IRC log for #wowwiki on 20070326

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01:44.32KirkburnHey, people seen Iggey's edits?
01:45.09KirkburnCheck out [[orc]]
01:45.20KirkburnSpot the difference
01:46.17Skyfirewhat does it do?
01:46.17KirkburnIntriguing, no? :)
01:46.46KirkburnStill not seeing it?
01:47.29KirkburnBut do you see the effect?
01:47.35Skyfireno -_-
01:47.38KirkburnA clue is in his updated Race_links
01:48.07Kirkburn(the blue and red template at the top)
01:48.10ShadowedLooks correct to me
01:48.28KirkburnHe decapitalised the race names
01:48.33KirkburnIncluding in the page titles
01:48.51Shadowedwas trying to figure out why "Forsaken" was capitalised
01:49.09KirkburnI wonder if people will ask about this
01:49.20Skyfirethey will
01:49.27Shadowedthink so?
01:49.53KirkburnIt's something I've been pushing for for a while, but I hadn't thought to do what Iggey did
01:50.06Shadoweddo it anyway?
01:50.37KirkburnReason being, I feel that lore articles should be written from an in-universe perspective, so species shouldn't have capitalised names
01:50.43Skyfireuh... he manually changed the name in the race box :/
01:51.37Shadowedstill missed Forsaken
01:51.43KirkburnForsaken is not a species
01:51.49Skyfireits not a race
01:51.59KirkburnIt's a faction!
01:52.19KirkburnWasn't that fun :P It's supposed to be capitalised
01:53.14KirkburnBlizz don't make it easy since the most playable factions don't have names
01:53.19Kirkburn*most of the
01:55.42Skyfirei see what wrongname does
01:56.06Skyfireyou don't actually have to move the article
01:56.21Skyfireyou cant, in fact
01:56.38Skyfirewiki wont allow it
01:57.10Skyfireso, u make that template.. :)
02:00.28Skyfiredamn... so, is that innate function of mediawiki or an imported template?
02:00.58Skyfiremust be innate
02:01.23Skyfire doesn't exist
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02:21.10Skyfirekirkburn's going crazy
02:21.37Kirkburn>_> <_<
02:22.20KirkburnFourth project in as many days
02:22.26KirkburnNow I just need people to join in
02:23.01Skyfireyou ever leave that note on vysogota's page? ;P
02:23.14KirkburnWhy don't you do it :)
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02:28.36KirkburnMade lots of updated to Dev2
02:39.09Karrion|MeetingKirkburn: looks good
02:39.49KirkburnAny ideas for improvements?
02:40.54Karrion|Meetingnope >.>
02:41.31Karrion|Meetinghow are featured articles picked?
02:41.50KarriusDart board.
02:46.49KirkburnConsensus I guess
02:47.22KirkburnIt doesn't really need to be that formalised, imo
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02:59.50Skyfirewe should add a Notoc to the abilities boilerplate
03:00.31ShirikI have a thought Kirkburn
03:00.36Shirikinstead of a single featured article
03:00.56Skyfireruh roh
03:00.58Shirikcreate a (perhaps protected page?) list of featured articles, and randomize the featured article from that list
03:01.06KirkburnPasted this on two other channels - I made some more edits to the Interface section of ... any objections?!
03:01.06Shirikchanges on each visit
03:01.21Shirik(is that possible?)
03:01.39KirkburnDunno how to do random stuff, but I know daily changes are possible that way
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04:00.20Skyfiredo we have any sort of stub for mods/uis?
04:01.05KirkburnNot afaik
04:01.19Skyfireso tag a ui/mod with stub/other?
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04:14.04Skyfirekirkburn, isn't the correct plural form of formula formulae?
04:14.36Skyfirethen why do all our "formula" pages have "formulas" in front of them? ;P
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04:16.47Skyfirefrom formula      /'f?rmy?l?/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[fawr-myuh-luh] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
04:16.47Skyfirenoun, plural -las, -lae      /-?li/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[-lee] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation.
04:17.00Skyfiredamn americans
04:17.10KirkburnSingular is easier anyway
04:54.20Skyfirecomo estas, kirkburn>
04:55.54KirkburnAbout to do something, anything, other than sit in front of the PC
05:00.38Skyfiretu no estas aqui ahora...
05:00.57Shiriksi, yo soy aqui...
05:02.43Skyfireperro no hablas con tu, shirik
05:03.46Shiriktout le monde me n'aimes pas ; je sais. T_T
05:04.16Shirikbeen too long since I last used french :/
05:04.31Shirikforgot the order of negative reflection
05:05.12Shirik|zZznight all
05:09.43Skyfireguess i'll go away now too... lol
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05:13.58Adysmmmmmmorning everyone
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07:59.55Bagginswwwell its confirmed black temple and black citadel are the same
08:00.23Bagginswwalthough it now begs the quesiton why they hell they made the major retcon of moving it from  hellfire penninsula to shadowmoon valley
08:05.43BagginswwCause Metzen doesn't care about lore anymore, he just writes whatever comes to his head at any given moment ;)
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08:13.07Bagginsww, ;)
08:13.40sancusdude would you care
08:13.57sancushe's got a gravy train for the rest of his life and is probably well-off enough at this point that it doesn't even matter :)
08:14.13BagginswwHeh heh
08:14.20Bagginswwaverage gamer doesn't care about the story
08:14.25Bagginswwas long as the game is fun
08:14.30sancuspractically no one cares about the story
08:14.33Bagginswwheh heh
08:14.45sancusits an even smaller segment than the hardcore, heh
08:15.13BagginswwI can't wait to see what kind of rift this causes between the loreholics though heh
08:15.19BagginswwI"m sadistic like that ;)
08:16.08sancusI might not have to work 16 hours tomorrow, that would be nice
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08:46.52AdysIdentify, damnit :p
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12:41.13*** topic/#wowwiki is Discuss all wiki issues here! Channel info: | RC list: [[ WoWWiki:RC ]] | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | Main Page redesign:
12:41.29Adysthat was interesting
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14:11.52Bleeter(it's against my religion, you see)
14:12.08Tuqui-tuquiLong live the moon!
14:12.12Tuqui-tuquiwait, what?
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15:27.15ShirikKirkburn|afk you here?
15:29.21Hobinheim|workhe's currently CC'ed
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16:05.04Tuqui-tuquihmm... here is a newb question =\
16:05.25Tuqui-tuquiIm lvl 62 mage and I just found out I can break iceblock?
16:05.31Tuqui-tuquihow do you do it?
16:11.59Bibi`ouFcancel the buff by right clicking it ? ^^
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16:17.34[cold]hey anyone here?
16:17.46[cold]l need some help
16:35.25Tuqui-tuquiguess not
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16:57.36Hobinheim|workanyone see hte movie half baked
17:31.16|FF|Im2good4uare there any wiki sites showing outdoor pvp rewards ? like halaa
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18:44.12OturHello. I just changed 2 small things in the titanhonor add on and thought
18:44.34OturI could send you the changed files, so you don't have to update them by yourself
18:45.08Oturchanges: 1. titanhonor now shows Eye of the Sotrm marks (plus localisation in German, French and Spanish)
18:45.52Otur2. Titan Honor does not show arena stats in alternative view any more (as this was always zero honor gained)
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19:06.24[GA]thejeniIs there an Adys available
19:06.36Adysim in the middle of a raid atm tho :P
19:06.41Adysbut im here
19:06.41[GA]thejeniI'll wait
19:06.49Adysdont worry just ask away, i might just be slow
19:06.54[GA]thejeniLOL ok
19:07.06[GA]thejeniI talked to the developers for AmpWoW about the links
19:07.25[GA]thejenithey are chaning them today.  Example:
19:07.28[GA]thejeniWill that work?
19:07.49Adysyeah should do
19:08.01AdysIll change the elinks template during the night
19:08.16[GA]thejeni*does happy dance*
19:08.43AdysFind yourself a decent icon already
19:08.58Adyssomething that doesnt make people think of porn of something..
19:08.59[GA]thejeniLOL I'll let them know how much Ampy is disliked
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19:20.53Kirkburn|afkAdys, why did you revert Iggey's changes?
19:21.03Adysexplained on User talk:Iggey
19:21.10Adysfighting atm sec
19:21.31Kirkburn|afkAh, I see
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19:25.52Kirkburn|afkWiki is extremely slow for me atm :/
19:26.15[GA]thejeniI'm getting those strange error messages myself, as well as slow
19:26.15amrosame here.
19:26.49Kirkburn|afksancus, you around?
19:28.32AdysWiki down and I need to check something on gruul <cry>
19:33.10Kirkburn|afkDoesn't help when Shandris decides he's gonna edit a popular template
19:36.10Kirkburn|afkOoh, who changed the topic?
19:36.48Kirkburn|afkAh, thanks Adys, nice idea
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20:40.19Kirkburn|afkMade some changes to the Main Page redesign -
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20:44.39CrakeHunterhello, 2 questions: can i unlearn a profession? where can i buy ammonition for my mage-staff?
20:46.02ShirikKirkburn|afk: Looks good
20:46.20ShirikCrakeHunter: Yes and huh?
20:47.01CrakeHunterwell, i was surprised myself... how do i use my mage-staff as a ranged weapon
20:47.15CrakeHunter(where can i unlearn my profession?)
20:48.23Tuqui-tuquihmm... you can maybe beat someone to death with it
20:48.40Tuqui-tuquiand thats a bit maybe
20:48.43Tuqui-tuquiif the mob/player are mute, and blind
20:48.51Tuqui-tuquiand have no arms or legs
20:48.58Tuqui-tuquior if its a tree
20:49.05Tuqui-tuquithen yes
20:49.18Tuqui-tuquimages dont carry staffs as a weapon
20:49.42Tuqui-tuquiit's there as an addition to your spells
20:49.44CrakeHunterwhatever, can you tell me where i can unleanr my profession
20:49.50Tuqui-tuquiif you want a ranged weapon, then use your wand
20:50.04CrakeHunteryea im talking about my wand then
20:50.14CrakeHunterit needs some kind of ammo
20:50.17Tuqui-tuquiyou wanna unlearn your wand?
20:50.21Tuqui-tuquiamg... ¬.¬
20:50.37CrakeHunterdood, jsut answer and dont make funof a new player
20:51.02CrakeHuntermatthews: where can i unlearn my porfession
20:51.50MatthewSbring up your skills page, click a profession, then look for a very tiny button like a circle with a bar through it, press to unlearn.
20:51.55MatthewSi think, i'm not sure though
20:52.01MatthewSi haven't done unlearn in a while on my toons
20:52.19MatthewSbut you should really read the fine manual
20:52.21CrakeHuntera okay thanks
20:52.34CrakeHunter(the manual is so big ;) )ill try your tip thx
20:52.52*** part/#wowwiki Otur (
20:52.54MatthewSthere's also google
20:53.09CrakeHunterand #wowwiki
20:53.30MatthewSyou make me stop what im doing to answer your question here, google only uses cpu time on a computer
20:54.25CrakeHuntero, i always thought "wiki" was a trademark for helping other people
20:54.41CrakeHunterbut i may be wrong, as im used to this from ubuntuwiki
20:54.56MatthewSwiki is just 'collaborative editing'
20:55.34Kirkburn|afkWell, the answer should be on the actual wiki too :P
20:58.15CrakeHunteris it worth choosing jewelery as profession if i dont have mining?
20:59.36Kirkburn|afkIf this is your first character, no
20:59.50Kirkburn|afkFor your first character, get two gathering professions
21:00.18MatthewSi did herbalism/alchemy on my first character. was rather useful for staying alive
21:04.07CrakeHunterokay, i just read which ill do: choose 2 collection-prof. - mingin + skinning, then drop one at lev. 30-40 and get a crafting prof.
21:04.13CrakeHunterthanks guys for ya help! cu
21:04.14*** part/#wowwiki CrakeHunter (
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21:23.25Kirkburn|afk~seen Kaso
21:23.49infobotkaso <> was last seen on IRC in channel #wowwiki, 2d 13h 24m 59s ago, saying: 'See the problem with the current system is the delay between edits is calculated when the item is put into the queue, but the actual sending of infomation of the ones before it in the queue takes time, so eventually it gets to the point where the ...
21:24.06Kirkburn|afkAh, of course, term ended
21:24.25Kirkburn|afkSee his IP?
21:24.35AdysNo =P
21:24.41Kirkburn|afkResnet at Lancaster University
21:24.56AdysWell to put it straight Im french
21:24.57Kirkburn|afkHe was in halls at Uni, he's likely gone home
21:25.19AdysBtw, looking good the new main page
21:25.20Kirkburn| means University :)
21:25.47AdysWhen we planning to change it? =P
21:26.15Kirkburn|afkWhat's the date today?
21:26.25AdysWe are the 26th for 34 more minutes
21:26.36Adys(or 94 for you)
21:26.45Kirkburn|afkAnd what's Sunday?
21:27.10AdysUhm, 1st of may
21:27.11Adysi think
21:27.20*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire_ (
21:27.36Adysyea 1st of may
21:28.02Kirkburn|afkLet's do the timewarp agaaaaain!
21:28.16Kirkburn|afkNo, not may
21:28.24Adys.. april, yes sorry
21:28.37Kirkburn|afkAre you seeing where I'm going with this yet?
21:28.44AdysOh god.
21:29.23Kirkburn|afkI have an idea, oh yes I do
21:29.43AdysAh I know
21:30.02AdysLets put a big red warning on the front page the 1st
21:31.08Adys"Due to lack of funds and recent server instabilities, we are afraid we have to announce WoWWiki closure for the end of this week"
21:31.26AdysWe could do that
21:33.17AdysAnyways, that doesnt answer when we are redesigning the Main Page
21:34.07Kirkburn|afkCould revert the main page back to last April's design :P
21:35.25AdysWe could revert to this one
21:36.01AdysWould be fun to see people come on wowwiki and see "Wiki software successfully installed"
21:36.10AdysTalk about scaring the shit out of ppl
21:36.14Bleeteryou'd have to loose the nav stuff down the left side
21:36.44Kirkburn|afkIt's amazing how much stuff hasn't actually changed since
21:36.44BleeterI'll shut up now, thinking too evil thoughts
21:36.45Kirkburn|afkSee the Guides links for example
21:37.36Kirkburn|afkSlightly reordered, but essentially the same links
21:38.27Kirkburn|afkEven less has changed since
21:38.51Adys thats rustak aint it?
21:39.22Adysadded a redirect
21:39.33Adysand yea
21:39.43Adysi remember the design
21:39.51Kirkburn|afkFor the first time in a looong time the C-word may disappear from the front page
21:39.58Adysthat was the "new design"
21:40.19Kirkburn|afkThat marks the start of when I took over, essentially :P
21:40.32Kirkburn|afkYes, work it out :)
21:40.44Adyscustomization oO
21:40.54Kirkburn|afkI knew you'd appear
21:41.19Kirkburn|afkGryphen, if I was to do it, what would you say?
21:41.28Kirkburn|afkI'm trying to push people to actually go to the Portal instead
21:41.41*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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21:42.09Kirkburn|afkHmm, it's not listed on the Portal - that page needs a bit of an update too
21:42.10Gryphenwould like to see it stay, but not much to say about it
21:42.41Kirkburn|afkHey Tel
21:42.49Adysalo tek
21:43.53TekkubI have moving
21:44.32Kirkburn|afkYou "have" moving?
21:44.40Tekkubfuck you :P
21:44.50Kirkburn|afkLater, later
21:45.09Adys thats pretty much exactly when i started coming on the wiki regularly
21:45.13Kirkburn|afkSo, er, what do you mean?
21:45.30Kirkburn|afkMmm, green
21:46.21Adys isnt really up to date is it
21:46.35Kirkburn|afkThis is mine -
21:46.39Kirkburn|afkNope, it's not
21:47.14Kirkburn|afkAwesome page -
21:51.01AdysLmao we should put an Under construction icon on wowwiki tbh
21:53.21AdysI gotta say
21:53.30Adys is one of the best looking page on the wiki
21:54.34Adys(and most outdated ones, too)
21:56.34*** join/#wowwiki amro_ (n=amro@
22:03.12*** join/#wowwiki Shirik (
22:09.10*** part/#wowwiki Karrion (
22:57.27Gryphenono i esceared of teh rawr! i need a huggle.
22:58.05LadySerenathinking of changing professions
22:58.41LadySerenain other news, I got my Purple Hawkstrider today  :D
23:37.09*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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23:41.53*** join/#wowwiki Psyker7 (n=Psyker7@
23:42.41Tekkubokey, I'm moving [[Jewel]] to [[Gem]]
23:43.03*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:43.03Tekkubshould I move [[Gem]] to [[Uncut Gem]] or [[Mineral]]?
23:44.22*** join/#wowwiki Viper007Bond (
23:50.19Psyker7uncut gem i'd say
23:51.09Psyker7looks like you did mineral... meh
23:52.58Tekkubtoo slow :P
23:53.20Tekkuband the ingame skill is called "find minerals" so I'll use that as an excuse
23:53.28Psyker7no biggie really.... they both don't sound quite right but /shrug
23:53.49Psyker7so gem will be cut ones only?
23:53.51Tekkubyea, can move again later if need be
23:54.13Tekkubblizzy calls all the socket rocks gems
23:54.19Tekkubso we should too
23:54.43Tekkubtelling people "Jewel" and "gem" are different things is flat out wrong
23:54.57Psyker7anywho ill catch later, got a lecture to be at =)
23:55.29Kirkburn|afkSee ya Psyker7|uni
23:55.45Kirkburn|afkI'm going to play some HL2

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