for items
12:24.18winkillerlike on wowhead et al
12:25.49*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
12:26.54Hobinheim|afkthat... requires a level of jutsu. of which we aren't yet capable of
12:27.24Kirkburn|afkCan't do autovoice - need Mikk
12:27.38Kirkburn|afk(I've poked him about making my channel owner)
12:28.08bleeteravast! yarrrr!
12:28.09Kirkburn|afkWhat time is it there? :P
12:28.09Hobinheim|afklol warcraft heroes of azeroth (WHOA)
12:28.20bleetertime for timtams!
12:29.50Hobinheim|afkPEANUT BUTTA JELLY TIME!
12:30.43Hobinheim|afkhaha black template attunement chart
12:31.55Hobinheim|afk"defeat all dungeons within 10 mins of each other"
12:32.02Hobinheim|afk"prove your worth by finishing every dungeon in outland"
12:32.29Hobinheim|afk"repel invaders for six hours"
12:32.46Hobinheim|afk"520 fishing required to capture epic fix"
12:34.02JunkHead-Work<-- Epic Fish.
12:34.11Kirkburn|afkheh -
12:35.08JunkHead-WorkI wonder how many people will believe that.
12:35.18JunkHead-WorkMy guesstimate? About 4.
12:37.31|Pixel|yeah, nobody can believe that blizzard is making starcraft 2
12:37.37Hobinheim|afklol i can't tell if the goon forums are being plain stupid or if its april fools jokes
12:37.43Hobinheim|afk"tell me how much my breasts weigh"
12:37.47Hobinheim|afk"tell me about cooking a steak"
12:37.51Hobinheim|afk"tell me how to stop thinking so much"
12:38.02JunkHead-Work[06:40:16] <Hobinheim|afk> lol i can't tell if the goon forums are being plain stupid or if its april fools jokes  <-- Both?
12:41.01Hobinheim|afkhohoho, upside down forum text. very clever
13:03.14*** join/#wowwiki Kyouto (
13:08.04*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
13:10.00*** join/#wowwiki Kyouto (
13:16.18*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
13:36.01Adys lmao
13:48.36Hobinheim|afkLOL trash mobs
13:48.42Hobinheim|afkvery accurate
13:48.55Hobinheim|afkhow  hard are trash mobs? adys, have you done end game?
13:49.13Adysnot as much as pre bc
13:49.17Hobinheim|afkomg zeal is still alive?
13:49.25Adysyus why?
13:51.49Hobinheim|afki thought he left
13:53.08Hobinheim|afklook good?
13:53.42kuinkalagief pizzapizzapizza
13:53.59Hobinheim|afklemme know so i can let it looooose!
13:54.17Adysaye sec loading n stuff
13:54.45AdysYes looks good
13:54.54Hobinheim|afkprepare for
13:55.05Adysmake it 20 seconds beetween moves :P
13:55.06Adysshould do
13:55.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim|afk] by Adys
13:55.24Hobinheim|afkheh thx
13:55.52AdysFor the ones who didn't understand
13:56.09AdysI'll modify {{spelllink}} when the moves are done to support the new system
13:56.15Adysmeanwhile, the redirects do the job
13:56.23Hobinheim|afkwhat's the point of having a mana etched regalia if each class has their own set of armor?????
13:59.12*** join/#wowwiki Viper007Bond (
14:03.31Adys omg
14:05.19*** join/#wowwiki bleeter_ (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
14:06.11Hobinheim|afkman this mas move is taking a while
14:06.44Hobinheim|afki don't understand
14:06.46Hobinheim|afksomeone removed smoething?
14:06.49Hobinheim|afkand they don't know what it does?
14:07.41Kirkburn|afkHe removed the star showing a template to be deprecated
14:08.08Kirkburn|afkThe section he deleted said EXACTLY what it did
14:10.47Hobinheim|afkphew... first run done
14:11.44Hobinheim|afk=( so much more to do
14:20.13Kirkburn|afk :D
14:21.33Hobinheim|afkdid you tell them to write about it?
14:21.46Hobinheim|afkaww they say they love us
14:21.50Hobinheim|afkcoming from wow insider that's prety cool
14:23.28Hobinheim|afkwould it be corny to name a warlock guild "ars demonica"
14:24.27Kirkburn|afkNo, wasn't me :)
14:28.05Hobinheim|afkhobitbot's just goin' to town...slowly...
14:29.13Adysthey got my 28 000 kittens in their screen ^^
14:53.32*** join/#wowwiki Psyker7 (n=Psyker7@
14:54.53*** part/#wowwiki Psyker7 (n=Psyker7@
14:59.12*** join/#wowwiki Royal- (
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15:31.47*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
15:34.30*** join/#wowwiki KaoS` (i=spam@about/apple/macbookpro/KaoS)
15:35.05*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
15:39.21*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
15:47.02BagginswwSo you get special titles in LOTR online if you don't die, up to level 20
15:47.14Bagginswwwary, at 5, undefeated at 10
15:47.26Bagginswwdon't know about 15, and 20 yet though.
15:48.01BagginswwI'm level 11 so far
15:55.31*** join/#wowwiki kaso (
15:57.16*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:01.31*** join/#wowwiki bleeter_ (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
16:03.15*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
16:03.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
16:12.13kasodid i do that right?
16:14.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+v kaso] by Adys
16:15.00Adyswill tell you soon :P
16:15.26kasoi was in arcatraz last night so i got a tonne of screenies, gonna fix up a few pages
16:27.29Kirkburn|afkkaso, once the item stuff is done, there's the stuff watchoutbot isn't doing :)
16:27.59kasobut im feeling pretty lazy atm
16:28.35Kirkburn|afkBtw, the NPCbox looked fine to me
16:28.57kasoI need to re-write my scedualing code so it doesnt fuck up the edit delay
16:32.25kaso thats a infernal right?
16:35.38Teomyr(i think)
16:49.22*** join/#wowwiki Apollozeus (
16:49.40Apollozeuslol @ blizzard
16:49.52ApollozeusI dunno what to and what not to believe anymore
16:51.16Apollozeuspriest of baa'ri.. wtf?
16:51.40Apollozeusthe tinfoil hat and the 'new WCIII' are definetely fake
16:51.43kuinkalai dont know a thing
16:52.21Apollozeusget some education :P
16:52.43kuinkalai dont need
16:53.03kuinkalai just need to hammer some nails etc to make my works
16:53.28kuinkalagosh these medicines make my head feel like empty
16:55.50Kirkburn|afkHullo Apollo
16:57.18Apollozeushullo kirky
17:02.19Adyshey apollo
17:02.31Apollozeushowdy hi
17:11.27*** join/#wowwiki Kitan (
17:11.37Kitanhello all
17:11.44Kitanholy cow the wiki is slow today
17:12.18Apollozeusthat's because everybody wants to see the 'funny' main page I guess >_>
17:13.14Kitanyou don't like the main page?
17:14.33*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
17:14.36*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kitan] by Adys
17:14.39*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Apollozeus] by Adys
17:15.08Apollozeuslol +v
17:15.14ApollozeusI haven't been here in ages
17:15.27Adystsk I see you online on SR anyways
17:15.28Apollozeusand kitan, the main page is funny.. when you see it the first time
17:15.42KitanI asaw it btw?
17:17.05*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
17:17.40Apollozeuslol, I'm getting somewhat tired of my main
17:17.50ApollozeusI spent some time leveling my warrior today
17:18.02Adysdraenei mages are cool
17:18.10Apollozeusthey are
17:18.21Apollozeusbut I've just...played it too much for the past two months :P
17:22.07kasoYes Adys
17:22.24AdysKaso: {{bc}} template should not be on mobs
17:22.41kasoDont blame me, it was on the page already!
17:22.48Adysaye just saying :P
17:22.51Adysremove it if you see it
17:22.57kasowill do in future
17:23.08Adysta :)
17:23.31*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Owner@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
17:23.31*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
17:25.19*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
17:30.25*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|afk (
17:31.39*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
17:39.04*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kaso] by Adys
17:39.12*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim|afk] by Adys
17:44.03Hobinheim|afkover over
17:44.12Hobinheim|afkis there a on your radar
17:48.44Lysistratauhrm Mayday Mayday ARHHHHASHDOASHodas *explosions* *silence* ?
18:31.07*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
18:31.44*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim|afk (
19:28.10*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
19:28.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by Adys
19:28.26Adyslo sko
19:36.49*** join/#wowwiki usd22320_ (
19:59.00*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (
20:00.27*** join/#wowwiki Kitan (
20:30.32*** join/#wowwiki schlort (
20:37.44*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=fiira@
20:43.54AdysKirkburn|afk: beep
20:48.48*** join/#wowwiki GUest10202 (
20:52.31*** join/#wowwiki schlort (
21:19.39*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
22:02.27Adysbtw skosiris
22:02.31Adysgrats on joining blizzard
22:03.18Adys :]
22:25.43*** join/#wowwiki schlort (
22:27.13AdysWowwiki seems down
22:29.21Adys"I hope you're fired for outright mocking our concerns in public. This isn't fun time, this isn't a game. I'm an IT professional, business owner, game developer, rock star, and artist, and if I ran my company like this I would have gone under a long time ago. Games are serious business, it's about time you start treating them like it and get your head out of the clouds." Drysc
22:32.27Bagginswwok so it is possible to replay story instances in LOTR
22:32.40Bagginswwthere is device known as a reflecting pool
22:33.00Bagginswwand it gives you access to various chapters in the game
22:33.12SkosirisAdys: Thanks!
22:35.32Bagginswwso what were the WoW official website's april fools?
22:35.40BagginswwI haven't had a chance to load it up
22:35.49AdysTinfoil hat
22:35.57Adysbig easter egg, hide your profile from armory
22:36.04Adysneed to check it out for the fun
22:36.31AdysSlouken put up some random 2.1.0 UI changes (Autoload and download of data on Thottbot by Blizzard on default interface etc)
22:36.46AdysOn forums, all posters were blues, and all cms were white
22:37.18Teomyrthe german cms even behave like normal posters atm
22:37.20Bagginswwhave the articles been put up on wowwiki?
22:38.21Bagginswwtinfoil hat priceless
22:38.25Adyswiki seems down
22:38.44BagginswwI've been enjoying LOTR last few days
22:39.16Bagginswwrerolled my hobbit zippo twice already LOL, just to try to go for level 20 without dying challenge
22:39.25Bagginswwyou get a special title
22:39.53Bagginswwthis time I th ink I'll use an alt as a scout to see what is in an area before It ry to take my main :p
22:44.38*** join/#wowwiki Shirik|Ecole (n=nospam@
22:53.51*** join/#wowwiki tmokros (
22:58.22Bagginswwooh you can get a surname
23:00.11*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|afk (
23:08.29*** join/#wowwiki Psyker7 (n=Psyker7@
23:20.51winkillerAttumen mount drop on my server, looks nice:
23:25.12Adystry on a shadowpriest :)
23:28.20Skosirisnotice the similarities with the Wowwiki logo
23:29.31Teomyriirc, it is in fact an icon from that site
23:31.48Teomyrah, yes, it is :D
23:37.54*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:40.33Bleeternote that the original artist is a wowwikian
23:57.59Hobinheim|afkadys, the spell cat is being sketchy
23:58.03Hobinheim|afkdoes it look done to you?
23:58.15Adysslowwiki is a bit wow
23:58.20Adysor wowwiki is a bit slow
23:59.37Hobinheim|afkomg is that a horse with felfire for feet?

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