IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070330

00:35.52*** join/#wowwiki Skyfire (
00:37.02Skyfire"Using the customer support "Auto-Unstuck" will now trigger the one-hour cooldown on the player's hearthstone."
00:38.47Skyfirehow is everyone, btw?
00:40.08Adysand tired
00:40.09Adysnn :)
00:40.19Adysquit ZzzzZzz
01:23.08Skyfiretekkub or kirkburn
01:23.12Skyfireeither of you there?
01:24.08Skyfireare you really there?...
01:25.32Skyfireeh, nvm
01:31.57Skyfireactually, Kirk, i will need you in a couple seconds
01:32.14Kirkburn|afkLol, we've already got all the Vashj loot up :D
01:32.27Skyfirenot all of it
01:33.08Kirkburn|afkWell, obviously
01:33.25Kirkburn|afkAll the ones we know so far :)
01:33.39Skyfirecan you move to [[User:Punchline/Punchline]], revert to Punchline's last edit, and then protect it? I have a feeling it's going to be fairly controversial... :/
01:35.39*** join/#wowwiki Maxmaps (n=beastboy@
01:36.48Skyfirealternatively, you could ban the two that are continuing to change it
01:38.47Skyfirein fact, ban all 3 of them for a day >_<
01:38.52*** join/#wowwiki MacHarborGuy (
01:39.16Skyfireoh boy
01:39.21MaxmapsHi Punchie.
01:39.47Skyfirewho're you talking to?
01:40.50Skyfireyou wouldn't happen to be duncor, eh?
01:40.56Skyfiremac is a nobrainer
01:41.24Kirkburn|afkAdded a warning banner
01:41.50Skyfireyeah, i noted that
01:41.56MaxmapsNo, not at all, just wondering if there is some sort of way that we could take care of the... less than truth allegations in the Punchline entry, being as it affects the reputation of our workplace.
01:42.09*** join/#wowwiki Skaan (
01:42.09Kirkburn|afkI'm giving it another ten minutes, or I'm deleting it
01:42.24Skyfireoh man
01:42.25Kirkburn|afkMaxmaps, libel against WoWRadio?
01:42.37MaxmapsYes, that seems to be the issue.
01:42.56Skyfireah, then you would be minuet?
01:43.06MaxmapsNo, justa coworker of them.
01:43.35SkyfirePunchline, care to explain yourself?
01:43.52Skyfiretalking, i'm assured, usually solves the issue
01:44.26Shirikuse nbsirc
01:44.30Shirikits logger is beautiful ^^
01:44.51Karrionheh, gaim's is decent enough for my purposes ;-)
01:45.28PunchlineDuncor can deny that WoW Radio hired me all he wants, but I WAS hired by Tyrrum in the Spring of 2006.
01:45.39MaxmapsWe have issues with things, such as Tyrrum, atleast to our knowledge, never hiring Punchline, being as we have a 'no less than 18 years old' hiring policy, and some other such as Speedyf40 was never asked to pick one or the other, just decided to jump to a more prosperous project.
01:46.00MaxmapsWe are contacting Tyrrum at this point to get his view on this and as such a last confirmation.
01:46.28PunchlineTyrrum will remember that I e-mailed him a day before I had to leave for Pennsylvania.
01:46.40*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
01:46.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
01:46.50MaxmapsAnd if he does, that fragment of your article is more than alright.
01:46.51PunchlineAnd I had been hired but unable to respond and he needed a content monkey quickly.
01:47.12Skyfiregood. what else seems to be an issue max?
01:47.16Kirkburn|afkMacHarborGuy, I would appreciate not insulting WoWWiki on WoWWiki pages. We do try and keep standards, and libel certainly isn't something we allow.
01:47.31MacHarborGuyKirkburn: which is specificlly why I am here.  I apologize for the Wikipedia comments.  I didn't know then would be taken as they were, and for that I apologize.
01:47.33PunchlineAnd Speedyf40 obviously had to choose. Before he left he was producing shows for both stations and he HAD to leave AzerothCast.
01:47.40Kirkburn|afkMacHarborGuy, kk :)
01:48.05Kirkburn|afkIn any case, I don't think this is something for WoWWiki to record.
01:48.13MaxmapsAgreed sir.
01:48.40MaxmapsIm sure you keep it all in seriousness as things that should be relevant to the rest of the community.
01:48.50Skyfirethat would be the theory
01:48.58Kirkburn|afkPunchline, you can have this stuff on a personal website, but it doesn't belong on the wiki, especially when the facts are not plain to see
01:49.39Kirkburn|afkWe do allow some silliness - :P
01:50.07bleeterand the ultimate silly page...
01:50.11PunchlineWhat the hell... I just put this on WoW Wiki to post my character's "life" as others do. And because someone else attacks it I am not able to keep it?
01:50.12Shirikwhat a useless page
01:50.29Kirkburn|afkThat's not your character's life at all
01:50.36Kirkburn|afkIt's your own personal biography
01:50.39ShirikI love how like
01:50.44Skyfirehush shirik
01:50.44Shirikbleeter and I are always on the same wavelength
01:50.52Kirkburn|afkAnd thank you for linking my page you two :P
01:51.17ShirikWow, no need to get testy
01:51.22ShirikLighten the mood a little, you know?
01:51.26Kirkburn|afkSilliness is okay to a point (as long as it's something well known) but not outright libel hostility and warring of words - hell no
01:51.47PunchlineAnd I never did that...
01:52.25*** join/#wowwiki Duncor (
01:53.16PunchlineOh... Did I remove the warning banner? My bad. I didn't mean to.
01:53.18Kirkburn|afkPunchline, the fact that you removed my warning banner doesn't help
01:53.20*** join/#wowwiki Zaran (
01:53.43Kirkburn|afkAm I to assume that this is a sudden influx from the wowradio channel? :P
01:53.44Punchline>.< I didn't mean to. I'm used to pasting over the whole article.
01:54.20Kirkburn|afkAnyways, I have to say, the article really doesn't belong on the wiki
01:54.28ChrisZionNot quite, I have been meaning to join for a while.
01:56.12Skyfirebtw, Tribal Wars will kill WoW.
01:56.14ShirikQuestion: currently redirects to
01:56.39ShirikCan I turn that into a disambiguation page for without making everyone want to kill me?
01:57.28Skyfireyou found your disambig page ;P
01:57.29Kirkburn|afkHere's what's going to happen. I am going to delete the Punchline article, because the issue is obviously very sensitive and heavily disputed.
01:57.46ShirikYeah, wrote the wrong link ><
01:57.51PunchlineThere goes an afternoon's typing...
01:57.55DuncorI'm soory for all the troble Kirkburn
01:57.57Kirkburn|afkPersonal biographies are DNP content
01:58.06GryphenMake a blog or something
01:58.07Kirkburn|afkPunchline, copy the content to somewhere else
01:58.16Skyfirebefore he deletes it
01:58.21Kirkburn|afkExactly :)
01:58.29Kirkburn|afkI'm not deleting it until you've got a copy
01:59.05PunchlineWhat if I never got a copy? o.o
01:59.13Kirkburn|afkThe article is still there, copy it
01:59.34Skyfireto microsoft word or notepad
01:59.37PunchlineNah. I'm good.
02:00.06Kirkburn|afkNamespace is related to OOP? If so, yeah
02:00.47Kirkburn|afkPunchline, okay, going to remove it now.
02:01.11ShirikYeah it is
02:01.21Shirikin fact, that's where WoWWiki's concept of "namespace" comes from
02:01.25Shiriker, Wikipedia's
02:01.32ShirikIt's the same concept
02:01.48Kirkburn|afkSure then :)
02:02.18Shirikok :)
02:02.53ShirikJust we never had an article on Lua namespaces yet, and after writing that article yesterday I figured I'd complete the other half of the concept with an article on OOP
02:02.53Kirkburn|afkSo, now that's done. Welcome to everyone that joined us over the last half hour :P
02:03.14SkyfireShirik, you should demote the headers :/
02:03.38ShirikEr... call me a noob but
02:03.40Shirikwhat does that mean ><
02:04.06Skyfirewell, your equals signs... the lowest number of equals signs your page should have is 2 on each side of the headers
02:04.29Skyfirehaving 1 on each side makes bad coding
02:04.36Skyfirei'll do it for you if you're not sure what i mean :]
02:04.52Kirkburn|afkThe number of == is equal to the heading level
02:04.58PunchlineGawd... More interwebz drama.
02:05.09Kirkburn|afkH1 should only ever appear once on a page - and it's the title of the page
02:05.23Kirkburn|afkH2 is what the section headers should be
02:05.38ChrisZionSky, is it safe to remove the talk note you left for me
02:05.39*** part/#wowwiki Punchline (
02:05.52Skyfirefeel free to :)
02:05.57ShirikI thought it started with one
02:06.12Skyfirewell, it does start with one. but that makes bad coding. so we start with 2
02:06.34Kirkburn|afkGlad to see WoWRadio people on here (didn't feel like saying that until Punchline left)
02:06.38Skyfirethere's a couple pages out there that still have h1 headers
02:07.12Skyfiresection headers*
02:07.36Skyfireso when did fandy decide to come out of the woodworks? :O
02:07.39Kirkburn|afkThe WoWRadio article could possibly do with a bit of a tidy up - or perhaps splitting into two articles? One about what it is, one listing all the shows?
02:08.07ChrisZionI will pass the info over, I am just a supporter/ex-staffer
02:08.15Skyfireholy shit, that thing is long
02:08.29Kirkburn|afkTell it like it is
02:08.40MacHarborGuyheh, the page is quite long, as it also includes info on older shows which are still available via archives
02:09.07MacHarborGuymaybe WoW_Radio and WoW_Radio_Shows?
02:09.09ChrisZionI was just about to paste that to you on our irc Mac
02:09.10Skyfirei'd put the old shows on a page like Radio/Old Shows
02:09.20MaxmapsIf you consider it pertinent im all for it, much as I like to paint myself all knowing you're the expert in the field.
02:09.23Kirkburn|afkA sub-page would probably be better
02:09.57Kirkburn|afkI would suggest having Shows on a subpage
02:10.08Kirkburn|afkYou could even make a nav box for it
02:10.17Kirkburn|afkTell you what, I can do it for you if you like?
02:10.33MacHarborGuythat would be cool, if it isn't too much trouble
02:10.41Kirkburn|afkShould only take a few mins :)
02:11.23Skyfirewho bork the wiki?
02:11.38Skyfiremy internet bork the wiki :x
02:14.13Skyfiremaybe it wasnt my internet
02:14.14ShirikI didn't do it ><
02:14.14ChrisZionI am blaming Punchline >.>
02:14.14Kirkburn|afkCan't see why it happened
02:16.32MacHarborGuytheorycraft?  as in the show Alris and myself are on?
02:16.46*** join/#wowwiki Karrion (
02:16.54Skyfirei've never been on wowradio, so this could be an interesting venture.
02:16.54ChrisZionThat remind me i gotta grab the podcast for that
02:17.27MacHarborGuyI will start using Twitter for show topic announcements and announce when the preshow starts
02:17.40MacHarborGuygot a few requests, and I happen to have an unused twitter account
02:17.59Skyfirethat's a small box kirkburn
02:18.07Kirkburn|afkRipe for expansion
02:18.11Kirkburn|afkFixing up the articles now
02:18.47Skyfirelearn2tank, imo
02:20.03Skyfiredefinitely lern2thret
02:22.44Skyfireif you're the tank, that's good. if you're not, that's bad.
02:23.48ChrisZionI started playing my warrior again today. From 4.3K hp at lvl 60 to 5.7K and +200 AP at lvl 61
02:24.21ChrisZioncrazy gear upgrades for my almost full valor tauren
02:24.50Kirkburn|afkOkay, WoW Radio guys, I've given the pages an overhaul
02:25.13Skyfirefull valor ftl
02:25.33MacHarborGuyKirk: cool beans
02:25.47Kirkburn|afkSplit into 3 pages, info, current and future shows, past shows
02:25.56Skyfirei'm pretty sure it's 3 seconds per pulse mac...
02:26.10ChrisZionIts 2 secs
02:26.27ChrisZionI found that out the hard way
02:26.40Skyfirei haven't played since last september >_>
02:26.47bleeteroh, yeah, seeing the wow radio guys are here... are your RSS feeds dead atm?
02:26.51Kirkburn|afkI have this odd feeling you're all listening to something I'm not ...
02:27.09ChrisZionGruul engaged *2 secs* your res was inurupted
02:27.19ChrisZionhuntards ninja pulling Gruul ftl
02:27.26Kirkburn|afkAnyway, at all of you ... feel free to idle in the channel :)
02:27.31Kirkburn|afkI should go make myself some more food
02:27.34ChrisZionI will ;>
02:28.03Skyfirei'm sad... sko isn't here ;(
02:28.08Skyfirei like sko
02:28.34Kirkburn|afk~seen Skosiris
02:29.00infobotskosiris <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 4d 19h 13m 51s ago, saying: 'O_o'.
02:29.02bleeterWTB: WoW Radio person who's awake :P
02:29.22MacHarborGuyI am a WoW Radio who is awake
02:29.25Skyfire4 days ago
02:29.34Skyfirewonder what he's working on :x
02:29.36bleeterare your RSS feeds dead atm?
02:29.45ChrisZionNope i just used one
02:29.47Kirkburn|afkThat's odd, I thought he was on yesterdar
02:29.59MacHarborGuywhich RSS feed are you having issues with?
02:30.01Bibi`ouF[05:30:42] * Skosiris ( Quit
02:30.04Bibi`ouFhe was here 23 hours ago :)
02:30.14Kirkburn|afkwtf, eh
02:30.14bleeterI'm assuming you're the wcradio folks.. maybe i'm wrong
02:30.28MacHarborGuyI am a host on one of the shows
02:30.29bleeterif so, points to a page that then 404's
02:30.46MacHarborGuytry the front page
02:31.02MacHarborGuythere is a block in the center of the page, right below the banner, that has feed links
02:31.18*** join/#wowwiki MagicTroll (
02:31.19MacHarborGuyI will bring it up with management about fixing that
02:31.28MagicTrollfree gold
02:31.36bleeterthe word 'feed' and 'podcast' are gfx, no wonder I couldn't search for the text ;)
02:31.44*** kick/#wowwiki [MagicTroll!] by Kirkburn|afk (Kirkburn|afk)
02:32.05*** join/#wowwiki MagicTroll (
02:32.10*** mode/#wowwiki [+b *!*] by Gryphen
02:32.13*** kick/#WOWWIKI [MagicTroll!] by Gryphen (%%% 1 Kicks %%%)
02:32.14Kirkburn|afkDamn, you beat me
02:33.19Skyfirewhat about invisibility?... or is this a really old broadcast?
02:33.20bleeterMacHarborGuy: thanks mate :)
02:35.00bleeterthe project being
02:35.17bleetername kindly suggested by mr baggins in here :)
02:37.59Skyfiredidn't know that
02:39.38Kirkburn|afkOoh, funky
02:40.06bleeterproblem is atm, way too much data
02:40.33bleeteri'm working on some stuff to split the feeds into seperate areas, UI, news, movies, etc.
02:41.14bleeterthe free blogs are a test zone at the moment, have some pretty nifty stuff in dev at the moment for them tho ;)
02:43.57bleeterone day I'll even hassle the wiki admins to come up with something approaching a bunch of feeds, but I don't think that'd be a high priority for them atm ;)
02:45.10Kirkburn|afkGod I wish I had a website like Nihilum's
02:45.25bleeteras in, me too
02:45.35bleeternot that your website is sooo suck, etc.
02:45.37Kirkburn|afkAww, I thought you wanted me to have one :(
02:45.46Kirkburn|afkDo you know what my websites are like?
02:45.59bleetercan't be worse than mine! hehe
02:46.18Kirkburn|afktype kirkburn and then put an .eu after it :)
02:46.38bleeterecho "<html><head><title>baa</title><head><body>BaaaaaaAAAaaa!!!</body></html>">index.html
02:46.48bleetergah, I flunked that
02:53.47*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
02:57.25Kirkburn|afkSkyfire, meet Skosiris. Skosiris, meet Skyfire. ;)
02:57.42Kirkburn|afkLo Skosiris
02:59.43bleeterbleeter, meet the coffee mug
03:01.30Skyfirewas afk
03:01.39Skyfireback to being afk for me
03:04.06*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
03:05.46Skosirisis the "A, meet B. B, meet A" quote some inside joke? :p
03:06.16Bibi`ouFThey were just looking for you i guess
03:06.28Bibi`ouF[04:28:30] <Kirkburn|afk> ~seen Skosiris
03:06.31Bibi`ouF30 minutes ago actually
03:06.45Kirkburn|afk<Skyfire> i'm sad... sko isn't here ;(
03:06.45Kirkburn|afk<Skyfire> i like sko
03:07.40SkosirisI missed you too :)
03:10.22*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
03:14.58ChrisZionOk added a wiki page for my guild, hope I covered all the policy stuff >.>
03:15.49ChrisZionAww crap L2 not write pages when half asleep
03:18.41Kirkburn|afkNice spelling :P
03:18.52Skyfirelol, me > kirkburn
03:19.21Skyfirebeat you by 2 minutes
03:19.25Kirkburn|afkDeleted the wrongly named one, looks good ChrisZion
03:20.21ChrisZionTo sleep or power another level with my cow =/
03:21.05Skyfiresleep imo
03:21.22Skyfireyou can power your cow tomorrow ;P
03:21.47Kirkburn|afkLol, I love Neth's sig -
03:23.16Skyfirei laughed
03:28.20Kirkburn|afkProps to Cairenn for this -
03:29.31Bibi`ouFwhy would you swim to france first when you can directly reach your destination ? google maps suck.
03:29.52MaxmapsKirkburn, anychance some of the WoWwiki crew would be up for an interveiw?
03:30.24Bibi`ouFoh yeah, gief an interview too. i can speak french.
03:30.58Kirkburn|afkHmm, not sure
03:31.51Kirkburn|afkProblem with WoWWiki is that's not got a 'management' as such. Plus I'm shy :)
03:32.05ChrisZionIts easy
03:32.22ChrisZionJust talk to the strange mexican like you would talk to your mates on vent :p
03:32.37MaxmapsIm spanish :P
03:32.41Kirkburn|afkDunno about the other admins though
03:32.47ChrisZionSwedish >.>
03:33.43Kirkburn|afkThe other admins often come on, so ask again tomorrow
03:34.13Kirkburn|afkMeanwhile, I'll think about it
03:34.16Skyfiredu e svenska?
03:34.29MaxmapsWell, at any rate we'd be more than happy to have you here, if you can bring it up to the rest of the team it would be awesome, atleast there would be something positive to the whole issue today :P
03:34.39Kirkburn|afkI'm scared we'd get people questions about the lore all night ;)
03:35.00bleeterI'm outta here if that happens :P
03:35.18bleetermy own ranting last night was bad enough ;)
03:35.59Skyfireif somebody is interviewed from wowwiki, they have to be asked about our scrolls of lore forums interactions... :)
03:40.22MaxmapsWell, we'd be more than glad to interview a representative or a group or your admins or such about the project and everything around it, hope you give it a thought. For now, im off for dinner.
03:40.52MaxmapsPleasure meeting you all.
03:41.43*** part/#wowwiki Maxmaps (n=beastboy@
03:45.26*** join/#wowwiki mxs_ (
04:42.34Skyfirelern to {{=)}}
04:43.48Kirkburn|afkI don't suppose you've seen who made that templatE?
04:46.29Skyfirelong ass time ago you made that
04:48.37*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
04:53.04Skyfirelook at this todo list:
04:56.33*** join/#wowwiki Shadowed (n=outlaw@
05:10.51ChrisZionThats alot of warlock stuff to do
05:10.59ChrisZionI will have a good look later as that my class
05:12.56Skyfirei like breaking wikis
05:38.25*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
05:38.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
06:22.20Skyfiresure is quiet...
06:22.23Skyfiretoo quiet
06:22.52*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
06:28.58*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
06:29.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
06:33.55Skyfirehow do you add a notoc to a document?
06:34.16Shiriktype it in?
06:34.52Skyfirelern2no-table of contents
06:35.36Shirikoh so that's not really a template
06:35.44ShirikI figured since you abbreviated it, it existed {{notoc}}
06:39.54Shiriktold you
06:40.00Shirikjust type it in :P
06:40.03Bagginswwsorry I don't know much about details of templates and the like :p
06:40.40Skyfireit's not a template
06:40.49Skyfireno, I was typing _NOTOC_, not __NOTOC__
06:44.43bleeterThere is no such nick bletter
06:44.49bleeteri was hoping to poke them too
06:44.56bleeterwhois must lie
06:48.46Bagginswwso to go afk, is /afk?
06:49.12Skyfireuh... in irc or in game?
06:49.23Skyfirenot in irdc
06:49.54Skyfirebtw, where did you get from?
06:51.01Skyfirethought so
06:51.34Bagginswwghostlands ya
06:51.40Bagginsww3rd book of sunwell
06:51.49ShirikI need to pick that up
06:52.58Skyfiremy bro just bought roth this past weekend; i actually have to read it ;p
06:54.28Bagginswwits a short read
07:21.55Kirkburn|afkum, okay?
07:22.40bleeterBagginsww: /afk is /away <optional message>
07:23.07bleetertho some people will just change their nicks instead.. won't they Kirkburn|afk
07:23.20ShirikI saw him not afk yesterday!
07:23.23ShirikI was amazed
07:23.29bleeterI think it was an imposter
07:23.34bleetermad hax
07:24.04BagginswwI wonder when LOTR beta begins today
07:24.16bleeterwonder if I'll care ;)
07:24.23ShirikI don't know but I do know the LOTRO division of my guild has this whole schedule set up, I laughed
07:24.27Shirikeach of them is on for one hour
07:24.31Shiriktrying to log in that entire hour
07:24.31bleeterI mean that nicest possible way... .NET crap
07:24.35Shirikso they know the very minute it's up
07:24.43Shirikthey have the whole day planned out
07:24.55ShirikProblem is there's another identically named guild on the same server, so... they want to secure the name
07:24.55BagginswwI'm going to spend a few hours on a hobbit
07:25.00Bagginswwand then a dwarf
07:25.06bleeterat least LotRO won't be plagued by ewwww Mac users
07:25.12Bagginswwunfortunutely I won't be around my computer for most of the day :p
07:25.22bleeterdamn,t hat shoulda been in quote
07:25.26BagginswwI have to go interview my aunt for a ethnography project
07:25.27bleetersure I saw it in a press release
07:25.49BagginswwAnother of my aunts tried to sells pitch a mac to my dad :p
07:25.58Bagginsww"blah blah doesnt get virus" blah blah
07:26.32bleeterthat's so not true
07:26.35BagginswwThe user interface and all programs are interconnected in mac  as a single operating system, unlike windows :p
07:26.37bleeteriirc, there was one last year
07:26.41Bagginswwya there was
07:26.45Shirikmy windows copy has never gotten infected :/
07:26.58ShirikThen again I don't use a virus scanner so I guess I would never know
07:27.01BagginswwIts easy not to be infected as long you take precautins
07:27.01Kirkburn|afkGod I love Steam, bought another game this morning for $10, Xpand Rally
07:27.18Bagginswwya, but only reason I wouldn't choose mac is it limits software choices :p
07:27.29Bagginswwas a gamer I need all options open :)
07:27.38Kirkburn|afkI need Steam, for example :)
07:27.43bleetergod don't say that.. you'll ahve all the mac users screaming 'boot camp'
07:27.56bleeterand all the Winers.. well.. Wining
07:28.10Bagginswwactually I wouldn't mind having a mac, for some things, but my IBM would have the most use
07:28.52Bagginswwits kind of like how I don't side against nintendo or sony, LOL
07:28.54Bagginswwstupid fanboys
07:28.56BagginswwI love both
07:29.24BagginswwDS has most use, although I use PSP for some things
07:29.32Bagginswwheh heh
07:29.52BagginswwCall of Duty: Roads to Adventure was fun :)
07:29.59Bagginsww*Roads ot Victory I mean
07:30.12Skyfirei hate steam
07:30.21BagginswwI hate valve
07:30.46Bagginswwwhy they split up Aftermath and force people to buy it in chunks I'll never know :p
07:31.10Bagginswwluckily I borrowed someone's steam account to uh play episode 1 :p
07:31.57Bagginswwbut I don't feel like paying what is it total of $120 for what should have been a single game?
07:32.10Bagginsww6 episodes at $20 a piece
07:33.08Bagginswwif they release all 6 episodes for $40-60 at some point I'll think about it
07:33.32bleeteronly thing I give Sony credit for... is working out what those dumb yankee boys couldn't. ie, what good a transistor is.
07:34.12bleeter'strue. sat on the shelf @ TI for .. or wherever, for a couple of year, 'til Sony put it inside a cassette player
07:34.33bleeteruntil then, it was 'useful for some scientific applications'
07:34.56Shiriksony is smart
07:35.00Shirikbut they do things so stupid
07:35.01BagginswwUh you instault the americans, but woudn't that mean the Japanese beat all western world?
07:35.50BagginswwI mean Japan  being ahead as far as uses for transister :p
07:36.25bleeterwell, if Sony hadn't picked up on the idea, they would've just been a brand name that sank into obscurity, or bought out later, etc.
07:36.33bleeterso, I give them credit for that
07:36.53Bagginswwya, well sounds like its fault of not just Americans, :)
07:37.27bleetertrue, for sure, but the inventors etc. prolly just weren't thinking laterally enough ;)
07:37.30bleeterhere's another good one
07:37.44bleeterinventors of the integrated circuit, and which decade?
07:37.55ShirikI'm supposed to know that
07:37.58ShirikI learned it last semester >.>
07:38.00BagginswwI've found a general problem with Western invention thought, that is once something is released, they thought htey couldn't do anything else with it :p
07:38.27Bagginswwuh wasn't there use of giant integrated circuits as far back as 1930's or so?
07:38.34bleeterBagginsww: correct :)
07:38.40bleeterGerman invention, circa 1936
07:38.46bleetercircuit with three valves on top
07:38.54Bagginswwthey had a cool computer during WW2
07:38.58bleetermost people confuse  'IC' with 'Silicon Chip'
07:39.06Shirikhrm, wikipedia disagrees
07:39.10Shirikprobably for teh same reason you just explained
07:39.13Shirikbut... "The integrated circuit was first conceived by a radar scientist, Geoffrey W.A. Dummer (born 1909), working for the Royal Radar Establishment of the British Ministry of Defence, and published in Washington, D.C. on May 7, 1952. Dummer unsuccessfully attempted to build such a circuit in 1956."
07:39.33Bagginswwwell question was conceived on paper, or practical use
07:39.52bleetermy old man's got a reference book.. somewhere
07:39.56Shirikwell it says it was conceived in 1952 :P
07:40.03Shirikso if they existed in 1930, that's obviously wrong
07:40.12Bagginswwya but there was a computer in ww2 used for deciphering code
07:40.23Shirikthat the enigma?
07:40.27Shirikwhat was the enigma again :/
07:40.31bleeterand rounding up jews *cough*
07:40.33ShirikI forgot all my history ><
07:41.03Bagginswwenigma was black box that could type out code or unscramble it
07:41.03Shirikis that the greek thing?
07:41.09Bagginswwbut it wasn't digital
07:41.17Bagginswwor even analog computer
07:41.27Bagginswwit was just a machine
07:41.34Shirikah I was right!
07:41.38ShirikIt was from WWII though
07:41.42Shirikso I got half right :P
07:41.51Bagginswwand it was repeatedly updated
07:41.55bleeterthink it's the Deutches Museum, in Munich... got a lot of the old gear restored to museum piece quality
07:42.01Bagginswwso allies had to find dozens of them
07:42.09Bagginswwto keep track of the codes
07:42.29Bagginswwbut no the computer I'm talking about, was created towards latter half of the war I think
07:42.33bleeteralthough I prolly spelt that wrong
07:42.37Bagginswwlet me see if I can find it
07:42.49Bagginswwkeep on thinking it started with U
07:43.43Bagginswwlike Ultimate or something
07:43.56Bagginswwuh that's it
07:44.07Bagginswwsomehow my mind was throwing in synonym :p
07:44.46Bagginswwnow to look it up and see how it functioned
07:44.51Bagginswwmight have just been completley analog
07:44.52bleetermy other fun 'dumb inventor' story... supersonic flight. the story goes the brits had a lot of the work done, the US asked to look at it. US got all the original paperwork, then declared them state secrets and wouldn't hand them back.
07:45.07bleeter*theoretical work
07:45.55Bagginswwstate secrets in a country that's supposed to have free speech seems almost like a contradiction
07:46.21Bagginswwbut its true history has its fair share of censorshp :p
07:46.30bleeterparticularly when they're another country's work
07:46.49Skyfirei'm not even going to go into that "contradiction", as it isn't really one
07:47.49Bagginswwreminds me though of how other countries prevented knowledge of how to make certain technologies to the US
07:48.06Bagginswwlike for example cotton gin
07:48.17Bagginswwand someone had to secretly bring it over, by memorizing it
07:48.31Skyfirepretttttttty sure that was invented in the us
07:48.37Skyfireeli whitney, imo
07:48.51Bagginswwuh ya he mechanized it
07:48.56Bagginswwthere was an earlier version
07:49.19Skyfireof the cotton gin?
07:49.26Bagginswwwell not cotton gin
07:49.35Bagginswwbut a way of seperating the seeds
07:49.39Bagginswwnot as efficient
07:50.19bleeterit's on wikipedia! it must be true!
07:50.29Bagginswwwikipedia discusses some of the controversy
07:50.31Skyfirethere've been studies
07:50.36Bagginswwon who invented what
07:50.54Skyfirethat wiki has just as many errors as encyclopedia britannica
07:51.09Skyfirewiki's a lot more accessible though. :)
07:51.19Bagginswwwell considering 90% of wiki is plagiarized from sources like Britanica; :)
07:51.39Skyfiresources "like"... what?
07:51.50BagginswwI mean other encyclipedias
07:51.56Bagginswwwithout citations
07:51.59Skyfirejust looking at the cotton gin page, i see no links to other encyclopedias
07:52.10Skyfireexcuse me, there's one
07:54.50Skyfirethat hardly qualifies as 90%
07:57.05BagginswwBut ya if not early preconcepts for cotton/seed seperation,  there were apparently other technologies that were brought over by memory since the technical charts were guarded secrets. Although I can't remember other examples.
07:57.32Skyfiretry the idea of factories ;P
07:57.43Skyfirenot sure of his name off the top of my head though...
07:57.46Bagginswwbut in most cases it was  a matter of raw product having to be shipped over to europe to be processed
07:58.08Skyfirei know he was an engineer...
07:58.26Bagginswwwhich cost americans alot of money, they didn't get much money in return and then europeans could go back around and sell the finished products back to the US at enflated prices
07:59.36Skyfirei should try digging around in my ap us history book :x
08:00.17BagginswwYa i'm sure the examples ar ein there
08:01.46BagginswwBut ya its true US "stole" technology, LOL
08:02.06Bagginswwits happed alot :p
08:04.15Bagginswwwell its only way to describe people having to sneak in plans for technology as contraband, when it was against the law to carry any such schematics there legally.
08:04.58Bagginswwto be fair it wasn't US specifically, but usually individual companies, ;)
08:05.13ShirikThe people who steal usually win
08:05.15Shiriklook at Microsoft
08:06.57*** join/#wowwiki Hjt__ (
08:07.02Bagginswwit happens subconsiossly sometimes or at least hopefully subconciously
08:07.30Bagginswwone programmer works for one company, learns a particurally efficient way of doing things
08:07.37Bagginswwthen gets hired by another company :p
08:07.49Shirikyou know what would solve all these problems?
08:07.49Bagginswwand mysteriously the same kind of programming crops up :p
08:07.52ShirikOpen source.
08:08.12Bagginswwto name an example I remember
08:08.23BagginswwEA sued Activision
08:08.52Bagginswwbecause some of the routines in Call of Duty were "mysteriously" similar to routines used in Medal of Honor Allied Assault
08:09.10Bagginswwso they sued programmers that worked on both
08:09.22Bagginswwand Activision for stealing their technology
08:09.31BagginswwI don't think it actually went anywhere though
08:10.29ShirikI don't think they really can
08:10.38ShirikI wouldn't be suprised if they could sue the employee in question
08:10.43Shirikbut not the company
08:12.11Bagginswwbut that's the problem employee probably just programmed it that way based on experience, and efficiency :p
08:12.33BagginswwNot in a concious intent to steal the technology :p
08:12.56Bagginswwand why should programmers have to rethink how to do things if they had a way that worked well?
08:13.21Bagginswwthen the question comes down what was really EA's technology? and not perhaps ID's
08:13.49Bagginswwsince it was all based on a slightly modified quake engine
08:13.57BagginswwQuake III IIRC
08:16.04Bagginswwwell gnight all
08:30.23*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
08:30.28*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
09:11.21*** join/#wowwiki Ragamuffin (
09:28.06*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
09:28.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
09:28.09Adyslo peeps
10:07.51*** join/#wowwiki Skyfire (
10:07.51Skyfireinteresting choice of resurrection
10:09.53Skyfireso would you allow reward to be [[quest reward|reward]] adys? :x
10:10.12Adysoh the bp
10:10.34Adysif you feel like changing the couple of thousand pages already created sure :P
10:10.46AdysI just want a standard so it's easy for bots to read
10:10.59Skyfirenone of them do that kind of thing anyway... :x
10:11.23Skyfireyet indeed
10:11.36Adysif I am to do a bot it's prob the first thing I'd work on personally
10:11.45Adysand Ive been thinking of doing one for quite long
10:12.07Skyfireruh roh
10:12.15Adysbtw sky
10:12.40Adyswhen you leave comments post-vandalism
10:12.47Adystry and keep them decent
10:13.10Adys"gtfo" doesnt arrange anything. Im sending an email to wowradio atm to sort that
10:13.21Skyfirewe got that sorted over irc :x
10:13.28Adyswith them?
10:13.47Skyfirei don't think that particular contributor was oe of them anyway
10:15.07infobotextra, extra, read all about it, logs is apt/ibot/infobot/jbot/purl all log daily to<channelname>/ where channelname is html encoded ie: %23debian | lines that start with a space are not shown | some channels have stats at<channelname>.html.gz
10:38.07*** join/#wowwiki ForGet (
10:38.26*** part/#wowwiki ForGet (
11:05.35*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
11:12.42*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (
11:47.52*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
11:57.22*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
12:23.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by Kirkburn|afk
13:08.19*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
13:08.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
13:19.01*** join/#wowwiki Tuqui-tuqui (
13:28.20Kirkburn|afkAdys, aww, no afk!
13:30.05Kirkburn|afkSo, I've got bored with waiting for my housemate to do his washing up
13:30.13Kirkburn|afkAlmost 3 weeks now for most of it
13:30.23Kirkburn|afkSo, now it's residing on the floor of his room
13:30.53Tuqui-tuquiewww 0.o
13:35.30Tuqui-tuquiits really hard to find a good roommate
13:35.34Tuqui-tuquithats why I gave up on them
13:35.39Tuqui-tuquiand just got my own place -.-
13:36.24Kirkburn|afkI'm sure I've described this housemate before, but he's bigoted, a chauvenist and naive :/
13:36.37Kirkburn|afkAnd also appears to believe in the "Washing up faery"
13:37.22Kirkburn|afkWhen there are women around, you don't want to be associated with him at all
13:37.35Tuqui-tuquithen get rid of him...
13:37.42Tuqui-tuquinothing worse then a friend who messes with game
13:37.49Kirkburn|afkHe's not a "bad" person though :/
13:37.58Tuqui-tuquiwell get rid of him when around game! :D
13:47.28*** join/#wowwiki Kaonashi (
13:52.17winkillerwoohoo, favicon :)
14:01.35*** join/#wowwiki Stack (i=Stack@
14:13.47*** join/#wowwiki Bust (
14:51.36Busti read that
14:51.40*** part/#wowwiki Kaonashi (
14:52.10Bustso... why exactly do i have to agree on a guild description with someone who's not in the guild?
14:52.46Adysas i just wrote, i don't care about which description will be up
14:52.57Adysbut I want one, that wont be disapproved by someone else
14:53.46Kirkburn|afkIs that the one where someone keeps removing the bit saying "many members are from xxxxx"
14:53.59Bustthe one i created, the one our guild's officers approved is the one that is up... and that's not what it said
14:54.12Bustit said that the officers were from renascor as well as many other quality guilds
14:54.33Adysyea kirk
14:54.51Kirkburn|afkPersonally I think Horks is just splitting hairs
14:55.43Bustok, let me ask you this, when a person puts up a guild description for their guild, who's responsibility is it to maintain that?
14:55.47Kirkburn|afkBust, I see no problem with your version, especially with the facts as you present them
14:55.59Bustfacts are facts, all the officers were from renascor, theres nothing to disprove there
14:56.01AdysI don't see any problem with neither versions
14:56.17Bustthe problem i have is that someone else is editing our description
14:56.33Kirkburn|afkNo-one owns a page on the wiki, it's a fact of wiki-life
14:56.38Bustthus putting him on a vandal list because isn't that the definition of a vandal?
14:57.03Kirkburn|afkIf he edits it to something that's untrue, or is removing large chunks of valid info /then/ they are a vandal
14:57.20Kirkburn|afkAt the moment, he's just being petty :P
14:57.50AdysThis is very simple
14:57.53Bustlike i put down, if i edited renascor's guild description and took out anything of them withstanding the batterings of drama and all that bs, is that vandalism?
14:58.00Adysif you cant come to an agreement you remove this part of the description
14:58.07Busti personally think it is
14:58.48AdysBust, we have no way to prove anything over guilds
14:58.50Bustyeah, and if i thought that was a good idea i wouldn't be here asking about it
14:59.01Kirkburn|afkAm I to assume Horks is a member of Renascor?
14:59.10AdysI myself trust you but ive got no way to prove you're a member of Renascor yourself
14:59.12Bustbeats me, it's not his character name
14:59.23BustI'm not a member of renascor :P.. I'm a member of malitious intent
14:59.35AdysEr, MI yes soz
14:59.42Bustthere's something called armory and the wow census
14:59.48Busti knew what you meant :P
15:00.09Bustarmor will show i'm an officer of MI
15:00.26Busti also added the guild description because i'm in charge of stuff like that
15:00.39Kirkburn|afkThe "offending" sentence - "The officers of Malicious Intent and most of our founding members are hard working former members of Renascor and have been in many other past quality guilds"
15:00.55Bustyeah... umm... what's wrong with that?
15:01.07Bustit's a fact
15:01.32Kirkburn|afkImpressions, man, impressions!
15:01.47Bustwhat impressions?
15:01.55LysistrataIt's like "OMG WE ARE THE ROCKZZZZZ!"
15:01.58Busti found his discussion on why he wanted that removed ludicrous
15:02.37Kirkburn|afkI don't see anything wrong with it, tbh
15:03.04AdysMalicious Intent has been around for a long time as players, and have experienced a good portion of end-game content, including the entirety of Blackwing Lair [...]
15:03.07Kirkburn|afkBut the main thing, as Adys says, is that the edit war has to stop
15:03.13Adyswhy don't you just change it to that or something alike?
15:03.51Bustbecause we tell everyone that we used to be in renascor when they ask about our end game raiding experience?
15:04.05AdysThen you tell it on your website
15:04.11Adysor on your recruitment post, or anything
15:04.26Hobinheimadys, i like your style
15:04.31Hobinheim"that's the other way to stop edit wars" hahaha
15:04.43AdysHey, its true
15:05.27AdysAnyways, I've had both sides on irc now so i think both are reasonable enough to come and talk about the problem
15:05.42LysistrataI don't get why people get so upset about a Guild Description Oo" I wasn't here from the start but what exactly happend was the edit that bad? Oo
15:06.06Adysso Im just letting you guys some time to sort that. But i seriously don't want to hear about the problem anymore
15:07.17Adysand tbh what Lysistrata said
15:12.36Busti just get upset when my guild description gets edited by someone not in the guild over semantics and silly bs
15:12.58Bustand when i ask him to stop and report him as a vandal for editing it, i get threatened with it being remoevd
15:13.09Bustimo that's assinine
15:13.32Bustespecialyl when it's been edited back and forth like 6 times
15:13.42Bustback to the original description over and over
15:14.17Bustand that just proves that anyone can go play havok with guild descriptions that aren't theirs
15:14.53Bustand while i'm not petty to go and do that to renascor's guild description i think that makes a bad precedent
15:16.43Bustalso considering i did the same thing when i was in renascor's guild, had someone constantly edit the description, reported him and he was banned... now it's reverse and i can't get someone to stop editing it
15:26.47HobinheimKirkburn|afk, you know how to deal with flamers and trolls
15:26.52Hobinheimfirst resist and CC
15:26.58Hobinheim*fire resist
15:26.59Kirkburn|afkSigh, y'know what I really hate is when news stories label someone as a "convicted felon/criminal" and make no mention of what it was. You can be convicted of not paying a tax bill, it doesn't make you evil :/
15:27.42Kirkburn|afkBust, what you shouldn't engage in is an edit war
15:28.03Kirkburn|afkIf one starts, be the person to report it, don't continue it
15:28.09Busti did report it
15:28.20Kirkburn|afkBut you continued to revert, no?
15:28.47Kirkburn|afkIn any case, you can be sure we're watching now :)
15:28.49Busti thought the rules about that is to report, but you don't have to revert it back
15:29.02Busti didn't know you shouldn't revert it back
15:29.54Kirkburn|afkMass vandalism is when you don't have to revert, aye, we can do that easily
15:30.06Kirkburn|afkBut this wasn't vandalism, just an edit war
15:30.48Kirkburn|afkContinually going back and forth between people doesn't resolve the issue, often it escalates it
15:30.59Kirkburn|afk*between edits
15:31.00Busti revereted and reported
15:31.08Bustthen i reverted and reported....
15:31.19Busti put in my comments for him to stop editing it
15:31.39Busti didn't know i should just let it stand and report
15:31.53HobinheimTANK WITH YOUR FACE!
15:32.07Kirkburn|afkYes, thank you Hob
15:32.59Kirkburn|afkGenerally, the best response is to try and get a discussion going on the talk page or on the user talk pages
15:33.14Kirkburn|afk(especially if it's this kind of debate)
15:33.43Hobinheimthe less flamey, the better
15:33.49Hobinheimalways stick to rational arguments
15:33.56Bust... seriously dude, what's to debate? the statement in question represents facts...
15:33.59Hobinheimand don't start attackign people or calling them dumbx0r even if they are
15:34.06Kirkburn|afkHey, that reminds me, we do have a policy on this!
15:34.10Hobinheimyeah that situation seems a little weird
15:34.17HobinheimKirkburn|afk, we have those neat shortcuts fore verything, hahaha
15:34.17Kirkburn|afkPossibly the most unused policy on the wiki :)
15:34.45Bustthat doesn't apply....
15:34.49Bustit says within a 24 hour period
15:34.56Bustthe edits were in spans of days
15:35.03Kirkburn|afkThe general idea is my point
15:35.42Hobinheimthe Spirit +2 of the policy
15:35.47Hobinheimeven though locks don't spec spirit
15:36.02Kirkburn|afkHobinheim, you're in a weird mood today, aren't you :)
15:36.13Hobinheimit was a late night last night...
15:36.17Hobinheimi'm just at work bumming out
15:36.20Hobinheimalso, i think i got a raise
15:36.20Bustwell yeah i agree with that general rule though
15:36.25Hobinheimand my boss is calling for a meeting later today
15:36.29Hobinheimso i'm kinda paranoid right now
15:36.38Bustraise/ bonus or yer fired
15:36.41Kirkburn|afkBust, for now, let's just wait and see what happens
15:36.58Bustyeah, well, there's nothing for me to change or edit... i'm not going to do anything
15:37.19Kirkburn|afkI wonder when we'll next see our image vandal? =)
15:37.29Kirkburn|afkI think he visited yesterday
15:38.35Kirkburn|afkAh, no last visit was 17:25, 27 March 2007 as Tooj711
15:39.55*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
15:44.30Hobinheimaww don't wish for vandals
15:46.21*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
15:46.21*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
15:56.05Kirkburn|afkHobinheim, mebbe it's like opposites ... when you hope for them, none appear! ;)
15:56.39Kirkburn|afkOpposite Ftw ... wait ... Ftl?
15:56.52Kirkburn|afk*Opposite's Day.
15:58.06Kirkburn|afkBtw, Xpand Rally is cool
16:00.10Hobinheimi hope there's no lightning round *ZAP*
16:00.22Hobinheimgee.... i hope there's on.... ICE CREAM ROUND!!! *ZAP*
16:00.49Kirkburn|afkAfk-ness now
16:22.58*** join/#wowwiki t0chiro (
16:27.01*** part/#wowwiki t0chiro (
16:30.56*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
16:30.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
16:49.40AdysKirkburn|afk: you there?
16:50.09*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:03.03*** join/#wowwiki kaso (
17:03.34kasoWorking internet
17:13.04*** mode/#wowwiki [+v kaso] by Adys
17:13.06Adysgrats kaso =)
17:13.19kasoStupid drivers took far too much work
17:47.47*** join/#wowwiki Shadowedd (n=outlaw@
17:51.26*** join/#wowwiki TotalBiscuit (
17:59.35AdysHeya TB
18:02.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+v kaso] by Adys
18:02.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+v TotalBiscuit] by Adys
18:03.12TotalBiscuithi there
18:07.40AdysKaso, beep
18:08.36kasosup Adys
18:08.49AdysWas browsing a bit items and stuff
18:08.59Adysand i remembered this.. fluo mechanostrider or something
18:09.10kasoOh yah the ones that arent in game
18:09.14AdysThe story was on the EU forums a while ago
18:09.22Adysthis guy got his mechanostrider replaced by a ghm
18:09.36Adysa fluo one
18:10.54Adyssomething like that
18:10.54AdysI went on his server and he linked me it so it was actually true
18:10.54Adysdo you think you could find it in the armory?
18:10.58kasocant really say without testing
18:11.12kasosome things you should be able to see you cant, and some you shouldnt you can
18:11.15AdysI think.. i think i got the lootlink number somewhere in my archives
18:11.38AdysWasnt a Mod A
18:11.42kasothose arent "in game" but my bot found em on arm
18:11.43AdysIm pretty sure it was a Fluo
18:11.50kasoif you can find itemID it be awesome
18:12.00Adysi think i got it, hope i didnt delete it
18:12.48AdysI might actually even have the server
18:12.52Adyshold on
18:13.14Adysit was a pve server..
18:13.18Adyswith more horde than alliance
18:13.31*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata124 (
18:14.01Adysthink i deleted my char there.. :/
18:16.18kasofind your itemcache
18:16.31Adysit was about 9 months ago :P
18:16.40kasomaybe a bit long then
18:16.54kasothought you meant recently
18:17.02Adysits seriously old
18:17.34Adyshttp:// what the hell is that?
18:18.54kasoits... in german?
18:18.54Adysdutch i think
18:18.57kasoClose enough
18:19.06kasoall i know is i dont understand it
18:21.32Adyscant find it
18:21.54Adysoh ffs i know
18:21.59Adysi reinstalled my comp since then
18:23.22AdysOh i cant believe this
18:23.39Adyssomething like that.. people should have seen it and spread or something
18:25.24Adyssubmitting a gm ticket lol
18:25.32Adyswonder what they could think
18:25.59Adyssomeone submitting a ticket, wanting to know on which servers I deleted a level 1 gnome
18:28.38winkillerimo the link above is more about modelhacks as means of cheat
18:28.52winkillernot about a mechanostrider
18:29.10winkillerthen again I don't know dutch and only understand a bit
18:29.35Adysthats what i think too winkiller :P
18:36.31*** join/#wowwiki dpf44 (
18:50.17winkillerwhen did they change the backstab/ambush sound to complete nonsense swooosh?
18:55.39Adysthey dont store informations about level 1s
18:56.16Adysthis is not funny
18:56.26Shiriksorry >< what was on this level 1?
18:56.53Adysit had on its friendlist the guy with the fluo strider
18:57.11Shirikwhat's a fluo strider ><
18:57.51Adyslong story
18:57.57Adysaka scroll up :P
19:02.39*** join/#wowwiki bestial (n=lol@
19:24.43*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
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20:28.04LadySerenainteresting graphics glitch
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20:57.45Adyshow so LadySerena?
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21:09.38LadySerenaAdys, I ran in circles for two minutes .... when I started running around normally again, everyone was leaving white streaks behind them
21:09.55Adysi think i know this one
21:10.19LadySerenaI was in Gadgetzan
21:10.25ShirikI've seen that before
21:10.25Adysah then i dont ><
21:10.32ShirikI remember I figured out why
21:10.36Shirikbut... I forget what it was ><
21:10.41Adysive had similar problems
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