IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070331

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00:45.08joey99923hello peplz
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01:43.56Kirkburn|afkGood morning all!
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01:53.56Skyfirea serach on wowhead draws a blank though
01:54.13Skyfireso, either the tabard doesn't exist, or the character doesn't exist, or both
01:54.57Skyfirei'll search the quest tho
01:55.45Skyfireyar, it doesn't exist
01:56.30Kirkburn|afkSkyfire, don't do this to me
01:56.47Kirkburn|afkDon't make me spell it out ;)
01:58.10Skyfirespell it out!
01:59.54Kirkburn|afkLaos Flipor is an anagram ...
02:00.21Gryphonan early one
02:01.04Skyfireapril fools ftl
02:06.38Kirkburn|afkSome people on the wiki need to lighten up :(
02:07.04Kirkburn|afkGrr at the guy who decided he should make a new namespace for it
02:08.02Skyfirelern 2 Joke:
02:11.42Skyfirewhen was it an april fools though? tomorrow?
02:12.07SkosirisApril 1st is this Sunday
02:12.21Skyfireclose enough
02:13.02SkosirisI don't like April Fools jokes in advance though
02:13.09Skyfireneither do i ;(
02:13.15Skyfiremy dad has (had?) a good one
02:13.46Skyfirehe stuffed a magnet in the bottom of a mcdonalds cup, and then he'd stick on his car for the day
02:14.39Skyfirestick it*
02:20.10Skyfirenice rewrite, btw
02:21.08Gryphonthe they :o
02:24.12Kirkburn|afkHow soon is April Fools in Australia?
02:24.20Kirkburn|afkbleeter, what time is it there? :)
02:24.41Skyfirei think its about 9 hours
02:24.51Skyfiresketchy guess though :x
02:25.45Bibi`ouFSouth Australia, Australia Current local time: 11:55 AM on Saturday, March 31
02:26.15Skyfireno way
02:26.19Skyfireit's 7:30
02:26.29Skyfireon the west coast
02:26.33Bibi`ouF :(
02:26.34Skyfireof the us
02:26.45Skyfirethere is no way it's 11:55
02:26.48Skyfire11:25... maybe
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02:27.10Bibi`ouFAustralia time zones are a mess :p
02:27.16Kirkburn|afkSo another 12 hours to go?
02:27.25BagginswwSo, Sons of Hurin?
02:27.27Skyfirei just have to note that i and adys have the saddest sigs in the history of this establishment...
02:27.44Skyfireexcept maybe vyso
02:28.04Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, wassup?
02:28.22BagginswwJust interested in knowing if anyone has any more info about what Sons of Hurin is about?
02:28.22Kirkburn|afkI'm surprised you haven't mentioned Laos Flipor :P
02:28.50Bagginswwis it chronologically before hobbit and between Silm?
02:28.52Skyfireyour sig bugged on the cat talk page kirk
02:29.36Kirkburn|afkI must have put 5 x ~
02:29.42Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, oh, that!
02:29.45Kirkburn|afkDunno :)
02:29.56BagginswwI'm thrilled though, it sounds interesting
02:30.20bleeterKirkburn|afk: 12:30
02:31.00Kirkburn|afkFor no reason, obviously
02:31.00BagginswwI still need to finish my history of middle earth collection :p
02:31.11BagginswwI only have like the first 4 books :p
02:31.34bleeterBagginsww: nah, not a mess anymore, we're all out of DST now.. easy, East=12:30, Central=12:00, West=10:30
02:31.59bleeternm Bagginsww, go back to sleep :P
02:32.09BagginswwIts only 7:31 here LOL
02:32.36Bibi`ouF4:32, i win.
02:32.43bleeterWCT isn't a real tz either :)
02:33.17BagginswwIts Pacific :p
02:33.36bleeterin ref to
02:34.27bleeterEucla's a funny place, "Last stop water/fuel 800km" or sumfin mad like that
02:36.37Skyfiregryphon, you silly goose
02:38.24Gryphondidt see groups
02:40.01Skyfireand i didn't know that i can use {{user|Sky}} to make a signature :x
02:42.48Kirkburn|afkThere's another sig template too
02:42.55Kirkburn|afkJust added them to there
02:45.11Kirkburn|afkSkyfire, wtf? "Apart from the [[tauren]], with whom the blood elves had had some ancient historical contact"
02:45.20Kirkburn|afkWhy on earth did you change it to blood elves?
02:45.41Skyfirei did?
02:45.45Skyfirethat was there before!
02:45.49Skyfirei swear it
02:46.01Bagginswwhmm wouldn't highborne fit better?
02:46.08Skyfirecheck your difs, nublet
02:46.08Skyfireoh wait
02:46.25Kirkburn|afkEditing now :)
02:46.35Skyfireshould be high elves
02:46.44Bagginswwoh high elf article
02:47.09Kirkburn|afkChanged it to Highborne anyway
02:47.18Kirkburn|afk(since it says high elves later in the sentence)
02:47.30Skyfireyou made a... poorly worded edit, and then i botched my patchup ;P
02:47.39Bagginswwso I named my hobbit Zippo
02:48.43BagginswwHe's from Fallohides
02:51.54Kirkburn|afkHoi, it wasn't poorly worded :(
02:52.02Kirkburn|afkAt least, not as bad as the original wording
02:53.30Skyfirethe they
02:53.42Skyfirewho are the they?
02:56.44Bibi`ouFhmmm, is the white background in here on purpose ? it hurts my eyes :/
02:57.29Skyfirenot by our designs, but yes
02:59.27Skyfirei r hungry
02:59.47BagginswwOk I'm impressed by the fact that every major character in LOTR has their own unique body and skin
03:00.06Bagginswwby major character I mean usually any character mentioned in the novels
03:00.32Bagginswwalmost photorealistic actors too
03:00.44Skyfirewhat would happen if I edited ?
03:05.18Gryphonthat's quite a article title dragonsorb created lol
03:06.58Skyfiremelee hunter build ftw
03:10.00Kirkburn|afkI bet there's an article with a longer name
03:12.11Bagginswwlaos flipper? is it really a lore character?
03:12.33Skyfirekirkburn should spell it out, imo
03:12.38Bagginswwcause really if its a joke character and not blizzard's joke
03:12.47Bagginswwit shouldn't be categorized
03:12.50Bagginswwunder lore characters
03:12.50Kirkburn|afkOh Bagginsww, Bagginsww
03:12.58Kirkburn|afkIt's an anagram
03:13.08BagginswwI figured that much :)
03:13.27Kirkburn|afkKeep it categorised for a little longer
03:13.38Kirkburn|afkAt least until April Fools is over
03:13.47Kirkburn|afkThen we can slap {{silly}}, etc :)
03:14.16Kirkburn|afkI added a very obvious note if people edit it
03:15.22Kirkburn|afkHeavy load on the wiki today, it seems
03:16.47Kirkburn|afkHey, a nice change in Vista - you know when XP tells you "this file is in use" and nothing else? Vista actually tells you what's using it :)
03:17.44Bibi`ouFthere is a tool called "Unlocker" who does it on XP , can't live without it :p
03:21.36Skyfire is longer, i'd say, just because it doesn't have the user namespace and self possession of the build :]
03:21.40Kirkburn|afkThis is AWESOME:
03:22.13Kirkburn|afkYou won't understand a word of it, but to see the REALLY weird stuff, open and close each image
03:22.24Kirkburn|afkDown at the bottom left you'll see a "pie counter"
03:22.35Kirkburn|afkOnce it reached a star, you get an animation
03:22.43Kirkburn|afkIt's utterly, utterly, utterly weird
03:23.12Kirkburn|afkAnd make sure the sound is on (top right, should say OFF)
03:23.46Kirkburn|afk"Windows Live Sushi" indeed
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04:54.49Bagginswwstrangly hyptnotizing
04:55.54Bagginswwok scary, anime style bill gates
05:01.30Kirkburn|afkThis is soooo disturbing -
05:01.36Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, ?
05:01.49Bagginswwlive sushi
05:01.55Kirkburn|afkSuperman doesn't look so well -
05:01.59Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, ah, yeah :D
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05:58.58Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, lol
05:59.18Bagginswwya, interesting how april fool's are starting earlier this year
06:07.10Kirkburn|afkTaking after Blizzard, aren't they :P
07:07.27Bibi`ouFearly april fool = people linking you because you're first = trafic = $$
07:17.00Kirkburn|afkGood point!
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10:11.14Kirkburn|afkI need suggestions on how to shorten
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11:39.21JunkHead-WorkGood morning.
11:40.50bleeteranyone noticed how the main page frsit heading and the 'cehck out and comment...' spill together *really badly* @ 800x600?
11:41.20bleeterwouldn't suggest in of itself being a bad thing, just that it's mentioning new layout 'n stuff.. ;) :P
11:44.45JunkHead-WorkI'm in the market for a new WoW irc channel to hang out in.:P
11:44.59JunkHead-WorkI figured I'd see how this one was.
11:45.19bleeterit's ok
11:45.51bleeterif you're a UI coder/hacker/mod fan at all, #wowi-lounge is also a good place to idle, learn lotsa new stuff ;) if you use any ace modes, there's #wowace too
11:46.03bleeter*ace mods
11:46.10JunkHead-WorkI don't make mods, but I use a fair amount.
11:46.23JunkHead-WorkSo I will keep that in mind.
11:46.50bleeterand norganna's mods (auctioneer etc.) have #norganna as a support chan, not really general chitchat tho
11:47.04JunkHead-WorkI usually idle on the wowirc server in the wowradio channel, but man... I can't take it anymore I don't think.
11:47.46bleeterfreenode's network usually has a better class of idiot to elsewhere, so I've found in my time online ;)
11:48.12JunkHead-WorkI used to use freenode a looong time ago.
11:49.35Kirkburn|afkJunkHead-Work, the overlap thing will be fixed later
11:49.49JunkHead-WorkWasn't me that menitoned it.
11:49.53JunkHead-WorkThank you though.
11:49.54bleeterKirkburn|afk: no, that was me mentioning it :P
11:49.55Kirkburn|afkOops :P
11:50.06Kirkburn|afkHello anyway :)
11:50.14bleeteryes, welcome JunkHead-Work :)
11:50.16Kirkburn|afkbleeter, it'll be fixed by the new design
11:50.42JunkHead-WorkIt kinda sucks I can't stay long now, I get off work soon. But I'll be back tomorrow at least.
11:51.05JunkHead-WorkI just mainly need a place to keep me busy during the night.
11:51.16bleeterKirkburn|afk: hmm, I looked at the new page. Still looked weirded out at lower res. the " Confused in Karazhan? Check .." spills through
11:51.30bleeterbut nm, I'm sure it's no real biggie
11:51.34ChrisZionJunkHead-Work, Get back to your cage in the WoWRadio IRC!
11:51.50JunkHead-Work*sigh* Alas, I can not.
11:52.25Kirkburn|afkAh, lol I see what you mean in 800x600. Don't forget the name of the page will be shorter though
11:53.02bleeterKirkburn|afk: lame excuse :P but yeah, prolly not a *real* biggie, unless the thing on the right gets excessively long
11:53.18Kirkburn|afkAye, that's partly why I moved the "Search" bit
11:53.24Kirkburn|afkLike the new icons I chose for the dev?
11:53.50Kirkburn|afkEven in 1024x768 you can't see the second box :(
11:54.06bleeternew icons?... don't dislike them
11:54.22bleeter(had to enable images ;-)
11:54.34Kirkburn|afkI switched them all for the 22x22 versions, some were oversize (and boring) before
11:55.01JunkHead-WorkWould the odd resolution problem affect all browsers?
11:55.04bleeterwish we could upload SVGs /sigh
11:55.06Kirkburn|afkHah, just checked the current main page in 1024 - you can't even see the bottom of the guides links
11:55.34Kirkburn|afk(IE7pro ftw - two click window resizing :)
11:55.49Kirkburn|afkJunkHead-Work, aye
11:56.03JunkHead-WorkI tried IE7... I put forth a really good effort. but I eventually went back to FF.
11:56.07Kirkburn|afkThere's just so many pages to link to, can't really remove any
11:56.31Kirkburn|afkI'm an MS junkie, in time you will realise
11:56.34bleeterXorg three finger screen-rez changing better than mous click bollox :P
11:58.17Kirkburn|afkJust made a little change to ... too cramped at the top?
11:58.59AdysHey peeps
11:59.08Kirkburn|afkHey Adys
11:59.19Kirkburn|afkWhatcha think of Dev atm?
11:59.19bleeterheya Adys
11:59.28AdysJust checkin atm
11:59.40Kirkburn|afkGave it an icon overhaul earlier
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12:00.45Adyshm, why did you reduce the spacing so much?
12:00.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+v kaso] by Adys
12:00.57JunkHead-WorkOk how do you spell "Mask of Penance" <-- I copied this to look it up but it's spelled wrong.
12:01.01Kirkburn|afkTo show more, higher up
12:01.27Kirkburn|afkPeople complain about scrolling
12:01.55JunkHead-WorkAh.. it's Pennance.
12:01.58Adyshm in general its better, but the spacing at the very top.. i preferred
12:02.14Kirkburn|afkOkay, I'll increase it back a bit
12:02.33bleetertbh, Kirkburn|afk, I never have a problem with scrolling on the main page, 'coz I never do ;)
12:02.39Adysat the top, beetween the WoWWiki logo and the selected articles
12:02.40bleeternews? what news?
12:02.56Adysaye thats quite better
12:03.54kasoI'm gonna let the bot loose again i think
12:04.35kasoits going to be running un-attended, so if anything goes wrong pause or kill it using irc commands :>
12:04.54*** join/#wowwiki KasoBot (
12:05.23bleeterheya kao :)
12:05.25AdysKirk, two yellow starts disturb me =P
12:05.38Kirkburn|afkWhat could I have instead
12:05.58Adyssearching atm
12:05.59Kirkburn|afkI think the top one is the best one to change
12:06.22bleetergot an exclamation mark?
12:06.26*** join/#wowwiki KasoBot (
12:06.42kasoit doesnt like not being behind the proxy
12:07.05Kirkburn|afk ?
12:07.19*** join/#wowwiki KasoBot (
12:07.22Adyswas thinking about it :P
12:07.26kasoscrew it
12:07.28Adysah no, not this one
12:07.30Adysthe other one
12:07.31kasoill fix it later
12:07.33Adysgreen one
12:07.41Kirkburn|afkThe |> one?
12:07.49AdysIcon-policy-22x22 is quite cool tbh
12:09.41Kirkburn|afkAye, I do like the policy icon - added it to the guidelines box
12:19.37JunkHead-WorkAnother 30 minutes and I get to go home.
12:25.13Kirkburn|afk*giant sigh*
12:39.19Kirkburn|afksancus, you around?
12:39.27sancuswhat do you need
12:40.46AdysLOL at Sandris
12:41.31Kirkburn|afksancus, you getting my PMs?
12:42.15Kirkburn|afkIf you're replying, I'm not getting anything
12:44.30Adys./nick Kirkburn
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12:56.18*** join/#wowwiki clad|sleep (n=jnwhiteh@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
13:11.28KirkburnCheck it!
13:14.17bleeterfavicon needs pussification tho :)
13:17.43*** join/#wowwiki kyu\fOrsake (
13:18.12kyu\fOrsakeCan you maybe help me?::P
13:18.18kyu\fOrsakei need the WoW v12.0 client
13:19.43bleeterv12? you must be from the future
13:20.38*** join/#wowwiki DaIRC25027 (
13:22.52sancusprobably an unofficial server fag :)
13:24.08bleeterWhy do they get called "unofficial"? I would've thought the phrase would be "illegal"
13:24.30kyu\fOrsakewhere can i get v1.12
13:25.02sancusbleeter: Guess that would depend on what country they're run in :P
13:25.27bleeterkyu\fOrsake: you can't.. well, not from any legit channel (apart from old stock on shelf in some shops maybe)
13:26.10bleeterkyu\fOrsake: there's the full 2.0 download, as listed
13:26.33bleeterif you've just bought bc, you can use that I think, then run the BC installer
13:26.56bleeterif you think you need 1.12 for anillegal/unoffical server, we wouldn't tell you even if we knew
13:29.19*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr (
13:29.47*** part/#wowwiki kyu\fOrsake (
13:29.49Teomyrhi all
13:31.09bleeterheh, not as if reading the talk page for the mirrors doesn't mention howto .. oops I guess I shouldn't have said that
13:31.27Kirkburnlol @ kyu
13:31.45KirkburnSo, um, people liking the new focus for the wiki? :)
13:32.05bleeterKirkburn: see my comment @ bottom of villiage pump
13:32.28bleeteroO someone's replied to it already =)
13:33.02KirkburnYay, it's already been reported on the forums
13:41.22*** join/#wowwiki Andr31 (
13:41.28Andr31MeowWiki? :P
13:42.18*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | 2.0.12 now on the PTR! Patch notes: | MeoWWiki say meow!
13:42.30*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | 2.0.12 now on the PTR! Patch notes: | MeoWWiki says meow!
13:42.38KirkburnAndr31, yes? ;)
13:42.57bleeterkitten kustomization ftw!
13:42.57*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | 2.0.12 now on the PTR! Patch notes: | MeoWWiki mews at you!
13:43.00Teomyr"Confused in Catazhan?" rofl
13:43.31KirkburnCheck the sidebar :P
13:44.46KirkburnMake sure your completely refresh the Main Page to get the full effect :)
13:45.52Teomyr"Burning Cats!" lmao
13:46.10TeomyrNEDM anyone? :P
13:46.21Andr31Fur styles,choosing a cat :P
13:46.38KirkburnNever heard of it Teomyr \o/
13:47.20Teomyrit is/was a ytmnd fad about burning cats :D
13:47.28Andr31you should rename azzinoth blades to '' Blade's of Catzinoth :P
13:48.08sancusbtw this is all incredibly lame
13:48.09sancusjust fyi.
13:49.02sancus(just in case it wasnt intended to be)
13:49.51bleeterwtb: sense of humor 4 sancus
13:50.04bleeterwill trade cat
13:52.05sancusadding a cat to something doesn't make it funny, massive amounts of cat images on the internet notwithstanding :p
13:54.47Andr31anyhow its good joke for 1'st april :PP
13:55.16Adysnext year its me choosing it :P
13:55.46KirkburnSuggest me improvements and more silly changes
13:55.57sancusreduce number of cats
13:55.59sancusincrease number of dogs
13:56.06Andr31world of dogcraft?
13:56.20Andr31craft yer' own dogs!
13:56.24AdysMew-I Pride is lol
13:56.56sancusworld of badjokecraft :p
13:57.28Andr31world of omfgzomgpwntcraft...
13:57.30KirkburnYou soo love it really
14:00.34*** part/#wowwiki Andr31 (
14:01.55Hobinheimdogs vs cats
14:07.16Adysdamn you and your editing conflicts kirk
14:07.47KirkburnI'm done for now
14:10.51KirkburnAdys, "Meta-Kitty", lol
14:10.58AdysWhat :P
14:19.38KirkburnLol, I just noticed "Arthas Menethil" is the previous featured feline
14:19.57Hobinheimcriminal or cat?
14:20.29Hobinheimoh felon like felony
14:21.26KirkburnOr, er, like "feline"
14:22.01KirkburnOoh, that's an idea
14:22.31Kirkburn"Previous featured feline felon"
14:27.05Hobinheimwe're in agreement that our item pages look ugly, right?
14:27.23Hobinheimand that the problem stems from needing an easily transcludable template?
14:27.56Hobinheimlike instead of transcluding the main article, why don't we transclude a sub article
14:28.01HobinheimBan Hammer/stats
14:28.20Hobinheimthis way we can keep our current transclusion strategy, but then the main articles don't need to suffer visually
14:28.24Hobinheimcan i get an amen?
14:28.26Kirkburnbleeter, done
14:29.54KirkburnTransclude a sub article?
14:30.13Hobinheim|playthen we'll have ot use {{item|Ban Hammer}} to make the transclusions
14:30.24Hobinheim|playinstead of the crazy {{:Ban Hammer}}
14:31.17Hobinheim|playgotta pick up my jeep
14:31.19KirkburnWhat does the : do anyway?
14:31.24Hobinheim|playit forces the main namespace
14:31.31Hobinheim|playinstead of trying to guess for Template:Ban Hammer
14:31.37Hobinheim|playcuz those brackets imply you want templates
14:31.41Hobinheim|playbut can be used to transclude anything
14:31.45Hobinheim|playin any namespace, not just templates
14:31.55Hobinheim|playtemplates are actually the same as articles, just stored in a specific area
14:31.58Hobinheim|playit's like a default
14:38.15AdysWhy didnt you say so earlieron?
14:38.32AdysHere is the fuckin fix to {{Spell:12345}} i wanted
14:40.35Adys{{effect}} forces Template:
14:40.41AdysI always wanted to force the main namespace
14:40.43Hobinheim|afkbut :effect doesn't
14:40.49Hobinheim|afkoh well we can always bot it
14:40.57Hobinheim|afkis that why there's an abnormal surplus of templated spells
14:41.07Hobinheim|afkspec me the change and i'll look at it today
14:41.35Hobinheim|afkthen we can pretend like it never happened
14:47.25Hobinheim|afkwhy is each spell a template?
14:47.40Hobinheim|afkomg why are we meowwiki
14:48.03Hobinheim|afkthat kitten is adorable tho
14:48.16Adysok hob
14:48.19AdysI got work for your bot
14:48.24Adysit's gonna be a move
14:48.52AdysI need you to move every single Template:Spell:12345 pages
14:48.56Adysto Spell:12345
14:49.09AdysThey are all categorized
14:49.34AdysOnce that is done, warn me
14:49.41AdysIll change spellink
14:50.33Hobinheim|afki can't start this right now, i'm gonna pick up my car soon
14:50.38Hobinheim|afkbut yeah i'll look into it when i get back
14:50.50KirkburnHmm, I've got different behaviour in IE and FF
14:51.16Adysno worries hob
14:51.18Adysthanks alot!
14:51.24Hobinheim|afkblah all those nasty shell redirects
14:51.42AdysYes, btw
14:51.47Adyskeep a log of which pages you moved
14:51.53Hobinheim|afkdefinitely a bot job... just... less obvious than the usual bot work
14:51.53Adysgonna delete them
14:51.56Adysat some point
14:51.58Hobinheim|afkand potentially more dangerous, haha
14:52.03bleeterKirkburn: I can't select 'logout' under the cat in the top right (without visiting the image page)
14:52.40Kirkburn<Kirkburn> Hmm, I've got different behaviour in IE and FF
14:53.32bleeterdidn't know what you were referring to :P
14:54.22AdysI do like the FF behaviour :P
14:54.39Adysmaybe we could move it to the left
14:54.48KirkburnAll better now
14:57.18bleeterI keep trying to one shot it! :P
15:00.36winkillerwhy meow on 31.3?
15:00.44bleeterSun Apr  1 01:00:26 EST 2007
15:00.57winkiller31.03 - 17:00 here :P
15:01.07bleeternot my fault if you're slow :P
15:01.37bleeterdoes mean, tho, i get the end of the world first... c'est la vie /sigh
15:07.12KirkburnI wanted to do it early anyway, so it doesn't get 'buried'
15:09.38KirkburnI want to keep that top-right cat there after tomorrow :)
15:10.55KirkburnPerhaps keep it for a while afterwards linking to the current "catty" front page
15:11.26KirkburnShould I get rid of the large image at the bottom?
15:11.45Adysat the comment
15:11.55AdysDesperate for cat-less main page? Evil, mean, uncaring soul? Visit WoWWiki:Main Page Dev, you cad!
15:12.25Adysand nah kirk, keep it but thumbnail it or something
15:12.29Adystis quite big
15:13.31KirkburnPNG, thumbnail ftl probably
15:13.46KirkburnShall try
15:14.22KirkburnBah, I'll Fireworks it
15:14.44*** join/#wowwiki Viper007Bond (
15:18.51KirkburnLess ugly now :)
15:19.23Adysidd :]
15:21.02bleeterwell, instead of a lot of arguing over every mob/npc/class etc.
15:21.10bleetereasier to just stick to ... Cats
15:23.48KirkburnThat's the spirit :)
15:24.42KirkburnAdys, I love you
15:24.51bleeterWhen I added the Shadowmoon cat critter info, I was *so* tempted to mention that it's hours of fun chasing them and swatting them and getting the animal libbers all upset so you can then say 'wtf go kill a mob or three idiot'
15:24.55Adysme too sweetie, but why?
15:24.58Kirkburn" now has over 28,000 kittens"
15:25.01bleeterbut decided to avoid saying that for NPOV
15:25.01Adysah lol
15:25.23Kirkburnbleeter, haha
15:34.51KirkburnDoes anyone have IE6?
15:35.15KirkburnI'm wondering how it appears for dark-agers
15:35.30AdysIll check on my old comp
15:35.51KirkburnThe only problem I might expect is with the tabby
15:35.58KirkburnTa Adys
15:38.17Adysie6 is fine but there is one problem
15:38.20KirkburnBtw, my housemate still hasn't done the washing up, he just complained about me putting on his floor
15:38.20Adystransparency ^^
15:38.31KirkburnSlight overlap?
15:38.38AdysBIG UGLY transparency :P
15:39.12KirkburnHow so? It should only be overlapping the table slightly
15:39.22KirkburnThe text above as well?
15:39.35Adysthe tabby, and the MeoWWiki text logo
15:39.44Adyshave a white background
15:39.45Adyswell, cyan
15:39.53Adysand the kittens at the bottom
15:40.11Adyscant take a screenshot, stoopid comp doesnt have the key n stuff
15:40.38KirkburnA white bg?
15:46.44bleeterand heads off to bed, nn folks
15:48.18Adysnn bleeter
15:49.50KirkburnCan't seem to get around it
15:52.56Adyskirk dont worry bout it tbh
15:53.08AdysIE6 users need to start seeing they are outdated
15:53.21ChrisZionYea update to Firefox today!
15:53.37AdysI gotno problems with supporting IE
15:53.41Adysbut NOT its old versions
15:58.06*** join/#wowwiki Misieq (
15:58.07KirkburnFair enough
15:58.31KirkburnI was just looking to see if I could find out how to get IE6 to set #333333 as the bg, can't find anything
15:58.42KirkburnWelcome, Misieq
16:07.16*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
16:09.56KirkburnDid you know Google has absolutely NO hits for MeoWWiki
16:10.29KirkburnNone. Nada. Niente.
16:10.53KirkburnI think pretty soon it's going to have a few :)
16:14.47ChrisZionLooks good
16:14.56ChrisZionnow just buy
16:16.19*** join/#wowwiki usd22320 (
16:17.16KitanI can't seem to get mIRC to connect... bad username.. but can connect with this client fine
16:17.45Kirkburn£8.89 to register it
16:18.02KirkburnI would if it was under £5
16:18.19KitanI just downloaded it and have a trial period
16:18.26Kitanfairly noobish in relation to this
16:18.30KirkburnOh, sorry different thing
16:18.37KirkburnI was talking about getting
16:18.45KirkburnI use XChat for IRC
16:18.46Kitansorry :) missed that
16:19.04KirkburnAnd welcome =)
16:20.03KitanAdys suggested I log on before starting the bot up.  Though I am still working on the harness for it anyway.  Probably a week out.
16:20.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kitan] by Adys
16:20.56Adyslol kirk
16:22.42*** join/#wowwiki usd22320_ (
16:23.26*** join/#wowwiki usd22320_ (
16:24.59*** join/#wowwiki Kitan (
16:25.24KitanI am back I think
16:25.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Kitan] by Adys
16:25.45KitanTook me long enough
16:28.04*** join/#wowwiki Denath (
16:28.35DenathDid the Wiki get hacked? or is the Cat think a April Fools joke?
16:29.18*** part/#wowwiki Denath (
16:38.43AdysI think thats gonna be the quote of the day
16:41.11KitanI thought it got hacked too :)
16:41.15Kitanuntil I read it better
16:46.20Kitanboy it is quiet :)
16:48.26Adysalways is aye
16:48.31kasoI love the cats
16:48.39kasoWhos idea was that
16:49.59*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
16:49.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
16:50.51AdysI still think its a silly idea btw ><
16:51.55kasowhat would you have prefered?
16:52.17Kitanisn't that the point of the idea?  To be silly?
16:53.01KirkburnWas on the fone
16:53.09kasoIm of course peeved my external links idea didnt get choosen! but this is pretty good
16:53.19kasoCatazhan makes it for me
16:53.24KirkburnPart of the phone call involved me showing my mum MeoWWiki :P
16:53.57*** join/#wowwiki Andr31 (
16:54.15Kirkburnkaso, remind me of your idea?
16:54.27kasosec for image
16:55.16KirkburnAha, I remember :P
16:55.24KirkburnFar too satirical ;)
16:55.50kasoCats are good, i can live with this one
16:58.26Kitanwhat is up with all the non voiced people?
16:58.56Kitanor I assume that is why they don't have the dots next to them
16:58.57KirkburnPeople with bots or frequent/long-time contributers get +v :)
16:59.19KirkburnDoesn't actually mean anything
16:59.47KirkburnUntil I silence the channel, of course :P
17:04.26winkillervoiceless and.. well, not caring!
17:07.02kasowhich reminds me
17:07.09winkillerlol kaso, nice pic
17:08.08winkilleror more the shy type
17:08.35*** part/#wowwiki Andr31 (
17:08.41*** join/#wowwiki KasoBot (
17:08.47*** mode/#wowwiki [+v KasoBot] by Adys
17:08.53Adysgot him on that one!
17:09.14kasoline 387 it appears!
17:16.25KirkburnWe need kasobot. Gotta get to 30,000 articles, of course :)
17:16.30*** join/#wowwiki KasoBot (
17:16.34KirkburnSorry, 30,000 kittens
17:17.15kasobloody co-routines muck up the stack traceback so i dont know where the error is starting from :<
17:17.55KirkburnLol, some of the WoWWiki threads on the forums right now
17:17.57*** join/#wowwiki t3hafr0m4n[white (
17:18.03t3hafr0m4n[whiteHey guys i need some help...
17:18.18t3hafr0m4n[whiteHow do i uninstall a patch or delete it, so i can get the older patchs? and repatch the whole game...
17:18.44KirkburnYou need to reinstall or something?
17:18.46kasoif i recall correctly you cannot revert patches, you will need to reinstall with release
17:18.57kasoi remeber Cairenn saying she had to do that for wdn
17:18.59KirkburnIf you've got problems with the install, run the Repair.exe tool
17:19.12t3hafr0m4n[whiteI dont have problems, i  just want to repatch my whole game.
17:19.14kasoAnyway, the only reason why someone would want to remove patches is to play on an emulated server
17:19.30t3hafr0m4n[whiteNo thank you, I dont like Emulated servers...
17:19.40t3hafr0m4n[white(There are some glitchs when you patch "SOMETIMES")
17:19.50kasoreinstall then, no choice
17:19.55t3hafr0m4n[whiteI got some glitchs , So i wanna repatch the thing.
17:20.05KirkburnHave you tried running the repair tool?
17:20.30KirkburnThen, what kaso said, unfortunately :(
17:21.03t3hafr0m4n[whiteI'm sure there is a way, we just got a bunch of dumbasses in here.
17:21.07*** part/#wowwiki t3hafr0m4n[white (
17:21.24Kitanamussing since he didn't know
17:21.32kasoMaybe i was a little rude
17:21.51KirkburnNo, you weren't
17:21.51kasobut 99% of the time when people ask to roll back patches its for emu servers that run less than live wow
17:21.55KirkburnYou just stated fact
17:22.29KirkburnAnyway, if the repair tool didn't find anything wrong, reinstalling is hardly likely to help
17:23.13Kitanalso, unless s/he has the patcher downloaded already that they want they are screwed
17:23.33KirkburnHo hum, back to being a dumbass who apparently hacked the wiki according to several threads on the general forums :P
17:23.56KitanBlizzard generally has a mass patcher
17:24.08Kitanmulti version I mean
17:24.20Kitanas I just installed wow on my wife's new machine... only installed two patches
17:24.54KirkburnWoW release --> TBC 2.0.0 --> 2.0.10 I guess
17:25.22KirkburnHmm, no third one between TBC and 2.0.10?
17:25.50Kitanwell I installed wow, then tbc, then two patches
17:25.59KirkburnAh, that makes sense :)
17:28.40*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | 2.0.12 notes: | MeoWWiki mews at you!
17:37.29*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata124 (
17:39.27KirkburnI do love editing a page and leaving the accurate comment "Added cats"
17:39.35*** join/#wowwiki Az|Dinner (
17:39.48Az|Dinnerhello :)
17:40.34AzuraRutlanI'm loving the website, but it's lacking any resources on guides for professions.  Any suggestions?
17:40.38*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | 2.0.12 notes: | WoWWiki has been hacked! MeoWWiki mews at you!
17:41.04KirkburnAzuraRutlan, what kind do you need?
17:41.23KirkburnAfaik, there's a faily large selection of stuff on the Profession page
17:41.28AzuraRutlanWell, in particular I was looking for Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting to decide how I want to proceed
17:42.05KirkburnJewelcrafting needs a bit of an overhaul, but Blacksmithing looks faily complete
17:42.55*** join/#wowwiki Andr31 (
17:43.34*** part/#wowwiki Andr31 (
17:43.35KirkburnI guess the problem with professions is people spend their time making things rather than writing about it, so many items to talk about
17:45.02KirkburnWow, some people really need to lighten up - people are getting all pissy about the WoWI joke
17:45.50Kitanmy first reaction was negative
17:46.06Kitanthen I read somehwere on the first page a reference to April 1st and got the joke :)
17:47.39AzuraRutlanWell, the professions pages on the wowwiki didn't really make suggestions on what I should be making to grind skill
17:48.11AzuraRutlanthat's what I'm looking for so I can figure out what is going to take more time and resources and if the payout is worthwhile
17:49.38Hobinheim|afkit's not april yet
17:50.18KirkburnWell that was a very international comment from Hob :P
17:50.36KirkburnAzuraRutlan, found something
17:51.01KirkburnGoddamn browsing on another PC - look at "Powerlevel Blacksmithing"
17:51.57KirkburnFor JC "Jewelcrafting 300 Skill Guide"
17:52.11KirkburnCheck the guides category
17:53.39KirkburnHope that helped :)
17:54.45AzuraRutlanthanks :)
17:59.57Adyskirkburn, you there?
18:00.06KirkburnI'm everywhere
18:01.30AdysKirk you .. nub
18:01.38Adys1st april, not 1st march
18:02.07AdysNews :P
18:02.14Adysmain page dev, fixed now
18:02.32AdysSo we are keeping Garona as FA for now?
18:02.38KirkburnOh, dev
18:02.46KirkburnYeah, we may as well
18:04.04*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
18:04.13KirkburnI thought you were talking about the Main Page!
18:04.38*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by Adys
18:04.50AdysMain page is fine, l2cat
18:05.12SkosirisHey Kirk, why the Main page in advance? :P
18:05.21KirkburnIt wasn't in advance
18:05.29KirkburnThe world is not US-centric =)
18:05.49KirkburnPlus I like Australians
18:06.01Skosirisoh, alright
18:06.07KirkburnAnd it beats the rush ;)
18:07.24KirkburnI can't believe Zeal actually suggested that this me having my account compromised :P
18:07.32KirkburnIt's aaaallll me baby!
18:08.31SkosirisI've got a general WoW question, may I? ;)
18:08.46kasoshoot Skosiris
18:10.21KirkburnHe tole me to do it!
18:10.21Skosirisdo reputation gains from NPCs kills (bosses, magram centaurs, whatever) are still affected by your level?
18:10.21Adysgrey = 10%
18:10.21kasoreally? i thought since 2.0 all rep was 100% gain all the time
18:10.21kasobut im no expert
18:10.34Adysthats quests
18:10.35kasoive only been playing for the last week post tbc launch
18:10.37Kirkburnkaso, no bot luck?
18:10.41Adys(and btw, it doesnt seem to affect all quests or something like that)
18:10.46KirkburnYeah, only quests
18:11.00AdysI get 10% from azuremyst isles quests
18:11.02KirkburnI think it didn't work for the Exodar ones
18:11.19KirkburnAnnoying, as I wanted to get well into revered
18:11.37kasothere some spurious references to my non-existant proxy in the code, and the pcall like behavour of coroutines makes it a bitch to debugg
18:11.44Adysgot to revered with simply AV :P
18:12.02Kirkburnkaso, that makes no sense to me, but I'm sure it meant something important
18:12.22Teomyrlol kirk :D
18:12.22kasoSometimes i wonder how you ever made clearfont :>
18:12.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Teomyr] by Adys
18:12.54Adysmore voices ftw
18:13.10AdysBtw kaso
18:13.16Adysgonna have some bot work in a bit
18:13.21Skosiris[14:10] <Adys> grey = 10%
18:13.24AdysAsked hobinheim to do the moves
18:13.30Skosiris  says "Grey mobs give 20% of the normal reputation."
18:13.38AdysWowwiki sucks
18:13.40Adyser wait
18:14.00LysistrataWho cares about Mob Rep ... Quest REP! Thats what I need :((((
18:14.00Kirkburnkaso, by copying someone else, of course!
18:14.35KirkburnAdys's brain ftl?
18:15.41kasoThats the scariest error message lua has ever given me
18:15.43kasolua: attempt to yield across metamethod/C-call boundary
18:16.16Teomyrscary indeed
18:16.27Teomyrwth are you doing? :P
18:16.50KirkburnWow, the comments on the WoWI AF article are ... distrurbing
18:17.03KirkburnApril Fool
18:17.13KirkburnHow can people be so offended by them posting a joke early
18:17.52Adyswhats the url of wowi already>< forgot
18:18.04kasoNext year post it like a month early, then say "April Fools, it isnt april yet!"
18:18.04Adys and btw flagged accuracy stub
18:18.08KirkburnLook at the Laos Flipnor article
18:18.32Skosiriswould there be a way to retrieve the locale time of the user?
18:18.53KirkburnLink on there Adys
18:19.09KirkburnIn WoW?
18:19.32Skosirison WoWWiki
18:19.32*** topic/#wowwiki by Adys -> Channel info: | RC list: | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | 2.0.12 notes: | WoWWiki has been hacked! MeoWWiki meows at you!
18:19.33AdysDont see it
18:19.45Skosiristhis could be used to display the April fools main page only if local time >= April 1st
18:19.48Teomyrnot in the wiki
18:20.02Teomyrbut i think it's possible using PHP scripts
18:20.05KirkburnInteresting point
18:20.07Teomyrnot sure
18:20.20KirkburnBut I would be against it anyway, people should learn to be international
18:20.58Teomyrdisregard that... not possible
18:21.02AdysKirk.. im probably stupid but..
18:21.08Adyswhere the hell do you see offending comments?
18:21.16KirkburnOn the WoWI comments
18:21.20KirkburnHundreds of them!
18:21.28AdysI see 3 oO
18:21.32kasome also..?
18:21.33KirkburnAnd the next page
18:21.41*** join/#wowwiki KasoBot (
18:21.42KirkburnThere's 85 comments so far
18:21.49AdysWe're talking about
18:21.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+v KasoBot] by Kirkburn
18:21.51KirkburnI win!
18:21.52Adyshello kasobot
18:21.53kasoKasoBot, status
18:21.54Adysdamn you
18:21.58Adyswas typing
18:22.08kasoirc seems to be dead...
18:22.12KirkburnWait, wha?
18:22.15kasoKasoBot, status
18:22.17KirkburnI'm talking about WoWInsider!
18:22.33Adysciao kasobot
18:22.42AdysI thought you meant WoWInterface
18:22.44kasoits never simple!
18:24.31AdysKirk, can you give me a link to WoWInsider's april's fool because I see an impressive number of 13 comments in there :P
18:24.50KirkburnLaos Flipnor
18:25.14Kirkburn(I browse on my other PC)
18:25.51*** join/#wowwiki KasoBot (
18:26.02KirkburnKasoBot, status
18:26.13KasoBotKasoBot Status is as follows : Processing itemID 14379 Session status: 1/1000 edits completed.
18:26.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+v KasoBot] by Adys
18:26.27Adys:) hello kasobot
18:26.30Adyswelcome home
18:26.45kasoone last code change :>
18:27.09KirkburnWell, it worked
18:27.37AdysOh found it kirk
18:27.38kasoyah but atm its spamming my log with all your inane irc chatter, which i dont want :>
18:28.29*** join/#wowwiki KasoBot (
18:28.43Adys HAHAHAH
18:28.49kasoOkay, working and everything is going good
18:29.05AdysI finally got it
18:29.18Kirkburn(Laos Flipor moved to Joke:Laos Flipor: This page is an attempt at humor?) <-- sigh
18:29.40AdysIll fix that
18:29.48KirkburnIt's not broken
18:29.53KirkburnI fixed it earlier :P
18:30.37Adysthere you go
18:30.45KirkburnThere really are some self-righteous d*cks out there, posting giant messages like: "THIS IS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE! In very poor taste posted on WoWInsider. It's poor taste because it was posted 2 days earlier than april fools day, thus ruining the spirit of what an april fools day joke is."
18:31.21AdysIm protecting newly registered users from editing it
18:31.29Adyswill avoid that, eventually
18:31.31kasothe internet; we can make a drama out of ANYTHING
18:31.38Adyslol kaso
18:31.59KirkburnAdys, funky, didn't think to do that
18:32.18Teomyrwe can even make a drama out of people making a drama out of anything
18:32.43KirkburnKasoBot, status
18:32.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+v KasoBot] by Kirkburn
18:33.02Adysdamn you.
18:33.10AdysIm gonna unprotect the main page. you'll see the drama i can cause in two clicks :P
18:33.29Adyshey thats an idea for next year's april's fool
18:33.31KasoBotKasoBot Status is as follows : Processing itemID 14425 Session status: 23/1000 edits completed.
18:33.58KirkburnOoh, it's doing sets atm
18:34.21KirkburnIt should probably slow down a bit though
18:34.33kasoits on like a 18sec edit delay atm
18:34.52KirkburnNo it ain't :)
18:34.57Kirkburn10 edits in a minute? :P
18:34.57kasogod damnit
18:35.01kasoKasoBot, pause
18:35.24kasoor not.
18:35.31kasoKasoBot, die
18:35.38AdysKasoBot, you smell
18:35.49kasomanually it is
18:35.51KirkburnKasoBot, conjure up a lovely muffin for me
18:35.54kasobloody bot
18:35.56KirkburnAww, too slow
18:36.02Adysinfobot, conjure up a lovely muffin for Kirkburn
18:36.16Adysinfobot, you smell
18:36.28Adyswhat the fuck is up with bots today
18:36.32Kirkburn~emulate Adys
18:36.47Adysinfobot, beep
18:36.48infobot[beep] the protocol formally known as bxxp
18:36.51KirkburnVery little, apparently
18:36.58infoboti heard adys is sorry because he sucks with styling and css
18:37.16Adys~emulate kirkburn
18:37.17infobotYes, Microsoft! Harder!
18:38.35KirkburnMuch <3 for whoever originally added that. Can't remember any more :(
18:38.53KirkburnThe other emulate is also very telling...
18:38.58Kirkburn~emulate Kirkburn
18:39.00infobotI hear he's very fond of kittens. Buy him one.
18:39.27Teomyrwanted: DE locale @ wowhead :<
18:39.34KirkburnI've already got you, Adys :)
18:39.50*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:42.29AdysWhat's the name of the WoW Insider article on WoWWiki?
18:42.34AdysThe article about the website
18:42.41Adysnvm, got it. [[WoW Insider]]
18:43.31KirkburnGenius, eh
18:43.43KirkburnThe names these young 'uns come up with
18:44.21KirkburnAnyone would think they're Einstein reincarnated, but then, anyone is stupid.
18:44.22AdysActually it was WOW Insider
18:44.30AdysDruid: "Um, do you have a shield?"
18:44.30AdysTank: "A shield? How about you f*&@ing heal me?!"
18:44.36Adysmade me giggle
18:46.27Adysdinner, bbl
18:49.58KirkburnMeanwhile I'm restarting
18:49.59*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
18:49.59*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
18:49.59KirkburnSecond PC ftw
18:50.03Kirkburn(can't miss a minute, y'know)
18:52.19Kitankirk.. you are funny
18:52.25Kitanthough I do have my laptop running irc on the side
18:59.25*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
18:59.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
19:04.15KirkburnSo I was listening to my funky house CD, and I heard: "... Cause when we are together, oh your touch is just too much ... It's your anal sex, your state of mind ..."
19:05.41Adyswas that me saying it? :P
19:06.25KirkburnI thought your voice was lower
19:15.31Adysbtw the wiki is gone rather slow today
19:15.31Adysfor some reasons
19:15.51Adysdunno if its related to the fact probably twice more people visit the main page because they think its been hacked or something :p
19:17.17Kitanmaybe :)
19:17.36Kitanalso... that is a lot of work just to "hack" a wiki front page :)
19:18.10AdysI can hax the main page in two clicks ya know
19:18.31Kitanthat is my point... Kirk put a bunch of work into that :)
19:18.34Kitannew pics etc etc
19:21.09Bibithe main page has been hacked ? omg !
19:21.15Bibilet's call the FBI !
19:37.02Bibihmmmm isn't registered
19:37.14Bibii'm sure it would sell for tons of money.
19:39.28*** join/#wowwiki Dislo (
19:39.37AdysKirk was thinking about buying it :P
19:44.00Bibiit's a bit late now :p
19:45.50Adyswhats the difference beetween ~ and ~ ?
19:46.11Adysthis is a very serious question, they look different on firefox
19:47.06Adysha, got it
19:47.11Adyswas just bolding and stuff
19:49.34*** join/#wowwiki clearscreen (
19:51.11Adysthat was awesome
20:00.54Kitanyou guys are silly :)
20:01.37clearscreenactually I was referring to
20:01.40clearscreenwhich appears to be defaced
20:03.11AdysKirkburn|afk: beep
20:03.24winkiller-1 customer
20:09.48Skosiris... :$  (shy face)
20:09.54SkosirisI've got another n00b question
20:10.41Adyspew, headshot
20:10.59KitanKilling streak!
20:11.17Skosirisit's related to reputaton gains (again)
20:11.21Adysya, ask away
20:11.53Skosirislet's imagine a Wolf in Elwynn Forest that gives 25 Stormwind reputation when you kill it
20:12.26Skosiris(that wolf is Green+ to you, so there's no penalty)
20:12.52Skosirisdoes the level of the Wolf have any effect on the amount of reputation awarded?
20:13.00Skosiris(let's say he can be either level 7, 8 or 90
20:13.03Adysthe reputation gain is fix
20:13.03Skosirisor 9)*
20:13.08Adysah i see
20:13.10Adysno it doesnt
20:13.18Adysits not like xp/honor
20:13.21Kitanbut I believe that your level of reputation does make a difference in some cases
20:13.38Adysthis one makes a difference on whether you gain or not reputation
20:13.40KitanIE I no longer get honor for killing certain mobs for scryer
20:14.04AdysSkosiris, a reputation gain is fix
20:14.12AdysThat means, it's assigned per mob
20:14.28Adyssay we are haxxin blizzard's data, it would say
20:14.31AdysYoung Wolf
20:14.38AdysID = 123
20:14.47AdysLevel = 1-3
20:14.53AdysReputation = Stormwind, 25
20:15.14Adyssomething like that :P
20:15.36Skosirisalright, thanks!
20:15.42Kitanhrm.. the wiki, at least for outland rep, does suggest that at a certain rep level you will not gain rep from kills.. depending on mob and faction
20:15.52Adysbtw skosiris
20:16.02Adysjust a warning about a future possible bug in your system :P
20:16.03Meowyryes, that's correct, kitan
20:16.19AdysSay the mob you kill is capped at 11999 / 12000 Honored
20:16.28AdysAnd you are at 11995 / 12000
20:16.35AdysWhen you kill it.. you will only gain 4 reputation
20:17.15Skosiristhanks for pointing this out
20:17.41Adysguildies called me rep freak =P
20:19.52Skosiriscan you say Heroic drops? :)
20:19.52Adysnice one :)
20:19.57AdysHa btw if anyone is helpful and not checking #wowace/#wowi-lounge
20:20.00Adys[31 Mar 07 22:09] * Adys * two channels better than one.. Anyone knows about an addon that would regularly update the friendlist and tell when something specific updates, such as a level, an afk/dnd tag or a zone.
20:20.00Adys[31 Mar 07 22:10] * Adys * Idea would be if I want to know when Friend whatever is out of an instance.. /watch zone Friendname
20:21.49Adysseriously if something like that doesnt exist ill write it methink
20:22.08*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:23.41Adysbtw skosiris
20:23.47Adysi think primal nether drops in normalmode too
20:23.49Adysjust rarely
20:23.58Adyswell for blood furnace not sure
20:24.26*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:25.49*** join/#wowwiki tekkub1 (
20:25.51Adyslmao murmur can be pickpocketed?
20:25.56Skosiris"This item drops in both Normal and Heroic modes."
20:26.03Skosiristhere's one thing I wasn't sure though
20:26.06Skosirisitems that can drop in both modes
20:26.08AdysAwesome skosiris
20:26.21Skosiriscurrently it only displays the "overall" drop rates (normal and heroic combined)
20:26.52SkosirisI didn't like the idea of having a "Dropped by - Heroic" tab..
20:27.06AdysI think you're better off resetting the droprates if you are going on there tbh
20:27.16Adys btw, i dont see the drops ?oO
20:27.28SkosirisHit reload
20:29.20Skosirishehe yup, looks like Murmur can be pick pocketed :)
20:29.20*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
20:29.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
20:29.24SkosirisBadge of Justices and Primal Nethers are guaranteed drops in Heroic mode, right?
20:29.24Meowyryay! *heads off to shadow labyrinth*
20:29.34Adysprimal nethers only lastboss
20:29.44Adysand.. not sure if its guaranteed, but so far i havent seen it not drop
20:29.52Adysi think it is
20:30.04Adysbadges of justice are yes
20:30.09Adysand lootable by everyone, too
20:30.23kasogoing to kill green dragons, yay
20:30.28Adysgrats kaso =P
20:30.37AdysOh btw skosiris a last thing that annoyed me :P
20:30.39kasowill bring back memories
20:30.46Adys on items like that, can you display the price?
20:30.55Adysin honor points
20:31.20AdysI suck.
20:31.23SkosirisHave a look at the Quick facts :P
20:31.42Adysoh while im here, Kaso/Skosiris
20:32.07Adys"Buying price" is a fix arg?
20:32.11kasoon tooltip?
20:32.12AdysI didn't mean fix
20:32.17Adyser sorry
20:32.20kasoyou do |sell={{cost|wahtever}}
20:32.27Adysno no, in game
20:32.29kasoim confused
20:32.34Adysok lets take it back :P
20:32.40AdysSay an item can't be bought
20:32.46Adyssuch as an epic drop or something
20:32.51Adysdoes it still have a buying price?
20:33.02kasoyah its always 4x vendor price
20:33.18Adysalways? Im sure its not always that oO
20:33.34kasopretty sure
20:33.35Skosirismost items have a Buy price that is 4 times bigger than the Sell price
20:33.39Adys have a look
20:33.44Adys8s / 25s
20:33.53Skosirishowever, the Buy price isn't displayed on the site unless the item is actually Sold by some NPCs
20:34.15Adysyou're still able to get that information tho, skosiris?
20:34.21*** join/#wowwiki tekcub (
20:34.22Skosirisof course
20:34.27Meowyrit's in the wdb
20:34.32Skosiris"[16:34] <Adys> 8s / 25s"
20:34.42SkosirisBuyout price isn't the same as the Buy price
20:34.58SkosirisBuyout is the AH price, which has nothing to do with the buy price :P
20:35.06AdysOh ffs
20:35.12Adysmisread :P
20:35.31Adysim sure ive seen buying prices different to selling prices tho
20:35.50kasoIts prob there is some possible exceptions
20:35.54kasobut majorty are 4x
20:37.01Adysah btw something relatively unrelated
20:37.12Adysthat im not going to ask
20:37.18Adysbecause i just found out why.
20:37.46AdysWas gonna ask why i was revered with Sha'tar and didn't get a discount on glyphs (that are 100g worth) at vendor
20:38.01Adysand the sha'tar quartermaster isnt flagged as faction..
20:38.21Meowyrthat bastard
20:40.05Adys doesnt exist anymore
20:42.03Skosiris"Not available to players" it is
20:42.28Meowyrlol :D
20:42.29AdysHow did it end up on wowhead btw?
20:42.43Adysjust curious oO
20:42.49Adyshey i wonder if the armory has it
20:43.42Meowyris it possible to query any item from the armory? or only those that are worn by players?
20:43.45Skosiristhe item might have been attainable back in beta
20:43.58AdysMeowyr: kaso will explain you :P
20:44.09Adysand aye im pretty sure it was sko, but you didn't wipe the data since beta?
20:45.00Skosirisnah, we didn't want to wipe our precious data :)
20:45.11AdysNot hardcore tell ya
20:45.17AdysAah btw
20:45.20Skosirisbecause most of it was accurate
20:45.32Adysany chance of getting item/quest/spell history one day? ^^
20:45.43Skosirishowever we fix inaccurate information as it's being reported by users
20:46.37AdysWhen an item changes of stats during a patch, or when a spell changes during a patch, etc
20:46.37Skosirisit sure is possible
20:46.48Adysthats something i quite liked on allakhazam
20:47.14Adysthats very personnal btw... i usually do trivias and stuff with more and more retarded questions
20:48.24*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Karen@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
20:48.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
20:48.24kasoI will explain what?
20:48.24Adyswhats available in the armory xml
20:48.24kasoitem data is all i really know about tbh
20:48.24Adysyes which items are available and which are not
20:48.29Adysbtw can you check the armory for item 30845?
20:48.52AdysIm checking in game, if it dc's me
20:49.37kasoNo armory data
20:50.48Adysits crashign me yes
20:53.09Meowyri wouldn't have thought that blizzard would ever implement such an interface to their data
20:53.27Adysi was seriously surprised
20:53.30Adysnow WTB statistics
20:57.57kasoWoot Ysondre down!
20:58.08Adyshow many peeps?
20:58.17Adysdid a 4man azuregos a couple of weeks ago ^^
20:58.25kasoquite a few, like 15
20:58.35kasowe're just doing a fun raid, as its off night
21:02.25*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
21:02.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
21:23.39bleeter"It's all crap, I mean nobody in their right mind would undermine wowwiki for an april fools joke. Seriously."
21:30.14kasoCouple of typhoons off Azuregos
21:33.38kasobleeter who said that
21:36.30bleeterpost $14
21:38.18*** join/#wowwiki Shirik|Ecole (n=nospam@
21:49.48Skosiristhis page has several external links, but none of them appear in the "External Links" usually found in the bottom of pages
21:50.10Skosirisyou might want to check out the other dungeons as well
21:51.24Tekkubit's a wiki, why can't YOU check it out?
21:51.50bleeterSun Apr  1 07:51:32 EST 2007
21:52.09Tekkubit's Saturday
21:53.00Shirik|Ecolemy irc client is convinced it's sunday too
21:53.01bleeterto paraphrase someone's post I saw on a forum elsewhere this morning "You're a day late dumbass" :P
21:53.02Shirik|EcoleSunday April 1 2007 -- 00:52:40 +03:00
21:53.21Shirik|Ecolewhy is it set to +300 :/
21:53.32*** join/#wowwiki Brian_ (
21:53.46bleeterShirik|Ecole: echo $TZ ? Saturday March 31 2007 -- 21:53:37 +00:00
21:54.16ItharI have a question about
21:54.18Shirik|Ecoledunno what that's supposed to do but I don't think it worked right :P
21:54.35bleeterShirik|Ecole: if yer in Lunix, it'll print what it's timezone is set yo
21:54.42Shirik|Ecoleit printed nothing :P
21:54.46SkosirisTekkub: I don't have any account yet =/
21:54.49kasoIthar what question?
21:55.05Shirik|Ecolebut my laptop has always been jacked up :P
21:55.06Skosirisan account*
21:55.10Shirik|Ecoleanyway, back home ttyl
21:55.18bleeterShirik|Ecole: eek, hmm
21:55.22ItharWell, if you go to the page, it has metals that are quest materials and are in no way smeltable, as said by the template
21:55.43Itharso, I was wondering if anyone agrees, and I can change it to just smeltable, craftable, ores
21:55.46bleeterdamn new system
21:56.53kasoIthar thatd be something you should put in the pages talk page before chaning
21:57.10Itharlike a vote template?
21:57.22kasonah just write about your suggestion informally
21:57.37kasoBut Smeltable, and non-smeltable then those sub-divied into BC and normal seems sensible to me
21:57.39*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (
21:57.49bleeterShirik|Ecole: date +%Z will print the TZ
22:01.19wardredread under "manually updating timezone data for regular applications"
22:01.27wardredthese DST changes were such a chore
22:02.30wardredon most systems like fedora core or debian you can just update the packages
22:02.45wardredif you have legacy systems you're screwed you'll be doing alot of things manually
22:03.21wardredalso keep in mind just updating TZ info files won't affect applications that calculate time based on epoch unless you upgrade libc
22:04.12*** join/#wowwiki clad|afk (n=jnwhiteh@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
22:05.38Itharokay, is updated
22:15.59kasolooks good to me
22:17.11kasoOnyxia time now!
22:17.19kasothen we will have taken all the "old" dragons
22:19.05Itharoh god, this is crap
22:19.23Itharthere is a template for "ores" and one for "metals" and they're both the same
22:21.55kasoSee which pages use each template
22:22.30Itharwell, I'm thinking about cleaning them both up so that they are used to different things, but jeez
22:22.48Itharused for*
22:24.00kasothe majorty of ores have an equivilant metal do they not
22:24.25Itharwell, there is a template:bars that does that
22:24.38kasothen what would metal be used for?
22:24.46ItharI have no idea, to be honest
22:24.55Itharit's only used in a closed system of badly designed pages
22:25.08kasothen replace all instances of metal with ores then speedydelete metal
22:25.31Itharokay, here is an example
22:26.17Itharwhich is funny, because there isn't an obsidian shard page, but there is one for the vien that it comes from, lol
22:26.37kasothats an example of {{ores}} ?
22:26.51Itharno, that's metals
22:27.01Itharoh wait, that's ores
22:27.03Itharnevermind, moot
22:27.39Itharby the way, I'm going to be spending several hours to fix all of these articles, ugh
22:28.20kasoits there hundreds?
22:28.29kasoif so put a bot replacement request in
22:29.44Itharand there are about 45 links to that page, but barely are worth rewording, I can just delete the sentance and have nothing lost
22:35.30Itharthanks, kaso
22:43.04kaso6 dragons in one night, yay
22:51.28*** join/#wowwiki Mr_Rabies2 (
22:51.53Mr_Rabies2meowwiki is genius. simply genius :p
23:07.46AdysLaos Flipor has been accessed 199 times
23:07.56AdysTalk:Laos Flipor has been accessed 1477 times
23:09.39bleeterinteresting the google search of the site doesn't return the page
23:18.33Shirikgoogle isn't all knowing; it probably just hasn't indexed the page since it was made
23:18.45Adysthe page has been created yesterday
23:18.56*** join/#wowwiki bleetah (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
23:18.56Shirikperhaps nothing links to it?
23:19.06Shirikif that's the case, Google has no way of finding it
23:19.07Adysonly the wowinsider article
23:19.18bleetah1 GUE5S THAT"D B3 IT
23:19.35Adysitll be up on google in a couple of day
23:20.10*** part/#wowwiki bleetah (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
23:20.16*** join/#wowwiki bleetah (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
23:20.26bleetahgrrr ...
23:20.27ShirikYou had too much coffee today?
23:20.34bleetahoh well, Ah' can't be bothered fixin' dat bug
23:20.38Adyshe didn't filter his coffee
23:20.49Adysomg, where is fin
23:21.01AdysI need to tell him that joke
23:21.05Adysanyways ill be back tomorrow
23:21.07Adystime for bed
23:21.09Shiriktake care
23:21.09Adysnn peeps :)
23:21.17bleetergoodnight Adys
23:21.20Shirikyou see this is actually an april fool's joke
23:21.24Shirikhe's not really going to bed
23:21.31Shirikhe's staying here to see if we talk behind his back
23:21.50bleetahso's I'm meant t' say stuff likes 'Adys be some damn tool' den?
23:22.02Shirikso that's the redneck filter?
23:22.28Shirikand the one before that?
23:22.31bleetahde bug bein', can't change filta' on de fly, only on newly created conversation windows
23:22.38bleetahone befo'e dat wuz B1FF
23:24.19*** join/#wowwiki ZeXlus (n=monkeys@
23:24.50*** join/#wowwiki bjarvis (
23:29.12bleetahoO someone's been hacking me code while I were bein' afk
23:29.25bleetahso this here should be redneck
23:29.39bleetahund noo, zee svedeesh cheff
23:31.23bleetahI must say I've grown rather fond of the Budya filter
23:31.38bleetahtakes a fair bit of work to trigger it though
23:33.53bleetahAh' need t' type some damn really long sentence in t' trigga' de filta' an' some la'ge wo'ds likes universal help as well
23:34.05bleetahI need to type a really long sentence in to trigger the filter and some large words like universabable help as well
23:43.00*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (

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